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what's up YouTube that's kind of the shower so my hair is super weapon today that's what the title says man we're gonna be explaining some things that you guys do not know about me there's a few things I mean I've got some you guys already know these things cuz I might have in the past why I've said I'm on like one livestream by having me like a full pulse like blah blah blah I am mobile I like I mean everyone is like a pay attention like that much I mean like you know I mean so I decided make a full youtube video about it of stuff that you guys don't really know about me but comment down below if you guys already knew these things about me or if there's anything no more because I'm gonna be coming back up people and leave a like on this video and yeah already know peppers trying to hop in peppers I swear any time I got a keg camera pepper is always trying to happen on this y'all pepper what's up to us up man oh you're gonna ignore me like that hey you guys keep the chair look see I got a new chair you know but you know I got a chair because I'm super you know super frisky man and you know I always I can move around and yeah well hopefully all you guys are having a really good day and yo literally I woke up this morning and my eyes were literally so bad like I walk around school and people think I'm like hi which I don't do that so and I'm gonna go do my hair real quick 5 4 3 okay wait 5 4 3 2 1 what is good YouTube lucky send the last clip y'all feel like I just every single YouTube video my walking around stuff you know like not really like you know it's like messing around let's get straight in the video I think I'm gonna keep on doing now that's my thing boy what is up YouTube we're back with another video like I said the last part we are gonna be explaining a few things that you guys do not know about me booty the tea's getting spilt once again you ready now so we are gonna explain a few things that you guys don't know about me comment down below right now if you guys already know some things or things that you think I'm going to talk about because obviously I've already said these things before but like everyone saw us know about me like maybe my YouTube is like a different audience and like my industry on my snapchat so let's find out so comment down below what you think I'm about to say and like the video before you even listen to anus cuz first thing is I am Asian I don't look like but I mean I don't know you guys might think I look Asian I don't think I do you know I'm speaking you know language or anything like I mean my eyes maybe like a little bit like you know I go squinted but as you can tell if you were to see my dad before were like my dad is always at my tic TOCs he's always in like like a few minutes Graham pictures of me and he is definitely like sometimes like if you look I'm like he'll be like oh yeah he's definitely something oh yeah so I'm 25 percent Asian something guys I'm not gonna comment down below if you guys already knew that let me know next thing as you can tell I'm very fidgety like you know I'm like moving around I'm like if I'm live I'm always moving around I'm not too sexy so it does that those are some signs I have something you guys know what it is ADHD attention deficit hyperactive disorder it's basically like I don't know it's literally it literally sucks I mean it doesn't suck but like being in like school perspective it literally means you can't focus well it's like if you're talking like only really stuff that really like is like entertaining or means like that matters of me like maybe if someone's talking about like for night oh yeah yeah yeah yeah you know I mean but like at school for talking about like some of equations I'd be like you know like fidgeting around you know move it all around soft way yeah so I have ADHD I mean that doesn't mean I'm like whoa it's like actually pretty common like making like teens but yeah I just have to take like a medicine first off though so it was bad like I had a really about like I was crazy in class man like I couldn't pay attention for anything but hey I still get good grades and stuff so oh hey next topic I am actually pretty smart I am I am in several different honors classes the one honors class and ion is English which I'm just so bad English and we have to do some reading I want to do some reading like this summer is summer like you don't wanna read over the summer like that suck so bad so that's why I'll do that and yeah I'm actually peace of mind I got a three three point six nine five GPA last semester I mean I know something you guys will think that's bad but I mean that's good for me like I'm not like I'm not like a genius like I don't know people in this like and I watched me probably like four point o's that could range from 4.0 at 2.0 you know lots of different GPAs that watch me right now but I got a 3.67 I'm in three point six nine five I don't know if I saw a lot of time when it's a three point six nine five next thing you guys don't know about me you know I need you plan this like I know I'm not looking at anything you know look at this I've got any paper down here I'm not sneaky man simply this all straight fast you guys ready for this I bet many guys notice because I'm I can actually pretty much higher this honor if you guys can notice but it's something about what was like me talking or like my speech do you guys notice it you guys know the same thing when I talk probably not maybe people if you like you watch my lives oh that was a good example maybe for my lives a lot my recent in ScreenFlow would be like hey I go for my Instagram y'all you know how to put in there I have like a stuttering problem like I'm not trying to explain it to you guys like when you try and talk it just like doesn't come out and like it it's like basically it's like a burp you don't I mean like when you have a bird but it's not coming out that's basically like me like trying to talk sometime I stopped I wanted a speech class for years to try and like fixing stuff you could I see get like picked on about and stuff yeah I actually got like bullying and stuff on the back but I don't get like picked on really anymore like it'll be like a white stuff like I literally just made a video about checking my recent video about how people view me in school like or like oh I gotta contour the summer and everything and like you know being quote-unquote famous like having a lot of followers I mean I'll get like oh like people be like oh you're famous and I go yeah okay maybe I