The Nigel Farage Show – 12th June 2019 – LBC

The Nigel Farage Show - 12th June 2019 - LBC

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As Tory leadership hopefuls use Brexit as a bargaining chip in the battle to become Prime Minister, Nigel Farage takes your calls.

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seven cents into Euro twelve the weather heavy showers in the South of England easing tonight but persistent rain will slowly spread further across the far north a low of 8 tomorrow more than drew downpours for most of the UK with a high of 18 degrees from Global's newsroom for LBC I'm Lisa Aziz from global leader in Britain's conversation the Nigel Farage Thank You Donald and good evening everybody well he's been in hiding for a long time many say behind his newspaper column not taking questions from journalists avoiding difficult questions but at last boris has been spotted it was the big Boris Johnson launched this morning and of course we all know his lifelong ambition to become prime minister could very soon become a reality well helping us through how that launch went and more importantly what the reaction to it has been inside the corridors of power is Thea washer bird lBCC's political editor Theo my first impression was compared to the other launches actually the way it was branded with back Boris the stage set it did look I thought quite professional it did look professional Nigel good evening good evening Boris Johnson has the momentum in this campaign he had n peas from every part of the Conservative Party former chairman Grant Shapps was there the brexit Minister James cleverly was there Peter bone arch bricks a toe within the party he was there and there were more than 50 60 Conservative MPs who were there putting their face out to support Boris Johnson publicly and that's important for Boris to show that he can build the widest possible coalition of conservative MPs to take on his rivals but also this was a pitch Nigel about well firstly yourself but also jeremy corbyn that he is the man Boris Johnson is the man and to take on Jeremy Corbyn at the ballot box in a general election because even though the attempts by conservative remain MPs to block or No Deal brexit tonight failed in the House of Commons there is a feeling that there is this cohort I shall put it of Conservative MPs who will do anything don't let grieve said it publicly and to start such a prime minister taking the country out of the European Union October 31st without a deal mr. grieve even said that he would be willing to vote against the government in a confidence motion and so Boris was well the central plank of his speech was that he is the man to take the fight to Jeremy Corbyn in a general election and win only by preparing and raising awareness of what No Deal might entail that we would ensure that we do not resort to that option because they don't want no deal any more than I do and we will simply not get a result if we give the impression that we want to go on kicking the can down the road with yet more delay delay means defeat delay means Corbin kick the can again and we kick the bucket no Nigel it is in in conservative leadership history the front-runner always falters and ends up losing to one of the outsiders and that's what Boris Johnson's team really fears in this contest that there is a slip-up and this was his first and probably only public appearance before journalists and the television cameras ahead of the second round in this contest when he goes before we presume he goes before the Conservative Party membership so this was an obstacle that had to be navigated rather than our opportunity to sell a particular vision to the country he was about making sure that he stayed on script stayed on message that there were no gaffes or errors that could blight his campaign there was however one bull we'll call it an incident when Sky's political editor Beth Rigby questioned him about his previous comments when it came to saying that Muslim women who wore the veil were like letterboxes you brought shame on your party when you described veiled Muslim women as letter boxes and bank robbers people who have worked closely with you do not think you're fit to be Prime Minister well Beth I'm delighted that many my former colleagues sir seemed to dissent from from from that you nonetheless I want to make it I want to make your general points you've asked a fair question better than a good question I want to make and I want to make a general point about about the way I do things in the way and the language I use because of course occasionally some plaster comes off the ceiling as a result of a phrase I may have used or indeed as a result of the way that phrase has been wrenched out of context and interpreted by those who wish for reasons of their own to caricature plaster coming off the ceiling that is how Boris Johnson dismissed any claims of his previous controversies yeah and didn't he also use the word veiled at some point again yes he did he did and you're quite right to pick up on that an accusation that he was using incendiary language during this journalist launched Boris Johnson know and his team will be happy tonight they got through it and more importantly for him they the the vote the attempt to prevent future prime minister and it may well be him from provoking Parliament to stop a No Deal brexit on October the 31st failed by 11 votes interestingly that failed not because of the Jeremy Corbyn couldn't win the support of conservative MPs but because his own MPs in leave constituencies either abstained or voted against the Labour motion Jeremy Corbyn could at the end of it be heard goading conservative MPs on the Treasury bench saying that they won't be laughing in September yeah what it could mean by that I think Jeremy Corbyn means he might have gotten what the month wrong as well it's October but he would mean that if there is a No Deal brexit then and the hole then it would be the consequences of a No Deal brexit would be so catastrophic that the government would fall or he could have meant that and I'd point you to again – Dominic Greaves comments that conservative MPs and there were 30 who voted against the government in in this in this particular vote could vote with the labor with labor to bring down the government in a motion of no confidence and that would that would obviously have will it would cause a general election no what absolutely Theo thank you very much indeed so there we are you know a very disciplined speech by Boris Johnson which you read out word for word then we got two questions and all sorts of things started to happen and we saw the more usual bumbling Boris I mean when I was London mayor we did well when we had targets we did 10 times the number of things we promised we do I mean we said we built a hundred thousand