The Nigel Farage Show: 3rd June 2019 – LBC

The Nigel Farage Show: 3rd June 2019 - LBC

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Nigel is asking: Was it inappropriate for the Mayor of London to insult the President before his state visit.

Live from the LBC studio, Nigel Farage will take your calls.

Before his state visit to the UK, US President Donald Trump suggested the UK send Nigel Farage to take part in Brexit talks with the EU, find out what the Brexit Party leader says.
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22 thoughts on “The Nigel Farage Show: 3rd June 2019 – LBC”

  1. Go Khan!!!! BTW things not looking very good for the Donald right now. Joe Biden ( Obama's VP is ahead in all major US swing states…..including Texas!!!! ). The global economy is expected to crash either later this year or next year ( his stupid trade tariff wars with China and Mexico aren't helping either )……..LOOKING LIKE HE'LL TRY TO START A WAR WITH IRAN NEXT SUMMER BEFORE THE 2020 ELECTION. SORRY NIGEL YOUR BUDDY ISN'T GOING TO BE PRESIDENT PAST JAN 20, 2021…….

  2. All governments Lie to themselves and to their citizens. All media is corrupt and owned by five multinational corporation that are not loyal to any country, least of all to the people of the United States. Eight Billion people on earth, the competition is fierce. Government Multinational corporations and their Mockingbird Media give you the data to make decisions the Government / Multinational corporations want you to make and don't forget the basics, the Educational system for dumbing down the population and your kids. The Educational system that controls you and me, the media and the Educational system places thousands of images into our subconscious brains every day programming us by inculcation. The multinational corporations thru their monopolistic media outlets, Public schools have the power to manipulate and define our reality. If you do not see the pyramid on the dollar bill now you never will.

    If we in society do not feel like going to war they will show us fake news photos of one alleged group using un-verified poison gas attacks on another group and tell us we should go to war to stop another countries actions real or imagined e.g., Baby's being yanked out of cribs and placed on the floor to die in Kuwait or regime change for the sake of the Multinational Corporate worlds desire for regime change to permit the favorable construction of a secret pipeline to Europe thru a carved up divided Syria, Iraq, Iran.

    So much for the Fake Green Solar Europe that thirst for secret middle eastern oil pipelines and hires the U.S. Military to make it happen; attempting to carve up Syria for European non Russian gas and oil energy. Europe and Angela Merkel would freeze solid in the winter under the shade of solar cells if it did not get oil and gas from Russia and the middle east. The future of Europe is fossil fuels from Saudi Arabia and Israel's "Genie Energy Corp." a Rothschild-Cheney-Kushner-Murdoch (Fox-Sky ) venture from the captured Golan Heights rich oil deposits.

    Profits first, not patriotism is the order of the day. Monopolies are good for you! Oligarchs found in the Central Banks run the show from behind the scenes. We used to call it fascism. Now it is called the presidents intelligence briefing. Both the right and the left; Republicans and Democrats , Socialist and Capitalist lie with equal skill. they get away with all of it using National Security reasons to hide their pay to play crimes , congressional bribes given to their so called charitable foundations with no accountability. The last thing the congress wants is for voters to see a list of Congressman and senators who took money from the Saudi royal family for their campaigns or their family "charitable" foundations.

    Laws are broken and there are endless investigations with no prosecutions in the Washington insiders club. Globalism is the new Tyranny against the rights of the individual with the end of private property in sight and the beginning of rule by Corporate Edict and regulations in the form of, not law, but policy through economic corporate Treaty from the push of the European Union to outright New World Order by the Central Banks and their Multinational corporations ending the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

    What we have now is not capitalism but crony government capitalism and we are being driven to Marxist Socialism by Billionaires using Green anything to justify the destruction of true private property and promoting even bigger more powerful incompetent government. The best reason to justify A.I. is to replace every last government worker with an automated expert system and just auto deposit the check they allresdy know everything about you from cradle to grave including evry telephone or email you ever made.

  3. U.K love's Trump UK loves Trump UK loves Trump UK loves Trump… many years from now the name Trump will be remembered as possibly the greatest nation leader that ever lived..!!

  4. Donald trump is a racist, misogynistic white devil. Brexit is bad for the economy and should be stopped. London is the most diverse city in the world and there is no place for white misogynistic males. Sadiq khan is my spirit animal and brexiteers are all stupid northern racist idiots who shouldn't be allowed to vote.

    These people are starting to sound more and more like fascists every day. You'd have an easier time trying to reason with the daleks than these people.

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