The Nigel Farage Show: 10th June 2019 – LBC

The Nigel Farage Show: 10th June 2019 - LBC

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As the Tory party leadership finalists are announced Nigel Farage is asking: Which of the leadership hopefuls inspires you?

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this is lvc from global bleeding Britain's conversation the nigel farage show mr. Nigel gosh Thank You Donald and good evening everybody well we've just had the announcement as to who is through into this contest to take over not just as leader with a conservative party but as the next prime minister of our great nation have to say I'm a little bit surprised at the sheer number of people who've managed to muster a total of 8 MPs including proposals and second ders to take them through to this joining me is lb C's political editor Theo I sure would Theo by my calculations first it was 13 then it was 11 and it's now 10 amazing we were we were predicting and I was predicting and what amongst others that there would be a couple of extra dropouts because people like potentially mark Harper Rory stria estimate BAE they may not have been able to muster the eight names needed the propose of the second and then the six support emps in order to make it on to into the actual voting stage of the first round remember the rule change from last week when 1922 committee said as well as a proposal in a secondary you needed six MP because at one point it was just a proposer and seconder yes that was that was the thought the guys on a twenty candidates or it was and previously you know leadership races have five or six candidates so you only need for voting rounds and the fear was that because we're ain't going to end up we could've ended up with 15 20 candidates because people kept from joining the race that it would it would end up in a situation where we'd have 10 voting rounds but of course the next voting round along with this will change to have eight supporting MPs it's going to become much tricky as a higher bar 5% of conservative MPs must vote for you in the first round that's a 16 MPs in total rather than having just one drop out the lowest candidate became with the fewest votes drop out we're going to see more we're going to probably see two or three drop out and then of course there next week the second round where you need 10% of the parliamentary vote partially to vote for you that's 33 MPs and we're going to see probably another 2 3 drop out so you end up will end up probably with five or six voting rounds and the resulted announced Thursday we June the 20th which will allow wrong process for the conservative membership 165,000 members to select their favorite candidate extraordinary process and but maybe after a couple of rounds of this some will drop out and coalesce around others a minute not take five or six rounds together it may it may well not take five or six rounds and of course what you also have to remember is this is most where it's known as the most duplicitous selectorate in the world and you may have in order to make sure that the vote is wide as possible particular MPs in a strong position lending candidates to those in a weaker position to keep the field as wide as possible to keep the debate growing to ensure that candidates in leading the pack don't become isolated and find them subject itself subject to increasing scrutiny so there is a strategy which has been known before where candidates say to supporters knowing that they have been well within the numbers needed go off and vote for somebody else girl from voting week a candidate because we want to keep field as white as possible for as long as possible so just to confirm for those just tuning in the 1922 committee have announced the candidates to be the next conservatives leader and the next prime minister and they are as follows Michael Gove Boris Johnson Matt Hancock mark Harper Jeremy Hunt Sajid Javid Andrea led some estimate very Dominic Rob and Rory Stewart and just one of the eleven that was pushing onto this stage has not reached eight MPs to support him and that of course is Sam gamer the East Surry Conservative member of parliament and the one of all of them who of course was backing the so-called people's vote and second referendum I think there's probably a message in there mr. gamer you may just not be in the right party I don't know so where do all of the candidates stand on brexit well today we had a series of launches let's listen to some of them I'd return to Brussels I'd make a best final offer to replace that backstop with the Malthouse compromise based on and relying on technology operational cooperation and global practice and with goodwill on all sides it can be made to work in everyone's interests my brexit delivery plan is a mr. hanjo only credible plan that can deliver bread by the 31st of October with the support both of the European Union and the House of Commons my clear agenda is to deliver brexit on the 31st of October and then we must unite the country and then unite our party to the leadership I offer is based on one simple truth we hunt without brexit there will be no Conservative government and maybe no conservative party whoever delivers brexit will win the next election for the Conservative Party I will ensure we are of the Common Agricultural Policy out of the Common Fisheries Policy out of the court out of the Commission out of the Parliament out of the EU and once more taking back control of our money our borders and our laws that was interesting I mean Michael go really punchy at the end there but interesting theory Sherwood exactly the same words that Teresa may used to use absolutely we have very similar words from Jeremy Hunt foreign