UK Column News – 7th December 2017

UK Column News - 7th December 2017

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Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column. In today’s UK Column News:

START – Queen Elizabeth commissions Queen Elizabeth: the aircraft carrier without aircraft…
06:04 – Charles Howeson trial: ‘respectable man of integrity’
07:13 – Prince George ‘threatened by jihadists’
08:24 – Defence Secretary: ‘A dead terrorist can’t cause any harm…’
11:02 – Who funds ISIS and other terror groups…?
14:07 – Israel: updates on Jerusalem issue
17:51 – Boris Johnson still missing in action…
19:22 – OSCE meeting: those damned Russians…
21:47 – BBC to create pool of 140+ ‘local democracy reporters…’
29:58 – Brexit: Juncker ‘fears government collapse wthout deal’
31:09 – British Law: will it be synchronised with the EU…?
33:17 – European Council: Justice and Home Affairs Council
35:36 – Interpol Global Conference on human trafficking
37:33 – Europol: Drugs in Europe conference & meet the new boss…
39:16 – New Chartist Movement: an introduction

good afternoon it's Thursday the 17th of December it isn't it's the 7th how did I do that I'll sure we'll stop absolutely good afternoon it's Thursday the seventh of December 2017 just after 1 o'clock welcome to UK column news I'm your host Brian garish with me in the studio Mike Robinson well we're kicking off with Queen Elizabeth well indeed because Queen Elizabeth is commissioning Queen Elizabeth today apparently well she may have already done it by now so this is of course the first of the new 65,000 ton 3.1 billion pound aircraft carriers which don't have any aircraft and well these guys here performing in the ceremony very well looking very smart as always listen to the if you listen to the music it's extremely well played they're marching very well but of course they're being sold to pop really because there are no aircraft for this aircraft carrier at this point in time as we know it was it was went through its naming ceremony a few weeks ago in Scotland with the Duchess of Cornwall naming the ship and today Queen Elizabeth who if you see the photograph she was wearing a particularly intense shade of purple was its commissioning it but what at the BBC have to say well here we go we have a giant cake of the ship and it does have aircraft Brian so that's one thing yeah I'm good this is really terrible what's what's going on might because all those young men and women who working so hard dedicate it within the military being utterly betrayed they've no idea about what's taking place around them but of course the government is drastically cutting Britain's military so bad aircraft carry all the two aircraft carriers don't have the escorts capable of providing them with the defense they need it isn't just a question of putting an aircraft carrier to sea on its own it's got to have the support of other ships and submarines around it that support doesn't exist and they use the Royal Marines raw Marine Band for the ceremony whilst the government of course is stabbing the raw Marines in the back once again by looking to cut their numbers further and to set off air and Fibby escape ability and I think you mentioned that one of the ships ocean was going to Brazil Brazil that's been sold I think 450 million but of course they're getting rid of the amphibious capability and we're going to borrow ships from the French we're gonna borrow ships from the French we aren't going to be told well we can only work fully integrated with the EU military forces so this is a complete lie by the government over the brexit it's treason upon the nation in that the government has cut our defenses to the point where we cannot defend ourselves that is treason or at least high treason and and those young men and women simply being used as props in this huge political agenda I think it's it's disgusting you know pretty cynical so well UK defence Journal pretty sensitive about this issue of the aircraft so Steven I'll tweeted items a day impressive but which idiot forgot or the aircraft for this aircraft carrier at the UK defense Journal always jumps on any such comment they said no one they get they go on board when the carrier is ready for them that statement is correct but of course it's a smokescreen law overall no aircraft well exactly it's not correct because because will the aircraft be ready and when the ship is ready will the aircraft be ready I don't think they will yeah we'll come on to that in a second but so but a couple of weeks ago a UK defence journal was asking what next for HMS Queen Elizabeth on there we have the image of it with the empty deck and so answers on a postcard I think what do you think the empty deck could be used for while we're waiting for the f-35 to come through and we've know what we've no idea whether this aircraft is going to be capable whether it's going to be there in any numbers to make this carrier worthwhile we just got the jam tomorrow promise of the f-35b order I won't possibly f-35s or there may not even be enough f-35b stew to fulfill the requirement for the ship but Japanese television noting that the f-35a itself seems to be falling apart in midair Brian with sections falling off it during normal training drills so you know okay this was a piece of I don't know what cladding from the outside of the engine nacelle exactly but you know what what falls off next well we've already had massive corrosion problems with this aircraft we've had engine fires we've had structural problems with the airframes we've had the oxygen problem of course with and the keep of point is that once this aircraft is in service that is a whole raft of British skills and capability in our own aircraft industry absolutely wiped out and that of course is the agenda by this government but we don't need to worry because apparently according to defense one newly revealed experiment this experiment actually happened a couple of years ago but it's just been announced that took place it shows that the f-35 could help intercept North Korean intercontinental ballistic missiles because apparently this is so this aircraft is still bristling with sensors that it could be used to shoot down ICBM so so we should be able to sleep safely in our bed soon should yes yes or not well at the moment reputation of the raw Navy is hanging somewhat in the balance the trial of Charles Houston is continuing at the moment this has been quite widely reported across mainstream and local media although is there a difference will be coming on to that a little later in the news