Nigel Farage: An Uplifting Message – Brexit Party Rally for Democracy, Bolton, 20.05.2019

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'Boris will stand up to EU' Steven Edginton BBC Radio Kent

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Listen to me on BBC Radio Kent debating Brexit and who should be the next Prime Minister.

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but Stephen Stephen Edgington on the line now I'm Steve the director of politics UMobile Stephen time to change the Prime Minister it certainly is correct you know it's politician UK YouTube channel by the way yes I'm saying trying to finance the right now yep and who do you see is the best person to take everything well I think the only person that I've working at the moment it's obviously Boris Johnson I think he's got the support of a lot of sort of conservative base and I think that he's got support of a lot of the country the extent mile I think he talks you know proper sense common sense politics and it's what the people of this country need we need someone who's actually speaking up for them rather than sort of remain as we've run the country for the last sort of forty three years well maybe speaking of for you but I'm not sure that he speaks out for the entire country well I've gone around the country and I've spoken to people as part my job and 60-million paper ridiculous well I think go to evidence shows to me that a lot of people around the country really support that his sort of straight talking politics and I think that he's right to do that I'm glad that he speaks his mind and he doesn't really care about the consequences of people in Westminster and sort of BBC presenters who might get very very angry with them you know what he said it's all upset about what he said but he just go straight to public and says what they think so I think that's a brilliant thing and when asked one of the key words that people associate with Boris Johnson is the word buffoon I think it's got the country to be a buffoon is it well I think that's the precision of a large number of the public I'm sure it is and I'm sure a lot of the public think that jeremy corbyn's an anti-semite and a large number the public think that reason is absolutely useless I mean that that's just part of the course of being in politics I think when you have these images of you know Boris taunting it's obviously got this sort of feeling like image that's fine and he's also a very great politician I mean to see some of his statements in the columns it made some absolutely brilliant speech is very very statement statesman like man and I think he could be a great Prime Minister he didn't exactly cover himself in glory as foreign secretary did he I think he did I think you need qualified that one well okay he's certainly not popular with the EU I think that's a good thing personally on the European Union obviously very very happy with threesome a being Prime Minister a lot about the negotiations I think we should have someone standing up for Britain and not continually giving concessions for the European Union I think it's great they don't like him fine but have finally someone who would stand up for our country but the point there being them if they don't like him and they see Theresa May as their best option they're gonna make her we'll check his proposal certain aspects of it certainly they'll view it perhaps more palatable more generously than they might otherwise if they see her as their best option so getting that sort of breaks it that suits them I mean I think this is a good consequence of what's going on to be honest I'm glad that the EU are finally saying look we're happy to have a proper negotiation with the UK and if that means that because they're so terrified of forests on to becoming Prime Minister and they're happy finally talk to us about having a proper trade deal they're not fond of me Stephen let's talk briefly about the timing of this do you think that this is appropriate timing for people to be talking about a potential change of conservative leadership I think it should have happened months ago I think we've got a you know you've got to get on with it if we're going to have a change the leader we've got to do it now and we don't do it now and we've got a split with Teresa maybe because there really isn't enough time logistical e to change the brakes that deal what's going on obviously be got checkers it's going to take a while to replace three scenarios we do it for a leadership challenge you know that could take weeks months in terms of you know the actual process and then that leaves almost no time to negotiate a new breakfast deal so we would be crashing out then which I don't think would be a disaster however I think that we are running out time and I'm not happy with breakfast well we had to emps to a breakfast in the ERG for example they have done as disastrous job in terms of organization I think they've got a lot of egos and I'm really disappointed in that because they could have got with a threesome a a long time ago or at least you know all go to checkers a long time ago but they keep on waiting awaiting waiting and the longer they wait the more likely it is that we're going to get a worse deal with the European Union Stephen do you think that that handling breaks it is something of a poisoned chalice no I don't I think that the fact that we are being handled so the people handling breck say and the UK government are so anti-black said they despise it you know all the civil servant none of them voted brexit we've got to remain a cabinet we've got a remain of Prime Minister and when you have people who do not believe and the main policy in this country of course they're going to make a bad job of it of course they're not going to believe in it now that means they can't deliver it properly if it's British people with what people voted for so I think both sides had huge failures and a British politician you know at least I believe totally failed – you know install the proper Prime Minister and a proper plan for leaving the EU on a Canada style free trade deal and remain is on the other side had perfectly failed to institute something to respect the result the fact of course is that however brexit pans out whatever the result of it is it will never be universally popular will it do you accept that I mean the referendum itself okay yes the levers one but it was close and there's certainly a division in within the House of Commons within the country so whatever happens it will never be universally popular will it my point being is if you are looking to change the Prime Minister are you not better to leave Theresa May where she is and let her drink from that poisoned chalice and then replace it with somebody to deal with the consequences who can then be more of a hero I think it's I think it's time to replace her now though that's a problem because we have a checkers agreement which in my opinion does not respect the result it means that we have to carry on taking laws from the European Union we will be a rule taker rather than a rule maker and I think the checkers is it's basically a disaster this country leave us as a vassal state and essentially we would not be in the European you know or outside the European Union we'd be between so I think there's time to get rid through saying now you know all this stuff you're right you're right in the sense that all this bad stuff through your checkers is on her and as soon as we get rid of her and instigate someone who really believes in it then yes fine the country was doing a better and we'll have a lot better prospects of winning a next general election for the Conservatives but I think it's conjugate of her now while she's going through this checkers proposal I think is total disaster for the UK and if she doesn't replace the checkers proposals and yeah she has to go do you think Stephen that looking at it Michel Barnier said earlier this week that November as a possible date time for a deal was still doable as long as certain prerequisites were met do you think if we change the Prime Minister if we change the the current policy that's on the table we could possibly hold ourselves back in terms of getting a better deal for brexit come March next year I think that there is very possible to get a Canada style free trade deal with the European Union which is what they had on the table a few months ago with Donald Tusk this is what happened to the ERG meeting today look we could have a proper breakfast we could have a counter style free trade deal that would be comprehensive it wouldn't be crashing out the European Union on No Deal it wouldn't be staying in certain parts of the European Union like checkers and it will be the perfect option for the UK so I think there is time to do that still and Theresa may really needs for scrap checkers now and bringing the Canada style free trade deal like Greg Spears have been saying from all along we've talked about the possibility of Boris Johnson taking over the Conservative Party does have a history of maybe electing as its new leader not the most obvious or the the the most obvious candidate so do you really think if there were to be a challenge to Teresa Mays leadership it would be Boris Johnson who ultimately would replace it or there are other people you think might be in contention I remember for a very long time George Osborne was meant to be the next prime minister yeah and I think you're totally right I think that they probably won't be Boris Johnson if you look at the history of conservative party leadership elections there's very much a strong chance for a charismatic young probably Tory MP who was the breakfast here I'm really pleased in the cause you could come out of nowhere and he could storm the party and it you could become Prime Minister I simply have no idea but yeah you're right from history's perspective I don't think Boris Johnson is going to be Prime Minister if we look at previous conservative election right no I hear what you say Stephen thanks for joining us really do appreciate it as Steven Eddington director of politics

Watch the explosive interview with Labour Brexiteer Brendan Chilton | James Whale

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Former General Secretary of Labour Leave Brendan Chilton joined James Whale and Ash on their show to discuss the state of Brexit and the benefits of leaving …

DUP agree deal to back Conservative government- BBC News

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Speaking in Downing Street, DUP leader Arlene Foster says her party has been in discussions over “how we can support a minority Conservative government in Parliament” and have reached an agreement.

The parties “will deliver a stable government in the United Kingdom’s interest”, she says, “strengthening and enhancing our precious Union”.

She confirms there will be “no change to the pensions triple lock and the universal nature of the winter fuel payment” and the parties are also committed to spending 2% of GDP on defence.

There will be further financial support for Northern Ireland of £1bn over the next two years to “boost the economy and invest in new infrastructure”, Mrs Foster adds.

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Trumps Endorsement Of Boris Johnson Is All About Israel – Third Ruling State Forming

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Donald Trump has backed Boris Johnson to be the next prime minister of the United Kingdom,
Trump spoke to British newspaper before he visits the UK on Monday, expressed support for the former foreign secretary Boris Johnson, in his bid to replace Theresa May, Trump said: “I think Boris would do a very good job. I think he would be excellent.”
Trump will meet his mother, the Queen of England on his visit, we all know the ruling families from the West are all related, but what’s shocking now is, they are showing their true face. And how keeping the power within the family, means everything.
Donald Trump is shamelessly trying to influence British politics, because the deep state is desperate to get the right people in. And Boris Johnson is certainly a part of the deep state and most probably a part of the ruling elite, that dangerous bloodline causing mayhem on the planet.
Trump’s endorsement has not been warmly welcomed. Mel Stride, the newly appointed Commons leader, said that while Trump was entitled to his opinion, he would not be picking the next prime minister of the UK, and put his own weight behind Michael Gove.
Back in January, I called for the resignation of Prime Minister Teresa May, of course, she probably doesn’t watch my videos, however, it’s becoming all too obvious and easy to predict what’s going to happen next, through political analysis of course!

The United Kingdom has allowed the European Union to have all the cards. This has been down on purpose. And its very hard to play well when one side has all the advantages

May’s resignation has come about because of her failure to produce any deal to bring Britain out of the EU that was acceptable to a parliamentary majority. Britain was meant to leave the EU on March 29th , it’s now been delayed to October 31 –

Brits are critically divided over Brexit. It is fair to say that most don’t fully grasp what Brexit is anymore. Brits were deliberately not informed of the political discussion over Brexit and what it would mean for the future. Brits feel betrayed by the political class and in truth, they have been subjected to gross and treacherous treatment by politicians and media. Brits are not aware of the centrality of Israel and its interests that is at the core of the Brexit debate. It’s not about making Britain great again, it’s about making ISRAEL greater.. and that’s what it seems to be about!

Once Britain is out of the EU, Britain will have to sign separate trade agreements with each state, however, instead of focusing on European States, Israeli trade was the focus? I wonder why? Britain under Theresa May has been reduced into a colony of Israel’s. Brits have become increasingly aware that 80% of their Tory MPs are members of the Conservative Friends of Israel, which is a foreign pressure group dedicated to the interests of another state. And this is exactly why Trump is endorsing Boris Johnson. Because he wants a strong Tory leadership in power as the future of Britain. Afterall, Trump has done everything that benefits Israel, from announcing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, to giving Golan Heights over formally from Syria to Israel! All this is not a coincidence.

Look at the far right in the country, who have hijacked the Brexit campaign, who is their inspiration right now? Is it not Netanyahu and Israel?

It’s time for British people to decide whether they want to remain being a colony of Israel, or bring change to the country, one that brings benefit to British people first.

Donald Trump has backed Boris Johnson to be the next prime minister of the United Kingdom Trump spoke to British newspapers before his visit to the UK on Monday he expressed support for the former foreign secretary Boris Johnson in his bid to replace Teresa May Trump said I think Boris Johnson would do a great job I think he would be excellent Trump would meet his mother the Queen of England on his visit we all know the ruling families from the West are all related but what's shocking right now is they are showing their true face and how keeping the power within the family means everything nigel Faraj is a friend of mine Boris is a friend of mine they're two very good guys very interesting people Donald Trump is shamelessly trying to influence British politics because the deep state is desperate to get the right people in and Boris is certainly a part of the deep state and most probably a part of the ruling elite that dangerous bloodline causing mayhem Trump's endorsement has not been warmly welcomed mel's tried the newly appointed Commons leader said the president the United States of course is entitled to his opinion but is not the case of him picking the next prime minister of our country that process as you know will be one involving the parliamentary party and then the membership itself back in January our call to the resignation of British prime minister Theresa May of course she probably doesn't watch my videos however it's becoming all too obvious and easy to predict what's going to happen next for a political analysis of course ever since I first stepped through the door behind me as Prime Minister I have striven to make the United Kingdom a country that works not just for a privileged few but for everyone and to honor the result of the EU referendum back in 2016 we gave the British people a choice against all predictions the British people voted to leave the European Union I feel a certain today as I did three years ago that in a democracy if you give people a choice you have a duty to implement what they decide I have done my best to do that I negotiated the terms of our exit and a new relationship with our closest neighbors that protects jobs our security and our union I have done everything I can to convince MPs to back that deal sadly I have not been able to do so I tried three times I believe it was right to persevere even when the odds against success seemed high but it is now clear to me that is it it is in the best interests of the country for a new prime minister to lead that effort the United Kingdom has allowed the European Union to have all the cards this has been done on purpose and it's very hard to play well when one side has all advantages May's resignation has come about because of her failure to produce any deal to bring Britain out of the European Union Britain was meant to leave EU on March 29th it's now delayed to October the 31st just saying what we're doing now is not right and we need to go back to the people is due again my beloved we've got even the ones who voted to leave this is this what we've got now is not what they voted for either it's the far right of those people who are getting what they want a few people Brits are critically divided over brexit it's fair to say that most don't really grasp what brexit is anymore Brits were deliberately not informed of political discussions of the brexit and what it would mean for the future Brits feel betrayed by the political class and in truth they have been subjected to gross and treacherous treatment by politicians and the media Brits are not aware of the centrality of Israel and its interest that is at the core of the brexit debate it's not about making Britain great again it's about making Israel greater and that's what it seems to be about once Britain is out of the European Union Britain will have to sign separate trade agreements with each state however instead of focusing on European states Israeli trade was the focus I wonder why Britain on to tourism a has been reduced into a colony of Israel Brits have become increasingly aware that 80% of our Tory MPs are members of the conservative Friends of Israel which is a foreign pressure group dedicated to the interest of another state and this is exactly why Trump is endorsing Boris Johnson because he wants a strong Tory leadership in power as the future of Britain after all Trump has done everything that benefits Israel from announcing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel to given Golan Heights over formally from Syria to Israel all this is not a coincidence look at the far-right in the country who have hijacked the brexit campaign who's their inspiration right now is it not Nessun yeah who in Israel it's time for British people to decide whether they want to remain a colony of Israel or bring change to the country one that brings benefit to Britain and British people

UK kicks off European elections despite Brexit turmoil | DW News

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Polls for European parliamentary elections have opened across the United Kingdom – despite more than half of voters saying they wanted to leave the European …

Russian spy: UK to expel 23 Russian diplomats – BBC News

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The UK will expel 23 Russian diplomats after Moscow refused to explain how a Russian-made nerve agent was used on former spy in Salisbury, the PM says.

Diane Abbott vs basic maths & logic

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Watch Abbott’s biggest gaffes over the years, from 2017 local election numbers to “white people like to divide and rule”

do you know the number of net losses so far for labor at the time of us doing this interview I think the net loss is about 50 they're actually 125 net losses so far well the last time I looked we had net losses of a hundred but obviously this is a moving picture so how much would ten thousand police officers cost well um if we recruit the ten thousand men and women over a four-year period we believe it will be about three hundred thousand pounds three hundred thousand pounds but sorry three thousand police officers are you telling them no I mean sorry how much will they cost they will cost they will it will cost um about about 80 million how about 80 million pounds we've never had this conscience never had it don't know what you think would you be prepared to preemptively use a nuclear weapon if it was to save millions of lives in this country we don't believe that the most pressing threat yes or no if yes or no it's one of the single most important questions any government in the world can have if they have nuclear weapons is if you have to use it would you use it why can nobody on the labor side say yes or no to that simple question yes as we know because we believe there are many more pressing threats and the debates around pressing the button actually two tracks I'm talking about the real pressing set chemical wealth warfare to the solid pressing than somebody about to nuke us into extinction use you say people speak in code about read you haven't spoken in code you said white people love playing divided and room we shouldn't play their game max you'd never imagine Michael saying that changing that to saying black people like playing I'd imagine duo happens here and what would happen if he said it you didn't spare ago I thought that was quite a racist remark was it not not I think it's a starting point to say that white people not some or a few or even many but white people as he group I love playing divide and rule I was referring to the history of the British Empire but you were contextualizing it to the present day when too many were temporizing Julie was referred by were you referring to the Steven long's case or something happened long after we had an empire when a royal prince dressed in SS uniform he was absolutely you know condemned had he worn a Mao outfit nobody would have blinked why is that why is it right to wear a Maoist t-shirt but obviously wrong but it is to wear a Hitler t-shirt I suppose some people will judge that on balance Marge is more good than harm I can't figure out you

Labour NEC rejects calls for referendum on any Brexit deal

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The Labour Party’s Brexit policy for next month’s European Elections will be to back a second Brexit referendum only if it can’t get the changes it wants to Theresa May’s deal – or a General Election. (Subscribe:

The policy was decided in a five hour meeting of Labour’s ruling body – the National Executive Committee. Remainers in the party had wanted Jeremy Corbyn to agree to hold a referendum on any deal, in all circumstances.


