West Highland Way – DVD trail guide video

West Highland Way - DVD trail guide video

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Thinking of doing the WEST HIGHLAND WAY in 2018? Lots of trail info at ~ David and Debra Rixon have produced this spectacular 2-hour Scottish DVD: ALONG THE WEST HIGHLAND WAY available from
You’ll find out exactly what its like! In this official and definitive film they meet rangers, musicians, historians, and local folk on their 95-mile journey, and walk every step of the way. Makes a great preview if you are considering hiking this classic trail …and a great souvenir if you’ve been! Recorded in May during exceptional weather. Superb scenery – Music by Barnaby Smith.

Remember, Amazon.co.uk will send to USA and worldwide… no problem! You also might like A CLASSIC TOUR OF SCOTLAND a motoring and walking journey

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you the west highland way was founded in 1980 and is one of the most beautiful and most challenging walks in the British Isles it stretches for 95 miles from the suburbs of Scotland's largest city it skirts Scotland's largest law passed the head of Glencoe to the foot of Scotland's largest mountain open landscape but really beautiful in its own right that freedom that sense of isolation and that's what people like and when they're walking the West silent way and when you have done that and you've got wet and eaten alive by mages come back and do it again because it won't be the same again this film chronicles our journey recorded in exceptionally dry weather in May in five parts we've read a lot about it we think we're prepared and it's time to do it a distinctive feature about the west island way is the fact that it links historical roots into a seamless fascinating and enjoyable long distance trail Smail is most important holy lovely sweet smile and can really smell the alcohol that has been chasers you well they say the weather can change in minutes and certainly as we've had all sorts this is the oak tree in the first stop after our stretch from Lowell guy we're going to opti for volume so we're doing it over at four days we're about a third of the way along our journey now and this is where Loch Lomond gets quite a bit narrower this is Foxtrot once a phone today good near an sbox a natural blue tit had taken here from the goat and had laned its nest with there they got here more here so very expensive nest actually but oh it was lovely in warm and the cold spring morning you could put your hand over the eggs and fuel the heat coming off it yeah you John been an Irish and lover of animals you thought I'll take a sweet out and give it to the pony well the pony looked at the back and he looked at what was in it and he saw this your part isn't he he saw the meat and he thought wait a minute that is look at it earlier Polly started get a camera while the horse is in the bag John's tying together is stuffy and Earth is just laughing he said I just stood there laughing the famous in has welcomed the Great and the good through its doors as a photo pair so a journey of people who walk in Westphalen ways and so on it's from one of these natural stopping places you would come to just as it was for the Drover's I'll be back Oh was hundreds of years ago Oh you can see three mark mails are we sort of thing anything us must be I beg please but when yet I Hrithik just a small please a relatively important part of our history taking place there you walk past it next time you're up stop and huddle together feel it that mosquitoes a day like this I'd be crazy to sit in an office so framel guy behind Loch Lomond inversely green-lighted tandem in foreign we're here not that much better to put will in there in a way it's easier than you expect because it's wild and beautiful but there is almost always a pub at the end of the day waving at food and a drink and more than not there's a pub halfway for lunch as well if you want finally we are rewarded with views of magnificent been nervous I think the restaurant way school because just after Loch Lomond then have few mountains up and then to get a Highland in this is the best part of the whole trip our luggage has been carried faithfully from hotel to guesthouse all of our journey along the west island way as we leave kinloch leavin we caught up with Robert who runs a baggage transport service with his wife Audrey we do about sometimes 350 miles of the e at the wash but I've seen me do 450 miles that was an absolute epic but that was because it was so busy there was no accommodation in all the normal little toes of people were stealing miles away we are walking 54 miles of the west and we in under 24 hours excellent that's the challenge unless the team briefed who is very tall shoulders back yes video yes you things haven't changed a great deal 250 years ago confession constructed these slips they realize then they would need to maintain them for example if you were working on us forward to preparedness we would try and rebuild it reinstate it in the fashion that it was originally done we're nearly there it's nearly 95 miles we asked the forest but quite Whitten head of the ground well look for Windham so uplifting the end of the West Thailand way the 95 my and it's been more like an odyssey you

40 thoughts on “West Highland Way – DVD trail guide video”

  1. Doing this over 7 days end of May /early June.
    I've read on forums that people go into training for 6 months to do this.
    I have 2 months to prepare , will that be enough ?
    Bit worried that the climbs will be very challenging.

  2. I have walked the West Highland Way back in August 2012 and would recommend it to anyone thinking about really enjoying the highlands. Very few accomodations along the way, either prepare way in advance or be ready to wild camp (like we did)

  3. I have been there with my good lady, we would spend the day just the two of us out there and then would meet up with all the good folk in the evenings, that's the best why to see Scotland, beautiful landscape by day and good company in the evening, PS no music by on walk, just the sound of winds and animals, wonderful.

  4. Why thanks morse27, enjoy the trail! …and best of luck with the weather. Not many midges in May we hope. The best bit is all the characters you meet on the way!

    Debra & Dave, Grindelwald Productions

  5. A great wee video – A modern day Weir`s Way!
    Going to walk and camp the WHW later this month after first completing it 10 years ago. Cant wait!

  6. Hey best of luck! Good well worn-in shoes/boots & plenty of training. Some Avon "Skin-so-soft" if you are going when the midges are out.
    Debra and Dave ~ producers of "Along the West highland Way"

  7. best vacation i ever did, and i think we had about the best wheater in 10 years (at 20 sept this year) it was around 30°C!!! Such a beautiful trip, will go back next year

  8. Hi.. yes if it comes off , i think we will bail out at Inversnaid and take the ferry across and go to Inverarnen.. I,m going to Orlando in October and I cant get excited about it cos i,m excited about the WHW.. ha ha

  9. That's great Richard, hope you go a different way round Loch Lomond though… the boulders are the size of your bike! Its a great experience especially with people you meet and their stories.

  10. what a great video this is, me and the lads have a couple of dvds that we also made, although ours has lots of swearing in it!
    we've done the walk about 8 times maybe 9?
    just do it, it's a story for the eventuall grandchildren!

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