Breaking News – Options trading for UK financial services after Brexit

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Breaking News – Options trading for UK financial services after Brexit
Breaking News – Options trading for UK financial services after Brexit

LONDON (Reuters) – A stand-off between Britain and the European Union over the future of London’s vast financial services industry is shaping up as one of the key Brexit battlegrounds of this year. EU trade negotiator Michel Barnier has said there will be no special deal for one of Britain’s most important industries, delivering a blow to hopes of a trade agreement that maintains current flows of staff and services. But British government officials believe the EU will change its mind partly beca…


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Nigel Farage: An Uplifting Message – Brexit Party Rally for Democracy, Bolton, 20.05.2019

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'Boris will stand up to EU' Steven Edginton BBC Radio Kent

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Listen to me on BBC Radio Kent debating Brexit and who should be the next Prime Minister.

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but Stephen Stephen Edgington on the line now I'm Steve the director of politics UMobile Stephen time to change the Prime Minister it certainly is correct you know it's politician UK YouTube channel by the way yes I'm saying trying to finance the right now yep and who do you see is the best person to take everything well I think the only person that I've working at the moment it's obviously Boris Johnson I think he's got the support of a lot of sort of conservative base and I think that he's got support of a lot of the country the extent mile I think he talks you know proper sense common sense politics and it's what the people of this country need we need someone who's actually speaking up for them rather than sort of remain as we've run the country for the last sort of forty three years well maybe speaking of for you but I'm not sure that he speaks out for the entire country well I've gone around the country and I've spoken to people as part my job and 60-million paper ridiculous well I think go to evidence shows to me that a lot of people around the country really support that his sort of straight talking politics and I think that he's right to do that I'm glad that he speaks his mind and he doesn't really care about the consequences of people in Westminster and sort of BBC presenters who might get very very angry with them you know what he said it's all upset about what he said but he just go straight to public and says what they think so I think that's a brilliant thing and when asked one of the key words that people associate with Boris Johnson is the word buffoon I think it's got the country to be a buffoon is it well I think that's the precision of a large number of the public I'm sure it is and I'm sure a lot of the public think that jeremy corbyn's an anti-semite and a large number the public think that reason is absolutely useless I mean that that's just part of the course of being in politics I think when you have these images of you know Boris taunting it's obviously got this sort of feeling like image that's fine and he's also a very great politician I mean to see some of his statements in the columns it made some absolutely brilliant speech is very very statement statesman like man and I think he could be a great Prime Minister he didn't exactly cover himself in glory as foreign secretary did he I think he did I think you need qualified that one well okay he's certainly not popular with the EU I think that's a good thing personally on the European Union obviously very very happy with threesome a being Prime Minister a lot about the negotiations I think we should have someone standing up for Britain and not continually giving concessions for the European Union I think it's great they don't like him fine but have finally someone who would stand up for our country but the point there being them if they don't like him and they see Theresa May as their best option they're gonna make her we'll check his proposal certain aspects of it certainly they'll view it perhaps more palatable more generously than they might otherwise if they see her as their best option so getting that sort of breaks it that suits them I mean I think this is a good consequence of what's going on to be honest I'm glad that the EU are finally saying look we're happy to have a proper negotiation with the UK and if that means that because they're so terrified of forests on to becoming Prime Minister and they're happy finally talk to us about having a proper trade deal they're not fond of me Stephen let's talk briefly about the timing of this do you think that this is appropriate timing for people to be talking about a potential change of conservative leadership I think it should have happened months ago I think we've got a you know you've got to get on with it if we're going to have a change the leader we've got to do it now and we don't do it now and we've got a split with Teresa maybe because there really isn't enough time logistical e to change the brakes that deal what's going on obviously be got checkers it's going to take a while to replace three scenarios we do it for a leadership challenge you know that could take weeks months in terms of you know the actual process and then that leaves almost no time to negotiate a new breakfast deal so we would be crashing out then which I don't think would be a disaster however I think that we are running out time and I'm not happy with breakfast well we had to emps to a breakfast in the ERG for example they have done as disastrous job in terms of organization I think they've got a lot of egos and I'm really disappointed in that because they could have got with a threesome a a long time ago or at least you know all go to checkers a long time ago but they keep on waiting awaiting waiting and the longer they wait the more likely it is that we're going to get a worse deal with the European Union Stephen do you think that that handling breaks it is something of a poisoned chalice no I don't I think that the fact that we are being handled so the people handling breck say and the UK government are so anti-black said they despise it you know all the civil servant none of them voted brexit we've got to remain a cabinet we've got a remain of Prime Minister and when you have people who do not believe and the main policy in this country of course they're going to make a bad job of it of course they're not going to believe in it now that means they can't deliver it properly if it's British people with what people voted for so I think both sides had huge failures and a British politician you know at least I believe totally failed – you know install the proper Prime Minister and a proper plan for leaving the EU on a Canada style free trade deal and remain is on the other side had perfectly failed to institute something to respect the result the fact of course is that however brexit pans out whatever the result of it is it will never be universally popular will it do you accept that I mean the referendum itself okay yes the levers one but it was close and there's certainly a division in within the House of Commons within the country so whatever happens it will never be universally popular will it my point being is if you are looking to change the Prime Minister are you not better to leave Theresa May where she is and let her drink from that poisoned chalice and then replace it with somebody to deal with the consequences who can then be more of a hero I think it's I think it's time to replace her now though that's a problem because we have a checkers agreement which in my opinion does not respect the result it means that we have to carry on taking laws from the European Union we will be a rule taker rather than a rule maker and I think the checkers is it's basically a disaster this country leave us as a vassal state and essentially we would not be in the European you know or outside the European Union we'd be between so I think there's time to get rid through saying now you know all this stuff you're right you're right in the sense that all this bad stuff through your checkers is on her and as soon as we get rid of her and instigate someone who really believes in it then yes fine the country was doing a better and we'll have a lot better prospects of winning a next general election for the Conservatives but I think it's conjugate of her now while she's going through this checkers proposal I think is total disaster for the UK and if she doesn't replace the checkers proposals and yeah she has to go do you think Stephen that looking at it Michel Barnier said earlier this week that November as a possible date time for a deal was still doable as long as certain prerequisites were met do you think if we change the Prime Minister if we change the the current policy that's on the table we could possibly hold ourselves back in terms of getting a better deal for brexit come March next year I think that there is very possible to get a Canada style free trade deal with the European Union which is what they had on the table a few months ago with Donald Tusk this is what happened to the ERG meeting today look we could have a proper breakfast we could have a counter style free trade deal that would be comprehensive it wouldn't be crashing out the European Union on No Deal it wouldn't be staying in certain parts of the European Union like checkers and it will be the perfect option for the UK so I think there is time to do that still and Theresa may really needs for scrap checkers now and bringing the Canada style free trade deal like Greg Spears have been saying from all along we've talked about the possibility of Boris Johnson taking over the Conservative Party does have a history of maybe electing as its new leader not the most obvious or the the the most obvious candidate so do you really think if there were to be a challenge to Teresa Mays leadership it would be Boris Johnson who ultimately would replace it or there are other people you think might be in contention I remember for a very long time George Osborne was meant to be the next prime minister yeah and I think you're totally right I think that they probably won't be Boris Johnson if you look at the history of conservative party leadership elections there's very much a strong chance for a charismatic young probably Tory MP who was the breakfast here I'm really pleased in the cause you could come out of nowhere and he could storm the party and it you could become Prime Minister I simply have no idea but yeah you're right from history's perspective I don't think Boris Johnson is going to be Prime Minister if we look at previous conservative election right no I hear what you say Stephen thanks for joining us really do appreciate it as Steven Eddington director of politics

Watch the explosive interview with Labour Brexiteer Brendan Chilton | James Whale

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Former General Secretary of Labour Leave Brendan Chilton joined James Whale and Ash on their show to discuss the state of Brexit and the benefits of leaving …

Brexit could have been easy: Iain Duncan Smith dismantled by Pascal Lamy

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Politics Live 29 April 2019

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Oh Dan you are an incorrigible delinquent at times alright we're going to welcome on Pascal Lamy he is former director-general of the World Trade Organization and former EU trade commissioner welcome to the program you're giving a speech tonight about brexit I think you also giving a speech about climate change and the current situation on brexit now you said this morning on the BBC on the Today program that we made the wrong choice in negotiating withdraw agreement first and then the rest what did you mean well I'm trying to understand why both UK and the EU bit more UK than the EU in this mess it is a mess my conclusion my own interrogation that it was always to be a mess but some thought it wouldn't be some for breakfast would be sort of short surgical deep blog operation that was not to be done has always been and we should have understood that on both sides by the way better at the beginning a long painful on scrambling process right well that was I agree with salami I think the important point was the biggest mistake was made was right at the beginning when the EU and the UK agreed to put the withdrawal process first and separate that out from any kind of future relationship I don't and I spent weekend half ago I spent two hours with mr. Barney and his team talking about how you can unscramble this separately and I made a proposal the point is did you think first of all but did you think it was going to be simple surgical and easy I never said it was going to be simple I don't think it ever was going to be simple but the key question was it could have been a lot easier and I think the main point is that the two elements of those elements together first of all what dictates the way you leave and your future relationship are inextricably linked because often the future relationship dictates what kind of process of departure you have and therefore whether there's issues around money there all day at the same time but to separate them has been an unmitigated disaster because it's meant we never get to the future relationship or let's remember that this very specific interpretation of article 50 was not the EU interpretation it was the British Prime Minister was under formidable pressure from registers who said Bridget is Bridget we have to do it now we have to do it now and in order to do it now let's stop the process negotiate with Robert agreement and then we will see now the we will see is now taking revenge the reason why the thing doesn't work politically in the UK it's not a new problem I mean there's reality there's never been a negotiation between EU and UK the fundamental problem is whether UK can agree with UK on what bracelet is about ie ie how much of regulatory divergence do the British people want in do they want a big divergence do they want a small divergence if it's a big divergence you exit a lot politically and economically and this has a big cost if you exit a little this is a little political but at a much lower cost and this trade-off between how much you exert politically and how much we get economically is not available for the moment because it wasn't really search that was to be determined later all right so later is taking revenge do you agree well I actually is one of those that said we should have settled where we were going to be as the number one priority what we want and this is the point I just made earlier because we haven't sat down and agreed what the future relationship is going to be which by the way dictates what those relationships are across the board with its customs union or whatever then it's been the wrong way around now I have to say quite categorically the problem isn't just I've never been able to agree here the truth is part that is true isn't Parliament itself is not in agreement really the British public because the Parliament is being elected mostly full of people like Vince who just don't want to leave anyway and the reality has been there for a process of blocking this so you know with respect to salami here domestically the public said they wanted to leave and we should have delivered the leave by now on the 29th of March not that has been the disaster I agree I agree that the public decided they wanted to leave with absolutely no clue of what the implications of that would be economically they will hold again and again with salami by the chancellor everybody else it'll be a disaster if you go it'll be economic suicide that jobs will be lost they were old all of that they still voted to leave the idea that somehow they had no idea what was going they didn't believe that and they voted to leave so let's get on with it look look I was the chief of staff in 1985 when we met with Margaret Thatcher and I was there and had a discussion with her whether moving the direction of the internal market was the right thing to do and she said yes of course because integrating markets reducing obstacle to trade removing border is a great thing for us all which it was now if she was right and I think the Tories roughly believe she was right unless I don't understand properly British politics moving the other around is at a cost if moving the single market if integrating these economies if removing the borders were so beneficial going the other way around has a cost how much of a cost how much of a loss depends on how much UK dance to deviate from EU regulation and back to this problem and I agree with you that's the big issue but there's no compromise today and the fact that we've left the future open allows the sort of paranoia on both sides brexit jurors believe they will be cheated and we may not believe they will be cheated that's that's I think well I actually I think it comes down to one element all of these are the debate about what the future relationship should be but the truth is you could get this deal through if the EU and the UK were prepared to agree to the alternative arrangements on the Irish border which allowed you to have no fixed border and the process now these have been worked through they've been proposed but the government's never put them to them I spent at two hours yovanna the other day talking to others they all know that this is where it's going to have to be because the existing backstop does not work in practice it was plucked from Turkey and it does not work all right so the reality is doing that we'll get this agreement through and the rest is then down to about a year an hour's worth of serious negotiation about whether we want a trade deal which with respect I was director German of the World Trade Organization for eight years of my life which has something to do about custom procedures and this notion that exiting the internal market implies no border iron is pie in the sky there's no way you can exit the internal market without a border by the way that is not when did we when did we have the internal market when we removed the borders yeah yeah but we didn't remember how to remove the border when we were outside of the Schengen Agreement and the point it's also worth remembering is that the existing borders you take something like Rotterdam which does all the ex non EU trade coming in including SPS food markets etc they inspect less than 2% and they don't do it at the border they do it well back from the fix port I'm sorry I was over there I went through it with them the reality is technology now means the idea of barriers and voices is gone a total confusion and by the way which also exists on the neighbor side between the internal market and the customs union the customs union Israel tariffs goods the internal market is about regulations now if you want to divert which is what you want to do which is rather than in the end I think I think not much of that will happen in my own view but I may be wrong if you walk to diverge you have to accept that there will be a border because we you have to control things which abide to different regulatory requirement of course but you'd work on the principle of two things first is equivalence the second take for example the agreement and no it's not but you here is respects ample take what New Zealand does with the EU the using is not a member of the EU's not a member of the single market its foodstuffs are not inspected here because why they trust and agree that in New Zealand the inspections that bring their standards right are at the same level all better than that of the eve and they agree that that is done at the point of departure they are not done at the border so the idea of this being a border point really incorrect no no it's not completely incorrect I'm sorry I agree that if you want try to flow as nicely as possible many of customs procedures have to be moved upstream but you still need a border to check that this is the case the border is not a notional process that is about equivalence and agreement not specific border I mean I agree with is that equivalence is not a magic one you only accept equivalence if you trust and if your collective preferences are harmonized I agreed that for instance on beer there is nothing that really says how you produce beer in the opinion so there's been a written bedroom and in Bavaria and then Scotland and if good if beer is good for Scotland is good for Bavaria now that is okay it's not going to be okay that GMO food or about coronate poetry I'm sorry about that we will not accept GMO food if you want to accept if you want to accept if I don't know whether or not but if you want to accept chlorinated poultry or GMO food there will be a bother and cost because the UK says they won't erect a border and doesn't want a hard border the EU has pretty well said the same the World Trade Organization won't be putting up a border will it the border is something you need to protect your consumer your citizens from risk of imports that do not fit with your regulatory purposes take the example our environment for instance we have a relatively high per Environment Protection standards in the opinion if the UK exit and wants to move down there will be controls at the border but environmental goods or even it's not done at the border anything like that is done at the point of departure and the point of a right can I just say it is a very instructive conversation actually so I didn't interrupt but you know mr. Lumm is a public servant right who has headed the World Trade Organization for 8 years actually understands trade law and trade procedures which is why all this simplistic one can't get away with is just trying to say well it's all the fault of Parliament and people like me I'd be I'm completely open and honest about the Liberal Democrats opposition to brexit from day one we're not to simply sitting in any way whatever that what's what mr. Lama has brought out with crystal clarity is that we're not dealing with you know BEC suppress it isn't a minor issue you know you're in know you're out we've got a whole range of Rex adoptions that is the single point that is why Parliament is paralyzed because the brexit is cannot agree amongst them what form of brexit they want that's what we're having these elections that's where in a complete bind all right well let's um let's sort of move further if you like into the elections that are coming up local and European elections is this is it trade that's talked about on the doorsteps with brexit did you notice in all your discussions that you've had with local constituents that this argument that Ian Duncan Smith and Pascale and me are having was that something that people knew about no right we did to two big kind of in-depth features at the weekend about particularly at local elections and the first one was speaking to people in the parts of Greater Manchester that virtually nobody votes up to kind of 80 to 83 percent of people what was really noticeable I think you can sometimes overstate how much local elections were proxy for the national picture this time though it was quite striking that people were talking about brexit on the doorstep they were or certainly in leave areas anyway people are talking about brexit and when we asked people why they weren't voting whereas in previous years they might have just said oh you know there's no point I don't like politicians this time it was I voted in 2016 you know nothing has happened I'm not going to vote again and we had a lot of people saying we're never going to vote again I think you're absolutely right I think the big issue is the distrust in politicians it's that a thing of but I haven't seen anything happen and the problem is locally you have that issue of the pothole that wasn't dealt with or that other problem that you've spotted and you've seen and it's still a problem so you get that general distrust of well nothing happens at a council level nothing's happening at a national level does anyone really listen to me and does anyone really care what I think and I think the stairs he feeds into that as well because councils have been underfunded now for the best well at least have had their budgets reduced over the course of nearly a decade so councils are themselves less able to do the things that they used to be able to do so you know say you vote for a counselor in the council against it and they probably less likely to be able to fix whatever the thing was that you were annoyed about in the first place than they would have been ten years ago and then that's compounded by what's going on in Westminster do you think bricks it's going to happen that's got me I mean I probably changed my mind 24 times in the last hour referendum to place where are you today I'm my my heart is of course not with Bridget but I have to work with my expertise and my godson I think the likelihood Nonnberg zit is no but higher than it was a year ago and a year ago it was higher than the day after the referendum and I think the reason for that is that sort of the reality the problem of out scrambling is slowly back elating whereas a huge simplification and I think Vince Cable was right this what is either in or out people are starting to realize it's more complex than that now of course it leads to a lot of absurdity the fact that UK who voted to leave in June 2016 is now having to vote to elect European parliamentarians a month from now because this is the law and it's the law that UK people as long as you can have the right to vote on it obviously is frankly speaking this is absurd and this notion I must notion that these people will be legitimately elected members even Thomas we vote in a new commission and then they just make absolutely that I'm going to attend thank you very much for coming in

Vox pop on having to vote in European Parliament elections (18Apr19)

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The people of Ramsgate are interviewed on their thoughts on Brexit being delayed, so ahving to fight the European Parliament elections in May 2019. recorded …

Brexit LIVE: Leadsom EXPLODED at 'KAMIKAZE' Remainers in Cabinet over EU row – REVEALED

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Brexit LIVE: Leadsom EXPLODED at ‘KAMIKAZE’ Remainers in Cabinet over EU row – REVEALED Brexit latest: A furious Cabinet row erupted yesterday …

Hammond to Attack No-Deal Brexit 'Hijack'!