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shouting at a different building for a change Labour's National Executive Committee meeting on the second floor they listened to each other's arguments for five hours before signing off on the draft Jeremy Corbyn wanted for the European elections manifesto things hadn't moved much at all despite efforts by some supporters of a second referendum like the deputy leader of the party Tom Watson who want a second referendum argue the party risks losing the enthusiasm if not the membership of many activists and losing votes to parties with a more outspoken Lee Pro remain one of those parties today was trying to exploit just that apparently 22 of the 70 labour MEP candidates are in favour other people's votes good but not good enough where are the other 48 every single one of our change UK candidates supports a people's vote but some Labour MPs who represent Pro leave constituencies worried that the party is already seen as anti brexit and some pro referendum labour front benchers they're in danger of alienating some labour supporters for good you've got members of the Shadow Cabinet who were openly supporting a second referendum with really only remained on the ballot and that does make people who voted to leave in constituencies like mine very very angry it will hurt labour badly you think in a general election let alone the ones that are coming up I think there is on an honest prospect that this could be the final breach of trust with voters who have been moving away from the labour party for some time in town mine but who now feel that they have been completely not just let down but actually disrespected through this process analysis their efforts to get an agreement between the labour and conservative front bench teams on a brexit deal would intensify in the coming days at cabinet today three ministers protested to the Prime Minister that they thought the conservative family could still come together and itself deliver the brexit deal without labor help any more dn't and rule Edson Liam Fox were firmly told by the chief whip that wasn't realistic that some Tories think could mean an awkward moment for the Labour leader he's offered pretty much all he's asking for from the Tories on brexit others think Jeremy Corbyn too aware of the divisions within labour will find a way to reject any offer but Teresa may looks like she might be playing her last card a Chief Whip told the cabinet those who thought brexit could be got through on Tory MP votes was simply hiding under the duvet Gary Gibbon there with that report I can now speak to two Labour Party MPs in a moment we'll be speaking to Labour's shadow Business Minister Barry Gardner who was in that NEC meeting today but first let's go to Melanie on who has been are we shaking his head – perhaps he wasn't we'll find that out when we get to him a campaign she's on the campaign trail in her constituency in Grimsby today Melanie on what have you found on the doorsteps of Wims be today you've been hard at it good evening John there were two main issues that people have been talking to me about the first it's a very local issue around recycling rates and people very keen to get new recycling bins but the second of course is bricks it and everybody wants to talk to me about that knowing when exactly it's going to happen and why it's taking nearly three years to get to a position where the the deadline of the 29th of March has been and gone and nobody really knows what's happening now so what do they make of your party wrangling about whether to have another referendum to be honest that isn't getting a great deal of cut-through with the people that I've spoken to today I know that that will be all the talk in London and in Westminster circles but out here on the doorstep it is very much about the big bricks at issue why hasn't it happened yet and I heard that piece from Lisa Nandi earlier in the program and I think that she's right people are feeling very frustrated that their views are being ignored and I know that my constituency is extraordinary in some respects because it was such a high leave vote and that isn't the case across the whole of the country however people overall did marginally vote to leave and they expected to see some progress and at the moment it feels very much like it's a plague on all of your houses for not getting our act together and I would say the Prime Minister should have reached out earlier to the Labour Party to try and reach an accommodation much earlier than she did do and this is her timetable that has failed however they don't understand why political parties and representatives can't sit down like grown-ups and reach an accommodation well now I mean do you find contrasting today with when you first set out on the original brexit campaign I mean if you find people are clearer about the issues really understand what it's all about and have any of them at all adjusted their views I don't think that anybody that I've spoken to over the last a few weeks or even the last few months have changed their views at all they have if anything become more entrenched particularly people who were very passionate on both sides of that debate however for those who were slightly more ambivalent and perhaps it was a finer balance about how they chose to vote in in that referendum they very much feel like they recognized that the referendum did not go in their favor those remain voters and so think well then it is the government's responsibility to get on with this and deliver a deal in the best way possible and what happens to you now because I mean you were I think originally remainer yes yeah absolutely and I'm very clear with constituents I campaigned for remain that I voted for remain that you know if if it comes up again which I very much hope that it doesn't that I would probably still be in a position where I say on balance I personally still think that it is better to remain however I recognize that seventy percent of people in this borough and in my constituency voted to leave and we asked them what it was that they wanted us to do and although I am NOT mandated by my constituents I do recognize that when we ask them a question and they tell us what it is that we should do that their views do deserve to be represented and that's what I hope I've been doing in Parliament Melanie on thank you very much indeed for joining us from Grimsby we're now turning to Barry Gardner who in fact is shadow trade minister and was not in the NEC meeting but attended the Shadow Cabinet what what do you make of this fudge tonight I mean it seems you're having a Betty both ways job well John Connor actually first of all congratulate channel for that I think is the most balanced piece of reporting on brexit and and and this whole debate that I've heard in a very long time because you've presented both sides I think you've tried to present both sides very fairly and the the really extraordinary thing about these coming elections is that there is only one party who will be going into those elections trying to appeal to both sides of our population whether they were leave or remain and what we're saying is look we we were a remain party we campaign to remain but when that Democratic decision was taken as Democrats we said okay we made you a promise that was a promise that we committed ourselves to in our manifesto we then said that we would try and deliver on that result we made certain reservations on that and that was we would not go for a no deal and that we would certainly not go for a bad brexit such as the one that's been criticized on all wings of the political parties right across Parliament which is Theresa may steal and that's why we're in there now at the moment trying to negotiate with the government and and Melanie on put it so brilliantly when she said look and she should have been doing this the Prime Minister should have been doing this and you know two years ago bringing recognizing the division that there is in our society and trying to heal it trying to reconcile it and that's why she should have reached out to the Labor Party into the opposition you know two years ago but so we could try and create a compromise but let's say 80 percent of the population would say look it may not be fair it may not be exactly what I want but I can live with this yeah but at the end of the day you look like a push me pull me party I mean in the face of the very strident Nigel Faraj and the forces that are absolutely determined to push ahead with the whatever brexit they can get you seem to be sort of you know very indistinct tonight but no I I reject that entirely because the the vision that Nigel Farage has is of a no deal brexit a deregulated brexit where we would go on to the disaster that would be World Trade Organization turns and what we said is quite clear and that is we will respect the referendum result we should leave the European Union but we should do it in a way that protects jobs protects standards of the environmental standards and rights protections in the workplace for people and in a way that in a BMI chained to we have very little time and and what you do seem to be saying is is that you you will have a referendum if there isn't a deal and you will have a referendum if you can't get anything else it's a kind of backstop well actually John let me refer you back to September last year you were at the party conference I think our labor came out after six hours of negotiation with that compromise and everybody at the time hailed that compromise as as really grown-up politics because what we said is look we will abide by the promises that we've made to the public promises to try and deliver on on the the referendum result but equally promises that we will not run remind people's well-being and and that's what we're continuing to do so very go get that deal we will if we can't then we'll go for a public vote we must leave it there thank you very much indeed for joining us thank you thank you

UK ministers back Theresa May on Brexit deal

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UK Prime Minister Theresa May has won the backing of her cabinet for a draft Brexit deal struck with the European Union.
May says it is a decisive step towards a final deal.

Al Jazeera’s Paul Brennan reports from London.

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the marathon cabinet meeting concluded after five hours the outcome Theresa May has the backing of her government ministers at least the choices before us were difficult particularly in relation to the Northern Ireland's back stock but the collective decision of cabinet was that the government should agree the draft withdrawal agreement and the outline initial declaration but if I may end by just and there was a deeply personal finale I believe that what I owe to this country is to take decisions that are in the national interest and I firmly believe with my head and my heart that this is a decision which is in the best interests of our entire United Kingdom since the first leaks of the draft brexit deal emerged on Tuesday evening has been a febrile atmosphere in Westminster ahead of the cabinet meeting there was a boisterous session in Parliament and without even having seen the text of the deal the opposition leader heap scorn on it it breaches the Prime Minister's own red lines it doesn't deliver a strong economic deal that supports jobs and industry and we know they haven't prepared seriously for no deal so does the Prime Minister still intend to put a false choice to Parliament between her botched deal or no deal the position of Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party is also crucial in all of this the Prime Minister's minority government relies on DUP support in Parliament but their backing on Brecht it looks doubtful if she thinks that she's going to get this to Parliament she has another thing coming all the groups she needs none of them seems willing to help her the DEP were invited for this deal because it puts a barrier between Great Britain Northern Ireland and the hard Rex's weren't supported because it keeps in the Customs Union a lot of remainders Boeing did because it reduced our influence it does nothing for services and it keeps us a mere instance without any to say the over running of the UK cabinet meeting meant that in Brussels a meeting of EU ambassadors had to break up without getting the chance to discuss the draft text nevertheless Michel Barnier the EU chief negotiator hailed the decisive progress as he put it that he said had been made de corazon to this agreement is a decisive crucial step in concluding these negotiations it's also the achievement of a method a methodology and negotiations carried out in transparency from the word go and fully in respect of our respect of man des cabinet approval means plans can now be accelerated for a summit of EU leaders most likely on November 25th but an actual fact the collective approval of her cabinet ministers was perhaps the least of Prime Minister Teresa mais worries important though it was remember she still faces the prospect of a no confidence vote in a leadership from her own party back benches and there is the prospect of a parliamentary landscape with so many different contingents that there is no clear consensus or majority for anything other than opposition to her brexit plan Paul Brennan al Jazeera Westminster

Theresa May Says Parliament Will Vote on a 2nd Brexit Referendum

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Theresa May made a desperate final gamble to get her Brexit deal through the British Parliament before she’s thrown out of office — but her efforts look doomed.

In a hastily arranged speech on Tuesday, the embattled prime minister promised to give members of Parliament a vote on whether to call another referendum to ratify the terms of Britain’s divorce from the European Union. It’s something many MPs — including scores in the opposition Labour Party — have been calling for, but she made it conditional on them backing her deal first.

Within minutes of her speech ending, the backlash began. Pro-Brexit Conservative MPs lined up with the opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn and May’s Northern Irish allies to condemn her proposals. They vowed to vote against them in the House of Commons next month.

May’s latest offer represents possibly the final throw of the dice for a prime minister who has run out of options. Almost three years after the U.K. voted to exit the EU, May’s deal has been rejected three times by Parliament. She’s tried cross-party talks to work out a joint plan with Corbyn but they collapsed last week.

Conditional Offer
The pound strengthened after Bloomberg reported the plan to allow a vote on another referendum, but then gave up its gains and was unchanged at $1.2732.

May has promised to put her deal, in the form of a draft law, to a vote in Parliament in the first week of June. Facing overwhelming calls for her to resign, the prime minister has promised to agree to the timetable for her own exit once that vote has taken place. Barring a political miracle, May is headed for a humiliating end to her career.

“I have tried everything I possibly can to find a way through,” May told an audience in central London. “I offered to give up the job I love earlier than I would like.”

The prime minister said that although the cross-party talks with Labour have failed, most members of Parliament still want to deliver the result of the 2016 referendum. Then she set out her offer of “one last chance to do that.”

As part of a 10-point plan, May promised:

A choice for Parliament over the kind of customs model the U.K. should have with the EU after Brexit.
A guaranteed vote on whether to call a second referendum to ratify the terms of the exit deal, before Parliament can approve the divorce.
Alternative arrangements to mitigate the impact of the so-called “backstop” plan to for avoiding a hard border with Ireland.
But first members of the House of Commons will need to vote in favor of May’s overall divorce deal in the first week of June.