but in recent days a number of people have been brought forward to speak up for mr. house and we've listed some of the top family friends his electrician our Lord members Parliament they've all been telling the jury that housen is a very respectable man of integrity so it's going to be very interesting to see what the jury fight finally make of this trial of course it was moved to Bristol because the claim was that he couldn't get a fair trial in Plymouth because he was too well-known but as the troll progresses we see that people from that immense circle of friends and acquaintances are brought in for the defence so very very interesting troll and it's going to be an extremely interesting decision by that jury now yesterday we saw a man in court who was accused of having plotted to blow up the kids at the end of Downing Street and then – in the ensuing chaos to attempt to stab Theresa May today the news is that another terrorist suspect is in court and apparently he urged jihadists to kill Prince George so Brian I wonder how far this has to go I mean it's it's he has you speechless because you know how far to these stories high extremes these stories have to become before people sort of say it's enough well I think people can keep saying it's enough but until we get to the heart of the matter that this is a mixture of truth spin and government propaganda in order to achieve an agenda and the gender is fear the population is be kept in a permanent state of fear that we are going to be murdered in our beds by these jihadis and the jihadis are so powerful of course they can bring down buildings in the States from their caves in Afghanistan all they can be running amok to conquer the Middle East but not to worry because our new defense secretary says that we're going to kill them let's have a look at this this is from the Guardian British Isis fighters should be hunted down and killed says the defence secretary he said a dead terrorist can't cause any harm to Britain Britons who fought for Islamic state abroad should be hunted down and killed I'd believe that any terrorist where they come from this country or any other should ever be allowed back into this country we should do everything we can to destroy and eliminate that threat so what what was this man known as in Westminster the baby-faced assassin or something like that keeps a tarantula or a big spider Torrey chief whip so this is the man that knows all the dirt and what to see what's he involved in killing well what we should just say that of course we're not we're not defending people that've been fighting for Islamic state at all but this is extra extrajudicial killing and that is somewhat different I mean if you're going to take this stand where we're people in the Middle East go over there to fight and kill and our response to that is to kill then are we any different to what they have done well this is the key point this is a key point let's bring in this man because he's the independent reviewer of terrorism legislation he's quoted in that article so it's max Hill QC actually the government appoints the independent reviewer but you understand how the system works there my absolutely what does he have to say well he says we have we've got to make sure that as they splinter and as they disperse across Iraq and Syria in other areas we continue to hunt them down make sure there's no safe space for them that they can't go on to other countries preaching their hate preaching their cult of death then in brackets I've got a statement and actually came before that quote and what was said was more than 800 UK citizens a thought to have gone to fight for Isis in Iraq and Syria including teenagers women and young families so I did wonder whether mr. Hill was suggesting that all of those people should be hunted down including the women and young families but it's a bit ambiguous in The Guardian report so we'll give him the benefit of the doubt but let's really look at what Gavin Williams is saying this is your pot Williamson is saying this is your point Mike he's saying well we don't need evidence we don't need trials we don't need justice or judgment we should just kill them all and my question Brian is my question is if we funded Isis which we seem to have done what is this actually about is this about making sure that terrorists don't come back to this country to maim and kill or is this about making sure that anybody that was involved in Isis in Syria on the receiving end of UK foreign officer department for international development money can't come back to talk about it in the dead men tell no tales well as always Mike you'll run straight into the subject matter here let's just bring our old friend Michael Fallon back on screen because of course a little while ago he was saying exactly the same thing we need to kill them let's kill them all fascinating man former minister for war as we like to call them rather than defense secretary but his expertise was in children's nurseries of course British military ripped apart while he was in post but one minute he's looking after little children in nurseries that's his professional expertise but the rest of it is kill them kill them so you were absolutely right and I've put quite a lot of detail on screen here because I think it's worthwhile but here's the headline this is going back in 2011 Libyan terror suspect put in charge of guarding David Cameron on 2011 Tripoli a visit so we've got a Libyan terrorists suspects who was imprisoned in UK was put in charge of guarding David Cameron said that mr. Cameron who was then Prime Minister visited Tripoli along with French president Sarkozy in September 2011 the security was provided by the Libyan national previously regarded as a terror suspect in the UK the man's identity was protected by the British legal system he was given the identifying letter M in court cases after being detained in Belmarsh jail as a suspected terrorist in the wake of the 9/11 attacks in the u.s. M was a prominent leader in the Libyan Islamic fighting group LIF G a band terror organization which biddies father was also a prominent supporter LIF G was accused of strong links to Al Queda so we're going to kill them all except where the British government has actually conveniently been using the terrorists to ferment its own wars in Libya and elsewhere and if necessary we're happy to have those terrorists protect British Prime Minister's such as David Cameron well that's interesting because the BBC used terrorists to protect them when they were in Syria indeed they did that's a coincidence