Rafa's press conference news | Reading v Newcastle preview

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News from Rafa’s press conference today and we look ahead to the Reading preview tomorrow night.

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hi everyone registered see into the park this actually right behind where my turn style is I'm we're going to be talking a little bit about rougher than he as what he said in his press comments along longbenton i'm also going to be doing the preview with reading today as well so anybody who was expecting a whiteboard video apologize i'm italy i might working late and by the time of processes are not be out till tomorrow morning so a quick preview today after 13 seasons clock let's begin look through what Russell said on his trust comments be a fair longbenton so it use it was asked a few questions in these mention that he's happy to see the class celebrate with the fans with a wind / brighten and hoods field he said that the pleasant is now seen a response from the plows with the celebration with the hard work going into the game rajas also reiterated that every single player staff and fan from meat and all that nothing is done yet we have to keep going to achieve what you want to roughhouse PCC and yes what all get excited that will list we got one foot no crema league i'm very excited but rough i still see and let's take a game by game i think it is important i think rougher studies work head-on i think it is important that once were there yell then we can celebrate as far as where we're all excited what we think were there already minus and maybe get enough maybe three or four wins i think we'll be there but ruffles to see and let's keep moving let's go game-by-game i think it's also remember you know from the professional point of view he's gotta say that a new years right there none we like to dream will want to be back in the Premier League you know I've also mentioned that resource against teams around us are more important than suffering a defeat and more less against teams or law rendered Laura end of the table saw he's also meant that he isn't thinking about going to read and again the draw he's out there to go and get a win against reading with us again the rough I mentalities well some team news on it on the red and game is said that just just Isaac in and Rolanda errands without injured will come on and obviously you have read and preview into the second interesting just away from roster prescott minh city right yeah prom instead of his conference so that reading are not in contention for the top two which was interesting considering these first time he's come out and said this now we've got to imagine that they've got to think that their points behind brighton at the moment and 13 behind us i think the dumbest disposition our kind of dropped off of here no they're so maybe yup sounds not admitted defeat that may be surplus that air for reading let's jump over to I thought a little bit more bearable kids get on a Reddington look at their form game elastic skins have 12 drawn two lost to us it became ill as I mentioned before they've gone off the Pierce a little bit beat was 21 but then I saw 20 feet against right in the host field against their nearest rival so that's put a little bit of dinner on them have beaten brentford 32 also drew of barnsley and Ruth if switch novato conceded mangles in the last six games scoring seven and the only picked up eight points and were possible 18 the fears in the table as I mentioned on 63 points clock appears the do share of shared the ghouls and monsters in Newcastle have to be too weary the likes of her Margaret I can't hear that now he's got a name cool girl from CLE we've got air feels more than likely take me penalties Swift from which feels about seven beers on the wings also got six so they do mix the brought would mix the goes up a little bit on it there's gonna be there's a few threats from the top concerns from reading to do CLE a lot of possession football sure person very much like they're just philosophy that yup farmers brought in a reading I'd use the flanks as well so newcastle discovery weary especially the full-backs as well you've got to remember that we read in there for one he enjoyed his pocket earlier on in august nice hot summers night you know it was pretty much fifty-fifty and so we got that second all and then we'll went on a cruise to victory for one yes tram come out and after said that red actually the best I he'd believe that not even though they're just got before one you know and it wouldn't go and get another three points what a week it will be I mean we've got six points from Huddersfield and Brighton before I'm if we can go a redden and get nine points I mean that would be absolutely what a week that'll be that'll put a stamp saying where Newcastle where comments / Emily I mean yes I know rough i said earlier on that men tonight let's take again by again but if we're get another win I mean we our the moon I mean myself I only want to five points from 3d from these three games it's just Newcastle's a waveform its outstanding this season why can't we go on we've got confidence a lot of fun with in rule gonna get it a feature and they have a lot of fans are now saying I wouldn't go on and get get these three points against reading why not why not ideal why not these obviously team news wasn't mentioned earlier on errands and here not the only throughout the only really questions that you've got to ask yourself whose rough I'd going to play a top elite a miracle he scored would he play right gear got the inkling that you probably go steal against reading just to get the goals will gue friend coming for after that's probably likely to happen i am expecting that happen will any Akram it will then it continued is position or will DeAndre Yedlin come in and the other question is did you drop the army bring IOC present so there's 44 possible changes that you might see Molesley rafa and you like to have us guessing but prediction wise I'm going to go for a new car stops nice necklace I'm going to war for one nil or where win for Newcastle there are three point three point nine out of nine another past week come on the tune obviously the review will be out there after the game tomorrow come on Newcastle thanks for watching Caesar

Liverpool news : Alex Ferguson thinks Liverpool will beat Man City to the title

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The title race is almost impossible to call with just a few weeks remaining of the season.  Following Manchester City’s victory over Crystal Palace on Sunday and Liverpool’s win against Chelsea, it’s hard to know which side has the advantage.  Jurgen Klopp’s are currently two points ahead having played a game more.  However, City have the tougher run-in on paper with matches against Tottenham (H) and Manchester United (A) to come before May.  As for Liverpool, they face Cardiff (A), Huddersfield (H), Newcastle (A) and Wolves (H) in their final four fixtures. Disabled Chelsea fan hit by smoke flare De Bruyne on Mourinho conversation De Bruyne thought Sterling would be a d***head  But the Reds know they could win all four, end up on 97 points and still not win their first title if City were to win their last five matches.  However, there’s one man who doesn’t think that will be the case – a certain Alex Ferguson.  According to Jonathan Walters, Fergie is backing Liverpool to lift the trophy come May because he thinks Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side will get a result against City.  United host City on April 24 in a clash many believe will decide the title-race.  And Ferguson apparently thinks United could hand the title to their old rivals Liverpool.  “I was chatting with Phil Bardsley, and I’m going to drop a name here, he was sat with Sir Alex Ferguson,” Walters told BBC Radio 5 Live’s Football Daily podcast.  “He sat with him and he thinks Liverpool are going to win it. He thinks Liverpool because he thinks United will get something out of the City game.”  Liverpool fans will just be praying Fergie is right.  In fairness, United massively need all three points themselves.  They’re in an almighty fight to finish in the top-four as they trail Tottenham by three points and Chelsea by two points.  But they know if they get a result against City, they could hand Liverpool the title.

 The Premier League title race is almost impossible to call with just a few weeks remaining of the season  Following Manchester City’s victory over Crystal Palace on Sunday and Liverpool’s win against Chelsea, it’s hard to know which side has the advantage  Jurgen Klopp’s are currently two points ahead having played a game more.  However, City have the tougher run-in on paper with matches against Tottenham (H) and Manchester United (A) to come before May  As for Liverpool, they face Cardiff (A), Huddersfield (H), Newcastle (A) and Wolves (H) in their final four fixtures Disabled Chelsea fan hit by smoke flare De Bruyne on Mourinho conversation De Bruyne thought Sterling would be a d***head  But the Reds know they could win all four, end up on 97 points and still not win their first Premier League title if City were to win their last five matches  However, there’s one man who doesn’t think that will be the case – a certain Alex Ferguson  According to Jonathan Walters, Fergie is backing Liverpool to lift the trophy come May because he thinks Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side will get a result against City  United host City on April 24 in a clash many believe will decide the title-race  And Ferguson apparently thinks United could hand the title to their old rivals Liverpool  “I was chatting with Phil Bardsley, and I’m going to drop a name here, he was sat with Sir Alex Ferguson,” Walters told BBC Radio 5 Live’s Football Daily podcast  “He sat with him and he thinks Liverpool are going to win it. He thinks Liverpool because he thinks United will get something out of the City game ”  Liverpool fans will just be praying Fergie is right.  In fairness, United massively need all three points themselves  They’re in an almighty fight to finish in the top-four as they trail Tottenham by three points and Chelsea by two points  But they know if they get a result against City, they could hand Liverpool the title

Anglia News ITV Fixers & Delia Smith Interview

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ITV Anglia News 4/12/09

ITV Fixers

Delia Smith

now coming up in a couple minutes time we're gonna have Delia Smith telling us exactly what she's gonna be having for her Christmas lunch but first all this week we've seen inspiring stories about young people doing great things as I TV fixes that's our new campaign which helps 16 to 25 s do something they care about that benefits others here's a reminder what it's all about and how fixes are making a difference I TV fixes is a chance for young people to look at issues they feel strongly about something that they think needs changing and try and fix that problem we just had a group of people in today who were so excited they came here thinking that they were just going to be shooting on a little hands he can and using themselves as actors whereas in fact we sort of pride ourselves and doing really top quality professional films will get professional actors in we're using big expensive equipment and making sure that they get in the absolute best effect they can possibly get our ITV fixes projects is to produce a film on road safety my brother Steven was into bikes a lot and he had a motorcycle himself and not long ago he was involved in a motorcycle accident of a car and he died on the road he was 18 we're hoping to raise awareness by getting our ITV fix video into schools and colleges and ourselves going along and presenting that to try and add a personal touch strip we're there to offer advice support and the expertise that we've got within our team as well whether it's through a website or an event that we're organizing or a music video or documentary there are all sorts of different things that we can do and then we help them to develop that and get things moving my ITV fixes project is setting up a dance group for teenagers it's a way to sort of them one boost their confidence and to help them to lose weight without getting in trouble with diets or starving themselves or anything like that this type of clubs and like dance clubs are a good way to like support girls that are really conscious about the way they are I think the session went really really well it really does sort of is my confidence knowing that I can finally help people I think it makes an enormous amount of difference to young people's lives we're listening to them and also we're giving them a voice and a opportunity to put something right I think young people need better press and this is what I TV fixes does is was the point of ITV fix it is to show that young people are doing amazing stuff and really contributing towards our society my ITV fixes project is called artful lodgers and it to give young people in Cambridge and opportunity to express themselves on their high street there's shops are empty because of the unfortunate financial situation at the moment it's been a great advantage to the property agents because it makes their city streets look lively look vibrant and it really helps the community because we're showing what our local area has to offer I think it's girls I think I've always been god I think people are gonna stop a note quite pleased myself actor and if you want to find out more about the ITV fixers project all you want to become an ITV fix yourself here at the details yes a further information visit ITV fixes calm or call oh one double 2 36 triple 515 this is a non premium rate call and your network operator rates will apply from a bt landline calls from other networks may be higher and from mobiles will be considerably more please seek the bill payer's permission before you phone lines clothes on the thirty-first of december 2010 at five o'clock calls made after the closing time won't be answered but may still be charged I really is 2010 as well and we'll have more updates from ITV fixes in the new year now her return to our screens has brought rave reviews with many hailing her as the original and best of the celebrity cooks Delia's Christmas recipes will be baked boiled and roasted across the country over the next few weeks as the nation goes cooking crazy I caught up with Delia this afternoon she got ready to find the winner of the Aviva cook athan in Norwich I began by asking her what she'd been up to during her TV break I had a five year break then I did a project called how to choose a cooking that was two years ago which was trying to help people who you know haven't got the time to do the whole scratch cooking and that was good fun and then this one I wanted to do Christmas again or rather my publishers did because the other book and the other series were 19 years ago so it was a long long time and I think my motivation was there's lots of young people lots of people have to do Christmas for the first time and I wanted to try and kind of entice them back to do home you know take no away from the ready-made stuff and get them to really you know have a go themselves that's the cookery stuff I mean we know you've been busy obviously with Norwich Football Club we're going to come up into that in a few minutes time but also over the over the summer as well you had a particular performed at Buckingham Palace tell us about that well um that was you know a great honor obviously and my mother came with me my husband and Melanie who works with me and we all had a really good day and we were taking to the house of lords for lunch by Lord more Winnie who's the chairman of football league so we just have a thoroughly really good day and you dedicated it to home cooks all over Britain I gather yes cuz I actually Michael I said to Michael you know I don't really deserve this because you know I've enjoyed my work you know I've had ample reward for it and I don't think I really deserve it and Michael said well think think of it as a tribute to people who cook at home to home cooks and then that sort of made me you know really understand it better what about norwich city football club at the moment it's taken a lot of your time over the last few years this season things beginning to go go right for you yes we we have had three horrible years and it's been very very hard and it is just absolutely lovely now to go and see the team playing well and winning and it's heady stuff we're absolutely loving it Michael and I every minute but at the moment the top line the headline is at norwich city football club okay morrissey football clubs okay yes thank goodness well Ferengi of you is certainly as we approach Christmas now it's a question I'm sure you're asked almost every year without fail what's life like in the Delia Smith house of them Christmas Day and what's served for lunch well it's the traditional lunch we know we do turkey and we do Christmas pudding but i reckon in our house it's the same in it as everybody else's house it's a wonderful time you know and I've been out on the road I've been signing books meeting people doing phonons and the whole sort of lovely kind of builds up of you know I'm going there my mother's doing it my husband's doing this and we're all meeting and traveling and it's just a wonderful thing that that one day in the calendar you know we're all celebrating and I think that's very healthy and very good Delia thank you very much d for your time thank you oh it sounds like a lovely Christmas Day around her house doesn't it really did she give you any food to bring back for us no tips whatsoever unfortunate better no lovely lady now here's what to expect on the National use in just a couple of minutes seeing Delia on the program tonight has inspired me to try and make a Christmas really hasn't has it i'll give the gate well done you bring in the leftovers good girl right coming up next is the eye to be at national news and the england draw till tomorrow have a lovely weekend goodbye hi

Manchester United vs Burnley LIVE PREMIER LEAGUE TEAM NEWS!

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We’re LIVE from Old Trafford from 2pm GMT with Manchester United vs Burnley Premier League team news reaction! Who do you want to start? COMMENT BELOW!

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We are YouTube’s largest football fan channel for Manchester United fans! Bringing you big match previews, post-match reaction and reviews, tactical analysis, player debates and much more! If you’re a red, we want you to get involved; whatever you want to say about United you can say it in the comments below. And to become one of our Devil pundits and be on the shows, here’s how you can get in touch:

hi guys welcome to full-time Devils hope you guys have all had a great Christmas and I hope you're all doing well it's Boxing Day we're here at old trafford we're inside hotel football so thank you very much to hold our football for having us inside today out of the cold inside how're you doing you're doing good I'm trying to get the team News up at the moment so as soon as I do have that for you I'll let you know what the team is if you have it and get it in the comments and I can read it out for you as well and I'll keep trying to get them out for you in the meantime keep your comments coming in are you looking forward to the game are you nervous about this game Burnley held us to a nil nil draw here last season tumhe and was an absolute fire wasn't he and we've got to make sure he's not playing today I think it'll be Nick Pope and goal for them as Tom heon's injured but what we need to make sure we're at it today we need to make sure we're up for it there'll be a lot of Manchester United fans coming here today a little bit disappointed at the simple fact that United haven't been able to keep up the chase going with a win at Leicester we didn't do that as Latin Ibrahimovic starts and that is you heard me Alex so get thinking about your prediction is that an ibrahimovic starts David the hair in go young at right-back jones Rojo sure at left-back now this is what I wanted midweek when I was thinking about a team I was thinking no Valencia so put young there and then put Luke Shore in that left and that's what we've gone with today Chris Smalling out of the team now I know I was giving him criticism for missing that header but he's got a groin injury so not surprised he's at its roll Jones together again at the heart of the defense in the midfield we got mattock and Padma then we've got matter as Latin Rushford and Rommel ooh Lukaku that is the team news for manchester night the haeryung Jones Rojo Shaw Matich Pogba matter matter in great form the other day Ibrahim ovitch looks like you might be in the number 10 position Rochefort and Romelu Lukaku on the bench Romero blend Lindelof Tuan's a bee ander Herrera mycket Aryan and Hesse a ling gardenia that's the team what you think in steep good to see Lucho back in a mixer I was expecting this midweek where we could have put Ashley hung on the other side a diamond at a dreadful game that day so yeah and young on the right hand side we can actually cross a ball first time rather than checking back I like that I think this might end up looking a little for fall to me Shawn we have the ball ibrahim that's been back in the starting eleven is pretty gangster I like how they're gonna line up my question mark is your mataron Rochefort's ability to deliver balls into the box or what could be two big strikers because really that's a massive asset that we should be utilizing in faith with Rose a little unfair a lot of criticism that rush would receiving he made a schoolboy error the guys basically about 18 month battle being at school so like I think it's fair enough if he learns from and he doesn't make them mistakes again sound but he's a young player and he's a young player that doesn't really have a lot of leaders on the pitch that can tell him the correct things to do and the correct time to do I think that's what you missed like the experience of someone like a gigs or even a Rooney to be your saw not seen it and been there seen it done it in all these sort of situations but it's a good team it's a it's a team that's clearly gonna go for it I'm interested to see how Luke sure does glad to see to unsavoury no no Marshall on the bench glad to see to anze be back in the bench because I think with all the problems that we've had at Center off the fact that he's not even been thought of he's a little bit worrying because the guys absolutely fantastic and I can't wait to see him playing for United regularly do you think it's an accumulation of fixtures the reason Marshall has been left out freshen it up on the bench and then bring him back in and the weekend their game Southampton I can only guess and I would guess yes you know we've got a lot of players that play in similar sort of positions we've seen mica Tyrion in the world of us a little bit recently as last times obviously only just come back into the fold for for starting and being on the bench so yeah I think these probably know people would be overreacting and he's not someone's writing an article right now at a metro or goal or somewhere saying that we're going to sell him because he wasn't playing today that's just the way football is isn't it but I said I think this is a team so bitter about not getting that job at gold Steve definitely always wanted to be a tea boy at goal that was my lifelong dream week 2008 enjoy yellow Jones and Rojo probably forced because the small Inns injury and also to unsay be on the bench prolly also forced because a small is injury but I think there's an opportunity there for someone to stand up to be the second choice striker sent thereafter because once Bay's fit he's number one and there's no arguments about that whatsoever Bay is number one any some people say marina always dumb I don't know where all this coming from but I've seen a few comments now now why do you think that is the Marcial thing getting people emotional again I don't know I see a lot of garbage written by a lot of over reactionary people to be honest if you think about it is philosophically I see people say Marino's not being backed furillo right I see me people say menials not been backs right is it true for the matter right marina has probably been backed second best in the world in the history of football right he should not backed as much as I gave an unlimited budget he'd been planning for the guy coming for like six years so I can live with that right I think we've got the resources and I think we've got the ability to be able to to do what Joe's a marina or needs to be done it but it needs one thing that I don't think our fan base has gotten at least patience it takes time I don't think the world's got patience at this moment I think everything everyone just wants a vacation society don't worry and I think sometimes you know these are old phrasing the good things come to those who wait Walton time well 20 years ago mate Manchester City was winning the third division and we was winning a trouble twenty years ago Manchester City fans literally couldn't have imagined beaten was in a derby let alone winning a title and finishing above United right ten years ago they was losing at Middlesbrough eight one that is the level at Manchester City are we're not the level that they were we are I didn't see that all right I got it we're not we're not as far away a city was 10 and 20 years ago we're second to them that's the thing nobody's talking about what the rest of the league is doing and they're saying how bad Manchester United is well if Manchester United of this bud and the rest of the league is that far behind Manchester United then maybe it's not that impressive that's it you're beating everyone because everybody's people just need to get a little bit of perspective someone just asked in the comments do I think like what was the question the team moves for you guys that have just joined us Tabitha haeryung Jones row whole sure Matt each pod by the captain again captain Piper again mater Ibrahimovic Rochefort Lukaku what were you just saying before we got rudely interrupted someone asks a question can as Latin and Lukaku work together and I think yeah because I think at times you'll see Zlatan mooching to the number 9 spot I think for a lot of it you'll sit off and they'll play ball and he's got a good football brain and he's got a good bit of orchestration he's a lead and Lukaku create you mentions that and pulling into the number nine Lukaku the other day create two or three opportunities one for Rushford one for lingard and he was generally his all-round play was pretty good another thing that went under the radar because of the disappointment of the last-minute draw and but that could happen a lot over the last six weeks we've been honest with ourselves that's what we've seen quite a lot of over the last month for now for two months that is all round gamers massively improved and something that I was sort of noticing and discussing with people online there seems like I was better for his last year because Latin scored more goals that's such insula finking what Lukaku was brought to Manchester United his overall gameplay evidenced by the fact that you see in the bars that it plays but also by the fact that the goals are being spread around the team more this year last year that sound finished on its lot I'm finished on 28 goals the nearest goalscorer to him was on 11 goals this year you've got Lukaku on 15 but you've got players on 10 9 8 goals because the rest of the team is being brought in and the movement of Lukaku up from just these movement alone is leaving gaps what were people to run into and take advantage of let alone his ability to make and create chances himself so I think that yes he's gone through a little bit of a dip goal scoring and hurricane today scoring goals us put even more pressure on people and if Lukaku doesn't score today you know that's your people right he's a fraud and this that new ver but his overall gameplay is absolutely great and I'm really happy with his contribution and I'm yeah I think he's gonna finish the season on 25 to 30 goals which is a phenomenal return gaved the haeryung Jones Rahul sure Matich the park better captain matter ibrahimovic Rushford and Romelu Lukaku on the bench we've got Sergio Romero Linda Linda laughed when they be and a Herrera Mecca Tyrion and Jesse lingard know Antony Marcy ow Victor's just said Marcia will be replacing Rochefort yeah he's not gonna be doing that today because he's not on the bench who's not in the eleven he's not going to be playing today yeah Lacock who's passing was minute in the last game I agree with that as well Jacob Marcel is apparently injured says Sebastian Jordan because Rochefort is a quality player yeah all this pressure on Marcus Radford is ridiculous to me the boys going from his first real dip in form in his first since his first 18 months at the club is it been more than 18 months it's been in the first 24 months maybe max rush yeah a team in February it's gonna be two years so for a player that said his first two years I've been broken unto the ceiling and this is his first first dip in form real peeping form because not so long ago I thought you think we did a well it's been lacking confidence it's been months since rush redundant good game ones last semi good game I was like Moscow 50 December next question yeah but is it going up work people are caught talking about his attitude everything I don't get it Marcus Russia's attitude he's a man that literally is the epitome of spirit and attitude I don't get it I think people just need to vent sometimes and I think they need to be more considerate and think about what they're actually saying sometimes because people do vent and so our autumn nonsense whoever heard of an inconsistent 19 year old no I mean 1919 I'll tell you what we've got their mother we've got another we've got the other whiz kid united whiz kid about its man like Alex Alex first of all Merry Christmas mate you have a good one we've got a little something for you as well that will give you later so we're not going to embarrass you one yeah we don't do none of that we know your girlfriends are all watching and all that Alex what's your score prediction for today three one you think Burnley are gonna score your night they're gonna score free whose score him first it's Latin you're happy that is back you went to Madrid nice media thankfully you're back though now cuz you are our good luck charm yeah so we win in today tell him come on you night I'll see you in a bit yeah right yeah from Alex you know it is same free one I'm gonna go with out free well I think we'll score free I don't think they'll score disturb you got a prediction did you give it a car member I'm all over the place in mayor I want to say one nil cos Burnley literally only involved in one Mills pretty much I think – no I don't think they've got really a lot of goals in that we should be worried about we need we bought pouring forward but Sean Beck's a hell of a manager you know people people need be patient because Burnley can probably keep us nil-nil at halftime not get on the team's back support or Akash see what any man that eats razor blades I ain't gonna mess with really razor blades Shaw died she's running around a hotel football apparently yeah Steve you feeling happy I'm always up to me no matter much where ask where else would you want to be on Boxing Day then I'm gonna beer and watching United what what better fingers than my own off this morning uh today having guys that is the team news live stream thanks to Steve and thanks to Alex you can subscribe to ball for their YouTube channels on youtube if you just search their name see Alison and Alex kneeled and ie I'll be make sure you do that log up after the game Alex feel as well and Steve will have a fan come on full-time devils so thanks for joining us I'm going free Neil alex is going free one Steve's going to know I'm out of my Cola we're out of here Rebs north

Liverpool re-signing Philippe Coutinho from Barcelona makes sense to everyone but Klopp

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and welcome back to bed for sports news is the 19th of April and Norwich somehow a still top or go for it now the first game on want to talk about Sheffield United versus not your forest now this was a game I did watch luckily chef Roger night said it looked very good then it's really really good played really well really good football really slick got lucky with the red cards it was it was a brave decision and by brave I mean probably wasn't a red card that was defenders back there wasn't the it would have been classed as a professional foul I don't think it was he got very unlucky in the situation I think not a forest run lucky but goals from Mark Duffy and Stevens gave Sheffield United the two nail win now that gives a chef would know that we know when it puts them above liens in the league table and leaves come up against the Wigan in the 14th minute we can have a red card for a professional handball deliver a handball whatever you want to call it for me again brave decision don't think it was handball but we can did get unlucky with that as well Leeds then score they missed the penalty even score pretty much straight out for anyway and then what happens in the next 60 minutes of football I'll give it to Wigan Gavin Massey was a double great double for him as well Wigan win 2-1 at Elland Road which puts Leeds third in the table no games in hand they are third in the table on goal difference so there's a four point gap already between the two folks battling out the second place and Norwich City Norwich have the coarsest away kickoff the later kickoff in it the games at football Norwich started off shaky they always do at home some reason we just always seem to concede at home when I was down the pub and I knew that we were going to concede Steve Minh scores in the 18th minute good goal he probably should have got that but before this even happens the referee I thinks had a compiler Westwood is out he's out in the warm-up he gets injured in the warm-up and that is bad for him it's injured and Dawson comes in and then I think it was about the 10th minute but the actual game he handles the ball outside of the area deliberately which for me is a red card straight away I think the referee bottled it knowing that Sheffield United would have to play the rest not even shaking chipper tonight Shepherd Wednesday would have to play the rest of the game with 10 men I think for me that was a bottle job I think he should have given him a red card and Dawson should have boys marching orders I think he should have had an only buff I think he was should being gone but anyway the referee didn't do that and Norwich then once Worcester afterwards with statement anyway Dawson gets yellow card and then what happens in the next 80 minutes say or football it just nail-biting stuff that foresty Aires scores an absolute stunner pelleve worth goal of the season great gold brilliant goal that's fantastic but there's not many words you can't even describe it I was applauding it was just such a good goal the second goal again and the referee and the linesman should be seeing this Tim Krul makes already had save balls loose though he kind of come it comes out his hands balls loose and Steven Fletcher literally parries the ball into the net with his hand you should see cuz he slides in trying to get the rebound and both of his legs are in front of him so what makes the ball bounce up like that it isn't anything else Lee literally the slow-motion replays from every single angle you can see he used his arm and then you keep on going keeping on arch make freedom free substitute as they bring Tim close on it gets to the 90 50 min and I have to say Mario French she's bought the free kick Mariah's probably didn't foul him it was more grand chicks going into him Ferengi gets a free kick 22 yards out and earlier in silence you know silence that just he bends one and it goes top corner place where I was that one absolutely mental branches cause them that equalized it in the 97th minute of the time incredible there was only five minutes out of time so we've got quite lucky with that but it puts not five points credit now I'm now more worried about Sheffield United Sheffield you know it look really good in their game what the finger Leeds bold it bleeds are falling apart again the song is based on them leads are falling apart to get be into one against ten men at home they've they've shown they probably have lost the heads maybe I ignored it but leads the third in the table and I would say they've probably got the toughest running out of the two teams norwich on the other hand if they get one more win i think they I think they've done it I think Stoke if they win that game they've done it they've won the championship but I'm now looking toward ship which now it may be coming up automatically really could game for them I was especially not pleased but it just each seemed like he dominated the play who was Norwood I know he had a few shots that went wide he was a very compliant and I think he will probably be the linchpin in the midfield for Shepherd you know it in the neck sort of games leads on the other hand they need to get better at defending if you're playing against ten men you need to know that new press in just inviting we can either give you even on the break I know that Leeds had so many shots and target and I think we're gonna add a still you need that concentration to put you through at the end anyway that is it I've gone on for six minutes I think that it's enough of me rambling on just a mad game to have people around for the norwich game we've done it again and the think it was them I think it was the match so that day Twitter account said that this team never gets been well you can never beat this team I fought we want to go down to our fourth defeat since I think it was the Leeds game and we didn't fantastic anyway that's it from me Bev Sports News and I will probably see you soon I'm going to Sydney it's tomorrow hopefully report some of the game footage there for you and I will see you later you

Rakitic: End in England? Tomorrow's Manchester United Transfer News Today! #24

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Croatia’s Ivan Rakitic would like to end his career in the Premier League according to a Spanish report! Separating the b*llocks from the facts! It’s Tomorrow’s Transfers Today! The first look at Manchester United Transfer News as it’s published each night! – COMMENT AND LIKE FOR MORE TRANSFER VIDEOS!