secretary mirror imaging Teresa made his views that no deal is better than a bad deal that though he wasn't quite didn't go quite far as saying that he'd be willing to take us out of the European you know over the 31st without a deal hinting in fact that he'd be willing to extend the British Michael Gove was done already Michael Gove has done already Dominic Robb had the hardest line today at his launch when he was asked repeatedly about the options of per oging parliament in order to force through a No Deal braces so just remind your listeners how that would work we would get to a week out from October the 31st there would be a move you might put it facilitated by the speaker John Bercow to prevent a note for Parliament to prevent a No Deal bricks it from happening and at that point Dominick Rob not ruling out that he wouldn't be prepared to simply force Parliament into recess to get the UK over the date of October the 31st and out of the European Union without deal and that's what members of the ERG have been calling for still no sign of course from Boris Jones was gonna say no launched from Boris today what's going oh we haven't had a launch from Boris today told there is a launch in the offing up in we're expecting the invite to be sent out to journalists and for us to be able to attend that launch but was still to receive it for Boris Johnson scrutiny means damage the idea that he is gonna have to face with Peter questions like Jeremy Hunt like Michael Gove I'm Matt Hancock that for Boris Johnson it is is going to be tricky especially in front of the cameras okay thank you very much indeed let's just listen shall we to some of the words that we heard today because I I'm searching for inspiration from these leadership candidates let's just hear some of what was said today I want to see this great country get back on its feet and stand tall in the world we suffered a loss of nerve we need new leadership and that leadership needs to be bold infused with some of that stubborn optimism I refuse to be the leader offering simplistic solutions and populist answers to such profound change instead I offer an emotionally-charged platform to improve lives that is rooted rooted good in objective interpretive ways and we are the party of social mobility of empowerment of one nation that means everybody can achieve given the support and the right conditions then that's what I stand for so choose me for unity over division for experience over rhetoric for tough negotiation over empty threats I want to give every individual the opportunity to succeed I don't want to leave their fate or destiny to chance I believe that every individual has something unique to offer and I want to give them the chance to be author of their own life story well there you are you could argue that it's inspirational as I said I didn't interpret it for most of it I'm not quite sure what they're even talking about but maybe you think I'm being just too cynical maybe you think I've got this run so let me ask you which of these contenders to be the next prime minister has inspired you me who is it call me oh no three four five six oh six oh nine seven three and of course you can text two eight four eight five oh you can tweet using the hashtag ferret and lbc at OBC and Facebookers you can comment there too who is inspiring you I have to say none of them are inspiring me maybe and given the level of Euroskeptic that I am Dominic Rob in terms of the content today I thought was the toughest but I have to say I watched the speech it went on and on and on the best speaker today was Michael Gove he was in many ways the most animated the strongest but most of them in terms of the way the set looked it was really analog and twenty years out of date I wasn't inspired by any of it tell me I'm wrong Andrew and Colchester tell me I've got this wrong tell me somebody stands head and shoulders above the rest none of them saying at all you know I think about where we've got to in this where are these candidates come from where are these politicians come from and I think that lies to be the problem is that most of them have come from career politicians or they've got no life skills I mean I don't agree with with with policies of the brexit party but what was so refreshing about some of the candidates that you that you've brought forward a people have been in for real life you know they've actually experienced life there's four tops at the top of the tree insane yeah they've done self yeah they've done stuff yeah track record in business or in health or in or in teaching you know you've got people who've actually gone up in the world there's actually thought there was someone argue Andrew some would argue that the fact you've been successful in whatever it may be TV presenting or football you may come into politics and find yourself totally ignorant of what's going on and maybe Andrew the argument is that you do PPE at Oxford you become a researcher and then when at 28 you become a member of parliament you're trained in what politics is that's the argument for career politics and professional politics well the series really you should have very qualified civil servants around therefore you should rely on your life judgment to come to the decisions that you need to make but it doesn't seem to be the case these guys seem the set in the back of an office and then suddenly there's anything that I'm gonna go for this I'm gonna stand up and get this they just don't give any sort of credibility to me when I sit there and listen to them what do you think and right what do you well we had a few of those a moment ago and half and a half of it was unintelligible to me I mean the very fact that 10 conservative members of parliament