it's just a coincidence we're going to encourage people to have a look at the UK column website this is one of the news editions that covered this subject from the 4th of December so if you'd like to know more on how the British government funds terror have a look at that particular news edition where do we go well Israel so many people were waiting with bated breath for what a reason my Theresa May might say about Dom Trump's decision to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel or at least to approve that to suggest that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel that statement finally came out late yesterday she said we disagree with the u.s. decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem and recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital before a final status agreement we believe it is unhelpful in terms of prospects for peace in the region the British Embassy to Israel is based in Tel Aviv and we have no plans to move it our position on the status of Jerusalem is clear and long-standing it should be determined in a negotiated settlement between the Israelis and the Palestinians and Jerusalem should ultimately be the shared capital of the Israeli and Palestinian states in line with the relevant Security Council resolutions we regard East Jerusalem as part of the occupied Palestinian territories we share Donald Trump's desire to bring an end to this conflict we welcome his commitment to date his two-state solution negotiated between the parties and note the importance of this clear acknowledgment that the final status of Jerusalem including the sovereign boundaries within the city must be subject to negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians well as most people will probably be aware Benjamin Netanyahu is now attempting to persuade lots of other global leaders to back up Donald Trump and I'd support this decision but there's been a lot of discussion about you know what Trump was thinking about when he when he announced this was this just the influence of the Israeli Lobby on him was this is he being blackmailed was this Gerald Kirchner up to his tricks or is there something else going on we know that Trump likes to throw grenades in and see what comes out of in if there's a situation which is intractable he he tends to throw a grenade in and see what comes out I don't know the answer to that nobody that I know don't nobody that I've spoken to particularly knows the answer to that but this morning this piece of news came out that Saudi Arabia describes Jerusalem decision as irresponsible and unjustified and this is quite interesting because Saudi Arabia and Israel have been getting very very close recently and if this splits that sort of friendship which seems to be building there then maybe that is the target of this particular move I don't think we know the answer just yet and we need to wait and see over the next couple of weeks what might well it's absolutely true my key question might would be in making these statements is to reason may working for the British nation or is she actually acting for Israel itself because we have this huge problem with a massive pro-israeli Lobby in Westminster the conservative Friends of Israel we've had David Cameron saying that his loyalty to Israel was unshakeable that to me means that the British people came second to his links to Israel and we've had Theresa May standing up of course and saying that she is also absolutely for Israel and we have a huge amount of Israeli money coming into the Conservative Party itself so who is she speaking for is she's speaking for the British people or Israel it's a good question because because when I read the press release I thought the statement was pretty soft it took them a long time to produce that and so whereas normally she would be attacking Trump everything that he does in this case she hasn't yeah she's been quite well as far as she is able to go apparently she's been quite supportive of it so it's a good question to ask another good question to ask is where is Boris Johnson so Stanley Johnson has now left the jungle this of course is the rubbish reality TV program that he was taking part in recently the name escapes me at the moment for our foreign visitors it's not worth trying to find out but anyway Boris Johnson's father was taking part in this reality TV show he has now been thrown out of it voted off and he asked the question because he's been out of the news the JEM doesn't where he hasn't seen the news is Boris still foreign secretary well we were asking yesterday where is Boris because well nobody was saying in the mainstream press and I we pointed out yesterday that in fact he had been in in Brussels at the NATO foreign ministers meeting and well he led yesterday afternoon the Foreign Office did issue a statement and he issued a statement it said well they issued a statement sort of reiterating what he had said before he went into the meeting and he said we'll be talking about promoting the security and integrity of Georgia in the face of the challenge from Russia and the territorial aggression of Russia we're also looking at what little could do to tackle terrorism particularly in the southern region and that was it so there's no mention of European defence in this as we suspected the reason that Boris Boris's appearance in Brussels was pretty much not covered it's because they once again do not want to acknowledge any European defense activity whatsoever and and well apparently he's also not at the OSCE meeting which is taking place today this is all about growing tensions between Western and Eastern Europe and well foreign ministers gather in Vienna for this and so I've paraphrased the the subject of the meeting is those damned Russians because that's basically what it's about now the Russians are of course they're Sergey Lavrov if you look closely at that image is front and center but Boris isn't and I'm not really sure where he is today you might have some information about that so Alan Duncan is there instead because apparently Boris doesn't want to get too close at the root to the Russians at the moment maybe that's because of a panorama program that came out recently which is a bit woolly maybe it's about some other allegations that are a bit stronger than the BBC was prepared to present in panorama but he certainly doesn't want to be anywhere near Sergey Lavrov at the moment Russia's aggression in Ukraine anyway appears to be the main subject for this meeting it's apparently the biggest threat to European security that's