WELL THIS IS DIFFERENT! | Oakfield Farm | Farming Simulator 19 Role Play – EP60

WELL THIS IS DIFFERENT!  | Oakfield Farm | Farming Simulator 19 Role Play - EP60

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There’s a strange red machine in the yard today! Not quite sure what it is, or where it came from. But it definitely isn’t a John Deere or a Fendt! With that said, we’ll stick it onto some kit and see how it performs out in the field.

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what is that peekaboo well good evening ladies gentleman welcome back a lot excuse me that's dusty welcome back along to up your farm and tonight we are we just took into another field here that's on the other side of the road we've got the wagon boat for this one because it would be tipping straight into there this is go at this wheat is going straight away hopefully to be made into flour where it will help you get there for eventually end up as bread on your shelves but let's watch this space about the fender on the header trailer for now that is as soon as I can I'm going to take that back down and yeah we're going to stick that onto the baler because they're all of our other machines are a little bit busy right now so we need to go and get a tractor out onto the onto the grain chaser we're going to use that it's not going to require a lot of work in here today but yeah that's what we're gonna do so Barry is on the combine now he looks like he's cracking on nicely he's flying in through here in all honesty really not taking there's a taking his time there but that new maxim header has proven to be fantastic for what we need now what we're gonna do is use a little bit of straw here it straws nice and dry so in theory that could almost baler today well likely it's not supposed to get too damp tonight though so we'll leave it on the ground well coming in will get that first thing in the mornin we have currently got young jack as well is out he's brought up the lorry built because the lawyers going to stay there for now he's left his beacons on he's gonna go and jump into a power shower as well and we're gonna get our lower the truck whoa what is that not green the tractor is not because I'm only joking folks this is a case Magnum now the reason we have this this is on demonstration I mentioned in passing one of the dealers miles down that picking up some grease into air filters of the day actually that I was looking together demonstration of a big John Deere out looking at that 8400 R which should be coming soon because of that he was very keen for me to have a plate with a case now the one problem is this is a 380 case Magnum as you can see Vitara tracks on the back but this machine in particular believe this has in the realms of our 420 horsepower or can have up to but yeah we're gonna give this a try brother for a few days I want to put across all different machines ready to see how it works and see how it functions but as you see in there it's looking pretty meaty right there so it's a nice looking size that's for sure got a lot of power and not quite as much power in the 1050 yes certainly more than the other machines on the yard but so it could definitely have a roll nice little sigh like this can I kind of equate this to being like a Power Rangers leg look at the size of that like joystick there but a nice cup nice visibility here lots to kind of like about this so we'll just see we're gonna loop into the field here how it works now what we're gonna be doing the field that we put the new lake into we're actually going to be coming into there very shortly with the cultivator in the back this to work that down before we put cover crop in so we'll probably do that with this machine tomorrow but I just wanted ideally if we did go for something like this it's got plenty of weight to it so it could handle the grain chaser very easy so I wanted to give that a go more than anything else just see how it would really handle it but you know so far I mean it looks I think it's gonna be fantastic it looks really really good that's for sure so yeah I mean let me know what you think down the comments below very interested as always it could be good but like I said I'm not really good usually a green fan really so I thought as you all know we've got John Diaz and cents on the up and avoid support but yeah I wouldn't be opposed to this that's the shirt but it's just something a little bit different I like the idea of the tracks in the back appealed to me I don't really know how that's gonna work for logistics and if it's if you try to you this is a road trucker it's pretty not to be very practical but hey that's something that we can try and consider moving forward and see where that goes really more than anything else yeah other than that you know we'll see we'll see how it goes I think it's got some strong strong potential that's the very minimum I will say yeah elsewhere everything else is going well that last yield came off quite well in the end actually got a really good kind of we eclipsed four and a half ton an acre which was phenomenal for that ground in places so average though across the whole field there was probably about 3.6 3.7 acres 3.7 ton an acre so I'm very happy with that know as you see Barry seems to be doing well over there we will let him come around once he's back around here then we're gonna have a bit of a play with the case and just see how it holds up so we'll catch you when Barry finishes up and so here he comes again it's been a little bit dusty