picked on like how I saw a huge gap in my teeth I used to be really out of shape and stuff and yeah yo I'm literally talking about these subjects I'm gonna going straight another one so just talking about being out of shape was that the next thing was so this year in August I'm in last year in August 2018 which wasn't even like a long time ago I don't think so this school year in August I weighed 195 here I'll show you a progression picture I mean this is this was the second week across country yeah listen if you guys want to lose weight it's just super easy so I waited 190 193 and I got all way down to 149 for 149 was like when I was like I was like a twig so I mean I need to gain some weight so now I'm not 160 or now which is totally fine I'm six foot one 160 and I think perfectly okay and I start running like every snow day one thing I need to go do eat healthy yeah I know it's hard I know you want to like grab some snacks or suppose is like looking fine any snacks up here I know you want to go grab a bag of Doritos chill and watch movies you know some donuts some ice cream but hey you gotta stay away from that if you're gonna lose away I know it's really hard like I used to not be motivated enough to like take care of my own body but if you guys want to do that I know genuinely every single one of us wants to do that but it's just hard to get started literally if you started for like a good month it's so easy like you're just be like like you'll see other people you in this bad something be like am I giving you time to do it I mean I eat bad here and there now because I'm not like shoot I'm not super modal like super motivated like who I was I literally check the nutrition facts every single food I eat right before I eat it I'll check how much saturated fat wasn't it and that's like the bad fat unsaturated is good saturate is bad you know health lessons with Jeremy thank you help teacher for teaching me a little stuff and my mom and but yeah I'm telling you man it's super easy and here was a picture me at my best this was me at my best right here like now my best like shape ever I'm obviously non the best shape ever right now it's because that's not a ran like ten miles a day and I don't I just run to stay in shape now like I used to run to lose weight because I I dropped 40 pounds I can't think see my ADHD man it's crazy so yeah I'm explaining some things right now that I'm not really comfortable talking about like my stuttering I'm really insecure about that like I'm ever like so if I were like walk up I don't have a crush or anything I'm just saying like if I get nervous I like start stuttering and it's like really bad so yeah and the people the personal thing I'm weird which is not OK in my book you know I want them to feel like I'm cool you know Oh another thing you guys everybody know about me is that I'm actually kind of shy girls sometimes I don't know why this is fast like I mean it just sometimes like I'm usually like a really really easy person to talk to like I'm like some people like they give you like some type of vibes so it's like kinda like awkward and like you're like kind of shy to talk to them I don't know obviously gonna be some type of shy around them but I don't like anyone I'm missing like I don't know like even if people don't like some time it's just like kind of weird like talk to people like they give you like this weird vibe and like how they hacked it like doesn't filthy even they like try and talk to you about the conversation in your life like you don't know what to say so I mean I'm kind of trying to talk to girls sometimes it really does depend like who it is but I mean if I obviously if I like them then I will be kind of shy but I mean if we have like a really good relationship if we were building their relationship for a while like I said my other videos you know relationship helper Jeremy manager you know Diane's if a guy likes you like explained like I really want to get like a really good relationship before we start talking if we have that good relationship that I'm not going to be shy talking to you that's why that's such a big factor in getting the relationship but alright we're getting off guards this is a freaking stuff that you guys don't know about me so we're not gonna get in a relationship Jeremy we're gonna get in the tea spilling Jeremy oh I'm just like thinking I'm just like thinking like straight off my hand I really don't really talk about but y'all ready for this man I got no words that's all I'm gonna say no word to you what let me let me zoom in a little bit man it doesn't even anymore anymore anymore anymore maybe a little bit okay we're gonna get it right in there Jeremy that's me okay yeah I used to do karate man that's that's the tea man I used to be a gaudy kid I have some stuff in my closet look I got no my my messy room I know but yeah I got some trophies type of things my closet in here yeah well we'll put them out on my bed guys you're learning some stuff about me today wait this is you go to the black ball hall of fame for this stuff and these are pretty dope boy yeah like this is basically like the best sort of out of Ohio so outstanding kappab spirit in Ohio I got the best for that in Ohio and then I got male competitor of the year in Ohio your 2013 so this this is official man this is official I always keep the I know I find this I've really cool to have yeah so I was a male competitor of the year in Ohio and your 23rd no that means don't mess with me I like forget all McCarty I missed up my toe bro alright guys everyone if you guys watch this want that video you are awesome and if you didn't watch the full video I love you so much and thank you for showing all this love we just hit 40k 50k is next halfway to 100k after the big number and that's why thank you guys so much for everyone who's been saving me every single day and supporting me and I trying to show all the way back I'm always trying to add you guys back up sometimes always trying to deem you guys not gonna Instagram info you guys wait guys don't only guys an amazing day and leave a like on this video go follow my socials we'll be down below and comment what I should do for next video thank you guys so much for watching I'm out


  1. Hey Jeremy! Could you please put Portuguese subtitles in your videos? Sorry for the inconvenience, I'm Brazilian girl, and I understand very little English. The Brazilians would appreciate it, thank you very much for the attention and apology for the English of google translator.

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