have gone through to this leadership contest perhaps that of itself shows you we have not got many standout leaders they certainly does I mean everyone's talking about Boris Johnson or Michael go but from my point of view I think they've got a credibility problem you know we're really a lot bottom blowing in trust in cognitive magicians and you've got someone there changes more like the weather or someone who's purporting to punish teachers for drugs take it and yet each day trucks themselves I mean it's just big biggest belief okay thank you what I have to say I'd rather agree with you Helena Market Drayton says none of the above Nigel inspiration question mark I've been listening to their pitches and have heard more inspiring PPI adverts on the TV says Paul from Warwick you're listening to the tide rivera show here on OBC at 6:15 and side of the news headlines will Lisa Rosie's the ten candidates going through in the contest to replace Teresa may as a Tory Party leader and prime minister include Boris Johnson Jeremy Hunt Michael Gove Sajid Javid and Andrea Letson the prime minister says she's very disappointed with the BBC's decision not to continue with free TV licences for the over 75 s and is urging the corporation to look at the issue again police in Devon say they're investigating whether a pensioners murder last night is linked to a suspected suicide nearby LBC weather heavy rain continuing over much of England and Wales as winds strengthened tonight drying up elsewhere a low of 5 degrees lbc travel I'm J Louise night and there are lots of problems on the roads due to the heavy rain the sorry stretch to the m25 his slow clockwise from Leatherhead at 9:00 towards flooding near Junction 12 for the m3 one lane shut there lots of surface sprayer on the M performing he is busy in patches both ways between 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saver Nigel Farrar Cheryl oh three four five six zero six zero nine seven three text eight four eight five Oh tweet at LBC using the hashtag Faraj on LBC so MPs who want to become the next prime minister and leader of the Conservative Party have jumped over the first fence and indeed banished to get proposes second ders and a further six minimum MPs to back them unbelievably there are ten conservative MPs going through to the next stage they are Michael Gove Boris Johnson Matt Hancock Mark Harper Jeremy Hunt Sajid Javid Andrea lets them estimate of a double it Robin Rory Stuart only Sam gamer failed to get enough MPs to back him and he of course the only one that was openly backing a second referendum and I think that tells you perhaps more now about the mood of conservative MPs and particularly given they've taken some real electoral drubbing as in the course of the last few weeks and they know they've got to deliver brexit and we've heard lots about braixen today tough man Rob you know he would do anything to make sure we leave on the 31st of October others like Jeremy Hunt and indeed Michael Gove saying it may be too difficult for us to leave on the 31st of October and we may need some more time but they all know that bricks it really matters to the future Batory party I'm asking you which of these has inspired you please tell me who's inspired you I also need your help I am suffering I'm struggling here with a lack I think of knowledge of the English language this is what Matt Hancock said earlier today I want one of you please to tell me what he meant let's listen to him I offer an emotionally-charged platform to improve lives that is rooted rooted in objective fact so that was somebody on eight for eight take for five Oh Toby what are you bad because I haven't got a clue who has inspired you Chris says I think Boris will do well as the next PM there's something Churchillian about him since his resignation what I heard Jeremy hums it was like the new mayor well Jeremy Hunt was very much putting himself as the continuity candidate that was certainly my feeling from what he said Nigel the only inspiring thing today was Maggie's picture at estimate Vaes launched Simon based in myself but currently in Liverpool yeah so estimate they chose hadn't launched to have in a beside her a picture of Margaret Thatcher she is the new Maggie well she may be but kind of you know Maggie got elected 40 years ago it's really quite a long time it seems to me Nigel you were not an MP and therefore have no right to comment on any elected MP running I don't know who you are you're talking Tosh you know if you couldn't comment unless you're an MP every newspaper would close down and indeed LBC would to BBC wouldn't they just keep going and mark on Twitter says none of the above I don't think anybody today has been really inspiring the best speaker in terms of his delivery was Michael Gove I just didn't like the message bob is a new caller from Southend in Essex good evening Bob good evening Nigel and I have to say I thought I was going to go forest Johnson I mean I'm a prick City through and through another box boy Johnson had the message I thought I'd give him a second chance I know that he signed up to Theresa Theresa Meister what the first time I've asked in both give him a chance yeah and then what did he do today or yesterday I can't believe it he said it said what I'm going to do is increase the 40% base rate attacks on 50% to 80% sorry from 50 sorry from 50,000 a year to 80,000 ooh yeah yeah ooh ooh sorry 50,000 to 80,000 514 40% and I thought hold on a minute this is part of the dividend that we'll get from some of the money that we won't need to give to European future but I thought hold on it benefits him it benefits the 3 million now a more respiration I'm also aspiration you know if people want to get on I