The Nigel Farage Show: 7th March 2019 – LBC

The Nigel Farage Show: 7th March 2019 - LBC

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leading Britain's conversation the Nigel Farage show mr. Nigel Thank You Donald and good evening everybody well of course it's brexit less than a week ago until the big crucial vote and lots of implications if the vote goes through if it's no deal or even of course if it's delay including what might happen to the United Kingdom in the European elections on May the 23rd and I've got some news on that I'm gonna share with you over the course of the next hour but to begin huge pressure being placed on Euroskeptic conservative MPs particularly those who were part of the ERG group and joining me to talk about this and talk about the pressure is Mark Francois he's the Conservative MP for alien Wickford he's a vice-chair of the European research group and I think fair to say he's become the pit bull terrier of the conservative Euroskeptics mark good evenings in it I'm well now earlier on today Philip Hammond your colleague and the esteemed Chancellor of the Exchequer that was all but was on with Nick Ferrari and this was the message he was directing at you we're looking for a good deal a good outcome of from this week's negotiation with the European Union that we'll be able to put to Parliament on Tuesday and I think my colleagues need to think very very hard about the alternatives now we're just a couple of weeks away from the deadline and the choice is between the prime minister's deal or taking a step into the unknown with probably an extension of time and then a process of trying to find a new way forward and nobody can be certain where that will lead us so there you go mark Francois it's very clear unless you support this wonderful deal but the government's put together look there could be a delay to article 50 and it's all going to be your fault well Nigel and it's an honor to be called a pitbull by you you know the greatest shrinking violets in history absolutely say look I am with regardless of the Chancellor's comment I know Philip Hammond very well I worked for him for two years as a minister at the Ministry of Defence I mean as we all know he brightens up every cabinet meeting with his optimistic view of the world and in particular sense of humor but we is world-famous slightly in terms of you know trying to bully me or my colleagues in the ERG it's a total waste of time the reason we have held out so staunchly against the withdrawal agreement is because we've read it and as I know you know it means we don't leave the EU it leaves us hanging half in and half out we pay thirty nine billion pounds to the EU for absolutely nothing in return in many areas of our law is still subject to the ultimate authority of the European Court of Justice that I think all the Joint Committee which means that unelected civil servants could effectively make law and then there's of course the notorious backstop so you know we understand all this and I'm terribly sorry Chancellor but despite your innate charm I fear we're not going to roll over just because Easter at mark Easter the remain there isn't it well of course he's a remainer and often people in Parliament privately with Treasury as remain central yeah so of course these though of course he's the remainer he's always been a remainer he's part of an ax faction in the cabinet that have never wanted us to leave the European Union and has done everything they possibly can to frustrate well that may be that may well be true mark but there's now pressure coming on the ERG group from those that you were considered to be your friends you see today's Spectator magazine which has been pretty strongly in favor of brexit throughout and they say today if the Attorney General Jeffrey Cox is able to agree an assurance on the backstop everyone can move on and we can vote for the deal so even those in the press that are supposed to support people like you and I and now saying basically with a little tweak to the backstop you're simply gonna have to swallow it well we are all waiting in keen anticipation for what is in Fox's copies as you in the media have nicknamed it yeah and we want to see what if anything he brings back from the negotiations now it would appear that yesterday they pretty much hit a brick wall and got nowhere but there may be further discussions over the weekend we're due to vote on all of this on Tuesday so one of the problems is we're running out of time for the House of Commons to consider you know the detail of whatever he brings back because the withdrawal agreement is a draft international treaty if we were you know like the UN Charter in a way if we were to assent to this and then ratify we'd be bound by it forever in international eyes so many MPs feel so passion no getting out of it getting out of it would be hard and I absolutely accept that you know I really really do but are you let me ask you this because this is the key if you vote against this deal there is a chance it may not be a big one but as a chance we'll head towards a WTO exit which a brexit which you wouldn't be worried about but are you prepared to take the risk mark Francois a voting against this deal if it could lead to an extension to article 50 well if if you if there is an extension to article 50 which I think many people in Britain will be pretty angry about because they're expecting us after two and a half years module