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yes of burrogone analyst Steven house and this is tomorrow of transfers today this is full-time doubles this is the video we separated from all the bollocks that's going on in the transfer window and let you know what is going on day before you're gonna read it in the papers now we've got an awesome menu of players to talk about tonight and I'm gonna get struck straight into it so the first one we're going to talk about and draw I'm gonna give you the menu how about I'm gonna give you the menu about what we're going to talk about so you can go so we're going to go for Cameron boy Rick Jackson we're gonna go for a straight and narrow room Eva Alba we're gonna go for screen yeah and we're gonna go for Marshall and we're gonna go for racket it and you know what there's bollocks that we are going to talk about sand out but there's also some stuff that I go there might be something in this so let's start with Cameron wafak Jackson so didn't have a great spell on loan-out Leeds hasn't really recaptured that form that we saw us are on the Louvre and girl where he was actually very very good on the Louvre anger surprisingly so was shown us Noah Cameron Bhavik Beckham was calling him with a cross and ability nice got Sunderland have been talking to someone on podcast has been talking up getting a guy on loan and you know what I reckon this is gonna be a move that definitely happens if I was rating this one I'd say it's very likely to happen Sunderland knowing League One I think Cameron's gotta get out there and get some first-team football under his belt I think he's a player probably struggles with personal confidence and I don't think going to Leeds was the best idea for a money night players to go and to check that out but I think he's a there's a top footballer in there it'll do no I'm going down to somewhere like Ligue 1 I think you'll be in the championship in no time whether that's with Sunderland or somebody else and I still think there's a Premier League football there in Cameron so I wish him good luck if he goes to Sunderland on loan hope he smashes it for him and then I think he can move I don't think he's gonna be a United player but I think he's there's definitely a football in there that can go and absolutely tear you up somewhere so the next one saw the headline in sport English is Manchester United are interested in rail Mayorkas John Sastry essay Stra never heard of him so it says one of the biggest stars of real New Yorkers season has been John ashtray the young bright back 21 years olds been a regular style and a key member of the team which recently gained promotion to segunda a however its performance is I'm gone no it's a lot of teams in Europe or keeping tabs on his future Majorca fans are worried that one of that style players could leave blah blah blah it's linked in Spain with Barcelona Villarreal and Real Madrid and it also says outside of England those teams from England and Germany Manchester and I have made it clear that Susteren would not be signed if we was getting for a game rather be a signing for the Academy side now this is interesting on two parts one because we've signed the law at 19 years of age no one's coming out and saying that he's an academy signing it looks like very much he's like a first-team sign in at least two years younger than this guy disk signing someone for the academy side he's something out the Academy side is needed for four or five years hence the fact that they got relegated because he didn't have those that pool of players to choose from a lot of very young players and I think it really is going to benefit from having a little bit of investment I definitely think it needs that so this is a change in tactic and maybe that's something at Michael Carrick and Kieran McKenna I've had a bit of a saying since they've joined the coaching stuff because it seemed to me like initially Jose Jose Mourinho didn't want to sign anybody for the academy side as what was told didn't want to sign anyone for the academy side that he didn't see as a first-team player eventually and he didn't have time to go on to assess and recruit these players because obviously it was too busy recruiting for the first team so maybe Jose Mourinho has started to run his eye over some of the cylons and we might start to see a lot of signings fall out under 23 side which trust me is absolutely crying out for those signings and the players that need to be signed out needs to those plays that he's got his eye on as potential first-timers they probably need to go home long the likes of Tyrell Warren the likes of Roshan maybe even the likes of Chung and angel Gomes the time might be now for them to step out on long and go and see what a crack is so I said there might be something in this one but by the sounds mean it's probably gonna stay in Spain so I wouldn't get so excited about a play that we've never heard of and this one's in sports witness it says Jose a is willing to do anything to sign player it tells United to do everything possible now they're sort of parroting daaamn belong Jesus Christ so it says Johnny Alba rumors been popping up over the last few weeks with a very much seemingly to play a play to get the defender a nice new Barcelona contracts being this one we've sort of seen coming down the pipeline but you have to take heed of it a little bit because you know that you know definitely in the need for a full buck Johnny had a jolly Albert fits that bill to a tee so you like yeah I can see that one up noon but when you actually read into it you go now this doesn't really add up and like say at the end of this I called humble on the same josie marino i'll do everything and he said seen i'd do everything possible to get the guy chances are this guy signs a new barcelona contract in the next couple of weeks so i reckon don't get too excited about that one and i'll see it coming off the next want to talk about then is probably likely a little rhubarb as well so there's manchester united ball Tottenham for Barcelona star this again is the Johnny Harbor one I've got the wrong article so it's another one basically is that my two new news basically parroting what's gone on in Dom belong but also using a s says that you know keen on securing a deal for the guy that's 29 years of age looking like 60 million the next work with we're going to talk about that this is in sports witness so it says a mid man UNITA claims million screeners entourage today arrived at the club head cause that is a mouthful of a headline amid money night claims man on screen yells entourage today arrived at club headquarters whoa you like oh no they've been an inner naughty United so basically screen II I was a name that pops up early this where you go I said Monday some day that kind of time and I was like oh here's a new name on the horizon now the same thing that goes on you can't really ever completely rule out any of these deals because that's the kind of play that you think yeah that's likely on somebody's list somewhere as a transfer target if we don't get number one number two we don't get number three and we're moving down our little list screen now is very likely to be on there at some point you read this article from Sports witness it get very good in the transfer window Sports witness and they're saying that we've screened leäôs entourage arrived in the inter they feel like a new contract is probably gonna be on the table a little bit a stressful above can inside considering placing the guys transfer Fiat somewhere around eighty million it's probably bad targets out there for you now it's a go for 480 million so this one is another one that I don't think he's going to be happening I think this is one that you can go is someone that was linked towards other agents link them to us in the hopes of getting them a fat juicy deal because everybody knows I saw a morning that United are gonna pay and this guy's been offered a two point five million a season which is about fifty grand a week which is young I tell you what I wouldn't get our bed for fifty grand a week it's garbage free and I play a fifty K week everyone in United's virtually 100 grand a week so they know that they could say all United have offered was 150 and they know that inter would be like so him signing a new deal for two point five million that's a lot of money foreigner that's nothing for United so the chances that he's been linked with United to try and say we can get them about money elsewhere we're gonna move on unless you put some decent dollars on the table and I reckon that's probably exactly how it went down we got some twenty Marshall news so on a June 30 of Tony Marshalls agent command said that the phone wants to leave after he failed to reach an agreement on his new deal it says that you Venice are interested in him and this sort of going on in there in this transfer window with you ventless and I can't quite yet work out what it is but go and look at the players you vent there's a link to go and look at the plays UNITA link to and just sort of see the meshing of the two clubs in terms of all this they're not mentioning the fact that we might be buying players off each other diamonds very heavily rumored to be going to you Ventus Alexandra rumors recording to Manchester United there's probably some that's going on with the two clubs weird the same saw players are being linked with both United and Juventus I do very weird I have enough of why that's happening just yet so according to ill bank or narrow which I'm assuming is a you ventless website it says you don't necessarily know you are going to talk about the transfer market and the players they are interested in signing this summer that to me would make a lot of sense because it seems like there's a lot of overlap on targets now it might be look we fancy that guy we know that you fancy marshal and Derby and how about you let's have a free run at that guy you can sign them too all right we're going for that guy we're going for that guy as well we're both not backing down X why is that and I think that's something that you might see happen there might be something that comes out of this but there's that it's a little bit murky at the moment the waters aren't clear in terms of how this is gonna go can you Ventus afford 100 million for hunting it marshal would they pay 100 million frontier marshal can you even argue that his price has gone up that much in the couple years that he's been at Manchester United I think that's a bit mad you know I'll just give a comment here from palooka saying Papa has been average in the World Cup if that's average I'll take it all day because he's been a hair on the man of the match in both the games that I've watched so no I would say Papa has not been enough Ridge my friend I think France overall have been average again I don't think the tactics are very good from France considering the embarrassment of riches Deschamps as guy is disposable or once a pump it's been our French you know let's have a look the last one that we've got them sold you know what I saw a racket it's United a Sorak published tonight after Croatia slap Argentina and I go mud coincidence there what a lot of rhubarb I think it swim in it though so here's what we're saying it's in the daily stats there's much net target Ivan rocketed considering Barcelona ultimatum over switch so Neil Atkinson is sailing what is he saying she says you know either off ready to offer 35 million 5 million euros the racket itch as he looks to overhaul his squad this summer rack ditch impressed and now for Croatia as his country hammered Argentina free now at the World Cup so I mean that's literally the extent of the article there's not much in it it says Dario goal known for their outlandish claims it's a bit like Dom belong I saying that you know that I'm ready to drop in a raid for the 30-year old that's not a lot of money go five million is probably now considered a bargain in this transfer window and I would not be shocked if you know it went for that I don't think Fred's coming in as an absolute every single week guaranteed star I think he's probably gonna play seventy seventy five percent of their matches but I think you know you'd need someone who can control the game a little bit and I do think that you're about to see a bit of an overhaul in that Spanish midfield and racket it might be the one that misses out that sort of fee I tell you what I check in I definitely would second is it gonna be is it gonna be sort of that definitely happens I'm not saying that but I don't think this is complete I think there might be something in this one full-time doubles account Chris and the Connery is saying would you leave Barcelona though I think you will leave Barcelona because I think Barcelona are about to dump a right lot of cash on new signings and I think that there's always players that miss out with that I think you can get players out Barcelona the way you can get players out of Madrid people think that it don't really happen but if you look at their transfer history it really does happen so it's not someone that's not going to be kicking it around that's the one you know Floyd in the comments says don't need older players if you look at the average age of Manchester you know it's squad mate we kind of do need all the players we absolutely do rocket each is not mod rich that's true days absolutely true if mod rich came available I think you know moderates is a massive hell of a footballer that's been truly underrated frog his career under I would love him and I could see him leaving Barcelona says Bubb rubb Marty says Rockets hitch is a dream Dima says I'm realistic not blind about potential as they label it don't get me wrong you can seize D somebody's not done anything in a year but a city game I don't know who you're talking about you certainly can't be talking about Paul popper in that one could we hold Marshall hostage why would you wanna lately they've been going PSG and bio true but you know United do pay them salt wages as well how would I feel if youngest first I was gonna start the season I'd be disappointed because he's absolutely not good enough that's the simple facts a tomorrow Joe's a Sonny's so nians Bay and Lindelof both fit for the final and still stay the clown's worried they'll start the same crap Valencia's mind johns and young next season I don't think baby is fit and I think that's some of that he's got a problem with Joe's a lot been your World Cup star so far apart from Ronaldo of course I think mod Richard probably a mover shout it out they've looked very good Croatia I don't think it's it's bit early to say yeah so far it's been a very good World Cup though I'm absolutely loving it don't want any old legends three or four years past their best nobody's past their best at 30 make Modric is engine real Dritz as Paul Young Custer goes as far Luc's your training I don't well that means it's just a comment rather than a question I take him all day long fantastic baller obviously tons of sentiments exactly the same in that one right I'm gonna leave it there but we were back tomorrow night at 11 o'clock for the last form of the week keep lots of full time doubles as usual subscribe if you're new around here this is the sort of thing that we do I love when I clock every single weekday night forever transfer window and then on a Monday we did a transfer review as well where we got a bit more in depth into all the different rumors aliens and all the outs and then we give them a write in and let you know where we think they're all going but thank you guys for tuning in thanks for your comments give it a like if you've enjoyed it subscribe if you knew and I'll see you in the next one laters

PAY £39 FOR LEEDS AWAY? | SCFC News | The Bear Pit TV

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PAY £39 FOR LEEDS AWAY? | SCFC News | The Bear Pit TV

Craig runs through the latest news stories and is baffled at the pricing and allocation for our first game back in The Championship.

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so the World Cup is done and dusted as we all know France with the victors but the main thing this means is that we can now turn all our focus and all our attention to stoke city from the forthcoming campaign and our ultimate push for promotion so this is just a very very brief quick roundup of all the news stories featuring stoke over the past couple of weeks another rumor which has emerged is that Real Madrid a back in four Courtois and if we're playing this transfer merry-go-round gained that we often play he can't help but think if that deal does go through whereas I can leave Jack Butland and naturally put intuitive together you can tell birthing that Chelsea could have a little look to see who's a very little and let's face it probably would be if they made an inquiry for his services so fingers crossed the Cortot doesn't go because I'm starting to get an impression that Jack might actually stay with stone and I don't want to get my hopes to the last minute so very very quick runs here as well via the pricing and the allocation was revealed today for Leeds away first game this season I'm so frustrated to say they've given something 1430 of tickets something like that they're there about which I have things to shock and allocation how convinced we would have sold double up the first game of the season and the icing on this anoint cake is that they're charging 39 pounds you get relegated from the pram and you think what should be a little bit of solace is that tickets should should be cheaper but they're not for some bizarre reason there's no 30 pound cap in the Football League and despite the fact we're watching a poorer quality of football would pay more often which is absolutely absurd and actually tweeted and I rarely twee varsity tweeted in what industry would you pay more for less quality and it seems that English football is an example of paying more for less absolutely bizarre 39 pounds for an allocation of just over 1400 I don't know what leads are playing out but I get an impression we're gonna see this quite frequently as the season drags on I believe that Chef Wednesday also are gonna charge us 39 plus for an away ticket which is so so frustrating and the club is also London in Germany for a mini pre-season tour we're playing three games I believe whilst but that apologies to microphone on ta because is definitely gonna be wrong but we're playing a team called Baucom who are in Bundesliga too we're also playing a team called sv meppen who were in the FIR tear of german football and finally were played Hamburg who got relegated from the Bundesliga so they should prove quite a stern test for any snow peas out there and as in pictures videos except of the squad in the atmosphere and last but not least I believe Elliot tweeted it out the other day it's actually my stag do this weekend and at least society to be a perfect opportunity to do a podcast up the bear piss first podcast of the 2018 2019 season so if you want to see me now looking a little bit of a state doing a podcast speaking about Stoke keep an eye out for the bear pits Twitter and Facebook pages over the weekend and see what nonsense we come out with thank you for watching were two and a half weeks away now very very excited – this early the promotion push is nearly here I'm getting more and more excited as the days go on and more and more confident more importantly that we are gonna do this now it seems to create a really good atmosphere and spirits amongst the players and that can only be a good sign we've definitely got the quality we just need you to be out to choose I can't help but think he's still in the right attitude in amongst the squad role on the next season


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it's to me her and welcome to a very interesting a little pool trance in use video and in this video we will talk about Julian Brandt and very well respected journalist Raphael who Nick Stein who is a German journalist he and he said in a report for the ESPN that Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund are the favorites the two favor is to sign Julian Brandon because by a Labour cousin don't really want to sell to a domestic rival that actually makes Liverpool the most likely destination for Julian Brandt who is just 23 years old and he has been converted from a winger into an attacking midfielder and he has been pretty good for by Oliver Cruz and actually he is by Oliver Cousins one of Bayer Leverkusen's best and most important players his could eight goals already this season in fourth games and he has been in the German national team many times he played 24 times for the German national team as well and he won the FIFA Confederations Cup in 2017 which is also very impressive with Germany's and as I said he is only 23 years old and I think he is exactly what Liverpool needs but what is even more important than that is that he's really close it's just like 25 million euros which is just 20 million pounds and even rougher finish line says that that is just half of his actual value he is actually worth 40 million pounds but Liverpool could get him for 20 million pounds and guys if you enjoy these transfer news videos please leave like it takes just a second for you it and it really helps me out and motivates me to make even more videos for you guys and turn on the pair notification so you never miss the future upload the Julian Browns will have probably lots of options in the summer a lot of clubs we want him and a lot of crops we are probably trigger the 20 million pounds really screws because let's be honest 20 million pounds in today's market that is affordable for even for even a lie almost all of the Premier League thieves almost all of the Spanish teams and half of Bundesliga as well and and all the leagues as well so I think there will be a lot of clubs one thing Julie Ann Braun the big question is what will Julien Brant want and I think it will factor in to his consideration that Liverpool wanted to buy him before the World Cup but Julie Ann Braun said or before the euros I'm not sure but Julian Bond said that he wants to stay in the Leverkusen squad to fight for his place in Leverkusen and not to hinder his place in the German national team and any eye that worked out for him because in the end he wants to the World Cup it's another story that at the World Cup Germany didn't really do well but now Julian Brandt is ready to take the next step in his career but it's at the moment it's 50/50 whether Julian Brandt will leave or stay and what Rafa vernix state is saying that Liverpool and Borgia Dortmund are the most likely contenders but there's also a genuine hope from Leverkusen coming from revered figures and that Hubbard who is also very key player at Leverkusen could stay at the club and also a strong improvement in the second half of the season under Peter Boss their manager ideally maybe culminating the top full place that's at the moment still in the balance there is still one round to go in the Bundesliga and the violator Kuzon are hoping that that will convince Julian Brandt to stay for one more year at least and he is advised by his father's Jurgen Brandt rather than an agent which could help by a lever Kuzon scores because maybe his father will say you should stay in Germany instead of moving abroad and given Bundesliga club preferences for making deals before the transferee no opens properly we should expect a couple of announcements or at the very least some briefings some briefings about where you Ron could end up but if there is radio silence which means if there are no news about Julian Brandt or other big Bundesliga stars that would mean that probably those players will move abroad because the German clubs like to do deals very early on the other hand foreign teams like three teams from the Premier League prefer to come in fairly late in the transfer window and with the bank so if this is very very interesting in my opinion and Julian Brandt for 20 million I think is an absolute bargain he can do everything and because he was a winger before that means that he can play on the wing but as a number-10 he can also play as an attacking midfielder and he can score goals he can get the cysts and I think Liverpool need a player like Julian bronze who could get 5 to 10 goals from midfield regularly because if you look at Julie Ann Braun's career he has always had a knack for a go scoring he scored 10 goals for example like four seasons ago sorry three seasons ago he scored four goals in the next season which is not a lot but then in his brief flu season just before the World Cup he scored 12 goals for by Oliver Kazan and that's when Liverpool tried to sign him but in the end Julia Brandt decided to stay in Leverkusen as I said because he wanted to be 100% certain to make the Germany 23 is called squad for the 2018 FIFA World Cup he was maybe hoping that Germany could win the World Cup again but they didn't but still Julia Brandt I think he was very close to moving to Liverpool and now one year later we could come in and be very seriously interested because remember that you can club actually wanted to take Julian Brown to Liverpool and it was Julian Brandt who said no that time so this time if Liverpool go back in for him I think that is where there is a very good very high possibility that Julian Brandt will say yes and I don't see why you can't club wouldn't go back for a player who is who is a big fan of and also a player who is for half his market value Jenny and Prentiss worth 40 million pounds but he's available for as little as 20 million pounds which i think is a brilliant brilliant figure and let me tell you what you can crop let me tell you what you can crop said after Liverpool reached the Champions League final he said that's exactly the picture we want to draw for the outside world this is Liverpool it's possible here it's possible to make a comeback from free kneel down against Barcelona in this city with the people around that's the picture that we want to paint about Liverpool a moment like what Liverpool had against Barcelona is worth more than silver if you struggle in a game they hit the post and the bar but you win it that's good for looking back and saying that year we want it but oh we were lucky it's a nice story but it doesn't help with development the job is to develop as far and as high as possible so it gets more and more likely that you will see everywhere and that's what we have done so far now we go to the final we will plate learn from the past few years and see what we can do there sunday is our last Premier League game if we can win it it's not in our hands what we get for that but it doesn't make our season a little bit less good it's just a different finish and you can club said this and I quote him my vision was never a finished article I never thought we have to be here or there because I know football is constantly changing and moving it is all about being stable on the highest possible level that is my wish it's not about what kind of football can we play I am perfectly happy with the big steps we made in different departments of the game we used to struggle in the past with game management and then at the beginning of the season we had movements when we were running up and it looked like we were calming the game down completely when people wanted ball football because they were not used to it but we had to make steps you cannot rest in football never we never we have a really full toolbox with football tools with our help the boys use the right tools in the right moment so we have to make even bigger one for the next few years because nobody sleeps in this business we saw Chelsea and Arsenal reach the Europa League final was the difference between us 20 points or so even more that's not the difference really but we have been so consistent that's the difference when we face each other it's not money for it it's it's very very little difference it's about a moment here or there but consistently but consistency has made the difference points wise that's what we have to make sure in the future too and Virgil van Eyck also said some very very interesting things after the Barcelona game it's obviously outstanding Virgil van Dyke said amazing a special night we all enjoyed it and I think they after we enjoyed it as well but obviously we are going back to work and Sunday is going to be a big test for us again the last home game against wolves we want to show what we have been doing all season and get the free points no matter what wolves have obviously been outstanding throughout the whole season a fantastic team fantastic manager fantastic season for wolves if they are guaranteed to finish in seventh place so it's going to be very hard I think when we play the thereat wolves it was tough as well in the Premier League I think I've scored my first goal for Liverpool there it's going to be hard and everyone can talk about what's going to happen at Brighton and stop but we have to focus on our game we have to try and get the three points no matter what if we do that then we will see after the game what's going to happen in Brighton and I think that's the right attitude because can you imagine if Luke will take the eye of the ball a little bit and imagine that we don't concentrate fully and we don't end up winning the game against wolves and then romantically are leading one year and Brighton score in the last minute and it's a draw and because Liverpool didn't concentrate fully we don't get the Premier League title that would be such a missed opportunity so I think Liverpool have to do everything to win that game involves will play with a lot of freedom because they are already in seventh place and if Manchester City win the FA Cup which they have a very good chance of doing so against Watford then Vols will qualify for the Europa League and not Watford what would need to be Man City in the FA Cup final to get Europa League football so it's going to be very very interesting so what happens I'm really hoping that Liverpool will be up for that game because we need to beat wolves not just for a chance of the Premier League but just for personal pride and and also just to have 97 points in the Premier League that would be an amazing achievement whether looper win the league or not it's an incredible achievement and the moment saw I said after the Liverpool Barcelona game it was unbelievable last season we qualified for the final against Rome away from home so we couldn't enjoy it as much as at Anfield but now we call it qualified at home so it was unbelievable and we could celebrate with the fans the two times in the final in two years is something really really impressive an unbelievable I hope this season we are going to win it win the Champions League and Salah said that he will be ready for the wolves games he said I will be ready yes so that's also very very good news and with Jose Mourinho said he wasn't surprised by Liverpool's comeback and that Liverpool knocked out Barcelona this is what Jose Mourinho said about the game and field didn't surprise me Jurgen Klopp didn't surprise me the relationship with them between the crowd the stadium the players that empathy it didn't surprise me how person what can be surprised by that is my question you cannot win at Anfield without a very competitive spirit you know that it's going to happen even if you go to Anfield and they are dominant it's almost impossible at this level that you are dominant for 90 minutes Parsa didn't go there to defend a huge advantage they didn't go there to be thus offensive and to wait for Leo Messi or Luis Suarez to score goal they were also not the team that thinks we are better than them we have better players we are going to score and kill the game they concede the goal and they are in control until the end of the first half then in the second half the second goal and and even physically bought some on a collapse and that's a very very interesting take by Jose Mourinho on what happens to Barcelona at Anfield and I'm just happy that even Jose Mourinho who it's very well documented Jose Mourinho doesn't like Liverpool and even Jose Mourinho said that he wasn't surprised by Liverpool doing one of the biggest comebacks in Champions League history and I think it's very very interesting and human club has rubbished the suggestions by Pep Guardiola that expectation is weighing down Manchester City and not Liverpool he said I didn't feel too easy to be honest and but we didn't feel the pressure too much we decided to see it as an opportunity to win games about the situation of being in the leave and stuff like that unfortunately at what I was not too often in the lead in my life that I could talk too much about it the situation was like it was all respectful Man City for what they have done this season I don't know who had more pressure or whatever both teams delivered and here we are and I think it's right manchester city can't really talk about being one or more pressure than live because look we have 29 years of pressure on their shoulders live we haven't won the league title in 29 years it's very well documented so I think Manchester City our manager Pep Guardiola are talking rubbish about that and I don't think that Liverpool had like less pressure than Manchester City in fact I think Liverpool had more pressure than Manchester City and they are having more pressure to win the league because Man City they are already champions Liverpool no not champions for 29 years that's a huge huge pressure in my opinion probably mass City had more pressure in the Champions League on the other hand at Liverpool but in the Premier League no chance in my opinion and guram soon has said some very interesting predictions about the Champions definer he said this and I quote him for club it will be all about the games in the last few years the final defeats live applause free finals already for chatty no it's all about reminding that about how close they were to actually getting to the final the last two games that have been at Anfield when Spurs have gone there this season and last season Tottenham were unlucky at both collisions but Liverpool will win it they have better players simple as that it's a very bold pollution by Graham stress I'm not I'm not sure it's bold but it's like in a final anything can happen and and Graham Jonas is right Tottenham have a real chance because both times when they play that Anfield in the past two years they were very close these were very close games so I think it will be decided by small details but honestly if Liverpool play at 100% also Tottenham I'll play as 100% the Liverpool should win the champ is the final because we have the better players and the better team overall but I'm still nervous about it because Tottenham can beat Liverpool they have good players who can have an off day in a final it happened before it can happen again but Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool must make sure that we prepare right and we learned from the past defeat and the past mistakes that we made in the inner in the finals because then if Liverpool put everything into the final and win it then we will have no regrets so that's my verdict but let me know what do you think in the comments below and thanks for watching guys hope you enjoyed this video see you later have a nice day