understand that but hold on shouldn't we all share the dividend I can't believe he's done that I think it plays into the hands of flavor because from my calculations 8 percent of the workforce earn between 60 and 80 grand or more yeah and what about the other 92 percent who should benefit I think this place as I say into the hands of labour and I think your exit party were to adopt this as a policy that we all share the dividend then I think that would be much fairer and it and it just so happens Nigel their MPs happen to run round about 80,000 pounds a year are you doing he will get the full benefit I think you know that a lot of people over the last few years have been dragged into higher rates of taxes that were never designed you know for people like that and and and you know and said so so actually very cynically you know we've seen over the years Gordon Brown and indeed George Osborne allow people who would never consider themselves to be highly paid and by the way Bob this is a very regional thing because salaries in London and the Greater London area are very very different to North while at his South Wales to the north of England but so a lot of people are paying these high rates of tax you know who are not particularly high earners so I do think that's been wrong and I do think it's something that needs to be sorted out however I'm with you I think if anything's gonna be done with tax cuts so that we can leave on the 31st of October and get some stimulus in the economy I think that dividends should be shared more equally Bob I'm with you why do you think Boris has gone for this you know it confused me because I thought Boris was playing it all right you know like I say I let him off when he actually went for threesome a steal not so long ago I thought I'd give him a second chance so I'm puzzled I'm genuinely puzzled because I can't really think of any other Tory candidate I'd ever see then will by the wayside I mean look at goes the other day I don't know please do not think you're alone there are millions tonight feeling all at sea over this leadership contest I promise you thank you very much indeed now on Twitter Jake inter says to me sad gamer is the only one talking sense oh okay the rest have no plan to break the deadlock they seem to think they can negotiator something negotiations are over it's Mays Deal or No Deal actually you know I'm clinically disagree with you on Sam kima because that's not where the party is at all and it's not where their voters are either but you know when I hear the candidate after candidate how they're gonna go back to Brussels and renegotiate the backstop I mean you know maybe they're all taking some funny substances I don't know but believe me believe me Monsieur Barnea is not about to reopen his treaty it simply is not going to happen Robert in Bishop's Stortford said if Mark Francois were running I'd back him 100% mark Francois the pit bull terrier of the euro skeptic movement who is now backing Boris Johnson interestingly we had pretty Patel on the Sunday version of this show yesterday and she and others you know the ERG group are now coming very squarely it seems to me behind Boris Johnson let's go to Grimsby and speak to Malcolm Malcolm tell me who has inspired you today well I've listened to mine called today and I listened through space and you said it was it was okay yep but it was the point of Michael is is admitted they taught dice or cocaine yeah he has said it's I made a mistake no it's not mainly didn't say it is made a repeated in stone because if you actually listen to what he says he says it was several times this happened and I'll my fear is this gravitates drugs you just don't trust it's just as simple as that Malcolm a gone man but nearly all of them have admitted taking drugs yeah yeah now Boris Johnson said and this is really believable I mean gosh I believe this don't you he said I took cocaine but I sneezed so I didn't really take it you believe that it's good you I find it crazy and I'm really disappointed everything the way the way is going now they still not learned the lesson look at the Conservative Party I was I was listening to we're talking this afternoon so make it over another remain leading again well I just I can't believe they do that but they might so now come our use of a feeling though confidence in any right at the moment the nearest I can come to is Esther okay Wade even we you know even I really I'm disappointed they can certify I mean I'm a labor man the self was etcetera and still you know what's been going on and but now I'm a complete Alexis I know a lot of conservative members around here where they live where you know dyads they're just and they're not saying what I'm saying today we've been talking about well yeah whether your labor or not Malcolm the fact is the next prime minister's task for the job of delivering brexit and that's why it matters and it crosses parties thank you now Roy on facebook says Nigel Boris is trying to appeal to conservative party members so think about this there are three electorates here okay the first electorate are conservative MPs whose job is to whittle these ten down to – the second electorate are the 124,000 conservative members and the third electorate are us so it is quite possible that you're getting candidates giving messages at different stages of this designed for different audiences maybe you think that's really smart and really clever or maybe you think it's deeply cynical and it's about time we had people who stood up and told us what they really think that certainly is something that appeals to me it is now 6:30 you listening to larger Farraj here on LBC @ it's time for the news with Lisa Rosie's the ten candidates going