UK Border Force Season 2 Episode 5

UK Border Force Season 2 Episode 5

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25,000 men and women work for the UK border at home and abroad their job is to seek out their wall breakers and imposters who don't have a right to be here they are the UK border tonight in lagos obama so seeds of doubt missing emergency travel document they're issued within 24 hours that's all right in Calais it's good morning Vietnam ap capitalist well welcome here and a factory in Southampton produces an assembly of illegal workers you're under arrest for enemies country legally and working illegally all right five a.m. Portsmouth immigration officer Peter Campbell is briefing a joint team of police and immigration staff by their target is a plastics factory in Southampton where they believe foreign nationals are being employed as illegal workers and I say go simple when we get in the premises we've got six interviewing officers they will be conducting the interviews everybody else is there in a cover role so the interview officers could just remain here and the rest of you go and find your vehicles 30 officers are on this operation sourced from different enforcement teams across southern England it's a big factory the immigration team don't want to take any risks premises has never been visited but it's been on the cards were the last about a year and a half as a means how is very good for it it's logistics wise it's a big job so it's getting the staff for it really there's been quite a lot of people to deal with so we've got six offices they're going to be interviewing they'll never be actually be in a cover role today so base they'll be my role just to be where I'm needed really something so here's something the first stage of the mission is to seal off the escapements the teams split up one group surrounds the perimeter actually as another moves inside the factory star through McRae don't you come over everyone is a suspect so all the workers are quickly rounded up with the entire workforce together the team sets up a safe zone where the interviews will take place my responder contain the area and get everybody who's on the premises into a sterile area but at the moment we're just trying to cover everybody until we get ourselves set up to interview everybody we didn't lose anybody nobody escapes or anything so it's good when quite smoothly we've just got to the rest of it now okay what's your name Samantha Sydney drawn up right by me there so that set them seeing you and you're Indian and how long have you been in the UK how long have you been in the you place the next course you came in 1960 and what's your entitlement to be here okay what's your entitlement to be here next year yeah I know you came in 1968 if you come in 96 maxim volenti me all day you flew in in 96 to do yeah have you got a visa it works on it yeah when did you get there where's your passport out at your house right so how long was your visa talk me and then fix yeah yeah but are you here legally now I'm only good now are you I know basicity yeah what yeah officer Jones getting in clear answers and neither is officer Jody Dedmon what language you speak the man claims to be Greek but says he can speak a little Punjabi what a good spot word is in green again ethernal but you're telling me that you're a Greek Greek Council on what water defended that degree or this lob of your new career of a tennis ball or a new circumstance again to be here how am I going to believe that your Greek national when you can prove that you can't show me that your great national stadium if they didn't even get the last word back we can get a photocopy of the part of that within them completely well no I need it now it's basically what he stated to me that he's decreased national but here which means that the European national and he doesn't need a visa to make it in this rainy and work freely in the United Kingdom the problem we have is he has no identification to prove that to me yes what do you want me to do with him then we haven't arrested them don't for our performing yet I mean ever allowed you're going to arrest it I like Rachel where's your documents resume you speak English today supplies to me where are your books nikuman suspicious right I can't okay officer Campbell has ordered the first arrest and with 45 people still to be interviewed there could be many more coming up the pig farmer trying to save his bacon in Nigeria have you been arrested and fingerprinted by the police in the UK well I'm asking you and officer Pownall questions a pregnant lady at Lagos when you went to your American visa did you tell the visa officer that you're pregnant you the slums in Lagos Nigeria plagued by violence power cuts and poverty the product of a city in the middle of the largest population boom of the 21st century Lagos is one of the largest cities in Africa tithe to the UK are close and for many in search of a better life Britain is the number one destination here at the British deputy High Commission 110,000 visa applications are assessed each year and the decisions on who to let into the UK made by 34 UK Border Agency on problems I've had a very quick to look at this case and the first thing I noticed is that the marriage certificate is not genuine on the basis of that the suffocation is going to be refused this is the man who's just been declined for submitting false documents Natacha feels like a few gaya refugees at the Home Office will impose a 10-year ban if he applies for another visa but with almost 10,000 fraudulent documents detected in 2008 alone the police do not have the resources to arrest him it's not all cases are so straightforward some applicants are asked to go to the deputy High Commission to be interviewed by an entry clearance officer this man has been called in because he was arrested in the UK in spring 2009 yet the standard is Nigerian passport says he had already returned to Nigeria he'll be interviewed by Officer Phil Morgan now the next case we have is a family visitor he has a come to the attention of the police in the UK in March of this year 2009 and when we look through the entry stamps back into Nigeria the last entry into Nigeria that he has is on the 12th of November 2008 so my guess is he's maybe paid somebody to wine back the stamp to show him entering Nigeria before the