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The Chancellor, Philip Hammond is set to make a speech at a CBI dinner tonight, where he is expected to say that supporters of a no-deal Brexit are trying to hijack the referendum result.


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Philip Hammond will be taking a firm swipe at the supporters of a no deal Brexit amongst his fellow Tory MPs when he gives his speech tonight at the CBI annual dinner in The Brewery in London.

In his speech he is expected to warn that his party should not copy the populist right in claiming that a WTO Brexit was the only ‘truly legitimate Brexit’.

He will also say that unless the Brexit issue is resolved soon, the country could end up with a new PM leading the country towards a what Hammond calls a damaging no deal exit for ‘ideological’ reasons.

He will also say that “all the preparation in the world” will not avoid the consequences of a no deal Brexit.

As I outlined in a video yesterday, the majority of Tory MPs are Remainers and they will love this rhetoric.

Hammond is doing his best to get a Remainer, probably him, into Number Ten.

Moving on. After telling everyone he would vote for the Lib Dems in this Thursday’s EU elections, arch Tory Remainer Lord Heseltine, has had the Conservative whip removed says the BBC.

Now a few thoughts on British Steel. Much is being made of the Brexit angle and some make it look like Brexit uncertainty has caused all the company’s woes.

The Company says it needs a big cash injection to stay afloat to address what it calls ‘Brexit related issues’.

Crucially 4,000 jobs jobs are directly affected and another 20,000 supply chain jobs are also at risk.

I have to say that I’m no commodities expert but I have tried my best to dig out some relevant information.

Now, the connection with Brexit uncertainty is that, last year, the EU Commission temporarily suspended UK carbon credit processes ahead of Brexit. This led to British Steel having to buy these credits on the open markets leading to a need for an emergency loan from the government.

There is a bit of a glut on the world’s steel markets so prices are depressed and the OECD points out that there are more steel works planned across the globe and says that:

“Should these projects be realised, global steelmaking capacity could increase by 4-5 percent between 2019 and 2021, in the absence of closures.”

Then there’s the raw materials involved.

The UK imports the coal and the iron ore that is used to produce steel.

The price of iron ore has increased worldwide by about 44% since the end of 2018 and, according to the Financial Review, prices could stay elevated well into next year.

And some of this has been driven by a mining tragedy in Brazil when a dam collapsed killing 300 people and flooding a mine.

This, says Patrick Commins of Financial review:

“…ultimately ripped 93 million tonnes from seaborne iron ore supply, or about 6 per cent of the total market. Unsurprisingly, prices for the bulk commodity jumped from about $US75 a tonne to above $US90.”

But, overall it looks to me like a combination of increased raw materials prices, high UK energy prices and low prices for goods produced, coupled with an unforeseen cost to purchase carbon credits to maintain operations have all contributed.

As I said I’m no expert and I don’t know how much the company hedged against this sort of thing happening, but it looks like British Steel has been hit by a perfect storm of adverse events. And the Brexit bit was caused by the actions of the EU Commission.

The end result could be that British Steel goes into administration in the next 24 to 48 hours, which will hit workers and their families the hardest.





FT: British Steel collapse fears spark scrutiny of owners Greybull

hello there the Chancellor Philip Hammond is set to make a speech at a CBI dinner tonight where he is expected to say that supporters of a No Deal brexit are trying to hijack the referendum result Philip Hammond will be taking a firm swipe at the supporters of a No Deal brexit amongst his fellow Tory MPs when he gives his speech tonight at the CBI annual dinner in the brewery in London in his speech he is expected to warn that his party should not copy the populist right in claiming that a WTO brexit was the only truly legitimate brexit he will also say that unless the brexit issue is resolved soon the UK could end up with a new PM leading the country towards what Hammond calls a damaging No Deal exit for ideological reasons he will also say that all the preparations in the world will not avoid the consequences of a No Deal brexit according to reports he will say on the populist right there are those who now claim that the only outcome that counts as a truly legitimate brexit is to leave with No Deal let me remind them the 2016 leave campaign was clear that we would leave with a deal so to advocate for No Deal is to hijack the result of the referendum and in doing so knowingly to inflict damage on our economy and our living standards as I outlined in a video yesterday the majority of Tory MPs are remainders and they will love this rhetoric Hammond is doing his best to get a remain err probably him in to number 10 and we all know in which direction he would take the country don't we moving on after telling everyone he would vote for the Lib Dems in this Thursday's EU elections arch Tory remainer Lord Hesseltine has had the Conservative whip removed says the BBC and a Tory party spokesperson said as a result the Chief Whip the House of Lords has informed Lord Heseltine that he will have the conservative whip suspended this will be reviewed if he is willing to support conservative candidates at future elections but according to Jonathan is a be writing in the brexit central Lord Heseltine has not been thrown out of the party despite earlier warnings that such action was incompatible with Tory party membership they do need to keep every member they can don't they now a few thoughts on British steel much is being made of the brexit angle and some make it look like brexit uncertainty has caused all the company's woes the company says it needs a big cash injection to stay afloat to address what it calls brexit related issues crucially 4,000 jobs are directly affected and another 20,000 supply chain jobs are also at risk but this whole brexit bit did not totally stack up with me so I did a bit of research I have to say that I know commodities experts but I have tried my best to dig out some relevant information now the connection with brexit uncertainty is that last year the EU Commission temporarily suspended UK carbon credit processes ahead of brexit this led to British steel having to buy these credits on the open markets leading to a need for an emergency loan from the government but the FT says that some are questioning the need for that emergency loan as a huge investment package had already been put together for British steel by its investors and the FT also says that British steel pushed ahead with investing 40 million pounds in the French steel producer asked eval at the same time as begging for a UK government bailout however there are also other factors at play here there is a bit of a glut on the world steel markets so prices are depressed and the OECD points out that there are more steel works planned across the globe and says that should these projects be realised global steelmaking capacity could increase by 4 to 5 five percent between 2019 and 2021 in the absence of closures then there's the raw materials involved the UK imports the coal and of the iron ore that is used to produce steel the price of iron ore has increased worldwide by about 44 percent since the end of 2018 and according to the Financial Review prices could stay elevated well into next year and some of this has been driven by a mining tragedy in Brazil where a dam collapsed killing 300 people and flooding an iron ore mine this says Patrick Cummins of the Financial Review ultimately ripped 93 million tonnes from Seabourn iron ore supply or about six percent of the total market unsurprisingly prices for the bulk commodity jumped above that seventy five US dollars a ton to above ninety dollars but to offset some of this is the level of sterling and on this the House of Commons library briefing paper on the UK steel industry says a lower pound makes steel made in the UK cheaper to foreign buyers potentially boosting demand for UK steel however a lower pound makes imports more expensive meaning imported coal and iron ore used in the production process in some of Tatas UK operations will cost more the higher cost of imports will also make imported steel more expensive to UK buyers potentially lowering demand for foreign made steel and increasing demand for steel made in the UK but overall it looks to me like a combination of increased raw materials prices high UK energy prices and low prices for goods produced coupled with an unforeseen cost to purchase carbon credits to maintain operations have all contributed as I said I'm no expert and I don't know how much the company hedged against this sort of thing happening but it looks like British Steel has been hit by a perfect storm of adverse events and the brexit bit was caused by the actions of the EU Commission the result could be the British steel goes into administration in the next 24 to 48 hours which will hit workers and their families the hardest anyway what do you think please share and comment and thank you for watching please do like and share this video and also subscribe to my channel and when subscribing please do remember to press on the little bell next to the subscribe button that way you're getting alert every single time I put up a new video thank you very much for watching you

Does This UKIP Rant Represent Us? Russell Brand The Trews (E94)

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Russell Brand The Trews (E94). Analysis of this week’s European Union address.
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On The Trews well good morning I want a privilege to address the three great presidents of the European Union on behalf of my group and on behalf of Hugh Kipp which topped the poll in the United Kingdom so imagine my surprise honest 27th of May as I headed to the conference of presidents meeting in Brussels where the leaders were the European groups sat in a room but I wasn't sure you know would they be nice to me would they be nasty to me will they accept that something fundamental has changed although it was business as usual but if in a stick today if I will pick it out and coming from the UK we didn't even realise that these elections were seen to be significant as far as the next Commission president was concerned the Tories didn't have a horse in the race the British Labour Party had disowned Martin Schulz we were pretty unaware of what was going on a victory for democracy I'm not sure the loser she's like he's flipping over kind of Pancakes he's become the president of the European Parliament now shouts he then ran into the new golden rule of EU politics which is when mrs. Merkel speaks the other heads of state obey and the support for us simply melted away you would have thought when in a hole stop digging but no Dave kept on digging away waited that mine immersing this in the mirror inputs Chaz's on there a better team but no Dave kept on digging away it's a bit more like the intergalactic committees that you see in the modern less enjoyable Star Wars films isn't it our Parliament in England another green lever and dark wood I can't handle that so this is a little bit more likes of a a conference room a service station hotel in South mins and welcome to the swallow Hotel Nigel Farage's in there where he's gonna be Mike simple Oh artichokes I must say as the final vote approached it began to feel a bit like the Eurovision Song Contest it doesn't really matter how good the British entry is such as the dislike of our country around much of Europe but we'll always lose if you want to win Eurovision stuff it's a racist anyway I have to won Eurovision this year I wonder what the prospects are now for renegotiation he's wanking in his pocket number 11 came through life gasps ooh in the last boat which all these younger the drunker Widow he's a smoker my god been that all for Younker the drunker i think he is a smoker he's like a bad old Emma nip we've got a referendum coming up at some points in the not-too-distant future in Britain there is one thing that would convince the British voters to vote to remain part of a European Union and that is a fundamental treaty change that says we no longer have to accept untrammeled access to countless millions of people from across the whole of Europe we need and the British people demands 80% of them want us to get back control of our borders so we can choose who can the Brittain see that thing where he goes 80% of people want control over the borders do you think I think that's just because that arguments stoked up the whole time I don't think that that means that people are all the time wandering around bloody and bruised buddy-buddy that's constantly pushed message that coca-cola's a really popular drink because it's so damn delicious just because that missus he's out there coca-cola coca-cola and immigrant any criminal or an immigrant did not get enough of the message of its corporations and big banks that causing you to be poor it's affecting your life you can argue about the degree of impact that immigration has on an individual's life our affects the job market our affects the economy was true though is it don't affect the economy as much as corporations and the financial sector behaving inappropriately and sequestering off the dollar for themselves the whole time so like if you spit like if you'd like like you would lift in a ten and every five minutes I shave immigrants and more specifically some on shouting immigrants it's just like that isn't it really it was just in your consciousness like a like a bad jingle that's what he's like and he's like a bad jingle their logo looks like a cheap supermarket in there rhetorics like a bad jingle and for the rest of the EU I suspect the next five years will bring endless misery for the southern Mediterranean eurozone countries that perhaps is reflected by the number of Italians we now have in our group and what have we seen in the last 48 hours we've seen naked militarism with the EU flag being virtually goose-step round the yard is that his first speech and I think they came from Europe you come from Europe Roger it's just the name of the big planet ellipse we've seen the European anthem actually I'll tell you this we know the Euroskeptics are the progressives these two gentlemen had nothing to say today it was the usual dirge like dull looking back to the model invented fifty years ago we're the ones that democracy we're the ones that want nation state will ones that will a global future for our country's flat behind he looks really embarrassed not to be trapped inside this museum thank you like he's like but pitch their party what are you doing here what are you doing here you so fast what are you doing here what I heard is the speech of the leader of the Opposition into the House of Commons if you want to wear that kind of speech get elected there a lot of these color where they make phones now Sally Portman in 99 on a night bus just to be able to boast as a British citizen who wants to get out of the European Union picking up at the parlor you screamed like I've been flagged a bit racist you don't really feel like a Flags gone a bit racist that one is a little bit of a racist black you sound like somebody from the old communist era saying that if anybody else if anybody else has a different point of view clearly they're mentally ill or there is something wrong with them what you're gonna have to get used to all of you is the idea that across the political spectrum there are now more Euroskeptics in this Parliament than they've ever been you know when you got a school trip and I go right why on this school trip you're represented in our school so don't do anything in passing minutes of Nick's hammock from the museum shop lots of pencils or some rubbers or something like that was set off a fire extinguisher now do you embarrass the school I never understood that at all I've just seen Hydra Faraj familiar pollen now know why don't mix that from the museum shop window or a school trip because now Nigel Farage country and I'll tell you this mr. Lambert's don't worry too much about my presence because within the next five years I won't be here why he's not something like a living puppet like Jim Henson with temporarily racist heard this you keep creature hello don't like that but I vote for her because but how he feels about European politics I feel a lot of people feel about the politics in general and it won't complete the evolution of parity or power shared equally among people muga and run our own I've said too much some trolls

An Unfinished Project: EU Enlargement in the Balkans

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A film by the Bertelsmann Foundation’s Emily Hruban

It’s been over a decade since the EU almost doubled in size, adding 10 central and eastern European countries between 2004 and 2007. And it’s been six years since Croatia became the newest member state. But now, another wave of EU enlargement seems like a longshot, with several Balkan countries in different stages of the accession process but going nowhere fast.

What are people in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina saying about EU accession? And how does it affect how they view issues like unemployment, migration, corruption, and political division in their countries? Watch now as we go inside these countries and hear first-hand what’s at stake.

