July 15, 2024

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Tunnel vision: exploring further the feasibility of linking Channel Islands to France

The aspiration to link by tunnel the Channel Islands and France will take a further step forward next week.

The Guernsey-based founder of Dorey Financial Modelling, Martyn Dorey, used his team’s mathematical and financial expertise to turn what was simply an idea into a blueprint for the first time in 2019.

Now, five years later, as support for the project has gathered, the company is staging roadshows in Guernsey and Jersey, to help to drive the project even closer to feasibility.


As one of the founder members of the Connect 3 Million campaign to build the sub-seabed link, Martyn has been central to lobbying decision-makers and politicians to back the project ever since.

The tunnel plan is increasingly seen as a pragmatic answer to the economic vitality of the islands. By banishing the impact of the weather on flights, ferries and shipping, it would enable thousands of workers and visitors a swift, trouble-free commute to and from each island and Normandy.

At a stroke, its impact would energise the Channel Island economy, currently hobbled by an ageing population, a severe housing shortage and the expense of bringing in everyday products by sea and air every day, weather permitting.


Martyn said: “Making it easier for everyone to reach the Channel Islands will transform the future for everyone. Our economies are strong but are being held back when we all need them to expand further. This innovation will herald a boom across financial services, tourism and beyond.”


Dorey Financial Modelling is holding the roadshows on Tuesday 5th March in Jersey and Wednesday 6th March in Guernsey.

Audiences will hear from world-renowned tunnelling experts Arild Sovik, network director of the Norwegian Tunnelling Society and Teitur Samuelsen, chief executive of the Faroe Islands’ public company, which excavated its sub-seabed links.

They will give their view on how the economic, social and cultural benefits the tunnels have brought to the Faroes, plus other similar projects worldwide, can be replicated for the Channel Islands.

About Dorey Financial Modelling

Dorey Financial Modelling is an actuarial technology company established in 2013 with offices in Guernsey and Cambridge. The company supports £36bln in over 200 investment funds in private equity, listed equity and IPOs and provides services for local government and several, significant investment advisors.

We are a multi-disciplined team with decades of experience in the financial and professional services sectors. We love the challenge of a problem and finding the most appropriate solution for clients, geared to helping them understand complex data and make informed decisions that stand the test of time.

Our core competencies are in mathematical modelling and actuarial science, complemented by a diverse blend of skills, including computer programming, business consultancy, financial communications and regulation.


About Connect 3 Million

Connect 3 Million is an initiative, launched in 2019, by a consortium of local businesses in support of investigating a fixed link between Guernsey, Jersey and France. The proposal of an undersea tunnel holds potential benefits that could contribute to the economic, social and environmental future of the Channel Islands.