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Everton Under-23s made it a league and cup double! With the PL2 title in the bag, the Blues faced Newcastle at Goodison with the Premier League Cup on the line and lifted the trophy thanks to captain Morgan Feeney’s winner!

all right [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] bigger news might be on the cold [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] yeah oh shoot [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] be brightened to win Premier League – and a great chance to do a double on me now good would that be for these young men you know age I mean look it's it's Lots you know the achievement of the century in terms of right you know big big cups and what-have-you like that and but these boys hopefully will go on to experience things like that in the future but you can only be playing and observe wants to do a double would be a little special night for all nobody's ever done the Premier League so and family cook double so everything can create a little bit of history under the first football club things underway Angelo my fellow sons one four four throws around be or windsors first header of the evening but it goes out for the goal kick it was nice for a centerfold early ones the first tie but isn't it yeah exactly the straight a very good intent put the ball in the box test their Center hogs out trays are won it comfortably so hopefully that'll help giving confidence for the rest of the evening long both fall down a lot left hand side it's blocked oh right more than freely and hello pixel epic gives an early church of the ball inside the first minute to jail Virginia who finds Brendon Galloway who that's the ball do the work then follow that a Polish left-hand side but can't find that in the Evans and you Castle can get away with Matthew launched at sanjaya yes possessor there's Josh Portland man who stole cinched feed from really to title to support towards solar we can hand him down by the corner flag needs a bit of help gets it from miss Angelo mark hello has a funeral and again girl on stuff and does so faster sailor somebody leaving score de Ville 23s rolls it wide said about me Evan sticks help cross into the penalty area not the worst cross in the world but start with finding across the United Murph they don't the delights are at the early tempo down and here could send Pope folks wide many density Evans and Josh Bowl are getting on the ball as well I like the fact that they're playing on opposite side so Anthony's a predominantly right footed player but even cut back and whipped dangerous crossing noonas weed as he just did there and Josh you had such a good good game against riot and we're at the score deal important goal for us we know on his day is a very talented player as well so I think looking at it phrase around it looks nice and sharp in the first few minutes before we say of foraging the way four possessions have to weigh by Owen Bailey and more than Feeny brings it under control and uses the bill nicely Galloway and so so he has to go back Leavitt will start again at the end when sweeps it wide towards a barrel it wasn't the best connection friend Denis ethereal and you can stir had possession again they follow the good season Newcastle they've reached the Premier League Cup final that involved in a playoff for promotion to the twenty lead to top flight they play Southampton as the date has yet to be confirmed so Newcastle are clearly under-23 team on the rise and I spoke to David on the rift in the dressing room before the game and he said these are a good team yeah he said that to me I'll sat down and had a couple with the boys just before just before they went out and he said exactly the same thing they're well organized and you know there's no way on the planet we can take this lightly itself a long ball towards Josh Thole only gets a little upset lien gypsy puts a challenging to flow in for peloton over on the far side it's notching then we should have these these schemings but the Chairman's here it's a microwave the Chairman's come up mr. machineries up I just saw Marco Marco silver and Marcel brands are also here as well so that's a nice nice nice for the players to know that the managers here watching it the Chairman went into the dressing room Diddley beforehand in there had rode with the Bruce which is good rousing speech for Demong Shore feeling to attainment now what's been seeing let's see the bear early those in this community crop farm the first time the tough years have been in the family clip flying up and then you look at this tab there's 11 o'clock 11 men including the goal keeper obviously the new boss behind a more it's gonna it could be a very very tested evening for us the Center for youth chairman throwing on this I didn't have to be aware but yeah you can see what their game plan is Newcastle they're going to try and deep dig deep they're gonna sit deep and try and hit us on the counter-attack and they're gonna just try and frustrate us I think for sale December really deep which foot some dime or Caleb except he put a skill by Sunday late his rabbits slice it into the channel that's a great early point into the penalty area that apologize Virginia never say about cross time there's a decent crossing on the left-hand side there from Liam Gibson but jail was equal to it nice and comfortable handling he's been excellently season as well Virginia good prospect for us in the gold keeping Department size as well as we're big lad always helps if you're a if you're a good size of your one be a goalkeeper in your are live from British and Park on the official Everton YouTube channel tonight [Applause] you see it now with Dennis doing in in the middle of the park plenty of time plenty of space on the pillar but Newcastle camped with eleven men literally within a yard radius just go by Jeff bowler I brings the ball infielders rather so it's going to need a little bit of individual brilliance I suppose down this that's where the code I think it could do tonight the Puri you're not solely because of what I've said about new Carson their approach this this at very very deep they're working hard as soon as we really hope they're working hard to get every single man behind the ball and right now this is when they go to break long stuff herim barely Newcastle United captain you lose a Spartan fellow again the reward of attrition I think this one there certainly patience is going to be the key worm Sanjaya back to Beverly Cass again another birth comes through load up by Charmin that I could challenge by in the Fangio mark fellow for the very good strikers on but it was actually done through Carson it's owned by German which strong shell is Brian the Franz you know mark hello that the impression is gonna be a set-piece or a counselor sack don't you that's gonna run lock the key yes it's 50/50 this game at the moment isn't it though I mean they're both sides have started okay plenty of possession but not too many chances to talk about for from wirelessly over everybody camber solace under get there no he can't long stuff deli slicer play behind Luis trypsin chased down woopsy makes a living a hash of the clearance so he did I mean he'd actually done the hard work let the food run across him he went to play at backward he's right for a sadly they've got in the way and these kicks it out for a corner so time to concentrate first called evening from Newcastle I think that would be logged corner kick for the derbies have your body bar just there at back for hours and he comes the core it's low it's not the best event or fact enough scrambles to behind the line and it's another corner and there's rights outside for Newcastle just a chance to see the replay there on what's the showed up paying off Brendan are the way that might have actually come off the Newcastle man but the respective because the referees given a corner for them again and it comes Behrman Galilei doesn't stand on ceremony anywhere litter and such Baylor wins at least inhabit chases down the second board it's forward by Jonas Terry NC time for anonymously to find Dennis adenine a lot of the pursuit demonstrators that the middle of the park again the Newcastle overly interested in precedent most they're quite happy fruits are after Paul and they'll see as it has upset on numerous occasions already quite happy to put all men behind the pool sip tea and and frustrate us more than anything headed by the shall assemble picked up by Josh Baylor is this the moments of brilliance moving waiting for no long stuff is there and again just too many black and white shirts endorsing the Newcastle approach didn't have a an illustrious plunderer shall we say that at least fellow Queen of the South there's been coaching at Newcastle United in some way shape or form since you 16 years of age [Applause] coaching loser well organized yeah it's very very much so exactly what David and Ross said to the pair of us they're a nice side they they do the basics right they're not going to come here and lay down or be overall they haven't shown that that's all in this opening you know 10 minutes or so [Applause] heads up a crossed over for Gerald Virginia there's more color razor on B peels off except it's well defended by Cass it's well defended but mark Ellen's got to be a bit bigger with the board edit button Trey zombie is peeled off the defender there on the shoulder is 30 yards of space for that food to be played over the top in sir and Mark Heller was just a bit short with his past so sharpen up on our pass in a little bit 11 when it's gone I could have some pork family cuts while alive on the Evan YouTube channel could put a score by Jamie steadies doesn't get the church it needed its back into the penalty area and it's clear by Ryan Ashley and a super bullet flow by Jen you steady on this lady's impressed me in this opening 11 or so minutes Darren he's been there he's been their best attacking player really James Terry to right back getting forward there took a magnificent ball into the box I think it was Luke Charmin was it there a new gesture failed with the header ticket mmm some kind of purchase on it but it was a hair's breadth away from him another New Castle corner this time from the left hand side it's the penetrative coast and then we'll get to touch on it great save by child Virginia it's aware and scramble and it ends up in your arms which I'll show that you can put the bones I'll say you're gonna be a difficult one it was Rica Shay around the box I mean a good pool in from the from the left hand side right footed in swing in there and I mean talk about putting your body on the line Morgan Feeney does terrifically well to throw his body onto the ground and just about saw it out and unfortunately for us the ricochet fell into the hands of jail Virginia the second time around and we cleared the danger but anyway some worrying signs there you can clip some of the first have it on the right hand side in front of the family enclosure you can't see on camera is that there's a really healthy crowd behind us in the football and say yep yep it's always nice other first midweek crowds to spook the young players Evans and their target at bio steady just guides a fat – Nathan Parker the Newcastle United cleric you put his Owen barely the captain these very much they're more than feely Owen Bailey he's an old-fashioned type centre-half he's a Newcastle United fan and he's been with the clips and she was 7 years of age so it's just the identical opposites of them Phoenix there's nothing wrong with the old no-nonsense the end up we've got one in our first team at the moment in kazoom of Maine outstandingly well alongside Michael clean and there's no frills with Claire oh yeah I mean into the defenders are there to stop goals and so put their bodies on the line and why I'd be like that and the lights are Morgan Feeney and Owen Bailey do that for their clubs to enjoy defend and don't worry they enjoy being a leader as well there's a good lad as well Morgan I like him a lot of time for it yet there was very respectful of the X players is Lee Morgan well he's never told me so he knows his history so he knows you've kept us in the premium a new start and Sharpie put put him in the back of a car and threatened we're actually the century ago he's been tortured snot all week without you know know what he's like is his eyes roll on everything you don't want to see any more days at Goodison Park like that one trust me no Nassau a little dang lucky there Morgan Feeny's fighting to run the Fraser home be and it was a decent very just probably a couple of yards just too long the good news is that was more Fraser Wembley right through the middle of an air defense then having the opportunity to maybe have just latched on to it if the pool as I say it just been a little bit shorter interception by London Galloway they read the situation there very well Brendan good good experience play he's very experienced at this level as well Brendan Callaway so he should we shouldn't have any concerns about anything out here on the field you should be out of deal with everything that comes his way most experienced player on the perches they kept Newcastle go cut the players a revert have a taste of that the first team that moats and Dali in the middle of the part number 18 you Castle is a full international football he's got two cups for Liberia sake black Pike masala sambar picked up by Jeff bola they were fierce aren't the evidence for the first time there's only about six or seven you can sleep late with you and Evan of the goal but they get back into position very very quickly and we organized themselves as Brendan Gallery bucket goes to mark hello Morgan Feeney yeah that would be the one thing I would be looking at now cut when we when we get the ball when we win the ball back and can we just do things that are a little bit quicker because we've just allowed Newcastle dare to mmm alder man back we've just got to do it a little bit we're moving the ball and our movements better be a little sharper if we're going to unlock these stubborn resistance that Newcastle was showing because that was about the first time we only had seven or eight players in front of us exactly and the others oh look mr. bailiff set an ambitious black/white Calandra flick that's right Nathanial my fellow 17 minutes on the clock sweeps it why – exactly Evans weapons can't control it in its how to play the aquarium for you castor we're going to say the patience was the name of the game diamond concern Lee is yeah ice a little bit cat-and-mouse out there at the moment seventeen and a half me it's gone and I mean the best chance of the games for into Newcastle we've just got just up up the tempo in terms of a run we go forward move that ball quicker as I say make sure our movements good help players on the pool just that little bit more with a movement here's long stuff so Calum rabbits one of the players who has played first in football it's a cool ball into the penalty area good positioning watch out for to you better than that what's so Nathan market there's a confident young man who was charging after the keeper there Nathan Harker and the fairness to the young man very very well took a little bit of a risk I always look a million dollars when they come on checking the biographies that leaves you in place with Newcastle United in the office yesterday Mason half of the goalkeeper is colorblind and he plays the put the flag up but doesn't actually played in the game for sure for tonight did you know now centre forward on the day was Derek Taylor we were playing West Brom so we will red and white stripes play the blue and white stripes yet to come off because he couldn't handle it it's Dennis adenine she found zero marquetta Gibson Galloway dr. Gibson which bowl up there with bravely gets the touch on it doesn't think he did for the throne but the linesman and the referee both in agreement that it was a New Castle throwing it's not the best 20 minutes of football I've ever seen them no it doesn't know sometimes you do so much it was so exactly the same thing not many Cup finals are particularly great games all right nobody wants to be the first player to make a mistake if it needs a goal another corner yes all right no they haven't been about three or four more than four weeks subscription mr. Spencer has been a little bit one-dimensional for my line in at the moment is that there's plenty of space and like I say Newcastle but dropping off and it just will allow in the back for and the two boys image fields I have to pull and we were trying to hit diagonals and it's it's too obvious yeah we've got to get the ball on the floor we've got to get it moving and we've got to move it sharper and move those defenders and midfield players a Newcastle around a bit more it's too comfortable for them at the moment thank those robbers for just about the first time money runs into it and we exist yet to the Pelletier brings it in fear as he overrun it just manages to insane possession one point you thought you'd overrun it but he come turns and comes back on his right foot into that far corner but Parker managed to get down to it certainly our best moment of the game liveliest moment it came from Josh Pollard a man who had such a big impact in the Brighton game a couple of weeks ago I'm smart so far the people got as the piano fingers international to tell and what's to nobody in particular just like mr. C was sauce the issue a little bit now if I will attempt on goal just keep them on the back foot a little bit more out in the Evans we've drifted in feeling better I think he thought Josh bowler was gonna be alongside in overlapping but he was nowhere to be seen Josh I think he was still getting his breath back from that run he did but just a few minutes ago but I'm going to see that as well Anthony Evans just not being not not standing out here or elif's on the left side he's just drifting in there just trying to get in that pocket of space between the Newcastle back foreign and midfield players and he's succeeded a couple of times in this house newscast again by Louis Gibson to reach this self-regulate farm level really groups will Sheffield United Blackburn and don't cast it when the group came through to the last 16 to be Sunderland burn world is in the quarter-final and Swansea City Saturday in the semi-final at the Liberty Stadium Fraser jambe and the solace and boots on the mark at the Liberty Stadium did you cover that game though I certainly did I traveled out to Swansea after the barely game a little to mention that sold out we didn't actually got driven through the night it's always working of an influence on this family cup final now is total birth forward an awful long way something really good area throwing on the far side there just by underneath the main stand but he's certainly our livewire at the moment Josh bowler he's he's the go-to man I think at the moment it's Angelo mark hello to that's the only I don't really like about the performance so far a Janus Terry who's been very very good for Newcastle right Lang but squealed like a baby when any having slightly caught in there you don't like to hear that do you and you know sixty or seventy yards away from it we kick for Newcastle this is Jonathan just come into the technique where we're over on the far side there with David Unsworth maybe they're thinking of maybe a possible tactical change and see if we can change the course of the game a little bit that said Josh boulders at his best two moments over there in the last five minutes so maybe we'll stick with it stick with the formation the golden by the way cutting a little bit of a knot so gives it away but the frontal Omar color was very well positioned to hopefuls lays on one occasion Nathan blue head he's on the bench slow rate goes this season once he falls Alex Danny and oncology are only five substitutes in the friendly problem good idea from Dennis adina-in but all the hits trying to get try to play the pole just behind the Newcastle back for for just Boulder to run onto but these Paul was all over hit there you've got a feel for a young Nathan broad ed as well I think it's a bit of a knocking draining and they they just didn't want to risk him so he could use that to take a place on the bench and if we need him he could always come on but I don't think the thought process was that he could maybe to get the 90 minutes under he felt can't absolutely provided us with the highlights of the season so far my scored a brace at Anfield and can you lead to Merseyside derby victory against Liverpool show me study – Callum Roberts those Gibson's that it's how these up before toffee get back to jail Virginia more good for you neither skip up and look to get his hands on the fun little trophy so nice little trophy is relevant in the reception area before the game this evening I'd love to see him lifting that a lot tonight at Goodison Park to go alongside shot on him ghost of drol on its wall smothered by Nathan Hart certainly this last five or six minutes we've just asked one or two questions of the New Castle defense now and Anthony Evans he's getting some jury coming in from the left-hand side and just getting as I said getting in those little pockets of space he's done it a few times and it's worked Josh boulders getting some joy on the right-hand side as well so all of a sudden maybe we just find in our feet with for the half-hour mark coming up hold on baileywick so much sundar take long stuff Lewis Cass is stearic chips at all until another time I only tries to peel off the iron Gundam Galloway to the ground safely through to jail Virginia we've had 28 morally uneventful minutes in this Premier League Cup final all the tents it's all a little bit organized kgs a good word to use Louis gifts up against his brother tonight so unique calendar add the phrase of Hornby to chase like honestly I know all about it but it drives me insane that ball was played five minutes ago but wait till Frazer makes a challenger and then puts these flanges good for a cup that's crazy and say this all behaves in fairness it is the rule that said the officials should they should get together shouldn't they and say to the powers to beat this is just ludicrous it's wasting everybody's time there's Galloway it's nice to take the poor with them and that that was a life decision to be honest Tom Alan Roberts inside the penalty area then you go finished at the inland rivers as well to trouble at Newcastle win the Cup again and just momentarily it's Everton that's on the back force and Newcastle in possession they grab us those two long stuff Sun Valley thinks about playing that wife and plays a short for a lot of the space here it's pulled low low wide by Tom Allen those strangers are scoring against their wit's in the start of last season they scored the winning goal for the under-18s can you cast it against Everton but on that occasion he was well well why'd he was but he wasn't closed down quickly from I like you know there's an opportunity from there about 25 yards out and we seem to make take an eternity to decide to close him down which is half an hour Leighton Park has been tested with a couple of efforts your picture gel Virginia largely unsettled apart from a few catches from decent deliveries from the right areas finding from the corner didn't we as well that was a heart-stopping moment but we escaped that other than that there's probably three three decent moments in the first are from an attacking sense from both sides new Charmin there were some take the food clip quickly trying to keep the ball moving just you can see the two banks are falling for us can't your chips midget isn't it yeah they're well organized they won't drill they're everything that they tune can they keep it on for 90 minutes that will be the question from Newcastle can we keep that discipline can we keep that effort level up for 90 minutes maybe a massive taking any opportunities that we get as well as net califor to be boastful in front of goal [Applause] or will Bailey kellen twice morning sleep the sugar over to much of the world so at Luke Jarrow schism over the line and it's a throw-in for securities Gibson three click for the trophies what 1zb thinking after the first half-hour great shake it probably isn't surprised about the way the games gone I don't think anything that Newcastle have done we will have surprised in I think you'll just become getting to the players at halftime and you're saying as I said before look we know what they're going to do with it there no gonna put the defense we've just got to be a little bit quicker in our thinking moving the ball sharply Galloway takes a challenge you did quite well the defender there to just hold him up but we've managed to get ourselves a throw on but it's just that little bean injection of life and pace in the game because what more I think we require there's more than Feeny that right – exactly Adams headed away by starey notice today Leland gives a straight Bassett Lewis Katz has long stuff unified sailor as far as Markel oh it's a hazardous picked up by some guy he uses the ball rather finds Jamie steady looking effective little bit forward towards Tom Allen you can't control it and it's a throw-in for Everton oops geordie Boyd of course from Clarence his boyhood club John government or from Newcastle United and if they're well as a Premier Li to second division side to reach this far in the tournament of Newcastle United they were grouped with Leeds United Southampton and lots County before progressing through to the reading in the last 16 Derby County in the quarters in the semi-final heads for solace Sam be forced to off the course are quite Lewis Cass needs a bit of support here it doesn't get it but winds are throwing off journalists ready yeah many others they just let the bull run for his feet and then played the put fool down the line to be Silas sample we got onto it but you didn't really have too many options not too many people out there in the blue shirt look it's a help it Dennis Cedeno Feeney to form beacon Galloway tree only three plays on the other side with first team experience says that the Evans who's been alone a platformer sees bugs well defended by early encryption and it's half to safety Dennison a terrific absolutely Hague is a space now here Brendon Galloway on this left-hand side right down in front of us moves a little quicker just bollocks and Paul in inches away and a village raised the ball was out a player that was drift out the only think he did think that Baron because otherwise he heads that in the back of an area should be hiding the ball in the net weight over his right for us from Josh Nora few years against most time Markel Irwin's Achilles addition : again relative we re at just poetess don't indicate which has got a fight touching it it's space difficult to say from the view I had frozen OB was deceived in some way shape or form Fraser's got to be thinking that you know as a centre-forward you've got to be thinking to Kieffer's missing it which staying in Eddie anything his trash bowler he has got some worried wins he'll ever corner she's got a bit between his teeth of me yeah I managed to see just before the game is where such as such in my saloon you know fit more like just like the end against Bryant and yep they said yep but you certainly bees bees bees been our best player job yet it's like the only likely spark got the oven six corner decent why nicely can't get there and the fan jelenia Kelly pick it up for a button such as it back to of Dennis Cedeno and we go back again to Brendan Galloway Denis at dinner and again on the halfway line for tours with Angelo marquel oh nice to thread it through the spaces in red Galloway so Nutella my spell violence phrase it only turns ago we should moment yeah connector again answer the inside just turns and sees phrase only is just couple of yards just off he sent a half there he plays it into him and phrases got no other thought to get a shot off goes for the curler in the top corner great strike on it but just unfortunately a couple yards too high better from our stoked oh and Bailey thirty-eight minutes just on the clock seven minutes plus any other time to go on a confident they'll be any other science' be honest we've had no injuries no substitutions because inside the penalty area with Charmin which and again bite mark hello cross-terms info Gibson into the penalty area it's over everybody today Fonzworth would have been livid Lewis Gibson's are lucky man there he he made the interception but it was only because he slipped on the floor and just managed to stick his leg out and make the interception initially then the ball was played it came into the referee and as you sit down and put us back on the back foot pole drop the bill I'll explain throwing for Everton on the right-hand side has more color Phoenix retainer it once again Newcastle have every single player being on the ball good ball buy out the Evans Josh bowler shoot sugar but most marketers we know that will locate inside a 20 year old was terrific strike from Josh bola keeper could only parry at this time and praise a horn beep rap should have scored but another would savor the goalkeepers legs he wasn't so mode over on the far side the linesman at flag Fraser offside we're asking questions yeah knocking on the door as they say well and watch to Bailey blown stuff with shallots mobile singing great challenge now the twenty three four five against four Dennis Edina the clients Fraser home be Kosovo inside the penalty area saying could you've used me it's a pleasure don't be late go to faraway grave it wasn't too far away I mean I liked his single-minded dispraise a long way I mean he's a centre forward and he wants to score goals so he's gonna have a shot if he says the whites are the post I don't particularly have a problem with that unless somebody's in the glare in the better position which Dennis adina-in wasn't someone you know I've got no qualms of what Fraser did there but as you sit down now getting to pushing towards the end of this first half we are starting to ask a few more questions few more attempts on goal and looking far bigger threat than the earth in the first half an hour well you saw earlier didn't hear that can they keep this organized can they keep this rigidity for 90 minutes and it's it's less the impossible to do isn't it I mean the walkway I mean he's a big pitch is a big night for them to play at Goodison Park as well his new pants are on the chat themselves that those kids who stand strong know when they look at a suit Park four minutes to go in the first half of the Premier League Cup final extra time and penalties drained of its level we won't be extra time ampere just go to paintings so you can cast a lot that's the last hour embarrassed I mentioned after the Premier League was a few officials here tonight you ball please the problem when the stands are empty once the ball goes into the stand the poor little dildos again there's no one to get it back in federal do know where it is inside you have a penalty area now charmant that's us Terry Tom Allen decent fallen again he reaches Gibson but it's cleared by enough Angelo Mark Kelly only as far as telling less local boys English do you Castle sighs if this man in the ball calendar what's his plan of when he's been degree 2 since he was 10 years of age soccer math city of course good secession from every gallery where you go was plays in the field towards Dennis Athena they didn't give a penny with much of a chance you know I didn't garlic takes on the fantail Omar Keller brings the ball in feel it's a good interception and that's got a footwork by Dennis at the inlet and he's strong enough that's enough soup power away at the ball touches it right to Josh Barry once again they double up on Josh Barry to once again he brings the ball infield fired over the crash bar from no more than three yards out it's a glaring miss by Frazer jambe Annie knows it you know what it looks a horrible miss but I tell you what it's not as easy as you think coming Josh barro is the danger man there's no doubt about it and as you say down there doubling up on him but still josh has got the beating of the pair of him he cuts in on his left foot and he rips it to water fire post and it just bounces just in front of Frazer it bounces and yes he should have scored but it looks it looks easier than it actually usually as absolutely no shame in the system of six yards we've mentioned Wimbledon let's talk about the trip I'm talking of a lightly assistance it just couldn't get that right I'll touch on it just to kill it and control it get off damn the hostile missiles gonna come just too too soon for us isn't it we've just think it'll be good for the lads confidence as well to know that slowly but surely we're wearing this Newcastle ride down and I think that'll be on Z's messages sir damn rock you know rotate the first half-hour we've sort of eased into it a little bit as soon as you've raised the tempo a little bit moved it around a little bit quicker you started to causing some problems it's a piece of board while masters better watch this and does watch it and deal with it very effectively picked up by the Danes around forever some jock Bowl that he's enjoy himself tonight willing with some garlic ball nearly got stuck under his feet fell into heaven but once again Josh's got a 60 70 yards of the PA son very well again just gets as high up the pitch the sangar is a good play you know at this level you can seize he's a very very athletic player in the middle of a part for them very very strong Galloway a little bit not being newcastle united storage all eyes now are arm been and speedy on the far side and there you go no other time at all half time it's the only and what sort of probably shaded it and we should be ahead yeah we probably should just about be a pretty good chance for young phrase are there right at the end but disappointment the onion bag he's got another 45 minutes to do that and hopefully witness this from your leap up it's the probability Cup final Accord of some part we're live on the Everton YouTube channel with me darling little sand grains tears alongside me it's been a war of attrition entertainers here also play center Abbot's a mil United nil [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] but welcome back to go to some Park for the start of the second half and crane what squats a change in this second half the thing for Everson to break through but I think we do know I just don't think it's a case of changing too much so we've got it obviously push a little bit for that goal make sure that we don't concede at the other end I think we've just got to be sensible in the way that we're playing and why have you but I think you just got to be a little bit a bit sharper in our movement need to do a little bit quicker bit more bit their pace them about us see we show towards the end of that second our first half that we can show these Newcastle boys that we're a good sign that we can possibly cool some trouble [Applause] I come here here the default a unique [Applause] [Applause] we're underway for the second half here at Goodison Park it's goalless don't forget extra time and penalties could be looming if we are level at ninety minutes but gray I think we saw enough in the first half to think that this came here for Everton I don't doubt that for one minute as I said it was always going to be a case of Newcastle coming here and setting their stall out and being very very hard to break down which they did predominantly in that first half an hour of the first half as I said in that last fifteen minutes so all of a sudden we started to create some opportunities phrase Hornby especially a couple of efforts that tracks you should have put one of them