to leave on the 29th of March as agreed two years ago when we activated article 50 and a lot of them would say you know how much more bloomin time kinis if they were to ask the House of Commons to extend article 50 I'm not certain that would go through because I how long do you want to extend it for quite a rail about that and B for what purpose do you want to extend it if it's merely to kick the can down the road because the government is still so hopelessly divided it can't decide what to do I don't think Parliament would be impressed by that and I'm very confident you may be right you may know the reason I'm 21 I mean would are you prepared are you prepared to take the risk is what I'm asking you and the would be just would you work fine okay I've got it mark so you're not gonna be bad you are voting against this withdrawal agreement next Tuesday period because you know we're waiting to see what the Attorney General comes back with and we'll look at the detail of that but if it is some kind of weak wishy-washy stuff that isn't really firmly legally binding then in effect there's no real difference between that and what the House of Commons voted down by Soompi 230 votes first time around I mean in simple terms if you ask the same question you're likely to get pretty much the same okay thank you mark Francois well that was mark Francois and he is a vice-chair of the European research group but unless Jeffrey Cox comes back with some fundamentally radical legal change he's made it pretty clear he's voting against despite what's being said now but The Spectator magazine despite what's being said by Chancellor Philip Hammond on LBC this morning let me ask you folks do you think MPs who are you're a skeptic and a post of a deal should take that risk and if you're saying if you say look I'm a brexit here this deal so often it's worth the risk although three four five six oh six oh nine seven three or maybe you think nope let's take what we've got otherwise we might get no breaks it at all text two eight four eight five Oh and do you think actually by opposing this deal and with time running out we could actually by default just leave on WTO terms please tweet using the hashtag farad and LBC at LBC trittye says I'm confused I thought you said that was drawl that was in law where we leave on March the 29th with a deal if not with No Deal how come this no longer seems the case Trini it is the case if above all of these parliamentary votes if the Prime Minister were to choose despite Parliament let's say for argument's sake voting to extend voting to rule out No Deal next week she could ignore Parliament she could stick with the withdrawal Act which is law the problem is she's pretty much said already she'll do what Parliament tells her even though there's no need Jamie in Exeter is a new caller Jamie you heard mark Francois from the ERG group do you think he's right to still vote against this patrol agreement I'm wearing almost sort of two hats one as an individual and a die-hard leaver it would be more than happy to walk away today on WC terms however by upper hat somebody in business only the property industry is concerned particularly concerned with you know the chance however people saw the chance maybe of even an exception which you know kicking the can down the road that phrase but it's be used or a referendum or a course no brexit at all and as much as it pains me to say there I feel as if I have been grounded out to a point where if it was a case of taking mrs. Mays deal to guarantee leaving on the 29th of March which is ultimately what I fell oh levers want compared to the risk of all of the other things extension etc then I do you feel as if we should take the deal but is on the table not the kid is a good deal I certainly don't think that at all but in order to okay so you avoid the controversy you see the deals the least worst option Jamie thank you for your call that's Jamie's point of view he thinks that's the least worst option I have to say personally I think WTO terms is by far the least worst option Jillian from Darlington says I reject the deal I'd like to see a general election well I'm not sure that's coming anytime soon maybe I'm wrong let's go to the Netherlands and speak to Frank Frank good evening pleasure speak to you again you know we took out to this I think it's going to probably go to an extension because I can't see the other deals going through whether that's or the best time I'm really not too sure that I'm totally opposed to the idea of a second referendum I think that that would be just creating more and more complications as time goes on but the Euroskeptic MPs are in a bit of a sumo grip aren't they with regard they have pranked frankly they face a huge dilemma and if this deal does go through the House of Commons it will then have to receive final ratification in the European Parliament in Strasbourg and you know I will have to say I would have the same dilemma but Frank be clear a mark Francois made a point there that I think is key you know we're leaving one treaty for another international treaty at least the one we're leaving had article 50 the new one doesn't even give us unless there's a fundamental change soon doesn't even give us an exit mechanism that Frank is why I in the final analysis will vote against 27 are the members that have to sort of agree to it as well I mean this is really an elongated process as far as I can see I can't see any