Watch the explosive interview with Labour Brexiteer Brendan Chilton | James Whale

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Former General Secretary of Labour Leave Brendan Chilton joined James Whale and Ash on their show to discuss the state of Brexit and the benefits of leaving …

Lord Andrew Adonis: "Bring on a second Brexit referendum" | Julia Hartley-Brewer

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Theresa May is to brief senior ministers on the state of cross-party Brexit negotiations with Labour after the latest round of talks failed to achieve a breakthrough.

Meanwhile Jeremy Corbyn has been told by Sir Keir Starmer that a cross-deal Brexit must include a second referendum.

Labour peer and Remainer Lord Andrew Adonis joined Julia Hartley-Brewer.

Lord and return this is Labour Party candidate for the European elections and a Labour Party appear and he joins us now good morning to you Andrew good morning do you have introduced me as Ramona in chief we are in election put and quite rally I'm a very very big fan of this Ofcom rule where we don't have physical bias ahead of Elections we let the candidates speak for themselves which i think is like the right thing to do I'm delighted to be known as the remain in chief because you know that's what I am okay all right election is that remain comes through democratically after a referendum with an option to remain okay can I try ask you then I'll as the candidate for the Labour Party in one of the regions so what is Labour's brexit policy today on any Tory deal and it's the flank there isn't going to be any other deal we stand for a referendum with an option to remain now it's true that we're holding out the possibility there might be a general direction but you know I don't think the conservative employees are going to be turkeys basically Christmas so I don't see a general election coming soon but of course if one came I'd welcome it the other option is that there was some kind of a deal between labour and the Conservatives and the the Prime Minister offered talks to the Labour Party a month ago now about some possible arrangement now in the public interest obviously if the government and the prime minister asks the opposition to engage in conversations about a compromise I think it's our duty to engage in those conversations this also has been clear to me that the only compromise I think is viable and has be viable all the way through it's an agreement whereby trays and maize deal which i think is a terrible deal 39 billion that we pay to the European Union for less good trade economic terms and we've got know-how but the deal could be to agree that deal in Parliament subject to it going to a referendum with an option to remain and then I and virtually the entire labor party would be campaigning for Romania in that referendum I think that could be a possible I think that could still be a compromise but at the moment to resume hasn't been offering it you say virtually all them even just looking at just in the last few few weeks in terms of senior members of the Labour Party speaking on this issue Tom Watson the deputy leader of the party only yesterday said labour is a remain and Reform Party only recently Barry Gardner shadow international trade said labor was not a romaine party now you yourself only recently said you know if your leave ohter don't don't vote for don't vote for our party don't there's no point with we are a remain party now but who's right well if you if you chose 10 Labour Party members at random you would find that nine of them were in favor of staying in the European Union if you chose 10 Labour MPs at random you'd find that nine of them in favor staying in the European Union there are always people who have different views on all big issues but the overwhelming majority of labour members and Labour MPs are in favor of remain but we're also Democrats and that's the reason why the view that we take you know in out three years after the referendum of 2016 where the hold of respective thing is unraveled the view that we take is that the Democratic thing now is to do what Jacob we smoked himself said that we should do originally which is to hold the dual referendum one on the opening of negotiations which is what happened three years ago to see what terms we could get what we've essentially been doing as a country for the last three years and that list resume is seeing what those terms would be those terms a dreadful 39 million for let's go trade in economic terms then we've got at the moment in the EU now that we can see that it's like conducting a survey for a house we've been conducting the survey we now know that the roof is caving in that there's dry rot that we've got the neighbors from hell in Boris Johnson and Jacob Riis Morgan Nigel flage and the right thing to do is not to proceed with the sale and that's I think the view of most people in the labour party now but you've changed your mind since becoming an electoral candidate you of course never stood for election before Europe you're an unelected peer but it's a bit you were effectively forced to apologise for saying so I wouldn't if I I wouldn't vote Labour if you want to stop brexit I mean the reality realities you've been forced to recant by effective my Seamus Milner jeremy corbyn's chief aide haven't you no that's not fair what what I said was I supported the party policy and of course what is what is the packet what is the party policy it's the party policy what was in the manifest at the last election or is it what was agreed at the party conference last Auto well the party policy is what was agreed at the National Executive Committee two weeks ago which is that there will be a referendum on any Tory deal with an option to remain but and let's get all this out there that we would like there to be a general election as I say I don't think the real world is going to be a general election because that would involve more EMPs being realistically a Tory a Labour Tory deal no one thinks that's going to happen which case there isn't going to be general election there isn't then going to be a second referendum zone all right no net the regeneration there isn't going to be a revised bill which we've said then that just leaves a Tory deal there wasn't going to be any other deal and therefore the policy is by elimination that you end up with a referendum of an option to the main and I'm completely comfortable without policies I think it's in the national interest three years on from the last referendum now that we can see what the brexit prospectus is which is that we'd be paying thirty nine billion for a really terrible you know fewer jobs and all that so I think the policy is is it's fine and I say bring on this second referendum and what Tom what sermons and care stammer and most of my colleagues have been saying is what you'll get with labour which is a second referendum with an option to remain and I think you know with the poll showing that now more than 60 percent at the British people given what the brexit terms would be want to stay in the EU I think we would we would win that second referendum well again you quoted not oppose a recent weeks in interviews and you said again you know most people want to remain again I that's not what the polls are saying and even the likes of John John professor John Curtis is said that's that is not a fair description of people's views if you give them all of the options that's likewise it's not fair to say that people are mostly in favor of No Deal again if you give people all the options that's not the case but you've also said have you not that you know the majority said yes so the great majority of people want a second referendum well where have you found that in a poll the repeated poles are shown she wants a second referendum heated polls are showing said that is simply not the fair reading of the polling I know it is they substantially more than that than than half of the electorate when asked repeatedly wants her once a second referendum with an option to remain what is true that people who want brexit where you're completely right judo is that people want brexit are divided some of them want to resume to deal and some of them what's called No Deal and what John says we talk about all the options being on the table and the picture being more complicated is that the the leave vote does break down into two very different groups into those who would be prepared to go with some form of soft grexit like to raise a maize deal and those led by Nigel Faraj who just want no deal that's absolutely true but what they all show is that once you take account of them all of the options the single most popular option by far is to remain in the EU and that's why I think we should do okay again the polling I have to say I think impulse has been quite clear about this this is not my personal opponent simply does not bear out that statement now um you have expressed a lot of criticism of a labor policy when it count in the past when it comes to issue breaks but also also the issue of Jeremy Corbyn um given that the Labour Party didn't do very well in the local elections when it should have been winning seats at this time the electoral cycle it was actually losing seats nothing like as badly as the Tories admittedly but they are already in power Jeremy Corbyn of course could get about say if a Labour Party do do unexpectedly well with me perhaps to remain vote going for the Labour Party and next Thursday would you be comfortable don't should be supporting a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn given your own criticism in the past about Jeremy Corbyn on his views on brakes and indeed on the accusations that he is anti-semitic where we United party and we will go into an election United we're much the Conservative Party which at the moment is at sixes and sevens and is just about to eject its leader I respect Jeremy called in his had been a bold and courageous leader he led the party to a big advance last general election and on the big social and economic questions he speaks to this sense of alienation and and real real deep concern about austerity which is gripping the country now that's not to say that I agree with him on everything he doesn't agree with me on everything but then you know you'll never find two people in politics who agree on everything but it's the labor family the labor coalition are we broadly united on fighting brexit and broadly united on wanting a progressive social democratic labour government we are and even when it comes to issues like nationalization I think the public mood is changing either the first transport secretary 10 years ago – you know living transport secretary to nationalize a railway line remember win the East Coast Main Line went belly-up because the private sector couldn't deliver on its contracts I nationalized it some people think that's very left-wing thing I think it's a very pragmatic thing where the private sector fails the public sector should move in and we need a stronger public sector in our country at the moment and we also need more fairness and I think more fairness means could you please just because time is against us or don't could you tackle the issue Jeremy Corbyn anti-semitism you yourself have written articles in which you've criticized the Labour leadership over his failure to tackle the issue of anti-semitism in his particular the fetish tackle he calls the root cause of the reason why MPs left to form the change UK party all you are you confident that Jeremy Corbyn would be a fit and proper prime minister of this country given your own criticisms of him over anti-semitism and he so much should not be in the labour party they should be expelled from the labor do you believe Jeremy quite is anti-semitic but Joan Corbin's view is that anti-semite shouldn't be in the labor do you believe Jeremy Corbyn no I do not know I I do believe that we need to be we cannot be too robust in tackling anti-semitism and I don't believe that the Labour Party machine has done a good enough job in the last year in eradicating anti-semitism and it's been too slow in with complaints and to be blunt to accommodating in some of the excuses that have been made for unacceptable behavior but jeremy has said that anti-semites should be leaving the Labour Party that we are not going to delay on this and I believe him and that's what we will do Lord and return as Labour Party candidate the European elections Labour Party Pierre thank you very much indeed now allotted Ernest is standing for this southwest region for labour also standing in the southwest region are representatives from change UK the Conservatives the brexit party the Green Party the Liberal Democrats you Kip and the following independence at large maxi mafia Raman and Neville seed from a full list of every candidate in every party standing in the European elections just visit talk radio co dot uk'

David Lammy compares Brexit-supporting Tories to the Nazis | Reaction

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David Lammy spoke on BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show where he compared Brexit-support Conservatives to Nazis. We’ve been covering the story and have …

Were National Trust right to cover men in celebration of women? | Matthew Wright

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The National Trust has decided to cover up male busts and only showcase female work in celebration of women, but is that taking things too far? Matthew Wright discusses with co-host Kevin Sullivan and art critic Estelle Lovatt, who decribes the decision as similar to the Nazis and ISIS destroying artwork

but right now I want to turn our attention to the National Trust if we may Britain's largest membership organization and unfortunately it's come under fire from both visitors and the press of covering up paintings and sculptures of men at a grand Northumberland stately home why well it's as part of a celebration of the role of women artworks associated with chaps at Cragside were veiled in sheets and plastic bags that's what I've got for you Kevin you and get a sheet you got a plastic bag okay as part of a project condemned as ridiculous by some visitors their trust received over a hundred thousand pounds as a government grant from Victoria Atkins Minister for women to promote its women and Industry program at Cragside as well as two other projects a Cragside is the first house in the world to be lit by hydroelectricity and was built in the late 1800s by the industrial magnate Lord William Armstrong and they basically got in touch with some artists and they designed an installation that they wanted to highlight the role of Lord Armstrong's wife Margaret and other female members of the household and women workers in William Armstrong's factories the trustees so the trust run along a covered off a little the male Buster's and then were inundated bite with complaints by from visitors to the house which has a large collection of pieces from the 17th and 18th centuries they went to a TripAdvisor and the social media sites to criticise the great Cragside cover-up Annette well you got I mean one of one of the comments here Kevin a Sharon will concern I think this is from The Telegraph she said believing the only way to put women forward is to put men backwards is mad a fella Jim him hit her but complained having paid a touch under fifty quid to get in it is disappointing not to be able to see the whole collection but then there are voices of support out there I can name a couple of artists Harriet Sutcliffe as she said before the opening she hoped by concealing some of the male objects and artifacts that it might shift the lens slightly so that these women would have the space for three weeks to shine and Kate Stobart another artist involved said covering up some of the male images will transform how the house looks and bring out the lack of representation of women well he said it seems to me to be very very silly but if that's what they want to do I don't think it's a big deal but the reason it's become something of a big deal is this is part of a syndrome critics say the National Trust is becoming politically correct to an absurd do you remember the story stir egg hunt which became the the all hunt or something and then those staff volunteers were required to wear that's right this is this is a story I covered a lot on the television it's it's fellow brick Hall I think it's in Norfolk and the national trust run a prejudice and pride campaign designed to her to highlight how gay people and how they'd contributed to the wonderful buildings that we enjoy anyway they took it upon themselves to out Robert Windham cotton creamer the who bequeathed fabric Hall they outed him as gay to the fury of his God children and historians who demanded to know why the National Trust had decided to do this and then it later emerged that volunteers have been told they had to wear gay pride rainbow badges or they were sort of condemned to work in the diner lots of them refused by the way so that's what this story's about it's another according to critics another case of national trust madness I'll get around what the National Trust said a little later we didn't invite them and many times over the course of today to join us but they declined so let's instead speak to the charming art critic and lecturer I still love it afternoon as though I'm speaking through my dust sheets now we're very sorry that we actually I'm gonna stir things up a still I thought the chair comments that I gave from the artist Harriet Sutcliffe and Kate's Stobart I thought were both very fair that by covering up the men we put the spotlight on the women you know men are not obsolete nor do women real women want them to be obsolete thank you they've just done this to these statues and works of art doesn't honor men it doesn't honor women it in facts that mourns with men and it mourns the fact they're actually you know half of us are men and half of us of women we need to educate people can I come along and if I don't like a painting that's got a woman with gray hair can I and paint her blonde you know we've sort of gone from me to the hashtag me too this has got to be hashtag me stupid you know it's absolutely ridiculous but I still I still I think I have no idea what the proportion of artworks would be but has we've come through a a male dominant millennia it would be fair to say that I would assume the vast majority of artworks in both this stately home and many others will have been done by men and in order to perhaps show the work that women have done the easiest way rather than sticking I know luminous sign saying this painting has been done by a woman or or this table was cleaned by a woman we actually cover up the male statue so that nobody has to do that we can see the contribution women made her comedy if I'm doing this devil's advocate is still but you know what the thing is that throughout the course of art history women have had their role behind great artists it doesn't matter what period you take can you look at Picasso for example you know he wouldn't have created half the works he did without the great woman or two we wouldn't have the great art work why not invite these contemporary artists these women that have run them putting bags on statues you know but isn't that it's Aria still isn't isn't that an act of art in itself that way if normally you'd go into that stately home and until two up to her to a neanderthal like me I would just see boring old oil paintings are boring old people who probably ruled their boring old land to the detriment of the peasants that served under them because that's how art seems to be that's the history the great rich people they could hire the painters to paint the portraits of them ruling over the rest of us now you go into one stately home and all the fellows that repressed all the people for all those years are covered up with plastic bags I quite like that but you know why not why not make statues of perhaps what the women and the wives look like why not paint imaginary portrait of covering up the ones that exist it does nothing to promote women at all does it not I was gonna throw I was throw in that we've got a planet to save why are they using plastic plastic pollution is a serious actually the men underneath are nothing but rubbish that's the indication against because to me plastic is what waste goes into now okay you know we're trying to save the planet we're trying to save the seas wait plastic is very harmful it's this art exhibit to say that men are harmful no the purpose of it as far as I could tell once to say that women need more prominence from legal or respect SS tell do you think that there's a to take a serious line on it do you think there's an element of kind of fundamentalism and the covering up of art in the way that Isis destroy great works of art Hitler burn books do you think there's something of that because they have no respect for cultural civilization when when Hitler destroyed works of artists because he felt us as though it didn't promote the blue-eyed blond head which always is odd to me because he was black head and brown eye you know yeah it but a failed painter he was the failed painter but the thing is I think if you want to promote women and maybe to cover up the men why not use something feminine like a blanket or a shawl think about how much that sounds like sexist stereotyping to me always something disturbing about the censoring of art do you agree absolutely art shouldn't be sensitive you censorship what a census its ban on art then really we have no role as human beings true art is how we have a conversation through visual aesthetics we don't even need to speak the same language but we all get the meaning through an image or through a sculpture and the way that we've communicated since time immemorial think about toddlers books they don't have words they have oh I don't want to think about them just yet if that's all right I'll stick my rather still with proper books without pictures and them can I read you this this is from someone I think that they're trading on twitter under the name funk and dear Matthew what we're observing is rabid post-modernism which ironically birthed through art prior to its current modernization covering up the statues is stupid virtual signalling it takes away from this female project to the National Trust do you agree with that rabid post-modernism line well you know what the funny thing is that all artists try and be the first to do anything new and in order to be a good conceptual artist you have to be a good conceptual artist and it's like year is fucking the artists mind and it doesn't reach the audience then it failed but some people will turn around and say it doesn't matter if people don't get the artists intention that's the public schools but the thing is I don't know if the artists intention was completely well thought out to start with and I would love to see these artists do something again but with a little bit more thought about the end result and how we can raise the appreciation and respect for women okay stop it from hashtag me to to hash it's gone now as a safe hashtag to me g-good oh and let me give you this is this is I said the National Trust we invited anybody they want to be this program all morning Britain's biggest membership organization couldn't find anybody to do an interview they did they didn't give a statement to it on one of the papers they're an unnamed trust spokesman they say it is not unusual for some people to dislike or disagree with what they see in contemporary art this was not about censoring art or being politically correct but to encourage people to look at the collection differently and stimulate debate job done look at ratio means bed and I would say all I see is a dirty bed put together by someone who's been paid way too much for her contribution to British society in the world of our it's just a made-up date it's my greatest work of art because it's not an unmade bed it is a self-portrait what I should do is not in it I should put a plastic bag on it no but that's my conceptual art I'm conceptualizing how it would be Tracey Emmons bed if I made it myself as a statement of male repression the feelings of male repression and post modernist 21st century Britain put a plastic bag on it claim it's mine get paid off a million disappear into the sunset but you know what we had a couple of galleries and jumped on it and use it as a sort of a playground before that plagiarism anyway flea man's coming in on Thursday Peron just sort them out I still love it a joy talking to you an absolute joy talking on the next Booker Prize is just the right degree of irreverence to make me actually I'd say she turns me on to modern art I have to say

George Galloway: "Jeremy Corbyn is under siege"

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Our host commented on the ongoing row over anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.

let me start with uh I suppose a health warning for those of tender disposition those who have unwittingly strayed onto the airwaves to listen to my show all those who've been away for a while perhaps in Broadmoor who've never heard of me and don't know my point of view this is radio with a point of view if you want a different point of view while others are available in fact they're available 21 hours a day on a Friday and 24 hours a day every other day of the week on this very radio station this is one show one Island a lacunae of a different point of view you get my drift so you can complain to whomsoever you like this is my point of view and on it I shall stand difference between me and some others though is that I positively welcome those with a different point of view either to call or to text or to email or to tweet me at George Galloway at talk radio or to come on the shore as guests today we have sought the company of everyone from the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs the right honorable Boris Johnson all the way to Lord Levy the latter couldn't make it because it's Passover and I wish him and all Jewish people the best on this auspicious occasion for them we have got Sir Malcolm Rifkind Oh a former parliamentary colleague of mine a very distinguished former minister former Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs himself former Secretary of State for Scotland former Secretary of State for the defense department used to be called the Minister for war now malcolm rifkind and i don't see eye to eye that's why he's on the show and that's why you should stay tuned but don't expect anything impartial from me and not one of your guardian editorial writers on the one hand but on the other if I feel sore sound sore this evening that's because I rather feel it so let me give you my point of view shooting from the hip shooting from the lip some surprising news in the last couple of hours first of all a British Special Forces soldier has been killed by an AED explosion on the ground in Syria who knew the British Army was in Syria does Parliament know has Parliament voted for that to be so last time I looked not at all Sir Malcolm as a former head of the Intelligence and Security Committee will no doubt tell us why that British soldier was placed in harm's way in the alphabet soup of Islamist extremism that's at war with each other and with the Syrian state an American Special Forces soldier was killed in the same explosion and several other foreign soldiers were also injured in the explosion I wonder if the public in those countries were aware that their soldiers were in the harm's way in the Syrian imbroglio we'll be talking about that but we will not be stopped from talking about what's happened in the last few hours in Palestine 15 people unarmed demonstrators that is two more than that Bloody Sunday in Derry all these decades ago in the British Irish War 15 unarmed demonstrators have been shot down dead and a staggering 1,500 unarmed demonstrators have been wounded that's the Sharpeville massacre that's the bloody sunday' massacre that's many a massacre ^ I haven't quite worked out yet but those have a mathematical disposition no doubt already are though you won't hear it on the mainstream media you didn't even hear it in this very studio just a couple of minutes ago in the news headlines it's not a headline you see fifteen hundred wounded Palestinians 15 dead Palestinians and we haven't heard a word from Theresa May we haven't heard a word from Boris Johnson and we haven't heard a word from Jeremy Corbyn and that leads me to another subject we'll be discussing this evening Jeremy Corbyn is under siege the mass media in Britain has declared war on Jeremy Corbyn they did before and then after the frankly stunning reversal to their hopes in the general election of last year they had to give him a honeymoon week or two maybe month or two but they're now in hot pursuit first he was a Czechoslovak spies you remember that do you remember the certainty with which the newspapers were telling us the red carbon had according to two newspapers in Britain been accepting between three thousand and ten thousand pounds at 1980s prices for meetings with a Czechoslovak spy to give him information damaging to Great Britain making Corbin himself not just a Czech agent but the lowest of the low an agent of a foreign power who's betraying his own country for money then when he asked a couple of half-decent questions which if we had any proper journalism in this country would be being asked all day and every day about the scribble of their southern he was not a Czechoslovak agent he was a Russian agent he was a Putin stooge he was a Kremlin agent why Newsnight even faked up a Russian hat and photoshopped him standing outside the walls of the Kremlin itself was actually a Greek fisherman's cap but with a bit of higgledy-piggledy it was a Russian hat I suppose he should be grateful they didn't put the red star on the front of it they didn't put a Lenin badge on his lapel and now he's an anti-semite this man jeremy corbyn who has spent his entire life and I've known him almost 40 years fighting against racism of all kinds fighting against anti-semitism specifically at all times has now been branded a man who hates Jews and when they're not branding him as a man who hates Jews they are branding him a man who won't do anything about those who do hate Jews now partly this is a deliberately conceived and directed from the Israeli embassy itself as the Al Jazeera documentary the lobby captured on film where an Israeli agent from the Israeli embassy in London was captured on film plotting with British parliamentarians to bring down British ministers including Boris Johnson's deputy at the time the right honourable Alan Duncan now a minister I think in another department know he may still be at the Foreign Office for all I know he's quiet these days except when he described Julian Assange in the house the other day as a miserable little worm how parliamentary standards have slit since sir Malcolm and I departed the house but it's not only a political device it's not only directed by the Israeli embassy in London anti-semitism exists it has existed in Britain for centuries as you know I'm a great advocate of the rugged trousered philanthropist in that book written a century ago the hero owned a painter and decorator is forever arguing with his fellow painters and decorators about the aliens that are coming into Britain with their different language their different food their different attitude to their women folk the different culture from which they came oh and never specifies it but anyone who knows knows that it was Jewish immigrants fleeing pogrom and persecution all over Europe coming to Britain for safe haven to whom he referred in the 1920s 30s and then again in the 50s even into the 60s overtly explicitly anti-semitic organizations existed in Britain most of them on the fringes of the Conservative Party not the Labour Party the League of Empire Loyalists and an alphabet soup of right-wing organizations who certainly never believed that Jews had any place here in Britain that Jews were British like you and me and I'll tell you when Sir Malcolm Rifkin was the Secretary of State at the Foreign Office and another man of Jewish origin Leon Brittan was at the Home Office a Conservative MP a Conservative MP said to me I could name him but he's dead now probably served no pockets I've probably written it somewhere before there's far too many Estonians in this cabinet for my liking not enough atony ins anti-semitism exists and it's primarily a right-wing phenomenon and up until a couple of weeks ago I would have told you probably have told you there in 50 years in and around the Labour Party I never ever came across an anti-semite but now I have in fact in the last four last 48 hours I have come across shocking examples of anti-semitic posts likes retweets by not just members of the Labor Party but people who were standing for labor for council seats one of them in Peterborough has become a big news story people mocking the Holocaust people casting doubt upon the Holocaust people describing the Holocaust as a hoax rather than where it was the greatest crime in human history I don't know where this came from I assume it emerges from the depths of animus felt by millions of people in this country and elsewhere too at the behavior of the political State of Israel which claims a claim that's contested not just by me but by many Jews themselves which claims to be the state of the Jews but wherever it emerges from it must be rooted out it's a cancer it must be dealt with vehemently by the Labour leadership and we have the totally bizarre situation that John Landsman the owner of momentum employs as his director a woman called Christine shock ruffed who's had to resign some of her positions at the top of the Labor Party because she defended the council candidate to whom I've just been referring the candidate in Peterborough that was retweeting was showcasing was spreading vile Holocaust denial propaganda how about that mr. Landsman how's that for anti-semitism mr. Landsman what you gonna do about that mr. Landsman and in the minute or so I have left before talking to Sir Malcolm just so he knows where I'm coming from the British government's official narrative on blaming Russia for the scribble Salsbury poisoning affair is falling to pieces in front of our eyes every time a fact emerges which contradicts all the other contradictory evidence that has been dragged across like red herrings this affair it makes the official government narrative less and less credible we are asked to believe that two weeks before his election 100 days before the opening of the World Cup and already sanctions hit Russia and it's President Putin decided to waste a 100 million dollar secret program of nerve agent development on an obscure individual in Salisbury who spent his days buying and scratching scratch cards that's what mr. scribbles hobby was every day in a newsagent scratch cards a man of no conceivable importance to justify causing a total crisis in Russia's relations with the world if you believe that you'll believe anything if you believe that I've got a bridge that I can sell you so I hope Sir Malcolm you're sharpening up your arguments because you are next

Ex-MI5 Officer rubbishes idea Russia wanted revenge on Sergei Skripal

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Annie Machon said “there was no point for Russia” in poisoning the former double agent.

talk to Annie Michonne she's a former mi5 intelligence officer and joins us now good morning to you Annie I mean there's lots of talk this morning about maybe diplomats being expelled Oh Royals not going to the the World Cup in Moscow in June which apparently weren't planning to go anyway but the reality is that what when we do talk about retaliation for things like this in the event that it does turn out to be as many suspect a Kremlin linked assassination attempt a lot of the lot goes on behind the scenes that we don't see doesn't it it can be yes but I really do think we're at too early in a state a stage in this investigation to even begin to start speculating if it was Russia if it was Russia state-sponsored attack there are too many known unknowns at this point I mean all credit to the authorities for identifying the substance that's involved so quickly and I think we need to bear in mind as well that critical was a busted flush effectively in intelligence terms and you know he had been caught early Russians he had been put on trial convicted and sentenced to prison and he had cooperated with them during that process and then he had been pardoned and released under a spy swap in 2010 so then you came back to the UK he had worked at MMI 6pi in in Russia and and I six full of debrief some as well extensively upon his arrival in the UK before he's allowed to go free and be pensioned off so I can't really see what will be in it for the Russian the Russian state to have tried to that's the thing it's both see it's both the motive given that there plenty of opportunities as you say I mean he could easily under he was he was sentenced to 13 years at the penal Connolly and for high treason he could have been sentence says he could have been taken out long before a spy saw that the timing of it so many years later this is eight years since he came to live here the fact that he was living freely and it was under his own name that he could have been got at any time but the chosen method is where I I'm really confused because this is a mess okay as you say it's we've got the known unknowns nothing's been proven as yet but you know we're suspicions are lying and we know with the counterintelligence so he cancer threes a terrorism officers being involved we know what work where their line of inquiry is going that if this is a nerve agent and if it can from its particular chemical makeup be traced back to Russia then fingers will point so if this is the Kremlin it's a bizarre thing to choose to effectively you know point the finger at yourself in this way unnecessarily absolutely and this is why the police now going to be conducting very careful evidential based work and to try and find out exactly who might have carried this out and i think one thing that most people are forgetting yes this guy was a spy for britain yes he was it involved in the spy fork but he's been living here out in the open to the last eight years so i think the one of the key leads of investigation for at least for the intelligence agencies it's going to be what have you been doing in those last eight years who have you been working with if anyone and they will be sixteen with a fine-tooth comb through his electronic communications they will get warrants going to the computer and look at his telephone records his associates everything to try and build up a picture to find out you might indeed have had the right motive to carry out a very high-profile heared in a very unusual location because it does make everything point towards russia so you have to ask all you know it's could there be sort of deeper motivation there i mean could adjust their events could it just simply be very public revenge a message you know that i will get you when i choose to get you from Vladimir Putin I think that's highly unlikely I mean the spy Fox a you know for decades only Russia in the West and in no case is anyone being taken out in that way there's no person to it once you've rinsed them out of intelligence before you hand them over there's absolutely no point I think it's more interesting perhaps to suggest that the fingers are made to point towards Russia in a very high profile a very unusual hit on someone and that's why I think the police and the intelligence agencies would be looking very closely at who and precisely he'd been working with over the last eight years you

George Galloway's Mother of All Talk Shows | 29 Mar 19

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radio now of all the recruitment I've seen that talk radio over the time I've been here the best is our political editor Ross capsule not only is he studiously a neutral supremely well-informed he never seems to sleep and night I've been listening to you on the radio of Ross thanks for joining me in the studio to provide a bit of balance nobody out there is in any doubt where I stand on this but I gave up watching brick sir after the third series so I missed the grand finale tell us for housekeeping purposes exactly what happened today well Teresa made was again for the third time defeated on her withdrawal agreement to remember she had to meaningful votes on the whole package she separated the two documents the political declaration which governs the future relationship between the UK and the EU after the transition period from the withdrawal agreement which is the technical legal bit that what that's what allowed Berko to back down and allow it to be put to the vote absolutely so the government felt that they had to find a way around speaker Burke whose ruling and they also felt that they had to do something today and I think there were two elements to that first was an optical reason you can't not do anything on the original exit date otherwise you would come in for huge criticism that was an argument that was made at cabinet earlier this week but also to keep the May 22nd deadline alive that the European Union gave at European Council there was a sense that you had to try to pass the withdrawal agreement today of course it failed it was rejected again by 58 votes a margin that is lower than has previously been seen and we now know that a total of 81 Tory rebels have reversed their position since the original meaningful vote back on the 15th of January so that's 73 days we've seen the number of rebels more than half but that's not enough for Teresa May she needed the dup they refused to come on board she needed labour votes this morning it looked shaky it looked as if Lisa Tandy Gareth's nel Labour MPs who were open to the idea of the government allowing Parliament to have more control in the future negotiations would back an amendment which they put down that amendment was not selected by the speaker another thorn in the government's side from the speaker but Teresa may and Jeff the Attorney General said from the despatch-box that they would adopt the principles of that amendment it wasn't enough we didn't see any c4 only for labor yeah rebels yeah and to abstainers not enough obvious being briefed by government sources earlier in the day that there was going to be a huge labor rebellion on the whip it just didn't transpire it just didn't happen and to reason is in this position we're even even with the DUP on board you need the number of Tory rebels plus one on labor so you would still be looking on these numbers at 30 or more Labour MPs having to back a deal on a meaningful vote for next week and these were Labour MPs with strongly leave constituencies got a snail for example in stalk stalk is brexit central yep exactly so we know that the number of Tory rebels the hardcore and this is both split across remain as amber Exeter's it's 34 now so that is the number of Tories who voted against this today so you would need more than 34 if he brought the DP round on labour votes and the the theory was always that this would happen this week because the No Deal deadline would have been today and Labour MPs who were cautious about no deal would have come round to back the government's position but of course the no deal deadline has been moved by the extension of article 50 we're now talking about the 12th of April and that's where we've defaulted to again this evening to a 12th of April a situation now to resume suggested when she responded to the result that she may well try to negotiate that with the European Union to negotiate some more time I think that there are broadly speaking there are forced all three strategies the first next week for the government is to just simply try their meaningful vote again to try to reduce the numbers further the second would be to bring the withdrawal agreement bill which is the legislation which enacts the brexit deal and to try to pass the second reading on that of the withdrawal agreement and use that as an excuse to say that we can leave on May the 22nd and the third would be some kind of runoff and I think this is more likely between Teresa Mays deal and whatever option becomes apparent from the indicative votes process which starts again on Monday and that looks like a permanent customs union George no I don't at all want to make too much of the analogy but standing Sentinel outside the public entrance to the House of Commons is a statue of Oliver Cromwell yeah he famously dismissed the Long Parliament in there for all the good that you are doing in the name of God man go because that Parliament had become a sink of inaction inertia and corruption there's a lot of people in Britain thinking that about today's Parliament was that were you conscious when you were down there not just today but recently that that the members of parliament know just how much is riding on all of this yes I do think MPs have a very great sense of duty and I think one of the big mistakes that Tereza mayor's made in the past few weeks certainly to parliamentary conservative party members who I speak to was that speech outside Downing Street where she turned around and pointed the finger at MPs it looked like a fit of pique really it looked like frustration understandable perhaps and maybe the polling suggested that the public were annoyed with parliamentarians for in Tereza maze for holding up the process but it did her no favors with Tory MPs and especially with Labour MPs it actually alienated some Labour MPs I understand who were on the cusp of backing the deal that speech alone so it seemed quite badly misjudged simply to turn around and say actually it's your fault because people generally don't buy that because Theresa May is in government she has the executive authority she has the ability to run things in the House of Commons despite the speaker there are ways around this and the government has consistently failed three times now to get this through that through the House of Commons not very many people are sympathetic to forgive that when Theresa May has had two years to sell this to her own MPs let alone two other MPs and the public know finally and I'm grateful for your time after a long and busy day I noticed that in your list of options you did not include either a change of prime minister or a general election or either are both of these in play do you think yes change of Prime Minister is definitely in play Teresa may committed already we know not to stand at the next general election but if you look at her words to the 22 and they were echoed today publicly from the despatch-box the strong suggestion is that she would stand down if the withdrawal agreement were passed and you would have a Tory leadership election after may the 22nd if that exit date were kept alive there's a question mark over that now because we've gone back to April the 12th but if there was some depends on the EU to agree to that it now depends on the EU to agree to that but if there was some if there was some possibility of keeping that alive Theresa May is pledged to go would presumably still be in play now you would have a Tory leadership contest you know how to leadership contest works you have the parliamentary phase that whittles down to two candidates who go to about a hundred thousand Tory members could take between four weeks six weeks eight weeks or maybe slightly longer to whittle down so you could have a new PM in june/july that would be a new PM who would take forward the future relationship negotiations which very suddenly have become a key issue of concern for mps general election not impossible but difficult because of the Fitz term Parliament act so Theresa May needs to get votes in Parliament to have a general election the Tories don't want a general election Tory backbenchers don't want one they certainly don't want one with treasom a leading them into it they are wounded by the experience of the snap election in 2017 where many of them lost their majorities considerably they had a dire experience in that campaign very cautious of her doing that again not sure that it suits labour either frankly because there is an argument today that Labour has blocked the withdrawal agreements that would be thrown at labour relentlessly by the Conservatives whether it was true or not the DUP of course don't want one because they will lose their position in government maybe the the tig the independent group won't want to flex their muscles but they have no infrastructure they have no general election infrastructure so I don't see how the votes fall in Parliament for an early general election however should there be a vote of no-confidence again in Parliament and should there be a situation where a long extension is threatened to brexit you could have Tory rebels on the vote of no-confidence issue voting with labour against to resume and bringing the government down in that fashion but I continue to believe that the most likely way the government will fall would be a simple process of attrition where Teresa may runs out of Ministers to a point she's down to about 20 MPs in the Conservative Party who she can plausibly ask to be ministers she's burned through so many there will be a position where there could be a cabinet walk out at some point brickster or remain a cabinet ministers are going to book whatever their future plan is and at that point you have a position where the Conservative Party it's not implausible it could fall apart in office that is what the whole strategy has been about avoiding but we are still not out of the woods on that and if that happens you've got a general election I said right at the beginning this was supposed to be BRICS it day as well as the anniversary of my historic by-election victory in Bradford West in 2012 which means it's the eve of my wedding anniversary so I better stop off at a petrol station on the way home and see if there's a box of chocolates still on the shelves it was supposed to be bricks at day but it became instead Groundhog Day now I have very strong feeling that something profoundly changed in British politics today and that the two main parties both of whom are culpable for the failure of Britain to brakes it as scheduled and as promised quite a crucial point that both of the main parties that are responsible for this will pay a heavy price at the ballot box for it and that was reflected in Ross Kemp selves remarkable review of all the reasons why there won't be a general election even though number 10 were threatening one in the run-up to this boat the Tories don't want one Labour doesn't want one the independent group doesn't want one whatever they say the SNP doesn't want one the DUP doesn't want one because they have no guarantee at all that they'll still be in pole position giving a confidence and supply agreement to a Tory government afterwards no confidence not much supply but plenty moolah crossing the Irish Sea from your pocket to the D UPS so we have a situation where millions of people amongst the general public thousands of whom if not tens of thousands of whom are mustering in Parliament Square now behind the banner of Mr Farage and millions are furiously angry with them but or maybe because of that the main parties whatever they say don't want a general election because if there was a general election labour would say to the Tories it was you that couldn't get it through and the Tories flying the flag and bedecked in khaki would say we tried to deliver brexit but labour blocked it and of course that is the truth the uncomfortable truth it's true that they could not have blocked it but for the Tory rebels it's true that they could not have blocked it but for the DUP but the majority of MPs who voted to block brexit today were Labour MPs and the majority of the talking heads of the FB PE soft-shoe shufflers are labour personalities Tony Blair Alastair Campbell will straw all the creatures from the deep of the Blair era labor is hoist on this etat I'm sorry labour friends of mine listening to this I know that it will be painful for you too here it but don't forget I've been warning you of this for the last three years I'm not going to repeat not least because of the hour I'm not going to repeat everything I said last week in my monologue but I commend it to the house if you haven't yet listened to it it's available on YouTube belatedly but available on YouTube I commend it to you I'm not going to repeat it but I'm going to say this unequivocally that not since the Long Parliament cleared out by Oliver Cromwell has there been a parliament an audience table like the current House of Commons been held in such utter contempt by so many British people not just over brexit but over many many things I was reflecting today you may have seen it on my Twitter feed on the land of the Giants that I entered half literally half a lifetime ago Tories labour and others even the DUP was represented by a giant figure the Reverend Ian Paisley who cannot be compared I assure you to his lilliputian son Ian Paisley jr. mr. Ben mr. foot all these great figures on the Labour benches mrs. Thatcher mr. Hazeltine a whole parade of big people on the conservative side this is a parliament no not just held in contempt by millions of people but worthy of the contempt of millions of people absolutely worthy of that contempt and yet we can't get rid of them because they won't call an election and made a fixed-term Parliament act which protects them the MPs have to vote like turkeys for an early Christmas and turkeys don't tend to do that so where does that leave us it leaves us betrayed quivering with rage and anger apparently impotent but wait but wait every cloud they say has a silver lining and one of the silver linings of what happened today or failed to happen today is that Britain will now have to fight the European Parliament elections on the 23rd of May and I'm going to predict to you remember you heard it here that the two main parties whose members of the European Parliament are overwhelmingly creatures of the Brussels deep Stockholm Syndrome captives institutionalized prisoners old lags will be decimated decimated in the elections on the 23rd of May labour and conservative will pay a very high price at the ballot box on the 23rd of May I predict and although it's not yet the electoral period I will be one of those who will contest in the northwest of England for a parliamentary seat in Europe and I tell you something Donald Tusk and hare Juncker will have to develop slightly larger ears in order to listen to me in the House of Commons in the house of the European Parliament I should say now you've been wondering what happened to Tama yeah Tamara off Sahana you wondered what happened to him I've sent him down foreign-looking with a funny tin jerseys to the Tommy Robinson gathering down in Westminster and we'll hear from him right after this Tama stay safe because you're a funny tinge and all that it's pandemonium didn't was supposed to leave Ian Union Lee wanted to leave and people that wanted to remain seem to find themselves in this quagmire in which nothing resolved almost dictatorial in her ways of beating the exit deal has left a huge number of people completely and utterly battered in confidence the sounds that we have from here outside a street outside ten us this is not a democracy and we like this unfortunately there is a core of people here that are intent on marching and continuing to march to make their voices heard that's the row of police side of number and it's three man deep now becoming their much much anger than there has been before it's important to notes but these people that have marched down these streets have come down the back of the Tommy Robinson we might have to come back to you intriguingly that was a cliffhanger because I'm joined now by His Eminence if he had a ring I'd kiss it professor Sir John Curtis the Prince of cephalo gist professor of politics at the University of Strathclyde and senior research fellow at the National Center for Social Research professor Sir John thanks for joining us in the studio I did not expect anything like the numbers that mr. Farraj has gathered in Parliament Square and I expected the Tommy Robinson quotient to be very much larger than it is as a proportion I've been down there I've seen it the anger is palpable we just heard that from our reporter on the streets I've been developing from the start of the show this Oliver Cromwell metaphor when he dismissed the Long Parliament for all the good that you have been doing in the name of God man go there's something in the air of that isn't there yes in much the same way as the people's vote campaign March of last Saturday also demonstrate the strength of feeling on the other side one of the things that we know from the kind of survey research that I do there is that around 40% of people say that they are either a very strong remain or or a very strong lever and that contrast if you ask exactly the same question about whether or not people how people feel about political parties only around 10 percent of us feel either very strong conservative labour or whatever really we are now much much more engaged and much more attached to one or other sides of the brexit debate than we are to any of the political parties though the last time that we had attachment to biblical parties on the scale and the intensity that we're now seeing towards brexit is back in the 1960s so there is no doubt there's very strong feeling on both sides it's also fair to say that as a result of that we are in truth polarized between two points of view so you're absolutely right to suggest that the people who are out there who are complaining about the fact that we are not leaving at 11 o'clock tonight do represent a substantial body of people around 1/2 of those people who voted to leave say that leaving without deals their first preference and probably around two-thirds of leave voters would be willing to contemplate the possibility that cert however just bear in mind two-thirds of 50% is only about a third of the whole electorate but it's still one of the two most popular options for what we should be doing on the other side of the fence however the single most popular option amongst those who voted to remain and it seems to be backed by around two-thirds of them is to have another referendum in which they are hoping we would come to a different decision and that of course is the other end of the spectrum that was expressed on the streets last weekend but again 2/3 of 50% is only around 1/3 and the truth is that there is no majority for any of the courses of action that we possibly have before us because that's where the two most popular things are the two things that we might want to call the extreme and there isn't much support for the compromises in the middle but in the end public opinion is fractured and although I heard you very eloquently criticize the House of Commons and its inability to make a decision and the way in which above all you feel that it's it's try to stymie brexit but the honest truth is the House of Commons is actually doing weather a good job of representing the state of public opinion the truth is as a public we are seriously divided we are fractured and it's not obvious that there is a majority amongst only of so anything I mean sky data did I did a poll couple of days ago in which they put all the various options second referendum just managed to get ahead everything else voted down much like the House of Commons I take that point my rejoinder would be that there was a referendum that the people were told would be final and that has not been implemented but the problem is yeah and this is a crucial point to understand in promising the referendum is saying it would be final the truth was that what was being ignored was that whether and how we left the European Union was not entirely within the gift of the USA UK state to end there were a set of rules and procedures laid down in the European Union treaties that we have had to follow so for example although yes we had the right to say we wanted to leave the European Union we were legally obliged to give two years notice and that's what one example of how in contrast for example remember the referendum on the alternative vote for the House of Commons with that the state could deliver if we had voted in favor of changing the House of Commons it would have happened indeed it was already in the legislation it just needed the referendum to say yay or nay but this was different this was a referendum in which delivery and implementation did not simply lie within the hands of the state and therefore to that extent at least was always at risk of being in problematic in much the same way of course was true as a Scottish independence referendum it's the SNP discovered during that campaign they could not necessarily guarantee that the form of Independence that they were seeking would necessarily be achieved because it would rely on the cooperation of the UK government well it's a slight segue but one lesson for Scottish voters and Scottish nationalists is that they have demonstrated that a referendum is not final and the ideal has to be reached and that deal might have to go back for a confirmatory referendum etc etc maintain an ting oh there all sorts there there are all sorts of cross currency of course what's also true is that the fact that Theresa May has now repeatedly but repeatedly but repeatedly put the same deal to the House of Commons means that at acts on the SNP I've being in favor of never ending are never going to have quite the same force in the Conservative Party as they hitherto have done coming back to the UK situation Parliament the referendum itself we both know that whilst global numbers are of course crucial in a referendum global numbers are meaningless in parliamentary constituencies because what counts there is that you win your own constituency even by a single vote yeah and you take all yeah you know better than me that the majority of Labor constituent labor held constituencies the majority of Tory held constituencies the majority of regions and so on voted leaf what's your best estimate of what the impact on individual constituency contests this will be I give you one example Gareth Snell in Stoke Central yeah stock you could say brexit Central he won a by-election on a very low turnout with a very low vote I wished I'd stood in it actually because he only got eight thousand votes and he won eight thousand votes winning a parliamentary seat in brexit central his or opponent opponents at the next general election are going to say you knew what we voted for you knew what we wanted and yet you voted to stop braixen yeah all over that job we are making in a major assumption here George which is that although it is true that all of the voters in many of the constituencies represented by Labour MPs in the north of England the Midlands across the electorate as a whole there was a majority in favour of leave although not very often a very large majority well the middle out of 10 yeah sure but it's not it does not follow from that that a majority of labour voters voted to leave right and indeed we know from research and I and others have done that in most of constituencies are the north of England Midland with with represented by Labour MPs a majority of labour voters voted to remain I let me give you I mean I think the honest truth is I think the risk to the labour pie the risk Labour Party has been running for the last two years and it is a risk where there are now signs in the opinion polls that it may be beginning to be realized have to remember around 70 percent of the people that voted labour in 2017 voted remain and that the labor vote became more Pro remain 20:17 then it had been at the time of the EU referendum so although it's undoubtedly true that ideally what Labour Party's what's doing what it's been trying to do for the last two years is to triangulate in such a way that it keeps both parts of its coalition together at the end of the day the crude arithmetic is that actually there are that of the two groups it is at risk of losing the remained group is the larger and that is true outside of London as those within it albeit the label vote outside of London is more pro-life than in some that's true professor of course hesitate to interrupt you but if you if the 30 percent let's take your figure yeah if the 70 percent remain with you but the 30 percent desert you you've lost your seat at correct but if you lose the third if you keep the 30 percent to lose the centre percent you're certainly won and truly a busted flush so the point is when forced to choose Ronald Wilson said if you can't ride two horses at once you you should be in the circus and I bear in mind one of the things perhaps little noticed but has happened since the deal was unveiled in mid-november it's a sense in which you're right but for slightly different reasons both conservative and labour have lost ground since mid-november so whereas in the first start of the first half last autumn both were still running it around the 40 percent mark not that should far short of what they got in the general action both of them are now running at about seven points below where they were in the 2017 election they have both lost ground during the course of exit process now on the conservative side the risk of failing to deliver brexit is clear and that is that those people who switch from you Kip to the Conservatives at the beginning of the 27 election campaign will go back towards UK and you can already see that happening in the opinion polls between them Nigel Farage and you clip are running at 78 percent in the opinion polls and it's coming off the conservative leave vote very heavily but equally on the other side it's now looking as though remember and this is you know you might find this slightly difficult but remember that what Jeremy Corbyn achieved in the 2017 election to secure the kind of electorate that Tony Blair would have died for that is it was not particularly left-wing but it was definitely socially liberal he was winning over disproportionately voters who were Pro remain he was winning over young people he was winning over university graduates this was the new shape of the Labor Party that Germany was calling winning over the very kinds of voters that Tony Blair was wanting to obtain so therefore there is a risk that the Labour Party will lose that section of its support if they become disenchanted now at the moment there is no one single party that is eroding Labour's of strength amongst remainders but the truth is the Greens are much higher now in the polls they were in the election the Liberal Democrats are at least still holding water we do have the independent group which is again appealing to a very similar set of voters as is the Liberal Democrats and the SNP north of the border are certainly hanging on at least to what they've got and therefore against that backdrop the Labour vote it's just it's fragmenting mm-hmm in a variety of directions but the problem for labour at the end of the day you know I don't think laborers let the biggest risk to labour is not being criticised for failing to deliver brexit that is the risk for Tories run and that Tories are I think making a bit of a mistake in assuming that they can effectively attack labour by criticizing labour for failing to deliver what the Tories themselves should be trying to deliver that's an argument that will appeal to the Tories own voters but it won't appeal on the labor side of the fence with anything like the force of the toys and I take that point absolutely Labour's problem though is that it is now under attack from both sides from the the soft-shoe shufflers that were on the streets last weekend they do labour they denounce Corbin for not being anti brexit enough and the bricks it people denounce Corbin for Labour's role in what's happened subsequently professor will you stay with us for a moment course I need to take a break for some capitalists messages I'm glad to see a professor Sir John Curtis the Prince of all safale gist s– has remained with us and he's going to take some calls with me and that is definitely going the extra mile and I'm grateful to him for that but Tamar Isfahan II who drew the short straw and got sent down to Westminster is back on the line Tamar what's happening well the practice of starting slowly but there is still quite a lot of protestors here protesting the fact that democracy is dead so much so that I've got Kingsley Hamilton with me here Kingsley you're holding something quite interesting can you explain to the listen to what it is that you've got there okay so this is a cardboard coffin I can't take the credit for it somebody else made it and they actually abandoned they picked up the calls democracy is dead because since the Magna Carta was made democracy was a big thing in this country and the vote meant something today the 29th of March 2019 it's dead because our votes has been cast aside because the MPs decide they know better so democracy is dead as far as you're concerned to you I mean I'm not gonna ask you which way you voted because I think at this stage it doesn't really matter does it absolutely I was just going to say it doesn't actually matter which way people voted the fact is the MPs are supposed to represent the people they're not supposed to do their own thing so to speak yes they guide us as much as they can but when we're given a clear vote this isn't in or an out boat and it was made absolutely clear that if we wanted the benefits of the EU we needed to vote to remain in the EU now regardless of the way people voted the public the seventeen point four million people that voted that was the majority it may be a slim majority but it was a majority that's how democracy works they voted to leave and because they voted to leave that should have been an accident acted on it wasn't and here we are today trying to so people people are very unhappy right now and what what do you think is the next step I mean what before we get on to that what's the vibe in like here today everybody has been really positive today there's been some really very patriotic chanting cheering we've had some quite good speakers so George something for you to think about there as an MP the question is who is your responsibility to and you might tell him there was a long time after Magna Carta that we got the right to vote but no I if you want a system where MPs are delegates I can go with you on that if if all of my constituents had been in favor of the Iraq war I'd still have voted against it and it would be their right to throw me out when they they got the chance so I'm not with Kingsley on that thanks Tamar and there was no foul language which I was worried or indeed warned that there might be let's take a caller William in Sheffield go ahead William first-time caller very welcome so I mentioned something earlier about that like they wouldn't be able to get an election through I think they'd air whatever happens they're definitely going they're definitely going to be an election really really soon because it's true that they've got to vote for it but I think the professor's with you on this let me throw to him professor yeah there are two there are two ways formally under which an election hub can happen under the fixed terms Parliament's Act one is that two-thirds of MPs agree that there should be one and in a sense the acts been written on the assumption that if indeed a parliament reaches a point whereby it seems impossible to make crucial decisions their MPs on both sides of the house will recognize that fact and will vote to dissolve themselves now it's whether or not that assumption is valid no it's debatable the other way of course however in which an election can be precipitated is simply if the vote loses a formal government loses a formal vote of no-confidence that doesn't require two-thirds of MPs it just requires more MPs to vote there to I say they don't have comes from the government and that then in a subsequent period of 14 days no new government is formed and I think you know one of the things that we've all been wondering is well I think certainly one of the reasons why this government could not pursue a policy of no D is that if it were to try to do so there will be enough conservative MPs who would have voted again voted against it in a vote of no-confidence to bring the government down and the question we are asking ourselves is if indeed this government by this time next week has found itself writing a letter to the European Union saying oh by the way we need yet another extension it will be a government that is pursuing essentially opposition policy and that no one risk the government will face in those circumstances that some brexit tear Tory MPs may no longer be willing to express confidence in the government or alternatively here again which Ross comes with your pivot leader to point out earlier you know Theresa May is beginning to be at risk of running out of Ministers and let us say for the purpose of argument the more brexit area inclined ministers inside the current government the half dozen of them if they were all collectively to resign I think there will be a widespread acceptance that probably then this government would have hit the RET the end of the road it wouldn't be possible simply to replace them and through either one mechanism mechanism or another we would end up going towards a general action but I mean it's certainly the case the the room the the political room that this government has is becoming very very limited and that was always going to be the case you know if you want to understand why Teresa may even this evening is still tenaciously trying to hang on to ideal it's not just that she is stubborn or resolute depending on which you prefer it is that she is perfectly well aware that that seems to be the only vehicle that if passed could probably be ensure that her party stays together once she is no longer got that comfort bucket her government as well as herself were going to be at risk William thanks for that first time course sorry it was a short one professor Sir John Curtis the Prince of pathologists thanks for giving us so much of your time on a Friday night there's two more hours of this to come stay tuned now Peter or born the great man of English letters commentator at the Daily Mail and author and broadcaster joins me no Peter you won't mind if I see you kinda have a soft spot for the Conservatives how does the Conservative Party look to you this evening I would say it's either poor shape you will it will probably go light user here I've got used which will gladden your heart George we have an impending leadership contest a a very weak and bemused Prime Minister and about a dozen hungry wolves who won't heard your yes I'm pleased about all of that that's accurate too but she hasn't gone yet Peter she said she'd go if our deal got passed and it didn't yes somebody he said to me yesterday night he said the fish is on the deck but it's still flapping on a fish mongers table I mean if someone going to I don't want to use a violent metaphor necessarily but someone going to put the fish out of its misery well it is a pretty nice question I'm in it so she still there is still a political intelligence and a presence of some sort at work that a deal has been defeated now for the third time and there is you will I'm sure have seen this too the talk which I don't understand that there's going to be a runoff having been defeated three times so deal now gets into the cut final against the winner of the you know the the whatever series of votes happen on Monday these vocals indicative votes and it is sort that the customs union idea will win and then you'll have the kind of smudge softer brexit up against missus Mays withdrawal deal in a runoff in Parliament that is what is being talked about now what it seems people feels to me that there are all kinds of problems of that idea but I don't know why would speaker agreed to take that motion when he really in a Napoleonic gesture almost robbed the prime minister of her opportunity to put it back today for a third time why would he allow a fourth that's right that's what I mean by that being title well that's one of the issues also I've never really heard of a a runoff and why on an issue is grave and oh my eyes it's rather x-factor Peter for traditionalists like you and me yes I mean I just suspect it may be illegal but we and I agree with you why would the speaker agree to it but anyway obvious reporting yes no I'm grateful to you let's work on the assumption that you know even even I can't remember know what the comedy character was that got one arm chopped off then the other arm chopped off and then the first leg and then the second leg and he kept on fighting it's the Holy Grail Monty Python that's right now I mean even in the end such a hero has to eventually fall so let's assume she falls are we talking days weeks months let's see she falls next week the Tories then need to somehow get the EU to agree to put everything on hold till the Tories get a new leader well the general election orders and a referendum or something I mean it's it we only the Europe now has us to do what he likes really with listen it can just say tell us to get lost and leave on the 12th of April which is what twelve yes of April yeah I yeah I mean that's there's still the default position Peter that is what you know you can just say look we've had enough of you thanks a lot good night and goodbye and we leave on a cliff edge no bill brexit more likely they will say here's another here's another extension in order to push for whatever version of brexit that you want whether it's mrs. may sort of staggering withdrawal deal which is still just about alive as I say it's floundering around on the deck but it's still got some life in it or the the Oh perhaps this Customs Union idea which has been promoted within the Labor Party all of these possibilities exist I would have thought that there is every chance that if the customs union idea wins and you're going to get some kind of split in the conservative yeah I was just going to ask you that now you're a scholar far greater scholar than I but the corn law would be the last time they're conservatives split wouldn't it that that looks to me quite likely now I think it may be it's been happening it's a culmination of a process which dates you can date back to Maggie Thatcher's famous bridge group speech in 1989 I think it was and that set up the risk in the Conservative Party over Europe and maybe that that will become with a moment when it formally ruptures which it hasn't done that they had effectively be to conservative parties the last few months they'd be so-called European research group Arg I've been running a separate party within a party a bit like Tom Watson's group within Labour Party within a party so but what we haven't got is a formal break and I were that would happen I think it might well and so when you're talking about general elections around the corner you know it's not clear how the Conservative Party or labor for that matter can fight one go here a general election campaign we have we event we are in the middle of a very muddling time George yes unprecedented let's again still speculating she goes the Tories have a leadership election campaign who are the runners and riders it's a commonplace that if Boris Johnson gets on to the ballot paper you'll win it but the danger for him is not getting on the ballot paper well I've been reflecting on this and you know III was I'm writing about this in the Daily Mail or tomorrow about five years ago it's not a man I know well but I know hardly at all actually I never but I got a message I would like to go and talk to mr. John Major the prime minister in the 1990s and of course I went to see him and he said you know a lot of very bad people have started to capture the Conservative Party unique we need to keep it a sensible party from middle-of-the-road broadchurch of them they kind which you know he'll never know Stanley Baldwin or Disraeli or for that matter John Major but they were in charge of and I didn't I look I didn't fully understand what he was saying partly because I thought he was himself tormented by his own experience of a Tory right-wing but I hadn't you can see what he's I know the more I thought about that conversation the more wise I think mr. major was I mean it's not just the development of this party within a party over Europe you look at this Islamophobia problem which the Conservatives now have very dark problem about Islam which is afflicting the party and you can you know that then you can see that something has that that basically cheerful middle-of-the-road party is changing into something a little bit different and I think that is what this election is about so and you've you've seen the candidates so far they tended to gravitate towards the right and where is that where is the Harold Macmillan in all of this where is the Stanley Baldwin very very good questions look forward to your column tomorrow in the Daily Mail Peter thank you very much indeed for joining us Peter or born commentator at the Daily Mail shall I take a break well over a million said you should go but the members of parliament overwhelmingly hostile to the idea have finally well perhaps not finally but almost finally scuppered breaks it and people are angry about it though by the law of averages that must mean there are millions of people who are happy about it you're one of those on either side give me a call or three four four four nine nine one thousand Ricky in Glasgow has he's up next Ricky welcome to the show thanks Josh thank you nice to hear from you go ahead thank you no I just the comments he made a big crumbles comments on Parliament of the time yeah I think Thank You merci question and perhaps is very accurate nasty image the same comment when perhaps destination everybody's got a vote perhaps a Commons just reflecting the incompetence of indecisions of the community at large so I think so I don't Ricky I'll tell you why both the main parties stood for the general election in 2017 on a manifesto both of them which explicitly stated that they would respect the result of the referendum and implement it and therefore in my view both of them are guilty of duplicity and deception over the 80% of the British people who voted for them well can't agree with it not the speed we have just said I think you say this case yeah you say if it was just if it was just the referendum result you could argue the toss but if it's a referendum in 2016 and then a general election in 2017 and the people elected to the Parliament in 2017 then betray their promise to the election I can't accept that that's why I said Ricky a couple of weeks ago if you were listening I said this is no longer about bricks nor was last week this is no longer about bricks it this is about democracy yes I know yeah yeah I know you're saying the only thing is with the referendum I updated the system Aurora Mali was first passed the post and the levers were first-past-the-post an access system we use here we should need the edge of Europe everything else is shameful I think some have never be just arguing with it well somewhere along the way ah well maybe on the foot bar something but we'll we'll agree to agree you made that comment a bit chromel it crossed my mind this whole thing seems shameful I think you know I described earlier as a little abuse on Parliament it's a parliament of small people there are very very few parliamentarians that would be recognized if they walked out on the street from Westminster I always make a point Ricky I don't know where a jar but when halel Wilson was the Prime Minister there was at least 10 prime ministers in waiting 10 sitting in his cabinet and most of them were trying to become the Prime Minister but there were giant household names big figures even in a year with no social media even in an area would let much less TV they were they were demonstrably big beasts yes and we just don't have that anymore yeah yes menos who have got with the PM o menos there's no no as I said you know and we don't seem to have you know the after see come through in their own estate well overall I can't argue with you I think a shame a beard sadness of God here that day that's what we voted on but we voted and that's as I was Sirica every vote in donkeys don't expect them to do anything other than hee haw Thank You Ricky for that nice call let's hear from Nicola in Swindon boy head Nicola good evening to you all good evening I voted to come out and I was popular one of it was I wanted our own MPs our own Parliament to take responsibility to make the lowers and to be in charge this country and to make decisions and I think I was a bit deluded where because they doesn't leave without forever to sort of agree on a way out I feel I feel a bit disappointed I really to be totally honest I actually thought we've had the sort of the way we've all in Parliament for actually people to sort of make a decision to do something but quite the wrong people there as you say we don't have the big night they're a small crew I think Nicola but you see if if no agreed way out was able to be agreed by a pro remain Parliament then the default position was to leave today on WTO terms now I've said all along you've heard me there's nothing to fear in WTO terms if there was then most of the world would be in a state of fear because that's the basis on which most of the world trade with the European Union it's a project fear that we've been subject to do most of the world a lot better than the European Union Nicola yes the Sun rises in the East it's it's fading and setting in the West this is a fundamental strategic misjudgment our rulers have made nickel are a lot of people trying to go on thanks very much for your call let me take Ken in Luton go ahead Ken evening to you son welcome back at the biggest man day a labor leaders head and he let the blare I'd spread all over him clear star burr and his mob well he had a very difficult wicket can he came the leader of 500 600,000 Labour Party members but it's definitely not the leader of the MPs no that's right that's where he fell down and as I say all him mp's stood for labour that were in leave seat that voted remain they ought to be selected and then they left to fight somewhere else well yeah I don't think that'll happen because by all accounts although it's never really been scientifically tested most labour members agree with them what the real danger is is that they'll be voted out by their electorate if your majority is one thousand four thousand five six seven eight thousand and all the people that voted for you but also voted leave say to hell with that I'm not voting for you again if these labor Association are daft enough to put up a remainder when they voted leave like Souter is either at the party now he's on the news lot I mean eight is left Luton the south they've returned a vote of no confidence in him but because it wasn't an election year they couldn't swing him out he left of his own accord cuz he knew well he's in the new the new party which is called change UK or chocka chocka for short well they'll have to declare that now anyone who donates more than 7,500 pounds to a political party it has to be registered with the Electoral Commission so we'll soon find that out far too much money in Parliament far too much lobbying in Parliament far too many fat cats employing lobbyists to work on our political system is getting like the United States can yeah well a week after we vote it the Hausa Lord Tyranus if we will work a demon distorted it Nigel Lawson was the only one who stood up for us and all the others said oh now we'll get that overturned and their – to their word at night well they have got it overturned they have effectively stymie debt even if the fish is still flapping on the deck it's not gonna get back into the sea get on the radio to have a go at this bloody JVs on the radio he won't listen to me because he won't let me on it's like you anyone who knows what they're talking about he don't want to know he wants to stall that sling is blooming oh babe there's a lot of fishing metaphors coming on here Ken thanks for the call here's mark in Basildon go ahead mark hello Joe hi George the thing that caught me was when we did the vote it was what's best for the country it's not party lines is not conservative nyeba it was for the gutter pain I feel let down by our politicians not looking after the country it shouldn't be we vote for labor and we vote for conservatives it's what's best for us I mean a parliament has been voting across party lines throughout on this I mean effectively what Peter or Bourne was seeing and he's right there is a very small carbon parliamentary Labour Party there's a very big Tony Blair parliamentary Labour Party which is pro-eu there's sizeable Pro treasom a not really brexit Conservative Party and a sizeable brexit party there's actually four parties in the two main parties the MPs represent us we barbecued them into power we voted to come out of Europe yeah as such they should be representing us as a country not whether it's conservative or whatever you know on this one yeah for me it's a simple democratic I'm with you it's simple democracy if you see we're going to have a referendum and we're going to be bound by the result and then you're not bound by the result you are risking severe damage to whatever credibility our democratic system still has and then if you compound that one year later by holding a general election and promising in your manifesto that you will respect the result of the referendum and you will implement it and then you don't do that well you're risking social peace in the country I don't see that because I want social peace to be endangered far from it I hate mobs I don't like trouble and violence I don't want it but social peace in Britain has now been risked by 650 extremely comfortable living in a bubble Westminster MPs that's my view mark now see on this video that as when the next election comes I don't think the people that are in Parliament people are going to remember exactly what they did and won't vote back well it depends when that election is the European Parliament elections unfortunately for the political class are coming up very soon indeed thanks for that call mark let's hear from Martin in Doncaster Martin welcome hello George sign yeah I agree with everything everyone's been saying I feel awfully betrayed I did believe I did vote for Jeremy Corbyn in the Labor Party leadership election and just feel completely frustrated I think this part ah actually the enemies of the people and the servants of the establishment but to a degree that we haven't seen for I think since Cromwell's days actually and I think I'm just basically a bunch of Malcolm intense but misfits and manufactures she was our cake language I think which very good language I wish I'd said that yo indeed and you get some Labour MPs in West Yorkshire I'm thinking Evette Cooper now she promised in the election I've got a leaflet yeah she promised in a special leaflet to her voters she would honour the result and implement the result and I can't remember ever becoming exercise over austerity you know over welfare cuz over anything no love there really she was one of the leaders of the boycott of the abstention on austerity and welfare cuts but I don't know how they how they can face an electorate you know when once we find them to this degree it's just astonishing that's why they don't want an election no because time heals and they hope that if the election goes all the way to 2022 people all have moved on that's what they hope is that's why I doubt there will be an early general election for the reasons Ross said although the professor made the point as did Ross that actually the government could well just fall apart and that looks like happening to you do you think there's any any slim chance or vague hope of bracelet ever being achieved yeah I do I do I think it will happen I think the genie is out of the bottle as Nigel Farage put it earlier today but there's going to have to be a lot of other battles one before it if I'm right and the European Parliament elections elect a very clear majority of brexit Emmie peas that will be a new factor on the battlefield that will be new tanks on the political classes lon yeah well they they have done everything from the day after the referendum I think the whole thing has been a huge choreographed ballet including Teresa mais so-called wish to deliver brexit I think I think they've all been serving Brussels basically and I think so being totally choreographed and it's bit of poetic exercise Martin you are an eloquent man thank you very much indeed for that call and sms I'm going to read it what for what of course it's anonymous it says reality check for you Galloway one-third of the British electorate voted brexit while three-quarters of elected MPs are four remain you gutless coward so he's calling me a gutless coward Ofcom please note George in December 1969 Keith Campbell Labour MP for Oldham West said by joining the Common Market a decision which for good or ill will result in Britain ceasing to be a completely sovereign state because she will be required to shed at least part of her independence as such nobody can deny that she will cease to be a completely sovereign power those words spoken fifty years ago are a perfect description of the situation we find ourselves in today that's from Ian Aston in the West Midlands mr. Austin says I wouldn't be surprised if seventeen point four million people never cast their vote again well that would be a mistake that's what they want Neil Salter says professor John Curtis is wrong on who will abandon labour the young liberal left would still have voted for Labour's other policies on free education and cheap housing but Labour's working-class northern base will be less forgiving on brexit that's from Neil mal in Belfast says I don't know if you've covered this but isn't it very interesting that France and Germany have set up their own joined Parliament inside the eu-27 to look after their own interests isn't it interesting the Ireland are not included in that set up seeing that this is the main stumbling block would it be better if Ireland got together with the UK for their own interests and trading bloc to me Ireland are being used as France and Germany's bargaining tool and they are carving up the EU into the haves and have-nots I think Germany and France have taken full control they've always had full control mouths I do note that the professor sorry the president of Ireland Michael D Higgins had a good goal the e EU's economic policies I read that this morning Helen lakyn says please can you explain why we won't now leave with no deal on 12th April her Jacob Riis moxy this was not the no default position I thought the extension was til April if her deal was not passed please clarify looking forward to a good show well I don't know if Jacob said that if he did see it I believe he's wrong the default position is still exit on WTO terms on the 12th of April unless something else is done to divert that andrew says treasom a has knocked at the door thrice and thrice been rejected her spirit indeed is willing but our flesh is weak time for her last supper and Chris says never before have I been so disgusted by the sheer incompetent and utterly dishonest behaviour shown by the majority of our MPs I will never trust another word or promise that these duplicitous people say ever again and John in Cheshire says an easy way for labour to win the next general election is to promise an EU referendum within six months after the general election the referendum should consist of two options under percent remain or a hundred percent out no caveats codicils or gray areas the problem with that John is that labor would commit itself to the remain site and so would suffer electoral consequences as a result Charlie Faycal Ross says talking about party men of manifestos how's about a mention for the snps Westminster and Holyrood manifestos or do theirs don't count I think that's not your best SMS Charlie and Chris says how can we ever again preach to other countries about democracy when we don't even have it here anymore I'm outraged about MPs behavior David leva c-can't another bad day for me subversive shotgun politics why is it proven impossible for any nation to leave the EU well do you know the words of the Eagle song Hotel California you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave this is I think our rasping mother of all talk shows but it depends on you to provide the all important balance oh three four four four nine nine one thousand that's the number to call or you can email via the website at talk radio dot co dot uk' you can text the word talk followed by your message to eight seven treble two though that will cost you twenty five pence plus normal charges or you can tweet me at George Galloway at talk radio lots still to come I'm happy to see the the funny tinged tama Isfahan e has made it safely back into the studio he escaped the clutches of the Robinson knuckle draggers and I am very glad to see him there's lots more coming up stay tuned on the mother of all talk shows well over a million said you should go but the members of parliament overwhelmingly hostile to the idea have finally mob perhaps not finally but almost finally scuppered brexit and people are angry about it though by the law of averages that must mean there are millions of people who are happy about it if you're one of those on either side give me a call Oh three four four four nine nine one thousand Ricky in Glasgow has he's up next Ricky welcome to the show thanks Josh thank you nice to hear from you go ahead thank you no I just the comments he made a big crumbles comments on Parliament of the time yeah I think Thank You merci question of perhaps is very accurate nasty image the same comment but perhaps less tenacious everybody's got a vote perhaps the Commons just reflecting their incompetence of indecisions of the community at large so I think so I don't Ricky I'll tell you why both the main parties stood for the general election in 2017 on a manifesto both of them which explicitly stated that they would respect the result of the referendum and implemented and therefore in my view both of them are guilty of duplicity and deception over the 80 percent of the British people who voted for them well not just speed we've just said I think you say this case alright so I yeah you say if it was just if it was just the referendum result you could argue the toss but if it's a referendum in 2016 and then a general election in 2017 and the people elected to the Parliament in 2017 then betray their promise to the election I can't accept ago if you were listening I said this is no longer about bricks nor was last week this is no longer about bricks it is about democracy yes I know yeah yeah I know you're saying the only thing is with the referendum I updated the system Aurora Molly was first passed the post and the levers were first passed the post and access system we use here we should know the age of Europe everything else shameful I think some have never be just arguing with it well somewhere along the way well maybe on the foot bar something but we'll we'll agree to agree you made that comment a bit chromel across my mind this whole thing seems shameful I think you know I described earlier as a little abuse on Parliament it's a parliament of small people there are very very few parliamentarians that would be recognized if they walked out on the street from Westminster I always make a point Ricky I don't know where a jar but when Howell Wilson was the Prime Minister there was at least 10 prime ministers in waiting 10 sitting in his cabinet and most of them were trying to become the Prime Minister but there were giant household names big figures even in a year with no social media even in an era would let much less TV they were they were demonstrably big beasts yes and we just don't have that anymore yeah yes menos who have got with the PM o menos there's no no as I said you know and we don't seem to have you know the after see come through another honesty well overall I can't argue with you I think a shame a beard sadness of God here that day that's what we voted on but we voted and that's as I was Sirica every vote in donkeys don't expect them to do anything other than hee haw Thank You Ricky for that nice call let's hear from Nicola in Swindon boy ed Nicola good evening to you all good evening I voted to come out and a couple of reasons one of it was I wanted our own MPs our own Parliament to take responsibility to make the lowers and to be in charge of this country and to make decisions and I think I was a bit deluded where because they doesn't leave without forever to sort of agree on a way out either I feel a bit disappointed I really to be totally honest I actually thought we've had the sort of the way we've all in Parliament for actually people to sort of make a decision to do something but quite the wrong people there as you say we don't have the big names they're a small crew I think Nicola but you see if if no agreed way out was able to be agreed by a pro remain Parliament then the default position was to leave today on WTO terms now I've said all along you've heard me there's nothing to fear in WTO terms if there was then most of the world would be in a state of fear because that's the basis on which most of the world trade with the European Union it's a project fear that we've been subject to do most of the world a lot better than the European Union Nicola yes the Far East the Sun rises in the East it's it's fading and setting in the West this is a fundamental strategic misjudgment our rulers have made nickel are a lot of people trying to go on thanks very much for your call let me take Ken in Luton go ahead Ken evening to you son welcome back at the biggest mandate a Labour leaders head and he let the Blair ID spread all over him clear star burr and his mob well he had a very difficult wicket Ken he became the leader of 500 600 thousand Labour Party members but it's definitely not the leader of the MPs no that's right that's where he fell down and as I say all him mp's stood for labour that were in leave seat that voted remain they ought to be selected and then they left to fight somewhere else well yeah I don't think that'll happen because by all accounts although it's never really been scientifically tested most labour members agree with them what the real danger is is that they'll be voted out by their electorate if your majority is one thousand four thousand five six seven eight thousand and all the people that voted for you but also voted leave say to hell with that I'm not voting for you again if these labor associations our daft enough to put up a remainer when they vote he'd leave right Souter is either at the party now he's on the news lot I mean he is left in the South they've returned a vote of no confidence in him but because it wasn't an election year they couldn't swing him out he left of his own appalled to see new well he's in the new the new party which is called change UK or chocka chocka for short well they'll have to declare that now anyone who donates more than 7,500 pounds to a political party it has to be registered with the Electoral Commission so we'll soon find that out far too much money in Parliament far too much lobbying in Parliament far too many fat cats employing lobbyists to work on our political system is getting like the United States can yeah well a week after we Oh eat the Hausa Lord Tyranus if we will work a demon distorted it Nigel Lawson was the only one who stood up for us and all the others said oh now we'll get that overturned and their – to their word at night well they have got it overturned they have effectively stymie debt even if the fish is still flapping on the deck it's not going to the Sealord get on the radio to have a go at this bloody JVs on the radio he won't listen to me because he won't let me on it's like you anyone who knows what they're talking about he don't want to know he wants to stall that sling is blooming oh babe there's a lot of fishing metaphors coming on here ken thanks for the call here's mark in Basildon go ahead mark hello hi George the thing that caught me was when we did the vote it was what's best for the country it's not party lines is not conservative nyeba it was for the gutter pain I feel let down by our politicians not looking after the country it shouldn't be we vote for labor and we vote for conservatives it's what's best for us I mean a parliament has been voting across party lines throughout on this I mean effectively what Peter or Bourne was seeing and he's right there is a very small Corbin parliamentary Labour Party there's a very big Tony Blair parliamentary Labour Party which is pro-eu there's sizeable Pro treasom a not really brexit conservative party and a sizeable brexit party there's actually four parties in the two main parties the MPs represent us we barbecued them in we voted to come out of Europe yeah as such they should be representing us as a country not whether it's conservative or whatever on this money for me it's a simple democratic I'm with you on that mark it's simple democracy if you see we're going to have a referendum and we're going to be bound by the result and then you're not bound by the result you are risking severe damage to whatever credibility our democratic system still has and then if you compound that one year later by holding a general election and promising in your manifesto that you will respect the result of the referendum and you will implement it and then you don't do that well you're risking social peace in the country I don't see that because I want social peace to be endangered far from it I hate mobs I don't like trouble and violence I don't want it but social peace in Britain has now been risked by 650 extremely comfortable living in a bubble Westminster MPs that's my view mark now see on this video that as when the next election comes I don't think the people that are in Parliament people are going to remember exactly what they did and won't vote back well it depends when that election is the European Parliament elections unfortunately for the political class are coming up very soon indeed thanks for that call mark let's hear from Martin in Doncaster Martin welcome hello John shine yeah I agree with everything everyone's been saying I feel awfully betrayed I did vote leave I did vote for Jeremy Corbyn in the Labor Party leadership election and just feel completely frustrated I think this Parliament are actually the enemies of the people and the servants of the establishment but to a degree that we haven't seen for I think since cron those days actually and I think it's just basically a bunch of malcontents but misfits the malefactors she was an archaic language I think with very good language I wish I'd said that yeah indeed and you know you get some Labour MPs in West Yorkshire I'm thinking about Cooper now she promised in the election I've got a leaflet yeah she promised in a special leaflet to her voters she would honour the result and implement the result and I can't remember ever becoming exercised over austerity you know over welfare cuz over anything no really she was one of the leaders of the boycott of the abstention on austerity and welfare cuts but I don't know how they how they can face their electorate you know when whilst we find them to this degree it's just astonishing that's why they want an election know because time heals and they hope that if the election goes all the way to 2022 people all have moved on that's what they hope is that's why I doubt there will be an early general election for the reasons Ross said although the professor made the point as did Ross that actually the government could well just fall apart and that looks like happening to you do you think there's any any slim chance or vague hope of brexit ever being achieved yeah I do I do I think it will happen I think the genie is out of the bottle as Nigel Farage put it earlier today but there's gonna have to be a lot of other battles one before it if I'm right and the European Parliament elections elect a very clear majority of brexit Emme peas that will be a new factor on the battlefield that will be new tanks on the political class lon yeah well they they have done everything from the day after the referendum I think the whole thing has been a huge choreographed ballet including Teresa mais so-called wish to deliver bricks it I think I think they've all been serving Brussels basically and I think so being totally choreographed and it's been ability exercised Martin you are an eloquent man thank you very much indeed for that call an SMS I'm going to read it what for what of course it's anonymous it says reality check for you Galloway one third of the British electorate voted brexit while three-quarters of elected MPs are four remain you gutless coward so he's calling me a gutless coward Ofcom please note George in December 1969 Keith Campbell Labour MP for Oldham West said by joining the common marker a decision which for good or ill will result in Britain ceasing to be a completely sovereign state because she will be required to shed at least part of her independence as such nobody can deny that she will cease to be a completely sovereign power those words spoken fifty years ago are a perfect description of the situation we find ourselves in today that's from Ian Aston in the West Midlands mr. Austin says I wouldn't be surprised if seventeen point four million people never cast their vote again well that would be a mistake that's what they want Neil Salter says Professor John Curtis is wrong on who will abandon labour the young liberal left would still have voted for Labour's other policies on free education and cheap housing but Labour's working-class northern base will be less forgiving on brexit that's from Neil mal in Belfast says I don't know if you've covered this but isn't it very interesting that France Germany have set up their own joined Parliament inside the eu-27 to look after their own interests isn't it interesting the Ireland are not included in that set up seeing that this is the main stumbling block would it be better if Ireland got together with the UK for their own interests and trading bloc to me Ireland are being used as France and Germany's bargaining tool and they are carving up the EU into the haves and have-nots I think Germany and France have taken full control they've always had full control mouths I do note that the professor sorry the president of Ireland Michael D Higgins had a good goal the e EU's economic policies read that this morning Helen lakyn says please can you explain why we won't now leave with no deal on 12th April her Jacob Riis moxy this was not the no default position I thought the extension was till April if her deal was not passed please clarify looking forward to a good show well I don't know if Jacob said that if he did see it I believe he's wrong the default position is still exit on WTO terms on the 12th of April unless something else is done to divert that andrew says treasom a has knocked at the door thrice and thrice been rejected her spirit indeed is willing but our flesh is weak time for her last supper and Chris says never before have I been so disgusted by the sheer incompetent and utterly dishonest behavior shown by the majority of our MPs I will never trust another word or promise that these duplicitous people say ever again and John in Cheshire says an easy way for labour to win the next general election is to promise an EU referendum within six months after the general election the referendum should consist of two options a hundred percent remain or a hundred percent out no caveats codicils or gray areas the problem with that John is that labor would commit itself to the remain site and so would suffer electoral consequences as a result Charlie Faycal Ross says talking about party men of manifestos how's about a mention for the snps Westminster and Holyrood manifestos or do theirs don't count I think that's not your best SMS Charlie and Chris says how can we ever again preach to other countries about democracy when we don't even have it here anymore I'm outraged about MPs behavior david Levis can't another bad day form a subversive shotgun politics why is it proven impossible for any nation to leave the EU well do you know the words of the Eagles song Hotel California you can check out any time you like but you can never leave this is I think our rasping mother of all talk shows but it depends on you to provide the all important balance oh three four four four nine nine one thousand that's the number to call or you can email via the website at talk dot uk' you can text the word talk followed by your message to eight seven treble two though that will cost you twenty five pence plus normal charges or you can tweet me at george galloway at talk radio lots still to come i'm happy to see that the funny tinged tama Isfahan e has made it safely back into the studio he escaped the clutches of the robinson knuckle draggers and i am very glad to see him there's lots more coming up stay tuned on the mother of all talk shows I love that song actually that's why I let it go for just a little bit longer and of course it's the only thing I've been asked about over the last few weeks has been about brexit but the United States has had much bigger issues to deal with itself as regular listeners know I was not happy that Donald Trump got elected as president of the United States but I was very happy that Hillary Clinton didn't and the reason for that was his promise to reinvigorate the Rust Belt of working-class America and to stop the shipping out of American jobs to cheap labor countries and to reset America's relationships with the rest of the world including Russia no sooner had he been elected then what I regarded because I know some things as I've told you before I know them it's not a question of conjecture I know that WikiLeaks did not hack the Democratic National Committee I know that I know that the information from the DNC was a leak not a hack a leak from someone inside America inside the Democratic Party that I know I can't tell you how I know or I'd need to kill you but I know it and so I believed from the start that this Russia gate brouhaha which has paralysed America since Trump was elected was a crock as the Americans say but week after week people would tell me Muller as this Muller as that he's closing in Trump's going to jail his family are going to jail one half-wit former MP of this parish and no an American or living in America actually stated in public that Donald Trump would be executed executed for treason at the end of the Malheur inquiry didn't turn out that way because the Mueller report exculpate s' Donald Trump and Russia for that matter of any collusion at all let's hear from the superb US investigative reporter Amanda used to be a Breitbart now has his own radio show which I appear on from time to time he's Lee Stranahan and I welcome him to the show tonight Lee welcome hey George pleased and honored to be with you know I'm right Lee I'm and I turned out to be a crock well it did but I got a well there's two parts to this though so really to understand what was going on here that I've been saying for some time now that the target of this was not Donald Trump but Vladimir Putin that the that Trump was collateral damage here and you can see that the report says that there is no collusion but it affirms that says that there was a Russian election interference and I can test that there is not a Russian election interference and one of the accusations the point about Facebook as is laughable it's about $40,000 that most of the ads have nothing to do with the election and that does not sound like a state-run Intel op to me there's just nothing about it that seems like a state actor at all and and it was horribly ineffective nothing is just ridiculous and the other thing is his indictment with is literally not a shred of proof so what they've done is they've accepted the premise that Russia is bad and that was the whole point and it thinks have gotten ginned up so badly in America the past couple years that we had James clapper former director national intelligence literally say that Russians are I'm gay is a quote genetically dishonest about a year ago genetically dishonest who could you say that about and it would be like and it and there wouldn't you know you wouldn't be immediately fired from his job coming at CNN right that nobody you can say that about anybody and yet he said it about the Russians and that's how quickly things have come to a boil here yeah it's kind of Armenia isn't Italy is the kind of many other existed when Ethel and Julius Rosenberg went to the electric chair yep it's well and here's the problem they don't have an ideology but also you know you got players in this who are major players like that well you know one of the big proofs of collusion was the Trump Tower meeting well that Trump Tower meeting was about a guy named Bill Browder Bill Brown is out of London Bill Crowder his attorney Jonathan Dwyer and his lobbyist the guy behind the Magnitsky atrophies what that meeting was about is this guy John winger he is the guy who brought Christopher Steele into the State Department was being briefed by him nobody's reported that in the US that's a big detail that the guy who the Magnitsky back the Trump town meeting was about his his lawyer was being briefed by Christopher Steele what Christopher still be author of the of the dossier of the dossier that dirty dossier and and and so nobody's brought this sort of thing up and so I was just talking to what someone for 60 minutes about this actually interesting because a lot of media right now some of the more honest members and about six of them are looking at this going what can we learn from this fiasco but but most people almost nobody has had has really wants to think about what it what an information disaster this was how every day it's very hard to imagine I mean I can't imagine George was like right now with brakes it what I read a guest in the show and I said it must be wearing because all you hear about all day must be breaks it yeah I know you're right it is comfortable yeah and so over here in the states all you heard about everything every day every Network Trump collusion from collusion Russians that it is at it every day oh this is going to be the week they're going to impeach him this week this witness is going to flip on him and nothing ever happened it was two years and I mean just think of that two years and so people haven't quite figured out their way out of the fog yet on it yeah and this but it's gonna backfire for Trump isn't it I mean they've given him the they've given him the main planks of his manifesto for them for the second term yeah they I think it'll backfire to some extent there's a lot of stuff like was the thing I said about demonizing Russia let's let's talk about that that's not that's not academic right now if you look at things that are going on Pompeyo has said the United the Secretary of State in the US and said that the u.s. is going to engage with Russia engage with Ukraine at with actions against Russia that just came out they're ordering they say they want Russians to leave Venezuela even though we don't control that company country it's their foreign policy and we will right the first time company they want it to be a company no that's right and with Syria right now of course there's there's pressure on the Russians there so this ginning up of things against Russia look at what's happened in the last week all of these hotspots suddenly involve Russia so they're kind of slingshotting off of the you know Devin Nunez big politician here in Congress immediately said we need to investigate the Russians and you'd go you said there's no collusion oh yeah but there was interference and I'm saying no there was the wasn't interference either there was not Wow so Trump is trump presumably has taken it as a vindication even though he's got many of our problems I mean he's paying off hookers and he's got all kinds of difficult is not all of them federal but all kinds of investigations that are continuing but he presumably is ignoring them and talking only about the mullah report now so part of this is always part of this operation has always been to keep Trump back on his heels and defensive and they there's two ways they could have got him they didn't want to millech tit the people who were behind this operation to time to Russia which is which went back before the election there two ways they could have got to him it's people connected to NATO and and and and that group of military you know alliance people so those UK people there's British people but they didn't want Trump when once they run what they wanted to do and this is a Henry Jackson Society ground that group in London once he won they slowly got rid of anything that was good about his foreign policy which was quite a bit about Iran is a non-interventionist more or less right a little bit you know hawkish but basically like we shouldn't be nation-building that changed look who's in there now Bolton Pompeyo and they are they have full-bore kept up the policies of the Obama administration in Syria in Ukraine and as we know as you know George the u.s. Assyria policy has been horrible from day one we caused we caused that situation and we were backing the wrong people we're back in the head choppers and we're banging them against Christians there was never reported during the US and I was hopeful there'd be some change when Trump came in instead no we're getting it the same thing and they've doubled down on it in places like Ukraine and so it's very very dangerous because again I I think part of this is demonizing Russia as really the only country that stands up to the u.s. as a sort of move well I don't think that's going to change me I don't think the Russians are going to pack their cases leave Venezuela just cause HIPAA HIPAA Pompeo told them to thanks very much Lee we're gonna have to talk again because I need to take a break for some capitalist messages now first of all I need to ask you to do two things I need you to subscribe it's entirely free to my youtube channel that's George Galloway official I've got thirty three thousand five hundred I really need for it to go much much higher than that so please subscribe to my youtube channel George Galloway official and secondly I'm speaking in yet another of my spectacular shows with Ken Livingstone the outsiders tour at the dance house in Manchester in Oxford Road Manchester next Saturday that's not tomorrow but next Saturday there are still tickets available from the venue so that's me and Ken the outsiders at the dance house in Oxford Road Manchester on the 6th of April I need you to snap up those tickets and I need you to go and see a new film called eaten by lions because if you watch my television programme tomorrow on Sky 5-1-1 it's one of the things we featured there is the young man who is right at the centre of that film he's a phenomenon I'm telling you now you heard it from me if you don't know of his work yet I promise you you certainly will I've never met a young talent that I was more sure was going to make it bigger I hope he remembers me when he is big he's Hollywood bound Jack is a British comedian writer and actor very clever boy by the way he competed in the seventh series of Britain's Got Talent at the age of 14 and finished up as runner-up as an actor he's appeared in – series of the CBBC Channel show Ministry of curious stuff which is brilliant by the way and most recently and this is where I first saw him he starred in the new series of Trollied but he's got a film Oh which is a fantastic day out to Blackpool and I like Blackpool I like the promenade it's set on the promenade in the sunshine in Blackpool basically two half-brothers embarking on a haphazard road trip to the bright lights of Blackpool the director is jason wyngarde it's a bittersweet multicultural buddy comedy co-written by David Isaac's eaten by lions par Roses gently for 95 minutes with a couple of uproarious interludes that play to the strengths of Britain's Got Talent finalists Jack Carroll who pokes fun at his cerebral palsy in his stand-up routines that's right Jack's got cerebral palsy not as severely as many people have it and thus he is not just a stand-up comedian he's a real stand-up guy who gets around gets a boat and what a brain quick-witted incredibly funny how's that for a buildup Jackie well I must see you you impress me a lot Jack well you're a listener to the shore you're a listener to this show absolutely longtime listener first-time caller tell us about the movie Jack yeah the story is two half-brothers a piano bar who when their parents die self to Blackpool tomorrow my real dad who turned out to be a huge disappointment they sort of a story which reflects I think multicultural Britain and them you know a journey of self-discovery discovery so the gospel boys I think now how much how much of yourself are you playing in this role with a walk in France it's not a huge stretch for me to flag any sort of character actor I would never well but you have a beautiful family and a beautiful family life in fact you have made it because your uncle filmed you tell us about that and that was filmed right my uncle had a member on the local TV news and that sort of their starting point you know the situation I find myself in today today so I'm very grateful to to the help of others and the fact that I'm really only here to other people's hope how does your uncle feel know that you went on from that to Britain's Got Talent then to the television now you're on the cinema story in the film is sort of about that journey into Blackpool and he's desperate to me he's destined to be his dad who knows then does either the dad is in Blackpool yes you know daddy's in Blackpool but initially thinks there is another character in the film Malik's played by machine-gun RTM is it these are sort of piraeus misunderstandin comedy of errors of course we're not going to spoil it for all the people who are going to go and see it so don't tell us the conclusion but you see you see it's a disappointment is there for ending family and community it's a top title I must say in titles are so important eaten by lions just finally what was it like filming in Blackpool how were you received on the on the on the promenade unfortunately you know it's not always that positive and I think warm and welcoming arms and it's great to include ships run marks and Patera and the life I think that was a really fun even God you even got some some good weather and the stills I've seen I won't have a bad word said against it no it's out in the cinemas today how does that feel jacket were you in a cinema to see it today with a real crowd well it's your first film but definitely not your last I'm absolutely sure about that I definitely never see another and let me just remind everyone listening you are now the princely age of 20 years old them all right well that's the thing when you start as young as 14 the difficult thing is to keep that going and to adapt when you're 30 when you're 40 when you're 50 you're gonna stick in show business now I hope so because you're totally brilliant at it you know I think you've found out what I wanted to do with my life quite early on and it will be will be something I you know you you like making people laugh but also moving them you know if you can make someone laugh I think you can also smuggle some ideas and at the same time and that's what they're the best comedies for me goes easily imagine laughs and also you know you know so much you know she didn't really jack god bless you and all power to your career and I hope the film is watched in the 10 scores of thousands thanks very much for joining us on the mother of all talk shows that's Jack Carroll comedian writer actor aged 20 with cerebral palsy and I promise you he'll make you laugh until your side's harped his new film eaten by lions out today I want to send get well message to my good friend Brian Traverse of ub40 I really hope everything goes well for you Brian we have a lot of things to do together so I know you're gonna face the OP with the fortitude that you've shown all your life the resilience the drive the courage and I look forward to touring with you when you get better Michael is in clacton-on-sea let's hear from him Michael go ahead hi good evening George hi hi I want to challenge you on your your appraisal of democracy or how everybody writes democracy you are go ahead and also the fact of the disingenuousness of mp's oh yeah yeah MPs have a very difficult job by get pulled in various directions because of party you know allegiance but you know and then allegiance to their their people who vote for them it's a complicated job and and people like you I really like you but you do play on this thing where as a lot of people do and this is the general problem with odds and these days you're either good or you're bad nothing is ever in between please you know they're either being evil or good and generally it's MPs are evil and they're there as I've got their own issues and it's you know this is this makes the odds Minh so poor so shallow it all these things are complicated and too you know that they to say that the seventeen point four million aren't getting their way and it's not do not see is rubbish why why is it Robert well it's rubbish because that you can't deny that by one about it was a very close vote not like those more than a million my Michael yeah but as a percentage of the whole no it's not percentages is its votes we're talking about and the majority was more than a million yes that's a lot you know I should ask percentage of the heart of their total it's not a large percentage but I'm not talking about percentages I'm talking about people more than a million people more voted for brexit than four remain on that die yes on the die yes and we know that there were lies on both sides but okay so you win the vote okay but then do you when you would when you win a vote that you want it to end up well and when you have this you don't suspend common sense and while a lot of MPs are trying to do is bring common sense to a very binary in or out question yes but that was the question Mike I know and it was a poor question so you have the question you want it so I'm I'm a leaver III the I'm a conspiracy theorist and I hide the a you with a passion but I don't want it to be I don't want a hundred thousand jobs to go possibly uh you know I mean the self and I'm retiring and you know approaching retirement it might affect me but we have to be very careful with this thing you know this now we can't just flick a switch and go back we when we leave we leave and we wherever we are I mean we've had died hard times before and you know but it's a hard world out there and for youngsters opportunities are far less these days and they were back when we were younger so we have to be very careful for that for the rest of you know for the people in the country the problem is Michael all of these points were made during the referendum campaign and the people voted the way they voted yes but Matar you win it right so you you've won see that I'll let you back in Michael but let me respond to what you've said so far I promise I'll let you back in to have the final what first of all I've got to tell you being an MP isn't a hard job actually being an MP is the easiest job I never had as Diane Abbott once put it it's clean there's no heavy lifting you're out the rain and it's good wages so don't ask me to shed any tears for MPs it's the easy job now there are some MPs that have a conscience and will exercise it and are ready to pay the price for I was if I may say so one of those myself and I paid a high price I've been in political exile for 16 years and so there are such people but most MPs are not like that most MPs care only about one thing which is to still be an MP after the upcoming election whenever is and that I know because I spent almost 30 years amongst them so I'm a pretty good judge I think of the character of most MPs and that character has progressively gotten worse and worse and worse and it's my contention that the current House of Commons is the smallest in stature and in character that I have ever known in my political life time now my my third point is this it doesn't matter what you or anybody else things might possibly happen after we bricks it because the people were promised promised that they would be a referendum and that the government would implement the result more over one year after the referendum just one year both labour and conservatives played to 80% of the electorate who voted for those two parties that they respected the result of the referendum and that they would implement it they have neither respected it nor have they implemented it and where will you dice that up Michael that spells trouble over do you kill you're making so black and white it is it's not i disagrees about an MP still being easy it's not as hard as some jobs but it still has its burden well I've done it and you haven't Michael saw quite a good job is going down a coal mine or digging roads or or or performing life-saving operations on patients that will die as a result it's not a hard job Mike no not physically hard no but it's for mental when you've got when you've got the responsibility so I've in the past you're in charge of all your passengers you've got a responsibility driving the bus is quite soon Michael mostly understand most of the evening in the bar in the 19 bars trust me they're not to be compared with brain surgeons or bus drivers or coal miners anyway go on to your substantive point right I still think that when he won the battle right one of the vote you you you surely want it to be executed in the least harmful white for the country I just want my decision to be implemented yes but not any cost Michael didn't say on the ballot paper vote remain or vote leave but not at any cost it didn't say that it was vote leave Orville remain and I insisted implemented know it come on European disingenuous again no it is not that simple you know they MPs are trying to work forward just because this is the other thing that because they're either in or out lot of em paintings want to be out but safely but everybody like people like yourself will say oh because they didn't they actually want a secret agenda they want to keep in I'm perfectly convinced of that Michael that's the problem I'm perfectly convinced that they they deliberately sought to block brexit I'm absolutely convinced I mean obviously got the SNP I want to block it because you know reason which is fair enough so can I ask you one last point because we're running out of time you said you were a lever yeah I must say you don't sound like one but if you say that I believe you I was still a weaver I am Oliva passionately want to leave but I don't want it to be I want it to be Manny's late leaving which is not easy because it's been part of the problem was Theresa my very first exchange with the yo-yo I love them to set the agenda of putting the cart before the horse totally yeah that we're at one michael i this is entirely the wrong way to have approached these negotiations i've got to cut you off course there's a lot of people trying to go on but I've enjoyed our chart thanks for that Jimmy is in South Wales let's hear from him Jamie go ahead go George okay yes good thank you all right my question really is about there's no about that's it but I would like to find out who this particular Tory MP is right and just maybe send him a treat sort of up his face in something you know can you remember him who's that who I don't know who yes that's it yes why I want to know where this guy is he shouted out that Jeremy Cohen in 2016 after the compact and spoke to some some socialist parties in Europe I just he was going to go on to what he was saying the fella said they shout out who you and it really brought the old Stern and heckled him because a lot of people didn't know who Jake albany's been yeah it's been a massive you know he's probably one of the most famous politicians in the world now and this is before the election as well yeah and I was looking at the Tories they were all cheering laughing trees amazed a friend all laughing it's on our tea on YouTube I'm looking at it all right yeah I actually don't know and I don't remember it but we've got a very intelligent audience and I have no doubt that before the night is over Jamie will get an answer to that so keep following me on Twitter and we'll say it see if we can identify the miscreant all I'd say Jimmy is they're not laughing now because the reason they're terrified of an early election is because they're scared that he might win it and he's the bookies favourite to win it absolutely and I hope he does I hope it all happens but if I can get a message Tory MP you shall today Jeremy Cohen who you but my question is mirrored back at him because he smashed the thought he's majority so that guy whoever he was it's probably not even in the other corners anymore my message to him is who are you well you've made that point very succinctly let's hear from Martin in Newington go ahead Martin hello George professor Curtis aha I mean there's so much to say on this subject but one of the key things is what's-his-face MOG and also Johnson said in fact a quote MOG he said this is the greatest vassalage since King John paid homage to sort of the second yes and then he was very voted for it exactly I mean how could you how could you sure how you recover from that one to be honest exactly well I listened to him today and he struggled to recover from it he was very short prickly with the people who that's what I'm saying now and given that it didn't even work Martin he must be feeling pretty sorry for himself in his cusp in his castle he's right now in his double-breasted pajamas his double-breasted silk dressing gown and his double-breasted slippers smoking a double-breasted pipe with all six of his beautiful children an arbor is crying into his cocoa but George is astonishing that someone like him and Johnson would be willing to sacrifice our independence for their political careers it's all greater it's absolutely outrageous and I think it's not a surprise with Johnson because if you want my honest opinion he'd sell his own mother for for a temporary advantage but it is a surprise with morgue because marks whole shtick is a highly principled fellow attempt to give that impression but I think well I hope that he would have disabused most of the public by this slip flip-flopping and the other thing that must be said is that a lot of what their self-righteous people who will say things like the people who want to leave are dynasts when of the people who wanted to restrict access to less developed places in the world yes the people support that is never made it will be made by me over the next six or eight weeks or so every occasion but it's a point that's never made that actually fortress mural it's a key point Europe is built to keep out the people and the goods and services from the poorest countries in the world nicely and when I made that point – Femi he he thought this idea of the ebee a which is there anything was this who is this family of whom you speak family the leaves the remain son sure that's his name fellows something or the other he was on he was on with your colleague Condren Alex Condren yes so when I made the point to him he grew up this idea of anything but arms treaty and then tried to force me to just to shift from what I want to say which is that the EU works against the better interests of the poorer countries and in afterwards I thought well bringing up the EBA actually strengthens my point because number one they're the European Union you can't you cannot apply to be part of the EBA you are in a very paternalistic way you are selected and you can be deselected the poorer nations have no no attempt to apply it's out of their control and interestingly the EBA came into force in 2001 and that the letters of find the more recent letters that too little modifications of signed by Ida Tosca Luca and interestingly the only country in the EBA there are only 49 countries but there only one in the Caribbean just to give you an example how useless it is it's Haiti in the whole Caribbean just think of how many times the countries in the Caribbean katie is the only one who isn't it and being before I was born Katie was poor they still do it Paul and I checked up some figures from 2016 Katie's balance of payments it went from minus three five six in twenty two or five and in 2017 it's minus seven to three billion god help them Martin I'm appointing you an honorary professor at the Open University of the airwaves so any further calls that you make your professor Martin of Newington no let's take a call from Thomas in Worthing Thomas go ahead city good evening and the chapter your caller was just speaking about it's a guy called sir me Halliwell he's the director I know know that yeah I've never yeah I give these FB PE people are pretty wide berth myself even though yeah drawers go ahead Thomas it is quite interesting actually because I I'm a certain breakfast here and I just completely agree but the guy on Twitter feminie he which is actually funny enough the reason I'm calling Tommy Robinson gave that speech and those that whole gathering you kept gathering there took place earlier you speak on the new Kipp platform or on his hand platform he stood behind the you kicked banner on the platform he was invited by Gerald button well speak yeah and this is what I find terrifying you know you've got a resurgent you Kip in the polls who and then you know a population who feel completely abandoned by the mainstream parties who are going to be looking for an outlet for their brakes it's supporting vote and I say this is a breakfast here a member of the SDP I find it quite terrifying where that fight exactly but but I warned them over and over again that if you frustrate the will of the poorest people in the land the most working-class people in the land you are creating a vacuum that the far-right and the extreme nationalists will seek to fill absolutely absolutely and the extreme lest I might add I mean I I think we have a very big problem in this country of political parties saying something politicians in particular saying something just to get that eighty thousand pound a year pay packet and then powering completely against what they promised to do and there's so many examples of this that I mean we need to be looking at a system in this country that has right to recall in it because there are so many many dishonest politicians yes exactly yeah I mean someone just brought up with me Thomas that perhaps the Chartists demand for an annual election for Parliament should be brought up maybe a staggered election but I think it would be better to keep what we have but have the absolute right of Rico so that if X number of your constituents recalled you you'd have to fight again another by-election that's the best way for the electorate to constantly control their Member of Parliament I mean wouldn't it be lovely if we had a proper a properly proportional representation or system in this country whether it would maybe even a constitution Thomas a mental mean yeah I just like I said I think right now and I don't think politicians probably taking this seriously there is a very very real risk at the next general election you're gonna find very extreme politicians that nobody on the moderate side of the remain argument or the leave arguments by going to want to see Clayton the seats up him in Westminster well I think they're good my guess is risky to guess but my guess is that in the European Parliament elections the to name stream parties will suffer devastating losses I think you kids will probably regain their 20 any piece I read that they achieved in 2014 I don't think there's any doubt and those for us yeah and you know what I mean said yes as much as I disagree of a lot of what he says he separated himself from Tommy Robinson and you did well he behaved in a principled manner on that yeah whatever else you think about other things that he's said and done he said he could not be a part of UK which was embracing the kind of elements the hooligan and worse elements that a baton has embraced I was a you kit member for nearly four years and that's what break the camel's back in in my my way of thinking I just didn't want to be a part of the part things people have said to me you know you're standing in the European Parliament elections why don't you hook up with the u-clip and so on I couldn't possibly hook up with with the likes of Robinson and any political party that was giving him platforms and indeed honors yeah what woke me day again you I mean going back to what you just saying a second ago who do people have to vote for that being honest I mean you know I I'm a bit there on Jeremy Corbyn I you know I admire some things he says and I completely disagree about what the sdpb standing a new European elections I might think that he had can debate it would be like one that the problem might have of Jeremy Corbyn in this breaks that argument is I think everybody knows that he's a Briggs des/azeip down and yet he can't be open about that because of his parliamentary party so again people don't have an honest way to go people okay Thomas thanks for the call extremely interesting let's take a break MP for Tamwar tha's was is the miscreant who shouted who are you at Jeremy Corbyn back in 2016 or 2015 I can't quite remember what the caller said but I told you our clever listeners would be on it like a terrier and indeed they were and lots of people have mailed me tweeted me etc with that information now Archie on SMS says Parliament is past its sell-by date it's time to thin the herd lizzy says the Conservatives have paid an impersonator and published this fake post we are all reporting it as fake news on Facebook and Twitter well that's from the legend Lizzie I can't see the image so I can't really comment on it Lizzie but everyone who follows and everyone should follow the legend that is Lizzie Li Zi IFL on Twitter you'll be able to see the image which I can't and Ryan says remain ours may disagree with Dennis Skinner and Kate toy but they only vote for two brexit nor even they voted for maze horrible Bry no today while John man Caroline Flint and three others did only to undermine Corbin Skinner and Hawaii equal real labor and frost says the people gave the government a mandate to negotiate a withdrawal from Europe the eu-27 plus the UK agreed a brexit strategy but Parliament refused to endorse it they don't want a No Deal but cannot agree our deal what a farce time to go now and this one is from a very erudite man I think we should make him an honorary professor too even though he never calls the show he writes the very very best he says during our speech today may said that Parliament will not permit a No Deal brexit this is typically dishonest in 2017 Parliament voted that Britain would leave the EU today with no deal the default position this was and still is legally binding may omit this to blame parliamentary obstinacy for betraying the brics she never wanted the ever decreasing margin in the vote for her deal suggests she and the EU are engaged in a war of attrition against British voters consequently every time deadline Day approaches I suspect the EU will extend article 50 until they get their deal through but whatever happens levers and remain errs will need to unite against corporatist forces to defend living standards how clever is that and Marxist a brexit will never happen Parliament will stop it we need another vote and the community Paulist says treasom a is acting our EU strategy of constantly repeating votes until it gets its own way hardly surprising though since the so called may deal is clear you create a document and they called that a negotiation let's hear from Tony in güell welcome back Tony hi George all right yeah good nice to hear from you yeah yeah George I'm just gonna put in layman's terms I've asked you this before and I'm last you again I'm gonna pick your brains yes or no answer on the basis that this vote has been failed three times could threesome a technically forget all politics and also I could she technically next week just say stuff the lot of you were coming out with no deals yes we can there's Samsung as Professor Sampson just pointed out that whatever she said today that remains the legal position well I'm going to rock now and I'm going to say something to everybody listening out there tonight I saw that was the case I'm glad just confirmed that it doesn't matter whether you vote romaine it doesn't matter whether you vote leave the fact is Theresa may right or wrong has gone to Brussels she's got a deal that the House of Commons clan agree on if she ever wants to gain a tiny tiny bit respect in this country she has to show some balls some leadership which you will not do and just say to the country tomorrow we're coming out on the basis that we've whether whether it's right or wrong is irrelevant seventeen point four million people have said let's come out commas can't agree with it I am taking the leadership and I'm coming out and for that reason that she hasn't I will never vote for conservative pie here again and as far as I'm concerned I won't vote again that's all of what I said George all right Tony I just caution you not to it's not my business who you vote for but trust me the political class would be happy if none of you voted as long as half a dozen of them half a dozen have you voted and you voted for them so trust me you are not in any way frightening the political class by saying you'll never vote again first of all they don't believe you but secondly if you're telling the truth and you follow it through no we'll be happier than them they don't care about voters they only care about getting enough votes for themselves to put them back into Parliament so as I said Ella if you vote for a donkey don't expect it to do anything else in Parliament but put its face in the nose bag and hee-haw else if you don't want a donkey in Parliament you need to look for a thoroughbred every level and if you can't find one you need to put yourself up because trust me you'll be more of a thoroughbred than most of them notwithstanding the points that were made earlier most MPs and most ministers nowadays are singularly the least impressive amongst us we are ruled by the least amongst us that's my belief that's my take now I'm particularly sorry tonight because a huge number of colors and textures and emailers and SMS oars and Twitter's have not gotten onto the shown I'm very very sorry about that this is one of these nights when it would have been great if we could have run this show on but the gray Ian Lee so really brilliant is up after me and you need to stay tuned for that now I said right at the beginning that it's now no longer a question of breaks it or no breaks it it's now a question of democracy I have never believed that the queen is sovereign the Parliament is sovereign for me the people of Britain are sovereign and it's their sovereignty I struggled in the referendum to win back and it's their sovereignty the Parliament betrayed today Radian count talk radio call oh three four four four nine nine one