[Applause] [Applause] across the Western Balkans the frustration is palpable people want more more accountability from their governments more security more opportunities install a free democracy personality his country once why do you want to join the European Union because it's the only way that we can integrate with whole Europe and live without border and live in the free world yeah that's why I'm here held together for nearly four decades by the dictator Tito with the slogan Brotherhood and unity Yugoslavia dissolved in the 1990s in a series of wars that killed tens of thousands and left millions displaced internationally brokered peace deals ended the wars in Slovenia Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina ana NATO bombing campaign halted fighting in Kosovo the socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was no more and the region broke into seven new countries each grappling with the legacy of war since then these countries have taken different paths pulled by ties to both east and west crowds for the most part are definitely more aligned with Croatia and European Union everything that is west Serbs are more more aligned with Serbia and Russia Bosniaks are most mostly aligned with Turkey and the Muslim world world and it's all wait I mean it's okay but the problem there is that when they're not using any of those influences or any of those Khan contacts diplomatic contacts and so so on so forth for the collective good for the greater good the region is at a crossroads Croatia joined the European Union in 2013 and now its neighbors in the region are trying to follow suit we traveled to the Balkans to Croatia Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia to understand what the future of the European Union might look like in the region for many the EU goes beyond having a seat at the table in Brussels in Strasbourg it's an opportunity for economic growth security and for meaningful and important reform at home she posted a sophisticate Boston and she witnessed a know destroy his voice constant Douglas Mortimer blizzards you me routine coach does not is Mei Villopoto Shana veterans like nozzle village returned home to bleak economic prospects and an unemployment rate that has rarely dipped below 25 percent in the year since many faced serious physical and mental health issues like PTSD me mama Saturn otoko here sister Buddhist Eugenia she's posted with us to Virginia vote research ethics Laura equates universally avocados you know it means bra the government disperses financial support for veterans through a network of independently organized associations which village claims are rife with corruption he and his fellow veterans are protesting the corruption in a makeshift camp they built in the center of Sarajevo much it was about sex is good enough our last New Year's really Lazarus he did say problema honest Onaga Malawi Christa party taco estimate oxen awkward party not you know wastage goodness no not so 9 were talk was the understand amongst to us well browse to our t-mobile stood orders of the Selena mr. dodo make a pan-seared on a killer today Igor generic Bosnia's foreign minister acknowledges that the problem of corruption is serious people here hate it that they see that not everybody is treated the same by the institutions by the judiciary system that there is no real rule of law that institutions are not strong that you have to find some back alley ways to get to anything you need today to all the group theorem Romania still to revoke with the regulator not she understand whether a certain tone opposed to it Madonna rava so we would have a bit no be like a beautiful whoever obscure moon in the top post name across the country in Republic of Srpska Bosnia Serb entity the death of 21 year old David Durkee Javitch in March of 2018 has intensified concern about rule of law the situation in which young man was obviously murder and just just shortly to introduce you to this issue that March last year after this young man was found dead in a couple of hours we had a press conference by the police of Republica Srpska in which they said basically that this young man was drunk that he was under narcotics that he robbed a house nearby and after that kill himself which is crazy David's family has been actively advocating for truth and justice for over a year I don't trust my police and that's sad part like I think that is the saddest part ever that we I actually as citizen of serve public I can't trust my police that I will be safe in my city why many believes that David's murderers may have had connections high up in Republic of Srpska government and police do not have a single clue on what happened and there is a very strong perception that part of institutions not whole institutions but some of people in the key institutions were doing their best not to resolve this case and when you have this then you can feel you can understand why people feel that there is no justice not only for David but for everybody here citizens started gathering for weekly demonstrations asking for answers and justice for young David the protests grew with tens of thousands participated the police attempted to suppress the movement sometimes violent well in the beginning they just let us be there and gather and everything but every time we have some new proof that they're hiding murder it was a really big pressure from them to us they're arresting with no reason you can go and just stand over there right now five of you and police will gather around you and say oh you you are not allowed to stay to stay here more than 10 minutes why why I'm not allowed this is my city I'm this is free country [Applause] the problem extends beyond david story as furs are zero and zero to the questions how many indictments for corruption did you have and how many verdicts how many processes that are finished and i think we need political will we need more pressure I'm speaking about positive pressure not negative positive pressure from public from your international representatives here positive pressure on our judicial system to be more more efficient on this for slack cooker hood such a student and talented musician in Sarajevo the legacy of socialist Yugoslavia often puts the region's difficult economic situation in a frustrating perspective a lot of people here mmm like the generation of my parents they are there used to like the fact okay when you finish your education you will be given a job because it's in a socialist country it's not the case anymore we are living in a you know democracy and that's also a question mark there but job is not current guaranteed so-called you go nostalgia can make today's economic challenges all the more painful my generation was thought that there were it was better here before the war and I've grown up in a country surrounded by people who were mostly telling me it was better before I was born and it's kind of depressing and imagine how how it affects the next generation Bosnia's youth unemployment rate of 55 percent has caused many young people to leave in search of better prospects in the European Union MIDI ha are no studies economics at the University of Sarajevo oh if we would join European Union I think that would had a great impact because we wouldn't you know have to think of living the country we would have created opportunities in terms of I don't know in terms of trade in terms in terms of February because joining the European Union brings the mobility labor and in also the people mobility people honestly just want to live their lives they want to work they want to work jobs they were educated for and the main reason why so many young people are leaving Bosnia right now is because everything that is going on politically and economically is pretty much destroying chances of employment people are not leaving because life here is bad in any way they're leaving because there is no work support for EU accession however goes far beyond the economic people think that job by joining EU we will stop the wars in this country because here you don't have a single generation in last I don't know how many years that have not been fighting at least one war so as one young man told me two years ago I will never forget that if you membership will bring us hundred of years in front of us without a single bullet fired we don't need another benefit it's enough EU accession is often seen as closely tied with NATO membership several is Bosnia's neighbors from Montenegro to North Macedonia EU NATO accession as a stepping stone on the path to EU membership together proponents argue membership in these institutions will preserve the peace in the Western Balkans and beyond however the debate is complicated by the region's wartime history so I mean Mueller's camus they all rose kuehni will not talk to Sonakshi to inertia political put Irina actually public ourselves got protein who was kanata well compare of Madrid here is always a cannot talk that you understand mo good to go but you only say you understand unnecessary to go but started college in a that she only great to you that's a no-go area alone oppressor vegetable destined at the Burberry like in Bosnia Serb majority Republican Scott NATO is a controversial topic in Serbia as well it is based in the real unfortunately not quite a pleasant memory from the NATO intervention not making any comments on whether it was needed or not but the truth is that country was seriously devastated during that period and there were certain casualties even those in the capital many of them really being being everything else but not the military targets Serbian proponents of EU accession are working to untangle the two processes of euro-atlantic integration in order to ensure stability in the region of course security is also a major concern for the European Union this is perhaps most palpable in Serbia given its historic ties to Russia journalist Maria ristic leads the Belgrade Bureau and vulcan inside an independent news outlet now it's more a strategic question and a question of foreign policy because if you don't get Serbia into the EU then knowing Serbian close ties with Russia you will basically get like an island that is not stable and can really affect the neighboring countries Susanna Krupa Shh served as Serbia's Deputy Prime Minister before taking the helm at the European movement Serbia a non-profit founded in 1993 to promote Serbia's accession process there is no vacuum in international relations if you are idle uninterested there always somebody who is more interested and who will jump and fill the gap we'll have one country which is in the middle and the biggest one who still didn't decide whether it's pro-eu or not pro-eu and knowing what happened in Ukraine and in general Russian tendencies in the Middle East I think for EU this is a question of security of the European Union project so I think that citizens perceived an EU as a institution that always demanded something from Serbia and it was never happy with what Serbia basically delivered in Bosnia and Herzegovina's Republic of Srpska ethnic Serbs feel a similar connection to the Russian Federation Sir John Mazel Itza a member of Republika Srpska National Assembly explains the relationship we have never been in war with Russia and that Russian supported our risings during the turkish era that the Russia supported Serbia in first world war that Russia also supported and deliberated Yugoslavia Slava from Germans in the Second World War and that both the people are also those that they share same Christianity the connection however goes beyond their historical bond Russia is a guaranteed interests of the Serbs will not be violated in the Bosnian Saguna and Russia officially supports the territorial integrity of the boss the governor president Putin's never raised any issue neither that Bosnia Saguna should split or nor to be centralized in Bosnia's majority Bosnia and Croat Federation however some like professor Goran kabocha which view Russian influence as cause for concern everybody knows who are the Americas but Russian didn't come here that publicly they came on the back door whispering to these politicians promising things promising this gas pipelines through Boston are so Covina Republika Srpska and then they started coming here more more professional scale those from their Secret Intelligence Service actually those guys who know how to stabilize one can destabilize our country and they are doing it now so they will do everything to stop Bosnia from joining it European Union and NATO foreign minister chanak however cautions against hand-wringing about Russian influence we have made our choices and it is European Union so I think the trying to try to do to make it as some kind of a – – most observable you know that we are also working with China the United States with Turkey we have made our decisions we have done it unanimously although three constitutional people Republican serfs Confederation as both entities so everybody parties in power and parties in opposition everybody supports bosnia-herzegovina in you so this is our main our main course and parallel we we do want to develop the relations with others as well with almost 2,000 miles of shared borders the Western Balkans are a key route for migrants from the Middle East to the EU making the region strategically important for the Union although Croatia is now part of the EU it is not yet a part of the Schengen area Slovenia has even erected miles of barbed wire fencing along its internal EU border with Croatia placing extra pressure on the Croatians to secure the border Sonora Ximena svenska granite erupts Colonia nosotros comemos Schengen o re Pina emotions K standard Samira's are porous muqaddas small do franco prosperous to set each a standardised as a teacher technically Oprah me honesty borough a political slogan iike the migration situation has been a litmus test for those hoping to join the European Union I think the migrants crisis especially the one from 2014-2015 helped European Union understand that it cannot resolve problems on the continent without non-eu countries on European continent and that it's very important to have us inside as soon as possible of course in the small town of B hatch and Bosnia's border with Croatia hundreds wait hoping to cross into neighboring Croatia and on to Slovenia the European Union has provided over 31 million euros in aid in the region since 2015 still disorganization and limited resources have led to serious problems for the migrants and refugees so Boutros adesh ah de mas una – Treme Granato velco Claude issue Holly Mira Naomi ho capito said which is where who Thomas rumored to trapeze it comes to Cabo queasy Aras okay pala rust-oleum scale Audie Church dollarsí paulie trhe bros pasta / – Reba chase lead say Bob regional yet on is attribute HKDL is the poverty austell is luxury less than politics although Serbia's response has been more organized in Bosnians the situation is far from perfect soffit Rizal bigovich is a translator at the Kenyatta camp a few miles outside of Belgrade they're not perfect conditions they are far from perfect I really and we as a government we we agree but this is the best what we can afford currently they are forced to live here two years an extra so if we look from that point of view nothing is okay but if you see from from the another side that they are running from some bond attacks they are running because they are in live danger my name is Vinod I'm from Iraq so what do you want to be when you grow up with Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are placed in a difficult position wanting you membership but being forced to serve as a buffer to the Union without having a seat at the table to establish a common solution the Western Europe should resolve crises in the Middle East so unless you do it you will always have people willing or in North Africa you will always have people willing willing to come so fences and Asylum centers they don't resolve the issue but I guess nobody is willing to resolve the core core problems just to deal with consequences and migrants are consequences of wars fights poverty some argue that those in power are hesitant to undertake the necessary reforms to join the union lest they lose some of their own power that's the thing we were told almost 20 years that's our main goal to join European Union our petitions are just talking they say it will be next year next year next year but European Union is not coming here when immunocal billion is not at least a little is a lot read it with an assist to read it some other go Stalin lost even to the Sony Chuckie plushie talk nursing Nikko get the instruct it was a certain machine Dean stone it would be a funky so it was easy kudos eliminated wasted valina European Union is a very slow Union they able to discuss everything I understand the reason they are not accepting us a lot of referee forms to do but we are not interested in doing that so fast because many of our politicians are interested in European Union if there is the only guarantee from their politicians from a side of European Union petitions that they won't be prosecuted for the crimes they allegedly did some Bosnians argue that the EU is only dangling the possibility of membership in order to accomplish its own agenda in the region problem is the European Union they don't want in this moment Bosnia in this is situational what you have in this moment I think that European Union has to make some efforts to take both well according to the Dayton Accords and Dayton peace agreements was setting it ain't no higher in the United States with help of the American government and American presidents into 1995 these waters are gonna consist of two entities negotiators divided the country into these two parts or entities roughly along ethnic lines with Muslim Bosniaks and Catholic car Lots mainly in the Federation and Orthodox Serbs mainly in Republic of Srpska the role of head of state was divided into three positions by the Constitution in order to include one bosniak one car lot and one serve known collectively as the presidency we do have situation in which for the three member presidency people can be candidates only if they belong to one of three ethnic groups presidencies consistent of the one a Serb Croat and Bosnia member and that sadek Dara Salish who is aroma and occupancy who is a Jew they appealed and that the this constitution is discriminatory say ditch and fin see brought their case to the European Court of Human Rights and in 2009 the court ruled that the men's in eligibility to run in these elections violated the European Convention on Human Rights a decade later however minorities are still ineligible to be candidates for the presidency minority groups still organize actively fighting for their rights and holding on to their cultures like this Slovenian singing group the accession process could be the one opportunity the country has to make serious structural changes to its government but it could also disrupt a delicate balance in a region that is still recovering from more oh well we have one issue that differs us from our neighbors and other accession countries and that is coastal issues Kosovo declared independence from Serbia over a decade ago although much of the international community acknowledges Kosovo as an independent country Serbia and its key allies like Russia and China as well as EU members like Spain and Greece do not the EU is placing pressure on Belgrade and Pristina to normalize relations before they enter the union problem between Serbia and Kosovo we all know is not is not a new one but if I would alone be myself making comparisons compared to real life it would be like a lousy marriage that was ended in not quite well manner where both sides believe they were right and whichever side you listen you'll have a sympathy some see the Kosovo issue as a distraction from other serious reforms that are needed this is the issue that has hijacked our integration process to the EU and that all other parts of the integration process are mm put on side until we resolve the coastal issues so as one of the biggest or the biggest political issue that we need to resolve before we move forward in in the accession process despite the emotions complicating the issue many see it as the only way for Serbia and Kosovo to move forward on their own path – EU accession people are getting realistic that it is in our best interest to resolve it not only because of the you but because you cannot live forever in a frozen conflict or in a status quo with your former southern province now we have a new proposal coming from both Serbia and Kosovo it's that the Kosovo should be divided among ethnic lines the proposed land swap would involve redrawing Serbia's southern border with Kosovo to include area that is majority ethnic Serb well parts of Serbia that are predominantly ethnic albanian would become part of Kosovo in the meantime many Serbians are fed up with the long and complicated process oh well the percentage of people who support Serbia's accession to the EU has been declining of course you cannot keep the moment to me if you don't see the real progress we are faced with the process of as they call it in to you enlargement fatigue and we call it here accession fatigue so when these two processes meet which is the case here in Serbia you have the result that we are in a slow-motion some argue that the political will may not be there on the European side as well the EU has a lot of toolbox this is just the question whether it wants to use it or not the U is also not United that's also one of the issues you will have some countries of the EU who will say for us coercive is important but it's also important to have rule of law other countries will say look we can I don't know look on the other side because Serbia is doing a great thing and wants to resolve Costabile issue so it's really also depending on what he wants and whether EU wants Serbia as if members stay expect that we being part of this big family will have more input and income of the European economy and that will raise our living standards for our citizens which is very important for us so we also what is very important for us fulfilling the European standards it's not only important for the European Union it's also important for our citizens so much unions that can be able to grow school new a brewski standard which some people can you model import a lot this is very important to have this all standards and decisions implemented because it protects these are very good resolutions that protect our citizens very important our citizens also raise these issues they want to know what they are buying in your store they want to have air less polluted and we truly believe that many European values standards regulations are in favour of citizens Serbia has a chance to become normal modern European country so that is our only chance to progress it's not only about the money it's about creating a democratic sustainable system we need to see the reforms done we need to see better lives that's what people expect better life that's the EU for the people I have no idea and honestly I don't think anyone has any idea what joining the EU would mean for Bosnia you always hear people talking about joining the European Union be it politicians journalists anyone on the street and they're really talking about it but I most of them most of them don't really know what they're talking about joining European Union has become like the thing we are all waiting for like it's gonna happen and it's gonna solve everything and the truth is I think completely opposite I think everything needs to be solved before you joining the European Union at its heart EU accession in the Western Balkans is an opportunity for these countries to change not for Europe but for themselves and for their citizens [Applause] you

"What if EU Elections are cancelled?" – Farage Responds

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The Brexit Party, Birmingham, 13th April 2019.

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but there are some in the commentary at who think ah what they'll do to stop the brexit party winning these elections is they will come to a deal between the Labour and conservative parties they'll come to a deal on a form of permanent customs union they'll come to a deal on membership of the single market they'll come to a deal on the continued free movement of people they'll come to a deal and that'll be great because it'll stop the brexit party from taking off let me tell you if that grubby deal happens and if they're able to stop which I don't believe they are but if they're able to stop these European elections far from that stopping the brexit party the brexit party in the face of a level of betrayal on that level will literally explode and split the other parties into [Applause]

Labour NEC rejects calls for referendum on any Brexit deal

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The Labour Party’s Brexit policy for next month’s European Elections will be to back a second Brexit referendum only if it can’t get the changes it wants to Theresa May’s deal – or a General Election. (Subscribe:

The policy was decided in a five hour meeting of Labour’s ruling body – the National Executive Committee. Remainers in the party had wanted Jeremy Corbyn to agree to hold a referendum on any deal, in all circumstances.