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good afternoon ladies and gentlemen my name is Kevin and is chairman and Senior Partner of the UK and Middle East Coast I'm delighted to welcome this afternoon Prime Minister Sir ministers and represented the media to our offices here in Bank my place I know you don't want to hear from me just a few quick words on PwC we employ 22,000 people in the UK and over the last year we've recruited two and a half thousand school leavers apprentices and graduates to our buildings 25 offices across the UK it's a special week for us because this week we open a new office in Bradford to provide high quality jobs to the community they're like all business leaders we crave certainty and stability and therefore I'm delighted to ask Prime Minister to the platform now speak about brexit thank you very much thank you very much I became Prime Minister almost three years ago immediately after the British people voted to leave the European Union my aim was and is to deliver brexit and help our country move beyond the division of the referendum and into a better future a country that works for everyone where everyone has the chance to get on in life and to go as far as their own talent and hard work can take them that is a goal that I believe can still unite our country I knew delivering grexit was not going to be simple or straightforward the result of 2016 was decisive but it was close the challenge of taking brexit from the simplicity of the choice on the ballot paper to the complexity of resetting that country's relationship with 27 of its nearest neighbors was always going to be huge while it has proved even harder than I anticipated I continue to believe that the best way to make a successor brexit is to negotiate a good exit deal with the EU as the basis of a new deep and special partnership for the future that was my pitch to be leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister that is what I set out in my Lancaster House speech and that was what my party's election manifesto said in 2017 that is in essence what the Labour Party's election manifesto state is to and over 80% of the electorate backed parties which stood to deliver brexit by leaving with a deal we've worked hard to deliver that but we have not yet managed it I've tried everything I possibly can to find a way through it's true that initially I wanted to achieve this predominantly on the back of conservative and votes in our parliamentary system that is simply how you normally get things done I thought the changes MPs demanded I offered to give up the job I loved earlier than I would like and on 29th of March the day we were meant to leave the EU if just 30 MPs had voted differently we would have passed the withdrawal agreement and we would be leaving the EU but it was not enough so I took the difficult decision to try to reach a cross-party deal and brexit many MPs on both sides were unsettled by this but I believe it was the right thing to do we engaged in six weeks of serious talks with the opposition offering to compromise but in the end those talks were not enough for labour to reach an agreement with us but I do not think that means we should give up the House of Commons voted to trigger article 50 and the majority of MPs say they want to deliver the result of the referendum so I think we need to help them find a way and I believe there is now one last chance to do that I've listened to concerns from across the political spectrum I've done all I can to address them and today I'm making a serious offer to MPs across Parliament a new brexit deal as part of that deal I will continue to make the case for the Conservative Party to be united behind a policy that can deliver grexit nine out of ten Conservative MPs have already given the withdrawal agreement they're backing and I want to reach out to every single one of my colleagues to make the very best offer I can to them we came together around an amendment from sir Graham Brady and this gave rise to the work on alternative arrangements to the backstop although it's not possible for those to replace the backstop and withdrawal agreement we can start the work now to ensure they are a viable alternative so as part of the New Mexico we will place the government under a legal obligation to seek to conclude alternative arrangements by December 2020 so that we can avoid any need for the backstop coming into force I've also listened to unionist concerns about the backstop so the new brexit deal goes further to address these it will commit that should the backstop come into force the government will ensure that Great Britain will stay aligned with Northern Ireland we will prohibit the proposal that a future government could split Northern Ireland off from the UK's customs territory and we will deliver on commitments to Vall island in the December 2017 joint report in fall we will implement paragraph 50 of the joint report in law the Northern Ireland Assembly and executive will have to give their consent on a cross community basis so new regulations which are padded to the backstop and we will work with our competence and supply partners on how these commitments should be entrenched in law this near exit delay will contain significant further changes to protect the economic and constitutional integrity of the United Kingdom and deliver brexit it is a bespoke solution that answers the unique concerns of all parts of community in Northern Ireland but the reality is that after three attempts to secure parliamentary agreement we will not leave the European Union unless we have a deal that will curb on cross wider cross-party support and that is why I sat down with the opposition I've been serious about listening to views across the house throughout this process that's why I went to Labour MP easily Sunanda and Gareth Snell put forward their proposals to get Parliament the bigger say in the next phase it goes I listen to them so the new brexit deal will set out in law that the House of Commons will approve the UK's objectives for the negotiations on our future relationship with the EU and they will approve the treaties governing that relationship before the government signs them and while the talks with the opposition did not reach a comprehensive agreement we did make significant progress in a number of areas like on workers rights I'm absolutely committed to the UK continuing to leave the way on this issue but I understand people who want to guarantees and I'm happy to give them so the new brexit deal will offer new safeguards to ensure these standards are always met we will introduce a new workers rights bill to ensure UK workers enjoy rights that are every bit as good as or better than those provided for by EU rules and we will discuss further amendments with trade unions and businesses the new brexit deal will also guarantee there will be no change in the level of Environmental Protection when these EU and we will establish a new independent office of Environmental Protection to uphold the highest environmental standards and enforcement clients the new Rexach deal will also place a legal duty on the government to seek as close to frictionless trade with the EU in goods as possible subject to being outside the single market and ending freedom of movement in order to deliver this the UK will maintain common rules with the EU for goods and agri-food products that are relevant Czech supporter this will be particularly important for our manufacturing firms and trade unions protecting thousands of jobs that depend on just-in-time supply chains the most difficult area is the question of customs at the heart of delivering grexit lies attention between the strength of our ambition to seize the new opportunities that brexit presents and the need to protect the jobs and prosperity that are built on interconnected relationship with other european economies this ambition should not be divisive there are many people who voted to leave who also want to retain close trading links with Europe just as there are many people like myself who voted to remain a debtor excited by the new opportunities the brexit presents indeed I believe one of the great opportunities of leaving the European Union is the ability to have an independent trade policy and to benefit from the new jobs and industries that can result from deepening our trade ties with partners across every continent of the world but I've never believed that this should come at the expense of the jobs and livelihoods that are sustained by our existing trade with the EU and to protect these both the government and the opposition agree that we must have as close as possible to frictionless trade at the UK EU border now the government has already put a proposal which delivers the benefits of a customs union but with the ability for the UK to determine its own trade and development policy neighbor are both skeptical of our ability to negotiate that and don't believe an independent trade policy is in the national interest they would prefer a comprehensive customs union with a UK say entry entry policy but with the EU negotiating on our part if we're going to pass withdrawal agreement bill and to deliver brexit we must resolve this difference as part of the cross party discussions the government offered a compromise option of a temporary customs union on goods only including UK say in relevant EU trade policy and an ability to change the arrangement so a future government could move it in its preferred direction we were not able to agree this as part of our cross party talks so it is right that Parliament should have the opportunity to resolve this during the passage of the bill and decide between the government's proposal and a compromise option and so the government will commit in law to let Parliament decide this issue and to reflect the outcome of this process in legislation I've also listened carefully to those who've been arguing for a second referendum I've made my own view on this be clear on many time many times I do not believe this is a route that we should take because I think we should be implementing the result of the first referendum not asking the British people to vote in a second one but I recognize the genuine and sincere strength of feeling across the house on his inflation issue the government will therefore include in the withdrawal agreement bill an introduction a requirement to vote on whether to hold a second referendum and this must take place before the withdrawal agreement can be ratified and if the House of Commons were to vote for a referendum it would be requiring the government to make provisions for such a referendum including legislation if it wanted to ratify the withdrawal agreement so to those MPs who want a second referendum to come the deal you need a deal and therefore withdrawal agreement bill to make it happen so let it have its second reading and then make your case to Parliament finally we cannot expect MPs to vote on the same two documents they previously rejected so we will seek changes to political declaration to reflect this commune deal so our new brexit do makes of 10-point offer to everyone in parliament who wants to deliver the result of the referendum one the government will seek to conclude alternative arrangements to replace the backstop high December 2020 so that it never needs to be used to a commitment that should the backstop come into force the government will ensure that Great Britain will stand aligned with warn Ireland through the negotiating objectives and final treaties for our future relationship with the EU will have to be approved by MPs for a new workers rights bill the guarantees workers rights will be no less favorable than in the EU five will be no change in the level of environmental protection when we leave the EU six the UK will seek as close to frictionless trade in goods with the EU as possible while outside the single market and ending free movement 7 will keep up-to-date with EU rules for goods and agri-food products that are relevant to checks at border protecting the thousands of jobs that depend on just-in-time supply chains 8 the government will bring forward a customs compromise for MPS to decide on to break the deadlock 9 who will be a vote for MPs on whether the deal should be subject to a referendum and 10 will be a legal duty to secure changes to the political declaration let this new deal all of these commitments will be guaranteed in law so they will endure at least for this pond the revised deal will deliver on the result of the referendum and overly by voting for withdrawal agreement bill that second reading come MPs provide the vehicle Parliament needs to determine how we eat the EU so if MPs vote against the second reading of this bill they are voting to stop brexit if they do so the consequences could hardly be greater reject this deal and leaving the EU with a negotiated deal any time soon will be dead in the water and what would we do then some suggest leaving without a deal but whatever you think of that outcome Parliament has been clear it will do all it can to stop it if not No Deal that it have to be a general election or a second referendum that could lead to revocation and lower exit at all who believes that a general election at this moment when we still not yet delivered on what people instructed us to do is in the national interest I do not my views on second referendum are well known look at what this debate is doing to our politics extending it for months more perhaps indefinitely risked opening the door to a nightmare future of permanently polarized politics look around the world and consider the health of liberal democrat democratic politics and look across the United Kingdom and consider the impact of failing to deliver on the clear instruction of the British people in a lawful referendum we do not have to take that path instead we can deliver brexit all the changes I've set out today have the simple aim of building support in Parliament to do that I believe that is a majority do we one for a brexit deal comments by parsing a deal we can actually get brexit done and move our country forward if we can do so I passionately believe that we can seize the opportunities that I know lie ahead the world is changing fast our young people will enjoy enjoy opportunities in the future that my generation could never have dreamed of this is a great time to be alive a great future awaits the United Kingdom and we have all we need as a nation to make your success if we're trying to 20s the 2030s but we will not do so as long as our politics remain stuck in an endless debate on brexit we all have to take some responsibility for the fact that we're in the same class and we all have a responsibility to do what we can to get out of it the biggest problem with Britain today is its politics and who can fix that with the right grexit deal we can end this corrosive debate we can get out of the EU political structures the Parliament the Commission the Council of Ministers that are emotionalize under our own environment back in sovereign control of our destiny we can stop British laws being enforced by a European Court and instead make our own Supreme Court genuinely supreme we can end free movement and design an immigration system based around skills that work for our economy and society we can stop making vast annual payments to the EU budget and instead instead spend our own money our own priorities like the NHS we can get out of the Common Fisheries Policy in the command of cultural policy design our own systems around our own needs and resources we can do all of these things and by leaving with a deal we can do so much more besides by reaching an agreement with our new trading partners we can keep tariff barriers down and goods flowing friction-free across borders protecting jobs and setting our firms up the future yes we can guarantee workers rights and environmental protections with a deal we can keep our close security partnerships and keep working together to keep people safe we can ensure that the challenge of the bad border between Northern Ireland to dial it is met in a way that works of people on both sides this is a huge opportunity for the United Kingdom out of the EU out of ever closer Union free to do things differently and doing so in a way that protects jobs protects our security maintains a close relationship with our friends and works the whole United Kingdom it is practical it is responsible it is deliverable right now it is slipping away from us we risk losing a great opportunity this deal is not the final word on our future relationship with the EU it is a stepping stone to reach that future a future where the people of the UK determine the road ahead for the country we all love this deal lays the groundwork and settles many of the core issues but in the years ahead Parliament will be able to debate decide and refine the exact nature of our relationship with the EU some will want us to draw closer others will want to become more different both sides can make their case in the months and years ahead the key thing is decisions will be made not by any peas or Commissioners or the EU Council but by the United Kingdom Parliament elected by the British people that is what being an independent nation state is all about those debates those decisions are for the future what matters now is honoring the result of the referendum and seizing the opportunity which is right before us so we all needed a new offer to find common ground in Parliament that is now the only way to deliver brexit over the next two weeks the government will be making the case for this deal in Parliament and media and in the country on what is best and right for our country now and in the future and on what the majority of British people of all political persuasions want to see happen tomorrow I made a statement to the House of Commons and then we opportunity is throughout the bill for MPs on all sides to have their say but I say with conviction to every MP of every party I have compromised now I asked you to compromise to we've been given a clear instruction by the people we are supposed to represent so hope you find a way to honor that instruction move our country and our politics forward and build the better future that all of us want to see thank you now the student I'm sequestrants from the media and thank you mr. lawrence berkeley of c– news and as you said that they're getting of your speech you've had nearly three years the opposition parties have already said they will not vote for this deal isn't it simply too late now for you to be offering a compromising video please simply don't want to listen and secondly can you confirm that if this bill is lost you will do well on the second part of your question or that was last week's news and i set out our agendas what to what what will be happening the on the first point that you make i would say to every MP and I've set this actually I'll make it straight into the House of Commons tomorrow we will be publishing the bill wait and look at the details of the bill and think about the importance of delivering brexit because this is the way that we can ratify an agreement and ensure that we leave the European Union that must be at the forefront of our thinking and as I said I think this is the opportunity we have to do just that so look at the details of this bill if I say I compromised I think I asked others to compromise too so that together we can do what the British people voted for in the referendum and we really do that's Prime Minister whatever happens now with your brexit bill you have promised to stand down as Prime Minister would you like to see a brexit ear replace you or do you think that that would just prolong the polarization of politics that you've just spoken off nice try best but my view is I'm not going to comment on the future a future leadership reduction that will be a matter for the Conservative Party in all of its parts I see let's see sorry I'll give you my solution places are where you said you said but you will give me the opportunity to vote on whether to have a so-called confirmatory referendum does that mean you are giving a commitment that if they vote for that referendum there will be a referendum and you also said look you will give any they vote on whether the UK should remain in a permanent customs union without the ability to negotiate trade deals with other countries again is this a commitment that if they vote for that that is what a Conservative government would negotiate was I said in the speech obviously and as we take these issues through the through the House of Commons what the House of Commons will be saying is what they want to see in the in the final bill and if you want a deal it's about ratifying the bill but I do have to pick you up Robert on in fact that you said that I had said there would be a compromise solution of a permanent customs union on the table no I didn't I said a temporary customs union which would enable a future government to take the Russkies arrangement in whichever direction it wished wish to do so Francis for instance over from the times you've taken a case to the country over the next two weeks there are elections on Thursday when we actually see the bill 37 clauses and the new are you committing to publishing the bill before recess we'll be publishing the bill in the next few days and as I say I would ask people to wait and look at the details of what is in the bill and as I say this is the opportunity that people have to deliver on brexit what does the bill do it enables us to get out of there EU it enables us to take that control of our money our borders and our laws and that's what people voted for that's what this bill would enable people to do maybe courier from the mirror and Prime Minister you came into number 10 i'ma sing to deliver brexit and to put the issue of Europe to bed wants to prove Conservative Party how successful do you think you've been in doing that well patiently obviously I just said my speech I haven't connected it for exit this is about what I'm doing today is about setting out what I believe is a new brexit deal that can command majority across the House of Commons and that can enable us to do just that because it's not just my responsibility to deliver brexit I believe it's the responsibility of the whole of the House of Commons to deliver that grexit we gave the British people the choice in the referendum the House of Commons and the government at the time trading would abide by the decision the House of Commons vote each trigger article 50 the House of Commons passed the initial withdrawal Act that set the scene for us being able to withdraw when he had a deal and the legislation would be new legislation will be necessary to put that deal into place and now we have the opportunity while confirming that brexit by passing this by passing this bill I'll take one last question from Jason chasing ghosts in the Daily Mail some of your colleagues seem to be opposed to this not because necessarily what's in it but because it's you who's doing the asking what do you say to those who now think it's your duty and international interest for you to step aside and let someone else have a go before this whole thing is even worse on the on that issue of myself as I said to Jinora you know the situation as I said have as we said last week following my discussions with try and channel 22 look I say this isn't just about me if it was just about me and how I voted we don't read have left the European Union actually this is about a responsibility across the whole of the House of Commons for us to come together and find a way onto of delivering on the instruction people gave us people want us to leave the EU we need to deliver that this deal enables the House of Commons to do that to come together to support the withdrawal agreement and ensure that we leave the European Union thank you [Applause]

Nigel Farage: Let's change politics for good this Thursday! Rally for Democracy, London, 21.05.2019

Views:9703|Rating:4.90|View Time:1:18:3Minutes|Likes:711|Dislikes:15 | @BrexitParty_UK
• Brexit Party Rally, Kensington Olympia, London, 21.05.2019

• Speakers in order of appearance:
– Richard Tice, Brexit Party Chairman, MEP candidate (Eastern) @TiceRichard
– Ann Widdecombe, MEP candidate (South West) @WiddecombeAnn
– Václav Klaus, former President of the Czech Republic (Watch related video ‘Václav Klaus stands up for Freedom’:
– Nigel Farage MEP (South East), Brexit Party Leader, President of the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy Group (EFDD) in the European Parliament – @Nigel_Farage

• Video source:

• Full list of Brexit Party candidates for the European Elections:

you are here today and the birth catalogue of a new role in British politics and welcome to the rectum politics we tell them we're going and if they don't understand it we can talk to Yunker in a language which he does understand and and we can say news are long monsieur news are long I joined the Conservative Party in 1984 this is not a decision I have made lightly to leave a party for which I have fought at every election since 1987 from Maggie Thatcher through to raise a mane I know which one I'd rather have representing us now a letter addressed to me owned it up and it was in very spidery and writing and the author of the letter said dear mr. Parrish during the war I served in Bomber Command on many missions over occupied Europe he said I can tell you you only start getting flak when you're getting near and the target please welcome to the stage all the brexit party candidates [Applause] [Applause] you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the idea that you should have a second referendum would be incredibly damaging most of all to the trust in democracy from people up and down this country the mood of the country of growing fury and anger and frustration I don't think people in Westminster and central London have got any idea what's out there and what may happen the people are confident in how great we are as a nation what we're talking about is the opportunity to be free again free to be a self-determination and that's what the people want leave leave means leave doesn't mean leave with a deal will leave with a bad deal we must not and we will not allow this complete and utter shambles in Westminster to continue we all know that the UK can do so much better than this please welcome to the stage richard theis it's just like another two's delight in West London isn't it it's fantastic to see so many people here this evening I think I've come to the right party do we believe in bricks it when do we want it I have to say you're a lot more friendly than the Electoral Commission that I spend some hours with earlier goodness me anyway it's fantastic to have everybody here and first of all I'd like to give a huge thank you to our incredible candidates who worked so hard during the recent weeks they have they have been absolutely incredible most of them have never stood for public office before but they were brave enough to put their head above the parapet and to say enough is enough and some of the abuse the vitriol the appalling signs that have been painted on walls and posters and things is utterly disgraceful now it's hard to believe we've been going for just over five weeks I hope you'll agree with me we have been quite busy and hopefully on the screen we can see the video that we announced our launch video at that press conference in a factory in the Midlands in Coventry just over five weeks ago we have been betrayed that is why I set up the brexit party it's why we're gonna fight the European elections on May the 23rd and that is just the beginning of what is needed in this country democracy is under threat and when politicians failed to deliver there must be consequences I was too young to vote in 2016 but now I support the brexit party because I believe in delivering on democracy it's time to recognize that actually we are an incredible nation standing on our right to be heard successful hard-working so much to be confident enthusiastic and optimistic about that's why I'm supporting the present party we are a single nation we wish to remain a nation they must adhere to the promises made for people let's be optimistic for the benefit of our children and grandchildren you want a home and you're a brexit here you join the brexit party now we can move so much better than currently we're guessing from our members of parliament we want to be an independent self-governing nation making its own laws controlling its own board and be proud of who we are as a people join us hopeless supporters do what you can for us we need change in this country and we need it now Britain's needs the brexit party and the Flexi party needs you [Applause] more from nigel later I have to tell you he's on fantastic form he really is he's been brilliant I've had him in training anyway the truth is ladies and gentlemen that we all know that our country can do so much better but instead we've been utterly completely and totally humiliated humiliated by incompetent leadership incapable negotiators and MPs who want to do dirty dodgy nasty useless backroom deals and we here today the ultimate ultimate betrayal from someone that I suppose we still have to call our prime minister for a while so how long has she known how long has she known that she was gonna offer a second referendum as part of a way to try and bribe and blackmail MPs into signing this appalling deal [Applause] it's an absolute disgrace but now the truth is out indeed the truth is out we now know what this Prime Minister really stands for she doesn't believe in anything except remaining in number 10 for that little bit longer but we are the brexit party we're full of hope we're full of optimism full of ambition because we know that things need to change we stand for capable common-sense competent politics we've got to take on the establishment we've got to take on the vested interests of the big multinationals the CBI and a civil service that have simply proven themselves not up to their job we we simply need much better people to come into politics and that's why it's been so amazing to work with these candidates the quality of these candidates I have no doubt is the highest quality candidates that have ever stood for public office in this country in a generation and ladies and gentlemen when we say when we say that we're gonna change politics for good we mean it we've opened our website for applications for parliamentary candidates so we hope the lots more fantastic capable able people will put themselves forward because we all know that brexit is a huge huge opportunity it's not a problem to be mitigated it's an opportunity to be embraced with enthusiasm with ambition with confidence and with belief but there's not a lot of that in the two main parties and what we've seen in this process is the two-party system in the United Kingdom is broken [Applause] it's time for change and unlike others we haven't been changing our name every other week so what we need to do though it's absolutely vital ladies and gentlemen we're doing ok but my word we've got to get the vote out on Thursday we have got to win and we need to win big that means that all of you please don't forget don't go on a holiday spread the word get the vote out and your family your friends your dog's your friend ur friends anybody that you can talk to we've got to get the vote out we've got to send that very clear message now I just need to do a quick straw poll hands up all of you who are registered supporters it's a pretty good start but I reckon there's a few of you who are still holding back no excuses ladies and gentlemen it's a minimum of 25 quid and don't believe any nonsense you hear from the media we need your support and we need it now and so whilst they call me the chairman the realities are no worst and I'm actually just the warm-up act we have three incredible speakers this evening the first of whom needs little introduction but it's fair to say that she's had a number of phases to her career like me she was a member of a certain other political party but we saw the light she was an MP for that political party for 23 years that was really just her warm up things then she realized that actually we all needed educating about dancing so she went on Strictly Come Dancing this was phase 2 now not being enough a bit of Celebrity Big Brother before the big important challenge in her life to be part of the brexit party we're so thrilled that she has joined our campaign our party and has been such a fantastic speaker campaigner and advocate before we welcome and to the stage let's just see her on the video former conservative minister and Widdecombe has announced that she will stand for Nigel Farage's brexit party and lifelong Conservative Ann Widdecombe has today announced that she is coming out of retirement the whole nation is fed up to the back teeth and just wants a resolution is unjust the seventeen point four million who have been betrayed it is also generations to come now if they have their way will not grow up in an independent self-governing country the National good comes first and that's what everybody out there is saying I'm not fluffy as in Parliament just aren't hearing if we get worn down if we can't get it to you all then just call the whole thing off no there is against democracy believes in its will is more important than the will of the people I shall focus on one thing delivering what the people voted for please welcome to the stage and Widdecombe [Applause] right ladies right ladies and gentlemen I'm just going to ask you a few questions the first one is if we stay in the EU will we stay in control of our own laws and the second is is it possible both to be in the EU and to control our own borders and is it possible to be in the EU and to control our own trade and finally is it possible to be in the EU and to be governed by our own democratically elected government well those four knows ladies and gentlemen are the answer to people who say that we did not know what we were voting for we knew exactly what we were voting for and we also know what the remains were voting for they want us to have no control over our own laws our own borders our own trade or to be governed by our own democratically elected government that was what they were voting for how could anybody with an ounce of pride in Britain vote for that and we were promised faithfully promised in 2016 that whatever was decided in that referendum would be upheld and they didn't stop there in 2017 both major parties stood on manifestos which said that we would have a brexit and what is more Teresa mais manifesto went further it's said in black and white that no deal was better than a bad deal and they have spent the last two years Renne aging on those manifestos and then people say to us why haven't we got a manifesto what is the point of having manifestos when you abandon them at the first inconvenience well you know I think this is the message we send to Westminster they have a choice either they let Britain leave the EU or we will make sure they leave Westminster [Applause] Thursday Thursday is not the end it is the beginning it is the beginning of getting true democracy back into this country it is the beginning of making sure that we are governed with competence with openness and with fairness and above all it is the beginning of making sure that it is the people's will that is implemented not the will of those who go against us [Applause] you know the problem is really very simple we have a nation which wants to leave the EU and we have a parliament which wants to remain in the EU well we have to show them who's the boss and it is both parties Jeremy Corbyn produced a manifesto jeremy corbyn produced a manifesto that said very clearly that the results of the referendum would be implemented and although it's quite true that the government has made a complete and utter mess of brexit they couldn't have done it without the full cooperation of the Labour Party I mean there we were immediately after the local elections we weren't even standing and yet people were writing us in on their ballot papers and the thing I enjoyed most was the expression on jeremy corbyn's face they'd been boasting that they were going to make 400 gains and they made 82 losses and that was the Prime Minister's opportunity she should have said Jeremy look we're both in big trouble we have to deliver brexit instead of which she said to him Oh Jeremy what would you like would you like a customs union Oh certainly would you like to stay aligned to the single market Oh certainly to be governed by EU law Oh Jeremy just told me how much of the EU law you want us to be governed by you know I said at the beginning of this campaign that we had the worst prime minister since Anthony Eden well I apologized to Anthony Eden how often have you heard that if we leave the EU everything is going to be chaos do you remember that we were told if we even dared to vote to leave the EU everything was going to be chaos in fact if we leave the EU we have a really bright future ahead of us we can be part of the globe instead of part of some terrible strong protectionist bloc which actually thwarts economic development economic enterprise and our trade with the rest of the world oh we're told we can't possibly trade if we're not part of the EU how many countries aren't part of the EU and have they all stopped trading the fact is we do not need the EU the EU is a burden nobody can tell me as they sometimes try but that really we are free to make our own laws because I spent seven years as a government minister and I know how impossible it was for us to pass any law that the EU did not want and how impossible it was for us to resist any law from them that we did not want that is the reality a gentleman called giver hofstadt thinks we are a colony well I would say this to him colonies have a rather disconcerting habit of revolting and when they have revolted and when they have regained their independence they can also have a habit about stripping their former masters just ask America so our aim on Thursday is twofold the first is we have to send a message which will terrify us monster a message which they can only interpret one way which is that their future actually depends on Britain's future being outside the EU that is the first message and the second message we have to send them is we are not going to go away this is not just about Thursday this is making sure that Britain leaves the EU and has a proud free independent future and we will stay around as long as it takes to deliver that now I spend 55 years in a certain other party and during that time I did all the campaigning or the canvassing all the street markets all the public meetings and I never in those whole 55 years saw energy and commitment as I have seen during this campaign from our supporters so let's build on that energy build on that commitment after Thursday comes Peterborough and after Peterborough comes the next general election so thank you ladies and gentlemen for your commitment to a free independent Britain and let's remember that is what it is about it is not about a party it is about a country and a cause [Applause] Wow [Applause] Wow that isn't gentlemen if that's not the definition of an inspiration I don't know what is truly inspiring Thank You Anne [Applause] and an quite rightly referred to the opportunities that we can take on the global stage and let anybody be a no doubt a vote for the brexit party is a vote for a WTO brexit because we know we know the opportunities that that will present we know that that gives us the maximum negotiating leverage we know that No Deal is always better than a bad deal but let people be under no illusion either a vote for the brexit party is a vote that some of our elected MVPs should play a significant role in the future negotiating team because we have the skills in this team we have the skills the expertise and the wisdom unlike and of course we have the belief and the passion unlike civil servants who were sent in to do a job they didn't believe in and surprise surprise they did a useless woeful appalling job in terms of being on the global stage and move on to our next speaker our guest speaker this evening who is the former prime minister and president of the Czech Republic a staunch euro skeptic a passionate defender of democracy and the nation-state the author doesn't believe in political correctness that sounds that sounds popular before we welcome president Klaus to the stage is fantastically having with us let's just see him an action on the video he was born during the Nazi occupation he lived during the communist regime he fought against the EU in order to defend his people and democracy some people who take freedom and democracy for granted are not able to understand I don't need the European unification would you be ready to to get rid of your government and to create a and different government there was one wonderful bright uplifting moment during the Czech presidency and I have of course referring to the visit of václav Klaus what a wonderful speech that was coming into this chamber and telling a few home truths and pointing out that European parliamentarians and leaders are not listening to the peoples of Europe at which 200 of you got up and walked out of the room I definitely tried to keep the Czech Republic as a sovereign country as a free country Europe needs a radical political process the brakes it needs a brexit party it is great that Nigel Farah please welcome to the stage that of Klaus [Applause] ladies and gentlemen dear dear brexit friends I am extremely honored extremely pleased to be asked to come here this evening and to address political gathering I must tell you that that I am not used to speak abroad I brought I speak quite often but not on such political campaign you realize and so it's not that easy for me [Applause] you know in a foreign language and especially after such an incredible speaker you know I am afraid I can't I can't compete I would like to start the saying something what you should know and you probably don't know that you have many friends in the Czech Republic many friends generally and many friends connected this brexit that's very that's very important I have to tell you that in the moment when we first heard the results of the of the brexit referendum many checks opened champagne bottles it was it was a great event not just for you for us as well you know we considered considerated not only your victory it was a victory of all European Democrats it was an important message [Applause] it was the brexit referendum was not only about Great Britain I must tell you it was it was about Europe as a whole and in this respect it was about the Czech Republic as well so many things for that we read each video Czechs have are in many respects the same or similar critics of the EU arrangements of the EU post democracy of the UNAM sensitivity and arrogance of the EU non-democratic substance we similarly we similarly as you want to make decisions about ourselves about our country in Prague the same as you want to make decisions about your country here in one room not in Brussels it is it is it is that it is that simple all other interpretations wrong and purposefully misleading your brexit decision was a historic event it changed it changed Europe it was also a fatal blow to the pride of all European mandarins to the pride of the whole European Union nomenklatura many people however from green supposed that brexit has been achieved just by the referendum they were wrong the political elites didn't want to accept didn't want to accept the proxy decisions and they didn't want to find a positive solution they wanted to punish to denigrate to humiliate Great Britain as much as possible [Applause] they also wanted to demonstrate to all of us in the rest of Europe in all other EU member states that there is no friendly exit from the EU and that especially that especially the small countries don't have a chance to leave the EU that was their ambition to demonstrate [Applause] the EU behavior ask for a resolute clear and decisive British stance it to our great regret and I am sure to your great regret didn't come such as your country goes and stays divided was instead hesitant your politicians were not able to react they probably didn't expect such a merciless and ruthless EU behavior [Applause] not not to expect it was however a great mistake as I look at it from from from crack at the distance the British main political parties totally failed and they totally failed and betrayed and abandoned the British citizens their voters it had however one positive side effect by doing it by behaving in this way they probably underling Lee created the brexit party they they created you and they helped you very much in this respect I know that you didn't plan you didn't extend to participate in these European elections but I am sorry to say you have to without you without my good friend Nigel Faraj without without the whole brexit part in the British I'm afraid the British indecisiveness would continue you have to win the elections and to get and to get a strong commitment date to influence the political stance political stances of your country Bonham last remark I have a relatively recent 27 years ago experience visa special exit some of you may remember 27 years ago Czechoslovakia was divided into two parts now Czech Republic and Slovakia it was a sort of exit it was a Slovak exit from the Czechoslovak Federation and I was the main organizer of that split of that order decision [Applause] always I always suggested that I could voluntarily come to London to help you with Swiss brexit but you didn't you didn't ask me however so you didn't ask me however but what we learn what we learn we learned one important thing we both the Czech part and the Slovaks wanted to find a solution that was totally different situations because in your case just Great Britain wanted to find a solution whereas the EU nomenklatura didn't want it so that was a big difference dear dear Roxy friends you should in the first coming elections you should give to all of us that you should give the whole rest of Europe a good example many Europeans need it and many are waiting for it don't disappoint them [Applause] to be here the zoo tonight thank you very much for your attention [Applause] [Applause] thank you thank you so much president Klaus for your support for your encouragement for your advice and for your wisdom and their ladies and gentlemen is proof of the international recognition of the brexit party proof of the opportunities that awaits us if we do a proper WTO brexit and so and so to our final speaker well well he needs looking introduction it's fair to say that he's had a fairly significant impact on British politics indeed he is without question the most influential politician but has had an influence on British history British politics since I believe the Second World War and I talked earlier about the courage of our candidates but the bravery and the courage of Nigel Farage over the last 25 years who has the original the original brexit area see the original brexit ear he has battled through abuse through vitriol through threats his own personal safety and that of his family and we saw that again just yesterday in wait hood absolutely Newcastle absolutely appalling behavior by sore losers so it's fantastic before we welcome him to the stage let's just watch Nigel in action on the screen Cameron said that leaflet through every home in the country which said whatever the results we will implement the decision I was elected back in 1999 20 years I've served over there 20 years that I've stood up in that chamber we woke up on that beautiful morning of the 24th of June 2016 and despite everything despite what we've been told we voted to leave and what we've seen ever since then is the most willful persistent deliberate betrayal of the greatest democratic exercise ever made in the history of this country it is a disgrace whether you promise fight both of those parties when it went into British law yes mrs. May I admit I made a mistake I did not believe that a vicar's daughter could be so willfully duplicitous with the British nation as you've been if we win these elections and win them big that something starts to matter again a word that we actually made huge sacrifices twice in the twentieth century to defend the very notion of democracy it is democracy itself will has been betrayed we must fight for it when the two mainstream parties tell us trust us we will deliver never again will we trust them what we've got to do is take off a two-party system but it's letting down this country we've got to take along because I'm part of change politics for good you with us please welcome to the stage Nigel Farage hello Wow you know we only launched this party five and a half weeks ago and in that space of time we've managed to assemble this fantastic team of candidates to put before the British electorate we've managed we've managed in five and a half weeks to go to the head of the opinion polls that's not bad is it we've managed in five and a half weeks not just to frighten the establishment oh no they're not frightened they're absolutely terrified [Applause] but perhaps most important of all what we've managed to do in those five and a half weeks since we launched in that factory in Coventry is we've managed to give millions and millions of people in this country who were frustrated upset angry on the point of saying they may never engage with the democratic process again so sick to death were they of the shenanigans in Westminster and you know what we've given them in the brexit party we've given them hope optimism and belief in this country and even ever-growing process but it's worth it's worth reminding ourselves of why we're here I mean I can scarcely believe that I'm here 20 years I've been in that European part of it 20 years of getting up one or two of you may have seen my speeches I don't know 20 years of getting up giving my always helpful constructive speeches over there oh now I think mr. Van Rompuy rather enjoyed it really 20 years of taking on him and mr. Jung Curran Donald Erskine Michel barley and/or I've got better than that giver hofstadt 20 years of doing my bit but 20 years of trying to do myself out of a job 20 years of being mature key that always wanted to vote for Christmas so I never imagined I'd be standing in these elections and come to think of it if I've given them a tough time over there what do they get when it comes you to do when she gets there they won't know what hit him they won't know what hit him but look the reason we're here is very simple we had that realm doing the best for eat soup we're doing this is because after that astonishing referendum when remember project fear was in full mode wasn't it we had that Chancellor George Osborne telling us that half a million jobs would go immediately there'd be an emergency budget taxes would go up house prices would crash foreign direct investment would cease to come into our nation trade would collapse plagues of black locusts would descend upon our land we had that then they even shipped in that they thought this was their big card I won't say trump card but he did come from America and he was called President Obama remember that our best ally in the world and their leader came and told us we'd go to the back of the queue if we voted for brexit we had of course we were lucky though lucky in the referendum that we have a state broadcaster in this country well I'm sure you're all delighted paying your 150 pounds a year to the BBC aren't you I'm surprised I mean personally I'm a particular fan of the Andrew Marr show I can tell you but despite media bias despite project fear despite it all we voted for brexit and we did so by a large and clear majority of 1.3 million and remember remember that David Cameron do you remember David Cameron David Cameron told us in that leaflet that went through every door in the land that our will would be implemented and then we had a general election in which both the conservative and Labour Party's promised us that if we voted for them they would honour the result of the referendum and 498 members of parliament voted for article 50 and it went into British law and it said we would leave the European Union on march on March thank you we would leave the EU on March the 29th with or Oh deal with or without a deal and that became part of British law and I have to tell you that I made without doubt the biggest political mistake of my life because I believed it was going to happen I believe they would deliver I'm sure most of you believed they would deliver because after all we are supposed to be a democratic country and yet as the months went by from mrs. May coming back with her checkers deal all the way through her constant rejections by the House of Commons oh and by the way have you seen what she's done this afterno I mean just when you think she can't sink any lower she comes back and surprises as I mean now she surrendered eventually everything surrendered to the customs union surrendered the single market rolls oh and the icing on the cake if you vote for her deal there's a chance of having a second referendum if there are any conservatives out there who are you're a skeptic who believe in the democratic process they were half thinking about voting for Mays Conservatives on Thursday in the European elections you've just been told you are not wanted but I know where they can go the brakes their party no I I watched I watched this slow-motion betrayal and I realized as March the 29th approached that we simply weren't going to leave and I thought of myself I've spent I was unbelievable really but I've spent 25 years of my life campaigning for us to be a free and independent country [Applause] I thought through much of it that I might become the patron saint of lost causes but I kept on going and having seen having seen what Parliament was going to do and by the way both parties here are as guilty as each other make no doubt about that so I had a decision to make would I would I allow myself to simply be rolled over by the political process or would I stand up and fight and I decided I would stand up and fight and that is why I founded the brexit party it's why we're here today [Applause] yeah [Applause] well I'm pleased that you're pleased but clearly not everybody is pleased I said to you earlier that the establishment were terrified and of course what they cannot believe what they cannot comprehend is that we have managed in the space of five and a half weeks to get over a hundred thousand people to pay 25 pounds online and to give money to the brexit party wasn't achievement that is in this country but not content with that not content with that they've decided to go on an all-out attack and yesterday we saw Gordon Brown attack attack the potential financial probity of the brexit party units right Gordon Brown let's work this out for a moment Joey Gordon Brown attacked our financial probity this is the man who say he did well down your what really you should be up here ready sir Gordon Brown the man who sold who told the world the dates on which he would do it and sold 400 metric tons of gold at two hundred and seventy dollars an ounce Thank You Gordon Brown for that but we're still Gordon Brown who along with Tony Blair how does their chief fundraiser how does their chief fundraiser Lord levy when and I'll try my best not to be sued for libel here when shall we say an astonishing number of labour donors went to the House of Lords and he has the effrontery to attack us for our funding it's outrageous please you behave like that and of course surprise surprise an hour after Gordon Brown a taxes guess what happens the Electoral Commission announced that they're going to mount a dawn raid on the offices of the brexit party whatever just tell you this for a fact all right we have a team of four professionally trained accountants looking after the money we're not stupid we know what to do and last week last week we met the Electoral Commission and they said our processes were correct they had no concerns indeed we said to them would you come into our offices and look at our systems they said no we haven't got time before the election we asked them to put in writing we asked them to put in writing the fact that our process of book were good but they didn't decide to take us up on it and blow me down in turn up this morning Elcom at 10 o'clock this morning now it was decided that I might not be the best person to greet them that was a good call so Richard got the job and can I tell you after seven hours today in the office the Electoral Commission have not found a single misdeed by the brexit party [Applause] so let's let's make it clear shall we let's make it clear to the conspiracy theorists to those who think somehow the Russians are funding us let's make it clear the media where our money comes from would you please put up your hand if you've paid your 25 pounds to be there we are that or I better do it as well of no really that is where our money is coming from it's coming from this growing mass movement of people who are excited energetic optimistic and realize we will get brexit but we just have to stand up and fight for it again [Applause] Turo there are other aspects there are other aspects of the campaign that have been slightly unpleasant but I'm not even going to dignify the behavior of that your bow yesterday by talking about it we will simply move on but why vote for the brexit party on Thursday well I think this is now about far more than leaving the European Union this is now about a bigger more fundamental question of democracy are we are we a democratic country do we trust our political class and how do you think the rest of the world now sees us mrs. may by her constant abject surrenders to these unelected bully boys in Brussels has humiliated our nation and I've had enough of it let's stand up and be proud of who we are vote vote for the brexit party this Thursday and if the brexit party can win this Thursday and if the brexit body can win well this Thursday we put back on the table for that new deadline of the 31st of October Halloween trick or treaty but we if we win this election well we put back on the table for that date our exit on WT o terms [Applause] if we win if we win we win big on Thursday we will kill off any prospect of Parliament forcing a second referendum upon us because they know they won't lose if we vote for the brexit party and we win on Thursday we demand given that democratic mandates that people out of this team people who've got competence people who've been in business people who do deals for a living unlike the career politicians on our front benches and we demand that we are part of that negotiating team to make sure that we do leave the European Union on the 31st of October we must be part of that process and if we win if we win well we win big on Thursday there are a couple of really nice little bonuses that will be attached the first is we will quickly get rid of the worst most duplicity and I still disagree with that Widdecombe she's not the worst Prime Minister since Anthony Eden she's the worst Prime Minister in the history of our nation she'll be God and you never know you never know given the way we are smashing the Labour vote in Wales and in the Midlands and in the north of England you never though a bit brexit win may get rid of Jeremy Corbyn as well how about that [Applause] what a deal full a deal buy one get one free how about that but I will never I will never make the same mistake that I made again I keep being asked well what will happen when the Conservative Party have a new leader what will happen if somebody like Boris becomes leader Boris Johnson said that mrs. Mays new treaty would lead us to vassalage it would lead us to be a slave state in fact I thought steady on a beneath using language even stronger than I am what's going on here and then what happened what happened on the third time mrs. Mae brought it back to the House of Commons despite all he'd said and all he done he voted for it what I've learnt what I've learned is you cannot trust the political class in this country we must not trust the political class in this country [Applause] and that actually actually the two-party system doesn't work anymore politics is broken somebody us the brexit party has the challenge and break that two-party system that is what we have to do and we need major reform major reform we got to get rid of a House of Lords that is full of 700 of Mr Blair Mr Blair and Mr Cameron's cronies oh and the electoral commission filled up with political policemen and women all of whom are remainders all of whom are part of that Westminster establishment I think they should all be replaced and more representative of this country we need we need we need wholesale political change we're the only party fighting this European election with a clear distinctive message we are saying we must leave we must leave on the 31st of October this year we must leave with or without any form of Trade Agreement because we demand nothing less than this country being a self-governing independent proud nation who governs herself chooses her own alliances and friendships around the world and look at the advantages we have 2.4 billion people living in the Commonwealth let's reach out to them let's reach out to a bigger world and anyone who thinks anybody thinks the what I'm asking is for you to go out and protest on Thurs maybe think I'm asking you to go out and stick up two fingers to the establishment on Thursday well there's good reason of course to stick up two fingers to the establishment but actually I've not asked you to do that I'm asking you to vote for us on Thursday as the first step to fundamentally changing politics for good in this country we are attempting we are attempting and it is by far the most ambitious thing I've ever done we are attempting a peaceful political revolution in this country it is needed it is needed it is needed with us thank you thank you [Applause] I did I think we can safely say ladies and gentlemen the training has paid off without question he's back and he wit plans to win now we've just got time for a few questions we could still have a bit of fun in politics it's a serious business but Marlene from the edgeware word she's put 40 quid on Nigel being the next prime minister and she wants to collect her winnings now I'll let Nigel get his breath back question for Anne Stephen from Epsom says what happens if the Prime Minister currently what happens if she gets some form of dodgy deal through with today's additional amendments and changes and any thoughts microphone gesture well it really is terribly simple a dodgy deal is not a brexit and if what they give us is a dodgy deal then we will make sure that we play dodgems too and we get them out [Applause] now this is a really good question that actually there hasn't been enough focus on and so our last Nigel about this John from Hampstead who says there's been no mention that remainders don't realize that staying in the EU means a more federal Europe and I think it is an important point to address oh it's not a federal Europe it's not a federal Europe it's actually a unitary centralized Europe run by people who the who you cannot vote for and you cannot remove it is fundamentally not just undemocratic it is we're not we're not and the black state party of all the political parties in Europe the brexit party is the clearest we are not anti European in any way at all we love Europe we love his people we love his countries we love his culture [Applause] we we love his cheese's we love it's whines what I do in particular but we want a Europe of independence sovereign Democratic States provided states are democratic they will never ever fight each other let us lead the way as the United Kingdom for a Europe of friends a Europe of neighbors but not a Europe of Yonkers and Barney as these people right so ladies gentlemen that's all we've got time for this evening let's have you all on your feet if you're not already what are the ones Rexy once Rexy Roxy will do thank you very much for coming have a very safe trip home [Applause] vote for the brexit RC on May the 23rd and let's change politics for good [Applause]