houses have we built well we bought a hundred thousand houses just Boris off the leash you know it was very very normal and so I want to ask you does he look like a prime minister in waiting and that I think really is the question tonight let's go down to Portsmouth speak to Chris who's a new caller good evening Chris good evening pleasure to speak to you pleasure to speak to you so what did you make of Boris today them well I just thought how how are things in myself what points can I actually remember from that speech and it was just so forgettable and like you said I loved when you said there that I was thinking as soon as it came to the questions and yes you know he went a little bit typical Boris didn't he yes it was slightly all over the shop wasn't it really a leader in waiting I think not I don't think any of them any good well Chris Chris okay fine but I mean you know did he look more like a leader in waiting than the others I guess that's the question really well I think I mean I up til now like Jeremy hardened everything he comes out with I'm been able to span but I actually thought watching him the other day he looked a little bit more serious and at least when the question was going around he did seem to you know go out a little bit more seriously and you know the game hit the nail on the head a bit or Boris it easy you just can't trust him you can't ask him a square question and him answer this seems to be mm but you say once you thoughtfully yeah yeah okay doesn't look like a prime minister today okay no crisps very straightforward and thank you let's go to theis Hurst and speak to Donna good evening to you hello they did a wonderful job in the European elections well thank you I said I would really would like and Andrea led some or Boris I know Boris is a bit bumptious but he is the only one I think that is feared by the EU and the rest of the raggle taggle lot of the candidates they're all criticizing Boris and I think Boris has been quite coming this time because he hasn't opposed the candidates and come out with that but all I want to ask you Nigel if you've got all remaineth in the labour party the Leblon lib dems the conservative remains then you've got the labour the Lib Dems House of Lords and health of Commons led by that twerk out will we ever get out I don't think we will know well well I got my view is with the current makeup of Parliament it is very very difficult to see that we're going to get out on anything that resembles a genuine brexit I agree with you and that is why I think at some point we need a general election to change the makeup of Parliament I mean I really really do I was I have to say though on Boris you know when it came to leaving on WTO terms he talked about it as be in a very reluctant way you know that clearly it wasn't his first choice but he basically says Donna that we must do better than the current agreement and that means what Boris is saying is he's going to come back to Brussels where I am right now go into the building behind me those of you watching on Facebook live can see and try and negotiate a better deal when Monsieur Barnea has no interest in doing it and I you know my feeling Donna is that probably of the ten we've seen launched so far he did look the best despite the bumbling but at the end he did look the best my concern is you know that he says when he becomes Prime Minister we're leaving on the 31st of October and like you I'm not sure Parliament will let him and the question Donna is would he have the guts to stand up before Parliament lose a motion of confidence and go to the country and general election yes but I don't think we'd win it then I'd you're a tall order well I don't know I don't know I think if you look at the Petera by-election which took place last Thursday you will see that parties who were implacably opposed to EU membership or at least on the face of it said they were opposed to EU membership and respecting the referendum result got well over 50% of the vote and the Labour Party you want it got 31 percent of the vote so I don't know Donna I think there is still a majority out there in the country for brexit but unless he was prepared to take that risk then I'm not sure it could really happen and you know he was asked in that in that press conference would he resign as Prime Minister if we didn't leave on the 31st of October and of course he didn't answer it Donna thank you for your call and thank you for pointing out the Parliament actually is the problem no in a minute I'm gonna talk about comedian Joe brand and some comments she made earlier on today and ask you whether you think it was humor or incitement but for now it's 6:15 and it's time for news headlines released the rosies all 10 candidates for the Tory Party leadership have now formally launched their campaigns Sajid Javid says he has a credible plan to deliver pranks it while from Tirana Boris Johnson's insisting he's not aiming for No Deal Labor's lost a motion in Parliament that could have stopped the next prime minister carrying out a No Deal brexit so Phillip greens Arcadia group has been saved from administration of landlords voted to approve restructuring plans that still leave a thousand jobs at risk LBC weather heavy showers in the South of England easing through tonight persistent rain though spreading further across the north a low of 8 degrees LBC travel 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heresy had on the panel comedian Joe brand and here was her take on politics in the UK today certain unpleasant characters are being thrown to the fore and they're very very easy to hate and I'm kind of thinking why bother with a milkshake when you could get some battery acid that's just me and I'm not going to do it it's purely a fantasy but I think milkshakes are pathetic sorry well I think we know fairly clearly who Joe Brown was aiming that comment at people that are easy to hate don't throw milkshakes over them throw battery acid now to her defense Lee Hurst said comedy is subjective yeah I get that it is subjective but please what do you think do you think that's comedy you think that's reasonable or do you think in the current climate all that is doing is inciting hate because I tell you what a lot of people by Jo Brand think the referendum was all a terrible mistake and that they have a view that is morally superior to everybody else's and therefore it seems anything can be used in defense of their argument frankly I think this sort of behavior is completely and utterly disgusting and can you imagine could you imagine you know if I was to tell a story like that about somebody on the other side about a Nana Subaru or someone like that I mean I reckon the police would knock on my door within ten minutes I think it's appalling but please tell me what you think text 2 8 4 8 5 vote wheat