through in the contest to replace Teresa may as Tory party leader and prime minister include Boris Johnson Jeremy Hunt Michael Gove Sajid Javid and Andrea LED some former Minister Sam Jima pulled out ahead of the announcement by the vice chair of the 1922 committee at 6:00 p.m. tonight saying there hadn't been enough time to build sufficient support Conservative MPs will vote on them until they are whittled down to just two with party members having the final say a 22 year old who took part in a major hack on Talk Talk has been sentenced to four years in a young offenders institution the old Bailey's heard Daniel Kelly from South Wales planned itself to failing to get onto a computer course he'd pleaded guilty to 11 hacking related offences in 2016 there's an amber weather warning for heavy rain for most of London and the South East of England meaning a potential risk to life people are being told to expect flooding until around 11:00 tonight with a month's rainfall in a few hours in some places LBC weather heavy rain continuing then over much of England and Wales as winds strengthen as well overnight drying up elsewhere with a low of 5 degrees Nick Ferrari at breakfast weekday mornings from 7:00 LBC Home Secretary Sajid Javid is taking your calls Hill in crowd in Lincolnshire what a brexit gives us is for the ability to have our 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for you with the August 29th deadline approaching times at a premium anyway so if you can't find your paperwork or you're not even sure you have PPI it's definitely time to make a decision and start your PPI claim before it's too late text answer – double 6 treble 7 text answer – double 6 treble 7 now leading Britain's conversation for Nigel Farrar show tweet at LBC using hashtag Faraj on LBC there are 10 of them 10 conservative MPs that goes through to the first round of voting and that of course takes place amongst conservative MPs will take place this Thursday they will through a series of rounds Whittle the number down to 2 it then goes out to 124,000 conservative members and they naught point 1 8 percent of the electorate in this country will decide the next prime minister and it's got a few of you thinking Nigel isn't there a conflict of interests that only conservative members decide on the next prime minister I would like to see the vote expanded to others especially given the person's going to be the prime minister will have to deal with brexit Olli you make a very very fair point but that is how the rules are we don't actually have a presidential system now Antony from Norfolk I think one of them as cynical people I've ever come across in my life he says I can tell him exactly why Boris Johnson has done the tax from 50 K to 80 K this is he wants to raise the level at which people start paying for tea and up to 80,000 a year as you said earlier most Tory MPs are on ATK so he's winning their vote for leader how do you honestly think that members of parliament would vote Pearlie out of the interests of their own selves and their own pockets I mean honestly how cynical can you be about our political leaders now you make a very good point and as we said earlier there are three electorates here so if you want to be the next prime minister you first got to convince your fellow MPs to put you in the last two you've then got to reach out to one hundred and twenty four thousand members and then after that at some point you've got to reach the country now I'm asking really who was inspired you but I was also asking for some help and some interpretation because Matt Hancock really confused me this morning here was the big as he moved the finale of his speech here were the inspirational words of Matt Hancock I refuse to be the leader offering simplistic solutions and populist answers to such profound change instead I offer an emotionally-charged platform rule to improve lives that is rooted rooted in objective fact there you are I couldn't work it out for the life of me I've asked you to help me please to understand those words and grind him Rhonda said he's just fed Hancock speech into Google Translate and it immediately returned it as an error message well I think that's probably about right what are two of you suspect anything about Boris Nigel you must be pleased that Boris has said he won't pay the thirty nine billion getting Verhofstadt macro and the others at a right old tizzy well so yeah I mean look you know mackerel saying we'd be in breach of our international obligations the reason it's thirty nine billion there is it's that high is of course because to what to resume negotiated was a period an extension period during which we sort of would have left what we actually wouldn't and it was effectively two more years membership fee that was the Lions part of that line share of that thirty nine million who has inspired you and lots of you being very very cynical esta McVeigh please anyone but Hancock or hunt her says or Stewart says Lynn the Conservatives are pointless anyway they've got the same old MPs and a party that betrayed so many of us says Mark from Sheffield I very few of you are saying that anybody has really inspired you you're sharing my own view of today's proceedings maybe Amanda who's a new caller from Victoria can tell us Amanda did somebody out there today really do the business yes good evening yes I'm Dominic Robb because I think he's the only person who could actually stand up to the speaker and imaginations of the anti Democrats and the house of parliament and I hadn't really thought about into much before but certainly he wouldn't be in that position if you hadn't taken up the challenge and done that did what you did because one of them would be able to