according to Rex Tillerson who's also there and so he and Lavrov we're gonna meet and they're expected to discuss differences over over sending United Nations peacekeepers to eastern Ukraine they disagree over the mandate that the United Nations force would have the US wants this UN forced to be armed the Kremlin says that it shouldn't be and so there's a bit of discussion to go on there and well they're also talking about threats from Russia to NATO's eastern flank and so on so this is all about Russia and well we'll get more details later on as the meeting progresses and the press releases come on indeed might perhaps we could ask our audience today whether they can help us by identifying exactly where Boris is it's a bit like Where's Wally well it's a term yes where is Boris can anybody actually tell us where he is at the moment and of course if you can see reports saying what he's up to we'd love to know so speaking of Russia Putin has decided to run again in 2018 so undoubtedly we will have him for another term in Russia I really want to say about that I would have thought so well let's come back to the subject to the BBC we've we've been reporting a lot of all the BBC over the last couple of days and it just gets better so thank you very much to the lady who said were we aware of this and the answer was we weren't so the Daily Post reporting that the BBC will create a pool of more than a forty local democracy reporters to cover council and public meetings for news organizations across the UK including The Daily Post itself and there'll be a total of 144 full-time and two part-time local democracy support reporters and they've been allocated 258 news organizations in England Scotland and Wales following a competitive bidding process so we were fascinated by this if you research you will find that there were the the first glimpses of this about a year ago but let's have a look at the comments around this we've got David Holdsworth here he's shortly to leave the BBC but at the moment he's BBC controller of the English regions and what does he have to say well he says this is a major advance in the partnership which will significantly improve the reporting on councils and public institutions leading to greater public accountability for our local politicians so this is all about a partnership working together getting those news teams to get even tighter embed but it's going to be good for us because we're going to get effectively better reporting on what councils and public bodies are doing and it's going to hold the politicians to account so might you you've got a warm feeling at this stage I would imagine yeah but it's running down my leg right because okay so this is this is unbelievably dangerous so what we have here is a removal of any kind of competition between media organisations we have local local media which has been decimated in recent years local newspapers bought up by one or two big organizations and now we're going to get rid of all the local court reporters all the local council reporters and we're going to replace those with an ID sourced agreement with the BBC so there's only one voice we've only if we turn on the television we get one voice that's the BBC we turn on the radio we get one voice it's the ABC I know local reporting it's going to be one voice the BBC but worse than that because it may appear that it's not one voice you will be getting one voice through a different name which is highly deceptive so you could be looking listening to a local news station which is no the BBC unbeknown to you the news is the BBC well let's bring in more personalities because they're the key to understanding this we've got Ashley Highfield here very high-flying man chairman of the news media Association previously was a director on the BBC board himself so I think he spent eight years with the BBC but presumably he's now independent he says the groundbreaking local news partnership between the NMA and the BBC is now becoming a reality which will benefit the BBC local media and most importantly local communities it's all about us Mike yeah the initiative has moved the whole relationship between the BBC and the local media sector from confrontation to collaboration and key benefits will include 150 new journalists on the ground holding public institutions to account on behalf of their readers so it's the news media grouping up and collaborating but don't worry it's all for our benefit well have a look at this man this is obviously his Twitter page you can see some of his previous jobs he was with Microsoft MD Microsoft UK for a while that's pretty half pretty interesting that gets you into the big players and there he was he was aboard direct with BBC for eight years so let's put this together over the last few days we've had the we've had the BBC basically coming in and setting up its BBC BBC rename has gone out of my head a reality check thank you very much Mike BBC reality check to check what the truth is we've got the BBC coming into schools to teach children how they need to be watching the BBC and then of course the BBC is running its own propaganda as we showed with brexit so we're going to say there that the BBC setting up its own truth and propaganda organization now let's put this lot into context because eight million from the licence payers money is setting up this new partnership with Media Association they set up this local partnership and we've already heard what's in that we've got 700 media organizations signed up to it 700 and what's going to be happening well they're going to be setting up a shared data unit based at BBC Birmingham and that's going to give local news providers access to BBC video and audio content and it's going to be developing what they call data journalism expertise so they're all working together sharing BBC material why produce it yourself Mike if you can simply crib the BBC reports and what have we got here the pool of 144 part-time local democracy reporters straight out of 1984 that language isn't it local democracy reporters they produce stories that get fed back into that partnership scheme and if we go on down we've got 24 contracts issued to employ 55 titles for Trinity Mirror so is this the BBC you're now working with watching or is it Trinity Mirror and the final bits at the bottom of your screen is the news organisations radio stations online media companies and established regional newspaper groups will receive funding from the BBC for employment costs of the reporters so it's almost like the BBC's now starting to buy out commercial media I would