The Moggcast: Episode Twelve

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Might the Tories split? “I think this is up to the Prime Minister,” Jacob Rees-Mogg explains. Why it was improper to bypass Davis’ White Paper. And apologies to Popes Urban IV and Urban VI.

the mocha cast a fortnightly conversation with Jacob Riis MOG about the topics of the day welcome to another edition of the mock cast this is Paul Goodman editor of conservative home in conversation with Jacob Riis MOG Jacob I'm fighting myself ourselves in the position of the Red Queen wasn't as you know Alice in Wonderland who had to run to standstill because but the time our listeners hear this mock cast tomorrow morning I dare say more people will have resigned Scott man resigned as a PPS this morning I wanted to ask you these resignations are they being coordinated not by me and not as far as I know I think what is happening is that people have been reflecting on the white paper on the checkers deal and they've been speaking to their constituents I was campaigning on Saturday morning in the couch on High Street and everybody who came up to me was against the checkers deal some of them were against leaving the European Union altogether two of them actually and everyone else felt it wasn't delivering what had been voted for even if they had voted remain in the referendum they be come back to that I wrote I just wanted to stick with the resignations for a moment not coordinated by you and as far as you know not coordinated at all but they are coming out as a remarkably steady and spaced rate yes indeed but they're not coordinated by me and nobody said that he or she is coordinating them to me so if they are coordinated I don't know who is doing it all the customs bill amendments which again will have been tabled and debated and voted on by the time our listeners hear this mock cast could you just give a description because people will be listening to this tomorrow morning and catching up with the news could you explain what you're trying to do yes well the four amendments to some extent helped government policy two of them are completely in line with government policy that is to say the one that says that nor none and mustn't be in a different customs union from the rest of Great Britain that it must be part of a single United Kingdom whole that his government policy and it's just a suggestion that this should be in clear legislation rather than a government promise the next one that his government policy is on v80 and the v80 arrangements with the European Union a very particular and that that should not be replicated once we've left that again is government policy the third is not strictly government policy but is in line with what the government has done before in terms of Henry the eighth clauses so that should the government wish to remain in a customs union it would have to legislate for it with primary legislation in new Act of Parliament rather than using secondary means the fourth is not government policy but probably ought to be it's a demand for reciprocity so it says if we're collecting the –use taxes then EU Member States must collect our taxes when Goods enter the European Union and the reason for that is it will be very difficult to run an independent trade policy if any goods that come to us via the EU with a lot of goods coming into a spa the Low Countries particularly would be subject to any new tax and not a UK tax to make it very difficult to apply anti-dumping duties should we wish to do that and so this is to ask that what's good for the source for the goose is sauce for the gander would you have tabled these amendments were it not for the white paper the white paper has been very significant in the decision to table amendments because the real difficulty with checkers in the white paper is not so much the policy though I don't think the policy is a good policy but that it's moved so far away from what we were told would happen before and it's the issue of is it better to have things in legislation run simply rely on earlier speeches and so on because things have changed so much as you said a moment ago that these amendments are either in line with government policy or the government could adopt them but just to be clear doesn't sound to me as though you would have tabled them were it not for the white paper bill seeking a degree of surety that you weren't seeking before that is correct and let's therefore discuss the white paper the reaction to it can I just pick you up on something you said because I've seen your colleague Paul Masterson has tweeted that his association membership over the weekend has gone up now I'm sure that I mean we know from conservative home that lots of people are very angry and disappointed about this proposal because we're getting the emails that were intended to sit before CC HQ and which come through to us but could it be that party members are less angry about this than we think because a lot depends on the local MP so if the local MP is strongly opposed to the proposals in the background to them he or she tends to pick up the noise of opposition whereas and I've spoken to one or two who support the government wholeheartedly and support the white paper they claim they've had very little knocking on their door at all and there is always in any anecdotal evidence a confirmation of one's bias to some extent because people are on balance more likely to come up to you and say I agree with you completely than not I find it very interesting talking to some of my remain supporting fellow MPs who have been absolutely astonished by the reception they've got from their associations letters coming in from people that they respect and whose views they value saying that this is not what we voted for so I think it's wider than just leave em he's getting a leave reaction and what I was doing on Saturday morning wasn't speaking only to conservative members it was going up and down the high street with anybody coming up to me who wanted to talk to me and that probably gets you a wider feeling than exclusively talking to one's own membership what do you think of what we read by the way about conservative MPs such as Andrea Jenkins being threatened with having campaigning resources and money withheld from them well this is a confusion between where authority lies but in the Conservative Party that Dana's give money to central office and the whips run Parliament the whips do not run central office funding and these two it's very important that they're kept separate because I think Dana's would be pretty unhappy many of whom are quite Euroskeptic if they thought that there was an effort to penalize euro skeptic MPs the party chairman was reported in one instance to expect into a back bencher not the whips I'd seen it as coming from the whips I think the party chairman is ill-advised to do that because many of the donors are backers of leaving the European Union and I think any MP threatened with that would find that they would get more than enough from direct contributions I don't think it's a I think it's a proper threat to make and I don't think it's an effective threat to make I'm going to move to this question now it was among the ones I'd planned to us last but we seem to be here anyway could the Conservative Party split I think this is up to the Prime Minister you see I think the Prime Minister had a United Party on the mansion house speech and she then said on the mild program that whether you wouldn't accept it and if I couldn't do that whereas it actually then looks as if she's been planning this common for which read European rule above quite a long time and that is where the split chemistry had a United Party in March on the basis of the mansion house and then as then decided to give in to the EU and this is very unfortunate and it would be very very damaging for the Conservative Party if this unsatisfactory deal were pushed through against the wishes not just of leave supporting MPs but also leave sporting members and leave supporting voters or on the back of labour party votes what's your sage sauce is that she the Prime Minister could if she mishandles this split the Conservative Party yes I think that's right I've kept on saying this this is not a new thing for me to say the Prime Minister has a choice she can either do a u-turn and go back to the mansion house settlement or she can get it through potentially on Labour Party vaids which is very divisive split East in the event of this split she would be and the parallel is in some degrees misleadingly it may be useful she'd be in the position of the pea lights in the 1840s wouldn't she she'd own because if the leadership would own the party the resources the name the money the constitution you'd have to go off elsewhere would you know that's clearly not right and it's not what happened in the 1840s is it isn't it no the pea lights continued being pea lights the protectionists had to go off on no they remained today remain the Conservative Party and Peel remained within the Conservative Party he didn't leave the consumption ah but some of the others did so Gladstone did eventually go over to the launch of quite a time but the you have a period of confusion essentially and you have blocks in Parliament with no one overall party getting a clear majority and that getting governments that are supported by the Whigs and the pier lights and so on so it's it's not as simple as one side ends the party everybody to some extent remains within the party in that period if I'm embrace the one constant was the protectionist of the pea lights would not together after the split yes they wouldn't that's right they wouldn't work together though there are periodic efforts to try and bring them together and periodic discussions of collisions Derby at one point even offers parmistan a post so they try and create quite widespread collisions I don't think one can make precise parallels with the 1840s particularly since now this is the age of mass elections you didn't have mass elections in the 1840s so the inference is you'd have whoever the equivalent of the pea lights is you know let us call the further the may height conservatives standing in constituencies against the protectionists toward israelian conservatives in this case the resmoke conservative now I think this is going too far I don't think this is going to happen I actually don't think there will be this split because I think is more likely the policy change is when you've got a position where neither Peter Mandelson nor Ian Duncan Smith supports the policy it seems quite difficult to get it through now of course Mandelson is doing this for what we would call his own reasons is he not and the phrase he used I think yesterday I saw was the worst of all worlds coincidentally this phrase is also used by Justine greening this morning who's come out in favour for a second referendum seems to be the case doesn't it that what you might call the ultra Mainers believe not without reason that the Prime Minister is weak and whereas you see a way to a different form of leave a pure form of brexit you might call it they draw from the same facts another possibility namely stopping brexit altogether that's what's going on isn't it I think stopping democracy altogether would be a better way of putting it and that that will not work we are fundamentally democratic country and so many people who voted remain according to opinion polls and people at one meets even though they would have preferred us to stay in the European Union recognise and feel strongly that a democratic vote should be followed and so I think this idea that brexit can be stopped and reversed there is a mistake and is a risky mistake I think it would cause great discontent discontent in the electorate you would vote against the white paper proposals were they to represent a deal would you not yes and if that happened and were the deal to be voted down what do you think would happen in Parliament then it depends on the government the government controls the parliamentary timetable and the legislation is in place for us to leave without a deal there is no mechanism for Parliament to introduce legislation and have the time for it unless it is backed by the government it's possible for Parliament to change standing orders to do this but that's a very complex process and the government would have to provide time for that anyway and it would require a lot of contingent votes which then only happen with the program without a program motion which can only be provided by the government say the parliamentary formalities mean that a government that wanted having lost this deal to proceed with no deal would be able to do so you're convinced that's the most likely outcome I think from talking to you about the savory period of time was other people drawing it may not be an exact parallel but they would cite the Norway debate which was your debate on the German I would say well if the Commons decides it wants something badly enough that will happen so what could happen is not No Deal but the postponement or even the cancellation of brexit there's very little evidence that the commons wants that enough there are people who don't want to leave but how many of them really want to kick the electorate in the teeth I would suggest not enough to make that feasible and yes of course you're right that the government only exists with the confidence of the House of Commons but I don't think any Conservative MPs can't vote against the and innovative confidence I mean I suppose we could look ahead and speculate about what would happen if there is a deal if it's voted down whether you have no deal or the EEA or the postponement of brett's it but we've probably explored that enough to give listeners an idea of how complex this is so let's return to what we know and have in front of us namely the white paper is very interested in what you said about it a few moments ago that you thought it was bad but this wasn't your prime objection to it your prime objection to it was that the government had effectively conceded a whole was a massive ground without really saying so and without really making it clear why it's done that and without making it clear when it did it yes I agree with all those points I think it is peculiar that dexia was charged with drawing up a white paper at the same point without David Davis is not in Ch Downing Street was drawing up a completely separate paper 120 page paper for the cabinet now that doesn't happen in a couple of days there must have been some long-standing aim to get this common rule book idea and for common little book read European Union's rule book idea into play without telling the cabinet minister in charge of the negotiations this is a most unusual approach to cabinet government can I explain the sequence as I understand you sure we can try and work through it together and I say this in the light of conservative home last week having published the home of Dexys white paper in 23 installments so we've had a chance to have a look at it in the mansion-house speech back in March the Prime Minister clearly nailed her colours to the flag of mutual recognition so we wouldn't have ongoing harmonization we'd have mutual recognition and this was consistent with everything that had happened before there'd been a whole discussion at checkers in January or February I think about the form that mutual recognition might take so at some point between march and the emergence of this white paper something changed somewhere but we don't really know when all I know is that the DEXA ministers were aware near the end of the process that as it were they're in one room writing their own white paper all he rob ins his next-door writing his own but this happened very late in the day when do you think the Prime Minister changed her mind well you don't even know that the mansion-house speech was precisely the view of the prime minister at that time that is on mr. Mars show yesterday morning Monday of Sunday morning the Prime Minister when asked when this plan had first been thought about wouldn't give any indication of when it had been and it seemed to have been some time ago March is not that long ago it's very troubling and I think the Prime Minister ought to be clear about this and should tell the electorate what the process was what led to this and why was dexia not told when that was the department's job we're getting into very difficult territory here but in essence you're suggesting that the Prime Minister might not have been being straight when she delivered the mansion-house speech and she might already have had an alternative model now David Davis in his resignation letter and this has been rather missed by most of the media basically said in terms the Prime Minister had not been upfront with him in everything that she did so I'm coming back to where you began this section of the conversation we have a question of trust here and it doesn't seem to me that you now entirely trust the PM there is an issue of trust now there is of course a difference between saying something that is untrue directly and not saying something that if known would be useful for people to know that two are different categories in terms of trust but there's an old joke in the city that when somebody says to you his word is as good as his bond take his bond just in case and that seems to me to be a sensible way to behave which is why I put down amendments to the legislation just thinking about it isn't the Prime Minister entitled if she so wishes to have her ministers doing one thing and be drawing up another proposal in private with her advisers we have cabinet government in this country and what is done ought to be agreed by the cabinet or Tripura and the policy of the cabinet collective responsibility does not mean everybody gets their orders from the Prime Minister that the line about juvey Wellington's first cabinet and he comes out afterwards is a most difficult thing I give all this lot their orders and then they want to sit around discussing them that's not how cabinet government works it is a collegiate position which everybody then has to defend the Prime Minister appoints ministers to certain roles they have the seals of office from the Queen to carry out those roles the Prime Minister doesn't have the specific authority to carry out those roles the Prime Minister has a different role which is to chair the cabinet to set overall policy and to appoint the ministers in the first place if she doesn't think the minister is doing the right thing then the Prime Minister should appoint a new minister not do it behind the minister's back in Downing Street it's also questionable taxpayers money oh you know we're all taxpayers and our money was being spent doing two contradictory things half of that money was therefore being wasted you think it's not a good use of taxpayers money in effect to have what Steve Baker called a Potemkin department that is a very good way of putting it and it's not good constitutional practice for the prime minister not to have confidence in her own ministers to allow them to get on with the job they're appointed to do do you have confidence in the Prime Minister I have confidence in the Prime Minister and do not seek a vote of no-confidence in are not written one of the letters and I would always support the government in the terms of the fixed term Parliament act I would always support a conservative government let's just qualify just in case in ten years time we have some government digs oh yes yes can we just roll events forward a little again in this way that we have a sort of pattern of concession in these talks Downing Street would say and I think quite rightly there being concessions from the EU too but now we have a very major change of direction from mutual recognition to ongoing harmonization this isn't the government's final position is it this is merely an opening bid there were briefings to members of parliament on behalf of by the prime minister's advisers and this question was put very directly is this the final offer and the answer was no they don't like to portray it as an opening offer but it was cleared it was not a final offer and therefore you would expect that the EU would come back with some demands of its own well you would indeed because in some ways I think it's unfair to call this a soft brexit proposal it's some really a bit of this and a bit of that proposal in the sense of that the ease down to come back on free movement and say look you can't possibly try to have access to one part of the four freedoms without access to all of them they're bound to come back on services for exactly the same reason and they're bound to come back on the court therefore it's possible to imagine isn't it that the Prime Minister in a few months finds herself saying about the present position what she said on Sunday about mutual recognition she might find as I say it wasn't negotiable in which case further concessions would be proposed isn't that the power the regrettable problem became clear in the interview with Prime Minister with mr. Mara when she made that point about how people voted with their heart and basically her job was to get on deliver it with her head and this had come up similarly similar words in the briefing from her advisors and the problem with that is that it means that the government at its highest level does not believe in brexit see people like me who campaigned for brexit think it is this wonderful opportunity that its heart and head together it's constitutionally right it's economically advantageous it will create a real opportunity of this country to be a global nation rather than tied into the failing European economic model but Prime Minister thinks that leaving is costly and therefore of course she's not arguing for the best brexit because she wants to be protected in this failing fortress Europe and that is at the heart of the weakness of the negotiating position the primacy is scarcely surviving the publication of these proposals she wouldn't survive further concessions would you well I suppose the hope from unity of the conservative party point of view and the interest of the country point of view is that European Union turns around and says we are not accepting these we want more and the Prime Minister recognising the political reality says okay then it's got to be a completely different deal basically a free trade deal on a Canada basis and you put up a board in Ireland if you feel like it I just note in passing that Downing Street is no longer stressing no deal is better than a bad deal again look at the interview with mr. Mar and the Prime Minister seem to think that any deal was better than a bad deal but also there's a very interesting important song that said that Gavin bar wall had said Ireland isn't that important and the Prime Minister always wanted a soft brexit now that's fine that's not a dishonorable position but the Prime Minister should have said so from the outset and then we would have known where we stood she should have said so to the voters say to people who say to you you were being purest and doctrinaire about all this that you could bring down the Prime Minister in effect you might even bring down the government and we will have mr. Corbin I've said very clearly that I will not fight against a Conservative government under the fixed term Parliament's act facial confidence which is the only way of bringing government down and getting to mr. Corbin I would dispute that I've been doctrinaire I have been willing to accept any number of compromises that I'm not enthusiastic about so giving the EU 39 billion pounds which it's more than I think we need to pay them accepting a transition period which is not an implementation period the Prime Minister initially called for and the two are different accepting that we might belong to certain agencies accepting the very widespread compromises under the mansion-house speech which weren't her pure in every form brexit were compromised that brought everybody together the point at which people like me have dug our heels in is when we become simply a rule taker in perpetuity for our goods and Agri foods severely limiting our ability to do trade deals with the rest of the world and de facto subject to the European Court of Justice on that point Donald Trump was telling the full Candide unvarnished truth first time round that his interview with the son wasn't he under the terms of this proposal the government white paper any trade deal with America would be off whatever he said in a press conference at checkers afterwards what he said in the press conference at checkers if you look at it carefully confirmed what he said in the interview with Tom Newton down at the Sun he said you do whatever deal he want that's up to you I just want to deal that's good for trade there was a conditional so he showed his good manners at checkers by not being unhelpful directly in front of his hostess but he didn't actually change his position do you think we should sue the you know I think we should be much tougher in the negotiations and it's quite tempting isn't it to say look we've put in whatever it is half a trillion pounds since membership and we're not gonna give you any money we'd like some money back instead of course you Shapiro Busters always be with you in negotiations you should do two things one is you should be generous on issues that are going to be settled in one direction anyway where we should have been over people from EU Member States living in this country and the other is on the things that matter to you should be as hard as nails we've been hard on the issues a day matter at which we're going to give away anyway and soft on the ones that really do we've had the whole negotiation upside down not necessarily endorsement of the proposal that we should see the EU but leaving that aside for what's your view of Trump I'm fascinated by him as a political phenomenon I'm impressed by the things that he manages to get done in a way that most politicians wouldn't dare that they are much more cautious they're much more likely to follow the norms whereas he throws the norms up in the air and sees where they fall but he's done something remarkable in terms of his meeting with Kim jong-un and potentially begun to unlock a very long running problem that nobody else managed to do anything about his Iran policy may turn out to be rather more successful and people initially thought so I think he is an underrated politician because people don't realize about the way in which he needs to appeal to his electoral base and remarkably he delivers on his promises he's done things that previous Republican leaders had promised and didn't do and he's got in he's done them and I think either you shouldn't promise things to voters or you should do them and to that degree I think he is proving rather more successful than many people anticipated yes I met him six months ago or so very interesting man to speak to very well-informed obviously was very close to Donald Trump I've only met him once so I don't know him that well but he is very very well-informed and with very strong views some people would say call a spade a spade Valon flirts with and helps to drive the alt-right and trump's attitude to putin is a danger to the west I'm very suspicious of Putin I think we should treat Putin extraordinarily carefully and we should remember that he has invaded countries or participated invasions of independent sovereign nations and he's murdered people in the United Kingdom I mean this is really serious he is not a friend of ours and when you stop with the devil you should use a long spoon save Trump's attitude to Putin does he worry you at all I want to see what happens I I think it's interesting that people have assumed that because there are certain similarities between Trump and Putin in terms of their big personalities that they might get on it could be precisely the reverse they could find that they're actually quite competitive with each other and that the relationship isn't as smooth as people fear I am nonetheless concerned about what may happen between Don Trump and Vladimir Putin I think one should watch it with great caution and see what happens and what about famine the alt-right LBC producer I think quoted Bevin yesterday is saying that Tommy Robinson is a hero well I think that's simply wrong on Tommy Robinson that I think our contempt of court laws are very sensible protection of the right to a fair trial and that freedom of speech is crucial but say is the right to a fair trial and standing outside a courthouse shouting abuse at somebody whose trial is underway has been illegal in this country since time immemorial this is not a new piece of law it's not a restraint of free speech it is the ordinary desire to ensure that people have a fair trial in the United States of course it's different in the United States the First Amendment protects free speech even when people are being prosecuted but juries are sequestered in high-profile cases for much longer than they are in this country very different sort of person Boris Johnson what do you think the future holds for him oh I think Boris Johnson is a very important political figure very powerful charismatic figure popular appeals broadly across the country I'm a great admirer of Boris Johnson's what do you hope he does now I mean after all he is the the leaf politician with arguably you're somewhere in the queue yourself Jacob is arguably got the biggest projection he was the star force of the vote leave campaign what did he do now and we suggested on Khan home this morning he should go out and take the case for leave the case against a second referendum if you like take it out and go campaigning around the country well I was good out I certainly think those of us who want to leave the European Union needs to be more campaigning essentially we won the referendum and then stopped campaigning whereas the other side lost the referendum and started campaigning they didn't try very hard other than trying to scare us witless during the campaign itself so I read your piece this morning I liked the reference to Lord George Banting most interesting figure to two backed Israeli he sold all his horses one of which then went on to win the Derby which he was understandably miffed about because it was his great life's ambition anyway slightly beside the point he didn't die he died quite young he died died quite young yes and Disraeli didn't with a majority I think and no 1874 it's quids it's yeah it's 28 years out of office I don't see that happening to the Conservatives I think we're more likely as I said earlier to reverse the policy than to split the party and the great thing to remember is that pierre was right about the corn laws and the Prime Minister currently is wrong about not leaving the European Union de facto so yes I think some more campaigning its excellency lt's writing for The Telegraph again that's a wonderful platform for him and I think he with somebody who will help ensure breaks it is delivered well Jacob I think we have one more mod cast before the end of term goodness knows what condition will find everything even when we have it it's been a pleasure speaking to you as usual and well there is one important thing I hike a correction from my last podcast I said the last paper to be elected from outside the College of Cardinals was urban the fourth and I checked it afterwards I'm sorry to say it was an urban the sixth I got my eyes and the bees the wrong way around so can I apologize to listeners to the mall car no one's intervened on you in the Commons to make the point no but I holds a journalist chasing you to correct the record which is surprising of course we know how much attention journalist pay to detail on which point thank you very much for paying to do record and for speaking to us I've enjoyed this conversation very much and look forward to speaking with you again in a fortnight thank you very much the Hmong cast a fortnightly conversation with Jacob Riis MOG about the topics of the day