certainly in the back of the net maybe we should have been going into our time one they lot but you know as the game goes on it gets harder and harder to maintain the level of work but Newcastle are putting into this game so hopefully we can break them down the sooner the better because you but nil-nil it's still nervy you know there's all still that opportunity for them to break forward and catch us on the counter-attack so we've got to be clever we've got to be sensible in our thinking Morgan Feeney just has possession at the back for Everton and failed to Dennis at the interval now it's with Lois Gibson again then the Galloway on my left-hand side note makes this market gets into the penalty area good defending really good defending by must be long started ever so well to just possess [Applause] grunting Galloway and for Newcastle then dorsal will probably have seven or less the same as David longer other arts are really diamonds just keep it going keep the shape keep organized they either either just said to them like in the main you've you've worked hard you've done well you kept your shape you've been disciplined you know just make sure that when I've certainly have a word with Josh bowler and make sure you're out to him as quickly as you can just watch Anthony Evans just go spinning from that left-hand side and just just keep your concentration levels that's gonna be the key for Newcastle to Lewis Cass good interception by Anthony Evans cool early fall as well Sawa some dope in a chase with Jane you study and study with my party our store gets there first Tony fine stretch up we're throwing for Everton there certainly is a feature of world for Silas and boot cut the top cut the times in that first I'll feed with you he made some decent runs I'd like to see him make a few more runs down the channels and you know he's got good pace and he's got good movement and he's got desire just nice to see it just you can give you if you can midfield players and your fullbacks a bit of an option there's a chance they're suppose to be the go with early efforts on goal flee a half minutes into the second half yeah when's Apple in the middle of midfield there and drives forward he's good 25 yards out his Denis it's a decent strike but it's not on target sales over two goalkeepers bar [Applause] rostrums Lewis Gibson sizes up well he has a scored yet this season Dennis the trader in self enrollment the true central midfield players by and large if in nathangie omar callow and tennessee deen religion he got three goes between or I'm sure David onto it would like a few more goals from his midfield players its Newcastle on the offensive at the moment but force in by Brendan Galloway here is a diamond he looks to the sky in frustration because there was plenty of space on this right-hand side for him to exploit yeah you're right there and there was plenty of space it was a good early ball into him from Dennis etherion as well and he would about the opportunity to go it is fall back as you say clip cheese here [Applause] what's notes with Matthew long stuff from the company's turn to sit in and defend modern Feeny buys the dummy and only wallet shoots for goal and is off target and sure we'll see the ball have broke them in from the side because it would take the little ball boy the best part of the rest of the night to find out where that one's nestling reminds me a preseason that all those years ago up and to run up the terraces and whatever yes there's now on row 24 we still know where they are finding it keep going son Annelle mere foodlab he's got it in the Premier League Cup final but Goodison Park where will the opening come from they made that face before in the front you know mark a low but sir nobody further forward for Newcastle United so the majority boy little skip she picks it up but only finds his brother on this near side who plans to Heather enter touch and abia throwing for habitant Morgan feeling no finish talking a little bit there she's the hold in his chest there is no work in the chest he's a tough cookie Morgan but maybe he's just taking the one to the ribs a zombie edge of the penalty area too mashaallah Samba touches the way through but then the kit man saved my life this evening because I totally forgot my jacket as you doing when it's freezing yes this was I was drafting this morning as well today he's just got away with me there's just boa good footwork again by just bullet that's in the pants here just equation really going to touch on it look the most likely all night he slipped as well this or he gets it just gets his piano fingers on that hides he onto the post but it was a good save from the goalkeeper a good shot here was had he not slipped and if that's the contact with the back of the net he's been the main man tonight for us.just bowler again the corner kick the left-hand side Anthony Evans is swinging in Bell on loan at Blackpool this season then it goes to still have you been headed away at the near post and hello Harlem Roberts it would be a free kick for Everton nice and Mellaart alert there mark hello as the ball was headed out II made sure he was first there got his body in front of kalyn roberts assumes the brought himself a free kick as well attention even Z's standing over Anthony shoots shoots and shapes to ping the ball into the penalty area more than Fenian Lewis Gibson the soldiered falls from the bucket Evans curls it in headed away by Gibson Josh berry on the edge of the penalty area flying out for the volley which don't use right folks crosses into the penalty area over there relative Lewis Gibson shoots to go it's the first defendant chance from the air it's been a good start to the second half for us the opening eight minutes of this second half has pretty much been on blue and we are certainly asking the question now of this new castle de fat Fort Morgan Feeny and Lewis crimson have stayed forward forever since Evans this time it's the deep and against lefty it's cleared by motion garlic and that child Virginia's off his line quickly we've got Abu Sitta laser safety and that Josh bowler keeps hold of it eventually rose it's a new password good well they're just everywhere he did okay skip just dump that delayed edge is gonna be a changer for Newcastle about Charmian is officer Elias Sorenson is all interesting character Elias Sorenson 19 years of age is a Danish under-21 international he was playing first division football and Dermott when he was 16 is that well gave the season on loan at pool so Elias Thompson and Anthony Evans who look know each other really well having both being this season [Applause] don't say Josh bola lift it over some galley who stood first in cantilevers volleys of backwards to them fell on rocks heads it away but scrappy that could have some part of the Premier League Cup final well what more scrappy was our previous caller they're down and see Evans which in the goalkeeper made an absolute catch of it unfortunately his defender saved his plushies there because Morgan feely was ready to just head the ball into an empty net Hezbollah Samba which first touched by the solace and holes of the attentions [Applause] luis class once a free picker he's not going to get one to baby bailey on to Pell and Watts we await the first goal we await the first moments of inspiration here at Goodison Park to provide the breakthrough in the Premier League Cup final it's the sixth playing of this competition which was designed just to add a bit of a competitive edge to under-23 football webbing the world teams were the first winners since then Southampton rush town Swansea and last season Aston Villa I went the family couple the trophies the 2019 winners doing so become the first team to do the Premier League to title Premier League Cup winners in the same season we certainly hope so there's an expectant crowd behind myself and Graham Stewart in the aqua bullen's you haven't had a great deal to cheer them on a chilly grouse and park night let's hope that the best is yet to come some dog it's great for people to join you steady on the right hand side out the Evans death back to check the cost comes in from the right side side headed away pack Y&R sleek – at the end of an open only had a tooth Liam Gibson Gibson turns cleverly away from the tangelo Mark Kelly exchanges passes with the check to choose a large 7 so you do well to keep silent young Ryan Dan were broken into the side here right back he predominantly likes to play as a center half when I'm seen him for the under-18s but he does does the right back job very well and he ties in nicely there to get me completely clear in header good positioning to drop Goodison Park it is not a warm spring evening that's for sure Virginia just about clears the halfway line with his kit bounces over everybody's gallery heads it away at the Evans wins each other's rate slightly hello back to Ryan Oxley it's Fuli to Gibson right Evans people to just go nice first touch by Bailey and he's kissed conscriptions kpop I could simply explode on the references should be but I don't think the referees gonna bother arm there's nothing too much in it he's done the right thing you tried to play advantage the referee and in winning we're clearly we didn't have it he's brought it back and we're gonna get the free-kick so no Marcel brands of Marco silver here tonight playing they looked elephant impressed with her job Paula I think they will I think he's been the he's been a standout performer for us so far in this game he's the one who might looks like he might have the answer might hold the key to unlock endless New Castle defense have the evidence takes this free-kick it's a dish magnificent pool into the box room Anthony Evans first and foremost Nathan Harker a corner five minutes ago and he's again at the free-kick a Morgan field he's just taking advantage of that and heads the ball into the empty net terrific goal for us just what the Blues required and hopefully now we can keep on and win this game comfortably well it's a terrific fall into the box Anthony Evans from the right hand side great delivery let's get a chance to see here again I mean the goalkeeper or these I don't even know what the goalkeeper else doing it I mean he's got it it's right in the middle of the goal for the goalkeeper he's got to come and clean absolutely everything out one of the greatest goalkeepers we've ever seen in the world Neville Southall would have just taken everybody out the way their defenders strikers referee yes but Everton lead final of the man we'll be lifting the trophy a lot then half an hour result is the man who has his third goal of the season and gives Everton a priceless lead in the Premier League Cup final and we may see a different game now diamond Lou Carson look enough to change their their thinking because they've been rock solid and they've they defended a robbery but now have they got enough in their locker maybe though maybe they look to try and keep it tight for another 10 or 15 minutes and then really go for it towards the last 15 minutes of the game but that's a dangerous point I've had injury for Cullen Roberts so we'll have a break in play I know Burton lead and it all stemmed from the danger man again just over on this near side when he was pulled back by Liam Gibson yeah free credit where it's due to the referees they take a little bit as flattened the referees done they in the modern day game but that was excellent refereeing who tried to play the advantage when we did you but it became apparent Josh bowler was not going to have any advantage he did the right thing and pulled a free kick back terrific as a sacred grateful great delivery it's all in the delivery commune if the goalkeeper was certainly culpable wasn't he he was he won't look back on that with any fondness he many cover decent stops in a face-off as well I didn't really see it coming because he's he looked pretty good for a staff Nathan Parker obviously if you're a goalkeeper last line of defense if you do make his mistake normally it ends up with the ball in the back ear net and he's paid the price Everton won you can see tonight's meal will not let Ellen Bailey take a quick free-kick [Applause] less than half an hour to go 28 minutes away from a league and cup double for David and Ruth and there's everything side there's long stuffs Liam Gibson and space on this left-hand side things across when Gibson waits and waits than half follies it back into the penalty area headed away by Calloway picked up quite long stuff again wide open park themselves there's long stuff most ungodly he controls a Gibson but again wisely reads the situation he deals with the situation competently we're moving by Elias Sorenson lays it off too long stuff thinks about the shop goes for the shop good luck by Lewis Gibson there's Louis comes back to long stuff seen plenty the ball is Matthew long stuff in this second period and the Z just his sense train with just a wee bit more urgency now about Newcastle it has to be it has to be you only get one chance in the cup final don't you so you might as well push the bodies forward take the odd chance they've got to do it what we now need to do is make sure that we remain nice and solid and then hit them on the counter-attack I've seen it so many times that first goal in any game or football important nice put it stiffly on that left hand side but just unfortunate to run out of time and space [Applause] I think stomachs are I think there might be a little bit of an issue here for Brendon Galloway he was on the pitch a minute ago I'm wondering whether east these cutters I think himself is leaking here and unless we sent him off to to get cleaned up we've been parsley the kept man he's got the replacement shirt there's Longstaff the Newcastle Everton mom totally down to ten minutes on that sir now that we left where the space is the Evans chamber the ball reaches kalyn roberts and he's away from Evans into the penalty that comes Jeff which India gets a handsome rich Gibson no it's cleared away it's just st. Gauri on the edge of the penalty area Angelo gets a 14 and this is where there was too much in that he's point the founder sang Gary grateful cook work on the right hand side there from kalyn roberts and he whips in a really dangerous boy Ryan Leslie again as I mentioned before his experience of playing as a center have stand him in good stead there because he took up a great position him eventually cleared the ball but it was a dangerous moment for us it's good in fairness to Newcastle it's been a good boost oh yeah it had to be and it has been now then free-kick on the left-hand side when it comes from Roberts take advantage and Fraser home he can launch a counter-attack it's a good run by Fraser handi eventually he's pleading to the ball but he's done his job got the ball away from the danger zone just give us that chance to just regroup Brendan Galloway allowed back onto the pitch so he's settled back into his left-wing position and he's now wearing number 18 jersey there's number three shirt must be blood splattered I never fully understood why they changed this shared gray when you consider the boxes carry-on covered and globey pretty everything Denis Eady know enter from Newcastle in when she alluded to they look at different position now his right hand side Josh : Newcastle have got man back bola well she was right foot then his left foot thinks it to the back stick up ghost Fraser albeit a good headed clearance so that is a food kid injury so he's probably going to stop the play yeah I think it was just an honest challenge between two players fray frays a handi at the fire poles going up for it Jamie's steroid is it Jamie steadies gone down he's okay though he's back up I just think it both a challenge that both players had to go for so look there's nothing wrong with out what so ever on phrase it wrong again just that fall that Denny Sudheer in just how it played into Josh more reach it just didn't have that things it to it if it's got the zip to it josh is in a fantastic position bearing down on go we just sort of have to wait a little bit for a position wasn't it here – Owen Bailey Everton one you kept them there 67 and a half minutes on the clock in the Premier League Cup final we're homing in on a league and cup double it's never been done before they say it's all about development and this hasn't been the best of games but part of the development grant Shaw is learning how to win four four matches game management it is yeah I don't think there's any doubt about that it can't do you any harm whatsoever if you keep winning games of foot forward sometimes you have to dig deep and look faced with different situation on the air it was a huge kick from jail Virginia though it's actually gone to his episode number on one bounce lately it's not garlic angelo my phone he's ashamed because he lost control and Newcastle all of a sudden shaking their fleet clicks a lot quicker he's all tonight by the way he's off side of the linesman's five yards behind them Jamie starey the Evans stop some of his trucks for the Newcastle winner corner the eagle eyes of Stuart best for the offside midfielders we but also spotted the fact that the linesman was failing miserably to be part would play it's called a cake for Newcastle trailing by goal turn it into four corner and to your bike Brendan Galloway who's number 18 shows if you've just joined us because it renders researches labelled it plays the Hornby's high bond is unnecessary because the offside flag is up over on the far side the trophies are leading by a goal to nil at orison Park in the Premier League gusano some dates always their desires always good it's just been a bit of a struggle for him in terms of getting on the ball but this probably the sort of game that Nathan brought had come change while rockin chairs can extend the lead what is it's good shot of fresh pair of legs to come on there's only 20 minutes to go now it's a big 20 minutes in the season swansea the semi-final on saturday as we've had enough which was a shame because he wanted to play in Swansea being a proud Welsh boy himself in the cellar Sambo dejected as he made his way off it's a difficult night for the forward players sorry no one wants to come off especially in the Cup final but now it's said that you've got to look at the bigger picture I'm sure Posada will [Applause] you castle how possession oh and Bailey to some garlic and the pressure from razor horn beep Watts to Gibson put salt on bipolar drips and drops would ensure to st. Guardian gets it back again Tom Allen there's long stuff football by some garlic feature of all Gibson people it's the penalty added as well we're going to get in each other's way there and thankfully jail Virginia did what he should have done in full control challenged by some garlic calorie braved my color is the replay gray on the yeah I mean odd I don't think there was anything there's no amazed afoul rond represent it's a foul I don't think sangar II had any intent to hurt mark hello there chew on this lads going for the same ball ironically it's a motion and daddy who's come off worse and to the Evans he's down as his down as well if you've got a cramp he hasn't played for a while there's gonna be another substitution to see some movement on the bench what he folds looks like he's about to come on I'm sound of your picture just look at the goal again gray up terrific delivery and whipped him with his out swinging ball with the right foot goalkeeper makes an absolute hash of it more than Phoenix's thank you very much yep one nil they always say an assistant at cut final forever soon not many people can say that very telling nope ever no never off he goes well I've seen this Yannick saw a play and he's not bad right if it's the same Yannick story that I said that I saw you playing for please new caps the under-18 zone yeah we'll be yeah he's only 18 years of age he was born in Senegal actually Yonex or a buddies he's eligible to play for Switzerland these babe youth international football for Switzerland and actually played last season for young boys second stream well the quam memory serves me right he's a livewire he's not some good pace I think he's our left footed boy one cleaners by jail Virginia of course plays a home to good header so it's picked up on the far side by Jamie steady infield too long stuff sleds it fall towards the annex alright this Gibson is penalized holding it's a free kick for the Jordi's and they've got just over a quarter of an hour to rescue something to try and force the family Cup final is Webster time they've still got a game to play new cast and they play a one-off promotion playoff game against the Southampton for the rights to join Everton in the top division at feminity to next season we've done it's always just get the ball in on the snare side and then touched into the advertising hoardings these destructive foot stop right there beneath there that isn't good does it just say there's forces let's come right through the advertising board and it just mines I think to squeeze it out with the heads okay Newcastle United photographer and he's okay why honestly take this throw the puck bye babe my assumption prompted that swept wide by Dennis adenine into Hudson fold she folds they go straight to jail your steady most just look so just Yonex all right he's away from Galloway Galileo satellites if it's inside the penalty area long stuff curls and it's headed away by Gibson and was it kept in by jail virginity no it wasn't lively enough their unit or a he was lively it was great sir great dummy and he just got cutting shelter he played he actually played to fool him with his right foot and he think it was Longstaff who intercepted it but if he'd let it go that kid was coming running rushing in there I'm quite sure it was but he was coming running in and you double just had a shock first time cornichons and headed into the air by Brandon Galloway and headed away by Nathan broad this time on the Newcastle left nor as you'd expect Newcastle are trying to get back into this game and they're asking us one or two questions we just got in what we've just got to relax and when we get that phone keeping which seem to be giving the ball away very very quickly we're going along quick you know an awful lot now stuff head of the robots Fraser handed volley clear bye it's a little early for me anywhere will do game but inside different penalty area dedicated five and what you should bear Darren it's way too soon to be though going down the road of what anywhere will do we've got to keep the ball in child Virginia has just given it away right on cue he sliced his goal kick out of his hands and Newcastle can come again I'm ashamed for this game tonight is that Newcastle they look decent team when they play football whether they spent so much time with two banks of forges trying to keep us out now they've got their closer play it would have been a much better final yeah James telly can feel to it Ganic soit I still think for better way by louis gibson his nathan board had his first opportunity to run up the Newcastle defensive stratified long stuff and launch that takes it off him come again and everything hanging on here why not that left outside totally unnecessary from Brendan is you know the most experienced player on the pitch he should know that he was actually going nowhere he was facing the placing that away from play and actually look staring the corner flag down he didn't really have to make the challenge Brendan's be silly following me free kick for Newcastle United on the right hand side must be long staff will take it when CMM forwards for Newcastle plenty of em back for Everton long stuff it's over everybody can smell their near side turn off policy position here at Goodison Park Ryan lastly thinks it's all towards home because really just over one of defense and he runs into Jewish deli steady car people and it's a thrower on this deal dissent spoken survived when barely the captain goes across as well to have a word and there's no hard even abused final and it's not going your way you gonna be frustrated I like the referee I think he's done all right it would be so easy for him to just get his card out and by the letter of the law yes he should or I just think he's sensible referee and it's but not being a dirty game is the late replacements is rogue you know the referee was in the queue to be fourth official today salmon mother but the original battery had to pull out and the sour mother get promoted to the middle I think he's done the rights I think he's I think you've refereed the game in a really sensible mature manner will I receive on the full family list so with for Everton on this near side Josh Bolten down round the corner luck keeps it in the three hereit's comes off Josh bola unfortunately showing for Newcastle ten minutes to go a last row of the dice by Newcastle under 23 coach Ben door solid places right along yellow is on the new castle 19 years of age sound rushed somewhere from West Ham United all three substitutions used for new casting Nathan broadhead and mutton folds on for absent one more goal kills this game does look great no yeah I mean with the clock running down if we're only should get that second goer and make it a whole lot more comfortable for everybody here at Goodison Park then esteem me why – Matty falls development for was it phased a bread the Galileo misplaced to jail Virginia long ball for by the keeper that goes days upon be and he's the plays are only which one is a TV sets the referee I put a chunk Matthew Longstaff gets the ball back again infield to Poland Bailey movers Gibson – Morgan Feeney more Matheny will be more desperate than anybody to keep Newcastle out because he would love score the winning goal in a Cup final for his beloved Everton his long stuff again is that means the kogda turns the wheels when you cast in that midfield earlier long stuff it's alright robots casting fields a lot of stuff again James Terry ships for looking for Karen Roberts dips and goes across to challenge and Gibson Tazewell in certainly no urgency for the Toffees now no no no I mean like you said it's game management time now it's just like run the clock down don't do anything Daffy concentrate keep the balls best we possibly can seven and a half minutes away from seem looking over at the fourth official to see how long he'll put a lad on I think there might be a few minutes added on des in this alphabet of you yeah injuries haven't we here long stuff cobalt parfois lead into touch it's a it's a little clap of course Longfellow watched over that was four feet a lot of rockets never mind to clap it's Angelo mark alo turned into trouble that no one Bailey puts a group all gigantic sorry backs along stuff in the middle of a park there's Bailey again edging further forty Newcastle United captain and sends a half Roberts so long stuff to tour a book Gibson just pushes him out the way and then cuts the ball down the left hand channel it's picked up by Lewis Cass Trust goes home though he's put a shift in big Fraser doesn't it be a yes he's worried she's socks off he'll be disappointed he maybe didn't score in the first half but he can't fault his work slices the clearance it is fortunate to reach gutsy fold picked up by Brendan Galloway make challenge on friend think dollar a week ends up on a heap on the floor I mean if we're gonna be critical we haven't kept the ball well enough so go off we've got we you know we've doubt the turnover of possession has been has been poor from us keep giving the ball away needlessly we've probably gone a little fraction too long too soon just when you need players on the pitch things it's just calm everything down and say listen let's get two or three passes you play the football that we know we can bola like a low-down sedan room but quiet heart for Dennis adenine I think he ever mentioned in my great deal I mean as I say not I mean it we haven't you know we got really controlled the game know sighs flips it forward moving fairly winds the header long start touch the button Bailey with Lewis Katz Newcastle have got to throw men forward and these opposing five minutes if they also rescue this family League Cup final end of his first appearance in the Premier League Cup final more convenient just polar both wanted a free-kick but I don't think it was a free-kick I think Josh bowlers worked really really hard to get himself back in a defensive position and just tried to see the fall out sort of stumble then tried to get a free kick out of it but I think the referee was probably correct and we've just got a concentrate now or five minutes left for an hour five minutes left heathered by William Gibson over the truss ball these boys have just gotta hang on that little bit longer now four minutes and whatever the fourth official adds on and we are picking up another piece of silverware goal kick gel Virginia to take it get right up the field dr. Ola nice first touch from josh brolin say $2 right hands shall dip stands a lot of all the types of workers waiting for which is the Fangio Martellus awesome by Bailey there comes Longfellow for Newcastle United touches of wine – yeah Natori the Waco janitorial this left hand side riots they started for them when possession by Gnostic most of the questions are and you'd expect them to this is the really the last row at a dice for them now what's your launch time finds Lewis Cass three minutes plus added time to go Jamie's steady for the Jordy the clip for Burrell intercepted by Galloway only four facts or design goal wins are throwing and that will do no rush to retrieve that ball just pull up in the pick of the bunch tonight claim I think overall yeah connect the two two centers well all the back forward defended quite well I think young why that's these done very very well as musician in Japan excellent to see Morgan Feeney and Lewis Gibson are defended solidly as well but certainly in the game that it again that hasn't really put too much you know in the way of going forward there's three picked for Newcastle 23 24 yards out there real danger now put its off is it's Dennis the Dean really gets frustrated and just tumbles over yellow city challenge really few complaints Roberts for the right foot wrong stuff when it looks like more but she's favorite well it's scored for the first team already this season is takes the free that's certainly a nervy moment for us there kalyn roberts steps up gets it well over the wall but is also well over the bar as well no time for it to dip down from trouble jail Virginia in the Everton goal and the clock keeps ticking one minute but moratorium we're close these tips but still gets a good contract on plays at home baguettes the heads with my pajamas your heads that Pelin drops doesn't want to stop play or so keep things moving long stuff tried to butcher long yellow on this left-hand side to see what's on right hand side can't keep in yes he can mushy long stuff gets back and spot Cola chips over his own feet still manages to eat there's brought but that's a nice broke they pick out a blue shirt no we are maxi crosses blocky better than that muscle but well he is but he's also you know what are you you know uses novel whether we're in a tree virtually on ninety minutes and I'm sure on Z would have been go to some Park the toppings are back close to a league and cup double Super Bowl played by Josh ball and that right on cue after you pick analysis here are really six as I said from an attacking sense it's probably not been the greatest spectacle you've ever seen but on either side quite clearly he's been the very moment you know the most threatening from that from any from either side as work weights being good as well just still by most people all boys just keep the ball you have to we count like a matador is the interesting about the two you passed the divan down towards and back to Ryan our sleep Brian lastik trotters into the box Fraser who on beheads it back Nathan good headstart Goepper you cancel will patch the ball forward as quickly as they possibly can Jamie's theory has it for the visitors the infield it comes to Elias shadowcery I've been able to influence the game as much as the Newcastle approach Vento it's not I'm sure would have hoped Owen Bailey – staring Ronaldo sideslip back to Bailey now it was long stuff we've had a minute and a bit of the for added Gibson pains it towards the back stick it's over broader it's inside the Everton penalty area such password Alan Roberts but he runs into Nathan watches it and heads it away welcome Newcastle again Gibson but there are some lacrosse headed away by the brother Luis and his father's Bailey hints of the dangers and headed away deep shoulder other tools Jenna subpoenaed cuts in the thunderdome all Kelo his online that sent to your grave Stewart take the tools the corner flag he's a strong boy plays in a field to my fellow boxy tennis again and again in translation those boxy Calloway his patient as the replay guard while my first initial reaction was it so far there's the shock tokido shop in the pocket now this new place in a referee's and what a good game is open is equipped with made a dreadful decision towards the end of the game Frasor 45 yards and over on the far side juniper also picture had his head in his hands and we got three minutes and 10 seconds of the other goes chips are it's ops Oh Josh because she probably won't his long stuff violence these girl win it goes really great header now here's Josh bowler nice first object sucks better standard to safety 20 seconds to go 20 seconds away from becoming the first team to do the family too what's that young man really really nice laughing I'm glad it seemed that scored the winner in a couple of whores I'm moving to go up and pick up a second piece week we'll have the presentation for you just education presentation terrific should be very proud of themselves I'm sure Davey will be please so Pierre one slight mistake Pierre free at the end which other in the main week I'm forgiving you on the fact that in us as well so you know they show me a tape duct tape on the clock crowd and ultimately the album you got picking up the trophy but they certainly haven't let anybody at Newcastle foot the drop down what's a nice touch as well mister machinery and built-in lights have come down and they're just behind the hold room there to be a part of it all Chairman's really really proud of it's great to see the chairman and share you know majority shareholder machinery down and supporting them as a set of players as well I think that's important for us Virginia is Muhsin foals came on as a substitute tonight Lewis Gibson hood Nathan broad that had such a fabulous season so was Ryan actually plenty to come from him Jolla much Brendan Galloway as well who got the unfamiliar number 18 shirts on Alex Denny we didn't get on tonight the Fangio mark a loafer was unfairly cautioned we thought of them young Kyle John as well and there's a burly space for everybody to make their way onto the podium it's good to see the lads in the coast as well who didn't get a kick tonight but had each ours leaves and a nothing on sale up yeah I mean I think that's half the success the fact that there's a there's a real good camaraderie between the players there where they you know adverse fortune of playing and representing Everton Football Club tonight or having been part of a squad through the course of the season and that's vitally important that you've you've got a good team spirit there they've got Benny just creeping close towards the cup ready to get his hands on it there we go a great reception for mr. Machin Phil McGraw one all they go lovely moments the champagne flowing a wicked waste of champagne who's gonna be brave enough to spray the twenty-eight so well thank you very much indeed ladies former cop Kassel United mail

