Thailand: Explosion rocks central Bangkok – BBC News

Thailand: Explosion rocks central Bangkok - BBC News

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There has been a large explosion close to a shrine in the centre of the Thai capital, Bangkok. Local TV has initially reported five dead and 20 injured and quoted police as saying it was caused by a bomb. The BBC’s Jonathan Head, who is at the scene, says there is a huge amount of chaos with body parts scattered everywhere and a crater that does indicate a bomb attack. If this is confirmed, he says, it would be rare for the capital

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this is just author Luciana very well-known shrine right in the center of Bangkok next to a five-star hotel very well-known the most massive explosion went off about half an hour ago we're surrounded by bodies pieces of bodies there's blood everywhere it's an appalling theme it former certainly fit that we think it's a bomb looking as a crater and smell of smoke and and learning and just these everywhere these around us these bodies and injured people it's a dreadful death we'll see you know nobody really can understand what it is or why it happened it's completely unexpected this is a very very popular shrine it's always crowded with people coming to wish her good fortune and place of a fortune that's close to where the forum was so people around the shrine were hit by the full force of the blast around me now we can see paramedics and police trying to take the injured away but there are a lot of people can't be helped now there are burnt motorbikes house on the main road as well as fires have been put out now all the flame so this is an extraordinary scene in an area which is very very popular with tourists as well massive destruction and massive amounts of human damage we think at least 12 people are dead judging by the ones we've seen it may well be higher than that it sounds absolutely horrific presumably the roads have been all closed off around that area are there enough emergency services at the scene helping what a lot of ambulances have come here there are a lot of paramedics is a bit chaotic you know there but they are trying to treat the wounded frankly you know I'm looking at one woman in front of me now she hasn't moved I don't know if she's alive or dead next to her is somebody who is been treated that he's done a horrific injury on his leg you know I think for a lot of these people it's possibly going to be too late if people got here pretty quickly it's a very busy intersection this there isn't any traffic now I must thank you once that bang went off people ran away from it and it's a lot the roads pretty effectively what we simply don't know is what caused it it seems very likely it was a bomb if so large bombs like this are very rare in the in entire release but part of Thailand was unheard of in Bangkok and so it's a very unprecedented situation but as you can imagine a huge amount of chaos around me at the moment a lot of distress a lot of people in pain just chaos how do you even begin Jonathan to speculate if it was a bomb what group could be responsible not really I mean we've had problem and insurgency in the south of Thailand which has used massive bombs like this at times but they have never operated outside the detail provinces they've never launched an attack in Bangkok or in any other tourist target so it will be completely out of character if that's where it originated we it does seem to me looking at the crater and where it is it does seem as though it was a bomb but as the motives I'm sure people will be a rise of speculation that it may be connected in some way to Thailand political situation I simply couldn't guess at this stage

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