Watch the explosive interview with Labour Brexiteer Brendan Chilton | James Whale

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Former General Secretary of Labour Leave Brendan Chilton joined James Whale and Ash on their show to discuss the state of Brexit and the benefits of leaving …

Farage warns of the 'final betrayal' over Brexit

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Nigel Farage tells Sophy Ridge that a Conservative-Labour Brexit deal would be a betrayal of the Brexit vote.

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hello again now he said he'd gone into semi-retirement from politics but Nigel Raj is back leading a brand-new party and he joins us now thanks very much for being on the program and it feels like to start with those local election results of course a brexit party wasn't standing and but it seems like the conclusion drawn by both labour and the Conservatives is that the public want them to do a deal what do you think would be the consequence I don't agree about what the public want is to leave the European Union you know we were promised we'd leave on the 29th of March 500 MPs voted for it the Prime Minister told is over 100 times we were leaving on that date the public don't want a deal and certainly not the deal that mrs. Mays talking about this morning no permanent customs union alignment with single market rules the public want to leave and for us to get on with the rest of that watching our lives what do you think the consequences would be if Therese may enter Amy Corbin did push forward some kind of customs union oh I think if they push forward with this it will be seen as a coalition of politicians against the people and I think millions of people would give up on both labour and the Conservatives I really do so it could be almost like a realignment this would be the final betrayal of it frankly if Bayside's up to this I can't see the point of the Conservative Party even existing you know what's it for I mean you've got you're using some quite loaded language hit a final betrayal and your stools they're talking about what the public want me but the problem with this isn't it is that people want different things there are clearly some people who support your party well we'd like us to leave with no diff univers also a lot of people who would like to see a deal or perhaps even to remain in the EU in the last two months there's been a remarkable shift in polling in this country you know leaving on WTO terms with no deal is now the most popular option but it's not a majority is it oh if you offer people the choice it should we stay and have a second referendum or leave on WTO terms w here terms has a majority but they're not the only toy every single region of in London well they are either we stay and we leave and that's really what it's all about and I honestly think if Mae and Corbin put together a deal where we leave in name only but we're stuck inside all the European Union structures then I think the realignment the British politics will happen II more quickly I genuinely believe that sw1 the Westminster bubble not just the politicians of much the comment area to under estimating the desire for change out there in this country let's look at some of the polling shall we you of course didn't stand as we said in the local elections but have to say the bricks that party is looking as if it is going to do extremely well in the European election so this is the latest polling from you gov you're up there on 30% I mean how are you expecting to happen well I think that we've clearly done very very well as a very new party we've done well with the UK though that's almost disappeared we've done well with a conservative vote I think the significance of what you saw on Thursday will be good I want two people down let me just finish finish the significance of Thursday night as we saw the first cracks in the Labour vote you know the Labour parliamentary party are very very remain lots of them pushing for a second referendum and to remain but there are five million voters out there labour voters who voted leave particularly in the Midlands the North and South Wales and I'd love between now and polling there to have a debate with Jeremy Corbyn about this because people are very confused as to what Labour standing for that challenge what it is a Chafee what it is a challenge absolutely I think if we can dig in if we can dig in to the Labour vote that we can surprise even ourselves how well we do on May 23rd that polling was not looking very good for new cake was actually mentioned down on 4% yeah when you see that do you think of SAS or do you actually feel frequently 26 years of my life I was with Yuki if I was the leader the chairman the national organizer you know for me leaving you kit was a difficult thing to do but now frankly it's past his sell-by date it serves no purpose it's done it's gone I mean Tommy Robinson is an advisor to UK yeah one of its MEP candidates of you has used the N word other offensive language yeah I mean how would you define racism oh well in in in the case of that particular candidate it's just outright abuse you know offensive abuse and there's no doubt they've got a matter action frankly you know we won't even be discussing them after this is you could a racist party well risk I think that it's attracted certain individuals that I would never have allowed join UK okay well now let's talk about the brexit party shall we who's funding you amazing so he just yesterday we hit 85,000 yesterday registered supporters all paying twenty five pounds work it out we've raised getting on for two million pounds through individual people joining through our website um and I can't think that any other party in the UK's ever raise money like that even said an interview previously that you've received one big donation oh oh yes I'm really gonna tell you his name are not because of you because then you would all hound him this is the new transparent politics and yeah I will be declaring it at the end of July so just tell me that I don't see why I I don't see one individual well I said he what if everybody else will that's fine but you know what'll happen if I took at the name of this person you will hound him all of you you'll be outside his house for the next three weeks so no and anyway it's irrelevant it's a small donation it's a small donation of one hundred thousand pounds we've raised I repeat maybe two million pounds in twenty five pounds from individual assessment scrutiny and you'll get it and he'll get it all in good time who's funding change UK well well there you are there you go I also want to ask you about Claire Fox as well yeah one of your candidates at the top of your list in the northwest and now of course there has been some media attention on the fact that she hasn't disavowed and some of these comments that were made in nineteen ninety-three defending this is a classic stitch-up smear story number one she made no comments herself in 1933 but she was a member of a left-wing organization who were Irish Republicans nothing unusual in that and what they said the Revolutionary Communist Party of which she was a member they said we defend the right to the Irish people to take whatever measures are necessary in their struggle for freedom I mean that was made I think we may be looking at Warrington let's just be very clear she we Claire Fox says there were dreadful things that happened before the peace agreement which which which which she hates the fact that they occurred she supports the Good Friday Agreement and does not want politics to be perceived by violent means and the irony of being attacked of her being attacked when Jeremy Corbyn John McDonnell were personal friends of shin fain IRA personal friends / attended Palestinian master ceremonies you know commemorating people who tortured and murdered Israeli athletes you know frankly Claire fought frankly this is a relevant college Amy Corbin has said he has spoken to all sides in the debate I have also asked her in Corbin about his you know relationship with the IRA in previous interviews I think it's fair to say that he knew I was a beginners very very well absolutely and now I also want to ask you about some points that you have made and quite recently as well this was at the Lock Haven University in the United States and you were talking about immigration and integration and you said about this I could take you to a town called Oldham in the north of England where literally on one side of the streets where everybody is white and on the other side of the street everybody is black yeah there is no assimilation yeah well sadly true I was first put onto this by Charles wheeler the late respected journalist who Tony Blair commissioned him to do a report as to what had happened in Oldham why they've been riots and this is pretty much what he told me well and then and then in 2012 Oldham Council themselves having looked at the 2011 census so we have a massive problem here of division I can even go to the Guardians northern correspondent Helen pin and if you look at it you've got one Ward in Oldham that is 97 percent white and literally adjoining it the next Ward that is 66 percent black there is a massive yes because if you know however however some streets percent of population is back yes well I tell you what let's go this week should we and I will show you and I will show you there is complete segregation with all you're arguing for segregation that's fine I'm arguing for integration can't there's a real problem I'm actually not talking necessarily about integration because there is a complex debate on them what I'm talking about is the specifics of facts because 1.2 percent the population in all don't is black so I just watched should we just try this again should we just try this again in one of the wards and Oldham it is 97 percent white and the adjoining Ward is 66 percent black they you can believe me or disbelieve me but they are the facts and I'm making an argument here for integration what's wrong with that okay what's the brexit party's policy on immigration we want a sensible immigration of what we don't discriminate against people that come from India Australia and the rest of the world okay now just finally who do you think should be the next concept a party leader I'm not sure that debates really relevant uh I mean I know people to have Boris or Dominic Rob well both of them voted for Teresa mais treaty in the final analysis I'm not sure either of them really would deliver a proper brexit Steve I think it was a different conversation coming here I think maybe the Conservative Party as it is isn't really fit for purpose maybe we're thinking really here now about a complete realignment of British politics the two-party system does not work they serve no one but themselves and I believe if ever there was a moment when that two-party structure would break down and be replaced by something new it's now and that's what we're in the brexit party I'm gonna try and do okay ambitious I agree so far thank you for your program

Brexit referendum: Britain's love-hate relationship with Europe

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Millions of people across the UK will vote Thursday in a bitterly fought, too-close-to-call referendum on whether the islands should remain a member of the EU, potentially sparking the most severe crisis in the bloc’s 60-year history.

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Robert Hill UKIP Ireland Local Council Elections Campaign 2019

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Robert Hill is a UKIP candidate in the 2019 local Council elections.
They have just launched their campaign in the Clayton Hotel, Belfast.

Brexit Party Could Get Sympathy Vote in 2019 European Elections

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#guardian #newspaper #opinion

A newspaper article, with an opinion, should make an opinion and then offer a right to reply. The Guardian article, discussed in the video, followed this format. However, it then proceeded to attack the Brexit candidate by criticising his poor performance in a previous election. This criticism was made in isolation. The Guardian newspaper has shown political bias like the Daily Express.

The Guardian article is at

This is another poor quality article from the Guardian which describes political violence as political theatre see


If the Brexit party and its leader Nigel Farage are going to be criticised then it has be done properly. This article in the Daily Mirror is better see

Brexit Party – Politics of United Kingdom Elections

Nigel Farage, the party leader and MEP

The Brexit Party is a Eurosceptic political party in the United Kingdom that was formed in 2019. It has four Welsh Assembly members and fourteen Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), all of whom were originally elected as representatives of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) and it is led by one of these MEPs, former UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

The party supports the UK leaving the European Union without a formal withdrawal agreement and then trading with it on World Trade Organization terms until new trade deals can be agreed. The party is considered as populist by some political commentators.


The party was announced on 20 January 2019 by former UKIP economics spokesperson[5] Catherine Blaiklock, who served as the party’s initial leader.[6] It was registered with the United Kingdom Electoral Commission on 5 February 2019 to run candidates in any English, Scottish, Welsh and European Union elections.

On the day of the announcement, Nigel Farage, who had been an independent MEP since his departure from UKIP in early December 2018, said that the party was Blaiklock’s idea, but that she had acted with his full support.[6] In a 24 January 2019 interview, Blaiklock said: “I won’t run it without Nigel [Farage], I’m a nobody and I haven’t got any ego to say that I am an anybody”, and that: “I’m happy to facilitate Nigel and do the donkey work and work for him, but I don’t have any illusions as to myself”.[10] On 8 February 2019, Farage stated he would stand as a candidate for the party in any potential future European Parliament elections contested in the United Kingdom. MEPs Steven Woolfe and Nathan Gill, also formerly of UKIP, stated that they would also stand for the party.

On 1 February 2019, Blaiklock told The Daily Telegraph the party had raised £1 million in donations, and that over 200 people had come forward offering to stand for The Brexit Party at the May 2019 European Parliament elections, if the United Kingdom has not left the European Union by then.[15] However, Private Eye reported that opponents of Brexit had applied online as “candidates, activists or donors with false details” to waste the party’s time.

After announcing the party’s formation, Blaiklock attracted criticism for earlier comments described as Islamophobic.[17] She resigned as party leader on 20 March 2019 over since-deleted anti-Islam messages on Twitter, including re-tweeting messages by far-right figures including Mark Collett, Tommy Robinson and Joe Walsh.[18] Farage said that he would take over as leader, that Blaiklock was “never intended to be the long-term leader”[19] and that the party “is at the moment a virtual party – it’s a website”.[20] On the party’s launch on 12 April, asked about issues with Blaiklock, Farage said: “I set the party up, she was the administrator that got it set up. We had a couple of teething problems, yes, but are we going to be deeply intolerant of all forms of intolerance? Yes.”



By mid-February 2019, eight MEPs had joined the party: Tim Aker, Jonathan Bullock, David Coburn, Bill Etheridge, Nigel Farage, Nathan Gill, Diane James and Julia Reid. Later in February, they were joined by Paul Nuttall. All were originally elected as UKIP candidates, but all had previously left the party in opposition to Gerard Batten’s leadership, mostly in December 2018, although Aker and Etheridge had left earlier in 2018 and James had left in 2016. As of April 2019, they all continue to sit in the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy group.[24] MEP and former UKIP member Steven Woolfe has also indicated his support for the party.


Article on food history in Newcastle see

It's all Brexit's fault – Have I Got News For You: Series 54 Episode 7 – BBC One

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European Elections: Richard Tice on Brexit Party launch – BBC Newsnight

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Brexit Party chairman Richard Tice tells Newsnight “the current crop of politicians have led this country to be humiliated on the international stage”.
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With the European Elections just around the corner, Tice says the UK’s Brexit Party offers voters an alternative and a fresh approach.

Newsnight is the BBC’s flagship news and current affairs TV programme – with analysis, debate, exclusives, and robust interviews.


Beer and Brexit with Stefaan De Rynck, adviser to Michel Barnier

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In the latest Beer and Brexit series, Professor Anand Menon speaks to Stefaan De Rynck, adviser to Michel Barnier on the Brexit negotiations. He tells us why the Withdrawal Agreement cannot be amended, the importance of the backstop and what the future holds for the European Union.

EU's Donald Tusk trashes Brexiteers and democracy for loser remain voters (27March19)

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Polish nutjob EU president Donald Tusk, dismisses the democratic vote of the people of UK to have Brexit, and makes it seem the remainers are hard done oppressed people. Tusk always did hate democracy, coming from a party in Poland who didn’t like democracy (PO).

Recorded from BBC News Channel HD, 27 March 2019.

Lord Andrew Adonis: "Bring on a second Brexit referendum" | Julia Hartley-Brewer

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Theresa May is to brief senior ministers on the state of cross-party Brexit negotiations with Labour after the latest round of talks failed to achieve a breakthrough.

Meanwhile Jeremy Corbyn has been told by Sir Keir Starmer that a cross-deal Brexit must include a second referendum.

Labour peer and Remainer Lord Andrew Adonis joined Julia Hartley-Brewer.

Lord and return this is Labour Party candidate for the European elections and a Labour Party appear and he joins us now good morning to you Andrew good morning do you have introduced me as Ramona in chief we are in election put and quite rally I'm a very very big fan of this Ofcom rule where we don't have physical bias ahead of Elections we let the candidates speak for themselves which i think is like the right thing to do I'm delighted to be known as the remain in chief because you know that's what I am okay all right election is that remain comes through democratically after a referendum with an option to remain okay can I try ask you then I'll as the candidate for the Labour Party in one of the regions so what is Labour's brexit policy today on any Tory deal and it's the flank there isn't going to be any other deal we stand for a referendum with an option to remain now it's true that we're holding out the possibility there might be a general direction but you know I don't think the conservative employees are going to be turkeys basically Christmas so I don't see a general election coming soon but of course if one came I'd welcome it the other option is that there was some kind of a deal between labour and the Conservatives and the the Prime Minister offered talks to the Labour Party a month ago now about some possible arrangement now in the public interest obviously if the government and the prime minister asks the opposition to engage in conversations about a compromise I think it's our duty to engage in those conversations this also has been clear to me that the only compromise I think is viable and has be viable all the way through it's an agreement whereby trays and maize deal which i think is a terrible deal 39 billion that we pay to the European Union for less good trade economic terms and we've got know-how but the deal could be to agree that deal in Parliament subject to it going to a referendum with an option to remain and then I and virtually the entire labor party would be campaigning for Romania in that referendum I think that could be a possible I think that could still be a compromise but at the moment to resume hasn't been offering it you say virtually all them even just looking at just in the last few few weeks in terms of senior members of the Labour Party speaking on this issue Tom Watson the deputy leader of the party only yesterday said labour is a remain and Reform Party only recently Barry Gardner shadow international trade said labor was not a romaine party now you yourself only recently said you know if your leave ohter don't don't vote for don't vote for our party don't there's no point with we are a remain party now but who's right well if you if you chose 10 Labour Party members at random you would find that nine of them were in favor of staying in the European Union if you chose 10 Labour MPs at random you'd find that nine of them in favor staying in the European Union there are always people who have different views on all big issues but the overwhelming majority of labour members and Labour MPs are in favor of remain but we're also Democrats and that's the reason why the view that we take you know in out three years after the referendum of 2016 where the hold of respective thing is unraveled the view that we take is that the Democratic thing now is to do what Jacob we smoked himself said that we should do originally which is to hold the dual referendum one on the opening of negotiations which is what happened three years ago to see what terms we could get what we've essentially been doing as a country for the last three years and that list resume is seeing what those terms would be those terms a dreadful 39 million for let's go trade in economic terms then we've got at the moment in the EU now that we can see that it's like conducting a survey for a house we've been conducting the survey we now know that the roof is caving in that there's dry rot that we've got the neighbors from hell in Boris Johnson and Jacob Riis Morgan Nigel flage and the right thing to do is not to proceed with the sale and that's I think the view of most people in the labour party now but you've changed your mind since becoming an electoral candidate you of course never stood for election before Europe you're an unelected peer but it's a bit you were effectively forced to apologise for saying so I wouldn't if I I wouldn't vote Labour if you want to stop brexit I mean the reality realities you've been forced to recant by effective my Seamus Milner jeremy corbyn's chief aide haven't you no that's not fair what what I said was I supported the party policy and of course what is what is the packet what is the party policy it's the party policy what was in the manifest at the last election or is it what was agreed at the party conference last Auto well the party policy is what was agreed at the National Executive Committee two weeks ago which is that there will be a referendum on any Tory deal with an option to remain but and let's get all this out there that we would like there to be a general election as I say I don't think the real world is going to be a general election because that would involve more EMPs being realistically a Tory a Labour Tory deal no one thinks that's going to happen which case there isn't going to be general election there isn't then going to be a second referendum zone all right no net the regeneration there isn't going to be a revised bill which we've said then that just leaves a Tory deal there wasn't going to be any other deal and therefore the policy is by elimination that you end up with a referendum of an option to the main and I'm completely comfortable without policies I think it's in the national interest three years on from the last referendum now that we can see what the brexit prospectus is which is that we'd be paying thirty nine billion for a really terrible you know fewer jobs and all that so I think the policy is is it's fine and I say bring on this second referendum and what Tom what sermons and care stammer and most of my colleagues have been saying is what you'll get with labour which is a second referendum with an option to remain and I think you know with the poll showing that now more than 60 percent at the British people given what the brexit terms would be want to stay in the EU I think we would we would win that second referendum well again you quoted not oppose a recent weeks in interviews and you said again you know most people want to remain again I that's not what the polls are saying and even the likes of John John professor John Curtis is said that's that is not a fair description of people's views if you give them all of the options that's likewise it's not fair to say that people are mostly in favor of No Deal again if you give people all the options that's not the case but you've also said have you not that you know the majority said yes so the great majority of people want a second referendum well where have you found that in a poll the repeated poles are shown she wants a second referendum heated polls are showing said that is simply not the fair reading of the polling I know it is they substantially more than that than than half of the electorate when asked repeatedly wants her once a second referendum with an option to remain what is true that people who want brexit where you're completely right judo is that people want brexit are divided some of them want to resume to deal and some of them what's called No Deal and what John says we talk about all the options being on the table and the picture being more complicated is that the the leave vote does break down into two very different groups into those who would be prepared to go with some form of soft grexit like to raise a maize deal and those led by Nigel Faraj who just want no deal that's absolutely true but what they all show is that once you take account of them all of the options the single most popular option by far is to remain in the EU and that's why I think we should do okay again the polling I have to say I think impulse has been quite clear about this this is not my personal opponent simply does not bear out that statement now um you have expressed a lot of criticism of a labor policy when it count in the past when it comes to issue breaks but also also the issue of Jeremy Corbyn um given that the Labour Party didn't do very well in the local elections when it should have been winning seats at this time the electoral cycle it was actually losing seats nothing like as badly as the Tories admittedly but they are already in power Jeremy Corbyn of course could get about say if a Labour Party do do unexpectedly well with me perhaps to remain vote going for the Labour Party and next Thursday would you be comfortable don't should be supporting a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn given your own criticism in the past about Jeremy Corbyn on his views on brakes and indeed on the accusations that he is anti-semitic where we United party and we will go into an election United we're much the Conservative Party which at the moment is at sixes and sevens and is just about to eject its leader I respect Jeremy called in his had been a bold and courageous leader he led the party to a big advance last general election and on the big social and economic questions he speaks to this sense of alienation and and real real deep concern about austerity which is gripping the country now that's not to say that I agree with him on everything he doesn't agree with me on everything but then you know you'll never find two people in politics who agree on everything but it's the labor family the labor coalition are we broadly united on fighting brexit and broadly united on wanting a progressive social democratic labour government we are and even when it comes to issues like nationalization I think the public mood is changing either the first transport secretary 10 years ago – you know living transport secretary to nationalize a railway line remember win the East Coast Main Line went belly-up because the private sector couldn't deliver on its contracts I nationalized it some people think that's very left-wing thing I think it's a very pragmatic thing where the private sector fails the public sector should move in and we need a stronger public sector in our country at the moment and we also need more fairness and I think more fairness means could you please just because time is against us or don't could you tackle the issue Jeremy Corbyn anti-semitism you yourself have written articles in which you've criticized the Labour leadership over his failure to tackle the issue of anti-semitism in his particular the fetish tackle he calls the root cause of the reason why MPs left to form the change UK party all you are you confident that Jeremy Corbyn would be a fit and proper prime minister of this country given your own criticisms of him over anti-semitism and he so much should not be in the labour party they should be expelled from the labor do you believe Jeremy quite is anti-semitic but Joan Corbin's view is that anti-semite shouldn't be in the labor do you believe Jeremy Corbyn no I do not know I I do believe that we need to be we cannot be too robust in tackling anti-semitism and I don't believe that the Labour Party machine has done a good enough job in the last year in eradicating anti-semitism and it's been too slow in with complaints and to be blunt to accommodating in some of the excuses that have been made for unacceptable behavior but jeremy has said that anti-semites should be leaving the Labour Party that we are not going to delay on this and I believe him and that's what we will do Lord and return as Labour Party candidate the European elections Labour Party Pierre thank you very much indeed now allotted Ernest is standing for this southwest region for labour also standing in the southwest region are representatives from change UK the Conservatives the brexit party the Green Party the Liberal Democrats you Kip and the following independence at large maxi mafia Raman and Neville seed from a full list of every candidate in every party standing in the European elections just visit talk radio co dot uk'