like to know where in the BBC charter it says that this type of commercial arrangement is permitted well they've apparently got a special bit in the Charter mic which says that they are basically able to give this money so I think they've preempted your question by changing the Charter to make this acceptable I put a tag on that image which was basically BBC tightens the noose around the neck of independent news reporting that's absolutely true but let's also remember the in the background we've got the government that is running the largest applied behavioral psychology agenda probably seen in the West so this came out of this government so-called nudge unit but this was the government boasting in their document mindspace that they could change the way people thought and behaved by using Applied Psychology and the public wouldn't even realize it's happening so this is big society and what do you need for big society well you need a massive propaganda organization and we'll just give you this bit on the the news media Association if you say what is it well this probably is about the best you're going to get because it's the voice of national regional and local news media organizations in the UK a five-billion sector forty five sorry forty eight million adults look at the material but it says the NMA exists to promote the interests of news media publishers to government regulatory authorities industry bodies and other organizations whose work affects the industry this is nothing about the viewer this is this is about these organizations being able to get into the market and certainly make more money right we'll move onto brexit then and the Telegraph saying that jean-claude juncker fear stories amazed government will collapse next week without a brexit deal he's doing his best to make sure that that happens he's claiming that there's now a 40 well there was a 48-hour deadline a new 48-hour deadline on agreement over the Northern Irish border so he's given Theresa May to come up by tomorrow to come up with some kind of plan for that they've been phone calls with the Irish tea shock they've been discussions with the DUP not sure how much progress is actually being made there but perhaps perhaps a bet on whether Theresa is going to go by Christmas maybe that's not so silly as it may once have appeared it seems to be she can't just get herself established properly at all as a prime minister it's a real shame I'm sorry well I think she's wobbling all over the place but we have kept hearing those rumours of an activity at ground level by particularly Labour Party activists and they were being warns that there was going to be an election and they needed start brushing off their posters and leaflets yes now yesterday I was suggesting that that of course post brexit that the Northern Irish border issue was being used to drive this there was going to have to be some synchronization between British law and and EU law well Chris Grayling has said was on BBC Radio 4 this morning and he's decided to to respond to that in some way because what he said was we don't have we don't have to have and we own we've never said we will we don't want to have a situation where in future our laws are identical to the European Union well I wasn't saying they were going to be identical I was saying that we were going to be kept and sync so what he went on to say is plenty of countries have what you call regular regulatory equivalents where in one country you have a demon money-laundering law and have another in another country so you've got one anti-money laundering law in one country you have another anti-money laundering law in another country they're not the same they have a similar goal and each recognises the integrity of the other to stop out money-laundering there will be areas where we do things in a similar way there will be areas where we don't do things in a similar way that's all the Prime Minister was seeking to achieve to make sure we can ensure trade flows as freely as possible across the borders so that's kind of a what is he saying is he saying laws are going to be kept in sync or not I wasn't saying that the law is going to be identical in the sense of the identical wording he seems to be implying that that's of course he isn't responding to me directly but that's not the point he their thoughts are going to be kept in sync afterwards they have to be because if we are in we are working within the same framework for trade on both sides of the channel then of course the laws have to be kept NSYNC yeah and lots of questions here more because of course the the starting point is that law within the United Kingdom is common law and law on the continent is completely different so there's all sorts of questions to be asked absolutely no European Council meeting today this is the justice and Home Affairs Council and well who's there from the UK it's impossible to find out I know there is somebody there from the UK because they've already voted on some of the some of the agreements today and they voted positively for those but I'm not sure who actually is there to vote the meeting is being chaired by the Estonian Minister Minister for the Interior and the Estonian Minister for justice so I'm presuming the British Minister for the Interior that's amber Rudd and the British justice secretary is over there at the moment they are going to aim to reach general agreement on a draft EU Lesa regulation for example this Lisa ELISA is the European agency for the operational management of large scale IT systems in the area of freedom security and justice so we're looking at things like visas the Schengen Agreement and that kind of thing they're going to be informed of progress on the common European Asylum system over lunch they're going to exchange views and strengthening the Schengen area but the main focus is on counterterrorism but the again the British media not mentioning this meeting at all because they're also going to discuss cooperation between missions and operations which are part of the EU common security and defence policy and EU agencies in the justice and Home Affairs area so it seems at the moment Brian every single meeting in the European Union it doesn't matter what the actual subject is in this case it's home affairs and justice every single meeting of the European Council at the moment has some component which involves the common security and defence policy it's clear that what the orientation of the European Union is at the moment they're absolutely focused on this mission of European defence yep it's incredible