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shouting at a different building for a change Labour's National Executive Committee meeting on the second floor they listened to each other's arguments for five hours before signing off on the draft Jeremy Corbyn wanted for the European elections manifesto things hadn't moved much at all despite efforts by some supporters of a second referendum like the deputy leader of the party Tom Watson who want a second referendum argue the party risks losing the enthusiasm if not the membership of many activists and losing votes to parties with a more outspoken Lee Pro remain one of those parties today was trying to exploit just that apparently 22 of the 70 labour MEP candidates are in favour other people's votes good but not good enough where are the other 48 every single one of our change UK candidates supports a people's vote but some Labour MPs who represent Pro leave constituencies worried that the party is already seen as anti brexit and some pro referendum labour front benchers they're in danger of alienating some labour supporters for good you've got members of the Shadow Cabinet who were openly supporting a second referendum with really only remained on the ballot and that does make people who voted to leave in constituencies like mine very very angry it will hurt labour badly you think in a general election let alone the ones that are coming up I think there is on an honest prospect that this could be the final breach of trust with voters who have been moving away from the labour party for some time in town mine but who now feel that they have been completely not just let down but actually disrespected through this process analysis their efforts to get an agreement between the labour and conservative front bench teams on a brexit deal would intensify in the coming days at cabinet today three ministers protested to the Prime Minister that they thought the conservative family could still come together and itself deliver the brexit deal without labor help any more dn't and rule Edson Liam Fox were firmly told by the chief whip that wasn't realistic that some Tories think could mean an awkward moment for the Labour leader he's offered pretty much all he's asking for from the Tories on brexit others think Jeremy Corbyn too aware of the divisions within labour will find a way to reject any offer but Teresa may looks like she might be playing her last card a Chief Whip told the cabinet those who thought brexit could be got through on Tory MP votes was simply hiding under the duvet Gary Gibbon there with that report I can now speak to two Labour Party MPs in a moment we'll be speaking to Labour's shadow Business Minister Barry Gardner who was in that NEC meeting today but first let's go to Melanie on who has been are we shaking his head – perhaps he wasn't we'll find that out when we get to him a campaign she's on the campaign trail in her constituency in Grimsby today Melanie on what have you found on the doorsteps of Wims be today you've been hard at it good evening John there were two main issues that people have been talking to me about the first it's a very local issue around recycling rates and people very keen to get new recycling bins but the second of course is bricks it and everybody wants to talk to me about that knowing when exactly it's going to happen and why it's taking nearly three years to get to a position where the the deadline of the 29th of March has been and gone and nobody really knows what's happening now so what do they make of your party wrangling about whether to have another referendum to be honest that isn't getting a great deal of cut-through with the people that I've spoken to today I know that that will be all the talk in London and in Westminster circles but out here on the doorstep it is very much about the big bricks at issue why hasn't it happened yet and I heard that piece from Lisa Nandi earlier in the program and I think that she's right people are feeling very frustrated that their views are being ignored and I know that my constituency is extraordinary in some respects because it was such a high leave vote and that isn't the case across the whole of the country however people overall did marginally vote to leave and they expected to see some progress and at the moment it feels very much like it's a plague on all of your houses for not getting our act together and I would say the Prime Minister should have reached out earlier to the Labour Party to try and reach an accommodation much earlier than she did do and this is her timetable that has failed however they don't understand why political parties and representatives can't sit down like grown-ups and reach an accommodation well now I mean do you find contrasting today with when you first set out on the original brexit campaign I mean if you find people are clearer about the issues really understand what it's all about and have any of them at all adjusted their views I don't think that anybody that I've spoken to over the last a few weeks or even the last few months have changed their views at all they have if anything become more entrenched particularly people who were very passionate on both sides of that debate however for those who were slightly more ambivalent and perhaps it was a finer balance about how they chose to vote in in that referendum they very much feel like they recognized that the referendum did not go in their favor those remain voters and so think well then it is the government's responsibility to get on with this and deliver a deal in the best way possible and what happens to you now because I mean you were I think originally remainer yes yeah absolutely and I'm very clear with constituents I campaigned for remain that I voted for remain that you know if if it comes up again which I very much hope that it doesn't that I would probably still be in a position where I say on balance I personally still think that it is better to remain however I recognize that seventy percent of people in this borough and in my constituency voted to leave and we asked them what it was that they wanted us to do and although I am NOT mandated by my constituents I do recognize that when we ask them a question and they tell us what it is that we should do that their views do deserve to be represented and that's what I hope I've been doing in Parliament Melanie on thank you very much indeed for joining us from Grimsby we're now turning to Barry Gardner who in fact is shadow trade minister and was not in the NEC meeting but attended the Shadow Cabinet what what do you make of this fudge tonight I mean it seems you're having a Betty both ways job well John Connor actually first of all congratulate channel for that I think is the most balanced piece of reporting on brexit and and and this whole debate that I've heard in a very long time because you've presented both sides I think you've tried to present both sides very fairly and the the really extraordinary thing about these coming elections is that there is only one party who will be going into those elections trying to appeal to both sides of our population whether they were leave or remain and what we're saying is look we we were a remain party we campaign to remain but when that Democratic decision was taken as Democrats we said okay we made you a promise that was a promise that we committed ourselves to in our manifesto we then said that we would try and deliver on that result we made certain reservations on that and that was we would not go for a no deal and that we would certainly not go for a bad brexit such as the one that's been criticized on all wings of the political parties right across Parliament which is Theresa may steal and that's why we're in there now at the moment trying to negotiate with the government and and Melanie on put it so brilliantly when she said look and she should have been doing this the Prime Minister should have been doing this and you know two years ago bringing recognizing the division that there is in our society and trying to heal it trying to reconcile it and that's why she should have reached out to the Labor Party into the opposition you know two years ago but so we could try and create a compromise but let's say 80 percent of the population would say look it may not be fair it may not be exactly what I want but I can live with this yeah but at the end of the day you look like a push me pull me party I mean in the face of the very strident Nigel Faraj and the forces that are absolutely determined to push ahead with the whatever brexit they can get you seem to be sort of you know very indistinct tonight but no I I reject that entirely because the the vision that Nigel Farage has is of a no deal brexit a deregulated brexit where we would go on to the disaster that would be World Trade Organization turns and what we said is quite clear and that is we will respect the referendum result we should leave the European Union but we should do it in a way that protects jobs protects standards of the environmental standards and rights protections in the workplace for people and in a way that in a BMI chained to we have very little time and and what you do seem to be saying is is that you you will have a referendum if there isn't a deal and you will have a referendum if you can't get anything else it's a kind of backstop well actually John let me refer you back to September last year you were at the party conference I think our labor came out after six hours of negotiation with that compromise and everybody at the time hailed that compromise as as really grown-up politics because what we said is look we will abide by the promises that we've made to the public promises to try and deliver on on the the referendum result but equally promises that we will not run remind people's well-being and and that's what we're continuing to do so very go get that deal we will if we can't then we'll go for a public vote we must leave it there thank you very much indeed for joining us thank you thank you

UKIP EU-Parl candidate Carl Benjamin tries to defend his opinions/words (16May19)

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UKIP cancidate for the European Parliament Carl Benjamin defends the various comments he’s made online etc.

Recorded from BBC2 HD, Victoria Derbyshire, 16 May 2019.

EU contributed to starting Ukraine conflict – @UKIP MEP Mike Hookem

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| • European Parliament, Strasbourg, 15 July 2014 • Mike HOOKEM MEP (Yorkshire & North Lincs), UK …

Remainer Parliament debates Anti Brexit Options!

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A Remainer parliament led by a Remainer Speaker is right now debating all the anti-Brexit options they can.


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I find it staggering that I am watching our elected representatives in the House of Commons now openly discussing keeping the UK under European Union control by whatever means is available to them.

Actually, I lie, I am not staggered at all, I’m just surprised that it’s taken them this long to break cover and that they’ve left it so late that it will prove to be a political shock to the UK system.

Normally, where the EU ratchet is concerned, it’s just a slow incremental process so that no-one realises what’s going on.

But believe me, people are taking notice right now!

But those MPs in Westminster are so isolated and shielded from the ordinary voter that I’m not sure they realise how angry people are with their anti-Brexit performances.

And this afternoon MPs are only debating and voting on anti-Brexit proposals.

After the House voted to take control of the order paper again, the Speaker, John Bercow, selected four of the eight amendments for the debates.

These were:

First, Ken Clarke’s amendment to put the requirement for a permanent UK-wide customs union with the EU into any withdrawal agreement and political declaration that might arise.

Second is the Common Market 2.0 proposal put forward by Nick Boles.

Third is the so-called ‘confirmatory public vote’, which really means second EU referendum.

And last is the one called ‘parliamentary sovereignty’, which basically says that if we get near to the end of the current extension period without agreeing a way forward then we have to ask for another extension. And if no extension is forthcoming, MPs get to vote on whether the UK leaves on a WTO Brexit basis and if that is voted down the government must immediately revoke Article 50.

As you can see. they are all amendments that would be likely, if they gained a majority, to lead either to Brexit being reversed directly, or in the form of EU control over our future in another form.

Now, many remain MPs seem to have decided to back more than one of these amendments and both the Labour Party and the SNP seem to be favouring the Nick Boles plan.

Now the one thing in the Boles plan that the EU will not like is the bit that talks about it including the UK having a say on future EU trade deals. It would also as a default include the free movement of people.

Now, to sort any of those out would require the UK to be involved in EU parliamentary elections.

As to negotiate a customs union would probably take some time, as would setting up common market 2.0 or giving time for a confirmatory vote. And revoking Article 50 means staying in the EU so elections would be a must anyway.

Now, as far as I’m concerned, as well as all Brexiteers I talk to, were the UK to take part in MEP elections it would be a political statement that Brexit had been reversed!

It is as far as I’m concerned part of the one way route to Remaining in the EU.

It would be dressed up as a temporary measure, but we would find ourselves trapped in the EU for the whole parliamentary term as excuse after excuse is made to keep us there.

The troubling bit for me is that those debating these measures all know that we would need to hold MEP elections, but they do not talk about it in their speeches and debates.

They are probably hoping no-one will notice!

Ah well! Let’s just see what the votes later tonight bring.

Source: BBC Parliament Live

hello there a remain of Parliament led by a remainer speaker is right now debating all the anti brexit options they can I find it's staggering that I'm watching our elected representatives in the House of Commons now openly discussing keeping the UK under European Union control by whatever means is available to them during this second indicative vote session actually I lie I am NOT staggered at all I'm just surprised that it's taken them this long to break cover and that they've left it so late that it will prove to be a political shock to the UK system if they get their way normally where the EU ratchet is concerned it's just a slow incremental process so that no one realizes what's going on but believe me people are taking notice right now but those MPs in Westminster are so isolated and shielded from the ordinary voter that I'm not sure they realize how angry people are with their anti brexit performances and this afternoon MPs are only debating and voting on anti brexit proposals after the House voted to take control of the order paper again the speaker John Berko selected four of the eight amendments for the debates these were first Ken Clark's amendment to put the requirement for a permanent UK wide customs union with the EU into any withdrawal agreement and political declaration that might arise second is the Common Market 2.0 proposal put forward by Nick Boles third is the so called confirmatory public vote which really means second referendum and last is the one called parliamentary sovereignty which basically says that if we get near to the end of the current extension period without agreeing a way forward then we have to ask for another extension and if no extension is forthcoming MPs get to vote on whether the UK leaves on a WTO brexit basis and if that is voted down the government must immediately revoke the article 50 process as you can see they are all amendments that would be likely if they gained a majority to lead either to brexit being reversed directly or in the form of EU control over our future in another form now many remain MPs seem to have decided to back more than one of these amendments and both the Labour Party and the SNP seem to be favoring the Nick Bowles plan now the one thing in the Bowles plan which is the customs union 2.0 that the EU will not like is that bit that talks about it including the UK having a say on future EU trade deals it would also as a default include the free movement of people now to sort any of those out would require the UK to be involved in EU parliamentary elections as to negotiate a customs union would probably take some time as would setting up common market 2.0 or giving time for a confirmatory vote and revoking article 50 means staying in the EU so elections would be a must anyway now as far as I'm concerned as well as all brexit II as I talked to were the UK to take part in mep elections it would be a political statement that brexit had been reversed it is as far as I'm concerned part of the one-way route to remaining in the EU it would be of dressed-up of course as a temporary measure but we would find ourselves trapped in the EU for the whole parliamentary term as excuse after excuse made to keep us there the troubling bit for me is that those debating these measures all know that we would need to hold mep elections but they do not talk about it in their speeches and debates they're probably hoping no one will notice oh well let's just see what the votes later tonight bring so let us all know what you think by leaving a comment below and thank you for watching you please do like and share this video and also subscribe to my channel and when subscribing please do remember to press on the little Bell next to the subscribe button that way you're getting alert every single time I put up a new video thank you very much for watching you

UK ministers back Theresa May on Brexit deal

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UK Prime Minister Theresa May has won the backing of her cabinet for a draft Brexit deal struck with the European Union.
May says it is a decisive step towards a final deal.

Al Jazeera’s Paul Brennan reports from London.

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the marathon cabinet meeting concluded after five hours the outcome Theresa May has the backing of her government ministers at least the choices before us were difficult particularly in relation to the Northern Ireland's back stock but the collective decision of cabinet was that the government should agree the draft withdrawal agreement and the outline initial declaration but if I may end by just and there was a deeply personal finale I believe that what I owe to this country is to take decisions that are in the national interest and I firmly believe with my head and my heart that this is a decision which is in the best interests of our entire United Kingdom since the first leaks of the draft brexit deal emerged on Tuesday evening has been a febrile atmosphere in Westminster ahead of the cabinet meeting there was a boisterous session in Parliament and without even having seen the text of the deal the opposition leader heap scorn on it it breaches the Prime Minister's own red lines it doesn't deliver a strong economic deal that supports jobs and industry and we know they haven't prepared seriously for no deal so does the Prime Minister still intend to put a false choice to Parliament between her botched deal or no deal the position of Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party is also crucial in all of this the Prime Minister's minority government relies on DUP support in Parliament but their backing on Brecht it looks doubtful if she thinks that she's going to get this to Parliament she has another thing coming all the groups she needs none of them seems willing to help her the DEP were invited for this deal because it puts a barrier between Great Britain Northern Ireland and the hard Rex's weren't supported because it keeps in the Customs Union a lot of remainders Boeing did because it reduced our influence it does nothing for services and it keeps us a mere instance without any to say the over running of the UK cabinet meeting meant that in Brussels a meeting of EU ambassadors had to break up without getting the chance to discuss the draft text nevertheless Michel Barnier the EU chief negotiator hailed the decisive progress as he put it that he said had been made de corazon to this agreement is a decisive crucial step in concluding these negotiations it's also the achievement of a method a methodology and negotiations carried out in transparency from the word go and fully in respect of our respect of man des cabinet approval means plans can now be accelerated for a summit of EU leaders most likely on November 25th but an actual fact the collective approval of her cabinet ministers was perhaps the least of Prime Minister Teresa mais worries important though it was remember she still faces the prospect of a no confidence vote in a leadership from her own party back benches and there is the prospect of a parliamentary landscape with so many different contingents that there is no clear consensus or majority for anything other than opposition to her brexit plan Paul Brennan al Jazeera Westminster

Theresa May Says Parliament Will Vote on a 2nd Brexit Referendum

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Theresa May made a desperate final gamble to get her Brexit deal through the British Parliament before she’s thrown out of office — but her efforts look doomed.

In a hastily arranged speech on Tuesday, the embattled prime minister promised to give members of Parliament a vote on whether to call another referendum to ratify the terms of Britain’s divorce from the European Union. It’s something many MPs — including scores in the opposition Labour Party — have been calling for, but she made it conditional on them backing her deal first.

Within minutes of her speech ending, the backlash began. Pro-Brexit Conservative MPs lined up with the opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn and May’s Northern Irish allies to condemn her proposals. They vowed to vote against them in the House of Commons next month.

May’s latest offer represents possibly the final throw of the dice for a prime minister who has run out of options. Almost three years after the U.K. voted to exit the EU, May’s deal has been rejected three times by Parliament. She’s tried cross-party talks to work out a joint plan with Corbyn but they collapsed last week.

Conditional Offer
The pound strengthened after Bloomberg reported the plan to allow a vote on another referendum, but then gave up its gains and was unchanged at $1.2732.

May has promised to put her deal, in the form of a draft law, to a vote in Parliament in the first week of June. Facing overwhelming calls for her to resign, the prime minister has promised to agree to the timetable for her own exit once that vote has taken place. Barring a political miracle, May is headed for a humiliating end to her career.

“I have tried everything I possibly can to find a way through,” May told an audience in central London. “I offered to give up the job I love earlier than I would like.”

The prime minister said that although the cross-party talks with Labour have failed, most members of Parliament still want to deliver the result of the 2016 referendum. Then she set out her offer of “one last chance to do that.”

As part of a 10-point plan, May promised:

A choice for Parliament over the kind of customs model the U.K. should have with the EU after Brexit.
A guaranteed vote on whether to call a second referendum to ratify the terms of the exit deal, before Parliament can approve the divorce.
Alternative arrangements to mitigate the impact of the so-called “backstop” plan to for avoiding a hard border with Ireland.
But first members of the House of Commons will need to vote in favor of May’s overall divorce deal in the first week of June.

