37 thoughts on “Wilder v Fury – London Pre-Fight Press Conference Highlights Reaction”

  1. Yeah man I didn't realise boy is a racist term in America, shit this actually looks really bad lmao… He's meaning it like you're a fucking child, you're a lil boy I'm going to school you, not like the American version… Jeez…

  2. Fury believes in only one creator. He's not racist. I promise u he won't be saying that again. Because he would've seen the vedio of his press conference and someone may have addressed him that term in America is not acceptable. Thanks

  3. We don't even mean it to sound racist like that. I remember when it happened to McGregor too. We're just mocking the American accent to be honest. But it does sound racist to black people in America I get it. Bit we don't mean it like that haha.

  4. Wilder doesn't dare to fight AJ, he just says he want to, but AJ, who got all the belts offered Wilder piles of contracts. Even more money for one fight compared to all of Wilder his previous 40 fights combined and Wilder still says no lol. Wilder only fights nobodies in boxing.

  5. Wow what’s this cut down bias bull shit FURY ripped him a new arse hole and u cut all that shit out wilder was trembling behind those sunglasses and he did the exact same in america for that presser this is bias bullshit u just lost a viewer.

  6. Don't sleep on fury guys if it was fury 2 years ago I would say wilder has no chance but I say it's 50/50 because he has been off so long but I'm rolling with fury for this fight, UK ALL MOTHER FUCKING DAY 🇬🇧

  7. Fury has been out too long and fought no one good since comming back and hes still too fat! Carry too much fat and you run out of juice after round 5. I think Winder is the best in the world right now.

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