do think doing this at all but Dominic Rob did inspire me and I do believe that he's sincere in what he says okay Amanda let me say this to you I I think in terms of content and I said this once earlier but in terms of content Dominic Rob to me was very impressive today he was being tough he's made it clear he's prepared to do whatever has to be done for us to leave on the 31st of October he talked about being optimistic about our future as a country once we done that so I agree with you in terms of content I agree with a lot of what he said and it showed quite a tough side but in terms amanda of the word inspiration which is what we're debating tonight it seemed to me monotone lacking in any real feeling or passion or humor it went on too long it was frankly very dalvik evander in terms of presentation yes no I mean it did go on for a long time but I think that she like gave me an opportunity sir to listen to what he was saying I mean something quite like to hear about his family background the difficulties encountered and also quite wide experience I think he's had much wider experience and a lot of career politicians but I also think he's somebody who'd be open to working with the brexit party all the others are completely blinkers that may or may not be the case but look content wise I'm with you nobody's actually finally a matter did you feel inspired yes I did because I liked hearing I liked hearing okay for the country okay thank you very much indeed and there we are we've had a caller who was inspired today by Dominic Robyn Amanda liked his backstory and I think clearly the back story matters but what's more important is candidate should not obsess on the back story but actually keener to know where they're going – let's try it David who's a Daniel I apologize caller from Dagenham Daniel good evening hi Nigel Hayes doing today doing all right so come on who was inspired you inspiration now I'm not sure I agree with you Dominic Rob as you said he's probably out the best content a bit bit monotonous and not not very not very inspiring we did get some inspiration and a big finish from there Michael guy we did yeah but I you know I just can't help but think that Michael died was what happened last year was the 2017 with Boris he just strikes me as as I think I heard some sight on you know yesterday the school snake I think that is the perfect mmm sort of description of him and I just don't think he's very believable there's nothing behind the eyes now I remember he took apart he said quite most of the life party and Jeremy Corbyn prob about nine months ago and in Prime Minister's Questions which is fantastic for nothing that was probably more the spirit that we'd like to see in coming out fighting and I think estimates a she come across okay but yeah feed him from her that she's just telling the public what what they want to hear she's got okay experienced Deputy Chief Whip and and work in pension secretary but again with her career issue with shilling GMTV a little real real world experience really what I don't know I don't know some others worked in media and being successful that's not a bad thing is it when I suppose she would get how to come across best on camera and things like that and perhaps that's that was her plan have strength did I I really like estimate Vey and I work with her in the lead means leave cross-party Euroskeptic leave group and I was just astonished when she voted for mrs. mais treaty at the third time she voted for it having voted against it twice robbed voted for it and very against it twice and so did Boris Johnson and this is my real problem with them Daniel that whatever they say however tough they talk to me their recent track record just isn't very good no I think they I think they were their expected injuries and they may be in power a little bit longer than she was and I think with God's to eleven candidates or tenders handle is gonna go yeah I wonder how many of them really think they're gonna win or how many are just looking to settle for a position on the cabinet of course at some point it becomes a negotiation doesn't it and they decide to pop you back somebody and yeah Daniel thank you very much indeed Andrea led some inspires me although she's been silent recently I think you may hear a lot from her in the near future well Andrea let's um maybe Angela I don't know Esther McVeigh and Andrea led some would be just like to resume week all talk and no action Michael Gove state batteries are men till the very end voting for serezha maze deal but they all voted all ten of them all ten of them in this contest voted ultimately and it's not Teresa maze deal it's Monsieur Barney as treaty and that I think is really really important but a support coming in for Rob Lin says I like Rob this morning okay yeah fine more support for Andrea let's um in a time of polarized debate Andrews is both inspiring and much-needed they've all inspired me I get on Twitter this prop is the best one I've had so far tonight they've all inspired me to vote elsewhere in the next election I put it to you listeners there's been nothing much very inspiring today the very fact that ten people have gone through to this contest to be our next prime minister shows complete mismanagement of the process by setting the bar so low but the Conservative Party and shows you there were just not standout greats in British politics these days that's my view you're listening to that I defer a shape here on LBC at 6:45 and time thirties headlines will Lisa receives 10 candidates have now secured the necessary backing to enter the first stage of the Tory leadership race they include Boris Johnson Jeremy Hunt Michael Gove Sajid Javid and Andrea Letson the prime minister