Andrew Neil goes at Ken Clarke on Brexit and Ken's 'Cambridge Union tactics' (04Apr19)

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Presenter Andrew Neil doesn’t let CONservative dinosaur Ken Clarke get away with bullshit, accusing Andrew Neil of sounding like a member of the ERG (European Research Group), defending his journalism, Andrew Neil tells Ken his “Cambridge Union [debating] tactics” won’t work.

Recorded from BBC2 HD, Politics Live, 04 April 2019.

Carl Benjamin – UKIP

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Our politics Editor Jacob Jaffa speaks to Carl Benjamin, MEP candidate for UKIP in the South West of England.

so we're here with Carl Benjamin you keep candidate in the European elections coming up later this month so Carl what are your policies and what would you like to achieve for the southwest if you're elected as an Emmy well I mean honestly there's not a huge amount that any piece can actually achieve . there are the decision-making body for the commission so really anyone who gives you a big list of promises and you know potential achievements is kind of talking smoke but I'm more interested in honestly the the procedure of what's happening at the moment I think that the media coverage of me has been a decisive kickback against the idea of people who are outside of Westminster politics from having a say in the political life of this country and I think that the the disgusting smears about me have been a part of acts I mean you know it's like jokes and you know comedic stories I tell have been wildly blown out of proportion and I think maliciously so specifically because I'm not really one of their guys I'm an independent guy who's joined you Kipp because they're a an independent party what the independence the UK and Westminster consensus is pretty much against that I don't agree that stereotype I think that stereotypes from a previous generation I mean you'll you'll notice that the majority of people here have come out see essentially young people they're not all white men and even if they were so what what's wrong with being an old white man so the thing that the thing that you keep on Africa is not only being a pro brexit party which I realize that a lot of you photos are actually disenfranchised in that regard there's a common narrative that the stereotype that suggests that all all young people want to remain in the European Union and that's just not true but the the reason I think that you Kipp is more preferable to young people than other parties is because we've got strong stances on the sort of the core liberal values that make Britain what it is and a concern for the promotion of British identity because you'll notice that we've drawn into a time of kind of identitarian politics and the British identity has been under attack and it's not just the identity itself because what an identity is collection of values that are expressed in a single sort of feeling and and I think primarily young people these days really they have to start thinking about freedom of speech this is something the European Union obviously claims to support but doesn't in regards things like article 13 this is something that just isn't supported in this country we've got hate speech laws we've got various offence categories on the books and and you Kipp is the only party who's actually speaking about this and is actually gonna push back so they are free to use social media as they like oh no I wouldn't say so I mean it made heavy gains in other areas and there were sort of overall gains but not enough to gain seats so I think that it's more than it's becoming sort of more spread out but some I think I think that brexit really is kind of a it's gonna be a very decisive moment in British politics and it's changing everything me you'll notice the everyone was getting slaughtered at the local elections apart from the Pro remain Lobby and I suspect that's due to a severe amount of activism by people who are not satisfied with the way that the referendum went they seem to be particularly energized but you kept I think it's it's diversifying in becoming a party that is concerned about many many different issues that genuinely affect people on the ground that a lot of the other party simply won't touch why not join them there's a better chance to be elected and a better chance to deliver practice so why not because anyone who sells out their principles for votes as a scoundrel like any other politician I'm here for the principle of the thing I'm here because I'm genuinely concerned about the sort of the the tenor of Westminster politics dominating political life they they act as if they are a dinner party and anyone outside of this is simply not welcome well we still exist we still live in the real world and we are still political people and so this has to be broken and I frankly the brexit party can't do anything about political correctness they can't do anything about grooming gangs they can't do anything they are only a temporary coalition to achieve braixen and if there's one thing we've learned from Nigel Frost being in MEP for 25 years is it being an MEP will not deliver Brax here if you're attached to wasn't that an argument for any party that isn't currently in government parties like labor and the Lib Dem to who seem to be on one labor not so much labor a major party we live them seems to be a bit more on the rise so when you have a party of increasing popularity you can sort of hang on to that but you keep seem to be decreasing yeah things go up and down in politics at the moment we're in low ebb that I think that people are seeing the what I can only really describes the tyranny of political correctness in full force for example with Danny Baker this current tweets there's there's two ways of looking at it one is from a classist issue and wanted from a racist perspective and I don't believe that Danny Baker was looking at it from a racial perspective I believe that he probably didn't think about the in his defense he said he didn't think about the woman's race or potential racial heritage when making the tweet and I believe him why would be it's really a kind of pathology of the politically correct classes and I don't think I don't think he really understood that I'm not going to talk about the legality of them because they seem to be perfectly legal yeah there's been all sorts of debates back then but just on a moral level a lot of people find them morally wrong hmm because this was a demonstration this was a demonstration that the only way that the political establishment will accept principled opposition to what they were saying is if it was shoved in their faces the only option I had was to violate their moral code like you say it wasn't illegal you know and I made sure that it was but the point of the point of the tweeting gesture that's already had me blocked so she never saw the tweet anyway Chelsea doesn't follow in my videos so she's never seen any of this so the people have been putting this in her face of the media which is precisely what I aim to do there in fact I'm sorry I'm another something a second it's not mine but this this was precisely what the purpose of the tweet was because now I can sit here and tell you well I I think that we do need a national debate on for example suicide why is it affecting men so disproportionately why is it young men who so disproportionately kill themselves just Phillips whenever a way to block that debate and so I'm sorry if her offense is considered more important than mine then it's surely just an example of her privilege as an MP there's no whether you're talking about a blooper reel of outtakes that were all jokes everything in it was a joke and so taking a joke seriously is kind of fast close it no I think that's really ridiculous I think the idea of taking any joke seriously is funny in and of itself and the joke itself was actually about the media because they're the ones who are blowing this tweet out of proportion and making put it in people's faces they're the ones who it is I'm not warm putting this in jest for a trace no I completely I don't think the you tip is absolutely categorically not a racist party you keep is the only party that actively prevents racists from joining the labor party has more racist than you clip the Conservative Party has more racist than you care feel free excuse me so now this is precisely the sort of thing that we have a problem with these zealots who decide that it's okay to assault people for having a different political thing excuse me excuse me if you'd like to have a dialogue I'm happy to talk to you about whatever you're obsessed amounts but until you're ready to actually have a talk like an adult and not throw things then we can't do anything can we would you like to have a talk okay well in light of your comments about then labor and other parties having more racist in you Kim can you explain your comment I've no idea you're talking people don't behave yeah that does seem like a racist statement why is it racist to insult analyses but to say that they are behavior their belief yes but you didn't seem to be why do you think I'm announcing well that's the point I'm not announcing I if I consider that to be an ideology foreign to Britain completely I'm a British liberal I don't I don't hold any kind of racial politics okay listen right the whole point behind those comments was that at the time I was being attacked by these people now they were harassing me my wife my children their schools things like this no one would do anything about it so I had to do something that they would find offensive in order to leave me alone and the best thing I could think of was repurposed their own rhetoric to use against them to show them that they are in fact worse than the way they portray other people of other races and you've again you're taking this out of context in it from the thing you don't understand what I don't understand how like calling Nazis mean words is now something prohibited but this is the thing this is what the press do isn't it you're just following their playlist I'm just asking you to clarify if you said you don't have another controversial figured we'd have been late to you could be Tommy Roberts okay do you think it's right that he should have been brought in as an adviser to you given and helping formulate their policies when he can't even join me you kept more different something as his advice not good because he had a trouble past well it's not necessarily the best look for you give a party who's been accused of leaning towards a bar right you bring in oaky define far ride for me quickly well he was a member of British National Party never there Nancy Potter that's a neo-nazi the the British National Party has roots in neo Nazism and I believe that Tommy didn't know that when he joined he was 20 20 years old some like that when he joined and he was only joined and then left so I you know I believe that was a mistake on his part so he Nick Griffin deliberately repackaged their rhetoric in language that was sound more pleasing and it's all more ten and more sort of normal tone for the regular person without you know by deliberately covering their neo-nazi roots so I mean I don't know I don't I don't I don't see what's so he's not a member of degree okay so I don't I don't agree that the Nazis are the extreme right I don't agree with that definition yeah I know but that's that's that's the point isn't this is how the subversion of language begins but if you look at every fascist Mussolini was a socialist for ten years he ran a socialist newspaper fascism itself as a and political ideology comes directly out of socialism it's an open rejection of liberalism it's an open rejection of socialism as well of course and it's I mean if if right-wing is liberal politics and left-wing is social politics then the Nazis are not a right-wing party so sitting down there farmer I mean when you say far-right I'm thinking Milton Friedman I'm thinking radical capitalism you know I don't agree they're right over to the right either I think there are a lot more centrist but a lot more authoritarian I mean that's how they usually portrayed but this is the thing this is the the way that the slippery terminology is used so even if far-right well if that lot usually that in America that would be considered libertarianism you know but the cheek of it um so ya know like define ideologies not political compass points the political compass points are all arbitrary anyway you know who cares why are abouts I think that she's not a very polite person me yeah so like you know that give me political ideologies if you won't say like I'm a liberal so I want decentralization on limited government things like this ask Tommy what he is and he'd probably say something very similar to rephrase then the idea of too extreme yeah and you keep has a try to shake a reputation for similar type of extremism so should he be involved in making parts policy does that look good I don't care how it looks this is and then this is the exactly the problem I was talking about it's like does it look good well is it effective what's what's more useful something looking pretty or having a particular function that is actually good for what it's supposed to do Tommy knows what he's talking about when it comes to the grooming gang scandals when it comes to prison radicalization and when it comes to all of the other kind of social ills because he's lived it you know now you can say well he's not perfect he's made mistakes yeah sure but that's what I'm trying to say about getting out in the sort of the dinner party atmosphere of Westminster these politics still exist the real world still exists we can't just sit there and assume that everyone who comes to us with a problem is going to be the most perfect loving like well-groomed well well taking care of person some people have had rough lives and is actually one of them you can listen to his Oxford Union speech and man if you if you don't feel something for the way he's been treated then there's something wrong with you and why find amazing is that you Kipps the extreme party may be free speech maybe maybe to leave the European Union but look at labor at the moment they've run by actual communist John McDonnell was an open communist who has said he doesn't want conservatives to be able to leave the house without being harassed you know Jeremy Corbyn is actually like he that he's described Winston Churchill as the villain of World War two these people seem to really dislike Britain as a country and like MacDonald always says his job is to overthrow capitalism now if you wanna talk about extremism I would suggest that implementing a socialist state in Britain is a pretty extreme position and no one ever calls labor up on that well I can't Sam I've been in the party for long enough you have to be in for more than two years I believe so that's simply not option but I think that jared is is not so much I thought it was he was a temporary interim leader while the party was in crisis and Jared's brought the party from 17,000 members to over 30,000 he's made them a nationally recognized force again for good or ill I hope that Jared stands again because I think that he's done a really good job I realized that people will say well look at the current situation but the current situation is transitory as are they all are and the membership is going up our reach is going up so you know I think we should keep keep on going as we are because really what what really matters I think in all of these sort of things it really does come down to what Gandhi says first they ignore you then they laugh at you then you win we are we really do have principles positions that we are going to advance and these things are important and they are genuinely affecting the lives of people which is why I know 50 60 people have turned up in the middle of the afternoon these are not problems that are going away no matter how uncomfortable they might make the Westminster consensus so I think we'll push on I hope that Jared stands again I'd vote from quicker exit question you keep obviously very much because obviously and have complete yet to be idea of a second referendum completely with the deadlock was going on empowerment at the moment in the seeming split in the country would you and maybe you keep be able to get behind some form of second referendum without the option to remain simply to give the public several options of waves leave the EU and given the option to choosing how to leave I personally wouldn't know because what this is is an attempt by remainders to subvert the result of a referendum in the first place if the problem here it really is is the fact that the remainders do not like democracy and they'll sit there and say well we need we need to have experts come in and tell us how this is done exactly they don't consider themselves be knowledgeable enough and you won't find an expert who knows how this is supposed to be done because we're in uncharted territory what we should be doing is actually taking principle stances on what it is we actually want and at this point I think the remainders have to understand that they are damaging the country by being such honesty almost like a fifth column for Europe at this point doing everything they can to overturn the Democratic will of the British people they haven't they have a duty to support brexit whether they like it or not politicians in Parliament they have a duty to support brexit whether they liked it or not and if they can't do that if they feel it's against their mock moral convictions they should resign and so by elections we call so people who can do it can be elected

Brexiteer abusing Remainers outside Parliament today. :)

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Credit to @CraiginWales on Twitter

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una de mis juegos el siguiente canción y praxis justin y cualquier señor ah en awareness ni griezmann que magnesio un héroe los minerales 1

European Elections: Labour’s Richard Burgon on Brexit and anti-Semitism – BBC Newsnight

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Emma Barnett interviews Richard Burgon, the shadow justice secretary.
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With the European Parliament elections around the corner, Shadow justice secretary Richard Burgon says the Labour Party is appealing to both Leavers and Remainers.

Emma Barnett speaks to shadow justice secretary Richard Burgon.

Newsnight is the BBC’s flagship news and current affairs TV programme – with analysis, debate, exclusives, and robust interviews.


Jeremy Corbyn snubs Remainers saying Labour will respect Brexit referendum

Views:24018|Rating:1.05|View Time:1:55Minutes|Likes:112|Dislikes:419
JEREMY Corbyn today snubbed his pro-EU cheerleaders as he insisted Labour DOES back leaving the EU.

The leftie leader admitted he “cannot ignore” the vote for Brexit and suggested it would be undemocratic to stay in.
Mr Corbyn’s intervention comes as a blow to Labour figures who are keen for the party to back a second referendum.
Hours before the leader’s speech, the man running Labour’s Euro elections campaign insisted a vote for the party was a vote to reverse Brexit.

But Mr Corbyn said: “Over 17million people voted to leave the European Union. As democratic socialists, we cannot ignore that.
“We voted to trigger Article 50 in 2017 and promised to respect the referendum in our general election manifesto and again at our party conference last year.”

He also admitted Brexit has seen Britain “stuck in this endless loop” with Remainers pitted against Leavers.

Speaking at the Labour manifesto launch in Kent, the party leader warned that cross-party talks to get a Brexit deal are on the brink of collapse.

He said: “So far in those talks, there has been no big offer, and the red lines remain.
“It’s difficult negotiating with a disintegrating government with Cabinet ministers jockeying for the succession, rather than working for an agreement.”
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Fresh Brexit vote could take place NEXT WEEK as PM tries to avoid EU election drubbing:

Brexit deal which keeps us in the customs union will cost every Brit £800, even Remainers admit:

Arsenal season ticket holder Jeremy Corbyn is mocked as he praises Spurs for shock victory:

Brexit could NEVER happen because pro-Leave MPs keep blocking deal and trying to boot out May, top Tory warns:

Top Brexiteer Esther McVey reveals she’s running to be the next PM:

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oh far in those talks there's been no big offer and the red lines remain in place it's actually quite difficult negotiating with a disintegrate in government with cabinet ministers jockeying for succession rather than working for an agreement as Democratic socialists we cannot ignore that we voted to trigger article 50 in 2017 it is in the country's interest to try to get this sorted one way or the other but we can never accept the government's bad deal or a disastrous No Deal so if we can't get a sensible deal along the lines of our alternative plan or a general election labor backs the option of a public vote on it the biggest the biggest issues facing us the talks that were having with the government have been difficult because as I said the government is in some degree of disarray itself they're still ongoing our point is that we want to protect jobs protect track and protect those rights that we have obtained and we will we met again yesterday and there will be further meeting coming up but quite honestly the government has to move its red lines we cannot go on having MV 1 MV 2 and V 3 and then coming on for possibly an MV 4 or a bill that we've yet to yet to actually see

Don't betray Remainers, says Donald Tusk

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Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, told the European Parliament today that the 6 million who signed the petition to revoke Article 50, the million who marched for a a People’s Vote, and the increasing majority who back Remain must not be betrayed. Read our report:

the 12 of April is the new cliff edge date before that day the UK still has a choice of a deal now deal long extension or revoking article 50 and here let me make one personal remark to the members of this Parliament before the European Council I said that we should be open to a long extension if the UK wishes to rethink its brexit strategy which would of course me in the UK's participation in the European Parliament elections and then there were voices saying that this should be harmful or inconvenient to some of you let me be clear such thinking is unacceptable you cannot betray the six million people who signed the petition to revoke article fifty their 1 million people to March for a people's vote or the increasing majority of people who want to remain in the European Union they may feel that they are not sufficiently represented by the UK Parliament but they must feel that they are represented by you in this chamber because they are Europeans thank you you

Brexit referendum: Fears from Brussels about knock-on effect of result

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Millions of people across the UK will vote Thursday in a bitterly fought, too-close-to-call referendum on whether the islands should remain a member of the EU, potentially sparking the most severe crisis in the bloc’s 60-year history.

