TuneIn Radio-How To Listen To Live AM/FM on Your Phone FREE

TuneIn Radio-How To Listen To Live AM/FM on Your Phone FREE

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TuneIn is a great app that let’s you listen to live AM/FM radio from your mobile device. This is a FREE app hat works on iPhone & Android. So all you Android users get off my back! LOL!

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hey what's up YouTube mister after that coming at you with another hot video in this video I got something that's really really neat and this is more of a I guess you want color utility app but this is a really really practical app that I'm just loving right now it's called tune in radio let me get that a chance to focus tune in radio and basically this is just a radio just going up and down the radio but is on the digital side of things so you can listen to it with your phone and all that so right now you can browse this e you can browse you can go live and see what's going on so you look at that you can go trending music local radio sports news and I'm not going to click on all these things because of copyright issues or whatever but let's just say that a you want to see what's going on locally with your local radio so you click on that and check it out it's going to show you all of the radio stations in your area look at that man you can just scroll through and listen just like that like to me like that's amazing you don't even need a like a real-deal radio because you know pretty much all of radio now everything is pretty its digital even with the television signal and all that so there's no more need for like the you know the old-school radio with the antenna you know you just go scroll through your phone right here and then when you find the one that you like you click on it and you can add it to your favorites so I have a few just add it to my favorites right now v103 that's a local station so you can click on that and and see what happens let's click and see alright so you click on it and you start listening you can pause it look at you can share it on Facebook Twitter Google+ email all that the app is really easy to navigate and here's another another setting that I like that is called the car mode or inter car mode and basically when you do that everything is a little bit bigger it's easier to find things it's kind of like you know kind like a radio in your car almost it's like really easy to just click boom click and play because your favorites and it's no like real deals searching that you have to do for it so you know this is a really really good mode to be in right here and sometimes when I'm just around the house are used to that man also the one of the things I really like about this too and it shows you how much data you have used so as you see right now I've been just using it here in the house Wi-Fi only but you can also use it Cellular as well over your network and you can keep track live like how much data you're using so that way you don't go over your limit if you have a limit a gigabytes or whatever you can kind of monitor that and see like you know how long you can listen to it you know for from what I've seen 1 megabyte it's about a minute it's almost like 1 megabyte per minute at least that's what I've seen here on Wi-Fi on cellular it could be a little different but you know you just have to keep that in mind and pay attention so anyway guys this is a great app man it's called tuning the radio you can go pretty much anywhere and you know you can look at listen to different radio stations around the country so you can listen to you can search for other stations as well so yeah check it out guys it's very nice I know that you'll enjoy it and it's really simple to use and it's you know most of best of all its life life stuff that's happening that you can listen to radio so anyway that's it for now thanks for watching and I will catch you guys in the next video be sure to LIKE comment subscribe you know let me know what's good I'll talk to you that I touch you guys in the next video man peace

31 thoughts on “TuneIn Radio-How To Listen To Live AM/FM on Your Phone FREE”

  1. It's too bad that TuneIn ruined what was a GREAT app by changing it to being more like a social network…. I bought it when I first found it 4 or 5 years ago, and it worked FANTASTICLY however, they did a bunch of updating over time and have just screwed it to hades and back… smh

  2. back in the day AM radio used to play music so you could have an AM station and an FM station that play different songs even though they're the same station that's kind of what it compares to today

  3. I have been using TuneIn Radio app for years it is a good app but it will use your data it is not totally free and another thing if you have your local FM radio station on TuneIn and tune in the same radio station on a real radio there will be some differences for example a classic rock station might be playing ACDC on your car stereo and playing poison on TuneIn Radio so it's not exactly the same

  4. It may be a good app but it does not solve the problems that people are having to use their data to listen to the radio. Old cell phones used to have FM receivers in them. This is the same as iHeart radio or Pandora.

  5. NOT a RADIO will not work off line what is the matter with these idiots? There are hundreds of APPS but we don't want an app just want to listen to radio without having to use the internet connection. So many videos on here that are useless as the people doing them

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