says she's very disappointed with the BBC's decision not to continue with free television licences for the over 75s and is urging the corporation to look at the issue again police in Devon say they're investigating whether a pensioners murder last night is linked to a suspected suicide nearby LBC weather heavy rain continuing over much of England and Wales as wind strengthened overnight drying up elsewhere a low of 5 degrees lbc travel I'm J Louise night and the m25 is partly blocked clockwise with an accent before south winds at Junction 23 they're accused back to 21 a ATS and turbines if you're heading northbound through the roadworks on the m23 expect queues from Gatwick airports at nine up towards the m25 a car's broken down in the works there there are lots of problems on the roads due to the heavy rain and surface water the sorry stretch 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required Nigel Farrar show on LBC call oh three four five six oh six oh nine there are no fewer than 10 candidates amongst the Tory MPs all of whom have got the support of at least eight MPs to be the next leader of the Tory Party to be our next prime minister frankly with 10 going through it is a complete and utter farce how come a Conservative Party be so badly managed that it's allowed people to go through into this contest who clearly haven't got a cat chance in hell of winning but are using it as a bargaining chip for their own climb up the greasy pole of politics doesn't look very professional to me but I'm asking which of them today has inspired you Stuart on facebook says contestants even get thrown out of the x-factor for drug use however the leadership contest doesn't seem to matter in that line after listening to the candidates today I'm as confused as a sniffer dog at a Tory Party conference I like that it's quite fun now I was asking you about Matt Hancock speech today and for you to help me by translating it let's just listen to this putative Prime Minister Matt Hancock once again I refuse to be the leader offering simplistic solutions and populist answers to such profound change instead I offer an emotionally-charged platform to improve lives that is rooted rooted in objective fact you what what on earth was he on about I've asked for help in translating it Lauren Sheffield says I've attempted to translate Matt Hancock speech unfortunately I'm not fluent in balderdash equally she could have said gibberish but there was lots of this lots of ridiculous platitudes and what will be great if you love this over the next few days is you're going to hear a lot about people's moms and dads lot about them growing up lot about them learning football learn to ride a bike huge amounts about their backstory but you'll hear almost nothing about what they really truly believe in they'll just be telling this narrow electorate of Tory MPs what they think they want to hear have I become too cynical was in fact today were there moments today of inspiration that I somehow missed let's ask Douglas a new caller from Blackpool good evening Douglas good evening Nigel good evening so Douglas tell me are you a conservative supporter I put it conservatives in the last 40 failure sir right so tell me so far out of this list of 10 runners and riders is there someone there that you find inspirational absolutely none sir ah absolutely none the Conservatives of Lansdowne since we voted that country voted to leave yes the Conservative government plus the opposition have done everything in their power to stop leaving I suppose we could argue Douglas we could argue couldn't we that Boris Johnson and indeed esta McVeigh and Dominic Rob who are three of the ten candidates they did resign their positions from the cabinet so maybe you can't blame them for letting us all down no emblem then but they also voted against Prince recently sue them the my life my name is David Cameron maybe Cameron's so where does he fit into all this David Cameron one with a wonderful majority and give the country the votes which is Billy always quintessential British and David Cameron clip the votes to the people and their people voted to leave right and the European Union Nigel so they said my heart if it's David Cameron's full I mean would you rather they haven't been a referendum Douglas no I'm okay good and look you know Douglas if you want a toughy Dominic Rob today made it clear that we get there under him we'll leave on the 31st of October even if that means per rogue in Parliament and shutting the thing down do you believe him when he says that no I would never believe it Toria in Nigel Wright okay tuck let's thank you after 45 years of voting he is pretty disenchanted Louis his corner of Manchester Louis come on who's inspiring out there oh definitely Michael Gove and I think he's definitely the best out of all of them and he is an original director today he's sporting 4×8 in 2016 he did and he's the most reasonable he's basically saying listen we can't deliver brexit by the 31st of October let's extend it and I think you should expend it to March 2020 oh yeah give him a shot let him see what he can come up with maybe possibly renegotiate the deal and you know he is the the mostly because he's basically saying he can't be done No Deal cannot be supported because Parliament won't support it well he's being real well though it's Louis Louis Parliament may not support a WTO brexit but in the general election the country mine that's it that's a good point but I just think he because he's an original practice first of all I vote for remain that's why that's why you want an extension no no no no no honestly I voted for remain but I feel as though that you we need now a prime minister who is an original gregary