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Who Labelled Tory Brexiteers “Grand Wizards”? | Jack Buckby

Views:5144|Rating:4.95|View Time:4:24Minutes|Likes:373|Dislikes:4
Jack Buckby of reports: A group of head Tory Brexiteers have been labelled Grand Wizards… but by who? 

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#Brexit #Tories #ERG

a group of Tory brexit ears have been branded grand Wizards but by who BBC political editor Laura Koons Berg tweeted on Monday that a group of high up Tory ERG brexit ears are now being referred to as grand Wizards but we don't know who exactly is actually referring to them by this name this is all that Laura Coons Berg tweeted the grand Wizards the new name for the checkers day trippers apparently also had another meeting this morning where they discussed again whether they could get on board to back PM's deal and there was no firm conclusion now of course the reason this is so controversial is that the term grand Wizards could possibly be referring to the KKK but we've no idea where this this branding of these people the ERG MPs as Brad a grand Wizards even came from we don't know who exactly came up with this and who exactly is Eaton calling them that and the media is reporting two completely different stories on this all Koons Berg said about this on Twitter was this just catching up on timeline for avoidance of doubt couple of insiders told me using the nickname informally no intended connection to anything else so no intended connections to the KKK but we don't really know what she means by that tweet does she mean insiders using the nickname about themselves or these insiders remain are MPs who are using the nickname to refer to the people in the ERG or could those insiders be people who just work in Parliament and who are neither side who are just using the term jokingly nobody is clear on this but the media has jumped texting some conclusions hasn't it because at least two media outlets have jumped at the conclusion that MPs are using this term to refer to themselves amazingly they've jumped to this wild conclusion that these MPs are calling themselves grand Wizards specifically here we're talking about Ian Duncan Smith Boris Johnson and Jacob Riis mark now for the kind of Tory politicians who spent years denying racism because they're not racist I very much doubt that they're going to stop calling themselves grand wizards what do you think but the independent and the mirror have jumped to these conclusions this is what the mirror reported a group of Tory hard brexit ears have reportedly given themselves a very old nickname the hardcore group of powerful Tories which includes Ian Duncan Smith Boris Johnson and Jacob Riis mark are understood to have called themselves grand Wizards are they understood to have called themselves grand Wizards because the only source that the mirror cited in this was Laura Koons berg and she didn't say that they had given themselves the nickname she didn't say that and the independent even reported the same thing and of course there's been outraged about this whole situation George Osbourne was really shocked David Lammy was totally appalled and Don Butler was aghast but everybody seems to be ignoring the fact that Steve Baker a prominent toy breaks it here within the ERG said that this wasn't for real he said this wasn't what was happening so are we really going to jump to this conclusion just because a couple of press a couple of media outlets have decided to jump to that conclusion based on no evidence whatsoever are we gonna let the press invent stories like this I mean rather than coming to a wild conclusion based off a vague tweet from a BBC journalist which could have meant a couple of things shouldn't the press be asking questions instead am I crazy for thinking that we see no evidence at all the ERG Tory breaks it tears have called themselves grand wizards and in fact logic dictates that they're probably not going to do that and I doubt very very much that they've been mindless and stupid enough to do something like that it sounds more like a nickname given to them by political enemies but what do I know wouldn't it be nice if the media in the UK started asking more questions before jumping to wild conclusions if you liked that and want to see more be sure to LIKE and subscribe and click the little Bell button in the corner to make sure you never miss another rebel video ever again you

Benn: 'The risk of a No-Deal Brexit has only been delayed'

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The chair of the Brexit Select Committee warns that the ‘catastrophic risk’ of No-Deal has only been delayed by two weeks.

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well as the government's grappled with brexit and failed to find a majority for its plan and Champy's are taking matters into their own hands tomorrow MPs could seize control of the brexit process from the government of one of the most influential is a chair of the pranks that Select Committee Hillary ban who joins us now thank you very much for being on the program this morning big week ahead I just want to start off with some of the speculation in the Sunday newspapers that there could be a coup being mounted against the Prime Minister I mean how do you feel about the prospect of a new Conservative Party leader a new prime minister I think we're probably seeing the final stages of the current Prime Minister's leadership but frankly what matters more is the crisis that is still facing the country this isn't political crisis of constitutional crisis economic crisis and as a result of the decision of the European Council last week we've gained an extra two weeks no more so the real risk of an OD or exit has merely been delayed it has not been averted so we need to take things in order the first priority is ensure that there is not a no deal breaks if the Chancellor couldn't have been clearer in his interview with you earlier when he talked about it being catastrophic for the British economy on that I agree with him completely and the second thing we have to do is for Parliament and that's the purpose of the amendment that a cross-party group of MPs have put down for Monday is to see whether there is an alternative approach which can command support but I've also come to the conclusion that thirdly whatever deal Parliament is prepared to put forward should go back to the British people and given the crisis that were in at the same time that might make it more difficult for other parliamentarians to support what are whatever it is you're calling Volcker for many people the thought of a second referendum is something that fills in with dread because it means what they would say is overturning the result of the first one well I've reflected long and hard on this and I've been very struck in the last few weeks the Prime Minister brought her deal to Parliament it was rejected she brought it back and it was rejected she may bring it back this week and I suspect it will be rejected again now we're told that that is democratic in an attempt to try and get us as MPs to change our mind someone please explain to me why it is undemocratic to ask the British people whether on reflection they would like to change their mind or not the point about a confirmatory referendum and the amendment that Peter Carlin Phil Wilson have put together is I think the way forward Jeremy spoke very movingly when he was on your program I think last week it says look we've prepared whatever deal Parliament can agree with the European Union put that to the people if that's carried then we leave on that basis so if people want to vote leave again of course they can do so we now know a bit more about what breaks it means we don't yet know the full story but if that is rejected then the alternative would be that we would be remain in the European Union and I if Parliament remains deadlocked and there's no guarantee that the indicative vote process that the selectivity I chair called for which I hope will take place next week no guarantee it will resolve the deadlock in Parliament and in those circumstances other way is of getting a final decision other than to go back to the British so what do you vote for the Prime Minister's deal as it stands if it was then put to a public vote well I think that she would I think the proposal is in effect Parliament would allow it to go through what that only it well people could have a stain but the fact is it would be approved but only if the prime minister in the government gave an absolutely category that it would then be put to the British people because you can only put in a referendum a second referendum a leave proposition that has been negotiated with the European Union that's the only one that there is at the moment we may negotiate a different one Norway in a customs union for example which there may be a lot of support for but in the end I think you need people's consent because we're now nearly three years on and the truth about the last or two or three quarter years is that the fantasies that were presented by the leave campaigners during the referendum and you've heard them on the program this morning have collided with the reality it's a national crisis because the government has failed to face up to the wheel services rather than carrying on pretending we can have our cake and eat it because we can't and now we know that now you more than perhaps anyone a very very plugged into what's happening with these votes next week you've been talking to mums the government bad as well can you just explain what you ik what you believe the strategy will be next week help will unfold will there be a free vote will the government be effectively allowing the amendment through what's happening well it's not entirely clear what the government's approach is going to take and I listen very carefully to what Philip Hammond had to say because the government could have taken control of this process but we are acting as backbenchers because the government has failed to do that it's in complete and utter chaos we can all see that and I think the key alternative options are do you want a free trade agreement like Canada now I will not vote for that because it doesn't solve the problem of the border in Northern Ireland it doesn't give you the kind of friction free trade which Adam Marshalls members need in order to carry on with their businesses the second option is a customs union I think that is an essential building block of solving the Northern Ireland border problem the third is a Norway plus arrangement customs union plus small way it seems to me that is essential if you're going to keep an open border honor the Good Friday Agreement and ensure that British continue to trade freely and then those are policy choices about the future and then separate from that is how does the final decision get made and that's where a confirmatory referendum comes in and I vote for that when it is presented to Parliament I think we could look it's very complicated isn't talked about all these different way forwards but I think we have got a graphic where these are what's going into expect him effectively as some of the things to be Philip Hammond basically ruled up the top one No Deal Bret sir and he ruled out the bottom warrant revoke the article 50 but he didn't rule out any of the others I mean is that effectively where you are I mean I guess the top three and you probably wouldn't vote for but are you willing to stomach the others well a no deal-breaker it's been rejected by Parliament twice now and that's absolutely clear and there's another amendment down for Monday from my colleague Yvette Cooper which is looking ahead because we must ensure going back to my first point that we do not leave to deal a free trade agreement doesn't work indeed the Prime Minister made that clear she said a Canada deal wouldn't work for the Northern Ireland problem the PM Steel's been rejected twice now and I think whether you can describe a customs union plus the PM's deal the customs union would be different we've been asking the Prime Minister to accept the basic building block of making progresses a customs union and she is resolutely refused to do that I think a customs union and single market or variation they're off I support a confirmatory referendum the replication of article 50 I think the only circumstances it comes right back to the first point on your list if we got to what three weeks time and then you said I'm sorry we're not prepared to give you an extension now I'm absolutely clear that number one priority is to avoid a No Deal brexit if they refuse to give them some steps and then Parliament would be faced with a choice about whether to use that particular method but we've got to do our job and it's the government's failure to do its job is why Parliament people say grab control of the order paper this is MPs doing their job as the public would expect us to do to try and find an alternative way forward well let's talk about that about MPs effectively doing its job as you would say taking control of the order pay for his office word I was in Brussels this week and I spoke to Philippe LAN bear who's an MEP on the BRICS that steering group and I can have a quick look at what he told me the delay was all about he said what we did here is to create some space to let Parliament take hold of the process he described it as to give another chance to the adults in Westminster I mean is that what's happening is this effectively a parliamentary coup it's not a coup because in the in Parliament has to agree a deal in a way forward that's what we're elected to do that's what the public expect us to do now I very much welcome the fact that the EU agreed to provide some more time because they're no deal breaks it would be catastrophic for us for the Republic of Ireland it'd be very damaging for the European Union I don't think they want to see that happen but they are as frustrated as everybody else at the government's fracturing its inability to move and the really central question for next week Sophie is supposing Parliament did say we're in favor of a different all the indications are from the last two 3/4 years is that the Prime Minister has refused to shift an inch she keeps saying well let's talk my deal or no deal my deal on it because we haven't got much time now and and david Livington a man that you've spent a lot of time with in meetings in recent months the de facto Deputy Prime Minister a man who some people are saying should be put in place as a caretaker Prime Minister would you welcome that look the leadership of the Conservative Party is a problem for the Conservative Party I would like to see it is a problem as well I think it's the angels government but what I think is essential now is whoever is the leader of the Conservative Party if Parliament decides that it is prepared to support a way forward and if Parliament decides that it then wants to put that to the British people in a confirmatory referendum then the nation needs leadership that is prepared to compromise that's the crucial point and the reason to resume is in such difficulty this morning is she had steadfastly refused to shift an engine is no good saying my door is open come and talk to me if her mind is closed and I'm afraid that's what the last two and three-quarter years have demonstrated plus there's been an unwillingness to tell the British people the truth about the real choices we face okay we're at the time Harry ban thank you very much

Brexit 101: The U.K.'s EU Referendum Explained

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Should the U.K. remain in or leave the European Union? That’s the question the British public will decide in a referendum on June 23. WSJ’s Niki Blasina explains the debate and what’s at stake.

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Brexit – James O'Brien Vs Irrational Brexiteer Caller

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James O’Brien tries to reason with an irrational Brexiteer.

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feeling a little bit uneasy today because I find myself agreeing with you a lot which doesn't normally happen when I listen to your show and are very pleased and I'm not a racist and I also firmly enough didn't want to abolish freedom the move which and I coming from someone who folks leave must be and quite a shot here as well you know I was going to ask how you could have ended up at a place in life where you disagree with a lot of what I say but I think you just explained it to his carry on yes listening to your mediator I was in some agreement with him and but I also feel that you were wrong when when you said that leave voters can't see the rational side because I do believe that we're at a stage now where and this hybrid agreement between later it's still theoretical of course but but if customs union is is tacked on to Teresa Mays deal what what I meant when I said that was how would you describe the prize that that delivers to you as a leave voter well it doesn't make me happy what is the good bit the good bit is there and I can't believe I'm saying this is that we get it through and we just get over and done with and then we start to rebuild everything that's been crushed by this process we don't have to cross anything we could just go back to how we were I don't think that's an option that well it is clearly an option it's not desirable but it's clearly an option so so we're left wondering what what so you you now or as someone who voted leave I think that customs union is is the way forward because you wouldn't have to admit you were wrong and so sorry that's what I'm hearing no I believe so what's the plus or we're going to have to it's going to have to have to and even if it's for icon number who it was last week so that even if it's for a period of time and so they're the loss the positive was the improvement that it delivers from what we currently have what as in the spaces quo right now today yeah it gives us something to look forward to in to actually build upon no no no it has to be better a lot better than what we have day what would that deliver that's better than membership it doesn't there is nothing but so there's nothing on the table that's better than membership but you remain passionately opposed to membership I oppose memberships reasons not to do betrayed and remember the Armed Forces know in Vermont he the prospect of an EU army was something that I'm speaking on behalf of myself but also on behalf of a lot of people that I served with yes was a very worrying prospect military cooperation yes there's a very worrying prospect no because we work with members of the military within EU states that's one thing they're all under the same umbrella and being Ramona suggests managed by the same chain of command no one's suggesting there'll be more like NATO you've got probably somewhat I'd say have you got for NATO and also just to those of us who aren't who haven't served I've always felt a little bit more threatened by armies that we're not in why because they're our enemies the ones that we're in they're our allies yeah just talk me through that it's you have lost me there a bit okay if there is an EU army and we are in it I would not feel threatened by it historically the armies that threatened us as a sovereign nation are armies that we are not part of so how have you as a soldier ended up being more frightened of an army that we would be in than you are of an army that we're not in if that was the case it would be no different to what we've already got with NATO however exactly what I've been led to believe which could be wrong we're gonna have a chain of command that is going to establish it but we're still being we'd still be did you just use the phrase European super-state yeah okay have a great day sober Exeter's have gone from describing the vote to leave racks it as something better than membership of the European Union so they've gone from that to describing brexit as something worse than membership of the European Union but it's necessary to follow through with the vote for two reasons basically one of them is its democratic it's the will of the people and even if people know that the effect of brexit is going to be worse on society on the economy than staying in it we have to go through with it anyway because it's the will of the people as James O'Brien had said in many other cases the it's the will of some people but not the will of all the people even all the people who voted to leave because many people voted for different reasons to leave the European Union so that's one branch of the idea that you have to continue with the vote the other is a threat the other is if we don't follow through with the vote a certain group of people will protest and they will become violent so that means that the British people are going to be held ransom their safety is going to be held ransom because of a small group of people who are led by a so called a man of the people like Niger Faraj for example so that the British people have to follow through with something that has been proven to be based on lies and conducted in an illegal way but they have to follow through with it because it's the will of the people or because a certain group of people are going to protest in a violent manner this is what brexit has become and people continue to defend it it's ridiculous

Question Time 12/14/2017

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Question Time from Barnsley. Final one of the season!

