June 17, 2024

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New three-day NEBOSH course to shake up workplace safety training 

NEBOSH, one of the world’s leading providers of health and safety qualifications, has launched Safety Simplified, a brand new approach to health and safety training.  The three-day, practical course, which innovatively uses augmented reality to bring safety learning to life, has been introduced to drive a revolution in the UK workplace by introducing health and safety knowledge to more people.

The course represents a major new development for NEBOSH. Ian Taylor, Chief Executive, NEBOSH explains why it’s taking this bold step now: “Every year 1.4 million people suffer from work-related injuries and ill-health. This costs UK organisations £15 billion.  These are huge numbers and let’s not forget, behind these statistics are real people whose lives have been affected.

A key answer is to get more people aware of and involved in health and safety, after all everyone has a part to play in keeping their workplace safe.  So we decided to develop Safety Simplified. It makes health and safety training both relevant and accessible to all.”

Safety Simplified emphasises the practical nature of health and safety. The course is heavily activity focused, and creatively uses augmented reality (AR) to help people visualise what they’re being taught. There are numerous AR scenarios covering some of the most common safety issues such as noise, vibration, desk working, mechanical hazards, manual handling and working at height.  Learners also complete a simple risk assessment.

Those who complete it will return to their workplaces with safety tips, ideas and tools which can be put into practice straight away. They will be able to make a real contribution not just to their immediate workspace but to the organisation’s wider culture and its health and safety team.

Employers can easily adopt Safety Simplified to boost the health and safety knowledge and culture across their whole workforce. It is applicable to any sector and is simple to deliver with minimal set-up.  For instance, the AR app and scenarios are free to download to any smart device from Google’s Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Over time, businesses which put their staff through the Safety Simplified training can expect to see reductions in injuries, improvements in how people do their jobs and fewer days lost to illness and injury.  The risk of fines will be reduced, and employer brands better protected.

These are all great bottom-line benefits, but most importantly, by creating safer places to work, staff will be better protected – and that’s good for everyone,” adds Ian Taylor.

With flexible ‘on the day’ registrations and the ability to deliver Safety Simplified to a specific organisation’s needs, any employee, anywhere in the world, can complete the course.

To find out more about Safety Simplified or to find a local learning partner visit www.safetysimplified.com