June 17, 2024

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Education partnership creates pioneering ‘data dashboard’ with engineering firm

AN EDUCATION and industry partnership created a pioneering ‘data dashboard’ for an engineering solutions company.

Medru – a joint initiative between Coleg Cambria, Bangor University, and The Open University in Wales – teamed up with AMRC Cymru to create the system for Hawarden-based LCA Group Ltd.

The project highlights the synergies between academia, industry, and technology in driving forward digital transformation in North Wales.

They developed a proof-of-concept data dashboard that showcases the power of real-time data analysis and visualisation. Medru’s commitment to leveraging advanced data integration, adaptive design, comprehensive analytics, and stringent security measures promises a transformative impact on how businesses interpret and utilise their data.

“Our collaboration with AMRC Cymru and LCA Group Ltd exemplifies Medru’s dedication to bringing innovative data solutions to the forefront of business operations. This data dashboard is not just a tool, it’s a gateway to unlocking actionable insights that can drive strategic decisions and operational efficiency,” said Nick Tyson, Coleg Cambria Vice Principal, Medru.

“This innovative dashboard has revolutionised our workflow, allowing for a clear, live, and accurate display of data through each manufacturing phase. We’ve been collecting data since 2020, but now it’s dynamically showcased across multiple locations, enhancing visibility and impact.”

Alan Sheppard, Managing Director at LCA Group Ltd added: “This transparency in budgets and targets ensures every team member understands their role and contributes effectively.

“The dashboard’s real-time updating allows supervisors to dynamically assign tasks, catching and compensating for any shortfalls early in the process. It’s not just about what’s happening now – upcoming jobs are visibly planned, promoting a proactive work environment.”

Luke Byrne, Production Supervisor, echoed those words and said: “Customers and visitors have positively noticed how this tool demonstrates our command of technology and our commitment to continuous improvement. It’s also transformed how we conduct briefings, using the dashboard to engage and inform our team directly on the shop floor.”

The process begins with a thorough assessment of existing data capture methods and aims to integrate seamlessly with the client’s data frameworks. The result is a custom-built dashboard that offers a comprehensive view of crucial data points, adaptable to various devices and fortified with the highest levels of security.

“AMRC Cymru is proud to contribute to this initiative, which aligns perfectly with our mission to enhance manufacturing processes through digital innovation. This partnership with Medru and LCA Group Ltd is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of Industry 4.0,” said Bobby Manesh, Head of Research at AMRC Cymru.

Beyond the proof of concept, the collaboration opens avenues for future projects focusing on data analytics, digital storytelling, and the development of digital twins, as well as upskilling via Degree Apprenticeships and the bespoke Medru suite of digital training courses, marking a significant step towards integrating traditional manufacturing processes with the digital future.

“The enthusiasm is contagious – other departments have seen its potential and are eager to harness similar capabilities for their data, sparking a wave of innovation across the company. It’s clear that this is just the beginning, there are already numerous ideas brewing for what we can achieve next with this technology,” added Alan.

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