on BBC one now question time tonight we're in Barnsley and welcome to question time and on our panel tonight the Conservative MP former education secretary Nicky Morgan who was one of the eleven Tories who voted against the government last night and Rebecca long Bailey Labour's shadow Secretary for business she's been an MP for two years and was an early supporter of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader the scientist broadcaster expert on the joys and the pains of childhood professor Robert Winston the former political editor of The Sunday Times and The Daily Mail the fervent brexit ear Isabelle Oates shot and that rarity on the stand-up circuit a comedian who votes conservative and voted brexit and survived those audiences such night should be a walk in the park for Jeff Norco [Applause] but thank you very much now of course from home you can as always argue the toss using hashtag BBC Q T on Twitter on Facebook or you can text a three nine eight one push the red button to see what others are saying but there's something I should tell you if you tweet about Question Time you may not have seen this it was reported this week that we are the second most tweeted program in Britain on television and only love Island gets more tweets than we do so I'm applying to go on love Islanders so our first question tonight let's have that from James powers please James powers when will some MPs stop trying to subvert the will of the British people and Briggs [Applause] [Applause] you think you've anybody around this table James Nicky Morgan you better start I said I think I might be might be aimed it at me and last night was not about doing that we've had the referendum we had the vote in June 2016 and people made the decision to leave the European Union the question now is how we leave the European Union and well this is one of the issues because the referendum has proved I think the most divisive thing I have ever come across in my political career I've been involved in politics for almost 30 years and it's it's something we have to have a proper debate about and actually if we're going to continue to revert to labels misrepresentations threats bullying intimidation then we are not going to do the best by the country which is now about getting the best possible deal in the European what we're trying to achieve [Applause] we know everybody the majority of people in this country voted brexit what's the idea of last night's vote except to change the deal the Prime Minister might get my name of it the aim is to make sure that Parliament the UK Parliament like the EU Parliament has a say of meaningful say on the final deal but I thought the vote was given to ask the people under the referendum well the decision to leave well the decision to leave has been made I mean that's that's that's been and gone so those who voted to leave many of them still don't seem to be able to to accept that has happened it's sort of protecting that rather than actually debating how we are going to leave and I'm afraid as a constituency Member of Parliament I am absolutely going to stand up for the Economic Security of my constituents the the values that we have as a country and our Constitution we have in this current bill that was being debated we had a lot of powers that were going to come back to the government to the executive and not to be scrutinized by Parliament I'm afraid as a backbench member of parliament that is not right and just because we just have a precedent now and we say well this is just the brexit then what happens next time that Parliament is you know got round so that the government could carry on exercising people in this audience and elsewhere we go what earth were you doing as members of parliament not scrutinizing this deal properly at the time is a bloke shot I'm sorry Nicky but I think this is sanctimonious toddle it holds a lot from you about putting country before party I think this is all about you actually because you don't believe in brexit do you ultimately you say that you've accepted it's going to happen but I don't think that you believe in it and I think this is about 20 tests now you know vaulty come okay what do you got – beginning a lot of loyalties race it love it and agree with it I'm really happy that you've brought us onto the question of loyalty because I wonder how you as a Conservative MP felt as you trotted through the lobbies last night with labour thick with with Labour MPs I didn't know it later to be heard singing the red flag how did you feel what I've no idea I didn't hear anyone seeing anything like you a mini a turd the Prime Minister you have undermined her negotiating position and you are not standing up for what the people of this country voted for of course Rebecca long bailey was there labour were in the opposition lobbies what do you are how do you answer well brexit is going to happen whatever people's opinions might be of brexit last night's vote was not an attempt to block brexit it was to give Parliament the right to scrutinize and vote on the final deal what the street noise means sorry can I put very simple question what does scrutinize mean if it doesn't mean change the deal that has been negotiated change the final deal that will be up to Europe to decide whether we might be able to bring things back to the negotiating table when it gives us the option it gives us the option of scrutinizing the final deal and assessing where the no deal or the deal on the table is best for the country at the moment at the moment the government wanted to push through their deal without any parliamentary oversight and the way that they've dealt with brexit so far quite frankly has been shambolic [Applause] they told us that they carried out impact assessments of various sectors yet a few months later they tell us that those impact assessments don't exist we had Philip Hammond threatening to turn the UK into a tax haven if we didn't get the deal we wanted so I'm about to let the Conservatives have a blank check – right away you said something I think you've said this you said we have we will have the power to decide whether what's on the table or No Deal is better for this right is that what you mean not you don't want to change the deal will happen whatever but do you want I will vote on the deal do you want the power to change the deal that the Prime Minister and David Davis and the others have negotiated or do you just want the power to say we don't like that – Labour's policy is no no last night we don't want to have a No Deal option but what last night's amendment gave us was the opportunity to scrutinize the deal and request that the government go back to Europe if we want to amend certain parts of it now that's not to say that you will agree to that but it's an option now that wasn't there before that's different we've got a lot of people with their hands up they're different now let's hear it from members of our audience one by one you here on the right man first like a tennis ball it goes back with some force back to some folks until will expire before we ever get there because you think it's just going to go on I think you just get why can't all of you agree to do go down and agreed path doesn't sound as if his audience can agree so I don't know how those comments would be the man and think they're you sir yes I think you just showed political naivety because all you've done is taken the negotiator now away from the power the government that we sent off to negotiate [Applause] negotiation to sit at the negotiating table and get sold rat are you prepared to deal have you got the authority to deal they can't say that now they've got no authority to deal nickiemoore anyone who wants him I'm afraid I disagree I mean the EU Parliament is is also going to have a vote so that would also apply in that case to the EU negotiators I don't agree that our Parliament and you can potentially put it into an ordeal brexit because if it gets to the end of the clock ticking and we can't agree where do when don't well there are some people who want there to be a no deal and that's actually something I think we deeply damaging for the country and actually while making sure well what we've got is the opportunity for the UK Parliament to look at the final deal and if we're kept obviously informed as we were you know last week Parliament was actually very supportive of the Prime Minister's achievement and getting on to the phase two talks you're killing it you don't even understand you're killing it by committee there's not many people involved now we're gonna get let's pause there rather Winston can we just cut out the rhetoric for a second we might be helpful first of all I never thought I'd say this to Nicky Morgan but I congratulate you for the last night you think exactly what was in the spirit of a whole brexit issue the reason why people voted for breakfast was because they wanted to have the sovereignty of the British Parliament and what you ensure last night was the sovereignty of the British Parliament have a say in how things are negotiated and that was something which was splendid to do and I congratulate you I've read the whole of the Hansard very carefully every word of that debate and looked at who spoke and I'm very impressed by the standard of the debate I think was a very very high standard but there are some real problems we have to face for example in the NHS as a massive problem growing because of brexit there's also the issue of your Assam which nobody's discussing and these are things which are really important for example we now no longer will have any kind of relationship with Europe over over atomic isotopes so for example things like that means it's going to affect a whole of cancer therapy all sorts of drug making all kinds of issues which affect medical treatment on a day to day basis in our hospitals leaving aside the manpower crisis which is growing there are also all sorts of other issues which need to be disentangled and that's why we absolutely have to have this negotiation and it has to be run by Parliament it can't be run by Brussels yeah I mean Roger speakers compared perhaps say the non-politician on journalists is that when I was on the show early this year started off by saying I felt sorry for Theresa May and a compliment say again I did feel sorry for she said quite a year you know coughing up a fur ball at the party conference calling election she didn't win squirming on the couch at the one show she might felt reasonably entitled to think that having got for a very difficult first phase in the negotiation that she might be out going to a Christmas and enjoy and her mince pies and I think that you know the Tory Red Bulls know I'll tell you a face value Nicki and what you're saying in terms of wanting to do the right thing in the country but I don't know if the net effect might still be different to what you intended and I think the Tory rebels have got to be careful because maze grip on power is tenuous at best you might get harder breaks a tear in charge in the end somebody perhaps like Jeremy Corbyn perhaps and I always finger saying Bardsley but anyway I think the real crux of this issue always seems to come down to this it's a single market isn't it every argument comes back to a single market and freedom of movement and I think the freedom of movement thing is important now I grew up in London and my experience of immigration was an incredibly positive thing but you know London isn't Britain I think it's important to say that London isn't Britain and people's experience of immigration around the country is wildly different and when you saw those MPs wave in their order papers last night in cheering there's a lot of the country that wouldn't have looked on that well and I think that there's a lot of leave voters like me that think that that see immigration as a necessary and welcome part of any liberal democracy but that perhaps it shouldn't be unlimited in perpetuity and that that decision shouldn't be taken elsewhere that I welcome some immigration but that decision should be taken here and not in Brussels I really couldn't agree more with Nikki and Robert they're mean the leave campaign all throughout the brexit referendum you know shouted and yelled about sovereignty for the UK Parliament sovereignty for the UK and then when you know Nikki bravely Veit votes for that suddenly she's being attacked you know snakes pick up on that because where exactly was Nikki when sovereignty was ceded to Brussels over decades I don't see and I want to make another point mean which is about trust here and I think we've got a real issue with trust in our MPs to carry out the will of the people if you just take Barnsley as an example 68% of people in Barnsley voted to leave unfortunately 73% of our MPs are remain Asst and that is now being played out in the houses of parliament in a way that erodes trust in the execution of the will of the people I think yes we constantly been told by these elite politicians and obviously she's done a really treacherous Act last night against the Conservative Party but the lady on the other side is in a party that should be defending the working-class communities that this town is and and their party is tending towards the single market now which is unrestricted migration and that is what this town over all voted leave to stop because it damaged the Working Party in and her party's doing more damage to these communities if we're going to hear that Kea stammer keep on about their single marking Sonic's way back that's what we wouldn't have in these working-class traditional communities and you're stabbing us in the back if you're going to carry on what happened last night with those treacherous rebels and bring that down upon us you'd not and when he says about parliamentary sovereignty the people and the sovereign to put the representatives in a parliament and we made our decision we know why we made it I know yourself with thick up north but I remember voting on my ballot paper and he said he said leave or remain and he didn't say when I put my box in leave now turned to question two do you want their self Greg Zee [Applause] we're quite clear that brexit is going to happen but we want a deal that hot we want to deal the world we want to deal at ports because over the last few weeks it's been very rarely reported in the media as to the amendments that were put through in the EU withdrawal bill what the conservative voted against Labour's amendments to make sure that workers rights were protected they voted against Labour's amendments to make sure that our environmental rights and safeguards would protect it they haven't dealt with the erratum issue as robert has discussed earlier and they also didn't look at specific sectors specific parts of crucial industry that reflect areas of Barnsley areas of Salford where I'm from where if we did not get a good deal from the European Union we would be on our knees economically and but just stick with his point he said he voted out and labour wants a single market I think of the words John MacDonald use they want easy easy immigration you know what is it about vote leave that you accept we want an economic arrangement with the European Union that allows us to trade freely so that the industry in terms of free movement we recognized that coming out of the European Union means that free movement will end we want to use that as an opportunity to end the undercutting of pay by people that I heard him last Sunday it's mentioned single market he said he was a member of the thing he did say he wanted easy movement rather than free movement whatever that means what yeah the man up there on the one three down on the gangway there you sir Lee you are never going to give us a good deal because whatever we think is a good deal is a bad deal for them so all this bickering when you have let go tracer maze we curse is at the moment it's just undermined in our country okay there our so-called chance trying to get Brian Anton Robin home well I don't think it's true at all and a bad deal for us doesn't mean it a good deal for Europe or vice versa I've had a good deal done then there's a future here for the whole of what Western Europe including Britain to actually live in a way which is going to be mutually satisfactory and it's very very foolish for them or vice versa that's not how it works that's not how dealership works and I have to say it's all very well saying talking about trust but the difficulty really of course is that if you have a a very weakened undermined Prime Minister then of course these debates which you have in Parliament moment do look rather stark but they need to be had they're really essential and at the moment I mean so the general over there who's who's worried about financial things in Yorkshire believe me I understand that I have a huge love for Yorkshire I've spent a lot of my working time in Yorkshire but the fact of the matter is you also want cancer treatment in Yorkshire and there's a real risk that the machines and the drugs and the other things that we need such as the isotopes will not be available to us unless we actually drive a very difficult bargain and that's a very complicated issue Robert Robert you're you're in the House of Lords and the stories are that the House of Lords are going to be much rougher on anything Theresa may comes back with what David Davis comes back with well in the House of Commons is that actually think I was rather hoping you weren't gonna raise that because of course one of the issues about the vote last night does drive a chink through the debate when it comes to the House of Lords of course you're going to come back to your report stage presumably in the Commons anyway that's that will be the next stage but eventually this will have to go through both houses of parliament and I think the House of Lords may take a very very more collected view than actually what has happened in the Commons because I think a lot of the things which were represented in that debate yesterday from the people who I saw speaking so volubly and so well are often reflected in many debates that we're having in our but Robert just to cut to the chase is this as some people may suspect the beginning of a movement that will lead to us not actually leaving the EU well of course this comes back to the problem with with the referenda I noticed you don't say but I mean one of the problems is this shows the foolishness of having a vote vote like a referendum because of a referendum with a simple year is very very unsatisfactory and we're seeing some of the results of that it's something which the husband Lords tried to prevent very hard the house of Walsh was pretty wise we put down in numerable amendments it might not happen it could just possibly but I think it's very very and if it doesn't happen Nicky Morgan will be the first step towards that well I think that's up to the cue more I don't think so I think it's look it's going to happen we are going to leave the the question is you have been involved it's the beginning of the death of brexit by a thousand amendments they're gonna try and strangle and I think I think it's various I mean as there was a massive turnout and it's not a zero-sum game if because what they realized there wasn't the will in the country for a second referendum and they're trying to do it a different way but there was a huge turnout for this there was a clear majority in Italy not a huge majority and I think that the Democratic consequences of this it's not a zero-sum game is it that people will be they'll be I don't think it's the same as someone like for odds that thinks that there'll be civil disobedience because I think this country is better than that but I think that there may be disengagement and people maybe will start looking for more radical party so I think you've just got a good I agree with you I agree with you that actually if this were not to happen leaving the European Union it would as members of parliament and I think everyone it will totally undermine the democracy and the vote that we have had and that is why I have voted to trigger article 50 I have voted to give the EU withdraw Bell a second reading I voted to repeal the European can use act 1972 but yes I would like Parliament to be involved in the process going forward and gentle up here talked about representatives that's exactly what we have we have a representative democracy and you're also right to say that on that ballot paper were only two options leave or remain it did not say how we were going to leave nor to deal with we are going to go the woman in the second road from the back there people on the panel have talked about trust and other people in the audience have said that the vault last night takes away the power from the people negotiating but I don't trust David Davies and Theresa May to negotiate a deal for me my MP in Parliament should be part of scrutinizing whatever deal we should get madder than 11 because they're both MP's revolted last night it doesn't matter the labor of conservatives think the decision for Breck's it's gonna come down to the DUP you can't even keep it to devolve government and Ireland together in the from the vacuum because of the way MPs voted last night yes they have massively increased our chances of getting no deal because the amount of time it takes for an acts of parliament to be passed and for there to be approval from MPs is is it takes a while and we're unlikely to get a deal until late in March 2019 and you know looking at a positively and so then you've got to look and then you've got to pass an act of Parliament and so there's a massive chance that we're gonna get to the 29th of March 2019 and we're not going to have a deal and we're just going to go off a cliff edge and that's mainly because of what the way MPs and do you think do you think it will be off a cliff edge or do you think it would just be an extended year or two of negotiation well the transition if that's been confirmed yes as it stands yeah you know if MPs are going to vote like that then we're just going to go off a cliff it's an important point it is an important point and actually there are three things I want to say in response to that firstly the government had already conceded several weeks ago that we were going to have an act of Parliament which would approve the withdrawal agreement secondly Acts of Parliament can be got through both houses very very speedily third the European Parliament is affecting their voting process to start next autumn October 2018 now I think that's obviously it's a big challenge to negotiator everything and have the detail but that's what everyone's aiming for but the fourth actually is that you have just proven why the amendment that is down to having a hard day to the 29th of March 2019 11 p.m. is not a good idea it's because things can just take a little bit longer we saw that actually with the way to resume worked when she had the knock back at the start of last week she worked and worked and work moved away from the negotiating deadline the EU had said she got to our loss Friday and she got that deal to get us onto no no I'm not trying to lay the process all we are saying is exactly as the audience have said which is actually the campaign was about taking back control control is going to come back to a sovereign Parliament where representatively elected by members of parliament you say your sewin spectacles there I voted to leave that one of one of the things is I did realize that it's going to be it's a complicated situation it's not gonna happen overnight and some people think it's got your boat yes we're gonna leave away we go it doesn't work like that there's too much to sort out there's too much to agree and there's too much importance on our poverty we've got enough as it is now we don't want to have any more and if we can sort it out we've got a better deal we've got better trade then so be it and what's your view of what's your view about the role Parliament should players Nicky Morgan should vote on the final that's why we are like people and if we don't like what the man up there on the on the gangway there in pink yes yeah yeah the difficulty is we set off on the wrong foot for me this was a this was an issue of national importance and I believe at that point we should have had a across party committee so on-site representing one party representatives in Europe and I think that's just quite narrow-minded and I know what I elected my MP and I voted to leave pure on those grounds that we would have the capacity to go out there and negotiate with cross party representations so I think you know up to a point I agree with you Nicky I do actually believe you're not representing your constituency properly because they are obviously a leave constituency so but yeah I think you're right myself I think we do need to debate it as for scrutiny I think the media will do its role I think reps it will be scrutinized more than anything else okay and the man on the other side of the gangway and then I come back to you yes I do believe that Tories didn't have any game plan initially the first round talks can they tell us what they actually got out of the first round talks it's all you give aways the EU let us off with 35 million the initial they wanted about 80 80 million or so figures were being banded around or 80 billion sorry so what is it that David Davis achieved in the first round of talks can they tell us that so I applaud you for either sticking out and making sure that we review whatever they bring back okay this is a really good point and no one should feel that just because we originally thought we might have to pay 70 or 80 billion 35 is actually fantastic it's still an awful lot of money but you know we have to be pragmatic about these things I just want to pick up on what Lord Winston was saying so I thought it was really interesting that he wasn't actually denying the possibility that brexit might not happen and there are other Labour peers for whom I have a great respect for example Lord Adonis who said today that last night's result was the first step towards stop being brexit we should not make any mistake about how powerful the vested interests are in making sure that we stay in the EU and they will stop at nothing make no mistake forgive me I'm I love Android oh this is lovely man but I completely disagree with him I was asked a straight question whether this will make any difference but of course it's absolutely impossible to predict the future and clearly that is a momentum to use perhaps the wrong word which just might in fact leave a chink for that possibility whether that's a good thing or a bad thing it is an issue but it's inevitable when you have a parliamentary discussion that things change that's all I'm saying I'm not saying I'm supporting not having brexit and I'm certainly not supporting Android onus and I take a couple more points winners move on in a moment from you and then I'll come to you in the front row though yes Nikki points out the it's not to stop but within minutes of importing Anusol Britain orders were tweeting out now we can stop in the single market customs union and then 45 minutes later the EU chief negotiator G Faust actually to the outside he thinks it's a good idea it suggests it's as an establishment state job right no no I've got your nationality I'm both British citizens and two European national and I like to know if this is an opportunity to rethink and reboot Europe and what place in Europe will Britain have you can't neither history you've had for thousands of years so what happens next and what do you think should happen I am yes yes okay I just before we go Rebecca on bail you haven't spoken for a bit what do you say to this idea that behind all this a challenge from an establishment whatever that might be to see off the idea of brexit and to find a way of procrastinating so that in the end we don't actually quite leave no I think the vast majority of MPs in Parliament respect the referendum as I do we want to make sure that brexit is delivered and we want an economy first brexit now what's interesting about last night was that it was an embarrassment for the Prime Minister it showed that she couldn't hold her government together but it puts pressure on her now to work on a cross-party basis and make sure that people's concerns are actually listened to and that she can put forward a final deal that satisfies as many people as possible and delivers the best deal possible because nobody wants to vote against a deal and nobody that I've spoken to there might be a small minority that one No Deal is an option but the vast majority don't want No Deal your party embarrasses itself every single day on breakfast it changes with the wind do you want to leave a single market well we recognize that when we leave the European Union we come out of the single market I think do you want cream in Yemen or do you want easy movement one or two three me I already made the point you should have been paying it we've stated that we recognize that free movement would end we realize that there have been abuses there have been undercutting of wages through the use of agency staff that have been brought over to the UK and that is not acceptable and we need to have a system of reasonable and fair managed migration you can't possibly say that the Tory position is shambolic though because yours is right we must we must go in the center you want to pick up on that they were saying yeah I know the man here yes sorry it's obviously it's going to go through Parliament but obviously listening to Lord Winton you're gonna have problems here out the laws where all these amendments so it's going to go on and on from one Parliament to the next and that can tell that the man clearly state there's going to be problems with a lodge before anything what's the shadow polish the law divisions divisions so actually at the table okay it's always that what was that abolish Parliament or yes you yeah okay let's just it was much longer you say yes yes I think that all the politicians right on the day after the river the referendum never ever expected the result that they got and that's why [Applause] that's why I think every one of them to evolve artist looked in the mirror that bowler annoyance a try guys gals what's in it for me out can i total confusion reigned in other words I take one more point for up there at the very top on the right yes you sir I thank you and I do believe the following the referendum and especially come from Bangor myself that the there seems to be an irrational fear that the the United Kingdom is incapable of standing on its own in the world it's it's definitely resonant in offices throughout the okay on the street in the poor boy and a beer smoke whatever you doing people don't want I personally believe that people don't want to argue that all right we'll go with these extreme left policies will go these extreme right policies and end of the day we're leaving the European Union well I believe we are based on the vulgar art that we talk about the unit you may be about that you put you work your vet brexit did you oh you don't have to say I'm gonna admit that yes I did vote for Brett see yeah but I'm not going to say that I did it reluctantly I have been a vehement left-winger the majority of my life especially coming from Barnsley I'm being an ethnic minority I just think that God as we as we progress I do believe that the the that there really is an irrational fear that the United Kingdom cannot cannot survive without some sort of attachment or allegiance to the European Union please just listen to the will of Pete will the people and we the European Union well I think we better move on so we're halfway through the program with that though those very impertinent lively comments but just before we gone to another question I should say where we're going to be with we're not on next week we're off for Christmas we're back in January we're going to be in Islington in London and the week after that and he referred and on the screen of the details of how to apply let's let's have a complete change of subject and have a question from Linda Wilson please Linda Wilson voucher payments of up to 200 pounds to encourage women to breastfeed their babies they're all looking surprised that's another question I'll tell you the question should the government fund voucher payments of two hundred pounds to encourage mothers to breastfeed their babies is rather up your street and this and this is and this has been this was a policy that's been experimented with here come from Sheffield University yes or no yeah and I'm aware of the data and they you know and the idea is that you pay mothers to breastfeed and this leads to a healthier child we've got I think three mothers around the table and many mothers here know what but let's go to you you're the the trial expert first of all I think it's a policy that wouldn't work but more and more importantly what we need to do is to persuade people why it's good to breastfeed and to point out that the value to the baby is really very considerable in all sorts of ways not only in its nutrition but also in its defence against infection and indeed in its bonding with its mother now paying people does not improve the bonding for a start and so there's a disconnect here with this thinking and I think it's very clear that one of the problems with this campaign and the real difficulty is because the NHS is increasingly strapped with staff which are best what you needed the midwives and the nursing staff who would normally help women who are in confident of breastfeeding are not always there and this has been shown again and again that if you have proper support for mothers who are breastfeeding or who are prepared to try breastfeeding it makes a massive difference to how long they'll breastfeed for what at the present time I'm afraid ladies and gentlemen is a large number of women get very frightened or feel very vulnerable think that they're not feeding their baby properly and the baby's going to starve and so they give up breastfeeding and they take the bottle and that's not ideal paying is not the answer what is needed of course is much better math and wasn't a success this campaign they say it was a slight increase in the number of women well in this area may-maybe but you know the trouble is unless you have a good comparator you know properly it's properly controlled trial stats these figures are very suspect the woman at the back there and then we'll go around up yes I think it's a misnomer to say that it's down to funding now because I had my children 20 years ago and the support then for breastfeeding was very poor there was very little support indeed and I think one of the big problems is that women don't feel comfortable feeding in public because it's ridiculous but they're [Applause] Commons I believe it's that women aren't allowed to feed babies in the House of Commons that I may be wrong but if that's the case that's I think one one was broken was the chamber I have to say and because I haven't actually seen everybody doing it in my seven years that I've been there but I mean in the obviously in the building everything else but I think it probably has been done and I think I'd hope it wouldn't be a problem if it works at the point but the point is right this this issue of sensitivity about showing breasts in public and so on and it's something it's a cultural issue unfortunately and this is this and this is a very I think a very negative comment on our society breastfeeding is good it's healthy and it should be permitted in public and we have to encourage [Applause] I'd like to give it a slightly different point of view on this I think it's time that we ended the breastfeeding tyranny I have three children I'm one of a very small and minority I think it's about 2% of women who actually physically did not produce milk and I had gone to my NCT classes I was desperate to breastfeed I'd you know had all the information I know it's nutritionally the best I wish I could have done it I couldn't do it and I felt absolutely awful about it it was heartbreaking and really difficult and you know what once I introduced bottle feeding and powdered milk my baby thrived my other children have thrived there is nothing wrong with powdered milk it is liberating for women they should not be made to feel failures if they cannot breastfeed I can't believe that I'm going to say this but I should agree with you now I'm a mum and I did feed my children myself until they were at least a year old I found every single day every single feed hard work it was hellish however there's a point I'd like to make here and I speak with some experience on this how many the panel understand that there is artificial price fixing of infant formula milk there is legislation that exists today that means that the brown the supermarket's cannot sell below cost that has led to artificial price fixing between the producers and the manufacturers it is no surprise that there is no own label brand on the market for those reasons because they are also held to ransom by certain individuals and certain campaigners that really do undermine a woman's choice not breastfeed or not concept and hesitant to say that I agree slightly with all of the comments that have been made by the panelists so far I think that in terms of the support available to women certainly when I was a mother five years ago I've got a five-year-old little boy I found that there was very little support in terms of breastfeeding advice when I did find that advice I found that it was heavily weighted in all-or-nothing you had to breastfeed breastfeed breastfeed there was no encouragement to mix things up and my husband wanted to be quite a hands-on parent and he wanted to share the burden of feeding my son and I felt bad for mixing it up we tried it ourselves it worked it's not done him any harm he's a strapping lad or so far but but the other issue our thinking and Roberts touched on this is that there is a funding crisis in the NHS this information should be readily available through Public Health outlets but Public Health has seen the greatest cuts than it's seen in a generation we've got the vast majority of our Hospital trust on the edge of a cliff I think it's 61 percent of acute hospitals are in deficit at the moment we've had cuts through the likes of which we've never seen before – our NHS budget 6.3 billion from Social Care 600 million for mental health and the NHS was also asked it was also asked to make 32 bit when we were talking before that the audience said to me as chair can't you get them to answer the question we are [Applause] the point that I'm trying to make is that we're talking we're talking about and NHS vouchers for breastfeeding children already have the support there through our public health all right we don't do two NHS funding will not the very back third piece the questions about breastfeeding it's not about money why do we have to incentivize everything [Applause] should there not be able to I couldn't agree more and also think that the idea that there's not pressure on new mothers to breastfeed is ridiculous I mean midwives do a fantastic job but there is a way that they keep saying oh it's it's your choice it's your choice it's up to you it sort of ends up sounding like some sort of mafia figure well no no it's happening you can do whatever you want yeah we won't judge you they keep saying we won't judge you and it you know put the put a lot of pressure on my wife and I was sympathetic to that also think it's just a bizarre idea 200 pounds where's the verification for this do you don't price per litre I've no idea do you interrogate the child really I couldn't agree more of the ladies about where is personal responsibility I think there are so many pressures on the NHS we often talk about funded we often talk about the service itself but we don't talk about the undue demands that people are increasingly making on the NHS through avoidable illnesses through missing doctor's appointment wrap but I don't by saying that I think that you know the nhf we wanted to care for us we've got to do more to care for it and that involves taking personal responsibility for your own health okay we go on I'd like to take a question now from kyun cross please kyun cross what should we going to tackle the rise in homelessness what should be done a very straightforward question to tackle the rise in homelessness as you know ask you to start on that yeah I mean you know I voted conservative for a while now but they like it like all of us it's not a blanket endorsement of everything that they do and I gig a lot and I taught in towns big cities all across the UK and and it's palpable over the last two years the rise in homelessness and it's no coincidence that in a period where I think funding as half homelessness has doubled you know and I know that the government as heads turn are turned at the moment on breaks here and it's a very difficult time around that but it's also a very cold time of year and it's also coming up for Christmas and I think that it would be good if the government could find a bit of time just give the magic money tree a little shake and perhaps divert some emergency funds to all timelessness really do you think [Applause] Nicky Morgan emergency funds would that do well actually the budget I was just looking at the numbers and Philip Hammond announced in November 28 million pounds for three housing first pilots in Manchester Liverpool and the West Midlands and these pilots been very successful about helping because obviously there are lots of complex reasons for homelessness and also supporting people to tackle often the underlying issues I know as a constituency member of parliament people come to over help with one issue but actually there's there's a lot else going when you said complex reasons for homelessness isn't not having a home the reason mental health addictions sorry how long are the waiting lists in this country for housing apparel I don't have their I don't have a number but obviously too long too long but they're also just to give a constituents example so we have a gentleman who we have helped several times now to get a flat but actually because of other issues in his life he is not able to to keep it and his neighbours there are issues and all the rest it's very frustrating he has a fabulous officer who is trying to help him and every time we think we have hopefully got him to the stage where he's take that responsibility being somewhere then something unfortunately happens and we have to kind of start again but you're talking about I mean the figures show 80,000 householders in temporary accommodation I think that's right I mean person who is who has obviously go into the detail a particular problem doesn't answer the overall question absolutely and of course it's too much we need to build more housing we know that we need to build more social housing and but also about dealing with those needs the housing first pilots we've committed to the homelessness reduction act it's not just one money thousands and thousands of people children children behind as you will know I heard it all we've heard it time and time just do we get the money and Robert Winston well I think one of one of the issues that here's the people who are living in this part of Yorkshire see something very real you know I've been Chancellor of Sheffield Hallam University my privilege for the last 15 or so years and Sheffield was not in a great state when I first took that chance it's become a much more prosperous self-confident City with better public services and better buildings and so on but one thing that has been really shocking on a little early this last two weeks I spent two weeks living in Sheffield with a number of people who are living on the street in appalling weather and this is something which I haven't seen in South Yorkshire to this extent before and I think we have to accept that this question is a very very relevant question to many parts of Britain it's certainly true in London and I'm afraid it's very true in this part of the world and it's an urgent issue and I agree completely there are lot of people with strange problems addition is obviously one of them one obviously clearly is mental ill health but there are a lot of people who just simply don't have a roof over their heads and we need to do much more about the lady in the front said just get on with it just do it I mean I sure I'm gonna agree with Nikki here it's actually yeah II gave an example of how you can't just do it you can't in some cases snap your fingers and provide you say they've you comin what do you say that they find money for all sorts of things yes is that your point and they couldn't find more money but it isn't just a case on and I think we have to be quite careful about the way the statistics are used here there has been a rise in homelessness and it is deplorable okay particular at this time of year it is horrible to see people rough sleeping in this freezing weather coming up before Christmas however the statistics don't always tell the full story there is a difference between homelessness which is being it's not really just lightly finished please there is a difference between homelessness and rough sleeping so homelessness is temporary accommodation bed-and-breakfast that isn't great I'm not saying it is but this is a complex issue and I think mental health is a really big issue with it and more funding for that which actually this government is doing okay the man up there on the right they're using obviously one of the most evil people on earth because I'm a private landlord the way to solve this homeless problem is get rid of the 3% landlord stamp duty because that stops me buying houses I don't I normally buy one or two hours a year our buyer becomes lausanne I'll do them all because it is horrible sorry state there's a horrible state all right let him speak listen to what he's okay this is the cattle don't want to spit hang on hang on the woman there in the center let him speak and then I'll come to you if you want to argue with him okay big boy laughter I'm gonna go to the lady there in the center that the government is brought in selective licensing and bits of where I own properties and they're now making people upgrade houses beyond the point of what they would have to be through a new-build house I even had there local housing person telling me that they were ridiculous and quoted me the list of things he wanted me to do to her house it was 3,000 pounds I want to buy houses that first time buyers don't want to buy and that will do them up and there's plenty people at me and then we could have people in homes but you won't do it because you taxes our existence all right I mean you put stamp duty on it let's go to the person who was complaining about in the center there yes people such as yourself to buy social housing [Applause] thank supporting other people out and my profit goes into these governments taxes which further you pop people and including me spend we have people on the streets so that you can net that profit this government will not invest in social housing we have my ol stink how is that man at this moment in time we have a hundred and twenty thousand children who were homeless that is a rise of sixty five percent in the last six years the subject of them the tax will get there an hour by him and I'll put people in him all right Rebecca long Bailey you've heard that two sides of the argument the lady in the audience has just made an important point this Christmas a hundred and twenty-one thousand children won't have a home now that's absolutely disgraceful we know that rough sleeping has doubled since 2010 and at the same time we've got the lowest level of house building since the 1920s now that is an absolutely disgraceful record from this government we need to build more affordable homes exercise that there's a one in one out policy for local authorities every social house sold a new one is built to replace it we need to make sure that they're not ripped off by unscrupulous landlords I'm sure the gentleman in the audience is a good landlord but there is some out there who aren't so good shall we say and we need to make sure that the quality of housing is fit for purpose because there's a constituency MP I have families coming in and telling me that there have three and four generations sleeping in one room with black mold on the walls because they can't afford to find anywhere and they can't find social housing because the waiting list is entertaining subscribe to the pressure on the housing is in the greater and at the same time and the audience was this just Isabel just make the point you make yeah I want to make the point that there is a correlation between the pressure on housing which you're talking about and population right and the unfettered immigration that you want to condemn the man in the third row there yeah you're you thought we're all talking about like investing in housing that but why aren't we doing anything now such as built by building emergency shelters for these people to go in on cold nights like yes yes you things aspire in our control millions of people are now going to food banks genuine families are struggling I feel one of them have struggled and about to go to a food bank with my three children this government needs to be held accountable of our donations from generous people who else would feed us reply to that because it was about the government well we've got more people obviously in in work we've got income inequality has fallen course I have you want to get food no I'm only 18 I am done look I do in the constituency and suddenly I became ill those only meets told capita my three children one of the things that we're doing I'm chairman of the House of Commons Treasury select committee so what are the inquiries that we're doing is looking at household finances because we talk a lot of politicians about the nation's finances and big numbers but I'm very keen to understand what's going on in households and actually all right there are millions thousands of households who have less than a hundred pounds of savings you've cut actually in terms of having the buffer that actually helps people to get over and you're right most of us are only a couple of paychecks where you're making dinner that's not that [Applause] no no the government I've already set out that in the budget this year the Chancellor announced real programs and money and investment in relation to homelessness but there are other schemes as well obviously things like the income tax thresholds cuz he's just but there's also the cost of its small group has a no anguish period we've had the longest period of wage stagnation for 150 years we've now but inflation running at set all rights the sense okay let's take the woman behind you you've spoken already but come back to an element yes yes we should scrap the universal credits that actually leave people in poverty in the first place and the woman behind you I think that regardless of anyone's views and here on HS too regardless if anyone's views on brexit regardless for anyone's views on the government we're throwing so much money at so many different things the coalition with the DUP hs2 brexit surely our number one priority as human beings should be to protect all the human beings [Applause] well I think you know some of it comes down to the actual kind of practicalities of it understand there's a policy what it gives us that way is that the it has to be a more than zero degree centigrade for three days before the government open up extra housing is that accurate I think there is there is a scheme around why does it have to be that cold I mean that is extremely cold and with the winds that we've had recently that seems like one thing that could be done overnight to ease the pressure cold weather colder payments all right the woman here you've spoken earlier on but let's hear from again I suggest that the government speak to the Salvation Army because 419 pounds a night they'll house someone overnight so why not on a short term as he sure I'm sure I'm sure that's one of one of the organizations that we work with and of course a lot it's down to local authorities who have the responsibility and they will work with a many different local organization advertise the Salvation Army request donations for 19 pounds of object weight and so we're nearly through a point from us out there he would quickly yeah I think this this talk of why you won't build houses is quite obvious you're really in a fake economy the way in which landlords are able to charge the prices that they charge is because we're in such phenomenal debt it's the only reason you won't build houses because we are in a housing bubble the minute you build houses that bursts and the rent goes down and instead of it being 88 percent debt of our GDP it's 800 percent of our GDP I think we're nearly there the woman there when spectacles and them in was a massive part of homelessness is domestic violence victims we took the Tories implemented austerity but let's look at our own labour councils that are implementing that out Sarah see despite the fact that their leadership is anti-austerity people voted for Jeremy Corbyn for a real alterative there is one woman's aide in the whole of South Yorkshire that just lost its funding because the labour council cut that people voted against austerity for a trained let's see our labour councils actually put up a real opposition and not implement cuts vacations too dangerous to people with you to me thank you well there are a lot more questions and a lot of things we could discuss left undiscussed but our times up we're going to be back in January with question time we're going to be in Islington in London on the panel among others the lawyer and campaigner Gina Miller the comedian nish Kumar and Piers Morgan the broadcaster and commentator I don't know and the following week began to be in Herefordshire Oh double three oh one two three ninety nine eighty eight is the number to call if you'd like to come try the program or go to the website that's on the screen there and follow the instructions question time extra time follows of course on BBC five live my thanks to our panel to all of you who came here to Barnsley tonight until next year from question time a very happy Christmas and good night good night [Applause]