Brian Clough Funny Story On talkSPORT

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►Former Liverpool and Villa striker Dean Saunders tells talkSPORT a brilliant story of how Brian Clough tried to sign him for Nottingham Forest from rivals Derby, for a record transfer fee, with a little help from some flowers, Frank Sinatra and his own inimitable style.

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I spoke to Abaddon in the morning mm-hmm Arthur cultural mean said that evident avid 2.9 million 52.9 my name for the saunder so I went and spoke to Howard Kendall that was interested not is it not as interesting as Brian Clough and it picture the scene so I've got to go meet him at Allen Hills house on the 852 in Nottingham so 8 o'clock yeah 4 o'clock three bedroom detached house me and my agent Kevin Mason who looks like Robbie Coltrane cracker just get the picture looks like Craig he's a ringer for cracker so we walk in gaffers on his way from the ground it'll be here in five minutes so we sit down in the lounge it's the best garden you've ever seen the back gardens perfect we sit down to set the arty gamal cup of tea next thing knock on the door gaffers here yeah Brian Clough walks in green sweatshirt white shorts on white socks blotchy cheeks walks in what teach me I stand up I was obviously a bit nervous it's Brian Clough yeah young man nice to see it so nice to meet you mr. Clough looks at Kevin my agent Shawn doesn't even shake his hand we sit down and he walks up the opposite end of the house sits on the chair with his nose about an inch from the wall looking at the wall I was thinking what's he doing and he doesn't say anything for about a minute and we just sat there and all of a sudden he went Shawn just staring at the wall and he went Saund can I speak to you or do I have to speak to him to speak to you I said you can speak to me mr. Clough he went thank you son because I don't really like talking about football in front of him cuz he's a fat so so I burst out laughing Kevin's not laughed so at this point he slid off the arm of the chair onto his knees on the floor and he's sitting back on his heels going I've got bad knees on my knees my knees are killing me son and he starts crawling on his hands and knees towards me I was up the other end of the house he's crawling on the floor I'm thinking what I can't believe what's going on to British record transfer this is supposed to be and he stops looks at the carpet and he went early all right your carpets he said where'd you get that from you ain't carpet right how much you had $12.99 a square yard city where my Barbara would love that car good choice a lease on at this point they started to work out he might be drunk he crawls up to me and he said he's like rolls he's crawling on his hands and knees and he looks out out the patio doors the best garden ever and he spotted and he sits back on his heels he goes my knees what a lovely garden July flowers Sun he said to me Gillette flowers I went there all right he went and on don't move he goes outside gets this pot there's a best pot you've ever seen with flowers spilling out of this pot he's trying to get his hands on the OL lot to get him out Ellie runs out behind in me went gaffer no don't put that's my best pot don't pull him out he went early you ruin in the deal son the lad likes flowers so he gets a handful of flowers given to me it goes on ages this story by the way he's hilarious no two hours make it longer anyway he comes in with the flowers and he went smell that son smell like what do you think about the flowers I've gone nice yeah he went I love flowers July Frank I went Frank ooh he went Frank Sinatra oh yes he said Ellie put Frank on that I'd like Frank Sinatra my kind of town Chicago comes on he gets the flowers out his pocket he says get you my accounts on get you my coke cuz he puts them in my jacket pocket tomorrow I said what you mean you ain't getting in my account so I get the flowers out my pocket as my Mike I'm now singing the chorus to Frank Sinatra my kind of town check out one British track record transfer in Alan ills also see what's going on so he sings a song all the way through yeah I was going Chicago is I say come on sing they can all sing where you come from so cuz I'm well so he goes um he goes right now then you like Frank you like flowers generate me some big question for you you like me I had to say yes they said I can play for you mr. coffee went that's Italy we've got him he loves me he loves bring the contract Kevin who hasn't said a word my age and it opens his mouth oh he said actually mr. Cluff we got a few things to discuss before you've got him he said who said you could speak fatso right he's killed him it's so an elite fatso out in the garden I can't talk about football in front of him so he walks out the patio doors and cliff he went son get yourself another agent I went why he said look at the size on him I went he's my mate he said he's your mate he'd eat everything in your fridge so he choice so we sit back now arty gamble says right but what we gonna do gaff are we gonna eat said is it not none arch have you not done the deal he went no he said what you've been doing he said well get on with it get on with it so we sit on the patio outside Archie Gemma's got persuade me the same for Forrest yeah and the Clough he sits down folds his arms gone arch get it sorted yeah it sort it's party game with us Dean right I know you spoke to have it in this morning whatever you do don't be swayed by the money good luck Luffy went got a stop me in there arch but I would be carrion so shocked Archie be he then goes and the other thing is Nigel get the Sun it'll create you 20 goals a season on his own went got to stop you again their arch I'm gonna tell our I'd you've said that thank you for that he loved that carry on so Artie's glad said gas I don't know what we can offer him what can we offer him you an arch he likes flowers he likes Frank and he loves me the lad doesn't want any money do you son so I thought how can I get out of it I've got to get out of here somehow so I went yeah I want I don't any money I got to speak to my wife though I got I got speak to my wife before I sign contract so I went on twelve miles away pulled over Kevin says you better gone out of order calling me fat how can he treat me with so little respect you're not signing for them got to my back door when in the back door said to my wife you're not going to believe what's happened to me today don't you when Shh it's putting a finger on the lips Shh I went what you know what she's gone awry sir she's pointed in my lounge he's only sat in my lap with the pot from the gun with his amber on my mother-in-law obviously God I was probably trying to sign me but it was asked the funniest thing that's ever happened to me you

Salah injured & Origi late winner: Is Liverpool's title win 'written in the stars'? | Premier League

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Liverpool were without Roberto Firmino, lost Mohamed Salah to injury and Divock Origi scored a later winner vs. Newcastle United. ESPN FC’s Alejandro Moreno and Shaka Hislop discuss a pulsating 3-2 win at Anfield and muse over whether the title is ‘meant to be’ for Jurgen Klopp’s men after they went back to the top of the Premier League table ahead of Manchester City.

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Rafa Benitez on Newcastle 2-3 Liverpool

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Barcelona choke again: Over-reliance on Messi costs Barca big vs. Liverpool | Champions League

Views:662647|Rating:4.72|View Time:5:32Minutes|Likes:7148|Dislikes:421
ESPN FC’s Craig Burley, Steve Nicol and Alejandro Moreno break down player by player how Barcelona allowed Liverpool to run through them as Lionel Messi and company let a huge advantage in the UEFA Champions League slip away for the second year in a row. The Reds rolled to a 4-0 win as Sergio Busquets, Ivan Rakitic and Arturo Vidal were all over-matched in the midfield and their back line were left to look foolish by Liverpool’s Divock Origi, Sadio Mane and Gini Wijnaldum.


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Lindelöf, Bale, Herrera?!?! | Manchester United Transfer News Review!

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What’s the latest on Victor Lindelöf, Gareth Bale, Ander Herrera and more? Time for the MANCHESTER UNITED TRANSFER NEWS REVIEW! Will any of these rumours happen this window? Comment below to have your say!

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George Galloway on US Foreign Policy George Galloway

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Norwich City chief Daniel Farke on Birmingham team news & Grant Hanley signing

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Norwich City head coach Daniel Farke discusses the late transfer window signing of Newcastle United and Scotland centre-back Grant Hanley, as well as the team news ahead of Birmingham City’s EFL Championship visit on Saturday.

Timm Klose could be in line for his first appearance of the campaign since being injured in pre-season, while Cameron Jerome is back to full fitness and of course, Hanley is pushing for his City debut.

Our City correspondents Michael Bailey and David Freezer ask the questions at Colney Training Centre.

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Liverpool vs. Barcelona post-match analysis: How the 4-0 Anfield miracle happened | Champions League

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Steve Nicol, Craig Burley and Alejandro Moreno of ESPN FC react to Liverpool’s comeback vs. Barcelona to reach the UEFA Champions League final after losing 3-0 in the first leg at Camp Nou, thanks to two goals apiece from Georginio Wijnaldum and Divock Origi. Liverpool legend Steve Nicol calls their 4-0 win at Anfield in the second leg “the greatest European night at Anfield” in the club’s history, and says he regrets counting them out after the first leg. The panel then breaks down how Liverpool were able to beat Lionel Messi and Co. without two of their star players: Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino.


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Manchester United have made a late bid for Willian from Chelsea according to reports. Get the latest Manchester United transfer news on the United Stand.

The United Stand is Manchester United’s biggest independent fan channel. Made for Manchester United fans by Manchester United fans, the United Stand provides you with the latest Manchester United transfer news, highlights, goal reviews and much more. So if MUFC means the world to you, get involved and subscribe to The United Stand

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NBA – Steph, Draymond & Klay Know They Need Kevin Durant To Win

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THE DOUG GOTTLIEB – Doug Gottlieb marvels at what the Warriors achieved against the Rockets, but that’s nothing compared to their need to remind everyone that Kevin Durant is missed.

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Aditi Chauhan Interview (BBC London News)

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Our Indian international goalkeeper Aditi Chauhan was featured on BBC One’s London News on Tuesday 29th September 2015.

Anglia News ITV Feelgood Factor Awards Peterborough Cheerleaders & Suffolk Sutton Hoo

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Anglia News

Solider Walking Round Coast.


Ipswich Town V Northampton

Baby Names.

ITV Feelgood Factor Awards Peterborough Cheerleaders Amee Garala.

2012 Games.

Anglia Web Site.

Suffolk Sutton Hoo

POGBACK! Newcastle United vs Manchester United LIVE TEAM NEWS STREAM

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We’re LIVE from St James’ Park from 1.15pm with Newcastle United vs Manchester United Premier League team news! Paul Pogba returns to the starting XI! COMMENT YOUR VIEW!

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Liverpool news : Lionel Messi was left behind at Anfield by Barcelona's team bus

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Liverpool completed one of the most remarkable comebacks in history to reach the Champions League final.  Their 4-0 win against Barcelona ranks alongside the 2005 final against AC Milan for sheer spirited turnarounds.  Many counted them out. And it’s easy to see why given they trailed 3-0.  But Liverpool have a knack for this sort of thing and Jurgen Klopp’s side delivered a truly memorable performance.  Divock Origi’s early goal gave them confidence and Georginio Wijnaldum, a half-time substitute, scored twice in two minutes to level the tie on aggregate. Fans breathtaking ‘YNWA’ rendition Robertson mugs off Suarez Klopp swears in post-match interview  Then, in the 79th minute, Origi smashed home from close range following quick thinking from Trent Alexander-Arnold to book Liverpool’s place in the final.  While the celebrations will have run long into the night on Merseyside, spare a thought for Lionel Messi. Messi ‘left behind by Barcelona bus’  This was supposed to be the year Messi reclaimed his place at the top of football’s pyramid by winning the treble with Barcelona.  But that dream is over now, with Barcelona fluffing their lines in the Champions League for the second season in a row.  And things got even more miserable for the Argentinian when he was left behind at Anfield by Barcelona’s team bus.  According to Spanish television channel El Chiringuito – and brought to our attention by the Mirror – Messi was held back by anti-doping testers.  Barcelona, in no mood to hang about, left for the airport and their star man made alternative arrangements to join up with his teammates after providing a sample.  Messi declined the media as he walked through the mixed zone after the defeat, his glum face proof of his disappointment.  It means another year without a Champions League trophy for Messi and Barcelona.  Not since 2015 have the Blaugrana been European champions, a rather questionable drought considering they have the best player in the world.


Views:2547|Rating:4.96|View Time:7:32Minutes|Likes:116|Dislikes:1
Is Jonny Howson off to Leeds or is that nonsense? Are we on the verge of signing a Championship striker or is that also nonsense? Find out in today’s NCFC News Daily!

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Liverpool news : Newcastle 2-3 Liverpool: PLAYER RATINGS

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Divock Origi ensured Liverpool remain in the with a last-gasp winner against Newcastle.Virgil van Dijk headed Liverpool in front before Christian Atsu’s leveller but Mohamed Salah struck only for Salomon Rondon to level in the second half.Sportsmail’s DOMINIC KING was at St James’ Park to assess both teams.  NEWCASTLE (5-4-1)MARTIN DUBRAVKA – Not given the protection he deserved at times and was furious with the goals he conceded – 7JAVIER MANQUILLO – Solid display against his old club and always provided a willing outlet down the right – 7FABIAN SCHAR – One terrific tackle to thwart the sprinting Mane in the first half was the pick of his work – 6.5JAMAL LASCELLES – Caught out by Salah for the second goal but stuck the task throughout the game – 6.5PAUL DUMMETT – Lapses of concentration and won’t enjoy watching the replay of Salah’s goal – 6MATT RITCHIE – Driven to distraction at times by Salah but capitalised on space to provide an assist in first half – 6.5CHRISTIAN ATSU – Full of life and gave Alexander-Arnold plenty to think about; rammed in his goal – 7.5 AYOZE PEREZ – Enjoying a rich vein of form and was desperately unlucky with a volley that rattled the crossbar – 7KI SUNGYUENG – Pinpoint corner early in the second half created the panic that enabled Rondon to pounce – 6.5ISAAC HAYDEN – Plenty of industry in the middle but not a lot of opportunity to be creative as Liverpool dominated possession – 6SALOMON RONDON – Impresses each time you see him, Newcastle have to make his signing permanent this summer – 8  LIVERPOOL – (4-3-3)ALISSON BECKER – No chance with either of the shots that beat him; his handling was always impeccable – 7TRENT ALEXANDER-ARNOLD – Handball on the line before Newcastle equalised but provided two assists; never out of position – 7.5DEJAN LOVREN – A couple of haphazard passes and you could tell at times that he has struggled to build up a rhythm – 6.5VIRGIL VAN DIJK – Picked up an award last week and was given a gift with so much space to head in the opening goal – 7.5ANDREW ROBERTSON – The energy he shows, week after week, is remarkable. One of the top three left-backs in Europe – 8JORDAN HENDERSON – Liverpool have much more control when he is in the engine room, setting the tempo – 7FABINHO – A number of crucial interventions to stop Newcastle building momentum, though at times looked jaded – 6.5GINI WIJNALDUM – Team-mates asked questions of him after Atsu’s goal for his positioning and he lacked fizz at times – 6MOHAMED SALAH – On the end of some heavy tackles but took control of the race for the Golden Boot with a deft finish – 7DANIEL STURRIDGE – Some lovely moments, such as back heel for second goal, but felt Klopp’s fury at times for not watching the ball – 6SADIO MANE – Struggled to get the openings he has enjoyed in recent months and lost Rondon for second equaliser – 6

Divac or g ensured liverpool remain in the Premier League with a last-gasp winner against Newcastle Virgil Vantage headed Liverpool in front before Christian axes leveler but Mohamed Salah struck only for Salomon Brandon to level in the second half sports males dominic King was at st. James Park to assess both teams Newcastle 5-4 – 1 Martin Dubrovka not given the protection he deserved at times and was furious with the goals he conceded 7 Javier Montiel solid display against his old club and always provided a willing outlet down the right 7 Fabian sharp one terrific tackle to thwart the sprinting main in the first half was the pick of his works 6 five jamala sillas caught out by sulla for the second goal but stuck the task throughout the game six five Paul dammit lapses of concentration and won't enjoy watching the replay of SOLAS goal six Matt Ricci driven to distraction at times by Scylla but capitalized on space to provide an assist in first half six five Christian a TSU full of life and gave alexander arnold plenty to think about rammed in his goal seven five Iowa's Perez enjoying a ridge Vaden of form and was desperately unlucky with a volley that rattled the crossbar 7 ki Sun Jia gunning pinpoint corner early in the second half created the panic that enabled Rondon to pounce six-five isaac hayden plenty of industry in the middle but not a lot of opportunity to be creative as Liverpool dominated possession 6 Salomon Branden impresses each time you see him Newcastle have to make his signing permanent this summer at Liverpool 4-3-3 a listen Becker no chance with either of the shots that beat him his handling was always impeccable 7 Trent Alexander Arnold handball in the line before Newcastle equalized but provided two assists never out of position 7 5 day on lovren a couple of haphazard passes and you could tell at times that he has struggled to build up a rhythm 6 five Virgil Vandy ijk picked up in the ward last week and was given a gift with so much space to head in the opening goal 7 5 Andrew Robertson the energy he shows week after week is remarkable one of the top three left backs in Europe eighth Jordan Henderson Liverpool have much more control when he is in the engine room setting the tempo 7 fo binho a member of crucial interventions to stop Newcastle building momentum though at times looked jaded six five Genii which nagham teammates asked questions of him after axes goal for his positioning and he lacked fists at times six Mohamed Salah on the end of some heavy tackles but took control of the race for the Golden Boot with a deft finish 7 Daniel Sturridge some lovely moments such as back heel for a second goal but felt coops fury at times for not watching the ball 6 ATO main struggled to get the openings he has enjoyed in recent months and lost Rondon for second equalizer 6

Jurgen Klopp: Mo Salah watched winning goal from dressing room!

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Newcastle 2-3 Liverpool | Jurgen Klopp reveals Mo Salah was watching Liverpool bag a late winner against Newcastle from the dressing room, after the Egyptian was forced off with a head injury at St. James Park. Divock Origi’s header four minutes from time moved the Reds back to the top of the table, above Manchester City.

