The Mall + Shopping for Graduation party with a SERVICE DOG 5/9/19

The Mall + Shopping for Graduation party with a SERVICE DOG 5/9/19

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Shopping for a graduation party is really hard. Also, the s’mores frappe is good.

We are a forever team ❤

Cloud is my service dog. She is a 4 year old Siberian Husky. Cloud has been in my life since she was 6 weeks old but, just recently became my service dog for psychological. last year I was diagnosed with PTSD, MDD, PD, GAD and whenever i’m having an episode or panic attack she alerts me and performs DPT to help regulate the attack. She is my Angel and i couldn’t of asked for any other dog to do the job for me 🙂

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okay but I get it don't stay up this is extremely annoying oh my god stay up like why is it so difficult to do your job this thing has one job one job and I can't even do it and that's to hold my phone up it literally was made to hold my phone okay hey guys it's visual mas here and today I am going to the mall with my friend really who actually was a friend who came down with me when I went to go pick up cloud I am doing my my scare right now why me umm I thought I would vlog it because you know why not why don't we I know I look completely different when I have mascara I decided that I was going to actually look decent for once cuz once again I just rub that on my ceiling the ceiling of my car and then also we are going to Party City because I need to look for stuff for my graduation party that is coming up in less than a month because I have two and a half weeks left of school and my graduation party is literally the day after graduations so that is what we're gonna do we're gonna go to the mall and yes of course cloudy B's kind of here because I can't leave anywhere without her I felt like I've barely made any videos and I just I just need to get count up why not for quarters today I mean it could be interesting it could not be interesting we'll see am I gonna upload it either way yes leave it on you you try clubs focus good girl good job when wait back back okay so I just got this I just tried on this full body romper in this white tank top and I don't like the way but I am gonna get these two leggings black and gray ones so yeah and I'm gonna go and try to look for my shirts we're in forever 21 bucks by the way I'm trying to find some more like summery stuff I don't have very much like hot weather clothes right now that fit me at this moment I'd like a small amount and then I've been going shopping a lot but I've been getting a lot of like wintry stuff because it's been a winter and like cold and stuff so I'm gonna get more stuff for like this mother now so hi hi almost more scrap Regina it was actually really good yeah yeah I know that's really good isn't it I'm literally not like into Starbucks at all how are you I know now lay all this on the bottom I just tasted the chocolate let me tell you I just got like a mouthful child like this chocolate syrup are you really gonna be this weekend or a CD what are we dating let's get some burgers you got money for that yeah when is it again wait for it okay so now we're at Party City and I'm having a hard time concentrating on what I'm gonna get for my party so one party like the theme is obviously gonna be dogs and for my party everyone's like welcome to bring their dogs and stuff so my colors I'm gonna do gold heel black and paw print so that's like the decorations and the theme so I gotta try to find anything that's those those colors relax so we're gonna find this stuff as they look at smuggle candy what are you guys doing that's I'm saying grab the the gold will leave more than that try to find like a big pack no there's like a whole pack of spoons right there just booze no there's a whole pack a giant pack of spoons right there at 40 there's mud there's no Forks I know we there's cracks right there this patch right there those boxes right there those boxes right there oh just drop by drop by drop oh okay wait it's fine okay it's do you think about your knife Henson no I think those everywhere we definitely need Club what are you alright that lavender is so – I really like that lavender I feel like I have too much gold now I have like two blues white Club I have one black black ops black cops black ops black ops one how many are those like how many are in those so we get the the ones that are literally a dollar more the bigs the 16 ounce for no you get through it there's literally a dollar more but you get like more on the drink that means they have to refill it less it's a dollar more actually it's almost $2 more should I be drinking at your party basically no I have to provide the drinks that's the problem I don't know how much they do cheap right wanna get like a bunch of wine juice am I gonna live wine Hawaiian I wish no claims guys we're in the wrong freakin colors those are like pearls these are not my colors my colors are over here if I stop I'm not biting strong look at that rose gold up so you can mini please the cake no it's gonna be cake seriously reducers are just a skirt there's gonna be because my belly pump it is that is so cute I have put pictures on it hang it up yeah I literally came in hill oh that was so good then grab ones out at the same size that's not going to work get rid of the little one I love a governor here good job I don't know if I want this one or I want the basically the wife no cuz no cuz once I my incense in the other ones $8.99 I'm Sofia no oh wait I like this one this was five feet long it's 399 look how cute that is we can put it giant on top of it oh that's nine foot but it's like so plain I don't know do you think I should get instead of that one is it cheaper no that one's 399 this one's $99.99 this is totally a service over here totally professional very very very fun to play Oh credit EMU all hyper blaze rubber breeze huh believe you Oh have you Buffy oh I'm even gave me candy here's one okay for me what is that oh yeah I'll take it

34 thoughts on “The Mall + Shopping for Graduation party with a SERVICE DOG 5/9/19”

  1. Not the right video to post this on, but it was the most recent. What do you do if the business you are at is not "satisfied" with your answer for "What work or task has the dog been trained to perform?"

  2. I love watching videos with someone and their service dog because I’ve looking for dogs to adopt and register and these videos can show my family what service dogs do and hopefully in the future I can get one. I love your videos and Cloud! 💙

  3. Bro I don’t understand how people get so many subscribers but you motivate me because I started YouTube around the same time as you but still you’re 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000x better than me

  4. I know I have depression, but I'm not sure which disorders there are and which I belong to. Could you maybe make a video on that? I just discovered your channel and I love it! You have gained a new subscriber! 😊

  5. Cloud is so beautiful I might need to get a service dog someday I have bad anxiety and I have Asperger's syndrome so I can enter sensory overload and when i get to a certain point I dont think rational I get aggresive and I might hit things on purpose my parents think I should just get medicine for it but I hate the idea of taking medicine every single day done it before I hated it

  6. I have a question. Hope you don’t mind. I have some of the things you have and i don’t have a service dog but an untrained dog. If i get a service dog, in the breaks during school when is a good time to take them out, and let them play. And what would be a good dog for me with (anxiety disorder, clinical depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia). Sorry for wasting your time. ✌️ Peace!

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