UKIP interview Remainer at so called People's Vote demonstration, Shire Hall, Gloucester

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Martin Macrae of UKIP Gloucester interviews a representative from the demonstration in support of the LibDem Gloucestershire County Council motion calling for a 2nd EU Referendum ( the so called People’s Vote). See also: Nick Clegg quote before result of EU Referendum.

Paddy Ashdown quote before result of EU Referendum.

[Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] divided the country absolutely divided the country families are divided by this yes right when it went to the referendum no one was told about anything it was just I mean you're all right I think people are pretty slow today are now they are now when I tell you if we're going to try and place trust in someone like Donald Trump who's put sanctions on their neighbor Canada and has no qualms about put sanctions anywhere at all and you're expecting this country to do trade deals all throughout the globe with these people and Europe can give us a good spanking for this who is paying for it and for what paying for all these trade deals and everything it's a tax payer in this country trade dealers are not to tax I don't tax you you're not taxed me all I'm gonna say is the chickens will come home to roost which will mean we are going to be a lot worse off I agree we will have there will be a financial cost of course it will be but the problem will be what you say longer-term we live now in the present right okay in the longer term petitions can you absolutely guarantee that will be the case in the longer term can you actually guarantee the difference we will find where we were absolutely fine why why what why upset the applecart why was fine where we were we were Europe was and you you mean yes yes

Donald Tusk: "Special Place in Hell" for Brexiteers Without a Plan

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European Union President Donald Tusk took a swipe at U.K. politicians who campaigned for Brexit without an idea of how to make it happen “safely.”

A day before Prime Minister Theresa May — who is trying to chart a course that satisfies pro-Brexit hardliners in her party — is due in Brussels for talks, Tusk slammed those who made campaign promises that made the divorce seem easy.

“I’ve been wondering what that special place in hell looks like, for those who promoted Brexit, without even a sketch of a plan how to carry it out safely,” he said at a press conference in Brussels with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar. #Brexit

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I strongly believe that the common solution is possible and I will do everything in my power to find it a sense of responsibility also tells us to prepare for a possible fiasco by the way I've been wondering what the special place in hell looks like for those who promoted bracket without even a sketch of a plan how to carry it safely

BBC Politics Live | Corbyn's Calls Farage 'Poison' & Veteran Persecutions – 09/05/2019

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Andrew Neil is joined by Conservative MP Gillian Keegan, former BBC presenter and now Change UK candidate Gavin Esler, Martin Daubney from the Brexit Party and the Daily Mirror’s Pippa Crerar.