expiry conditions of his last UK visa which expired on the 7th of December 2008 if the man wants to be them you'll have to explain how he got his passport stamped when he was clearly still in the UK morning I need to ask you some questions about your current application okay okay what do you do for a living I will med I'm the farmer your farmer yes please and farmer in what is borders which through our team and are you married yeah you are and how many children do you have fuel over boil two sons yes my genius for voice the one who's or father I noticed from your passport that you last entered the UK on the 28th of October of the way yeah how long did you stay I stay almost five months five months yeah so when did you return to Nigeria much don't want so much that's all but your these are expired on this these are expired on the seventh of December 2008 yeah so you breached your conditions no something's wrong tell me what happens yeah the last time I travelled of the Bible it's my sorrow would be probably not mine this many I can read me a detour laughs okay now we have to come back on the 12 of November but I changed my mind is the prime on this yes what was the terrible thing that happened yeah I was he was coming back you give out with my jacket my jacket hmm I'm a passport and it I wore my jacket we said when we send out the password for something an immigration officer and you know what I apply stating you don't adhere to people be sitting down you get a passport default facing is saying it's a business waiting to stamp the next person that time will call you when you want to analyze so by the point of adding over this is probably not even on the passport and I found four words with help your cousin look anything like hearing knowledge the knowledge not really so the Nigerian immigration of the certain you look at the bio-data page and compare the photographs with not have one don't believe without valid object mode already only started it's very good thank you I need to refer to my entry clearance manager okay if you wait outside please I just want to add that why are the state long or because of the issue and it took me three months to a forget emergency travel certificate that was a far-our 50 bucks dating to our – magically travel services that your body could sleep on while I will open it to be a absolute elements are they are my business degree to attend also many situation but it's an emergency travel document surely they're issued within 24 hours that's what I'm surprised you didn't see the crowd I need to go to this website to download after downloading you need to be doing interviews that treatment is so disgusting that's my area of over as I said I need to refer the case in America manager so if you'd like to wait outside vendor thank you well he's attempted to explain why the re-entry stamp shows the 21st to November he says that his cousin took his passport back to Nigeria with him and got the Nigerian Immigration Service stamp room I don't find that very credible myself you know unless been loved to them I don't think I would lie about any Westen absolute then the absolute to the war happened and I don't live in UK how only go embassies I don't see annuity' where they shall not allow me to go in about 2,500 miles away and officer Dave Jones is still attempting to get answers from his interviewing so I just start working the person that gave you the job you would have to show him something so to say that he was legally near in the United Kingdom and he was insulted to work so what did you show in your layin oh yeah you've got a definitely Shaun Scott yeah where's that okay show me yes whether you get this problem a mo Maestas como your solicit up again your sisters I get is why are you entitled to be near and work who gave you permission to be here and work a little longer well yogi rxb everything officer Jones will now check the immigration status on the home office database Thanks so it came when sorry choice December it is easy face yeah lovely Cheers Ellison view in the United Kingdom illegally and you're not he told to work okay you know that now don't you you know that don't you you know you're not Intel to work when you know you're here illegally don't hear this technically arrived in the United Kingdom in December 9 th and he was arrested and served as an illegal incident document abuse he then absconded and he's been an absconder ever since he could claim asylum he's failed but he's been absconded since 98 so demonstration and be processed from there I've already cautioned you but you're under arrest for being in this country legally and working illegally alright I'll let you know what's in a queue in a minute yeah absolutely let's change it's been a busy morning for the team 46 people have been interviewed and many arrests have been made we've made 12 arrests of which two were one was a failed asylum seeker one was an overseer and the other ten were arrested on suspicion of illegal entry although the manager doesn't want to appear on camera use keen to prove he hired the men in good faith and carried out all the necessary checks this is the employers far where he's keeping all the details of each workforce and it looks like one of my colleagues at least ad said would be paid respect to the obvious or under check set for the people that we've arrested an employer must check and keep copies of a workers documents before hiring them this helps to show they've done everything possible to follow the rules if later found to be employing an illegal worker if however they are knowingly employing illegal workers or can't show that they took these necessary steps they could be fined up to ten thousand pounds per employee what we're doing now is see if we got a cuticle glance of police station the remaining officers here we're going to go and do the house searches now the addresses of people we have a recipe so I've got a small team here and we're going to go down and speak to addresses take decisive documents winning okay what's your headline going max all right okay in order to remove the suspects from the country the team need to verify their identity the best way to do this is to search their homes and find their passports or any other form of identification 200 what does it carry to they they didn't have keys for us so it's kind of knocking and them if anybody