easy solution and maybe in the end WTO rules might come into play it's hard to really say really knowing what's going to happen well Parliament Frank you know two and a half years they've had to do this they're looking at best incompetent but I think many would say that's a generous way of putting it thank you very much for your call you're listening to the Roger Ferris show here on LBC it's quarter past six and time for the news headlines will Lisa receives a teenage boy has died after being stabbed in West London this afternoon police have also confirmed a 37 year old man knifed in the Soho area over the weekend died last night they were companions secretary amber rod says she's mortified by clumsy language she used in an interview to describe Labour's Diane APIs the high street fashion chain LK Bennett has collapsed into administration putting around 500 jobs at risk at 41 branches LBC weather rain and winds clearing most parts of the country to leave a dry and clear nice a low of minus two LBC Travel I'm Dave golf is 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failure they'd been they're also very scared I think the conservative and labour part is what those elections might do to their vote but because the new European Parliament doesn't take its seats until the 2nd of July they think if the extension just goes up to them it'll be ok we can somehow avoid the European elections well a piece of news fresh out of Brussels today and there was a meeting of the Affco committee that's the Constitutional Affairs Committee of the European Parliament and the chair tenuta Huebner she's an MEP from Poland and a Christian Democrat this is what she said at the end of their meeting we have a legal obligation to have elections in the UK at the end of May if the UK is a member at that date otherwise the UK would be challenged in the courts a delay to the end of June would therefore require elections even if the UK left before July the second so that's what we're being told today for the first time from Brussels any extension any extension beyond May the 23rd means the United Kingdom has to contest those European elections maybe to help concentrate the minds of some of our MPs in Westminster jean-jacques says to me I'm a business manager and negotiate multi-million pound deals with grocery retailers selling organic produce my experience says the longer a deal takes to sign the less likely it is to happen let's take the deal on the table and move on voted leave Rule Britannia well jean-jacques if we could move on it would be great but my concern only that none of MUC Francois earlier is will leave in name only but being capable of moving on because all we've done or we've done is to give away a lot of money to potentially tie ourselves into the customs union forever and in return they don't have to give us anything back at all we're not able in any way to move on unless they now allow us they will be in charge Cristina in Reigate rather more reflects the way I feel about this she says I can't tell you how angry I am how dare they say that unless MPs vote for that awful deal we will get a watered-down brexit should the winning side end up as losers Cristina I do agree with you let's get a new port and speak to Stephen a new call a good evening Stephen hello so what do you think the ERG group and others should do is it worth the risk of extension or do we just take the deal on the table Stephen no we didn't take a bad deal we'll be stuck in Europe for every day as you suggest my thought is that if Parliament is going to reject the both of the people and it's going to say well we're staying in Europe whether it's in name or whether still people through side doors have speaks who's may still then that's Parliament's view but if Parliament is going to reject her deal that's one thing next option for them is to accept No Deal or otherwise to reject the result of referendum I suspect would get into the general election territory and I'm probably not averse to that as to where we are now because Parliament's let us down and the reason I was calling was to get across to my idea yeah aren't you probably many others have had perhaps but anyways this brexit party all these party I refer to it as a leave part because I think leave is what we voted for is easier for everyone to record to understand and commit to a leave party on the ballot paper the local candidates is identified as leave conservatives brackets or leave labor because in brackets yeah all under the same umbrella it's all promoted by the leave party but then the voter at the ballot box can know that they're voting for a leave candidate someone who's not going to ignore their referendum vote and they're but they're not then voting for a single-issue party which thing was a problem for lost people with you Kip and they'll also be considered as I don't want to leave candidates I don't know what the politics are because there's no way I'm going to support someone who's going to put as Jeremy Corbyn in power but the problem Stephen isn't the problem here that the Conservative Party would stand and say we are the leave party wouldn't that just confuse things but well it up for the electorate actually to believe them there is potential for confusion but I think it's a question for the leave behind well to explain explain themselves and then yes well the voter says I shall not good about that Conservative Party and they might actually vote in