The Negotiating Session Between Britain and the EU

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The scale of the challenge facing British Prime Minister David Cameron with his European counterparts was laid bare by the sheer length of negotiations. One meeting in Brussels lasted 26 uninterrupted hours.

Europe in Chaos: Brexit

Britain, I know
you want this sorted. So I will go to Brussels. I will not take
no for an answer. And when it comes
to free movement I will get what Britain needs. NARRATOR: Having
staked everything on his renegotiation, Cameron
arrived at the final summit determined to stop
the other leaders from watering down a
deal which was already proving unpopular at home. Hi. Good afternoon. Well, we've got some important
work to today and tomorrow. And it's going to be hard. NARRATOR: After an
uninterrupted 26 hours, the talks had
reached a standstill. The British team went back
to their delegation room to take stock. David Cameron had a
bad back at the time. And one way of
dealing with it was just lying down on the floor. And I was flicking through
my phone looking at messages. And then, suddenly,
news came through that the German
delegation was coming and that they were going to
be here in less than a minute. [GERMAN SPEECH] INTERPRETER: The German office
was next to the British office at the time. And so the German chancellor
then, quite spontaneously, without that being particularly
announced, just went next door and said, is David here? CRAIG OLIVER (VOICEOVER):
We both jumped up and started clearing up. And Angela Merkel came in. And I remember her
sitting down opposite me. And she looked like she was
finally ready to do business and that she'd really
focused on this. [GERMAN SPEECH] INTERPRETER: They just
talked about this. You know, how do you see this? Do you think it's
going to be enough? As the head of the
government, you get a sense of how much room
for maneuver the other one has, what are the touchy areas. David Cameron
said to her, look, unless you can actually give
me what I'm asking for, if it's perceived that we're watering
this down yet again, then, I'm just gonna face a
barrage of criticism. And it's gonna be a
real serious problem. And at that moment, Angela
Merkel turned to her aide and said, what is barrage? And David Cameron immediately
jumped in and said, blitzkrieg. And at that moment, everybody
thought, don't mention the war. That's probably not
the best thing to do. But they all started laughing. And she looked at
him as if he was a bit of a naughty schoolboy. And she suggested that she was
prepared to say yes to this. NARRATOR: But Cameron
and the Eastern Europeans were still deadlocked. With time running
out, the president of the European
Council stepped in. The Czech Prime Minister
said, sorry Donald, but this is
unacceptable, maybe not for me, but for the whole
eastern part of Europe. And I said, OK,
it's your choice. But you have to be aware that
without this emergency break, David has no chance
to win the referendum. Aha. We understood that
either we change it now and we help him cover him
with something tangible or that we kill it completely. He reacted in a very,
you know, responsible way. And– and they
accepted my proposal. NARRATOR: Cameron had his deal.