George Galloway blasts Lord Alan Sugar over Jeremy Corbyn comments in opening rant

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The tycoon said the Labour leader was “dangerous” and the Labour Party was “powerless to get rid of him.” George called on him to explain what he meant by this.

thirty years ago this day the Reverend Martin Luther King was gunned down in Memphis Tennessee his assassination sparked flames and rioting all over the United States of America fifty years ago the greatest of all black revolutionaries in the United States was MoDOT was assassinated it has been long arc in those last 50 years when King was murdered he was being shadowed by the United States Secret Service he was being bugged and burgled he was being traduced and black audit he was being insulted and subverted now even President Donald Trump has to tweet in his memory Martin Luther King has been sanitized over the decades they have tried to reduce him to a kind of later period Nelson Mandela but the Reverend Martin Luther King was a revolutionary all right and that's why they killed him they killed him because he had begun to fuse three strands in the great struggle in the United States in the 1960s his civil rights work has stood the test of time and led ineluctably you may say to a president in the White House itself but he began to fuse the work for racial equality in the United States with two other highly combustible issues first of all he made a dramatic turn against the Vietnam War in 1967 in 1967 when the United States was losing literally thousands of its own young men and killing literally millions of the young men women and children of Indochina when Martin Luther King came onto that battlefield the deep state in the u.s. knew that they were facing formidable a reinforced battalions of anti-war activists the moral force power of the Nobel Peace Prize winner the Reverend Martin Luther King was a formidable and new enemy in the anti-vietnam war campaign but perhaps most particularly and I say that knowing that few of you will know of it and some of you who know of it may not support my conclusion but the reason that King was in Memphis was because he joined the class struggle – he joined the great garbage collector work strike in Memphis were thousands of Memphis Tennessee workers white and black were out on the streets locked out by their ruthless racist employers and he said as I've quoted here before when asked by a journalist why he was mixing up his campaigns bringing up communistic socialistic themes of class oppression on top of the racial oppression story he'd been telling for so long he said some men say things because they are profitable other men say things because they are popular I say things because I believe them to be true and King we remember this evening on the fiftieth anniversary as the greatest of all mass orator I can do a turn at the platform on the podium at the microphone but nobody could do it like Martin Luther King so we'll be talking and marking that 50th anniversary which falls today and has been marked as I say without irony by a tweet from President Donald J Trump himself a man in the front line of the racial division in the United States itself James well asked me just before I came on if I thought things were better in the United States today than they were in 1968 when King was murdered and I said no and I'll argue for the rest of this show that the situation for black and minority ethnic communities populations in the United States is worst today than it was back then we'll be talking to about Allen sugar what's the connection well when I read out his words last night which my colleagues through the glass had to up on my screen I hadn't quite understood and grasped how portentous they were Jeremy Corbyn is a very dangerous man said Lord Allen sugar Britain has got to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn three times he repeated it for emphasis and I'm asking if the parliamentary authorities if not the Metropolitan Police themselves had better not interview Lord Allen sugar as to what exactly he meant by that how could Britain get rid of Jeremy Corbyn what are these words mean what can they possibly mean you mean like the white trash in Memphis Tennessee got rid of Martin Luther King is that what you have in mind sir Allen because if it isn't you better explain exactly what you did mean or some of us will conclude that your remarks were an incitement to hatred and violence against the leader of Her Majesty's opposition and on that subject I turn to ghido Fox now Guy Fawkes was a man who literally went to the stake he was hanged he was drawn he was quartered he was burned Guy Fawkes had the courage of his convictions ghido Fox on the other hand is a gutless coward a gutless coward who's left Tennant last night undertook in a Salomon binding agreement with me to come on this show this evening to talk about the suspect that is the Guido Fox News site a cesspit separating if you look at the comments underneath their stories it will turn your stomach if there is a collection of racist things any more toxic anywhere in Britain than on the pages of gido Fox I wouldn't myself like to see it but he didn't show up he didn't show up and he instructed his minions that they were not to show up either not prepared to talk to me he said but in fact he's just a gutless coward he's not prepared to talk to me because I would have metaphorically speaking torn him limb from limb he's in the front line of the whole of the mass media's assault on the aforementioned Jeremy Corbyn which as I predicted here just the other day has overreached itself has begun again to backfire partly because the British don't seem to like he sustained witch-hunt partly because the British quite like an underdog but largely because the people doing the witch hunting are revealed daily as the witches themselves the venal and the foul which brings me to Boris Johnson Boris Johnson is a political arsonist who has gone around the world setting fire to British interests to the safety of British people all the way from the jail's of Tehran to the streets of the upcoming World Cup in Russia 2018 he lied they're trying to obfuscate that now but I played you yesterday the actuality and it's all over social media you can watch his lips moving you can hear him lying well there is an alternative situation I suppose that the top scientists support them down other Liars but if you believe that I've got a garden bridge here which cost a great deal of money though it never was built no brick was laid that I can sell you for a tasty price Boris Johnson has reduced Britain to a laughingstock Donald Trump has jumped ship leaving treasom a and Boris Johnson on the burning deck the German government is in the process of jumping ship and have said they prefer evidence to solidarity as well they might so we make no excuse in covering this story again tonight not least because if you're listening and watching to Britain state broadcaster you will hear virtually nothing about it Boris Johnson thus crippled affair Russia gate it's all coming up now I turn last of all to a story that has unusually saddened me today not just because I had become used to rubbing shoulders with him literally in this building on this floor in the Tea Room I have just left here at talkSPORT hours Ray Wilkins passing at the age of 61 from a heart attack has saddened everyone who loved football and everyone who loved broadcasting about football anywhere in the land at 61 still looking handsome and spry Ray Wilkins is no more we shall not look upon his face again we shall not hear his dulcet tones again we shall not benefit from his wisdom his analysis of football and those who play it who manage it the practitioners of that noble art of football and for those of a certain age like myself Ray Wilkins was not just a man of class and style on television on radio in real life when he was on the pitch he was a paragon of class and style he was a player like few others a player who in a later era would have been worth many hundreds of millions of pounds a man who used class who used ability he was a footballer who was educated and informed in an era few others were so informed and the news that he is no more is devastating of course for his family out to whom all of our hearts here in this building go but out to whom from all over this land from Italy from Spain from all the places he graced and I mean graced with his abilities people are shedding a tear over the demise of Ray Wilkins all of that is coming up over the next three hours tonight tomorrow night Friday night and then again all week every night next week only on talk radio

Francis Freeman/Ajax comes to talkRADIO! Deadpool Actor Ed Skrein chats with Jake Yapp!

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The actor, who plays the main antagonist in Marvel’s hit film Deadpool, told our quirky presenter all about his experience of working on the film!

it's crime welcome to talk radio thank you sir now is there any particular color you'd like the studio to be lit because we were just talking earlier you're saying it's nice in here it's nice in it I mean blue is my favorite color can we do blue yeah we can do blue I know that yellow is a color of calm as well but I think there's a greeny blue I like that this is great for the radio in it yeah it's absolutely ruined the white balance on the internet and he's like well welcome home and what an amazing sort of a sense you've had um was it fun doing Deadpool and being a baddie it's got to be the first question it was so much fun oh god you've done your baddie voice know was it was so much fun I mean you know my life is so normal and so peaceful and so nice and civilized most of the time that it's so nice to be able to you know explore these dark sides of you know the human psychology and to really go and to torture and fight and to do all of these things you know to go to do in a safe environment fun environment is great with with none of the negative things that come with it was great I do like it when we should have a safe word right that's a lovely line and it's nice to see okay like watching the felt it's nice to see a film that kind of that doesn't take itself like too seriously hmm right because I was thinking about this whole kind of superhero thing and it's sort of it's sort of in a way it kind of I mean there were the spider-man films and all of that but there was this the show lost right when it came on TV and and and and that sort of spun off all of these kind of like hyperreal series right so lost was kind of pioneering in that thing and but then there was heroes did you see that you remember that as you didn't see here I was a huge fan of lost well I can explain all right so heroes the print the premise of heroes is basely you'd have like these two teens and it'll be a bit like sort of Dawson's Creek or like it's just teenagers just hanging out chatting and stuff it'd be like a boy in a girl and you think oh are they gonna get and then the girl would say I I can't you know I can't I can't I can't be with you and the guy says why and she says because I'm different because she's got like this sort of super-heroes girl but everything that you all said the same thing like I'm different and then there'd be this kind of and they'd look at each other in the sort of deep way and it was all just a bit earnest you know what I mean and what I loved about Deadpool is that like you really kind of deconstruct I kind of standard superhero movie it still works as a superhero movie but you've kind of thrown in so much wit mm-hmm I think is it's representative of the subversive storylines and and nature of actual comic books I mean we have this incredible arsenal of interesting characters interesting storylines that are so varied that you know you know they're so different in their way you know Punisher the debt that our dark Punisher can be compared to our like you know like the Spider Man comes on this only in the Marvel Universe and so you know the these stories are all here and they just need to be represented properly you know we you know I think we should respect the writers of these comic books and respect was there ready and to try to do them properly and you know with Deadpool it would have been a tragedy if we didn't if it wasn't our raid if it wasn't that you know messed up and violent and and and you know and also if it wasn't self referential and self-deprecating you know because that is Deadpool anyone who reads this comics knows that so you know that I think that that's great that it's accurate and I applaud Fox but their bravery and in doing so not just going for some hammy save the world stuff but what's it like working with Ryan Reynolds obviously he's very funny in the film tyrant in real life tyrant yeah I mean he is a diva make me cry and now man Ryan is exactly the same as people see it's just not an act he's a funny charming generous lovely guy I wish I could wish I had something better to say about him but I have nothing he's a true gentleman he's generous with his energy and I'm and he's a yeah he's a guy that the lot of people could learn from I want to talk about how you get from Camden which is where you grew up right into doing these massive blockbuster movies in Hollywood you're come from somewhere doing the transport well you have got to come from somewhere I'm from Catford so it's like a North London South London you know I don't want any trouble all right right no you don't love because I don't mean like that's Catford like yeah all right whatever you got like all the powers and you can like talk to people but I'll come from the down a mistake anyway um how do you do that because you were you were art school right at Samantha's hmm and did you started well it was by a B right yeah yeah um I mean it was yeah it's been a long journey I mean I didn't I didn't have an agent until I was 28 and I didn't know how old are you I'm 33 thank you sir puppy so yeah I mean I didn't I did my first acting job we shot ill-manners which was my first movie at 27 Wow so yeah it was very late in my life which was perfect in the sense that I'd had enough time to already exorcise my demons and ego and all of that somewhat and so I can step into this now and and and just see it for what it really is rather than all the jazz and yeah yeah you know and see it for his blessings and see navigate the blessings from the curses and yeah and thank you so much for coming in and talking to us today absolute been a joy to meet you it's crying and Dead Pool the movie is out on is it on blu-ray and DVD blu-ray and DVD on Monday right brilliant picture going get it it's a great a great watch thanks very much indeed you listening to talk radio

George Galloway calls Sadiq Khan a "failed experiment" in opening rant

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George didn’t hold back on the London Mayor, two years after he took office.

well I always used to say he'd be a flip-flop mayor Sadiq can if he got the gig but I was only half right he has been a flop mayor as at the coming up to the second anniversary of his period in office more and more people are concluding even before the shocking realization that London had become a capital of murder and mayhem where people are afraid to allow their children out in the evening except that it's also now happening in broad daylight and the mayor is doing nothing about it saying nothing about it no rocking no rolling no campaigning no use of the bully pulpit of City Hall in a way that no other person who occupied that position surely would ever have allowed let's face the facts wherever we think of either Ken Livingstone or Boris Johnson or even conceivably both of them there were both big political figures big political haters everyone knew them they came into a room everyone knew it and both of them were better mayor's than the mayor we currently have in Sadiq and he is a failed experiment it's a controversial point I know but I'm in a good position to make it no one can credibly accuse me of either racism or Islamophobia Sadiq can only got the Labour nomination because of the color of his skin and because of his religious faith that's the truth of the matter it was a politically correct statement he was not the best candidate for the job as everyone participating in the process knew everyone knew that there were other candidates maybe more than one who would have done a better job as mayor then he would do but they were passed over for this field experiment and similarly when the election came Sadiq Khan won the contest quite handsomely against a very ugly conservative campaign because of the better instinct of Londoners who did not want to reward the frankly racist and Islamophobic campaign of zac goldsmith a man who should never live down what he did in that mayoral campaign and I suspect looking at the stoop in his gait hasn't himself lived it down the best instinct of Londoners was to show that we would elect a man of color we would elect a Muslim as mayor in the teeth of racist and Islamophobic abuse fair play to Londoners but they cannot have expected cannot have expected that his first two years would be such a dismal flop do you know that Sadiq Khan who campaigned more or less daily on the shortage of affordable rental housing in London do you know how many affordable rental houses Sadiq can built in his first year in office never mind built even laid a brick just try that question lady brick how many bricks did Sadiq Khan lay of affordable rental housing in his first year in office I'll give you the answer to save you looking it up it was zero none zilch it was none now he has started building something like 1700 in his second year though virtually none of them qualify as genuinely affordable rental housing who said so well him actually not me because they're going to be at rents that he described not me in his mayoral election campaign as not affordable at all so on that front he has failed miserably on the roads on congestion on public transport he has failed miserably in case you're wondering where he is to answer these charges well we asked him again today we asked them every day to come on this show but he doesn't have the guts to do it just like one or two others now I could go on about what he chooses to do with his time instead of what he should be doing I referred to it last night said he can until very recently was in perpetual motion as a key plotter against Jeremy Corbyn the man without whom he could neither have been selected or elected but no sooner and I mean no sooner than he got the mayoral robes around his not so broad shoulders he started turning on Corbin he is one of the plotters in chief and until very recently he really fancied his chances of succeeding Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party indeed only last week Tristram hunt the lantern-jawed big palooka who now runs a museum somewhere but formally improbably was the Labour Member of Parliament for Stoke he called on said he can to break away from labour form his own party and challenge jeremy corbyn's labour the first time the any of the Blair I have been so brazen to make such a point in public as opposed to private whether doing it of course all the time he is often to be found that carefully stage-managed and excruciating lee press released i learned actually from my first guest this evening that Sadiq Khan writes the press release in fact my young son aged 10 asked me if we could play football in the five aside pictures the road he said can you not phone up the owner I said the owner is the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and my son asked the Sadiq can operate the gate and I said well he'd be as well doing so because he's not doing anything more important than operating the gate on the five aside pitch opposite talkSPORT hours you can find him correcting and rewriting press releases which read so visibly that virtually nobody publishes them because boring is Sadiq hands middle name I could go on about his fetish for other minority issues transgender was his latest cause celebra and all that's fine I'm a supporter of the transgender people myself I'm a big supporter of LGBTQ rights and indeed was many years maybe decades before said he can turned on to the program but if getting on for sixty of my citizens had been murdered on the streets in the first four months of this year I might be paying a bit more attention to that than to his other causes I'll tell you what I definitely would I definitely would have visited the families the bereaved I definitely would have called them if I couldn't have visited them said he can has done neither I definitely be out on the streets of Hackney of Tottenham and the other boroughs where people are going down like flies 20 people a day a day in London are going to hospital with stab wounds quite apart from those who are going to the morgue with stab wounds and an increasing number with gunshot wounds you'd find me out there trying to find out what was going on and you'd find me literally chained the railings outside Parliament refusing to leave there until Theresa May and amber rod released the funds to re-employ the thousands upon thousands of London police officers who've been sacked and in whose absence a crime wave was the New York City has burst upon the capital he hasn't done any of that and the only thing he said was yesterday when he said a task force of a hundred and forty officers will now move in to the areas well they'll make a big difference too little too late Sadiq you don't need 140 officers you need one thousand four hundred officers maybe you need 14 thousand officers maybe you need officers from out of London maybe you need the Armed Services maybe you need a new civilian Defence Force maybe maybe maybe but you need to get a bit more argent about this or this will be your last term as mayor of London which was always your intention because you intended returning to Parliament as the leader of the Labour Party at the end of your first term that position is now unlikely to be vacant and even if it was vacant you'd be frankly the last man in the world who would be elected to it so either get off the pot and go and form your new party or start doing what people are paying you a rather handsome stipend to do I'll be talking to Andrew Gilligan who's written an amazing piece in The Spectator summarizing the first two years of Mayor Sadiq an but I'll also be talking how can I not about the former Mayor of London Boris Johnson curiouser and curiouser gets the scribble affair let me just pose this question to you dear listeners what do you think public opinion in Britain and the wider world will make of the fact that the British government and don't tell me it was a Clark in the Embassy in Moscow please don't try that one the British government has just refused a visa to the cousin the closest surviving relative of the scrip Oh father and daughter stricken in hospital in England and the center of an international brouhaha of rare rare proportions can you think of any good reason why the British government would refuse a visa to their relative to come and see them or even to bury their pets that were allowed to die inside their house with no food and no water a cat and two guinea pigs the Salisbury three slain not by military-grade nerve agent but slain by the IDSA or warts of the people who were standing outside the door while the cat and the guinea pigs perished for the want of a drop of water in rainy Salisbury if it wasn't for that cousin to whom we've just denied a visa we would not know that yulia was better we would not know she was planning to discharge herself from hospital and return home to Russia we would not know that mr. scribble who just days ago we were told who had a 1% chance of life days ago we were told that his life support may have to be switched off if not for that cousin we would not know that both of these patients were recovering rapidly maybe that's the reason why she's not getting a visa because she told us what the government did not want us to know it's curiouser its curiouser but the forensic gays which grinds acceding fine of the mother of all talk shows is on the case

George Galloway's Mother Of All Talk Shows | 5 Apr 19

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On this week’s Mother Of All Talk Shows, George discusses Brexit, Julian Assange and US politics

well what an extraordinary week it's been on the very first morning of the dawn after the great referendum on Britain's membership of the EU I gave a broadcast on my own roof as I recall in which I urged the then Prime Minister David Cameron remember him he scuttled at about 10 o'clock that morning but I wasn't to know that at five or six o'clock in the morning I asked him to call Jeremy Corbyn in as part of a national unity negotiating team to negotiate our way out of the european union i as well as corbin called that first day for article 52 be immediately triggered not many people now remember that and if we had done that we wouldn't now be in the mess that we are in in fact both of the main political parties in the state would not be in the mess that they are now in what do i mean mess well you heard professor Sir John Curtis say in this studio last Friday that whereas the main to the old firm Tory and labour had been just a couple of months ago neck-in-neck both of them just over 40% in the national opinion polls they were now still neck and neck but both of them were in the low thirties in the national opinion polls there was a by-election yesterday in Newport West labour fielded a euro fanatic candidate and one historically not all that keen on Jeremy Corbyn either the poll was 37% labour halved its majority a scraped home with around 1,700 votes of a majority you kept nearly tripled its fault the Conservatives came a close second in the South Wales Valley and of course were not short of electoral tests for the two main political parties over the next few weeks there are the local elections at the beginning of May there are 80 percent likely in my view the European Parliament elections on the 23rd of May and full disclosure I intend to run in those elections if they happen and there's the small matter of surely an upcoming parliamentary by-election in the constituency of Peterborough because the miscreant MP for Peterborough can no longer be allowed to abuse her permit our position as a convicted liar cheat someone who wasted the police and the courts time someone who went through not one but two trials at very great public expense only to be exposed as an inveterate liar notwithstanding she was a lawyer and an MP or perhaps that should have been what they call in the intelligence community a clue the MP for Peterborough is currently going through the process of recall her constituents are voting on whether they want her to stand down and face the elektra again if she dares in a parliamentary by-election I'm no Nostradamus but my feeling is she'll lose that one and that there will be the mother of all parliamentary by-elections in the Peterborough constituency and it will most probably be on the same day as the European Parliament elections on the 23rd of May just two very bad news if you get my drift because the situation we are now in has bust open the damn it has burst open the damn that we have lived under for all of our lives where the two big parties were a king and queen they sometimes alternated there were sometimes rebels at the gates but the hegemony of the duopoly the two-party system to big tents with all kinds of ideologies coexisting more or less harmoniously inside those tents is now I believe on the point of breaking apart and permanently I say that for a lot of reasons I say it partly because the BRICS experience has lived the lived reality of the 17 point four million people and more I'd argue in Britain who have seen their very clear one and a half million majority decision systematically and I stress that what systematically undermine subverted sabotage direct by a british parliament stuffed full of professional politicians who just can't bear the fact that the people didn't take their advice voted against the script and there are signs in the last week that there is a rapid change now beginning to take place I refer you to the Sky News polling very extensive polling out this evening which shows that leaving right now without a deal is now the most popular political option in Britain more people in Britain want to leave the EU right now with no deal than any other option in fact by quite a considerable margin and trees amaze brexit in name only which would become brexit in even less name only if she has a lash up with Jeremy Corbyn to which I will turn in a minute it will be even less of a brexit if it's negotiated with Jeremy Corbyn that's trailing in just 16% this is in one week in two weeks the last two weeks support for remaining in the European Union in the current impasse has fallen by nine points nine percentage points and support for leaving right now with no deal has risen by nine points no gains for the don't knows or couldn't care less nine points off remain nine points off a WTO breaks it now I think that politics has begun to move at a rapid pace very rapid I believe it's in advance of the politicians at Westminster it's well in advance of the correspondence at Westminster neither of whom have their finger on the pulse of the people because they live in the Westminster bubble where which unrepresentative politician whispered in your ear last is the person whose ideas and views perspectives makes on to the news makes it in to the news papers but in the northwest where I'll be standing and where I spend a lot of time in Manchester and Liverpool that's not the reality on the ground people are as mad as hell about what's going on they couldn't be more angry about the pitiful utterly pitiful performance of the parliamentarians I happen to believe that Jeremy Corbyn has fought a skilled and principled rearguard action against the Blair right fifth column sitting all around him some of them sitting in his shadow cabinet itself four years into the Corbin Labour leadership I believe that Corbin has sought to resist the madness of a second referendum on a subject when the result of the first referendum hasn't even been implemented I believe the Corbin guided by the ideas of mr. Tony Benn about whom much more later guided by his own experience in Parliament with me as an opponent of the Maastricht Treaty of the Lisbon Treaty of the nice treaty as an opponent of the single market as an opponent of the Customs Union as an opponent of all the paraphernalia of the European Union found himself the leader of the Labour Party and a prisoner of the likes of emily Thorne berry and surkhi er star ma he should have seen that coming but this week Emily Thornbury the shadow foreign secretary actually sent a letter an open letter contradicting her own leader in whose shadow cabinet she holds such an eminent position daring challenging Corbin's interpretation of the Labour Party conference resolution as did Tom Watson but I'm not going to waste breath on him because everybody out there knows that if Corbin said today was Friday Watson would insist that it was Saturday Watson has only one goal to see Jeremy Corbyn turfed out of office and replaced by someone like himself but Thornbury is a different kettle of fish her false wrong interpretation of the Labour Party's conference resolution on brexit was a direct challenge to the Labour leader following on from the direct challenge issued by Tom Watson just a few weeks ago Corbin I think is trying his best to avoid what would be an unmitigated disaster not just for this country but for the Labour Party itself because I promise you this if they cheat the 17 point four million brexit voters the winners of the last referendum by forcing them into a second referendum in which implicitly labour is campaigning to remain in the EU and undo the result of the first referendum labour will be destroyed in huge swathe of the country in South Wales in the southwest in the coastal towns and villages in the Midlands in the northwest in the northeast in the urban dereliction that Britain has become over the last 40 years of Thatcherite economics under the banner of European Union neoliberal austerity labor will be destroyed and carbon or not and I'm sure not want to enter the history books as the man that brought about the permanent demise of the party to which he has given so much so if I'm right it's going to be a rocky few months now I said 80% la there's a 20% there's a 20% possibility that carbon and me will lash-up AB RINO – and that that will go through the House of Commons in time to go to the European Union summer on Wednesday and that the longer extension will not be necessary the European Parliament elections will not be fought but that will only postpone this crisis of which I speak because a brexit which isn't a brexit is going to look feel and smell like a brexit that isn't a brexit and those political forces now gathering strength on the right of British politics English nationalism Brit nationalism even farther right than that will still have their cause we'll still be able to claim that Britain has been stabbed in the back the age-old cry of those who seek to take us down the rabbit hole of fascism of extreme nationalism that's why I'm standing in the elections if they come because I will not allow the brexit issue to become the prerogative to become the province of the far-right in British politics as I said in the week if I'm elected to the European Parliament our Juncker mr. Bernier and the rest will have to develop bigger ears because they're going to be hearing plenty from me new frontier of free speech that's why this guy gets in every single week with all his texts he's always of course anonymous but his number is always the same and the text reads Carbon voted to stay in the EU you moron and all the polls I've seen support for remain has risen hope you do stand in elections cuz you'll get hammered actually I refer to the Sky News poll this very afternoon which contradicts the vulnerable gentlemen we've got Nigel Farage on the show in the second hour we'll also be talking about the knife crime epidemic with Leroy Logan MBE former police superintendent we'll be talking about the really vexed issue of the addiction of our young people and not just our young people who am I to speak to the screen with Amy Orban who is the author of controversial study a surprising study on that subject we'll be talking to Ambedkar below a journalist of note and who's really going places and he's just been six weeks in Venezuela we'll be talking to him and we'll be talking – and aberrant the writer of Tony Ben's Last Tape which is a wonderful play that I attended last night at the Clapham omnibus theater and it's there until the 20th of April it is a beautiful one-man play just the man playing mr. Ben is on the stage it's set in his almost exact replica of his study in the house that he lived in more or less all of his long and beautiful married life had all his children there brought all his children up there and died in the house or at least in the hospital coming out of that houses perfectly perfectly represented and the writer of the play Andy Barrett has done a wonderful job capturing the spirit the mannerisms and the words of the late and great Tony Benn has even a message on the European Union in the play Phil Jones in Doncaster says George so looking forward to tonight's show my missus is doing the big shop in Sainsbury's and I'm sat in a car and the car park waiting with bated breath thanks for that Phil she's in Sainsbury's so that probably means you're not in wait Rose I don't know if Doncaster has a weight rose but I'm going to infer their own political issues you are with me the best to you and to your missus and this one from Tony mrs. mate doesn't want to leave she's doing all she can to delay change to delay or change the outcome of brexit remember at the same time she's got to look like she's doing all she can to leave otherwise she will damage her party and democracy for years to come thanks Tony good evening is yours an important takeaway from the betrayal of brexit the tea you see leadership cravenly supported remain hence we were always dependent on the weaker side of officio in the ranks of the ruling class to push brexit through if that weaker section lost we lacked an organized working class to push brexit through even if brexit were realized its shape would be molded by the most powerful people in the country whose interests are antagonistic to those of our own class the lesson is that voting is never enough if the working class is otherwise inert this will remain true should Jeremy Corbyn become Prime Minister that's from the University dawn Sampson in Kilmarnock now Mike Indian rights for the groucho tendency and he's on the line no Mike thanks for joining us now day three of the Corbin may negotiations never thought would be saying that a week or so ago day three of the intensive negotiations between the Labour leader who was only days ago a Marxist Russian spy friend of terrorists anti-semite and all the other anti national insults they could hurl at him now they seem to need him and he's ensconced with the tourists trying to get them out of the hole that they've dug themselves in how do you see these talks going Mike I see them going nowhere at the moment George unless the Prime Minister could move on question because some students but it's a big coup for Jeremy Corbyn he's been invited in there today and of Education of this strategy I think of maintaining a certain degree of ambiguity around Labour's brexit position as well but as of today we haven't seen any movement coming out of the Cabinet Office talks and where are they actually meeting in the Cabinet Office I'm guessing they are the first set of talks were held in Parliament in the Prime Minister's Office the second set with held in Parma again yesterday that was a David Livingstone Livington is in the room he's mais de facto deputies it shows the government is taking it seriously but they didn't want the optics of Jeremy walking into number 10 Downing Street did they would wanted that those office himself but he's leading the opposition and I'd been at that door hundreds of times with Jeremy Corbyn handing in petitions raising our fists at the Prime Minister in side absolutely but he's been walking down that Street out as the prime minister in waiting that again as you said that election could be coming in the coming weeks or months George it's not enough good that the government wanted to have it but also don't forget now that's the Pacific isn't in the room could be sought she's found out the David Livingstone because as I wish she's written today to the European Council to request the extension but the longer these talks go on the more both leaders can gain out of it but the country leaders out because we don't yet have a solution to resolve the brakes impasse and the European Union some of them are getting a bit a bit hot under the collar beginning to chafe over it all a particularly president macron of France and of course only needs one of them just one out of 27 to say actually we've had enough of this no more extensions and that's it done and actually we must have been missed out this week that live a Radtke the tea shock is in touring both front and Germany on in press into the angle and Merkel and president macron strong shows of support there in solidarity with Ireland over the vexed question of the border here but I don't think we're going to see a beter than any of the eu-27 next week for the extension not at least all because what Donald Tusk is reportedly proposing to them which is one year full extension if we have to call it that is really in the interest of all parties and it puts the onus back on Britain to resolve that crisis it gives us the breathing room to try and pass the prime minister's bill because that sort of customs she looks to be the only viable option it gets through the hands of God so you don't think that the 30th of June will be accepted by the Commission that they will insist on on a whole year I think they'll insist a lot all we had but sooner if we can get the return of blood and don't forget that many misses made own empties want her gone sooner than that as well and for labour they want to move past the draw group because what they really have to put the case on it's what kind of future relationship what kind of breaks are we going to have after the terms of divorce or agree do we spend enough time talking about those back stock you citizens right and then we see the divorce payment so it really has something stolen knows what happened after we formally the EES whether its next Friday whether it's at the end of 2020 won't even longer than that I believe Jeremy Corbyn has something he wishes to Sarah but first we have to help the prime minister get withdraw agreement through the comments so she can go out the way to deal with her successor I said 80/20 will be participating in the European Parliament elections what's your estimate of it I probably agree with you on those numbers though George I mean you mentioned Nigel for ours that either you somewhat grudgingly declared his candidacy as well it really is going to be an absolutely fascinating turn for events that if we are participating it would be a gutwrench I think the missing people if we had to spend millions of passes it cost 100 and 110 million it costs to hold them just 40 million that was just spent on postage five years ago you see were selling people at three years on by the referendum we'd be prepared to participate said MEP backs of Brussels and Strasbourg they wouldn't have believed it know it it's pretty damning as I heard Nigel Evan see on the news it's a pretty damning indictment on the the Parliament that we have the system that we have I mean I don't think it's helped by the lilliputian character of most of the members but the system doesn't work does it I mean we have in the week a convict on licence with an electronic tag walking through one lobby a Conservative MP walking through the opposite lobby even though he's pled guilty to charges of expenses fraud and his awaiting sentence we have vote going through 313 to 312 going through in four hours our bill going through the House of Commons in four hours and then on to the unelected House of Lords it's it's all really I don't know Rotarian heath robinson call it what you like but it doesn't look like a modern Parliament it doesn't look good that's a dress Fiona Sam you directly here the ad has been convicted in the court of lying about a speeding offence totally said a short time of a sentence and she sent a recall station to be effective casting votes since the that Cooper bill to the House of Lies the Prime Minister's hands-on sneaky and if it does not look good for those people like your first text that you read out they were advocating for remain let's bring it back to the European elections again for a second here the government's a reason the government really doesn't want to have any sort of topics facing the election besides the optics if it could generous manifest a massive outcry from those people who might wish to remain inside the EU as well it's example parties under Liberal Democrats may be changing case fared well in those elections because they could do under the pier yes although the Liberal Democrats lost the deposit in the Newport West by-election yesterday so even though the centrist remain position still has of course a lot of support millions of people would like to remain in the European Union the Liberal Democrats who are the purest incarnation of that they lost their deposit that's because we haven't seen a massive swell of opinion any evidence of this but some polls do suggest that the main has said but that could be due to demographic shifts as well if we look at most opinion polling relating to staying or leaving leave even though a second referendum the country is mostly evenly split this may be a percentage or two either way and the job terrific variable polling constant either nobody has consistently asked the same question if so there is very little evidence you could draw a pole the pole and violations was there fascinating event just let's go often don't show a barometer public opinion what I would be keen to see if my violation happens in Peterborough and I think it should have but given the recall process and the factory owner on a bank has refused to stand down that's a swing seat in a leave area only 600 majority that might give us a better idea of what's actually happening regarding breakfast but everyone's ratings are down a bit Jeremy Corbyn papal letting a low than two reason they and labour are still behind the Tories in most opinion course so if even if there is an election coming the labor cross it still has a lot of ground to make a bit in spite of the old mighty mess the Conservative Party has found itself in over the last year or so Mike Indian of the or tendency thank you very much indeed for joining us no never in my life did I imagined that I'd be able to say the following words I'm joined now by the broadcasting legend John Watson John good evening hello how are you mate I'm wonderful now that I'm speaking to you and I'm coming to your event the Greenwood theatre our sister station talkSPORT of course for whom your work is editing the legend that is John Watson live onto the stage at the Greenwood theatre that's King's College London on Monday April 15th I've got my tickets you'll be joining Paul Hawkes B they are one of the great Guru's of broadcasting John have you been doing any rehearsal or does it all just come naturally George I've been I've been following you on brexit night if you sorted this out yet well if they'll give me the job I'll sort out in 48 hours but fortunately you it's lesson and women are doing it listen yes I'm doing this thing in the theatre Georgia this is kind of a sort of a trial in a way it's a pilot because we hope to take this to theaters around the country and I couldn't be doing it any better obviously with them with Paul hooks be bidding it's going to be a kind of question and answer and a bit of fun and maybe I'll tell two stories two or three stories George that I couldn't tell when I was working at the BBC knows well I wish you may are really excited that you're coming George I know I definitely I've been your fan well for the best part of 50 years I mean you're slightly older than me but I've since you burst on the scene and became a legend I've been listening to your voice marveling at your commentary lamenting when you left the BBC and rejoicing when you came to us on on talkSPORT their loss our our gain in that 50 years John what would be the what would be the biggest changes on and off the field in the game good a question great question George I would say we haven't got a lot of time to debate this but I would say the commercial side of the game mainly yeah when I started there were no restaurants in clubs there were no sponsors there was no names on shirts there were no numbers on the back beyond 11:00 I mean the game was a very what can I say in those days George it was doubt you were there then Oh working class absolutely I mean you'd run into the players that you idolize you'd run into them sometimes on the bus George I used to walk down the corridor and see the players before the game and I tell you what there was no security then like there is now and you know something a guy was in the news at the moment all he gonna sold shy and people say to me do you know him and I say well I met him once a long time ago I tell you what George the day that Manchester United played at Leeds when I legally sold Xiaomei one of his early appearances I was down in the tunnel I wouldn't be allowed there now and I said to him mr. sociai how do I pronounce your name and he said to me all he gonna said to me he said don't worry about trying to persuade to pronounce it in Norwegian he said you'll never get near it and I said well I was I was gonna call you so sure and he said well listen call me so shy Wow we've done everything yeah well that's no the national title all is always at the wheel I'm speaking of Manchester myself actually on Saturday night that's why that's my slogan George okay what else has changed fantastically we used to wait with bated breath for Saturday nights highlights of football we won on BBC and then you'd flick over to ITV they were hopefully not on at the same time and so you might get different games different commentators now I myself watch football virtually every night we watch hours on either side of the him I know well George I think you made a great point here I think I'll be careful I say because it's my profession and alright I have to think there's a bit of an overkill here I do believe we've got a just channel our thoughts a little bit about how often we watch your match you could sit here from Sunday to Sunday and you could watch a match every night of the week and I just think the whole danger for football the risk if you like of our great game is a little bit of overkill and my own view is the rarity value of having a live game has actually disappeared and I would just say we will be very careful with it because you know and I know that the things we've been involved with you know you can get to the point where you've had too much of it now I never want football to get to that point George it's a very good point actually because although that I never would because you know I'd watch two pop teams playing and I'd listened to their managers after the game but but there may be there may be for a part of the audience a danger of that overcome yeah I think there might be I mean you've been in politics and every other Walker life and I think sometimes you know you can have a bit too much of every junior as you know better than me I mean listen I'm a mere football commentator I'm trying to follow Brett at the moment I'm not trying to draw you into this of it your own and I thought I was coming up after you well I was asked no I just think every night I'm looking at it and I'm thinking I'm getting more and more confused I'm thinking well this isn't is not what I jacob' honorable you can say this now no the BBC I vote you to remain but but when the other vote went the other way I saw okay that's what the country wants we don't want the customs union we don't want the single market we're going to channel immigration we're going to get our own laws back and they were the four issues I thought people voted on not me but the people obviously the the majority yeah 52:48 thing we all know about now listen all of a sudden now it's going back the other way you know Teresa maids talking to Jeremy Corbyn about the single ma well hold on a minute that's why we came out wasn't it George exactly so for a for a mere football comedy you've got a bang you've got that bang on the money no how many others there any point in me plugging this other tickets still available I think you should plug this big well to be fair to Paul Hawke's Bay he's been plugging it program in and we're going to the Greenwood for a week on Monday night near London Bridge which is where of course talkSPORT is based now yep until radio will be won't it varies and I just think it it's a bit of a pilot George I mean it's a great sure it will tour the whole country I'm sure it will well because John we don't have many national treasures there's not many I went to see mr. Benn the play about mr. Benn last night there was a national treasure that people would go to see him in a theater from Land's End to John O'Groats whether they agreed with them or not you are a national treasure and you're still alive and kicking and so people would be fools not to go Thank You Georgia compliment I mean yeah I mean I don't know how this is going to work out we're gonna have a go at it and if I'm quite certain that Paul will be a terrific you have a very hoarse Joe yeah he will be I'm just looking forward and thinking well if this works and we can take it theatres in the provincial cities or wherever it may be well great I mean a mall I never take anything for granted you've said some very kind things I think maybe my career here well a lot of it is over now because I did 50 years at the BBC and all that's behind me but if I can make a contribution and have some fun with some audiences up and down the country that would be fantastic and I'm I'm so thrilled you've rung me tonight because I wasn't expecting this no but nobody warned me but it's bother they gave me they give me a read oh and I said never mind or read oh let's talk to John well you were right and I'm down in Bournemouth with some friends and I'm having a nice weekend and I'm going to the game against Burnley tomorrow and I'm thrilled that you come into the London Bridge thing because I'm gonna see you there Julia thank you very much indeed the legend that is John Watson he's on at the Greenwood theatre that's at King's College London on Monday April the 15th hosted by Paul Hawkes B and of course staged by our own talk sports Paul Hawks B not everyone likes me of course Simon in the New Forest says I used to think you were bonkers now I'm convinced you are bat crazy you make a lot of noise but very little substance thank God you're only on once a week brackets too much and Jimmy says great to hear John Watson I prefer it when football was BBC and ITV with Barry Davis Allen Perry and the late great Brian Moore and the FA Cup final being a 3 p.m. kickoff on grandstand or world of sport and they call me a nostalgic Jimmy and David says Parliament has become so arrogant and ignorant and unaware of why they are there they fail to understand that the people are the country and they have decimated their own parties in the process they're not fit for purpose now my good friend Tamar Isfahan E is down at the Ecuador embassy why you might think well my long-standing friend Julian Assange may very well be about to be tossed out on to the streets of London but only momentarily because he would then be promptly arrested by the British police that are waiting for him there and the United States has already submitted requests for his extradition to face secret trial in the United States on an indictment not yet made public following a grand jury whose membership and conclusions are again secret but one thing's for sure Julian Assange and his supporters will not go quietly into that good night Tamar tell me isn't so he hasn't been seized yet no not yet George we are outside the Ecuadorian Embassy there is a group of people here that are holding a vigil for him in the hope that nothing will happen there are rumors of course that and there has been since this morning that he will be turfed out at some point today then those rumors turned into days and now we're hearing on the street from people some are saying that these rumors are now not going to happen until next week we're obviously here with the with the people outside of the the embassy and we spoke to a couple of them earlier they're not very happy they feel that some of the conditions that you can probably hear him hear them now yes the conditions in which that he is being kept in are inhumane and contradictory of the human rights convention so there is a whole other thing going on here now whether or not that's true we can't make any claims or make any suggestions on how he's being held all we know that he's is he is still inside the Ecuadorian Embassy with people here that are still supporting him primarily from Chile which is quite interesting yeah I know who you're talking about and there's an Irish man the Irish American man from the Catholic workers organization that is literally sleeping on the pavement outside because I frequently go by to shout to Julian Assange through the window sometimes I even sing him a song because he likes my singing voice that's high yeah now do you see a lot of armed police around that would be a clue as we say in the intelligence community no there hasn't been armed police around but there has been especially in the last sort of 20 minutes there's been one police car that's been kind of doing the circus coming here every two three minutes there has been some police presence the crowds aren't huge so there's no need for any kind of crowd control but there is there is a there is a definite under kind of stated police presence and of course because we are right behind Harrods it's one of the most kind of tourists one of the biggest tourist attractions here in West LA yes so be close to the Harrods food hall for seven long years and not be able to visit it that's just one house the minor inconveniences of Julian Assange's life in the Evening Standard today it says that the police of commandeered or rented actually an apartment right opposite the the embassy so they can monitor everyone who comes and goes so we've a load to them for me plan now I'm looking I'm looking at the around but yes I am waving at these blackened windows okay above there is there is one apartment with windows open so I'm not sure if that's that but well waive all of them hi hi hi Tama thanks I'm glad we sent you on a safer ability than the one you were on last week on the brexit March go safe though and get back to the studio safely no no one could deny that Nigel Farage's the mother of all members of the European Parliament in fact he's practically the only one any of you have ever heard of now I told you earlier I'll be standing for the European Parliament he announced today that he will lead his new party the brexit party into those elections Nigel I'm not sure how they'll cope in the European Parliament of both of us get back but let's start let's start with how we got here the only reason that we can stand in the European Parliament elections is because the mother of all rearguard actions has been fought by those who didn't accept the results of the referendum no I mean it's a complete failure of leadership in our country and that goes for Theresa May and her government who never had the courage doing the job properly and when she said no deal is better than a bad deal which if you think about it it's one of the most obvious statements in human history she never actually meant it and a parliament staffed in both passes full of establishment corporatist remain as who as you say never accepted the result it is a willful betrayal of the greatest democratic exercise in the history of this country and I have to say I've never known in my life certainly the gap between the political class and ordinary people to be deeper wider and more fundamental than it is right today well I made these points earlier and I think they're still underestimated so speak to them please there's a rapid transformation going on if you look at the polls as I do assiduously even in just the last week there has been a dramatic shift the most popular choice now in Britain is to leave right now without a deal yes I mean you're quite right I mean over the last few weeks we've seen a massive shift and now every single region in Wales and England with the exception of London leaving with no deal immediately commands a huge lead over remaining what if they're hugely I'm not talking four or five percent like the referendum I'm talking 15 16 percent of the Midlands and areas like that and yes people not just leavers interestingly a significant number of remainders are saying we have to leave with no deal we have to honour the referendum result we are supposed to be a democratic country and if we don't carry out the will of the people we'll never be the same place again so yeah it is a very dramatic shift and you know I've spoken over the last week to several members of parliament on both sides of the over the divide and neither of them were actually aware of what was really going on in the country I find that astonishing yes there in the Westminster bubble they really meet anyone other than those in a deferential relationship to themselves people at their surgeries and so on they actually don't feel the pulse of public opinion in the country I'm now utterly convinced of that it's been happening for a while but we now have a political class a parliament which smells of the kind of sewage that was leaking in the public gallery this week I don't I haven't known a time when when the British political class was held in and in law or door no quite right in that contempt I think total and utter contempt is what has been fell out there in the country and I there's one good thing that happened today and that is this an extension is far better than accepting mrs. Mays new European treaty it gives us a chance as a country to press the reset button but it also gives a chance to the one group of people who've been totally ignored for the last two or three years to say something and you've all got a chance listeners to go out and vote in those European elections and I I genuinely believe there is an opportunity here to deliver the body politic a shock like they've never had before no the lash-up that is under way that you might say the the carbon trees are may lash up we never thought we'd be seeing those words is that going to come to anything will they reach agreement do you think no I don't it's pretty clear that Kier stahma on behalf of the Labour Party now wants what they call a complimentary referendum and that referendum would be a choice between mrs. Mays appalling treaty or staying in the current European treaties it wouldn't even give leave voters the chance to express an opinion and whatever damage Mrs May has done to the Conservative Party and their vote in the country believe me she could never ever agree to that and I think it's actually to be honest with you in Labour's interests now for there not to be any form of deal treaty going through Parliament and to see the Conservatives suffer at the ballot box having said that I think labour perhaps underestimate what could happen to their vote because you know the five million people who voted brexit out there who then voted for Jeremy Corbyn in that 2017 election and there is this this mythology that goes on through the media but somehow brexit is a right-wing ideology you know far from it actually the people like Tony BEM were the great leaders of the Euroskeptic movement for decades in this country so labor may be complacent but I think they could get hurt badly to know the European Parliament elections 23rd of me I think you think like me that an 80% chance of them going ahead there are local elections at the beginning there was a by-election in Newport West just yesterday there's the potential for a parliamentary by-election in in a very strong remain seat in Peterborough because there's a recall petition going on there there's lots of opportunities for the public to pass judgment on these politicians yes there is but the difference being that you've got a series of local results where many many other issues will come into play and when it comes to the European election there's no doubt about one thing it'll be about the European question and it will be a national contest in England Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland so as far as the black state part is concerned which I've just taken leadership of we are going to hold our fire fight those European elections and try and deliver a shock thank you very much indeed Nigel Farage the leader of the brexit Party and a declared candidate for the European Parliament elections thanks for joining us on the mother of all talk shows cacif asks if I'll be running as an independent that's still under consideration cacif frases the elektra I've had enough of the ongoing tobacco re-break said the people want out not more prevarication indecision and political duplicity we want out that's a very well-put-together argument John says EU powerful Pro meat Lobby is feeling the pressure of changes to humane diets by helping to ban the term used from veggie burgers – veggie discs veggie sausages – veggie tubes apropos not very much in the show so far but welcome nonetheless John says he produced so he goes on if we produce more of our own food Britain would be a greener environment to live in smaller farms serving the local towns restricting the money leaving UK into the hands of food market gamblers replacing EU policy by paying the workers not the landowners thanks John now I see the relevance Bob in bucks says I draw a line in the sand that I toss my gauntlet in the soil of pro brexit mob rule tyranny and I say you're a peon now European today European forever thanks for that Bob and the communal simplest says I understand that the government has today written to ask local authorities to prepare polling stations for euro elections in May this would be a huge EU error certain to end 40 years of a centrist majority in Strasbourg hopefully including you George thank you and Jackie says Warrington for brexit will be marching through Warrington tomorrow determined to have the voices of the seventeen point four million hurt by our MPs and the red resistance says I also believe things are changing faster than the politicians can comprehend last night on the Andrew Neil programme I witness what's best described as an annihilation of the Conservative Party how times change see you at the dance house oh yes I'm on with Ken Livingstone at the dance house in Manchester tomorrow at 7 o'clock that's Oxford Road Manchester the dance house me and Ken Livingstone the outsiders if you're anywhere near Manchester I promise you you won't want to miss it I'm a de cabelo thank you for waiting forgive me not being able to give you my whole attention just finally if the US are to fail in this that would be such major blow to the prestige of John Bolton le Abrams present Trump himself it's quite difficult to see them backing off so are we on a collision course do you think well the u.s. is not only failed in Venezuela but have also failed in Syria let's not forget so the precedent has been set now from speaking to government officials although obviously the problems with sanctions started with the Democratic the the Obama administration so it doesn't mean that once Trump protection leave that the problems with the US will stop but they're very much hoping to make it to 2020 and hopefully a new administration although its most likely to still be hostile it won't be as hostile because what we've seen I beg to differ I must tell you yeah I mean as you see it was Obama that declared war on Venezuela yeah in the first place God knows why whose interests II was serving in that but he did and the Democrats in Congress are egging President Trump on to a more and more hawkish attitude towards Venezuela they are but they're not egging him on for military intervention that's the big difference the Republicans keep telling us all options on the table which isn't actually accurate because they don't want to negotiate so it's not all options on the table but the Democrats although they've been hostile although they're kind of pushing the regime change they're not going us far and then and it's an interesting it's an interesting kind of discussion that's been happening for decades is it be is it better to be bitten with a wolf with a growl or with a fox with a smile and and after seeing Donald Trump and in how he kind of operates and how the liberal media many ways him I think it's actually better to be bitten river river by a fox of a smile because a foxes of a smile wouldn't go so far the things that Donald Trump's done just the kind of outlandish approach that he's taken to Venezuela is nothing that I've seen in in in in my lifetime before usually if there's a coup you usually wait for the president to be out the country or you don't just kind of get a guy to put his hand in the street in safe is the president while the president is sitting in this presidential palace fresh off for an election victory it's just I think I think we're we're entering a dangerous kind of precedent that beast there's been set and in some ways something needs to change because the coalition the the the the trajectory if it goes in this in the direction it's going it's not gonna look too well for for the people of Venezuela how do people follow you on social media it's at ahmed Cabello so a h-m IDI Cabello is kab a ll oh and also i'm just going to give a few shoutouts to a few of her organizations that doing great work venezuela analysis gray zone there's various people that are giving vital vital kind of information dispelling some of the myths about Venezuela because venezuela is one of those places where you can literally say anything about and it goes relatively unchallenged so it's important to not just follow me but follow people like george and other media outlets that are trying to trying to kind of address the tidal wave of misinformation you may have seen my what happened when i just got back from venezuela I went straight literally from the airport to the Oxford Union became quite a celebrated altercation on the floor when a young boy who had never been in Venezuela was telling me that the opposition were unable to get on television and so on what I had just spent 10 days watching the opposition on television all day and night so there is a lot of misinformation and I found your interviews and your packages from out there remarkably good one of the things that amazed me was how well-stocked all the shops were and how many people were shopping in them and yet if you believed other parts of the media people are going around eating dogs in fact on this very station one of my colleagues did an item that people were eating their pets in Venezuela just goes to show I'm at Cabello thanks for joining us on the mother of all tours of the clinic here now this from grim and Amesbury brexit we're told means brexit clearly not otherwise we would have left last week we were lied to democracy is a malleable concept apparently and if any of the major parties want my vote they can whistle for it interestingly I didn't ask Nigel Farage this because it's a rival outfit but there's an outfit called the English Democrats who are in the High Court right now right now claiming that actually we've already left the European Union on the 29th of March and that mrs. may did not have the legal authority to seek the extension and get the extension to April 12 that she got and the judge at first base agreed to put this to the court it is under now active consideration well that'll put the cat amongst the pigeons if it turns out that after all this we're actually out already now there have been more stabbings in the UK a man charged for five of them last week will be speaking after the break to a man who knows what it's like down on the street former police superintendent Leroy Logan MBE let's take a break this one is from Dana what can Corbin do to save himself from the Blair rights and implement his own brexit vision for the country and Bob justice says Tory part is finished it's an affront to everyday Brits always has been Labour Party's hot on its heels y can test an antique Corbin EU candidate an idiotic move corbin may want change that party doesn't represent that it's MPs are full of soft soap and muse says I don't think Corbin should go into the negotiating room with anyone considered part of the Blair right Fifth Column treasom a would just divide and conquer offering a deal that they can accept to destroy labor but not a deal that Corbin can support now we've got Leroy log an MBE former police superintendent on the line good evening Leroy thanks for coming back on the show no pot built my first question is this and it's the same first question I asked you the last time you were on is it that we just know more than we used to know or are people being stabbed all over the place I think it's a bit of both 10 years ago we had a real space in math crime and at least we had the officers to deal with it we had 700 more detectives 700 more detectives in ten years we lost 700 detectives and 10,000 10,000 officers well it nationally 22,000 yeah yeah yeah but no Texas because I was just in London we lost 700 and so he had the capacity to solve these crimes and there you know we see crimes being solved being put before the court so when I clear up right to say 89 percent now it's less than half of that and I was on top of me but social media that is in everyone's sort of pocket in a mobile phone their laptops you know iPads whatever so the 24-hour news is such a high level plus social media it gives the impression that there's a lot more crime and I suppose the murder rate would be even higher if it wasn't for these amazing paramedics that stabilized people Institute and those trauma surgeons that turn around on the operating table I think that's a good point because the fatalities is alarming enough but if you got to the numbers of the people actually harmed by knives it's it's truly spectacular I don't have them at my fingertips maybe you do but the number of people actually stabbed in London which is where I live and where I followed the the crime rates most closely are truly staggering the hospitals the paramedics are saving people that in another era would definitely be dead oh absolutely I mean the number of studies has definitely increased at sixteen seventeen percent depends on where you look at and you know you're talking tens of thousands of extra offenses and you know unfortunately we hear about the murders but the life-changing injuries people who are survivors president amazing work of the medical practitioners and the nursing staff etc you know we don't hear about and they're in their tens and thousands and that's that's the real real problem and the crisis I speak about not just the murders is boast of it because we're not getting those clowns solved and the acid attack even up to today I've been doing a lot of anti-gang work and you know even people who are not involved in gangs and I've got one client well unfortunately and as if turning his face only two days ago I you know the officers I think come to see him to get a full report of what happened and you know there there lies a big issue because the detectives would have been at their bedside within hours he's been discharged and he still as opposed to a detective to say to find out what exactly it happened so we got a real perfect storm of increased crime less officers to deal with it all of silence are people not even coming forward with information it is extraordinary at that point you just make there um there's a problem between the police and some parts of the community and there's a problem between those parts of that community those communities and the police and that'd be devil's the need for intelligence doesn't it because if the people feel that the police are them and the police feel that the people are them then there's a two-way flow of information from both but if the police are seen as a kind of occupation army then people don't talk to the police and they don't get the leads and they can't find the criminals and the criminals go on to commit more and more crimes your spots on George I mean the Hylian principle that started the Met Police in taking transalliance Rothfeld said the police the public of pelicans place in a direct correlation between trust and confidence and information so if public feel that the police are there for them to protect them assure them that they are safe then there will be people willing to speak up but if you can make them feel safe they more than likely I tell you whether whether the offences have occurred who stand what when aware and more importantly they're more prone to carrying weapons because police are not there for them and so they fall into that misguided principle of policemen street crime you know I wonder people who can make me feel safe and all carry a with it yeah and regard these gangsters as somehow you know order keepers people that are running the streets if you if you think a thug a criminal is running the street you're not going to get on the wrong side of them exactly fear and retribution you know if they're gonna even think about snitching then alright get you they will get someone close to you with this family or friends you know and it's not just referring to that case burning two days ago the person who got the SS thrown in their face not the actual person they wanted because the other person ran off they thought they just rode the acid in that person say my god they say just to tell you just being associate with that person Leroy thanks very much indeed for joining us always I wouldn't say it's a pleasure to talk to you because we're always talking about such grim things but you're a very interesting man thanks very much for joy joining us Leroy Logan MBE Charlie Faye call Ross hi gorgeous is any brexit worth breaking up the three hundred-year-old Union he means of course the union between Scotland England Wales etc and well as Charlie as you're absolutely dedicated to the breakup of that Union I'm not sure why you would ask me that question of course Scotland has the right to be an independent state and in the European Union for whatever independence that's worth but you'd have to get a referendum result first so as I say to you I think now rather willingly every week what's keeping you why don't you hold another independence referendum though in truth both of us know the reason for that the commune is a palaces praises heaped upon Jeremy Corbyn for playing a blinder and maintaining mysterious ambiguity around brexit but the reason for Corbin ISM was jeremy corbyn's honesty this week according to many letters to my local paper it's that voters say they have lost faith an interesting point hazel is on the line in Hampshire let's hear from her hazel welcome to the show you're a first-time caller I am yes you are very very welcome well thank you very much would you like to see you well today I received an email from my sister and it was a chunk of a Lisbon Treaty now we've all heard about this treaty haven't we but we've never really been told what's in it I mean I think famously one of the government ministers I forget who know who was putting me with a house confessed that he hadn't read it Oh for pete's sake well sure well the bit I read was a bit hair-raising and I think if the remainders read it they'd be heading for the door quicker than the leavers because I've read that chunk I was sent and in the next two or three years or so there's all sorts of things going on that you wanted yes yes it's the deepening deepening of Union yeah absolutely it's a total takeover isn't it I mean the houses of parliament and all that lot in it they'll be superfluous you won't need them if you go by the Lisbon Treaty but I want it who on earth signed up for that do we know well our government signed up to it but we had no say in it other countries did have a referendum on it they rejected it and then like us they were forced to think again and keep on thinking till they change their minds Oh who's in charge you know a lot at the time it must have been the John Major government really I think I thought well I thought I was in so long his I'll have forgotten about my friends are checking John Major well his government was torn to pieces by the Maastricht Treaty as well the Tories have been the Tories have been in trouble over Europe for the entirety of the period from 1973 until now labour was once overwhelmingly Euroskeptic and then became overwhelmingly supportive of the EU the mordant's they took in in the Thatcher era the more things went against labour and trade unions and so on the more they fell in love with mr. jacques de loire who although is still alive the ideology that bears his name is long dead mmm yeah yeah I mean the first time around mm-hmm yeah I'm overnight you know unfortunately am i hazel how do you see it what do you think how are we leaving or not oh yeah but what do you think what do you think it looks iffy doesn't it I'm getting quite concerned actually that you know we'll be forced into it in some way the opinion polls have rapidly changed faster than I've seen any polls changing the sky news poll today the YouGov poll published earlier this morning show dramatic shifts in favor of a new deal brexit and immediately no more extensions out without a deal and I never thought I mean I'm not against the No Deal brexit indeed there are many things to be said for it it wouldn't be my number one choice but it would be my number two choice um but it seems that public opinion has suddenly tired of the politicians tired of the wrangling and said let's get out of here yes yes let's get out what we'll see let's see don't be a stranger hazel call me anytime thanks very much for the for the call he of Steve in Great Yarmouth go ahead Steve hello hi I've been calling you for quite some years really and today I thought why not now you're a first-time caller – that's great doing a role I am yeah things I'd like to talk about so I'll just narrow it down first of all a little bit confused really over Jeremy Corbyn and brexit I mean I've been so pleased to see Jeremy particularly in the 2017 election campaign the things he had to say really appealed to me and lots of other people like me I know and then I've listened to you in previous weeks talk about how he doesn't seem to ring true with the Jeremy that you remember and I just felt disappointed that he's not I feel that he hasn't stuck to his guns and I still support myself as a general election tomorrow without a doubt but I'm just confused by all really well you have to know the kind of people that are sitting all around them Steve you know he's in office but he's not in power in the in in Parliament he's literally surrounded by hundreds of people that hate him and even in his shadow cabinet he's got Tom Watson Emily Thornbury Kearse Dharma who are all busily trying to undermine him I think the thing to me is though I entirely appreciate that I feel as though if you were in his shoes you'd have got stuck into them a lot better than he has and not counted them so much and given so much ground I mean I can't imagine you in a position where you would be talking about a customs union with Theresa May today and maybe I'm wrong about that no you're correct you're correct you're correct about that but then my personality is very my personality is very different to his and it was his personality that got him the 45 nominations or whatever it was to stand for leader and then to win it you see the very things that got him those nominations are the things that have weakened his leadership being nice to everyone not having any personal enemies these these were the reasons why he got on the ballot paper in the first place so yes I think I'd have been a stronger leader than Jeremy Corbyn but I'd never would have become the leader because I wouldn't have got 45 people in the parliamentary Labour Party to nominate me neither would John McDonnell neither would neither would Ken Livingstone none of us would have it's one of the great paradoxes which will haunt us to our graves that the the very personality and traits of Jeremy Corbyn that got him on that ballot paper are the very personality and traits that that make him not as effective as he might otherwise be but we may be moving too a crunch point because let's say I don't think it's going to happen but let's say Corbin did a deal with me let's say they reached agreement you've then got Emily Thornbury in open open and public revolt as the shadow foreign secretary she is demanding that any deal he reaches with treasom a must be put to a second referendum as nigel farage pointed out earlier moreover a referendum between treasom a deal the treasom a Jeremy Corbyn deal and remaining in the European Union even though we've already answered that question and that would leave me what would I vote for in such a referendum Steve I don't support trees amazed deal or remaining in the European Union so what am I supposed to stay home my point of views not even on the ballot paper I feel exactly the same I mean one of the reasons that I chose tonight the phone after all these years of listening to you was because you'd highlighted Tony Benn and Tony Benn since my grandfather first spoke to me about him has been one of my heroes not just political but generally heroes right my life and I am I don't think he was like I said you wouldn't have gotten into the situation I don't think he would have done either but well I'll tell you something he's accepted no he wouldn't would have come about that we would have to have for me I don't really know how these things work entirely but if there is any referendum at all I would only be happy with it personally if all maybe not all but if there were more possibilities I don't want a second referendum because I think it would be extraordinarily divisive maybe even worse than divisive I think agree it would be a gigantic paralysis in the country but if we were going to have another referendum Steve the only legitimate questions would be do you support Theresa Mays deal or do you want to leave on WT or terms I agree with that at least has some democratic legitimacy people to vote on whether to remain again is an affront to democracy and a very dangerous one I agree I agree entirely I mean unless there's something in if there if there is a second vote which I wouldn't support unless there's something in it that accepts the outcome of the first random yeah then it's and it's democratically and it said it's an absolute two fingers up to our democracy I agree Steve don't be a stranger call again because you're very eloquent I need to press on unfortunately John is in Thirsk in North Yorkshire John welcome hi help me I'm absolutely confused around the whole EU question normally I'm not a confused person normally I have very strong political commitments but on the EU I up stand initially you know I didn't like the binary rose a lot at the same time my whole political background pushed me in a Ben I left this position so I should have voted out this and I knew exactly what people were voting for because we've got a bloody leaflet didn't we yes cost you 9 million quid yeah everyone got a leaflet so everyone knew exactly what they were voting for and I'm assuming that everybody could read they knew what was going down and so people voted to leave but at the same time it was a close vote not that close a million and a quarter 1.4 million was the majority you know you know one point four millions a lot of people yeah yeah I accept I mean I just put it this way John if I had gone the other way there would be nobody on the winning side then saying that was a bit too narrow no they wouldn't it wouldn't be how can we renegotiate you know I mean they won during the week with one vote of a majority and that one vote was a convicted prisoner yeah yeah I mean my big problem the whole EU question it's not that I'm not in favor of what you're saying in that sense because I think the things I want could only come from from from a breakfast degree a hard breakfast but you know a lot of you guys who want to leave you seem to think we're gonna go back to some kind of 19th century trading agreements here there and everywhere and those people who want the remain think that they can kind of have the snugly could leave Europe as if nothing's going to impact on Europe and my big point is the environmental impacts and we know this is kind of gonna come and in the u.s. did a report on this I think about six months ago maybe nine months ago where huge amounts of the u.s. are not going to be a produced food their ports could possibly be damaged by climate change the whole of the of a southern European that role which is a Mediterranean except there's going to be massively hit by climate change it's just like as if both sides don't take into account what's going to be coming down the pipe there's no reason at all for that if we elected a government that were I said in my very first broadcast after the referendum in 2016 we should send an email to the European Union we should tell them that we would at least match every one of their standards environmental standards food standards Labor Standards women's rights standards every standard we would at least match if not better these standards that would be followed in the European Union now of course there are only a certain kind of government that would make that commitment but if the people in Britain voted for that government making those commitments as I believed that they would then we would be a beacon to the world on these matters not some kind of 90th century throwback let's face it we brought some of these things in far earlier than you did I've got a press on John thanks as always because I've got the visiting professor from Boram would the legend Lisa welcome I've never been introduced to that before George thank you very very much I've I've given you an honorary professorship in the Open University of the airwaves you're so eloquent and because I'm feeling so happy because Messala just scored the goal for Liverpool putting them to one up anyway go ahead Lisa Oh excellent that's a brilliant sort of absorb in Georgia that professorship actually would come far more to me than from anywhere else because I really don't rate those other places yeah well I don't think well they cracked up to be okay so I'll just crack on with my points is worrying me is the amount of people you see on social media and on the news talking about not voting or squealing their votes I think this is a crap you don't hear romaine is calling up saying that they going to be spoiling their vote no no I did deal with that last week but it's good that you have returned to it yes the power in the country will be perfectly delighted that people never bother to vote again I know you don't see after an election there a politician who won't come out and lamenting the fact that are so many people so many millions world they thought people aren't thinking it through so I know your audience is extremely intelligent and well-informed but I think it's up to us all to emphasize to people that if we do vote in the EU elections they are proportional representation therefore every vote counts therefore it's a wonderful opportunity for us to make a difference I just think it's faulty reasoning and people actually need to go and think it through before they do such a ridiculous yes no you're absolutely correct and the it may be the shortest parliamentary term in history and personally if I'm elected I hope it is I hope to be in the European Parliament for the the shortest term possible because I my entire program consists of a demand that the decision of the British people in 2016 be fully honored yes and nothing George it only comes up on your show and a couple of callers that have mentioned it and please clarify this for me because I'm stunned that it's never mentioned elsewhere I believed because of the various EU laws and I believe that this would continue under her deal or if we were in the single market the things like the state aid law the 3% spending limit and competition laws would prevent Jeremy Corbyn from enacting many of the promises within his manifesto particularly the promises that were attractive to a large amount of people why is this never mentioned in the main well yes partly because it is untruthfully denied by supporters of the EU have close relations with the RMT the railway workers union and there forever actually publishing in black and white on social media the very rules and laws of the EU which would make it impossible for Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonald to run the kind of economy that they are pledged to run for example on public ownership of railways it is now extremely difficult and will shortly under the Lisbon Treaty be illegal to bring your railways into public ownership because all goods and services must be offered across the European Union in a competitive tendering process it's there in black and white but people don't want to read details and facts Lisa well I think it's more than a detail it's fundamental and I see a lot of the Blair rights they come on paper reviews and on one hand they telling you you know how supportive they are Corbin's policies and how wonderful they are and they telling you how much we should be in the EU and I think how can you maintain such contradictory opinions at the same time but I did the same on the second referendum yes it would be devastating to have to choose between Theresa Mayes deal and remain but the basse I think in a second referendum if we had a different choice – that would be extremely interesting because all the developments that have taken place for example the pesco and the fast moving a development of the EU army all Francesca mogherini acting like an EU foreign minister everything that's coming up we would have so much more ammunition and I think they would be diminished but could be already seen but their fear campaign was based on on smokin nervous yes I do think professor that the the reason why the there's been this rapid change in the last week two weeks is that people have looked more closely into the face of the European Union as we have been involved in this wrangle with them absolutely I think it's being the most valuable debate that's gone on in our society and across Europe I think I'm Nigel broad said on the morning of the 24th we kicked the first brick at the at the wall that indeed we did we've set something in motion and we've certainly inspired a lot of the European euro skeptics and and also he does inspire debate across Europe I just wish that a few remain as would stop being glued to the BBC and following and believing everything they see on they open their minds and look across the board across the channel at what's happening with a with a more open mind thank you very much indeed Lisa in Boreham wood now don't forget me and Ken Livingstone are on tomorrow night at seven o'clock 7:30 it might be make it seven o'clock at the dance house in Oxford Road there are still a few tickets left you can get them of I think ten have gone in the course of this show so they're still seats left but don't delay you can get them online at the dance house Oxford Road Manchester Mian read ken the outside are talking about brexit talking about the potential general election European elections the world situation and of course history a hundred years of membership of the labor movement between us I know we don't look at and neither does the next visiting professor the legend Norma in the Vista go ahead Norma so Joyce I feeling my age of it on my Elvis deteriorated I'm sorry to hear that but I know you're going to stay with us oh gosh I'm keeping up to date with what's going on however excuse me I just wanted to slightly change I'm not going to talk about breakfast I wanted to talk about Danny roses and black footballer oh yes yes a very fine he says he can't wait for his career to end I know because of the racism in the sport but you know where would be beans we didn't have these talented guys and where would the England team be where would the English membership be everyone for black footballers absolutely but you know I'll observe because I watch the football in a 3-1 and I'm a Liverpool I've observed that if you look at the crowd and live their supporters you don't see very many black faces and I think it's a bit odd and I wonder why because having such you know great 87% white country you would expect to see most 13 percent non-whites in the crowds and I know lots of clubs where that's easily met that yeah I mean I just watch the big fun Bristol but the big games and then might I still go across and I think gosh I haven't even seen one black supporter and I just think it's an observation that I am I keep looking at sometimes listening well I must say that racism in football today is nothing like as bad as it was yeah when the first black players came on the scene I was already an avid Gore to football games and it was absolutely routine or filthiest vile racist abuse incessant 90 minutes and by significant numbers of people now we've still got it today of course some clubs are worse than others but because almost every team has so many black players in their team the absolute absurdity of racism get through even the thickest door of skulls now that's not to say that incidents when they happen are trivial and they're very far from trivial the Raheem Sterling for example the abuse that he gets not just on international duty as he did the other day but also in some sections of the media and so on I think is disgraceful Danny Rose is one of my favorite one of my favorite footballers actually and when I heard him say today that he can't wait for his career to end my heart literally saying yeah I'm me but they must have stronger measures I don't quite know how but they must that's what he was saying yeah I mean of course you've got to get into the head and into the heart of the miscreant ultimately but while you're trying to do that you have to punish the club because if you punish the club and I don't mean financially that's meaningless you got to take points off people you've got a boot people kick them out of competitions yeah and then all the other supporters will ensure that maniacs that are amongst them are not shouting racist abuse against black footballers Norma everyone sends their best wishes from the show but also all the listeners will be very happy to hear you back in half-decent fettle at least thank you very much for joining us Mohammed is in Maidenhead always worth hearing Mohammed go ahead sir George you caught me right in the middle of the Liverpool well I'm so happy for my boy my middle son is a Liverpool fanatic he loves more solemn more seller scored a great goal I'm so happy I'm going home to him now and I just know the joy unconfined that he'll be feeling yeah mix the hosts and the goals amazing you're something to do really proud of than amazing amazing going 3-1 no Hendersons that one away as well scored it well there was a great cross from Romania yeah Mohammed you should go and see John Watson on Monday I'll tell you you'll enjoy that really well it's a talk sport presentation and it's at the Greenwood theatre and and John Watson is an amazing guy and hawks B Paul Hawks we will be presenting it for us he's a brilliant brilliant broadcaster and a a man that knows everything there is to know not just about broadcasting but about football – I'd love to go George if I never look at it yeah yeah I look up I'll do my best to get there George so well tonight I was looking to have a bit of a challenge with you George because you know I'm not an expert certainly be a bit of a schoolboy versus the world champion here but I'm going to do my best to try and challenge you I'm going to begin by saying that I don't believe it's a betrayal for a second referendum purely because 28 percent of the public didn't vote who are eligible to vote they didn't vote now we all know that what we don't all know but I know that action apart knowledge is vanity and a lot of what we've been told about brexit has been false information it's a bit like the PPI scandal you know with PPI you now people are getting compensated because they go giving wrong information breaks it's going to be very similar because there are so many disadvantages to breaks it I could listen to you a lot for all remain I'm just in Mohammed because of they are I need to stop you because I have one more call I need to get in and I promise you I will return to these issues but frankly more people voted in this referendum than have ever voted in any ballot in our country in all of our history so the number of people who didn't vote uniquely doesn't count a jot because it was the biggest ever term in British electoral history and if governments only got to govern because they told the whole unvarnished truth in their election camp we would never have a government I promise y'all come back to it and he'd hear from Martin in Newington go ahead Martin hello George thanks very much yes there's so much so so much substance in the program but I thought I will connect them one Tony band I was 14 to him speak not too long before he he died and – when I first called you I spoken of the nature of pouring a vacuum and that one of the problems with Corbin was that he didn't establish clearly his should we say totally his being a protege of Tony Benn but interestingly a lot of Tory people tend to tend to believe that that they're the ones who were fighting against Europe well it was Clement Attlee in the 1950 yes again again Martin we will have to return to this but it was Clement Attlee it was huge gates go it was handled Wilson it was Jim Callaghan it was Michael foot it was Peter shor Barbara castle Tony Benn above all who opposed the European Union my apologies to all those that didn't get through or get their message right out stay tuned on talk radio from my good friend flippin Kath who's up and holding the fort herself and the show will be no poorer for it spin marvellous for me I hope it was for you