it's Thursday is 12:15 we're live in Westminster with me today on politics live the form of BBC presenter Gavin as though he's standing for change UK in the European elections brexit party candidate Martin Dabney who used to be the editor of loaded magazine the political editor of the mirror paper paper career and Conservative MP Julian Keegan it's Europe day-to-day not a lot of people knew that but now you do and it's just two weeks to go to those elections foreign matter fight the European elections only labour can see off the Faraj snake-oil in this election liver of the first of three parties launching their European campaigns today that's for the Conservatives you may not even have a campaign I believe in a modern Conservative Party and a modern conservative party I'll tell you now we get things like this right so why is the Conservative MP Johnny Mercer on strike and will anybody notice meanwhile another Tory declares their interest in the top job now people have come forward and I have got that support so I will be going forward so Julian Keegan Johnny Mercer says he is going on strike except on exit issues that's just a futile gesture isn't it because your government government do anything but they're not as controversial perhaps as brexit so you've got no legislation worth talking about you're not putting a through Parliament on the domestic abuse bill committee as we speak Tuesday but there is legislation and of course we've got the cladding announcement today but there is legislation coming to but very slowly and obviously it's not big controversial stuff because bricks it is big enough and controversial enough for all of us he's going on strike as he puts it I'm not sure we'll be taking a pickup but he's going on strike governor's there to complain about the government is still it is still possible that veterans I think particularly in Northern Ireland going way back 20 30 more years may still be charged with things that were supposed to have happened then is that something worth protesting about well I think this is one of the most sensitive areas possible you know we put people in combat we put them in harm's way and things sometimes go wrong people have to be held accountable for that but what I think the point that Johnny Mercer is making is you can't keep going on and on and on about it without reaching a conclusion and that is unfair so I mean you and I were Northern Ireland correspondents in the early days when I think you in the mid 70s early seventies you know there were things going on there which would never be allowed to happen no but in a sense nobody really knew what they were doing in these days so ordinary soldiers were sent into position yes which would not be allowed to happen today that's that's true but also on some occasions they shot people which they shouldn't have shot and now it's perfectly fair to say we need to look into that what is not perfectly fair is to keep going on and on and on and going back and back and back that doesn't mean to say you're not responsible for things you might have done when you're a young lad we are responsible for that but I talking about unfairness I think oh do you think I think the principles stand and and you know one that will certainly sit well with its constituents you know Plymouth is a big military town it's a big leaves town as well 60% libros down there and I wonder if this is a little bit of shenanigans going on you know to distance himself from a prime minister who seems like a dead woman walking and no doubt play out well with constituents and you know a lot of people believe that our former servicemen are being put through hell and they certainly believe that they need a voice in Parliament and I think his actions go down well locally the government often gives the impression that it's against all this happening that it doesn't want to open these cases but it still happens and we clear what government policy is and one of the key concerns when that was launched amongst veterans was that there would not be a statute of limitations which is obviously why many them feel that these cases are potentially open-ended and of course there was there was a charge it was a double murder charge wasn't the last month that soldier was relating double murder charge relation to the Bloody Sunday incident and the previous defense secretary Gavin Williamson who had who was a lot on behalf of veterans was suggested he was concerned about how that might play eyes and the suggestion for number 10 this morning is that there's no immediate end in sight to this consultation and obviously there's a lot of people right across the spectrum both those who feel that soldiers should have the confidence that they're going to be supported by their masters but also those who feel that it's important that they're nevertheless held accountable for their actions who think that it's right that this comes to confusion sooner rather than later do you think he can you you were PPS to the former defense secretary the most recent defense secretary should there be a statute of limitations I think there is a lot of people who are calling for a statute of limitations but the concepts Kevin said it is very tricky the consultation you know there's lots of responses come forward now and the government now has to come back with the proposal if acknowledged it doesn't work today it's kind of in ether I would imagine Johnnie's trying to influence the proposals that are coming forward and that's why he's come out with his stand now he has spoken about it a lot it's tricky it's tricky because you know you can't be above the law either and I think that's the balance they're trying to get what the you could you could and that's what a lot of the veterans are calling for let's hear what Johnny Mercer the Conservative MP had to say about this they are seething in the communities that I come from that they continue to be treated in this way by a government that ultimately on whose behalf they were acting at the time this isn't just about an ordinal and this isn't about a particular individual you've seen the work I've done on the Iraq historical allegations team this is about a a flaw in our system in this country that means our veterans get treated in an appalling way with which I'm simply not prepared to put up with anymore this is not a new issue no your government has been in power for nine years why can't you make up your mind well the consultation I was Pipper said was launched just just at the end of last year and their responses are coming there's no point doing a consultation you're not gonna listen to the answers and then and there'll be a breadth of views that will come forward no Johnny's got a lot of credibility clearly because he has been a serving soldier he served in I think Iraq and Afghanistan with neither of which I've done so he does have a lot of credibility and you know he's listened to on this issue as are many of the other military veterans in the Conservative Party who all seemed to be pretty much coming down in the same area as Johnny which is another example of the government this has been something that could have been dealt with any time over the last 40 years I mean it could have been just think of the last night and actually Johnny I think probably has done a lot to bring full with this issue as well you know in 20 2015 he was elected and he's certainly been a powerful voice for military veterans so he's done a lot the consultation launched last year there's no point doing that and then not listening to the answers they know it's not working well they absolutely acknowledging that so there will be some change it's also interesting though that a backbench conservative MP can say I'm going on strike on this issue but I'm not resigning the Tory whip I'm still taking my money and nothing happens every discipline is now non-existent I mean there are other it's a bit sad but we've had actually within years of this for two or three years of it we've got a prime minister going cap in hand to the Europeans and saying please give me more time we've had all kinds of shameful things and it's got to come to an end is not for sissies the hung parliament is because you're a prime minister called a general election which nobody wanted and she lost so that's why we've got majority I didn't happen I asked you the question before you were so rudely internet part across Parliament actually and about how brexit is has suck the oxygen out of everything over the last couple of years and you know we have this a week we have seen a bill banning live animals a circuit in circuses we've had Kew Gardens car parking charges I mean this is this is how our own piece is spending their time where you don't get nothing you have things like I just came back from New York every kid come up to me and said the Kew Gardens yeah but us seriously it's a serious point you have things like that social care green paper a massive issue facing countries needs to be resolved which is stuck in the pipeline and not only that this did the discipline of the government is seems to be crumbling Johnny Mercer isn't the first you've got Nick balls sitting there as an independent or iam he not quite sure where these parts the party or not as he's resigned but he's an independent conservatives who he will vote with the government on many of the governor's majority must be pretty close to zero now even with the DUP I think I think it is three or four but then for then to be honest the government majority is not short for a while if you're not doing anything it doesn't matter they told me the numbers for breakfast and she if she hasn't got them then we're not going anywhere indeed and you mentioned brexit I hope to escape it but clearly not today the Labour Party this morning in Medway launched its manifesto and it's a European election campaign mr corbyn who was there let's listen to what he had to say so far in those talks there's been no big offer and the red lines remain in place it's actually quite difficult negotiating with a disintegrate in government with cabinet ministers jockeying for succession rather than working for an agreement it is in the country's interest to try to get this sorted one way or the other but we can never accept the government's bad deal or a disastrous no deal so if we can't get a sensible deal along the lines of our alternative plan or a general election labor backs the option of a public vote on it so a big day for the Labour Party launching its election campaign for the European elections mr corbyn out there taking the campaign off so we'll now speaker to Labour about its election manifesto for the European elections well actually we want because for the first time ever in my career as a journalist which is reasonably long a party launching a campaign document has failed to put anybody up with whom we can discuss the labour election European manifesto that is quite a first I've got a whole list of questions here that I wanted to ask I could go through them now does the manifesto say that is labour a romaine party or a relief party would be nice to know that is fudging brexit causing labour votes have you farted again in this manifesto and so on Jeremy Corbyn said the local election show that the bricks that brexit needs sorting does the Labour manifesto sort brexit in Labour's eyes and so on and so on but there's no inter I suppose I could answer these questions myself but I'm only paid to ask them if that isn't unusual enough Julian Keegan we understand that your party the Conservatives might not even have a a European manifesto well I think it's pretty clear that we're relieved party we're pretty clear that we'd like to leave with a deal pretty clear that we would like to leave whilst keeping the economy which is doing unbelievably well if we write it but I mean yes that's what we stand for I mean that's what we are you gonna have a manifesto I don't know I'm not writing manifesto but that's clearly Conservative MP we are now beginning the European election campaign and you do not know if your party will have an election manifesto well it would be pretty simple to write it as it's pretty simple to write why not having Eve remain and they may do I don't know I don't know where they are or not I don't know for a minute to see where we are in politics Conservative Party is on this we've got labour who have produced an election manifesto though my understanding is a big chunk of it is done to do with Europe but they have but they can't put anybody up and we've got the Conservatives who are here they have put Julian Keegan up but she can't tell us whether the via Tory election manifesto this is unprecedented this was of course the election which the government did not want to and it's still saying not only now that it needs to go ahead that they don't want any piece to take their seats they seem to be living with this fantasy idea that somehow an agreement can be reached and the withdrawal act be put through Parliament before MPs take their seats at the end of the month knife I can't see that and of course on recess all this morning Andrea let's some announced that MPs are going off for a weeks recess at the end of this month we have three days before the European elections the week of the European elections whether suggesting they might bring back the withdrawal agreement withdrawal act and give MPs another vote but I just can't see a coherent being reached with labour in time to do that because there's no way the government is going to bring it back if it's going to be countered at every single turn by the Labour Party you said it would be easy to write the manifesto though it isn't yet written as far as we know but what would you manifesto actually say about leave if you had one ninety percent of conservative members of parliament have voted to leave with the withdrawal agreement okay so we've have a small group who haven't now unfortunately that's enough to stop it happening but mobile all the evidence we have is that most of your party party activists are against the mrs. Mayer's withdrawal agreement there could be I mean I've seen some of the polling with as certainly as you look at party membership they are certainly more and more for a No Deal or you know but for a deal that is it misses miss so you if you ever get around to writing this manifesto you've only got two weeks to do it would be fighting an election on a manifesto that the overwhelming majority of your conservative members don't like well they haven't you know it's difficult just to say where they don't like it or not and it's the same with these guys 600 pages that we draw lagrimas 597 pages if you read through in details it is actually a very sensible agreement in terms of trying to unravel a 45-year history with European Union when I say to people which particular bit of that don't you like they can virtually never answer it is a political declaration or what they think of a future deal where all the focuses so the actual withdrawal agreement if you remember your members are too thick to understand too thick but I wouldn't expect them to read it they've we've read it on their behalf which is why 90% of us I've agreed with it which is why the ceiling there is no enthusiasm for fighting an election on the may withdraw agreement in your party right there's no enthusiasm for fight in this election . we know it's going to be incredibly difficult for us we know that there will be obviously a very simple message on the lee side we can leave it out and no deal you know a kind of no Levin's brexit simple slogans will be back to you know the simple slogans of No Deal no it won't it won't project fear all of that will come back up and effectively what you're going to end up with is more division in the country more people not actually knowing the detail of what we're trying to do and this is much more complex than anybody standing on those platforms will will talk about in my view they never have they never mention the Irish backstop in the in their in the campaign they never mentioned No Deal even in the campaign now it seems to be a preferred position or a negotiating position this is all will be back to the you know the peddlers of simple brexit and it is not simple to do breaks it again it's only not as simple as we were told at the time this should be open season yeah the brexit party you the changed UK it's manna from heaven you know tours at the brakes authority because what we see from the outside world ordinary people look at politicians and look at politics and conclude right this is all broken you know Labour say today they were going to unite the country the contine unite their own party you know you got Lord of Darkness saying if you voted for brexit don't vote for labour you've got he's withdrawing that he it's on the series was given a statement to read out the withdrew it's it's all over the UK and it's being believed and what's happening here is that people look at this career politician and think if you can't get us to leave then maybe you should leave and that's what this whole revolution is about because I mean this is a hugely simplistic message and jillian is right about that and it's worse than a simplistic message it contains within it lies you have been lying about me in the past 24 hours your party has been lying you have lied in social media in saying that I believe that people who voted for brexit or village idiots I have never said it in post you said the TV top pieces who represent the Britain or tea or village idiot you lied look me in the eyes it is lied what I said was we need more experts in British politics which we need fewer we need excuse me Chris Grayling's we need people who know what they're talking about if I go to the dentist I go to somebody who knows what they're doing I don't go to someone who is a village idiot did you used to work in the news of the world so you can take that jolly good you lied and that's one of the reasons I'm in politics because you have lied about me yesterday he was challenged by – about – about polity activist standing for London one of whom is Pakistani guy was an Indian guy yesterday did you you said I think – the huff Huffington Post website the TV news must stop giving your time to the villages what I said what I said was that we need experts to negotiate trade deals we need experts who know what they're talking about and excuse me and the concept of balance as seen in the BBC and elsewhere I my the BBC I work for it for many years we've got to be very careful we can balance political opinions but you can't balance truth and lies you can't do that did you use the phrase villages I did used it because I'm talking Kings I was actually talking about Michael Gove saying we've had enough of experts and I said I've not had enough of expert Michael Gove and I go and have our teeth filled by an expert called Adventist we don't go to the village idiot that's what I said all right this is a lie okay well you've made that clear we chase the Huffington Post twisted your words and speaking of village idiots in the past three months the independent group has changed its name to change UK your logo was rejected by the Electoral Commission and won't appear in the ballot paper your Twitter account was hijacked by brexit ears to change it to the cringe UK party we don't know who your permanent leader is and you've had to drop some of your candidates in the first two days of adopting them and we're still better than a Conservative Party that's not a great track record it's not bad for two weeks look I've been involved in this for three months well I've hadn't been involved within three months I've been involved with it for two weeks and in a couple of weeks fighting election which nobody thought we were going to do we're trying to create a party I can tell you I was hugged by people in the tube this morning coming here that doesn't happen we don't talk to each other and there's no your wallets because they think that something is changing in British politics well people have changed the minds he changed his mind he voted remain a couple of years ago it's fine for him to know be a leaver you're quoted as saying that on Twitter okay I'll take your word you didn't he at the launch when your party was launched no nothing you were in right at the wasn't right but when we looked at that of the Chuco Munoz Liana supras and yourself avenge it come in they look like a people sort of bunch of sophisticated media savvy people honestly but in a way a lot of this not even getting the logo right it's almost like what we would tend to think of the UK party has become Andrew I would love to have a great logo but what I really want is a people's vote on all the things that you were talking about I think if it is such a great idea we should go to the polls and ask the people again because they've changed their minds people change in their minds and so you know I hands up logo they must a bite but it was on the ballot paper and use won't logo supplied it came through this morning well I'm I'm absolutely fine not having a logo but having principles that's why why if you're a remain supporter and particularly if you want a second referendum absolutely which is particularly with your party was why would you vote for the yours what seems to be a disorganized pop up party rather than the Liberal Democrats or the Greens who have an established track record or the SNP in Scotland I mean they're in favor of the Maine and I hope the remain vote is really really big but as you know it's technically not possible in these European elections given the time scale to form a kind of unified view between these parties I think change UK brings something different I think the people who started it were very brave they're not time servers within the Labour Party of the Conservative Party they jumped put the political careers in the line and I actually think that politics is totally broken in our country we've got people who argue where people who are and actually market where people who are utterly misleading and we've got people I'm sorry but who don't know what they're doing the incompetence of the Conservative Party the anti-business attitude of your former foreign secretary is is doing our country down and making us look because I've only been in politics for two years but I've spent three decades working in manufacturing industries in technology industries in airline industries in all the industries affected by brexit I understand it when I read it I completely understand it so I would take exception to that I'm not the only one many people understand how complex these businesses are and how much they were and how much they've been integrated over forty five years and those people are people like me who have chosen to take an approach to brexit which respects the fact that for 45 years we've been doing it a different way nobody kept a wiring diagram and we have to unravel it in a way that keeps our economy and keeps the jobs for people in this country strong so I absolutely take objection I'm not a career politician your career spout errs of information maybe but I have worked in all of these industries at the coalface I understand it perfectly and I will not be told by somebody who either wants a No Deal breaks it as though that's still people out there what's the shirt obviously the Koran out for real people and it's really politicians who are doing this trying to do something it's not simple doesn't your party have a manifesto because as Nigel said with four weeks old and it will come out after the elections until then we've now got one party that's published a manifesto but won't put anybody up to defend it another party that isn't publishing a manifesto and now a third party is going to publish its manifesto after the election we have we've gone down the others and wonders and breaks it and this election it's happening till then it's brexit the only party on that ticket there are three plus veteran remain there was only one party on their ticket offering a WTO No Deal calm brexit no such thing misleading you your policy is to leave on no deal on WT I will terms yes so to leave no deal yes without a deal yes the people didn't vote for that in the referendum well people we were told by those on the leave side there not only would there be a deal but actually would be a great deal it would be an easy deal it would be a piece of cake deal people voted on the assumption that there would be some kind of deal on that 10 or deal he said remain in the European Union or leave European Union and to a great many people that meant to get out now what it meant to get campaigning now we are telling ourselves it wasn't talking about the time David Cameron said quite clearly we were leaving the single market that was over and over again on television so that the constantly is why they Boris Johnson even Nigel Farage told us we would leave on a deal now you're telling is it's your party's policy that we leave on No Deal well after three years of trying to do a deal which it's been impossible because nobody can agree on anything because it's a hung parliament premise is the European Union of made quite clear where you used to be to go back to the morrow government to go back to them in several months time having left without a deal the same issues would still be on the table we'd still have to pay the due European before the Union divorce bill we'd still have to negotiate a trading relationship extra and not only that we'd have to be backstop and not only that but we'll be doing it from a position which compared to now much weaker negotiating position because we were already have left so it is unfair it is it is not I think as a representative of a party fair to your supporters of whom there are many who are disfranchise it disenfranchised with everything that's going on you and feel really and it's not just you know it's all the political parties it's across the spectrum and just listening to some of this now but this is why people are fed up with brexit because put on organs come on they want to vote for the fed up with this some do favor of the people's vote yeah are you in favor of what you think we should be allowed to vote but because we should the first love democracy first that's the point the Democratic Act has been passed and politicians refuse to put it into in recent days really quite firmly believe believe in leaving the European Union who say who are actually starting just in just a handful not many but who is starting to say well actually maybe the solution to this is the second referendum because if as you say the majority people want to leave and do we now know what on what terms that would be that would give people a clear choice now that's it that's a gamble remain I've got a wave behind them and you also know about the dodgy money okay let's just come into your party which you won't say until where's the source of that money dude you said it's dodgy well if it was upon you if I gave you 100 thousand pounds and thought you were a great party I would be boasting about it why is it that your donor isn't yes it will do clear why is it that your donor is so ashamed of you they don't say oh well why don't they say who they are good because you say you ashamed of that situation coming from but coming back to this issue of a second referendum given that every prominent spokes man and woman on the leave side told us that we would leave with a deal you're not telling as you want us to leave without a deal surely that would require a second referendum because it's very different from what was voted on in 2016 we could argue that forever but you know many people believe many people believe that they voted just to get out of the European Union many people have interpreted it differently such line but the point is we have a bunch of politicians and civil servants going to Brussels to do a deal after three years and the general public out there see this as incompetence and they say that as people that need to are at least just a hung parliament won't pass it the residue cavernosa can I just I've got the full quote now of what you said you said TV news must stop giving your time to the village idiots of breakfast brexit thank you our breakfast I thank you my breakfast with villages anyway TV news must give stop giving your time to the village idiots a brexit jubie's would you be quiet while I get this the dubious right-wing supposed think tanks and quotes and pseudo experts yes among ERG MPs who simply happen to clue what the implications of brexit no but this is a lie it was not photos it's absolutely clear you select if you like but you are doing and I do it again I just say it's quite difficult Gavin as long as you you know for an organization that the BBC the MPs who represent the ERG their elected members of parliament no I have a legitimate point absolutely couldn't no no I'm not not to not have them what I'm saying is we want people with expertise to be challenged and about their expertise and you have expertise and there's plenty but all right everybody people have said some things which are clearly not true okay well the FAC use Asians of lying final around being like American television these days on fox or MSNBC so I think let's go where let's go to Transylvania I'm not being there for a while not since I was thirsty uh and let's go to the EU summit because it's taking place in Transylvania reporter Adam Flemming is there Theresa May is not because this is just the eu27 is about the future of the EU Adam what what do we have any indications of how they see a post brexit future well first of all Andrew this summit was wrapped up two years ago by jean-claude juncker who originally wanted it to happen on the day after the original brexit day so it was meant to be the 30th of March some people had a quiet word of them and said do you really want to have that sort of triumph or this victory party sort of vibe let's do it on Europe Day in May instead which is where in some countries in the EU have a public holiday to celebrate the EU and here we are of course the UK still hasn't left so it's still not quite gone to plan and what is quite amazing actually is that even though Teresa May isn't here Steve Berkeley the brexit secretary has been attending a different conference about the future of Europe in this city about 10 minutes walk that way so if you wanted to be charitable it's proof that the two UK and the EU will still face the same challenges so they can still come to the same city to discuss them if you're being less charitable you'd say the big boys and girls sit around the table here and the UK is relegated to a venue outside the secure zone but in terms of what the 27 are talking about they've just issued the so-called CBU declaration which is 10 commitments don't call them Commandments about the way forward and they look very much like commitments that they had in the past acting as one EU uniting north south east and west acting where you need to not where you don't need to being a strong actor on the global stage looking after citizens and being fair and having fairness at the heart of everything you do all very much motherhood and apple strudel but the reason they've signed up to those 10 very grand quite bland commitments is because they want this to send out a big symbol and a big message to voters across the EU who will be voting in the European Parliament elections in about two weeks time and the message is we are the sensible ones who sit around the table and discuss problems like adults look at those nasty populist and nationalists who don't want the table to even be here in the first place item thank you for that enjoy yourself there don't go out at dark unless you've got plenty of garlic I don't want to read about you Adam there the EU summit as they try to work out the future of Europe with the European Parliament a new commission coming in new budget round as well in Europe we're coming back to dear Blighty to look at the future if it has one of the Conservative Party and we're joined now by the times Collins Melanie Phillips was written on the Sun about that just before we come to Melanie let's go another leading conservative if I can put it that way has thrown her hat into the ring to be the future conservative leader this one's esta make V I think she's Chief Secretary to the Treasury let's see what she had to say we don't know yet when that there will be with if there will be but there will be a little Tory leadership contest will you be throwing your hat in the ring well I've always said quite clearly if I got enough support from my colleagues yes I would and now people have come forward and I have got that support so I will be going forward there we go so that's about three or four declared so far but there's about another 10 or 12 that we pretty sure are running I mean I guess Boris Johnson I mean I know I may be out on a limb there Dominic Raab there many others there I mean there could be 1520 people in this what about you Julian you fancy just show you the names here better Rigby the new political editor aside McVeigh let some Stewart they probably could put their hat in the ring then we have Johnson Javid Hancock hunt Rob perhaps golf Harper cleverly modern now so Louis who have I missed you think Melanie Phillips there's no real conservative party these days that's worth leading well if I wrote in The Times and then proportion the Sun I think that the crisis facing the Conservative Party which is clearly you know bricks it is in everyone's minds but I think it goes deeper I think the Conservative Party in the minds of many conservatively minded voters has forgotten what it is it has to conserve it has I think been spooked by the cultural hegemony of the left over many years has adopted their positions on many in many respects and as a result I think the whole center of political gravity has changed so we now the Labour Party occupying ground which hitherto was considered to be the hard lift and we have the Conservative Party occupying a kind of mushy ground which is in fact the soft lift leaving a total hole where the Conservative Party is enter Nigel Farrar who is simply a one-issue person and so there is a crisis I think of conservatism I should just correct myself as some maybe he's not chief secretary to the Treasury she resigned from the government so just to get that on the record do you thinking what you say to that well you know I don't have the same ideological frame I think that Melanie has and maybe that's because you know I grew up in nosey I left school at 16 I became a natural conservative then we're not many conservative influences around me some of the ideologies you talk about a bit of a luxury for me so you know I started an apprenticeship in a car factory and what made me conservative I still think is what the Conservative Party is and will be its strength which is equality of opportunity you know you might miss out on the school side hopefully you don't but if you do I went to a failing comprehensive school you get the chance at an apprenticeship or in a grammar school you get a quality of opportunity you get that support to make the most of your opportunities when you have when something goes wrong in your life and you need that support it's there for you and it provides the support you need so I didn't study political political philosophy and you know I struggle to keep up with you on the moral maze sometimes but I don't frame it in that way what I stand for I believe is the future of the Conservative Party and it is where I believe also is the future of UK and politics and most people in this country and not on the extreme of trying to overturn democracy or trying to pretend that things aren't very slow you say melanism extremism probably somewhere that is not cool not where I am but probably further right than I am but there's probably an awful lot we could agree on and the framing of it is perhaps some thought all right let me ask most of the likely contenders to be next leader is there anybody that for you embodies the kind of conservatism you would want not what I've seen not at all yep so from your point of view range there it's hopeless even 15 names not one of them appeals certainly so far that has been the case I don't know I mean it may be that some that some of these candidates have maybe you just like Peter Hitchens you're just a party of one maybe I am but I think there are millions who actually think like me and I think that the way they have voted in recent years what breaks it and so on and the sort of responses I get verbally personally what I see being expressed by people I think many people are like me see what you've just said I don't disagree with at all okay call it I think many are like me but what I'm saying just to take a quality opportunity it seems to me that mrs. Mays government and going back before mrs. Mays government has ditched a quality opportunity for the way in which the left interprets equality which is identical T in other words everyone's entitled of the same outcomes regardless of circumstance and we saw this in mrs. Mays 2017 race equality audit where the implication or the assumption of that was that if people from ethnic minorities suffer disadvantages they had nothing to do with that it was done to them and it was the state that had a duty to repair that now that is the general nature to inform policy agenda of the left that is a departure to have a role in ensuring that there is opportunity for everybody regardless of race provide opportunity but not to rig the system according to an idea of who deserves the qualities built into the system and that's just a fact and that applies across the board it could be it could be a class thing it can be you know your ethnic background it can be whether you're a woman there's all sorts of different factors and I think it's only right that any government recognizes those structural inequalities and tries to do something about them everybody needs to say it to be offered to be have the opportunity to the same starting point for sure then do with that this is of course up to them and I think you're misinterpreting for sure yes naturally by suggesting that it's all about where they all end up because actually it's about giving people the the push that they need and the opportunity they need to fulfill their potential recognizing structural inequalities that exist well means that some might need a bit more help than others I think you make a very good point but my point is that the left tends to rob people of what I would call moral agency that is to say the idea that they have some responsibility for their own circumstances so the left goes overboard in assuming that they are helpless victims of circumstance whether its economic or whatever they don't get this alright let me just come back to the we've just been showing your article in the Sun she says a version of the column that was in The Times do you think if there is this enormous hole where conservatism used to be which is the headline in your article and the Sun that we're up for realignment will the brexit party change UK are they going to produce a realignment in British politics well I'm not sure that the brexit party is going to be the vehicle to do anything apart from deliver a vote on BRICS it but I do think that the circumstances mean that Britain is ripe for political realignment the old distinction between left and right has for years completely broken down I think that what divides us are now completely different things from the things that formed our current political population and social media have had a massive impact I would say is more like oh are we heading for a realignment I mean if you listen to this debate you would think so but still it won't solve the problems that they are pretending they're going to solve so if it is it will be temporary because they don't have the answers and neither deliver happening all across Europe I think we will see some socialist to the right we've come to an end above the hubbub I'll be on BBC one tonight with this week Michael potato rule is Kendall Rachel Johnson Jared batten Tim Marshall in fact just about everybody