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A vote between May’s deal and remain? Are you kidding me. How about a vote between May’s deal and no deal?

good evening everybody well 24 hours ago we learned the news that Jeremy Corbyn had capitulated that the Labour Party was now officially going to back the position of a second referendum but of course overnight the speculation became well what on earth would the question be and this morning would Nick Ferrari on LBC kirsten explained what he thought that choice should be the choice should be between a credible leave auction and remain after and we expressly agreed yesterday that if the Prime Minister's deal gets through that deal should be subject to the lock if you like of a public vote obviously precise wording will be a matter for Parliament for the discussion for that's the basic option and what would you campaign for I would campaign for remain there's a shock there's a real shock so basically what we're pigs helped by Kirsten sorry circuit armor the shell a brexit secretary is there should be a second referendum between mrs. May's deal that's really what he's saying and remain and Emily Thornberry on Twitter you know has made it very very clear that you know she thinks that it is between mrs. Mays deal and remain I mean I'm asking myself why remain should even be on the ballot paper given that we voted on this and it was decided and we moved on through a general election and 500 MPs voted for article 50 but even if it was a second referendum missus Mays deal well that's not brexit that's brexit in name only it makes me very very angry here was jeremy corbyn's response to Theresa may earlier on today labour accepts the result of the referendum really what a joke but Mr Speaker we believe in getting the terms of our exit right that's why we believe in our alternative plan the Prime Minister's botched deal provides no certainty or guarantees for the future and was comprehensively rejected by this house we cannot risk our country's industry and people's livelihoods and so if somehow if it somehow does pass in some form at a later stage we believe there must be a consummate republic's I hope to see that's what they voted for and no deal outcome would be disastrous so No Deal is not what anybody in Parliament seems to won even though a growing number in the country won and I think with what Kirsten has said with Emily Thornberry saying whatever she gets through versus remain with what Corbin said folks we're clear labour are proposing a second referendum and they're proposing missus Mays deal whether it goes through or not frankly against remain I'm asking you should remain even be on the ballot paper and my answer is no we voted on this already but there's an even deeper question here if there was a second referendum and it was remain against her deal I've got to tell you what I mean this I would not vote I would not campaign I go fishing for a month because it wouldn't even give us the option of genuinely leaving the European Union I don't think labour understand just how much damage their proposal is doing firstly to the democratic process and secondly to their own chances albeit they've become slimmer in the last few weeks of winning the next election so let me ask you should remain let's stick to should remain beyond the ballot paper and we'll move on from there and if you think Yap because 16.1 million people voted for it well then call me try and persuade me won't be easy but have a go and by the way don't be scared because the whole point of this program the whole point of LBC is to have proper debate so if you think romaine should be an option and Faraj you've got this wrong call oh three four five six oh six oh nine seven three or if like me you think it's got no right to even be on the ballot paper text two eight four eight five oh and you agree with me that any second referendum that did not include a No Deal clean brexit would be an outrage please tweet using the hashtag farad and OBC @ OBC and of course Facebookers you can comment there too

Obama Creates Racism… Remoaners ARE THE STUPID ONES!

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I wasn’t very happy today, as you can probably tell in the video!

well 2017 didn't start particularly well for me I won't go into it but it's left me feeling pretty bloody fed up again sometimes you just wonder what is the point of life honestly what is the point do we just work pay our taxes and die what's the point in that why does anybody bother if that's the case its life an illusion is it a hologram like some scientists believe I don't know but it has to be some point to this I'm gonna be pretty bloody annoyed if once I pass there is no point to this when I get like this oh just think to myself you know we voted it over we the American people voted in a bomber in 2008 on hope and change and all these dummies divided the country brought us to the brink of nuclear war and now he's upset the Middle East with this UN is reigning resolution which is only abstained on that vote for one simple reason and that is to create a shitstorm for Trump to sort out when he becomes president I see if he does become president how many days have we got left 16 15 days left before he's inaugurated Hey what's going to happen between now and then I honestly fear that something is going to happen something major because these Democrats they just do not want to relinquish power they said I don't think jumps the be-all and end-all look at his cabinet it's full of billionaires but if those billionaires who've been very successful in their industry if they're carrying out Trump's plan what am i back them all the way but we yet to see will he get into power I do not know honestly we're in for a rough couple of weeks Obama's trying to start war with Russia over this hacking you know Hillary Clinton came out and said that we need to treat cyberattacks just like any other attack and that we need to be ready with a cyber and a military response you've seen reports Russia has hacked into a lot of things China's hacked into a lot of things Russia even hacked into the Democratic National Committee maybe even some state election systems so we've got to step up our game make sure we are well defended and able to take the fight to those who go after us as president I will make it clear that the United States will treat cyberattacks just like any other attack we will be ready with serious political economic and military responses so somebody hacks a few emails and we bomb the shit out of them leading to World War three kills everything on the planet is that what we want cuz that's where we're heading I know I harp on about this a bit but geez when you're fed up you're fed up your knowing things kind of wash over you and I'm so fed up of people calling the race card all the time you don't want unelected bureaucrats to rule over you and your racist you don't want unelected bureaucrats making all the decisions for your country and charging you billions a year for that privilege all y'all racist you don't want people to come into your country and blow the shit out your country killing tens and tens of innocent people are y'all are evasive no I'm not a racist I'm just a realist I just want common sense couple of articles today expose how EU has dished out 4.2 billion to world's most corrupt regimes in a fortnight you regret splashed out the jaw-dropping sum of money on programs including combating racism against migrants bankrolling government reforms or perhaps the most incredibly of all directly financing national budgets I'm not racist because I want to get out of the EU that's why I want to go all the EU yeah we've got a clue what they're doing they're paying corrupt regimes billions of pounds because they can I want chair or percentage to they keep themselves the whole EU is a corrupt cesspit it's got nothing to do with racism those of you who believe that it's the brexit was anything to do with racism you need to dip your head into a cold bucket slap yourself around the face because you're deluded and you're stupid I'm sorry you are stupid they call about the people who voted for Brett to be stupid but when you stop thinking look into it it's manners the people wanted to keep us in this ridiculous Club you're the stupid ones you leave ill-informed you were low education people you have got a clue what the eaves like and if you genuinely to know what the EU is like and you still want to remain then you're an authoritarian asshole they should be removed from the planet because you're the Hitler types because you're the type of person who wants to control people would not let people govern themselves it just pisses me off I'm just I've had enough of the whole in how brexit remain racist not racist migrant non migrant I said shoot the shit out people blowing people up and I'm fucking sick to death of the lot of it and then imagine how a mood improved earlier today when you see this in the express it's a spectacular own goal gloating Nick Clegg sticks the knife in his ear ambassador Pope waits to see Nick Clegg's face all over the internet is gloating gleaming face because Sir Ivan Rogers he was apparently I don't know not the best negotiator anyway who cares let's just get out but to see Craig's smiling smarmy face I wanted to punch my screen I don't wish ill of anybody but him Tony Blair David Cameron George Osborne I would love them to all gonna go out cycling one Sunday and just happened to be an accident and all died you know complete accident don't set up all of them to die wouldn't that be superb for British politics that's our Ivan and you seen him Sir Ivan watches he looks like he's been wondered every filter you save him he's got a strange look on his face so he's got something inserted on it up his rectum which being in Brussels being in the EU probably wouldn't surprise me god only knows what these plebs get up to I need a cup of tea and a chocolate digestive

Brexit – James O'Brien Corrects Brexiteers and their Lies

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James O’Brien takes a call from a man who was fed some misinformation which James destroys in a simple way.

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I felt something quite important shift inside me on Saturday as I as I attended that pitch so-called people's vote March and indeed as I had the enormous privilege and slightly daunting pleasure of being the first speaker on the platform in Parliament Square but I said something that I shared with you last week when I was trying to work out what I was going to say and the little phrase we came up with was it was contempt for the con men compassion for the conned though we very quickly if I was one of the con men I'd be trying to cast that as being patronizing or or casting it as being condescending or sneering it's none of those things it's a simple statement of my feelings it was rather gratifying to see it um on a few placards that were knocking about the place on Saturday at t-shirts are to follow actually with donations to a charity yet to be decided but content for the common compassion for the conned um pithy slogan but we know we're pithy slogans have got us so then you dig deeper into what it means and what it actually means is more of an intellectual compassion than an emotional compassion and an intellectual compassion involves empathy and empathy involves imagining the circumstances in which you were devoted to leave the European Union and I found it surprisingly easy there is something almost irresistible about the logic in the absence of other information and other factors the idea that BMW or Mercedes Benz or Audi would in no way allow anything to make it harder for them to sell or indeed manufacture cars in this country it's quite a logical thing that maybe we even should give big be putting Jones a break when he said I know I'm right even though he was wrong I think the fact that he said I know I'm right is what sadly excludes him from any form of kind of forgiveness I know I'm right you can't know you're right and you were wrong your pudding so people who insisted they were right accepted everyone who just thought it made sense and seemed plausible fair play to you turns out it was wrong turns out it's a massive massively more complicated issue than we realized and the German automotive industry let alone the German government sees a lot more value in retaining the single market than it does in allowing a departing member to rewrite the rules put it like that it's not even that hard to swallow is it of course you're gonna retain that it's the single market that lets you do just in time delivery that lets you do this I'll let you see if lets you do that and what sustains it and keeps it afloat is the cooperation and the investment from the Member States so if you're not going to cooperate and invest anymore you don't get to benefit from the things that cooperation and investment has created simples I never heard it explained like that in the run-up so I could easily avoid the other way of course if you did vote the other way and now you've seen that that particular part of the platform was wrong bogus false mistaken you more than anyone deserve another crack of the whip and if you no longer care about the fact that the German car industry isn't going to come to our rescue you can still vote to believe for whatever reasons you now have but the ones you had then they were wrong 12:07 Philipp is in Hatfield Phillie what would you like to say hi James yes thanks for letting me join in I really I really need your help I voted to leave the reason voters these main was bureaucracy you know and I'm paying money to my parish council for stuff from your county council and the rest goes for government now I'm paying something else' stuff but in the last six months or so I've really sort of come round to you know big mistakes you know the way this has been badly negotiated we're gonna get a poor deal I just have all remained in but what has really confused with James this is only to help I have a good friend who's got a son who's a quite a senior academic in Cambridge right I was with him of the weekend and they were stating that we would lose things like our adds pension veto in 2020 I met the concerns that this treaty would you know that's true well I I mean haven't got everything in front of me it contains an echo something that's been doing the rounds on social media and has been shown to be complete hokum but that's why I find it odd to imagine that a Cambridge academic would be inflating it in company well I mean he's a classical academic he's hardly political is like that but now I mention it then it's going okay because that was going around Facebook I've seen it on Facebook this notion that we would there will be some areas where I think that the veto might lose there might be some areas as there are already where the veto would not be as simple to apply but if we were in the European Union we'd be able to to resist any changes to the current state of affairs wouldn't we but not of we lose our veto 2020 no no no no but they couldn't remove the veto without it being democratically endorsed by members well what they think if they say that is a majority decide right this is just your mates at Cambridge again is it it was quite an interesting conversation yeah that we can fool around well of course is doing the rounds in the same way that turkey did the rounds before the European Union referendum everyone was was told that Turkey was imminently joining everybody was told that the German car industry wouldn't canton as any changes to our trading arrangements everyone was told that we couldn't control our borders everyone was told that we had millions of laws foisted upon us and then they couldn't tell me what those laws were so I don't have in front of me everything you need to answer the questions that you're asking but can I can I give you some advice in one simple word of course you can google go to a decent fact-check site and you'll be able to find everything that you need to find Philip Jackson to think Jack what would you like to say you know who said that Jack from Tootsie is that Jack from Tooting what would you like to say Jack oh thank you for taking my call James could you just please give me 30 to 40 seconds just to make some points which I don't believe that I've been made yet you know we've got an aging population obviously so we're always going to need immigration whether it be from the EU Africa China Ilia and the government has not been honest with the public about this we should thank the immigrants for coming here since the Second World War we've welcomed unneeded immigration and they've helped to make this country the fixed or sixth richest country in the world which is slowly fading away now so this government and previous governments have failed to build enough infrastructure for the increased immigration which has come here they failed to build enough houses enough hospitals in our schools etc etc that's why we felt over the with the amount of people that have come here but if you if you invite people to come to your place then obviously you need to build more infrastructure we've taken the money we've taken the money that these people have breathes in country but we've not reinvested it this government and previous governments should apologize to the public and should thank the immigrants for all what they have done I think an awful lot of people who voted leave would agree with you I think part of the problem that we've all been complicit in is creating this idea that everyone who voted to leave would somehow disagree with what you've said everyone I know who voted to leave Jack is supremely comfortable not just comfortable but appreciative of what you've described the simple facts of immigration particularly European Union immigration being a net benefit to our economy and and of course then you look at the NHS and other public services and many people would argue they would struggle to survive without the EU workforce that are currently on the books many people voted to leave because they felt there were too many immigrants here already I know that and you know that and and and they know that and when you ask them where these immigrants are they say not the ones I actually know not the ones I work with not the ones that my children go to school with it's the ones that I read about in the Sun it's the mythical ones that I read about in the comments section of the mail online and here's the challenge Jack because even by the time of the 2015 general election even the Labour Party was sticking slogans on mugs that appeared to play to that to the myth that you've described as a politician how do you how do you sell the optics the positives the benefits of immigration how do you sell them when the bloke on the other side is whispering in the ear they're trying to steal your chops they're trying to steal your women they're trying to steal your money they're trying to steal your biscuits all you've got in his other areas but they haven't and the other bloke just says yeah not yet but they want to that's the challenge Jack that's challenged throughout humanity isn't it between the person whispering false poison into one ear and the person risk whispering dull truths into the other as you get older you need hospitals more so I mean I've been in hospital a number of times most of the nurses there are not British no no you know they're from the EU and they they are diligent they're conscientious and so were the ones that aren't and in fact you you've reminded me Jack of something I intended to do on the program this morning I've already done it on on Twitter I'd like to thank dr. William 2e and all the staff on the start starlight ward at the West Middlesex Hospital in West London um they have earnt the undying the eternal gratitude of my family for events of the last week or so but that that's just a simple fact that you describe that the work force the staff are as multicolored and as multicultural and as diverse and as different as the rest of the country the rest of society but I still don't know how you how'd you make that point because you tell me about the nurses Jack and if I was someone you know taking the need to that despicable breaking point poster I just say something all right well the nurses can stay but we've got to get rid of the rest of them do you see what I mean what about construction then what about construction well you I could stick my head out the window now and find someone in the construction industry who claims that the reason why he hasn't had a pay rise or he can't find work has nothing to do with the fact that he's lazy or not prepared to move and it's everything to do with the fact that people who have prepared to cross continents in search of work of somehow undercut him just what about health care what about health care yeah they can state that don't mean them they can stay it's the others I need to get rid of that's how it works Jack between us you and me might be able to come up with an answer but it would be hard something that's not hard is dealing with Philippine half-filled who was on a moment ago asking about something that someone in Cambridge had asked him and told him about and I suggested Google so I thought I'll do Google ice a bit patronizing just to say goober I googled lose our veto in 2020 first thing that comes up from full fact an independent charity that check stuff is there's a lot wrong with this viral list about the Lisbon Treaty and then it goes through in detail about everything that's wrong with it so Philip mate pain me though it does to have one fly in the ointment of this incredibly harmonious and friendly program you pal were not a good faith actor because if you can't Google it but you can ring a national radio station to ask about it I'd suggest that you might need to give your head a wobble and so here's the thing where does it begin you know oh it's gat 24 is the most article 24 of gap would allow us to do whatever we want for 10 years and get unicorns by teatime and then you hear a particularly on phone in radio programs you hear people ring in and say it and sometimes the presenter doesn't know whether it's true or not so it gets out there then you see on Facebook so I'm very keen to triple-check what Philip in Hatfield suggested or asked us to look into for him possibly in good faith I mean maybe I'm doing him a disservice when I say you should google this stuff before you bring me but if you simply Google do we lose our veto in 2020 this comes up about claims regarding the Lisbon Treaty that are doing the rounds on social media or if you prefer doing the rounds in Cambridge and it appears under the headline which is the first thing on your search terms there's a lot wrong with this viral list about the Lisbon Treaty and the very first thing in the list of things that's wrong addresses directly the claim Philip made about losing our leeta it's quite incredible oh yeah I mean genuinely incredible in many ways so here you go the UK all along with all existing members of the EU lose their abstention veto in 2020 as laid down in the Lisbon Treaty when the system changes to that of majority exceptions with no abstentions or vetoes being allowed that's the claim this is wrong the Lisbon Treaty did make changes to how EU law gets passed which reduced the scope of states veto ability but it did not abolish veto powers and these changes are already in effect rather than coming into force in 2020 the term abstention veto is not even a part of European Union law as you can see by the fact that most Google results for the term are references to this thing that's gone viral in the first place EU legislation has to be approved by the Council of the European Union which is made up of ministerial representatives of the governments of all EU Member States so maybe we should give Philip a break but maybe he was being genuine and and because this person that said it to him is at Cambridge University albeit doing classics who thought there must be something in it but but check just check it's simply not true this is in case it's appeared in your inbox this is what appears at the top of the bogus claims why is nobody talking about the Lisbon Treaty the treaty that comes into force 2020 is worse than the so-called deal if 99% of the British think this is the deal is bad just look at the Lisbon Treaty people need to know leavers and remain as what will actually happen if we stay in the EU as a question no remainder will ever answer but here it is warts and all and it's all wrong it is wrong to say that the Lisbon Treaty comes into force in 2020 do you know why it's wrong to say that the Lisbon Treaty comes into force in 2020 shall I tell you why it's wrong to say that the Lisbon Treaty came into foot comes into force in 2020 because it came into force in 2009 10 years ago as was agreed by EU member countries every single one of them including us in 2007 it has been in place since 2009 if the UK were to remain in the European Union beyond March of 2019 for any reason then the Lisbon Treaty wouldn't suddenly change anything but it's still out there even Cambridge academic calls are falling for it that's how it works so you and I'm not going to single anyone else out for particular criticism but you will be listening to LBC at some point in the next 48 hours and a caller will come on and a caller will claim that this absolute hogwash that has been disseminated and amplified on Facebook is true just as I've heard callers on other programmes talking about article 24 of gap and this is not a normal way to earn a living most people don't spend their days with the noses in the treaties most people doing what I do for a living haven't read the Good Friday Group why would you answer because we owe it to our callers but you will hear a caller on this radio station making reference to this stuff and a presenter may not know that it's not true which is how it happens that's why they do it that's why they promote it is why they tweet it it's why they post it because you just get it out there and you know what they say about a lie it's halfway around the world before the truth has got his trousers on this is probably one of the most depressing things about brexit is how a lie was sent out by dishonest actors knowing it's a lie and it was spread around the internet by people who didn't know any better for the most part I think most people didn't know that what they were sharing on Facebook or on social media in general was a lie you know just after the referendum I remember a reading or someone told me about how a Google search in the UK one of the top Google searches the day after the referendum was what is the EU I don't know if this is true or not but the idea that people would vote for something not knowing what it was and vote themselves out of something not knowing what it was is deeply depressing the idea that you make a vote you make a very important vote you vote on something that's extremely important for you for your children's future for your grandchildren's future and you don't know what you're voting for this is one problem the other problem is you're voting on something that was lied to you you were lied to about this misinformation about this veto for example so it's much easier to get this out and spread across the internet but why why are these people doing it because they're pushing an agenda there are certain people who don't want to end up having to pay more taxes the and I'm not talking about ordinary people and talking about billionaires who don't want to pay more taxes because the European Union are attempting to reform tax laws and that's that's the reason that they want brexit to pass they don't want to be paying extra taxes so they're going to lie and cheat and spread as much misinformation about the EU as possible and what's the sir what's the alternative to that the alternative is people themselves working hard to find the correct information now not in this case it wasn't even hard it was a simple Google search but you have to be you have to be critical of the information that you receive and you know it's it's hardwired in our brains to to like things that we like to share things that we like you know as I said in another video most people will share content by just simply just simply looking at the the title they like the title they'll share it they want to look at the article they won't read in detail what the article says they won't look at alternative articles that are critical of of that first article but they'll just share it and that's that information is spread across the internet to people who have similar and and this similar believes to you and this information sticks and it's very hard to remove this it's like chewing gum on the road you know it's very hard to remove once it's put in place and brexit has been a perfect example of that where brexit was not the information regarding breasts it was not independent transparent objective information it was politically driven and when it's politically driven lies are the first port of call

Brexit – Brexit, Northern Ireland and a United Ireland

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Owen Jones of The Guardian met with the leader of Sinn Fein to talk about Brexit, Ireland and a United Ireland.