using the hashtag farad and LBC @ OBC keen to hear what your reactions are now back to Boris did he look like a prime minister in waiting I'm getting slow to speak to basil who's a new caller good evening basil because that is what the people are giving you as an honor for the contribution you have made to the Wow basil that's very sweet of you but given the current political setup is extremely unlikely now moving on to Boris Johnson how did his performance look to you today people are trying to make out of him what he is talking about is what more of the people warned in UK which is to leave EU I totally kind of support what he's trying to do that yeah I mean look but basil I would give him seven out of ten for today's performance I thought it was slick the stage set looked good the rest have looked pretty amateurish other than Rory Stewart whose tent was really rather magnificent I thought the speech was disciplined of well written but I take marks off in Basel because when it came to leaving the EU at whilst he said we would he wasn't really going tough was he on leaving with no deal on the 31st of October that is true but on the contrary what I'm thinking is if the people on the other side of the table that you guys really don't like bar is to be on this side of the table I believe that is our best chance to actually get a good deal if at all we weren't going to negotiate something and even if we can't let us come out of WTO terms and policy saying let us prepare for that rather than just doing the lip service yeah okay basel let me ask you finally do you think if it came to it do you think the Boris Johnson would would be prepared to risk a general election by saying we have no choice now but to leave on WTO rules okay okay basil thank you for that and you know basil pretty fulsome praise there now Darren says Nigel I would like to take the legal route against Joe brand her comments are outrageous so Ellis says Joe Brown was inciting violence Danny Baker good point this Danny Baker was sacked for his tweet hers are much worse she needs sacking but will the BBC do it our white I think so no let's get a stoke-on-trent and speak to Sam a new caller good evening Sam even now as a great speech yet good speak to you so what did you what did you make a bow Joe today did he look like the next prime minister I like you because basically he was on the leave side but I do fear that he's a bit depressed to strive to be Prime Minister well overtake him and your mandarins are still there but I also fear as well that that they're not tell you bit against the economy is gonna clash and they're going to blame black sea's I mean you know you worked a necessity you've got 11 million and negatively yielding sovereign debt you've got Germany sliding into recession paying negative debt and I'm just worried I just want to here are the remaining this talk about the positive EU the fact that Mario Draghi a month ago so he can go back to quantitative easing it's insane well the fact that yeah Sam the fact that the ECB are gonna go back to that policy is not a sign strange yeah but it's not it's not amazing it's not a sign of strength is a sign of weakness and yeah and I'm worried like you that there is an economic downturn just around the corner I mean the stock markets have risen for ten years on a row and these things cannot go on forever but Sam let me make this point to you brexit Britain will do better than the eurozone if we have a big downturn so it's all relative it's all relative yeah just worried about the remain because they keep pushing this economic message and I know you know about this stuff and I think you need push it a little bit more I know that people don't really understand and the work I say about to really educate yourself in the financial aspect of it but we need to get out because there is a massive global slowdown coming down alright they did you say yeah you've got well this is it flexibility adaptability on the world stage I think's a huge advantage to being stuck in a big block that moves very very slowly and over regulates everything ultimately Sam do you think Boris Johnson if he gets this business top job as prime minister do you think he's got the guts when October the 31st is looming to make sure we leave I think it's the key but if these these spineless Tories go back on the promises that you're there and if you don't tell comrade Corbin the lunatik McDonald waiting in the wings if they do the dirty and the general actually score the one the Black Sea party to be there to either you know when or be kingmakers whatever because otherwise may wops never got this going to enter violence I'm afraid well let's we're not gonna let it get there so you make sure you stop that we gotta win we're gonna win Sam we're gonna win we're gonna get brexit I know it's it's taking a long time but we're going to get there in the end Sam I think very much DD feel call I get it evylyn in Tewkesbury another new corner good evening evening good evening good evening yes I'd like to comment on Baris I listened to him talk just to comment it's not looks anymore really we're looking for integrity I think the electorate are looking for integrity and it seems like our MPs are like Cat on a Hot Tin Roof they jump around a lot so it's getting more and more difficult for us I would have prefered led them because I find she's got integrity but I did think Boris did well in his talk yes and I think for the country everybody's looking for our own governance we do not want to be a fascist state so those are some of my thoughts no okay now look this term this term vassal state evylyn this was a term that Boris used if that Boris went further in his Daily Telegraph column because he described mrs. Mae's new treaty with mr. Barnea he described it as a suicide vest in democratic terms around Britain it would lead to vassalage we'd virtually become a slave state and twice in the House of Commons he voted against it but on the third occasion he voted for it can we really trust him I don't think we it's very difficult to trust any of them and that's why your party really peaked and spiked and I went from conservative and I voted for you I don't know what's going to happen next but if they happen if we do go to an election I'm just hoping that the brexit party will just surge even more well yeah I mean even you know it's pretty clear isn't it that actually the result of the brexit party in the European elections has massively helped Boris Johnson's chances of becoming leader it's toughened up the rhetoric that he's using the question is the question is given that given that he let us down with that third vote not so long ago has he got has he got the guts it's hard to know it's really hard to know and whatever happens if he flunks all of this well the the Conservative Party are really