answers today can be coming you have two pence coming yes well it it's coming who knows here see you gentlemen here inside the house a team encounter two men who were both foreign nationals and immediately admit to being in the UK illegally again to look for work two years ago and how did he enter the UK goodbye the tingling to get there and I'm going to do that hastened up good God bloody yeah okay Sherlock you're now under arrest you didn't have to say anything but it may harm your defense if you do not mention when questioned something you later rely on in court anything you do say may be given in evidence the team have found more than they bargained for both men are arrested for entering the UK on the back of a lorry now their rooms can be searched – okay where do you have any paperwork but a guard does get there good – to the supportable Comerica taking your friends myself to my colleague again I look around okay we'll ask your question or police aliens on earth if you show us the paperwork we don't need to look absolutely I'm like on you or the car dog can leave this homicide you only like nothing a little food for you know the man claims to have no paperwork so the team will have to search the entire room sometimes things happen we're going to our home addressing so we've got power to gun here because we've arrested the person that provided this as their home address their place of residence so when we come back here we've encountered another two working it had a quick chat and then found they're actually in the country illegally so they've been arrested on suspicion so we're now having a search through their roof if this your bag which another accidental nextdoor the offices of forced entry to one of the bedrooms we've gained entry to this room this is the room for the guy who was arrested down at a factory I found on his pay slip so we know we're in the right room so hopefully we'll put a passport for you done all these pull in the third bedroom officer bill has found an asylum registration card which appears to give the owner the right to work in the UK this particular one it's got employment permitted and from white phone call that my colleague made to the home office earlier on there was no trace of this gentleman on home office records so this card would appear to have not not been issued by the by the home office first bank account effect art card usually they are cards have got employment prohibited on them you'll see on this one it's got employment permitted so I always make sure have a second look anyways he's got submitted on it because very few of them do so that that is a particularly bad one and that's not all officer bibs also found a fake passport well examined first of all said he's an Indian national it seems it's pulling apart and as you can see there appears to be something else under underneath the thing that though one paid has been stuck on to another next door the deception continues another national insurance card is it hope so he's heavy things moody seems to Clyburn previous occupant I works at we're having a health one for air sinks there and see see paperwork fake passports and forged documents of flooding the UK from factories in Eastern Europe the officers have found plenty of fakes was not the genuine passport they were looking although the trail took an unexpected twist the team have gathered enough evidence of deception to remove the men these two arrests take the total to 15 the two men are both currently in detention this man is also in detention and is awaiting removal from the UK back to India this man claimed to be from Greece he wasn't he is also waiting to be removed back to India coming up more tales from the Nigerian pig farmer what is your date of birth 1904 1961 I was before you the port of calais northern France for thousands of illegal immigrants travelling without documentation this is known as the gateway to the UK with over 20 million tons of freight being transported by ferry each day the opportunities to hide in one of the thousands of trucks traveling to Britain are plentiful the Burke's are where the lorries wait to board the ferry it's the last chance for the teams to find stowaways before they reach the UK the huge pace machinery by the looks met today the team are searching a lorry of sports cars and have had a high reading on the co2 monitors the device used to detect human breath rubber tires also emit co2 which could explain the high reading therefore such loads of these are a popular choice for people seeking a lorry top I'm Charlie Taylor Swift you've got watch on ethos we've got Sam please take 30 bags okay thank you plastic bag okay taking off you hate Delta sadly this are you well done old with yes Vietnamese nationals interested bad the co2 probes approved right and 10 Vietnamese people have been found beneath the car okay right you to stand here for me stand there alright they've attempted to avoid detection by putting plastic bags over their heads we don't know how long they've been in there and they always have it in black bags covering their head because you could see from this footage you got and then we just wanted into getting some air here they're nice people they're good there's no trouble to us they're going to be fine here we'll just keep me till we get them vehicle tender they also put bags over their head stop the co2 coming out but the moment they take them off all that co2 is released into the trailer plate ten people do that at the same time a lot of co2 it all comes together you get this massive reading so if you label some areas of Vietnam are considered to have an unsatisfactory human rights record by the homo brain Vietnamese nationals are being detected in increasing numbers in Calais many have paid agents up to 20,000 pounds hoping to achieve illegal entry to great I need everybody's name this time they haven't made it across the channel although they were just five minutes away from boarding the ferry the group were later released by the French authorities and were free to try again the lorry company was fined four thousand pounds the deputy High Commission is the headquarters for the UK Border Agency in Lagos Nigeria inside officer Phil Morgan is speaking to his manager Dan Barker about the visa application of this man he claims he overstayed his last UK visa because his cousin accidentally