Full video here:

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welcome to episode 5 9 6 3 of brexit is a blazing skip I'm here to interview the leader of shin Fame Mary Lou McDonald I've actually it's view too before when I say the Bragg's that is a disaster I'm not saying it from the perspective of somebody who thinks that everything is fine and dandy and that the status quo must prevail brexit has had a few more crises ever since then but it hasn't just enveloped this crisis the island of Britain but also the island of Ireland this is absolutely critical in terms of the future of the Irish peace process that's one of the things I want to talk about but I also want to say or find out what does this mean for Ireland and its future and could it not actually bring forward or make them more likely the great dream of shin feign a United Island Chiqui question you call brexit crazy I'm not for the brexit either I should say campaign against it let me be a bit cheeky here the main cause of Xin Thayne is a united Ireland is it what is it not the case that brexit has made a united Ireland far more likely then it breaks that hadn't happened so isn't it a bit of sweet aren't you there thinking well actually we could get our unity of this it's not bittersweet I mean we don't have a scorched earth policy as regards Irish unity I don't take a simplistic view of the end justifying the means and we are very conscious that we have an obligation to people in terms of jobs in terms of the security of their their families their ability to turn the lights on to put bread on the table and when we say that breaks that is hugely damaging for and we're not exaggerating economically in bread and butter terms that's hugely damaging and it is a direct challenge to the settlement to the arrangements that we have democratically landed on so I mean I mean I'm not sure public I can argue for Irish unity anyhow there's there's change the foot on the island of Ireland in terms of like demographics which is not always my first quarter call I don't like this idea of you know out breeding the Europe position to get constitutional change but the Democratic graphic trends are clear but also the the politics has changed on the island there's a real sense of an appetite for progress on modernity and so on which i think is really encouraging and also bury this in mind the northern stage was based on the premise of an inbuilt unionist majority for ever and ever and ever that's gone now it's gone in the last two elections so all of those things are in the mix but if you're asked me am i secretly delighted the bragg's that happened the answer to that is no but there was a certain isn't there my mom obviously we weren't poor and she's in the rain she's visiting maybe in the 1970s she was part of the British left and through their big causes of course were a radical socialist government and a united Ireland there is a certain irony about the Tory direct city right have made two of those things more likely yeah yeah there is I mean it's it is quite something I'll tell you what's even more amazing is that the Democratic Unionist Party have had such a hand and all of this your your viewers should know that the DPP do not repeat do not represent the views or the wishes of the majority of the people of the north of Ireland they are a very strong political would represent would you say they represent what they represent I think in many senses people who are prepared to tolerate just about anything and yes to vote for a party simply because they will transiently defend the union with Britain and I respect people's rights to take that political position that political view to argue for the Union but you know it is the year 2019 we're not back in the 1600s and it is in my view all kinds of crazy that people rational decent people would tolerate a DUP agenda that's about denying rights to people by the way rights that are freely enjoyed here in Britain and freely enjoys in the part of Ireland that I live in like equal marriage for example well equal marriage women's health care you know we had a very significant change to our constitutional arrangements in terms of the Eighth Amendment and access to abortion it was quite a landmark in Irish politics that always puzzles me how it is that people would tolerate that's that that absolution systems aren't denying people rights as though recognising somebody's rights was any real cost to you that doesn't diminish you it just allows people to live freely there's often a basic lack of understanding of just the fundamentals of Irish politics and of the Republican reasoning so if I asked for example on Twitter what should I ask the leadership thing I know that people go why don't they just take their seats can you just accept and why can't they take their seats in Westminster can you clearly and succinctly explain to these people no offense guys read a book though why that is not gonna happen you see what British people and I say this with great affection and particularly perhaps English people and I say this with greater affection I need to understand is that we were colonized yet and the border in Ireland is was part of that colonial retreat from our country and that it's scarred Ireland and it divided us and it caused conflict and so on so there's a long history to abstention ISM and I understand on a very superficial every so well why in the name of God won't they come and settle Parliament but if I was to put it to somebody who was elected from your home constituency which is my home I grew up in Stockport okay Stockport if say well why won't you go to France and why won't you serve me the prayer why won't you sit Parliament you would see that as an absurdity but it's equally so first you see we're not kind of pretending that we're not that we're not British like we genuinely aren't and we genuinely have our own systems of government within the context of hundreds of years of colonialism and let's be honest famine mass murder it's not it's not a reasonable ask for somebody to swear allegiance to a foreign power that's kind of that's crazy and it's not gonna happen so I was asked on a number of occasions in the comment section to describe how I feel about Northern Ireland and so I thought this would be a good opportunity to talk about Northern Ireland a united Ireland and brexit and how they're all linked so to start off em Owen and the shin Fane president or leader this was a good interview it was an interesting perspective from both the British point of view and Northern Ireland point of view um what can I say so the situation in Northern Ireland is price is quite strange it's a in a sense it's a country or it's a part of the UK that is 30 or 40 years behind the rest of the UK and for many British people you know people who live on in England for example or in Wales and Scotland but principally in England it's a forgotten place you know if you ask the average English person about Northern Ireland they'll be quite ignorant and I don't mean this in a negative way just they're somewhat ignorant of the situation in Northern Ireland because our Northern Ireland is not front and center in British politics it's a peripheral part of the UK so you know English people living in London or in a different in Manchester or Birmingham or wherever they're you know they have their own problems to deal with and Northern Ireland is not at the top of you know at the top of their priorities so what is the situation there you have two main parties you have the DUP the Democratic Unionist Party and you have shin Fane so on the DUP is a party that wants Northern Ireland to remain part of the UK by any means necessary now to give you a bit of background the DUP was founded by a fundamentalist Christian who ran his own religion in a sense he wasn't part of another denomination he set up his own religion and most of the members of that party are also part of that religion I think it's a free presbyterian church is the name of the religion and he he ran it as pretty much his own project he run the party as his own project and it was a party founded on the idea of rejecting any type of change and if you look at the party itself and the religion that he found it you know these are a group of people who believed that the earth is 6,000 years old who have a fundamentalist religious ideology and they are attempting to put a brake on any type of progress be it political social or religious taking place in Northern Ireland that's what I mean is that Northern Ireland is somewhat 30 years behind the UK or the Republic of Ireland now the Republic of Ireland have made a huge change in the last five to ten years principally because of the economic boom that that's been taking place over the last 20 years but the last 10 5 10 years a social upheaval has taken place you had a country that was under the under the boot of the Catholic Church and they've completely thrown that off knock'em well I shouldn't say completely but to a great deal so to give you an example recently there was the same-sex marriage laws and the abortion laws which were completely reformed repealed I should say so you had same-sex marriage legalized in Ireland and you had abortion legalized in Ireland and to say the last time there was a referendum in Ireland regarding abortion was in 1983 and it was the it was a vote to keep abortion we should say just to keep it simple passed by something like 80 80 percent or 85 percent to keep abortion you had the complete opposite take place just a couple of years ago or just last year or whenever it was recently anyway so just to give you an idea of how society has changed there was a fear that the abortion referendum would be passed in you know Dublin which is more modern more progressive while the countryside would would vote keep the the current situation but in reality even the most per provincial parts of Ireland the most the poorest areas the the more country areas the as in a sense the more rare rural areas sorry they had voted to to change the law to appeal repeal the 8th amendment which kept abortion illegal so that had that was a big change they also the the prime minister of Ireland is is is an open openly gay prime minister so this is something that is completely has completely changed the landscape in Ireland so compare that to Northern Ireland where you have two main parties one party who believes that the earth is 6,000 years old that abortion should be illegal under I think all circumstances and who want by any means necessary to keep the UK within Northern Ireland even even if it's even if it's necessary to change by Democratic means the DUP don't want it to change so on the other side you have shin Fane and in this interview you had the president of shin Fane the leader of shin Fane and shin Fane realized that the situation in the UK the situation in the Republic of Ireland is changing and they have realized that we have to ride this wave they see the they see an opportunity for them to push a united Ireland and she was very shrewd in her in her language where she said that she doesn't want a united Ireland by any means necessary she wants it in the best means necessary but in the sense that the people themselves decide to have a united Ireland and if you imagine that you know their people in Northern Ireland especially the new generation who haven't experienced the the troubles the the problems of the past the security problems the the killings everything like that these people young people today what are their priorities their priorities are having a job having a home having a secure situation economically socially the ability to travel around Europe if they have the skills to have a better job they don't want to be locked in a small part of Europe at the edge of Europe and I don't mean the European Union I mean physically Europe the edge of Europe run by a group of politicians who believe that the earth is 6,000 years old and that they have to stay with within the UK by any means necessary so young people are not politically driven they have their own ideas and if they're looking towards something a better life they they won't decide as their parents or grandparents did you know their grandparents and parents would vote according to their religion Catholic would vote Republican or nationalist and Protestant would vote unionist or loyalist people today don't have these motivations or they do exist but to a lesser extent people are more interested in having a job as I've said having a secure future so they're not going to vote for the people who hold them back they're going to say you know to hell with the politics of the past I'm going to vote for who is looking after my interests who wants to keep us in Europe and at the moment shin vain are the only party who are presenting the idea of being anti brexit the DUP are completely supportive of brexit they want out of Europe they want just to be within the UK and if the UK leaves the European Union is going to be catastrophic for Northern Ireland I've said in another video Northern Ireland receives billions of euro every year to support their economy to support their society to support peace and if that money is taken away it's just going to be a catastrophic failure it's going to be extremely dangerous for politicians for the security security services and people are going to say why are we why are we leaving the European Union why are we destroying our future to satisfy these politicians

Brexit – James O'Brien Brexiteer's Greatest Hits

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James O’Brien presents some of the biggest and worst lies by brexiteers and brexiters and how they have been proven to be wrong.

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well not as a phone-in topic I will not be able to resist a few choice asides I may even treat you to one of my famous collage of clips but um I just don't see the point today nothing's gonna change until I mean at least until Parliament gets back I'll give you a quick heads-up though for my new podcast our monday weekend clark and the pleasure of spending about 4550 minutes with him yesterday with the tapes rolling man in life it was wonderful there's my bomb for the solar node in the context of Europe the Ken Clark and I both recognize reality so we're on the same sort of team there but amazing really isn't it that a former Chancellor conservative Chancellor and Home Secretary and other great offices of states has managed to retain a degree of admiration and respect from all corners of the political spectrum it's a really really interesting conversation I can't say it's a brilliant interview because I conducted it and I only let through epic conceits like that by accident never on purpose but it's if I if you listen to what Ken Clark says in this interview that isn't brilliant you'll love it it's required listening and it's really refreshing as well actually to remind ourselves of the fundamental humanity of politicians I think at a time again when we need to portray them as either 100% sinner or 100% saint and the horror of that scenario quite deliberately I think engineered in America and Britain lately and they've having a go at doing it in other countries it is to create an environment in which Donald Trump can literally say the polar opposite of what he said yesterday as he did with WikiLeaks as we demonstrated in the last hour if you create enough confusion nobody can be held to their own previous statement which is an astonishing genuinely astonishing state of affairs and so so what we have today is the deal brexit planning which is breathtaking actually I've been figures very I've seen it reported variously as one and a half billion pounds and as 4.2 billion pounds spent on planning that is now on ice call what an absolute waste you know we're still paying for the ferries that Chris Grayling organized there we've been paying for them since March the 29th these people and of course the threat of no deal or the notion that somehow we'd get the European Union to bow to our will by threatening to punch ourselves in the face was never ever ever going to work Jonathan Porter's from King's College explaining a great piece in The Times and I think November 20 2017 why this was ludicrous i sat here day after day after day saying I promise you this isn't a tactic the reason why is and it was as you never go into a negotiation without being prepared to walk away and the whole point of that observation which is usually true is that when you walk away you walk back to where you started so in the context of I can't believe I still have to say this in 2019 but I hope I don't come across as I was too sort of self congratulatory it doesn't feel like a time for congratulations by any stretch of the imagination you still got people standing up in Parliament inflating the bonkers balloon of No Deal still I think I heard David Davis saying it yesterday the man's failure to understand the simplest of issues should as we said have excluded him from any further involvement in any breaks it related debates but here's the simplest of simple things you don't threaten to walk away from a negotiation if you don't know where you're walking to you only say right that's it I'm not buying this house after all if you then get to stay in your old house right you drive your car to the dealership and you start negotiating for a new car possibly on part exchange with the old car you don't drive your car to the scrap yard stick it in the crusher and then go to the car dealership on the bus threatening to walk away if you don't get the deal that you want on the new car because you haven't got a car to get into anymore that's why this line No Deal but it is better than a bad deal was the single most stupid and there's a lot of competition but the single most stupid gambit that Teresa may chose to employ she chose it as with all the other stupid things she's done in order to keep the headbangers the racists and the liars quiet on the fringes of her own party and beyond it failed because it wasn't true and she's now reduced to essentially saying any deal is better than no deal which was true all along so the line about having to be prepared to walk away with no deal has probably done more damage to the public's understanding of why we're in this mess than almost any other and I've got a little tape to prove it because now of course the claim is everybody knew that they were voting for No Deal it was correct from the beginning that they were voting for No Deal it's the only real brexit they would deliver the will of those people the seventeen point four million and of course not long ago the same people saying that or some of the same people saying that was saying something very different any Prime Minister anyone doing the negotiating can almost pick and choose is that they are part of a free trade area and that's the one thing I think we can take for granted so negotiating a free trade agreement will be as easy as we want it to be it's not as if we're India where the history and the culture and the trade terms and so on a very very different they are completely aligned negotiate absolutely we're already inside single market they have obligations as not to be imposed by trade tariffs or barriers that already exist well I have no doubts at all we will carry on trading tariffs free without tariffs with the European Union Territory which means a single market well that's pretty tricky sit down you wanna be better for us we'll be better than the Europeans have amongst themselves that's rather the point access to the European market will be maintained and access to other markets around the world will be increased there that's really much of the argument for for leave do we really believe that in Germany the car workers would accept the losing jobs as the price of the vanity of a particular leader do you really believe that a french president or prime minister would deliberately seek to restrict french farmers access to our markets I don't think that's credible a free-trade arrangement that continues to give access services will come up with a UK solution and part of that will be keeping the very very satisfactory and extremely integrated arrangements we have with the Republic of Ireland they've looked back at how that article came into the treaties and the whole purpose of it was to avoid an economic shock for both sides if somebody left these should be lodged under a brexit ears greatest hits but what's truly sad about the situation is not that these people were wrong or that they were incompetent but the fact that these people are being continually pointed to for their for their opinions on the currency on the current status of brexit how these people are valued by the media how they're given their own radio channels they're given articles to write in newspapers how they're interviewed continually by the BBC or by the mainstream media why are these people given such a platform when they've been proven without doubt to be wrong on everything that they've presented they presented brexit is something overwhelmingly positive for the UK and they've been proven that it's overwhelmingly damaging to the British country people and the economy how do these people manage to maintain a face after what they've presented in the asked the fact being is that because brexit and politics have become so polarized anything that they have said will be forgotten anything that they have said would be presented in a different context so no matter what they have said in the past people are indifferent to the lies to the incompetence because there's a bigger picture the bigger picture being brexit needs to pass brexit needs to come to be Breck's it needs to happen and anything that has been said in the past is is no longer important we just have to look at what they have to say now and unfortunately things are just going to get worse from from now on

Brexit – EU at war with itself over Brexit

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The EU leadership argued over whether an extention for the UK to leave the union was a good idea or not. Anti-Brexit T-Shirt Pro-Brexit …

Jo Cox MP Death, EU Remain Blairite Coup

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New show every Sunday 9pm GMT. Mark Windows with Nick Kollerstrom on the death of JO Cox MP and how it was used by the EU Remain campaign as a psychological tool.

