The Jacob Rees-Mogg Show: 31st May 2019 – LBC

The Jacob Rees-Mogg Show: 31st May 2019 - LBC

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45 thoughts on “The Jacob Rees-Mogg Show: 31st May 2019 – LBC”

  1. James Fox

    James Fox
    James Fox
    21 hours ago
    Time for a HARD BREXIT,do not pay exit fee, suggest offer all EU member Nations a one Billion £s credit line to purchase UK grown produce an or manufactored goods if they follow with a HARD EXIT,credit line drawn down available first week out of the EU!

  2. No Party has any mandate to tie Brexit to any 'Deal'. The referendum was simply a IN/OUT vote. The result was OUT. There was no mention of Deals on the ballot paper. The question was set by MP's after much debate. Why have we not left the EU yet???

  3. 'Listen to the young people'….right, not thought this one through have you …and why should they listen to the 'young people', when the people who have already voted 3 TIMES haven't been listened to? You will quickly fall down the hole of never deciding on anything, because the people who it affects have not yet been born, or MAY decide that they want something different, democracy then becomes totally useless.

  4. I love that..your a snowflake to. Hahaha. What a weak argument for a 2nd referendum, uuuhhh lets do another one because people are now 18 or werent 18 now and a mole on my arse has developed over the last three years, should that get a chance for a vote on it to ??? how retarded. Does anyone know the meaning of the word democracy ?

  5. I'm thinking there will ultimately be blood shed somewhere in the UK if politicians dont start listening to the people that elected them. Every single MP who is trying to stop brexit which received the most votes in the referendum, must be sacked

  6. Some conservatives don't mind Corbyn as PM as they can sit back and relax and just oppose. They will still be on easy street which they will find very comfortable. Only Nigel Farage can handle a Brexit deal.

  7. I wish he wanted to be PM & involve Farage in his decisions regarding Brussels . . . Greive, Clarke, Soubry, Adonis, Blair, Hammond, Cambell , Corbyn & McDonald ought to be confined to the history books . . . . I’m being polite . . . .

  8. I would like to ask Mr Rees-Mogg why, as he is a very vocal, eloquent and very dedicated proponent of Brexit and the benefits this will apparently bring to the UK, he has not put his name in the running for leader of the Conservative Party that he clearly believes should be delivering this? I did hear him say that there are others (Boris is his choice), that "are better qualified" to do this, but I am of the opinion that like Mr Farange he prefers to just get this hard Brexit done whatever the cost and the consequences should be faced by someone else. I am convinced that if Boris, or anyone else as Conservative leader, does not crash Britain out of the EU but comes to a "soft Brexit" arrangement, both Mr Rees Mogg and Nigel Farange, and many of the other hard-line brexiteers, will be baying for their blood. So in short, I think the most dedicated and vociferous Brexiteers should be at the head of this effort and if Rees-Mogg really believes the Conservative Party should be expressing "the will of the people" in delivering Brexit, it's a cop-out to not at least get himself in the running for the leadership.

  9. Jacob-Rees-Bottler, I'd rather be an MP and man without an affiliation whilst maintaining my dignity and self respect than a phoney third rate maverick who after all things said and done – is a Party Boy and a Party Political Career Politician and Party Leader brown nose.

  10. "There was only 30% turnout abd Farage only got 32%. All the people who didn't vote would vote elsewhere"

    There's a mathmatic lesson from the Institute of Abbott and white jackets with buckles at the rear. Can't remember your name Mr caller I was too busy catching flies, put it to you leavers where less likely to participate in an election they didn't want and there's EU nationals that can vote but won't be allowed in a GE or Ref. They have tge audacity to claim leavers have low IQs

  11. I am against slavery, wife beating, child mutilation, religious intolerance, gender inequality, holocaust denial, anti-semitism, forced child pregnancy, inbreeding, censorship, and death by stoning. All of that is islam as is written in islamic texts. I am therefore anti-islamic whether or not Mogg finds that conviction indelicate in the public sphere.

  12. +none of this matters as long as jullien assage is led to death by your evil injustice system nigel only talks about himself and so do long are you both allowing this evil to prevail with out speaking up against this evil. we are all watching you.and you have been found wanting.

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