worried about their own demise and yep absolutely evening thank you for your call thank you for your thoughts in deep your kind words it is now 6:30 here on the larger parish show and it's time for the news release or Aziz all ten candidates for the Tory Party leadership have now formally launched their campaigns Home Secretary Sajid Javid says he has a credible plan to deliver brexit while frontrunner Boris Johnson's insisted he's not aiming for No Deal departure from the EU MPs opposed to a No Deal brexit have failed in their latest attempt to seize control of parliamentary business aimed at stopping the next prime minister from taking Britain out of the European Union without a deal the Commons voted by 309 to 298 to defeat a cross-party motion which would have given labor control of the House on June the 25th so Philipp greens RK Viet retail Empire has just scraped through plans to close some stores and cut rents after a key vote received the backing of landlords the group which owns brands including Topshop and Burton says its company voluntary arrangements had all been voted through at a meeting of creditors it means around a thousand jobs are at risk as 23 sites definitely shut OBC weather heavy showers in the South of England easing tonight leaving clearer periods persistent rain those spreading further northwards a low of 8 degrees Nick Ferrari at breakfast weekday mornings from 7 lbc the idea to keep schools open late to try and cut crime blue sea power Labour MP there's gonna be a cost for this of course to roll this out across large parts the country would be in the billions I'm sure where do we find that that's not actual job had been an insight into how some of those panels of MPs work I've got an idea for X that's a brilliant idea notice how there we had a funder Nick Ferrari at breakfast with zero get your business digital ruddy with zero accounting software LBC gasps an ocean 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it's against someone like you and that is pretty much the measure I think of most of the messages that are coming in you know Bob says I used to like Joe brand until she made the throw acid comment you know she should be sacked yeah yeah the J Brand comment was bad but the audience laughing was just awful I find that a hundred percent obscene it reflects the low life of politics law and the bias of the BBC says I'm very strong out there but back to Boris you know Boris Johnson who we want to like woman of us Wanda like and who talks a big game but then often does things that are completely the opposite to what he said because he did on the third attempt vote for mrs. Mays treaty can we actually trust him iliza it Walton stone let me ask you does he look like the next PM absolutely not Nigel no I listen to him today I heard him say what you said budging it all we just did what every other politician does and when it comes to it when it comes to the crunch I do not believe Boris Johnson will go through with it I think he will listen to everybody else and viruses about boys and he doesn't care about anybody else do you think despite that you may well win this contest yeah absolutely because the membership the grassroots love forest and it's a personality but the one thing you can never claim to talk about or any other look at any of the other candidate is democracy you own that Nigel you own that and that's why the brexit party is so successful you've got a vision you're you're a man of the people for the people talking to the people involving the people and nobody else in politics today can do what you do and say what you say but Boris Eliezer Boris could hijack all of that and make it his own couldn't leave if he if he had the courage to use all making no choice you listen to it today they're all doing it so Judith with it you know they're all taking your big screens oh yeah I know I think they've got launch videos now and all the things they've never had before I know I noticed that I noticed that plagiarized everything you are and why because I know you're a winner and I really really hope that everybody that supports affected party will not abandon you we'll go through with you and stay with you that a long haul well allies are many well but it all depends so much depends in fact the future of all our political parties in my opinion depends on whether we leave properly of the 31st of October and it may well be that that big decision is in Boris Johnson's hands has he got the guts Eliezer thank you very much for your kind words Leslie says Joe brand is disgusting and typical of the BBC left-wing bias and they want more pensioners to pay the licence fee disgraceful Leslie I have to say that I think rather than making people pay more license fees we should be seeing over the next few years a gradual phasing out of the BBC licence fee it is completely out of date not fit the purpose in the modern world that's how I feel about it Mike from Canary Wharf is a new corner hi Mike I know thanks for taking my call no not one little bit I think I think Moore's is probably the Conservatives best bet at this point in time they need a personality and it's like yours one that can maybe pull in the the grassroots people whether I trust him or not I can't say but you know I think having him as an unknown quantity probably the best bet at this point in time he lamented about his third vote in favour you have a treaty but at least there were two other votes prior to that where he was a instead so at least we know that hang on Mike that's not good enough is it you know you you you write columns of a telegraph you say that the whole thing is like a suicide vest it's vassalage we're gonna become a slave state and then you vote against all of that you vote for it that's pretty inexcusable isn't it well politics is about moving the ball forward in the game you know and so you figure well I'm gonna get stonewalled I'm gonna try to just at least play along to try to get things moving and hopefully we can negotiate I think he must have just sort of said look I'm outvoted on this I'm gonna sort of join up I know it's not the right thing to do but no he's not going to do and it said he won when he gets over here it meets Monsieur Barney he's in for a shock because these people these people are not for budging well that much is true and you're proof of that but the I watch you on YouTube often in the in the Commons there and there in the parliament and you're the only one that moves the ball forward I think and I thought we would run or I wish there would be at least Jacob I could I could see Jacob is Prime Minister well not at the moment not at the moment he's not one of the 10 Mike I did but I do get your point that he may well be their best bet you know he managed to become mayor of London and hold that position he is well known he is popular in