"This time – no more Mr Nice Guy" | Nigel Farage talks to James Whale over Brexit chaos

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George Galloway: former Kremlin advisor questions Yulia Skripal statement

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Alexander Nekrassov told George “The cops, they’re influencing the text and writing it – This woman is obviously kept against her will.”

here's a man who knows how to speak his mind Alexander Microsoft frequent guest on my show Mike Graham and many many other shows here on talk radio because you need to be able to walk a mile in the other person's shoes and he's a Russian so let's hear what it feels like to be a Russian on the brink of what might become Armageddon itself and on the receiving end of the script Salisbury affair Alexander welcome to the show hi how are you I'm good now let's start if we may with the scrip alifair because that only killed three sentient beings a cat and two guinea pigs mercifully it didn't kill anyone else the Syria war might kill well all of us so let's start with the scrip affair first what's your take on the OPCW report today well I found it very bizarre that British journalist started to twist this report trying to claim in a very weird way that Russia is actually not mentioned but it implies that this Russia in this report which it doesn't by the way and also what they completely miss out is that the Porton Down people said it was a little tight no sergeant yeah me saying it's a Kalashnikov type of assault rifle right yeah so it doesn't really mean anything and they refused point-blank to acknowledge that it is Russian I linked now this is a very difficult sport for the people for pushing the Russian concussion because very the chemical watchdog basically confirmed what the Porton Down people said so there is no Russian leg that's the problem their health so they're not listing or read the whole thing trying to make it local and it's not gonna have to call you back Alexandra because it's a very bad line so do stay tuned let me read some of the written material while we're getting you back Thomas says on the email hello George you predicted war between the west and Russia would break out on Monday night Tuesday night and Wednesday night wrong on all scores whatever you do don't go into the betting tipping industry may you'll be bankrupt vive Tony Blair and down with Putin says Thomas from Camden that's the Camden wart next to Ward 5 at Broadmoor Chris says when millions have perished when our cities lie in ruins and when poisoned air water and food surround us at least the powers that be can rest on their arrogant laurels and say that they stuck to their principles kryptonite says George what really makes me sick is that the same people I've seen baying for blood in Syria are the people who would spew their venomous hatred should this country take in refugees as the consequence of our actions there have very very pertinent let's go back to Alexander Alexander we kind of lost you at the point where you were explaining that the OPCW report in no way mentions Russia and as for British media saying that it implies Russia what do they mean by that it draws a pair of boots with snow on the moon on its cover or what well they don't know how to explain this they have to basically use all sorts of methods to link Russia the report does not mention Russia it's a novel type of nerve agent that the important down people said but without the link to Russia so basically it confirms that they don't know where it was made and they don't know who was find it or how it was delivered and where yes exactly and I can tell you something George now if there was some sort of a delivery some sort of a mysterious people one or two persons I mean the police would have had some sort of a CCTV footage or a witness would have seen everything they've got nothing nothing and I think this is one of the most weak points in all this legend about the Russian agents however they were coming over and not nobody seeing them I think this whole story is very odd very odd is the very least of it let me I'm going to I'm not leaving this subject I just want to move on a notch Yulia told her cousin in a phone call she made to the cousin in Moscow that she was well and about to discharge herself from hospital that her father was well but sleeping and that when she discharged herself from hospital she was coming home that's what she said in her own voice in a telephone call to her cousin initiated by her now we have her saying nobody speaks for me except the Metropolitan Police officer who read out her statement written in Oxford English in which she or rather the Metropolitan Police on her behalf say she doesn't want any further contact with her cousin she doesn't want the vienna convention to be acceded to by the British and the Russian embassy allowed access to her and she does not for the moment intend to return to Russia and although we know she has a voice and it's perfectly clear she's leaving a media interview till sometime in the future I call that being held incommunicado what do you call it well I found this statement very weird first of all I agree with you it was obviously written by other people and you can eat actually feel the cops they're influencing the text and writing it and I think that they this game is getting out of control they are not in control of the whole scenario and this is why I I think we will see more and more very weird things happening because the whole thing is no longer going in the right direction if you know what I mean for them yeah now this woman is obviously kept against her will I mean you can see from the statement and it's a bit you know I think it's a disgrace to be honest with you to manipulate that poor woman because she she probably doesn't even know everything she's been told this and this and this and this is what you're gonna say and I think this is absolutely it's like a spy novel like one of your spy novels more badly written than yours because they are very good it sold very well but it really is like a spy novel someone falls ill the government practically declares war against another country over it then the person unexpectedly one might say miraculously recovers and that person is then a liability to those who declared the war on the supposed culprit and therefore cannot if you think about it cannot be allowed to speak freely because what if she says something so at odds with the British government's state narrative that could bring the government down like Alexandra I gave her I gave a daft example last week let me try it on you what if she comes out and says my father wasn't just gambling on the scratchcards he actually ran up a huge bookies bill and the book he said he was gonna harm us if we didn't pay and it looks like he did no that's a very unlikely scenario but why she said that or something else that cut against entirely the British government's narrative well that's the whole point you see that they're now stuck with this situation where they gave a narrative with my which might be completely false and now the problem for them is that whatever she says and it goes against them they can't really let her go free that's the problem so how they're going to resolve this I have no idea at all and I think it might be becoming more and more complicated for them and I honestly you know when you said a spiteful I mean it's so badly written I really don't understand who on earth was planning all of that stuff and who on earth was thinking how they could progress now let me give you an example what prevents for example a foreign government taking hostage two foreign nationals and then claiming that they were poisoned and then sending the boys in fancy dress gear who allegedly pick up some traces or whatever substance and then keeping these two people prisoners and then playing any game you want I mean technically any government can do the spell and there is no proof you can see the hostages you can't see the victims you can't see what is going on and this is starting to look very odd you know it's like that prisoner you remember that yes yes yes yes well it's starting to resemble the prisoner well I think we need to get to the bottom of it although I appreciate could be dangerous we need to keep on this case because no one else will know journalists will maybe they think it's too dangerous to do so but the the the facts as we know them simply don't add up i I don't know if you heard me I've been looking at the map and the timeline the last CCTV image is taken and the couple are walking entirely normally but 75 yards from the park bench on which they were slumped anything but normally so this agent or poison acted on both of them simultaneously irrespective of their different age weight and state of health in a distance of 75 yards between the last CCTV in which they're walking normally and the place where they apparently almost died now it is inconceivable that they had been carrying around on their skin for five and a half hours an agent a single drop of which could have killed ten people and more or less instantly it's it's inconceivable that this agent was carried around by them for five-and-a-half hours walking driving drinking in a pub eating a full restaurant meal walking normally through the mouth after the meal and then suddenly struck them both down within a period within a distance of 75 yards so I've come to the conclusion that this poison was not on the door handle that therefore begs a question I've been asking for five weeks here was the brave British police officer D s Nick Bailey was he poisoned at the house or at the park there are reports of both which is true both cannot be true if he was poisoned at the house and if they were affected by the agent in the mall or on the way to the park that means those two sets of poison and opens up the that the couple themselves wittingly or unwittingly presumably unwittingly were carrying this agent from the house now if it was on the door handle they left on the door handle unwittingly no doubt and that they were then somehow exposed to it in the restaurant which would explain the restaurant table being burned or whilst walking from the restaurant through the mall and into the park so therefore the spy novel the badly written one becomes an even more extraordinary tango and I can well understand why the state would not want to have to explain that don't you well first of all the biggest question is this nerve agent which they claim to be the type of Nava choke which is a very powerful nerve agent it would have not only killed the scribbles immediately and the policeman there would have been casualties all around it just doesn't work like this like them they are making it up so unfortunately the whole story collapsed at once because if they would have said that this is some sort of an agent which is not that you know powerful which can be administered through this and that which is not work it doesn't work at once and it can be you know in the body for a while then it then you can understand yeah but we are talking about a nerve agent that was developed to kill troops at once at once the first contact you're dead that's it so their story collapsed because of that same version of events that they've given themselves they have boxed themselves in from day one and then they had to basically unravel this whole thing and it always it was always a problem for them because things did not connect the pattern didn't work and that's why they're finding selves in a very difficult situation and I don't really understand how it will develop further by the way when you mentioned the fact that they might have been carrying themselves do you know that the same suspicion was about Alexandra littering anchor that that he was suspected of taking part in a in a smuggling ring of polonium-210 which has been known to be sold on the black market at a very high price so the suspicion was that he has mishandled a container and the container leaks and he got himself poisoned and then obviously we see the whole situation was played out by Berezovsky and his people as I'm talking about one of the versions that's one theory yeah yes on the theories but it's not the theory the enquiry concluded of course they concluded it was probably Russia yes actually though by the way there was no decision by the court that specifically said that the Russia was involved in it then it was all again sort of circumstantial because of the substance they were saying it could be could have only been the state and so on but there was no different decision and there was no definite proof of any Russian state involvement so what we are moving here to this particular instance once again we can assume and you you rightly pointed this out that what if mr. scruple had contacts with some very unsavory people there might be as you said bookmakers they might have been even worse people you know some sort of criminal elements and so on what if it was some sort of something to do with a completely different matter and and honestly what I think was the main the biggest thing that I felt was not right why did they jump the gun on practically the the moment it came out why didn't they say let's wait for the investigation well when people do these conclusions like well we don't know what it is but it's highly likely that it that it is that right you immediately think what is their game why are they not waiting for an investigation why are they already doing this and of course the media I'm sorry I'm a journalist I have trained you know hundreds of journalists and I know how it works I'm sorry but the campaign in the media here was so coordinated and organized that I would never buy this idea that it was just you know brave independent journalists writing in exactly the same words about exactly the same situation and not even giving it an idea that for example well it could have been this or that and nobody even said that no no this is Russia from day one it is obvious and why they were saying that I found it most remarkable is because the pattern of Russian behavior points to the paint to the fact that this is Russia again what pattern of digit of Russian behavior we are talking about so-called oligarchs criminals and gangsters who came over to Britain with billions and so on who bringing their you know traditional methods let's put this way with them and they were sorting out each other why is the state involved all the time how can the state be involved well let's let me change the subject in the time we've got left you were an advisor at the Kremlin to Britain's favorite Russian President President Yeltsin Russia is perhaps but perhaps not about to face a blizzard of us British French and Uncle Tom Cobley and alls cruise missiles hurtled our country in which you have thousands of military and other personnel what would you be advising the Russian President to do about it it's a very difficult situation I would be advising to open all channels of communications sort of behind machines ones and diplomats really need to start doing something they really need to talk the problem is they're not talking I can see they're not talking there is no understanding at all all these security council meetings they are just basically you know it's just posturing nobody does anything the UN wasn't it was intended for people to talk behind the scenes this is not for this public sort of statements where everybody looks at each other all look at me how I'm talking and so on the whole idea of that organization is to have in the back rooms for the diplomats to sit down and hammer out deals so I would suggest to President Putin at this moment to send em voice at once to all the major players capitals and to start talking on the phone on the phone as well to Trump to do to may to micron and to others well I mean the key players August I'm not talking about everybody so he has to Lavrov has to talk this is the time for talking and this is a desperate time this is a troubleshooting time by the way I was a trouble silca because I was asked to deal with situations which were getting out of control and becoming desperate right so this is a similar situation so these Troubleshooters need to really really start talking to each other trading horses you know flexible things like what are you going to do let let us suggest this in return for this what do you think with Assad okay let's look at an option we're sad we'll go okay I know it sounds drastic I know you might say well Assad why should Assad go but look we need to stop a world war right and I would use all the help of everybody in the region including the Israelis the Israelis have channels of communications with everyone so I would go to them and I would say guys we need your help we need to stop this madness because in this war in the region you are going to suffer as well because this will if hell breaks loose all of the countries in the region including Turkey and including Saudis and including Qatar they they might all become targets this is the time to talk 24/7 there is no time to lose at all all this posturing in the UN has to be forgotten forget the UN direct communication this would be my advice okay Alexander nekross or former Kremlin adviser to President Yeltsin former troubleshooter giving us some idea of how the trouble could be shot

Brexit: Is Jeremy Corbyn 'the most dangerous man ever to have led a political party'?

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Time is running out for Theresa May to reach a Brexit compromise with Labour ahead of a summit with European leaders this week.

The Prime Minister has angered Tories by holding talks with Labour, with Brexiteers including Boris Johnson concerned she will accept a customs union as the price for a deal with Jeremy Corbyn.

Julia Hartley-Brewer talks to Tory MP and former International Development Secretary, Priti Patel.

Austerity debate | "If anything we should give the government *more* money!"

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Mike Graham has a heated row with political economist Richard Murphy about the effectiveness of austerity and whether we pay too much tax

well the problem I've got generally about the whole austerity conversation is that when Theresa May got up and made her speech in conservative quality conference everybody thought reasonably well-received she didn't do anything particularly brilliant but she was you know she did look as if she was in more control the economy and she was last year and in fact yeah control of the stages he was last year as well but she said austerity is over it has worked and now we have the week we can see our way clear to having a brilliant economy I didn't understand any of that because one I've never quite understood what austerity was I've never quite understood what measures were taken which actually changed anything in three finally I don't understand what now has changed I don't see any change whatsoever but I think you you would only have experienced the effects of austerity if if the cuts that were made which are beyond doubt there were massive cuts though there were huge cuts to public services and public service projects not in the way that I mean there do some examples some some councils had their budgets cut by while the average council had its budget cut by a fifth which is very significant that's and some had their budgets cut by half yes police police spending down 17% roads down 1/4 libraries a third quarter third prisons a fifth those are very very big cuts but none of those cuts apart from potholes which you have been banging about none of those would really impact you right well let me find out what exactly has been going on Richard Murphy is political economist and director of Tax Research UK I'm just puzzled as to why austerity was brought in and if it was brought in in the way that people described did it really work and why can we now give it up Richard a very good morning to you welcome I'm not trying to be deliberately obtuse here I honestly genuinely don't understand what austerity was I don't really understand what it's achieved and if it did achieve something what is it exactly that it did achieve to squeeze the size of government and it in that sense has worked government is smaller than it would have been it's look at the size of the UK's spend by government in proportion to what is billed spent elsewhere in Europe for example similar types of country you know the 28 member states we are xx we spend 33 percent of our total national income on government services and there are many that spend more than 40% we are down with the likes over I don't know Croatia and Romania sound terribly austere to me no Richard to spend you know nearly a third of your income on the government any money don't worry you'll be here for long time Richard you know it's time to speak already we're only in two minutes yes please right austerity was a deliberate squeeze on government spending who have suffered the poorest councils in the country the council that has suffered the most is Blackpool people in Blackpool have seen a massive cutting services who in society had suffered the most the disabled have suffered the most they have seen massive cuts in their support so they now are very often simply left at home unable to do anything so those with mental health issues because they simply don't get the support they now require who else people who suffer crime because we simply don't have any police anymore to actually deal with those crimes we've heard that vast numbers of crimes are now never investigated you're just richer with respect to you I'm just going to interrupt you Richard would you mind if I just interrupt you because we're having a conversation here it's not just a one-way model okay now you are trusting out all of the things that everybody trots out about how austerity has affected all sorts of people but I don't really see how that one can be then described as working or to weather where is the benefit that we've got because we've still borrowed let me finish Richard I mean the point is is that we have we have borrowed massively during this period of austerity which tells me that actually we've got ourselves into more debt as a government so the idea of saving any money seems ridiculous we didn't absolutely blatant it was the wrong policy why didn't it work because in fact let's be quite clear about it government spending is someone else's income yeah the government has no money of his own it does all money is the government's you find which is not created by the gun no no but I mean it's not generated by the government government doesn't generate any money there is no money but government created money well I disagree with you there originally I'm not wrong rich no you are trotting out some kind of lefty agenda which is not so created money only created by banks under government license and by government spending and the government has any amount of money at likes because he has his own bank and it can create whatever cash it likes and the point is that if the government spends money it puts people to work and pretty people to work actually creates wealth the idea that only people who work for this private sector create wealth is a complete nonsense if you don't believe that people working for the NHS create wealth next time you turn up in A&E and ask to be treated they'll put you at the back of the queue and leave you there for as long as you like that's what happens anyway no you're not the point is they create value rich is not the same as money rich I would like to bring you back to the mics central question which is what did austerity do and has it worked and you've said it it's failed miserably but actually the government the coalition government that first brought in austerity as a result of the huge financial crisis caused by the banks and the bank bailouts faced with massive debt and deficit as far as the deficits concerned it has worked it's been a remarkable achievement that the deficit has come down as much as yes overall debt is still stubbornly sticking at just below two trillion but deficit is massively damn what deficit is massively down but let's look at the consequence of deficit being down we now have the lowest growth in Europe we are actually the poor nation of Europe the worst of growth why's that because our government has refused to spend and we need it to spend to keep people have worked to stimulate growth well our growth our growth hasn't been great but our unemployment figures are great we have survived better than most countries in the recession the growth in unemployment has been people who are now self-employed we have seen a nothing wrong with being self-employed most of my life go right but that point is most of those people are actually earning less than minimum wage now and back then they won't be paying any tax into the second low wage economy that doesn't function if we had an economy where the government invested in education in training in creating investment opportunities in creating new employment opportunities we would have high growth people earning more people pay more tax people able therefore to support the economy better and that would have been take it you're not in favor Richard of of an economy which has a small government involvement in it which allows people to spend more of their own money which also creates an awful lot of growth and a lot of opportunity as well an awful lot of small businesses are suffering under a Tory government bizarrely Richard you've had your turn I'm gonna have mine the point about small businesses the small businesses create most of the work in this country right most of the most of the people are employed by small businesses small businesses are being strangled by red tape they're having their v80 going up they're having all sorts of problems with taxation and the government's collecting more and more money off them and wasting more and more of it so that's why we are stagnating not because we're not collecting enough to actually because we're collecting too much I'm not wrong that's my opinion Richard to be a professor of economics very good for you I'm also a chartered accountant and I have been senior partner the firm of Chartered Accountants and I've been a director of many trading companies I'm astonished then that you think that the way forward is to give the government more of your money well real companies I could never have done it without the support of the state because I needed the state to train people so that they would turn up so that they could do the job I needed the state to support those people so that they were healthy so they could come to work in the morning and didn't have to worry about how they were going to meet their health bills I knew that I needed the state to provide those people we child care so that they could come to work and be some education so that their children would care for during the day I know I needed the infrastructure that the state paid for I needed regulation to make sure there was a level sure you're an accountant no I needed that regulation to make sure it was safe to go and buy a coffee from a coffee shop because without regulation it would not be safe to find coffee from the coffee shop because I wouldn't know that they've done their job you are joking doing a parody show now Richard this is ridiculous I don't trust the government one inch Richard and anybody with any brains would agree with me I actually like people want to trust people want to coexist with people want to get on with them and you're saying you want to live in a little isolated bubble by yourself probably a favorite thing in the European Union as well are you Richard are you in favor of staying in the European Union yes you tick every box that everybody takes I mean it's ridiculous Richard how can you possibly argue in favor of this government which is hopeless even whether it's a really run by the Tories but you trust them to have your money and you want to give them more of it would you like to would you like to see Jeremy Corbyn in power because he'd been deeply critical of Jeremy Corbyn so let's be clear about that I want is a government would actually say straightforwardly we believe that if we spend money who will and invest it wisely and we put it to use and create employment opportunities this country will be better off and if we tax fairly and make sure that everyone who owes their taxes pays it we will create a level playing field in which competitive businesses can flourish in the UK but we have not got well let me give you a couple of examples of why this government should not be given any money frankly one is called Crossrail and the other one is called HS – that's just too on earth Richard would you would you want to give them any more money they're now saying that austerity is over so therefore we're all going to be better off however they still want more money office know they shouldn't be building vast numbers of houses for young people who can't afford to buy their own so we need social house we should give them free houses you know we should give them free houses this is something called rent that they would be paying exchange for that but we need to actually the order housing because the private sector won't so we have a crisis we should be greening our economy we should be ensuring that we become the world leader in tidal and wind power which we could be we should be actually ensuring that every house in the UK completes should be insulated so that we're not dependent on oil so that our children have a chance of the future where the planet hasn't burned we could be doing all those things and they will require government pump pump priming money and if we had you made this rather Fatima's point about the government making money which of course they do let me speak please you said that the government makes all the money that exists in this country which is a rather flutters point as you well know it was all about is all about printing no it was all about printing the money okay everybody knows that the government prints the money if you print money in your back garden you're gonna get arrested and charged with you know counterfeiting the government produces and manufactures money doesn't actually make any any money it gets the only money it makes Richard are you gonna let me speak because I've asked you to do that more than once and you haven't acceded to my request I've let used to be so please give me the courtesy of allowing me to make my argument the point is this you do not have any money if you're a government unless you tax people who make real money okay that's true isn't it you know trillion pounds was they used the bail other banks it was simply created by the Bank of England there wasn't any real money was it yes it was real money totally real money the famous quantitative easing was used to actually basically provide the quiddity to the banks where did he come from it was simply created by the government 435 billion pounds and it's real money so it's a complete nonsense to say the government can't do this what you're getting confused about is that you think that money is the same as value no no sir I've already said to you they're two completely different things you said money you know I said I said Valley's not the same thing Richard you're saying only the private sector can create value and that the government doesn't that's not what I said it's all complete misrepresentation when I say any money they can only collect it no I didn't say it was Richard you're willing to pay for it because he's got work do you think the education is worthwhile if you do you're willing to pay for yes of course it doesn't mean it generates any money though Richard because well I'm not really given the option to be honest if you came to me and said would you like to pay taxes or not I might say no I wouldn't actually be going to waste most of the money and give it all away to the wrong people no they're not but there are plenty of other people who get money for example the Indian that nation gets money when they shouldn't because they've got their own space program and yet we give them millions and millions of pounds to do whatever they want with it any company I've ever gone into and ever who's ever asked me for advice and a lot have I believe a to them yet a lot have I'm the only one right now in between you know this conversation is taking place between talking to a private sector company make sure your tones and pay as much as they possibly can you have got your priorities wrong you need to rethink of what you're doing now every single human run organization sometimes gets its priorities wrong it doesn't mean you scrap the organization it means you change the priorities you and I disagree on priorities it does not mean government is a bad thing it doesn't mean that you're right and I'm wrong and it doesn't mean I'm right you're wrong either you've just admitted to me the government doesn't spend its money very well and yet I think the logic problem here problem is yours not mine Richard I said the government creates value because he clearly does because teachers nurses doctors fire people police and everyone else create value so due to local authority officers so do two people who actually also provide mental health services and so they also create value support the elderly simply with pensions and people change your argument from money to value so I mean you can't win on every single point bridges money and money and so your argument that the government can create and deliver that is just wrong sorry actually very hard to understand how anybody can believe that the NHS does not create money because all those people working in HS are paid and spend the money and it's done for public benefit which we all appreciate yes Richard I'm afraid you're never going to learn the lesson of life which is that that money comes from people like me who pay income tax otherwise there would be no money there wouldn't be any Richard you know that as well as I do unless you live in cloud cuckoo-land up the top of a mountain and in taxes back and if it spends it wisely to the limit of the capacity of the economy we are all rich Richard just just to interrupt you there I think the you know the most important word you just used is wisely and what most of us know is that the government on the whole is so cumbersome that it doesn't spend wise I mean just look at the NHS you just mentioned it you know look at it wasted billions of pounds on that and that's one of the reasons why people don't trust the government spend wisely of course in a utopian world if the government did invest which I think although you and Michael disagreeing if the government does spend wisely and invest wisely as an investor what I mean is more you know chooses to spend its money on the correct things which will have a better you know a good outcome for its money so in other words if you educate kids who then go on to earn very well very good money later it doesn't work like that you know very often because the government is inefficient the reason why the NHS is so inefficient is that the government imposed upon young NHS the most stupid struck where it pretends that it's a whole series of independent businesses so you agree that the NHS is badly run well let your dog was a very dangerous thing Richard me talk about economics as you should well know but thank you very much addy for taking the time to talk to us Richard Murphy political economist which I think is the clue rather than a real economist because he's got views which quite frankly are outmoded and ridiculously kind of old-fashioned when it comes to the public sector and the private sector sharing the wealth of an economy

"I don’t think changing sex is actually possible" | Transphobia Debate

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A billboard commissioned by a feminist group defining a woman as an “adult human female” was removed due to the perception of transphobia.

Matthew Wright chairs a debate featuring all the key parties from the controversial incident.

03:14 Paula Wright, an academic, joins on the line to offer her impressions.

06:15 Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull – the feminist who commissioned the poster, enters the discussion.

15:38 Harry Doyle – a councillor who fought for the removal of the billboard joins the debate.

the way that this this of some feminists and some trans activists are now pitted against each other has made me very sad okay in this particular instance I don't know what the trans community thinks because the person who complained is not trans what I can tell you that so this particular woman has a long history of fighting she was very active before we talked about the person who puts the poster up can we just deal with the issue of the poster okay the poster the words is it a transphobic hate speech or not should the poster have been taken down should the poster site operators perhaps have offered the complainant another site to put this hate speech to me sounds like a crime and I certainly don't think there's anything criminal on that poster and personally I would have left it up to do exactly what she said she wants to do have that discussion I think the discussion has got quite distasteful and hurtful and I think and I think that members of the trans community have been hurt enough and don't deserve to be continued to be hurts whether anyone from the trans community has been hurt by that poster yeah I'm told I just want to keep on the post but I do think the poster is offensive to the trans community Wow because I didn't even know it had anything to do with the trans community I just read a dictionary definition of all I mean call me naive but I honestly didn't draw the link but those involved in that fight as they would call it do and we'll do that none of them complained the only person that complained is a doctor who is gay it's not a member of the trans community so how do we know the trans community were upset by the person complained because it's so for instance she this particular woman no post posted just the posters because because what it's saying is a way and what people on her side the arguments say frequently is you cannot be a woman with a penis that is the argument that she makes and so she has she has said that many many many times and that is what that poster was saying in so many words it's saying you were not a woman if your knowledge is what and I think that that is very very hurtful to members of the transmission no I don't think it's true so they are 100% a woman once they've transed I think they have the right to call themselves women that that's the right they're fighting for and I think they have that right they should have that and the right of women to go about their business and not have to share changing rooms and the like with people who do all intents and purposes other than what they say are men but that is a different issue and we obviously both had the girl gets a it's a directly related issue it's a directly related issue but fundamentally I think this argument all comes down to understood being kind and understanding and I think a lot of this argument is unkind to members of the trans community I think that's really beautifully put let me bring in if I may at this point a brilliant academic called Paula right whose work I've followed on on Twitter a social media Twitter for a fair few years now and she really makes you think she looks into evolutionary theory so some very strong views on this good afternoon Paula good afternoon lovely to talk to you I loved daisies appreciation that perhaps we kindness seemed so Conor out of the window there but we'll come back to that right now I just look first of all if we may at the poster not who put it up or who complained just the poster is it offensive and to whom well it said woman women noun adult human female well sort of nouns been offensive it's it's getting quite ridiculous now isn't it the offense that people are but there are certain as I can think of some of them begin with F and some of them can be C kind of sex determination now male-female is kind of falls into that category I think woman you know it's never been it's never been a naughty word there are naughty words for women but woman isn't one of them okay I must be very naive in missing the the trans element of the poster yeah is it unkind to the transcommunity when there's no mention of the trans community is it not possible at this poster is shouting on behalf of those women who feel very passionately they don't want to share a prison cell with someone who has still got a penis or they don't want to show changing them with a person who's valid concerns I think but yes I mean I think it's certainly provocative and I think the kind of the battle there's literally a turf war going on between radical feminists and trans activists for you know kind of the public consciousness or the public sympathy the better Beckenham victimhood to fight that they're kind of playing out in front of everybody for that sympathy isn't as part of their yeah if you were if you were on the board of the billboard company prime soccer and this doctor called you and said I think that poster is trans hate speech transphobic hate speech tearing down what would you have told him I say well we live in a free country there were you know people have the right to offend it and I'm afraid if you find that you know calling women women are offensive that's something you need to kind of take up with your therapist really I mean Paul is line there I mean if you simply a definition of women how can that in itself be offensive well of course in itself it can't but if you know the poster I mean I agree with Paul I would not have taken the poster down but it does offend me but just as brought it oh I think that she that woman has every right to put something offensive on a billboard and I would defend her right to do that equally I'm allowed to be offended by it okay but I don't want to see it taken down I want to have the argument I want to have the discussion okay if you could just stay there politics I'd like to bring in a Kelly Jane King Winchell who's just running in which is excellent and listening to the show Kelly Jake good afternoon hello good afternoon good afternoon why did you put that poster up Kenny Jane um because it's about time that whenever I like to assert our own boundaries and the first and foremost boundary is language that protects us and is about us and so it does mean adult human female and it doesn't anything else but Kelly are you saying that people who have changed their have had a sex change can't call themselves women or are you saying people who are you know biologically still one sex and have a penis can't call themselves women I'm saying that I don't think changing sexes is actually possible ok Kobe and Paul were here because I know you have strong leader what do you say to that yeah in a free country and in an open society you can call themselves what they want that the problem comes when that kind of group infringes on another person on another group to write to their own kind of self-determination so I can kill myself what so just it's advice I can call myself what I like but when I start telling Kevin to call me what I like I've crossed him too i-i-i-i've muscled into his territory I might have strong views on this but I absolutely believe in the right of people in free and open societies to live love and identify with how it makes them happy really but as long as it's not infringing on other people's right I don't understand Kelly Kelly Jays point of view where you know a trans person who identifies as a woman isn't allowed calm says woman I just find that a very unkind attitude and why can't they think themselves a trans woman well both society changing and acknowledging that things move on society changing I mean the I'm presuming Kelly Jo's is is we're starting to change into realms that are unrecognizable why can't we just have women and trans women I don't understand why trans women want to be something else other than trans why should they have to be fertilized should they have to flag to the world that they used to be a man if they've suffered all their life hang on you're mistaking that you're very mistaken in your belief about how many of these men have sex reassignment surgery most of them have no intention of losing their penis no intention whatsoever no I understand I'm not saying they doing 20:18 you said on the radio that you find the billboard the definition of woman offensives as a woman you've said that yes I do find it offensive because I think it's offensive to the trans don't think it's offensive to the trans community I think it's unkind it be offensive how would you find that offensive because if it was racist I'd find that offensive and I'm white I'm allowed to find racism okay I'm sure that you have spoken to trans women about your views in the past I know you've you've been blogging about this for a long time and surely they've told you how offensive they find it they are looking have told me they find it offensive that they are not allowed to make demands on women that they are recognized as women now I find that offensive as a woman because when I walk down the street and when I interact with society as a woman I am treated as a woman because I am one now I don't expect to have to capitulate to men who insist that women have to welcome them with open arms into our space we fought very very hard for the rights and protections that we have they are not to be diluted by men who want to demand that we do so why would they be diluted well the prisons issue is there straight away you take a man who's abused women locked up in a male prison who then identifies as a woman who's transferred to a female prison where he assaults two inmates of course that's outrageous and ridiculous but you can't if there's men in it a female changing room is no longer a female changing room if there are men in it there are no lesbian only nightclubs or clubs or groups in this country anymore because men have absolutely decided to infiltrate these places now they learnt no longer exist we can't even define their own sexuality but I just find the way you talk about trans women and men very depressing because it's always an infiltration it's like they are the enemy they're not the enemy but I find the way you talk about women and the definition of woman being offensive highly frightening it's not it's not the definition of women that I find offensive it's the it's the message behind it offensive that's the bit where I guess you see Daisy with with respect I didn't even know it was about trans okay I saw words about woman and I thought oh maybe it's a feminist group I did I didn't know so doesn't it say that actually it's more about you as an individual than us as a culture that you see it as transphobic as far as I know and maybe Kelly Jay or someone can put me right otherwise no trans people have complained the complaint has come from a gay man so I mean the arguments you opening obvious what the trans community feeling yeah I'm not aware as I'm as we're saying this now of any complaint by the trans community about this poster so we've got people taking offense on behalf of other people about a postvention trans people I'm not talking specifically about the poster and I can tell you there will absolutely definitely be trans members the trans community they will be offended because they know what's behind they'll be something they don't I know that Kelly Jays talked before they've gone to Westminster and talked about why you know trans women shouldn't be allowed to be on all women short lists within the Labor Party and and again that's something that you know I would disagree with over here Kelly Jay can you explain why please well because the women had to fight for their rights so I spoke to a labor activist and she fought for the right to have equal representation within labor so she was instrumental in trying to get these all-women shortlists well they're now no longer all-women shortlists all you have to do is say I am a woman so women have different paths in this world Kelly Jay what kind of politician is going to just say I'm going to have you know from her from now on I'm going to live my life the woman just to get on the show the guy the guy in self thanks to the guy in South Hampton who said he identified as a woman between 11:00 and 1:00 on a Thursday and got on and got on an all labor shortlist for women to highlight the ludicrous nature where we no longer whatever we're born in as sexes we can just announce whatever we are and everybody else has to run around and agree with this but would you vote for somebody who did that you're talking to the wrong person I'll vote for anyone as long as it's none of the mainstream individuals so the wrong person well but doesn't this debate sort of revolve around the fact that the trans lobby and I'm not taking any stance here I'm being very careful about this but the trans lobby want us to accept anyone who has and as a complete and utter female and yet the feminists the extreme feminists say say that they can never be that I'm not an extreme feminist I'm not I I must admit I I'm allergic to terms like extreme feminist because it's so pejorative can I bring in polar on this because she's written so much about feminism I don't know any view her but she kept making give a brief recap – Paula – Paula yeah on on on what are we doing what you're just talking the face street of feminism oh yes did you want to be recap my point well Paula I was just saying is it not the case that this debate revolves around the fact that the trans lobby would like us to define anyone who has trans that as a complete and utter female and yet I'm careful not to say feminists or eat it but Salomon say that that is not the case and people who have trans can never be females well biologically but that is true yeah and I think it's important to say you know that the trans Lobby don't represent all trans people you know trans people or a diverse group as much as anybody else and the trans Lobby are just the most kind of politically and active loud ones basically but yeah could we say the same about the feminist Lobby and actually broadly speaking most people's toilets in their own homes are gender-neutral whoever wants to go in the toilet goes in the toilet and actually it's only a section of of women that feel otherwise yeah Paula thank you very much lovely talking to you and I hope one day I can bring you down to the studio and actually meet you which would be lovely Kelly J if you could stay there that would be great because I believe now we can bring in councillor Harry Doyle who was instrumental in the poster being taken down I think he's just coming on Kevin your view on the poster well I think I'm I'm with Daisy that I think that Kelly J had every right to put it up and we have any every right to be offended if we want I don't like the idea of tearing down expressions of free speech simple as that okay well I can't say hurried all I believe is on the line now afternoon Harry hi everyone good afternoon but both Daisy and Kevin feel they didn't particularly like the poster but both of them felt it should have stayed okay well I just like to say I listen to Kelly J there and I'm absolutely right behind all I think at the end of the day the poster if it's on a poster we chopped up the language used and we talked about what words actually said yes of course woman is not as a as a word is not offensive however it's the attempt the intention of the people who put it there but isn't that entirely subjective ie I genuinely made no connection with the trans community so only people that want to see those type of connections see them oh I didn't know posters were aimed at specific people I thought posters were aimed at communities I didn't realize they were selected I was aware of the hello boys poster and I'm pretty sure that that wasn't designed for me either so nobody hated the intention of that poster it's entirely subjective no but what I've been fed and what Kelly has just said on this talk show is that trans women are not women and in the same sense trans men are not men now just picture you know a child on the boss go into school a child child go and pass that poster having a lot about knowing because people are aware of the trans community local are very much about how many complained about the poster of the trans community rather than people taking offense on their behalf I couldn't give you a number so you have no idea just to be clear Harry you have no idea if any member of the trans community has complained about the poster people to me pay no that's different from an official complaint as far as you don't know if there's been any official complaint about the poster at all by members of the trans community that's not owned by the council so we don't know okay but it's just it's just interesting because the only person that seems to have made any complaint on the record wasn't a member of the trans community so what a member of the LGBT community I have includes trans people so we are LGBT activists and the T is absolutely part of what we've done yeah although I do know gay people who totally resent that so I mean that's another problem for another day okay was it would it not have been better to offer the trans community or indeed even better than that the actual complainant who was gay and not a member of the trans community a poster space to put his message up so get balance rather than tearing a poster down so why should he have to pay out because none of them are slice you know I've actually complained so rather than acting on behalf of people you don't know have actually complained why not deal with the person who has complain and give him an opportunity to have his speech have you say rather than deprive other people of the right to have their say but then close down speech give people more speech is what I'm saying Harry but this to me and if you go on Lyle definitely should hate crime and hate speech yeah it's exactly that I promise on all forms turn the trans community is its a protector characteristic and the displaying of posters and distributions I understand I understand that well what I'm saying is wouldn't it be better in a nicer more open more respectful society that believes in free speech rather than closing one person's right to free speech down because one person as far as I know is offended but I'll take your view that you've heard many others rather than act closing down free speech why not give other people an opportunity to speak lots of things offend me but I don't expect them to stop I hate one direction I loathe their music I don't expect them to stop because I'm offended we can co-exist can we not Harry in a spirit of love and harmony it's the question if the question is the woman is eternal I'm a man yeah I was just thinking I was just thinking about the poster I was just me about the poster which doesn't mention the trans community are too little but that's come from all this debate and that's exactly a direct link to this debate and if that's the question that yeah and you've just heard Kellyanne trans male about man trying to run I mean a debate that's like saying I'm sorry but that's like saying you know I've had many discussions about immigration now I I will ask I will not have that discussion but if I am like racist who I would see because I believe you've got to engage with everybody and you can't go around shutting people down Harry because all you'll end up with is resentment it's a bit like the brexit Rao when you call remain as Ramona's and brick city is racist all you end up with is division and failure will never work and I've got I'm looking at tweets here people saying it's a micro minority tail wagging the dog grow up the definition all I'm seeing since it's in these campaigns have been going on there as ease more aggravation and more animosity and not more love and coming together but hopefully hopefully Harry one day we'll get there Harry door lovely talking to you Kelly JK Minchin as what a lovely talking to you as well thanks for picking up the phone mom I really agree with your final point and I think and I and I also understand why people are tweeting in saying it's the minorities tail wagging the dog and I know you started Matthew with this whole discussion by saying my goodness me how much detention has the trans debate and gender politics had it and I think a lot of people are sick to death of it but it's important because it's an area that doesn't always perfect so minority people affect them massively yes and it also affects a large group of people in a small way

Mike Graham clashes with Movement for Justice over deportation flight to Jamaica

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The Home Secretary Sajid Javid has defended a deportation flight to Jamaica as it echoes the Windrush scandal. Karen Doyle from Movement for Justice By Any Means Necessary spoke with Mike Graham over the flight but they clash heads

everybody remembers about a year or so ago maybe slightly less the Windrush scandal came into our sights for the first time amber Rudd the Home Secretary was forced to resign her position because she got some information wrong as she was badly advised she talks about things that turned out not to be true and in fact it became very very clear that the government had made it complete a pig's breakfast dogs breakfast pig's ear whatever you want to say about the deportation of people who should have had every single right that they have to live in this country for the rest of their lives it was clear that many people suffered very very badly it was clear that there was some terrible decisions made by the Home Office and it was very clear as well they were not particularly good at cleaning up the mess afterwards however what we are dealing with today in my view is something completely different and we're going to talk now to karen Doyle for a movement for justice by any means necessary which is a nonprofit organization fighting to build what they regard as a New Britain very good morning to you Karen welcome to the show thank you thanks very much for talking to us how is this in any way comparable to Windrush please could you explain that to me I've been talking to 26 people who are at risk of removal on the flight today of those 26 people 18 have a connection to the wind rest generation for example one young man he his grandmother who worked in the care sector sector her whole life came over as part of the wind rest generation managed to save up enough money to bring him here when he was four years old and then a few years later brought her daughter here her only child and her only grandchild and she worked her whole life to do that and her son went through the school system here primary secondary college he was off this country in 2013 his nan died and he grieved and he went in he got into some trouble his first conviction his first offense and he's now facing deportation he got into a fight he got into a fight here and here and here yes he said he served his sentence he served his sentence and he came out and he went through restorative justice programs and and probation another another man well it must be quite serious fight they must know if he got sent to prison for it No No so many people how many people in your life you know that have drunken sight you're living well I don't know anyone that's ever gone to jail for getting into a what you call a drunken fall but that that's a really interesting question because the Lamy review found that there's a massive disproportionality in how black people are treated very many different things yeah you're out you're arguing many different things occur and my question to you excuse me Karen can you let me speak please by are my original question to you is how is this in any way related to Windrush it's not related to Windrush these are people who know these are people have been found guilty of a crime right and having been invited to become British citizens they knew that if they committed a crime that British citizenship would be put at risk and that is why they've been deported surely these are people who these are people who any ordinary British person anyone across the country sat down on her coffee coffee with wouldn't recognize the term national British national a foreign national offender these are people who've been here since they were children these are people who are products of the system whose entire families are here these are people who thirty two out of the twenty six people I think include include British children are having their fathers taken away from them well they father's a criminals I mean you might argue that they see their fathers are being taken away from them again okay so you want to live in a world where criminals go through the criminal justice system they do their time they do their tariffs and if you've got an immigration offence you generally do longer than anyone else but there's no notion of rehabilitation there's no notion that people can change or is that only for black people you think that's another you do with the color of their skin care and you're the one that brings that up normally absolutely but would you like me to answer your question there no no you're gonna let me finish those plans you just don't see a question there's plenty of white British people out here who come it exactly the same crime as those people who happen to have the right paperwork who's committed more and worse crimes than those people we've got plenty of homegrown criminals Karen we've got plenty of people that were born here who are disgusting in disgraceful people who are quite like to deport as well but unfortunately we can't deport them anywhere because they're not from anywhere else however if you want to come to this country and you want to live here and you then commit a crime I think the country is in within his rights to deport you simple as that if there is any notion of rehabilitation and justice then there has to be a notion that someone serves their time and they have to be given an opportunity to change if somebody comes here from Romania right if somebody comes here from Romania and commits a crime we are within our rights to deport them back to Romania after they've served their time I don't see what the difference is these are young people who are products of our schooling system Britain they are as British as the next person they just don't have the right piece of paper to prove that it's going to do the right piece of paper that's the matter of natural justice that's a matter matter of reason you're telling me you're telling me Karen that all of these people who are currently being deported have got no paperwork because they came here under Windrush that's not true simply not no I actually didn't tell you that you just told me these people don't have the right paperwork that's why they're being deported and that is not correct no no no no wait that you're you're saying something that I did not do just shouldn't I okay what I was saying they don't have the right piece of paper what that means that me having debt they have indefinite leave to remain they their families working-class British families do you know how much it costs and that relies in this country couldn't afford to get the British passport all right these are people who were here legally who were brought here as children these are people who absolutely Annie regardless regardless the law parent but they serve their time that doesn't matter you know in Jamaica in Jamaica since 2,200 returnees from America and Britain have been murdered their particular targets and if you have a British dangerous times quite dangerous in there as well so so so York you're saying that someone for a driving offense because that's what one of them was a driving offense you're saying that you're saying that they very caring what driving offense I don't know I can't tell you I don't have it in front no you'd be exactly well you can't tell me something is true and then say you don't know the details that's not a valid argument so we can strike that one for the record shall we okay yeah you can strike that one from the record but this is true if you're arguing all your argument is all over the place Karen the point is these people knew under the circumstances which they were given the right to remain here that if they broke the law they would run the risk of being deported that has now happened and that's why they're being deported it's as simple as that I spent 40 minutes on the phone last night to a young man who's been clear since he was three who is cutting up his wrists in with attention center because he was terrified of being sent back to a country where he had never you never even stepped foot in since he was three years old and his family entire family is here I spoke to his mum and sister he said they have no one in Jamaica who can meet him you diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and he was taken and put on that plane and what crime did he commit if you won't find a victim it it's honestly it's irrelevant I do not I tell you absolutely irrelevant what so it's okay for him to commit any crime and government is supporting British residents people we went to school with people who we live next to through who we work with criminal our family and our friends and it's justice is to mean anything it means that people need to be given a second what about the victims Karen what about the people who were victims of these criminals right how are they supposed to think these people have served their time what about their victim are they are they still serving the time and the damage that was caused by the attack that was made upon them i if that's a problem for the criminal justice system and if the criminal justice system is meant to mean anything people should serve their time and have a chance to change and move forward with their lives tell me something Turin tell me something Karen Payne have you ever campaigned on behalf of any other group of people who get sent back to places where they have come from because they've committed crimes in this country I well I don't understand the question have you have you ever campaigned on behalf we we deport a lot of people from this country I had somebody on here from an immigration group some weeks ago who told me that something like 45,000 people have been deported as criminals from this country because quite often the government gets accused of not doing enough to get rid of undesirable people who have come here from other countries and committed crime we have deported around about 45,000 people from other two other countries their countries of origin why have you not campaigned on their behalf actually for years we've been campaigning again for Chara flights because they are an absolutely unjust tool most of these people were detained just a week ago and they're given five days to find legal advice while in detention to try and get their cases heard and get something done with computer systems that don't work and an illegal aid system that is broken and not enough solicitors to go around so charter flights are fundamentally unjust Twain Morgan but the the ex British soldier he got a loss he got an injunction yesterday they still brought him all the way to the airport this ex serving British soldier with PTSD he was brought all the way to the airport the lawyers had to be on the phone to find a judge who would get him off that plane in the early hours there's one other extremist American assault I think wasn't it he was sent to jail for assault wasn't because he because he suffered from PTSD serving one other British soldier I haven't heard from I don't know where he is now so so so you know I feel really sorry for you it's not an isolated life I don't actually lead a silent isolated life it's all I lead a very good life thank you very much and I believe in the rule of law and I don't believe in allowing people who might be dangerous in the community being allowed to remain in it and if it means that you had people outside of this country because that's where they belong and that's where they go in the rule of law in Britain says that if you've done your time you should be treated with equality and respect and given the opportunity to tell you unless you're a foreign national unless you are foreign national which they are okay well you you think you it's one or for some and one rule for everyone there's one rule because they speak well the law may be wrong Kerala the law may be wrong in your eyes but the law is the law and there's no point in having a law if you don't abide by it but if you want to break that law then I'm sorry you should lose some of your rights I don't think there's a problem with that and I think most thinking people are most right thank you you are you're you're it's not just losing some of your rights though is it this isn't putting a tag on someone this this is a life sentence for people all of that before they committed their crime Shirley oh okay so it's so kind of every person who has indefinite leave to remain who hasn't been able to afford to naturalize they should spend their whole life terrified of things no they should spend their those obeying the law Karen actually especially given the amount of black people who are disproportionately stopped and searched by the police their cars stop this this is one law for one and one law I'm sorry I've had enough Karen thank you very much indeed for coming on this show and telling us all how deluded you are as all of the Twitter traffic I'm getting is saying you have no idea what you're talking about you don't have enough facts at your disposal quite frankly it's an embarrassment

Nigel Farage: 'We'll never be the same again if we don't carry out people's will' | Brexit

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George discusses Brexit machinations with Former UKIP Leader Nigel Farage and callers John and Lisa.

Nigel Farage talks to George Galloway on The Mother Of All Talk Shows: “A significant number of Remainers are saying ‘we have to leave with no deal’. If we don’t carry out the will of the people we’ll never be the same place again.”

Lisa from Borehamwood on voting in a potential second referendum: “The amount of people on social media talking about not voting – I think this is a trap. You don’t hear Remainers saying they’re going to spoil their vote.”

now I told you earlier I'll be standing for the European Parliament he announced today that he will lead his new party the brexit party into those elections Nigel I'm not sure how they'll cope in the European Parliament of both of us get back but let's start let's start with how we got here the only reason that we can stand in the European Parliament elections is because the mother of all rearguard actions has been fought by those who didn't accept the results of the referendum no I mean it's a complete failure of leadership in our country and that goes for Teresa May and her government who never had the courage doing the job properly and when she said no deal is better than a bad deal which if you think about it is one of the most obvious statements in human history she never actually meant it and a parliament staffed in both parties full of establishment corporatist remain as who as you say never accepted the result it is a willful betrayal of the greatest democratic exercise in the history of this country and I have to say I've never known in my life certainly the gap between the political class and ordinary people to be deeper wider and more fundamental than it is right today well I made these points earlier and I think they're still underestimated so speak to them please there's a rapid transformation going on if you look at the polls as I do assiduously even in just the last week there has been a dramatic shift the most popular choice now in Britain is to leave right now without a deal yes I mean you're quite right I mean over the last few weeks we've seen a massive shift and now every single region in Wales and England with the exception of London leaving with no deal immediately commands a huge lead over remaining what if they're usually I'm not talking four or five percent like the referendum I'm talking 15 16 percent of the Midlands and areas like that and yes people not just leavers interestingly a significant number of remainders are saying we have to leave with no deal we have to honor the referendum result we are supposed to be a democratic country and if we don't carry out the will of the people we'll never be the same place again so yeah it is a very dramatic shift and you know I've spoken over the last week to several members of parliament on both sides of the over the divide and neither of them were actually aware of what was really going on in the country I find that astonishing yes there in the Westminster bubble they really meet anyone other than those in a deferential relationship to themselves people at their surgeries and so on they actually don't feel the pulse of public opinion in the country I'm now utterly convinced of that it's been happening for a while but we now have a political class a parliament which smells of the kind of sewage that was leaking in the public gallery this week I don't I haven't known a time when when the British political class was held in and in law order no quite right in that contempt I think total and utter contempt is what has been fell out there in the country and I there's one good thing that happened today and that is this an extension is far better than accepting mrs. Mays new European treaty it gives us a chance as a country to press the reset button but it also gives the chance to the one group of people who've been totally ignored for the last two or three years to say something and you've all got a chance listeners to go out and vote in those European elections and I I genuinely believe there is an opportunity here to deliver the body politic a shock like they've never had before no the lash-up that is under way that you might say the the carbon trees are may lash up we never thought we'd be seeing those words is that going to come to anything will they reach agreement do you think no I don't it's pretty clear that Kier stahma on behalf of the Labour Party now wants what they call a confirmatory referendum and that referendum would be a choice between mrs. Mae's appalling treaty or staying in the current European treaties it wouldn't even give leave voters the chance to express an opinion and whatever damage mrs. May has done to the Conservative Party and their vote in the country believe me she could never ever agree to that and I think it's actually to be honest with you in Labour's interests now for there not to be any form of deal treaty going through Parliament and to see the Conservatives suffer at the ballot box having said that I think labour perhaps underestimate what could happen to their vote because you know the five million people who voted brexit out there who then voted for Jeremy Corbyn in that 2017 election and there is this this mythology that goes on through the media but somehow brexit is a right-wing ideology you know far from it actually the people like Tony Benn were the great leaders of the Euroskeptic movement for decades in this country so labour may be complacent but I think they could get hurt badly to know the European Parliament elections 23rd of me I think you think like me that an 80% chance of them going ahead there are local elections at the beginning there was a by-election in Newport West just yesterday there's the potential for a parliamentary by-election in in a very strong remain seat in Peterborough because there's a recall petition going on there there's lots of opportunities for the public to pass judgment on these politicians yes there is but the difference being that you've got a series of local results where many many other issues will come into play and when it comes to the European election there's no doubt about one thing it'll be about the European question and it will be a national contest in England Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland so as far as the brexit part is concerned which I've just taken leadership of we are gonna hold our fire fight those European elections and try and deliver a shock John is in Thirsk in North Yorkshire John welcome hi George High House you will help me I'm absolutely confused around the whole EU question normally I'm not a confused person normally I have very strong political commitments but on the EU I up stand initially you know I didn't like the binary rose a lot at the same time my whole political background pushed me you know then I left this position so I should have voted out this and I knew exactly what people were voting for because we've got a bloody leaflet didn't we yes cost you nine million quid yeah everyone got a leaflet so everyone knew exactly what they were voting for and I'm assuming that everybody could read they knew what was going down and so people voted to leave but at the same time it was a close vote not that close a million and a quarter 1.4 million was the majority you know 1.4 millions a lot of people yeah yeah I accept that I mean I just put it this way John if I had gone the other way there would be nobody on the winning side then saying that was a bit too narrow no they wouldn't it wouldn't be saying how can we negotiate they won during the week with one vote of a majority and that one vote was a convicted prisoner yeah I mean my big problem the whole EU question it's not that I'm not in favor of what you're saying in that sense because I think the things I want could only come from from from a breakfast and agree a hard breakfast but you know a lot of you guys who want to leave you think to think we're going to go back to some 19th century trading agreements here there everywhere and those people who want the remain think that they can kind of have the snuggly crudely Europe as if nothing's going to impact on Europe and my big point is the environmental impacts and we know this is kind of gonna come and in the u.s. did a report on this I think about six months ago maybe nine months ago where huge amounts of the US I'm not going to be a produce food they're poor could possibly be damaged by climate change the whole of the of a southern European that role which is a Mediterranean except there's going to be massively hit by climate change it's just like as if both sides don't take into account what's going to be coming down the pipe there's no reason at all for that if we elected a government that I said in my very first broadcast after the referendum in 2016 we should send an email to the European Union we should tell them that we would at least match every one of their standards environmental standards food standards Labor Standards women's rights standards every standard we would at least match if not better these standards that would be followed in the European Union now of course there are only a certain kind of government that would make that commitment but if the people in Britain voted for that government making those commitments as I believe that they would then we would be a beacon to the world on these matters not some kind of 90th century throwback let's face it we brought some of these things in far earlier than you did I've got a press on John thanks as always because I've got the visiting professor from Boreham wood the legend Lisa welcome I've never been introduced to that before George thank you very very much I've I've given you an honorary professorship in the Open University of the airwaves you're so eloquent and because I'm feeling so happy because Messala just scored a goal for Liverpool putting them to one-up anyway go ahead Lisa Oh excellent that's a brilliant result sort of absorb in Georgia that professorship actually would come far more to me than from anywhere else because I really don't rate those other places yeah well I don't think well they cracked up to be okay so I'll just crack on with my points professor worrying me is the amount of people you see on social media and on the news talking about not voting or squealing their votes I think this is a trap you don't here remain as calling up saying that they going to be spoiling their vote no no I did deal with that last week but it's good that you have returned to it yes the power in the country will be perfectly delighted that people never bother to vote again I know you don't see after an election there a politician who won't come out and lamenting the fact that are so many people so many millions world they vote people aren't thinking it through so I know your audience is extremely intelligent and well-informed but I think it's up to us all to emphasize to people that if we do vote in the EU elections they are proportional representation therefore every vote counts therefore it's a wonderful opportunity for us to make a difference I just think it's faulty reasoning and people actually need to go and think it through before they do such a ridiculous yes no you're absolutely correct and the it may be the shortest parliamentary term in history and personally if I'm elected I hope it is I hope to be in the European Parliament for the shortest term possible because my entire program consists of a demand that the decision of the British people in 2016 be fully or not yes and nothing George it only comes up or your show and there are a couple of calls that have mentioned it and please clarify this for me because I'm stunned that it's never mentioned elsewhere I believed because of the various EU laws and I believe that this would continue under her deal or if we were in the single market the things like the state aid law the 3% spending limit and competition laws would prevent Jeremy Corbyn from enacting many of the promises within his manifesto particularly the promises that were attractive large amount of people why is this never mentioned in the main well yes partly because it is untruthfully denied by supporters of the EU I have close relations with the RMT the railway workers union and their forever actually publishing in black and white on social media the very rules and laws of the EU which would make it impossible for Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonald to run the kind of economy that they are pledged to run for example on public ownership of Railways it is now extremely difficult and will shortly under the Lisbon Treaty be illegal to bring your railways into public ownership because all goods and services must be offered across the European Union in a competitive tendering process it's there in black and white but people don't want to read details and facts Lisa well I think it's more than a detail it's fundamental and I see a lot of the Blair rights they come on paper reviews and on one hand they telling you you know how supportive they are Corbin's policies and how wonderful they are and they telling you how much we should be in the EU and I think how can you maintain such contradictory opinions at the same time but I did the same on the second referendum yes it would be devastating to have to choose between Theresa Mayes deal and remain but the debates I think in a second referendum if we had a different choice – that would be extremely interesting because all the developments that have taken place for example the pesco and the fast-moving development of the EU army or Francisca mogherini acting like an EU foreign minister everything that's coming up we would have so much more ammunition and I think they would be diminished but could be really seen but their fear campaign was based on on smoking lurid yes I do think professor the the the reason why the there's been this rapid change in the last week two weeks is that people have looked more closely into the face of the European Union as we have been involved in this wrangle with them absolutely I think it's being the most valuable debate that's gone on in our society and across Europe I think I'm Nigel broad said on the morning of the 24th we kicked the first brick at the at the wall that indeed we did we've set something in motion and we've certainly inspired a lot of the European euro skeptics and and also he does inspire debate across Europe I just wish that a few remain as word stopped being glued to the BBC and following and believing everything they see on they open their minds and look across the board across the channel at what's happening with a with a more open mind

James Max And Carole Malone Have A Heated Argument With Lord Adonis Over Brexit

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Carole slammed the former chair of the National Infrastructure Commission as “grossly offensive” and “hysterical.”

