June 14, 2024

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New appointments at IT firm Mintivo will strengthen internal operation and culture – and boost bid for B Corp status

TWO key appointments at Wiltshire IT services and solutions company Mintivo will help it maintain its six years of growth, says Managing Director Alex Jukes.

Operations Director Mark Adams’ move into the role of People and Culture Director, with Service Director Jason Lovell taking on the Operations Director role, comes as the company celebrates winning a major contract with the MoD.

Mr Adams, who has been with the company since its formation, said his new role is geared towards building on Mintivo’s reputation as an attractive place to work. His other priority will be steering the company, which has 30 staff, to B Corp certification.

He said: “Our priority is to focus on our people because taking care of our staff ensures they take care of us. Ultimately, a satisfied workforce delivers outstanding customer service. We need to align their career paths with both our growth and their personal development.

“Through our Mintivo Academy we fund training and exam fees, give staff time away from their day job to train and support them through that journey. Quite a few the technical staff have left their job and come to us with the training and development being one of the factors that swayed them.”

As part of the B Corp accreditation the company is focusing on its corporate social responsibility, including introducing paid staff volunteering days, and strengthening its relationship with Wiltshire Air Ambulance, which is its chosen charity and is also now a customer.

“Everyone who’s ever walked through the door here knows that Mark is very passionate about people and development,” said Mr Jukes. “What we’ve realised is that it’s a key asset for us as a business and it’s very difficult to find people like Mark who has such a focus on it.

“He’s always been incredibly committed to fostering a positive culture around the organisation and has always been a good sounding board.”

Mr Lovell will oversee the day to day running of the business and is being tasked with a review of the company’s internal processes. He said his experience of managing service operations in large corporate firms will help ensure the company’s operation keeps pace with its growth.

“I want to continue to develop the way we work so that it aligns with the expectations of more enterprise-sized customers, including entities like defence and the public sector,” he said. “I want to see our various departments collaborate and support each other, working together to achieve our goals.

“As part of that I will be building a senior leadership team to report into me operationally – service, projects, technical operations – we want a cohesive team that is able to work closely together and lean on one other.”

Mr Jukes said: “Jason has shown incredible leadership capabilities in our service delivery and technical functions and moving him into this role will give him more of a holistic view of all the other areas of the business.

“We’ve invested heavily into our systems development for ticket management and monitoring, automation and things of that nature so he’s going to be monitoring that investment and identifying other areas of efficiencies.”

Mr Lovell said the two-year contract with MoD Corsham is a game-changed for the company. “It’s a really exciting opportunity for us and also for the staff we have working on it. It’s a hell of a thing to have on your CV,” he said.

“It’s a massive game-changer for us and it’s fantastic to be able to grow in that sector. It means we’re doing all the right things at Mintivo. This area of the MoD is hard to get into but now our name’s in there and as we become known as a defence supplier, we will get that name recognition and experience.”

Find out more about the company’s services at mintivo.co.uk.


Pictured: Mintivo’s new People and Culture Director Mark Adams, left, with Managing Director Alex Jukes and new Operations Director Jason Lovell