sections of the country I think you know your point about him being the best bet many would agree with I think the worry is would he deliver Mike I thank you very much indeed for your call I'm going to John in horik who's a new caller good evening to you hello Neil hi I am well and I you know I did quite like the stage set I did think Boris looked very professional during the speech and stuck to the script it's just and I think in some ways John he did a little bit more he did look a bit more like a prime minister today it's just what he did in my opinion he seems to be the best out of a bad bunch and when compared to the rest and my reason for that is it does have the patter of the humour and he can keep a code but whether I trust them or not is debatable after many things that you've already said tonight yeah there was one there was one part of that speech that clearly was written by him when he talked about the Union and he talked about England Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland and he called it the awesome for sir but I could see that wasn't a speech writer that was he does he does have rather like Churchill did he does have an incredibly colorful turn of phrase yes it's just the courage bit John the war is made well the thing is Nigel my problem is if we can't have you in there it's he the next best thing well there are ten people who can possibly be the next but what about lead some I mean what about what about Donna who didn't know Dominic robbed no chance said I mean at the end of the day were cut to the chase honest is gonna win the race so he is gonna in my opinion of course he's going to be the next month no I vote we Tory all my life yeah no Briggs at a party remember I I bought it for you and the EU and I will continue to do so and I'm just concerned what is the best thing it is because everybody keeps seeing or you bought the you bought the Sybil that in your wind-up the carbon carbon is the last thing the one well the Boris did trying to use that argument today but actually the truth of it was in Peterborough last week that if those conservatives hadn't continued to vote conservative who trailed a hundred its third if they'd actually voted for the euro skeptic brexit party candidate labor would have been beaten so actually you're right this argument that the brexit party will split the Tory vote and let Corbin in in many constituencies yeah actually the argument Johnnie many ways could be the other way around John I'm gonna let you go I'm gonna move on to David and evesham another new caller hi David good evening knowledge or pleasure to speak to you Goodspeed you I believe Boris will become Prime Minister of the country yes and I believe you'll only be able to take us so far I'm a big fan of yours I'm now a Bridget party member and I think there in the due course it will be a new government and I hope you're part of it we need to take England as far away from Europe as possible because they are never going to give us a deal note that we fight everything to stop us you know yam is very Farkas who of course was briefly the finance minister in Greece said at the start if you try negotiate with his people you will get nowhere boy wasn't he right he really was David I think I've lost you loads more comments coming in Toni saying Joe's comments are disgraceful and a dangerous attempt at humor Chris has just a mansion how the victims of such a crime would feel after hearing such a comment she should apologize to you personally you're listening to the Nigel Farage show here on LBC it's 6:45 and time for news headlines will Lisa Rosie's Alton candidates for the Tory Party leadership have now formally launched their campaigns Sajid Javid says he has a credible plan to deliver pranks it while frontrunner Boris Johnson has insisted he's not aiming for a No Deal departure from the EU Labor's lost a motion in Parliament that could have stopped the next prime minister carrying out a No Deal brexit Sir Philip greens Arcadia group has been saved from administration after landlords voted to approve restructuring plans that still leave a thousand jobs at risk LBC weather heavy showers in the South of England easing tonight persistent rain though spreading further across Scotland and Northern Ireland a low of 8 degrees lbc travel I'm J Louise night and the weather really affecting things on roads surface sprays causing long queues on the anti-clockwise m25 all from opening turd for to the dark for tunnels the a2 is queuing out of town from the Sun in the sand down to bean there's also an accent in those queues now at the Black Prince interchange flooding is causing queues into town on the 820 from the m22 critters corner and then also found m1 snow from five ways 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on LBC this is LBC live from brussels van nigel farage show all oh three four five six zero six zero nine seven three taxed eight four eight five Oh tweet LBC using the hashtag Faraj on LBC so Boris Johnson launched today and introducing him interestingly was the brexit ear Attorney General Jeffrey Cox who I think is one of the few parliamentarians who's emerged from the last couple of years with his reputation better that it was before uncocks talks about these being extraordinary times needing a big personality needing a change from the managerial approach to leadership he then went on to say the real reason he's backing Boris Johnson we need a leader who can unify the conservative family and out campaign and outfight jeremy corbyn the nigel farage at any time and in any corner of our country well it said I think was a quite a bit of venom there really so it's pretty clear to me that they do absolutely see me as the enemy which is why I think they're ramping up the rhetoric on leaving on the 31st of October the question is do they really mean it does he look like a prime minister you're J Brand comments still coming in and says Joe Brown used to be a nurse thank goodness she's left let's go to David and Shirley a new caller good evening David hi Nigel first of all Boris Johnson being introduced onto stage by a Cox well I think that says it all go on you go yeah from his perspective he's not the man for the job I think today I not the displeasure of listening to the halt of his rhetoric people fold and his performance he waffled never once answered any of the six cleared questions Wow you didn't even it answered the question for me done Nigel it answered the question that told me he's not the man for the job he rambles he goes down called his sights when he's answered a question and then reminds himself what the question was but then still didn't answer it he uses your Valatie when it's not pertinent it's for me and you know what Nigel I'm not a fan of yours but you know I'm not in love with you as much that's fine that's fine