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so nine minutes past 8 o'clock and last week Lord Andrew Adonis resigned as chair of the National Infrastructure Commission in protest of Teresa Mays management of brexit he described the process as a dangerous populist and national spasm worthy of Donald Trump and that had caused a nervous breakdown in Whitehall well to explain more is the former Labour Minister himself Lord adonus a very good morning to you Lord of Dennis thank you for joining us good morning so in terms of resigning you knew that the government were going to have to deal with brexit they're going to have to compromise the population voted for this why suddenly the decision to resign well they would call legislation which actually takes us out to the EU that comes before the House of Lords this month January and I was faced with the straight choice as to what I was going to do with it cuz I had to take a stance on it in the Lord's and my view is that the hard grexit that the Prime Minister is going for which aims to take us out of the customs even in the single market on which our trade depends is the one cost of Britain I understand the vote that there was 18 months ago and I think some of the supranational elements of the EU that may have been right to have sought to negotiate our way out of those but to take us out of the main customs and markets arrangements of the European Union on which millions of jobs depend I just think it's a big mistake you you say you resigned yes lots of people are saying that you resigned before you were pushed well I was an independent adviser so the government gave no indication whatever before that they wanted me to leave and had they wanted me to leave this could of course have been a pretty damning indictment of the principle having an independent adviser because what's the point of having independent advice if you if you don't like it but the other reason I resigned there were two reasons the first was the EU but the second which is closest infrastructure which was my actual job was I've been very critical of Chris Grayling the transport secretary and the way he's been handling the railways I mean we've had today a huge fare increase 3.4 percent and while that fare increases going through Mr grayling has engineered a huge handouts of private well companies who have been facing losses which I think was again a big mistake and I made that clear the government said they didn't welcome my advice well if they weren't accepted vais of an independent advisor on how to handle infrastructure policy than is frankly no point in my being okay but can we go back to your comments on brakes if people have called your comments and your interventions or brexit as hysterical and deranged how do you react to that well I'm doing my job which is to say things as I see it I'm talking about your comments where you said you were saying the brexit could be as bad as appeasement of Hitler's Germany in the 30s that is hysterical I said as a mistake for the country yes it was on a par with it you really believe that yeah I do believe that not obviously we're not dealing with but the same situation as the as the 30s but countries can make very very big mistakes you realize that's grossly offensive to the 17th point four million people who voted to leave the EU okay we're democracy we voted to leave we don't give out I'll give up our democratic rights just because we've had one vote and they're going to be no more votes democracy we did we voted for on one question lauded donors and it was to leave or to stay in the vote was to leave and you seem determined to try and swap that no no my view of the matter is that as the final terms become clear much we're going to leave of course nobody knew what those terms are going to be when we had the referendum 18 months ago as those terms become clear the people should have the final say themselves I'm a complete Democrat I think why are you saying this Democrats if you're a complete Democrat why have you said what you said you also said mrs. May probably one of the most pragmatic and level-headed Prime Minister we've ever had was the voice of you Kip well the UK policy of course is to take us out to the European Union and that is precise but that's British people let me ask you let me ask you you talked about he has become the voice here hang on a second hang on a second the EU and she's gone for the hardest way which she hasn't yeah because we don't we don't know what she's voting for but let me just ask you this do you think when the British people have voted and and you can say that a lot of people didn't vote for it but the majority who were given the opportunity did vote for brexit yet you think that unelected as you are to travel to Brussels with Nick Clegg also as opposing deposed from office Ken Clark who seems to go against the government to have conversations with that the EU negotiator Michele Barney that is deeply deeply undemocratic isn't it especially reasonable conversations we were negotiating the government that doesn't negotiate but we're a democracy we need we need open and transparent arrangements for how we're handling this breaks it including having a good knowledge of what's going on in Brussels I mean I can't be of anything more important so parliamentarians like myself I remember the House of Lords actually knowing what's going on in Brussels and these negotiations but can I come back to this point about people voted for brexit there wasn't a brick city proposition on offer in June but what became clear immediately afterwards was that people had very different understandings what brexit meant a lot of people had said including those who wanted us to leave in in 2016 that we would stay in a single market before the previous election visit we would stay in the single market that is simply not true it is true a straightforward statement of fact it's not a state you just are you going to take a question oh you just you're saying good things I'm you keep on saying you're a Democrat but your adulation of Brussels has exposed your contempt for democratically expressed views of those who voted leaves I don't I don't have modulation of crosses I just think on a pragmatic basis we're better in the single market and the customs union on which others say millions of jobs depends then upon leaving it and countries in Europe which are in the European trading arrangements different you know there are different ways of doing it but they haven't left the European trading relations which who wants in the EU we don't want to do it that way Switzerland and Norway no but that isn't what was on offer in 2016 on 2016 it was a good deal of the campaign for leaving the EU is that it would be possible to stay in those arrangements but as it becomes clear that we're not staying in them my view is just very straightforwardly well what leaving meant it meant leaving the single union on the customs market I don't think most people have the faintest clue I'm simply saying what pinyon poll shows so you know the people who voted leave didn't know I'm saying but at the time there was no proposition on the table but leaving the EU would mean leaving the single market and the customs union only become clear in negotiations negotiations continue I think the finite thing is when they've completed that the people should have the final say on whether they want the deal which mrs. May negotiates which appears now to be taking us out of well the customs union single monka if they think we're better off staying as we are that may be clear but let me just ask you though if we are approaching some kind of decision that has to be taken is it right that people who are unelected are trying to interfere in in a process which has been decided that for example what is going on in the Lord's the hijacking continuously by those who want to stay is making the government's job more difficult and arguably making the deal that we will get as a result of it worse so your interference collectively is making this worse for the nation well it is quite amusing when the people who want to take us out to the European Union spend all their time say about the sovereignty of Parliament and assessing the sovereignty of our own parliamentary institutions that's not the question I asked my name is undermining be that sovereignty so I don't think that argument goes very far absolutely not the willit that the role of the house is also stand in the way of the people but it is a role where we don't we think that the Constitution is being undermined people have another say and I think that may that may be what happened over the course of the next do you think the seventeen point four million people who voted to leave are stupid I certainly don't know that why are you listening to it no I think people over time as they more information becomes available and they see how events develop often there is change and also of course a lot of new voters are come in the register since in the last 18 months and a lot of people who didn't vote last time and as people look and see what deal is being negotiated in Brussels on something so important the future the country it's in something absolutely reasonable proposition there having taken an initial decision of principle but without knowing what the deal he would he would he would put into practice whatever the British people voted it was not put to us at the time that it was voting on a matter of principle that was not how that question was posed I'm simply giving you my view which is there's a big difference between an initial decision of principle and actually having the deal on the table it's like losing house there's a big difference between wanting to move house in principle and then actually doing the survey seeing the house itself looking at the further particulars and people often change their mind with that happens well they doing they they do indeed we must leave it there Lord Android owners thank you very much indeed for joining us this morning

David Icke on Howard Hughes full interview | August 2018

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Listen to the full David Icke interview from the Unexplained with Howard Hughes.

and indeed one of the most requested guests and one of the guests that some of you love to hate but some of you love to love is David Icke now the newspapers and I always say this at the beginning of podcast that we've done together and Lena David's listening to this on the Isle of Wight we're about to speak to him he's not gonna mind but the newspapers used to call David Icke of the potty prophet he was the man that the media loved to have a laugh at if he was wearing purple shell suits or whatever there'd be a photograph there if if somebody had claimed or he'd claimed that he was the son of Jesus that would make a headline and I think it did once he can confirm that but something's happened over the last I would say 10 maybe 15 years with David more and more people are starting to take David seriously and David's message has not really wavered by a quaver he's been there in a constant for pretty much quarter of a century or more I'm doing an awful lot of talking now and I want to get into this conversation with David Icke David thank you very much for coming on what did you make of anything I said there before of course because after 30 years you do but yeah I mean things things have changed and and I think one of the main things that has changed is that people are actually looking at what I'm saying rather than just getting their perception of me from one-liners in in the newspapers and you know people do themselves a great disservice and they they basically disrespect themselves if they make judgments about people and situations without actually checking it out and I was talking to a journalist this week who was interviewing me for a national newspaper a freelance and he'd pitched the story to another newspaper and the commissioning editor had said we're not having him in the paper he's mentally ill and of course what that guy sitting in his little bubble knew about me was only what he'd heard in the same industry or from the same industry that he works in so he's just had the same mantra for decades and he's believed it and what people are seeing now when they actually take the the trouble to see what what I'm saying and how I'm saying it and the evidence in the books that I have to support it he's hold on a minute this is making more sense than what I saw the world before so this this is this is the the process that's happening and you know we've talked a couple of times Howard since I started a world speaking tour in this summer of 2016 it's continuing now I'm going to Dublin next week or next Friday and then all across Europe and then across the UK before December and I've never seen anything like it all over the world literally Australia Europe the Balkans Scandinavia America Canada people are starting to look at concepts and information and possibilities that they would have weighed away with a wave of the hand but it's not a completely open door though is it one of the last times that we talked you were having trouble getting into Australia they were not going to let you in clearly that problem resolved itself but they had issues with you well a number of people have issues with me and in authority and and so here's a question Howard that these people are Ike's and Nutter should actually ask themselves why would authoritative a an apparent nutter who's talking nonsense from speaking in their country or entering their country why would they and by the way you know you we're talking here about the response to me by the media over the decades in in Britain but when I go to places for instance like Serbia or Slovakia or other countries in the Balkans and into your I'm interviewed on on their mainstream programs I was in Belgrade being interviewed for 25 minutes seriously about world events on their main to main breakfast listen I know this for a fact and I see some of these videos on YouTube the problem that you've got here and perhaps other alright for something about you know a program called the unexplained this is a very very important point I don't have a problem I am putting out information that people will not hear in the mainstream um I don't have a problem because I don't care how people receive it I care about the fact that it's circulating so if people have a problem with me I say to them well you might you've actually described it perfectly you have a problem with me I have no problem alright let's park the word problem and let's see the issue that maybe you have here and just hear me out at this point is that you have a back catalogue you have a history here people go back to that interview with Terry Wogan that you did the one that you did 20 years later was very different we have to say but they go back to that if they go back to you wearing shell suits they go back to headlines saying and I think you know I haven't got it with me right now but wasn't there some claim that somebody around you or you had said that you were visa nor a son of God or something like that and and all of that stuff of course pollutes the way that you're seen now when you go to places where they don't have that background with you of course in this day and age where people have more sources coming in to them and they might be a little more open-minded you're gonna get more of a hearing I would have thought and people can access that stuff but this is the question at that time you're talking about which it was a period of three months in sixty six years of my life I was going through a massive transformation it was like spending your life in a bubble a bubble of perception a bubble of possible a bubble of information and it's a big backstory to it how it came about and then someone burst the bubble and for three months I'm trying to I'm trying to to cope and process this information that that's hitting me from all angles on multiple levels is so long story it's a simple story that's a long story I'm and and so are people going to live and again this is not my problem it's theirs are they going to live their entire life in a time warp are they are they going to judge someone sixty six years from three months well if they are they have a problem I don't have a problem with it at all cuz I don't care but they have a problem because if their perception is that you judge a person for what happened thirty years ago for three months against sixty six years and all that I've said since and written census being proved to be true then what the heck else are they perceiving in the world about world events about people about everything that is coming from the same myopia and therefore how can they possibly from that way of perceiving the world and understand anything they can't and and you know that what is happening now is that people's perceptions of everything or being molded because from perception comes all human behavior and human perception comes from information received so if you can control the information that people receive you dictate their perceptions and therefore you dictate their behavior and what we're seeing now is this incessant censorship in all areas not least through the internet Giants in the devil's playground Silicon Valley but he's dictating what people see in here and thus what they perceive but how they me people would control him David I'm trying to break that and I I told me understand what you're saying you know that you and I have spoken many times before so I know what page you're on and you know we've been here before but the fact of the matter is that people are going and your shows your speaking engagements are pretty much a lot of the time sold out maybe all of the time sold out David so you can't say that people are controlled to that extent because they're coming to see you if they were totally controlled they wouldn't be coming to see you oh it's about numbers mate if if you could see the difference it makes in the way people start and start to see the world in a different way in a more expanded way and when they have access to this information compared with when they don't the more that this information circulates it says this is basically what's happened to me as the information as as circulated as best I can nothing like it circulates when it goes through the mainstream and the more people have changed their perception of me and changed their perception of the world and if we had a a mainstream media that would allow all information and perceptions and if you like our ways of looking at the world to be circulated then the world would be a very different place but you know it's a very very narrow band of possibility what I call the postage stamp consensus that the mainstream media overwhelmingly pour out and pound out to the world as news and information every day and the vast majority of people don't get access to this other information you look at you look at the education system that's the postage stamp consensus version of the world that's given to children from the earliest age throughout their formative years and if they don't repeat back what they've been told to believe in their exams they don't pass well we're gonna have some standards though David come on now you know you've got it I mean did you get your a-levels did you have you took a levels didn't you David I I never you do okay I shall research that that then you've actually by accident introduced a very interesting point a very important point I left school at 15 you could in those days to to go and play professional football I never took let alone passed a major exam apart from an end-of-year class exam in my life I did all my learning in my time on my watch on my terms I've now written something like 25 books I talked for 10 hours all day with no script and and I would have been considered at 15 an educational failure this this idea that you have to pass exams to to to to give a measure of your intelligence is absolute nonsense it's not I know everybody I mean I remember now of course you left school at 15 and you've achieved a massive amount of CAHSEE I mean in sport as a mainstream sports correspondent on the telly and all the great things that you did and all of this that you've done in the last 25 years whatever but the fact of the matter is that not everybody is gonna be as motivated as a David Icke so when you say that kids shouldn't be as trans in educating we had this debate on the last podcast we did but when you say kids shouldn't be as tramline by the education system as they are a lot of kids just don't have the motivation that some have I had it because I wanted to do this you had it because he wanted to do all the great things that you've done but you know we are a minority you've got to have some control haven't you so the next question that comes from that if what you say is true is why are there so many what you call unmotivated young people in the world why I mean I'll tell you one reason why the education system as it currently operates and as it's currently delivers its information is deeply deeply boring to most kids it doesn't inspire them and and when they leave school they are and all or wherever they leave their education they are so sick of being bored day after day and they therefore equate being bored with being educated and learning and they just stopped doing it for the rest of their lives and when really there's a vast vast amazing world beyond the myopic bounds of the postage-stamp consensus version of everything the mainstream everything to be explored and and we should be inspiring kids not boring them to death what are we doing for instance algebra right if you wanna if you want to learn how to read algebra then learn algebra when you need to learn algebra you've got kids who are sitting at desks look at this summer on on incredibly hot lovely days when they could be climbing trees when they could be pursuing their own interests and what are they doing they're sitting at a desk learning algebra what does X equal I don't care less you make it equal what you like whatever makes it happy but just leave me alone but my maths teachers website loads and detested algebra but my math teacher would have said to me the point of algebra is not doing those stupid sums with letters and numbers which you know a lot of people still have to do it's to teach you methodical thought if we are not educating kids in that way how are they going to thought I tell you the thought processes that are not taught critical thought critical thinking questioning everything to see if it stands up to scrutiny instead of accepting it and and and not questioning it because it's come for more authority because it's come from some academic with letters after his name because it's some come from some scientists to a little way down the road will be proved to be mistaken and it's critical thinking that we need once people question things once young people are are encouraged to question things they go through their life questioning things therefore when a politician says something instead of accepting it they question it what a scientist says something given the history that scientists have been saying things for for hundreds of years that have turned out to not to be true they question it this is what we need a critically thinking questioning population what any system of control doesn't want it's a critically thinking questioning population and what we what we have now Howard and it is it is coming in so fast every day is critical thinking and having alternatives opinions and questioning what authority tells you becoming more and more suppressed and oppressed and people being intimidated into not doing it alright let's target because we've got to take some commercials right now David so we're gonna plug in and when we've done the podcast we can run right through we're gonna take some commercials right now and I think we need a couple of minutes anyway just to refine our thoughts about that but the one thing and I'm talking my listener here now that David Icke lovers and David Icke haters can agree on I think is that the man we've got on here now is a man who made a lot of people start to question and put stuff out into the mainstream or the peripheries of the mainstream that while you may be outraged by it and not agree with it it made you think isn't that a good thing I'm not here saying it is because it's not my job to say it is or it's not I'm asking you to ask that question David Icke will be back so will I in just a second here on the unexplained to talk radio the unexplained to talk radio David Icke is in the middle of a big speaking tour it's Dublin next week but it's always somewhere else whether it's Australia they love him in the United States lots of fans there and of course here where he packs out theatres and venues up and down the country we talk David about this this idea of free speech do you agree with me that there are some ideas and notions the don't deserve the oxygen of free speech if you look for example at and I'm sure you know him and I'm not sure what you make of him he's been on this show a long time ago and all he did was shout at me but Alex Jones the so-called conspiracy theory broadcaster has made a string of outrageous and understand the substantiated claims that have brought him into conflict with an awful lot of people now and some aspects of the electronic media the modern media the social media are in the process of partly closing him down now for for some of those things um you know you understood agree with me that there are some notions and ideas that are perhaps beyond the pale I mean I'm not here sitting here saying that Alex Jones should be turned off that's a matter for other people you know he's he's doing his job and people are listening to him that's not what I'm saying but there are some ideas perhaps that don't deserve to be her then here you are saying free speech total free speech no I don't agree that anything shouldn't be heard if if you for instance have a situation where you are urging people to burn a house down or you're urging people to do something to do with terrorism there are laws against that there are laws against that incitement there are laws against inciting violence my point is this once you start censoring what people can say before the point of delivery you are by definition giving an authority the power to say what people can and cannot hear and if people have a problem with someone saying something then argue your point put out information to show that they're talking nonsense but once you start saying this is not acceptable therefore we're going to stop anyone hearing it that is a tyranny that is what the Nazis did when they burn the books what we have now is digital but burning through people like Google and Facebook I'm any tyranny that comes to power be it be it far left far right or far anything I'm immediately it has the power to do so once to close down all information that challenges its narrative all information that exposes the truth about what it's doing and what's behind it and therefore if we're going to have a free society and we going to talk about free speech then we have free speech because if anyone doesn't have free speech no one has it because what is left is only the freedom to conform not the freedom to speak your truth and any sane and also mature society should be at peace with having people say what they think whatever it is then arguing against it and of course having laws that say you cannot incite violence with your speech without consequence you cannot do this attack on this person with your speech to do them to encourage people to do them harm without consequence but once you start censoring speech before the point of delivery then you are going down a very dark road and what we're seeing how it now is what happens when you do that because you first of all say you cannot incite violence therefore we going to stop you doing that by by preventing you you're what you say circulating okay people then say well well in very large numbers say well that's fair enough yeah you yeah that's alright yeah but that's only the thin end of the wedge we've started now and then oh no you can't say that and then you can't say that and then you can't say that and we've now reached a point in this process which is always the process just read read the UM the the methodology of Joseph Goebbels the the Nazi propaganda minister and you'll see that what's playing out now is actually exactly the techniques that he advocated and pursued in Nazi Germany so we've reached the point now where you can't say this about this gender you can't say this about this group you can't say this about this can't say this about that and what's happening is they're being picked off and picked off and picked off which is exactly again the process described in 1984 by George Orwell but then the norms of society constantly change what is acceptable things that were said on things that were said on comic comedy shows let me finish the point and then we'll we'll get there but things that were said on comedy shows in the 1970s which I saw I was watching with my parents you quite rightly could not utter these days why because we're more enlightened we are constantly moving forward and you can't just have everything out there because you have a less enlightened society and hopefully we are becoming better I mean you know if you look back to the the Dark Ages in this country if you stole a loaf of bread they'd probably hang you we're a bit more enlightened than that these days you know things constantly change don't they we're talking about freedom of speech and freedom of expression we're not talking about you know putting someone in jail for stealing a loaf and if people don't want to hear it then they won't then the whole thing will die out anyway because no one will be interested and if it's nonsense then people can come along in the public arena and show with evidence and information that it's nonsense well III again once you cross this line of censorship before the point of delivery you are going down a very very dark dark road and we are going down that road now very very fast where there's less and less and less and less that you can actually say without a it doesn't circulate because the algorithms stopped it or the ghosts banning on the internet which I'm subject to where you can actually post it but their algorithms make sure it doesn't go anywhere you're going down this road of handing power over the information that people receive or don't receive to some Authority and that authorities getting smaller all the time but the beginning of this that there have to be some rules there are some things that you would consider to be beyond the pale and of course everybody would consider the car to pale so somebody has to make the rules ah the point live so in other words he's gonna put anything out there and it can subsequently somebody can take a look at it and adjudicate about it but it's got to get out there first that can't always work can it even I mean some stuff should not be seen quite rightly it's got to get out there first otherwise there's an authority be Saudia and what doesn't and that authority will do exactly what it's doing now which is pick off and pick off more and more things that we can't say and we can't see and we can't hear and that road leads to only one place tyranny because that's what tyrannies do that's the process they do and we know people need to be mature enough to accept that people will have opinions that they won't like and won't agree with and instead of censoring them they should argue their case and put out information to show that what's being said is not true people who are confident of their case don't want to censor anyone be cut with another view because they're confident of their case look at what's being thrown at me and the abuse and the lies that have been told about me in the last 30 years by the mainstream media and I'm the one saying they should not be censored from doing so because of this very clear point once you censor before the point of delivery you are putting power over what people see in here into the hands of an authority which will always and always as history shows abuse it I understand what you're saying but what happens if a point is put out there and you say it should be put out there and then countered with reasoned argument what happens if the other side you know forces in this world are very seldom perfectly balanced what happens if the other side the side perhaps putting the correct view or a different view review that might change that view that's just been put out the new said shouldn't be sent what happens if that side is not as strong doesn't have the same outlets the same money the same power what happens if if they they don't have that strength that you would want the counter-arguments to put somebody's got to do somebody's got to step in and balance things haven't they where's the balance now the official narrative is pounded what what the what officialdom what people might call the establishment whatever want people to believe he's pounded out on the mainstream media 24/7 where's the balance now now um why in Nazi Germany could that that evil grasp the minds of an entire nation not necessarily every last person but but massively an entire nation that led to the catastrophe that followed because other voices giving another fix another angle another version of what the Nazis were doing and why could not be heard why it was being censored before the point of delivery and and you know people can can argue against this as much as they'd like but don't tell me you believe in freedom of speech in its true sense if you believe that anything should be censored before the point of delivery do you feel that you are a man at the moment as we speak in 2018 when it seems to me that you've got more followers than that you've had more supporters the supporter support and interest oh I knew that were to be a problem that's so excise that women just say more support then you were multiple but you sound like a man who feels as if he's not under threat but you it sounds to me as if you're you're concerned you're concerned that somebody out there is trying to close you down oh no I'm concerned that everyone with another version of reality in whatever way shape or form is being closed down and this is not paranoia this is this is fat look you know this whole thing with Alex Jones was not about Alex Jones it's not about whether you love Alex Jones or whether you loathe him or whether you like me or or whatever it's about the freedom of expression and and if Alex Jones is talking nonsense in these areas then show him to be doing so with evidence with argument with debate but any which of course people did over the Sandy Hook massacre and and people tend not to say the things that you're saying I just I just want to one I'll prove him wrong then but why not what I'm going here where I'm going here is you've just said about there must be some balance and I made the point that there is no balance now you've got the mainstream media that it pounds out I mean there's another quote from Goebbels that said words to the effect of the idea with the media is to make it ostensibly seem to be varied while actually it's all the same and that's exactly what's going on now and and if if therefore you're looking at Alex Jones yes he has a biggish following but biggish when compared with what he's doing compared with the mainstream media his following is tiny therefore where's the balance there and what they're doing now is not creating balance okay well here this version of world events and to balance out what the mainstream media is telling you every day it's shutting down that alternative way of looking at the world and not everything not everything Alex Jones nothing like everything Alex Jones has said over the years has been nonsense you know I mean you know some of us have been talking about the fact that this whole Middle East series of regime changes was long planned before even the Iraq war it wasn't a real it wasn't a war it was a turkey shoot the Iraq invasion happened in 2003 now the evidence has come out to show that that is true but where is anyone in the mainstream saying actually these these people we call crazy they were right you know this is story well I suspect some of them would sir so I simply disagree with what you just said listen you talked a lot every time we spoke there were the bubbles they Lehman I mean they've got they've got no radar of anything all right but every time you smoking he's talked about a thing called the totalitarian two-step now I just want to say tiptoe sorry to step where do I get to step from the totalitarian tip time use all the times the totalitarian tiptoe and before we get to that though you've made a lot of references to Nazi Germany and Goebbels and all the rest eyes you know you don't honestly think that here in the West what we call the West we are heading towards something like Nazi Germany we are being controlled in that way is that what you think well of course that's where its leading that's what I've been writing about for nearly 30 years that the plan is to and has been so we rode any road any road freedom not least freedom of speech and to centralize and centralize and centralize power and decision-making to the point where we basically have a global version of Nazi Germany that's where it's meant meant to conclude and this is why the the propaganda techniques of Goebbels can be shown again and again and again to be the very basis of what is happening now in terms of the deletion of human freedom you know I could if if I was alive which I wasn't in the time of and I was German and living in the the time of Nazi Germany if I'd stood in the street and said I think Hitler is wrong and I hate the man somebody would have put a bullet through my head if I want to stand up and say I think the government's completely wrong they've got it wrong over everything that's my right so yeah that's not where we're at is it oh well you've just confused Howard where we're at now with what I said about where it was planned to go and this a totalitarian tiptoe the totalitarian tiptoe is a name I gave to a technique which is blatantly happening all the time whereby you're aiming to go to Z and you're at a and you know if you go from A to Z in massive leaps then the change in society will be so big that people might look up from the gameshow and and the sport and say hold on a minute what's happening so you go in as bigger step is shoot steps as you can but not so big that you will learn eat too many people to the fact that there's a pattern here people like me have spent the last thirty years studying and observing the pattern and that pattern has been to erode and erode in erode and erode more and more freedoms not least freedom of expression and freedom of opinion and the circulation of alternative information to the point where there is no alternative information circulating only what the official narratives are which is exactly what happened in Nazi Germany when they shut down everyone who wasn't parroting the Nazi line and that's where it's heading and you throw artificial intelligence in there with their plan as they are now openly speaking about of connecting the human mind to artificial intelligence and you see what the end game is it's the end if you go down that AI road of the human mind itself that's not supposed to be and I'm supposed to be Caliban one quick question before we have to get to more ads otherwise we're supposed to be it's not I mean believe me we have questioned that many terms including a lot of static on this show and we will continue to because you know those there are many and we can agree on that there are many unanswered questions about the use of AI many things have to be determined if we were marching towards or tiptoeing towards totalitarianism and a great big global super state or whatever it might be we voted for brexit well supposedly in the process of doing it and if there was no freedom or not as much freedom as there should be then we wouldn't have been free to do what we've done would we Oh blimey I'm a much time have you got because because I'll tell you this story right what why do we have bricks we had brexit because a whole area of a British society you might call it the urban working class has been ignored and abused by the political class in all its party affiliations left right and center for decades and decades and decades it didn't matter who you voted for the same things were happening and there's a reason for that that I can go into on another day and therefore this brexit vote which was a in out yes/no which didn't have to go through a political party was the perfect opportunity for that ignored abused a great area of the British population to have its voice heard but if he was so mind controlled vu they want they want more government would not know hold on a second I don't just you know I'm just putting it out there right that referendum was never meant to happen it was offered by Cameron to offset the the growth of UK and he thought that when he came to the next election he would be in another coalition with the Liberal Democrats who would block it and he'd say I won't I wanted a referendum really but the Liberal Democrats won't go into a government if we do that unfortunately for him ironically he did win outright and therefore was forced to have the referendum and and the vote went absolutely against the political class and they were shocked because they thought that no one would ever turn against them because all you have to do is frighten the unwashed masses to death with Godzilla will attack London the day after the Brits the public were afraid to do what they did I mean we can debate this round around it sounds like all there's a next stage this so yes because of a series of events they didn't expect to happen there was the opportunity of the brexit vote and within the first hour of that brexit result being announced I was sitting here in the same chair I wrote on the Internet this is just the start because their political class and the European dark suits who've never seen a ballot box in their life are not going to let this go quietly or easily and now we're seeing this coalition between the political class in Britain that don't want us to leave the European Union despite the referendum and the dark suit class in Brussels that wants the same outcome who are making it more and more and more difficult and now with wait we're coming to exactly what I said would happen the pressure for a second referendum to overturn it so um you know this whole European Union is something that goes back at least to the 1920s it goes back to the Warburg banking family it goes back to the the the aristocracy families of Europe like Otto von Habsburg this whole idea of creating a European centralised dictatorship to dictate from a central point to the entirety of your or indeed creating something and we don't have time we did we did go into this on the podcast but you know I it's my fault for starting it but you're all I can say is that you know looked at another way there are those who would say that it stopped us from having more conflict it's helped us to see the other person's point of view and it's oiled the wheels of trade two ways to look at everything you're hearing the views of David Icke you've got to take that break now you're on talk radio the unexplained with Howard Hughes back in a sec David Icke has a book out at the moment and he also is going on a big speaking to Dublin next week like we said and virtually everywhere else but I'll give you the address of david's website at the back end of this we won't trouble ourselves with that now so David you've been very good and said that you're going to try and tackle some of these questions that I've had in now look when I ask for questions on Twitter before we started doing this recording this obviously we got quite a lot of stuff like one saying was the Oise mister spoon in the suit dragon based on true events and is the moon really made of cheese which is one is david icke med is another one so you get and like I was saying at the top of this idiots man brain cells to rub together and they have absolutely no self-respect like they were thinking they would they would think that they have a sense of humor I think a lot of people would disagree with that freedom freedom of speech there's there's you freedom of speech for you and their right to say it but there any hold on war okay that's you know you said that and that's that's fine but what I'm illustrating here if I done that if we'd had Twitter if we add Facebook if we'd had social media for good bad or indifferent twenty years ago and we were able to do that and ask for questions then we'd have got a lot more frivolous questions like are you mad then we got tonight two-thirds of the questions actually make a lot of sense and let's get into them let's start here then do you think David still the global warming is a hoax as the sea ice disappears in the Arctic and billions of gallons of melted ice pour off Greenland along with the melting permafrost all over Siberia and Alaska releasing methane says Michael he has a point doesn't he well the answer that question is yes I do but to respond to it in any credible way would take a long long time but there's a there's a book just come out which I've been reading recently basically it's called the politically incorrect guide to global warming or climate change I do recommend that people read that because with enormous detail it takes the whole thing apart but yes I do I do believe that absolutely okay and despite the fact that we've had research released in this last week saying that temperatures are going to we've had a little bit of a blip but temperatures are going to inexorably rise in the in the coming years we're going hot Howard Howard in the 1970s they were saying we were going into a global cooling and we we've had scandal after scandal of revelations of the climate data being manipulated we've had clutter climate models which basic what's what's a computer model you put crap in you get crap out right so we've had it over and over and over and over my scientific friends would call that research Derek asked if you died information in you don't get an accurate outcome out and they've been proved wrong and again and again and again with what's happened since the turn of the of the millennium what they said was happened not nothing it's not happened to terms of temperature I hear you say even in the light as a massively hot summer with temperatures up to 38 degrees in the Southeast of England and potentially more hot weather to come but let's park so what happened in 1976 when we had that fantastic summer and they're still talking about global cooling what was about in 1959 when we had a fantastically hot summer you know the temperatures were hotter during the Medieval Warm Period about a thousand very years ago what I mean what caused that turbocharged handcarts I mean do the research that's what I say to people this is the whole thing about what we were talking earlier Howard let's put into the public arena and what the scientists the the mainstream scientists say the song sheet scientists as I call them and let's put into the public arena what increasing numbers of other scientists are saying which actually doesn't make sense and then people can make their own mind up but when you have people like the BBC saying some years ago the science is now settled so we're not going to have people on questioning it anymore then then you you are going down a very this dark road here people on questioning it I've had somebody on here only very recently questioned but we have to say that there are more people accepting what scientists around the world are saying there is a famous scientist in Texas if I had on the show talks about the weirding of our weather increasingly you know there are more of those people than people putting the other V but let's go to something else there are people and you must know that how do you know that when these other scientists don't get the ability to have their voices heard well they have access to all the same platforms that you have access to don't think they don't have access to the mainstream media where most people get their information from they don't okay let's move to something else it's not a people so you've interviewed someone but but I mean you're not that the BBC 10 o'clock news are you you're not news night it's these were really mainstream and I'm very pleased were not I wear that as a badge of honor David Icke let's let's move on to something else because I've got loads of questions here and I want to get to you know a measure of them Derek asks and one of the problems is that when you go into the fields that you've been into over the years people think that you are a repository of knowledge about all things but I'm gonna ask it anyway cuz it's a question that's worth asking whatever Derek asks can you ask David Icke what was the Great Pyramid of Giza true purpose now you know there's a lot of talk about that there's been a lot of research recently they discovered a new bit of it a new chamber of it it may be some kind of power generator they don't quite know but they're trying to find out have you ever had any thoughts about that quite a few people over the years who turned a lot of research into that hold Giza pyramid and what it was really there for I've been inside it the idea that it's it was built as a burial chamber is ludicrous to go to those lens for a burial chamber for one fair I mean just crazy but what I found interesting recently is that there was some scientific study came out pointing out the extraordinary electromagnetic properties inside the pyramid particularly because of the way it's structured inside and this would absolutely fit with what a number of people I've spoken to over the years who've really gone into this in great detail they believed it was some kind of power generator some kind of if you like transformer that could take atmospheric energy from the electromagnetic field of the planet and turned it in turn it into some kind of usable usable power a giant platter is what they've been saying we said that that's something like that and more is what I would go down because you see this is the point about history is that people believe that because this is what what's pounded out all the time is that the human race in its knowledge has only ever gone forward it's never been at a high level and then fallen from that level and I say to people today and if something happened if there was some catastrophe happened that meant we no longer had electricity or oil um what kind of society will we live in very very very quickly nothing like the one we live in now and it's very clear when you do study history that there have been periods when there's been very great knowledge and that knowledge has then been lost and therefore you know in some of these ancient societies where they built structures that we would struggle to build today you know and scientists and historians and all these people look at them and say how did they do that how did they move these stones over hundreds of tons and all the rest of it I saw a place in just above Cuzco Costco in Peru it's a very famous place sexy woman that is one way they pronounce it and there are these enormous absolutely enormous stones that are fitted together like a dry stone wall you cannot you can get a cigarette paper between them it's incredible how does these do that without the kind of technology that we have now and in fact a lot of the technology we have now is not capable of doing those things I mean you and I can agree on this that we have a lot to learn for the future history shows that knowledge is lost as well as gain but you know we're a bit more broad-minded these days and we're beginning to relearn some of this stuff I think and I hope from what I see Claire asks this and this is you must have thought about this I've when we asked you about this in the park because you've said a lot of things some of which could potentially have brought you lawsuits but they didn't but they brought you enemies Claire wants to know are you ever surprised that you haven't been bumped off and nobody's tried to well no I'm not for a number of reasons some of them deep and some of them less tea than the less deep one is that if something happened to me now given the information I've been putting out and given the if you like reputation I have for doing this then it would be terribly counterproductive I'm sitting here looking at about 20 books packed with with with information I mean they would be right in the public attention if anything happened to me well what was the guy saying and all this stuff so it would give a massive boost to the circulation of information and to get people to think well hold on a minute maybe he was saying something and so it's not it's it's counterproductive from that point of view so that you think that if anything happened to you you would be seen as a bit of a martyr well nothing's going to happen to me III what I want to do what what I want to do not be a martyr I don't want to statue I don't to be a martyr I don't want a round of applause I want to circulate information to the best of my ability for absolutely as long as I can but the the way that the authorities kind of respond to you is not to kill you because that for reasons I've described and others would be counterproductive it's to stop you being circulated and for a long time to have you the the center of public ridicule well that starting to die down now I mean you can only say someone's mad for so many times before it's no longer news and people are starting to listen so the only way they can respond to me now is to stop my information circulating as best they can correct but that's fiesel problem because that the genie is out of the bottle now and i going away quick final question from me and it's an important one and you know maybe I've just missed the answer to this so you can fill me in about it and run it please please feel free to you started your own alternative organization to counter the mainstream media which is what you've been telling me we need another voice against the MSM I think it was was it called the People's Voice what what happened – it didn't work it didn't work because a lot of people came through the door to make it not work and eventually you you couldn't get advertising for it advertisers didn't want to know and so it didn't work but a lot of good things were done there and so yeah but what what do you do do you give up no you you you try again and and you're gonna work towards something similar but from coming from a different angle which will be much more workable so you're relaunching but different no no no I'm not saying we're gonna relaunch up some we're working towards it with with with some people but where it goes is where it goes and and that was that was not me in the sense of it was my station whatever um I I was a part of it yeah but my work has always been what I do individually that's that's my well you feel you're failing classes David have you felt do you think you failed with that what's failure tell me what failure is God knows I've been asking myself for years I'm just what your thoughts are Michelle I'll give you one definition of failure not trying yeah no it's right we can agree with that a great sage once said I wish I could remember who it was that that failing is not going down but failing is staying down it wasn't about going down it's about having a go didn't work yeah we've got a massive amount of information out in the period that it was it was running but um you know you have a go and and but if the message was so strong it should have flown shouldn't well no not if you can't get advertising to pay the bills you can't I you know tell me how ITV would would would keep doing the 10 o'clock news and all its programs if he couldn't get advertised understood David we're out of time I'm afraid my producers shaking her fist at me now and you don't mess with casts so thank you very much David it's always a pleasure to talk with you it's David Icke comm isn't it it's David Icke calm yep the news from a different angle every day constantly updated I though I look I see David have a good night and good luck in Dublin with the next stage on your tool you take care thank you I'm looking forward to it see you soon bye take care David Icke

George Galloway's Mother Of All Talk Shows | 8 Feb 19

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George gives his views on the political climate at home and abroad. Brexit, Venezuela, and French riots are all on the agenda as George takes callers and interviews guests on the biggest stories of the week. Don’t drink from the mainstream!

“There is a revolution going on and you no nothing about it!”