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good afternoon ladies and gentlemen my name is Kevin and is chairman and Senior Partner of the UK and Middle East Coast I'm delighted to welcome this afternoon Prime Minister Sir ministers and represented the media to our offices here in Bank my place I know you don't want to hear from me just a few quick words on PwC we employ 22,000 people in the UK and over the last year we've recruited two and a half thousand school leavers apprentices and graduates to our buildings 25 offices across the UK it's a special week for us because this week we open a new office in Bradford to provide high quality jobs to the community they're like all business leaders we crave certainty and stability and therefore I'm delighted to ask Prime Minister to the platform now speak about brexit thank you very much thank you very much I became Prime Minister almost three years ago immediately after the British people voted to leave the European Union my aim was and is to deliver brexit and help our country move beyond the division of the referendum and into a better future a country that works for everyone where everyone has the chance to get on in life and to go as far as their own talent and hard work can take them that is a goal that I believe can still unite our country I knew delivering grexit was not going to be simple or straightforward the result of 2016 was decisive but it was close the challenge of taking brexit from the simplicity of the choice on the ballot paper to the complexity of resetting that country's relationship with 27 of its nearest neighbors was always going to be huge while it has proved even harder than I anticipated I continue to believe that the best way to make a successor brexit is to negotiate a good exit deal with the EU as the basis of a new deep and special partnership for the future that was my pitch to be leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister that is what I set out in my Lancaster House speech and that was what my party's election manifesto said in 2017 that is in essence what the Labour Party's election manifesto state is to and over 80% of the electorate backed parties which stood to deliver brexit by leaving with a deal we've worked hard to deliver that but we have not yet managed it I've tried everything I possibly can to find a way through it's true that initially I wanted to achieve this predominantly on the back of conservative and votes in our parliamentary system that is simply how you normally get things done I thought the changes MPs demanded I offered to give up the job I loved earlier than I would like and on 29th of March the day we were meant to leave the EU if just 30 MPs had voted differently we would have passed the withdrawal agreement and we would be leaving the EU but it was not enough so I took the difficult decision to try to reach a cross-party deal and brexit many MPs on both sides were unsettled by this but I believe it was the right thing to do we engaged in six weeks of serious talks with the opposition offering to compromise but in the end those talks were not enough for labour to reach an agreement with us but I do not think that means we should give up the House of Commons voted to trigger article 50 and the majority of MPs say they want to deliver the result of the referendum so I think we need to help them find a way and I believe there is now one last chance to do that I've listened to concerns from across the political spectrum I've done all I can to address them and today I'm making a serious offer to MPs across Parliament a new brexit deal as part of that deal I will continue to make the case for the Conservative Party to be united behind a policy that can deliver grexit nine out of ten Conservative MPs have already given the withdrawal agreement they're backing and I want to reach out to every single one of my colleagues to make the very best offer I can to them we came together around an amendment from sir Graham Brady and this gave rise to the work on alternative arrangements to the backstop although it's not possible for those to replace the backstop and withdrawal agreement we can start the work now to ensure they are a viable alternative so as part of the New Mexico we will place the government under a legal obligation to seek to conclude alternative arrangements by December 2020 so that we can avoid any need for the backstop coming into force I've also listened to unionist concerns about the backstop so the new brexit deal goes further to address these it will commit that should the backstop come into force the government will ensure that Great Britain will stay aligned with Northern Ireland we will prohibit the proposal that a future government could split Northern Ireland off from the UK's customs territory and we will deliver on commitments to Vall island in the December 2017 joint report in fall we will implement paragraph 50 of the joint report in law the Northern Ireland Assembly and executive will have to give their consent on a cross community basis so new regulations which are padded to the backstop and we will work with our competence and supply partners on how these commitments should be entrenched in law this near exit delay will contain significant further changes to protect the economic and constitutional integrity of the United Kingdom and deliver brexit it is a bespoke solution that answers the unique concerns of all parts of community in Northern Ireland but the reality is that after three attempts to secure parliamentary agreement we will not leave the European Union unless we have a deal that will curb on cross wider cross-party support and that is why I sat down with the opposition I've been serious about listening to views across the house throughout this process that's why I went to Labour MP easily Sunanda and Gareth Snell put forward their proposals to get Parliament the bigger say in the next phase it goes I listen to them so the new brexit deal will set out in law that the House of Commons will approve the UK's objectives for the negotiations on our future relationship with the EU and they will approve the treaties governing that relationship before the government signs them and while the talks with the opposition did not reach a comprehensive agreement we did make significant progress in a number of areas like on workers rights I'm absolutely committed to the UK continuing to leave the way on this issue but I understand people who want to guarantees and I'm happy to give them so the new brexit deal will offer new safeguards to ensure these standards are always met we will introduce a new workers rights bill to ensure UK workers enjoy rights that are every bit as good as or better than those provided for by EU rules and we will discuss further amendments with trade unions and businesses the new brexit deal will also guarantee there will be no change in the level of Environmental Protection when these EU and we will establish a new independent office of Environmental Protection to uphold the highest environmental standards and enforcement clients the new Rexach deal will also place a legal duty on the government to seek as close to frictionless trade with the EU in goods as possible subject to being outside the single market and ending freedom of movement in order to deliver this the UK will maintain common rules with the EU for goods and agri-food products that are relevant Czech supporter this will be particularly important for our manufacturing firms and trade unions protecting thousands of jobs that depend on just-in-time supply chains the most difficult area is the question of customs at the heart of delivering grexit lies attention between the strength of our ambition to seize the new opportunities that brexit presents and the need to protect the jobs and prosperity that are built on interconnected relationship with other european economies this ambition should not be divisive there are many people who voted to leave who also want to retain close trading links with Europe just as there are many people like myself who voted to remain a debtor excited by the new opportunities the brexit presents indeed I believe one of the great opportunities of leaving the European Union is the ability to have an independent trade policy and to benefit from the new jobs and industries that can result from deepening our trade ties with partners across every continent of the world but I've never believed that this should come at the expense of the jobs and livelihoods that are sustained by our existing trade with the EU and to protect these both the government and the opposition agree that we must have as close as possible to frictionless trade at the UK EU border now the government has already put a proposal which delivers the benefits of a customs union but with the ability for the UK to determine its own trade and development policy neighbor are both skeptical of our ability to negotiate that and don't believe an independent trade policy is in the national interest they would prefer a comprehensive customs union with a UK say entry entry policy but with the EU negotiating on our part if we're going to pass withdrawal agreement bill and to deliver brexit we must resolve this difference as part of the cross party discussions the government offered a compromise option of a temporary customs union on goods only including UK say in relevant EU trade policy and an ability to change the arrangement so a future government could move it in its preferred direction we were not able to agree this as part of our cross party talks so it is right that Parliament should have the opportunity to resolve this during the passage of the bill and decide between the government's proposal and a compromise option and so the government will commit in law to let Parliament decide this issue and to reflect the outcome of this process in legislation I've also listened carefully to those who've been arguing for a second referendum I've made my own view on this be clear on many time many times I do not believe this is a route that we should take because I think we should be implementing the result of the first referendum not asking the British people to vote in a second one but I recognize the genuine and sincere strength of feeling across the house on his inflation issue the government will therefore include in the withdrawal agreement bill an introduction a requirement to vote on whether to hold a second referendum and this must take place before the withdrawal agreement can be ratified and if the House of Commons were to vote for a referendum it would be requiring the government to make provisions for such a referendum including legislation if it wanted to ratify the withdrawal agreement so to those MPs who want a second referendum to come the deal you need a deal and therefore withdrawal agreement bill to make it happen so let it have its second reading and then make your case to Parliament finally we cannot expect MPs to vote on the same two documents they previously rejected so we will seek changes to political declaration to reflect this commune deal so our new brexit do makes of 10-point offer to everyone in parliament who wants to deliver the result of the referendum one the government will seek to conclude alternative arrangements to replace the backstop high December 2020 so that it never needs to be used to a commitment that should the backstop come into force the government will ensure that Great Britain will stand aligned with warn Ireland through the negotiating objectives and final treaties for our future relationship with the EU will have to be approved by MPs for a new workers rights bill the guarantees workers rights will be no less favorable than in the EU five will be no change in the level of environmental protection when we leave the EU six the UK will seek as close to frictionless trade in goods with the EU as possible while outside the single market and ending free movement 7 will keep up-to-date with EU rules for goods and agri-food products that are relevant to checks at border protecting the thousands of jobs that depend on just-in-time supply chains 8 the government will bring forward a customs compromise for MPS to decide on to break the deadlock 9 who will be a vote for MPs on whether the deal should be subject to a referendum and 10 will be a legal duty to secure changes to the political declaration let this new deal all of these commitments will be guaranteed in law so they will endure at least for this pond the revised deal will deliver on the result of the referendum and overly by voting for withdrawal agreement bill that second reading come MPs provide the vehicle Parliament needs to determine how we eat the EU so if MPs vote against the second reading of this bill they are voting to stop brexit if they do so the consequences could hardly be greater reject this deal and leaving the EU with a negotiated deal any time soon will be dead in the water and what would we do then some suggest leaving without a deal but whatever you think of that outcome Parliament has been clear it will do all it can to stop it if not No Deal that it have to be a general election or a second referendum that could lead to revocation and lower exit at all who believes that a general election at this moment when we still not yet delivered on what people instructed us to do is in the national interest I do not my views on second referendum are well known look at what this debate is doing to our politics extending it for months more perhaps indefinitely risked opening the door to a nightmare future of permanently polarized politics look around the world and consider the health of liberal democrat democratic politics and look across the United Kingdom and consider the impact of failing to deliver on the clear instruction of the British people in a lawful referendum we do not have to take that path instead we can deliver brexit all the changes I've set out today have the simple aim of building support in Parliament to do that I believe that is a majority do we one for a brexit deal comments by parsing a deal we can actually get brexit done and move our country forward if we can do so I passionately believe that we can seize the opportunities that I know lie ahead the world is changing fast our young people will enjoy enjoy opportunities in the future that my generation could never have dreamed of this is a great time to be alive a great future awaits the United Kingdom and we have all we need as a nation to make your success if we're trying to 20s the 2030s but we will not do so as long as our politics remain stuck in an endless debate on brexit we all have to take some responsibility for the fact that we're in the same class and we all have a responsibility to do what we can to get out of it the biggest problem with Britain today is its politics and who can fix that with the right grexit deal we can end this corrosive debate we can get out of the EU political structures the Parliament the Commission the Council of Ministers that are emotionalize under our own environment back in sovereign control of our destiny we can stop British laws being enforced by a European Court and instead make our own Supreme Court genuinely supreme we can end free movement and design an immigration system based around skills that work for our economy and society we can stop making vast annual payments to the EU budget and instead instead spend our own money our own priorities like the NHS we can get out of the Common Fisheries Policy in the command of cultural policy design our own systems around our own needs and resources we can do all of these things and by leaving with a deal we can do so much more besides by reaching an agreement with our new trading partners we can keep tariff barriers down and goods flowing friction-free across borders protecting jobs and setting our firms up the future yes we can guarantee workers rights and environmental protections with a deal we can keep our close security partnerships and keep working together to keep people safe we can ensure that the challenge of the bad border between Northern Ireland to dial it is met in a way that works of people on both sides this is a huge opportunity for the United Kingdom out of the EU out of ever closer Union free to do things differently and doing so in a way that protects jobs protects our security maintains a close relationship with our friends and works the whole United Kingdom it is practical it is responsible it is deliverable right now it is slipping away from us we risk losing a great opportunity this deal is not the final word on our future relationship with the EU it is a stepping stone to reach that future a future where the people of the UK determine the road ahead for the country we all love this deal lays the groundwork and settles many of the core issues but in the years ahead Parliament will be able to debate decide and refine the exact nature of our relationship with the EU some will want us to draw closer others will want to become more different both sides can make their case in the months and years ahead the key thing is decisions will be made not by any peas or Commissioners or the EU Council but by the United Kingdom Parliament elected by the British people that is what being an independent nation state is all about those debates those decisions are for the future what matters now is honoring the result of the referendum and seizing the opportunity which is right before us so we all needed a new offer to find common ground in Parliament that is now the only way to deliver brexit over the next two weeks the government will be making the case for this deal in Parliament and media and in the country on what is best and right for our country now and in the future and on what the majority of British people of all political persuasions want to see happen tomorrow I made a statement to the House of Commons and then we opportunity is throughout the bill for MPs on all sides to have their say but I say with conviction to every MP of every party I have compromised now I asked you to compromise to we've been given a clear instruction by the people we are supposed to represent so hope you find a way to honor that instruction move our country and our politics forward and build the better future that all of us want to see thank you now the student I'm sequestrants from the media and thank you mr. lawrence berkeley of c– news and as you said that they're getting of your speech you've had nearly three years the opposition parties have already said they will not vote for this deal isn't it simply too late now for you to be offering a compromising video please simply don't want to listen and secondly can you confirm that if this bill is lost you will do well on the second part of your question or that was last week's news and i set out our agendas what to what what will be happening the on the first point that you make i would say to every MP and I've set this actually I'll make it straight into the House of Commons tomorrow we will be publishing the bill wait and look at the details of the bill and think about the importance of delivering brexit because this is the way that we can ratify an agreement and ensure that we leave the European Union that must be at the forefront of our thinking and as I said I think this is the opportunity we have to do just that so look at the details of this bill if I say I compromised I think I asked others to compromise too so that together we can do what the British people voted for in the referendum and we really do that's Prime Minister whatever happens now with your brexit bill you have promised to stand down as Prime Minister would you like to see a brexit ear replace you or do you think that that would just prolong the polarization of politics that you've just spoken off nice try best but my view is I'm not going to comment on the future a future leadership reduction that will be a matter for the Conservative Party in all of its parts I see let's see sorry I'll give you my solution places are where you said you said but you will give me the opportunity to vote on whether to have a so-called confirmatory referendum does that mean you are giving a commitment that if they vote for that referendum there will be a referendum and you also said look you will give any they vote on whether the UK should remain in a permanent customs union without the ability to negotiate trade deals with other countries again is this a commitment that if they vote for that that is what a Conservative government would negotiate was I said in the speech obviously and as we take these issues through the through the House of Commons what the House of Commons will be saying is what they want to see in the in the final bill and if you want a deal it's about ratifying the bill but I do have to pick you up Robert on in fact that you said that I had said there would be a compromise solution of a permanent customs union on the table no I didn't I said a temporary customs union which would enable a future government to take the Russkies arrangement in whichever direction it wished wish to do so Francis for instance over from the times you've taken a case to the country over the next two weeks there are elections on Thursday when we actually see the bill 37 clauses and the new are you committing to publishing the bill before recess we'll be publishing the bill in the next few days and as I say I would ask people to wait and look at the details of what is in the bill and as I say this is the opportunity that people have to deliver on brexit what does the bill do it enables us to get out of there EU it enables us to take that control of our money our borders and our laws and that's what people voted for that's what this bill would enable people to do maybe courier from the mirror and Prime Minister you came into number 10 i'ma sing to deliver brexit and to put the issue of Europe to bed wants to prove Conservative Party how successful do you think you've been in doing that well patiently obviously I just said my speech I haven't connected it for exit this is about what I'm doing today is about setting out what I believe is a new brexit deal that can command majority across the House of Commons and that can enable us to do just that because it's not just my responsibility to deliver brexit I believe it's the responsibility of the whole of the House of Commons to deliver that grexit we gave the British people the choice in the referendum the House of Commons and the government at the time trading would abide by the decision the House of Commons vote each trigger article 50 the House of Commons passed the initial withdrawal Act that set the scene for us being able to withdraw when he had a deal and the legislation would be new legislation will be necessary to put that deal into place and now we have the opportunity while confirming that brexit by passing this by passing this bill I'll take one last question from Jason chasing ghosts in the Daily Mail some of your colleagues seem to be opposed to this not because necessarily what's in it but because it's you who's doing the asking what do you say to those who now think it's your duty and international interest for you to step aside and let someone else have a go before this whole thing is even worse on the on that issue of myself as I said to Jinora you know the situation as I said have as we said last week following my discussions with try and channel 22 look I say this isn't just about me if it was just about me and how I voted we don't read have left the European Union actually this is about a responsibility across the whole of the House of Commons for us to come together and find a way onto of delivering on the instruction people gave us people want us to leave the EU we need to deliver that this deal enables the House of Commons to do that to come together to support the withdrawal agreement and ensure that we leave the European Union thank you [Applause]

Nigel Farage: Let's change politics for good this Thursday! Rally for Democracy, London, 21.05.2019

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• Brexit Party Rally, Kensington Olympia, London, 21.05.2019

• Speakers in order of appearance:
– Richard Tice, Brexit Party Chairman, MEP candidate (Eastern) @TiceRichard
– Ann Widdecombe, MEP candidate (South West) @WiddecombeAnn
– Václav Klaus, former President of the Czech Republic (Watch related video ‘Václav Klaus stands up for Freedom’:
– Nigel Farage MEP (South East), Brexit Party Leader, President of the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy Group (EFDD) in the European Parliament – @Nigel_Farage

