July 17, 2024

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Golden Years on the Go for homesitter Peter Sinclair

Peter Sinclair, a sprightly 73-year-old from Birmingham, has been homesitting for a decade through Homesitters Ltd, to embrace an active lifestyle and enjoy his golden years.

His journey into homesitting began after witnessing the joy his wife, Lorraine, found in the role.  She had retired a few years before Peter, and quickly fell in love with the homesitting experience. Inspired by her enthusiasm, Peter eagerly signed up as soon as he retired in 2014 from his role as MD of his own training consultancy business.

Peter, an energetic individual who always seeks new adventures, believes that staying busy, having diverse interests, and being open to new experiences is the key to remaining youthful. His active lifestyle includes helping his nephew build Land Rovers, serving as an exam invigilator, and spending time on their narrowboat in Devon. The couple also enjoy house swaps, recently returning from a two-week home exchange in Versailles.

Despite their love for their own farmhouse in the heart of the Peak District National Park, Peter and Lorraine relish the security and responsibility that comes with caring for someone else’s home and pets. Peter notes, “Enabling clients to come home to a tidy, clean house and contented pets is what we aim to deliver.”


After losing their three beloved King Charles Cavaliers, Peter and Lorraine decided homesitting offered the perfect solution to be around animals and visit new places without the worry of leaving their own pets behind.

Peter explains, “As previous dog owners, we know the stress that comes with going on holiday and having to leave your beloved pets behind. By homesitting, we know we are helping people, giving them peace of mind that their pets are happy, and their home is safe and secure.”

After a decade of homesitting, Peter and Lorraine have built a network of regular clients, forming friendships along the way. Peter says, “Our clients have become friends, and the greetings we get from the pets we look after make it all the more rewarding and enjoyable. Whether it’s for two days or two weeks, it is a privilege and pleasure to be the guardian of animals of all shapes and sizes.”

Peter and Lorraine homesit together and independently, always ensuring their assignments go smoothly.


Peter has a ‘homesitting kit’ that includes his own bed linen, towels, and pillow, which he considers essential for a comfortable stay. Wellies and waterproofs are obligatory items that every homesitter should have in their kit. Additionally, he brings a bag of food, a jigsaw puzzle to keep his brain active, and a good book, ensuring every homesitting assignment is enjoyable and relaxing.

Peter’s homesitting journey highlights the many benefits of this lifestyle. Not only does it keep him active and engaged, but it also provides the opportunity to explore new places and build lasting relationships with both clients and their pets. His story is a testament to the fulfilling and rewarding experience that homesitting can offer, proving that age is no barrier to adventure and joy.