now we are living in momentous times you wouldn't know it if you were listening to the rest of the media because the biggest stories are either completely ignored or they are spun in a way with an agenda that is the opposite of fostering understanding we're talking double standards here dear listeners on an epic and Everest Ian scale we're talking about cynicism of the deepest deepest Alice in Wonderland deepest rabbit hole kind let me just give you some examples France has withdrawn its ambassador to Italy for consultations in a hail of protests about Italy interfering in France's internal domestic affairs that's France led by President macron who incidentally has the support currently of 16% of all French men and women macron is leading the EU challenge to the sovereignty of Venezuela and its right to elect its own president so it's okay for France to ceaselessly interfere in the domestic affairs of other countries Libya Syria Ukraine and now Venezuela but it is completely unacceptable for its neighbor Italy to have a point of view about the bludgeoning down the tear gassing the transitioning in and the live fire being used by the security forces in France against the hundreds of thousands of people on the streets demonstrating against the policies and the governance of President macron now you may know nothing about any of this you may never have heard of the yellow vests you may not know that this week the biggest trade union in France the mighty CGT joined the yellow vests in a general strike in our nearest neighbor 29 miles off the coast of England there is a revolution going on and you know nothing about it unless you follow me and one or two other choice outlets for political news and information that's not an accident you are being deliberately deprived of that information just in case it becomes catching because hey we don't have enough yellow vests to supply demonstrators in Britain wear it to catch on once that stockpile has been built up there will then be a market and maybe you'll get to hear about it but you probably don't know that to European Union members giant important European Union members are tonight almost in a state of diplomatic war ambassadors being recalled missives pronunciate Oh from Paris and Rome flying across the Alps well this European Union ain't working out quite so smoothly I mentioned that as a segue of course into Cardinal Donald Tusk I call him Cardinal because he seems to know who's going to heaven and who's going to hell and I'm one of those he presumably has consigned to the hottest place in hell I wonder where he got that phrase by the way I wonder which language school he got that phrase from or was it supplied to him by one of the British fifth column never of his office according to Cardinal tsk we brexit ears are destined for a very hot part of Hell for having the temerity of deciding by a democratic vote to leave the trading bloc which he controls now I disagree with Theresa May on 99.9% of all issues but as I've said here before the idea that you can conduct negotiations with an important sovereign state and contributing member for 40 years to the European Union in the way that tusk and Bonnie and and Junkers itaú have been doing is not just bad politics it is a grave national insult anyway treasom a went back there with her latest model or brexit and we'll see how it has fared I go out on a limb on these matters as you know so it's my view that all this smoke all this heat is merely a cover for the fact that we're actually getting closer to a deal a deal that will not be that far away from the deal that has been priscilla ties by the much derided jeremy corbyn for the last two and a half years you remember all these correspondents who told us that Corbin had no brexit plan well of course he's always had a brexit plan whether I agree with it or not is another matter but his brexit plan is much more likely to bring about a satisfactory end to these negotiations than any other plan on the table and that's why something like it may very well unite the House of Commons in time for the 29th of March or else we leave with no deal and as I've said to you many times that would not be a walk in the park but it wouldn't be the end of the world either all I'm going to say on that is to paraphrase Groucho Marx I would not want to to a club that was run by Donald Tusk Michele Barney or her Junkers and every day that has passed since we voted to leave their club confirms in my view that we did the right thing and then there's the Irish question well I'm so old I remember when Irish nationalists Irish Republicans were against the EU and all its works I was interested to see a speech given in 2009 by Jeremy Corbyn in Ireland on the occasion of the EU forcing Ireland to vote for a second time on the Lisbon Treaty a treaty to which now many labour members seem to be umbilical a connected but labour was against the Lisbon Treaty Jeremy Corbyn and me under the leadership of mr. Benn stayed up all night many nights trying to wreck the Tories successful attempt to Wed us to the Lisbon Treaty without a referendum Ireland got a referendum and then another one we didn't get one at all and we should have we had been promised that we would have now one of the unforeseen consequences unforeseen except here on the mother of all talk shows is that brexit is now acting as a driver for the reunification of the small island of ireland sing hallelujah that division partition that border should never have been there in the first place and if one of the consequences which I foreseen prophesied proselytized for of brexit is to bring about the historic reunification of ireland well that's a very very good thing so far as I am concerned now in vain the biggest party in Ireland north and south has said that if there is a no deal brexit there will be a border pole as provided for in the Good Friday Agreement well the people of Ireland north and south will be able to vote on whether to reunify their country I hope they do now I finish on Jeremy Corbyn and this is where I really mean we've disappeared down the rabbit hole I saw a statement by Dame McGraw Hodge earlier today that constituency Labour Party's tabling motions of no confidence in their MPs was a vindictive absurdity just two years ago the very same Maharaj tabled a motion of no-confidence in Jeremy Corbyn setting in process a series of events that culminated in a meeting of the parliamentary Labour Party that was designed to according to people who were there and widely reported at the time break him as a man break him as a man so my questions really quite simple why is it okay for these Blair right Labour MPs to table a motion of no-confidence in Jeremy Corbyn but it's not okay for their own members to table motions of no confidence in them the MPs who themselves tabled such a motion against Jeremy Corbyn no hypocrisy is the middle name of most politicians but what about the journalists what about the so-called journalists that are reporting this without even the historic memory of two years did it occur to none of them that there's a hypocrisy involved here no I just mentioned for those listening from the regulator as talk radio and every radio has the entire day heaping ordure on Jeremy Corbyn is okay if I for a few minutes stick up for him you know in the interests of balance now the man who knows what's happening in the corridors of power is Andrew Woodcock the political editor at the Press Association I'm glad to see Andrew joins us now Andrew welcome back good evening George summarized for us Andrew if you will where things lie what's the timetable now and then we'll go on to what the likely outcomes might be well right now we're in the middle of a gigantic game with chicken really we're looking ahead to March the 29th which is the deadline for the UK to leave the European Union unless unless an extension is requested no one or virtually no one on either side is actively seeking a No Deal scenario but equally no one other side wants to give anything up at this stage so we're now looking at talks next week which are threes mayor's hoping will produce some sort of a walk withdrawal agreement which the House Commons can accept she's given herself a deadline that next Wednesday to achieve that all right and as anyone in Westminster or in Brussels who believe she has a hope of getting any sort of new deal by next Wednesday so she'll then come forward to the the house Commons she'll make a statement on on the progress that's been achieved so far and she'll lay what's called a neutral notion which unusually will be a motion which they which MPs will be able to amend so the following day we'll have a whole raft of amendments put down some some people will you know that must be amendments saying to get rid of the backstop that the amendments to say let's have a but these are merely indicative votes and they Android they don't actually tie the government's hand no they're not binding on the government there was there was an attempt last week to make one of them binding on the government by actually instead of requesting an a or voting for an extension or article 50 the MPs would have voted to set aside a day on which they could pass a bill which would extend to article 50 and that would have been binding that most I think 23 votes yeah there's probably gonna be a replay of that on Thursday next week but as you say most of them bone I'm not going to be binding on the government it's quite possible getting exactly the same results that we had last Tuesday and then we're into the endgame then with with threesome a having to find some sort of a deal before March the 29th and yeah neither side looking like they're they're ready to budge you have the the EU aren't very very firm they're not going to reopen the drawers agreement they you know honor the rights of the Tory party European research group and the thing aap who prop up the Tories are very firm that they're not they that they want to won't accept anything short of a change that withdrawal agreement and legally binding assurances the backstop will be taken out or we changed out all recognition so it's it's going to be a matter of who blinks first I think it's to the 29 you can call the whole thing off because you say tomorrow and I saw see tomato but it's not sensible to do so if you change the name of the backstop to the front stop or the side stop or any other name if you find a form of words which essentially means much the same thing but doesn't have the red flags attached to it it is perfectly possible that we can at the last hour reach that deal or two I see that Andrew because in the financial pages today I discover that the looming collapse or Finance capitalism has quietly been averted that we are going to continue after a no deal breaks after the 29th of March trading derivatives and commodities and all across the international financial highways just in the way we are now in in a sense good business sense will determine that some kind of deal is reached don't you think I think that's that is precisely what Theresa Mays calculation is she thinks that when it comes down to it the people who are looking for brakes it want there to be a deal perché ORS and those are in the Tory party who might be looking for there not to be a deal but most of them do want a deal of some sort another and how do you say what's what she needs off them is a ladder to climb down because a lot of them have got eyes there on the barricade they said no to the backstop they said this backstop is a worse deal that could possibly be imagined this would mess into vassals and if they can't say to their supporters oh I was wrong about that turns out it's all right they need to be given an opportunity to say obviously something entirely different so give the backstop a different name and I'll guess that's something we can accept and what Therese maze is hoping is there at the last moment that's what they'll do don't tell me this andrew jeremy corbyn much derided for not having a brexit plan just sitting it out waiting for his enemy to make mistakes turns out that his long proselytized brexit plan seems to cut more mustard in brussels than mrs. maze yeah he got a warm reception from Seneca MacDonald tusky he apparently gopis name is an interesting and interesting plan that was worth a look and Leah's Veronica said something very similar today the prime minister of Ireland whether they are to an extent trolling the prime minister by by saying these things whether whether they seriously believe in the plan but as mr. Corton put it our because I mean there are elements in there to be very difficult to the EU to accept but I think I think today they are quite attracted by the idea of something that would gain support not from just one side of the of Parliament because they're very worried but mrs. may may get her plan over the lines you make scrape through by a vote or two but it's not a stable majority in that case and they still they're looking ahead to years of negotiations over the future relationship they don't want to be negotiating with a with a government which that got the very basics which is what's in the West all agreement has is you know only passed by the narrowest of fingertips so that they're looking about this a lot of the European governments of course our coalition's a lot of the country have very different political traditions my left wing and the right wing quality join in a grand coalition and they cooperate with one another and I think in Brussels they're looking at it and they're thinking if only the British were like that if only labor and toilets could sit down together you could probably gets Corbin steel through Parliament with you know 50 hundred vote majority blossom I think that's right if he put forward his brexit plan then a significant number of conservatives could but for tribalism vote for it it could actually get two-thirds of the votes in Parliament but lastly the problem is what you're saying is if he put it forward he could get it I think if he was put forward by someone else and that you know I think the fact that it's booked for by Jeremy go to a Corbin makes it automatically toxic totally all Tory MPs mmm and it quite that's what I mean by by tribalism now finally Andrew little noticed so far because it's only I think just breaking the the nigel farage new vehicle the brexit party has been registered today by the Electoral Commission he's going to lead it up if there is any delay he's going to lead it into the European Parliament elections is this significant could this fly well when you consider that you kiss under Nigel Ferraris leadership one of the last European elections then I mean one of my colleagues was talking to mr. Ferris earlier on this evening when when we got news through the Electoral Commission registration and no fair odds was was quite openly saying yes I'll leave this party into the European elections and my aim will be to win it again and either certainly there's a lot of people out there who've voted leave and they look at what's happened over the last two or three years and their principal thought is not doubt about whether we should leave or not it's doubt about the people who are running the process of arranging the brakes it's they they don't think that the government has done it well they think it's a simple message we want to leave let's get out there let's do it quickly and Nigel Farage's is great at articulating that message it's certain that you would have a major impact and I lost people we're thinking why are we even electing any please now we're on our way out but if it's extended beyond beyond the end of May I think it is then I think the walls the would be that we would have to we know we'd have we'd have seats that had to be filled I did see a lastly but if you'll forgive me Andrew just in case we can't get Vince gable on he said in the Metro today he's not doing interviews otherwise that 25 a labor on conservative MPs are poised that awful world I don't know you can poised for quite so long poised to join him in a New Cross Party Parliamentary Group Inc any intel on that well there have been Labour MP certainly who's been making noises Owen Stacy was a third challenge Jeremy calling for the leadership only a couple of years ago here he was his response to jeremy corbyn's plan was if that's what we're doing then i have to consider and i think other people would have to consider their position or that their responsibilities I think maybe was the word he used he's not openly saying you know making a threat to leave but he's hinting that it's something that's as Crossings people's minds I mean the chatter around Westminster is about 25 I think he's ambitious from Vince Cable but yeah there's this I don't know eight or ten Tories maybe who would find it very difficult to remain in a party which is going for no deal there's probably this a number of Labour MPs who find it palatable to be in a party which is actually applique ting breaks it they've held on to this this glimmer of an idea that the party will eventually or the leaders clip apart it was eventually falling behind a second referendum that seems to be getting more and more distant but now maybe maybe Vince is right maybe 25 is plausible I mean I think all em please look to the experience of the SDP and they think no matter how much of how much of a splash you mate when you first go out on your own you form a new party and it's very difficult to maintain Natalie in British political system and I think a lot of them are very very wary of that but we are coming to crunch point now and it is they're not going to move next week's Andrew Woodcock political editor at the Press Association thank you very much indeed for your time and your wisdom that was Andrew Woodcock earlier talking about the brexit imbroglio tell me where you stand on it two three four four four nine nine one thousand you call us we're in your back put you on the radio and needn't cost you more than a penny or two or you can email me through the website talk radio coat you K you can text text or talk followed by your message to eight seven treble two though that will cost you twenty five pence plus normal charges you can tweet me for free at George Galloway at talk radio Lots coming in by way of electronic paperwork here's one an anonymous text I think I recognize the number the reason the young loathed brexit gets like you is cause you are old fart xenophobic dinosaurs still fighting the war during your Basil Fawlty Act and then he goes into capitals remember Joe Cox and the community list says I'm surprised today by how little common in the mainstream media or on Twitter about France withdrawing its ambassador from Italy and threatening to break off diplomatic relations with an EU Member State this is the most extraordinary event in the history of the EU well I talked about it my dear friend and I wrote about it this week in my column online you can find it easily enough and I have broadcast to America twice three times in the last seven days about it but nobody's asked me here in Britain in fact it never happened so far as the British media is concerned and Cristina says I think we need George Galloway as leader of the Labour Party Gigi would not tolerate the behavior of labour coup MPs Corbin is good but he's too easygoing on the coup MPs thank you Cristina but labour already has early a leader and I'm not even a member but thanks Martin says if we leave the EU thousands of British children will be at risk from scurvy and rickets due to the lack of vitamins and fresh fruit coming in from Europe the only way to avoid this is to have a people's vote and remain in the EU that's from Martin in London hitting new heights in project fear actually last I read there's plenty of scurvy and rickets already back in Britain and were still members of the EU president Paul bucha brackets self-appointed says so Vince Cable has said that he and 26 labour and Tory MPs are set to revolt I would suggest that many people think that they have been revolting for years and wid Oaks says the liberal view of the problems with the EU is the outside forces populist Russia Trump etc are coming in and ruining the party a socialist analysis would start looking at the problems which are imminent in the EU it's tearing itself apart well I must say that NATO and the EU are now subject to extraordinary internal fissures turkey is in open revolt inside NATO against the United States on Syria on Venezuela on Iran on Saudi Arabia on the Yemen war Turkey is really at daggers drawn now with its fellow NATO members Italy is at daggers drawn with the EU over immigration over budgetary issues over the pension age in Italy as if that was any of the business of the bureaucrats in Brussels over the job creation policies that the coalition government there has there are daggers drawn over Venezuela Italy is the only EU member to robustly contest the prevailing narrative by the way whatever happened to all these high ground standing against Donald Trump in Europe all these European governments are merely asking how high when Donald Trump asked them to jump on the question of Venezuela but Italy is also at daggers drawn with the EU which is allowing macron to shower euros down the champs-elysees in absolute defiance of the fiscal rules which were used to crush Greece used threatened to crush Italy would be used to crush carbon worry to wish to run a deficit to get Britain's economy back on its feet but they're allowing macron to spend spend spend to try and buy off the rising tide of opposition in his own country and DeMaio the Deputy Prime Minister of Italy and the leader of the five star movement has denounced the French state's treatment of demonstrators on its own streets and pointed up the total utter hypocrisy of the line of the French and its allied governments the bludgeoning demonstrators in Paris is good bludgeoning demonstrators in Venezuela who requires foreign imposed regime change to call it Apocrypha I mean really the English language is not strong enough to describe that kind of double standards so going back to the text our president Paul Booker I think it was know it was it was redox the EU is falling apart the fissures within it caused by adherence to a single currency which thank God we avoid which was imposed upon economies of such widely divergent strength and character that it has beggared half of Europe and enriched the other half of Europe an EU which is if tillie becoming incremental e an undemocratic Democratic United States of Europe where none of the leaders are elected none of them can be removed but which more and more looks and feels like a single state this is causing problems at the periphery in Spain in Portugal in Italy in Hungary in Poland and many other places too it's a remarkable state of affairs and we haven't even left yet David leva c-can't says the Labour Party needs to grow up here and boot these people out who are poison and destroying the party from within and Scouse Allah says Tom Watson has threatened Wavertree CLP with a suspicion for tabling with suspension a bigger pond for tabling a no-confidence motion in Luciana Berger since when did labour become a dictatorship under Watson's control Berger is an awful local MP and Watson needs to go to well if you disagree with that if you think she's a good local MP let me know or three four four four nine nine 1000 we are I can tell you talking to Vince Cable at in the final hour and I'm very much hoping to speak to Nigel Farraj about his new brexit party come on Nigel anyone who can reach Nigel we all want to hear about that maybe we'll maybe we'll all join it we need to hear more about it Orion says Tom Watson branding the entire Wavertree CLP as bullies demanding there are no confidence motion be overturned this has gone beyond the pale and Norman says not good look for the deputy leader of a Democratic Socialist Party calling for the suspension of a branch of that party in the most socialist city in the country for using that party's democratic procedures well let's hear from the northwest from Manchester Richard welcome okay yes by the grace of God I'm good yes oh great news Nigel comes on tonight I've already had four calls about this new party we knew it was going to be form but I've lost a little bit of time this week I didn't know it was today yeah well it's it's it's been accepted today by the Electoral Commission so is now illegal extant British political party and depending on how things go with brexit it could do really well absolutely wonderful I wrote to him and said the seventeen point four million people waiting to give you a few quid if we all gave a general piece that I'd kick it all off wouldn't it will not be the richest political party in history believe me I have a vision about it and when you think about Blair with Andrew Neil saying oh yes I'm going to stop it I will stop it as much as I can and then you get lauded honest that great man saying things like yes we we have taken the Soros money to keep our things going and I'm only telling you things I've seen on the radio and I'm sorry I've seen on TV and the radio and that I've been picking up it needs a strong party now and if this could get going do you think that Farraj could could lead us to a new party well I have said from the beginning in writing and or Nia that it was a real tragedy that when we voted for brexit the only people that were there in Parliament to lead it were clowns circus clowns yeah people that you you wouldn't buy a second-hand car from and you wouldn't leave your wife or your daughters alone in a room with it was a great pity that there was nobody neither Farraj nor myself nor many others who were ready to give some vision the vision thing about what post brexit Britain could be like if you voted for it and these are the people so get joining it let's have this new part what we need to hear more about it we can't we can't join it sight unseen that's why we need Nigel to ring up come on night George good-looking thank you thank you for leading astray George thank you Richard appreciate it now let me get some more of the paperwork president Booker with Docs David we've got that once Gosselaar Ryan Norman Cristina yeah the COO mp's did try to break Corbin as a man when Corbin stands up in Parliament as leader they never support him they give him the cold shoulder they stopped promoting labor and have spent years personally attacking him and his supporters that's bullying and Hasan says we'll take an exit off the brexit roundabout my fear is that the whole exercise will amount to not well if it did amount or not then I can assure you Farraj will go through the political system like a knife through butter Hassan goes on though I was nominally against brick cellar I could see the point of getting out especially after how the EU treated Catalonia last year Scouse alar says burger is an MP who only ever saw Wavertree is a safe seat for a career and had no connection to Wavertree she also doesn't want a Jeremy Corbyn government when nearly the whole of Liverpool needs one good riddance to the story tribute act MPs and Tony X the wisest of my co professors on here says Andrew Woodcock is absolutely right I find myself much closer to Reese mogs position than to the government or labor position on brexit something which is terribly uncomfortable to be close to a tory position but it's true and Bob justices media Corbin bashing is a ludicrous national pastime I find his response to this abuse wanting but that's not the bigger problem this behavior is aimed at millions of people – does the media understand this is a betrayal towards its own audience well I suspect they don't if you look at question time for a start it has so lost so now utterly bereft of any credibility that I'm about to start my own question time and it'll be coming on your screens over the summer how about that then here's a new collar it's from Dallas in the United States it's Albert Albert very welcome indeed so far away thank you thank you mr. Galloway I admire you greatly and I'm happy to be on your on your talk show I'll try and be quick because last week we had somebody who was from the Netherlands I think it was an economics professor who's a historian yeah he was a historian he's a big here or now in in the Netherlands well actually no it wasn't him it was somebody else but anyway that he thought it was a good idea to tax Amazon and and I'm not an Amazon shareholder but I do shop with Amazon and and I just wanted to make the point that yes they had and it's a big number four hundred and fifty billion dollars in sales over the past two years but I don't think there many people who can tell you how much profit they actually made on those sales if you take the cash flow they got from the customers and all the expenditure it comes to less than a penny well that's what they see when they put in their tax returns definitely no no that's in the actual financial statements I just I don't believe that Amazon is making a penny on each of its four hundred billion dollars worth of transactions I don't believe that well I'm talking about the cash flow and I'm not talking about their accounting shenanigans oh they're they don't participate and do this but but I'm a chartered accountant and I'm an accounting professor and I can tell you they make 0.8 pennies they made on the last two years of sales it's it's true how come the owner how come the owner then is the richest man in the world well that's easy to explain because a company like Apple trades at a price to earnings ratio of 14 and it's valued at 800 billion Amazon trades are the multiple of 80 and comes to the same valuation in other words the investors are thinking you know wisely or unwisely that Amazon is were six times Apple they don't have profits and appellees generates fifty billion a year in free cash flow so it's it's I won't call it the madness of the stock market because everybody has told us for years that Amazon should never traded these multiples it's not worth it and and mr. Bezos proved them wrong but if most definitely be one for him all but as I said it's definitely been water for him he's the richest man on the on the earth yeah but what happened 20 years ago 25 years ago he started a company called Amazon to sell books online mm-hm and he built that business up to the point now where you're asking us to pay a decent amount of the money that goes to him to tax that's all but he only gets eighty thousand eighty seven thousand dollars a year in salary he gets no other income from Amazon he's only rich on paper he's only mean he's only rich on paper he owns the Washington Post he I am sixteen percent of Amazon and the value that the market places on Aven Amazon is what makes him rich and he has built a business that the market has now said is worth 800 billion you can't blame him for that I'm not blaming him I know I have no avarice or Envy towards people on their salaries all I ask is they pay their fair share in tax and nobody believes the Amazon is paying their fair share in tax no I can I can batter that now I can tell you that Amazon that Apple's they profitable and Google's very profitable but Amazon's purpose is to give their products or your products would he want to sell to the consumer at the lowest price possible but the other point I want to make is that when a company pays taxes it considers the taxes as just any other expense like they do rental they try and recover that expense so through their selling price so ultimately well it's very we're on our time Albert I'm presuming you're not mr. bezos's brother and that you're a well-wisher helping us through the thicket of Finance capitalism I'm grateful to you for having done so from so far away as Dallas Texas what do you think of that Oh three four four four nine nine one thousand dr. faith urs says the rights and France are news he capitalizes I used to believe it was the job of our outlets to report news for heaven's sake George what have we as a population become and why are we tolerating this right-wing agenda of silence well they'll never be silenced here doctor and doctor our faith goes on great shores always is it everyone or am I the only socialist who seems to despise these red Tory Blair right MPs even more than Tories proper at least the Tories as misguided as they are are open and honest about their allegiances and ray says great show George love and respect to Bob Marley he stood by all of the oppressed people in the world a legend on the stage and off it taken too soon amen to that let's hear from Steve in war from Abbey go ahead Steve don't you mr. Galloway I do sir being after that did you watch her this week last night after question time I'd rather stick pins in my eyes mr. Galloway was that what you're talking about the French was the French guy leaves we need to Lady French the French ambassador being recalled from Rome yeah yes well this week that's round about midnight that's prime time yeah well that was brought up when they aren't there was a to pundit sitting on the sofa was mr. Portillo and the broker what's the people's vote the Spink dr. Campbell Campbell I knew there was a reason why I didn't watch it last night yeah gets me enraged anyway but the moment of the week was mr. Portillo brought up exactly what you just said about president of what happen in Europe yeah right and then also there was another guy that come on a bat like that saying about what it was good that Harry's changed the dynamic scene with that quote that the letter they called him Rick to mrs. Maylie nursin an aerosol word things but all his name was on a bear okay well it's not about the people's vote and both the other guy which you I can't remember his name that you'd known from I was talking for mr. Colby and Portillo just shut shut shut Alastair Campbell down he just goes on and on about and me yeah it's a broken record but one of the greatest joys of my life Steve is that the people's vote is now as dead as that dodo in that glass case in the Natural History Museum except when he was defenestrated them back in the David Kelly days and you learn more about that when you see my film Alastair Campbell got rid of their Star reporter they're there the Secretary General their director general and their Chairman single-handedly and yet they still have them on every other day if not every day in Parliament on BBC rather it is extraordinary but I'm telling you Steve there's more chance of me becoming the Prince of Wales than there is of Britain having a second referendum it's dead as a dodo might be even White's ring you again today not none of it on all the my notional so I've been now imported with my back in that no one is reported I anything job shopping dance from all of me and not one of these been reported about it no you're absolutely correct the mass media has become a conspiracy against knowledge for the British people but the good news is now you can find the truth all you've got to do is click your mouse Steve thanks very much indeed for that in Waltham Abbey if you've got a call with a point of view Oh three four four four nine nine one thousand down me now get your call-in don't leave it until the last hour because every week now a large number of people who wanted to come on didn't get on because they didn't call early enough Peter and Glasgow says it was the humiliation of Greece that did it for the EU snuffing out democracy indeed it was Peter John miles says Galloway is right about the lack of media reports on the troubles in France I've lost all respect for the BBC sky and the rest of the MSM the British public deserved better and Ryan says Peter Hitchens once said blare ISM became the dominant political ideology on both sides of the Commons in 2002 it's clear to see the potential for a breakaway party of Sabri umana itaú a Trojan horse for the pre pro EU liberals but still Pro or stood austerity let's talk to come in choke them go ahead cam I'm good sir good good a bit of cold bread well it's almost Jenny : I'm big fire Gemma Corbin I voted for than the 316 leadership election and I really like him but I think he needs to resign his lead leader the Labour Party medicine against nothing against him but 70% of the members of the party once remain in the European Union how do you know that they've opposed released last week what Paul a poll of how many people well this the point come you see you're talking through your hat there's 600,000 members of the Labour Party nobody knows what proportion of those want to remain in the European Union you're swallowing the people's propaganda my friend I know actually support people's vote yeah I you're quoting a poll you can't remember and you don't know the numbers or how many people were pulled no I can't I can't be honest all I'm saying is that fair enthuses yeah I can't say 20% but from people especially the student vote people around my age majority of them won't remain European Union and Jeremy Corbyn is a breakfast here his farm of a breakfast even to resume is she was posing as one and there's nothing wrong with that but I just feel majority of the labor P labor members want to breakfast here and remain as sorry as the needs of the Labor Party and actually respected I don't believe it should be someone like a checker Romana or Blair I absolutely not I believe it should be someone to the left someone like Emery Thornbury or Andy Burnham number forty is an MP anymore he's a mayor of Manchester yeah but I feel like we can't have a leftist leader and someone who wants to you supposed to European Union that is how I feel well it's a perfectly legitimate feeling of course and the options are there for Emily Thornbury or who was the other one you you mentioned he's the rather fine mayor of Greater Manchester but Emily Thornbury could of course challenge Jeremy Corbyn for the leadership of the Labour Party I don't think she will because the same Labour Party members you're praying in aid would overwhelmingly back Jeremy Corbyn over her I'm perfectly sure of that actually Corbin voted to remain in the European Union some something he did to my dismay he campaigned hard for a remain vote in the referendum whilst I was campaigning for the opposite and that was to my dismay also but what Labour stood on in the last general election just one year ago or two years coming up to two years ago was that they accepted the result of the referendum indeed so did the two so more than 80% of the voters young middle-aged and old voted for the two parties that said they accepted the result of the 2016 random so I don't see how you can hold it against Corbin for doing what he said he would do in the manifesto for the last general election well you say 80% of the people in Johnston election voted for a party that vote support brexit and I believe fair enough co-author Bret says wrong with it but the reason is people vote for Bret's that have been proven to be untrue we voted because we voted to leave because we were told we would get a good deal how we get to deal with you not just tumbling out No Deal on WTO rules when was that where was all that on the ballot paper kam on my ballot paper I only said do you want to leave or do you want to remain didn't see anything about I didn't say anything about a deal it was a binary question come it was a binary question yes/no do you want to remain leave and seventeen point four million people chose leave I know but the thing is if they leave you want to leave they hope you can uni but remain in the custom market none of that was on the ballot paper it was remain or leave which part of those two words don't you understand remain or leave seventeen point four million voted to leave and we must leave and Corbin and labor and treasom a and the Tories both run in the last general election on the pledge that they accepted that result last what do you cam he must respect for you and so we don't contain against the one Iraq but I just want to say it was gritty disagree but well saying we say we were spared a random but are we not going to respect what was promised during the referendum well we're respecting the decision of the referendum come it's been great talking to you appreciate ur very much the spirit of your disagreement Jim is in Brina Claire from him hello Georgia vaguely pleasure to speak to you unto you yeah just listening to the short and I am struck by the fact that there is no relation to us probably about 50% what you see but it's a very important 50 percent yeah yeah we are very very badly served in this country by the political Talking Heads that dominated the media we really are we've never been worse we'll never be more served 80s no I mean you're got the same two dozen roughly two dozen journalists that are pure and every single yeah well the two journalists from the meal the Guardian and The Spectator and maybe one on earth paper and or you could name them or anybody assembly to recognize their faces that's for sure yeah they appeared on question time they appear on the paper review just about every political platform it's the same guys I'm not worried about that because I've got plenty of platforms and more coming along soon so you know people can find me if they want me when I get on that I TVs the only mainstream media slot that I get at all and I was on it this week on the fat char statue with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid and all Jonathan I can remember him I do remember the very famous interview and YouTube with you and a that women coupon on the politics life show indeed I do how could I forget it compare and contrast that to this this a darling of the BBC this Jess Phillips who regularly appears on there as a thief Corbin critic yes you know just just watching you this week laughing and joking and coming around with a woman you know she does the easiest of interviews well the worst interview I don't know if you saw it Jim the BBC is consistently the worst but I saw an interview this week between John snow of Channel 4 News and Chris Williamson LP it I mean I don't know how that could possibly pass Ofcom I really don't know how it could possibly pass them it was the most blatant aggressive vile aggression it was the opposite of an interview it was it was an assault on Chris Williamson and I'm not from the skies knew who and in the eighties and nineties was a champion yes Palestinian right so many causes maybe he's headed for the House of Lords would you put any money on that I would see that the knowledge has control but the BBC in the sky and just working to undermine quorum well is so blatant that it makes a mockery of the idea that there's a there's a state regulator of the broadcast media there's only a state regulator when it comes to me that's all you're dead right and the guy on the other shoe the way advertising three boy peers and he started off his program tonight by saying well the Labour Party always be dog by auntie and you know there's no many true Corbin MPs are owned but whenever there is a Corbin MP they will get halfway in time on start going back to my GMB interview this week talk about three I mean it was three against one it literally was Piers Morgan Susanna Reid and jonathan Aitken on one side and me on the other side and at one point all Jonathan said to piers you're doing my job for me rather well uses so thick-skinned he didn't get the point you must be used to I suppose those can afford and I'm ready to 2/1 anytime three two one three two one especially if I'm getting interrupted every half a sentence it becomes a bit a bit much I must say I was grateful for the gig and I like Piers Morgan and Susanna and I like their show and I'm always ready to go on it but it really shouldn't do three against one it's it doesn't look good but then what can you do that the problem is we've seen this absolute decline in fairness if you want to call it that work yes people can do nothing about we not complain or something yeah well they should do that they should complain to Ofcom on Twitter they should complain but increasingly they should go elsewhere and that's the business that I'm in Jim has been marvellous talking to you I love to hear the west of Scotland accent the green Eck accent from Jim they're in in for Clyde thank you very much indeed zodiac says staying in a customs union solves almost all the issues regarding imports and exports to the UK including the northern island border nobody need get rickets and Simon James says according to the Squawk Box talking about this new centrist party starting next week can't see it but getting rid of some of the mark intents would make a great Valentine's Day gift now Simon if that's really your picture in the Avatar as you said it is because you're coming to my Manchester gig on the 6th of April in the dance house me and Ken Livingstone 6th of April in the dance house Oxford Road in Manchester and you were the first guy to buy a ticket and you said this picture is me if you see me come up and talk to me I think they'd be scared to come out and talk to you Simon you make the biggest muscle man Charles Atlas look like a six stone weakling but thanks for the tweet bob says haha Owen Smith is making noises around Westminster let me guess is it do you want a flick and some hundreds and thousands with that I think mr. Smith covered himself in raspberry sauce with the ice cream bands don't people want an end to austerity not ice cream well the Agra man Smith what we used to we used to call him Wally didn't we where's wallet we store unawares Wally every week here on the mother of all talk shows but he's back you thought he'd gone to the ice-cream paradise in the sky but he's back and he's leaving I wonder how labor can possibly survive it calling Nigel Farage leader of the brexit party I'm interested we're all interested coalesce oh three four four four nine nine one thousand whatever your point of view on any of the issues that we're discussing tonight or even as our caller Albert in Dallas Texas on issues were not discussing tonight because we can deal with all comers on all subjects now I have been making the point that there's not much coverage in Britain unless you follow me unless you read me watch me listen to me on the extraordinary developments between France and Italy which has seen France would draw its Ambassador from Rome and the country is trading insults and attacks across the Alps let's talk to Angela de frida who is in Italy is a journalist freelance with the Guardian and an editor and she's been good enough to join us know Angela thank you very much indeed for coming on the show good evening George 9:40 it's come to something when two EU and NATO neighbours are withdrawing their ambassador's threatening escalation trading insults tell us what lies behind and well that will indeed it has come to something but what we have in Italy is a populist coalition government made up of two parties that have different objectives for antagonizing France and in a broader sense we use them take for example Matisse albini he's the leader of the far-right League one of the coalition parties and also the interior minister he now said today that he doesn't want to argue with France hehe and he's invited his the French interior minister to come and sit down with him to resolve key issues now one of the most important issues for him is the situation with migrants at the French and Italian border this has been going on for quite some time now where France is essentially become a bottleneck area and France has been sending back migrants to Italy and of course you know immigration is is materially news key theme so that's what works him where is the five star movement and the other party in government and in a way and you know then kind of looking to form some kind of alliance perhaps with the yellow vests on one hand they've been looking to regain popularity because they've lost some of the popularity to the league party and in its kind of two messages one of the messages is going towards its Italian voters and it's reminding them that they still have the same kind of antagonistic spirits the anti-establishment spirits and that they had when they first began but it's also a message to similar European groups who they could perhaps form alliances with after the European elections now both of these parties even though they may have different objectives both of them kind of taunting France very much with a view of the European elections well front the French presidents currently languishing at 17% in the opinion polls half the French people support the yellow vests half of the others don't approve of macron more than half of the others don't approve of macron macron says Italy is interfering in his domestic affairs but he's interfering in Venezuela's domestic affairs it's all a bit of a mess isn't it yeah it is it seems yeah it seems to have become kind of in if there were issues perhaps that were previously and governments might have kind of thoughts you know behind closed doors that just seem to be able to come out to the for alot memories especially with social media it's easy to launch these attacks and not really without really considering what what kind of impact they would have otherwise diplomatic relations now Britain leaving the EU coming up very very soon just about 50 days I think many people in Britain think we're leaving behind a European Union that is itself beginning to tear itself apart Angela yes yes and well I'm just coming from the UK and speaking to friends there I probably yeah it would say that many of the people who no doubt voted for brexit are probably looking at countries like Italy and seeing this kind of stuff going on and unmet perhaps thinking we'll be better off out of it but again I think a lot a lot will will depend I think what you know this is anything positive that might be gleaned from from the the rowing between ER to the inferences it might actually bring and some of the issues you know to the table that do need to be discussed and that is Hampton hampering em integration and unity in Europe and one of them is them is the immigration issue and we have a situation where Italy has taken in born the bulk of the burdens of migrant arrivals in recent years quite saw people arriving Angela from wars that Italy didn't start exactly exactly and I think I think what you know they're very much pressing on on the point apart from you know what one of the key reasons for for the fractious relationship between Italy and France was the intervention in Libya obviously opened and Italy warned by the way before that happened Italy warned that if you blow up and the doors of Libya there's only one result and that is Africa heading for Europe and that's exactly what happened and the countries that ignored Italy's warnings did blow open the doors and blow off a lot of people's heads too are squabbling about taking a few thousand refugees whilst Italy is left holding the babies yes and this is the issue especially at the border when you have France sending migrants back and they have been doing so since 2011 and people if there was still migrants at that ball who tried there was a young migrant died yesterday of hypothermia just trying to cross into France and all that this really is down to adopt the Dublin regulation you know a rule that really constrains states like Italy no Angela just tell me this in the European elections next year the five star movement standing their own raft of candidates or are they standing in in unity with the Liga in terms of in unity as a government yeah I mean no I mean is there a separate list standing for the European Parliament elections are they standing singly or in a in a joint slate what they have been putting the feelers out with with similar European groups I think that visit there's a party that I think it was in Czechoslovakia and one in Poland and salvini the coalition partner has been doing a similar kind of thing with in terms of trying to forge a far-right alliance I'm not so sure anything concrete has come to plan with either of those just yet but there's definitely been both parties have been looking to form alliances very interesting Angela thank you for your time I really appreciate ER Angela Joe Freda who is a freelance journalist for The Guardian and an editor covering all matters Italian thank you very much indeed for joining us Peter in Glasgow says Watson is a trumpet yes no it's not a tuba that he used to be he's more a clarinet these days Colin and Colchester says excellent show again I think it would be useful to hear more of a European voice on the current state of club euro Italy are not happy and I've just been reading that Greece are wobbling again so why don't you get some of your European contacts on the air to provide clarity yes we'll try and do that : now here's Charlie in Manchester let's hear from him go ahead Charlie hello George I'm it nice thank you and you just got a bit of an issue when I say a little it's got a big one just sort of fundamental stance to the EU yeah is that you wish to pull out because it's a neoliberal organization however so the UK this is not exactly a socialist paradise really it's a bit between the devil and the deep blue sea who people at the neoliberal EU we just left early with the neoliberals UK so I can't really see how that's helping well the difference is we can vote to change Britain well we can we can vote to have a left-wing government led by Jeremy Corbyn for example but we can't vote to change the neoliberalism of the EU that's the key difference charlie but it's actually a hell of a gamble have you think about it I mean if you look at the history of elections in Britain say since the war labour only wins now and again yeah yeah well labour was different then yeah but when we do win like the last Labour government was basically a red Tory government yeah quite so the next one won't be done well this is a gamble sure why it's a gun but Charlie Charlie why is it a gamble we're living in dire dire circumstances now in the EU so where's the gamble well well this one just moving on a little bit there's one other major advantage to being in the EU for like I'm calling for Manchester the provinces like what so the woman that reason why so many people voted leave was because they don't like too much London because were totally dominated by London and everything is done any interests of London and the South East and Brussels to some extent it's a counterpoint to that I mean if you look at the examples places like Liverpool at a halt they were sort of objective one status as partly put them back on their feet I say partly but it's better the improvements they've had that they're not having them and we want those sort of cities wasn't it out there with all respect to you Charlie we can't refight the referendum we had the referendum the decision was made so we are leaving the question is what what use are we going to make of the fact that we are leaving that's the only thing that matters now surely well yeah I mean if he respect him up to see you do have to set the results of the referendum but I won't go into a leap arguments about that it was predicated on the lie and people work I see that after every election yeah the other side one lying I mean that's just the way things are there was lies told on both sides of the referendum Charlie but again were past that now and the only thing that's still in play is the actual terms on which we leave and then what use we make of having left once we've done so big campaign to actually get back in once we left well you see that but the Liberal Democrats are the only party campaigning to stay in the EU and they are on less than 10% yeah so there's no under greens who also campaign to stay in the EU are falling in the public opinion polls they've fallen again in several polls this week so there's no real evidence that a party like this new centre party for example which stands on a platform of more EU pleas and more more austerity please more Foreign Wars please there's no evidence that that kind of a party is going to fly at all at least no I can see Charlie well it probably well I mean the electoral system is going to be against it isn't it and they're going to go the way the SDP did you know they did a lot of damage before the war through well they did they did history might repeat itself yeah Charlie it's been a pleasure disagreeing with you thanks very much for calling if you disagree with me your call is even more important oh three four four four nine nine one thousand that's the number to call bob says there's an authoritarian bent that comes with centrist ideology it's evident in France or see also the EU rebuffed Italy's budget yet centrist macron is allowed to spend to try and save his failing career closer to home we have Watson suggesting a CLP is suspended and Hassan says it sounds like your accountant Albert from Texas is an Amazon employee I was one of these as well at one point a now Nigel would love to come on he says but he's on stage tonight so let's book him for next week let's book him no for next week to talk about the brexit party and tell him to give me a ring privately will you Toni X says what do you think about Alexandria or Casio Cortes I'm pretty bald over by her straightforwardness her comment on Corbin in response to a has bar manager notwithstanding the notwithstanding is a bit more significant for me Tony than you but she's clearly a very talented young woman frases Vince Cable is simply trying to make himself relevant again another new party and third way I think I'd rather vote for farrago at least you know where he stands for although that said I won't be voting for a you Kip has been anytime soon well it is interesting and if Nigel was able if he wasn't on stage tonight I would have made this point to him that you kept without Nigel Farage is nothing a brexit party running on the platform that we've been betrayed on brexit led by Nigel Farage is likely to be a very powerful political vehicle indeed particularly in the run-up to European elections if we are forced to participate in them I might even run myself Matt Howell says John Perkins describes his work in South America promising infrastructure projects by selling loans to these oil-rich Middle East world economies that could never be paid back a cheaper way of subverting and controlling a country than military intervention Matt goes on it's no consonance that Venezuela sits upon the largest reserves of oil in that region duh actually it's the largest reserves of oil on the planet Matt says keep plowing on George you're an oasis of truth and sanity in the swamp of the UK mass media Matt from Tunbridge Wells such a good last sentence Matt if you don't mind I'm gonna Nick it from my own publicity mal in Belfast says sorry if this is controversial if – says there's a special place in hell for all those who voted to leave the EU without a plan and SH in vain and Irish nationalists in Northern Ireland agree with them then where does that leave a united Ireland vote as a simple referendum ergo they are now exactly the same thing Irish nationalists the EU and Ireland have seemingly painted themselves into a corner in those regards if you want a united Ireland then go get a plan before you can ever put it to the people that smile in Belfast Ryan says I'm 22 years old I'm a member of the Labour Party I ever saw marginally back to remain in 2016 I have not been asked on my opinion for a people's vote but if I was I would say no to it William Martin has tweeted you are in no position to criticize other interviewers if you want to hear a personal attack masquerading as an interview I refer you to your quote interview unquote with Tommy Robinson within minutes you were yelling at him quote yeah ignorant we laughs unquote you say that William as if it's a bad thing let's hear from Carl in southend-on-sea go ahead Carl hello laughs because absolutely I totally agree with you and you know we need less desolate Ami's and more of Sullivans and understanding Veritas is the is the defense in that latter case I must say yeah Carl what do you want to talk about okay now this so-called exit party that is going to be formed well Nigel Nigel's party yeah it's now been formed actually it's no it's now been formed it registered today successfully with the Electoral Commission the centre party the Vince Cable will hear from Vince himself half past nine how that's going because I'd love to see how he's able to be a member of two different political parties and political parties that have completely divergent views given that of course the Lib Dems were responsible for the introduction of you know student fees yes they don't like to talk about they'll be an albatross around the neck I think for a while this is the thing that we've seen split like this before and what we've seen are basically parties that have disappeared let's think about the SDP the wonderful SDP who had a good run they had a good run let's face it they they got a lot of publicity and in the end I think I mean two or three of the Labour MPs who left and join the SDP was reelected at the end Fermi one term I don't think it was three but I think it was fewer fewer than three I was thinking now Shirley Williams got in in Warrington didn't she Roy Jenkins got in what was then Glasgow Hill head I defeated him in in 1987 I'm struggling to think of any more David Owen didn't get in William Rogers didn't get in I may be wrong and I hope I am to be honest because all that's gonna happen is that these individuals who have no interest in the exes oh what a pity we've lost colour you still there Carl we'll get back to him because I was interested in that Lizzy says haha come from Cheltenham he's having a laugh isn't he I wondered if that was a we wind up actually W says Bob Marley's dad was a Scot as was Flight Lieutenant Jerry Rawlings the former President of Ghana of whom his most memorable seeing's was my poor people as he saw the donated agricultural machinery rusting in the fields and the artesian wells falling into disuse back to basics yet again here's Carl back on the line go ahead go the individuals who want to leave the Labour Party for example and also leave the Conservative Party are people who don't really have grants it's at the heart of their thinking what they are concerned about is that someone like Jeremy Corbyn for example who is a socialist and who has produced policies and views and especially this letter that's recently being written by him that are able to do two things which is to link the aspirations and the referendum wishes of the majority of people but also to provide a plan which makes the future of our country much much more secure and especially for workers they have no interest in that they want to attack this kind of socialism that Corbyn represents and I'm curious to know why why do they want to do that they're using they've used every sort of technique to do this the other day I noticed someone some bluetick person on Twitter the main nameless the Romans I dare say something sweet but yes I did say that who said that Corbin Jeremy Corbyn was not holding his pen in the right way and that that was some sort of criticism of him now these sorts of people have certain views and certain attitudes which demonstrate they are not they're not there for the working people they're not there for people it was some of them Karl some of them I mean let's take someone like Tom Watson Tom Watson would quite like more labour policies I think he's a former Union man working-class guy he would quite like a bit of extra expenditure on this a bit of extra tax on that bit of extra public ownership on something else what the problem for Tom Watson and for most of them I think is not jeremy corbyn's domestic policies but his international worldview I think that they can live they could live with a bit more socialism in the lab our domestic platform but they can't live with what carbon represents on foreign policy that's my view one of the things about Russia which we're living in the time where it's a very strange time where the the what who's mentally the most powerful person in the world Donald Trump is in the the control and the and owns a famous shall we say business to the lesson he's got peculiar way of showing it what if the Russians did invest in him it was the worst investment in history it's not quite time to do that we're not yet at the watershed but the other thing is that we have sort of bizarre thing where that's happening where Trump seems to be you know interested his business interests but nationally there are other things going on and some of them of course are V the weapons sales in this country and America is involved in weapons sales involved in the investments of where the weapons industry in this country of selling weapons to to sound you the idea to destroy effectively destroy communities and people and children and hospitals and schools in the Yemen and serve the field and so one has to say you know the fact that the Palestinians for example yeah the those who are suffering under such terrible apartheid occupation of seeing the reality of money other other views are available on that car I'm not really able to talk about that last point such as the state of freedom of speech and expression in this country but thanks very much for a fascinating call or three four four four nine nine one thousand that's the number to call will call you back won't cost you more than a penny or two Liam a Ryan says rank-and-file members have every right to deselect MPs whose actions have been antithetical to the basic principles of democratic socialism by the way he adds it looks like there may be a border poll here in the north of Ireland any thoughts Gigi any thoughts Liam is the Pope a Catholic art Newman says did you ever get your answer as to why Angela Reina had dinner with Lord Levy well according to her it was to discuss education and he asks also are you headed up to the North East with Ken and the outsiders well I'm speaking with Ken on April 6 in the dance house in Manchester we are still looking at other venues other events father but I'm speaking in Glasgow before that okay the details of that before the end of the show not with Ken me and Mark Wordsworth and John and Cheshire says last November in separate speeches macron and Merkel called for a real true EU Army in December Merkel said during her konrad adenauer memorial speech countries should get used to the idea of losing their sovereignty also in France there have been major riots in regional cities not just Paris for example Bordeaux and Leon Merkel and macaron speeches and riots outside Paris were ignored by our TV news that's an SMS from John now we've got our guest coming up John ba figlio a Latin American correspondent I think is in the US on Venezuela we've got servants cable doctor servants cable leader of the Liberal Democrats coming up at 9:30 I think we're on a promise with Nigel Farage for next Friday night on the launch of his new brexit party don't tell me you don't get every point of view on here Peter who's a new caller is on the line let's hear from him Peter go ahead I'm good where you're calling from okay welcome yeah would you agree that the WTO rules in terms of regs it is now the only option left I doubt it my guess is that the EU will reach an eleventh-hour settlement for some kind of deal not that far from jeremy corbyn's deal that's what I think will eventually prevail but if it doesn't then WTO is the way to go yes can I may respectfully disagree with you baby of course you don't even need to be respectful just I've been reading the EU withdraw like that and also wants a question on parliamentary time as well and also and also the cross-border trade Act section 13 of the EU like basically any other doctor Dominic Greene amendment Thank You Dominic grief and so the act of Parliament has to be passed for the withdrawal agreement to be ratified mm-hmm and it was basically mean kind of legislation in terms of customs arrangements I again couple things there which I'm not sure that actually able to table it in house comes because of section 18 of the withdrawal Act where it's there's a but basically administer the crown may laid before each house upon a statement in writing outlining steps by taking by the government in the Gershon that article 52 seek an agreement to seek and to negotiate agreement as part of the framework for the UK to elationship within the EU for the Attic in to participate in a customs agent with the EU however part two goes on to say the statement and Association one must be laid before both houses of parliament before the end of the 31st of October 2018 so so with any Customs Union plans which would go for them has a deadline for that passed and furthermore the ERG amendment to the taxation and cross-border trade act 2080 in the case of customs union between the UK and the EU Her Majesty may not make a declaration by the council under subsection 4 unless the arrangements have been approved by an act of Parliament what's your point caller the point which are making is parliamentary time and I think the customs union is actually legal customs unions illegal yeah and because we don't have a Constitution Peter everything can be made legal and yeah nobody can tell her majesty what she may or may not do that's the crucial fact for an act of parliament can be passed in a date if a majority in the house is found for a form of words that will take us past the deadline and into the negotiations not many people understand that actually all of this is merely one door open one door closing another one opening we are going to negotiate our ongoing relationship with the EU after we have left that's the whole point of the back stop no yeah we've got enough within enough trouble trying to get through the door and get it closed behind us and I'm saying to you I believe that we will reach a form of words which will command a majority in the house before we leave now I see Val Dakar is seeing now tonight that he doesn't think it will be done by the 29th of March I've got no particular problem about a four-week delay even an eight week delay but if it's delayed beyond the time of the deadline for the European Parliament elections the brexit party will sweep all before it and win the European elections I'm predicting that do you know on the day that it was founded and if it does that will change the whole dynamic of the European Union British negotiations into the future so it's in the interests of the establishment to get this deal done and get it done quickly yeah quite but even so it still has to be ratified and then any expansion in article 50 or I also Gina Miller case would actually have to be ratified by an act of Congress it does no you're right there can be no extension unless the government tables legislation to extend it it can be done by Dominic grieve or choke or Moana can be done by any number of backbenchers in our system only the government can table the legislation necessary to delay it yes and how long would give it given the fact that the you all know the legislative process is quite a long one and it doesn't have to be a long one that's the point I'm making to you Peter the Dangerous Dogs Act went through the House of Commons in I think three days as Steve Norris the minister responsible for it put it to me many times it was absolutely barking Peter thanks for your call and eat go because my collar is on the line from Mexico he's John bond figlio he's in Latin America and he's writing as a journalist about what's happening in Venezuela John thanks very much for coming on the show hi I'm good and the better for hearing from you apologize for difficulties in in getting our call to you through I know you're paying for this call I'm sure we'll reimburse it but let's press on now John ever since Donald Trump recognized some guy in the street in Caracas as the president of Venezuela a number of countries have followed suit but far more countries three times as many recognize Nicolas Maduro as the president of Venezuela we're now in a kind of stalemate what's going to break that stalemate it's actually different I guess desires on both sides of the coin on the one hand whether who as you correctly say absolutely is supported by the US and their allies are trying to push this crisis to a head and want something to take place on the other hand Maduro Maduro is regime and the status quo in Venezuela is interested in getting through each day and continuing without major incidents in inverted commas so that this impasse can can extend and they can cement their their position it's difficult to know exactly what will take place over the interviewing days I mean essentially if there is a flash point of some kind which could be the u.s. aid at the border it could be in terms of maybe Maduro feeling that he has to send people in to arrest Weiser or something like that then I suspect that there will be a rapid unraveling of the situation and some sort of chaos unleashes difficult to know quite what will what will take place then alternatively because I've seen before the state of growth continues and moves for day to day it the sales growth is really not any kind of achievable normalcy for any average citizen in in Venezuela I mean you know like it or not we're talking about 90 percent of people in Venezuela living currently in extreme poverty even Israel having lost something like 15 percent of his standing population over the course the last 18 months etc so it's somewhat down a lot in something somewhere I have to give what let's speculate then let's start at the most extreme end because we are dealing with Elliott Abrams could there be an American military invasion of Venezuela okay the most extreme ends I think there could be some kind of military conflict which could be a direct in intervention or more likely it would be a proxy intervention the u.s. is massively helped at the moment by the fact that it has hawkish allies all around Venezuela in particular even look at the recently elected President of Colombia and obviously you know the most obvious example of this is ball Cynara in in Brazil yes but the pneumoniae I understand he's yeah he's he's gonna be something a lot of things over the course the next year might be pneumonia is his lightest battle we never know maybe new morning am I win my so it could be it could be some kind of intervention I don't think we're going to be seeing American troops on the streets of Caracas I just don't see a situation in which that can or will be allowed to happen because to take it in it in a really simple way I mean the only thing really the could have increased Maduro support in the recent past was some kind of american intervention and that's kind of exactly what what's happened so i think us know or really should know that any direct intervention or even intervention by third party is going to is going to be counterproductive so yes that is absolutely a possibility i think there's and they've been obvious other thing which could take place which is what maintains the status quo more than anything else which is at the military changes sides I mean the fundamental facts on the ground is that Maduro still in power because he still has a military on his side there's been some noises and the odd defection both internationally and locally some high polish men military who flits but – at the moment it's the odd individual here and there it's definitely not a groundswell of of supporters change side so if there is a military switch then absolutely that's going to change things on the ground very very quickly that doesn't necessarily equate to wise or achieving power or new elections it could quite easily be somebody replacing Maduro from the from the regime which currently exists the blame is essentially being put on murder as an individual and then kind of a sort of an appointment from from would it be like probably the third thing which can which can happen is that the status quo continues that venezuela quietly and not so quietly moves on in towards being a failed state of and we continue to hear tips coming out of the country about the 1.2 million percent inflation rates prices of commodities going up x amount of percent etc no medicines coming into the country people selling their hair at the border etc and that plays on into the next few days weeks and months and and so on no there was an opinion poll I know it seems a bit odd talking about opinion polls in as turbulent a place as Venezuela right now sure that the Chavistas still had 33 percent support in the country Guido and his opposition had the support of 18% that leaves a lot of people in the middle doesn't it happy with both sides of the equation absolutely but Chevys i think i think is an interesting let's assume for a minute that this is actually an accurate opinion poll and that it is you know independently taken etc the reason you would say that the Chavistas still have a relatively high support rate is because in recent memory in the two thousands essentially Chavez did transform Venezuela a large part and although violence increased GDP doubles extreme poverty it reduced from 22 percent a person unemployment harder like that's only really ten years ago so people are still very aware that for the first time in their lifetimes really that there was a president who actually made things better for them obviously that's gotten massively South since but there is still a lot of support maybe not from a duro but for the chavista projects on the whole very interesting John it's especially good of you to call in to us at your own expense I'll make sure that we reimburse the cost of the call the line wasn't great but the interview was thank you very much indeed for joining us that's John BA figlio who was on the phone from Mexico but writing about the whole region John in Cheshire says last November in separate speeches macron and Marco called for a real true EU army I've already read that Laura Jane Stoddart says George it seems you are forbidden from talking about the palestinian-israeli conflict please tell us what's going on freedom of expression is vital for shows like yours well um first of all I speak about it all the time elsewhere so if you really want to hear my views on that conflict you're not short of places that you can go to do so and I think you know the pressure I'm under we are under I think you know the difficulties the decision is mine not talk radio's that as long as the pressure we're under continues that I will not speak about the palestinian-israeli conflict and the reason for that you might actually know in public in the public arena very very soon Mao says this food scare propaganda with price is going to soar if we don't get a deal annoys me we come from a green and pasture land make no mistake we will always have seasonal local food to eat we will not starve if imports of food are more expensive than we will learn to eat the internal market because of probable surplus and adjust our diets it could end up with that local food will be cheaper if we cannot export now one last before the break Terry Eaton says people today have to search out the facts for themselves the EU has been tearing itself apart for years but we don't hear it when we leave others will follow and that is why the power mongers don't give us the full info into all the infighting zodiac says the gamble is that we lose the constraints that the EU puts on right wing UK government's regarding environmental and social protections as well as regulations on manufactured goods which luckily the EU brought in I'm just not with you on that zodiac the idea that we need Donald Tusk to civilize us it's really not an idea I can buy into Emraan is in Birmingham go ahead and run evening good evening sir are we doing y'all right yes great thank you what would you like to see yeah Georgia to spell absolutely I want to start off by saying you have a big fan of yours well since you entered the public public I thank you and of course all the work that you've obviously done for various different causes thank you so yeah great advocate you know it's 20 years ago this week that I took a red london bus not this week this year a red London us all the way from Big Ben to Baghdad it's what I was just thinking about it today is one of the best things I've done oh yeah big big big big admirer and work yeah looking forward also to to this new question time as Shawn SES or more information follows yeah because no I totally agree with you I think that the the existent version of what is question time is it's not only bankrupt isn't it yeah yeah it is in and you know if you're a fan of many Mehdi Hasan at all but I mean some of what he does speak about is a lot of sense but every time he's been on there and I don't think they've had him on for a while they've always went down for whether particular reason for anyway that's why the by and yeah what I want to really bring up again was what you we brought up at they're very short to Europe and European leaders being in the in the pockets of Donald Trump and tying that in with and I am I don't know a whole lot of politics you'd be surprised to hear that and what I am probably listen to your show but I am I am more interested in in in you know conspiracies and all that kind of stuff and people you know people's back started to get to get off of that word but the need to have a good look at what conspiracy means and not get get it mixed up with the commonly used phrase of conspiracy theorists which is something completely different and a word that's been made a mockery of and and and and therefore a lot of people don't take note of concern inside I mean there are lots of conspiracies in the in history and you know there was lots of conspiracies taking place today not everything is a conspiracy and just because not everything is doesn't mean that nothing is and vice versa yeah but the point I was gonna make was you probably saw this video which is a well documented video and easily easily found on YouTube for example of the George Bush Senior when he famously stated that they would be eventually a one-world government and it would be the new world order of they they they quite nicely put it and yeah and I just seemed I'll just seem to see it unfolding I don't agree I don't really know I think the existing state structures and supranational structures like the EU are in such a state that the idea that anybody could govern the entire is is definitely fanciful I don't see China I don't see China ever agreeing to be governed by the United States do you well no that's right there's always going to be a select few superpowers is that you know a plane yeah I think we've got far more equilibrium and International Affairs now despite the chaos than we did at the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union Russia is a power China is a power the BRICS are a power the EU is a power of a sort but I've been surprised them run by how quickly all these European leaders that were laughing behind their sleeve at least at Donald Trump have fallen into line with his demands on on Venezuela have you been I was surprised at that yeah and I agree with a lot of what the last caller said I was quite interested in it just goes to show I mean there's quite an interesting documentary about economic economic hitmen economic hitmen you know yeah yeah which is which are sent by you know the powers at the you know the in American government whatnot CIA and you know they sort of blackmail these sort of smaller government if you like these smaller powers into certain things and then if they you know they don't agree then they generally you know yeah I agree but you know France and Germany can hardly be described as smaller powers M Ron thank you for that call I have on the line sir Vince Cable doctor sir Vince Cable Vince thanks very much for joining us at this late hour and you so now the the news is full of you're about two things actually of Nigel Farage's new brexit party and your new centre party although from what I can read it's not quite a party more a coalition can you tell us more than euro in the Metro today on this well it I didn't write it but there was a report yeah which is broadly accurate I think that there is there are very unhappy people in the Tory Party with what's happened over Europe and I think there is certainly on the basis of the conversations I've had and the things they've said publicly that some of them are going to break away and there are similar problems in the labour party particularly I think reinforcing what's happened today and Jeremy Corbyn effectively throwing it is a lot with a reason may of a brexit there may well be some of the longer see their future there so I can't see any more than that I think there will be a group of people who will opt out over this issue and the general direction of politics and I've said that you know my party is happy to work with them whether we call it a confederacy or coalition like I've no vice or not avoid the term Confederacy now Vince you and I being done certain ash have been here before indeed you were once in the Labour Party in Glasgow and of course we both lived through the relatively short-lived SDP breakaway independently from the Labour Party of course they eventually merged with the Liberal Party I suppose the first question is will if you like centrist politics do any better in the 21st century than they did in the 20th well I think there's a big difference I think if it was just what's called an SDP mark – I don't think it would be very successful for the reason that they so steeply Mart one ultimately wasn't a success it would just weaken the Labour Party at the expense and strengthen the Tories so I think what is happening this time and what must happen this time is that it's got to be a combination the disaffected tourism labour people otherwise they will repeat the same history and in a less satisfactory way possibly so that's that's the first point and I think you know with the whole idea of sensor isn't the right way of putting it I mean if you take the issue of Europe you know my party and the people to sympathize with us our way on the other side of you know the brexit argument I mean there's a different you know as you put it in your relation area days a different dialectic is it work here I think rather than the old right and left and center and we are needing some you know I think a different kind of politics and it it's not repetition of SDP well it might surprise you to know that I wish you well because I think that the the pattern of British politics and it did I pressed both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown to introduce proper proportional representation in Britain precisely because there are more than two ways in in British politics and and in European countries it's quite normal for there to be 5 10 15 parties represented in Parliament but our electoral system makes that almost impossible to achieve isn't it so you're absolutely right I mean there is a role for a proper Socialist Party and there ought to be but you know there are people who make all more social democratic liberal persuasion who are sort of squeezed out of the present system I don't like you know English nationalism of the kind we're now getting in the Tory party or you kept but they have a right to be heard and you know it's it's a it's outrageous really that I think you've got 15 percent of the Ross election didn't get any MPs and indeed the the SDP liberal alliance though judged a failure were into the 20% but no that was not being reflected in Parliament yes we do have more proportional voting in Scotland these days that the Assembly level and Parliament level sorry and local government and it it doesn't work much better I think so um if this happens are we still talking about it for can you now see that you're certain it's going to happen I think it's very likely I mean I think there you've been an MP and you that you understand the power of tribal loyalties and also you know the fact that some people have to be quite brave giving up their careers as soon as they see it and you know there's a salary and a job and a family and all those things so for some of them it is a big leap and I can't be absolutely certain that they will do it but I said it's all the vibes I'm getting are that something like this will take place in the next few months that was my next question we're talking months rather than weeks it may I would I think months because it would be logical if this happened after the brexit process but it could happen before mm-hmm no you as I said were both done certain – would you make way as leader for for one of these bright young things that would be coming in from either the conservative or labour side well I've made it clear that I mean I have some jobs to do I mean I want to see through you know the brexit argument hopefully we'll get our people as votes at the end of it were still thinking for it there's local elections which matter to me and my party there may even be a general election but you know assuming that all that is tidied up I'm very happy to wait way for a next generation in reasonably short order know given that there are a number of people who would be palpable a as we say who would be potential leaders most of them on the labor side though I would have thought your I think you know it is there are some very good people in my own party who would certainly find sue their chances yes yeah of course the party that I'm talking about we may indeed be opening it up to outsiders the leadership process yeah I saw those picking on that for the time well that was to be my last question and I'm grateful for your time my last question is this how does your membership feel about this Myton there be a slight irritation amongst your rank and file that quote-on-quote star names will be coming over from other people and that that will somehow be an imposition on the Liberal Democrats well I think we've got something bigger than that actually I am proposing some reforms at our Spring Conference in in March and it will open the party up they've gotten I really don't think given the state of crisis in the country at the moment I think any party should be petty and inward looking and narrow I think we do have to look outward and work with people elsewhere and in the political world if they share our values and I'm sure you know you may not be in quite a celebration yourself but I think you'd agree with that the the petty party tribal alignments and not what the country wants at the moment was a pleasure doctor servants cable a leader of the Liberal Democrats thanks for joining us Charlie from kollross says just to point out that the SNP are calling for another two referendums that would make a referenda jolly and they are predicted to gain 15 seats that's 50 stroke 59 in a general election thoughts gorgeous I'm not sure who predicted that Charlie but ah Hema Deutz malfunctioning marionette says what a surprise Vince willing to split left-leaning votes as well as jump into bed with the Tories in a coalition it worked so well the last times both were undertaken more years of the Tories and then forced austerity Tony X says as you might know Irish reunification was my prime very reason for voting leaf take it where you find it and I've been monitoring the fast-growing swell of our exit supporters because after all one island under the EU is no island at all let's hear from Donna in Bromley Donna welcome hi how are you very well thanks yeah just wanted to talk about Luciana birds room what happened tonight okay and I've watched the Al Jazeera documentary called Lobby yeah and since Colton became leader of the Labour Party in 2015 he's faced lots of attacks from right-wingers what was visceral obviously due to his long-standing Palestinian human rights and Luciana budget she's the parliamentary chairperson of the Lewis Jewish labor movement and they're a group which lobbies for Israel and they've got strong links with the Israeli embassy yeah it's not it's not done a topic for tonight and I've already explained what the situation is I do hope you'll forgive me Damian the legend is in Brighton and he's up next go ahead Damian good evening good evening I'm George and could we discuss Tom Watson's latest attack on labor members and Cl peas yes I think we can safely okay now I think the comments that mr. Martin made raised some very important questions about the behavior of late Labour MPs and their political obligation to the Labour Party come on now it might appear quite boring subject political obligations actually it's the glue that holds political parties countries and even international institutions together and a political obligation is where an individual if they live in a society and benefit from living in that society have a political obligation to honor certain rules to get the benefits now I won't go into too much detail because there is whole big discussion on political obligation regarding the relationship between civilians and the state regarding consent whether they're opting in and this kind of thing so there's a gray area there George but when it comes to the political obligation of Labour MPs they are crystal clear I would argue I can identify four immediately George which would be that you campaigned for the return of a Labour government that you vote with labour on budgets competence motions and manifesto policy commitments you promote party policy and you endorse the party to be the next government at the UK and the lead of the party to be the next prime minister now on that basis George I completely disagree with some what Sanders position on this because well there's been I mean there's been a whole number of Labour MPs who have been asked on the media in one case in chuka Mona's case on the eve of the local elections last if he wanted Jeremy Corbyn to become the Prime Minister of Britain if he wanted a Labour victory and he and Barger and many other MPs the fellow in Nottingham for example have all refused to do so and I was just George that by doing that they are in clear breach of the obligation for political obligation to the party now they joined the Labour Party voluntarily they have explicitly agreed to those balut the outlines the obligations are outlined by standing as labour candidates and I think I think that if the CEO please burdened with an MP that will not promote the party will not seek to return the labor government and endorse the party and the leader then they are well within their rights to censure and deselect all triggers should I say trigger the Rhys election yeah well they certainly are well within the rights under the rules of the party that's why Tom Watson's de Marsh today was particularly obscure and obtuse but wouldn't it have been better if the Labour Party's rules required every member of parliament once in every Parliament to have voter of confidence a resection of themselves would not have avoided the kind of ugliness that we've seen today I totally agree I'm fully in favor of open selection George but if I may just stick to my point which is that if a CLP did not censor and deselect an MP who were not fulfilling their political obligations that CLP would in fact be in breach of his own obligations to the party so I think for me George this is the final straw with Tom Watson on top of everything else the deputy leader the party's insulted the membership wants too often we already had a resign what's an effectively a vote no confidence in him which trended number one globally on Twitter and I think it's time for Tom Watson who stood on the Prospectus of supporting the leader 100% and did nothing of a plot against him and tried to undermine him for three years I think it's time he stood aside so we can get a deputy leader who will support the leader instead of constantly undermining them thank you very much Damian in Brighton here's another legend you wait all night to come along at once here's Norma in Bristol I am ruling on behalf of women because they're not enough women that ring you George no they're not I do keep asking for it but I don't know why they why they don't I thought I took Donna I thought I was about to hear a woman but not anyway you are now holding the banner for the women tonight go ahead well yeah actually I tore a muscle in my leg it's a couple of days ago and it's really really painful but that's not very appropriate tell you that well struggle on I am Venezuela Georgia do you want to know obviously the Venezuelans don't want all this interference from other countries but I'm not happy that the food cetera is not being allowed in because of the barriers on the Colombian Venezuelan border and Jorge the principal are okay because you know it's probably coming from the USA per on this one you can't let people starve I think it's wrong what do you think well it isn't food it's weapons and agents no it's it's if you think that President Donald Trump is sending food to Venezuela you need to look look up more information Norma this is being organized by Elliott Abrams who did exactly the same thing in several Central American countries including Nicaragua let's send in food aid but in amongst that food it is the very subversion and armed violent subversion that is the stock-in-trade of these people so I'm sorry I'm just not with you on it normal arts twice in two weeks we've disagreed I'm sorry about that but I can't let your legendary status mean I have to agree with you I've got another important caller on the line its Doogie in Wolverhampton on you go Doogie are you in the country yes I am tonight George excellent very clear line go ahead a serious question P&L right yeah you've never gonna get back in the life of party never would you be prepared to stand in nodular oh jeez no party yeah well I did say that earlier on a need to speak to a must do what the platform of that party is if the party was purely about brexit and no other far-right accoutrements if it was purely to bring about the absolute implementation of the decision that we took in 2016 I'd have to consider that yeah because I don't even understand there were you even back Jeremy Corbyn because the letter a route yesterday basically means that we don't leave the a you its brexit in I'm al my which is what the live Authority are backing and which the live apart they are ignored in the hundred and thirty three plus constituencies that bout it to leave so yeah I don't understand area come back Jeremy Corbyn well the Blair rights that are about to jump ship are seeing the opposite no I'm saying as they're seeing the opposite they said that Jeremy Corbyn has just thrown E's way behind bricks it was tied in the customs union well it's not the customs union is it Doogie it's our customs union that won't negotiate you know that I know that and the millions and millions of live about is devoted to leave now that well I've got no problem with our customs union a customs union that doesn't stop us negotiating our own trade deals with other people a customs union that doesn't effectively keep us in the single market a customs union that therefore in the single market requires us to continue to accept free movement of cheap labor into the country I know against our customs union like that nobody with any sense would be do you really believe that they'll get was fat you'll know I'm just making the point that our customs union is not in principle something that I'm against and neither should you be even if Eve the things I've just said it would adjourn back to it you know I customs union as you sat you say will not that the EU will not negotiate on the customs you well in that case we wouldn't have one yeah if you're right and I'm wrong then we wouldn't join it and I wouldn't support joining it I'm just saying to you it is not in principle I'm saying it's not in principle a bad thing to have a customs union with our former partners in the EU as long as the red lines of British sovereignty are not are not crossed last what do you do because we're running our time George wrong we know George and get us at the AU at the customs union and at the single market good night good night to you Doogie and thanks for that rare moment of Amity between us of course there will be no breaks at Party running in the European Parliament elections unless we stay in the European Union longer than the 29th of March so if it's delayed depending on how long it is delayed we may not be participating in these European Parliament elections at all but if we end up doing so I think Nigel Farage's brexit party will sweep the boards because it's not as if the other parties have a raft of really popular Emme peas on board at the top of their lists most people don't even vote in the European Parliament elections Sabrina says love the show I've been devastated about the coup in Venezuela I lived there and can see through the propaganda you said that there were a lot of walk people but will 1 million people ref Iraq why are so few speaking out about Venezuela many thanks Sabrina I really don't know the answer to that Sabrina I am astounded at the number of Labour MPs utterly silent on the subject of Venezuela especially those that used to adorn the platforms all over the country in support of Venezuela it's peculiar well it's been marvelous for me I hope it was for you and if it was I hope you can join me next week at the same time to all the callers who didn't get through and the messages I couldn't write a readout my sincere apologies stay tuned flippin CAF is up next

Iain Lee on talkRADIO Catchup! Ft. The Derek Griffiths Scandal & Paddy McGuinness! – 02/01/18

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More detective work around the Derek Griffiths scandal on Twitter featuring a call from comedian Paddy McGuinness who was scammed out of money too!

