The True Cost

The True Cost

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This is a story about clothing. It’s about the clothes we wear,  the people who make those clothes and the impact it’s having on our world. The price of clothing has been decreasing for decades, while the human and environmental costs have grown dramatically. The True Cost is a groundbreaking new documentary film that pulls back the curtain on an unseen part of our world and asks us each to consider, who pays the price for our clothing? Filmed in countries all over the world, from the brightest runways to the darkest slums featuring interviews with the world’s leading influencers including Stella McCartney, Livia Firth, Vandana Shiva and many more. This unprecedented project invites us all on an eye opening journey around the world and into the lives of the many people and places behind our clothes.

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  1. Thus far the global environment is only a top one 2020 presidential candidate's issues list. Hopefully by the time the debates begin many more will be focused on these urgent matters.

  2. This movie needs to be free and we should be able to share this. Everybody needs to see this. Not enough will pay to see this. What a tragedy to have this movie exist and then not to be seen by the masses who need to see this. Us in America need to see what our greed is doing to the rest of the world!

  3. I worked in the garment industry in NYC for 40 years. I was "aware" of things like sweat shops, heard about Rana Plaza. I watched this documentary. I was sickened. Nothing I have watched had EVER affected me the way The True Cost did. I felt like I was in a state of shock. I had to go back to work the next day with the actual facts swirling around in my head. I had to tell a factory overseas that the tee shirt retailing for 5 dollars in the store looked very bad. The people makings these thousands of garment were probably making pennies. And I had to tell them they were doing a bad job?
    Long story short, one Friday night I went home and never went back. Since I quit I would not be receving unemployment benefits. I couldn't find it in me to care. I couldn't be a part of this horror show anymore.
    To anyone who is thinking of having a career in the fashion industry. Don't. Just don't.
    I think this documentary should be shown in fashion high schools and trade schools. The industry has no future. It's not glamorous. And you would be helping to perpetuate the hell that the people who are making clothes for we Americans just so that we can wear a piece of clothing once and throw it away.
    I didn't know what else I could do to help so I paid the 5 dollars. Everyone needs to see The True Cost but some people don't have 5 dollars to spare. I hope it can be made available so that everyone can see this extraordinary documentary.

  4. It s a homework from our school to watch this video. My major is about fashion so I am very likely to work in fashion industry in the future. I really want to make some change to this sad situation.

  5. I had worked in the clothing retail industry for a little over twenty years. The jobs ranged in low, middle & high tier stores. Almost all of the positions I held were in stock because I loved handling & caring for the clothing. Every year & every job I moved to, I began to notice the quality of the material & construction decreasing. Seeing this caused me to start questioning "why". I'm now in a position in my life where I no longer work but, I still miss being around clothing and keeping myself educated on new styles, the quality & construction, theft prevention & marketing of the clothing industry. I also like talking with the employees about the clothes, so a lot of times they will offer their opinions & other inside info about their store. None of the info naturally given is anything that could cause them to get fired or in trouble. Most of them I find, are aware of how low quality the merchandise is. Since doing stock, I had the luxury of seeing the actual cost of items and also the price that the company charged. This angered me, knowing that the workers (us) got paid crap wages, no health insurance, while this MAJOR named clothing brand raked in the money. It would make me also think about the people in other countries that made the clothing, were earning in a month, what a pair of the jeans they just made was selling in the store. I personally boycotted, Walmart, H&M, & Forever 21 specifically because of how they treat their workers here in the US and also those in other countries that make their products. I'm fully aware that there's more stores like the ones I have listed and possibly some I still currently still shop in. It won't be long before I boycott them too.

  6. Good documentary until they proposed that Capitalism was the problem. Most of the developing countries that are outsourced production are socialist/communist countries or have those kind of policies. If the governments cared more for their citizens, and weren't so corrupt, they would enforce labor and safety laws. The factory owners and governments, of these companies in question, are doing exactly what you place blame on fashion corporations for doing- which is profiting off of the cheap labor of others. and Their employer to employee ratio is too high to accommodate the amount of people who need work. And that is why Capitalism is great also- anyone can create their own companies and create jobs and dictate how ethical they want that company to be.

  7. This has been eye opening…a must watch documentary. Every item of clothing/etc should come with its own passport detailing where and how it's been made, and by whom. If more people knew, consumerism will not be what it is now.

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