June 14, 2024

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Solar business lights up Caribbean with cutting-edge new marine technology

INNOVATORS behind revolutionary solar technology for the shipping industry have unveiled a cutting-edge and ruggedised new model for a giant of the marine sector.

Anglesey and Manchester-based Grafmarine created a square Nanodeck tile – in addition to the current hexagonal shape – that will be tested in Caribbean waters by SMT Shipping, a worldwide leader in the movement of bulk cargo.

This will allow pieces to connect on a flat surface even easier, which in turn means the AI solar management system can capture, store, and remotely manage more clean energy.

Leaders in the international shipping market are working towards net zero, driven by customer demand, legislative changes, and global targets, and exploring ways to decarbonise their fleets.

Grafmarine Commercial Director Nigel Marc Roberts said this new partnership will make waves and give them a platform to further trial their cutting-edge technology, supporting those aims.

“Testing this latest model will allow us to use more conventional materials in a square model, which is simpler to manufacture, more powerful and considerably more cost efficient for the client,” said Nigel.

“We will of course still use recyclable ocean plastics and our ethos as a business is to be a pioneer in fully recyclable renewable energy, but this gives us scope to gather data that will feed into the production process.

“This latest version is really heavy-duty and ruggedised, it’s easy to repair, replace and recycle, so we are excited to see the results.”

Chris Russell, Engineering director of Grafmarine, said the new more ruggedised square panels will be produced alongside the hexagonal model, with a focus on different markets.

“The square is ideal for the hard-wearing, extreme conditions of the shipping industry while the hexagonal alternative is more aesthetically pleasing and attracting a lot of interest in the luxury super-yacht market,” he said.

“Both are game changers and will have a major impact on how clean energy is stored and managed at sea.

“The relationship we are building with SMT Shipping, alongside other connections and partnerships we’ve made over the last year, will help us to develop this technology even further and make a real difference to this industry for generations to come.”

Operating a fleet of more than 60 vessels, SMT Shipping is active in the Americas with self-loading and discharging bulk carriers, cement carriers in Europe and transhipment vessels in West-Africa.

With sites in Cyprus, Poland, the UK, Netherlands, Norway, and the US, the company has been a mainstay in the arena for more than 30 years.

Recognising the importance of decarbonisation, several years ago SMT Shipping started the ‘Towards Zer0’ programme to test new technologies that can be scaled up within the fleet.

“We’re thrilled to include the Nanodeck technology in our programme and offer Grafmarine a platform for this pioneering technology. We look forward to the test results and together with Grafmarine will investigate how these systems can be applied on our fleet,” they said.

For more information on SMT Shipping, visit www.smtshipping.com and follow them on LinkedIn @SMT Shipping and Instagram @smtshipping.

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