Streamed live on 02/01/18

twenty-four hours tens of thousands of homes in Ireland are already without power and that could be travel disruption tomorrow morning southern parts of Northern Ireland Northern England and southern Scotland will be the worst hit meteorologist agent McGivern says coastal areas will be hit hard winds will be highly variable across the country 80 mile per hour gusts can be expected for the most exposed coasts and hills and we do see those kinds of gust values a few times each season all land operations are being delayed in hospitals because of increased pressures on the NHS winter strains have meant the service has to cut back to treat the sickest patients Andrew Foster's the chief executive of writing ttan Wigan and Lee NHS trusts right at this very minute it's very busy but over the last week it's sometimes been more busy than I've ever seen it before with people queuing in the corridors and waiting to be assessed so it's been an exceptionally busy winter period a faulty generator is believed to be behind the fire that killed 13 monkeys at woven Safari Park it broke out in the early hours of this morning and no other animals were affected three out of five people think railway should be taken out of private firms have been moved into public ownership you if your weather windy with blustery showers tomorrow with some snow in the north with highs of 11 the late-night alternative [Laughter] listen there's a story that we've been kind of following the last perky old road this story you know we got just after midnight on New Year's Eve New Year's Day I kind of saw on Twitter that Derek Griffiths on Twitter you know the kid's entertainer from the seventies and eighties it's been on this show um it wasn't actually him on Twitter several people had established that the person claiming to be Derek Griffiths wasn't Derek Griffiths and it was kind of weird you know you're having a fun old show and then suddenly there was this whole strange surreal bombshell that went off and we all let's a catch our breath for a few minutes and then the show went on and it was fine and dandy um and then last night during the show they'll cut him more tweets coming up and um the last hour and a half I guess of last night's show was myself Finley good evening Catherine Boyle and we were kind of following tweets and getting messages from people and getting phone calls from people who had not only um been duped into conversing with sat's Griffiths but it also shelled out quite a few quid to have lunches with him and it also sent him you know stuff to be auctioned off for charity and also sponsored a young lad that he had been tweeting about who was raising money supposedly for autism and dementia charities and then he of of know what was the name of the chap from Strictly we spoke to last night that was Joe McFadden John McFadden an actor and he won Strictly Come Dancing and an all-round decent bloke it would seem and some people spotted a link between Joe McFadden's Twitter feed and this person believed to have been running the Derek Griffiths thing and then I had a whim that's a weird moment why I had to go off air as Joe McFadden phoned me up to prove he was actually Joe McFadden and now hundred percent sure it was don't McFadden that um I spoke to you last night um and I've been kind of following this story and emailing people and speaking to people and phoning people up and this whole fake Derek Griffiths story I mean it sounds like a joke to me it sounds laughable it sounds like you know a piss-take it's not um it gets murkier and murkier and I've spoken to people who want to remain anonymous who know things about this this person and I've spoken to people who've paid a few hundred quid now here's the thing one of the people that got caught out look when you hear of online scams you know you think it's gonna be old people and vulnerable people and thick people that get tripped for these things but a lot of intelligent bright you know savvy tech-savvy people have been called to health and one of the people who got caught out and I know this because I saw a tweet that he'd sent out and was paddy McGuinness off the telly and I had a delightful conversation with paddy this morning on the telephone it was a bit it was a little bit swearing I'll be honest he was he was annoyed let's hope he's calmed down a little bit now because Paddy's on the phone now evening paddy hello paddy now watch what's your potty mouth because this morning paddy all blimey gone oh I don't we just find out what he's missing its way yeah I mean listen go the whole Derek British thing for me like yourself even were of a similar age yeah and he's a kids TV parents from back then who's still alive and not been arrested so his life I've got some eating yes my mind yeah one of the good guys mmm everyone else I got drawn in he was on Twitter he had a bluets it you know and you just presume that's everything is gonna be great yeah and then he stayed direct messaging me saying about you know like what what you're explaining then cos there's about you know bidding on you could go for lunch with him and all the money goes to autism and dementia charities and I'm thinking my children of God you know this win-win for me you know give some money to a charity they need one of the idols going home yeah and uh you know Mitch the way I wonder that it was prepared about $600 quid for a headliner me and and it just never happened and then I kind of just busy we work in different things you know Christmas it's a big bit not today he's never been back in touch that's not what you called him this morning [Laughter] it was just a properly you think like you said in your online you know what it's like switch it can be a dark old place a good place as well and you can I think you're across all that kinda stuff and he really when you said what up and I honestly believe because you I saw a tweet someone last night when we were doing the show pointed me to a tweet you did I think maybe October November saying yeah I've just played a few hundred quid to have a lunch with Derek Griffiths all the money goes to charity everybody's a winner and so I tweeted you saying mate I think you've been done here let's have a little chat I know I keep sending your dick pics paddy I'm really hoping that you'll like he but never mind but you say you say you you saw that you saw a tweet or some ions go in touching you yeah there must have been a bit of a shock it was it was a total shock and like a fantastic I feel as all I'm pretty savvy with all the other things you know I mean it's a shame that you know the last we're living now with social media and everything is quick and electronic is a lot of scams I can't you know you pretty much know when something dodgy like some prints from Nigeria once give you like eight million quid you can't ignore yeah this was so just just everything's you know he was tweeting lots of people don't like you said Derek was on your show yeah and you were even directing people to his Twitter account yeah because obviously you know you had no idea your self so it would just seem really genuine to me just block up skies now what's he called overtreatment but listen because we're gonna say his first name but excited found out some his first things louis right the person that is there supposedly behind all of this and i found out today paddy and this kind of puts it I've been talking to Louis today on the email and he very very nearly came on and then he didn't come on and I have had two people one of whom is the someone connected quite high up with ITV and someone who is an actor but wants to kind of remain anonymous but they've done a bit of digging around and they are slightly concerned because this Lewis character is is a young man we think he's about 23 24 and we also think that he himself is possibly quite severely autistic not quite sure what that combination of words mean but there seems to be a little bit of concern from some parties that he he and two things Jawa yes firstly when you digging around on someone who's potentially a fraudster yeah ITV what mr. spork all a bit of place yeah yeah no you're right yeah listen if he is autistic right that doesn't excuse it no you're on my absolutely right because listen every charities worth while every charities fantastic you know and did everything you could sabotage even the billion unfortunately guys and other world works so just by doing your bit for certain charities that are close to your heart yeah you know that that for me means a lot you know and and I think this this if you can call him a gentleman approached me because it's been documented my children have autism yeah and I think he's preyed upon sort of me you know gonna totally embrace that because I won't do yeah of course you know like to do with a National Autistic Society never knows you got it you know I lived with the bosses when the kids I see it every day and I think you could be so you know really by an incident going on I appreciate that yeah you know yeah no I appreciate that have you did you because a lot of people that we've spoken to we're getting quite quite aggressive messages from the person pretty you know as Derek Griffiths and we should just say this you know Derek Griffith himself has got nothing to do with this and is you know this is this is I believe that he's been made a winner of this but he's got absolutely nothing to do with this in the comments gone on but did you get any like slightly pushy messages from in inverted commas Derek well yeah I mean we're not when I first they done on the on the moon and I woke the baby you know I'd be ending I said all really excited stuff I've always wanted to meet you I've got walls of questions so I should have been else it he DM backed on these taller finishing in this tiny room I shouldn't bowser to rang them when he said me it's always finishing I thought Derek cliff is also on but then after that then a certain messages candlelight about offer options the other on and over just given page you know could you just tweets about this from paddling he's in the morning and I'm trying to get this race for this chasing you you know series like blatantly yeah game meets it reaches it so you can get more money off people know I listen I'm not saying I'm the world's biggest expert on autism right where's the father of children with autism I've got a pretty good idea but it worked yeah of course and the thing you know saying or you know allegedly saying or I'm autistic that's why I've done a yeah just trust me yeah last ball works yeah no I appreciate that paddy I do I really do um so did you I am a word I've just said the word bollocks already if you just said bollocks twice you said earlier three bollocks on the radio now um Kevin Katherine is looking at me so please don't say that word anymore for God's sake sorry um so do you know what you're gonna do you're gonna go to the police I know a lot of people are gonna go to the police about it exist fraud it's fraud I do you know believes Dustin starts arriving tonight yeah this fraud is what was being a fraud kind of monetary it's its identity fast as well yeah you know this is not someone who settled with another thing that counts that sort with the man in in the past on Facebook and different things or what have you and you just rolled it not they're not that person yeah so those pollen count of a challenge you can adjust this mess you know our album Jeff and a girl Obama now this was a bonafide a bluetick so if you interested to see what Twitter say about it do you think the tweets have got a bit of responsibility in this because because the to get blue tick you've got kind of jump through hoops now and they just it would appear just given this out without really checking up on it honestly response you this morning I mean Grassley brand go there because what you said today blue tick is quiet you know I've got a stringent process hell is indominus you know i mean what what regardless of that bill you should definitely be reports to the police the people involved that money should go back to the people and I'm pretty sure the people will then give it to a charity and should have gone so yeah I'm just glad whistle 600 pounds a lot of it and I'm glad in a way that it was me you've got done for him yeah and not someone who just the goodness of Yahoo's a nine-to-five job all week hmm a lot a lot of money so yeah I'll be following all the places and you totally saw that they're doing that how old are your kids paddy oh my yeah that's that's hard work winds are four and a half and that is well good luck with that man on the coach full monthly I've got amber Willis on pause on Celebrity Big Brother are you and I'm having a cup of tea and I'm just about condone from you just won good I've never met you before no and I've never sporting you before but you know join our chat but I appreciate appreciate that call this morning so well god bless you Patti very quickly did you found this this Celebrity Big Brother opening a little bit lackluster actually on Boris Johnson sister okay all right I found her surprisingly sexy but anyway that's we're going off with a tangent Patti listen it's so lovely to talk to you lots of love to the kids and listen next time you're doing something fun come on and talk about something fun keeping it and let you know yeah if you finally speak to this person okay we were so close it was so close Italy we will do make nice one thanks buddy what's a nice man what's a nice potty-mouth man I've passed not in this morning we've got a second and maybe I should have said this at the start you know Derek Griffiths as far as we aware has absolutely nothing to do with this he certainly not been trouser in any of the money and he is I know from speaking to various people who want to remain nameless he is a where of what's his perfect he was so pup he was certainly aware that there was someone running a Twitter account pretending to be him and I was told he didn't know what to do about it but that's so we know that well you know I contacted his age okay well I'm sure I'm sure they're very very busy but yes they know they know um so that's kind of where we are the gentleman's listen the reason we can talk about this so freely is because charges haven't been impressed yet made yet once they do then we can't talk about it because that's the beauty and that's the way the law of the land works but the general I'm not gonna say his last name but it's a gentleman called Louis and I have been emailing him a lot today and he was yay close to coming on yeah close to coming on we were going to pre-record something at half past eight and the reason I mention is autism is because there are a lot of really angry people there are a lot of really really angry people and they've got a right to be angry because they have been fleeced I mean panic paddy got done for six hundred and twenty quid I think I think the going rate was about 250 which is one of those sums of money it's a lot of money but it's sort of not a lot of money to I mean it's it's it's – it's 150 quid of money but it's not a grand lot of money if you've got that to spend on a donation yeah it's annoying yeah yeah but you're not people it's you know is everything but anyway um so people got a real right to be angry and I know that he's the people claiming they've been sent abusive messages supposing by Derek emotion from this person and this person you know this person has said to me in the email yes I did it and I've done wrong and I'm gonna go he told me that tonight he's been to the place I've done if he hasn't all here is where we kind of need I think and I would suggest to just be aware that yeah we can be angry and we can you know we can direct our anger at this person but but but but but um I can't think of comfortably saying it so I'll just say it I don't want a young lad to kill himself because of this do you know what I mean and so but I'm trying to avoid a Twitter pile on basically because yeah this bloke was done wrong cause he's done wrong he's a terrible thing and hopefully I'll get sorted out if you bought stuff through eBay you should get your money back I saw a few people today saying they got their money back but I don't I don't even wanted to feel so scared and so pressured and so overwhelmed that they go and talk this is the thing what we're trying to achieve here is that everyone that the mess gets unraveled yes and it's not about revenge yeah I'm a guy called learning in a minute it's also loads of people sent me emails so many emails open I opened my DMS last night on Twitter which I don't really doing but I didn't I'm really glad I did I fix I got a lot of a lot of good people got in touch that didn't want to discuss it but publicly and didn't want their names mentioned and that's great but it was just a lot of people that gave me addresses and gave me a telephone number and gave me email addresses any really all two things I really don't see us do okay if you have been ripped off by foe Derek Saks Griffiths if you have paid money if you have sent him a doughnut to be auctioned if you have sent him money for someone else is a Just Giving page and you're pissed off and you're angry and you want to tell someone that you're angry or you want to phone up and say you feel stupid even though you've got no reason to feel stupid or you want to phone up and we can take those phone calls as well okay I would really really love to hear your stories about it and your take on it and there will be people feeling stupid but paddy McGuinness is a bright bloke he's a bright bloke he got done for over 600 quid he totally bought into it totally bought into it so there is no shame in this there is there is nothing to be embarrassed about if you pay if you paid over it with money um then you know give us a call Oh three four four four nine nine one thousand and you might think actually I'm being a little bit soft and you know being a little bit namby-pamby in my attitude but having spoken to a couple of people today I certainly don't want anything grisly on my conscience as a result of this okay I just want to flag it up and I want people to get their money back and I want that you know the punishment to certainly be be given where it is appropriate but I don't want me I don't anyone to it's not done taught to do the punishing is it no no no so if you want to take part dear listener and you can phone up with nonsense stuff as well oh three four four four nine nine one thousand week or you but I mean Lee this is the late nights alternative on talk radio tracheas dial up sometime when we have one good idea we keep going until we find another one it could be forward collision warning if you get too close or lane departure warning if you want them there some ideas give you more honda through your money test-drive incentive and five years complimentary servicing discover these conditions under the power of dreams is the thought of doing your tax return pecking away at you the longer you leave it the worse it gets don't keep ducking it do it by the 31st of January at Draft at UK forward slash self-assessment and don't forget to pay what you owe he spotted an opening and he's going for it he's gone sir no TV he's lining up a Sky Sports Day past Oh what about that Arsenal beat Chelsea finding live tomorrow for just $6.99 that's got to be the winner can you believe it so to only pay for the games that matter to you search no TV 18 plus fixtures subject to change terms apply it celeste if sequester it's always wound sweetie is the late-night alternative with that man radio only three four four four nine nine one thousand is the telephone number if you want to give us a call you're more than welcome to let me get this some Vernick or whether it is so hoping my request so it's all gone my never Vernon Vernon don't send me a message saying that but dancing Vernon if you're listening I'm calling you up now so put some trousers on for trying out there you never know do you what so that's always going it's radio no I know but I'd know hey I read numbers because I've only had two hours sleep since I was last year that's why that's why hello Vernon you are live on talk radio and it's your chance to win a million pounds are you doing there's no there is no chance of winning a million pounds I'm afraid mate so um listen thank you so much for you you've been emailing me and DMing me you got um subtended by your biostats Griffiths yeah why him is really interesting to hear what buddy was saying because I'm very much in the same boat as him but thankfully not the tune of 600 Kurt yeah I thought about you on Twitter I do lots of people and I saw that it would invest money should bear Griffis so I come into Rama tweet saying WOW childhood hero of mine from suspect you really lucky next time I pass along tourism collection box or sticky tournament yeah I genuinely meant Edisto and then the following day I got a direct message from that graceless yeah saying was your highest bid you put it on eBay you can have lunch as low as you want Wow and you thought you hadn't put a bid in on eBay oh I didn't write like a lot of people I floated the idea past my good lady wife yeah and she said no and did he quit on lunch with the seventies tedium down these sensible people in our lives yeah crazy so I said to him we've ever tell enough for my wife I wasn't I go for the salty one fifty quid you are here a mile would it be okay if I deleted 30 quid say and could be maybe some you sign photo saying you know to best wishes Derek graphics yeah I'll my team up the spot on the Dempster blue all right if you need them and then I did the bank transfer and then because it was late at night is about bit right it's like to promote like banking of that it will go through from a while and that was no what you mentioned before about him being a bit pushy and aggressive yeah well that was the Italian release that was a really secure so until you know fine though right I'm allowed to explain that transactions processed after 11 o'clock may you know so you you were getting slightly dropping messages from what you thought was Derek Griffith saying how much money was it you say so why is it my 30 quid gone into the bank yet yes I mean I love because it does sound it does sound like a comedy show so what did you think when when you know in inverted commas Derek Griffiths was giving you a telling-off and to be honest of your thoughts please don't bother before this class well is and all the gentlemen yeah yeah sure bit so that hasn't had much experience online banking is too busy occurring in in wall drilling tools and stuff yeah so maybe you understand but yeah and then I'd say as we bounce back in September the end of September right every two weeks or so I just am a direct message saying either all about well except a really sickly clean here and worship I'm just saying you miss you said Miss Rita their polite message that you'll be impolite you know and that's a that's a decent thing is this someone you are apparently about to have lunch with so of course you're trying to sort of you know get one side caution well yeah yes yes and the same photo those other things are you pushing photoelastic for a bit and then he said no still no chance to do it and the last message I sent him in Gaza was there just before Christmas when I send a message today have you had a chance to do that size photo yet and sorry I come straight to Punto from my tour because you think the money's going to charity you can't really say oh well I'll have I'll have my money back then please so very good position because yeah you're giving the money absolute musubi heart because like you know I don't have the direct connection with public doesn't worth to them directly goodbye it so it's a chance to dare to ever hass so yeah I'm giving the money anyway but yeah of course and you um I'm assuming that they said the money you paid to it wasn't directly to an autism charity it was to this Lewis gentleman whose last name we deliberately not mentioning yeah Lewis's bank account and then just sorry it just took my I forgot yeah midway through Doctore message me out the blue that's Derek breathless and to say could you make a donation to my Just Giving page as well hmm and I thought well I'm already in for 30 quid for the same photo maybe for chicken another time I made Nichols people to be the 40 quid I can afford it but a lot of people room for the 250 yeah maybe maybe that was you know lots of money today lots of money so the damage this chaps done is so relatively small he's received yet the grand maybe I don't know don't know how much parasitic old he's got a lot of unhappiness to the individual people donating and also the people like me and also like your new phone cutting the gimmicks yeah well also as well you know 40 quid to an autism charities is 40 quid that they've not got because it's gone into someone's um someone else's bank account you know and I'm sure every autism charity could could do with 40 quids you know every every penny counts um how do you feel about all of this because you've seen it all you've seen it all go off on on Twitter and you seen people you know kind of talking about this at how do you feel knowing that you've been duped first as you are in but I don't wish to go personally any ill will or another um I think what goes around comes around and I think he's brought a large amount of bad karma for a couple of grand no I wish him all the best with that Valon thanks Mike thanks thanks for the emails in the the dm's you sent and yeah I appreciate your time lots of pleasure thank you cheers mate you're a good man Thank You Ven it's good people and it's just good people you know it's a stranger thing what was that what was the autism charity that paddy mentioned he mentioned a specific autism charity that he does stuff with did someone someone with better is than me you met you mentioned a specific autism charity and I cannot remember autism UK was it autism you know I don't think it was autism you come on tell us the National Autistic Society was it yes it was that was it well I kind of feel obliged to chop down a few quid because national Autism Society let's have a little little look-see you I tell you what we'll do Katherine if you can find out if they've got like a just giving page or if they've got away that people can donate easily I'm paying for 50 quid and maybe we can tweet it and easy-peasy look can you can you sit can you send me the link to my email and what I will do is I will tweet it and if anybody feels that they want to chip in a couple of quid then please do you don't feel you want to chip in a couple of quid done after I just feel that because we're talking about it and Vernon they're saying a couple of grand by my calculation it's a bit more than that I don't know how much but it's it's a bit more than that so I'm gonna run run of chalking 50 quick so I feel I feel we're getting content out of it the very least I can do is is slip a few quid their way so this is I'm gonna bang on a few quids we will tweet the link and let's see if we can turn what is a pretty grim story let's just see if we can kind of turn it around a little bit this is what would and make it can give it some kind of positive ending okay let's just see if through one person's well criminal activity potentially I mean the police will be getting involved and misdemeanors let's see if we can turn it round and turn it into a slightly better story how's about that then let's go to Giselle good evening Giselle Hey pages every day yeah yeah I'm dumb I'm all right I'm tired but I'm all right we got for us I just and I just wanted to come from this throw from the perspective of someone widowed you gone you might be direct me a little bit because I don't never particularly you know we did be point on it but the whole thing just makes you really sad because I really feel for people that have been scammed I've been scammed in the past but I also feel for how this story is going to be taken because if it does come to light and I don't know the the scammer in question does have autism then it all comes a lie about autism and then they'll be misconception and I think it's just it's really hard for someone with autism on a day-to-day in their lives the way they need their lives to fit in and I think what it comes down to with this this whole situation is the intent behind it to scam people out of money yeah or was the intent to try to fit in to try to have friends on Twitter to tries to be like why was I know that you know I will get stick for saying that and that's fine but I think ultimately why did some to do anything and why was that it's just as important as for the people who lost money to get it but I think you're right and I also I should say that when I mentioned that this this guy potentially has someone has used the phrase it to me severe autism although I don't quite know what that means but I'm just quoting it and this has not come from this person right this has not come from the conversations I've had with this person this has come from two separate people who have done a little bit but who have done quite a lot of investigation into the story into the backstory into what is going on and they have both said to me just proceed with caution because this could potentially be and again this doesn't dim you know I don't want this to take away from the people that have had money taken you know given money under false pretenses but this um this could potentially be someone who is perhaps more fragile than maybe you know say me or calf or someone and again you know I doesn't take away from what has happened and people are out of pocket and stuff like that but I just I just you know I'm pom-pom I want to approach this with caution does that make sense yeah I think you didn't explain the good job for somebody who doesn't have full knowledge all the labels oh there's so many labels gizelle and then some of them some of them a meaningless between autistics and logistics right but I think I want to say I think it's very kind for you to mention the National Autistic Society because that money towards them and not promoting at all because they don't work for anyone yeah it might also more help people people that can get help it's really hard to get hope but it's also autism doesn't excuse the actions and oh no no no not on and the difference between civilians has taken perhaps nonspecific autism is as it's commonly used a spectrum and somebody with severe or classical autism may just have different needs to somebody who may function a little bit more easily in society yeah so that that's the main difference really but I really hope that this story has a positive outcome and if it does go to authorities that the guy question get helped as well as everybody getting there – yeah I'm saying this to everyone tonight you're a good person what good kind-hearted people we've got listening to this silly show gizelle thanks very much for calling Oh three four four four nine nine one thousand all I can see we've got Thomas Walsh phoning up he wants to play a song down the phone wonderful laughs Thomas Walsh on and stay tuned dear listen and we're gonna find that link for the national Autism Society know where you can give a few quid if you want to let's see if we can kind of turn this around and you know give this you know grim story it is grim let's see if we can we can give it a bit of happy ending I can see it's already appeared in the Sun online and it might have been some of the papers tomorrow and that they wanted to talk to me about it and I decided actually I probably wouldn't talk to the papers about it didn't want to stir the pot so let's see what we can do oh three four four four nine nine one thousand Thomas Walsh aka Pugwash stayed there coming to you after this I'm so moving on yeah yeah thanks to you now I get what I want since you've been sold college then sell it easy way to make room for the new selling now ebay fill your car with color I'm in charge of making sure it's Lourdes correctly if it isn't the plane can't fly knowing the pilot needs my or care before takeoff that's a special feeling make your spare time come with over 40 rolls commit only 27 days a year search RAF reserves up wigs our biggest ever kitchen and bathroom sale is on right now choose from over 45 stunning styles book your free design appointment a quick stock photo UK across the UK online and on da P John Holmes on talk radio will get you sorted get turned on to a reverence afternoon entertainments with John Holmes the man who's stirring up the nation an essential listing on the UK's premier forum of mind expanding free speech join me John Holmes tomorrow afternoon from warm on talk radio we have ways of making these illusions for mums Madame's for late-night alternative brilliant on talk radio just tweeted the link for the national Autism Society if you want to give a few pennies dude if you can't then don't worry about it oh three four four four nine nine one thousand Lily stay there we'll come to in a bit every time we go to Thomas Wong she's got a terrible terrible phone line maybe today will be a special day I don't think so Thomas all right Norman Collier and I know that you're old enough to get that reference do you remember that Norman Collier right this is proper entertainment kids he had three different acts one of them was the broken microphone do you remember the other two acts he add the chicken there was a chicken yeah he did an impression of a chicken and she turned the other one no yeah um he had a car door and he would sit behind it hold it and he'd wind the window up and when the window was wound up you couldn't hear him and then he'd whine the window down and talk through the door that is an act guys that is a proper act that's Collier that's the plastic carsick Collier how you doing Thomas you're right further madness well done you did anyway you Thomas sent me a text when I came out the jungle saying you probably won't want to talk to the likes of me now that you're famous and I thought oh no mate you're listen you're a legend – oh gee I don't know Thomas Walsh aka Pugwash just delightful if you're a fan of I don't know the Beach Boys elo XTC any of those people know you know Beatles if you're a fan of melodic harmonious pop go and check out some Pugwash ooh you are in for an absolute treat celebrity shouldn't I know I do apologize sir I finally saw that I finally saw that XTC documentary at the weekend have you seen it yes oh god yes this week in the u.s. probably already oh yes well it's so good and they said you know what and I love Andy Partridge and I do think he's one of the greatest songwriters ever been so nice to see the other members of XTC talking as well isn't it we've been living over in Australia for the last 30 40 years evening that's incredible no I'm not I'm not um I'm not heard that yeah is any good yeah you know the brilliant I'm gonna I'm gonna go and check out now it says here on my screen you want to say a song with your guitar original boiling lava pond and you know I mean maybe some play away out yeah so sorry I was taking a swig of um coca-cola unfortunately let your phone asyou phone is so terrible this is the next Christmas remind me to send him a decent telephone one that's not made out of paper um but saying that Galaxy s7 edge you know maybe it's a book maybe it's our own today we'll get a decent phone system Oh Thomas Walsh take it away let's have the Bob scene tell you what I'll take her off speaker now but now I can't play the guitar oh that sounds good don't I mean no I don't mean it you don't play the guitar sounds good I mean I mean the phone quality sounds better yes I'll deal with with the speaker or I'll play the song there we go that's not beautiful 20 seconds long anymore no you do it father I love him so much [Laughter] [Applause] well done Thomas see if you've made me I've had two hours sleep since I was last in this radio studio and you have made me laugh a lot thank you brother we know when you when you sort of somewhere near here where we can meet up sorry can you speak you speak look what we're come in there oh yeah Samanta Oh brilliant I'll see you took what I am going on tour with me play words oh we love Nick Islands yes Oh with me and Nick will come into the studio Oh Thomas here's the thing it's a funny thing because Nick's got a new album out or has been out a few months now probably and I can't thank you I keep thinking we should get Nick Heyward in one night one night we should get and I never get around to it so all those ones it goes round in my head and I never get to send the email oh if we get you to it might you cuz you can have the whole show you two all sorted oh don't worry about it thank you fella I Love You Man I love you too I'm time stretching I'd love to see and open again so I said you know tax forms I will did she like yeah yeah but by what it's about seeing everyone's being nine we need a real bastard to call I didn't very careful um yeah well you've got listen you gotta be careful but when someone's got the blue tick and it does you know it's I think it's important point when someone's got a blue tick on Twitter you think they are real you take it at face value when paddy phoned me up today for a while I'll sink in let me out the the John McFadden last night though you know I'm damning him I'm thinking this ain't Joe McFadden and these are the poor lad fund up he don't know me from Adam and he said yeah just wanna phone up to say that I am John McFadden and I treated you with extreme suspicion I know you did cancer though he's on the phone I said well do you reckon is it in you won't think so it's good to be suspicious about these kind of things I mean cuz to get a blue take a white take on a blue background technically all right Linden you've got to know me you've got a show like proof of my ID and all this sort of stuff but obviously some people are getting around that Kathy was just jealous Jerry because she's been trying to get a blue tick for the last two years yeah and even the kids in the office have got blue tick Jack I think now so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna pose this for this to Kendall Felicity Kendal yes I'm not getting a word you're saying but I'm enjoying your enthusiasm I'm going to cut you off Lily good evening Lily hi n hey Lily how you doing I'm good thank you yeah thank you very much you can hear me tapping away it's because I'm just doing this donation to the national Autism Society so I but I am listening I am paying full attention um what have you got for us well I had a liver transplant in November and I was just and wanted to ask you what your views were on organ donation and if you think that we should introduce an options an opt-out system oh yeah we should have an opt-out you're how old you sound young 15 miss Dana and your liver transplant of 15 yeah super thick what what was wrong with your liver well when I was born I was I had a rare in life for any type of liver disease and when I was six weeks old I had a operation to kind of just buy me time until I was old enough to have a transplant I'm always amazed what they can do this is with science and what they can do with tiny little babies because you may not be aware of this but six weeks old babies are tiny is it true with a liver that you can take a slice of someone's liver and it kind of grows no yeah you can't do that you know yes it's the only organ that couldn't like regenerate so what do I think yet no I um we did this on mink after this a few years ago when we were another radio station and I hadn't at that point mean you signed up for organ donation as one of those things I forgot so I did it while we were on the air I've signed up for it and they people take whatever you want I'm not bothered you know when I go whatever you want here's the thing Lily and this is the thing we found out what we did this is a phoning people would say um you can take whatever you want but don't take my eyes can't take my eyes you can do stuff with eyes I've signed over the lot yeah if any of its any good you can so yeah I do think it should be an opt-out system and I can understand you know when someone you love dies and you know the doctor comes in and says you know asks that question I don't know how they ask that question you know but but you know that did your the organs from your son your daughter your husband your dad could save some nice I can understand why some people might be very protective and not want you know the body defiled in that kind of way and that's fine and I respect that choice but if you've already specified that that's what you want it kind of takes out of their hands denied it you can you can still be over the lease today yeah no that's what I think is I've told my family that they can you know that when I'm dead you have what if you want I don't care so I'm gonna get buried or burned I can understand but do you know where your liver came from Lily um yeah was donated by a 19 year old man Wow and do you hope you don't want so just tell me to get lots but I find it I find it fascinating I've never spent someone in your position um and did you knowing what you know about that 19 year old man how does that make you feel I mean obviously it's like really sad that someone has died but and and obviously you feel really awful for their family that what they must be going through and everything yeah and I've always just looked at it as you know it's um it's a part of life and it happens and you're just you know it's the people that have to go for it it's just it must be awful but it's just something that happened this is this will sound patronizing but I don't care you've got a very mature outlook you know for a 15 year old and I know 15 with your outlooks I'm an old fart man do deal with it I'm out of touch and I'm patronizing you well done you raise a really interesting point when did you at the Opera House long ago did you have the transplant and I have my transplant on the 5th of November and everything's going well yes okay well I had a little bit of rejection whilst I was in hospital that and I was given a really high dose of steroids which clears that so now I'm doing really well and how does that does that work forever now or is it like 20 years what do they say um I think it all just depends on that person and how well they do I mean some people can spend the rest of their life with the liver that was transplanted but others it might only last a few years they're just depends really it's incredible lilies thank you so much for calling you've given us you know something to think about and I hope you give us a call again thank you you think imagine being 15 and going through that and being so you know not even two months ago and that is a big old operation and being so common about it all so busy to deal with a lot of stuff yeah but also imagine being the parents and of a six year six week old having an operation her hats terrifying and your 15 year old you know I know she's like she's a 15 year old young woman but 50-odd little baby when you're a parent you know going through that it's um it's remarkable I've spoken to people whose loved ones have been donors yeah and it's a is a testament to the whole family actually one that they've got someone who wants to give that gift but also that they go through with it because as you say it's hard but from wife heard from family is it kind of in a horrible situation it's a little bit of Solace yeah they know the difference and then you know someone who's suffered or someone who's died or somebody's died too young it's not been a complete waste yeah I don't know exactly but then I can also imagine um you know my beautiful boys and the thought of you know what was need to take place through their heart and they're all good you know to be to be taken out and I can also imagine that being a really big thing too big decision because it's a big decision a big decision to make it up and not an easy one to make anyway what's the first hour of the show people tuning in for a late night frolic through the tulips and I'm wondering what the hell is going on rye stay there we will come to you after the news oh three four four four nine nine one thousand currently my Derek Griffiths and organ transplants I also want to talk to you about Japanese television guys your time is now second counts registered with the Open University today and you'll soon see the difference get a promotion or get into graduation be your future self sooner without career boosting courses before time runs out registration closes eleven for January the Open University what's stopping you when I think about gains teaching I wasn't sure if I was gonna be able to earn enough money but actually I started on 27,000 pounds I was offered a really really good package well it was a good feeling to leave University and step into a career that does pay well I am still one of the highest earners amongst my graduate friends it was definitely the right choice I chose to teach as a new teacher you'll start on a minimum salary of twenty two to twenty eight thousand pounds depending on location out to teach by storm and could bring a risk to life over the next twenty-four hours southern parts of Northern Ireland northern England and southern Scotland will be worst hit Paul Simon's as the author of since records began the highs and lows of Britain's weather almost a Scotland is going to have very windy morning blustery showers all through the day winter strains of mental non-urgent planned operations are being delayed hospitals have had to cut back services to treat the sickest patients Andrew foster is the chief executive of writing ttan Wigan and Lee NHS Trust right at this very minute it's very busy but over the last week it's sometimes been more busy than I've ever seen it before with people queuing in the corridors and waiting to be assessed so it's been an exceptionally busy winter period stingray good evening good evening good evening good evening blood and that's for good evenings in a row that's almost a world record last night I wasn't quick to the mark and then you went to someone else I thought you've got me there's no this and this is this show is nothing if it's not quick and you have got to dive right in there fella that long pause would set the spell otherwise first of all yes refer to me as muscle gray because the guy earlier he was more muscled on about ten times percentage who which guy he wasn't muffled what he wants no he wasn't his phone kept dropping out but he wasn't muffled who's this muffled right yeah Thomas was muffled it wasn't mom no he was break your face yes break you up and it just clearly on speaker speaker okay well anyway I've got my central head on tonight okay just got one second Kathryn when ray is finished remind me to talk to you about boomerangs okay okay just remember it's a boomerang story anyway go it's a good one it's good before we tell you the story about where I wasn't Jude and still spent a load of money yes promise that well I pray you both whenever you come up the things lightness you two are the best for dealing with things like this because you did it with the guy and Liverpool with the concert that never happened yes good job but you're very very very good here's the thing is the thing right Kathy is like a proper trained journalist so she is good at she is good at getting there's not a junk she's a proper trained journalist doing this for quite a long time so she and she's been doing radio longer than me and and so she's excellently getting facts and getting names and getting details she's also excellent and she's always my go-to what we are allowed to say and what we are not allowed to say and I was kept messaging castor Dyson right well can we say this this and this we can say this you can't say that and you could possibly say that it depends what happens indeed and I was looking at the whole time I was talking to Patti just something just to see if I got the hand yeah the other thing is I used to work at three counties I used to work on a brilliant consumer program which I hated at the time because I found it a bind but the more I do this sort of stuff the more I realized it was preparing me for this the still factually you know from taking stuff back to shops and know what you statutory right so and all that stuff it's all important and all I'm good I just get pissed off when people ripped off it's like we were in none Nando's yesterday right I took my kids to Nando's have a cheeky Nando's right and the kids ordered from the kids menu and you order a main two sides and either a drink or a dessert and it's 595 right but um the boy one boy wanted to dessert off the main menu the adult menu and the other one wanted a refillable coke which isn't which is enough to grown-up drink so I went right we'll add from the kids menu we'll have chicken wings not spicy please we'll get corn on the cob and we'll get chips and she okay what what would you like to choose a drink or a dessert I said no she went no you have to know I don't she said she said she said I can't ring it through unless you choose one and so I said I don't want one and she said and this is where I got the noise she said she said to me well you have to have one and then I sort of looked up with Matt my friends is a day-in-the-life I'll do the one I hate that I think that when you don't like tell you what just don't give me a drink I'm gonna pay the same money yeah I suggest you just ring it through I start calling it through you've got to choose one I said oh I had that once a Marxist Spencer one year you know any sometimes they'll cook you a kid's toy oh yeah jigsaw or something yeah I don't know if they do anymore I said I don't want one and the way she looked at me was like no but it's free yeah I said I've got enough stuff yeah yeah but her face went completely I mean she went why is a sheen but this does not compute well the McDonald's right I think this is how it works I said the McDonald's drive-through the other day I'm trying to lose weight and driving so it makes it all I want it all I want it but you serious shut up shut up all I wanted right was burger a hamburger and a milkshake are the dioxin right and she said do you want to make that into she said you want to make that into a meal I said no I said no said it is a meal she said no you want to make it into a meal is like a package I said no she said well if you get fries with that it's cheaper I said right you're telling me if I order more things I pay less money she went this is all on the drive through intercom she said yeah I said well I don't I don't want it she said but it'll be cheaper I said I don't want it you should have bought it and then left the chips on the damage shut them in our face no I just said enjoy your chips um has anyone ever had sex what is control in a McDonald's uniform it's cuz they are the most flattering unsexy cuz you most uniforms I get right police lady police men Oh blimey lady please bed yeah no traffic traffic wardens I get em lollypop ladies are get what about mr. hat with the lollipop ladies we did tap out qualify as a uniform if she was working in the area Cordray yeah yeah laundry or school kitchen oh god no dinner lady yeah dinner ID but but in the Donalds uniform I just really I would really struggle with that would really struggle with that so if you've ever had sex indulgence 1000 right what was the point you wanted to make no I spent a lot of money but wasn't Jukes so he is going on the fact the fermion isn't it stuff what we bought it's called me the hell it was so I was my father died years ago from Kansas I always sort of donated to cancer charities yeah and because I love comedy I then started doing things for comic relief oh yes about 10 years yes so 2011 comic relief oh this every 2 years and they always do a challenging auction and at the time I just left the prints I wasn't earning you know what wasn't really anything but you're on a secret in the bank and I bid for Jonathan Ross to go into his show the Jonathan Ross show meeting backstage and sort of two tickets front row two enjoys chat oh yeah and spent much I should say how much but it was over a thousand pounds yes it was through the comic relief web site so it's all about board yeah anyway it cut very long story short about 80 miles pass and they never contacted me and I sent emails through comic means from a subject nor chaser and will chase you out yes and then the next copy released cable log in 2013 and I bitch answer well I feel I'm going to write this off because like you said earlier because the money Atkinson ality yeah I didn't feel like I could answer it back yes so what you're saying is Jonathan Ross has stolen money from you he didn't get the money went to come to leave Bob see these people of bids two sorts a comedy saying yes you know we offer this if it raised money so anyway 2013 comes along and because I managed to you Peter I don't bid to go on Mark Watson as a famous comedian who does 24 hours show I know Mark Watson yeah of course he's been and he wants to go one better than these edible shows and he did a 25 hour show in London yes a comic relief okay and it was it was a rapacious fear this phone call yes yes 400 quid so I only get two to see his 20 all this money from are you selling drugs because I could do with them no I need to do I need to get two tickets to show but he said yeah it also get 20 minutes onstage in front of the audience me being a lunatic I thought that like a priest and up this last self-declared lunatic here we go yes I did that I won that for 400 quid yes show starts at 11:00 p.m. on Thursday in condition midnight and Friday I'll kind of want to die yes yeah so I thought you'd put me on stage about four o'clock to the morning where there was maybe there everyone was asleep decided to put me on at 8 o'clock on the Friday night yeah yeah got chatting and I mentioned this Johnson I'll get back yes anyway too late too late for that anyway he left a clock that night Jonathan Ross then turns up having Bing on the Adam Hills show yes and they bring it up the funkiness never what happened just tell us what happened they fought a thousand pounds of challenge but I still never got to see his show thanks very much for calling geez let's go to Dennis before he dies even Dennis I want to wish you happy new year don't be depressed I'd be depressed about being out there enough enough stead of those are not entities yes well okay it wasn't one of them that was any good no I asked for the fellas who do run the program they couldn't make me laugh a particularly okay anyway all the best I'll be over lovely time and don't people get depressed by crush okay that's that that's my depression cure salted um so I've got for breaking out the boomerang story line 9 1000 don't ex talk and your message 287 triple to text cost 25 people just a network rate oh you can tweet us scrappage scheme has been extended to include vehicles registered before the 30 between two thousand when you trade in your old vehicle for a new new food food together we go further retail customers only who trade in a vehicle registered before 31st of December 2010 scrappage savings between 2000 pounds and 7,000 pounds dependent on model up to the recommended retail price excluding v80 selected models excluded contracts on 1st of January 31st 2018 and register from 1st January to the 30th of September 2018 a participating for dealers only T's and C's apply visit for dr. don't you taste for scrappage for more information i'm jay z's the IT support here everyone thinks they know me but when people ask how was your weekend I say I was loading international aid onto a transport plane you should see their faces make your spare time count with over 40 rolls commit only 27 days a year search RAF reserves stranger than fiction so I bought the boys boomerang is back from Australia caught you gotta you got tonight love it and we took the dog out for a walk the other day and we tried over the big field and we tried to do the boomerang we couldn't it's just just you know have three idiots oh and then going to get it and as we were driving into London last night to bring him into work my youngest can I look on YouTube for videos on how to throw a boomerang so I pulled over and I went on YouTube and I've boomerang instructional video and there's some videos came up so he's watching them same thing he's watching them driving a lot back in here for our back end was it that I wasn't watching those dragon would love to ask him so um she's watching it and and you go and you go down the rabbit hole when you're doing your YouTube so and so then another video comes up about boomerangs then a video comes up about someone making their own boomerangs and then a video comes up for the one show about the world record biggest boomerang throw it's a big old boomerang really big thing right you got throw at 20 meters and it's not come back to you within 10 meters of where it was trying and then that happen and then it went to a magician doing a trick with a boomerang and I'm listening to I like magic I'm listening to it I think I'll this is sounding good and then he got to it got a detector then he's he's doing a routine and it's a little bit fresh but I think it's okay fresh it's a lil bit is he's doing he's doing a comedy routine right this magician right he's gonna do a train waiting for the trick and then he talked about something and he says something about oh it's just because I'm sexually attracted to Ryan Reynolds I thought that's a little bit Jeff but will they go and then he said um my kids five right and then he said well I say I'm sexually attracted to Ryan Reynolds out but if push came to shove I probably would I push him down and shut my dick in is no we're driving along and I'm going whoa whoa buddy whoa hey yes let me whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa and my youngest is memoy and I didn't have a clue what to say no no let's listen to radio for shall we I mean very very very Jeff very Jeff and then he did a trick what was it we didn't get to the trick because he done that sleep in it that reminds me I had a similar reaction didn't I when he got me to read that fanfiction of affair yesterday oh oh because the bodies were sitting there and he said I read this calf and get it up and involuntarily I went oh and then of course you've got two little boys going what what find the fanfiction about this is this is fanfiction his son is erotic stories written by fans this one's a bit nicely nicely feminist well here's the thing right she one of the authors is listening to the show just listening Oh God you've given us some imagery to couldn't do it tonight sale yeah in it anyway it's very nice and I like the romantic nature you find it I don't like that film that they write back one direction you find it and I'll get some some appropriate music in the meantime let's talk to Sara hello hey Sara hi thank you I'm very very well what you got for us wondering what was your take on using cannabis for medicinal practices um are you for or against why why do you care what I think I think I just think it's something that should be spoken about more buzz about all the time man yeah but I still think there's still a long way to go because it helps people out and I just think why is it not legal yet what would you think of that what would you you don't care what I think you want it to be legal and that's great you don't care what I think yeah I do I care what people like would think about that cuz how do you care why do you care well I think about medicinal cannabis today I just I would like to know your opinion why yeah why what did I wait when you can tell me why you would like to know because something that's quite important for a lot of people and a lot of people wondering why it's not legal yeah and they would you know like the NHS or whoever would happily give you morphine which causes addiction and the you know I've been on it myself i stuff was a lot of pain I take a lot of medication and is something that's quite important to me so I suppose it's just I just wanted to get your view on that really but you still not only one you want my view on it what difference will that make in your life it would it makes much difference to my life to be fair but this is a true software I'd ring you know you can something about you can find it about anything you want I just might mine one thing is I just find it Sarah um it it's that there are certain things I find the that lazy radio presenters do as finance there are three there are three things what three and a half four three three now things that lazy radio presenters will do if it's a quiet night they will and or phone in about should we bring back hanging all right they will do a phone in about and this is where it's one and a half old Suites from the 70s or old kids shows from the 70s yeah and they will do should we legalize cannabis and it's just I I kind of have sort of an unwritten rule that I won't do any of those things oh okay well I wasn't aware of that no I'm not telling you are yeah just I just just because it gets us it gets us nowhere right okay fair enough okay then that's how you sell then that's your opinion and now suppose no it's not no it's not no no no it's not my thing you know it's all I've deliberately not shared my opinion on it yeah yeah I'm not sure a choice oh that's fair enough I'm from pro-choice in that respect yeah okay no it's just it's just because have been my experience going through hospitals and different medications I just I you know it's something I think but you say you've mentioned the cat you mentioned being addicted to morphine you can be addicted to cannabis yeah you can you can of course you can but that's that's where I think I don't understand why isn't legal get in the sense of with more seen the side effects and what it does in the lookbook cannabis is used by the NHS yeah but they they're not really that they're more likely to hand you over morphine or fentanyl and personally I don't want to touch that I don't want to go back on that and it took me a long time to come off the morphine so you know and especially if you've been admitted in tiny you know that's the first thing they kind of want to give you and it's just I don't know if there was like another option or if they made it a bit more easier I think you know and only that I think it would take a lot of you know people off the streets and a sense of like drug dealers obviously you always have drug dealer you're talking about the NHS prescribing cannabis that's not going to stop drug dealers no it's not it's not but I'm saying in the sense of say if someone was to go to a drug dealer to buy some kind of base for their pain yes that way that could open a window to try and other drugs no yeah I know it myself no no Pete why not no no no no I don't buy that it's a gateway drug in the sense of not in itself but you know that person then going to that pattern like dealer right would be open to that dealer saying to them do you want this or do you wanna done what like that though okay don't shut down you only the conversation you got one no shutting down doesn't work it doesn't work like that there are some people that will just smoke weed forever and that's there they're fine with that and there are some people that will end up on heroin but cannabis isn't a gateway drug to heroin no I understand that I'm just saying it will stop it could stop some people being exposed to other drugs whereas they wouldn't they might not have been exposed to this if someone wants to get a bit crystal or a bit of heroin or a bit coke or pill or whatever they'll get it they'll get it yeah okay then they'll get it fair enough but yeah well that was basically my um yeah my I guess my question to you nice one so I've drawn a box around the word boomerang while we were talk to you okay sorry now you despise me to be artistic garden guys before all right then ma'am you so disappointed no I'm actually not disappointed it's good to have I think it's just good to have that conversation and personally okay thanks of course yeah thank you um let's go to tonight hello Chris oh yeah there we go there's there's that awkwardness that we've missed yes there's that uncomfortable I'd say to Custer in the shadow hello yeah you will say it you will say and you'll say it with respect in your stance you'll stand tall and proud well you know you'd have to do that I'm good enough now sit but yo you been upwards you started and yeah hello yes good so what do you want to get angry about with me tonight I'm sorry to apologize I'm not hungry tonight okay good but when he was talking about what worked on hos I was thinking about my wife when she was in University she should have good can you remember the old wimpy store I was in a Wimpy this morning having breakfast I thought that's a picture of it good night yes I saw was in a windy place they have proper flakes I was I was gonna have a big bender in the don't be in a Wimpy I was in a wimpy this morning in ballroom would just around the corner from the Big Brother house well I didn't know that yep my wife she started you know it's like he mascots she used to do that but the Beefeater yes he's a baby sir he's a Beefeater she was sure he was a Beefeater I know I thought they were closed was one this morning I was in it he was open I had a burger for breakfast like this quirky no they didn't have they didn't have the tomato ketchup no they don't got pasta that they had a cheap own brand and bottle of ketchup oh it's bloody good though but they must have closed them all down in Wales emphasis I have not seen won't be down here first mind you heard machine hums right a few times I know lot of iPads are gone miss another night are you sure you've been wrong because if I remember correctly you're blind if you just not put them down somewhere then then being a little bit disorientated by know I got robbed I should have gone into this with five or what they caught this get to rob me he's got to pay me it's not about them I didn't want the money you pay he's going to pay me mmm 20 quid back a month 91 that money I donated it's like you're saying about donating to autism I don't I donated to another charity I don't want that money back and then I got robbed it was about this time last year I won for a couple of days I know you told us you told us see I'm going through old stories there am i sorry no I felt even though I don't ring you still listen to it feels like shut up shut up Paul has tweeted Ian shouldn't be allowed on air with only two hours sleep he's absolutely ruthless I have this isn't even an exaggeration right I know if you like you're drugged out what you drugged out with it lack of sleep so I got to the hotel last night in Watford got there at two o'clock I'm gonna get to sleep right and then I was up at 5:00 and I kept waking up every 20 minutes I having a horrible nightmare about my kids and kept waking up yeah and then so I've had two hours late and then I finish the show and went back to bed and couldn't sleep and then and then I like to go to a different hotel and I couldn't sleep so about two hours I'm absolutely off my nut well and then I'm gonna get two hours sleep tonight I'm gonna be on damn bloomin TV I am to mine it again well I know I all play pain you enough oh you got to do this for the next couple of weeks you know all that let's just let's just sighs well worth the it's well worth the house okay I suppose I've gone away for four Newsies Oh messed up again I bought nice hello hello cooler hello Chrissy there yeah can you hear me Chris yeah I should have gone down to West Wales grace back of beyond can Chris hear me yeah hello Chris yeah I'm listening hello don't know if you can hear me Chris get this either yeah hello Chris you're not taking it hello Chris you're not picking a microlight Camino hello I know you do it credit us no you're not salute it to me oh hello Chris Chris yes ah there you are Chris what we gothis I was saying I tell you what come and tell us after this whether you like it every weekday morning from 10:00 perfect partnership of debates and comments which always gets a great reception Julia Hockey burrow tomorrow morning from 10:00 on talk radio oh gosh she's got a pretty low and birth she wants a stimulating mission hello line to your on the wireless hello caller hello caller hello caller you're live on the radio hello yes hello caller hello yes caller you're live on the radio caller let's go to Morgan good evening really excited I went to the Big Brother house I appeared on GMTV mm-hmm I found out that under the interview by James O'Brien tomorrow one of my favorites for a podcast that he does and watch some Jeremy Carl for the first time in years and found absolutely hideous and watched the season finale of season one of American Ninja Warrior which is the greatest show of all time if they could combine that with naked and afraid they're not be quids in is it better than slippery stairs Oh flip minute Morgan writes to get this right I was trying when I was in Japan years ago I saw this amazing show and I can't think what it's cold and I can't find it on YouTube right it was basically a live-action Where's Wally and what it was is a studio and they were contestants in the studio and there'll be a big screen and you would see a shot a live shot of a straight right and you could see across the road and you could see parked cars and you could see buildings and stuff like that and you had to look at it and try and find where someone was hiding right and you'd look really show and then what would happen is you point to where you thought the person was and then the the Nats got okay on to the accident well the person please stand up and you'd see someone who was like painted his hip was painted like the wheel of the car and his body was painted like the rug was he was camouflaged and he'd stand up and wave like a big wave and it was brilliant right and I can't find this program but in trying to find it if anyone knows the show oh three four four four nine nine one thousand in trying to find it I stumbled down the Japanese television rabbit hole and found this great show apparently did the rounds on you know Twitter and Facebook and stuff about three or four weeks ago when I was away a show called slippery stairs and the concept is there about eight contestants in some rubber body suits and there are some slippery stairs and they have got to climb up the slippery says and at the top I think there's a big check or something and the person who grabs the check wins it is without a shadow of a doubt the most insane thing I have ever seen and then I was showing cash so it's called something like human costume Grand Prix and it's where people disguise themselves as inanimate or Zoras in animal or anima objects there was one where there was a fella and he had a skier painted on his face and then in front of him he had a fat man painted white he was wobbling his belly and he danced his face over his belly as though he was skiing down undulating hills but then there were sort of group ones like your first one we saw was about seven or eight men yeah in yellow pants yeah washing their hair yeah in a pint glass yeah and they were soaking their hair up to make it look like the beer foam so we watched that and then then we watched a program called something a salt automatic assault or something and it's basically kids and I'm talking like six seven eight year olds walk you through like haunted houses and being chased by zombies and these kids like last night when we had my youngest in and he was in tears over these ghost stories um he and these kids like proper traumatized we watching that and then I saw a program I didn't watch it it was called wall of boxes and it's just it's just flipping but it's um so I don't know why I'm talking about that that's what kind of name had that's been my day yes thank you sir yeah be a happier place if everyone had Japanese yes if Saturday night TV posted by Vic and Bob slippery stairs or candy or no candy how does it turn the oh no candy this is brilliant this is a famous room right so people go into a room and it'll be like a living room or a bedroom or something it's all normal and they've got to find five things that are made out of candy and they can only use their mat I can only do it by biting on it so they'll look up they'll look at the table and they'll go you think and so they'll bite it and they'll either Eleni the bite into a lump of wood or they'll pull away and they'll oh baby eating candy one of them was a door handle it looks like a metal door handle this guy goes up to it and bites it and it's made of candy shoes shoes apparently or no candy or not can is brilliant man so everyone to be watching that it's on YouTube man you will waste your life away watching that stuff is wonderful I was wondering what your opinion is about ethic I think everybody I think we need listen okay ask the armored bake I'm a big big fan right because I just think in today's broken society that we just don't follow rules we are not moral and if we treated people better more decently then I think it will be a better society how did you say Essex I said Essex oh I've got no strong opinions on that on the county okay why dad but boy do right why do you want why do I don't want to do the whole drug thing again but you don't want to know why I think about Essex dear it's not you do don't I drug thing again no a lot of people think that it's just about whereas I turn doing on your hair and just being fake now I don't think I don't think I don't think people really think now I know the exit skills judge but that's like 30 years old and the only way is Essex kind of plays up to that a bit but I don't think people really think that I tell you what let's ask an expert Chris yeah what do you think about ethics Essex if people got it like a stereotypical thing about Essex or ethics what do people are about South Wales don't tell me well it's apartheid isn't it what there's the apartheid the awful treatment of the black people from the townships no hang on that's not South Wales is it that's South Africa in the 1980s I'm terribly sorry you misunderstood me rendered I must have done yes yeah I hope that helps Morgan there's actually a things up thank you it's not nice Chris good to talk to metal spoken for a while what would you like to say no I thought it said I I think I've over repeating myself actually Isis but I do a positive if I was a bit too developer up to you last time I spoke to you like I did it I know I'm going back a little bit hey I'm not stalking New York that was good yeah yeah yeah okay so you're live on the radio stops delivery conditions apply order by 6:00 p.m. 90% coverage which then Wolff direct line your Harry the plumber yeah a successful small businessman like yourself please protection meet Lars and Vlad their big Big Shot lawyers that is see they create and check legal documents that you can download so you're covered and this legal document service comes with you to recline assurance Wow direct lines public liability insurance includes a legal document service can your insurance do that search direct line public liability insurance even existing customers on the rear bar you can show simply comment with the notorious b.i.g yeah just a bit yeah I'm so tired how many hours of sleep did you yeah I – so I – and I work I've got responsibilities I've got mortgages of what children tax tax bill coming up soon I've got my car insurance coming up soon I pay about 1,500 quid for my car insurance I Drive I Drive a Volkswagen Polo Sophie so sleep for me is more important and and I'm that's bliss let's not beat around the bush I ain't getting any younger um but all that to one side Sophie you don't want to hear my my travels and my woes and worries what have you got for us this evening yeah I've been all miserable mmm where'd you find seven a chapter have you watched Jeremy Kyle recently yeah do you like it all right I think he's some everything that's wrong with this country I used to like it you think he's brilliant you think it was funny and then it dawned on me that these are real people and however much mr. Kyle argues that his show is helping these people he's actually exploiting these people and I think that we as a society are better than that but I do like the DNA results and those all-important lie-detector results and so why you know um I wouldn't say I'm a hypocrite I would say I'm an amalgam I'm not sure is the wrong word oh I would say that I'm a hybrid Hydra I would say I would say I did no I would no no no I would say I'm human since calf swallowing I would you same human to be to arish to be human to be human is divine and cleanliness is one step away from godliness no clear cleanliness is one step away from godly and cream and I am human please go to bed my friend Oh No thank you Catherine I am flawed I am imperfect but also perfect in the eyes of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ not really really sure sorry Sophie you've got him in a very funny mood it's only Tuesday it's only true only Tuesday it's what you're gonna be like when you're old man I'm an old man he's doing it again I'm an old man anyway anyway wait for Jack what's happening in your world Sophie thanks thanks for coming George right have you got the fanfiction Yeah right see it now let's read it and then I play some appropriate music okay so these are this is written by fans of me well one fan well we did two fans wrote these stories different fans style yeah one person don't want to claim it okay what's it like working on the show do it and do it properly what's it like working on the show it asks me when we trek up to the treehouse walking down the muddy path beside the steps the only reason I've been asked on this show is because I'm actually an actress working on the Netflix series stranger things it's good fun working with the cast on all I'll have to watch the show on I'm out we just released the second series I'll apply vaguely describing the overall plot it's a good show sitting down on the bench it's like you can see this entire Australian jungle appearing over to the boys a mirror and Dennis fooling around playing some sort of game with some twigs one chips sector Jessica and the girls have in the old gossip yeah it feels like you're the ruler over the trees like some sort of jungle version of The Lion King so what's it like being a broadcaster I ask in return to the 25 year old budging ground on my seat to face aren't anyways like its horny pretty fun pretty pretty pretty fun they probably nod to probably got to do loads of really cool things true pharmacy fiction sounds great I smile how did the trial go yesterday by the way and went out to face the bush bush tram Bush took a trial yesterday we came back a little upset he forfeited and went straight to bed we didn't see him until dinner yeah when asked him his face droops a little the illumination in his eyes darling once I've asked it was awful he sighs it was this underwater series of perspex boxes and I couldn't breathe or anything don't get upset I was oh come on come here giving in a hug when the tears start to well I feel extremely guilty especially as Ian is one of the hardest calmate Oh one of the hardest Chemex to crack I don't think you're taking this seriously I'm sorry composes himself wiping away the single tear and explaining it's not the fact that I came back without food is that everyone underestimates me now like I can't do anything listen I help taking IANS hand and placing my own on the top of it caressing the top of his skin it was one bad challenge we all will have one and we're all afraid of different things staring intently into my gaze Ian's listeners carefully to every single word his fascinated green eyed gaze on my eyes yours it's a little intimidating to have his gaze captured on my own where his I sustained a little red from the tears magic we didn't eat but so what we had rice and beans and now it's a new day Jamie went to do the trial today and I promise I've cut off suddenly by scenario I wasn't expecting huh Ian's head massive head delves towards mine copying my jaw mid-sentence and kissing my lips slowly my breath is caught right there and then my shoulders relaxing the little as he moved slow then whispers pulling away from my lips and resting his forehead on mine taking a hand and moving it to the maple of his neck the maple which means the nape lacing my fingers into the side of his hair his sideburns he whispers I always be there for you and I nod picking his cheek and resting my head back on his shoulder continue reading the next part not saying no thank you very believable and we've got the author of that on the line now good evening dredge I did like it mate yeah I think you've got a potential romantic scenario absolutely spot on buddy well done and you've won fifty shades of brown you Jesus country that is some that is sir to tell you from ISM really Catherine that is you even play up even by my standards I think you've gone a little bit too far you should go out and get the go for a walk around the block no can't say that sorry everyone sorry no that means I've just minded you get that reference well I think your fill thing I stretch that brought this up okay you've won that scenario so just let me know when you want to claim your prize and you can have it you can have it okay I do not spoke to you for a while that's what we like we want people to go away Cass just just tried to assault me miss we want people to go away from this show tonight feeling demoralized yes yes go on what I was looking through my collection of pop stars online yes I'm ruining my career yet again so much for the mainstream honey I was making Joni Mitchell jokes at tend to a CEO unit yeah you said that that's that's your second Ofcom I haven't got one you've got one and now you got two well done are you reporting Alex John if you want to report that one nobody's talking about you being rubbish of it for free oh come on no one uses the word round to mean rubbish something says well that's a bit brown no one says that phrase what color would you say values fifty shades of beige you're too late you've done the damage what it was damaging oh great you've called m8 we got for us buddy yeah so my flexion of can you be quiet please yes sorry so important policies you quite at the back please I wanna hear but I'm gonna be reminded of what Reggie's collection actually is is it back is it big online pop stars or is it C Brown told you about a second time there we go there's no cheese on the leading edge yes I want to try and look more like a pop star myself you say yeah yeah so I was looking you know interesting pictures of pop stars so I came across one of Morrissey yeah is looking mostly at the cameras take your apps good your Boris's got very thick head of hair and you you're holding on you Wow okay yeah but oh well I can possibly get a similar expression so he's looking at the camera back there I couldn't help noticing he was holding her ladder yeah now why he was holding a ladder I've got nothing to do at all between to me and will retweet some of them yeah 104 thousand followers now that's what the kids want Sarah oh I don't want people near ladders I want the neither holding or up a ladder or if you've got a pop star holding while another one's up there then that's double points but it will be you get you get quadruple points triples triple word score if it's a pop one pop star from one group holding a ladder while another pop star from a different group is up the ladder into poppy bladder based relationships call me now oh three four four four nine nine one thousand does that answer your question dredge well that's pretty pretty well answered I've got Bowie holding two ladders of course he has and one's a slightly different color because he got punched in the ladder when he was a kid thank you those trees not differently different eyes is that there's a very high reference but I just wonder what punched in the ladder meant the browser yes so Elvis leaning on the ladder – Stella well Presley totally will bastard and finally yeah all of the beetles under a stepladder so thanks very much for calling dredge if you've ever seen a picture of a pop star near on or holding a ladder oh three four four four nine ninety one thousand my name's Ian Lee this is the late-night alternative onto a radio and he's going he's got to know TV he's lighting up the sky sponsoring Tuesday to only pay for the game TV as an employer I like to look up Diwali stuff I'm remembering birthdays and making sure we don't ruin out a tea bugs that sort of thing but I'm also responsible for the really important things too but providing a workplace pension have no same what's on the radio even if you only employ one person you have to provide a workplace pension it's the law get to know your responsibilities with help from the pensions regulators visit workplace pensions gov dot uk' and wigs our biggest ever kitchen and bathroom stand is all right now choose from over 40 your free design appointment of weight stop codon UK across the UK flying debris caused by storm and could bring a risk to life over the next 24 hours tens of thousands of homes in Ireland are already without power and there could be travel disruption tomorrow morning seven parts of Northern Ireland Northern England and southern Scotland will be worst-hit meteorologist Aidan McGivern sews coastal areas will be hit hard winds will be highly variable across the country 80 mile-per-hour gusts can be expected for the most exposed coasts and hills and we do see those kinds of gust values a few times each season all non-urgent planned operations are being delayed in hospitals because of increased pressures on the NHS winter strains have meant the service has to cut back to treat the sickest patients Andrew foster is the chief executive of writing ttan Wigan and Lee NHS Trust right at this very minute it's very busy but over the last week it's sometimes been more busy than I've ever seen it before with people queuing in the corridors or waiting to be assessed so it's been an exceptionally busy winter period a faulty generator is believed to be behind the fire that killed 13 monkeys at woven Safari Park it broke out in the early hours of this morning and no other animals were affected three out of five people think railways should be taken out of private firms and be moved into public ownership passengers have been higher than average de-icing has been charged with the death of a woman killed in a London Park uliana two doses body was found in a disused building in Finsbury Park on Wednesday when do a blustery showers tomorrow with some snow in the north with highs of 11 alternative making eatle I'd normally play a bit of music but I'd like to hear some more of the fanfiction would you yeah weird I'd love to have this our warm-up you join in when you're ready I've had like communications from various people on Twitter saying please make this stop my sister yeah well um she's if she's listening she's a pervert well okay she needs she needs to accept the fact that her brother is sexual being oh is this desired by the lost in the lonely you let it know while you're waiting let's speak to Bruce evening Bruce hi Lee how are you I'm okay thank you sir no man Happy New Year I think we now the third of January I said a week in there okay I was going to say when do you stop saying happy new year now-now-now stopped that stopped we got four is Bruce I just found up to congratulate you and your hard work on good morning written this morning hi no no no no caffeine he this gentleman he's absolutely spot-on those three minute pieces I did wandering around the Big Brother house over which I was paid exceptionally well they were tough it was a tough old gig the Bruce but I think I managed to pull it off with her here's the thing right was my mainstream enough was I was I smooth enough around the edges oh yes I think you were perfect please you should take over to Donald four times so do i but I could never say that in in public this is out my life is gone I'm gonna be at the National Television Awards much of me but not NTAs in a couple of weeks on we're gonna be doing the radio show from there will you be receiving an award or look there's um Catherine there's a bloody good chance because I think it wins every year that I'm a celebrity yeah we'll win it and then we have to go up on stage yeah which is nuts I'm gonna make a speech I was going to say are you going to write your acceptance speech now and well when I'm injector making there's I'm gonna storm in like who was it was it was it can yay yeah and say that they don't deserve it and if it's a Jemma College to give it to mrs. Brown's boys and it'll be an impassioned speech so that's that's the plan January the 23rd I wish you luck with that thank you very much indeed and I think you should get because you don't get many hours sleep between now and when you're next on good morning buttons and you should get Ben Shephard to come into your show see how it feels not yes yes we should get blue shoulda been trippin on me I'm not mad Bendis but don't think I've met Ben I met Charlotte yeah and before I went she's been on skype I'm not bit met Ben so I'm gonna be in the studio tomorrow exactly and I'm going for the Paul McCartney letting beö look with a granddad shirt and a suit jacket so I'll leave it recording whatever work you tape it boo you you get that old VHS up and running buddy thank you for that Bruce you're very welcome thank you very much for letting me be on your head oh it's absolute pleasure mate thank you very much indeed what a nice guy I like that and have you found it to a gun hey everyone i emotionally call walking into the party hall mid-afternoon climbing up this is fault this one is called the wrap party any supports important this is the party at the end of the series of armor celebrity making it okay I remember this you read this one I read them all yeah every time for in some of them hey everyone i emotionally call walking into the party hall mid-afternoon climbing up onto the raised stage as a staged on input raised on with my glass of champagne flower crown resting on my head oh oh gosh oh this is Tov well yesterday morning I face the surreal experience of being crowned queen and the flippin jungle is not off absolutely over the moon it's now the date of the wrap party and I couldn't be more grateful to be Queen standing on the platform with all of my camp mates clapping and cheering I straighten out my black embellish to skate a dress and lift my glass hi I just wanted to go up here to say a huge thank you to all of you for making the past three weeks so incredible I love every single one of you and I'm so happy to have eleven brilliant friends by my side so yeah let's party get drunk and make some stupid decisions get to the Rubicon finishing my little speech climbing down from the stage and chatting to a few of the camp mates including Becky Vardi Jamie Lomas and Jack Maynard well there's only one pair of eyes so intense I can feel them burn to my body this guy's turning to Ian Lee his suit making him appear very dapper and handsome holding his champagne in hand diverting his eye contact when he notices me looking he blushes suspiciously light shade of pink and begins to walk over congrats shavon shavon he smiles he deserved to be queen she does thanks Ian I smile with my teeth yep hey well done on coming third you did great pleasure loser I'm just glad to be out now thank the gods for food grace – grace come on I think we're all about to go eat entering a massive Hall of tables and chairs coated with white tablecloths a fairy lights hung and a gorgeous royal red carpet the smell of the Australian air is so pure it really is walking in beside Jenny and Vanessa into a hole of around 150 people we all take our seats at the head table like a wedding countless waiters bringing out our plates of food placing my meal in front of me everyone is about to tuck in until Ant and Dec made their short speech celebrating the success of the show and all the camp mates receiving a shout out as a new queen we we all dig in and finish our meal soon enough but a hallway through dinner with all of the cast and crew becoming progressively drunk there's constantly that creepy but fluttering feeling that someone is staring at me no fluttering wanna dance I'm asked by a duo toned voice in my ear shouting over the music looking up Ian and Jamie we go this is gonna get very very raunchy and staring at me both offering up their hands Ian and his suit looks appropriate for a wedding day whereas Jamie's dressed in a simple black shirt and white jeans classy let's dance I'm not taking both of them up to the dance floor thank you dragging both men up moving along to do a leap is hotter than hell I mean that isn't shewn yeah it isn't long until all of the cow mates are up on the dance floor dancing along to the rhythm with my two adorable campus Jamie diverts off to dance with Jenny and Becky leaving Ian's means what Ian's in my hands you're not reading this in the same way sorry Mike this is this is so you're being a dick dude properly you aren't too bad of a dancer-ly I tease you've got some I know he grins placing each of his hands on my waist each of them like moving his hips along with the tune in Ian's chin resting on top of my hair full of hairspray our chest rise and fall when the song reaches its end I'm gonna go outside go get a drink coming maybe I shouldn't I shrug looking over to the crowd there are so many more people I want to talk to thank for the experience of a lifetime how about please he begs pulling the puppeyface please I want to tell you something tell yourself how long would it take well 20 seconds party yeah in the jungle okay I smell come on not having a clue what to expect yes it's a long one that's not part of the story okay leading in faster crowds the back door beside the fire escape we make our way out into a little garden stroke patio area by the way me forcing you to read sexual fantasies about me could be classed as harassment but it's this and this feels like it's been written by either Cleo or mumbling right shut up the people that write this put a lot of effort into it and I genuinely appreciate there's a lot of detail in here that's not necessary we want is to get straighten the painting a picture with I don't I'm like romantic so let's go out to the little garden straight patio area new remote stop interrupting I'm a modern woman what do you need in leaning up against the wall of the building Ian stares out into the grass plain not answering my question were just caught in his own world then staring up at the glistening black sky with silver specks in what is it he wanted to suddenly being caught in Ian's grip when he turns and comes towards me in one movement Ian's hands are on my bare skin Ian's lips crash into mine my heart leaps into my chest beating so hard I'm more than certain he can hear it he whispers through the smell and taste of beer you drink a bit pulling away but still keeping me in his hold I'm so sorry letting out small chuckle he smirks with a hint of confusion why are you smiling he asks tightening his grip only inches between us kissing him back to Ian surprise my hands lace into the back of his hair one stroking down his arm Ian tugs mutt Ian tugs my small frame into his chest kissing ever so lightly trying to be cautious diverting for air his face moves only centimetres away still keeping his eyes shut he whispers so close I can feel his breath on my burning red cheeks you like me yes I got pecking his lips again and yes a small adorable chuckle kissing my forehead there are these 20 seconds and if you can finish those stories in 20 words or less see if we went up to a million pounds it's got a Robert Cabot good evening Robert I'm tired man but I'm good thank you very much and dude we got first call which is basically saying thank you to haven't spoken to since you've been in almost everything life is all that pretty inspiration you gave me when use on almost Pegasus what inspirations on the give me to turn off ITV and go and do something less boring instead I'm talking about mental house because I used to suffer fine sizing depression yeah and it's nice to know that it's not only myself and other people similar to me that take time as people like it as well yes we can all be nuts it doesn't matter what's going on we can all be a little bit nuts wrong but well I'm glad you've got something out of it I'm one of the people at the appropriate to do the Iraqi challenge well listen you know I'm glad you did because to get the trials and the challenges meant a break in what was a really really boring day and I'm glad I did it because I think because it cool see that's the one I've watched more than once I watched someone about half a dozen times because it looks cool man it was a hundred feet in the air imagine a hundred flippin feet and I never thought I could do anything like that and I did I just climbing well if your hat went up I could have caught it and then thrown it back down to you well thank you very much but I'm in port-a-potty what a quarter exactly well Robert this is nice if you man thank you for your common words and then I said it's not appropriate for goodness sakes I'm cutting that guy off we've done the Happy New Year's they might as well just say Merry Christmas you know it's pointless we're done it's January the 3rd let's move on let's go on with it let's do it let's do this thing let's embrace it we're doing it let's let's let's do lunch let's do breaks it that's my motto for 2017 and 2018 which is what the year we're in let's do lunch actually breaks it let's do it let's do lunch Lister is the three let's let's do lunch let's do brexit let's do it let's dance it's the four let's do it let's start mr. robust hello yes happy 3rd of January zombie you dick I've just come back from Star Wars and I just wanted to ask you a question if that's okay have you seen it yes that was rubbish I yeah very low growl – too long – all the joy had been sucked out of it and then God knows why they turned Luke Skywalker into a modern-day Stan Laurel grumpy man doing little comedy scenes he was doing sketches with Muppets it was terrible I bet I know it seemed that you enjoy dinner right um let me let me think the seams I enjoyed it um when kylo Ren had his man nipples out I don't remember that we might have gone to the toilet during that big sights go to the toilet twice clad silent young children with me so I miss Connor I think kylo Ren it's great actor he was really good in Logan lucky whatever is really good actor but he's too moley he's very very moly and that puts me off not fan of excessive knowledge I'm not I'm not even this isn't me doing this thing now but you're a mole if I die I don't like excessive moles on the body it's fine tell me you don't see them on the face you can get those surgically removed and there is there is a potential for them to turn and you know septic not septic don't take any other famous moles out there in the world on people's famous faces who else is mold Cindy Crawford and reek a glaze yes no well no Cindy Crawford's only got one one is not excessive not was its most famous mole no but what but what Carla Rowan's got like 50 it looks like it looks like a map of the Maldives and that's fascinating is quite moly it was quite an actress too that the biggest nose I've ever seen in my life in it I couldn't believe it I like a big nose and she did up I know exactly what you made she did have a very it was it was only bigger with angular it was unreal I'm glad I was here 3d thank you very much I'm here all week unfortunately for some can I just ask you a quick question if that's okay yeah what's more lowbrow you're obsessed with this body you're obsessed with let go man listen gamesman or I'm a celebrity mmm Kingsman obviously listen you're gonna fuck me up in six months Simon and bring up the lowbrow thing then I suggest you need medical help don't let go man honest liberties highbrow Daly's not Holly Brown this is low you can go what are you talking about cuz it's highbrow cuz it's hi brother mine's that I got to spend time with you know Stanley Johnson was almost raped in Afghanistan in credit they're gonna say that because he told us that they told us that story um and it was it was the most incredible such true story and um he has led the most extraordinary life that was not the most extraordinary thing that he told us that he'd done if that man has led such an amazing life that spending I was with him I'm gonna say 15 days um only only a lowbrow neanderthal could consider being in the company of that gentleman lowbrow good mister it was the highest brow meeting I've ever been in extended meeting I've ever been involved in what are you talking about lowbrow you had a highbrow meeting with another human being but the program in its very nature is lowbrow oh yeah yeah did you watch it I guess I did watch it because your lowbrow I didn't watch it that's fine I have not I didn't watch it he's lowbrow but in denial yeah it's highbrow off you're on it and you get paid here we go tens of thousands of pounds its lowbrow if you watch it and you know it didn't your lifestyle trap she was a lowbrow list because that's what you are and there's nothing wrong with that how can there be nothing wrong with that that's for you to discover that so that's the path you have to walk through life that's your journey lowbrows like at the operatory time it's like a walk do Bertram do do it dr. Treaty rocketry there you go you've just you've just proved even more than ever that you're out there we go you see you can't even say derogatory Wow how long has it been like five months and he's still holding on to that guy's if you don't call in then the next call is gonna be Kadir and he's got a story about Nando's and that could last us until one and we still may not be none the wiser so I suggest oh three four four four nine nine one thousand is the telephone number if you want to give us a call I'm Ian Lee this is talk radio we got answered segment still haven't signed up for talk sports elko predictor why not there's a million good reasons why you should the SELCO predictor sign up now at aux port comm slash predictor and use your footballing foresight for the chance to become a millionaire in a state of the art fitness bundle with folks over here head furnace Fitbit charge to wristband predictor play to win 1 million pound download the sell Co out now or sign up for free at ox for contrast predictor Kison shipping so don't I can't breathe for the first time I'm so moving on yeah yeah thanks to you now again what a WOD says you've been sold eBay snap it list it sell it easy way to me download the app and start selling now eBay when I decided to teach I had a lot of worries am I going to be good enough am I going to be able to control my training teaching has a massive support network that wouldn't be doing anything else is the best job in the world I chose to teach there's a trainee teacher you'll get great support including a mentor to build your confidence apply now to Train Search apply to teach your time is now and every second counts register with the Open University today and you'll soon see the difference pick up a pay rise before picking up your degree get that promotion before getting to graduation be your future self sooner with our career boosting courses visit Open University co uk before time runs out registration closes 11th of January the Open University what's stopping you at Honda when we have one good idea we keep going until we find another one it could be forward collision warning if you get too close or lane departure warning if you wander left right some ideas give you more Honda for your money like up to a thousand pound test drive incentive and five years complimentary servicing discover these and even more great laws at your nearest participating dealer before the 31st of January terms and conditions apply Honda the power of dreams well let's go to charge I'm waiting for you out of anything Corso turned itself off well yes well that disease you're talking about the one right well okay maybe no let's go to Tony good evening Tony thank you very much indeed Tony it is appreciated oh he's got he's got a huge old one isn't he it's a strange thing because if they're so easily removed for just a Stanley knife and and some TCP D key and TC penny more yeah paste a dab that on my spawn my spots and would stink of TCP imagine that gun to school just thinking of TCP oh dear dark days yeah john-boy Walton oh Christ did we may have had some we just don't know baby mo no talking about you absolute prune Fred Savage yeah but here's the thing one doesn't count it's got to be multiples and you know one is sitting over look what I can overlook one I mean the john-boy Waltons okay no but you know it's gotta be the kylo ren's but loads of them absolutely tell me I'm gonna have to cut you off then we get we get one step closer to Kadir good evening Kyle well there's no drinking about me nah I think about toilet probably none used to put a cap to a debt were in the bath and also washing her hair we validate Oh Rosie was a shampoo I was still using fuzzy and when I went to college I was a shampoo in the teardrop bottle yeah yeah what yeah you have to twist the captain and twist it but I was going off medicated kid at school so nobody can hear me that's a little in the bath yeah that's a monkey well I have to go oh that's that's proper clean that is so he's a great clean I bet he was never really splitting my bath Milton yeah it was he no it was the thing yeah bit of that oh yes matey oh no we weren't like mate too expensive he's a thing they're noise making about my children one of many things well I'll buy them some matey and they will Oh two days later I'll give them a bath go just dump Yuma but I don't give up if you don't busy matey we used it yeah oh boy mm sleepy neck yeah but it's color change magic in it so Bob that was a right calm and you'll think I'm a right idiot but you do anyway but so well no no I admit that I'll put it in and it turned the Buffalo a one-color why you went from black blue to orange but I'm thinking crossing changes different colors while you were in the bath no I believe it so it changes the color of the water Coco Pops yeah yeah we my wife had our car broken into last night I parked on the driveway and we got video I've seen I've seen video footage of the the hoodlums that done it right and um I we initially thought because I'm not there often but we initially thought that she'd left the car unlocked because she's done that before and they've gone through a Nick stuff right um and they nicked the boys 3ds and there was a D s in there but they left silly sausage which I just goes to show these junkies these days I've got no idea because when you're off your face playing silly sausage gonna be a lot of fun so then it's all that stuff right but we but then not seeing the video footage because we've got by those doorbells where if someone comes up to the house it activates you records it right and I don't think the door of the car was unlocked cuz they um the guy kind of goes up to the the driver's door and he's like rummaging he's like tickling it it's like he's tickling it or something and for a couple of minutes and then the door obviously unlocks I haven't broken anything because the door is fine and my wife can still lock it but so is it possible Kyle and I speak to you because I imagine I don't know this for sure and apologies have I've got this wrong but I imagine you do hang out with criminals your lifestyle um is it is it possible that you can make a little fob or a little computer thing that you can rub on a car don't laugh this is I think you can cuz it's all done with computers now is it's not like a door lock its computers is this like a little chip like a micro chip box you can get that you rub up and down a car door and it opens the car door it's a Kia it's a kid surely surely sir why can RFR I mean I don't know surely some sort of RFID device hey he's gone from I don't know to mentioning an ID device and by the way does the DNR fi D stand for device because if it does I'm gonna batter you yes so you've just said RFI device device do you know how dumb that makes us all sound well always just come out of your own you know what never I'm gonna March you to the bank and you're gonna give me your PIN number now so what's an RFI device or an i it's called them an RFID well I think it's like the this sort thing use new season for your bank cards anything can't leave you dues chicken pen things like that so that remote that close contact aspect right something we're probably like wondering about holding it helping that one magic combination would true lock and then they'd be off we estas aqui or maybe not okay let's the city such behind the junky idiots and they took the three D s and the D s the DSK God you lunatics and but but but scumbags scumbags um I'm wondering how legal would it be if i electrocuted the car like eighty thousand volts or something so that um if they came and rubbed it with an RDF I device that they they died that they were killed instantly Oh what the only the only worry you've got their own nut case you could probably why your car up to the main so I'll the handle which is what they probably try first yes if you want that up if you're missing your kids oh shit you know the plug out back and wonder is there any way might seriously now if you can get a box that you rub on a card or the opens that unlocks the car door right what's the point of car doors so is there like a can you then by a stronger device that you put in the car that negates these are the premier the first of the criminals divine is it good what can I do to beat it there must be a way of making it stronger not just gold personally I would drive around with like a mini milk and have no doors enough nothing on display so it going see there's nothing worth nicking and then nickel five o'clock in the morning I did this you can't respect them for getting up early not going to bed well you've got respect that makes me wonder why those hoodlums in Manchester decided to smash my back window in if they're so it's just it's my rather than I mean I wish they'd have used some sort of device because all that was a bag for an empty bag for life oh I'm the really expensive equipment in the boot but I wish they'd just have less damage it is um but this is like the second or third time and I think the first time she died left the door well yeah I know I've told it's clear everything out of the car but I think this is maybe the second time that there's someone's done it with with the bots and they don't know when all up it all up the street all up the street cause she spoke to a neighbor he were they lives around the corner to pass to Cody sacks on the second caller sir and yeah their CCTV camera saw someone round about five o'clock with me with a hood going from car to car thing is it's really close to the house if you that's the thing and you watch the video and it's quite creepy you think I've got my kids were my kids are 20 feet away from that scumbag um but I want this probably something you can you could this would be some gadget that will negate that gadget it's gonna be something otherwise what's the point that's the point of having a sample for your car Alan do it because they always start mean I don't know but they always show don't lose nothing is unbreakable all it does it saving of life excuse me my house alarm is on yeah you know always you can just put things in place to delay than this one down and put them off but actually determined against something they will do it on determines to get into your trousers one day young man well beautiful Kacper Thank You van I've got I've got an RFID device now I'm gonna rub up okay did we get to your point I'll ask you about the two things so 601 was about the mini snares which is amazing and the other with about the Star Wars film which I saw today you know this which is a pork I've never been in a film with it no I didn't see you in it Edmonson was in it the princes were in it apparently I think it's quite a big car but I do you mean but I've never ever wanted to film a Star Wars film it was just like what should have been an ending and I looked at my watch and then it said you've got another hour to go it would just relentless boredom yeah now the green I agree with that you should've gone see Paddington – yeah that's really good I know what I see – mine too next book mate mate Jumanji is a masterpiece and I don't say that lightly it is flipping brilliant I loved it me and the boys loved it we were all in hysterics there's some really filthy jokes in there but they're really high frequency so the get is a good film and no I'm gonna go come on I know what we see on our sling at least under start there was a bit of a mucky joke and I tell you what I want to I would love to read a book about everyone else cuz the older I get the more more think actually she had a good point she had a point and um oh I shouldn't say this on the air because we're gonna make a documentary about her okay so I'm not gonna say on the air can we call it the thin end of the wedge no can we call it Mary's white house we're gonna call it the Mary Whitehouse experience oh okay we're gonna call it hell in a handcart so we're gonna do and I know we call it bandha sick filth no we're gonna call it the Mary Whitehouse the battle the movie for decency on employing British broadcaster fifty shades of brown fifty shades of white house no you're thinking of wood house Bob wood house the comedian gang show Padian did we answer your question Carl I think we might have got close to it I think the question he says no I tell you why because I've got um raspberry pie that's got all of the different games on love your other listeners there's all your listeners who kindly had a spare one who stole it to make its Robin angular menemen and it's amazing it's just a great and I'm just like literally I spent Christmas Day I think she was I think she was I think Donkey Kong since Christmas Tommy Chong country um khadiyah don't worried there because I'm partly through the cooler I got transferred to talk sports anyway no hard feelings I don't have a story about Nando's um about that guy talking about all s ID yes actually mean device it means identification because you know 100 a minute hang on a minute hang on a minute hang on a minute yeah identification is just I write well then it should be then it should be RSI because identification is just i but then that can be confused with repetitive straining well that's not my problem that's like the people that called mainstream media MSM incorrect it's mmm mainstream is one word media mm it's RSI well then let's drop the D there's no device what is it is it a physical thing it is that's a device yeah but it's not it's not it's not a device in the conventional method you can't hang a limit what is a convention what what is a conventional device I think expensive devices something you can interact with these are just a circuit that's a device the circuit is a device I just I didn't make up the acronym so well we're gonna need to find out who did and and right yeah yeah hang on a minute our race ID doesn't even stand for that what did you think it stands for incorrect and I know that's something else it says rapid stain identification series stay aras ID device Rs ID that's what I'm saying Foxtrot are you sure yeah let's do it Lister okay we're gonna go around we're gonna play alphabet poster alpha oh shut up is Carson Bravo Charlie Delta echo Foxtrot Golf Hotel India no is indigo isn't it yeah all right let Martha Jacksonville it's touching up melons what is it good here Mike Mike Mike November sky in a minute Mike leave a Michael it's Mike it is Mike yeah that's a lame one they must have got bored halfway through so November Oscar papa mate you're out you're out the killings over Katherine what's Q that's none of your business the game is out Quebec Romeo you're out the game is over Sierra stopper tango what's uniform uniform there we go Faraday key signal blocking cloning an amplification prevention wallet prevent yourself from key signal amplification and cloning I'm talking I'm talking criminals are using signal extenders to replicate and clone your key code allowing them to enter a vehicle with unhindered access protect yourself from this kind of theft with a Faraday wallet you know what I bet I bet she left the keys in the front door people are saying if the keys are near the car they can amplify that signal and open it with with that Judge Potts but a bloody bloody druggies Vladdy druggies anyone could do we go oh yeah oh and this is what I've been told you can put a little bit of tin foil inside your what yeah that's how shoplifters get away with a security tags but I'll stay away from that though in you talk about your McDonald's order earlier no was it a bit on the drive-through I did a bit of research you saved 9/10 if you had fries in meter 9 pen and a load of neither yeah well I didn't want to save 9 pence but I did and I had the fries that sounds odd because I did oh it was 488 without the fries they only make a suggestion for do ya cool get a life we've got some cracking six-month half-price 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hours not even in the last 24 hours you're absolutely not tonight you will be intolerable by this time tomorrow what quite frankly I won't stand for it WTF Thursday I've got the kids so well I will tell I will tell you you can stick it where the Sun don't shine really anyway great times Simon warm you got for us this evening let's not any other bad no I'm fine I said good evening both of you I know but he never lets me say how I am he never cares about my feelings it's all about him I can speak oh so you think and well French and Spanish is what I studied at university speak a tiny bit of Portugal and read Portuguese I think they didn't ask well how many can you read right well French is managers speak English you sound what you sound I could listen to you all night big great way to celebrate 100 years of women have to having the vote by and demeaning them and turning them into voice voice sex boxes luckily your phone is crap otherwise I would have been able to hear your pathetic insults you tiny man you really are vicious tonight saman is being vicious tonight you're absolutely right I won't stand for it you know you said about McDonald's all Kadir mention about hello yes yes mate ah quite a big guy and I'm constantly struggling with my my weight yeah I like to partake in your chocolate bar here yeah there's nothing more annoying when you go to shop and you cook up at Mars bar and you put on the counter and they say oh no you go over there yeah boys from town yeah yeah I'm like well this is one time sweaty do that and they blow their minds are blown when that you you say yeah but I don't want to save money and have more this is what I want this is what I want that's my point five I'm gonna eat five yeah oh yeah and they won't even touch the sides and you think well I'll have to I'll save the other three yeah – you think all syllabic peckish I could do a third one and then you go our battery eyes will finish the last – there's no point there's no point in keeping banging around here there we go let's what other shops that are the worst for hassling you at the counter I would say I Smith all right why would you say co-op local shops in my sort of manner yeah Auto ops co-op locals yeah and they all seem to be put together this job and I wish someone said to me when you get someone buying a mars bar you must off with a little charity all that you said snakes massive yeah Justin biscuits yeah Mark Smith sorry I like it because I like the magazine section hard to peruse the magazines but let's be honest isn't that bloody mess them shops and they Smith's a real mess and I always prefer to go to the counter they know you've got the automatic tools it always be someone behind the counter and they're always so surprised that um that the human being wants to be served by human being and not by a robot yeah another one that's bad for it is boots the amount of paint you walk away with from the Tillett boots there's like and they give me like vouchers for perfume and face cream stuff and I go I don't want the vouchers and they're like they don't know what to do I don't think I've ever and I do use perfume into face creams I don't think I've ever used any of those vouchers they just stay in the bag until the bag gets bent so you were saying piece of paper with a code on it okay fine yes quite easily adaptive technologies stand straight to my phone but I get probably about eight different bits of paper come out of that machine and you just think all right anyway okay I do wonder why – Thank You Simon thank you and I was gonna wind on them the other good Bob Dylan song but I don't think I got time for too long idiot wind that wasn't it no soon sometime Willy what's it on it fine Willie Watson B's – it's a good song as well so we've come to the end of the show we have four minutes or Vence about to go what if I can find a song that's going to be okay yes boys with love took by 56 seconds that was slightly before my era of being aware of them I'm way younger than you guys hey young manages what's-his-name Georgia Jordache Beth Jordache no what's his name Ben Nathan Nathan Turner Nathan James Nathan James no nice and somebody Nathan Peabody anyway he manages Talent oh good name is nice nice guys not been know the 9-1-1 even manages talent now um no you're thinking of the anthony cost us no not anthony cost us he manages talent say yeah dude that's why um no no Nathan manages manages talent I meant when I said that miss must have been years ago actually he was but we had we have one of his acts on a show I was doing and bill made nice to meet you still still a very very good-looking guy very very good-looking guy you know there's a good-looking good-looking pop star you could tell why girls wearing crazy yeah wouldn't they Nathan more Oh Nathan more is he small he looks like a little fella I don't remember it being smaller and being quite voluptuous in height terms such a thing could be possible well do listener um it's time for our dusty boot heels to go a-wandering once again we've come to the end of the show we're looking curious for I'm just I'm just thinking about Nathan from brother beyond that no presents I like to show is the difference between me and calf um we'll be back tonight at ten o'clock don't forget you can download the podcast if you go to iTunes and type in Ian Lee late nice alternative talk there's some combination of those words it'll pop up you can also go you can get a podcast and listen to the shows again on talk radio dr. Koh dot u K or your usual podcast providers imagine such a thing I will be on TV I am tomorrow I'm doing a workout with mad Lizzy when they get it's like having the two doctors together they're gonna have mad Lizzy and mr. motivator together and I'll be doing the workout with them at 6:15 cooking with rusty I'm not allowed to get rusty out and then at 7:50 I'm gonna be doing a makeup thing with wincy Willis so if you could watch me some button three and thank you very much indeed until then from us Tata your time is now and every second count registered with the Open University today and you'll soon see the difference pick up a pay-rise before picking up your degree get a promotion before get into graduation be your future self sooner without career boosting courses visit Open University UK before time runs out registration closes 11 for January the Open University what's stopping you there's a lot to look forward in 2018 come on the drama of the Premier League is it golf majors and the Ryder Cup sky-bird championship international rugby union oh good 20:18 since you've been so I'm so moving on yeah yeah thanks to you now I get what I want since you've been sold we're gonna do you download the app and start selling now seats my own seats mine

George Galloway's Mother of All Talk Shows | 15 Feb 19

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Don’t drink from the mainstream! Join George Galloway as he delivers another lecture on the open university of the airwaves. George dives into the big talking topics, including Brexit, Shamima Begum and the United States. He’s joined by Nigel Farage, former transport minister Steve Norris, Professor Dave Goulson, Professor Peter Shane and takes your calls.

Katie Hopkins: "Diane Abbott gets flak on Twitter because she's crap at maths not because of racism"

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The infamous columnist popped by talkRADIO to discuss her book with Paul Ross and Carole Malone.

Read more here:

live in the studio for us is Katie Hopkins his new book is called rude I've read it Katie in most certainly is that it's at times I think devastatingly and unforgivably rude about some people but let me ask you first of all and welcome to chop mainly by the way about the chapter I found particular than living with epilepsy what's the current state of your health I have been really fortunate my surgery last year last eight four so a year and a half ago now time flies I was really successful and so I no longer have fits at all I'm Lexie free what you described is absolutely terrifying because it's times you say you're doing phone interviews with people and you're trying to disguise the fact you can't speak because you practically bitten your tongue in half yes so there's times where would you mind taking off your your cancer minute coming over here just come here let me show you so remember there's no upper limit on sexual how is your hair loss that's there that's my brain there so you can feel Carole's she's got my brain in her hands yes I know you've had the cap of your skull taken off twice after the operation yes it went a bit monkey okay that's not a medical term I am going back to where Pepsi bit so I'm the bull dyke and you can feel my brain let me ask you that about the the impact of that and I'm not fooling myself see these really kind of mental illness but do you think in any way that's changed your attitude did it make you feel bitter angry about life because you're a very angry person from this book the book makes them laugh a lot I don't make Michael goes wife Sylvia I found that particularly cruel that I mean interesting well I've never met the woman no blessed you are blessed gent but I mean I can't say on air on a radio station what you write about it which in Jimmy I mean you can well you've got I choose not to yes what are you saying to these people when you meet them you must bump into Sarah Vaughn from shop you very much for watch so if she was on the same page but it's me I would bump into her I guess but um I think what I've written about her whatever it about others is just my truths and I suppose the like don't you feel tried the cruelest of them I think the thing is Paul you had a choice didn't you you could read the book or not so if you're offended by it you've taken offense I didn't give you any offense to read the book but I chose to it of course because we're out of courtesy to intervene you it's just the cruelty I find difficult to take I think it's a really honest book I think most people have coarse edits just made them laugh out loud there's chapters that are hard to read like the Epilepsy chapter because it is so honest and it is my kind of handbook for life I think for everyday people who are having a rubbish day start their commute at 6 o'clock two hours to get to work if you've got root in your handbag it lets you see that there's other people's lives aren't perfect either my life is so far from perfect and I think what we get tired of these days is people who pretend to have these saccharine sweet sugar-coated lives we persecute people like that poor child Jack from the jungle we persecute people for things they may have said in the past that's completely wrong you know I'm also that's not hard that's not angry that's not aggressive that's a much more libertarian view of life than probably you have so you say that you say what other people feel that they can't say now let's talk about the final solution comment because because lots of times I read what you say and you have me fuss 3/4 of the way then you say something so we're hideous and you lose me in probably everyone else now the final solution comment was one of those comments now you said later you didn't mean to say that but you must have no know how that was gonna be interpreted well I think lasting solution would have been a much better choice of word but it still will it still had an association and you you're too smart not to have known what that Association was I didn't really think about it 7:30 in the morning we just had an entire little group of young girls detonated at Manchester for which you know we still not here in this radio studio talking about one tween for me we're not talking about the fact we haven't addressed the jihadi terror crisis in this country we're not talking about the fact that every time there's a terror attack we're supposed to say ooh Islam is great Muslims are great and let's all be careful about hate crime I know that's point the who shows that that's largely recognized as the narrative that we supposed to swallow you clearly have hook line & sinker let's all make heart-shaped gestures at the sky let's have a hashtag let's turn the Eiffel Tower lights on and off let's all say we stand together like say let's I'm finishing pool you don't have to listen you could do something else darling let's all say we stand together guess what we don't stand together guess what we're not united and guess what those twelve girls who got blown apart will never be able to go back to their families in that same week parents were burying their daughters and you're worried about one of my tweets then I think you need to get a sense of perspective I also noticed when Labor Palestine tweeted final solution yeah that was a okay so is it alright for labor but not alright for a conservative just make your mindset okay you were talking about the migrant crisis now this is one of the times you lost me when you were talking about I'm not trying to keep you know I know I know I know but that was one of the tower life would you be sorry for that I understand what you said absolutely stand by every word should I try to answer Carol's question Paul or you can I'm trying to clear the listeners may not be aware of it have your track record in their mind let's see what what you felt about when you said them you refer to migrants as cockroaches sure so I was arrested and interviewed under caution by the Metropolitan Police major crime in homicide command for that one 500 word article in the national paper which you'll respect has to get through a backbench has to get through an editorial staff has to get through the editor so we can get into a newspaper I did wonder about that at the time yes yeah I take full responsibility to everything I write of course but having sat in that police cell station whatever a room inside a police station and been interviewed by two officers on a tape recorder the old-fashioned record and played remember which is kind of a crazy thing and then I gave this big speech about how I meant what I said how I defend my right to say what I think and if you want to layer on and I'm not indicating you other people want to layer on their own messages if you want to make the word cockroach about Rwandan genocide that's you layering on that I never said that I meant cockroach in the enduring sense we all get taught at school we used to people will know out there your listeners will know we used to get to cockroach is the only thing that can survive a nuclear holocaust and I was talking about their enduring nature wish do you wish you had used a different word standby that was absolutely was a great column it was well put would I've stopped the boats yes should we have sent the military and to stop the boats four years ago yes would it have saved an enormous number of lives of people at down as I had intended yes did Australia say no more and stop the votes yes they did and we have failed Teresa may have come out recently as you know and said enough is enough but of course with Britain enough is never enough and it happens again we are absolutely pathetic in the face of migrants and open borders and terrorists you say in the book that even now when when you say something now that may be eminently right eminently sensible people will dismiss it because you said it and and that's kind of self-defeating isn't there is a site that's quite nice when Paul goes quite isn't it I would actually hate yourself thing I do think there is a point where and the first chapter of rude you know the first time I am NOT a twat and I apologize if twats offensive and although you do say quite witty then not a complete one anyway doing way to start the book thank you Paul very kind of you I that's how I that's a lot of my life is spent I get booked for something I got I said let's have a coffee because I always think it's nice for people just have chit chats before we do a thing and then I leave these meetings after a coffee and I'm just me and people say oh you're nothing like what I thought you were and that's true is I think we struggle sometimes I look around you know here in the desk how many men are there and that no how many women in this place and same in any other radio or TV or broadcasting place I've worked in people assume that women with strong opinions and you all understand I reckon Carol and I do love you deeply and women with strong opinions have to be mean or nasty or a biatch or whatever men with strong opinions are just seen as fairly robust and actually I say no I am just this thing I am this little ditty 5 for 8 tiny thing and people always say when I get in their cars never an uber herbs and when I get in black cabs they say ooh you're really small and there's something about me and all my voice people think I'm massive you get you get a lot of flack you can flag all the time not in the street no but like on Twitter you know that you get a lot of love terrible thing you say a lot of terrible things you get a lot of terrible things said to you that must affect you in some way not really I quite admire people that have their say look they might say I want to rape you with a machete they don't mean that what they mean is I disagree with what you say and I wish that you would see that this opinion is also valid they don't have the language skills to be able to do that sadly our schools have failed so many people and most people are going to university now unable to read or write properly and so they say I want to rape you with a machete and what they mean is you know you're wrong and I accept that I also accept the fact that as with so many people and sorry Diana but others if you put yourself out there sweeties you are going to take some criticism and you need to suck that up and I am a Bert actually sweetie I know you did actually bore someone into a near coma at some question time this week's unfortunate for cyan but the reason that she gets a lot of flack on Twitter is not because she's black we're not racist she's just really great at math so you get a lot of flack how does that flag I know you're a good mom I know you worship your kids does that fly I told you the moment they late but that flack must reflect on them does it no because it's a curious thing and I'm sure my children part yet to the filter for this but whether that's a good or bad thing I don't know but you'll recognize when people are online they write all sorts of things and there's also a lot of support online yeah it's quite overwhelming at times but in the street you have people that will come up shake your hand take your photo not in a selfie way but in a I want to show my mum this or my dad this or you get people leaning out their car windows going go on Katie go on and then I do a weird kind of I never saw the answer to that so I kind of go oh that's really I want to do that I know it's so now so you watch when someone goes go on Katie we've mentioned Twitter and emails this is just going from this okay please off and I know the details of this so give me incorrect if you need to please ask Katie to clarify her tweet this week regarding dyslexia being just lazy students or is two bad teachers she goes on to say someone used screenshotted yesterday had hundreds of abusive foul-mouthed KC followers harassing him all he tweeted was criticism of her being offensive regarding refugees so it's about Twitter and most kind of spats that develop on Twitter self dyslexia first so that a good point a good question and world and well done for being such a stalker of my Twitter at and being able to quote it so accurately as always I suppose there's an unfollow button isn't there on Twitter so don't like what I'm saying on Twitter it's not compulsory to follow its but like a remote control you can change the channel on your TV or all radio actually one dyslexia do I agree with labels and badges no do I think we used labels and badges too often yes and our children coming out of schools poorer and poorer more poorly educated than at any time in our history yes and there has to be a reason for that the reason must be that we give too many excuses simply isn't true Kati I'm catching any time it's not so you're telling me the children have school at 14 in the Edwardian heroes now for those that were able to get access to education and made an effort they also you're not the guardian of the truth Paul Ross it's your opinion and you're different on this case I'm correcting you factually oh we're nice but no you don't have the facts sweetie you have your own opinions and those are different to mine and I accept yours you must accept mine perhaps but the other point to your callers question respecting the listener is that they asked about a gentleman who just complained about me on Twitter being offensive and and then was harassed all day no incorrect a screen shot at his tweet which had been lobbying Twitter to remove my account remove my ability to speak and asked why Twitter hadn't taken my account down because I'm so offensive I could find that for you and show it to you and I merely put that up there so other people could see well if you want to report me to Twitter please do I always say that please report me if it makes you feel better to click on a mouse if that's empowerment you go but in so they're my supporters my followers will stand up for me there is a big crowd out there the Hopkins army and I really appreciate them and the support is overwhelming at times people see me as standing strong against the total correctness the CEO is the person to say things that they can't say this is what you say in the book that you say things they can't say but but you do engender it's it's fair to see you and gender hate among people if there's a quote on the back of your book and good on you for puttin it on the back of a book it's from Simon Cowell he said I would rather take a bath fill it with vinegar cut myself a thousand times immerse myself in it for an hour than work would somebody says something like that about you know you know I write you did I have strong opinions about people I'll tell you but some of that some of the stuff you get I must say that Walternate is the fact that actually you know if you dish it out you can certainly do can you stay with us for the five minutes Katie Hopkins in the studio talking about a new book rude it most certainly is that it is very funny as well though but be warned it should come maybe with on those rental diancie these stickers or certificates 848 is taught radio Katie Hopkins live in the studio and it's any males and questions for Katie I'm gonna get to those in a moment welcome back though Katie and her I think you had a question because I think what people might not know and they will if they're by your book is that this was actually a brain tumor hmm so a brain tumor that was malignant some nothing really it's kind of like a lump in my head that I grew up with so an age of 19 I started my fits those progressed kind of rapidly so that by the time I was about 35 I had about four they were always at night time which obviously you can then hide certain degree about four or five fits a night and then both of my shoulders would dislocate come out of their sockets so typically a night would be fits my husband would try and hold my shoulders into my sockets let's say my left one particular to come out so then we would have a am calling ambulance go to Amy get that arm relocated which isn't super pain super the least painful thing I can think of so they've been about out about 30-40 times but I say that not not for the kind of oh that's painful because lots of people have lots of problems it's about the fact that then you have to just get up in the morning and get back on the train and get going again and how to hide it away and I spent 20 years or so doing my epilepsy and I'm not sure that's the right thing and that's why I encourage other people and doctors told you if you hadn't had the top you would have died with yeah a two year two year life expectancy so my standard thing on the road would be to excuse me wake up to know whether coughed partners in the studio to wake up and then text my mom I'm here texmarq I'm here went that the night had gone so Paul touched on it vaguely before do you think that that tumour in some way contributed to your outspokenness or were you like are you not even that I mean physically did it have some kind of impact on your brain on this is not not flippin question no no I'm not think you up in flippant at all I think my epilepsy certainly has defined my life I would say that I don't give it the credit of being Who I am but it certainly defined much of my life and I don't think it's to do with changes in my brain though of course they are now actually am registered brain damaged but I I think it's got to do with fighting so if everyday it's a fight to have made it out of bed to make you to get your clothes on because obviously I can feel it now that it's painful when your shoulders have been out to hide your marks where they've put the morphine lines in in your legs and your arms to hide to hide and to fight and present strength that's why I present strength quite a lot I fight a lot of things because I've had to fight and it's why I suspect I have so little time no tolerance and you say you're white perceive as a victim when I know yeah we have to sometimes sometimes Carol we have to put on a strong face and wait for us I would encourage them I do really encourage them and watch to young people as well is let you know you can you can do this I know there's thousands of people out there just like me that going downstairs there's a weird things we just go downstairs as if you don't notice stairs are scary things if you're an epileptic or whatever just getting out your door sometimes in the morning can be an actual challenge itself so you know I say to people go on you're saying what you need to say in case there's not enough time in case something happens – well there was a time where yeah certainly I didn't see that another year would go by I had everything organized for it and when I went in for my surgery you know there was a big chance that didn't come back I had a file the death file the file of doom as I called it with all the things for my children letters bank statements everything set up for everybody and my mum's you know birthday card done for two months time all those things done so that I've definitely been given a new life and it's why I think I feel partly invincible now because I've been gifted this new life so when a jihadi no hate is still being directed at you went when this gets thrown at you every day surely you don't want that in your life no I do I do I do because this book I think shows you know the last chapter it's about telling people we've got this we can do this people that voted brexit a brave bricks of tears and I'm right there behind you and it doesn't matter if you send the police at me which people do vexatious litigation social services my children Porter – it doesn't matter if you take away my Twitter account all my radio show through some convoluted notion about a tweet that was fine if Labour did it I am still here I'm still standing strong epilepsy didn't beat me and nor will anyone else for that matter and I will not give in okay let me ask you about another effort you've talked about Fitch let's talk about fat in your life do you still think the fat people by and large it's it's a self-inflicted thing and they need more self-control yes so the reason you're overweight is because you eat too much and you don't miss the lager and this morning I suspect you took the lift up here yes you should have taken the stairs there's only two flights it would have done you good so my reflux why do you take this thing I never mind now I'm sure you didn't tell me well either way you can't really explain why I can see your gut between that bottom button of your shirt you think you have an answer for everything but you're still the one that's going to access the studio to stone overweight so my advice to you is to step away from the fridge don't shove it all in your face walk a little bit more and then you'll see the weight come off so I put on 50 pounds and lost it lost it again in three months three months on three months off to prove that I'm not lucky to be skinny in that you are fat because you're lazy and I think that was quite a pound it was a powerful documentary and I watch it and I and on this I totally goose you said I know I'm fat and I know exactly why I'm fat got that maybe but I am aware that the fatter I get and you you show this in your documentary you changed as a person you became depressed you became smelly angry earth that's possible very young and and and that is what very sweaty as well yeah well okay what she's pointing down there area and I know what that feels like and and I was kind of cheering you on that particular I get a lot of abuse when I say fat people zone but I can say that because I'm fat you were standing there was a thin person yes and actually when I was fat you know so force don't have it which i thought would all go on here on my boob it's very disappointing I can tell you but when I'm specially my message was a lot more powerful as well and I was a lot more kind of welcomed into the larger sized community because I was kind of part of it so it was a curious thing but I think my big takeaway from that was it was a massively emotional journey and when I was four I was nothing I didn't feel like myself I didn't want to be out and and I I totally get you know so many of my friends other women you know when we go out they say oh I've got nothing to wear I've got nothing to wear and what they mean is well not not really that more I don't feel nice in anything and that's such a big thing in life generally other feminists in your wonderful back in yellow dress for Black Friday she's been Katie Hopkins the book is called then what's the best part the best part of me is my ability to find the fun my worst part of worst part of me is that I take no prisoners and I make no apology for it either it's almost nine o'clock it's short Radio Katie Hopkins book is out now it's called rude Food for Thought is talk radio

'I'm determined to leave the Brussels cabal' | DUP's Sammy Wilson

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“For anyone to say we’ll give you a three month extension if you accept this toxic deal – I neither want this toxic deal nor the extension so there is no pressure on me or my party.”

Sammy Wilson tells Julia Hartley-Brewer he still doesn’t back Theresa May’s deal – and the Brexit chaos has strengthened his resolve to leave

Sammy will sit as a DUP brexit spokesman and he's a member of the brexit select committee and Sammy you know you're one of the reasons that we've not got a brexit deal it's pretty much all your fault what do you make about Sammy well I'm quite proud of saying that you're one of the reasons for blocking what is a toxic thing and I did which portrays everything that the prime minister said she was going to achieve in these negotiations and the people of either kingdom asked for when it came to referendum whether deal which I mean how could anybody and Prime Minister have expected a unionists from Northern Ireland to vote for a tea which explicitly separates Northern Ireland from the last United Kingdom something like 40 year IRA terrorist Campion couldn t and yet by Fiat of demands from Brussels that's exactly what could happen to Northern Ireland and of course at the same time if we don't do that then the EU will simply hold us in the European Union forever because we have no exit mechanism from an internationally painting agreement mr. prime ministers and signed up to so you know I don't think she could really expect us to have voted for it and we will continue to resist it the Prime Minister yesterday is written to Donald toast the president of European Council he replied pretty much immediately saying that he was going to recommend to the eu27 leaders that that they should accept a short delay to brexit a delay until the 30th of June so that would be three months later than the date which should be next Friday the 29th of March but he did say this would be conditional on there being a meaningful vote again next week and the Prime Minister getting her deal through otherwise well that's rather been left open does that put more pressure on you that actually if you don't vote for this deal whatever the Prime Minister is willing to offer the DP this talk of some media recording entities as bribes of offers it being made to you in Northern Ireland if you don't vote this deal are you fearful of the consequences first of all just let me be with the last what do you mean no brags been operatives no bribes would ever be accepted the Asians at rustic are far far too important to simply be bought off by some fiscal promises as to what kind of money might be available to the island the fact that the Chancellor is involved in the talks was not a key of our choosing and it really was to do with some of the HMRC issues along the border as far as the pressure next week knoweth anything the kind of arrogance of a european union negotiators amid this arrogance is born of the fact that and we see us as whether a rule over when it comes to negotiations but you know for anyone to say well we'll give you a three-month extension if you accept this toxic deal I neither want to coccyx pain nor the extensions with no pressure on me or my party to vote for the state and certainly not on the basis of demands from Donald Tusk is shown total disrespect first of all the Prime Minister and secondly fully Kingdom well indeed there's lots of people now we're just mentioning this poll people to say this has just been an embarrassment it's just been a national humiliation and now we've basically putting the EU in charge of of when we leave and if the whole point of voting to leave was to bring democracy and sovereignty back to the British people it doesn't appear to be going very well in terms of what you expect to happen next week prime minister was expected to bring that deal back do you think she's going to get it passed and at that point what do you think is going to happen will there be a vote by MPs in the House of Commons 75% remain supporting MPs to block a No Deal brexit or do you think that we may actually end up leaving without paying that 39 billion quid and actually being rid of the EU forever well first of all as someone who is proud to be a citizen of United Kingdom I too am angry at the way in which we have been cleared disrespectfully we have been humiliated our Prime Minister has been humiliated by European leaders it's one of the things that makes me more determined that we've got ahead of this cabal of of Brussels and get a freedom and you know I don't take any pleasure and the way in which the Prime Minister has been created or the way in which our country has been treated as far as next week is concerned and I don't even know if the meaningful food will take place because a speaker inadvertently I think the something is kind of help us but inadvertently by his ruling that at the communicator has been there have been changes to it may well be like bring back the the agreement because there has been no change accepted by the European Union ever does get on to the floor of the House of Commons I'm very sure it'll be the fin of the game and as to whether MPs can then block leaving with a No Deal well if they don't give us an extension because we haven't obeyed their imprimatur to buy dine and accept the withdrawal agreement which is all we have to fear Berkeley and future negotiations then site says over to the hands of MPs as to whether or not we leave with no deal because if they say they're not prepared it gives an extension if we are not prepared to accept withdrawal agreement then by definition we don't have an agreement and we reach the 29th of March and and what about the future of the Prime Minister if there was some extraordinary statements being made in public perhaps for the first time by some MPs not just us skeptics but remainders as well about the Prime Minister Dominic griever leading remainder saying on the floor of the House of Commons that he was embarrassed he was ashamed to be a member of the Conservative Party now there seem to be quite a lot of feeling that time is now right for Theresa May to go of course her government propped up by you and your fellow 9 DUP MPs are you willing to vote against her in a government if there was a vote of no-confidence brought by Jeremy Corbyn in the current government I mean first of all we have always been is clear that who leads the Conservative Party is not a an issue for us because we're not members inside of the party and when the controversy arose in November I'd like whether or not she should step down we deliberately state either vowed to be and will continue stay of that to be up and though I do think she's my under considerable pressure within our own Polly as far as it word no confidence against the garden is concerned we have we REM agreement with them and and I've said this to you time and time again Julia provided the government does not move to implement at the withdrawal agreement which would remove more than iron from the United Kingdom and we will continue to support the government

‘You want to RUIN Brexit’ Julia Hartley Brewer roasts Remoaner in fiery interview clash

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RADIO host Julia Hartley-Brewer launched a savage attack on pro-EU think tank chief Peter Wilding, insisting that Remoaners will do everything they can to thwart Brexit.

Peter Wilding, the chairman of pro-EU pressure group British Influence, sparked the furious rant when he said that David Davis’ proposal for MPs to vote on a Brexit deal was “not much of a concession”.

Mr Wilding said: “Essentially what he’s saying is ‘we’ll give you a gun to hold to your head and if you don’t like it you can blow it off’.”

TalkRadio host Ms Hartley-Brewer referenced Labour’s Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer’s comments on Tuesday that there is a “significant climbdown from a weak Government on the verge of defeat”.

She said: “Absolutely it’s a weak Government, absolutely it could be on the verge of defeat but you’re saying now this isn’t a significant climb down.

“I mean, you either get a vote or you don’t. You said you wanted a vote and the MPs are on your side. You’re getting your vote and now you’re moaning again.

“Is it just me or is every single thing you ask for when you get it not quite enough because what you really want is for us not to be leaving the EU and you’re not going to rest until we don’t leave the EU.”

Mr Wilding hit back and said David Davis’ proposal was a climbdown and will create “more mayhem” to Brexit talks.

Mr Wilding said: “Because what’s going to happen right now is that people and MPs yesterday stood up and said ‘oh, hang on a second. What if you don’t get a deal? We’re crashing out and we don’t have our parliamentary sovereignty’.”

Ms Hartley-Brewer said: “No, leaving. Not crashing out. Leaving the EU, which is what the British people voted for.”

David Davis announced that MPs will be offered a take it or leave it vote on a final Brexit deal.

He announced the concession in response to former attorney general Dominic Grieve’s amendment which called for a meaningful vote.

Mr Grieve said that this reassurance did not go far enough and confirmed that his amendment would remain in place for the time being.

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"I would invest in yellow vests in Britain if I were you" | George Galloway's monologue

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George Galloway’s Mother of All Talk Shows tackles politics from across Europe: French riots, the new German Chancellor, and chaos at home.

