June 14, 2024

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Gen Z Financial Literacy Startup Launches ‘Tinder for Money’ Feature To Help Young People Find Summer Side Hustles

The new AI-powered job matching feature is set to revolutionise the summer job search for thousands of young people

Prograd, the leading financial literacy company for Gen Z, has announced the launch of a new feature that promises to transform the way young people find side hustles this summer.

Dubbed ‘Tinder for Money’, this new tool allows users to swipe through job opportunities that have been carefully selected for them with the help of AI.

Since its inception 18 months ago, Prograd has helped young people improve their financial literacy and enjoy financial independence. To date, the platform has empowered over 280,000 users to earn a collective £3 million, providing much-needed support amidst the rising cost of living.

The new ‘Tinder for Money’ feature is designed to help young people find the perfect side-hustle in an engaging and intuitive way. Users can simply swipe left on job opportunities they want to skip and swipe right to lock in a match, ensuring they find the best side hustles for their skills and preferences.

This feature is being launched just in time for the summer, a peak period when young people are actively looking for temporary employment to boost their income.

Commenting on the announcement, Marco Logiudice, Co-Founder at Prograd said “We are so excited to introduce this new feature, which we believe will help a lot of young people earn some extra cash this summer. By using AI, we can offer personalised side-hustle recommendations that not only match their skills but also align with their interests.

“Our goal is to make financial independence more accessible and achievable for the Gen Z community, and we believe this new feature does just that.”

The ‘Tinder for Money’ feature is a testament to Prograd’s commitment to innovation and design. By combining AI-driven side-hustle searching with a familiar ‘Tinder’ swipe interface, Prograd is making it easier than ever for young people to find opportunities that fit their lifestyle and financial goals this summer.

Sign up to Prograd and experience the Tinder For Money feature for yourself here: https://www.prograd.uk/