The Nigel Farage Show | LIVE Radio Debate – 23rd July | LBC

The Nigel Farage Show | LIVE Radio Debate - 23rd July | LBC

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This afternoon Nigel Farage attended a rally with Donald Trump in Washington DC – the President spoke to Nigel about incoming PM Boris Johnson.

He will reveal all from 6pm only on LBC.

On the day Boris Johnson is announced as the new Conservative leader and next Prime Minister, Nigel Farage takes your calls.

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38 thoughts on “The Nigel Farage Show | LIVE Radio Debate – 23rd July | LBC”

  1. Getting involved with women at any level is a losing game.
    Besides being nothing but a stressful waste of time.
    Any interaction deeper and more meaningful than handing cash to one over a store counter is a lie.

  2. Without The Brexit party and Sir Nigel we would not now be closing on a final exit from the EU. Like what I hear from Boris but I reserve judgment until I see his actions 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 Brexit means Brexit and that means LEAVE.

  3. The Brexit Party and UKIP Party guarantee that you're handing the next election to the far left. Don't dilute your vote, you're a bipartisan country and now you have Boris at the helm. It's time to drop the little parties and go out in force and vote Boris back in. He's your best bet from the outside looking in.

  4. I know I'm preaching to the converted but our MPs just didn't get it when we had that hung parliament. For me, it was a massive signal that we didn't have choice of politicians we wanted to vote for that would to represent us. Rather, we had a choice of self-serving, self-righteousness backstabbing career politicians who don't seem to state their values and beliefs. I don't know if they felt they could tough it out and gloss over it but they NEVER publicly recognised this. Boris, for all his faults has said he will honour the nation's democratic Brexit vote. That vote and Trump's victory were a great blow against the accepted lazy, comfortable club that our respective political establishments have become. Why would our politicians wish to be subservient to unelected, unrepresentative eurocrats. I have no problem with the people of Europe, neither the people they have elected to represent them. Good for them. But they shouldn't have a say in what happens here! To paraphrase "DRAIN THE MARSH AND MAKE BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN" or at least represent the views of the population!

  5. What if Boris does not bring back brexit on 31 October 2019 will he resign and give us a general election before Christmas 2019 ,we all want you know-body Elise know-body we do not know but only you as British brexit prime minister we all want we all can trust the queen know your the only one we need ,he has stopped the autumn early. General election already why ,frightened ,but if he does not get us to leave Europe 31 October will. He be be brave enough to resign if he does not resign and give us a general election all the people will be against him conservatives party will never get to parliament again

  6. Back in April when we had the local elections, there was a record number of voters who "spoilt" their ballot cards by submitting legitimate votes of no confidence. It sent a direct message to the Establishment. At this point enter Nigel and the new Brexit party. The design of this new party was to keep up the illusion of having an alternative party to vote for.
    Those that submitted non confidence votes in April, were 100% correct in their actions.

    If 50% of the population were to follow suit at the next general election, the parasites in Government would be no more. Parliament would be disbanded. The men/women of this country can then choose their own future with a Government for the people, or going it alone.

    This action is the ONLY way to change the political field. Voting continues your enslavement.

    Private Corporations masquerading as a Government, will always put their interests and profits ahead of what's good for the country.

  7. Threasa may alright passed a bill to fund the nhs brexit or no brexit, I cannot remember how much off the top of my head.

    The privatisation is due eu rules allowing businesses to bid for service contracts rather than looking for " best for your money" the system always allows the highest bidder no matter how bad the company maybe to get the contract, that's no way to manage what is a national service which runs on a budget.

  8. Yes indeed Nigel it is indeed hard to trust the Conservative Party, one of which you too were a previous member years and years ago! so what would be the difference in you doing now what remain voters have been predicting would happen anyway (i.e. Boris angling for P.M. & Tory and Brexit party unite) You may as well, given that Brexit going ahead will mean that Scotland will want Independence (and deservedly so) and Northern Ireland will re-unite with the Republic of Ireland (also deservedly so given your own suggestion that you have your country back because of Brexit) and what about Gibraltar (voted 98% remain)??. Remember Nigel it was you that said before the Brexit Vote that if Remain win by less than a 60/40 split you would call for another referendum. So time for you to own that statement of yours and prove your belief that the British people actually want a brexit by putting it back to the people on a 60/40 to win basis. Given that you are the type not to have such a backbone of belief in your own likelihood of success i doubt you will.

  9. I envisage Clan Johnson taking us all over like some imperial family. Rachel has gone on record as saying she doesn't agree with OAP's not having to pay TV Licences, unless they get special dispensation. Boris Johnson is a middle-aged boffer – full of hot air and little else. Anybody supporting him has all their taste in their mouth!

  10. Boris read the law that you have left it is the law say Boris we are out declare it then let the chips fall where they may no pun intended. You are according to UK and EU law are out months ago declare it so make it so obey the law implement it and be glorious bj.

  11. Interesting thoughts from the caller at around 20 minutes, if he is right this would be a dangerous and policy that will fail, without major changes to the current agreement then he will loose and the Conservative party will die and been known as the Traitors of Democracy. Let’s hope not….

  12. Yes Trump and Farage have a plan.

    Yes we will leave on Oct 31 with no deal.
    Yes we will have to take any deal available,.
    Yes the NHS will be part of the deal we will have to take.
    Yes we will be eating sub standard food.
    Yes Nigel will make loadsa money.
    Yes poverty and crime will soar.

    Are you sure this is a good thing?

  13. Its enough to make you sick, the worst prime minister this country has ever had, and this rubbish lot of Lemons, all congratulating her as a wonderful prime minister in the house of commons. Not a word about the mess she made of brexit, and our Democratic vote denied in 2016. And now they all go on recess, for a nice long holiday, and we have paid all these lemons in our taxes, and got nothing in return. Its a bloody disgrace, and just shows how tooth faced these lot are. How parthetic.

  14. My plan Nigel and Boris, have the election, between you get a majority, deliver Brexit then dissolve, transition Brexit between the other parties depending on the elected Brexit MP’s preference. That said I feel we have other longer term issues that need fundamental change.

  15. NIGEL Evans couldn't have said it better. General election?, how long will this go on for?. BrExIt party will sort this ongoing 3+years of the same old bull. Boris will not deliver, will just be carrying on the same old story's that the Cons have been feeding us.

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