with with defense we have integration of the police this is this is a bit that many people in UK still don't understand the danger of the integration of military with police which we see on the continent which we haven't quite got here but of course this is the push militarized police right Interpol and Europe all have been busy today starting with Interpol one of the big sort of industries of the day of course is people trafficking and so international experts in human trafficking and migrant smuggling are meeting today for the Interpol global conference on trafficking in human beings and smuggling of migrants it always fascinates me that they don't put the word stop or prevention or any kind of term like that in their titles this is the global conference and trafficking and human being human beings and smuggling of migrants it's almost like an industry body or something I think it that's exactly what it is Mike they're making money out of it the more people that are being trafficked the more children there are the more drugs the more crime and the thing is is just a circle self-fulfilling circle so this is a two-day event hosted by Qatar and it's gathered more than 300 experts from law enforcement the public and private sectors NGOs and international organizations from 90 countries opening the conference the minister of administrative development labor and Social Affairs highlighted how Qatar is working to act at the local regional and international level our collective efforts however he said will not be successful unless we address the root causes of the phenomenon whether they are cultural economic political ideological or social I think in fairness that's a very correct point but of course there's so much profit being made out of this at the moment and so little effort so little money being put into preventing it and stopping it that really they're on a hiding to nothing they've got to start trying to change policy to make sure that that there's a proper amount of money putting into prevention rather than trying to get the police to do something about it with no budget but in the meantime well before we get on to what your poll has been talking about we'll just mention the fact that they're about to get a new head because Rob win right his term ends in May 2013 and so this lady catherine de bala from belgium has been put forward as the next executive director of europe all and well good luck terribly she'll do a better job than the last one but today they are welcoming delegates to the conference the topic conference is called drugs in europe a bold bold law enforcement response and they're saying the twenty four billion euros in revenue is generated by the drugs trade each year it's estimated that high highly poly criminal organised crime groups are involved in this 35 percent of organized crime groups active in the year and he you are involved in the production trafficking and distribution of illegal drugs seventy-five percent of those groups deal in more than one illegal drug there's nice seven sorry six hundred and twenty new substances on the markets with the coming of synthetic drugs including synthetic opiates and well again this is a bold new law enforcement response they haven't really said what that bold new route law enforcement response actually is but what it will be is vastly below what it needs to be in order to deal with the problem you know usual usual situation because again tons of money being made by old sundry made in more than one way created out of nothing and then used within the criminal cartels many people have been saying to the UK column yes but what do we do about things and today i'd like to put up on screen the front page of the new Chartist movement website this is a result of a huge amount of work by a great many people that's been going on behind the scenes over quite a few months it has had help from the british constitution group but there is also now a very wide group of people coming together because they realize that the only civil to stopping what we are seeing which is effectively massive criminality through not only the British government but other nation states we require people to start working together from different backgrounds face colors nationalities in order to head in the right direction now what is the right direction we would say that there must be a proper system of law and that law must of course protect the weakest in society it must be fair it must be just so the exact opposite to the type of law that we're seeing Gavin Williams and push where we're going to kill people on the say-so of the British government that there are terrorists there should be a proper collection of evidence there should be a proper trial there should be a proper jury to make a judgement on whether or not people are guilty so the system of law is very important so is the Constitution of any nation state and we argue the nation states absolutely have the right to exist so as we see the dry for the supranational states the so-called corporatist globalist agenda we believe that the nation-state needs to be protected but I encourage you to go to the new Chartist website there there is already a great deal of information on it there's a lot more to come but the key point is that this provides a focal point for individuals and small groups large groups to start to come together to share information expertise and help in how they are already starting to counter what's going on or what we should be doing in the future so I'm going to say big thank you to Justin walcker from the British constitution group and Eddy Eddy in particular has done huge and very good work over many months very difficult work to help bring people together and get them talking to each other and of course big thanks to Adrian and and William who've put this extremely smart website together so there we are have a look at that if you like it and you like the message that's starting to come through the new Chartist movement please share it with family and friends it is spreading the word that is key part of taking the action and I'll end with a thank you to the person who centers the somewhat risk a Christmas card which did also include a donation it was appreciated it did bring a smile to our face and thank you to all the other people who've been buying pens for the UK column taking out subscriptions making donations we have to keep saying it to do what needs to be done we can only do it across the board with your financial support so thank you very much we'll be back same time tomorrow bye bye you