'Brexiteers are being VILIFIED' – Chloe Westley Brexit interview

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My interview with Chloe Westley, Campaign Manager for the Taxpayers Alliance and prominent young Brexit campaigner & former Vote Leave staffer.

You can follow Chloe on Twitter via @LoveWestley
You can follow me on Twitter via @JBickertonUK

Apologies once again for filming the interview out of focus. It was not, I think it’s fair to say, my proudest moment.

Brexit Destroys Theresa May!

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The only leaving that will be done this summer, is Theresa May leaving Number Ten.


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The Tories have all but given up on the EU elections and are now expecting to return the big fat number of zero MEPs to the European Parliament.

But after an announcement today those MEP elections will be just a side show for Tory Party MPs and members, because the leadership race is now on and the keys to Number Ten are up for grabs.

The Chairman of the Conservative Party 1922 Committee, Sir Graham Brady, has issued the following statement:

“The Prime Minister is determined to secure our departure from the European Union and is devoting her efforts to securing the 2nd Reading of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill in the week commencing 3rd June 2019 and the passage of that bill and the consequent departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union by the summer.

“We have agreed that she and I will meet following the 2nd Reading of the Bill to agree a timetable for the election of a new leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party.”

And Laura Kuenssberg, the BBC political editor, reports that senior Tory sources told her it would not be some sort of gentle chat but it means “…even though the letter doesn’t spell it out, that if her Brexit plan is defeated again, Mrs May will announce she is going.”

And with the expectation that her Withdrawal Agreement Bill will be voted out, so killing it off in the current parliamentary session, her premiership is now in the toaster ready to pop up well and truly charred on the given date.

And the BBC handily points out that at the moment Theresa May has the fifth shortest premiership since 1900, but could make it into the sixth shortest slot by overtaking Gordon Brown in days served on the 29th of March.

And as expected up steps Boris Johnson to announce he will throw his hat in the ring.

Talking to an insurance brokers conference in Manchester he said:

“I’m going to go for it. Of course I’m going to go for it.”

And he also said:

“…there has been a real lack of grip and dynamism in the way we’ve approached these talks.

“We’ve failed over the past three years to put forward a convincing narrative about how we exploit the opportunities of Brexit.

“All I can say, as tactfully and usefully as I can, is that I have a boundless appetite to try to get it right, and to help the country to get on the right path.”

While Andrea Jenkyns has come out in support of Dominic Raab when talking to LBC.

I expect some more will come forward over the next few days.

And as ever, the issue of the EU has put paid to another Tory Prime Minister.

But the big point here is that Theresa May is now PM in name only. There is absolutely no point in continuing the Tory / Labour Party talks and Brussels will just sigh, call us all more names again as per the BBC documentary, and sit back and wait to see who ends up replacing her.

Now, David Cameron announced his departure on the 24th of June 2016, the day after the referendum and Theresa May took up residence in Number Ten on the 13th July after all her opponents were defeated or stood aside.

So, a Tory leadership election might not take too much time, as long as its party’s MPs select a single candidate and don’t end up having to go to its membership for an election between two or more candidates.

But with the Remainers outnumbering Leavers in the Tory MP ranks, it might not be easy to get someone in Number Ten who truly wants Brexit – actually we may just end up with yet another Remainer!

Anyway, what do you think? – Please share and comment – and thank you for watching.





Thumbnail Image of Number 10 – Open Government Licence (OGL via Wikimedia).


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Presque trois ans après le vote de 2016, le Royaume-Uni n’est toujours pas sorti de l’UE. Le Brexit est-il encore possible ? La crise du bipartisme britannique traditionnel pourrait-elle faire les affaires d’un populisme transversal comme celui du Brexit Party, la nouvelle formation de Nigel Farage ?

Russeurope Express
Jacques Sapir avec Catherine Mathieu, économiste à l’OFCE, spécialiste du Royaume-Uni et des questions européennes, Agnès Alexandre-Collier, politologue, chercheuse en délégation CNRS à la Maison française d’Oxford, et Paul Thomson, vice-président des Conservateurs britanniques en France.
Une émission co-animée par Clément Ollivier et préparée avec Jean-Baptiste Mendès.

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George Galloway: Support for Nigel Farage is the UK voters' way of demanding Brexit

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The new Brexit Party, led by Nigel Farage, is on course to cause a political earthquake at next month’s EU Parliament elections, with a new survey showing his anti-EU group ahead of both Labour and the Tories.

YouGov, one of Britain’s main polling companies, has Farage’s Brexit Party at 27 percent, five points ahead of Labour and well ahead of PM Theresa May’s Conservatives at 15 percent, with just a few weeks to go until elections on May 23.



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Robert Hill UKIP Ireland Local Council Elections Campaign 2019

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Robert Hill is a UKIP candidate in the 2019 local Council elections.
They have just launched their campaign in the Clayton Hotel, Belfast.

'May has failed to challenge the DUP': says Mary Lou McDonald

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Diplomats in Brussels have said they are ‘very close’ to agreeing a divorce package after months of bitter wrangling over the Irish border. But chief negotiator Michel Barnier is expected to make clear he is playing hardball by publishing a draft ‘declaration’ on post-Brexit trade arrangements that falls far short of her blueprint. The move seems designed to impose maximum strain on the PM as she prepares to table revamped proposals for a ‘backstop’ to prevent a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic. There are expected to be concessions on how regulations can be enforced – although Mrs May will hold the line that the province cannot be split from the rest of the UK’s customs jurisdiction. However, doubts over whether Mrs May will be able to win approval for her new plan at home were fuelled today as the DUP’s Westminster leader Nigel Dodds repeated warnings that it will not tolerate ‘tariffs, checks or anything else between one part of the UK and the other’.

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The nastiest things the EU has said about Brexit

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Since the UK voted to leave the European Union, the relationship between the two has become increasingly strained and at times things have got hostile. 

It seems the saying ‘if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all’ has fallen on deaf ears within the EU. 

Watch the video above to see the worst things they’ve had to say about Brexit. 

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May offers MPs vote on second Brexit referendum

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Theresa May’s so-called “new deal” is meant to appeal to MPs on both sides of the House and both sides of the Brexit divide. (Subscribe:

Among the promises if they pass her withdrawal agreement, the chance for MPs to vote on whether to hold another referendum. There were also offers on workers’ rights, environmental protection, the Northern Irish border and a customs compromise. But it instantly met a chorus of disapproval from Labour and hardline Brexiteers on the Tory benches.

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Endloser Horror: Der Brexit wird auf Halloween verschoben | heute-show vom 12.04.2019

Views:317039|Rating:4.88|View Time:7:59Minutes|Likes:7746|Dislikes:196
Ein harter Brexit ist erst mal vom Tisch – aber die jetzige Verlängerung wird wohl nicht die letzte sein. Wie lang kann sich Theresa May noch halten?
Zur ganzen heute-show in der Mediathek:

Arlene Foster says DUP is focused on ditching the backstop

Views:441|Rating:1.67|View Time:47Minutes|Likes:1|Dislikes:2
DUP Leader Arlene Foster says the DUP will not be involved in any internal Conservative Party votes of no confidence or leadership changes but is focused on the policy of getting rid of the backstop in the Brexit process when the UK leaves the EU.
. Report by Simon Anderson.


Live: MPs vote on a series of Brexit options | ITV News

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MPs have taken control of the House of Commons to discuss which plan for Brexit has the most support. A series of votes are now being held.

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Theresa May announces Withdrawal Agreement will include vote on 2nd #Brexit ref

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WATCH: This is the moment Theresa May announces that the #WithdrawalAgreement will include a vote on whether to hold a second referendum on leaving the EU.

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How Brits Are Preparing For A Post-Brexit Apocalypse (HBO)

Views:118040|Rating:3.81|View Time:5:40Minutes|Likes:1204|Dislikes:377
EU Heads of State and/or Government convene for a special summit called after the UK parliament voted on March 29 to reject the Withdrawal Agreement negotiated between the UK and EU. The looming possibility of Brexit has turned many Brits into preppers ––anxiously waiting to lose access to their favorite products, food, and even medicine. VICE News follows two people prepping in the case of this national emergency.

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David Cameron doesn't regret calling Brexit referendum

Views:44767|Rating:3.62|View Time:1:1Minutes|Likes:223|Dislikes:85
Britain’s former Prime Minister David Cameron said on January 16 he fully supported Prime Minister Theresa May as she faces a confidence vote after her Brexit deal was rejected in parliament by a huge margin.

The confidence motion was called by opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn after lawmakers rejected May’s deal by 432-202. It will be held at 1900 GMT.

Cameron also told reporters that he had no regrets over calling the June 2016 referendum, the result of which led him to resign as prime minister.

May is expected to hold on to power through the confidence vote, having secured the backing of her own party’s rebels and its Northern Irish allies.

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BBC Politics Live | EU Elections, Deselection threat & Censorship – 26/04/2019

Views:9032|Rating:2.61|View Time:44:3Minutes|Likes:23|Dislikes:21
LBC presenter Nick Ferrari, Green Party co-leader Sian Berry, Progress Scotland Chair Angus Robertson, and Sophie Jarvis from free-market think tank the Adam Smith Institute join Jo Coburn to discuss next month’s European elections, and attempts to deselect Conservative MPs.

Nigel Farage: Winning big will put WTO Brexit back on the table – Surrey, 19.05.2019

Views:7416|Rating:4.92|View Time:1:27:50Minutes|Likes:592|Dislikes:10 | @BrexitParty_UK
• Brexit Party Rally, Frimley, Surrey, 19.05.2019

• Speakers in order of appearance:
– Tim Scott (@TimScottUK) presents MEP candidates for the South East region:
– Robert Rowland @RowlandBrexitSE
– Alexandra Phillips @BrexitAlex
– James Bartholomew @JGBartholomew
– Belinda De Lucy @BelindadeLucy ‏
– Chris Ellis @chrisellis2019
– John Kennedy
– Matt Taylor @MattTaylor2020 ‏
– Peter Wiltshire @PeterWilt101 ‏

• Nigel Farage MEP (South East), Brexit Party Leader, President of the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy Group (EFDD) in the European Parliament – @Nigel_Farage

• Video source:

• Full list of Brexit Party candidates for the European Elections:

May offers 2nd Brexit referendum in 'new deal'

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British PM Theresa ​May announced new incentives for Parliament to approve her Brexit deal, ​and another public vote is on the table.

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Arlene Foster says the DUP is focused on getting rid of the backstop

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Former Brexit secretaries David Davis and Dominic Raab are among those backing the so-called ‘A Better Deal’, a pamphlet setting out proposals for an alternative EU Withdrawal Agreement. The paper retains many elements of Mrs May’s package but removes what the authors call as ‘poison pills’ which prevented her securing cross-party support.

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Theresa May dangles the carrot of a second referendum if MPs back her Brexit deal

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British PM Theresa May has dangled the carrot of a second referendum if MPs back her Brexit deal next month. …

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Theresa May on social care: Nothing has changed – BBC News

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The social care system “will collapse unless we do nothing about it”, the prime minister has said as there will be two million more people over the age of 75 within 10 years. She was speaking to Andrew Neil after announcing an “absolute limit” on the money people will have to pay for social care, which critics said was a U-turn. Mrs May said in the BBC1 interview: “Nothing has changed from the principle on social care policy I set out in the manifesto.”

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Theresa May announces Stephen Lawrence Day

Views:1146|Rating:0.88|View Time:3:22Minutes|Likes:6|Dislikes:28
Theresa May announces plans for annual Stephen Lawrence Day at the 25th anniversary memorial service for the murdered teenager. Report by Sarah Duffy.

Brexit: Leavers and Remainers Stand Dis-United in United Kingdom

Views:6799|Rating:3.33|View Time:1:30Minutes|Likes:2|Dislikes:1
Brexit has divided the political tribes between the Leavers and Remainers with millions demanding a second referendum.

#Brexit which was supposed to happen on March 29 is still under process with Leavers taking it as UK’s failure to leave European Union!

Key dilemma for #Remainers is to make a choice on May 23 but
with #Leavers leading, the state around Brexit has gone berserk.

Whether UK’s political showdown brings Brexit to a conclusion on May 23 is yet to seen!

Do watch the complete video and stay tuned for further updates.

MPs to vote on May’s Brexit deal AFTER Euro elections

Views:65212|Rating:4.08|View Time:9:9Minutes|Likes:347|Dislikes:78
No sooner had Theresa May announced that she was bringing her withdrawal agreement back to the Commons for a fourth time in early June than her Brexiteer backbenchers said once again that they wouldn’t support it.

Likewise the Democratic Unionists. Today’s infighting wasn’t just confined to politicians who want us to leave the EU. There was also a fresh round of squabbling among the pro-Remain parties in the political centre ground.

Theresa May agrees her extension and MPs have duty to break deadlock

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Diplomatic sources say EU leaders have agreed to delay Brexit until the end of October, with a review in June. The reports have not been officially confirmed. Veteran Eurosceptic MP Peter Bone was among those calling for Mrs May (right) to step down, tweeting (inset) before the council revealed its deliberations: ‘On the 20th March, at PMQs, I asked the PM about an extension to Article 50. ‘She said “As Prime Minister, I could not consider a delay further beyond the 30th June.” So, if the PM intends to keep her word, can we expect her resignation later tonight?’ Boris Johnson (left) is one of the leading contenders to replace her.

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Brexit turmoil: "Labour were never enthusiastic about going into talks"

Views:9325|Rating:4.00|View Time:6:10Minutes|Likes:48|Dislikes:12
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Adrien Rodd, Professor in British history and contemporary issues at Sciences Po Saint Germain and the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin and Robert Parsons, chief international affairs editor for France 24, talk about the breakdown of the UK’s cross-party Brexit talks.

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How do the EU elections work? The Sun Explains

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THE United Kingdom has agreed to take part in the European Elections as part of the deal Theresa May negotiated with Brussels to extend Brexit until October 31.

Unless a deal on leaving the European Union is agreed before polling day then Brits will cast their votes for the Member of the European Parliament of their choice on May 23.

Every five years, European Union countries go to the polls to elect members of the European Parliament.

Britain was meant to have left the EU on March 29 and few envisaged that we would be taking part in the European elections.

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What is The Brexit Party, how is Nigel Farage involved and when was its launch?

Ten reasons why the European Parliament elections are the most pointless in British history:

Tories set for drubbing in EU elections as extreme Brexit parties get boost from chaos:

Second Brexit referendum – could it still happen and how?

Fresh Labour war as Jeremy Corbyn DROPS support for second Brexit vote on official EU vote leaflets:

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Theresa May’s New Brexit Deal – Discussion with Alastair Campbell & Paloma Faith | The Last Leg

Views:74029|Rating:4.40|View Time:7:22Minutes|Likes:562|Dislikes:77
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Alastair Campbell and Paloma Faith join Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker to dissect the latest Brexit news on The Last Leg.

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Was a Brexit referendum a good idea in the first place?

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