freeze lBCC's here for free speech they do you know be happy with that right so but I do think at least I think that you stick to your guns I'll give you that I do like some of the things that within your politics but that's just personal for me look at the ten of them the only one in my opinion that's managed as performance that sounds like a nun that means it was Rory Stewart but I think he's too inexperienced I don't think I needed Turner right for the job right now I think it's David I have to say that the one thing Rory Stewart has done is to outperform an out campaign everybody to make yourself to make himself accessible to the public whether it's visiting various places standing at speakers corner you know getting engaged yeah and I do get your criticism you know Boris pre-arranged there'd be six questions right just six questions and the journalists that we're gonna ask them were lined up and then he just didn't answer them did he he just did not answer them he danced around it and it's as if he was scared of something David thank you for your comments off to Belfast to speak to out on the new caller hi Alan hey Joe it's going all right and it's been quite a good David Boris I think overall but but does he does he to you does he look like a prime minister well he can to make on that nature and that is number one you asked me about Boris Johnson yeah when the 31st of October approaches it's quite late at the minute but the pressure is gonna be build and they don't we call that point I'm not convinced that he will have the state to stand up and actually deliver a new day breaks it on the 31st of October because you're gonna have to see a stirring members of his own party plus the authorization and nega Ivan a total agreement with yourself then force the thing about it is the numbers in Parliament suggest to me that they're gonna have to change the numbers and Westminister and do anything I think it has actually that that is recognizable as branches long hard to be delivered after a general election Alan do you know what I came to that view firmly a couple of months ago I just don't see I do not see this Parliament delivering a brexit hence once again today Alan shenanigans in Parliament every attempt being made to make sure that we do not leave with a clean break brexit and I a lanai I'm absolutely with you I think it will need a general election but it's gonna need somebody very bold and brave to call the bluff of Parliament to have that election and the question is is Boris the man that would do that you'll need two people I think at the minute who seemed the Carla Steele they actually not only take it to you the Conservative Party but then kick that over to a general action our estimate they on Dominic Rob whether they have the support on the ground as another same bars might have the support on the grain I don't think it has the backbone or the steel because he has members of his own party the reading the tender lanes like that it's not even looking between the lane to the common they're prepared to towards their own product what Dominic Greaves had this very thing today no Alan I share the analysis thank you very much indeed tom says to me he says Nigel you know why are you against Boris I mean surely he's on the same side and will deliver what you want I'm not anti Boris I'm Pro Boris I'm really pleased that he decided to get involved in the referendum campaign on the leave side because I wasn't sure that he would and I'm I'm very pleased that he's saying we will leave on the 31st of October in fact a week ago he sounded very tough on this in any in his columns today he sounded a bit softer and here's the point would you tell everybody that the new European treat is a catastrophe you vote against it twice and then in the name of party unity you vote for something you've said would be a disaster on the third time well don't then say oh it's okay you can all go home Nigel and everybody because Boris will be p.m. and evil deliver break set of the 31st of October I had Theresa may say that 108 times we leave on March the 29th frankly my belief is I don't trust any of them I won't believe it until it's actually happen that is my view Edward from Farnborough is another new caller good evening Edward good mor good evening Nigel yes I think Nigel is Nigel Boris Boris module you would make a good Prime Minister in my opinion but Boris actually I think would as well simply because I think he's come more sensible recently and that's just observed I don't know how much he means it because he's really playing the one nation card at the moment I under the unity card to try and win the MP support and the undecided Tory members but I'm not sure I don't plan the electorate considering like you say about the suicide vests Khan makes well I mean there are three electorates here Edward there's the Tory MPs who whittle this down for the last two there's a hundred and twenty four thousand conservative members who choose just them point one eight percent of the electorate in the country and they will choose of course who the next leader of the party and Prime Minister is and then he at some point has to win a general elections and the three big audience is there then he at some point or important audiences I should say that he has to appeal to and you're right he's gone for this sort of one nation Tory approach lots of people in the room from differing wings of the party but when it comes to it the party is still very split isn't it yes well the parliamentary party is and in my observation that I am a Tory party member is actually the grass roots are very United they want to see a and a brexit get done I don't not made Rex that they feel quite strongly that I know dear there's no problem yeah and that we can do it but and that's why a lot of this the Vittori votes went to the brexit party you well yeah because I mean the kick yeah many people out there feel that no deals the best deal Edward finally before I let you go if he's in the last two will you be voting for Boris Johnson yes I would if only if the other candidate was which you won't be would be Dominic rather probably think about him as well okay okay I doubt it too thank you very much indeed thank you everybody I'll be back tomorrow at six at 10:00 tonight is Tom Swarbrick but up next is Ian Dale well Nigel about three calls vinegar you made a comment about Joe brands stamen where she was making or trying to make a joke saying why bother with a milkshake when you get some battery acid the texts and tweets apparently went mad so we're going to do that as a phone and I just thought you'd like to know so you can listen in thank you here thank you right so that'll be at eight I want to know whether you think what the line is between comedy and incitement to violence and if Danny Baker tweets about a monkey and