took his passport back to Nigeria I put it to him there was no reason why his past fortune against an achievement as Cohen's passport instead Brett so I believe there's an attempt at deception here to show that he returned before his visa conditions expired now if we were to believe that his passport was brought back to Nigeria violence take his reason for staying the extra three to four months he applied for an emergency travel document from the Nigerian High Commission of London and it took three models I believe those documents are issued within 24 or 48 hours okay so I just don't find that credible even and have you got a copy of that emergency travel document with them I didn't actually ask that so I can ask him a few more into the question of if you wish yeah both Phil and Dan have their doubts so this time Phil will confront the man about his police record do you still have your emergency travel documents not this color is that the universality and is like five hours without dying Polly my passport back and I was literally just to show I'm not impossible what did you do for the three months while you were waiting for this emergence of travel documents we issued the gonzo wrong 13 hours what you ate for 24 hours a day absolutely going on there Molly thought I might leave India okay have you been arrested and fingerprinted by the police in the UK my third well what I'm asking you are not not Italian mom yeah except for driving with my national license here see happening it's when this I caramelized a lotta I thought I should be followed for years when you were arrested by the police what name did you give them my name is al Jabar oh well oh I have evidence that you gave a different name calendula Linda's good nervous as I live yes just list it uh D wailing are this viral now Adi wailing the missed call today no I have the police record and that's the name you gave them and also if what is your date of birth 1904 disease D 1960 service what is before so well again I have evidence that you gave the police in the UK your data's birth of the 25th of September 1975 no that lovely that lovely well they're your fingerprints with the police took and that's the name you gave them I'm so I did them only my desire and call it go back is that never change okay and what was white being a police arrested why would I use the extra small tire I've heard in C times the amide etic daya and I was arrested both of them that's fine thank you very much you just like to wait outside against exactly it's the end of the interview and the man has failed to explain his deception so and obviously to refuse reduce interception for obtaining a stamp by deception which is genuine I believe it is again and we'll obviously refuse them and refer him at least indeed but I've referred your applications of the entry clearance manager and your visa application has been refused the reason it's been refused is that at the time you were arrested by the police you gave a different name and date of birth from in your passport also you overstayed in the United Kingdom by more than 28 days I wouldn't know of the invasion I know that you should have attempted to regulate your position and your status in the UK not having realized that your visa had expired that you were in the UK illegally that's a copy for you with your appeal papers okay the gentleman over there will give you back the documents and your passport okay thank you the gentleman holding his passport is inspector Lawal of the lagos fraud unit he was taken away for further questioning but released without charge the same afternoon the farmer has failed to get his UK visa but each year around 60,000 genuine visitors make it to the UK from Lagos the post of UK Border Agency officer in Lagos can be a dangerous expatriates and Western based companies have been the targets of kidnapping Sarah Pownall is an immigration liaison manager unlike her colleagues in Lagos Sarah travels to work in a bulletproof armor-plated car it can be bit for living in a bit of a pressure cooker at times when you just want some some independence and freedom but most of the time everybody gets on and if you accept all these security measures that are in place to look after you unfortunately about 18 months ago one of our drivers was shot and killed on duty on his way on the mainland so we do take security very strongly as my commission Sarah is based at the deputy High Commission but spends most of her week traveling to and from Matala Mohammed Sarah doesn't have any legal powers at the airport it's her job to advise airline staff on how to spot people trying to enter the UK illegally we provide the training to the airline's so that they can do the job on their own we don't have to stand here and do the job for them we're here just as an adviser to the airlines to explain maybe some of these technical difficulties and form them of any current trends with the ducts different types of forgeries different types of counterfeit documents but anyone who does arrive in the UK who doesn't have the correct visa doesn't have the correct paperwork in whatever shape or form the airline will be fine 2,000 pounds which is a hefty load for the airline to say so it's in their interest obviously to work with us and ensuring that everybody's got the right documentation over five million people travel through Murtala Mohammed Airport every year I'd say here we've got that everybody at the boarding gate the passengers are given a final check this is the last chance to spot imposters before they reach the UK pieces to show you what impostor the guys here we're not taking Arsenal supporters today all right with it is a Liverpool zone okay so no armor on support oh no Sarah has been asked by the airline staff to look at a woman's visa a woman does not want to be identified morning ma'am how you put your final destination today you know what to do today in London okay you're into it you guys be us tomorrow thank you been to the US before so approximately 190 time to go okay when you went for your American visa did you tell these references in your apartment he did for any reason why even television Johnson City residence they don't come up what I'm going to do the woman is only seven weeks away from giving birth yet has decided to visit her sister in America claiming she will return three weeks before the