The Nigel Farage Show: 2nd June 2019 – LBC

The Nigel Farage Show: 2nd June 2019 - LBC

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40 thoughts on “The Nigel Farage Show: 2nd June 2019 – LBC”

  1. From a Trump voter to all you like minded Brexiteers…keep up the good fight, the liberal world order is melting around us and they know it. They are in full panic mode now.

  2. interesting to find that our supposed expert politicians went to the EU with a loaded and tail between their legs attempt at a deal. goes to show the contempt for anyone else's views and ideas that they had and still have.

  3. With everything Trump does it's damned if you do, damned if you don't, with liberals of any nation. Liberals don't care what Trump has done for the US people, they only care what he has said that offends them.

  4. Trump is Patriot, a Nationalist,nuff said! Suggest Trump announce: America is open for trade with all nation states,this includes EU members,we will NOT negotiate with the EU as they are NOT a nation state!

  5. Time for a HARD BREXIT,do not pay exit fee, suggest offer all EU member Nations a one Billion £s credit line to purchase UK grown produce an or manufactored goods if they follow with a HARD EXIT,credit line drawn down available first week out of the EU!

  6. The guy saying going back into the EU after trying to leave is dead right – just after the one hour point. It would not be the same as it was before the EU referendum. UK would be a vanquished state, humbled and crushed before the might of EU solidarity, proof that the EU is strong enough to stand up to large powerful countries. Next it would be Russia and eventually the USA – as Macron has already said. the UK would have even less influence than had before, an object of derision. And ever closer union would accelerate and make UK just another province in the eurozone.

  7. The key difference is that Obama was threatening UK in his official capacity: if you vote for Brexit the US will send you to the back of the queue. he did not say what would have been reasonable, what the impact on the US would be. Just an almost personal threat. Trump is not making any threats nor is he trying to influence an outcome of UK's internal decision making other than by saying a trade deal with the US is desirable and would be greatly facilitated by Brexit, which is merely a statement of the blindingly obvious, whether he or anyone else is POTUS. it is also perfectly reasonable for Trump to say what the impact on the US would be. His remarks on the negotiations is the personal opinion of a friend and ally. That is what friends and allies are for. Obama was neither. In any case, most people in UK would agree with him.
    His comments on individual candidates were out of place. It would have been more diplomatic to say he would work with the PM whoever he or she is. He did qualify his remarks as being personal, not official, but that isn't enough. On the other hand what he can see happening in UK is a people struggling to gain their freedom from an overbearing state ruled by an out of touch and self-interested elite, a struggle for independence that resonates with America's own story.

  8. Nigel, you must know that the people who ring in are the unprincipled Marxist indoctrinated idiots in England who are soaked in the leftist fake news that is sweeping the Western world. It is demonic. It really is, their reporters lie without blinking an eye they are such indoctrinated ideologies.So many of those children are rented out to drug and human traffickers so they can take advantage of the screwed American immigration laws that Trump has to deal with. Among other things. I pity you having to deal with them and shame on them.

  9. The the caller named Crystal has no idea what's actually going on John McCain has been reported by fellow prisoners to be a collaborator and the comments about grabbing a snatch was about loose woman who come up to rich people to sell their body for money and gifts

  10. What's going on with the court case over whether we've already legally left yet? Does anyone know the latest? As one FB commentator on here mentioned, MSM are keeping silent about it. We need to let people know it's going on. It would be good to have members of public turning up at court and relaying the evidence to the rest of us.

  11. Sadiq Khan does represent all Londoners. Not me for sure. America is our greatest Ally. America is somewhere we need to trade with. America under Trump talks about Trade Agreements with the UK. Compare that to Obama and the EU. Yet these people are happy to role out the red carpet for the Chinese leader…. Get you priorities right, Do you really want to alienate the USA and ruin our future relations? How naive and short sighted.

  12. The caller 27 minutes in going on about the possibility of people going hungry if we leave, needs to move out of his middle class bubble and go to some of the towns and cities up North or in Wales, where I am. There are already masses of people going hungry, living in tents or in dire poverty.Teachers having to feed children and wash their clothes at school as families have limited access to basics like food and electricity. This has all been going on WHILE WE'VE BEEN IN THE EU. How are some people so blissfully unaware of the amount of poverty up and down the country? I've noticed that Remainers always seem to be people who come from privileged backgrounds and are completely unaffected by what's going on. That's nice for them, but they should ask themselves a few questions about why there are so many foodbanks etc, before they go preaching to the rest of us about the non-existent virtues of the bloody EU. And, before anyone goes on about it being down to the Tories,yes, I know the Tories also drive austerity, low wages and privatisation,( they have a very similar agenda to the EU)., but we can get rid of the Tories!
    It's not as if poverty and low wages is a problem just for the UK. All across EU member states, people are suffering. It's why there are currently riots (been going on for 6 months now in France and other EU member states), where people are burning EU flags, not because they're racist, but because they're hungry, struggling to survive and very, very angry!

  13. Imagine being a country so weak in the mind that you don’t believe that you can be self sufficient and produce enough trading partners on your own to maintain a dynamic economy. The U.K. and it’s people are loosing the reputation of having a stiff upper lip and
    Showing a quivering one. By the way just because the US doesn’t have the same exact standards in all regards that the U.K. has with all of its produce doesn’t mean the U.K. couldn’t require US firms to meet those standards if the US wanted to sell produce to the U.K. Every point I’ve heard from any brits seems mute to me.

  14. All this bloody fuss about chlorinated chicken is a laugh ..It's @ very low level & it will disappear unless, that is you eat your chicken raw. Bathers jump into swimming pools containing oodles of it, doubtless swallowing fair amounts and getting it in their eyes and other orifices!
    What do mothers of babies at bottle feeding age do with all their bottles & feeding implements? They soak them in water containing chlorine and are told not to rinse it off!
    What do water supply companies shovel into our public water supplies to the level that you can smell it and taste it!
    You won't even smell it on raw chicken. It's chlorine. I was just going to add the supermarket "washed salads" (chlorinated) but Nigel said it for me as I was typing.
    That guy said "No I didn't know about that!".. Bet he's being eating it all the time! Just regurgitates rubbish because he's read it or heard it on tv!
    The problem with scientifically uneducated people is that they hear any old rubbish from pseudo scientists and believe anything. That's why we have MMR problems, hoax Global Warming.
    They get so brainwashed that they reject he truth when they hear it because it's not what they want to hear!
    It's easy to fool the people but impossible to convince them that they have been fooled. "Mark Twain."
    I despair. ..

  15. Makes you laugh people still harping on about drowned chicken,what about nitrate preserved sausages and bacon?and its not like you dont have a choice about what you eat!

  16. And by the way, Churchill, a staunch imperialist talked about the necessity for “a United States of Europe” when as an intelligent and far sighted statesman he saw “the winds of change” and where things were going with the empire. I think Trump may want to take his bust out of the Oval Office now, though I doubt he knows history that well 🙂

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