the local area they might vote because some lose conservative and they know was properly supporting that especially probably supported and promoted begs it but not someone who's supported may still and supported but stay the action was possibly to avoid it but Stephen if we had a snap general election you know how can a brand new party logistically get itself into the field put outs it probably need 500 and something candidates it's a heck of a task isn't it the short space of time well shorter space of time is going to be alright and and and and the answer you will know better means the answer about whether that's possible but I mean Sugarman and Israel they are now trying to do themselves and I think that's last assassin will see example they've mainly because they will be seen as pretty much a single issue because no one knows what they know knows what they do stand for apart from so Steven you are an ailing basically reject the deal whatever the risks of whatever the future is yeah yeah well the deal isn't leaving so we don't take it alright okay thank you very much indeed she as well in says the word role agreement is so bad that it's better to remain well I'm not going to agree with that comment although there are some I have to say there are some quite high-profile supporters of brexit who have made a similar comment Pauline just says no deal Irene says no deal that's the real deal Trish no deal is better than a bad deal Pat we all want no deal Diana says no extension just leave what I have noticed is that the leave side of this argument is now very unified behind just leave on a WTO deal let's go to the art of wider speak to Ruth who's a new caller Ruth there are some that think better to take what's on offer than risk goodness knows what in the future and I'm with the majority of your callers and and with you in saying this the deal so-called withdrawal agreement is so awful that it must be rejected the MPs must hold their nerve or nerve and vote it down again more thoroughly if they possibly can and then we will take what see what comes up but I'm not in favor of any extension to the article 50 yeah I would just love to come to the end of this month with nothing agreed nothing going on and hello we have a party on well I'm absolutely all for that – but do you think there's pressure coming we saw it today from the Chancellor of the Exchequer on with Nick Ferrari this morning pressure even coming from The Spectator magazine which has been very much in favor of brexit do you think see I'm asking this question Ruth because I remember back at the time of the Maastricht Treaty that in the end job major made it a motion of confidence and they all said we're gonna put party before country do you think the pressure is going to grind these people down or do you think they'll stand firm no one does know what no one does Ruth but it's a difficult one isn't it because yeah and I can see conversations like well of course old boy you know if you go against the government it might be difficult to get Reis elected next time around you can see the pressures that are getting that are going to get put on people and you've got no fear Ruth of a node of a WTO No Deal brexit mmm you've got you've got no fear at all no I have been a member of you kit for a long time okay and I'm sorry they got my name a little wrong it screws right well they do make mistakes know what Rose you're clearly a committed breakfast here your mind is made up and I do agree with your points I thank you for your call and sorrowing cardiff says Nigel I would love it if all the remainders and stirrers in this negotiation end up with a no deal to dad if old because of their behavior I did think more recently that maybe accept the deal you know what Nigel I prefer another vote and stick it to them with all barrels and again I mean I'm hearing that from levers as well and remain as so far you're very quiet in this debate Oh three four five six oh six oh nine seven three well what are two people in the House of Commons do they be meeting up with French politicians I'm gonna give you my view on that but for now you're listening to the Roger Farah show here at LBCC at 6:30 and time for the news Willie Sarah sees met police have confirmed a teenage boy stabbed in West London this afternoon has now died in hospital he's the fifth person to be killed in a stabbing attack in the capital in the past week a 37 year old man stabbed in Soho at the weekend has also died in hospital they were convention secretary amber rod says she's mortified at her clumsy language in an 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as tragic as that but I think deeply dishonest it's Dominic grieve MP who today has been holding meetings in his office in Parliament with Natali's Louise er the French Europe Minister and other senior French politicians he's been joined by other MPs and they are discussing extending article 50 the French government pushing for this to be done for 21 months so we have Dominic grieve a Member of Parliament colluding with a foreign government to go against the greatest democratic exercise in the history of our country to undermine him his hope government and to try to do all he can to stop brexit from happening on the 29th of March and I think Dominic grieve is the Lord Halifax of today Halifax being a cabinet minister in 1940 who urged doing a deal with a very unsavory foreign power I'm not impressed at all it isn't just