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guys we'll do a brief Monday's if there's something guys would want to lead up absolutely there's a lot to talk about we could talk about football tonight you could talk but just purely about showing real hearts showing real passion showing real desire but that's just brilliant I don't say that new cars enjoy it I showed it as well unbelievable they gave hope they give us a proper game but I think in our situation with all the circumstance to some people probably expected us to to show a bit of nerves boys didn't and it was just a difficult game for different reasons of course our playing three days ago the most intense the running wise that we have the highest number of kilometers in Barcelona's obviously in a three days there you come to new cars and this is I said a couple of times you see opposite of a friendly game tonight and the style of play of Newcastle is not really two different bit tactical moves it's just a long ball Rondon is fighting for it and you wait for a decision of the ref whole or no form and snowfall you have to carry on man to follow it's a free-kick so in either direction so that means you cannot do it with the proper formation you have to do it with likes with really with Runnings with runs and stuff like that makes it even more intense that's what makes a much sense to keep the ball that's what we tried a lot of time we did it really well in a lot of moments we I thought really so like we I like the body language of us when we pass the ball around so I'm but around the first goal was not that good because you have to partly keep the ball but not for keeping it for for creating a situation or a gap or a passing option in that moment all of a sudden because the intention wasn't right bit under pressure we played not so cool pasto to ally long-ball study of chumps on the board ball stays hot coming back pop up one um I liked really the direction of the boys like I didn't see any any nature concerns apart from we concede the goal which is not cool wonderful I will go to a wonderful now first goal Pete Kravitz and Greg and James our analysts say what they do around set pieces unbelievable me but it's really nice to see having Bertrand I completely free in a box it's probably pretty rare wonderful routine and then it's called a second one nice cross again Trent Alexander and moist there but then they scored a goal and then it's not too long to go anymore we have to stop more not cool we have fresh players on the bench try to have impact and they had wonderful wonderful free-kick from shock and sensational ahead of them they were going to win the game and are qualified for the League final which is brilliant yeah oh yes oh yes so crucial well what can I say it's just brilliant it's so like a fairy tale entity you can say whatever you want and about me because I don't play often enough Shakira is not often in Albin and I make this decision that it's great just that they do it I love it and so that was really a big moment what's the second goal of the poet did he score a third one yeah I would not know and what specific oh yeah it was very but not as important as tonight but still very very good goal that's true no I would have been happier from enemy still to – and I see the anger at the injury time and that when we were three – up and I saw the injury time it was actually the other way around is 8 minutes Wow so we had a lot of time to play obviously and a lot of time to defend no I said it now to a couple of colleagues a-and I'm sorry but I'm not native so I can't maybe say it better but I accepted long ago that is that we do everything absolutely everything a boys throw whatever they have on the pitch so that means we'll be champion odd it's destiny it's like this because we do everything we cannot do more because I can you get more than 94 points can you get more than other stuff not really so boys tried everything even in a draws when we had it tried everything to win the game so it's all good and we have to and I think that's exactly what I wasn't a situation we tried to have influence to so it was clear we didn't have for a while set-pieces that's true we have pretty good and said we didn't have that so in this moment we had one and we used it that's I really think it's it was deserved so yes they were a bit they came a bit up in that after – – it's normal it's they had no game three days ago we had a game it's absolutely normal but I really loved the way how come the boys still were and I said the boy at commis is always interrupted by a long ball on Rondon and then it's chaos well coming down what about and you have to collect it or not and it tried to look on the other side but how many quick results did we have with Robbo on the left side is just incredible Ben Ben Ben Ali had the body we threw the ball there nobody reacted as quick as Robbo in a lead and wow what a race going there for the game that was again from him so just the boys showed in each second that they really want to win it we knew what we had to do and the boys did it and in a very difficult game created to Newcastle that was WOW if any people would doubt or whatever med teams they don't play for anything anymore than maybe people are a bit halfway on the beach already that was today or the really the opposite I say I need any history between you cards and Liverpool which I don't know about because atmosphere was like you know there's something there happened something in the past and all that stuff so but the boys again were ready to face it and ready to deal with it and that's brilliant obviously the hip-hop to what I heard they go to goalie on his head and then on the ground and the dog had to to make a decision on the picture of the pitch and decision was off the pitch be accepted of course and I mean when he came in he was sitting in the dressing room and then and what's in the game I don't know we watched the games of television on Sudan so it was then fine but of course we have to wait we have to wait but he got the proper knock obviously in that situation I cannot write your headlines I said what I have to say no we will not be he will not be ready for two civil war we plan to say s inverse he will not be ready for Tuesday and the resolution

Liverpool news : Steven Gerrard left Anfield early as Liverpool completed Barcelona comeback

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Steven Gerrard revealed he had to sneak out of Anfield as his nerves threatened to give way while Liverpool’s comeback kings mounted their stunning rescue act against Barcelona.  But the Rangers boss plans to soak up every minute as he looks to give the Ibrox faithful the same kind of thrill ride his old club experienced on Tuesday night.  Gerrard took daughter Lourdes back to his old stomping ground to watch Jurgen Klopp’s side recover a three-goal deficit as they swept into the Champions League final with a daring recovery.  But the tension-filled final stages as the Reds clung on to a 4-0 triumph was too much for the former Liverpool skipper to handle, so he made his excuses and left.  However, the game served as a reminder of the nights of passion the Gers manager has experienced already in his first year in charge in Glasgow and has now fired his desire to get Ibrox rocking again next season. Inside Anfield shows new footage of Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona Liverpool have PL and CL victory parades planned Liverpool fans attending CL final might need to spend £1,500  “My nerves the other night at Anfield were difficult to control,” confessed Liverpool’s 2005 Champions League-winning skipper.  “I had to leave before the end once it was 4-0. I had my seven-year-old daughter with me and I used that as an excuse to go, saying she had school the next day.  “But really it was more about my nerves – God knows what the players were going through. I don’t think I’d have been able to cope with seeing either Coutinho, Suarez or Messi break my heart.  “So I decided to beat the traffic and get out of there before it went wrong.  “It’s different being a manager in those circumstances because you prepare yourself for big games. You get yourself fired up.  “But as a fan, you go relaxed then all of a sudden a dream starts brewing and you think ‘wow’. On Tuesday when it went 1-0, I was thinking, ‘If we get one more this is game on’ – then it came…  “But the longer it went, there was just too many quality players on the pitch so I had to get out.  “The emotion and the passion I saw at Anfield is very similar to what you get at Ibrox.  “As a fan an ex-player, Tuesday was probably the best atmosphere I’ve seen at Anfield. It took me back to Chelsea when we scored the Luis Garcia goal, to Olympiakos – the big games I experienced myself.  “It also took me back to the Old Firm atmosphere here in December, the last 15 minutes against Rapid Vienna here in the Europa League.  “I hope as manager of this club I experience more big nights like that as Ibrox, alongside Anfield, is a special arena for football and it’s mine and the players’ responsibility to give these fans some good times.  “Being at Anfield reminded me of how special it would be to give these fans some success.”

Stephen Girard revealed he had to sneak out of Anfield as his nerves threatened to give way while Liverpool's comeback Kings mounted their stunning rescue left against Barcelona but the Rangers boss plans to soak up every minute as he looks to give the eye Brock's faithful the same kind of thrill ride his old club experienced on Tuesday night Gerrard took daughter lured back to his old stomping grounds to watch hidden clock side recover a three goal deficit as they swept into the Champions League final with a daring recovery but the tension failed final stages as the Reds clung on to a 4 to 0 triumph was too much for the former Liverpool skipper to handle so he made his excuses and left however the game served as a reminder of the nights of passion the jairs manager has experienced already in his first year in charge in Glasgow and has now fired his desire to get eyebrows roofing again next season inside and field shows new footage of Liverpool for20 Barcelona Liverpool have PL and CL victory parades planned Liverpool fans attending CL final might need to spend 1500 pounds my nerves the other night that Anfield were difficult to control confessed Liverpool's 2005 Champions League winning skipper I had to leave before the end once it was 4 to 0 I had my 7 year old daughter with me and a hust that has an excuse to go saying she had school the next day but really it was more about my nerves God knows what the players were going through I don't think I'd have been able to cope with seeing other crew Tino Suarez or Messi break my heart so I decided to beat the traffic and get out of there before it went wrong it's different being a manager in those circumstances because you prepare yourself for big games you get yourself fired up but as a fan you go relaxed then all of a sudden a dream starts brewing and you think wow on Tuesday when it went one to zero I was thinking if we get one more this is game on then it came but the longer it went there was just too many quality players on the pitch so I had to get out the emotion and the passion I saw that Anfield is very similar to what you get at guide rocks as a fan an ex player Tuesday was probably the best atmosphere I've seen at Anfield it took me back to Chelsea when we scored the Luis Garcia goal to Olympiakos the big games I experienced myself it also took me back to the Old Firm atmosphere here in December the last 15 minutes against rapid Vienna here in the Europa League I hope his manager of this club I experienced more big nights like that as I brock's alongside Anfield is a special arena for football and it's mine and the players responsibility to give these fans some good times being at Anfield reminded me of how special it would be to give these fans some success

The Odd Couple – Kawhi Leonard Hits a BIG Shot But Will He Stay in Toronto?

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THE ODD COUPLE – Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to Kawhi Leonard’s spectacular shot but the playoffs are far from over, and his free agency is still a mystery. Cuttino Mobley calls in to discuss where the Rockets failed and how the Warriors succeeded.

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Its Not All Bad News | Leeds United Tribute |

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Just a small leeds united video after a horrible start to the season 🙁 if you enjoy these sort of videos please let me know 🙂

Liverpool news : Injuries hand Liverpool starlet Brewster big break against Barcelona

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Rhian Brewster is in line to make his senior Liverpool debut on the biggest stage as Jurgen Klopp concocts a plan to upset the odds.Liverpool trail Barcelona 3-0 going into Tuesday night’s Champions League semi-final second leg and Klopp’s hopes of closing the deficit have been hit with Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino both out due to injury.Klopp holds Brewster — England’s top scorer when they won the Under 17 World Cup in 2017 — in high regard. The 19-year-old missed most of the season with a knee injury but travelled to Newcastle with the squad on Saturday. Klopp is set to shake up his team with Xherdan Shaqiri and Divock Origi options to start. When asked if Brewster would be involved, Klopp said: ‘Yes, there is a big chance. He’s ready. Next season he will be playing 100 per cent and he knows that.’Salah suffered concussion in the 3-2 win at St James’ Park but will be back for Sunday’s final game against Wolves.’Mo feels OK but that is not good enough from a medical point of view,’ Klopp said. ‘He is desperate to play, but we cannot do it.’Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is a doubt for the game, having trained alone on Monday after tweaking a muscle in the warm-up at Newcastle.Meanwhile, Luis Suarez has vowed not to celebrate with the same vigour he did in Barcelona should his return to Anfield see him score again.’Celebrating the goal? People who know about football know the importance of this goal,’ said Suarez. ‘I have all the respect in the world for the Liverpool fans. I scored and celebrated with my fans. I say sorry (if anyone was offended). If I score a goal against Liverpool at Anfield I won’t celebrate it in the same way.’

Riaan Brewster is in line to make his senior Liverpool debut on the biggest stage as Jurgen Klopp concocts a plan to upset the odds Liverpool trail Barcelona 3 to 0 going into Tuesday night's Champions League semi-final second leg and Klotz hopes of closing the deficit have been hit with Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino both out due to injury law holds Brewster England's top scorer when they won the under-17 World Cup in 2017 in high regard the 19 year old missed most of the season with a knee injury but travelled to Newcastle with the squad on Saturday cloth is set to shake up his team with certain Shikari and Divac orgy options to start when asked if Brewster would be involved cloth said yes there is a big chance he's ready next season he will be playing 100 percenter and he knows that Silla suffered concussion in the 3-2 to win at st. James Park but we'll be back for Sunday's final Premier League game against wolves mo feels okay but that is not good enough from a medical point of view Clark said he is desperate to play but we cannot do it Alex oxlade-chamberlain is a doubt for the game having trained alone on Monday after tweaking a muscle in the warm-up at Newcastle meanwhile luiz suarez has vowed not to celebrate with the same vigor he did in Barcelona should his return to Anfield see him score again celebrating the goal people who know about football know the importance of this goal said Suarez I have all the respect in the world for the Liverpool fans I scored and celebrated with my fans I say sorry if anyone was offended if I score a goal against Liverpool at Anfield I won't celebrate it in the same way

VIDAL, ZLATAN, FABINHO! Manchester United Transfer News Review!

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The latest on Vidal, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Fabinho and plenty more! Time for the MANCHESTER UNITED TRANSFER NEWS REVIEW! Will any of these rumours happen? Comment to have your say!

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Stephen Houston full-time Devils this is the final transfer review of the January transfer window now we're not outside on Trafford it's not a green screen trust me we won't do that here we are back in the studio for this one because I can handle rain but the camera can't and we are getting some primo Manchester sunshine at the moment the first one that we're going to be talking about that he's someone that everybody's a little bit excited about it's a name that we've been linked to before but not for a while we've just signed his international teammate so that gives everybody can't blanche to start writing him in and it makes a lot of sense and I thought sure of the doll of Bayern Munich now I loved the Vidal that was at you ventless I admit I haven't seen enough of him this is a big bit of billet Bayern Munich but I know that he's been playing well and all that he's highly thought of it Bayern Munich but the fact that they're signing Gretzky means that there's probably too many chefs in that Bayern Munich midfield and somebody's gonna have to go 30 years old without is probably looking for a final move of his career when you look at where he's played out already the pedigree of this lad the experience of this lot I think he'd be a big asset to Manchester United midfield is scoring also by immunity season could he be that final piece of a midfield tree that Manchester United were looking for doesn't seem like Herrera as that guy Jose Mourinho seemingly wants some ready-made players before he really starts looking towards bringing through his own youth and stuff like that despite recent minutes by basically every play that's knocking on the door in the Academy I think a midfield of mattock bit Dow and Pogba he's pretty mouth watering isn't it pretty mouth watering obviously without played with Pogba pretty successfully when they was at Juventus together now Matich isn't quite the pearl or role completely different sort of midfielder and especially as a six but we know how that midfield three event has worked I think there could be something in that I really think there could be something in that now that doesn't mean because one it's logical – we want it that doesn't mean it's gonna happen but this contract would only have a year left in the summer by Munich are a team that are happy to move on their stars for the right sort of price and I think that it's the sort of player that you know it can go big on it's a sort of sandal that the Glazer's would like to sort of signing that Mourinho would like given his age and all the rest of it the only question mark I have and it's something again because I haven't watched him what job Bayern Munich I don't know the answer to although he's played a lot of games for him I'm assuming it's not amateur an issue is how are his knees holding up because that was the issue a while ago and it is his knees are an issue his knees is one of the reasons that we perhaps didn't get him or maybe he was just going Bayern Munich and that was that I would love to see for Darwin a night shirt I think he's got the attitude and temperament of a Manchester United player he's certainly got the pedigree of a Manchester United player can we make it happen right now it feels a bit early in the window to making this sort of thing a reality for January I'm saying it's probably a zero at ten but for the summer I think the four or five out of ten is not crazy so from one end of a sensible scale to the ridiculous now this one's been reported in the Sky Sports there parrot in L confidence yeah and it's Ronaldo I can't wait till the day that I retire so these rumors just go away but you know what I bet they don't even go away once he's retired I bet there's at least one Ronaldo thinking about coming out of retirement school play fee night he left us I'm not sure that these many United fans pining for an old all the way they was a couple of years ago certainly a couple years ago it was it was a big thing now I'm not sure I think with Alexis Sanchez taking the number 7 shirt there's something that's I wouldn't really pay a lot of attention to but we've Ronaldo on the whole brand surrounding Ronaldo I think that's a big factor I wouldn't expect us to sign a Lexus for six months and then bring Ronaldo in giving him the number seven and then second often to give him him I don't think you know it would do that and as good as a career as Ronaldo has had yeah there is no denial whatsoever he is now on the downward slope now that downward slope is probably still higher than the vast majority of professional footballers in the world it's gonna be a long time before he becomes a worthless player that's not worthy of a start in 11 but you're not in a building a specific team with specific sort of goals and specific sort of key men in it Ronaldo would come in and demand to be the key man Ronaldo would come in and probably not quite fit in with what we're trying to do I think does that mean that the glaziers wouldn't do it no I'm pretty sure that if the opportunity arose would one underglaze us for all of the commercial reasons would absolutely jump at the chance of saying Cristiano Ronaldo but from a pure football in perspective yes he's better than some of the players that we were playing in the style 11 but as a team I think Manchester United are better going in the direction that we're going in then signing somebody like Ronaldo now the the report that they're talking about Inc L confidential and in Sky Sports also mentions that you know it are gonna be tempted with trying to get bail and Ronaldo it as a way of a swap with David the hey this room was not going away again either I mean it's probably gonna eventually sound for Real Madrid so there is there is a seriousness to these sort of rumors when you see them because of that link we've done with the hey and Real Madrid Bull January nothing zero at ten summer a worryingly high three outta ten that something could be done along those lines I think Leon Bailey in the Army I know this is a young Jamaican forward that he's getting everybody excited excellent player smashing it at the moment over there in Bundesliga now there may n being the absolute toilet that they are decide that him scoring a goal at the weekend for the club that pays wages his him sending a message to Manchester United because they're interested in no I don't see the correlation either he's just doing a job mate when he's employed by a club and he scores for that club just doing his job for that club zero out of ten that being said top player wouldn't mind him at United the baby by baby Bailey Bailey by conundrums would be interesting butter you know what hell of a player interested see where he goes not coming to United in January certainly didn't send a message to anybody by scoring goals you'll go by the way go check it out he just scored a goal simple as that there are ten Fred nightmare Brazilian name devastated will need quite a Freddie knee or somewhere at least won't yeah you sexy hope it won't yeah seems like there's a lot of players that are now being linked with both Manchester United and Manchester City we said this couple of weeks ago why do they do that because not only is it seemingly good to get a player over the line but it's also good to get one over your rivals or at least seemingly get one of your rivals so the newspapers will link this guy with this guy in this guy so when whoever eventually signs him it seems as more of a victory that they signed him beaten these teams to his signature than the fact that they just signed him remember Rick Allison in the summer he was linked with United and Chelsea sign for Watford do you think if United and Chelsea was a serious consideration that it would have signed for Watford with no disrespect no what happened is Watford was in for him his agent was like let me draw up a little bit of attention Lika Lika Lika Chelsea in the United now people are going to talk about him so what Ford actually I've heard of him before he signs for him I think that's probably a little bit of the case of what's going on not necessarily with Fred shortly one of the ones that were going to talk about in a second but with Fred it seems like in the article they're seen Astle and Tottenham you know I didn't see it now do you honestly sit there and believe that there's going to be four teams of that magnitude in some sort of a bidding war for a player I think what's very likely is Tottenham arsal United of all scouted him City probably gonna sign him just because we've scouted him doesn't mean we want him we've scouted him so now everybody gets to link him to United because we probably scouted him he's probably on a list somewhere at some point between one and a hundred on a list of favorable transfers but just because he's somewhere someone is paying attention to him doesn't mean that United are gonna game doesn't mean that United want him doesn't mean that we got snubbed if he sounds Forcier it's Fred coming to United in January 0 out of 10 now here's a name that we have been linked to heavily in the summer a lot of fans was really keen on getting him and that is for beanie oh now what for beanie I was done is absolutely come out and quote it's something that is very worthwhile reading because this isn't a twisted quote like you quite often get this is an actual quote from the player if the right move comes up perhaps a change in league or to a club with a bigger structure and higher ambitions I would love that my time at Monaco was being great I managed to win a title and now I believe my time here might be coming to an end now that is an actual quote from a player that's a sort of quote that you would be loving to get as a journalist because this is a sort of quote that you don't usually get these are the sort of quote that you never usually see with a player that sort of honesty it is rare and it's refreshing I think that probably indicates that he's going to be on the move at some point soon that gave everybody including the Birmingham Mail I guess that's the power of Manchester United license to start writing up that he's going to be going to anywhere because there's some sort of speculation that's going to back up that years on the move it's pretty easy to just start writing him on a link to every single club you've ever heard of and Manchester United being the biggest club in the world is obviously the sort of place that's going to get linked to him would he improve United absolutely hell of a player good players are number six possibly a number eight back uppers are right back or even potential first choice at right back so I can see that sort of move happening I've got to give it some credence for January zero for the summer let's give it a five see how that goes down that was really talking about you know players linked to small clubs and then we link comes a big club so it actually gets in the press here is the prime example of that the Daily Mirror reporting on a marker article which says that Real Betis are in the mix with United Chelsea I think it's real madrid of some allow that as well so what do we think it's going to be the case there he's not bad for scientific basis i reckon that's probably what they're saying not sure if that's a summer or in fact see in january but they're linking into all of those clubs you know it didn't Chelsea's name of closures been thrown in there because let's get some clicks on this article I reckon I don't think were going to be signing him I definitely think is going to be signing for a real betis and I think there's a prime example of newspapers just linking to bigger clubs just because it's going to bring in the clicks is you're right time now one summer that was ins this is the outs the first name on the outs is Latin Ibrahimovic and there's been a hell of a lot of a flurry ESPN at the center of all this saying that he's going to be signing for LA Galaxy I was or something I was a little bit rumoured towards the end the last season as well looks like he's guys Fitness back at Manchester and I had come back into the first-team re-injured himself he's on that road back to recovery and everyone's rushing him to try and get this news out before the end of the transfer window because its transfer news well the transfer window is still relevant but the reality is consigned for LA Galaxy all the way up to like March he's got like two more month where this could drag out when it could still be at United and all that time prior to going well they galaxy I don't think is gonna happen I think it's extremely likely is it gonna happen before like Wednesday night I wouldn't have thought so he's not back in full training I think he's back in full training this week so I would give it a couple more weeks before you gonna see any sort of serious movement on this one but son to LA Galaxy before their window shoots should we say rather than our window I'm gonna say at the moment looks like a eight or nine out of ten let's say 9:00 and then Marwan Fellini now these are talking gathered us right these are talking didn't it move on before they sign and if they move on then they're gonna sign Marilyn Fellini it's contracts often end of the summer I think this is an ideal time for Manchester United to be cashing in if we could do it now I think we probably would looks like it's probably going to be in summer at least they reckon when this happens he's going to be a massive silent for them because all players at Manchester United on crazy wages so I think even any play that leaves my chest it and this is why Manchester net by the way have a lot of trouble moving on players and a lot of the time we have a trouble moving on players for transfer fees that are relative to what they're worth because they're on pretty big wages that is an issue at Manchester United and I think that will probably hell out fellaini to go in the summer for free or he will go a massive reduced price in January should he go because of the wages he's going to demand we already knew what he was demanding from Manchester United he's gonna want similar wherever he goes so let's say fellaini to Galatasaray before the end of the window I it's considering Mourinho said no in no out I've got a really taking what face value in that and say three out of ten I reckon we can have our arm chanced but I reckon it's more likely in the summer where I would probably give it like a six or seven but fur but this window I'd say free at em for fellaini being moved on I definitely think he is going to be looking a new club I'm just not sure he's going to get that done before the end of adrenaline dot right corner Plex we have got United on YouTube and after that I'm gonna be talking about my valuation of how we've done across the whole transfer window the unite on YouTube is a video that we're gonna be putting in every single Monday video whether we do in previews whether we're doing the transfer review or whether we're doing a full time review following a match at the weekend so if you want to get involved send us your videos the link is in the description below for how you can do that um it's your chance to get involved in this video so taken away that's obviously it was all about our new number seven and Alexis Sanchez what a debut to assist not bud all right everyone FTD that sound back with another Manchester United review manchester United have beaten Yeovil Town FC for nil and the mighty Alexis Sanchez has made his debut what a waste of money eh I think he was trying to look for that link I played them little passes he used to play Arsenal he was looking for it with matter with Rushford and I think he'd gotten sometimes and it was just amazing to see him everywhere in the middle on the right which proves once again he can play anywhere up front people are absolutely reseted rival fans with proper got under their skin anyway it's hilarious yeah really rinsed him I thought he had a fantastic game angel Gerber's come off the bench I mean he looks and has looked a real real player I don't think he's I mean for Josie to throw him in there that soon isn't like him really historically so that's probably a good sign I don't think we're gonna see much of him this season but you never know how each other's for the title I think we can especially whiffs don't just complete and now our fantastic squad thanks for watching and I'll see you later peace so then thank you to those lots for sending in as I said earlier if you want to get involved in uniting on youtube hit the link in the description below we would love to have you with a little to feature some new faces and if you want to look at them in a preview with us or anything else that we do then this is the gateway to get in through those so if you want to get the mix hit a link in the description right so talking about the transfer window my evaluation of it is interesting I have improved and I think it's as simple as that we got Alexis Sanchez Premier League proven genuine world-class talent for a player that on these days absolutely fantastic on these off days makes you want to pull your hair out hasn't settled possibly in England or at Manchester United there's been some clear relationship issues between himself and Jose Jose Mourinho that's obviously between those two but I think it spilled out onto the pitch a little bit with some of the performances from military and fantastic at times for as like I said last season especially in the Europa League final so we thank him for that as I said in a previous video I'm not gonna wish him luck he's going to arrivals but we will thank you for his service at Manchester United Alexis Sanchez we've so many videos on Alexa centers I don't really need to repeat myself at what he brings his first game for the club was exciting it was fantastic the game that we're playing this week is gonna be a massive test of what he's gonna do and what Marino's gonna do it might have come a little bit too early for us in terms of getting the best out of him and a team playing together it's going to be an interesting window into what's possible with the Lexus Sanchez at much Eastern and let's hope at Wembley he can go and do something and bring us three points that'd be absolutely fantastic I think he offers a major threat for us he's a major tool for us in the Champions League and I would love to see Manchester United going and annoy the hell out of everybody and when one nil all over Europe and actually make a real impact in the Champions League and I think with someone like Alexis Sanchez Manchus you know it can definitely go and do that he's a level above Mick at Arian we've got a fantastic deal there and the lads that have gone out on long we've got James Wilson was gonna Sheffield United we've got Debbie Mitchell gonna hearts which I think he's now got two men on the matches in two games that's pretty impressive and we've also axel swans a bit go out on loan to show John story a little bit how it defend so I think that's three loans that's going to suit those lads well I expect two of those to come back that's Debbie Mitchell and axle turns a bit and really push for inclusion in the first-team squad if not minutes in the first team once they returns from good loans football for those Bloods and we will see what happens with their careers with James Wilson not sure where that's gonna lead to but anyway thank you for joining us let us know your thoughts in the transfer window in the description below has it been a good win drill for United I think it's safe to say it has doesn't it so let us know your thoughts on that let us know your targets for the summer all the above and if you wanna get involved in out on YouTube you know do that as well thank you for watching we'll see you in the next one you

Rafa Benitez Full Pre-Match Press Conference – Fulham v Newcastle – Premier League

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Newcastle manager Rafael Benitez previews his side’s match against Fulham on May 12. It will be the final Premier League game of the season for both teams.