teer it just psychologically I think there's a mismatch with someone who believes in remain leading in a country but Louis no no of course I agree with that but Louis if there's an extension as you suggest to March 2020 what happens when we get to March 2020 and Mr Gove was to say let's have another extension but why don't just kick the can down the road for the next ten years that's a good point then my answer would be March 2020 and if we can't agree EAL go back to the EU and say it has to be you know do but give us two years to prepare not let's not crash out or not but Louis we've had three years already once we sign off what that basically means is we can't come up with an idea that we both agree with therefore it has to be no idea what we can't decide no deal out of nowhere we have well I love this aren't there there are five months between now and the third it will just shy of five months between now the 31st of October we saw overnight an announcement that trade with South Korea will continue as is we've got a lot of time here to get ready haven't we no we do not not we definitely do not because we've got a summer break then party conferences in September and then before you know it it's October that's not enough time you know that come on well well cancel the whole of this council that canceled the conferences is my view limits thank you for your argument let's go to Bradley in Gillingham in Dorset Bradley who's inspired you come on tell me please tell me someone's inspired you oh my god I'm so frustrated absolutely you know these expired they're too despite their – okay we've got my words I was so frustrated and angry with all this you might as well just get a Tom Bowen and put their names in its full anyone I really well there is a star prize the star prize is being prime minister of this great country it's a hell of a prize Bradley all I want to do is just get the Hall of Fame to say they were a prime minister whether it's a year to year ten years whatever they're not interested in us when we come on that take a trip to Dorset yeah have a look at the high street in Dorset there's a lovely place Dorset but Charlie as it's full of estate ages it's worth charity shops and coffee shops and coffee shops well I tell you what Bradley is that Brad I'm out of time but at some point no doubt Rory Stewart will be in a coffee shop near you as he tours the country well gotta tell you folks I've not been inspired by very much today and nor have many of you one or two very impressed with Dave's delivery I understand that one or two impressed with our tough Rob was Boris will launch tomorrow and I'll be back tomorrow at 6:00 at 10:00 tonight is Thom Swarbrick but up next its Ian Dale thank you very much Nigel well the Tory leadership contest is well and truly underway as you've been hearing 10 contenders we're going to be hearing from one and a half of them tonight Rory Stewart is joining us at 8:00 take your calls and take questions from me and but at nine we were going to spend the whole hour with Sam Jima but he is not standing now he couldn't get the requisite number of No but he's still going to come in for ten minutes that's what we're allowing him on LBC from nine then we'll talk about obviously what's happened with Michael Gove over the weekend I thought he

36 thoughts on “The Nigel Farage Show: 10th June 2019 – LBC”

  1. Mr Farage you say you love this country, if so will you be sending any more money out of this Country to avoid pay tax? Will Aaron Banks pay any of your legal fees in the problem you appear to have with a comedian?
    No one is interested in the Tory party accept the pensioners who vote for them, they are all only there for the mega rich. Your an ex tory why are you bothered, surely division in the tory party benefits Brexit Party. Sorry I forgot the tory party do have a manifesto unlike your party.

  2. I know you dont even want it Nigel but for the love of sanity run for PM at next election. You might just find we pick you. We dont want any of these fools anymore.


  4. I just don't understand why these MP's took no deal off the table, it means our negotiators are at a complete disadvantage when discussing a deal. with the EU. Why should the EU give us a good deal under those circumstances. The EU should be told no deal is better than a bad deal and mean it. That is what the British people have been told and that is what should happen. This is a bad deal so NO DEAL

  5. If this was a position in the police, prison service or other position in public office taking cocaine in the paat would be corruption and sacking. At a time when they are persecuting our soldiers this tells all about politicians!

  6. Nigel! Robin Tilbrook Case.
    Please explain why you are ignoring it. What are your reasons.
    We need to know why or you are going to lose us. I paid my £25 and am quite prepared to
    Donate more even though I can’t really afford it. Or WAS prepared. I am withholding until I get an answer.

  7. What a sorry arse bunch of stone cold losers. Their pitch was as inspiring as a Oxford uni student leadership gamble. Not even yesterday’s news, more like last weeks chip wrappers after the street dogs had done with it. Vote for these champagne Charlies at your peril.

  8. How much time do they want will be nearly 4 years  by the time we get out if we ever do, they will not wear me out, worrying these idiots putting themselves up for PM are  not in my mind leadership  material

  9. Well it looks like many here think Nigel should be the leader, I certainly think he should be way up there negotiating whatever comes of all this Brexit, he seems to be the most vociferous proponent!

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