incompetence that the public will view our politicians and charge them with it is actually ranked dishonesty and willfully wanting to overturn this result but those in the ERG group who will tell you all they're doing is sticking to what they said in the referendum sticking to what was in the conservative manifesto in that June general election in 2017 they are now under pressure is it really worth them voting against a new treaty that they hate and risking extension or should they just take the deal that's on the table we're going to ask Michael in his things in a new caller what he makes of that good evening Michael I think Nigel I don't think well I think they cook in extension to article 50 but I think what needs to happen first I think on Monday that they I definitely think the ERG needs to dig the years in you but I think they also need the backup of the DUP now this is a terrible deal for the United Kingdom but it's also a terrible deal for Northern Ireland now if I feel is Arlene Foster and take a please mobs went it through the mail on Monday and said right we're not gonna vote for this day and this deal is you're going to get through but if if it doesn't get through and you don't take us on to WTO we work out the government if you don't go we work out the government and if we collapse the government and the whole talk tour it might be out of government no with that's where they could say or we don't have an extension as long as you commit to lead leave into resigning somebody else has a leadership election and somebody well it's control yes Michael done nothing but lie she screamed she's the worst prime minister of all time I think Michael I agree with you and what what let me tell you that you're onto something there because what is happening is people are being told support this deal and in return they're saying we will support the deal if you promise your resign would that be a good enough reason to vote for this deal no I don't think no definitely not we should never they should not fall for this deal it's the worst deal in history they should tell her that they're not gonna vote the deal is a deal that you were sold on Tuesday anyway so then either you go straight onto an old deal which is what what you said from the start and what was on our manifesto or we'll bring the government down I won't need have to be a new leader and then they will have to do an extension but it will start from the start and it will start with a new leader of the conservative parties and I'm pretty damn sure that if breakfast here was faulted in after trees in May the Tory Tories would win in a landslide anyway well they might do because Labor's in terrible trouble but I'm not sure I'm just not sure Michael thank you for your call for your passion and someone there who really has got a downer on the prime minister have to say I don't disagree just in reading says at least Dominic Greene grief has a plan Nigel unlike you lot before the referendum well there was a plan just in leave no Till's we weren't asking people to vote for deals we weren't giving the multiple choice we were simply saying do you want to be an independent country or don't you that is what brexit is all about on Twitter the EU are our neighbors our partners our friends stop talking about them like they're the enemy well bones hi I'm sorry Dominic grieve today was working with a foreign government to undermine his government who funnily enough he was elected on their manifesto and to overturn the greatest democratic exercise in the country it's not the French politicians that are the enemy now I agree with that but it is Dominic grieve in my opinion Nigel it's a pure case of risk management there are risks to leaving on WTO terms risks to extension there's a clear risk to cancelling brexit but by far the greatest and potentially longest term risk lies firmly within the capitulation that is the withdrawal agreement let's put on our big-boy pants and let's go WTO says Lee from Bournemouth and Lee that's an argument that Chris Evans the editor of The Daily Telegraph was making today he was saying look at all the options you know in front of us actually leaving on WS here terms is the least risky and I think right now that is right despite the hysteria that we get about all these businesses that are leaving Britain and I'll talk a bit more about that as the evening goes on and ruin Guildford another new caller good evening Android good evening Nigel welcome nice talking to you and thank you for everything you're doing to keep this brexit going and what I wanted to say Nigel was that I believe they should risk having article 50 extended so there is a deal down yeah and risk having it extended because what people still constantly seem to forget is that there are always two sides to these agreements it's not only what Parliament decides it is what the European Council the European Commission and the European Parliament will agree to and I believe that even if we subsequently vote to extend article 50 it will probably get turned down by Europe because they will only want to do it if we have a good and valid reason that we can persuade them I don't know Andrew I've heard that argument that I'll put this to you her going missus may going on March the 21st to the European summit of all the European leaders and saying please please we don't actually want to leave on March the 29th we want to extend for whether it's three months or a year