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you are here today and the birth catalogue of a new role in British politics and welcome to the rectum politics we tell them we're going and if they don't understand it we can talk to Yunker in a language which he does understand and and we can say news are long monsieur news are long I joined the Conservative Party in 1984 this is not a decision I have made lightly to leave a party for which I have fought at every election since 1987 from Maggie Thatcher through to raise a mane I know which one I'd rather have representing us now a letter addressed to me owned it up and it was in very spidery and writing and the author of the letter said dear mr. Parrish during the war I served in Bomber Command on many missions over occupied Europe he said I can tell you you only start getting flak when you're getting near and the target please welcome to the stage all the brexit party candidates [Applause] [Applause] you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the idea that you should have a second referendum would be incredibly damaging most of all to the trust in democracy from people up and down this country the mood of the country of growing fury and anger and frustration I don't think people in Westminster and central London have got any idea what's out there and what may happen the people are confident in how great we are as a nation what we're talking about is the opportunity to be free again free to be a self-determination and that's what the people want leave leave means leave doesn't mean leave with a deal will leave with a bad deal we must not and we will not allow this complete and utter shambles in Westminster to continue we all know that the UK can do so much better than this please welcome to the stage richard theis it's just like another two's delight in West London isn't it it's fantastic to see so many people here this evening I think I've come to the right party do we believe in bricks it when do we want it I have to say you're a lot more friendly than the Electoral Commission that I spend some hours with earlier goodness me anyway it's fantastic to have everybody here and first of all I'd like to give a huge thank you to our incredible candidates who worked so hard during the recent weeks they have they have been absolutely incredible most of them have never stood for public office before but they were brave enough to put their head above the parapet and to say enough is enough and some of the abuse the vitriol the appalling signs that have been painted on walls and posters and things is utterly disgraceful now it's hard to believe we've been going for just over five weeks I hope you'll agree with me we have been quite busy and hopefully on the screen we can see the video that we announced our launch video at that press conference in a factory in the Midlands in Coventry just over five weeks ago we have been betrayed that is why I set up the brexit party it's why we're gonna fight the European elections on May the 23rd and that is just the beginning of what is needed in this country democracy is under threat and when politicians failed to deliver there must be consequences I was too young to vote in 2016 but now I support the brexit party because I believe in delivering on democracy it's time to recognize that actually we are an incredible nation standing on our right to be heard successful hard-working so much to be confident enthusiastic and optimistic about that's why I'm supporting the present party we are a single nation we wish to remain a nation they must adhere to the promises made for people let's be optimistic for the benefit of our children and grandchildren you want a home and you're a brexit here you join the brexit party now we can move so much better than currently we're guessing from our members of parliament we want to be an independent self-governing nation making its own laws controlling its own board and be proud of who we are as a people join us hopeless supporters do what you can for us we need change in this country and we need it now Britain's needs the brexit party and the Flexi party needs you [Applause] more from nigel later I have to tell you he's on fantastic form he really is he's been brilliant I've had him in training anyway the truth is ladies and gentlemen that we all know that our country can do so much better but instead we've been utterly completely and totally humiliated humiliated by incompetent leadership incapable negotiators and MPs who want to do dirty dodgy nasty useless backroom deals and we here today the ultimate ultimate betrayal from someone that I suppose we still have to call our prime minister for a while so how long has she known how long has she known that she was gonna offer a second referendum as part of a way to try and bribe and blackmail MPs into signing this appalling deal [Applause] it's an absolute disgrace but now the truth is out indeed the truth is out we now know what this Prime Minister really stands for she doesn't believe in anything except remaining in number 10 for that little bit longer but we are the brexit party we're full of hope we're full of optimism full of ambition because we know that things need to change we stand for capable common-sense competent politics we've got to take on the establishment we've got to take on the vested interests of the big multinationals the CBI and a civil service that have simply proven themselves not up to their job we we simply need much better people to come into politics and that's why it's been so amazing to work with these candidates the quality of these candidates I have no doubt is the highest quality candidates that have ever stood for public office in this country in a generation and ladies and gentlemen when we say when we say that we're gonna change politics for good we mean it we've opened our website for applications for parliamentary candidates so we hope the lots more fantastic capable able people will put themselves forward because we all know that brexit is a huge huge opportunity it's not a problem to be mitigated it's an opportunity to be embraced with enthusiasm with ambition with confidence and with belief but there's not a lot of that in the two main parties and what we've seen in this process is the two-party system in the United Kingdom is broken [Applause] it's time for change and unlike others we haven't been changing our name every other week so what we need to do though it's absolutely vital ladies and gentlemen we're doing ok but my word we've got to get the vote out on Thursday we have got to win and we need to win big that means that all of you please don't forget don't go on a holiday spread the word get the vote out and your family your friends your dog's your friend ur friends anybody that you can talk to we've got to get the vote out we've got to send that very clear message now I just need to do a quick straw poll hands up all of you who are registered supporters it's a pretty good start but I reckon there's a few of you who are still holding back no excuses ladies and gentlemen it's a minimum of 25 quid and don't believe any nonsense you hear from the media we need your support and we need it now and so whilst they call me the chairman the realities are no worst and I'm actually just the warm-up act we have three incredible speakers this evening the first of whom needs little introduction but it's fair to say that she's had a number of phases to her career like me she was a member of a certain other political party but we saw the light she was an MP for that political party for 23 years that was really just her warm up things then she realized that actually we all needed educating about dancing so she went on Strictly Come Dancing this was phase 2 now not being enough a bit of Celebrity Big Brother before the big important challenge in her life to be part of the brexit party we're so thrilled that she has joined our campaign our party and has been such a fantastic speaker campaigner and advocate before we welcome and to the stage let's just see her on the video former conservative minister and Widdecombe has announced that she will stand for Nigel Farage's brexit party and lifelong Conservative Ann Widdecombe has today announced that she is coming out of retirement the whole nation is fed up to the back teeth and just wants a resolution is unjust the seventeen point four million who have been betrayed it is also generations to come now if they have their way will not grow up in an independent self-governing country the National good comes first and that's what everybody out there is saying I'm not fluffy as in Parliament just aren't hearing if we get worn down if we can't get it to you all then just call the whole thing off no there is against democracy believes in its will is more important than the will of the people I shall focus on one thing delivering what the people voted for please welcome to the stage and Widdecombe [Applause] right ladies right ladies and gentlemen I'm just going to ask you a few questions the first one is if we stay in the EU will we stay in control of our own laws and the second is is it possible both to be in the EU and to control our own borders and is it possible to be in the EU and to control our own trade and finally is it possible to be in the EU and to be governed by our own democratically elected government well those four knows ladies and gentlemen are the answer to people who say that we did not know what we were voting for we knew exactly what we were voting for and we also know what the remains were voting for they want us to have no control over our own laws our own borders our own trade or to be governed by our own democratically elected government that was what they were voting for how could anybody with an ounce of pride in Britain vote for that and we were promised faithfully promised in 2016 that whatever was decided in that referendum would be upheld and they didn't stop there in 2017 both major parties stood on manifestos which said that we would have a brexit and what is more Teresa mais manifesto went further it's said in black and white that no deal was better than a bad deal and they have spent the last two years Renne aging on those manifestos and then people say to us why haven't we got a manifesto what is the point of having manifestos when you abandon them at the first inconvenience well you know I think this is the message we send to Westminster they have a choice either they let Britain leave the EU or we will make sure they leave Westminster [Applause] Thursday Thursday is not the end it is the beginning it is the beginning of getting true democracy back into this country it is the beginning of making sure that we are governed with competence with openness and with fairness and above all it is the beginning of making sure that it is the people's will that is implemented not the will of those who go against us [Applause] you know the problem is really very simple we have a nation which wants to leave the EU and we have a parliament which wants to remain in the EU well we have to show them who's the boss and it is both parties Jeremy Corbyn produced a manifesto jeremy corbyn produced a manifesto that said very clearly that the results of the referendum would be implemented and although it's quite true that the government has made a complete and utter mess of brexit they couldn't have done it without the full cooperation of the Labour Party I mean there we were immediately after the local elections we weren't even standing and yet people were writing us in on their ballot papers and the thing I enjoyed most was the expression on jeremy corbyn's face they'd been boasting that they were going to make 400 gains and they made 82 losses and that was the Prime Minister's opportunity she should have said Jeremy look we're both in big trouble we have to deliver brexit instead of which she said to him Oh Jeremy what would you like would you like a customs union Oh certainly would you like to stay aligned to the single market Oh certainly to be governed by EU law Oh Jeremy just told me how much of the EU law you want us to be governed by you know I said at the beginning of this campaign that we had the worst prime minister since Anthony Eden well I apologized to Anthony Eden how often have you heard that if we leave the EU everything is going to be chaos do you remember that we were told if we even dared to vote to leave the EU everything was going to be chaos in fact if we leave the EU we have a really bright future ahead of us we can be part of the globe instead of part of some terrible strong protectionist bloc which actually thwarts economic development economic enterprise and our trade with the rest of the world oh we're told we can't possibly trade if we're not part of the EU how many countries aren't part of the EU and have they all stopped trading the fact is we do not need the EU the EU is a burden nobody can tell me as they sometimes try but that really we are free to make our own laws because I spent seven years as a government minister and I know how impossible it was for us to pass any law that the EU did not want and how impossible it was for us to resist any law from them that we did not want that is the reality a gentleman called giver hofstadt thinks we are a colony well I would say this to him colonies have a rather disconcerting habit of revolting and when they have revolted and when they have regained their independence they can also have a habit about stripping their former masters just ask America so our aim on Thursday is twofold the first is we have to send a message which will terrify us monster a message which they can only interpret one way which is that their future actually depends on Britain's future being outside the EU that is the first message and the second message we have to send them is we are not going to go away this is not just about Thursday this is making sure that Britain leaves the EU and has a proud free independent future and we will stay around as long as it takes to deliver that now I spend 55 years in a certain other party and during that time I did all the campaigning or the canvassing all the street markets all the public meetings and I never in those whole 55 years saw energy and commitment as I have seen during this campaign from our supporters so let's build on that energy build on that commitment after Thursday comes Peterborough and after Peterborough comes the next general election so thank you ladies and gentlemen for your commitment to a free independent Britain and let's remember that is what it is about it is not about a party it is about a country and a cause [Applause] Wow [Applause] Wow that isn't gentlemen if that's not the definition of an inspiration I don't know what is truly inspiring Thank You Anne [Applause] and an quite rightly referred to the opportunities that we can take on the global stage and let anybody be a no doubt a vote for the brexit party is a vote for a WTO brexit because we know we know the opportunities that that will present we know that that gives us the maximum negotiating leverage we know that No Deal is always better than a bad deal but let people be under no illusion either a vote for the brexit party is a vote that some of our elected MVPs should play a significant role in the future negotiating team because we have the skills in this team we have the skills the expertise and the wisdom unlike and of course we have the belief and the passion unlike civil servants who were sent in to do a job they didn't believe in and surprise surprise they did a useless woeful appalling job in terms of being on the global stage and move on to our next speaker our guest speaker this evening who is the former prime minister and president of the Czech Republic a staunch euro skeptic a passionate defender of democracy and the nation-state the author doesn't believe in political correctness that sounds that sounds popular before we welcome president Klaus to the stage is fantastically having with us let's just see him an action on the video he was born during the Nazi occupation he lived during the communist regime he fought against the EU in order to defend his people and democracy some people who take freedom and democracy for granted are not able to understand I don't need the European unification would you be ready to to get rid of your government and to create a and different government there was one wonderful bright uplifting moment during the Czech presidency and I have of course referring to the visit of václav Klaus what a wonderful speech that was coming into this chamber and telling a few home truths and pointing out that European parliamentarians and leaders are not listening to the peoples of Europe at which 200 of you got up and walked out of the room I definitely tried to keep the Czech Republic as a sovereign country as a free country Europe needs a radical political process the brakes it needs a brexit party it is great that Nigel Farah please welcome to the stage that of Klaus [Applause] ladies and gentlemen dear dear brexit friends I am extremely honored extremely pleased to be asked to come here this evening and to address political gathering I must tell you that that I am not used to speak abroad I brought I speak quite often but not on such political campaign you realize and so it's not that easy for me [Applause] you know in a foreign language and especially after such an incredible speaker you know I am afraid I can't I can't compete I would like to start the saying something what you should know and you probably don't know that you have many friends in the Czech Republic many friends generally and many friends connected this brexit that's very that's very important I have to tell you that in the moment when we first heard the results of the of the brexit referendum many checks opened champagne bottles it was it was a great event not just for you for us as well you know we considered considerated not only your victory it was a victory of all European Democrats it was an important message [Applause] it was the brexit referendum was not only about Great Britain I must tell you it was it was about Europe as a whole and in this respect it was about the Czech Republic as well so many things for that we read each video Czechs have are in many respects the same or similar critics of the EU arrangements of the EU post democracy of the UNAM sensitivity and arrogance of the EU non-democratic substance we similarly we similarly as you want to make decisions about ourselves about our country in Prague the same as you want to make decisions about your country here in one room not in Brussels it is it is it is that it is that simple all other interpretations wrong and purposefully misleading your brexit decision was a historic event it changed it changed Europe it was also a fatal blow to the pride of all European mandarins to the pride of the whole European Union nomenklatura many people however from green supposed that brexit has been achieved just by the referendum they were wrong the political elites didn't want to accept didn't want to accept the proxy decisions and they didn't want to find a positive solution they wanted to punish to denigrate to humiliate Great Britain as much as possible [Applause] they also wanted to demonstrate to all of us in the rest of Europe in all other EU member states that there is no friendly exit from the EU and that especially that especially the small countries don't have a chance to leave the EU that was their ambition to demonstrate [Applause] the EU behavior ask for a resolute clear and decisive British stance it to our great regret and I am sure to your great regret didn't come such as your country goes and stays divided was instead hesitant your politicians were not able to react they probably didn't expect such a merciless and ruthless EU behavior [Applause] not not to expect it was however a great mistake as I look at it from from from crack at the distance the British main political parties totally failed and they totally failed and betrayed and abandoned the British citizens their voters it had however one positive side effect by doing it by behaving in this way they probably underling Lee created the brexit party they they created you and they helped you very much in this respect I know that you didn't plan you didn't extend to participate in these European elections but I am sorry to say you have to without you without my good friend Nigel Faraj without without the whole brexit part in the British I'm afraid the British indecisiveness would continue you have to win the elections and to get and to get a strong commitment date to influence the political stance political stances of your country Bonham last remark I have a relatively recent 27 years ago experience visa special exit some of you may remember 27 years ago Czechoslovakia was divided into two parts now Czech Republic and Slovakia it was a sort of exit it was a Slovak exit from the Czechoslovak Federation and I was the main organizer of that split of that order decision [Applause] always I always suggested that I could voluntarily come to London to help you with Swiss brexit but you didn't you didn't ask me however so you didn't ask me however but what we learn what we learn we learned one important thing we both the Czech part and the Slovaks wanted to find a solution that was totally different situations because in your case just Great Britain wanted to find a solution whereas the EU nomenklatura didn't want it so that was a big difference dear dear Roxy friends you should in the first coming elections you should give to all of us that you should give the whole rest of Europe a good example many Europeans need it and many are waiting for it don't disappoint them [Applause] to be here the zoo tonight thank you very much for your attention [Applause] [Applause] thank you thank you so much president Klaus for your support for your encouragement for your advice and for your wisdom and their ladies and gentlemen is proof of the international recognition of the brexit party proof of the opportunities that awaits us if we do a proper WTO brexit and so and so to our final speaker well well he needs looking introduction it's fair to say that he's had a fairly significant impact on British politics indeed he is without question the most influential politician but has had an influence on British history British politics since I believe the Second World War and I talked earlier about the courage of our candidates but the bravery and the courage of Nigel Farage over the last 25 years who has the original the original brexit area see the original brexit ear he has battled through abuse through vitriol through threats his own personal safety and that of his family and we saw that again just yesterday in wait hood absolutely Newcastle absolutely appalling behavior by sore losers so it's fantastic before we welcome him to the stage let's just watch Nigel in action on the screen Cameron said that leaflet through every home in the country which said whatever the results we will implement the decision I was elected back in 1999 20 years I've served over there 20 years that I've stood up in that chamber we woke up on that beautiful morning of the 24th of June 2016 and despite everything despite what we've been told we voted to leave and what we've seen ever since then is the most willful persistent deliberate betrayal of the greatest democratic exercise ever made in the history of this country it is a disgrace whether you promise fight both of those parties when it went into British law yes mrs. May I admit I made a mistake I did not believe that a vicar's daughter could be so willfully duplicitous with the British nation as you've been if we win these elections and win them big that something starts to matter again a word that we actually made huge sacrifices twice in the twentieth century to defend the very notion of democracy it is democracy itself will has been betrayed we must fight for it when the two mainstream parties tell us trust us we will deliver never again will we trust them what we've got to do is take off a two-party system but it's letting down this country we've got to take along because I'm part of change politics for good you with us please welcome to the stage Nigel Farage hello Wow you know we only launched this party five and a half weeks ago and in that space of time we've managed to assemble this fantastic team of candidates to put before the British electorate we've managed we've managed in five and a half weeks to go to the head of the opinion polls that's not bad is it we've managed in five and a half weeks not just to frighten the establishment oh no they're not frightened they're absolutely terrified [Applause] but perhaps most important of all what we've managed to do in those five and a half weeks since we launched in that factory in Coventry is we've managed to give millions and millions of people in this country who were frustrated upset angry on the point of saying they may never engage with the democratic process again so sick to death were they of the shenanigans in Westminster and you know what we've given them in the brexit party we've given them hope optimism and belief in this country and even ever-growing process but it's worth it's worth reminding ourselves of why we're here I mean I can scarcely believe that I'm here 20 years I've been in that European part of it 20 years of getting up one or two of you may have seen my speeches I don't know 20 years of getting up giving my always helpful constructive speeches over there oh now I think mr. Van Rompuy rather enjoyed it really 20 years of taking on him and mr. Jung Curran Donald Erskine Michel barley and/or I've got better than that giver hofstadt 20 years of doing my bit but 20 years of trying to do myself out of a job 20 years of being mature key that always wanted to vote for Christmas so I never imagined I'd be standing in these elections and come to think of it if I've given them a tough time over there what do they get when it comes you to do when she gets there they won't know what hit him they won't know what hit him but look the reason we're here is very simple we had that realm doing the best for eat soup we're doing this is because after that astonishing referendum when remember project fear was in full mode wasn't it we had that Chancellor George Osborne telling us that half a million jobs would go immediately there'd be an emergency budget taxes would go up house prices would crash foreign direct investment would cease to come into our nation trade would collapse plagues of black locusts would descend upon our land we had that then they even shipped in that they thought this was their big card I won't say trump card but he did come from America and he was called President Obama remember that our best ally in the world and their leader came and told us we'd go to the back of the queue if we voted for brexit we had of course we were lucky though lucky in the referendum that we have a state broadcaster in this country well I'm sure you're all delighted paying your 150 pounds a year to the BBC aren't you I'm surprised I mean personally I'm a particular fan of the Andrew Marr show I can tell you but despite media bias despite project fear despite it all we voted for brexit and we did so by a large and clear majority of 1.3 million and remember remember that David Cameron do you remember David Cameron David Cameron told us in that leaflet that went through every door in the land that our will would be implemented and then we had a general election in which both the conservative and Labour Party's promised us that if we voted for them they would honour the result of the referendum and 498 members of parliament voted for article 50 and it went into British law and it said we would leave the European Union on march on March thank you we would leave the EU on March the 29th with or Oh deal with or without a deal and that became part of British law and I have to tell you that I made without doubt the biggest political mistake of my life because I believed it was going to happen I believe they would deliver I'm sure most of you believed they would deliver because after all we are supposed to be a democratic country and yet as the months went by from mrs. May coming back with her checkers deal all the way through her constant rejections by the House of Commons oh and by the way have you seen what she's done this afterno I mean just when you think she can't sink any lower she comes back and surprises as I mean now she surrendered eventually everything surrendered to the customs union surrendered the single market rolls oh and the icing on the cake if you vote for her deal there's a chance of having a second referendum if there are any conservatives out there who are you're a skeptic who believe in the democratic process they were half thinking about voting for Mays Conservatives on Thursday in the European elections you've just been told you are not wanted but I know where they can go the brakes their party no I I watched I watched this slow-motion betrayal and I realized as March the 29th approached that we simply weren't going to leave and I thought of myself I've spent I was unbelievable really but I've spent 25 years of my life campaigning for us to be a free and independent country [Applause] I thought through much of it that I might become the patron saint of lost causes but I kept on going and having seen having seen what Parliament was going to do and by the way both parties here are as guilty as each other make no doubt about that so I had a decision to make would I would I allow myself to simply be rolled over by the political process or would I stand up and fight and I decided I would stand up and fight and that is why I founded the brexit party it's why we're here today [Applause] yeah [Applause] well I'm pleased that you're pleased but clearly not everybody is pleased I said to you earlier that the establishment were terrified and of course what they cannot believe what they cannot comprehend is that we have managed in the space of five and a half weeks to get over a hundred thousand people to pay 25 pounds online and to give money to the brexit party wasn't achievement that is in this country but not content with that not content with that they've decided to go on an all-out attack and yesterday we saw Gordon Brown attack attack the potential financial probity of the brexit party units right Gordon Brown let's work this out for a moment Joey Gordon Brown attacked our financial probity this is the man who say he did well down your what really you should be up here ready sir Gordon Brown the man who sold who told the world the dates on which he would do it and sold 400 metric tons of gold at two hundred and seventy dollars an ounce Thank You Gordon Brown for that but we're still Gordon Brown who along with Tony Blair how does their chief fundraiser how does their chief fundraiser Lord levy when and I'll try my best not to be sued for libel here when shall we say an astonishing number of labour donors went to the House of Lords and he has the effrontery to attack us for our funding it's outrageous please you behave like that and of course surprise surprise an hour after Gordon Brown a taxes guess what happens the Electoral Commission announced that they're going to mount a dawn raid on the offices of the brexit party whatever just tell you this for a fact all right we have a team of four professionally trained accountants looking after the money we're not stupid we know what to do and last week last week we met the Electoral Commission and they said our processes were correct they had no concerns indeed we said to them would you come into our offices and look at our systems they said no we haven't got time before the election we asked them to put in writing we asked them to put in writing the fact that our process of book were good but they didn't decide to take us up on it and blow me down in turn up this morning Elcom at 10 o'clock this morning now it was decided that I might not be the best person to greet them that was a good call so Richard got the job and can I tell you after seven hours today in the office the Electoral Commission have not found a single misdeed by the brexit party [Applause] so let's let's make it clear shall we let's make it clear to the conspiracy theorists to those who think somehow the Russians are funding us let's make it clear the media where our money comes from would you please put up your hand if you've paid your 25 pounds to be there we are that or I better do it as well of no really that is where our money is coming from it's coming from this growing mass movement of people who are excited energetic optimistic and realize we will get brexit but we just have to stand up and fight for it again [Applause] Turo there are other aspects there are other aspects of the campaign that have been slightly unpleasant but I'm not even going to dignify the behavior of that your bow yesterday by talking about it we will simply move on but why vote for the brexit party on Thursday well I think this is now about far more than leaving the European Union this is now about a bigger more fundamental question of democracy are we are we a democratic country do we trust our political class and how do you think the rest of the world now sees us mrs. may by her constant abject surrenders to these unelected bully boys in Brussels has humiliated our nation and I've had enough of it let's stand up and be proud of who we are vote vote for the brexit party this Thursday and if the brexit party can win this Thursday and if the brexit body can win well this Thursday we put back on the table for that new deadline of the 31st of October Halloween trick or treaty but we if we win this election well we put back on the table for that date our exit on WT o terms [Applause] if we win if we win we win big on Thursday we will kill off any prospect of Parliament forcing a second referendum upon us because they know they won't lose if we vote for the brexit party and we win on Thursday we demand given that democratic mandates that people out of this team people who've got competence people who've been in business people who do deals for a living unlike the career politicians on our front benches and we demand that we are part of that negotiating team to make sure that we do leave the European Union on the 31st of October we must be part of that process and if we win if we win well we win big on Thursday there are a couple of really nice little bonuses that will be attached the first is we will quickly get rid of the worst most duplicity and I still disagree with that Widdecombe she's not the worst Prime Minister since Anthony Eden she's the worst Prime Minister in the history of our nation she'll be God and you never know you never know given the way we are smashing the Labour vote in Wales and in the Midlands and in the north of England you never though a bit brexit win may get rid of Jeremy Corbyn as well how about that [Applause] what a deal full a deal buy one get one free how about that but I will never I will never make the same mistake that I made again I keep being asked well what will happen when the Conservative Party have a new leader what will happen if somebody like Boris becomes leader Boris Johnson said that mrs. Mays new treaty would lead us to vassalage it would lead us to be a slave state in fact I thought steady on a beneath using language even stronger than I am what's going on here and then what happened what happened on the third time mrs. Mae brought it back to the House of Commons despite all he'd said and all he done he voted for it what I've learnt what I've learned is you cannot trust the political class in this country we must not trust the political class in this country [Applause] and that actually actually the two-party system doesn't work anymore politics is broken somebody us the brexit party has the challenge and break that two-party system that is what we have to do and we need major reform major reform we got to get rid of a House of Lords that is full of 700 of Mr Blair Mr Blair and Mr Cameron's cronies oh and the electoral commission filled up with political policemen and women all of whom are remainders all of whom are part of that Westminster establishment I think they should all be replaced and more representative of this country we need we need we need wholesale political change we're the only party fighting this European election with a clear distinctive message we are saying we must leave we must leave on the 31st of October this year we must leave with or without any form of Trade Agreement because we demand nothing less than this country being a self-governing independent proud nation who governs herself chooses her own alliances and friendships around the world and look at the advantages we have 2.4 billion people living in the Commonwealth let's reach out to them let's reach out to a bigger world and anyone who thinks anybody thinks the what I'm asking is for you to go out and protest on Thurs maybe think I'm asking you to go out and stick up two fingers to the establishment on Thursday well there's good reason of course to stick up two fingers to the establishment but actually I've not asked you to do that I'm asking you to vote for us on Thursday as the first step to fundamentally changing politics for good in this country we are attempting we are attempting and it is by far the most ambitious thing I've ever done we are attempting a peaceful political revolution in this country it is needed it is needed it is needed with us thank you thank you [Applause] I did I think we can safely say ladies and gentlemen the training has paid off without question he's back and he wit plans to win now we've just got time for a few questions we could still have a bit of fun in politics it's a serious business but Marlene from the edgeware word she's put 40 quid on Nigel being the next prime minister and she wants to collect her winnings now I'll let Nigel get his breath back question for Anne Stephen from Epsom says what happens if the Prime Minister currently what happens if she gets some form of dodgy deal through with today's additional amendments and changes and any thoughts microphone gesture well it really is terribly simple a dodgy deal is not a brexit and if what they give us is a dodgy deal then we will make sure that we play dodgems too and we get them out [Applause] now this is a really good question that actually there hasn't been enough focus on and so our last Nigel about this John from Hampstead who says there's been no mention that remainders don't realize that staying in the EU means a more federal Europe and I think it is an important point to address oh it's not a federal Europe it's not a federal Europe it's actually a unitary centralized Europe run by people who the who you cannot vote for and you cannot remove it is fundamentally not just undemocratic it is we're not we're not and the black state party of all the political parties in Europe the brexit party is the clearest we are not anti European in any way at all we love Europe we love his people we love his countries we love his culture [Applause] we we love his cheese's we love it's whines what I do in particular but we want a Europe of independence sovereign Democratic States provided states are democratic they will never ever fight each other let us lead the way as the United Kingdom for a Europe of friends a Europe of neighbors but not a Europe of Yonkers and Barney as these people right so ladies gentlemen that's all we've got time for this evening let's have you all on your feet if you're not already what are the ones Rexy once Rexy Roxy will do thank you very much for coming have a very safe trip home [Applause] vote for the brexit RC on May the 23rd and let's change politics for good [Applause]