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they're ready for holidays come on yeah Rafa and for reform for Newcastle to start filming so we could've Oliver this week yeah I think was amazing I have to say congratulations to all the English teams I think was a great achievement so never has happened in the past and I think they did really well and not just the the fact that they are already there it's just the way that the weather the semi-finals and has been really really good games first time ever four teams from one country I've made it to both fighting Holmes what does that say over the Australians of the Premier League we as as a wee great man yeah he said so many times that the Premier League the strongest link in the world now obviously thanks to you the TV money and all these things that is one other factor but you have very good players very good managers the atmosphere is really good and you can see the stadium's when you are watching games in the TV full of fans supporting the teams and I would say another thing that this is really important also for the future has to be has to be like this at the moment that is quite good respect for the for the people I remember long long time ago I came to see a game I was just old and I don't remember which team was but I am to never maybe 15 years ago 20 years ago and I would show the fans both the group of fans and they were together and they were singing so what respect and I have been in in another countries or playing around the wall and sometimes that is the most difficult thing so I think it's an important message for everyone whatever for the other countries though what is it say the fact that all teams are from England is that I think for the code as a whole maybe if he said every year yes if it's just one year I don't think so so I think that the Italian teams the German teams the Spanish teams they are strong enough and I'm sure the French teams that they will try to to compete and they will try to be there next year so maybe it's more a challenge for them and then just bad news but if the next year is the same and it's something that you have to worry about no in England but in the rest of Europe even I do standards with really surprised by what they do not really I think that we play them and then we knew about the intensity we were more surprised about the intensity of Barcelona because say we play against Real Madrid in a time feel and then we did really well so everybody was expecting that could be something like that we played against Barcelona Messi was there so I think everybody knew that will be very difficult and also I know people in the Marschallin are staffed that they were working for Liverpool so everybody knew that could be like that so it was a surprise that them they were not reacting when Liverpool was pushing in the way that we knew that they could push people are saying it was the best comback of all time you know you did you did a match and then you know that I was the one who won know who won this one what you did in the sky so they Nepal yeah yeah yeah 45 minutes three goals the way that everything was the going on I I had one person coming from Turkey one week ago and I still they are talking about this game so that's that's did not know I say congratulations oh I I have good relationship with him and I think he's a great achievements always they are doing really well okay so you can confirm yours was the best comeback you have 33% I think was a very very clear today and but yeah I mean it was terrific and it's great to see that where the cool still got that from from your team that's obviously something that's the scary thing in mind no I think the shooters in now every game is different so we were talking about the final and halftime so in this case you are talking about a proper game 90 minutes and the atmosphere in in Liverpool a time Phyllis it's really good so I think was great and but Liverpool was quite good in the first game too so they were unlucky with the with the performance of Mercy but they were quite good so I think in the end they deserve to to be in the final because they are a very good team just moving on to Newcastle and yourself and we've said on Saturday expect some Cato and answer some cannon use within the next week or two is there been any further for now actually yes exactly the same line and I will tell you and these people at the back they will listen to me so hopefully they wouldn't ask me the same question all the time so we'll have a meeting for sure and then they will let you know when we have any information but they still will have to concentrate on then it's game time for you nothing gets on the other way do you get often on holiday are you still going to be arriving no I will be around still my daughter is in the school so they have to the VCS or water so I have to be around yeah maybe later on so yeah we'll have time don't be worried that the I don't need too much time on holiday so it can be for one week when weekend will be enough you definitely seem relaxed as the weeks of going on yeah yeah specially the target was to stay in the Premier League and we knew how difficult could be then we need to be really focus and concentrate the last game so then you have more tension and then now after being safe maybe like last year know that then you are more relaxed you have you have to repeat the games in the same way yeah you know that it's not the same when you go you are the the bottom of the table and then every point can make a difference or what you can say listen we will try to to go as high as possible on the table but if you cannot still is no they had the end of the world just go back to the teams in the Phaeton the European male Champions League final to the players who you had here who's a sword genie we're now done playing of course both of them left when you were relegated could you have ever a visit have gone on to such stages when no no I know directly because I was talking with a genie and I was the with Musa so I know exactly what was going on and I would say that it was impossible to keep some Sun of this place when the team was relegated that they wanted to go they wanted to to play in the Premier League and they have very good offers and I was involved in that because I was talking with both and I know what they were telling me and the agents enemy and when I was talking with Li Chinese so then they had to go you couldn't stop them at this time I think we did well in terms of the prices because this thing was very good prices and that's it they were good players nobody has never questioned at least from my part about the quality of all place where are we in terms of his feature in him saying yeah they can see what he's saying I told with him every day and then everybody's really pleased because he plays really well for us and he was a key player in our achievement so then it's very easy to say oh we have to sign him we have but still we have to decide about what is going on with me obviously he has to wait and see what happened with a what's wrong with Albion and then so all these things will have to wait a couple of weeks and after we will know I understand that you have to ask and all the funds I would say the same and but we have to wait and in ten days we'll know what's going on it is very since then that your future has to be sorted out first before these final decisions will be made in terms of the future another phase no because me it's just that common sense so he made that the you have another manager and say no I want to change the press room and then I want to change Salamone Rondo No so it depends on on these things and after you can move forward are you hoping within 10 days or so there will be resources to get it done not just the decision is also you have the playoffs and you will have a better no idea what is going on that is the same problem that we have before because at the end of the session and the kind of image that we had they wouldn't be ready and also we have lost the key that has a knee problem not very serious but we don't want to taking a risk he said a few weeks ago well a couple of months ago is like that this game could have been so crucial for Newcastle fortunately it's not how much of a relief is that to have reached that mark with with several games okay yeah I was checking before to come last year I think was 44 points we finished 10th and this year 10th is 50 points already so that means that this year was more difficult decision was more difficult and I was trying to explain at the at the beginning because everybody was spending big money and I was talking about the miracle and then people said odd yeah but the reality is that there was more difficult and then I think was a great achievement I could be better yes what you are expecting at this game or the other one and you could do better but if you analyze the potential of all the teams I think we did great and it's a it's a situation that three games to play when you are safe so they say before it's not the same feeling that you have to play every game and you could see we play against Brighton I was the example you could see Brighton the first half Brighton in the second half so the first half mmm they couldn't they couldn't do what they used to do the second half they needed to do it so was a massive difference and you could feel that so and for us three games to play and have the possibility to do thing that you wanted to do that is really cool and you speak about the difference between the points totals from last season and this season do you think that trajectory will keep going in the Premier League or the quality keep rising water the needs were in depressing to just keep pace with with the way that this league is going yeah but at the same time I would say why is that this because the teams at the top of the table they were quite a strong and also we said the top 10 but the teams at the bottom of the table also they are doing well so if you are right sign in the right place at the bottom of the table what means that maybe you can get more points if you can get more points from the other teams and maybe will be less at the end on the table so I don't think that this is because it will be like that the next issue or just this one was like that and maybe this one would be different but clearly was more difficult for us because we were there so teams that they are at the top for then maybe it will be easier because you can get 97 points or whatever that is because you are much much stronger than the other teams because of the typical start you have this season you seem to be rating this season's achievement is actually greater than last week no it's not we didn't realize last year that to finish 10th was a miracle and this year we were expecting now we finished and maybe we can finish 7th and it was impossible because you can you can be lucky one year or you can do really well one year but to be consistent you have to have everything in place then when you see the other teams also remember that the Brighton has filled on us we promoted and we were more or less there but when you have Fulham promoting our worlds and spending 100 millions could be totally different so I think to be where we are now is a great achievement maybe not bigger than last year but it was more difficult for sure than decision do you think so 12 13 I mean let's assume you go when it follows it is about right is that accurately positioned you could ask me the same question after eight games and never self over the moon at the beginning you never know I think what I said before because the teams that they were promoted and also the teams are there at the bottom of the middle of the table they were spending so much money I think it's is fair because we did well we're missing some points in some games and maybe we were lucky you know in another game so I think it's a it's fair enough no still no happy with that because I would like to be higher but that thing is very enough you talked about so in your contract looking what happens in the playoffs of starting points for a hosted a series of domino effect said things in the transfer market I have seen Paris is attracting a lot of interest mainly because of what's happening last few months in terms of the players around him perhaps making him before better yeah what's the same last year so we don't know why maybe because he's from Tenerife and he sure was sunny so when they weather is improving maybe he's feeling better but still he was doing well the people around him was helping him to play well and now he's easy to talk about are you ought to talk about any other players because obviously when you do well at your level the teams that are around you they are interested in this play so now I am sure that they're the the new interview that I will do they will be asking me about players and players in place and you cannot talk now because it's too early so then REO has done well that is normal that people will talk about him he was doing well in the second part of the league because in the relationship with the players around was much better yes all these things are right and even though we don't have a final decision on your future yet presumably you are having to so think in your own head about what's who the players you would want to hang on to if you do stay not really because I think we'll have where one name to play and we have to try to do well as you say we can finish one point one position higher on the table then we'll try to do that and after that we will know because I cannot be wasting time and are you talking about this I have some players asking me questions and then what about this whatever listen still I don't know so we have to wait and if we have been patient for eight months we can with another ten days see might be quite busy before this week's holiday reviews yeah if I have to be I would like to be busy for sure so I don't I'd like to be a home just watching the telly so I would like to be busy sorry you talk about being busy that you said that you're going to have a meeting who will be who you expected to speak to I am sure that I will be there if we have the meeting and they'll never I don't know obviously so obviously any channel has to be there but I don't know who else and you will know yeah I'm expecting to see him but I don't want to talk too much about the meeting because I still we don't know so and you will be worried about that it's just a you will have the meeting and we have some news or let you know just on the point of obviously transparency do you have to work on the assumption the paces that you will hear next year will advance no we have already done what we have to do is to say yes the tournament in in China that is not ideal for the manager but this may be good for the all the clubs that are involved because have the any publicity and and money so something that sometimes you have to do it and I did it with Ronald it I did it with Liverpool so then can happen so it like that the point is that is not ideal in terms of the preparation so I was checking the one we will come back and normally will be fourth of July and when we will start the session and then the game that you have there so you have to see all these things and you have to prepare things even even if you are not here but you have to do what you have to do this we can see you say Fulham running in cities you know to support that probably looks like there's normal to play for would you be tempted to change the team at all no I have the same feeling when we play against Liverpool we are professionals and we try to win and we try to do our best every week is more difficult and it depends on the other team is more difficult to motivate your players you have to try to do that and when you have played with the little things that knocks you don't want to take any risk but not just you are Samana yet the players they don't want to take any risk so you have played and maybe they will leave at the end of the season because they are alone or they finish Concha I hope that they will take any risk in a game like this one so it will not be an easy one but they still you have to be fair with the professional that has been working so hard during the whole season and then give them the chance to to play to do well and after maybe you have to make the substitution that would be could be different in in another games but they still you have to try to approach the game with the same mentality and trying to wind us it ok thank you you

Burnley vs Manchester United TEAM NEWS REACTION!

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Fellaini in, Fred out! We’re reacting to Burnley vs Manchester United team news at Turf Moor in the Premier League! COMMENT TO HAVE YOUR SAY!

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welcome to full-time Devils I am Adam Accola she is matchday net and we are here outside turf more Manchester united against Burnley crucial game for the Reds as well and we've got the team news in the team news isn't that David the hiring goal Valencia Shaw Lindelof Smalling Matich Fellaini Padma lingard Sanchez and Romelu Lukaku on the bench Lee grant Erick Bay young Fred Herrera Marshall and rash Fred so it looks like fred has been dropped and Matich has come in alongside fellaini what do you make of that I'm happy that my tissues back I think he's sort of you know he's what we needed sure only a good team you know they can cause us problems so I'm happy he's and Fellaini came on he caused problems you know Burnley a physical side so ever see that's what Josie's thinking feel them feel bad for Fred I mean he's had a few good games but you know maybe four against Brian they did you know this away games are tough in the Premier League it's different than them being in overlays where they will give you a lot of chances so maybe like Fred will come back in and for a home game so George is gonna be physical bringing in the match in the fellaini what interested me was Victor Lindelof and Chris Smalling at centre half now I'm gonna ask the people at home get in the comments below what you think are best centre-half partnership is but not do you think that is it I know a lot of people are going to criticize I liked Lindelof I think he was good I think he can you know play out from the back you know balls over the top you might be suspect so obviously Burnley might target that ball I think you need to play the kid to give him the chances to show that he can do it and small in a lot of people criticize him but after him and Jones I think you know he's stayed fair he stayed stayed in the team constant so you obviously something's going on with by age why he's not playing him I don't know what that is whether he's had a fallout oh everybody's got a little niggle back on the bench today so he's back Bay and Marshall are back on squad well that's Gordon and I mean there's some pace from Marshall who needs to bring it on some chess is back in a team which is really good what have you made of Alexis Sanchez because a lot was spoken about he's had a full preseason had a full rest that and the other now he did get an injury which frustrating but I read an article with Sanchez yesterday and he was talking about how he wanted to use the international break to get fit and catch up with the team and I was kind of thinking like but the seasons just started how do you think Sanchez will do the seasons Sanchez in pre-season he was fantastic he was our best player I was out in America he looks amazing so I fought here we go kick on and then obviously um Spurs he had that little nickel which was unfortunate so maybe he's thinking about that little niggle I want to build back up to where I was at and I think it's a good good thing that he's he said to Chile no I'm gonna stay at money night he shows he's committed that's what we want from our players so I think you know hopefully you'll build back up and then it's I think it's what fit well it's Watford and then it's not another is this a home game after that one I know that but we've got another away after this so how crucial is it three points here today and do you think we will get it hopefully we'll get it I'm not gonna say we're definitely gonna get it but you know we can our team is on paper is better than Burnley but on paper means nothing at them so I'm hoping for three points but if we don't forget a draw I still be quietly happy with that because it'll take a lot for teams to get free points for me I don't want to ask you what happens if we don't get three points if we don't you'll find out from that after the game when we do a fancam but let's try and keep it positive now channel that positive energy through and unite it hopefully get free points I'm going to one you're going to know yeah excellent thank you get your comments in below subscribe like and share we'll be back after the game silly

Was Liverpool's 4-0 win against Barcelona the best comeback ever? | The Debate

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The Debate panel of Danny Murphy and Liam Rosenior discuss Liverpool’s incredible comeback against Barcelona in the semi-final of the Champions League and where it ranks amongst the all-time great comebacks.

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Puigmal, Griezmann, Herrera! Manchester United Transfer News Review!

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What’s the latest on Antoine Griezmann, Ander Herrera, Juan Mata and more? Time for the MANCHESTER UNITED TRANSFER NEWS REVIEW! Will any of these rumours happen? Comment below to have your say!

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hello everybody my name is Steven Elsa and this is full time Devils this is the transfer review this is a one video where we'll go through everything about Manchester United transfers that you need to know about in one video so you can watch it and move on with your life to transfer windows over ste yes I know it's over but that's not stopped people talking about transfers and Manchester United has it right now it's time to give a massive shower and I've gotta give a massive shout out to half over on reddit now after allowed us to use the day at like he's created and he's analyzed Manchester United's transfer window the one just gone and he's looked at all the link to all the players and all the rest of it and he's put together this spreadsheet which tells you who was right who got it right their primary source or everything that you need to know will link it in the description below and we'll put it in the comments as well below massive shoutout to up now if you're not on reddit you're missing out to be honest because ready it's an awesome place an awesome resource for Manchester United fans it's like 80,000 members of the Red Devils reddit group and we'll link that below so go and check it out it's a great place you see full time Devils videos on there being discussed outside of YouTube you'll see people are throwing links in there it's a great place to clay everything that's worth talking about the Manchester United's check it out now what are firs done is he's put all of this day are in and less I'll just give you some of the headlines on it and you can go and check the rest of it yourself 496 links to players 100 players link now we signed four players didn't Lee so that's 96% lies now even if I'm being generous on the journalists and saying Manchester United was negotiating with two players for every one that we signed that's still 92 percent absolute nonsense from all the journalists now he soldiers the one that are most accurate BBC sport 100% accurate with the rumors that they reported that's special that's unbelievable so definitely worth keeping an eye on on BBC Sport and show I'll just only one of our mates over there at the BBC's been getting I'm absolutely bang-on and then look at this the usual suspects a bowler metro etc etc etc 0% on the rumors that they originated with definitely worth checking out this spreadsheet so the window closed last week but doesn't stop the report in a transfers doesn't it so the first one that we've got ins are now quick map now this is a 16 year old wonder kid was the the name he was being given in Spain it seems like a lot of Spanish clubs I definitely pissed off that he's come to United now he's been reported by the AMIA that it's just been confirmed he was waiting on international clearance the kids been here about three months already I've seen him a couple of times around he hasn't played in any of the public games yet he played against Real Madrid a couple of months ago and he played him one of the behind-closed-doors games we haven't actually seen him play but that now should all change and by the sounds of it it's a very exciting player to be getting in so the mirror of going with this one and they're caught in the star and they're saying that Mara's Jaden Sam Manchester Jade off to Manchester United on deadline day to try and make a deal happen now from what I was reading he was just sitting in Paris Airport playing snake on his phone like I don't know son this one are they just trying to link United because it's the big name and they just trying to link United because pogba is whispering to him on the pitch against Leicester is this the tediousness of the transfer links that we actually get in now now yes riyad mahrez would be a great signing for United adds a bit of balance that right inside me but there's no basis in this it was clear that he tried to move he was coming out of Algeria training to try and force some moves to someone but you know what he hasn't come through who as it could have been Barcelona could have been Arsenal could've been United could've been a host of club so the fell out of Lincoln Dempsey United when United you know haven't really made any sort of noises towards him not buying it not buying it so so we've got some absolute stellar journalism here from the star now they're using a Marc Ogden tweet to make a new story and linking unites it's a Pilate again this is so frustrating so all Ogden says is you know it's third choice sent a forward bolo he starts for Italy second choice was on the bench yeah and like this is yeah this is kind of like how it feels in terms of common knowledge the star decide this is article worthy what is happening to journalism in this country I asked you honestly Eric diode I was like we United quite a lot of somebody it seems like he was not the first choice probably behind Matic know it is a versatile player complacent or Afghan played defensive midfield the sort of signing that you think would be pretty useful if he was intent on playing three at the back very versatile player pre decent player as well from being honest is he on a level of mut it not sure so the NBN when he was asked about what happened with Manchester United he gave the typical answer that a player will always give in that he basically said nothing and he just said I think it's my job as the players to concentrate on playing and everything else will take care of itself that's essentially a no common but bit worthier in it and the NBN decided to turn that into a story and say Dyer said reveals what happened with his Manchester United deal collapse like that's no way said way lane for Antoine Griezmann now this is a player that Manchester United was heavily heavily heavily linked with in the summer and it feels like he was a massive part of our plans until that transfer ban came in for a flake and flake on Madrid and that's not stopped the rumor since then has it now for me when a journalist puts their name to it and there are a respectable journalist not anyone who works for them again but a proper respectable journalist when someone like that puts their name to something then sometimes it's worth listening and that's exactly what's not happened in this instance so the mirror I've got a guy who writes for them and he's called football spy so that's like there's a lot of rumors that we can't tribute to anything but they'll get loads of clicks that's what it feels like to me at least anyway now when you actually read this article which says Griezmann might be a target for United in January you actually read the the words that they are using it says according to reports and then they link the mbn which is actually linked to the mirror they're like part the same company which nonsense essentially and it says the M en say that he might be interested in a move to United well I can us that guy over there if he thinks that we might be interested in a move to Griezmann it's about as valid he might be interested like yeah you might not you might be interested in a move to say he might not it might be interested in a move to draws his reserve team but he might not so what sort of monsters reporting is that really sticking your neck out on the line there brilliant well done Paris hitch now this one's not going away but this is the guy I actually really thought if we if we genuinely wanted him we would have got him into somewhere I think he was probably second third fourth fifth on the list of players that we was trying to get we would have easily pushed the boat out 450 million in this transfer window honestly 50 million that's almost like a free transfer at the moment isn't it when you got and buffet going for adult the world's debt and you've got Neymar being the biggest free transfer the world's ever seen we need to talk about that as well actually is it a biggest transfer us at biggest free transfer Evo a is bent in it what's happened regardless that stick let's stop it let's stay on Paris it so Paris which is about to sign a new deal within according to the NBN according to total support because they don't do their own work anymore and they're saying that there's going to be an auntie united clause inserted into it which is going to be that there's a sixty-four million euro release clause which means United won't pay it because we wouldn't pay the fifty million in a summer well that's a bit of a bold claim isn't it people thought that no one would pay the name our release fee I'm someone paid it if you really want the player you will pay the release fee no matter how ridiculous it is what's Ronaldo's about a billion probably be a bargain by the time next summer rolls around that was the ends this is the outs now there's an article here by soccer Lord Ouma not sure if I'm pronouncing up correctly probably not whatever which lists the eight players that are coming to the end of their contracts some are finishing this year some have got the option to extend and I think in most cases because they're talking about Blin they're talking about Herrera and I talked about sure basically a lot of the players that was signed on the Louvre on girl they're all basically going to be extended regardless so the other players and we're talking about a fellini's one Ashley Young is one one matter is one there's some pretty significant names on that list that I've coming to the end of their contract now Michael Carrick is one as well but at the AJ is he's only going to get a one-year extension flat hands one which they didn't mention who's only going to get a one-year extension and I very much doubt slatterns going to extend beyond this season this gives journalists free rein so then start talking about any of these players leaving because they're not going to sign a new contract I would definitely expect to see one matter start being linked with everyone now he started most of the games this season if not all of the games this season he's performing very well in those games and the Herrera hazard and Herrera is gonna be prime for a link now there's obvious places where he's going to get linked to possibly but to Bilbao possibly to Barcelona and I think there's a very real chance me and Adam talked about this on a podcast actually a few weeks ago there's a very real chance unite it could be looking at a Spanish exodus one matter could go up at the end of this season doubled ahead can go at any point at any time in any transfer window with the links that are constant with Real Madrid and Herrera know he's looking at what 20 month or so less than he's got left on his contract could we about to see that whole Spanish click leave at the same time he's that the plan is one mark going to end of his contracts being the age that years is that with the hay with that constant link to Real Madrid and is under Herrera with those fresh moves to Barcelona being on the horizon are we looking at what is going to be a Spanish click exit from Manchester United next summer and are we any in any sort of position just to survive that because that's three key players in three different areas of the pitch you've also got Rojo which I believe is is this contract that's gonna be able you sound at the same start times on these guys not mentioned in the article I believe he's gonna sign his contract and he loves it is he part out Spanish click Spanish speaking but is he part of that same click that would want to go I don't know but essentially this is going to give journalists free reign for a load of lies and a load of conjecture and a load of just guesswork in its refer blast something that I think's worth taking into account is that although Spanish players conceivably could go at the same time it could be an extra month so this one caught everybody by surprise and this is andreas Pereira so he went to Valencia on loan the day after our transfer window ended but Spain has an extra day to register players so he moved on loan season-long loan but before he went and just to calm you all down Jose Mourinho said he could be one of the greats at the club in the future Nia playing for that to happen Jose a so he's gone out on long but he signed the two-year extension to his contract before he went so we wish him all a look he obviously performed very well in La Liga last season now he's at a better team can he perform even better is a year old a look great in pre-season for Manchester United I'm excited to see what andreas Pereira can do in La Liga with a bit of a better side around him this year Marwan fellaini so this is a strange one because fellini's had such a rollercoaster of a time at Manchester United that his spot couldn't be any higher this is the highest point Fellini's ever had in the club he's got a manager who trusts him a manager who believes in him and plays him at the right place at the right time and there's constant links with moves abroad now Italy was the place to be early in the window and back in January it seemed like he was destined to be going there now according to reports in Turkish football he's got an agreement in principle to join Galatasaray on a free next season that's perfectly legal for him to do at the end of his contract he can do that so they also say in the same report but he's also went at odds with fen about you surely that's a death wish if you're agreeing in principle to go to Galatasaray and then you're gonna do the dirty on them and talk to Finn about you you can't go to a turkey after doing that and I thought I'm not sure he's gonna go a turkey anyway if Jose Jose Mourinho continues to put the faith in him a house using him at the right time and playing him at the right time why would he leave Manchester United's gonna play football in Turkey doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me but sometimes they don't make sense Luke Shaw not necessarily in the outs but this is talking about his contract this is report in the mirror but I have seen it in other places as well they're saying that he's got 12 months to save his Manchester United career in reality it feels to me like Manchester United I've got 12 months to find some value in Luke Shaw is currently all comes to an end at the end of this season we want to extend it for another 12 month because let's face it we don't want to lose the 30 million pound that we invested in him only a few years ago so it feels to me like you're not gonna make him sign a new contract just so he doesn't walk away for free if he doesn't reach that potential get back to fitness or even if he does let's say he does get bad some fitness after using unites rehab for the last two years and is anywhere like see ya and goes off somewhere else for free no you're not gonna protect our investment of 30 odd million plus in Luke Shaw plus wages and uh we're gonna give my new contracts we're going to give him all the time that he needs to get about to fitness because let's face it if he can get back to fitness there's not many better and it wouldn't be a transfer of you would it without a double D hey rumor so there's you dive into a room and now in the Daily Star they're saying that me hey might be kept at United longer because of the way United treated Real Madrid over Murata the fact that we did the dirty on them that we negotiated right so the final minute and I was like yeah but we want him anyway and just left them in the lurch meaning that you ended up going at Chelsea that's gonna stop them coming for them with their on are you 11 why are you serious did you honestly think that this was going to be the case we did them to dirty with the gay three years ago two years ago when the fax machine didn't work surely if there was going to get pissed off about anything it would be that that we left them in a lurch on deadline day like with seconds to spare that would have done in the toilet dirty way more than the fact that we didn't buy their second choice striker like are you insane if zinedine zidane once done with the hey he's gonna go listen I like you go and get that keeper from money it and we go oh yeah but the P does the dirty or Marathi but like yeah cool sorry won't get me to keeper this is nonsense absolute garbage reporting honestly so that's it for transfer review this week thank you for joining us we will do these as and when we can around the games it's gonna die down now until about November when they start ramping up again for the January transfer window keep your eye out for all the transfers let us know in the comments these any that we missed he's any what you really want to talk about get it all in the comments below thanks for watching give it a big thumbs up subscribe if you're new around here we're going for 500k by the end of the season thanks to our on reddit and I'll see you over there on reddit if you're a redditor and I'm over little bit


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Newcastle United have received a formal takeover bid from PCP Partners fronted by Amanda Staveley in the region of £300m. What does it mean? Plus, who will replace Tony Pulis. Sam and Flav discuss in today’s News At Ten!