or whatever she asks for and it would have to be a year in in reality they that Andrew could present that right across Europe particularly ahead of the European elections where many of the insurgent parties are doing well as look the Brits tried to do it they failed you know stop fighting the project and get with it do you see what I mean they use it they try to use it as a PR victory I'm sure they would try to do that but do you really think that they're gonna want the Brits sticking in for another round of European election you may be talking to the right man about that Andrew I lost out the other week he was incredibly aggressive he's the European Parliament chief negotiator and he said very loudly in the coffee-room you know I don't want Britain to leave I really don't want to leave but at the same time I don't want Faraj back that was his carpet so yeah I can see besides the argument and rebut but don't you think that missus may asking for an extension having told the House of Commons over a hundred times we're leaving on the 29th of March would look like a total failure well she would and I think the problem is you can only be successful in negotiations if you take the initiative retain the initiative and only let go of the initiative on your own terms and what this government has done right from the start they've given the initiative to the EU negotiators they've played into their hands all the way along and the only way we can actually get the initiatives back now is to go out on a no deal basis I agree with Andrew I agree with you thank you for your thoughtful call now this business of who are the enemies and who are the friends Lynne sums it up beautifully on Facebook she says the EU are certainly not my friend Europeans are I'm with you Lynne I love Europe I hate the European Union's quite clear you're listening to be large of our show it's 6:45 and time for the news headlines with Lisa Aziz a teenage boy has died after being stabbed in West London this afternoon police have also confirmed a 37 year old man knifed in the Soho area over the weekend died last night the Work and Pensions Secretary amber rod says she's mortified by clumsy language she used in an interview to describe Labour's Diana birds the high street fashion chain LK Bennett has collapsed into administration this afternoon putting around five hundred jobs at risk at 41 stalls LBC weather rain and winds clearing most parts of the country to leave a dry and clear night along with a sharp frost a low of minus two LBC Travel I'm Dave Goff they're accusing the m25 anti-clockwise two lanes are closed because the cars broken down from Junction 25 or Enfield two Junction 24 four Potters Bar it's a very snotty m23 northbound after a van broke down in the roadworks earlier on from Junction 9 forgot to pack airports who the m25 in good Mays that aren't delays the high road is blocked in both directions at Kingswood road because of a police investigation on the trains at least and Virgin Trains west coast and northwestern services are moving because of an investigation Greater Anglia they're running replacing buses from Cambridge to Liverpool Street because of overhead line problems and London Overground has to bid the lights from Stratford to Richmond and Clapham Junction because of overhead line problems earlier coming up at 7 on LBC iandale government gaffs Cox's cog piece and the global awards with reports from Elvis's very own Matt Stadlen we've got it all tonight and the news hour starts in 10 the endale on LBC life is full of so many things happy things sad things and surprising things you've got commuting things typing things 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super stores without choice under van Z stock just winners from the m25 all those receive a comprehensive one hundred and twelve point three delivery inspection we patrol ever wide today from just ninety million pounds a month by wise drive wise van Weiss point your next fan at van wash leading Britain's conversation LBC van Nigel Farrar show Alan says to me by text Nigel are you happy to see car workers lose their jobs how do you sleep at night Nigel Alan you might have noticed falling demand from China for motorcars diesel engines which our government encouraged suddenly demand has collapsed for them and the free trade deal with Japan is sending manufacturing back there as well the car industry has a lot of problems but of course people try and blame every bad news story on brexit well how about this Alan when it comes to cars so announced this week mercedes-benz that's right the German company mercedes-benz are just about to build and then open this summer their biggest car dealership in the whole of Europe it's a ten and a half acre site it'll bring 55 new jobs it's got a bistro it's even got a computer room where you can go in and design your own car with the coloured seats or whatever extras you want on it and it's being built in Stockport Greater Manchester and you know something Alan European investment into the United Kingdom is currently running at double what it was before the referendum now you won't hear that on the BBC you won't hear that from those who just want to give us bad bad news there is actually a lot of very good news out there too and some response to my comments about Dominic Greve phrase says what grievers done is brilliant hope it's warts brexit present I mean are we to just disregard elections and referendums