once more but we're just gonna go and have a look into the future there's a few things we have a problem with in this field when it was growing and one that was weeds we have a lot of volunteer barley coming through we had a lot of wild oats coming through and also a lot of what looked like poppy coming through is well actually which was a little bit frustrating so you can see it was all sprayed off it isn't here to be dead at the moment it's going to pass through the pass through the back of the combine and we'll hopefully get all that out but from a straw perspective it's not gonna matter score get burnt up anyway but yeah that was something we had to Frank out on top of but what we're gonna do now we're gonna chase after combine there and we'll see see how we do oh they're already ready for me so it's a very nice smooth right that really track actually on this tract it doesn't make for a very comfortable ride I must admit so far there's very interesting note remind you that being said the 10:50 old 1046 we have is not the least uncomfortable either that's a very nice machine to be in all right come on all right so I think we're just going to knock this one out here whilst from the headlands that makes it a little bit easier I don't mind unloading and move there but Perry seems to want to kind of sit and wait there think he's even having a sandwich why not so we'll get this one owned loaded plenty of capacity in this chase a bit I think if memory serves there we can get in the region for two and a half three full tank loads not John Deere into here in one hit so we're never going to struggle for any space there at all there we go really no we're just going to spin it around there's no need to go and empty it now I'm gonna go and tip it into the trailer anyway I'll see how it handles see what it looks like really I want to drink it used to all these hydraulics as much as possible there seems like a very ergonomic layout actually I like having all the lights and all of the various different electronic switches on like this so that when they were the format of the tractor there I do really like that it makes for some easy use went through we go now this is a private routine of gates locked that answers not convey any cars coming up here which is good and now we can just kind of pull this off into position and see how this works here that perfect stuff so we'll always like to start and load and add the back I think we just need to bring down it's a little difficult to see here in this machine but what the bring down the auger over there to just be about doing us no than the wrong way and there you go you can see we're just gonna blow in there now that's perfect I'll quit just come out through the back window there but we are looking fantastic just like that we are done let's pull that pipe back in and around we go we're going to see where barriers against see what you're not going on but yeah we're looking good so far we've got a lot done as you look over the valley that you can see where we're heading next so you've got our our two grass aw3 grass fields down in front of you the one that we finished plowing up and then you've got to tie triangular fields and then look there's a above that on the fire hillside there's a block of wheat over there that's where we're gonna be heading to next folks after this and then that will pretty much be us done which would be great really really pleased felt like right so we've got a little bit of a contract work left to do still but none of our own after that stage which is three in use very very pleased no where is he peekaboo don't see him and well let's go find out there he is there's that massive big combine it you can't miss perfect stuff so what a beautiful evening let's just knock this off here so we're gonna keep this for a little while we're gonna keep it in various different tasks really just to see how it holds up and see what we can get what we can get stuck into really I think is the best way and then after that we're going to try the exact same with the 8,400 our John Deere see how that one goes I'm very much looking forward to that currently before we even jumped into either machines they're my kind of favorite my preferred favorite would have been the 8,400 now if we kept all of it the end aim would be we wouldn't we'd be replacing the vehicles who would likely be replacing the well I don't know would like we need to upgrade one them I think so that's another choice for after wait and see but yeah that's another decision for another time at the moment now we can just continue to use everything and see how they all come along combines going very well though it's running fantastically well with the new header on there and I'm very very much enjoying that one I don't think it's much of a dish decision now at the end of this harvest day we will be looking to acquire one for our own use and trading in that current heading because this is really really good a little problem with the header trailer at the moment and struggling to get the jack to move so it keeps clipping off the ground this this year Jack so that's something you think about but that's a very very minor issue I think so we'll have a look into that one oh you had a picked up there we go Barry that's Bella now this would you believe is actually small it's had her at fit if I put that do go 40 and 45 foot wide which is just incredible far too big for what we'd ever need of course it's gonna have a look under here as you can see we're sitting in the car