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morning everybody News at 10:00 what squadron how we doin Sam here and flag to run through all the latest back pages and new stories as you can see from the title of thumbnail main story from today is Newcastle liberation again never ever ever what to say my name flood not yet let me introduce myself oh yeah flat flat for yeah that's it cool just done it three times we gonna do nothing knock you out me idle threats that's what Flags nickname is in the office right let's go to the back pages first and foremost the times feuless aims for a rapid return I mean I think he's getting links sort of Wales job so I just want it I think it's time for pew Lister just don't well obviously just go down to the fence like the old horse that needs to be put down now on it so everyone's out enough of you listen if you can or important for bolt in Pierce's neck thing no I'm not saying physically like that but theoretically and it's been simple you don't mean time for him to go you know let him go doesn't stop Barney or something you can I've got that barn it you need a manager no more ruining football Poulos is definitely good apparently is gonna be the favorite to replace Clement if he gets sacked from Swansea so I'll guarantee you he will be back at some of it the Swansea fans are doing he leaps and they also on the back of the times I also is named the 300-pound million pounds will throw in two million pound bids take over Newcastle which we'll get into later on and man to Staveley PCP PCP partners I think it's called so she is front in that firm which is now some formally submitted a 300 million plus take over after two months of negotiations will explain that in more detail in a bit going to the back page of The Guardian again is talking about it Staveley bid talking about the Stoke to all draw bright and last night are done all right now for John down absolutely guaranteed going down but as the Bournemouth when they come up they're kind of showing around to Chris Hughton Chris Allen how Newton old Christian he's a good bloody manager in me sure he should have kept that Newcastle job when he said he's had some he's had some rough times be sacked when he shouldn't have been sacked every single time we keep it consistently getting people into the Premier League and leads to keeping them there and you know hopefully bright and keep him in job and see what we can do money next year got a comment here from Paul O'Connor Newcastle signing Ryan babble if you haven't heard it oh right I mean swab yeah remember that yeah yeah a transfer day we made up a rumor the trending on Twitter and then and then Brian babble responded to you so it'd be amazing things if we actually ended up silently awesome I love it to happen it would be nice alright let's go to the next back page we've got the independent all talking about allerdyce your man you're gonna get like a solid on fee or something I should buy any anyone who knows a little bit about football knows that Sam Allardyce delivers I'm not sure what he delivers me it gives you something that he keeps you in the Premier League he gets you into that top ten and you can attract a better manager it must be tough for a semi love dice cuz he's essentially walking into jobs he's he's he's stabilizing a football club and then given up a platform to get someone better than him I think he's happy without though I don't thing is I know he was he was recognition know your strengths he wants recognition it's not talking didn't go into the final about page talking about the mirror is the worst headline I've seen this week busy Izzy leaves Stoke in a tizzy yet the mirror stuck in the London a journalism handsome great pun that's obviously that's to do with Izzy Brown last night I don't think that even school last night no I don't have why how he left him you know in a tizzy maybe was ripping it up maybe he was Matt obviously Matt Wilson Huddersfield fan part of Bull Street Coburn's ball story actually he's pretty upset the easy Browns up there anymore and gone to Brighton and now he's just it we have contact for you but yeah let's move on Poulos is a back page there as well but let's go to the Guardian talking about potential replacements for Tony pewters who was sacked yesterday as West Brom boss I'll just list off the names of managers I guarantee you can name them all go Nigel Pearson when Alan Pardew Martin O'Neill we've got Michael O'Neill as well Northern Ireland manager and Aberdeen's Derek McInnes who's been linked with a Rangers job – yeah he's been he's been spread about anywhere a bit like committee and he's just like everywhere in a moment if a committee is unwanted yeah they may be a bit yeah one of the doors that you want it anyway I thought it who would you you know even if you're in the comments or a board if you're in the comments get checked out seriously glasses seriously if you're if you're flinging your willy about it's no I mean getting checks out there's a little bit looser tent for you because sometimes it's symptomless burn off some of your Chapman love bin listen you know I've been looking friend very happy very case you didn't know no no need to get Chet's help okay anyway so potential replacements for West Brom would you put Sam outta that I've seen because Gary Megson at the moment is their manager carry me yeah well he's only interim manager in these it's not like they're not yeah but sometimes the interim managers just think the claws in and just stay until the end of the season I'm not leaving yeah yeah I laugh he's just the West Brom I mean unfortunately I'm not for the Baggies and I'm not for their fans but outwardly they just come across as that Club to just fill it just make up the numbers than they unfortunately and look it's about time they were a huge club once and now you know no one thinks about them that's all outside of the Black Country okay who used to be a previously massive club Newcastle United back in the early night is they were one of the big boys in the Premier League it hasn't really worked out for them in the Ashley a segue no but so right now they have formally received a bid from PC P capital partners in the region of three hundred million from a business at the fronted by Amanda Staveley so a bit more information on that for use who is Amanda Staveley she helped broker the purchase of Manchester City when Sheikh Mansour took over in 2009 and it was a fuse apparently part of the Dubai International capitals 400 myth of Liverpool back in 2008 and she's also been linked with taking over from FSG and buying them Paul now but as had been haggling over a price with FSG to the point where she's now gone towards Newcastle and you saw what happened with Manchester City prior to them being taken over in what 2009 they were what a tenth to fourteenth club maybe they've been driving up and down the leagues and Sean goes up it was them it was their main man at that point but when when the shake came in it literally shook it all about and man said yeah now they are super cute they are a super clubs in the Premier League now yeah I don't think there's any club better positioned in the Premier League poised to pointed to what Manchester City did the new class you know yeah huge stadium huge based in previous history in the Premier League they could go up to that saves if you're Newcastle fan watching do you want a man to stay B to take over I suppose more importantly if it's a rhetorical question but do you want to get rid of Mike Ashley it's not even worth asking course they do everyone hates him but one wins answer the question I think that there's an interesting position here is because they save Lee apparently wants to get this over the line very quickly Ashley's holding out for 400 million rather than the 300 and it's quite important that they do get this done quickly because you've got the January transfer window coming up as she's not gonna be inclined to spend in that window if this deal wasn't done so if you still in control of the club now and it for well he's gonna sell he's you know is he gonna is gonna spend in January to ensure that new class will remain in the Premier League they likely will with Bini as you know he's a excellent manager but if you don't they can't really kick on it's gonna be another year of transition yeah I mean do the questions are asked in the summer say what so beneath has surprised everybody from going from around Madrid to Newcastle and then surprised everybody by staying with Newcastle going down to the championship brought them back up as championship winners and then actually didn't back him in the summer you thinking of all the times to back a manager Benitez has shown Newcastle and Newcastle fans some loyalty so surely now is the time to give him some money and if you're looking at so it's a 300 million plus bid so Mike actually bought Newcastle four 134 million in 2007 so it's a massive profit if he sells that decade later a lot Wendy bond 2007 so happy to profit what was still 10 years still what the hundreds made a lotta money but for 70 million year you know ya know but it's a new cars was a side business for him Sports Direct is where he makes his real money all right so that's not exactly a bad so I project to have and it depends what cuz actually said he wanted to get it sold by Christmas hmm a formal bids gone in now in the 21st 2013 November yeah is that long enough it took two months or it takes a beating well there's a month of Jude allegiance that has to take place so a month from now that could happen he's also signed five MBAs so that means that's five interested parties in buying New Castle's Davies I was a PC PC PC PC but they're the ones that have come out and of calm public with their bid all the others if they making people have to come out and be public as well the fact that I'm five makes this very interesting and also could force through the deal it also means that you could actually enter into some sort of bidding war for new cast I think anyway once in it that's what he wants but it goes when we gonna get more money but the problem for Newcastle when we call some fans is that the longer this drones draws out the longer the transitional period will be but ultimately I think up that Newcastle fans are gonna be you know they just want him out and as soon as possible yeah right here we go so we've got Dell boy here saying McInnis has MacInnis has going back to the West Brom job as a McInnis as a former player and to be honest I would take him from the West Brom job over Rangers who were just a bit of a mess right objet someone said come out my nose I've got really runny nose and have you a minute issues himself oh Anthony Barrett's a chlamydia rumor for the West Brom manager job so I want a hundred quid I don't really want to blow it over nothing alright there you go let's wrap it up News at Ten all about the new constant babe let us know in the comments if you're a Newcastle fan are you happy about this bid from Staveley do you want it to go through before Christmas and do you see that as sort of you that can happen till the January transfer window you can sign a few players could you even kick on for maybe trying to push into your open league spot because you're not that to to follow for this point of season let us know and thank you for joining in today we'll be here tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. and British Standard Time until then take it easy

BBC Paxman- -What's the difference between Zionism and Racism

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what is the difference between Zionism and racism what we see the two has been quite distinct yes I liver is clear Liam it was I anism is a political movement relating to the establishment suicide of Homeland the Jewish homeland in the in what is now Israel and racism is something else I mean racism is we I think we all know it when we see it and it's not it's not bad and we have fought long and hard the United Nations to to keep that to maintain that distinction but isn't the fact of the matter what you have done today is exactly what someone like present Ahmed in a Jed once he's won today well we don't believe he has we think that the the protest that we made by walking out of the room has demonstrated just how strongly we feel when that sort of rhetoric is used at the United Nations then that is the action we will take so we believe that we've taken strong action and left him and indeed his supporters in no doubt of what we thought of what he had to say today Oh in that case why was he laughing well you'd have to ask him that you don't think it might have been because you did exactly what he wound you up to do no I don't think it is I think as I say you'd have to but you'd have to ask him now coming up

Bournemouth vs Manchester United | LIVE Stream | Team News and More!

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We’re LIVE from the Vitality Stadium at 12.30pm BST for Premier League team news! Bournemouth vs Manchester United in our opening league game! The best Team News and Prematch chat around! Get your views in the comments!

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We are YouTube’s largest football fan channel, made for Manchester United fans and bringing you big match previews, post-match reaction and reviews, tactical analysis, player debates and much more! If you’re a red, we want you to get involved; whatever you want to say about United you can say it in the comments below. And to become one of our Devil pundits and be on the shows,here’s how you can get in touch:

Linga is out injured hi guys welcome to full-time Devils I'm Adam Accola the team news is just in ahead of Manchester United first born of United's first game in the Premier League this season at the fatality stadium we ended last season that Old Trafford against Bournemouth we start this season at the place where we lost 2-1 last season in that December you remember that December at crazy December how things have changed and I had a feeling a lot more confident now and that team news as I was saying is in a few key selections Herrera and Fellini start in midfield lingard is our injured some matter takes his place I go through the full 11 the hare Valencia babe Lind sure Fellaini Herrera mater Rooney Marshall and of course that guys like ibrahimovic makes his first start in the Premier League Willie cap it with a goal will ander Herrera grab a goal and whose 27th birthday I'm younger than ander Herrera God that's made me feel old anyway let's get stuck into a few your comments on what you think the team is and for you guys that have just joined us a little bit late and that team used a heya Valencia Bailey Lind Shaw Fellaini Herrera mater Rooney Marshall and of course the Latin Ibrahimovic what do you make at a team we've got Alexander who's o.o abscess it's the shittest lineup ever I kind of expected this lineup so I'm not sure why people are so surprised especially with Fellaini starting I know we made that mistake in in the Charity Shield but even Jose Jose Mourinho afforded him the benefit of the doubt and I think with him starting today he's got a chance to prove something to Jose Jose Mourinho before of course Paul Pogba is available it'll be interesting to see who Paul Pogba does replace in that team will it be fellaini or will it be Herrera Armand says why is Micky on the bench I think Mickey T's on the bench simply because it's just got to the Premier League some players take a while to bed in and get used to the pace in the speed of the Premier League so maybe we're just given him his time to bed in with a few substitution appearances before he comes in Jesse lingard I thought he'd start but he's obviously out injured and now mater starts in that wider area it'll be interesting to see if he does swap around with Wayne Rooney as well who's obviously in the hole as I've said before I'm full time Devils when we play Carrie Rooney and Latin through the middle I feel like it's very very slow sold seeing us bringing Herrera and Fellaini hopefully that picks up the pace a little bit in there few more comments why Herrera and Fellini oh yeah Marvin yoga flames was right about Fellini starting as well I think we expected him to start but I think a lot of people just didn't want him to start Memphis on the bench Ratchford on the bench Mickey T shneidman caret Rojo and Romero so our bench is looking very very strong as well which is always good to see that's a beautiful thing I'm Josie Marino's come in he's had six months to look at the team and he's been able to build a squad I think if you look at our second eleven whoever your first 11 is and then you pick a second 11 both teams are very very strong I don't know why everyone's giving fellini's such a hard time to be honest it's called a Cruz got a couple of crucial goals for us as well so even if you dislike him I still give him his juice because he has done a job now and then where is Nigel and says Hamza he went away to the euros with France and then he come back late to pre-season training so it was a bit annoying because he went to the euros didn't play much football then he comes back he's got a delay in his pre-season training and so it's a bit annoying that he hasn't been able to start but still saying that I think shneidman will be one of those that comes into the team and I think in Schneiderlin and Padma you could have a decent a decent front sorry middle two with one ahead of them whether that's Rooney Herrera Mickey T matter whoever you want to play in that number 10 position I'll check out the Bournemouth team as well in a second but firstly guys just a reminder for you guys that jaundice late there's a shitload of flying ants here in Bournemouth I haven't seen these for years and they absolutely huge you remember the old thing well shitload of them around me right now unless I smile and the Flies are just about it may be that it may be that sorry guys if I if my attention goes to my phone I'm not texting anyone I'm not unsnap chat I'm not doing nothing stupid I'm getting tweets and Instagram posts out for full time devils cause today I'm on soldier Media so yeah how do you think will shape up four three three sorry I didn't see who said that but Dow boy sorry about that the mic is closed said a producer keeps telling me to move the mic closer to me as well so I promise I will now listen to him when I listen to you I wasn't listening to him I've got like the question was before that da record yes that's it ziddy one 4hd says how do you think will shape up for free free I think will shape up 4-2-3-1 it seems to be the way Jose Mourinho has been going especially for Manchester United recently so I think that's the way will line up in Europe obviously we've got the Europa League but when I say that I'm thinking of Champions League I think we could potentially see a 4-3-3 in the future but even in the 4-2-3-1 the for free free it's very adaptable it's very flexible and it is similar to the way that Manchester might have played on delivery van Hall the only differences I think that the players have much more intent in terms of getting forward 1500 is that how many people's on the moment Wow guys thank you for joining us make sure you get your comments coming in keep them coming in and he's sorry if I missed them but I will try and get her around to as many as possible Ariane's as lingard he's injured he is injured again some once a team she again please David daheia Valencia Bailey Blin sure Fellini Herrera mater Rooney Marcia and of course that guy is Latin Ibrahimovic did anyone see the interview with Sky Sports News it was a very interesting interview now I think Jeff's Reeves could have asked a few more in depth better questions but some of the questions were great and I really enjoyed that interview was nice to see him talk and while he is this arrogant player I can see him really being a help to the younger players around him in that dressing room MRI Zeid one nine one six I think it was says Smalling Smalling out suspended he should be back for the next game Tom hi mate I always see that guy on my youtube channel as arse off thank you Tom you're all over the place I love it Rooney deserves to be on the bench and matter in his position I do agree matters starting androoni starting so yeah the match starts in one hour you are right me well probably just a little bit less than one hour now I'm looking forward to the game unfortunately no ticket today I mean even harder by the new rules at Manchester I've put into place but of course tickets hopefully I still go into fans that deserve them and fans that I've been going and not to tout but still it's good to see that anyway lots of Reds are here as well and not just the Bournemouth fans as you seen a lot of Bournemouth fund you probably wondering why are we standing with all the Bournemouth fans walking around us I'm not the United fans because there there is a phone mast and that phone masts allows us to get 4G connection if we were over there by the United fans no 4G no connection no me talking outside live so this is why we're here by all of the Balmer found someone with a playful Murray Niall out that team music game for people that missed it yeah so the hey a village sure Bailey Blin sure fellaini Herrera Matt of really Marshall ibrahimovic Valencia's looked like a new player under Jose Jose Mourinho hasn't he he's even like smiling more as well have you seen him his face hi Josie Mourinho been the guy that has finally got that character and the personality out at Tony be because he's come he's been in England a long time Wigan then Manchester United he hasn't really learned the lingo yet someone keeps telling me to dab guys I'm not dabbing it's not happening full time Devils is a dab free zone unless we get Jesse lingard and Paul Pogba doing it it's not happening so sorry guys I'm gonna have to disappoint you unless we win the treble then I'll make a video of me dabbing naked huh the rest of the day basically the rest of the day it's all going down so I'm in Bournemouth I'm here outside the ground at the moment if I can find a ticket also at home in the studio in Manchester we've got their live watch along yes the full-time Devils alive watch along we got snapchat which is going down I even saw a car burning on fire on a motorway today that's on snapchat too but don't worry guys the passenger was safe and sound he was with the ambulance and the paramedics so I wasn't just video in someone burning but snapchats full of madness like that and then Instagram Facebook Twitter we've got it all going on so make sure you keep it it's a full-time devil subscribe to the YouTube channel as well the T news again for you guys joining oscillate David the Heron goal Valencia Bailey blend Luke Shaw Fellini Herrera matter Rooney Marcia and slat and Ibrahimovic I think Manchester night will start off slowly I don't think Manchester now it will be you know full strength full speed full flow but I do think we'll squeeze out a victory here today I'm going for a Manchester night in 1 nil victory with Latin ibrahimovic scoring the goal stop telling me to dab it isn't happening guys thank you for joining us here outside the vitaly's I'm not calling it a vitality stadium I'm calling it being caught because that's what it is being united hopefully gonna win one new in their first probably ever to see that we're gonna get away from all these flying amps I'm Adam Accola we're a yeah

Boris Johnson Tackle vs Germany

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Boris Johnson rugby tackles a German footballer to the ground in a soccer aid match.

FXP Football News | Paul Pogba's Future At Manchester United | Toni Kroos Slams Leroy Sane

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Welcome to Football News – A segment on FootballerXP. Paul Pogba’s Future at Manchester United. Will he leave in January? Toni Kroos slams Leroy Sane for his negative attitude. Join the discussion in football news and leave your comments down below! Thoughts?

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what is up guys I'm teaming and welcome back to football or XP today's video there is a lot of football drama going on right now that we are going to discuss basically Mourinho in an earlier interview stated that his relationship with Paul Pogba was as solid as a rock pop up I recently went on to tell Sky News a different story heading over to the German national team where Tony Cruz has made a very bold statement about his friend and teammate lira san e's attitude starting with the papa the moreno feud moreno earlier in an interview stated that everything was fine between him and Papa but Papa went on to tow Sky Sports abyss yesterday one of the Manchester United captains that is poor Papa said my future is currently in Manchester I still have a contract I am playing there at the moment but who knows what will happen in the next few months when asked about his relationship with Maria he said we have a pure player/coach relationship one thing I can assure you I will always give a hundred percent no matter which coach I always give everything for United I cannot say well thanks for the reassurance Paul that's what every man United wants to hear oh why would you go and say that like to the media he's basically saying you know what man united I'll give everything for you guys because I'm still under contract but the moment my contract ends that's the way I see it that's the way I took it and I don't like the direction this is heading in I feel like poor Papa is planning on making an exit in the January transfer window but that's just my opinion that's the way it feels there's no question that poor papa has been one forming lately and I think that's mostly to do with the emotional side of things but I mean you have to have some sympathy football I don't wanna be coached by a coach who has a bigger ego than all the coaches in the world put together a coach who can never take responsibility for his actions never take responsibility for his wrongdoings and make statements like this pretty much when Tottenham beat Manchester United like two weeks ago Mourinho claimed that Manchester United didn't lose the match I know right the GB submiss man we worked all week and by the strategic point of view we didn't lose by the technical point of view we didn't lose but we lost the game makes sense you know I think I get what he's trying to say yeah we strategically we didn't lose and the opposite of losing is winning so strategically we won tactically we didn't lose so tactically we won right but we lost the match so we lost the match Mourinho the only coach in the world who can lose a match and still win the same match look at you guys why are you being so judgmental you know it's very contradictory statement and if you don't understand it like I don't understand how could you not understand such a contradictory statement like if you don't understand what he's trying to say you sure dumb right I don't understand what he's trying to say but on a personal level I feel like Marino's having the same effect on Manchester United players now he was having on Chelsea players that season when Chelsea finished like eight the winnaman you got sacked like halfway through the season it's ridiculous players are not happy and it's very evident on the field personally I think he needs to go but I want you guys to comment in the comment section what you think what your opinions are let me know and do you think Papa should stay a publisher should leave personally our one puppet to stay under II need to go that's it for me heading over to the Germany national team where Tony Cruz CIA agent used body language just body language to tell the lyrics and his attitude needs to totally improve because he knows everything about body language Tony who said sometimes you have the feeling was Leo's body language that it's all the same if we win or lose he's a player who has everything you need to be a world-class player but sometimes you have to tell him he has to perform better what is crystal-clear is his quality his pace his left foot if he performs he's a real weapon he has the quality especially for us but maybe the head coach looked at his performances for the national team and wasn't happy just fantastic for City last year but Pep has the same problem at the end he's trying to get the best my biggest question here is there's no better way to announce this than to the media right why would you go and tell the media about such a personal issue he's your teammate do you really expect me Rosanna to rock up to training now when your teammates are stabbing you behind your back no not behind your back in front of everyone in front of a whole world actually bro that's not how you handle problems like tell the ring to his face tell him personally I killed Leroy come to my house I got some drinks I got gin I got scotch what do you want earlier is that give me scotch all right now that you had your scotch your attitude me right that's how a best friend handles things over a few babies face-to-face it's a bold statement but he didn't deliver it in a bold manner which is not a bold thing to do all respect to Tony Cruz where it's due I mean I respect him as a player he's one of my favorite players great reader of the game great ball passer he creates opportunities he scores goals as well he's he's a great player he fits into the team very well but I think the way he approached this was just truly wrong totally wrong but rather just have a conversation with him not with us because now imagine how it feels for Leary finding out on social media that oh my teammate and friend Tony Cruz just said something about not cumin and I kind of disagree with the statement as well because all the games I've watched well they were assigned a place for Germany it looks to me like he sure is doing a lot of hard work well a lot of running at least oh wait you don't have to run to work hard according to Cruz right you can just work hard while standing there like Cruz does you could argue that maybe he doesn't work hard off the ball I get that I get that but these are just my opinions guys I know you have your own and I'll be happy to see what you guys have to say so feel free to leave your opinions in the comment section and I will check them out and I will reply to them that's it for today's video guys don't forget to leave a like subscribe to football areas because there is more action coming don't forget to click about notification bell so you don't miss another video see you guys next time

Diego Maradona's Goal of the Century.

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Diego Maradona scores a stunner against England in the 1986 World Cup – right after the famous ‘Hand of God’ goal.

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