and try and have them overturn because I wonder what sort of country we'd be now I'm gonna go speak to Ian who is the second new caller from Newport in one evening something must be happening down there Ian good evening good evening thanks for taking my call not a bit so you know put yourself in the position of Jacob and the other DRG people you know is it really worth the risk or do you just take what's on the table no no I've got a question for you Nigel nobody's answered it Yeah right if the maze deal is voted down as it probably will yeah WTO is going to struggle to get through Parliament whatever what happens if they vote against article 50 being extended what happens then well okay Ian whatever happens and this everyone's got to get this into their heads whatever votes we get or combination of votes we get next week in Parliament there is on the statute book the EU withdrawal Act something but David Davis thank goodness piloted through Parliament if Mrs May keeps that legislation in place and refuses to change it we will leave the European Union in at 11:00 p.m. on March the 29th on WTO terms and I think the good news about that is a lot of planning maybe not all but a lot of planning has been done over the last couple of months I guarantee it's gonna happen but it might happen yeah and Ian I can't read this Prime Minister that maybe maybe she realizes that if she doesn't get in if we don't leave on that day yeah her legacy will be disastrous maybe that's her last ditch position none of us even actually know all I would say is that you know her behavior today doesn't suggest that's the case but we'll say no less well it's a strong word but it's tough to disagree with it Ian thank you I'm back to New York to speak to Oliver we've spoken before good evening Oliver hello Nigel and I understand from Nick's leg that you have a tendency to be a bit of a fan justice Oliver you that there'll be people driving their cars at the moment wondering what he meant and I want to explain I would have explained quickly that in the debate hosted by LBC and Nick Ferrari when I talked about a European army Clegg said I was a dangerous Fanta cyst to even suggest it right I thought I better explain that on it otherwise people might think very odd things allow me to indulge in a little fantasy of mine Nigel okay one that would allow Theresa made to become the queen of brexit to unite the Conservative Party and go some ways uniting the country she stands on there on the steps of Downing Street and says the sadly the Attorney General has come back with nothing she has known she knows the country knows very well that Theresa May has tried her hardest being a remainer but she has tried it all she can she's yes any general has come back with nothing and effectively the EU was trying to divide up our country was he with the backstop as she's already said she is she's no Prime Minister will allow that so she is therefore committing the UK to leaving on wco terms everything goes a little further and announces that John Redwoods will be Chancellor yeah we have checked a brief loggers as chief statues of the Treasury and yeah yeah Oliver last night when I was asleep I was thinking those things I even dreamt that she contacted Geneva so that we could trigger article 24 of the GATT treaty and of course if we did that the European Union would be forced to match us Oliver I was really excited that I won't then I woke up then I woke up Oliver and I mean I tell you what in percentage terms what percentage would you give that I might give it 15 to 20 but you know you know from a strategic point of view I think actually the country at large would actually be behind her if she could if she did in a convincing way she could actually she could actually pull it off and certainly maybe not the parliamentary conservative party but the rest of the conservative party grassroots would be fully behind her oh they would and Oliver there'd be millions of labour voters to who'd say do you know what it won't work on this whatever else we think of her on this she's done the right thing Thank You Darren in Woking time running out please make your point is it worth the risk of people to reject this deal if it stops treason by getting a deal through there nothing an extension would be desirable really under that nigel very good question for you can de you extend article 50 and change our ability to revoke article 50 without losing any of our current rights no because they can't change the treaties you know the treaties I know that the treaties of what they are now there are some loose interpretation sometimes in Brussels of those treaties no it's pretty clear we have to ask for an extension 27 other members have to agree Darren I thank you and I'm asked here Nigel if grieve is talking to the French why can't the ERG speak to the Italians to vote against an extension well III think if we do go to the European summit on the night of the 21st of March and I'll be there in Brussels you know and broadcasting here on LBC there will be attempts I think by some British Euroskeptics to get other European governments to veto it will see a long way to go before we get to that a pretty dramatic week in British politics coming up next week I'm going to be back with you on Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. at 10 o'clock tonight is Thom Swarbrick but up next its Ian Dale thanks Nigel so which Tory cabinet minister has reason

