July 15, 2024

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More than just holiday blues? 1 in 4 workers feel stressed after returning from holiday

New research by mobile travel app Vamoos has revealed that 1 in 4 people feel as stressed after returning from holiday as they did before they left, indicating that many could be experiencing more than just the ‘post-holiday blues’.

Research conducted on over 1,000 consumers who go on luxury, educational and/or adventurous trips revealed that 24% of travellers feel stressed after returning home from a holiday, which is only 1% less than the number of people who feel stressed right before their holiday.

Further insights from the report indicated that women were likely to be more stressed than their male counterparts, both before a holiday (30% vs 20%) and just after (27% vs 20%).

Whilst it has long been accepted that people feel stressed when booking or preparing for their holiday, less consideration has been given to how people feel when they return, often coming back to pressures at work, a mountain of emails and a never-ending to-do list. This is in addition to other factors such as getting children back into school or bedtime routines.

“This new research would suggest that many people returning to work apparently ‘refreshed’ after their holiday, may be experiencing similar levels of stress as they were prior to leaving. More worryingly, they could either be suffering in silence or find their stress is disregarded as a simple case of the post-holiday blues,” explains Tony Bean, Director at Vamoos.

With over 74% of UK adults experiencing stress so severe in the past year that they have felt unable to cope, Tony suggests that more needs to be done to help people to settle back into daily working life after they return from holiday.

The full report can be accessed here