pier with Barry as he is working along and such an even feed coming through your tractor the combines really pushing to not struggling saw that even feed really helps because it goes in evenly into the feeder house and then it can refresh through it at a constant rate which is just exactly what we're looking for but we're gonna jump out again because yeah we need to go and follow him around in our case and make sure that we're all good to go Pepin is stroking off this field as you can see which is good to see these bales here from these two fields are gonna be for our own cattle the rest of the straw that we make from the hillside that'll be going down to our new straw facility there and then hopefully some of the contract workers well we're gonna buy the straw off there as well so that's the land on the far side of the valley again but yeah we need our own straw here obviously as well so but kind of look after our Cutler our own times well missed them is put it all back in again who wants to stop okay Bobby's just getting used to how the combine works races only is first season doing a bit of combining I want to get him on the combine so it can allow me to kind of look into all of our other work at the moment really so that's the main aim there what we're going to do is with let me finish this field off and then he's got a little bit of experience under his belt we'll keep offering him a little bit more now and again because he does like it he does need to jump back onto the baler though pretty quickly so that might be short-lived okay and perfect beep of appreciation right there so what we're going to do now we're going to put this up on the side we're going to take down the fence doesn't need to be up here anymore we'll leave the head of trailer people take the fence down and connect up to the baler and get the whole separate to go I'm not attractive shopping today door shut that's better so this track they can easily pull the pull the baler so we'll stick it under there and we'll get a ready to go for tomorrow I should write a post which does light stuff as well but we'll leave it for now oh no here we go the 1046 is back in the yard now I finished up the plow in there early as you can see you got that fuel all squared away there there's a few little bits that looked like the mist here but they're actually where the telegraph poles are so definitely can't do anything about that and yeah that's ready to be broken down now like I say we're gonna try to get a cover crop in there I hope that were there's a very slight chance that we get a few drops of rain towards the end of this week so if I can get that cover crop in first then that'll really help any any moisture coming through there so that would be a good plan because we're really just to get that flying now swing this around yeah as the plow wall it's good to be happening as well that small field next the small grass field next to the we were in earlier today that is also going to be plowed over it goes so that's something I need to look into sooner rather than later as well because we want to start thinking turning our attention towards drilling very shortly with a hope to get it all done I know we're under old all of our winter crops certainly in by end of September any oil seed rape we're gonna put in which I'm still kinda baiting about how much we will actually put in there purely because it's well it's a bit of an issue really at the moment that crop it's it's not the best it's got a lot of awful lot of inputs that make a decent crop there at the moment there's a few yannick pesticides that we're not allowed to use anymore for flea beetle and others really starting to cause issues with with you they yield that you can expect and because of that and because of the initial input costs as well it's really not an attractive crop anymore and there's a break crop perhaps it's good because you can get some better yields on your wheat after it but I'm still not too sure about that I might look at other options one of which at the moment is that we have sugar beets still in the ground that we need to harvest that's going to be a job for the contractors because I don't have any valid equipment but that again is a very with the the kind of a change of approach into the cultivation I'm looking at it's it's a rough rough crop of sugar because there's a lot of compaction on the ground with those monstrous harvesters so that's something we have to think about once again but we will and we'll see how it goes but yeah that's just something we're gonna see how the sugar beet comes off this year and we can take it from there now we'll leave the combine in the pickup here because we're gonna fuel at the combine probably just leave it parked over here tonight and we will jump back on the into the red stallion here so we're gonna keep helping Barry out this evening it's a beautiful sunset well it's going to be a beautiful sunset by the looks of things and yeah all being well we'll get this field almost this fuels rattled out before the end of play today and then we can think about moving to combine facing in the morning over yonder so we will do exactly that and we'll come back to you later on so if you have enjoyed today's episode don't forget to hit that like button then smash that subscribe button to simulation for the nation and we will see you in the next one so until then have yourself a great day enjoy what you do it as always but most importantly happy farming

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