baby's born in the UK don't automatically qualify for a British passport for babies born in the US do automatically qualify for an American passport so it's quite common for parts of pregnant ladies to travel overseas so that they could have the baby in whichever country to automatically get that possible Sarah is suspicious of the woman's motive for traveling to the US via the UK but she could also be in breach of airline regulations for traveling whilst pregnant sixteenth of MAG social got three weeks between her return date and due date which makes at 37 weeks pregnant which is over every airline limit the whole policy of how advanced you can be the travel is different on each airline eyes open second member what yours is your airline think it's about 33 or 30 or 32 well her left is 33 so she's already over there because you know when she's coming back again on your airline she will be personality would come back exactly the woman is in breach of the airline's policy but as she has a valid US visa Sarah must now contact the US Embassy I am espera mat the airport at the moment and if you could give a call to the American Embassy so that they can check an American visa for me she's at the airport today and she's an advanced stage of pregnancy or so if you can just give them a call and find out if they're happy with that and if so then we can let her travel Sarah now has to wait for a reply from the US Embassy but the flight leaves in ten minutes the decision to question the woman in the first place came from the airline but Sarah's presence has become the focus of the woman's frustration wait I don't know why and inflate me I'll Drive you chances are others yeah that you want they will have because your flight here is going directly to the UK you didn't choose Elsa to go directly to and this is why I'm on duty here to see the people who are traveling through the UK it's minutes before the flight leads but whether or not the pregnant woman will be on board is up to the US Embassy right okay okay all right I'll do that then okay thanks so much all right thank you very the American Embassy and they want to speak to her today the flight will be leaving without the pregnant woman now Sarah must tell the other news so what I've done is I've contacted the visa man and explained the situation what you'd like to do is if you can you go back to the embassy here in labor showing all this paperwork and here wants to speak to you I'm sorry I know it's frustrating but if we can go back to him because of our men and girls no please don't back me he's nice exactly know what I'm saying so many people around okikuta the pregnant woman did not make it to the USA when she failed to turn up at the American Embassy a visa was cancelled coming up a massive find at Calais we've got at least another sex so we're going to be upwards of 20 you back in Calais Bridget and the response team have received a call from a crew on the other side of the port requiring urgent assistance mc-130 Chinese right and just to let you know that we're operators see why they won 7-3 enjoyed Richard and Bridget work alongside the newly formed Cali response team what we're going to is is laying won 7-3 than at the birth area where one of our teams is radio that to say that they have a lorry down here that is full of illegals they're going to be responding to it henshin click then at least 25 AC in tired but big tires big big tires they have no idea how many people are inside and judging by the size of the load it's not going to be an easy search get them in shops to the inside well if we go up this side out with the fire and the front was still going to be searched as well I have to feed on that one there was a feel on the back the drama goes on there I am i insensitive clearly once filled we entered the vehicle terrain unable to visually check the vehicle but there was a smell of the possible entrance of illegal might have another year loop to need to set the tires and a group of 10 in first group second set of tiles another nine or ten feet late in their solving yeah we can five- communicate i we got a cheddar s yet there was what two three and so will the lorry is carrying large tires for agricultural vehicles it's a dangerous load to hide in and the first priority is to get the people out safely okay we start getting them out one at a time and I'll get the bought ones okay keep-away good man yeah you can put it back more now just gonna pull the curtain back without height which we go so we don't need to turn out a peek at this well we spoke it in there because there was so many oh you know my weapon glazed in the title are nice in there when they want they're just pebbles and whores differently let's do another line in there funny all over again thanks for watching subscribing I'm worried about you thank you in another way and thank you thank you today already all been amazed by my method of entry only there was no security tilden the seals in oh it wasn't it she was not like okay the stairways are all Vietnamese they are the third most encountered nationality at Cali behind eretrians and Afghans now one minute one minute one minute good man one minute where's your shoes ah Dennis I don't know why they took the shoes up but they do they were all in here ten of them they might have been on top of each other's head so that may be why they took the shoes off Sonia get in there yeah so the last one of the A's and it's us sixteen yeah so far we've got at least another six so we're going to be upwards of 20 they're all carry in the plastic bags and this is what they fly overhead the Vietnamese are so desperate to come to Britain that they cover their heads with plastic bags to evade the detection of the co2 monitors I'll make it 24 24 including in five female 8 how old are you eight none of them are carrying documents these men and women are anonymous and completely untraceable all the crew can do is ask them for their name date of birth and where they boarded the lorry thank you in Vietnamese stay together the gentleman always remember the lady very protective event when we had one English speaking it was great so what all the details would be means great fine notes PRS great time in total 24 Vietnamese people were found hiding in the lorry and handed over to the French authorities the driver was eventually find 2400 [Applause] you