45 thoughts on “The Nigel Farage Show – 12th June 2019 – LBC”

  1. It was a joke. The police think so too. You don't like it because it was clearly meant as a swipe at your politics. The idea that someone who would throw a milkshake at you would be incited by Joe's joke to throw battery acid at you instead is ridiculous. Not the most tactful joke, but political jokes arent meant to be. Joe wanted to make a point and she did. Now you're screaming left wing as if being left wing is
    a stain on someone's character, just like that silly boy Shapiro did when he thought he could make truck with it. If you want to say outrageous things on national television, don't suddenly sound all outraged if a comedian calls you on it by saying something outrageous back on national television. Careful. You're vindictiveness is showing.

  2. Mr Farage will Aaron Banks pay your legal fees. Stop playing the innocent ego trip. Are you planning to take any more money out of this country post possible Brexit so you don't pay any tax? When will you be speaking to the EU about your expenses?

  3. It's fine for Jo Brand to joke about it, people should be allowed to joke about whatever they want. To have it on BBC I think is not appropriate because of what it should stand for… It's definitely up to the person if they find it appropriate or not, I for one think it's 100% unacceptable. There's way too much of this off-hand abuse towards the result of the ref. which should be completely dismissed but instead is fed.

  4. Democracy torch bearer MEP Mr. Nigel Farage:
    Thank you for your valiant efforts for defending democracy and not only for the UK but for Ireland, Greece, Italy, etc.!

    It is time for all of us to learn the lessons of appeasement. Appeasement never works, and now we can see that the Iranian Nuclear Appeasement on the 16 of January 2016 with the Iranian ayatollahs did not work and now they are terrorizing oil tankers and other maritime traffic in the Persian Gulf!. Munich Appeasement of Septemeber 1938 did not work either. How many more deadly examples we need to have before we realize the simple fact that appeasement does not work. The Irish are also mobilizing with the Irexit Freedom Party of Professor Delores Cahill and other Irish Irexiteers. We cannot afford to be chained inside the EU Prison and have our lives to be ruled by the EU Wardens.

  5. Jo Brand is one of those people who pretend to be all cuddly and warm and socially aware, like all lefties, but really they are filled with hate and anger. They justify this by saying that they only hate bigots, without seeing that they are the very definition of bigotry – hating those who are different to you, in this case those who hold different opinions.

  6. We need much more than just talking.we need definitely y strong mind and saying that , is the will of the democracy dose elite in the house
    Of the parliament they’re our at our service ,and being paid by the tax payers.,so they should ,they must implement the will of the majority is the will
    Of a democracy. And that is enough. And forgot about this dwarf in the house ,he also we paying for his wages.and should respect the democracy.

  7. On Jo Brand it was a gag that was I'll considered. Let's not go down the snowflake route of safe spaces and banning. The great George Carmin famously said everything is up for humour.
    On Johnson he is merely symptomatic of the real brains not going into politics. The top intellectuals are where the real power is that is not in Westminster, Brussels or the Capitol. I've been more impressed with what's on a greengrocer's turf than the leadership line up.
    Johnson was famously recorded in conversation with s friend who wanted somebody dealt with.
    Hunt when culture secretary texted James Murdoch to assure him he'd win a tendering process. Nice.

