July 15, 2024

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Human Data Sciences founder nominated for prestigious recognition award

HUMAN Data Sciences founder Professor Craig Currie has been shortlisted for the prestigious Data Saves Lives national award.

Sponsored by Health Data Research UK (HDRUK), the award recognises individuals for leveraging data to improve patient care, advance medical knowledge, and enhance health outcomes, highlighting the profound potential of data in saving and enhancing lives.

The Data Saves Lives award is part of Cambridge Spark’s Digital & AI Excellence Awards which celebrates critical digital transformation skills in the era of AI, and recognises the pioneers who have harnessed the power of digital and AI as catalysts for change. The winners recognised at a ceremony later this month (March).

The nomination is due to his innovative approach to healthcare analytics and in recognition of the significant impact of the groundbreaking healthcare analytical platform, Livingstone®.

Livingstone®, developed by Human Data Sciences, is a cutting-edge platform designed to empower users of real-world healthcare research by delivering instant analysis that would have otherwise taken months, or years, to deliver.

The platform utilises data science and artificial intelligence methods to analyse vast amounts of healthcare data, which then enables practitioners to make informed decisions, predict health trends, and provide proactive care.

This health analytics engine, being the first of its kind, has been instrumental in identifying at-risk populations, identifying optimised treatments, and ultimately, enhancing the quality of life and life expectancy for countless individuals.

Commenting on the recognition, Rhiannon Thomason, CEO of Human Data Sciences, said: “The nomination for the ‘Data Saves Lives’ award is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and innovative spirit of our talented team. Livingstone was born out of a commitment to revolutionise healthcare outcomes through the power of data. Being recognised on this platform underscores the impact our work has had and will continue to have in saving lives, and improving health outcomes.”

Professor Currie, Chief Scientific Officer of Human Data Sciences, added: “We are deeply committed to advancing healthcare through innovation. This nomination highlights the potential of data-driven solutions in addressing some of the most pressing challenges in healthcare today.

“Looking forward, Human Data Sciences remains dedicated to its mission of transforming healthcare through data science and technology. We look forward to sharing our achievements and future plans with peers, industry leaders, and the wider community at the award ceremony.”