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  1. The Nigerian "farmer" didn't realize every time he opened his mouth and spoke he was digging himself a hole the more he spoke the deeper that hole got fast. I don't think he could've dug himself a deeper hole faster if u gave him a shovel. It looked like that High Comission entry guy knew he being fed a fake rehearsed story. I loved how he asked the Nigerian "does your cousin look like u?" I don't think he remembered that passports have a picture of the passport owner. U could tell by the lool on his face that question threw him for a loop and knocked him off his fake rehearsed story. This guy probably became an internet 419 email scammer if he wasn't 1 already.

  2. To Bill: I've always been a big fan of Bill Nighy. All his famous films, and TV stuff like State of Play – watched it several times! And as much as I like watching this UK Border mindless drivel, I was really disappointed to hear your voice. Even though there is a a truth behind the stories, there's a political statement as well – maybe not so strong 10 years ago. Tell me Bill, would you still take this job in 2019?

  3. So France just cuts the illegals loose after being found in Semi trucks to try again??? Wth?? No wonder Britain is besieged. Shove all the illegals on a rusty old ship and drop them off where they came from. The amount of money spent on Britain and the U.S. to fight this battle is staggering. It's soon to get worse. Here in America we have thousands rushing the border. If anyone stubs a toe they sue for millions. It's a downward spiral…

  4. Pregnant lady thinks that they won't allow her to get on the plane because they don't want her…..but c'mon you are very well advanced into your pregnancy and getting on that plane will be fatal they only concerned about your health and the baby's…but im sure the US embassy wont grant her a visa…its not illegal to have a baby born in America while on a visa, but they will ask her if she has the funds to pay for the hospital and the birth which is not cheap maybe at about $9,000 or if her sister is willing to pay for it and prove that she has the funds for it.

  5. To be honest it is all bullshit. It's everyones planet there shouldn't be a sorry you're black cannot come in or sorry you're voice isn't english enough get out.
    How much do you think the governments paid to dictate the world? Fuck all.
    The planets priceless and human lives matter if we actually treated one another better and co-existed we wouldn't need such enforcement because people wouldn't feel so judged and wrongly accused or finger pointed. The issue isn't illegals coming from nation to nation. The issues having a global system full of medias that lie, propganda and jurisdiction that conflicts itself more than the people breaking laws. The issues we need a change of stance in society otherwise we'll just continue to shame hate people and do this crap over and over until eventually we fall.
    Knowledge is power, power can make one crazy and crazy can lead to much hatred and anger therefore resulting in a sytematic mess. The evolution of life in the animal kingdom has a system that works naturally in terms of order. With us humans we don't do it naturally we enforce and abuse it. This is why mankind is and will destroy itself but life itself won't bat an eye.

  6. Can't help commenting on this series. The U.K. seems to be unindated with attempts by Muslims/Hindus etc and Africans trying to enter your country. STOP them before it;s too late.

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    Are you guys insane??? Or are you just trying to be politically/culturally correct?? Answer to both questions is..
    YES you are !!

  9. They were nice people, good people; attempting to deceive British taxpayers by entering the UK illegally and eventually milking the system of one, any or all of the benefits which they can get their hands on.

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