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  1. i actually agree isis fighters should be be killed, our justice system is so corrupt if brought in front of a court the court would free them with compensation and convict the soldiers that caught them, jihadis are dangerous to the public, our courts and security services are incompetent, only safe alternative is to take them out.

  2. Just to let you know – you have now become my daily news show! Even though I have been listening to you somewhat for a few years now, it is great to see that you have finally reached the stage of being able to compete with the likes of the BBC, by producing quality daily roundups of the latest relevant news. Thanks Guys!

  3. It looked like a police force military has taken over the small rural town, our county seat, I regularly visit. In one month the change is stark, Maybe it is because the big Capitol down the road has been reporting an unprecedented number of arrests by ATF, & companion agencies. On the street, in unmarked cars, stopping people (black, perhaps chemical dependency) besides the police; fire engines. No signs of fires or highway accidents but after being a town shopper for years, hearing the odd firehouse siren, in two hours there were 4 and was told it was #6 since early in the day. It doesn't look like an immigrant invasion but an invasion of another sort. Somebody has moved in with a policing organization. Noticed new big patrol SUV's, in Maryland. Asked a friend who works for the City. Seems to be an effort underway to turn running the City over to the County. Beware, be forewarned, be forearmed.

  4. In a recent Jackie Chan movie called THE FOREIGNER set in the UK, there's a scene where a female Irish terrorist is the lone survivor after a shootout just as armed Police raid the house. A secret service man interrogates her via electric torture on the floor of the room. Later the story line cuts back to the Police with her still on the floor, an armed Police officer receives a message over com's to terminate the woman on spot, roger that! Bang! Shoots her in the head! The scene stuck out & was disturbing though I know most viewers will just let the sick message sink in without second thought why they included such a scene in the movie. So in the near UK future anyone can be shot on the spot without trial!