Better Regulation principles: at the heart of the EU’s decision-making process

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On 15 April 2019, the European Commission took stock of the measures introduced under the Juncker Commission to deliver better results for EU citizens and …

Will no-deal Brexit mean slaughtering millions of sheep?!

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According to a report in the Sun, millions of UK sheep will have to be slaughtered if the UK leaves the European Union without a deal.


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According to the Sun, the President of the National Farmers Union (NFU), Minette Batters, has said that:

“We have 15 million breeding ewes in the UK.

“For many years now, we’ve been exporting 40% of that to France.

“In a no deal situation, you cannot get over that tariff wall. You will have to look at slaughtering quite a large percentage of the national sheep stock.”

Being me I went and checked out the UK sheep and lamb import and export figures from AHDB Beef & Lamb. And, as ever, there’s a link to the report in the descriptions box below.

The latest figures I found were for 2018 and published on March the 7th 2019.

The figures were broken down for the different cuts in fresh, chilled and frozen meats from sheep and lambs and when you tot them all up you get that in 2018 the UK imported 90,320 tonnes carcass weight equivalent and exported 86,207 tonnes CWE.

That’s a slight deficit where we import 4,113 tonnes CWE more than we export, which is just under 5% more that we export.

So pretty much balanced one would think. So why not eat our own meat and export/import less?

But the differences start when looking at whether the meat is fresh or frozen and the different types of cuts.

The data shows that we are a net importer of all frozen cuts of sheep and lamb as well as fresh sheep legs and boneless cuts of sheep.

And we are a net exporter of all the other fresh cuts.

So, with all the sheep wandering around the hills and dales of the UK, we import the frozen stuff and export the fresh.

Well, the truth is that it’s a bit seasonal and the report says that most of the imports come from New Zealand and most of our exports go to the EU.

But one of the big drivers is the way that New Zealand exporters cut the meat and exports each to where it will get the most profit.

And the report itself does ask the question:

“So, why doesn’t the UK cut carcasses here and keep the cuts which are in demand, for example the legs, and export the rest?”

With the answer being it seems that it’s easier just to put the whole thing in a lorry and transport it away to the EU to be cut up.

Now, I’m not a farmer as the nearest I get to meat production is handling the plastic covered produce in the supermarket.

So this is a layman’s question – looking at the basic import and export totals, surely there’s scope in the long run to up production slightly then increase the consumption and freezing of UK lamb and sheep meat in the UK and therefore no need for the wholesale wasteful slaughter of perfectly good animals?





hello there according to a report in the Sun millions of UK sheep will have to be slaughtered if the UK leaves the EU without a deal according to the son the president of the National Farmers Union Manette batters has said that we have 15 million breeding news in the UK for many years now we've been exporting 40% of that to France in a no deal situation you cannot get over that tariff wall you will have to look at slaughtering quite a large percentage of the National Sheep stock being me I went and checked out the UK sheep and lamb import and export figures from a HDB beef and lamb and as ever there's a link to the report in the descriptions box below the latest figures I found were for 2018 and published on March the 7th 2019 the figures were broken down for the different cuts in fresh and chilled and frozen meats from sheep and lambs and when you topped them all up you get that in 2018 the UK imported ninety thousand three hundred and twenty tons carcass weight equivalent and exported 86 thousand two hundred and seven tonnes cwe that's a slight deficit where we import 4113 tonnes cwe more than we export which is just under 5% more than we export so pretty much balanced one would think so why not eat our own meat and export and import less but the differences start when looking at whether the meat is fresh or frozen and the different types of cuts the data shows that we are a net importer of all frozen cuts of sheep and lamb as well as for sheep legs and boneless cuts of sheep and we are a net exporter of all the other fresh cuts so with all the sheep wandering around the hills and dales of the UK we import the frozen stuff and export the fresh well the truth is that it's a bit seasonal and a bit more complicated than that and the report says that most of the imports come from New Zealand and most of our exports go to the EU but one of the big drivers is the way that New Zealand exporters cut the meat and exports each to where it will get the most profit and the report itself does ask the question so why doesn't the UK cut carcasses here and keep the cuts which are in demand for example the legs and export the rest with the answer being it seems that it's just easier to put the whole thing in a lorry and transport it away to the EU to be cut up now I'm not a farmer as the nearest I get to meet production is handling the plastic covered produce in the supermarket so this is a layman's question and honest question looking at the basic import and export totals surely there's scope in the long run to up production production slightly then increase the consumption and freezing of UK lamb and sheep meat in the UK and therefore no need for the wholesale wasteful slaughter of perfectly good animals anyway what do you think please share and comment on thank you for watching please do like and share this video and also subscribe to my channel and when subscribing please do remember to press on the little bell next to the subscribe button that way you're getting alert every single time I put up a new video thank you very much for watching

UK MPs to get vote on second referendum in new Brexit law: PM

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British MPs will be able to vote on whether or not to hold a second Brexit referendum — but only if they approve draft legislation to implement the divorce agreement with the EU, says Prime Minister Theresa May. SOUNDBITE

Nigel Farage Debates Vince Cable For The European Elections 2019

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European Elections Explained

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The European elections are coming up, but what exactly are we voting for and why bother anyway? We explain the basics of the EU elections and give you some pointers to make up your mind.

Useful links:
Volt Europa:
Basic info on current EU political groups:

See which MEP voted what:

More info:

In this series we explain complex aspects of the EU in a comprehensive and understandable way. If however, despite our diligence and help of Dr. Jan Oster, we have left something out or made a mistake, please be so kind to tell and forgive us.


With Ciceroni we seek to be a guide to European culture and history. We make videos on little known subjects as well as more ubiquitous ones, ranging from current affairs like the European Union, to historic events like the Tulip Mania, and even mythological stories like those of the Greek Gods. In all these videos we strive to present the subjects in a objective manner and within their complex context.

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Brexit Anxiety Disorder! (BAD)

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Could it be that Remainers are suffering from some sort of Brexit Anxiety Disorder or BAD for short?


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Now there’s a psychological malady for you. A condition based on Remainers feeling done down by all those leave voters.

And according to, getting angry is not working for Remainers, so it’s time to see a shrink! So they put Remainers on the couch and said the results of Brexit Anxiety Disorder are not pretty.

“They are acting no differently to what psychologists would expect from those suffering from chronic anxiety caused by loss of control and insecurity, Dr. Philip Corr, professor of psychology and behavioural economics at the University of London, and Dr. Simon Stuart, a clinical psychologist, told POLITICO.”

And the article goes on to say that:

“According to Corr and Stuart, this emotional response is “standard psychological stuff.” To find solace and some level of security amid the disorder, Remainers are following a well-trodden path to polarized group think, dismissing their social “inferiors” who voted for Brexit as stupid, racist and easily misled.”

And the more that Remainers talk and rage about it, the more they will wind themselves up.

Maybe they just need to calm down and relax a bit more.

Anyway, next time you see a wound up Remainer, please be pleasant and polite, and just ask if they’re feeling a bit BAD today?

As Nigel Farage found out, being a Brexiteer is risky enough on terra firma, but up there in the sky it’s much more dangerous.

First we had Nigel Farage crashing to earth and getting injured when the ‘plane he was in nose-dived into the ground while towing an election banner on the day of the 2010 general election.

Now we have former Brexit minister Steve Baker being forced to resort to his reserve parachute when the main ‘chute failed during a skydive in Portugal.

“Pleased my reserve parachute… worked as advertised after a main malfunction last week,” he said on Instagram. “Emergency landing on nearby golf course perfect, next to clubhouse. Wished you were there etc.”

To all Brexiteers, stay safe – keep your feet planted firmly on the ground!

Now, according to that arch-Remainer, Lord Adonis, the Labour Party would be finished if it went into a snap general election backing Brexit.

Well, he would say that, wouldn’t he.

But he is basing it on a new poll that suggests that Labour’s support relies heavily on voters who favour Remain.

The YouGov poll of 4,900 people conducted for the anti-Brexit group ‘Best for Britain’ and ‘Hope Not Hate’, said that The Tories would be ahead of Labour by four points if Labour backed Remaining in the EU, but if Labour backed Brexit then the Tories would have a huge nine point lead over Labour.

Also, the poll indicates that a Brexit backing Labour Party would lose votes to the Lib Dems to the extent of ten points.

“If Labour becomes an accomplice to Brexit, it is finished.” Said Lord Adonis.

The trouble is that there are many working class Leave voters that may well jump ship if the party takes Remain as its new policy. And there are also the Labour Brexiteer MPs to consider, but you have wonder if they will find themselves de-selected by the time of any election – even a snap one.

Finally, what of the party leader himself? Jeremy Corbyn does seem to have been very quiet on Brexit these days.

But it seems that the Labour Party needs his name at the helm, even if he does favour the leave argument – but I wonder how long that will last.

But funnily, both the Tory and Labour Party leaders actually look quite secure in their jobs at present. Not because of what they are or are not doing or supporting, but because a leadership election in either camp would probably be disastrous for their respective parties right now.

The leader of Best for Britain, Eloise Todd, said:

“…it’s time for the opposition to give people what they want: a clear choice on Brexit between leaving and staying and reforming the EU, not a fudged deal that works for Westminster elites and no one else.”

Now, I’ll agree with her that the Chequers deal is a fudge. But I cannot agree that ‘staying and reforming the EU’ is an option. It is not.

Apart from the referendum result itself, the UK cannot reform the EU! And no-one has ever shown me how the UK can reform the EU.


'Brexiteers are being VILIFIED' – Chloe Westley Brexit interview

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My interview with Chloe Westley, Campaign Manager for the Taxpayers Alliance and prominent young Brexit campaigner & former Vote Leave staffer.

You can follow Chloe on Twitter via @LoveWestley
You can follow me on Twitter via @JBickertonUK

Apologies once again for filming the interview out of focus. It was not, I think it’s fair to say, my proudest moment.

Brexit Destroys Theresa May!

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The only leaving that will be done this summer, is Theresa May leaving Number Ten.


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The Tories have all but given up on the EU elections and are now expecting to return the big fat number of zero MEPs to the European Parliament.

But after an announcement today those MEP elections will be just a side show for Tory Party MPs and members, because the leadership race is now on and the keys to Number Ten are up for grabs.

The Chairman of the Conservative Party 1922 Committee, Sir Graham Brady, has issued the following statement:

“The Prime Minister is determined to secure our departure from the European Union and is devoting her efforts to securing the 2nd Reading of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill in the week commencing 3rd June 2019 and the passage of that bill and the consequent departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union by the summer.

“We have agreed that she and I will meet following the 2nd Reading of the Bill to agree a timetable for the election of a new leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party.”

And Laura Kuenssberg, the BBC political editor, reports that senior Tory sources told her it would not be some sort of gentle chat but it means “…even though the letter doesn’t spell it out, that if her Brexit plan is defeated again, Mrs May will announce she is going.”