  8. Is cristal clear the far left is that one they’re bigotry and racist communists. If tommy Robinson or any of his followers it would had said what this criminal lefties has said .He would had being detained straight away and send to jail for three years at least.

  9. I don't agree with the Conservative party nor with Boris Johnson BUT the Tories know it would eternally annoy the lefties to the hilt and back if Boris got in..
    They're all going to get their karma back two fold if he wins.
    It will be oh so very sweet to witness, I promise!
    Its going to drive Labour mad to have to contend with him as leader.
    At least he's strong willed and right of centre.

  10. Why is the government and the media so anti-British? It's very dispiriting. Wearing veils and burkas is fine for people in Saudi Arabia – it's part of their culture and we should respect it. But in Britain, we don't wear veils and burkas. It's not part of our culture and most of us find it unsettling. Other European countries, such as France and Denmark, have banned the burka and encourage immigrants to adopt the culture of the country they've chosen to live in. This is not unreasonable. When in Rome, do as the Romans do…

  11. boris is simply another tory full of bs we will never leave the eu with tory or labour in charge we so badly need a change from old political parties. NEVER NEVER vote tory or labour again.

  12. Stupid mainstream media and only stupid politicians are against truth against Donald Trump and against Brexit and against Jesus Christ and teachings from the bible and against 10 Commandments.

  13. It's a joke, the problem I have is the hypocrisy of the mass media. They vilified Carl Benjamin (sargonofakkad) for a rape non threat and joke but when their side tells an offensive joke it's all good.
    That's the problem I have with it. Jokes can be offensive but so what?

  14. I thought that the Conservative Manifesto said that the Party supported a no DEAL. Why have they allowed remainers to stand for PM. These people should have been banned from standing as they do not believe in the Manifesto of the Party. Or the 17-4 million voters.

  15. Why has Farage been banned from the BBC ? He knows he can't become PM even when Trumpy tries to pay for it. He wanted a 2nd vote on leaving the EU back in 2018 (on record check it yourself) so will he assume with 32% of the UK vote he can play a better game within the EU which means remaining ?????

  16. I wonder if the law would do anything if Jo Brand had said that about Mrs May , I bet they would, double standards ..Anyway the woman stinks in most decent minded folks opinion.. But that doesn’t bother her.

  17. Please don't allow Boris cut the police back by 2000 Johnson half a million pound water cannon never used for PM ? You could train a chimp to do a better job, this bloke can't tuck in his own shirt, doesn't own a comb and doesn't know what he is taking about most of the time, please not him

  18. Whatever people think of Boris' public persona he is NOT stupid. PM is a job he has coveted for decades, he now seems to be getting some good advice and I believe that from all his past statements he actually DOES believe that UK would be better out of the EU. IMO his "softening" attitude to a clean Brexit is designed to keep the remainer Tory MPs mollified. I believe that when push comes to shove Boris will do all he can for a WTO exit and if he fails a vote of confidence will go to the country.

  19. SO OBVIOUS IT'S PAINFUL. Boris doesn't want to quite Europe – their reaction the day after the vote said it all 'oh bugger!" – he was setting up his stall to be leader of a pro-UK stance in Europe. It went t*ts up. Boris will without question …without a shadow of doubt – once PM – do another referendum. Whereas IT should say, 'leave with no deal or leave with deal' the option will also include ' Remain. Boris will be praying ( no doubt strings will be pulled ) of a Remain vote this time around…we have 'so-called remain' that quietens down the Brexiteers…Boris will 'fight our corner' in the remain EU ( all rubbish of course )….and so endth the lesson. Normality will remain, voices will be distant…for another decade or two…as UK expands with migration and we continue to lose any sight of what is Britain just like we continue to lose our manufacturing capacity. OUR DESTINY IS WITHOUT DOUBT ONE WHERE 'WE' will have to leave. This country sink lower and lower ..before long WE will be migrating from this country because it will be a sh*thole. WE need someone who is HONEST…we are littered with disgusting people at the top of the tree, in it for themselves and extending families….

  20. wee! nigel. she meant you mate.
    she is a disgrace. l feel quite sick. l have seen what the poor acid attack victims suffered and wouldnt wish it on any one.
    shes hoping some one a bit simple will make her evil fantasy come true!!

  21. Jo Brand, firstly has said, "I'm not employed by the BBC"?. Her comment was – inciteful.. There are people out there who have been on the receiving end of such attacks and possibly live through it time and time again when someone mentions it. We didn't hear why jo said, " very easy to hate"? Because you've won a referendunm ? To leave the EU?
    They have chosen Boris because he can be moulded. He will not get us out come October 31st. It should have been Raab, because he actually said he would Prorogue parliament. They fear Raab more.

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