France is erupting in revolutionary violence the president of France the diminutive Tony Blair of the Continental mainland Monsieur macron has deployed 80,000 80,000 riot police across the whole country including tanks on the streets of Paris but it won't stop the people of France who whatever else you think of them certainly know how to protest the proximate cause of the events that have become symbolized by the julies on the yellow vests was the imposition of a fuel duty which turned out to be the straw that broke the camel's back in the patience of the people of France with the neoliberal austerity government of macron just in parentheses isn't it amazing that the three governments in the world who more than any other lecture other people on how they should run their countries seem to be out of control of events in their own countries I refer of course to Theresa May Emmanuel macron and Donald J Trump and all of those three will feature heavily in the mother of all talk shows this evening but the point is as Harold Macmillan once said it's not one damn thing it's one damn thing after another it's no longer about the fuel duties which have in any case been suspended and soon forgotten it has now become a people's referendum on the streets of France against this little would be Napoleon who doesn't bear any comparison except in this regard he was the youngest French leader since Napoleon and he now has Laur standing in the French Republic than Napoleon the third who was of course overthrown any revolutionary upheaval the same may very well happen to little mr. Mack Ron do remember all those centrists like Gary Lineker like Vince Cable who were telling us couldn't we have a macron here in Britain you don't hear much of that now as he may be swept aside and in the next couple of days ditto of course the British government of Teresa may the rumor mill at Westminster is swirling with different possibilities between now and Tuesday the culmination of five days of debate on Teresa Mays brexit deal something she'll pull the vote indeed her friend Tony Blair advised her today on television to do so because he doesn't want to see her defeated he doesn't want to see Teresa Mae's government brought down so he was full of helpful advice as to what treasom a should do seems incompatible with continued membership of the Labour Party to me but hey what do I know about that she may pull the vote or the latest rumor breaking just half an hour ago is that she will amend her own proposals to hold a referendum a second referendum in March before deadline day of March 29 with two questions on the ballot paper either trees amazed brexit deal or remaining in the European Union it's hard to calibrate a more gigantic betrayal of seventeen point four million people's votes the people's vote referendum in 2016 now again in parentheses people say well you can return Tomatoes yes you can but not until you've implemented the previous decision you could run a big campaign in Britain well financed that you want to rejoin the European Union but you can't have a referendum that says we're leaving and then you have a second referendum to overturn the decision made in the first referendum before it has even been implemented and of course this choice would be between arsenic and strychnine for many of us including me because I want to leave the European Union neither of those options in what is reported to be in the Prime Minister's mind is leaving the European Union the treasom a proposals are bricks in name only remain in name only they are neither fish nor fowl although they're fowl f o UL very definitely so what would millions of us who feel like me be able to do if faced with that kind of a referendum now you may say that treasom a has repeatedly ruled out a second referendum well she repeatedly ruled out a general election last year and then called one the thinking is according to people in Westminster is that this will detach enough labour members of parliament out of jeremy corbyn's lobby and into hers to make up for the number of conservative defectors who intend to vote against trees amazed brexit deal now whether all of this will work is extremely doubtful for a whole number of reasons I shall Adam break throughout the course of the show and what its consequences will be if it does work which are grave indeed in fact if you want some investment advice from I'd invest in yellow vests in Britain if I were you we'll have to wait and see and in Spain in the local elections in Andalusia the southern part of the country this week fascism returned twelve overtly fascist members of parliament were elected to the regional Assembly of Andalusia and the reasons not hard to discern Andalusia like Italy like Turkey like Greece have been left to shoulder the burden of the human tidal wave of refugees and migrants who have washed up on their Shores fleeing from poverty environmental degradation and of course war war famine pestilence and disease the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and those in charge of the apocalypse don't want to know anything about these refugees about these migrants they leave it to the poorer Mediterranean countries of Europe to shoulder that burden and in Germany and greet cramp Karen Bauer you will have to get used to that monumental name because she's now the prime minister of Germany the most important country in the European Union she won a vote tonight as Angela Merkel stepped down we'll also be talking about Tory food banks about the monstrosity of Tory MPs coordinated by the center to drop in on food banks and hand in a tin if you're lucky of Fray Bentos steak and kidney pie just one mind you and to get photographed whilst doing it Ian Duncan Smith the author of so much misery and poverty in this country actually handed in to a food bank a bag of sugar that was his donation to the food bank culture which he and his ilk have created here in Britain I really advise them to open the bag and check that it is sugar we'll be talking about poverty as the impact on women specifically and we'll be talking to a redoubtable campaigner Joanne Welsh who is a campaigner for back to 60 that is back to the official retirement age that women born in the 1950s were fully entitled to believe would be their entitlement when they reached the age of 60 but the government stole their pension and there are millions of them it is an election changing segment of the British population and unless the government satisfies their demands they're going to lose literally millions of votes from these women we'll be talking about a very momentous event that occurred on this day in 1980 when John Lennon the central figure in British popular culture throughout the 1960s and into the 70s was shot dead assassinated by a murderer in New York City it's a sad day which many of us can remember very vividly indeed but Britain lost Peter Sellers on the same day lost Alfred Hitchcock also died this year and other things I'm now told happened in 1980 Yes Minister was first broadcast the first nudist beach in Britain opened in Brighton Newsnight was first broadcast unrecognizable now as compared to then and the Tyne and Wear Metro opened and lastly will be King about Donald Trump will be talking about his travels we'll be talking about the extent to which Julian Assange has now been dragged into the Donald Trump story by the Guardian in a fake news front-page story which has never been referred to by them again because they surely know that it was entirely fabricated because on this day Julian Assange entered the Ecuador embassy six years ago where he now remains we'll be talking about Donald Trump's problems with mr. mullah who seems to be closing in like a great white shark all of that is coming up on the mother of all talk shows

George Galloway's Mother of All Talk Shows | 8 Mar 19

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now I did a Sky News interview from Liverpool about a week or ten days or so ago and it went viral it has been seen by millions of people it has been liked shared retweeted and otherwise appreciated or depreciated by a truly gigantic audience I thought it was fading from the public memory but it just came back the former mayor of Sunderland labour heartland but one where they are distinctly vulnerable on the old brexit front was this week suspended from the Labor Party for sharing my Sky News video on his Facebook page I thought myself that a kind of Rubicon was crossed then not just because it involved me personally but because the sharing of something on one of the country's main news broadcasters on Facebook would seem to be well the most innocuous of pastimes the man who shared it was no fan of mine as the words that he added to the video made clear but he just thought that I was right on this occasion on that broadcast and he's been suspended from the Labour Party for it that's the former mayor of Sunderland still a councillor in Sunderland in fact a cabinet member in Sunderland and coming hard on the heels of the suspension of Chris Williamson MP and immediately presaging the suspension of the prominent intellectual journalist and commentator is Erwin Stanley from the Labour Party shows that what I said last week is true that Tom Watson is now effectively calling the shots in the Labour Party I had a deluge of carbon cultists insulting me on Twitter when I came off air last Friday night people who believe that whistling in the wind will get you to people who believe that the wish is the mother of the fact and of course it isn't there is nothing inevitable in politics no one's victory is inevitable no one's record speaks for itself everyone is only as good as their last result and Jeremy Corbyn is on a run of form that Stoke City would recognize his ratings are plummeting his ratings are going through the floor the Labour Party's ratings are falling and carbons are falling faster and further however he seems determined to adopt the rope-a-dope approach to it all just to absorb blow after blow after blow after blow but you see Ally had a plan with rope-a-dope the question is does jeremy corbyn ally decided to absorb blows for a given number of rounds calculating that George Foreman would punch himself out and he was right his plan worked and very quickly Foreman was flat on his back and Ally was the champion of the world again now obviously I hope that that happens in the case of Jeremy Corbyn but my faith in that is negligible because it seems to me self-evident that far from tiring themselves out Corbin's enemies are gaining new and greater strength their punches are getting harder his failure to even shape up in order to absorb the blows more and more evident so carbon costs look away now I never signed up to blind faith I have no blind faith in anyone except the Almighty I will not pretend and that things are going well when they're going badly because that's a guarantee of utter dismal failure and I said last week that I doubted whether Corbin any longer had a ennum to fight back this week has done nothing to dissuade me from that point of view as a matter of fact constituency organizations and trade union organizations are being stopped from passing motions in support of Kris Williamson whose crime I remind you was to be Corbin's most loyal parliamentary lieutenant a man who put in more miles more shoe-leather in support of the corbin project than any any other parliamentarian but he's out I'm out Jacky Walker's out ken Livingston's out mark rods was out thousands of people are out and we ain't coming back in meanwhile Corbin's enemies get stronger and stronger and stronger and willing of course to debate that with anyone and no one is sadder than me to have to utter the words I'm now uttering but if there's one thing I stand for in politics which is I think quite widely recognized I try to tell the truth as I see it and I will not tell lies to anyone about anyone or any thing that's why I want to see as I said when I stood against them to be the London Mayor the Sadiq Khan is not just small in stature he is the smallest figure ever to occupy such a large political job in any part of the world at any time he is vanishingly small as a mayor and it's getting very serious or sure he'll come up to any identity politics Jamboree he'll come up to any interview that allows them to Virtue's signal on everything but his job his job is first and foremost to ensure that Londoners are safe and Londoners have never been less safe ever in peacetime history there have been six fatal stabbings in London in the last seven days murders are taking place in the capital all over the capital in leafy lanes and in urban jungles in the concrete jungles of the post-war developments where young people were dropped and abandoned without facilities without services without anything to do except congregate as gangs and on the leafy lanes of the posh are more expensive parts of the city almost equally and all kinds of people are being stabbed young people old people black people white people male people and female people and where's the mayor has the mayor been in well he was on Peston the other night where his principal purpose was to heighten and father the coup against Jeremy Corbyn he'll always turn up for that but answer had he none to the crisis of insecurity being felt by millions of Londoners millions of them are talking of little else than whether their children will come home tonight or whether they'll get that knock on the door to tell them that their child is dead or that their child has caused the death of someone else which is of course also utterly devastating to the lives of everyone concerned now I know that the police cuts in Britain are primarily responsible or the rise in crime the police cuts the decade of austerity the slashing of youth services and anything that would remotely resemble an infrastructure that would allow our young people to grow up in a positive environment I know that the government is primarily responsible for that but I've got to tell you as someone who stood for the position there's actually not much of a job in being London mayor except occupying a giant pulpit a bully pulpit from which you cannot pain talk cajole shout demand organize public opinion behind what is right so mister can mayor can if the problem is police cuts what are you doing about it if the problem is cuts to youth services what are you doing about it and the answer is as little as the man himself he is a political disaster a failed experiment he should never have been chosen he should never have been elected now we tried to get hold of him for this show not for the first time or even the tenth time in fact I think he has never been on talk radio I'll be contradicted if I'm wrong his press team said he'd done enough media no you haven't done enough media Sadiq because the people are singularly unreal so if you're listening and you're not so tired now give us a call oh three four four four nine nine one thousand now the week that's coming up is the most important week in British political history since the Norway debate and the fall of Chamberlain the assumption of the premiership by Winston Churchill when Hitler was at the Channel ports and when Britain stood alone only our Air Force and our Navy there to stop them that's a big claim but it's when I make without fear of contradiction because this coming week will determine the rest of your life and the rest of your children's lives this coming week will decide whether the Democratic decision by the British people to leave the European Union is honored or not and if it is not grave political consequences unforeseen entirely unforeseen in some cases political change will occur as a result and if we do what matters next is on what basis we do now I'm one of those who has longed for this day longed for this opportunity because I see it as an opportunity not as a problem that has to be managed not as damage that has to be limited there's nothing negative about how I approach this coming week and what it can mean for this country and our people I look forward to a future with hope where we as an independent country can slip our moorings from a fading failing collection of some European states and sail off into and around the world again I want Britain post brexit to be what it was in the swinging sixties in London in Carnaby Street in the Apple Studios when we were the cultural capital of the world when we made ships of Steel when we had a car industry a shipbuilding industry a truck building in to a van building industry a motorcycle building industry really workshop industry when we had a steel industry when we had a coal industry when we were something we were not as I keep saying painting our faces blue and living in the forests before we joined the European Union we were something and moreover we were far more advanced on workers rights on women's rights on the rights of people to a clean environment on the rights of gay people to live their lives freely on many other rights we were way way ahead of most if not all of the member states of the European Union we did not require them to civilize us neither do we require them in fact to the contrary we require to be out of the European Union if we are to be free to elect a government which will make a Britain that's better for you me and all of us there are not many people who have approached the brexit three years that we've lived through with that frame of mind in fact I'd go further I allege that there was a secret compact between the British state and its government and foreign States and the EU to make as little of brexit as possible to make a small a brexit as possible it breaks it if possible in name only and that's what might pass next week that's brinel brexit in name only it may pass in the House of Commons next week in which case I put the political class on notice that the story isn't over there are some of us who will fight and fight and fight again for a proper clean break from the European Union I was just on television earlier today and on American television and I was making the point that International Women's Day was invented and organized for the first time in 1910 by two Russian women these two Russian women were Bolshevik women Clara Zetkin and Alexandra : tie and they first called the International Working Women's Day and of course all women work the either work for an employer or they work at home or they work for an employer and they work at home and they're exploited and treated unfairly in both of their workplaces and so I'm hoping that men will think tonight about the meaning of International Women's Day and about the importance of women and men uniting properly uniting working as a team against the existential problems which exist outside of the home and we're going to be looking for music that makes that point now my first guest this evening is my new best friend I'm enormous ly impressed by him you can see my interview with them on my television show on Sky 5-1-1 on Sputnik tomorrow you'll see it five times if you'd like to from the early morning till late at night dr. Gerard Lyons is the chief strategic economists he has worked for all of the important Citadel's of financial power in the City of London he's a non-executive director of the Bank of China he is a man at the top of his profession in the dismal science of economics but he's far from dismal and he has far from a dismal outlook on the subject or brexit as I discovered when I interviewed him yesterday for tomorrow's till sure now it goes without saying that he's speaking tonight in a personal capacity none of these great banking houses probably agree with them and certainly he's not speaking for them his co-author with Liam Halligan another friend of mine of the Daily Telegraph of a book called clean brexit how to make a success of leaving the EU dr. Lyons welcome to the show good evening pleasure to be on only a few days to go have you are you any closer with your ear to the ground – working out what's going to happen next week what are the likelihoods well obviously is still hard to call ism based on raw politics but my working assumption is still the same one as I'd have for last few months which is that we'll see a last-minute change a face-saving change to the backstop that would allow the brexit ears to support the Prime Minister's deal that's the change that everyone insisted the EU would never make well they haven't made it yet and to make it they need to give the UK a unilateral ability to opt out of the backstop or put a time limit on the backstop now it's still possible that even after the shenanigans are becoming weak that even if the Prime Minister's deal is not approved that the EU could yet the heads of the summits are March the 21st still delivered that but if that face-saving deal is delivered them at least it guarantees that we leave the European Union at the end of March if it's not given then the Prime Minister's deal in all likelihood will fail and then the parliamentarians probably will roll out No Deal and then we're into the situation of a possible extension who knows for how long of article 50 and therefore not leaving the EU at the end of March I let's deal with the last point first I believe that it is enormous ly underestimated in this country what the political implications of this delay would be especially as it's likely not to be a delay of weeks perhaps not even of months but maybe years the implications of such a decision that was given to the British people to make not then being implicated I believe are being consistently underestimated by the political class by the media class but also the economic uncertainty that would accompany that I believe that's being underestimated – do you agree yes I do agree but first in terms of the politics given all the factors that you've mentioned which I agree with I think that it makes sense for the number-10 and also for the EU to try and actually come up with this face-saving change the backstop certainly many of the key people on the continents are leaving their watch soon the parliamentarians here would not like to extend article 50 really its truth be told and of course if we did see it extended then it's difficult in my mind to see how we can avoid having European elections this summer in economic terms whichever economy one's looking at whether it's Britain or Germany or indeed any other the outlook depends on the interaction between the economic fundamentals policy and confidence and confidence is a key factor influencing not just investment decisions that listeners do your show those people who feel confident are more likely to go out and spend those people on this earth and lacking confidence would basically save more or spend less and therefore if we extend article 50 and we have a further period of uncertainty I think there will be a drag both on the UK and more particularly on the European Union economy as well and of course would guarantee another x months or years of debate about F and on what basis we're going to leave the EU rather than how are we going to make a success of it that's right I think in terms of all the possible options this week we haven't yet talked about no deal and I think it's worth stressing that there's naturally a lot of fear mongering about no deal and the key issue about know the others how much preparation has been made some firms have clearly prepared others or not we're not yet clear whether the government is fully prepared that's very opaque indeed but even if we have a No Deal for instance is important to stress that not an end-state that's a stepping stone and if we were to actually go down the route of a No Deal which seems unlikely at the moment then that would actually lead in my mind to later this year to a whole series of sector deals between the EU and the UK clearly if we went down the route of an expansion of article 50 I think you're quite correct it actually leads to a lot of uncertainty both about when we actually were to leave and also on what terms therefore bring it all together the best way to approach all this in economic terms is actually make that change the backstop and the reason to stress making the change the backstop is this gorge for the UK to make a success of leaving the EU and I think we clearly can make a successive leave me you we need to get three things right they're all different but they're all interlinked one is to actually have a domestic economic agenda aimed at delivering growth second is to actually have a good sensible relationship with the EU and third is to position ourselves but the rest of the world not necessary in those orders but those three key factors the challenge with the backstop at the moment is it ties our hands in the future on domestic economic policy and it also ties our hand in the future in terms of our future trading relationship with the rest of the world that's why the backstop in my mind needs to be changed if we then have the withdrawal agreement and the political statement which the other parts of the prime ministers deal and I can live with those and I imagine many brexit ears as well could live with those I'm more critical of trees Amaze deal than you are tell us why you think from the standpoint of someone supporting brexit it's not as bad as perhaps I say it is well I don't think the Prime Minister's deal is as good as it should have been I don't think we've approached the whole process in the right way I think we've been a supplicant throughout and I don't think we've actually seen it as the opportunity indeed earlier you were talking about opportunity and fell off by view the EU has been like the Titanic there's a tendency to think because it's big we should be on it but just as people were seen the Titanic leaving the harbour on the day their thinking it looks great is big it the EU like the Titanic did not change course and its sank without trace those people who were lucky enough to jump into a lifeboat survived and in many respects the 2016 referendum allowed the UK to jump off the Titanic when now had the ability to serve into the brand new world tasting the fact that 90 percent of growth in coming decades will come from outside the EU the challenge with the Prime Minister's deal particularly the back stop is like thrown an anchor back to basically hook us up with the Titanic again so I certainly think the back stop is the very bad part of it the rest of it I don't think is a good as it should have been at least it guarantees that we leave and then it's very much about positioning ourselves thereafter but I don't think the Prime Minister's bill in its entirety clearly is seeing brexit as an opportunity I tend to think both the Prime Minister and the Chancellor have seen it as making the best of a bad job whereas in my view is clearly an opportunity to actually move us away from the slow growth region of the world economy which is the European Union and at the same time recognize the fact that the UK is an incredibly imbalanced economy faces many homegrown problems but at least in the future we'll have a lot more room for manoeuvre if we leave correctly to start addressing those and position the UK economy to grow strongly lastly doctor I'm grateful for your time it I mentioned earlier the tendency of the liberal elite small-l liberal elite in Britain to paint the EU as if it were some kind of civilizing mission without which we would have been savages equally there's an absolute blindness in the British political and media class to the extent to which the EU is on the European mainland actually falling apart you mentioned European Parliament elections every forecast is that the European Parliament elected this summer will be overwhelmingly anti-eu that's correct and but also look at it just in economic terms just take the last few days yesterday the European Central Bank their version of our Bank of England basically had to acknowledge that the eurozone economy is performing very poorly therefore the European Central Bank will have to add more stimulus and will have to delay any rate hike until next year at the earliest so the European Central Bank basically acknowledged that the eurozone economy is very weak then the kappa days early the OECD which is in Paris based independent organization they cut their forecasts at the UK that made all the headlines here in Britain but they actually cut their forecasts more for the likes of Germany in France so even the northern European economies are under delivery if you go to southern Europe whether it's Spain Italy Greece you have high rates of unemployment and I'm still staggered in the debate here in the UK this idea that we're throwing away our children's future by leaving the EU complete and utter nonsense the European Union unfortunately under delivers it results in high rates of youth unemployment particularly across the southern European economies when you look at the data from the Home Office in terms of where UK people migrate to and where people you leave the UK to go and work if you're looking for work and leaving the UK you basically don't go to the European Union the people who leave the UK to go to the EU are those people retiring if you're looking for better growth opportunities people tend to look to other regions of the world economy so I think we need a reality check clearly we want the EU to do well clearly we want it as our neighbor to actually perform well but it is as president macron outlined in The Guardian and in other newspapers this week it is a political project and we basically have our own Parliament's at least when we leave the EU whatever people think of our politics at least then your MP is held to account more and we can actually start to cut apart I think delivers greater growth and better opportunities for Britain and our people in the future dr. Lyons thanks very much indeed for joining us that was dr. Gerard Lyons a very senior and important strategic economists and a governor no governor a director of the Bank of China Hasan Dhawan says kindly greet the person I brought along with me to listen to the show this week consuelo Griego many thanks Consuela you're most welcome we like new students here at the Open University of the airwaves let's talk to Nicola in Swindon go ahead Nicola I listened to your monologue early didn't I agree wholeheartedly with what you said about the exit because that's the exact same reason that I voted out and then I'm 67 years old now we've managed before we was in the EU all those industries gas trap royal air we wanted it we made it even though their own nuts and bolt we made everything exactly we did yeah we were we were still the workshop of the world in the 1960s panicking now about stockpiling start Chris I saw I saw someone someone complaining that it's blaming brexit for the shortage of watercress in in Waitrose the other day well well I don't have to do without our watercress or will he have grow ourselves it's not beyond us Nicola we're talking about water actually in the second hour good that you brought national I also a private I'd rather national Isaac Stannis no good at all nobody's gained out of it we haven't got a choice we've certainly I'm going to be wrong said I'll go back to Betsy I mean you look at the rail industry if we wanted to make claims we made them ourselves we had people here skilled people in the new visions now we import planes from Europe which probably owned in Europe and we're forced to by the European Union rules we're unable to prefer our national railway workshops it takes two or three years to get them to work on our always did this our systems are different to those exist you know and we've got the mix up we were sort of a semi metrication system we use there were also people thinking miles and paint and things like that and I mean so times employ long I still think and change them for Long's Nicholas Last Man Standing talking about the final for long but from racing enthusiasts who still use chains and poor ones which we manage quite well and then somebody introduces this metrication system on top of that I mean I don't thinking that I'm welcome board to that and I didn't that thinking meters and things like that and we didn't go into it fully we haven't gained anything out of it well if we had Nicola we wouldn't devote to liver if you know the idea the reason we voted to leave it was because the state we are in is such that seventeen and a half million people thought this isn't working for me I I want to try something else in that parrot and I know what we imported far more than we exported there's a big trade imbalance with the European containers to get out there I know when they opened the Channel Tunnel I was due to managers who looked after the freight that we used to bring through the tunnel and part of my death again was to get the empty bank in tobacco into Europe to bring stuff that all right we did export cars we probably don't export as many of them now as we used to and we what we used to import an awful lot of cars as well for sure and that should concentrate the mind of the EU this weekend when they weigh up what they're going to make as their final offer or perhaps penultimate offer as the professor said earlier they sell a lot more to us than we sell to them Nicola thanks for the call wonderful to hear from you again Daniel is in Adelson always worth hearing Daniel go ahead I could eat in hotel are you yes good thanks fighting fit no yeah no firm key fight inmate you next value inspiration make you up nine I bit of a downer to bear I mean this knife crime business is business or even at any Sonu you're right I mean I have to stop reading these stories halfway down you know as you as a father of four young children myself and with my eldest child having four young children of her own this kind of thing really haunts me it sends a shiver down my spine um you know this is the week also that the inquiry into alleged abuse of children linked to Westminster started correct I don't know if it did it went over my head no independent inquiry into child sexual abuse it was out by the then Home Secretary Theresa May yeah it's been a long time coming that one well where the point is is well or while this is going on my question is are they still like school visits to Westminster and well look Daniel on of course there are many school visits to Westminster I've got no evidence at all that any child is in danger of the kind you are implying in going to Westminster I used to always enjoy schools coming to Westminster and I think they enjoy it there are historical allegations many of which have now been entirely debunked I should say proven to be false and the product of fantasy but there are many many other examples not necessarily linked to Westminster of systemic abuse of children in this country over many decades church people Football Club people Sports Club people scouts and all kinds of things I myself was a victim of that in the in the 1960s so I'm here to tell you it's a real thing and let's hope well let me read to you what's been done about it a three-week long investigation into allegations of child sexual abuse involving policy politicians and Westminster officials opens on Monday with that next Monday yeah with senior police officers former ministers and the security services expected to give evidence potentially explosive claims will be made about whether parliamentary whips officers withheld information about criminal offences in order to exploit it and whether detectives were warned off making inquiries into prominent public figures the latest strand of the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse chaired by Professor Alexis Jay will examine some of the most sensitive accusations it has received that's the report in The Guardian Daniel thanks very much for bringing that up will no doubt discuss that next week let me read a couple more don't forget we're talking about knife crime in the second hour and indeed in the third we're talking about the mud or wave which has reached even leafy Cheshire a particularly distressing case where two boys have been charged one with mother and one with being accessory after the fact both 17 years old living in very very expensive houses attending very expensive private schools and just on Poisson I was very surprised that the accused in the case of Yusef in Cheshire was given bail but I was more surprised that the judge said he had no obligation to explain to the public why he had decided to give the accused person bail certainly not usual to give the accused in a murder trial of stabbing someone to death bill I'm just wondering how that happened and I really think the judge has an obligation to explain to the public that pays wages how that happened the community Paulist says as you know George I support brexit because the status quo is simply unsustainable the life-support systems of planet Earth are being contaminated by corporate profiteering something had to stop the rot to me brexit is the first step towards that end and Martin says 83% of Labor Party members voted to remain in the EU why can't you and your fellow brexit ears accept a democratic people's vote will have no idea where that figure comes from Martin no one has pulled the members of the Labour Party to see how they voted at least so far as I'm aware but just in case you didn't know I'm not actually in the labour party and I'm not bound by any opinion held within it now an anonymous text think it's disgusting the MPs have given themselves a rise roughly in line with inflation next thing you know they'll get paid sixty four grand working for RT I have no idea who gets paid sixty four grand working for RT but thanks for the 25 pence again in fact the flow of 25 Benzes that you send us every Friday no this is Simon booth least he puts his name on it very handsome avatar 2 says listen up you poo Stuart I live in Hampshire which is one of the world's largest producers of watercress stop spouting you're not sense and scare mongering I voted leave and regret it every day people like you are a huge problem you and your sheep my sheep hear what you are a watercress producer who voted leave and now regret it every day I think you should maybe feed yourself some watercress maybe improve your avatar will be talking about knife crime we'll be talking about brexit we'll be talking about labour we'll be talking about all the great issues of the day including the crisis in water now we talk about burning issues on this show every Friday night thanks to talk radio but we also talked about underlying issues issues that are not burning but should be issues like the environment issues like poverty in Britain issues that are ignored elsewhere and one of those is the crisis in water now all over the world the despoiling of the environment is first manifested in the poisoning and the depletion of the water table the water supply of course there are countries like ours where it's teaming down outside where God favors us with a very considerable deluge of water every year but even here water is wasted water is despoiled but in countries like India and many other parts of the world water will be the issue on which future wars are fought were used to wars for oil it won't be that far distant in the future that we'll be seeing wars over water some people some clever people are doing the best to tackle it to highlight these problems one of those is Christopher Ghassan who's the chairman of global water leaders that's a group of utilities now they exist to make the world of water work better they achieve this by tapping into the expertise of water leaders from across the world to share their ideas and experiences and Chris's biggest worry is northern India and the farmers using ground water ground water levels are decreasing they are digging deeper but pumping out unsuitable water and that has led to an increase in farmer suicides during due to failing farms 300 million peasant farmers in 20 to 30 years that's 300 million peasant farmers in just 20 to 30 years will have no water to farm and in 2018 we achieved day zero in cape town one of my favorite cities in all the world were they almost literally run out of water Christopher has been good enough to join us on the line now Christopher Gaston thanks for coming on the show kindly kindly describe the extent of this crisis first if you would demo go on to what caused it could have been avoided and how can we avert it well I guess it's the first thing to think about it is a sort of multi local rather than the global crisis I mean different bad things happening with water in different places but the overall picture is they're the same ie there are more people in the world and the same amount of water and that push prep puts pressure on water resources in different ways around the world and you know as you mentioned in northern India you've got peasant farmers who really need the water to irrigate their crops and the state governments provide free electricity to pump groundwater and you know gradually that water is going away and as it gets used up it gradually becomes more say die or it actually gives way all together and then there the farmers have no livelihoods and these are some of the poorest people on earth so you know that's that's one sort of crisis you know Cape Town is another sort of crisis where you've got essentially again some of the impact of climate change that you get more severe severe droughts and floods and you know they had a basis here a drought which nearly you know finish them all off I mean you can't sit for more than 100 hours and without water and so yeah it's the different kinds of crises around the world climate change is obviously devastating in certain parts of the world nobody expected a modern city like cape town to actually run out of water was there an element of bad management there or was it purely down to the climate I think that you know bad management of water is you know sadly rather prevalent you know all over the world in this you know people like the idea that water is a gift from God and it's sort of human right and it should be free but actually you know it needs to be paid for you know you need to have infrastructure in order to you know purify it and collect it and distribute it and if you don't want to pay for it you end up with you know not getting it and that's one of the sort of central problems globally of course the there are ways of paying for it without the individual paying directly for how much they're drinking or using and so on that's a slightly separate political issue but you're right to say there are more people in the world than the same amount of water but the development of Science and Technology ought to mean ortant it that more of the water that we have can be used again and again and I think that that's right i mean you know essentially you know what happens with war is it comes out of the sky and gets collected and used something gets used and then ends up in the sea and the problem is when it gets to the sea it becomes salty and taking the cells out is an extremely expensive process so the more that you can you know use your water before it gets to the sea the better it is and either that is you know directly by having a wastewater treatment plant you know treating mortars were high quality and then you know putting that into the drinking water plant or indirectly by putting it into that into the River Thames and you know it goes through you know 40 times something before it gets to the mouth of the Thames no you've said how we got here so how do we avert this coming crisis well as I say I think that it may the crisis is in different shapes in different places I think that there are two things either you change your habits or you change your technology and you know some people are quite reluctant to change their habits you know they obviously like to have green lawns and you know swimming pools and washing machines and and so forth and you know in those cases changing the technology I having desalination or other you know other technologies to improve water efficiency it's your alternative isn't desalinization the answer after all about 80% of the globe is covered by ocean that's a lot of water it's a lot of salt too but we are in the 21st century we can send people to the moon and spacecraft to Mars and so on I mean it is absolutely an answer for a lot of people particularly losing living on the coast and you've got a reasonable income level if you're living in land like these Indian peasant farmers and we've got a very low income level it's it's very very difficult to know what the solution is so you meet up with these water leaders would it be fair to say there's there's a sense of of impending crises at these meetings are you just down about it no it depends on where once you know talking about you know in places like and though the Netherlands and Singapore or even Los Angeles you know they've got very together water leaders who really know what no I don't you know what they need to do and they're able to you know win support of the their population to you know make the investments that they need to make I think the most desperate sort of situation I've come across is actually I met the what a Minister for Gaza and a couple of years back and there that's the place where I just don't see a solution and I mean he's got 1.8 million people there dependent on the ground water the ground as they use the ground water they suck the seawater in the aquifer and as the seawater come mixers of the aquifer the water they drink gets saltier and as it gets older it starts to give them you know cardiovascular diseases and sessle's and you know I met up with him in Ramallah actually to talk about how we could get a desalination plant in there and you know it's one of these things which is you know it's incredibly difficult but having me yeah I mean I guess there is hope but you know just getting things you know across the board into Gaza takes so long that you know he calculated that just the getting the trucks of materials into Gaza would take a hundred years to build a desalination plant well that's a pretty sobering point to end on thanks very much indeed for that Christopher Christopher Gaston chairman of the global water leaders Bewdley from Lincoln says George just a thought if fracking is so freakin good for the US economy in job and energy creation then why the interest in Venezuela very good question Roger says Galloway turning against Corbin on talk radio you can't make this up and Lizzie says I have to agree the forces against the socialist government for this country have turned their considerable powers to destroying our credibility any way they can I also hope we can turn this around and scouser law says if only Corden would stand up for himself and his project as much as his supporters do he's allowing himself to be a metaphorical punch bag for the Blair writes and it's very depressing to watch now Rainer mama'll is CEO and co-founder of dye cool textile systems this is a good news story you see I talked about desperation earlier and this I'm afraid you can't separate these issues capitalism is about making the maximum profit for yourself and your company and your shareholders and the owners and the chief executives and the rest as you can capitalism has no morality it doesn't think global except in global exploitation it doesn't say can't see has a fiduciary duty not to say well I could make a lot of money this way but I'll not make it because it will damage the environment so one of the biggest contributors to water depletion and desperation is capitalist industry here's a capitalist industry and I've got to thank Eddie temple Morris and virgin radio for bringing this story to our attention really sincerely here is a story of a capitalist company which is actually coming up with totally revolutionary solutions which could actually transform the landscape the water scape in the world today Reena thanks for coming on the show no problem now you are the CEO co-founder of dico textile systems the backdrop to this is that 20% of industrial water pollution comes from the dyeing of textiles that's extraordinary number the LLC has been entirely lost to cotton farming for the fashion industry and that's resulted in the loss of livelihoods and food sources for the use Beck a community that lived around that see 80,000 chemical elements are used with water 80,000 for fashion industry making the water wastewater non recyclable water you've come up with a solution to that tell us well thank you very on the show the solution that we're bringing is quite simple and it's it's based upon a very old technology we're using co2 in English I think it's greenhouse gas and as the solvent to dye the fabrics and the yarns the instead of water why didn't anybody think of that before somebody thought of this around 25 years ago in Germany it was it was a German professor in a laboratory who invented this on a very very small scale but nobody picked it up and was trying to commercialize it and yeah you just got to state it as you've just done and the commercial possibilities of it look entirely obvious to me why do you think it wasn't picked up well if you we started to pick this up ten years ago to try to scale it up but I think 10 years ago maybe even longer nobody was even I think aware of the pollution of the textile industry I think because of Internet the awareness of the people social media I think people are getting more and more where governments are getting more and more aware but I think 10 15 years ago I think the problem was there but nobody saw it now just explain give me an idiot's guide because not many people will grasp how you can color yarn and textiles from co2 means co2 is yeah breath yeah well let me let me give you then a small lesson in textile dyeing and I'm starting with the dyeing in water and let's say if you take a piece of polyester polyester you can dye the yarn or your condign dye the fabric and that's done on huge rolls and then you need about 100 to 150 litres of water you also need the pigment but the pigment doesn't like the water so you need loads of chemicals to drive the the the the the pigment into the textile fabric the efficiency is about 50 to 60 percent so about 40% of all the dye stuff including the chemicals needs them to be treated or going into wastewater what we are doing is we're using greenhouse gas co2 if you bring that under high pressure and I'm talking really high-pressure about 250 bars the co2 becomes liquid and in the liquid phase we can use the pure pigments it's the same pigments that you're using in water dying but it does dissolve in co2 so you don't need all the chemicals to dissolve it so our efficiency is 99.9 percent so the 0.1 percent okay that's still in the liquid co2 but here comes the trick you take off the pressure in us in a small step it becomes gas again and the little bit of pollution falls out so you have it captured it's not going into the environment and the co2 we reuse it for about 95 percent you can you can reuse 95 percent of the co2 the co2 were using 95 percent we are reusing and then of course the question is why not hundred percent because to take out the last five percent of our high pressure vessels we need then a lot more electricity and that means more co2 emissions so you better emit the last 5% then take it all out but we are reusing 95% of all the co2 being used this is such a revolutionary new force it could try I mean if if it's the case the 20% of industrial water pollution comes just from dying textiles you could eliminate therefore 20% of all industrial water pollution just by switching to your incredibly impressive idea yeah that's true but I have to make one remark at the moment our system is working for not for natural fibers it's working for polyester and it's working for nylon let's say it's for cotton it's on the drawing table in the R&D phase but polyester and nylon is already 70% of the whole textile production worldwide most people think cotton is the biggest long but that's not true it's polyester and nylon so give me an idea of of the volume of water I mean if 20% of all industrial water pollution comes from die what is the quantum of water being used in being polluted in industrial processes well about well the total textile production in out of my head in 2018 it was about 80 billion kilos of textiles was being produced and if you take an average between let's say 90 and 130 litres per kilo is being used for dyeing textiles only and well you can make the calculation how much wastewater that is I'll try and make it I certainly can't in my head it's truly it's oceanic proportions of water at least in my mind and and I'm right in saying that most of that cannot be recycled cannot be reused because it's despoiled by the chemicals yeah there are ways to to to clean the water to clean the water and so that it's it's it's you can dispose it back into the sewage but it's not the same quality as it was and the funny thing is all the chemicals you're filtering out you need to do something with the chemicals and that's what people forget so people say yeah I'm treating my wastewater yeah that's true I'm gonna give you a number just to show you how good at maths I am Rana that is 12 trillion kilos of water yeah that's a lot of Olympic swimming pools well look you're based in the Netherlands are you the world leaders in this then well world leaders yeah if you look at the amount of the volume of machines that are out there now we have now 12 complete systems in the market yeah we are the world leader because there's nobody else who has a commercial system with co2 at the moment well congratulations to you and more power to your elbow thank you we're gonna have to crack this natural fibers issue though cannot be done we hope it can be done because it's it's a different way and it's we are here completely dependent on chemists and chemistry because yeah we need to find a chemical solution all the dye stuff so that it works in co2 as well but yeah I'm hopeful Rainer mama co-founder of dye cool textile systems in the Netherlands I take my hat off to you this is Toby Hobson a huge potential change for water supply will be the recent development of a cost-effective desalination device based around the super product of the coming century graphene Manchester University are leading the way on this potentially momentous discovery well that doesn't surprise me because Manchester University like many of our best are amongst the best in the whole world and that's a whole new brexit discussion itself our language our universities our science base our medical science base are a very significant part of our future let me read a few others Charlie fickle Ross says here we go again we beat Hitler let's go back to the 60s honestly gorgeous you really need to stop this nonsense it's not healthy thanks for listening Charlie every week next Tuesday is my birthday the best gift I could possibly wish for is a clean break and farewell from the euro Platts in Brussels it's a great pity that someone of your caliber hasn't been representing us you give hope to a great many people great show George says Denny thank you for that Denny I must say it's been extremely frustrating watching the very shrunken political class negotiate the brexit process as I've said many times it's a great pity that the brexit cause was not properly represented in Parliament except by a crew on the far right of the Conservative Party from whom you wouldn't buy a secondhand lawnmower dan el Rojo says Corbin is a man of good intentions however his weakness over keeping the Blair rights in with the naive belief in unity and his suicidal anti-democratic and unprincipled backing of a second referendum are both criminal betrayals of the working class shame on him says dan dan goes on the working class is in desperate need of a mass socialist pro trade union workers party which will fully implement the will of the British people and leave the neoliberal EU entirely not one mass party offers that and Mao my old friend in Belfast says well cedra brexit from day one the remainders in Parliament have done nothing but stifle disrupt and plot for the UK to stay in the control of the EU mob I feel that without doubt we are being edged into another referendum by their joint campaign of non belief in ourselves and blatant lies of our total downfall and failure but the days of reckoning are coming and our democratic vote to leave will not just be overturned or pushed aside our remain our MPs are a bunch of lily-livered chickens as mal in Belfast view Terry Eaton says George we are so near to a true socialist government that we can't afford to allow Watson and his cronies to derail it if were not elected with Corbin as leader we'll go back to Blair ISM and I couldn't stay in a party with that bleak prospect and howl at thee says with brexit what do you think happens if the EU trap us in using the backstop and a brexit party when the UK general election will we be able to use article 52 leave again good question I myself am involved in a new initiative called the brexit alliance if you want more details on that info at brexit Alliance dot net I'll be holding a meeting on that in the next couple of weeks if you want to come right to me Martin in North Somerset is on the line let's hear from him go ahead Martin oh hi George this is not about brexit although I'm very interested in your new initiative and I will look that up but know this this is about that the whole water business you know that supposed shortage of water and as you rightly pointed out you know the planet is 80 percent water yes yeah and obviously it's sodium you can't drink that or put it on your plants but but but we we do have the process to desalinate these things and the problem is the whole problem is this whole climate change agenda because you have millions of people in sub-saharan Africa and in India who are standing on on vast the reservoirs of fossil fuels but of course they're not allowed to use them and and it's this whole climate change agenda which is basically saying to the developing world sorry we've we've got our flat-screen television our cars and we're pulling up they're pulling up the ladder now you can't use them and I think it's disgusting I think you said well you need balance don't you Martin the the the fossil fuels has a negative impact it does allow industrialization and so on but it has a negative impact and you might therefore sorry yes but this has been massively exaggerated this this whole business about man-made co2 in the atmosphere is hugely exaggerated we you know that there has been up to 17 up to 20 times more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in the earth history than it is then there is now and the temperatures aren't going up nearly as fast as they said sea level rises aren't going up nearly as fast as they said they would the whole thing is he's a political scam and and it has to be stopped because it's disadvantaging some of the poorest people on the plane you are you a scientist Martin what's your background because 97% of scientists disagree that fig has been debunked many many times that was put out by a an Australian undergraduate and they deliberately ignored anybody that disagreed with them so it way you know it was a huge you'd figure that's not you wouldn't you you're not contending that most scientists don't disagree with you I know they were asked do you think that a man-made carbon dioxide nor would increase it does have a greenhouse gas effect well they can't deny that because any carbon dioxide will have that effect yeah that's that's all I'm all I'm saying but you didn't tell me what your background is I mean I knew Martin from the chip shop and North Somerset or are you professor Martin because you mentioned the water agenda earlier have you gone agenda no I want people to see the thing that it is to see it as it is yeah but you know people Martin when I'm talking about Parliament people can weigh up how likely is that I'm right or wrong because they know my background my qualifications so we're listening to you on climate science now it's a legitimate question who are you what are you how should why should what how much weight should we put on your view you shouldn't put any weight on my view at all but what you should do is look into it and not just believe that this 97% figure is in any way indicative of the my last question do you have a pecuniary advantage to be gained from arguing this line you're a musician okay you played quite an interesting song Martin will get a lot of response on it I think all three four four four nine nine one thousand thanks for coming on the show sincerely knitting nanny says I don't blame carbon I blame Jenny Formby for being weak and MacDonald for being laughably naive in appeasing these people Jeremy is Jeremy a mild mannered idealist he did his job winning control from 500 to one odds time for others too protect him in Austin in the West Midlands Georgia see the press are now cranking the remain case in full force the media is in top gear to dismantle our exit from the EU the BBC in Channel four are doing their utmost to halt our exit I think that the democracy of this country is at stake I agree with that Ian but it's wrong to single out the BBC and channel for something very profound has occurred in the British media sky which was owned by mr. mo da who owns this radio station was once far more Pro brexit and is now fanatically anti brexit ITV is fanatically anti brexit and the regulator notwithstanding all four of these television stations are pumping out project fear anti brexit propaganda 24/7 and much of their news coverage is led by newspaper headlines newspaper front pages which they review at 10 o'clock at night and which then drive their news bulletins all of the next day and the newspapers too have changed the Daily Mail was a fanatically Pro brexit paper it's now a fanatically anti brexit paper The Times again owned by mr. Murdock was once a pro brexit paper now a fanatically anti brexit paper so the media landscape has dramatically shifted that's all I'm saying yet let's hear from Robb in Blackpool go ahead Robb hi George enjoying the show thank you first time I thought the pleasure is speaking to you basically it's just I'd like you take on something that's really confusing me I I'm 65 this year and I grew up in a reasonably diverse area of the north of England and in no way in the memory of man could I be described as racist in any way shape or form bust listening to the brouhaha regarding Diana Burton the world where Amber was actually sticking up for Diana Baur and for the abuse that she's had over the over three years and more so recently apparently and described as half half of all Internet abuse half of all Internet abuse yeah it suffered by Diana Baur one woman a woman who's a black woman so if amber rod was sticking up for us she was right to do so so I appreciate that but she described it probably enough in advisedly because she's from the area that no longer knows we there has to walk on eggshells because we don't know she's not from that you know come on Rob you and I are from that you know you and I are from that you know we're both 65 this year but don't tell the wife she's not amber rod is not from that era I'm amber rods at least twenty years younger than you and me well I beg to disagree because earlier at later on this afternoon on the Jeremy Vine on the car radio there was a black lady on there that was saying that how disgraceful it was to describe Diana Baur as a colored person because it's an insult to people of color well you're right there are eggshell you're right Rob direction there are eggshells eggshells involved here and and you can call people people of color but you oughtn't to call people colored because by calling them colored people don't like it it's like the word Negro in Spanish the word for black is negro and so you can use that in Spanish but in English it has extremely negative connotations you must be able to see that I do but you must be able to see that my point that the point is that the look the black lady that was on Jeremy mind pulling Diane Abbott's at pieces who are May at I saw you describing West Indian Mother's as far superior to my mother she never said anything of oh no she didn't look I heard what she said Rob yeah you know I know that it's normal to presage these kind of contributions with I'm not racist but and that's what you seem to me to be now doing she never said the West Indian mothers were far superior to your mother she never said that so don't paraphrase of what she said now look I have they're seeing it I saw lips moving she didn't see there's nothing to clarify she's nothing to clarify what she said she said she meant what she said she said what she meant but she didn't see what you said she said now let's get back to this one fella everyone is entitled to paraphrase but not if that paraphrasing distorts the words being described and that's what you're doing now and you've said wait you've said wait from a discussion of what the use of the word colored into a wholly I promise you wholly wrong attack on Abbott's views on West Indian Mother's because I was there when she said it so I know what she said second please it doesn't seem to be a level playing field between white people and black people you're right Rob there's no level playing field between white people and black people white people have got a fantastically greater extent of power and wealth and privilege over black people there's no level playing field on it at all now let me deal with the point that you actually phoned up to raise colored is not an appropriate what to use because we're all colored I'm colored kind of pink other people who drink are colored slightly redder about the gills everyone is colored so it's not an appropriate word to use and black people don't like it so if black people don't like it let's not call them it yeah that's pretty obvious but it's not the worst crime the amber rod has ever committed it's not the worst sin the amber rod has ever committed and if you'd let me I would have agreed with you to an extent on that but the one thing that you have to acknowledge is the whilst my old mother aged 85 might only might make that mistake amber rod a woman in her forties should not have made it let me go on to Martin no go on sorry I thought you'd gone go ahead drop perhaps the black lady on the Jeremy Vine students have study either and she was considerably younger the number up anyway nice to talk to George and you thanks for calling Rob appreciate it Martin in Market Drayton he's up next hello yeah hello George taking my call I was a pleasure I like seeing the ones Market Drayton I've never been there but it's one of the most delightfully named places I felt like I might have been sitting outside the Headmaster's office here for a moment waiting to get dragged in no no don't feel that way I'm sorry if I got to cross without a call I do can I just interrupt you for a second I just want to explain something I've known done Diane Abbott for 35 years and I know what she has put up with I know the wringer that she's been put through and I am automatically suspicious of people who want to attack Diane Abbott because I know her I know her qualities I know our feelings and shortcomings and I cannot dissociate attacks on her from her gender and her color that's just me anyway Martin go ahead see exactly what you want to say and what I'm going to say it's definitely not an attack on Diane of it no you're in to attacker Island I'm a delta defender just I hope you put my cards on the table just for context yeah I'm a lifelong labour voter okay I've always worked in the public sector my wife and I are both were significant victims of austerity economically no other way just economically but I really despair about our political system at the moment and the politicians that we've got you mean you and me well I've never known a shrunken more shrunken political plastun we've got no martin had my own mind this week was the exchange between Diana and amberwood and perhaps perhaps I could explain it yeah what what I'm really thinking about was it Diane had an opportunity to take the higher ground to be magnanimous yeah to recognize that miss floods words to be honest had a positive intent she didn't go out she didn't set out there wasn't attacking how she was supporting her you know she did cause the fence yeah what that was close you know it's an ignorance yeah I agree with you I agree with you Martin unfortunately Diane and I don't know if they're trained to do this or if it's just the way that they are simply need you towards one word ignored all the god intent and all that that was going to convey to the to the listening when you see the would you mean they well I when I when I say they politicians of all else I don't know what they're trained to do or what they're told to do and whether they're doing what they're told what they actually feel is right yeah nonetheless it gets done well look Martin we're running out of time in this are important okay what is it what example does it give to everybody else in terms of tolerance because there's an issue there about just an old money you talking about your old mother the same yep God manners were built on kindness kindness is the sort of foundation of tolerance so if you can't find a way to be kind when you need to be kind in some respects you'll be an intolerance I recognize what you're saying what you're saying is correct but you've just used the wrong words those words aren't acceptable the offensive no well just let that one slide by yeah I agree I've got to stop you I've got to stop you and I agree to an extent I'm just going to offer you a very brief reason why if half of all internet abuse against any public figure half 50 percent of all Internet abuse has been suffered by you then it may be that you're pretty sensitive to these kind of things I agree with you it would have been better if she had taken the high ground and and accepted the positive things that rod was saying and made a non personal correction of that I agree with that and maybe even Diana Baur will now agree but when you've suffered the unremitting systemized industrialized commercial and public abuse that diana has suffered you could if you had if you could walk in her shoes Martin and I can either but I can do so perhaps more than you I I assure you that it doesn't make you feel all that tolerant when you're attacked in a way that you think is unfair now Rudd was not attacking her in an unfair way quite the contrary but maybe her antenna is just so finely tuned to being attacked that she felt she had to respond in the way that she did there's a whole hour to come and we're inviting you to share your stories your memories of women who have spired your life in honor of International Women's Day now as I hinted just before the break I underestimated amber rods age by quite a considerable margin shows what I know actually she's 55 and not a woman in her 40s as I said so to that extent I owe an apology not to her I'm sure she's not offended by being told that I thought she was much younger but to the earlier caller who made the argument the amber rod came from an era when the use of the warped colored was the norm and was not in any way offensive now it turns out that she's not as old as he was or as I am but not as young as I thought she was so to that extent I was wrong but amber rod was the Home Secretary of Britain for goodness sake is has she ever seen a Home Office document that uses the description colored for black people I'm certain that she has not she is a member of the liberal elite where it ought to be the lingua franca by now that this word is not the proper word to use but I'm willing to be further corrected or three four four four nine nine one thousand but I want to talk first – Sophie Lewis who's a former editor pellerin press and a translator because Pelerin am i reading this it's peering I beg your pardon Pei Ari any purine is an independent publisher founded by and run by a woman appearing 60% of the authors and 70% of the translators are women and Sophie is a former editor at and other stories and they published only female authors in 2018 the year of publishing women now literature is of course dominated by men overwhelmingly historically maybe Sophie will tell us whether it's catching now but I'm grateful to our for joining us on the mother of all talk shows Sophie thanks for coming on the show thank you for inviting me I'm delighted to be able to speak to you I just have to say that pyrene E is fed pyrene II I think I got it wrong I got a wrong pronunciation and spelling that's no problem at all really yes so women in books in literature absolutely right you look historically and they hardly get a chance to write stuff oh is the exception but I think women in the Anglophone world in publishing don't have such a hard time of it looking overall there are an awful lot of women who are well received who whose books sell an awful lot of numbers a lot of copies yeah and who win prizes but what we don't really read so much of is women coming from other languages and other cultures women being translated into English this is really a deficit in the literature that we get to read in English well I saw a rather good film about the French author Colette a few months ago before I arrived here actually I saw in Norway and Colette of course was published in the beginning as her husband her husband pretended to be the author of the books that she was writing and that was necessary commercially at that time yes this is the greatest of all French writers novelists anyway there's a the perhaps shameful history of women having to write as men in order to launch their literary careers before they can admit to being women it I don't think it goes on actually now I suppose we're I think perhaps we've we've managed to turn that corner and we don't have to pretend that women are men historically there's the point you're making are completely incontestable but when I look and I'm regularly an inter and book shop one of the best in the country award-winning every Saturday I'm Annette and there's a huge number of books now written by women absolutely there there is and and I would say they're probably deserves to be there are some great women writing great stuff I still think that women being translated are in the mass of minority and did you mean from other European languages or further afield I mean both I mean from anywhere from everywhere if the amount that we translate into English is pitifully small which if you're talking about literature it absolutely is it's probably less than 1% of the stuff that we combined the shops then the amount of that that is women in translation is again far smaller and that is something that needs remedying and a conscious effort on the part of publishers and and it means really hunting hard looking looking beyond the recommendations from the people that are tried and tested it looks it means hunting and and reading and getting people who can read in many languages and there I suggest listening to translators you've not spoken to before that kind of thing the the I mean has you I'm thinking on the practical level there are some jobs that historically were done by men like going you know hundreds of feet underground and digging coal or fighting in armies on the front line and so on but writing is I would have thought the the the best possible pastime best possible career for both men and women there's absolutely no reason why a woman wouldn't be a good writer there's no reason why I wouldn't wouldn't be a good writer absolutely the only problem is and there are two problems one is one is finance and the other one is the one articulated by Virginia Woolf so well a Room of One's Own and to that I would add a room with a door and a lock on it oh good I wish I had that I write a thousand words every day every single day and because I have young children a room with a lock on the door it doesn't even work because they just bang on the door until they get in and so for a room of one's own that's a very good quote I like that so given that women can write at least as well as men given that more and more women are writing and more and more of their books are on sale what's the problem then we're we're set fair aren't we we are set fair but we are turning a big ship slowly I think as as as we find in many problematic fields but this this ship is you know if you call it a couple of millennia of literature this is a big ship and it moves very slowly so places like pyrene ii press are looking beyond our borders for the women writing so well as they are doing and being published in all kinds of parts of the world and for example Nora extremis book Soviet milk she's a Latvian writer and to find a Latvian a woman Latvian writer writing so well about woman's experience and then to find the translator and to publish it this is this is a major exercise so we are perhaps set fair but without the the effort that goes beyond just a sample came to my desk with you know without a kind of pioneering effort that perineum does and that mic is their vocal @pi really really works hard at it it's not going to happen often enough so these kinds of books are published in English do you know this maybe you don't but it would be interesting the do men buy books by women or is there a gender imbalance in purchasing habits so I mean for example half a population or women be any idea what percentage of the book buying public women are and what they're are they likely more likely to buy books by women than by men and are men less likely to buy books by women than men I don't have the stats that my fingered him my my guess my my feeling is that women might be a slightly like a tiny majority maybe fifty something with a decimal point or several in in the majority as a book buying published that's certainly true in my book shop the bookshop I go into there are always more women customers than men but then a question of what women buy and what men buy and whether they buy writing by each other to put it crudely is something that I don't know how you would track you know books data is not if not probably sufficiently sophisticated for that I see but then there's also the question of marketing in certain that women buy books that I directed at women and men would not buy them because they don't want sake pink covers to put it again very crudely so so if you if you don't market books in that way with a kind of gender division then you may not get such a division of purchases yeah again quite important in fact where there is data is it's in the children's book market and there there is now a conscious effort not to have pink sparkly covers and for girls aged x2y you know on the back so that so that boys can read the girls book some girls to me the poisons of in fact their decisions and the distinctions will dissolve hopefully and are perhaps dissolving and are even being cleaned up in old books there was one I was reading to my kids recently in which the that was still actually quite sexist but it had apparently been cleaned up in that regard anyway yeah you know the the boys were doing all the this kind of rough stuff and the girls were baking cakes and so on and that that was the cleaned up version that's a whole different discussion but it's a very interesting one I think let me ask you what panini is doing at the moment what kind of projects will be going on now panini is doing amazing things ireenie publishes three books a year in its core list always works of translation 2019 will be all women writers there will be a French writer among them and then two others that I don't quite recall but all really fantastic and unusual interesting pulling writing from unusual places and in unusual styles and then also Perini is working with new writers and creating a series called pyrene II now which is a curated series of writing about important issues at the moment and I think perhaps shakeela stories is the newest book to come out of that and that's a collection of stories written by refugees in the Shatila camp in Jordan and that's been put together so these are these are people who did not consider themselves writers initially or perhaps in the beginning and who's been given a chance to write to be edited and then to be published and their stories are now published in this forum called trust feeler stories and it's really quite a spectacular thing to have done so pioneers pyrene is doing pioneering work it really is fantastic now 2018 was the year of publishing women you've just said for pyrene Esau is 2019 it's International Women's Day was there anything special in the book writing book buying world for International Women's Day do you know anything special well I mean I think that everybody's doing their their deal so you can buy an awful lot of women's fiction as in fiction by women or literature by women I should say right now if you if you look at various publishers sites they're all they're all promoting what they've got no matter when I tell you tomorrow I'll be in my book shop as normal tomorrow I'll make a special effort to look out for the kind of stuff you've been talking about Sophie thanks very much for joining us Sophie Lewis former editor at panini press of course Shatila Palestinian refugee camp is in Lebanon or in Jordan not only do I know that I lived in it for a short time you're vegan coach says apparently she's a very smart lady that's your vegan coach by the way she's a regular correspondent of mine on Twitter she says apparently JK rowling was asked to use her initials rather than her first name because it was thought boys wouldn't buy her books if it was obvious they were written by a woman very interesting observation I must say let's take a call from Andrew in Aberystwyth Andrew welcome and you sir I mean I personally don't think that she's a patent more on a race but more on the comments well lots of politicians make idiotic comments but none of them are as savagely and massively attacked as her so excuse me if I smell a rat the rat of racism she sent her son to a private school while telling the rest of us that we should you know I wouldn't have done that as you probably know and and I don't think she should have done that and moreover she thinks she shouldn't have done that but there's at least at least half of all members of parliament didn't send their own children just to private schools but they themselves went to private schools so why is her decision to send our son to a private school so salient in your mind because her entire views on the comprehensive school system and I thought you'd have been a bit not such a turncoat on that issue yeah it was a very long time ago I'm surprised it's still on the tip of your tongue all right that's noted that's noted that's noted so move on to your next no it doesn't prove everything but it must prove something it must indicate it must it must it must indicate something well the scientists in the Soviet Union certainly thank you is a little thing 97 percent of doctors in Germany about the Soviet Union we're talking about the entire world now if it isn't 97% and we can argue about that number it is the overwhelming majority of scientists are you a scientist Andrew second person to say that tonight if you're if you are Andrew from the bookies on the corner that matters to me because I can put our certain weight on what you've got to say about climate science if you're Andrew from the bookies and a different way if you're professor Andrew from Aberystwyth University Physics Department don't you see I'm not prepared after the 20th century and the historical evidence we have to just have a blind faith yeah I agree with that I don't have blind faith and what anybody says that's basically my point more anything okay well made thanks a lot let's talk to Anthea in Essex Anthea welcome good evening George evening to you Murdoch I'm going to do the unthinkable I'm going to tell you my age well not quite but I will tell you that I'm of the right age to be amber rods only very slightly younger sister okay and everybody can do the maths as they like you know when I was very young back in the 70s when dinosaurs roamed the earth and punk was young my parents told me that if someone called me coloured that I shouldn't get too upset because they were probably an old person and didn't know any better and that was back in the seventies yeah somebody who was a 70 or 80 year old person forty years ago so forty years ago it was considered to be something not very nice and back then that people used to just put up with a lot of stuff sure no no they don't and neither should they well exactly which takes me to my next point it's a sad irony that on International Women's Day you had a little queue of men appearing on your show to tell a black woman Diane Abbott or perhaps me if I were in her shoes that that woman should just keep quiet if something happens that's wrong that's a good point yeah they've all been they've all been dare I say middle-aged white men that have phoned up to make this point yes I'm telling you I'm telling or telling me or Diana but that's we should take the higher ground apparently that the people who say something they shouldn't don't need to take the higher ground it's the person on the receiving end who needs to take the higher ground and that if they're required to make changes and adjustments their behavior for the sake of politeness or kindness or empathy that that is walking on eggshells George let me tell you something you won't be surprised to hear this at all in fact that dial Abbot was told that she should let it go let it go by and just you know forget about it and tolerate tolerate it and I want to say George that you didn't get to be where you are today by sitting down and letting things go by tolerating things you think are wrong one thing we can't say about if you is that you keep quiet if you think something is wrong you don't do it and well that's why I'm sticking up for our because I know and I know that our intentions are good and if she made mistakes International Women's Day women are always being told to shut up and be quiet and be nice girls you see the thing about it is that you are even on your jingles you sort of in a jocular way talk about your firebrand your justice warrior activities that you're a man who fights for justice and people either do or don't like what you say but you're going to keep going because it matters to you but when a woman does it all be quiet sit down be nice don't make a fuss tolerate it let it go by oh how dare you have an opinion and remember her comment in response to what was said was I think quite elegant and restraint she didn't come out with all guns blazing she just said it was rather revealing a comment and yes because of that we're told that she's somehow uppity yeah I did yeah which brings a man on to the telephone onto a national radio show to talk about the decision she made about the school for our son 25 years ago and was she the only politician who told us that we should do something and then I did the opposite did not that nice mr. Cleg tell us that faith schools were bad and then sent his child to a faith school and then there was that nice mr. Blair and there was the nice mr. Blair there's there's a list of them as long as your arm but the only one they remember I want to talk about is big Diane that's right well big bodacious but Diane and and also let's be honest she's something of a lightning rod for those kind of comments why because they aren't enough brown women in Parliament when a large enough I mean we're getting there we are getting there and you know I think to a certain extent it's it's just a sad little area that on international women yeah it's a very good point I wish I'd thought to make it I wish I thought to make it myself thank you Anthea a law would stick up for Diane Abbott because I'm suspicious of the motives of the people the attacker that's where I stand Laura in London always worth hearing go ahead Laura thank you I'd like to speak about ambhiraj and 100's Smith and Andrea led them actually in the last couple of weeks we've had Angela Smith mentioned funny tinged people just very casually in conversation on TV on the same morning that she claimed to leave the claim to be leaving the Labour Party because of racism and I thought her own mindset leaked out in that show that morning and then we have amber rod very casually again doing the same thing talking about colored are people or colored woman and I didn't actually hear the I heard the recording afterwards but I didn't hear if Jeremy Vine actually challenged her on that I don't know I don't know I can't say one way or the other well if he hadn't then that would be quite disappointing but she also leaked out her mindset and I don't and there's two years between in age between Angela Smith and amber Rudd and I don't believe it's the age from where they from when they come I believe I believe it it's the household the home the circle the gangs are cleat I believe that's where because you don't read it on the former's where it when it says what ethnicity or what origin or or whatever are you it doesn't say are you coloured and then exactly especially when you've been Home Secretary oh yeah but let me take an example Baroness Oona King knows now in California yeah none of the liberality ever criticized her quite the contrary they lionized her but they don't lionize Diana Baur and the reason is Diane Abbott's politics as compared to Luna Kings politics Oona King was a Blair right inside the circle Diane Abbott is a carbon I outside the circle yes and then then there's Andrea led some who I think it was was it yesterday or the day before with regard Islamophobia I think she said I said this was a matter for the Foreign Office when I heard that what she has she has the excuse of being stupid well Andrea led some is a very stupid woman well that kind of indicated to me that she seems to think that Islamic people Muslims British Muslims were a matter for the Foreign Office for the Foreign Office so she doesn't see them as part of Britain it's the other so with all three I feel that this is some sort of thing that leaks out from their mind when it leaks out into their language that's right and then you've forgotten one thing the next day the Northern Ireland secretary made a gigantic hopefully gigantic blunder which has led her today to announce I don't believe what I said the one thing it's epic I've never seen anything like it I don't believe what I said these are not my beliefs Wow no it was assembly put on Twitter it was like a 1970s boarding house yeah that the Tories put up this week yeah and the only people they didn't offend were dogs no I'm told by my superiors that I must make clear that Andrea lapsim cannot be stupid she said a stupid thing well I've got to tell my superiors the Speaker of the House of Commons himself described her as a stupid woman but I can't do that on radio and therefore I would throw it mr. speaker sir I would draw the remark Laura go on well I think I I don't want to accuse those with those three women of racism but I think racism is still alive and well I think people don't regard themselves as racist or prejudice well they're all I'm not racist but but but there is a button there I think it leaks out in their language and with all of those three women in the last two weeks it certainly did leak at and I just feel it's really disappointing that in this day and age this is still happening and and and I think it's widespread as well thank you Laura in London as always first-time caller Melanie in Brighton go ahead Melanie hi George nice and speaking on to you welcome welcome on every level you're a first-time caller you're a woman and it's International Wednesday I'm not black because that would be better I wanted to make the point that all you were saying about allowed to say that Andrea let's introduce do not laugh can't Bradley stupid and yet we are allowed to imply that Diane Abbott is stupid well people on this station have accused Jeremy Corbyn of being an anti-semite on this very station from this very chair but I'm not allowed to call Andrea let some stupid go figure no exactly and I think the difference between the anti-semitism and the way it's treated if you can if you compare that with the pame racism and Islamophobia which are completely dismissed and ignored and everything to do with anti-semitism is heightened and and treated as extremely important I think that's very very you know oh there's no hierarchy of racism all racism is unacceptable and should be challenged and rooted out yeah I agree with you I think I think already all racism should be treated is one thing I think I'm a character called Ted spoke about that this week she said that um but if you don't treat racism as one system it becomes classic and white supremacist I'm on the right yeah I'd also be interesting we've got your daughter on the show as well I'm very very happy about Melanie it's a joy to talk to you I mean that sincerely don't be a stranger call back oh you're a cup of tea and a scone next time you're up in London give me a show Thank You Melanie how touching is that Norma in Bristol Norma oh thank you so much for the beautiful book the British RSPB handbook of British birds I've got it sitting right in front of me and I'll go through it in the morning with my children and we'll see how many we can spot it's very lovely of you thank you so much nice okay George I'm pleased to send cute I'm George three to the point Internet Woman's Day the lady you did inspire me or young woman was Malala she wrote a very good book and has spoken several times this is the young school girl that was shot shot in in Afghanistan am i right that's right and she wrote a book yeah it was called Malala and I read it quite a long time ago but her promotion is education primarily for women in Pakistan she didn't bring him now because I don't think she's allowed to go back with some reason but there was absolutely inspiring under the marvelous speaker that's my contribution to that's a very good contribution and a very good choice Norma did you do anything special for International Women's Day detailing the diamond doors do a bit more housework well it's lovely I mean we share we when we got married a hell of a long time ago we agreed to share so we do you've got to be a team that's the point this is I'm glorying in the fact that that with my wife we are totally a team work together 24/7 we work together we set at the same desk together we drink out the same cup were working literally out the same mug and were we're working totally working together in every way bringing up the children together working together and she does a bit more of some things in the house than I do then I do a bit more of some of the other things in it I mean we do argue and I do both in the boat mm-hmm that's that goes with the territory there's no there's no married man and listening to this who will say other than that their wife sometimes bosses them about but there is another point doors yeah and just quickly I did love hearing your support and explanation about the gaia-now but I thought it was a pretty brilliant I'm not going to go into any third there on it because we've had some very good phone calls tonight yeah I thought Anthea in particular was staying miss teller somebody should give her a show or poorer in Parliament she's she's totally brilliant sunshine every time she comes on yep but the other thing quickly I was upset about Chris Williamson suspension I'm very upset I can't tell you how upset it's an absolute Dunning point for me but you see that when they had Jericho Finley and Manchester Gordon abused a mr. sell my very old and long-standing friend well he was the Jewish empty who supported the Palestine problems and I wondered if it was a lie would he not if how he would have spoken about the empty cemetry either being expelled already Norma but we can't go into that you know it already have been expelled Norma god bless your thanks very much for the book and for the call here's Daniel in Williston green go ahead Daniel hello good night good evening George so evening sir yeah I mean I'm not is in the latest wake up sometimes when some people are calling or you have interviews with some climate change deniers or tactics and and about and I wanted to point out something that you need to ask them always and it's very simple because I like you I'm no scientist okay I'm not a scientist either yeah but I'm about respect scientists that doesn't mean I automatically agree with them or are still less that I've got faith in them that would be very unscientific but I do I do listen to a scientist more than the guy next to me filling out his betting slip in the bookies yeah I do understand what you say about the whole point of the amid a scientific methodology well basically what separates the scientist in from real scientists they don't trust each other either they need to present proof of evidence for the work they are the claims they make you make a claim you need to prove it you need to back it up how do they back it up they back it up not by opinion no by polls you know they we've all hears about this 97% they of the world scientist agree with us but what I they always say is no no we go to the peer reviews you know they go – the own scientific papers they do their study they get their dice the data they collected and they present it to the work scientific community or worldwide and they need to do the last step to this corroborate that data is not manipulated is trustworthy and especially that the conclusions are right because especially in this case they need to check the correlation and causation between co2 and climate change and the affection of the planet you know on the climate and on what's gonna happen later in the weather and the long run so they need to do that start those studies they need to do the research that investigation they need to present everything on a presentation project for their peer review and they need to study corroborated and say okay we have done our own research we check that your data and there is trustworthy so therefore we conclude that your conclusions are correct and you go to the community you go to the web and say this is correct there is a correlation between increase of co2 in the atmosphere increase of temperatures later that will have all their sort of phase if you'll forgive the pun you don't have to be Einstein to to work thanks Daniel for a very powerful call my friend fills that in Ireland points out the obvious and you when I said it I was wrong Malala was not shot in Afghanistan but in Pakistan by the Taliban so it was the I'm not even sure if it was the Pakistani Taliban or the Afghan Taliban though they're the same mindset but Malala was shot in Pakistan thanks for that fills are the red resistance says we always hear that the right of the party are homeless and may walk away well I hope these people are currently purging our party of the left I realized that us leftists have been defamed on a daily basis for years we'll walk our vote is no longer guaranteed and councillor James ball says you're absolutely correct George II of article 50 ends up being delayed I think the civil unrest could well approach pull tax territory alley in Southwark on the SMS says as one of those campaigning for GG as mayor we knew beforehand the consequences of Sadiq if anyone thinks George is just a great orator they haven't seen anything for many years including the mayoral campaign I've seen him connect with all backgrounds open to all critics and challengers I will not forget the time you met a young woman who was an ex-prisoner and she wished she'd met a mentor like you in her life thank you for that Ali I remember that encounter very well indeed very kind of you to say in the best to you let's hear from Marty in Belfast Marty welcome hi yours it's been a while hasn't always happy to hear your accent go ahead George I think I was saying to you you're a producer I think may will get her team through I think so – yup and here's why I think it's better obviously it's been a total shambles I think the Tories have reduced the police government not the British people but the British government to laugh and start games and I slowly but here's one of things going to happen maybe it may not but I just have a hunch that this will happen the backstop which is obviously important to people here and Belfast and the whole of the north and the whole of Ireland actually and they're gonna split the Arg on the DUP and they're gonna offer them a unilateral exit I think and it'll be a your level exit for Britain only but Northern Ireland back south will still apply I think that will split the fee you pay from the ERG may will be able to peel off probably somewhere in the region of about 25 to 30 Labour MPs and the ERG will call in behind her and practice will be delivered it's not on the 29th of March then certainly there are four pretty soon thereafter well III think you are onto something Marty that may very well happen I suppose we both need to talk again next Friday and see if we were right or if we were wrong thanks indeed for the call always love to hear your voice malfunctioning marionette says honest if somewhat painful introduction for us by Gigi tonight by ending with inspirational and hopeful stuff for the future we can't go on in limbo like this and V Coppinger says the metric system is far superior converting metric units to other metric units is a breeze the imperial system is a relic well I'm sure that's true scientifically that's incontestable the problem if it is a problem is that there are a very large number of people like me who don't know metric who don't think metric and who like that which we grew up with and that we learned about I've got a statement I think is this from the mayor's office a spokesperson for the mayor of London said he can said every death as a result of violent crime is an utter tragedy and the mayor is determined to lead from the front to tackle the problem that is why he's funded a new dedicated violent crime task force with nearly 300 police officers focusing on the area's worst-affected and established a new violence reduction unit this will bring the police together with local councils the Health Service community groups and others to work on helping prevent people from turning to violent crime in the first place in addition he has created a 45 million pound young London are spawned to provide young people with positive alternatives to crime but Sadiq is clear that we all need to work together to tackle this scourge starting with treasom a urgently reversing her cuts to the Metropolitan Police and youth services that she started as Home Secretary and has continued as Prime Minister so that just came in I'm glad that we were able to read it out for reasons of balance and FRA Hughes says the disparity and treatment sentencing bail and parole between the classes proves if proof were needed that those in the elite elections or society ARPU above the law white upper class privilege is alive and well in England's green and pleasant land well it's been marvelous for me I hope it was for you and if it was bring another listener with you and come back next week at the same time and in the same place I've been George Galloway this has been the mother of all talk shows