And with the expectation that her Withdrawal Agreement Bill will be voted out, so killing it off in the current parliamentary session, her premiership is now in the toaster ready to pop up well and truly charred on the given date.

And the BBC handily points out that at the moment Theresa May has the fifth shortest premiership since 1900, but could make it into the sixth shortest slot by overtaking Gordon Brown in days served on the 29th of March.

And as expected up steps Boris Johnson to announce he will throw his hat in the ring.

Talking to an insurance brokers conference in Manchester he said:

“I’m going to go for it. Of course I’m going to go for it.”

And he also said:

“…there has been a real lack of grip and dynamism in the way we’ve approached these talks.

“We’ve failed over the past three years to put forward a convincing narrative about how we exploit the opportunities of Brexit.

“All I can say, as tactfully and usefully as I can, is that I have a boundless appetite to try to get it right, and to help the country to get on the right path.”

While Andrea Jenkyns has come out in support of Dominic Raab when talking to LBC.

I expect some more will come forward over the next few days.

And as ever, the issue of the EU has put paid to another Tory Prime Minister.

But the big point here is that Theresa May is now PM in name only. There is absolutely no point in continuing the Tory / Labour Party talks and Brussels will just sigh, call us all more names again as per the BBC documentary, and sit back and wait to see who ends up replacing her.

Now, David Cameron announced his departure on the 24th of June 2016, the day after the referendum and Theresa May took up residence in Number Ten on the 13th July after all her opponents were defeated or stood aside.

So, a Tory leadership election might not take too much time, as long as its party’s MPs select a single candidate and don’t end up having to go to its membership for an election between two or more candidates.

But with the Remainers outnumbering Leavers in the Tory MP ranks, it might not be easy to get someone in Number Ten who truly wants Brexit – actually we may just end up with yet another Remainer!

Anyway, what do you think? – Please share and comment – and thank you for watching.





Thumbnail Image of Number 10 – Open Government Licence (OGL via Wikimedia).

Brexit referendum: Britain's love-hate relationship with Europe

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Millions of people across the UK will vote Thursday in a bitterly fought, too-close-to-call referendum on whether the islands should remain a member of the EU, potentially sparking the most severe crisis in the bloc’s 60-year history.

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George Galloway: Support for Nigel Farage is the UK voters' way of demanding Brexit

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The new Brexit Party, led by Nigel Farage, is on course to cause a political earthquake at next month’s EU Parliament elections, with a new survey showing his anti-EU group ahead of both Labour and the Tories.

YouGov, one of Britain’s main polling companies, has Farage’s Brexit Party at 27 percent, five points ahead of Labour and well ahead of PM Theresa May’s Conservatives at 15 percent, with just a few weeks to go until elections on May 23.



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Robert Hill UKIP Ireland Local Council Elections Campaign 2019

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Robert Hill is a UKIP candidate in the 2019 local Council elections.
They have just launched their campaign in the Clayton Hotel, Belfast.

The Meteoric rise of The Brexit Party. Farage`s fledgling Party tops the polls

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'May has failed to challenge the DUP': says Mary Lou McDonald

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Diplomats in Brussels have said they are ‘very close’ to agreeing a divorce package after months of bitter wrangling over the Irish border. But chief negotiator Michel Barnier is expected to make clear he is playing hardball by publishing a draft ‘declaration’ on post-Brexit trade arrangements that falls far short of her blueprint. The move seems designed to impose maximum strain on the PM as she prepares to table revamped proposals for a ‘backstop’ to prevent a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic. There are expected to be concessions on how regulations can be enforced – although Mrs May will hold the line that the province cannot be split from the rest of the UK’s customs jurisdiction. However, doubts over whether Mrs May will be able to win approval for her new plan at home were fuelled today as the DUP’s Westminster leader Nigel Dodds repeated warnings that it will not tolerate ‘tariffs, checks or anything else between one part of the UK and the other’.

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3InAPub Talk… EU Elections

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Like most of you I’m sure, I just want to get on with my life, but with the threat of a No Deal Brexit hanging over the nation’s future like some infernal sword of Damocles, I guess it was inevitable that we’d come back to our membership of the EU at some point.

So here we are, hot off the press, Adam Lee and I discuss the upcoming EU Elections.

(Yes I know there’s only two of us.)

Here’s the news article about the £1,000,000,000,000 (one TRILLION pounds) in assets that has already left the UK ahead of Brexit. Feel free to use it whenever you need to get a Brexit Jihadist to STFU:

Jean-Claude Juncker schwankteauf dem Nato-Gipfel

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 Jean-Claude Juncker hat beim Abendessen zum Nato-Gipfel in Brüssel für Aufsehen gesorgt. Der EU-Kommissionspräsident schwankte und mehrere Staatsgäste den 63-Jährigen helfend stützten. Bilder zeigen die Szenen.  Ein Alkoholproblem hat der Politiker schon einmal zurückgewiesen. Doch warum war der Luxemburger so unsicher auf den Beinen? Sein Büro erklärte am Donnerstag auf Anfrage: “Es wäre nicht angemessen, irgendwelche gesundheitlichen Probleme öffentlich zu diskutieren.” Im Internet sorgte ein Video von der Szene allerdings für große Aufmerksamkeit.  Juncker hat in der Vergangenheit öffentlich auf seine Ischiasbeschwerden hingewiesen. Bisweilen wurde er auch schon bei früheren öffentlichen Anlässen beim Treppensteigen gestützt. Wenige Stunden nach dem Zwischenfall nahm Juncker am Donnerstagmorgen wieder wie geplant am Programm des Nato-Gipfels teil.   Juncker 2014: “Er hat kein Alkoholproblem”  Zweifel an seiner gesundheitlichen Eignung hatte Juncker schon 2014 zurückgewiesen. Nach Äußerungen des niederländischen Finanzministers Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Juncker sei “ein verstockter Raucher und Trinker”, erklärte er damals, er habe kein Alkoholproblem.   Im Video: Juncker verwirrt: EU-Kommissionschef faselt 2016 im Parlament von Außerirdischen cho/dpa

Freedom of opportunity is what matters in a free society – UKIP MEP Bill Etheridge

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• European Parliament, Brussels, 02 December 2015

• Bill Etheridge MEP, UK Independence Party (West Midlands), Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy group- – @BillDudleyNorth

• Debate: Gender balance among non-executive directors of companies listed on stock exchanges
– Oral question – [2015/2967(RSP)]

Evelyn Regner, Maria Arena, Tadeusz Zwiefka, Mariya Gabriel, Constance Le Grip (O-000136/2015 – B8-1109/2015)
Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament
Group of the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats)
Gender balance among non-executive directors of companies listed on stock exchanges (the proposed ‘women-on-boards directive’)

• Video: EbS (European Parliament)

• EU Member States:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, United Kingdom

Arlene Foster says DUP is focused on ditching the backstop

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DUP Leader Arlene Foster says the DUP will not be involved in any internal Conservative Party votes of no confidence or leadership changes but is focused on the policy of getting rid of the backstop in the Brexit process when the UK leaves the EU.
. Report by Simon Anderson.


Theresa May announces Withdrawal Agreement will include vote on 2nd #Brexit ref

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WATCH: This is the moment Theresa May announces that the #WithdrawalAgreement will include a vote on whether to hold a second referendum on leaving the EU.

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George Galloway on US Foreign Policy George Galloway

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Europe ahead of elections | DW Documentary

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Passionate supporters, angry critics and a neutral majority. The EU elicits a range of reactions.

What’s behind the preconceptions and skepticism? Our reporters go looking for answers in in Germany, Poland, Italy and Brussels.Is it really the case that hardworking countries pay for the less industrious ones? Reporter Jo Schück asks Ingo Egloff from the Hamburg Port if Germany really is the EU’s paymaster. In Poland, journalist Aleksandra Rybinska explains why many people see the EU as a bossy super-state, while judges and activists in Warsaw explain why the country’s judicial reform is alienating it from the EU.

In Italy, reporter Katty Salié meets Yvan Sagnet, a political activist born in Cameroon who accuses the EU of failing to address urgent issues – chief among them, the distribution of refugees across member states. As a result, new arrivals in Italy, often without papers, have to stay in overcrowded camps in appalling conditions, and work as day laborers in the agricultural sector.

The Center For Research on Right-Wing Extremism in Jena has observed how euro-skeptics are undermining European ideas from within, with far-right parties gaining traction in the European Parliament. In Brussels, the two reporters discover what the infamous bureaucratic behemoth looks like from the inside. They catch up with Damian Boeselager, co-founder of the first pan-European party, and gauge the mood in the heart of the bloc ahead of the European elections.

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'We are NOT Europeans!' Furious Brexiteer warns of 'REVOLUTION' if May fails to deliver

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SEETHING Brexiteers have taken to the streets of London on Friday to demand Theresa May ditch her proposed Brexit divorce deal, warning refusing to do so could result in Britons “revolting” to see their demands met.

A group of protesters sporting yellow vests swarmed major bridges across London to voice their discontent with the Brexit withdrawal deal the Prime Minister has negotiated with the European Union. One particularly frustrated protestor warned Theresa May to expect “a revolution” from the British people if the demands of the 2016 EU referendum are not delivered. He also claimed Brexiteers would prefer leaving the bloc without a deal rather than continue having Brussels “pillage” the UK.

The unnamed protester said: “We voted for Brexit because we wanted to retake control of our country. We don’t want to be governed by unelected bureaucrats who sit on the European Commission.

“We don’t want to be part of a federal European superstate that is going to erode away our rights and take away democracy. This is Britain, we are not Europeans.

“We have never been Europeans. This is our land and we are taking it back. If the political class doesn’t like it then they are going to see a revolution like they’ve never seen before.”

The London protesters were spotted wearing Yellow Vests to honour the Gilets Jaune campaign objecting to the presidency of French leader Emmanuel Macron since November.

The “yellow vest” protests erupted out of nowhere on Nov. 17, when nearly 300,000 demonstrators nationwide took to the streets to denounce high living costs and a fuel tax.

Roadblocks around the country and violent clashes in central Paris have already taken their toll on the economy.

The disgruntled Brexiteer continued: “Time to take up the spirit of Oliver Cromwell, it’s time to stand up, time to rise up, time to regain what’s rightfully ours. We ain’t going anywhere, the yellow vest is just the start. This is going to spread out to the whole country.

“We don’t want a deal, don’t want a deal. No deal Brexit, trade on World Trade Organisation terms, our fishing industry was decimated by the European Union, we’ve seen mass migration, we’ve seen the outsourcing of all of our factories going into the EU.

“We can’t have this anymore. This country has been raped and pillaged and it’s time we stood up for what we believed in.”

Theresa May travelled to the December European Council summit in Brussels in a bid to win cast-iron legal guarantees that Britain won’t be held hostage in the Irish backstop customs union.

The EU27 approved a number of promises that they would also work ensure a deal that supersedes the backstop would be concluded by December 30, 2020, and if it is triggered would only be temporary.

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker made clear that he doesn’t intend to stay in Brussels to oversee Brexit negotiations over Christmas.

He said: “It’s good to be informed that Donald Tusk will stay in Brussels over Christmas. I will not stay in Brussels over Christmas because I have had so many meetings with Prime Minister May, who is a good friend and I admire her because she is a woman of courage doing her job in the best way possible.”

The eurocrat insisted talks on the future relationships would begin “seconds after” the deal is signed off by the House of Commons, which is expected in January.

In her own post-summit press conference, Mrs May insisted that “as formal conclusions, these commitments have legal status and therefore should be welcomed”.

How Brits Are Preparing For A Post-Brexit Apocalypse (HBO)

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EU Heads of State and/or Government convene for a special summit called after the UK parliament voted on March 29 to reject the Withdrawal Agreement negotiated between the UK and EU. The looming possibility of Brexit has turned many Brits into preppers ––anxiously waiting to lose access to their favorite products, food, and even medicine. VICE News follows two people prepping in the case of this national emergency.

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Britain Heading Inexorably Towards A Civil War With Islam? – Paul Weston Speaks.mp4

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I lived for 30 years in South Ealing in West London, which originally was a model little London village. The Poles who arrived after the war were thoroughly integrated, the Hindu shopkeepers got on with everyone, including the local Muslim residents, and although there were new immigrants from perhaps 20 countries, the pace of change was slow and unthreatening. We knew that nearby Southall had long since become an ethnic ghetto, but we were sure this would not happen to us. There were, perhaps, more Indian restaurants in South Ealing than anyone could possibly require, but the only local grumbles I can recall were about some Somali refugees who had trashed their council house.

We all ticked along in our own way. I liked living in South Ealing. But things changed. What ruined our community and the personality of our neighbourhood were the young Eastern Europeans who poured in from 2004 onwards. I am not criticising the character of these young migrants. They were generally hardworking, eager and ambitious. But they arrived all at once in large numbers and, most significantly, had zero interest in integrating. They lived and socialised exclusively together, watched Polish television channels via their satellite dishes, chatted to family back home for free on Skype, set up Polish shops to sell Polish food, newspapers and books, and they learnt only as much English as they had to. Seeing shop after little shop put up the words Polski sklep marked the end of the village I knew.

This is why I applaud the Prime Minister for admitting that people are profoundly disturbed by the havoc that mass immigration has wreaked on parts of Britain. “When there have been significant numbers of new people arriving in neighbourhoods,” he said, “perhaps not able to speak the same language as those living there, on occasions not really wanting or even willing to integrate, that has created a kind of discomfort and disjointedness in some neighbourhoods.”

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David Cameron doesn't regret calling Brexit referendum

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Britain’s former Prime Minister David Cameron said on January 16 he fully supported Prime Minister Theresa May as she faces a confidence vote after her Brexit deal was rejected in parliament by a huge margin.

The confidence motion was called by opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn after lawmakers rejected May’s deal by 432-202. It will be held at 1900 GMT.

Cameron also told reporters that he had no regrets over calling the June 2016 referendum, the result of which led him to resign as prime minister.

May is expected to hold on to power through the confidence vote, having secured the backing of her own party’s rebels and its Northern Irish allies.

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Nigel Farage: Winning big will put WTO Brexit back on the table – Surrey, 19.05.2019

Views:7416|Rating:4.92|View Time:1:27:50Minutes|Likes:592|Dislikes:10 | @BrexitParty_UK
• Brexit Party Rally, Frimley, Surrey, 19.05.2019

• Speakers in order of appearance:
– Tim Scott (@TimScottUK) presents MEP candidates for the South East region:
– Robert Rowland @RowlandBrexitSE
– Alexandra Phillips @BrexitAlex
– James Bartholomew @JGBartholomew
– Belinda De Lucy @BelindadeLucy ‏
– Chris Ellis @chrisellis2019
– John Kennedy
– Matt Taylor @MattTaylor2020 ‏
– Peter Wiltshire @PeterWilt101 ‏

• Nigel Farage MEP (South East), Brexit Party Leader, President of the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy Group (EFDD) in the European Parliament – @Nigel_Farage

• Video source:

• Full list of Brexit Party candidates for the European Elections:

Leave Gibraltar Alone! – @UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew

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| Join UKIP:
• European Parliament, Strasbourg, 9 December 2013

• Speaker: Stuart Agnew MEP, UKIP (Eastern Counties), Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) Group –

• Joint Debate: Common Fisheries Policy

1. Common Fisheries Policy
Recommendation for second reading: Ulrike Rodust (A7-0409/2013)
– Recommendation for second reading on the Council position at first reading with a view to the adoption of a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the Common Fisheries Policy, amending Council Regulation (EC) No 1954/2003 and (EC) No 1224/2009 and repealing Council Regulations (EC) No 2371/2002, (EC) No 639/2004 and Council Decision (EC) No 2004/585
[12007/3/2013 – C7-0375/2013 – 2011/0195(COD)]
Committee on Fisheries

2. Common organisation of the markets in fishery and aquaculture products
Recommendation for second reading: Struan Stevenson (A7-0413/2013)
– Recommendation for second reading on the Council position at first reading with a view to the adoption of a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the common organisation of the markets in fishery and aquaculture products, amending Council Regulations (EC) No 1184/2006 and (EC) No 1224/2009 and repealing Council Regulation (EC) No 104/2000
[12005/2/2013 – C7-0376/2013 – 2011/0194(COD)]
Committee on Fisheries

• Video: EbS (European Parliament)

• EU Member States:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, United Kingdom


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Tina Hausten versucht uns das alles nochmal ganz präzise zu erklären.

#ZDF #Brexit #Comedy

Greta Thunberg's emotional speech to EU leaders

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A sometimes tearful Greta Thunberg criticised EU leaders in Strasbourg for not taking the threat posed by climate change seriously enough. The 16-year-old activist said: ‘If our house was falling apart our leaders wouldn’t go on like we do today … if our house was falling apart you wouldn’t hold three emergency Brexit summits and no emergency summit regarding the breakdown of the climate and the environment.’
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May offers 2nd Brexit referendum in 'new deal'

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British PM Theresa ​May announced new incentives for Parliament to approve her Brexit deal, ​and another public vote is on the table.

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UKIP leader Nigel Farage offers Barroso some cooling news – Sep 2013

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UK Independence party leader Nigel Farage debates with Jose Manuel Barroso

Arlene Foster says the DUP is focused on getting rid of the backstop

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Former Brexit secretaries David Davis and Dominic Raab are among those backing the so-called ‘A Better Deal’, a pamphlet setting out proposals for an alternative EU Withdrawal Agreement. The paper retains many elements of Mrs May’s package but removes what the authors call as ‘poison pills’ which prevented her securing cross-party support.

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