  5. (Jeffrey Epstein ran a blackmail operation for the Mossad.)
    "They might have used blackmail to remind Trump to play his part. As Tim Fitzpatrick, Trump likely has been sexually compromised by the Mossad. "It was at these series of parties that I personally witness the Plaintiff being forced to perform various sexual acts with Donald J. Trump and Mr. Epstein. Both Mr. Trump and Mr. Epstein were advised that she was 13 years old." If the US goes to war with Iran, you'll know why. The role of Americans is to die for Illuminati world domination. That is the point of all wars.
    Trump's job is not to lead us to the Promised Land. His job, I'm afraid, is to polarize and divide. They are all Freemasons: Trump, Hillary, (Putin???), May, Merkel, George Soros, Netanyahu etc"

  6. I'm surprised Boris wasn't on Strictly Come Dancing this Year get the Populist vote, I can imagine this Prick in sequins with his Blond Hairdoo and red lipstick nothin nothin would surprise me in this Britain that they have ruined and Britain is now a disgrace. Also I vote for no Monarchy, get rid. Leeches on the British People's hard earned money. Let them get jobs, sick of them and another Wedding we will have to fund. Sod off. Get a job Hatty and pay for your own sodding wedding. I for one am not interested. Will they be given a big estate at taxpayers money to live in? Sod right off. Leeches. I read that William and Harry work 16 hours a week then they can get their Royal Tax Credits!

  7. If you do some research on the top dogs at the BBC you will find lots of connections to Israel and its lobby. A journalist from the Irish times dared to write about it and was promptly dismissed.

  8. @ 34:00 And giving more power to the Local Education Authorities to gain entry to your home for any suspicions. They will have police powers like the Social Services (SS) do now. Who needs the Police?

  9. “Michael Fallon: former minister for war & children’s nursery expert” that’s rich! The BBC holding public institutions accountable—! Beautiful. 144 nieces & nephews, I mean, reporters.
    All the ‘trafficking experts’ should be examined with a magnifying glass.
    In the US, we have 2 serious corruption issues: 1- politicians may use pseudo names (evading accountability) and
    2- our politicians have dual citizenship (subverting the Constitution with impunity anyone?)

  10. Treason Mayer is working for the Globalists, Nutty Na you. She is NOT working for British Citizens are neither will Horrid Boris. Glad his Daddy got kicked out of Jungle, why was this Toff there in the beginning????? Drop me out! We are living in unbelievable times, really, could you make it up. Horrid Noris is in Hiding he knows we've Sussed him. Where's Horrid Borris. Trumps Hairdo looks great compared to Boris's laughable head.

  11. What a load of bollocks Ceremony an Aircraft Carrier fit for nought! Because we not be needing them as we are EU Army/Unity bound! As my long dead Granny would say "All Fur Coat and no Knickers", meaning all for Show Darlings! Wake the Fuck Up!!!!! Otherwise they will eventually do want they like with you. Merry Christmas.

  12. Fuck off Grailing. We ate alteady under the ECJ and have bern for a long time. According to the ECJ and British legislation that hinders EU directives and policies will automatically be repealled. The ECJ has used the local councils to impliament the ECJ hearings up and down the country on mattets like council tax. Road traffic, kids not at school. Bedroom tax.. and many others..the council use their own resources like staff and buildings and a process that APPEARS to be judicial which is niether civil or criminal or under any due proces .. thats tHe ECJ in action its only aim is to make money on contraversies it has created by EU directives bypassing the scrutiny of the house of lords and commons by terms in the unlawful treaties the fabians used by royal prerogative without the consent of the people.. Chris GRAILING Is a appeaser. And treacherous as they all are..

  13. For we are opposed, around the world, by a GLOBAL-MONOLITHIC-RUTHLESS-CONSPIRACY

    – John F. Kennedy's last speech.

    It's time to identify and name this well organised, international, criminal Mafia. !!!

    "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”
    ― Marcus Tullius Cicero. !!!

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