June 14, 2024

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Making waves: connectus to sponsor sailing team in exciting new partnership

The Connectus Group is delighted to announce it will be sponsoring a J70 class sailing team for the forthcoming season.

Competing under the name Connectus Racing, the collaboration is the latest commitment to supporting sport at both an amateur and professional level.

Connectus Racing will be led by skipper Oliver Bayes-Shelton and include Ben Harris and Thomas Parkurst as the core team.

The new venture got off to a great start last weekend, as the team joined 21 others vying for top-spot in the opening Grand Slam of the season.

Despite blustery conditions in the Solent, it was a great start to the campaign following the disappointment of a previous event having to be cancelled due to the Storm Kathleen.

Hosted by the Royal Thames Yacht Club, the race comprised a mix of professionally crewed yachts and amateurs, with the Connectus Sailing boat being the youngest crew in the fleet.

It is one of the few teams that is sponsored rather than being paid for by an owner.

Oliver said: “The support of Connectus has enabled us to assemble a dynamic young crew that will relish competing with some of the best sailors in the country.

“Sailing can be a challenging pastime, even more so when 21 other boats are competing for the best position on the start line.

“The winner of the start has a higher probability of winning the race as they control everything. However, one of the biggest obstacles in yacht racing is creating a team and, most importantly, having the resources to put this team on the water. Thanks to Connectus we now have a great chance to make our mark.”

The sponsorship deal is the latest sign of Connectus’ commitment to sport. It has a long-established relationship with rugby giants Sale Sharks, has sponsored the Midland Speed Championship and also supports a range of other sporting organisations across the north west .

Andy Marsden, Connectus Business Development Manager, said the company was delighted to be supporting Oliver and the team.

He said: “At Connectus, we believe that supporting the journey of sports teams at the grassroots level is important because it gives opportunities to talented individuals and helps to develop their skills.

“We believe that everyone should have the chance to pursue their passion and achieve their goals, regardless of their background or financial status.

“By supporting teams such as Connectus Sailing, we are able to help create a more diverse and inclusive environment within competitive sports. We look forward to seeing the progress and success of the team throughout the season.

“At Connectus we pride ourselves in helping businesses to grow, and to navigate the waves that come with growing and scaling any enterprise.

“That’s another reason why we think we will be so well placed to make this exciting new collaboration with Oliver and his team a success. We are looking forward to attending some of the regattas in the weeks ahead and cheering on Connectus Sailing to success.”