George Galloway's Mother of All Talk Shows | 22 Mar 19

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I watched last night Sky News for so many hours that the box told me it was about to switch off I watched abject national humiliation turned into abject international humiliation I saw thus felt well-fed well-watered multi-millionaire bureaucrats that run the European Union I watched them systematically reduce diminish humiliate my country and I've had enough I've had enough of the endless peregrinations over the leaving of a trading bloc which we joined without a referendum in 1973 and which was supposed to be a common market but which has become steadily over my lifetime and the lifetime of many of you listening a Hydra headed grotesque ugly undemocratic super state I'm not prepared to live in such a state and it has nothing to do with the fact that they are foreigners nothing whatsoever I have represented more people that would be described as foreigners in Parliament than any MP in the history of these islands bar none and I can say that to you without fear of contradiction I have four mixed-race children I have a foreign wife no one can credibly accuse someone like me someone like Bob Crewe someone like Tony Benn and yes in the past someone like Jeremy Corbyn of hating the EU because we hate Europeans nothing could be more offensive nothing could be more absurd it's because I love democracy democracy the people's rule that I say I've had enough I cannot accept a decision made by seventeen and a half million people the largest number of people ever to vote for anything or anyone in our entire history of democracy be set aside by selfish lobbied lobbyists many of them growing fat on their lobbying I cannot accept MPs deciding that whatever the people thought the people were wrong and therefore the MPs will decide what we get because there are certain unassailable facts which will never change the British government and Parliament Parliament decided to give the British people a referendum and told them that the government and the Parliament would abide by the result this is a fact often elided but which cannot be changed and when the referendum came and went and the decision was made the Parliament in overwhelming number at least two-thirds more voted to trigger article 50 to begin the in electable unstoppable process of leaving the European Union moreover when the general election was so foolishly and peremptorily called by Teresa may both of the major parties both labour and conservative explicitly not implicitly explicitly said that they accepted the result of the referendum and that they would implement it the Liberal Democrats it's true say that they would not and they lost a record number of deposits and were reduced to to tax a fools of servants Gables finest but the parties which attracted eighty percent of the votes in the election in 2017 promised in their manifestos that they would accept and respect the result of the referendum and implement it and these facts too can never be changed however much money is spent to obscure to obfuscate to alight these essential facts and so this is no longer about brexit this is about democracy it's about whether the people's will can be set aside by vested interests with enormous wealth and power Alastair Campbell you just heard them on the news who's Alastair Campbell Alistair Campbell's the man who lied you into the more of Iraq where a million people lie dead he should be in jail not on the news he should be behind bars not on television Tony Blair Alastair Campbell all the fat cats that tried vainly to persuade you through project fear that you must back the EU all of them are sucking at the teat of various vested interests and the vested interests in this case are the richest people on both sides of the Atlantic and the richest people on the mainland of the continent of Europe the fact that they are all so desperate that you should remain in the European Union should tell you something shouldn't it shouldn't it tell you something that every banker in the City of London wants you to remain in the European Union every fat cat on the CBI wants you to remain in the European Union every fat cat in Brussels wants you to remain in the European Union the American banks Morgan all these big multinational American banks ploughed millions into persuading you that you must remain in the European Union why do you think they did that because they care about your life what would make you think that were they ever done for you that would make you think that that they care about you live in the European Union is not a sufficient condition for making our country better but it is a necessary condition because without it the things we then need to do in electing a government that will do them are absolutely vital to the whole future of our country we have no future in the EU if you didn't think that in 2016 surely you know it now surely you've seen the way they have behaved the gangsters The Sopranos and better suits over there in Brussels they are twisting and turning and yes blackmailing you your country your Parliament your government your Prime Minister to have their way and the mask has slipped with this latest petition has not the FB P E and the soft shoe shufflers that will be in the aisles of Waitrose in London tomorrow that are getting quick they'll be no can were left by half-past two I can assure you these people told us all they wanted was another vote they only wanted confirmatory vote remember now millions of them have signed a petition to revoke article 52 scrap brexit without a people's vote don't you see that what I've been telling you all along is crystallizing in front of your eyes now I say a couple of million but I understand his Holiness the Pope in Rome has signed the petition and his address is valid his postcode is valid he lives in the Vatican he's the Pope in Rome but he signed the petition that Britain should revoke article 50 saw her people in North Korea so have people in Russia saw of people all over the world saw her people in Britain from multiple email addresses so I don't know how many there are but I'll accept that there are millions but they don't Trump 17.4 millions we already voted and we're not going to vote again and we're not going to go away until the result of our vote is implemented people say to me well you could change your mind can't you yes but not before the first decision has been implemented imagine electing treasom a in an election and saying ah we've changed our mind try that one try telling the police or the HMRC or the British Armed Forces try telling any official organ that well yes the government was elected but I've changed my mind they'll say well when you next get a chance you can alter it but until you do that's the government that's how democracy works that you vote and you get the result of the vote and I myself as I said believe this now transcends all questions of whether or not brexit was a good or a bad idea you know my view it is about whether grievous grievous damage the equivalent of grievous bodily harm is done to our body politic by cheating the voters out of that for which they voted it will destroy any remaining faith in British democracy which is in any case revealed as dysfunctional from the top to the toe dysfunctional in every regard in the way that we vote in the system we use to vote in the relationship between the people and the legislature and the legislature and the executive and yes the executive and the head of state herself god bless her ma'am long may you live but after you we have to look again at this Rua Tyrion Heath Robinson of a non Constitution that we in Britain live under so parliament after the international humiliation this coming week will get a chance it appears to make their choice maybe Little John Bercow the Napoleon do knows your will try to block it but I doubt it in Parliament this week it is my view that all of the options that will be on the table are unacceptable for one reason or another and that means that we must leave on the 6th of April and we must leave with our heads up ready to face the future whatever it holds ready to face the vicissitudes of life outside the cause to do otherwise is to be an institutionalized prisoner a victim of Stockholm Syndrome I have faith in our people I have faith in the people of our island I have faith in democracy that's why I see let's go w t o let's hear from Martin in London always worth hearing go ahead Martin hello George thanks very much for the brilliant stuff he do thank you the first thing I wanted to say was in your hand over the female and the lady who spoke she she said something that I've been hearing lots of people saying that they're sorry four three two me mmm can be sorry for her Martin you can you can be sorry for her on a human level but to say that she's done well is ridiculous but much of that no one is forced no one forced does it take the post of course no one is forcing her to stay in the post grando clearly she must realize if she has any author word self-respect awareness she's failing miserably yeah I mean actually heard another person on the radio this morning saying that in the corridors last night and in Strasbourg wherever she was she actually had one of her aides sitting on the floor in the corridor isn't eating a pizza yeah and she herself was not to win some room eating a pizza I mean how embarrassed they didn't they didn't even give her dinner they ate dinner in her absence and it's not the first time it was happening on Awards I mean who would have ever thought that the United Kingdom would come to this right so I dug out my that expensive multi-million pound leaflet that the government HM government sent a nine million nine million pounds of your money was spent on it exactly and I'm looking at the page as it says it's eight leaves so it's there anyway forth from there from the end what happens if we need now tell them the third paragraph some argue that we can strike a good deal quickly with the EU bosses because they want to keep wanted to keep access to market now that that grab sentence implies that the deal is quite separate from leaving the EU course and I think that's one of the bits of mud that they remain people have some managed to fertilize deal is separate from leaving yes we should we will arrange a deal after we leave and when this referendum came about initially I remember you saying in doing several programs you own lined what you would have done yes and it was exactly correct you cannot negotiate if you say we will take the deal off the table take no deal off the table quite how can you dig oh she ate and moreover Martin how can you negotiate when you tell them first off you're gonna pay them 40 billion pounds exactly no one to buy what if you were if you were going into a negotiation you would say well if everything is agreed then we'll pay you 40 billion you don't say we'll pay you 40 billion and now can we discuss whether anything at all can be agreed and no matter what we agree I'm going to say yes it's ridiculous so no one you can feel sorry for in a human level definitely but you you cannot put her distressed that she is choosing over the distress of the people in Sedgefield and how in particular no question feel being Tony Blair's own constituency and how I believe was mind Olson's at one time no he was not home no he was hardly poor you'll recall when asked what he would go back into a blazing house to save he said my Hartlepool United Football scarf and if you believe that I've got a bridge here in London with lots of nice trees on it whether I can sell you but moreover Martin and I wrote this actually in my column on at least two weeks ago maybe more if the if the Conservatives don't get rid of her they're done for it seems to me obvious it's screamingly obvious that they need to get rid of her find immediately by a truncated electoral process an alternative Tory prime minister who will be able to command a majority in the house we're not asking them to commit harakiri and go for a general election for that's exactly what it would be labour would win a general election tomorrow according to the bookmakers and although I'd love for them to do that we're not asking them to do that but they have to get rid of treasom a she's not a credible negotiator she's not a credible Prime Minister she isn't and one of the prop one of the faults is that the media and the corbin records have spent all this time bashing corbin on the talk shows on the sofas in the newspapers this is all about jeremy corbyn yes and that is why that's one of the reasons why we are saddled with this international embarrassment or delay I mean I never thought I would see the day it literally made me blush to the roots of my remaining here Martin thanks for a great call let's go to Tony engulf you Tony welcome hi George hi you'll not remember I ran a few weeks ago and I asked you if any stage when these this deal of come through from Brussels gets failed in the House of Commons what's the stop Theresa may actually say look I've had enough of this nonsense with a No Deal and you said she could actually do it now is is my take on it and I'm probably going to get shot down I don't think Teresa Mays incompetent I actually think she's quite clone I think she's quite devious and I'm going to tell you for why before I get shot down I don't think she wants to leave she's a strong remainer and I think the other night when she went out very cleverly and said she turned on the MPs and she said to the country it's not my fault it's the MPs you know what I know she's lost hundred and forty-nine Volks in the Commons in the last round of votes she's not gonna get the 75 on board to Tibet the swing and I think she deliberately sabotaged in brexit and I think it was quite Souter if next week if the voting Commons on the seven deals to involve article 50 and then she can turn around resign and said you know what it's not my fault it's all them piece fault I did my best are probably wrong George but I've got an awful feeling she's trying to steer us down that room well um if I had never unknown are if I had never been in Parliament with these people most of them I I'd feel the way you do it's only because of my up close and personal knowledge that I know that most of our rulers are victims of the up rather than perpetuating or perpetrating a conspiracy as I always say our rulers are not James Bond they're Austin Powers they're Johnny English and if there's a mistake that they can make they will make it and in fact their mistakes expand and expand to fill available space but either way whether you're right or I'm right this the end result is the same the end result is that I don't believe by the way Tony that the house will vote to revoke article 50 because that would risk social peace in the country it would utterly destroy all faith in the democratic process it would lead to dramatic changes to the political architecture in Parliament in in the society as a whole it would it would have so grave an impact be so blatant I don't believe that they will do that I'm the only motion that I think has a chance of passing is is little all of our let wind sir Oliver now if you don't mind his is branded Norway or Common Market 2.0 now for me that falls at the first hurdle because it keeps us in the single market which means we still have to accept a so-called free movement of cheap overwhelmingly cheap East and Central European labor depressing wages pushing up rents putting extra pressure on public services that would be that would make Farraj and the right-wing in British politics in business for ever if that pass yeah go ahead go ahead uh it's just one quick I'm asking you for advice right if you need people on side why would you publicly as a politician then go out like this week and publicly criticized enemies right or wrong when she needs to get them votes on side that I'm confused I'm after yeah no you're right to be confused I mean either she's a fool or a knave I prefer the explanation that she's a fool you prefer that she's a knave either way that's what she did and she was right actually in what she said or wrong diplomatically when you're trying to get people on site to see it is the MPS they're doing so of course because the British government has so lamentably failed in its strategy for all of this but the there's four hundred and fifty five hundred MPs in Parliament now that want to scupper breaks it and everything they've done up till now even though by the way I look to Yvette Cooper's election manifesto yesterday or today Yvette Cooper boasted that she had voted to trigger article fifty boasted that she was respecting the result of brexit but of course since 2017 has spent every day an hour trying to stop brexit George thank you be typing oh you're a gentleman thanks let's hear from John in Germany go ahead John well George I think the moment of the week that told me everything I needed to know about where we are with this was when we override care of the Irish Prime Minister come on the television and had the audacity to say that it was time for them to cut this cut the United Kingdom and Tereza made some slack yes I mean do you think he he's always he's always announcing trees amazed next move before she does I mean it's come to something well little deal is telling the world what the British government is doing before the British government does it well it reminded me my reaction to that reminded me of the moment when the late great Baroness Trumpington flicked two fingers that did Lord King the former defense secretary I mean you know this is a self-serving self-righteous conceited yura critic bureaucracy of which we override close one absolutely and doesn't it remind you John of Groucho Marx's famous saying that any you know he said any club that would have me as a member I wouldn't want to join but you could turn that round any club run by these people why on earth would you want to join it why would you be in it exactly but the other telling thing of that was is that they also detect a bit of sweat on his forehead they might have just overplayed their hand when he's saying is time to cut them some slack because he is staring down the barrel of a gun that if this or let's hope it's not an actual gun well of course not but I bet he steering then a potential disaster this all goes wrong and we do actually what I was seeing on TV last night John I don't really saw it it's not often I agree with Michael Portillo but he said actually the the EU blinked when faced with the very real possibility that next Friday we'd be out without a deal and they don't want that any more than the British rulers want that well I think well maybe not staying in the barrel gun but booing up in their faces what they've done the way the way they've basically hard-handed ham-fisted basically put the United Kingdom completely into a corner this the Treaty of Versailles all over again if it gets through well very very dramatic metaphors John I don't go all the way with them but they are they are significant that it will give rise in Britain to a culture of indeed has already given rise to a culture of we've been stabbed in the back we've been betrayed betrayed by our rulers and that's exactly what happened after the Treaty of Versailles anyway you go carefully in Germany John thanks very much for the call David levar Scott says when will trees that may wake up and realize that no matter how many times you polish a turd it's still a turd and that's what her treaty is a great turd and bye-bye Blighty says Tom Watson on a well-known local radio station this evening it was his ten year old child that finally convinced him to go on the second referendum March tomorrow pull the other one Tom it's got bells on a ten-year-old child my goodness must be in persuasive child Patrick Verdean says give them their pound of flesh 39 billion pounds plus over the next two years but make it clear that we will then leave on a WTO without their kind of withdrawal agreement but with the trade deal this approach might allay some fears and we can then plan properly skowl are my old pal says I had before or a local London radio station that Tom Watson is attending the people's vote march this is just another example of him undermining carbon labour needs a new deputy leader unfortunately I couldn't possibly comment on that but thanks for the tweet the red resistance says hi George what happens if this blockage in democracy continues where the PM is completely snookered yet the Tory MPs just can't face voting for no confidence in her because it will help bring forward their worst nightmare a socialist government well the factual answer is if that is the case we leave with No Deal on the 6th of April hallelujah Patrick says agreed we the people will not stand for it we will leave the EU irrespective of what tricks they run the fifth column there will be a reckoning Norman says could you please remind your listeners that the Miami show band Massacre is on Netflix today it is essential viewing exposing collusion between state and terrorists well thanks for that reminder Norman some listeners will remember the extraordinary interview I did not my doing I just listened like you did transfixed by Stephen Traverse incredible story of what happened to the Miami show band that night so that's the Miami show band Massacre it's on Netflix from today Patrick again maybe we should initially target the mainstream media and bring them down first and then reverse engineer their program programming but include an ethical element Nick says just to say you're not playing wrong WT hide yours just to see you're not playing wrong WT or all the way that's Nick in derbyshire david says people say they had no plans for a leave vote in the referendum but I feel the establishment always had a plan for that result and that was to overturn it there's no doubt there's been a collusion between government and Brussels against us and the right reverend dave says I don't disagree with you very often George but I think article 50 has to be revoked to stop this Tory brexit we need to put a stop to it and have a general election to throw the Tories out labour once in power can then facilitate a controlled brexit well Reverend if my auntie had a beard she'd be my uncle I've got the great the legend Adam Garry of the Eurasia future think-tank with me and by the way is going to stay on and we'll have another of these ask Adam sessions because he is the cleverest man in England of that I have no doubt Adam welcome and give the show now exit is something that we have we made our history boys shows on it I thought it was worth bringing it to a different audience just exactly how we got here because if we don't understand how we got here we will never work out where to go next so at the end of the Second World War the the Americans are extremely concerned about very powerful communist parties and mass trade unions under communist influence in all kinds of countries in Italy in France in particular they bring forward the Marshall Plan so that they can help these European countries rebuild their economies and big figures in that post-war Cold War division come up with the idea of what became the common market tell us well indeed at the end of the Second World War you had in Eastern Europe under Soviet control and obviously the Soviet Union had an incredibly centralized style of government and for better or for worse centralized governments get things done the Western powers who were victorious in the world the United States Britain to an extent the Free French with smaller forces they were all thinking where do we go from here and not too long after the end of the Second World War you had a communist revolution in Greece that the United States and its allies helped crush Italy had a very strong leftist movement they were very strong leftist movements all over and so the idea was okay the Second World War took care of the far right what do we do about the far left and so the answer was this international system predicated on several things first of all you had the US dollar in the Bretton Woods system which made all countries not answerable to a genuine independent gold standard but answerable to the United States check box number one thing number two you needed a common military command and eventually this became nay by 1948 check box number two then you need trade and political union and all of this coming under the framework of Bretton Woods and NATO and that initially was the European Coal and Steel community which was the amalgamation of French nationalists who wanted to essentially own German industry and the Americans who said let's just have everyone own it but really America's the big bossman of it all the European Coal and Steel community by 1956 was the common market were the EEC the european economic community and then going to much more recent days that became the european union formally in 1992 with the adoption of the infamous Maastricht Treaty that can cook didn't read maybe he was on to something not worth reading well of course I remember it well I was part of the Opposition under the leadership of mr. been to the Maastricht Treaty and we had in some European countries a referendum on that but they didn't take no for an answer then either did they this was one of the examples of what I call the ping-pong referendums it's not just enough to hit the ball on the other side of the net once you have to keep hitting it and keep hitting it and then it becomes this notion of best out of two best out of three best out of five etc you saw this in countries that had referenda on the Maastricht Treaty later on the nice treaty and the Amsterdam treaty and the so-called EU Constitution which was resurrected as the Lisbon Treaty new name different sorry same content and the one thing with the brexit referendum that I think is different is that people who voted against Maastricht and Lisbon Constitution and all of the rest of it they didn't really know what they were voting for they just knew something didn't sit right and they were right intuition is a wonderful thing with brexit though it was the people who knew exactly what they were voting for and it was the political class who didn't and it's another important point that I think has been sadly lost in this entire two-year almost three year long discussion about brexit all of the elites all of the rich and by that I mean super-rich all of the titled and the academic say no it's a complicated issue expert yes whenever they say it's a complicated issue that's a trick of rhetoric it's essentially its auditory origami that it is designed to make the ordinary man the decent man the common man think I don't have a right to form an opinion my opinion even if I have formed it somehow isn't as worthy and that not only is anti-democratic but it's very very dangerous because the most important truths in life are always the simplest and the most important solutions to the biggest challenges are always the simplest don't let them fool you with this word complicated it's a simple matter the people get back beats the elites who was still in denial the plain man and woman in Sunderland or any of the other places that voted Li by the way I saw a meme earlier I would have liked to have circulated it but it was from the pen of Jacob Riis Morgan I didn't think I could but it showed the dilemma in crystal clarity the great majority of Labor held constituencies voted leave the vast majority of conservative held constituencies voted leave the majority of regions in the country voted leave I could go on but the the problem is the in Parliament the the figures are reversed the overwhelming majority of men MPs voted remain do you have a view on whether or not this has all been a conspiracy or as I say a cock-up I mean I I don't think that there's a controlling hand somewhere that says you know if we obfuscate this situation in we can actually scupper it we can undo the electorate it seems more likely to me that everyone has stumbled from one pitfall to another and we've ended up here what's your take on that well I also listeners to ask themselves the following question do you really think this lot are clever enough and cunning enough and conniving enough to stab you in the back no they're stabbing you right in the front because it's the only thing crass enough that they're capable of doing what you have is not a conspiracy but a dilemma in which ethics have been thrown out the window let's say I was an MP and let's say I was a remainer if I had a constituency that was 80 90 % leave I would resign I trigger a by-election and I put my views forward saying knowing that I'd probably lose I want to remain if you send me back there I'll do everything I can to reverse the Democratic will of the people from 2016 and if not or pack up my bags and go work at one of these giant merchant banks or other transatlantic institution if you weren't already working for them indeed of course other views are available and by the way if you have them call us or three four four four nine nine 1000 and you can email them you can text them you can tweet them other views are available what do you say to the to the argument that that paragon of virtue Alastair Campbell I heard making on the on the news that this has all gotten so messy that the only way to resolve it is to is to revoke article 50 well the Battle of Britain was quite messy too but the way to get out of that mess wasn't to surrender and say oh developing better radar than the Germans is too complicated we don't have that level of expertise let's surrender now and we'll build up a new set of radar for the next time for the next war no they fought on the beaches and they fought on the landing grounds and all the rest of it not to get to – Gillian but just there's something and of course this respectable people on all sides I'm not saying they're wrong but there's something about a certain class of the remaining folks who were amplified by much of the corporate media and it's as if they'd forgotten that just a few short generations ago entire families went into air-raid shelters not knowing if they'd have a home or relatives on the other side of the country the next day people went hungry people went to work without pay just to keep the country running for the sake of the war effort and for the sake of defending the sovereignty and the safety of their country and what's the worst that could happen here a slight shortage of exotic cheese's that whose name no one in 1940's Britain could even pronounce I mean has people's tolerance for a bit of hardship really got that bad and I can even give another example from outside of a wartime scenario Lee Kuan Yew the great founder of Singapore talked about his experiences in Hong Kong in the 50s and he said what impressed him is when people went through hard times there wasn't austerity of the rich at the expense of the poor but everyone tightened their belts merchants were willing to sell things for less people were willing to work without pay and yes things got worse but because they equalized things they were able to pull through it and come out stronger it was a kind of discipline whereby the greater good benefited the good of one class over another and that was very inspirational to Lee who was also incidentally very much inspired by British parliamentary politics of his era I might add but I think that these lessons the lessons about to everyone tithing in their belt at once rather than only some the rich the makers tightening their belts and everyone else will tightening our belts and us having to live with the consequences those are important lessons good old-time religion from the incomparable Adam Geary other views are available I want to hear them now I'm not just only interested in BRICS it I'm not only just interested in England struggling to break through the Czech Republic defense like you I'm watching the football and talking and listening at the same time I'm also interested in the world in the environment in the animal kingdom I'm interested in the birds I've been talking about this with various experts over the last few weeks and I'm glad to see that we have another one on the line now he is Martin Harper the conservation director of the Royal Society for the Protection of birds of which I am now a member thanks to the legend that is Norma down in Bristol Martin thank you very much indeed for joining us good evening George I'm delighted that you've joined the 1.2 billion members of the RSPB yes yes don't worry I'm not running for office or anything I'm just I'm just keen to do to do my little bit we're all we're going to miss almost all of our 2020 nature targets that's very melancholy news tell us about it would you yes well in 2010 the world leaders signed up two targets to try and hope a loss of wildlife from to try and begin its recovery many people know about the climate change targets and the challenges we've had around this but few people actually do now that we've also got these global targets and every two years the governments around the world are obliged to report on how they're doing and this is the report that the UK has put out is the last assessment before the deadline as for you know restoring ba that was meant to have happened and and sadly the UK government is is reporting that it's fallen short and I think what's probably worth using I think that that is likely to be replicated by other countries around the world so we've got a real major crisis as well as the climate change crisis now these targets are not legally binding I love the quote in their notes I've got here embarrassment is the only enforcement mechanism I've got to tell you with the current political class embarrassments not that powerful a weapon but what can we what can we do about the fact that we have so miserably failed I think you're right in that most international conventions or treaties I mean that's just a soft soft law really so unless it's backed up by some real hard legislation it is possible for governments basically to miss the targets and there's no consequence so what happened with climate change and I think was really important was that commitments were made internationally but they love UK level that was in backed up with with the Lord which also included targets to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions have to take over a particular time frame a massive book or you can then report on progress and governments can be held to account we have no such equivalent set of targets in UK law so we're at a point now where we're saying that enough enough we need to try and get these targets into domestic legislation and then make sure we have annual debates about how we getting on and do what we can to and change the policy to change the way we're managing our land and seas to provide the funding support farmers and fishermen to do the right thing and it's only with that sort of concerted action which we will start to see wildlife declines with us and it's a holistic thing isn't it I had an eminent guest on here a few weeks ago talked about the insects a third of the world's insects are in danger third and of course that has a major impact on birds that live off insects yes I mean it's it's the most of the statistics whether unity globally the European level even nationally are pretty alarming and something like one in eight bird species around the world are threatened and at risk and in a UK context we did some work 50 other organizations which showed that 56 percent of all species which we have information where we can monitor trends they've declined in my life too and I was born in 1970 I've pretty much been alive their time over these declines now that's bad news if you love wildlife but it's also really bad news for all of us because as we all know we depend on a healthy natural environment for our own prosperity whether it's you know spiritual nourishment because we really like having consolation listen to third soul war or the more fundamentals you know because nature provides us with food with shelter and of course clean water and can help stabilize a climate so if we don't look after nature and nature will bite us really hard I'm sorry to say I was born long before 1970 and that leads me on to this may be slightly idiot questions but there are questions I think that are in the minds of ordinary listeners you see when I was born there was a proliferation of everything there was loads of everything there was loads of bees there was loads of butterflies there was loads of sparrows there was loads of starlings I reported just a few weeks ago that my children I have small children and we were in camden lock market and there was a group of 10-12 starlings and my children asked me what they were because they had literally never seen them before where of all the birds gone where of all the sparrows gone well you're right the loss of abundance as well as two declines of species there's something really worried about and you know the fingers are staggering something like 421 million fewer birds today than there were thirty years ago across the whole of Europe mean that's a staggering loss of just biomass really I know that the big the big the big challenges have been around the way that we've managed our land in our sea so on the one hand you know since the war we've been incredible at improving increasing yields in terms of the farming in terms of the crops we've been able to produce over land but and that's a remarkable thing and obviously at the time in the war that was all about you know and a really important desire to you know obviously feed a growing nation but that has come as a consequence as a consequence and changes in farming practices have meant that there's less space for wildlife and so we continue to say utilizing birds which are associated with farmlands for example and that's because there isn't habitat there isn't bound flowers and aren't being sex around which obviously foods depend upon so we need to really deliver quite a radical reform in the way that we look after the land and in the long term that would be good for our farming because at the moment we are the soils are heavily degraded for which we depend to you know grow our food and unless we find ways we can look after the soils and obviously manage water supplies more carefully then you know we'll be won't had a sustainable farming system in the future so so we've got to change the way we manage the land and obviously we as consumers also had to change our behaviors we've got to waste less food and we've got to buy food hopefully which has been grown in the right way and we can also try and lobby our elected officials to try and make sure that they're making the right choices Heidi when they got through the brexit mess so that people are rewarded for doing the right things rather and punished if they do the wrong things mm-hmm I mean here's an idiot question how many hundreds of thousands probably more than that of traffic roundabouts are though in Britain why can't every traffic roundabout every big one be an island of wildlife and veg you know plants and and insects and birds it's a sanctuary basically on every traffic roundabout that that's nothing that could easily be done and that would make an impact wouldn't it yeah and I think it's not just there I think it's also on both side verges as well and I think we've had decided session with tidiness and you see that under way from roadside verges roundabouts head years I managed and this idea of messiness in the countryside has actually become I think in the leis because it is you know it's allowing those roadside verges to grow to allow those hedges to push out which creates the space for for world by space nesting habitat allowing the flowers to flourish which of course provides the nectar for the insects such a course implies the food for the birds and yes we're a crowded nation but what you're not crowded Martin I often say that of you if you if you think Britain's crowded you've never flown over it most of Britain is entirely empty and yet um animals birds insects are no longer flourishing on it now you're about to call me up on that and I think I think that in those sort of urban context we're seeing real creativity and the way people are actually trying to a wildlife back and obviously green roads and actually a bit more creativity and way building to the design but when you get up something like 75 percent of the United Kingdom is found and and I think there is a way in which we can change that farming we can probably set aside more land for wildlife and this is great momentum now behind the idea of having Wilder landscapes which I think you know is something we should all seek and so III I think we we have this decide you of a shifting baseline syndrome whereby you know that one of the sad things is people will be growing up today not having the memories that you had when you were growing up you like that when you were talking about you know your children and therefore we forget what we've lost and I think we've got to try and inspire people what we can put back and the good news is no is good news is that you know 40 years ago you wouldn't have seen red kites over the m4 for example or over and write English itself yes but some species back badges of a covered buzzards have recovered and species are Cirl bunting bitter and they've all come back and we've also now leaked restoring some large tracts of land for wildlife you know whether it the credible 60,000 hectares and the candles is going to be restored in terms of one of our leach reserves place would have an se with another landowner Scottish Natural Heritage but people are thinking differently about how they can break down the boundaries between land and Link owners and and I think what we should be talking about that isn't statistics are quite gloomy we should be spending as much time talking about that the examples where we have improved in long because I think that gives confidence to people that we can make a difference and hopefully that optimism makes people feel and that will make people want to do more themselves in their own backyard and the communities in fact even lobbying their own politicians well I'll tell you another piece of good news maybe the ultimate piece of good news is that children and young people are enormous ly committed to this you know you don't know what you've got till it's gone is something that perhaps older people feel but for young people my own children for example they immediately after my talk with the charp about insects and the knock-on effect on birds they went out and bought things to hang on bushes and trees and hedges that can feed birds you're pushing out an open door with young people I think I think you're right and I think there's something going on as well I mean if there's an awakening away I mean I've got 14 rolled an 11 year old and and they and their friends I mean you know they're not passionate about wildlife but but they actually do notice it and they're interested in it and they are really upset when things go wrong and and I think what you saw for example with the Yi strikes around climate was they're prepared to stand up and talk about these things and and there's some really passionate and young environmental leaders who are popping up all over the place from social media in different communities and and they're also you know young birders are networking so yeah bird-watching used to be seem to be really um trendy but that's shortly yeah people are now talking about it with pride about where they're going to see what birds and they're getting a bit of a following and I think that's only a good thing because the more people can get outside enjoy wildlife you know there's so many pressures on the world it makes you feel better and the last thing you know but last thing we want is to have the next generation who are obviously knocks on screens and and and the same time and not experiencing you know what nature offers and I I said that people are just slightly rebelling against you know the direction travel we're going in they are thinking that there is a different future and you know what we're passing on very world in quite a difficult state to the next generation that I haven't seen and they might do a better job looking after of them we're what's the sixth extinction rebellion Martin what do you what's your stand on them and like this there's been there's loads of NGOs and charities who work on in the environment and and they all they range from say some slightly more establishment charities like the RSPB or national national trust and through to those who are a bit more radical and obviously it's been the light of Greenpeace and Friends of the earth over the years and I think that what what's happened is that other groups have popped up and say you know the pace which we need to take actions just not good enough unless they're organizing in different ways and they're basically dead they are obviously offering a real challenge to everybody just say come on wake up you need to do more and you know that I mean I live in Cambridge they're popping up in the street so it came to you so obviously popping up on bridges in London and and and a bit like the you strikes for climate I think that it's a sense of anger that's coming out but also the ability to organize with like-minded people say you know what we're going to take a stand which we want to be seen and I welcome the just the activation of people's communauté internationale think that's in some ways over the last few years with the Scottish independence referendum followed by the brexit debate we probably had more of a political awakening than any time in my lifetime nationally and I think that's also now bleeding out into these other issues and environmental which is obviously we're behind most concerned about so I you know I welcome the sort of arrival of some the boisterous nude agents of change and and I think it should encourage likes of the RSPB which I'm you know I work for to say well okay what can we do more how can we involve more people to get them active to do more for nature so I think it's a good challenge fantastic Martin Martin Harper Deakins conservation director or of the RSPB thanks for joining us on the mother of all talk shows let's go to Nicola in Swindon on that subject go ahead Nicola cotton situation is so subjective see they do to more heart a years I've seen the declining jokes I mean when was the last time anyone saw a hedgehog you know any time now a long time and they're a natural predator ticket slugs out you garden and yet people buy sad pellets you know what a slug pellets when a hedgehog will do it people built walls around their gardener so the Hedgehog can't walk from one Garden to another people need to be educated on this this is the sort of thing a government should have been doing for the last two or three years decades really yeah well that's it we've promoted the oceans with plastic I mean we know that plastic is doing that well we could stop plastic bag production everything immediately when we're talking about phasing it in you know doing it within ten years we should be doing it within ten weeks or ten days yeah we we know we're killing the planet we all know that we both of us realized it before David Attenborough produced his marvelous proton telly I put they are pretty marvelous Nicola if we could find the elixir of youth and keep David Attenborough with us for another few decades things may be so much really miss because I can remember him in black and white you do me you and me both but we're showing our age Nicola thanks very much indeed for that call Chris I stand with Chris Williams Andy hashtags it astounds me how people on the Left seemingly think by proxy likes of JP Morgan Goldman Sachs George Soros Lord Sainsbury plowing millions into the remain campaign slash overturning brexit before it's implemented is somehow socialist or has our best interests at heart thank you Chris let's take a break let's take some callers Richard first in Manchester go ahead Richard Oh George thanks for taking my call at walkers well what a week we've had what a week yes that was the week that was it's absolutely fantastic and I believe the white flag he's flying on number 10 as we speak as did she decided she doesn't want to put the deal in front of us again next week so where we go from here you're the professionals I'd love for you is that breaking news that's breaking news just run it past me again because I missed it oh she said tonight that she will not be taking the vote back the DUP have said they will not back her deal so she's come out with a statement to say that she will not be putting the deal in front of Parliament next week where do we go from here George well technically we leave on April the 6th unless article 50 is revoked and I see no majority in the House of Commons for that labor will not vote for that so even if there were a substantial number of Labor rebels that could not pass so I don't know that's pretty big news you've given me Richard that means effectively that she's she's either got something up her sleeve she's either trying to panic people or the clock runs down she jacket in George and blame everybody else it could be it could be I mean everyone's feeling sorry for our but there's an easy way to bring her Calvary to an end and that's by going off on a walking holiday in the Alps and our lederhosen with our multi-millionaire husband and leave leave the rest of us get on with it number 10 you know two years ago know this I've got the clip in front of me now Richard it says treason is 12mp she might not bring her brexit deal back to Parliament for a third time next week in a letter the Prime Minister suggests she won't put it to another vote if there's lack of support so it's not quite definite but it's probably if you want my view now that I've seen the text Richard probably bluffing probably bluffing no I don't think so no I don't think she's got a cat in else chance of getting it through so there's no point in in in in embarrassing yourself anymore she's done enough maybe and again but that means an ordeal exit on the 6th of April will it not be next week on the 29th no because that date no longer exists we already agreed an extension to the 6th of April can I ask about Blair and what it's rumored that he's backing these new Tigers now sorry probably another sexy Richard sorry let me clarify that it's not the 6th of April it's the 12th of April the 12th of April okay sorry Blair you were talking about blur yeah no he admitted that he's back in these Tigers ooh ooh you know and he wants to sort of build a party around them and if he is look out there'll be another war coming Netta now you was on the TV yesterday day before saying thank you to everybody for backing Israel against Iran and we know now that in my own interpretation that probably Iran is going to be the next one and then you hear that Blair's been over in America talking to the big Catholic audience proposing that the next war would be against Iran what do you think about that for coincidence and it's you know much sort of making it up I pick these things are pretty smart well you can say so I couldn't possibly comment Richard thanks very much for your call Lisa is in Boreham wood and it's been some time Lisa I know it's been too long too far too long we always love to hear your wisdom go ahead thank you it's very kind I was just going to say I hear the Pope voted I think summer remains won't be very happy with that because you know they're not keen on over-60s having a say in democracy are they well that's one of the most bizarre aspects of of life today where we're supposed to feel like anyone over done certain ash or oughtn't to have a view certainly not a vault because the you know somebody tweeted me the other day to say if we keep this going long enough although all the brexit ears will be dead you still have to work we still paying a lot of taxes are too many yes yes no we're just going to say that the first of all I think all these petitions are a waste of time anyway for bracelet tears aren't there I would urge them to write to their MP rather it's very easy to get their address and to pen a letter saying that you voted for No Deal or you voted to leave for you that means No Deal or whatever you want to say it's far more effective than these silly petitions which generally get ignored because as you say you don't know who's voting it's just not even worth considering so I think that's the best way to go I mean there's millions of them there was 16 million of them in the referendum itself so it's not actually that big an achievement that one-fifth of those less than one-fifth of those still want to remain no exactly that's what I think as well it's got far too much air time for the Mafia's reasons obvious reasons yeah hmm I also think that the whole argument which tries to portray breaks appears as people who are Hawking back to the past or who people who are very narrow-minded who are perhaps in the phobic who are only concerned with the narrow confines of us within the UK it's utterly false most of us Breck's peers have had an eye on what's going on all over the world and have seen that this brexit thing is not just a phenomenal phenomenon that effects the UK the essence of it is something that's going on in many Western countries where people are waking up and realizing hey why are we all on the same script we supposedly live in separate company countries we're supposedly some of us voting for nationalist government some of us voting for socialist government and yet we all getting the same results we all have the champagne socialists who seem very interested in courting the big business and doing the bidding of big business who offer very interested in war we all seem to be on this fake economics of austerity path we all seem to be on the same social path in terms of liberal socialism and neoliberal economics the people of twigs that matter where we are we all aren't exactly the same script and that's why when the Europe I think one thing we've got massively in our favor no matter whether they push this try and push this forward with more extensions is the EU will not want us joining those elections that take place for the MEP s because there's going to be you know bloodshed because so there's going to be an absolute desertion of the central guard because a lot of people are going to be moving to the left moving to the right and all those sort of centrist neoliberal parties are going to find themselves with a very small coalition a very small voice that's what they're really worried about and I think that's something strong in our camp that will help us to get something to get us out prior to us having to take part in those that I don't see in the in the youth they are going to want us taking part in those elections well that that's suddenly that suddenly hope into view last night didn't it after people doing their best not to tell us that we might have to fight these elections suddenly there at was center stage it is now a point of imperative that we cannot stay beyond the 12th of April unless we commit to holding European Parliament elections here in Britain and they very definitely do not want that neither the British nor the EU because inside the EU the remaining EU anti Brussels parties are going to sweep to enormous victories and center ground macaronis type of governments and parties are going to be absolutely humiliated so the last thing they want is that replicated and reinforced in Britain because that would signal that the project is dying on its feet well a lot of us can see that as brigadiers be constantly told we don't like Europe obviously that's ridiculous we can see what's going on in Europe we are in solidarity with everyone in Europe that is trying to find ways of taking back control and who want to reject this and I also think a lot of people have seen that big business have run out of ideas in the old days the the idea behind capital ISM was that in businesses you strive for greater profits as a result of increasing productivity or lowering costs increasing efficiency blah blah blah they've totally thrown that away the modern capitalist all they're interested in is using globalism so they have access to the cheapest wage as possible so that there's a race for the bottom so we're not really in a stage where we are improving via this we just involved in some massive permits quit a pyramid system where profits are being increased at the expense of the working class who are becoming poorer senior standards of living drop all the time seeing stagnation in wages higher rents and we are seeing a concentration of wealth and power at the top that's what you know it happened to me it happening to us in globalism and that's why people voted bricks it none of these other reasons Lisa it's like you've never been away don't be a stranger for an open university like this one that's the level of contribution we need thank you very much indeed for that call here's David in Keithley go ahead David how's yours going I've had the pleasure of speaking you two before okay welcome and I love your show I think it's fantastic I live for it in a way it sounds silly you do that's very good living in momentous times quite frightening but I particularly like that everybody said and turned out tonight and a little previous ladies while she took the words out of my mouth I hate being negative but and I hate criticizing you George just let me count out the I think the best use I thought you were being a bit crude inscrutable I'm about Jeremy Corbyn I think George IV real fan of Jeremy Corwin I think it's a great going guy well I think Stu's I think things could really turn out is where and they think is for is had everything against him when only this doesn't have enough support in the labour party we know that the parliamentary lever part of Italy I'm not too sure it's really all that great a thing I'm thinking it's great having so many members because it seems to me the parliamentary labor and the tickers and all I've been stabbing in the back is that the ruling class I've lost all pretense of trying to be fair and that's obvious I thought may speak sure that night at knew she was bad I never ever thought I'd see anything as repugnant as I thought awful hmm absolutely well you might be right if a general election were to to happen as I said earlier according to the bookmakers Jeremy Corbyn is quite strong favorite to be the next prime minister the question is how do you get to a general election isn't it this to see the other thing I could just say I just want to take over more debt by the way great to hear Adam I my sister Alma history fair as well and I love the history boys well the Adam was great isn't he and everybody else was great tonight I just like to say I thought even though it like that but that lady very clear for me anyway the previously I hate what they're saying in Parliament it breaks my heart the way we I think most people know it just breaks my heart although we've come a wired the naughty Naut and why are they not men of caliber like you in the Labour Party you must care but Chris Williams and you can Ken Livingstone i I don't think it's going to happen David I don't think I'll be back I don't think Livingstone will be back I'll be pleasantly surprised if Williamson is back I'm sorry to disappoint you but that's my reading of the situation but I need to take a break for some capitalists messages let me get through some of the masses of messages a marvelous and inspirational opening to your show tonight says Terry eaten everything you've said totally and utterly correct if politicians scupper the vote of the nation then democracy as we understand it will have ended and we know where that will lead charlie fear call Ross says labour are escorting me quote labour our bookies favourites to win an election if called tomorrow unquote in England maybe but they'll be lucky to win a single seat in Scotland well Charlie that's what the bookies say um I don't think they're making distinction it's not for them to do so they're calculating how many seats will be won they're not going into where they will be won doc moonshine says George you speak of Groucho Marx the conservative party right now reminds me of mutiny on the bounty are very good the question is who will be mrs. Mays Fletcher Christian there's no way mrs. May will captain her loyalists to safety the ship is sunk here's Charles in Enfield go ahead drawers just make you again and you sir I'm not gonna bore you with all the trip down memory lane tonight um look what I want to say is that I think it's time now for us on the left and the right and on the center all those people who voted together devoted voted breakfast to get together because this is I am really worried that trees are made complete doesn't have the bottle to go No Deal now we know that her deals not going to go through Parliament and no matter what she comes up with the only option should be no deal and that's what I want quite frankly yes it'll be great to have a deal but we're not going to get one so let's just go to your deal no deal is better than a bad deal well that's right so let's just do it the point is we are under attack I have have begun I'm putting together something called the brexit alliance it's not a political party so I can speak about it here which will hold our conference in the very near future I'm just looking at venues and places and so on from the moment and I hope it will be a gathering of people of all political persuasions who either support bricks or just support democracy there are many many people write to me to say that they voted remain but that they are with me because of the Democratic argument it just seems that they got boosted again with Alito based again on cotton but it was an L which country's worth every time they look as though they want Ireland did France didn't otherwise did yes I'm gonna say look vote again until you get the right result yes now as in drawing I'm saying that's exactly what they're doing here and we I don't see how it can happen no Charles I don't see a majority and even in this House of Commons to revoke article 50 I don't think the rulers have the cojones to even attempt that to go No Deal no George that's the thing that scares me and I'm not sure that I think if it comes to it I think to either mainly decide look you know what let's just pull the whole thing let's just yeah but labour wouldn't support that control yeah korben korben was very clear about it today Corbin will not support revoking article 50 because it would be the ultimate democratic betrayal of course of course but my worry really is that a lot of Labour MPs might by the way Charles yeah you might get 60 80 Labour MPs voting for it but you don't have 60 80 Tory MPs voting for it plus the the odds and sods as we used to say in Parliament it doesn't add up to a majority nothing like it if you were a gambling man George what which way do you think we're gonna go No Deal and if you were a bookie you would have to say no deal as no a strong favourite well because if that's the case you must come along you must come along to the brexit alliance Thank You Charles thank you my friend let's hear from Marty in Belfast been a while Marty welcome back hi George all the other week and I thought then that she could get the people through it doesn't look like lean I know and tonight it's being reported that she's not even gonna put it to the vote again yes she's certainly thinking that way yeah I thought it might get through I'm with you on that I thought that concentrate you know as dr. johnson said the knowledge that one is to be hanged in the morning concentrates the mind wonderfully and on that basis I thought she might get it through well George here's here's the point I ran out to make the the issues you touched on in your opening speech sir tonight some of them I totally agree with but so I don't believe that the ears like your last caller said are attacking anybody i view is that the ee or basically they'd be glad to see the bag of brittle and they've said what do you want do you want this do you want that you want this there's very off-the-shelf agreements here you want Canada free Street free trade agreement at cetera the problem is that the Tories have reduced Britain to an international laughingstock not the EU and I know from living in this part of the world because we are united everybody here and I'm very critical of the years for the reasons that you had land earlier but here is the Achilles Northern Ireland is the Achilles heel of the home data and the DUP they represent that but we hundred ninety thousand boomers are holding over five hundred million people come on some they're the problem and you need to shine a light or more the problem exists the Democratic nature of this place and your listeners should know this because not many people in Britain do you know this this clear is this border which everybody is again over and the European negotiations this is it this is this is the heart of the modern and it is because of Britain's colonial past and Ireland is coming back to paint them this border is not an Irish border it's a British border it was imposed upon us it's out the democratic no one ever voted for this border in Ireland so my view is many or whoever is gonna replace her because I think she's gone thanks is finished she put it to a vote do you want a backstop and a poll or even better still Irish unity its provided for the grief rated credit agreements a poem and people here even from the unions community George I can tell you for business manufacturing retail they are saying that the DUP who don't listening to them because of their bland bigotry frankly they're saying the backstop is good against the eukaryote it's reckless back the voices of the only supportive remain and by the way the deal for me is a bad thing actually but it does and my views respect the wishes it gets in it and you have to you have to leave it with a problem like a let's here thought it's a DUP well as you know Marty I'm not in need or want as they say of of a history lesson on that but it's good that you give it to others who are listening I don't give a toss about the border not a toss there shouldn't be a border should never been a border and if one of the consequences of all of this is that the border disappears nobody I promise you will be any happier than me thanks for the call here's Martin in Farnham go ahead Martin hi George ain't him I'm good thanks nice to hear from you yeah yeah good call right so why do we went want an open border with half a billion people most of which are poorer than us you know many I think many people in Britain naive I think many people are brainwashed by BBC and companies that want cheap labour I'm British wages are low the country is overcrowded they're actually already beginning to go up because of the very possibility of brexit i guess i mean i can only compare to australia and the salaries in britain are much much lower sure because like minimum wage in australia is higher than than a teacher's salary in britain and you know i work in a school quite close to where i live and it just saddens me that somebody sweeping the streets in australia will earn more than the starting teacher and you know it's just rallies got a close border and if you know if indonesia which is Australia's neighbor has a population of over a hundred million people and if Australia had an open border then the average Australian would be a lot poorer well actually add alicia has a population of about 300 million and it's a good comparator if if Australia had no immigration controls then a very significant percentage of the Indonesian population would very much like I'm sure to go and live work and settle there but what would that do what would that do to the conditions of the people that are already living there and what would it do to Indonesia that was left behind what would it do to the society and the economy of Indonesia and so I've often been criticized for making this point but I won't stop making it there is nothing left wing about mass emigration nothing at all left-wing about it first of all it's damaging to the living standards of the people who are on the end of the emigration and it's damaging to the country where the immigrants on mass left that's just simple economics of course it is and I'm going back to live in Australia in two months unemployment benefit is double that's you know salaries are higher and Britain has to protect Britons as assets for its citizens we could not be giving away our hard-earned money to people that aren't citizens its country's become poorer and Britain is becoming poorer and I think the seventeen and a half million people in Britain it's broke so I think they understand this well I think people voted entirely logically from their own interest which is what people do when they vote people the seventeen and a half million do not experience a lived reality which is comparable to the people living in the bubble there are constantly sneering at them as I've said many times before the the people who like me have good incomes live in nice places we benefit a lot from the cheap labor from Eastern Central Europe and from poorer parts of Europe not just East and Central we benefit from that but the people the people who voted brexit they don't have money for the espresso and the and the the cappuccino cafe culture Society and they don't have jobs or the jobs they've got are paying too little to make ends meet and to pay ever increasing rents and so on sad what's happening in Britain everyday British people are just getting poorer they're getting left behind and I think the country's had enough and I get I feel very sad when when I go to work and younger you know my younger colleagues in their 20s talk about how fantastic the EU is whilst they're sliding into poverty it's just well go and ask the young people in Spain in Italy in Portugal go and ask them just how good the EU is for young people Martin thank you very much indeed for that coming up now to the end of the second hour but the good news is ask Adam is the big big topic for the third our stay tuned Melanie Bane's says like you I'm sick and tired of the betrayal we're witnessing over bricks it when David Cameron and MPs voted to give us the people the referendum they knew what they were doing when they made an advisory they were giving themselves an insurance cop-out dr. Kerr Matthews says Jeremy Corbyn is the weakest most petulant opposition leader in my lifetime 55 years old yesterday he was anonymous in the brexit referendum and couldn't put his personal prejudices behind him regarding chukka or Mona thank you doctor and a belated happy birthday to you Patrick says it's likely the elements of the UK administration including treasom a and Olly Robbins have conspired with the Cabal run EU to produce an unacceptable unwanted withdrawal treaty that was so bad people would want to remain as scarce Allah says Alastair Campbell Tom Watson the independent group and the Liberal Democrats are all going on the people's vote March have absolutely no doubt that it will turn into an antique carbon March Tom Watson might be leading the singing who knows here Keith in Buckinghamshire go ahead Keith George it's a long time no speak yeah well it's good to hear from you well I draw your attention to a conversation where many many years ago in another forum where we were talking about two cheeks of one backside and the politics yes and I'm glad you added politics yes and what we were talking about then was my certain that MPs salaries should be increased by threefold and MP should be reduced by 1/3 2/3 in order to deliver the correct quality of intellect into the house to confront the future well my position Keith has always been that we need half as many MPs getting paid twice as much and properly resourced we could negotiate it we could indeed and come to mind we we have currently a mess but just cast your mind back to the days where we had perhaps the your side of the table we would have had John Smith we would have had the beasts of Bolsover Denix Turner and his prime Tony Blair and on the other side would have had Margaret Thatcher we decide Norman Tebbit and in the middle of that would have had the absolutely imperious Betty Boothroyd and what do we have today well you know that famous I think was it Swanson I can't remember was a Greta Garbo when someone said you used to be big in pictures she said I'm still big it's the pictures that got small and I I have no doubt that this Parliament is a shrunken Parliament in every way when I entered it more than 30 years ago it had well over a hundred big beasts really big beasts and yeah and men and women of independent mind who when they rose to speak chosen to speak by a speaker worthy of the name they you couldn't be sure what they were going to say they won on message if you know what I mean we definitely don't have anything remotely like that now know my point and my surgeon at that point with what we had is by version from conviction to careerist politicians yes and they're like the problem that we have today now I did I didn't research this week all the 650 members of parliament 97 were delivered to Parliament on a majority of 5% or less mm-hmm now the break did result was delivered on a result of 3.8 percent margin but apparently the brexit was a majority was delivered by the ill-informed can you see where I'm going of course I do I do see that and it's a very telling point and where we let me have a word with the Adam Keith stay on the line for a minute Adam you're a big advocate of the parliamentary system you argue that it's better than all the all the others not most of you I'm not I'm not entirely sure myself about that but would you agree with me that it's not just the smaller intellectual and and moral crop of MPs that we have now it's there's something structurally unsound about British democracy Anna well I think the problem is some of the best politicians are people who were born and bred instinctive Organic politicians who understand business what we've got now by and large is mediocre or even failed business men and women aspiring to be politicians and testing out their aspirations on the from the middle of the House of Commons and that's the problem when you look at great parliamentarians in other countries Lee Kuan Yew or mention him again he was someone with a great understanding of economics but he wasn't a businessman he wasn't running it like a business he was running it like a country and unlike a business which ultimately only serves its owner and of course its employees if it's a good business a politician's job it's to run a country that serves every single man woman and child in that country and that's the difference so when we hear platitudes like oh if only you ran the country like you ran a business no it's a bit different because it's bigger if a country is holistic a business is specific and I think we've totally lost that mentality a business has to be cognizant of Accountancy a government has to be cognizant of economics there's a difference between accountancy and economics economics is a big picture it's not just making sure that your cake shop doesn't shell out more than it brings in absolutely because it's a different time line every business owner eventually wants to retire or sell it on you can't sell the country well I suppose if you enjoy European Union you can but generally speaking in the context of governments it's something that goes on in perpetuity an only conquest or some sort of civil disaster ends the reign of a state and of course specific governments change but the government itself as a thing in itself does stay on so you've got to look at the long view and a lot of these people just don't I personally don't mind a career politician even though that phrase has become somewhat dirtied if there's someone who wants to give his or her life to serve the country and I mean serve others as opposed to themselves I think that's one of the greatest but also rarest things that one can find I'm looking I don't well I see one in front of me a potential one but we all know the story there no harm to me Keith last word to you my friend yeah what interesting thing we complained about the vote from 2016 and youngsters being applauded at their democratic right advice well let me tell you if you live in my constituency you have to be 33 to look at the last had a meaningful wrote in a general election by virtual of berkos presence and now yes of course he doesn't he doesn't stand on a party election a good point Keith very good point thanks for your call nice to talk to you again from the old talkSPORT days Scotia lar Adam says ask Adam histories of me the worst Prime Minister ever lost the majority in a snap election she called and to huge parliamentary defeats certainly boots are up there in my opinion I think that Tony Blair was far far worse because with me it's a question of death by a thousand cuts and it's mostly an internal death an economic deluge a social stagnation a crime wave a tell terror wave frankly because terrorism has gone up and I don't think that that's without responsibility so she certainly at the bottom of the list but I think for his sheer savagery Blair was definitely at the bottom in terms of the worst yes I used to I mean I would once automatically have answered that question with the words Margaret Thatcher yes if you think trees amaze bad you were obviously not around or too young to remember Margaret Thatcher but Tony Blair was by far the worst because he created the or helped create the joint author of a world situation so unstable that we we literally don't know where we're headed my old friend Marie McFarlane says Adam Rodney Atkinson presented his evidence and findings in a speech given to both houses of parliament in 2008 the Nazi roots of the EU he has written widely to what are your views on this well there are a lot of conspiracy theories about this but in general we can look at who united Europe at various times there was the Roman Empire although one could control that with the Mongols who United a great majority of the parts of Asia albeit with a very different political system than the Romans then there was the Holy Roman Empire which by its end was neither holy nor Roman nor an empire and then of course getting back to more familiar epochs we have Napoleon who united Europe briefly before he invaded Russia and Hitler who united Europe under the jackboot of Nazis and for he invaded Russia quite so there's a model in this story don't you I don't invade Russia and the European Union's trying to do a bit of both of you have certainly set themselves up as Russia's enemy and Tarly unnecessarily in my view but the European Union shouldn't have a foreign policy that's the point it should have a trading policy look at us Sein the Association of Southeast Asian Nations all they want to do is trade amongst each other and have FTAs free trading agreements with others and frankly when you look at the list of a.cian free trading agreements and the looker and a look at the list of countries with whom the EU trades freely with I think the ASEAN list is former and viable that's a lesson Europe is not trading properly with with Russia for an example and there are others China's oving interview the moves against Huawei and for example these are these are examples of politics and more of our politics being dictated from outside damaging actually damaging European economies absolutely and there's actually a bit of hope the Chinese President Xi Jinping is in Italy right now for the first visit by any Chinese head of state to the EU in terms of an official state visit for over a decade and Italy with its left-right populist government is saying we want to join China's belt and Road initiative we want to build this Pacific to Mediterranean trading route and of course there's a president the president there's Marco Polo the great Venetian and so the Chinese are in Italy it seems to all be going very well but Italy is shackled with this EU mantle now don't get me wrong I want the EU to trade and be at one with itself I just don't want political union I don't want these restrictions on individual countries going their own way on trade I certainly don't want foreign policy Union but economic unity on the current basis is also a chimera because you're trying to unite economies that are vastly disparate quite right in in their character quantity and quality all under the yoke of a single currency dictated by the political interests of the most powerful parts of that Union well it's the emperor's new clothes anyone who's saying that it's a good idea is clearly living in a land of theory because in practice its failed it's failing before our eyes and it has been failing for at the very minimum ten years so the idea that it's some British conspiracy or it's some this or that or another thing that the EU has objectively failed and it doesn't seem to want to reform if the if the naked Emperor wanted to put on some clothes I'd say I'm a bit interested to see what sort of garments are available but they're perfectly happy strutting around in all their dismal nudity Alec Moss says when I voted leave in 2016 it was on balance now that I've seen how the EU stroke commission stroke roundtable behaves and act to humiliate and damage our nation like a mob protection racket the balance has gone I leave all the way now here's a point Adam a lot of people talk about how opinion has changed since 2016 as a matter of fact there's no reliable polling data which shows that the change has been significant at all at least not statistically significant in the sense that would this change survive four weeks six weeks eight weeks of a campaign and I meet people I now hear from people like Alec moss all the time who have become far more strongly desirous of leaving what you take on the safale G of all that well indeed there have been no scientific polls that have indicated any change but there is the unscientific barometer which is that there's real life and the people that I've spoken to interestingly enough the European people that I've spoken to and people of color those who aren't white but British they all want to leave more than they did in 2016 now a lot of this demographic – some of the European Union's Union citizens were all gung ho in 2016 but now I meet Europeans and I mean British people who are not white who say let's get on with it it's only the people who are very liberal and very white and dare I say very London who are part of this remain brigade well if you look at the the breakdown of the petition that's currently running and if you turn it into heat spots my goodness London is burning know here's Matt in Ilford go ahead Matt and you sir commentators and politicians and present politicians Coronel and expressing sympathy for this woman I just found a ball of it we had this woman 2017 he was offered a kind of applause feel by Donald Tusk which would have made all better clearer party we would have been freed from all of these jurisdictions we would have a patron feel that we were after it would be pretty far negotiate Tobias cleared the world from 2017 and he just flatly rejected it and starve any oxygen and the mainstream media Julie was in a starvation of oxygen for the people that was offered by Donald does it does feel like the last day for ArmA I must I must agree with you on that and whilst you can feel a human sympathy for someone that's clearly struggling out of their depth it can't surely for much longer keep her in post Chinese news for their two sessions their legislative sessions actually tried out on artificial intelligence newsreaders that had human voices human sounding facial expressions I think we better hope that the two of us are incredibly organic because we don't want the computers in well joe says Joanne Prestatyn Georgia sir damn shame the remain us have such a pessimistic view on leaving the EU yes it's a challenge but a faint heart never won a fair maiden how very well put Joe if a little old-fashioned Bob justice says please stop giving sage advice to tourists they get enough support from the media and many Labour MPs as is they all know the repetitive now tedious Corbin Roadshow has helped prop up me inadvertently she's gonna destroy the Tory party let her finish the job here's the legend that is Norma in Bristol normal commute will just quickly I did like Martin Harper the RSPB man was very nice yes thank yous conservation talk was very encouraging and interesting yeah that was great but I've got a couple of questions what do you think will actually happen in the next few weeks with brexit because I haven't got a clue and you know I don't think No Deal will eventually go through busy you didn't want it and really the other thing that I think I'm bothering you is questions but I have these things that occurred to me all the time I live in that wind alternative plan Norway dress yeah what does that actually mean for the most salient thing that it means is that we would still be part of the free movement of labour scheme so we would still theoretically have three hundred and fifty million citizens of the European Union with an automatic right to come in and work here that's why it's a non-starter because that was the that way if you were identifying one single reason for the brexit decision that would be it wouldn't it well yeah I mean to be honest what the other thing is who do you think would replace mrs. May when she goes well I think Boris Johnson's star is very much in the descendant I would have you'd asked me six months ago I'd have said him and he thought so too because he lost weight and got his haircut and he obviously thought he was next in line but I can't help thinking that his star has dimmed the the problem the Tories have got is that nobody else has any any charisma any big reputation in the country there's no Michael Heseltine waiting in the wings or anything like that I mean what down to thinking will it be you know Jeremy Hunt or salts what's his name Javed the Home Secretary that's the kind of level we're at do you think's gonna happen in the next movie well I I mean I can't obviously protect it because it is inherently unstable and unpredictable I'm sure of what we won't get we won't get the revoking of article 50 and I'm sure that if nothing else happens the law will take its course and the law takes us out no not on the 29th of March but on the 12th of April because nobody needs to vote for that that's the point Norma it's it's a default position it automatically happens if nothing else happens that's what they said you know we would if there was nothing went through by the age of eight well you see only a government can legislate how many MPs you've got want to do something they can't legislate so it would need the government to introduce a new law to counterman the existing default law and I honestly don't think that's going to happen it could only happen if treasom a was prepared to do it and if she was prepared to organically break up the Tory party into two separate parties and I don't think she or the people above her that represent the interests the ongoing interests for centuries of the ruling classes main party would permit heart to do that we just have to wait in the same yeah we will and we're living in interesting times thanks thank God for that here's Damian the legend two legends in a row this one from Brighton go ahead Damian good evening to achieve me I'd like to talk about Theresa Mays position yeah I very just briefly like to say pick up on something you said about democracy at the top of the show George now I'm a Democratic Socialist so I respect all democratic results I don't pick pick or choose it's not you know whatever the result is the result so by definition I don't understand how remain errs who refused to accept the largest Democratic ballot in British history can describe themselves as Democrats at best they could describe themselves as occasional Democrats yeah exactly it's just a point of definition to us that's all right now Teresa mains petition I think George can be summed up in one sentence she can't command a majority in the House of Commons now that's a problem because our political system is a majoritarian parliamentary democracy you know and Prime Minister's Authority is dependent on the ability to command a majority so that's why I thought it was so disgraceful yesterday that she saw to point the finger at MPs because the whole mess were in at the moment can be traced back I believed to one single decision that Theresa made may made following the general election she she lost her majority she had a choice to either form a consensus at that point with other parties to come up with a brexit deal that would be acceptable and would be able to command a majority in the Commons or she could try to buy the votes at the DUP so she could cling on to power she draws the latter and she chose the latter George so in in that sense she's kind of at that point she disproved herself unfit to hold the office but but that's bye-bye we are where we are and she can't be removed do you see the Tori's shot there bolt by having that motion of no-confidence in her which failed and you know if you're going to try and if you're gonna take a shot at the king as they say you better make sure you don't miss and they did miss and now they can't have them another motion of no confidence in her until December well and this issue has raised another floor which of course is the fixed term as well as that point George the one-year grace period is the fact that it's proved that the fixed term Parliament's act is a bad law because it's demonstrated it demonstrably kept a zombie Parliament yeah life when they would have honored but the point I was wrong because we are where we are so the choice seems to be Deal or No Deal I've already said what I thought about no deal George I think this time is too weak we 1.7 percent growth we had in 2010 1.2 percent projected for 2019 that's an economy going backwards George so I think I said to a risk there's a risk of recession so the deals the only viable do alive as I see is the labor deal which is customs union sort of frictionless and Terra free trade and mats and protections human rights workers environmental consumer but that's only half of the deal George we haven't even really begun the negotiations with the EU that's the half for the remainders and to minimize damage to the economy we still got to do the other half which is to respect the referendum result doc moonshine says have to say George I agree with the gentleman who said a corpsman breaks it would be much better a fear except for all this Tory Fiasco must be stopped article revoked Corbin voted in but there went my chocolate teapot yes Jim in Liverpool Jim welcome evening sir just a couple points but I think I've got to open up with some of the comments that have been made earlier on particularly in to your opening comments of the show it really is the most inspiring and honest elevated for for many many a year a two or a three it was full of passion and principle which there isn't a great deal out there at the moment sitting on the ground ya know possibly might have taken up this point a few weeks ago because I did mean to get on but unfortunately couldn't get get in touch and it was regarding choke of the moon on the under Neal show on the theory of the evening a few weeks ago when he he basically admitted that when he was the election in 2017 he basically lied to his constituency is he said his heart was no longer labor that's right and he said you know he didn't run on the labor manifesto yet this person still won't be signed and I'm permitted by election so how can people have trust and faith in people you know in politicians like him hmm well I used to live in Stratham for 20 years and I know a lot of people there and they were blissfully unaware that their labour MP and labor candidate was actually no longer labor they were blissfully unaware that he was running on his own personal manifesto and I've yet to see it I must tell you and so does these voters yeah I mean he says when he went out to speak to his constituent he never got round to speak to every one of those constituents and most of them work would be ignorant to the fact that he lied and and others say this independent independent group to me you know I'd rather call instead of chiggers I'd call them the popular independent group and therein lies if you put lied in front of it you've got lying pigs so maybe that's a bit harsh but here we go the territorio who are going to be on the march tomorrow Blair Mandelson Campbell how are they still getting away with it you know the the Airways that these people are given the you know you know and most of the people who listen to this show is they were responsible for millions and millions of debt and even now they still weren't that keen on people's votes then or or marchers no Campbell's Campbell boasts that he closed these curtains as as the great anti-war March went past his door and also you know I know the one true to your heart the dr. Delhi kiss the doctor say well I'm working on a David Kelly film and Alistair Campbell features very centrally in it I know I'm looking forward because yeah I don't want to give away the plot I don't want to give away the plot Jim but let's just say that Alastair Campbell has a few things to worry about with my film okay quickly quickly just a quick one about I know they've been talking about business parlance and the different ways of looking at it but the way I've seen it if you put it in business parlance you know I've never been with in meetings with business where people would give away that intellectual property rights and that's what basically Mei is doing with our country she's very very good point and a good point to end on I must press on Ranas in Clapham Ron welcome yeah hi hi George it's an absolute pleasure to talk to you desire political political heroes it's just a travesty that you're not in the political arena at the moment but yeah I'm you know I'm just absolutely disgusted with the couple of political establishment that are hell-bent on trying to steal the the vote away from the biggest man days of this country's ever seen mm-hmm how do you actually think that we can affect and push these people to do what they've been mandated to do well of course it's not easy to do that in the system we have they you have the previous caller inventing a whole a new kind of Labor candidate that wasn't really labor one part was no longer labor one that's had no faith in the manifest or they were standing on and so on so it's a much bigger job the Augean stables of Westminster needs to be thoroughly cleared but I do think I must I agree with Lisa in Boerum would about petitions I really do think that people have got to let their Member of Parliament know that they will not tolerate their vote being stolen in this way and if I put it that way Ron nothing nothing can be more serious in a democracy then your vote being stolen can it absolutely but that you see labor was the labor sort of masses that have brought Jeremy Corbyn cert to power have got to find a way to cleanse to purge to cull the satiric Blair right scourge but still is infested in the parliamentary party well I of course don't approve of Cole's unless you meant it metaphorically but we we definitely need a very very big shake-up that's why we played all shook up Ella this political system of ours has to be all shook up here's Gerald gerald in London go ahead jolt good evening George I wanted to call because I'm from North London I'm 35 I'm from my whole life in London there's been a problem was starving but it's really gone out recently my belief of why that is is not only just a police cuts but it's due to cocaine and high-strength cannabis and the reason for that in my belief about is that because it's so politically taken by all walks of society it's almost like a cup of tea now in London they it should be legalized taxed and actually won as a national industry how would that how would that lessen its effect or its prevalence is a bit like ham with the booze what did they call in America when they stopped all of all of this and that prohibition yeah when john f kennedy's died made all his money so i think that if it was if we took all so for instance when i grow marijuana which i don't smoke anymore because i've seen so many people go down the skunk i surrender on cutting so many people go into psychosis from it you would get the old derelict where you're feeding joe let me put it to adam i have myself zero tolerance for these substances but general made as cogent appoint as can be made i suppose that if you continue to prohibit it it will all lie the whole business will lie in the province of criminals and gangsters he wasn't really able to answer my point that would legalization mean less of it being taken and if it didn't if it is the problem in the first place how are we any further forward well if we legalized murder and if we legalized driving armed tanks down the street you could tax that but i don't think it would make killing less and i don't think it would decrease the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction there's something for Alastair Campbell indeed but getting back to the more practical view of it I share George your views against drugs I'm totally opposed to them because I've seen what they've done I've known in the music business absolutely so I had a front-row seat to a very sad sad and dangerous reality and the only conclusion that one can reach is that they need to remain illegal but the laws need to be enforced if people are doing the stuff like it's coffee or tea it means that the laws are not being adequately enforced but the same reason that when we have a knifing epidemic it's not that we should legalize these horrible new kinds of knives that with one twist can easily and brutally kill a man it's that we've got to enforce laws against violence much stronger and ice equate drugs with violence because drugs enable violence in the same way that a dangerous weapon does so they've got to stay illegal and people have got to crack down on this and get very serious about it I agree Craig in Oxford Craig go ahead sir um contrast few drug town 40 okay don't worry we're jumping all over the place because we've got this great intellectual with us we must we must make use of them go ahead drink using the peace here ja I'm watching these quite closely ever since this happened and a bit before and I'm now getting into a position where as a Lee boater can't feel anything but betrayed by Parliament at the moment there's this talk about having a referendum but if there's referendum and leave on again you can't trust the current mass of politicians to do that they say it's too difficult with it's too difficult they need to move aside and let someone more capable do it you know they want the general election but who can you vote for there's no one there to vote for bit it's gonna a problem that is a problem I mean if you were a liberal voter for example a general election now would require somebody living in I don't know perhaps I oughtn't to personalize it but think of the worst Blair right war monger that is still in the Labor Party and still an MP you'd have to vote for them now I personally couldn't do that and I don't see how the country would benefit from my doing so a crack I saw you and then you are looking for looking for some men and just when you think that you know something what you happening there's this new brexit party but they just seem to be playing politics all they're interested in his Emmy pays every time this subsidize oh we're gonna collect their get MEP selected well help is there any peace gonna do we need well that's true but than that to be fair to that's the next election or Frank I don't know if this brexit party is serious or not I don't feel it I must say and I thought that I would feel it much more and so it may be that it's not serious or it may be the relaxed resource lacks numbers it's got in its figurehead Farraj of course who's a powerful weapon but they're back and you kept territory already the the actual leader of the party is just a to resign because of horrendous racist and Islamophobic trash uncovered on her on her Twitter feet yeah again you're back to square one I mean this is much enough resentment out there that the people that voted for breaks it could also send less local MPs and trigger of by-elections if we can get you know you can't you can't – unfortunately trigger by-elections they can't be forced and I don't have time to fully explain why you have to be convicted you have to be imprisoned for more than 12 months or the House of Commons own committee of standards and privileges has to begin a move against you and so on there will be one coming up in Peterborough I would have thought there's a recall petition often running there because the sitting MP was convicted as liar thanks Craig for that David says I'd like to remind labour of water so looking forward to a Corbin government but lots of things he wants to do cannot be achieved if we remain in the EU Joe s says Adam Garry was awesome him versus James O'Brien Netflix would pay a fortune I definitely think you've got a future Adam I wish you were in Parliament but I'm determined that we get you in front of as many audiences as possible Norman normal says I love George but how can anyone deem that joke of a bloody referendum as the epitome of the krisi is utterly beyond me I'll not go on it gets too rude and FRA says may had a deal by pulling the vote she emboldened the DUP ERG Alliance backed herself into a corner disenfranchised all those who voted to leave and mal in Belfast says tonight I'm seething and seeding that Romanian peace have the audacity to say that they are seething because they've been told that they are mostly to blame for this mess but deny it I'm seething that the odds are being stacked against leaving mal it's a long one I can't go into all Adam what's your prognosis then first of all are the MPS mainly to blame and secondly what do you think is likely to happen in the next couple of weeks that's all it is well first of all what Teresa they said from a constitutionalist point of view was quite disgraceful a prime minister derives his or her power from the House of Commons and it's a bit rich for her to essentially cut the tree off from under her while she's on the top branch on the other hand – quite right on the other hand as you absolutely rightly say she was actually speaking to the feelings of the country you know Teresa may the school mistress come populist about how people feel betrayed but to try to separate herself from those around her in that respect it's just not convincing anyone she's part of the problem to invoke the old demonstrators saying as for what's happening I think it's either between crashing out which I think is fine let's go WTO as he said or a kind of indefinite extension that would displease everyone and risk so much dissatisfaction among the electorate that the best thing that could happen in such a situation new political parties sweep to power in the next general election and the worst-case scenario I don't even want to mention lest someone get inspired by it absolutely and I think that's a pretty good summary of the the Hobson's choice in that face Jason Dunn says I try not to be ultra-left on most issues you can't just blame everything on capitalism and you do have to deal with things in the real world but when it comes to climate change it seems the only real solution is to get rid of the system responsible david says the biggest thing we could do for wildlife is to stop the farmers from spraying poison onto the plants it's bad news for wildlife bad news for us as we are eating it – and Andy lakyn says the UK government needs to stop the netting of hedgerows and trees across the UK building contractors given permission by councils to cover nesting sites for birds this week became an epidemic Ford says I went to Jamaica to see my grandparents in the 70s there were loads of hummingbirds everywhere I went back to Jamaica four years ago I did not see a single hummingbird well we've been humming tonight that's our view it's my view it's Adams view we've tried to showcase your views if you came forward to bring them up if you enjoyed the show as I hope you did it's been marvelous for me I hope to see you next week at the same time same place

Brexit | Could Jacob Rees-Mogg become prime minister?

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The Prime Minister’s decision to say she “won’t stand in the way” of new leadership prompted leading Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg to say: “The great joy of the …

Caller asks Iain Lee: "When is white man history month?"

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Iain Lee takes your calls on the late night alternative and they can literally be about anything you want. So caller Johnny decided to ring in and ask about white man history month and why can’t he be proud to be a strong, white man.

you can gaze what's wrong with me saying I'm a strong black I'm strong no color you are gosh you're confused I can ask the question I can tell you in white History Month is okay when it is I shall tell you in white History Month is is January and it's March and it's April and it's May and it's June and it's July and it's August and it's November it's December it's every month is white History Month every month every day every day is white listen I am NOT racist at all but I don't believe you but go on you don't people think the thinking thing is in my opinion like I've literally just told you every day is white History day every day how do you find that because we live in a society where the white culture dominates everything and for a long time it dominated it at the expense of every other form of culture whether that be black or or Asian or gay but luckily luckily let me finish this but luckily we are now entering a timer only here's the thing that's going to upset you were only just entering the time there's more to where we go hang on it's not just white people have you play around can I dunno maybe can I be proud or can I be proud to be a right – yeah sure why not who's stopping are you proud to be a white one not really no why not but I'm not proud to be English I'm your grandfather and your great-grandfather died and your European grandfather's died to this in this country and you're not my dad didn't well my granddad didn't die for this country died in a care home with outsiders but I take your point stop being astronomy the right length are you a strong white one I don't know what that means strong white man you tell me John because I'll tell you I'll tell you what I'm sick to death of hearing black people say I'm a strong black you're not letting me finish Johnny you're off the air for a minute because you've actually had a fair crack of the whip and here's the thing normally I don't give idiots this much this much time people can't hear you so calm down I'm gonna bring you back I'm gonna bring you back I'm but I did ask you a question a really specific question who is stopping you saying you are a proud strong white man I'll answer that question I'll tell you I've done this place we live in a society we live in a society today where we can be who we are yes is that true no don't answer my question with a question answer my question who is telling you you've gone saying you're a strong proud white man who's telling you that yeah I listen I'll tell you that she's like I feel bad like I'm only 22 years of age I feel scared could you lie to the question Johnny could you answer the question I answered your question I'd the decency talk to your question even that was dumb you don't know what the question was have asked you two times what the question I'll ask you again who is stopping you from saying you are a strong proud white man laughs sorry laughs so when did you try and say it and when did they stop you saying I'm a strong white man and I've and I got casted so they didn't stop you saying it they just exercised their free speech as you were exercising yours that which is fine yeah free speech is fine right well free speech is real why why is Tommy Robertson because he's a racist before you before you before you put the phone down I'm not coward I'm not scared and I don't know why you're scared you tell me calling Somalian savages you know I went to school with some aliens what did they do your school what did the savage Somalians do it your school I went I went to school in chinchilla war I went to school and what did the savage the savage Somalians do in your school well well I don't like I don't like to brag you've asked for example where Tommy Robinson was racist I've given you one and then you've said you've agreed with them and said the Somalians of savages because you won't just go with them so what did the Somalis what did the Somalians do at your school shut up thick lad what did the Somalians at your school do that was Savage do me a favor stop shouting at me stop talking at me and answer a question stop answer a question your thick Oh what did the Somalians do at your school that you all think you think what did the Somalians do at your school it wasn't that long ago you should be able to remember what did the Smiley's do your school that was Savage be busted some girl because she didn't say in lie and say that she was a Muslim right well first of all I don't believe that story but secondly if they all did it all the Somalians in your school battered a girl did they okay and did class did any of the white guys in your school batter somebody no never have a white guy in your school never battered anybody can I take connect kind of frequent there can you answer the question what kind of frequent again can you answer the question Somalian battered the girls because because he comes from because he said all right well that's and that surrenders but can we have a conversation Johnny you're just gonna just come you have a conversation because I want to die sent we said thank you thank you thank you I appreciate that job I don't think people any favors I'm giving you a favor I'm educating you you said it wasn't you said you've got a Somalian bed Johnny Johnny here's the thing I'm in controls my show my rules okay when I'm talking they can't hear you're off the air now you're gonna come back on the air but we're gonna have a conversation and you having a very very fair crack of the whip okay so I'm gonna put you back on the air you said it wasn't all that you said it wasn't all the Somalians okay so you've extrapolated from that that all Somalians of savages yeah your point awesome aliens are savages why do you say well why do you I said once a month I said want some no sorry I must have got it confused when you said all Somalians and you've never seen a white guy you've never seen a white guy batter a woman ever how do you yeah have actually I've certainly read about it in the papers yeah can I can I ask you a question no we're following this this train of thought so you you you're aware that white men have battered women before yeah you're aware of that you know that because you're a bright guy yeah you're aware when we finish this point you can definitely ask you the question that's a promise but you are you can in a minute but when we finish this point and we don't try and pull me in someone I'm not trying I'm not even I've not even start I'm in first gear I mean for I don't think I'm gonna need to get into second gear I might turn the engine off because this is embarrassing embarrassing really I think your country mean okay whatever I couldn't give a stuff about the country whatever the country is so you couldn't give us the Republican I couldn't give a stuff about the Queen no you wait could you wait for the talk radio which is from the United Kingdom and you could not give us thought about your country in your queen I thought Prince Edward hold a door open for me I'll see you don't care about no it was very polite I didn't take my hat off should I take my hands off next time Prince Edward opens a door for me so you ain't for tunnel sport and you don't care about your country no I do not work for talk sport so I do a forward well and I don't need to give you that information but I don't work the top sport Oh connection one question but good job because I'm gone because but I'm gonna get rid of you sing cuz cuz you're boring but gone yeah because you can't old basically you're pulling down my pants and you a spanking my white bottie honest question and here's the thing Johnny here's what I'm gonna do you ask me the question and unlike you I'm gonna answer the question because I'm not afraid to answer a direct question that challenges my beliefs so you asked me a question john-boy and I'm going to answer it where you go right loud breaks so can you want to me why when I was any mother away in the Chamber of Commerce yes and I've seen about to repeat the first question that he asked is he about easy bouncing to you're not doing the white History Month again are you John what's wrong with white History Month and we just go around in a circle all right John thanks the cool man yeah I accident I answered it 20 minutes ago listen back to the top actually my mom's here now and she wants to understand why don't let me speak to you mom this is a real cause yeah you don't have to be whew so much bigger okay hello Johnny's mom well hello how you doing love you're right don't listen don't worry about Black History Month don't worry about Asian History Month what we have white History Month every single month how do you can I speak to your mom John I'm gonna speak to someone some manners your mom said your mom sounds delightful you don't know she honest a question with it can I speak to your mother please Johnny she's gone to bed all right John listen you're doing impressions of old ladies on speaker phones that's weird man yeah I would suggest you time for you to go to bed get me on my mainly thanks thanks very much for calling Johnny watch oh yeah whatever thought so yeah yeah yeah so you don't want to be you don't want me on main video so I'll say it out of this please I'll take it out with him okay thanks you're cool John you just she's on speakerphone buddy's mom wasn't asked out so don't know what that I didn't sound like a European accent either or the strong white women I'm gonna embeds parently do you know what I am gonna give Johnny the benefit out

Westminster Intimidation | Anna Soubry, Nigel Farage and Femi Oluwole

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Over 50 MPs have written to the Met Police Commissioner asking for police to do more about intimidating protesters outside the Houses of Parliament.

Anna Soubry – who was on the receiving end of abuse that was filmed and shared online – talks to Eamonn Holmes about her experience.

Femi Oluwole, who filmed the incident, speaks to Julia Hartley-Brewer about how these protesters are not representative of the typical Brexit voter.

And Nigel Farage tells James Whale that nobody spoke up when he faced similar abuse during his political career

are you feeling today and are you rattled in any way I was rattled yesterday it's not it's not a very pleasant experience at all but no you have to carry on and get on do your work it was given to these people no they just it's a very small minority and they most certainly don't represent the overwhelming majority of people who voted leave in the referendum I think it's really important that we see them for what they are it's a very small very unpleasant criminals Bunch a mob who have been roaming around Westminster working we'll all for the last month or so well you have to police should have intervened that's the problem what are you disappointed in the police oh yeah they made a big error I think the met now will make to do their job I think their their view is that we don't get to be so they stand and they watch it but it wouldn't intervene and I think they get that it must be rights but who you are you should be able to go about your lawful business as you know with a good robust debate she might get you into play what I wouldn't don't quite understand why Anna sue because of her views on race it should be called a fashion she was called Nazis could have called scum it was very unpleasant did you feel intimidated well I mean it's kind of getting used to at this point I mean I get abuse online every minute racial views every day versus violence of a couple of months and and interpret only close to my home address online this is becoming par for the course they were getting in there getting in in in her face shouting out so they physically blocked her way into Parliament and well we were in to be really really clear on this and I think you and I would agree these people do not represent breakfast voters these where people represent an extreme thuggish section of society whose aim is simply to cause division and stir a progression these people are a divisive element and they have nothing to do with the main reason for people voted for breakfast at all oh absolutely I completely agree with you on that and again I was very concerned looking at the video that you recorded what what they were blocking her route ahead it's one thing for someone to walk along talking to someone all shouting as they were in the case it's quite another thing to block her pass and and certainly at the point to which she would try to walk forward in if they were blocking a path at that point a criminal offense is being is being committed I mean was there concern that the police weren't stepping in I mean if there's one place where you think you'd would feel safe it would be around Westminster where there are dozens upon dozens of not just police but armed police everywhere yeah I mean that's the thing and people have been criticizing the police in terms of the handling of this but I mean during majority of yesterday whilst these people work mean they spent the whole day doing it they harassed me onj own Jones and a silvery and they were just harassing absolutely everyone they could find and buy one of them one even got put into a policeman they were doing it for whole day and the police did were mainly on top of it and if actually and went up to them and asked them and thank them for the work they were doing it was just in that particular instance where I believe they dropped the ball because because especially given that an SUV has already been targeted by that guy M James got out before she was and especially given that Lee had shouted her while she was on TV at that particular moment it what it was an issue of heightened risk and I think there should have been some degree of pleaseplease protection around her especially given that there was warning and this is it the concerns in particularly among a lot of female MPs although we know that the abuse in person and online it is happening to