27 thoughts on “The Nigel Farage Show: 7th March 2019 – LBC”

  1. We are being treated like enemies of "The State" and Theresa May needs to let them know in no uncertain manner that their bully boy tactics will do nothing other than to backfire and Putin will sit back laughing as Europe burns . . . Macaron's regime will probably be the first of many to fold after our departure

  2. The elites are going to try to sabotage any brexit and any trade deal with the US and Canada so they can say β€œSee we told you peasants this would happen.” Now vote how we say and be quiet.

  3. Just pay your 39 billion pounds and extend Brexit another 2 years for 60 billion pounds a year while Brexit gets fleshed out. Surely 2 years should help correct the problems, no worries if not just extend another 2 years later I dunno maybe it'll be 80 Billion a year then. Maybe you can get a deal at 1 Trillion pounds.

    Unelected bureaucrats and people riding the gravy cant be allowed to continue. Thats the real issue and it always has been. Im not talking about MEPs as they are elected. Im not talking about the council of ministers as they are elected. Im talking about the unelected who along with their families get a free ride in life. Nobody has ever voted for the royal family 1000 years of unelected and often tyrannical rule, 1000 years of riding the gravy train. The same goes for the house of lords. More unelected gravy train riding wasters. Thank god the people in the EU can vote for our real leaders, the council of ministers and MEPs who in turn appoint the commissioners . All accountable unlike the life peerages in the Lords and Life membership of the extended royal family,

  5. to me, as a bystander, it looks like May's so called "deal" is really a legally binding set of conditions that apply before we start the dealing, and dictate how the dealing can progress. What sane man would sign up to such a draconian limitation?

  6. What can we do? Can we do anything! The British people have voted for a Brexit but not for a Brexit-deal. I love all the wrong deals our government even if the British people have always paid the price – always? Yes Always! But enough is enough. Better no Brexit then a Brexily = Brexit with a Deal.😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  7. CANZUK free trade and free movement, stating "With Australia, New Zealand, and Canada all lining up to sign post-Brexit trade agreements with the United Kingdom, we have an opportunity to push for a wide-ranging agreement between all four Commonwealth nations…It's an idea whose time has come.
    Canada,Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom have a similar basis of law, they have a common democratic system, they have the same types of legislation and regulations around investment and trade.

  8. Sounds like terrorists demanding a ransom, Remember when the Citizens 1st voted for Brexit ? Brussels said well ok let's make it quick, THE FACT IS THEY ARE DROWNING IN DEBT. And the U.K is not.. THEY MUST HAVE THE U.K OR THEY COLLAPSE… GERMANY NEEDS THE UK FOR THEIR EXPORTS

  9. UK is being finessed by Voting Order – 1st Her Deal is defeated, 2nd No Deal gets defeated, 3rd Extend Article 50 – but for how long and WHY is my MAIN concern, ifΒ her deal never changed since November! !!Β  What if the 3rd vote is also defeated ?Β  MSM never explained that scenario. Why ? BECAUSE THEY ALREADY KNOW WHAT THEY WANT TO HAPPEN !

  10. How time and money could we have saved by just leaving, all these negotiations have been a lot of time and effort for nothing. You only have to just look at Yunker and Tusk to see what a waste of time they are.

  11. In any business deal where the appointed team was fouling up the negotiations and failing to get what the company wanted, that team would be replaced toute suite by others more capable and determined!

    This needs to happen right now by a vote of no confidence to get rid of May as PM. The new team then simply tells the EUrotrash that they have mere days before 29th March (when British law has to kick in to leave without any deal) to offer Britain what Britain wants and that would be very clearly spelled out without ambiguity!

    If time is the issue , as it will be, fine, then Britain leaves anyway officially and trades on WTO terms and can if desired start talks from the beginning again about preferential trading terms and any other matters of concern and can do this from a position of strength.

  12. They steal every changing chance to re-adapt themselves around us .
    You can be assured they are trying to ensure that we never make it this far again..
    Significant dates for ramifications are 22/03/2019 and 29/03/2019.

  13. In the supermarket the other day, I noticed on the bleach bottle the label stating DO NOT DRINK. I asked the manager about this and he said "well, its to stop really, really stupid people drinking it" I remarked that it would be a good idea to remove this warning for a year or two and then we could have another Referendum.

  14. Theresa May should take the NI backstop only option offered by the EU. Far easier to make a customs border in the sea as there is no need for a physical border. With a separate port of entries for items and different one for people. Items get checked and scanned, people do not. Most acceptable form of the backstop imo.

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