welcome back to windows on the world are now with dr. Nikolas true and we're going to talk about the Joe Cox murder and the the details of that which haven't been really reported in any clarity in the press and also the way it's been used politically so Nick welcome to windows on the world but for anyone who outlet who doesn't know what's IOPS can you explain that designed to have an effect on the psyche of the British people so you think the the event wasn't such as random it was designed it appeared on 666 it since June 2016 and the whole thing the way that folded we've got an apparent death massive media coverage the next day we had a funeral we have Corbin and Cameron up in leaves the very next day with flowers when you get a funeral event the day after the day after that we had a Melbourne Magistrates Court we have this suspect Thomas Mir in Magistrates Court making it was Westminster wasn't it okay why wasn't it tried in Leeds why is it suddenly arranged should take months to book an appearance there how come that's suddenly the very next day day after that we have Parliament recalls to discuss this Joe Cox murder then we had the 22nd it was a birthday so all around planet Earth there were birthday celebrations you know Washington that was something that is very strange for someone who's just an MP just because the Americans didn't know who she was really I mean CNN actually stated that she was a British lawmaker amazingly still held thank good but on the 16th I was reading a six-point majority or brexit and that was successfully shattered if you consider the way a PSYOP was conducting mark immediately the ex-husband Charlie saw him whatever a grief and I started talking about remain the remain campaign and miss work against hate he actually said we need to fight against the hate that killed her which was a peculiar and quite a manipulative statement similar statement to tics all the media coverage was about height equals Englanders who are in favor of Britain first fascists that were Nazis and then they framed him as being a Nazi this Thomas man he was supposed to have suddenly he was painted with a Nazi background yes I think was Jada Frandsen from Britain first who actually said that this Guy'd nothing to do with their not but there was one website which actually claims that there is a Britain first group and he's amongst those people have you seen that you know the hope was done that lets me together stay together that showed love love means big in with the EU and let's not give way to hate and hate means petty little England the politics of these racist Nazi isolationist but given that terrific polarity we were drenched in loads of phony emotion about the grief of the death of this woman not really I don't think he did but they just took another few quotes from Brendan Cox he said it was an act of terror designed to advance hate towards others he said what a beautiful irony it is that an act designed to advance hatred has in fact instead generated an outpouring of love I mean it's but these statements are just well constructed sound bites read the script or whatever and I've never seen a death which left feeling that any anyone had died just go over some of these let's go into some of the detail Nick yes neighbors were talking about this fella pleasant social chap ears he's not alone he'd always talked about give you gardening advice do voluntary work in love gardens the bit of psychological help you had was just for depression that's all yes just treated for depression which we all get voluntary work and he gave people helpful advice in their gardens in a particular understand politics no one can remember him expressing an opinion about Rexy or whether everyone in knew him without exception could not square this deal I said who said oh I thought he was going to try to help this and be Joe Cox in some way so my hunch would be that he was captured somehow on the way and maybe drugs up I don't accept that he had stabbed seven times with it I don't accept that he had a handmade gun this is all the story we were given I don't think there was any blood anywhere that's the first thing that struck me she was getting its foot car and then the South Yorkshire police said came out statement that she got out of I can't with two other people three of them go over car and they were walking towards this library I'm showing a picture library which had full windows all the way long so if her constituents were waiting in the library they would have seen what happened and do we hear anything from them and there's the pavement this came back with Daily Mirror on the 16th this is the mirror online 16th very day they showed a picture of the library another drop of blood on the pavement yes now the the the other thing also which is very important is the tattoos and the the photograph that seems have been used of the police capturing him he doesn't seem to have the tattoos but what struck me that we only shown one picture of him always just the one picture go the white hat face yes very large gloves only yeah no gloves that's the only picture well what's what's interesting about this is the way that the police also reported it because they they were actually saying that they were given their information basically through the media and this is something that seems to be happening all the time now the media seem to generate the story and the police then pick it up yeah yeah the story the police came out with was that they had arrested the suspect one mile away they caught in one mile from the events if you remember and they recognized him by a black baseball hat the cap with blood on it and they claimed to find a bit of blood his pocket or whatever but I mean if he had stabbed stabbed Joe Cox with a knife seven times wrestling out to the floor that's what we're told he left blood all over sure everywhere there's no way you could walk through a city for a mile in the middle of diet known in a condition like that and furthermore without leaving a trail of blood anywhere and the police did not report any blood well it state that the woman who was with her who was some kind of advisor it's reported in one of the newspaper stories was that there was a lot of blood and she yes yes there was a report yes one of the witnesses said there was blood everywhere but if you know that she said it on the pavement see there were several different locations where this is event was a listener happened which is apartment argument that didn't happen after the initial reports which for our Cassell said that it happened on the pavement in front of the library then police photographs came out showing stuff remaining in the middle of the road and bits of tape all around as if something had happened in the middle of a road and we shine some shoes in Miller Road there's a first story that she had tried to run away and it ends up in a car park and then there was some some triage or or police cars in a car park so there were different stories of where it happened yes there was one story came out at one point that they had arrested him or held him near the library but I think it's fair to say that the main story was that they caught him one mile away yes and the it brings us back again to why aren't the police in there on the ground interviewing witnesses straight away so they don't appear to be doing people supposed to come out and since God with a white baseball cap white wrestling this guy – the rustling rustling Jocasta ground and so that doesn't fit too well with the police seeing this girl of the black baseball cap I suggest that all the kind of details were given for example can you answer how many people were there you can't really you just got different stories he tells a bit about the older guy has meant to intervene there there's 77 year old and he came after that cafe allegedly and got stabbed in his there's not too much been reported about that other than there's a fundraiser petition to get him some kind of medal yeah you know for this ting intervention she was airlifted to the local hospital hospital in Leeds General Infirmary and so it became part of the story and that's kind of impossible where could a helicopter have come down or put her on a stretcher lifted her up there are no photographs at all of any of this and it goes without saying mark that we haven't got any CCTV we expect that but I would expect if the police wanted anyone to believe their story they would release at least one or two CCTV pictures showing in the area was he anywhere in the area was Joe Cox had Joe Cox got out of the car can we just see associate DV indicating that and as with various other alleged terror events you might expect in the middle of day for somebody's attacking a picture but this doesn't happen this is a key point and so there's no CCTV and there's no camera phone footage now this happens quite a lot when when these events happen now and I don't know whether she was killed or not I'm sure you've seen the video of the next day at this funeral south of Bennett and the sister can't keep a straight face you know she's really out stuff she's thrilled that she's happy and the mother is also quite quite amused bundle no trace of grief anywhere and a lot of web comments people just don't believe that sister has identified the dead body of Joe cops they certainly didn't look like people who were grieving it was there was something very odd about all that but that brings us to the background of her and her husband or ex-husband and and what sort of people they were they seemed to be pretty much Blair right in their views or globalists and he was at the World Economic Forum is a development consultant for them and he spouts diversity globalization is basically a change agent a he believes in entrepreneurship in the global public interest and propose promotes social entrepreneurs and this there's something very very contrived about the stuff he did to camera and the quotes that came out and it was used in very childish political way what is Twitter a picture of his wife smiling happy resting on the barge which is their home by the river now do you really do that after death of your wife post a smiling happy picture of her two hours later or is that kind of signal to everyone in the don't worry she's alright you know well this there's a lot of anomalies there and you've gone into most of them and the the thing is this was used as a political basically for the remain camp and it was it was basically saying that people who who voted brexit were some kind of terrorist extremists yeah and that's really what was being promoted out of her death or as you believe it may be some kind of psychological operation on the public pillow Melinda Gates Foundation you can be up the Empire can tap you on the fat on the shoulder and say look and Friends of fathers one will ask of you it's for the greater cause billions and billions are involved keeping Britain in the EU and I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask you to do this for us and she just vanishes and we don't see any pictures of a dead body or don't see any I'm saying any grief at all no blood on on the street anywhere I mean absurd a theatrical story of this gone there with a huge knife with a 12-foot long blade covered in blood twelve weeks long Blake nobody sees it just just very dodgy witnesses I mean there's nothing like I suggest this is not a real event you know and the way the media come out absolute chorus about it and the diversity of the stories the different stories such as washi airlifted you know we're not given anything to really get our teeth into there's there's no real information being conveyed by the police and basically the police are saying they're to the papers that the case is going to be heard under the Terrorism protocols now what are the Terrorism protocols it means that there is silence you want you want to talk you are hearing their speech in front of a microphone and be asked for example did you order far-right literature from America yes or no you know him just to say it's so bad quite apart from did years ago wasn't it there's about eight or ten years and that was brought in by that was it the Southern Poverty Law Center on the 16th the very day of the event there's some problem that's out about when this guy's just a suspect it claimed to have receipts of 17 years ago suddenly receipts sending a stranger they popped up his net we're going to take a short break and we'll see in a couple of minutes our next guest now Serena was evicted from her own property this was due to a management company issuing charges which she disputed and he's now been arrested handcuffed student loans the book has been sold all of what we've talked about is coming your way well that video is very shocking because now Serena was actually peacefully occupying her own property and she was arrested for breach of the peace in her own house it's very painful to watch because in that instance I realized something terrible is happening in this country we did a show about people getting their doors kicked in by the police on behalf of private interests without proper Court warrants and this is actual fact this is happening it's illegal and it's correct and you have to ask yourself why are the people who are willing to bust in people's doors what the hell happened to them do you actually called me who was mashing the door yeah we actually got a phone call into their press office and first of all they said the police would never do that however they've been caught on video doing just that and the second time we called they said if the police did that it would be criminal damage so you've just witnessed crip criminal damage by the police welcome back to windows on the world we're talking about the murder of Joe Cox and with dr. Nick colostrum and we've had a quite an interesting introduction there to what this is all about and what's been said what hasn't been said how it's been reported by the police and the anomalies in the story we're now going to go back to what this guy actually said Thomas Maher he was allegedly yelling out Britain first yes local cafe put up a notice in his window so at no point did anyone shouts out Britain first that's right yes there was another two witnesses no Nick can you tell us a bit about them two people came out of the of the cafe and one managed they struggled to rescue the Joe Cox and the other I think just kept a distance yes but it was this guy mr. Rothwell I think who maintained that he had said you had heard someone say the mayor say Britain first he alleges it was mayor that said Britain first got out the car with with Joe Cox they don't seem to have said much no no there isn't there isn't much and I've been through quite a lot of the papers yeah that mad sounding cry was then echoed in the court case wasn't it a mountain court when he said death to traitors freedom for Britain freedom that was it at Westminster magistrates court on a Saturday Westminster yes yes on the 23rd at the Old Bailey on Monday confirmed his name as Thomas Mayer but that was via video link from Belmarsh prison yeah I noticed the first one he didn't confirm his name did it no he just and that might have been some actor or double in the court crying out death to traitors he wasn't keen on purging himself on earth about his name being Thomas me I'll just suggest that as a possibility it's a very interesting one them remotely resemble the character everybody knows Thomas Meera yeah quite gentlemen we have interest in politics I mean the thing that's most striking about that is the way it's been propagandized so who benefited from that who actually benefited from it and really what's interesting as well is that Thomas Maher was meant to be some far-right you know I'm kind of Nazi extremist you know but if you look at the background of these two Joe and Brendan Cox it would be more likely that they would have a Muslim extremist doing it because of their views and what they've done with her she's voted for bombing Syria wanted to create the image of the right wing reaction I'm throwing this in Wyatt who wanted to stay at once it breaks it so it makes yes but I'm trying to make sense of it you're right no I mean that would actually make more sense with the views of these two to see what I'm trying to say here is that the in a rational sense if you look at the background and what they are and what they what they've said and who they've been involved with it would make more sense if they're going to set up a patsy for it to be a Muslim in my opinion but of course they're trying to blacken people like Faraj who just want to get out of Europe yes they're that and anybody who votes against remain is an extremist as reported by people like Angela Merkel and of course all the Blair writes whenever they see a patsy you get a fake identity put onto them of you know hatreds and an extreme ISM and so on and the real a person gets lost forgotten and I always feel that is what we need to try and rescue we need to get a real bargain with Thomas Mann I've holy really what was because I doubt we'll ever hear him speak again he's probably drugged up to the eyeballs now with stuff and I think there is do at the end of this year there is dude to be some court hearing and they will carefully monitor what what he said notice that the judge was the same school on the 18th that's the same who presided over the Lee Rigby a very very good point there and also is the same who let off that bent House of Lords judge Anna and Jewish peer beautiful horrible pedophile and she let him off so that could be the reason why this fellow was brought down to London to be tried by this judge yes for anyone who thinks that's a bit far-fetched I'd like to bring attention to something here Nick that's very important because in the lower courts or the high courts we're talking about things that are civil which become criminal there are a cabal of judges who we actually know about on this show who are working against the interests of the public and as a cabal and basically stealing property so if this could actually go higher up the judiciary then that what you're saying is not really out of the realms of logic you know the outburst on the 18th the magistrate's court it was partly because it was called so suddenly we weren't expecting it it was either a closed court without any members of public and obviously one did he really say that did anybody really share their own accord I didn't see anywhere that it said in a packed public gallery or anything like that important of Justice is a public event must be seen and when this fella mayor does come to trial let's try to be there at least some of the time normally these people that I just sit through the trial silent and there's nothing much they would ever say they're just given the verdict and told how about that we do need to try and be there at such a trial yes this reminds me a little bit of an Jill Dando Barry George scenario where he was gonna this projected onto him that was kind of this obsessive simpleton and of course he was completely innocent and the police in that case when it started knew that Vick I haven't I have some information that was given to me at the time that the police actually were not really interested in Barry George so they couldn't find anybody and of course we find that now he was innocent let's go Jenny one up in leads be some truth group obviously that's where the the old London bombing story was kind of hatched narrative took place up there lets him to try and ask practical realistic questions for example asking the place if they can release an image with a trace of blood anywhere or they can define where exactly they think the struggle took place and they've pinpointed or possibly asked leads infirmary to show the receipt which they filled in when the body was brought to them about two o'clock in the afternoon on the 16th from a helicopter that watch from a helicopter can they show us the receipt these kind of practical details which presumably cannot be produced because I surmise none of it happened but the the the refusal is important if you ask these questions politely in written letter or but this is and you get a refusal that's as much as you can do so we try to get practical realistic details I suggest who was the last person who ever saw Thomas Mara sure whether we'll ever see him again and we're certainly worried that a trial it might be some sort of double well the public need full disclosure of what's happening in these cases because they're not getting any disclosure and the police are being fed as we said at the start the show by the media they're fed a story by the media which they then report now it's their job to investigate these things and to present the evidence to the public has told the police he was guilty this is the Trump with the war on terror you say the whole the traditional investigative way in which the police works is in kind of hijacked by the war on terror and the anti-terror command counter-terror command police have told who's guilty and they're told they fought a war on terror and it's terrible difference of pursuit of the normal normal course of action I mean for example the day after event on 17th they said they had arrested the suspect they've got the suspect now if they found him they're outside the library with a huge knife they wouldn't be calling him a suspect with that well that has to be decided by the jewelry well allegedly now the thing is as well Nick because we're going to wrap this up for this section is that the only thing we know about Thomas Maher was from an local newspaper in 2010 he was a volunteer Oh quelle Hall as a gardener and it was through the Muirfield pathways day Center for adults with mental health problems and he stated at the time stung me more good than all the psychotherapy and medication in the world and that was in 2000 well we'll never know that thanks to windows on the world keep watching those watching us watching windows on the world we'll see you soon you

Brexit: Tyneside Flotilla – Remainers shout abuse at fishermen (again!)

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Yet again #Remain agitators decided to hurl abuse at hardworking British fishermen protesting to save their livelihoods – fishermen were only too happy to hurl eggs back!

Remains disparaging attitude to folk who’s way of life and industry has been hammered is down right disgraceful!

The PM’s dire deal traps us in CFP orbit forever & must be voted down!

Failure to do so will be fatal for British fishing; be a massive two fingers to the largest vote in British history; and fatally undermine government by consent which has stood this country in peaceful stead for 300years.

angry confrontations took place on Tyneside today as rival groups cashed / brexit it came as 13 boats sailed from North Shields to Newcastle demanding the UK leaves the European Union without a deal on March the 29th Andrew Hartley reports they say they've been sold down the river on board these boats fishermen who wants us to leave the EU but claim they've been betrayed over brexit is to tell the mps and office enough for democracy they're trying to Thor at the biggest vault in British history we've seen that in pilot but no it's no breeze and it's not any more lip service to break so it's open revolt against it it's what we're getting towards no isn't even just for the damage will do to fishing or specific industries the damage it does to our constitutional settlement it started in two waves from North Shields fish key by Road and river but it was when the flotilla arrived in Newcastle the fireworks really began a counter demonstration by remained supporters no floating voters on this stretch of the Tyne I can understand the fishing communities do have interest in the outcome of exits but they are not but one two percent of the economy and I think there's gonna be a massive economic impact on everybody else as well and their their view should be taken into account and then we're clearly hearing from the business community that they are they are worried about things tomorrow it's the start of March to leave a walk from Sunderland to London in support of brexit but for many today it will be the image of the bitter confrontation between rival camps that will provide a stark reminder just how toxic the debate has become Andrew Hartley BBC Look North new

Brexit: Iain Duncan Smith calls on Theresa May to quit ASAP

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Iain Duncan Smith wants the prime minister stand down as early as next month – while Britain should not take part in the EU elections.

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welcome back well brexit has that this week being delayed by another six months and our next guest is today urging the prime minister that she should now be prepared to leave the EU without a deal we're joined now by the former Conservative Party leader in Duncan Smith thank you very much for being on the show so what's your reaction n-2 this delay well I think it was very interesting I haven't seen a lot of stuff from constituents coming in from the beginning but it was on the 29th when we didn't leave that's when this has all gone wrong up until then people were prepared to give tourism a the benefit of the doubt but they knew that she had said she would leave on the 29th of March and the big problem was as soon as we didn't leave you can see all the poll ratings start to crash and it's wholly linked to the fact that leave all remained they were expecting us to go when we didn't go it look like a complete breach with the pledge that we had made and that's a disaster for a political party and there's no question that polling at the moment I think it's very voluble very flexible but it's um it's where it is now and I suspect it's about right and the Sunday Telegraph leading on poll of polls that they've done so the Labour Party would be the largest party if there was a general election and Jeremy called win in number 10 I mean do you think that is the case well you know this is three or four years out from the next election and there's a lot to go so I don't I just cannot conceive the British public with jeremy corbyn's background and a party that was marred in some charges of anti-semitism and really ghastly misogyny and various other problems that they've got going on a man who backs the venezuela dictator who's been murdering his own people all of these things will come home to roost but he stands charged with supporting Maduro when the rest of the world says madeira must go in Venezuela but you know it's kind of Marxism and and my point about this is whether that people like it or they don't like it none of that will be on display because it's all about brexit at the moment it's all about whether the Conservatives have delivered on their ability to leave the European Union and we really have to get out and we simply cannot fight the euro elections I gather dozens conservative Association members are now written a letter to the Prime Minister saying they are not prepared to fight euro elections it would be an utter disaster for us and a disaster for the country I mean what what are you going to say on the doorstep vote for me and I'll be gone in three months it doesn't make any sense well you know I always campaigned for conservative candidates but I absolutely do not want to campaign on the euro election ticket which would be almost impossible to justify and I think the public will ask why are we going to spend 109 million-plus and add another billion a month to that by being full members of the EU when we could have left and we should leave so I think the date isn't October at all the date is the key moment in May when we have to put up electoral officers if we don't put those up then we're leaving before the end of June according to polling today your seat is one of the ones that's high risk well I you know I have a seat that is marginal like a lot of colleagues do and we're fighting very hard we haven't seen a massive change in that I have to tell you but notwithstanding their and I think it's important for us to recognize across the board the idea of a government run by Jeremy Corbyn with all those Marxist policies it's just going to be disaster for the United Kingdom but you think yes it would be no I think I'll hold my seat because I believe I've been clear and straight with my electorate since the day I was elected and they know my views on this and they know my views on a whole range of other issues which I've been very clear about social justice set up the ket the centre for social justice and very keen to see the worst off improve their lives in the best way possible and that's lots of changes needed to our policy process at the moment but the reality is you know here we have this irony that the the economy has a has a current account surplus we have the lowest unemployment the highest employment the lowest youth unemployment literally for decades the economy is now seen as a very very good investment by external people who are holding back because of brexit with all of those and with the deficit down to 1% we should be romping home in the polls why are we not because the one thing the public at the moment fears is that we haven't delivered on our word which was to leave on March the 29th now we keep extending with extension I've always said it's political death we have to make a decision either there to modify their agreement which is a biggest problem as the backstop you know this I went the other day I think there is some scope for some further discussions about alternative arrangements why because the EU themselves have now said that no matter what there will not be a hard border on the border nor none and they'll have alternative arrangements well if they're going to do that for No Deal their threat that there would be borders hard borders and or denial is gone that means now there is scope to say well if you are going to do that and we put four proposals months ago to them about how they would do it using existing customs techniques then you can do it when you have the deal that would end the whole problem about the max so you went to meet with Michele Barney this week did you he was completing the brakes at negotiations for the EU are you seriously saying that he told you the withdrawal agreement would be up for renegotiation no no I'm not I'm not going to get into this no what we actually discussed because there are still some scope I think but the key bit that I think about both sides now grudgingly accept is that the backstop does not work it doesn't deliver what you want it's impossible to run practically it doesn't work and it literally would cut Northern Ireland away from the United Kingdon twork it simply physically practically does not work I know because you can't apply it you know under the existing backstop proposals the whole of the UK would have to be doing some 250 million wet stamp pieces of paper at the borders these are plucked from the Turkish agreement and dumped into this agreement at the last moment it doesn't work and they know it so they're working on this as much as we are so my point is let's be honest with each other that's not wait to get this done let's do this now and we can actually produce alternative arrangements that mean that Northern Ireland is no longer under threat to be left out of the UK and we would then be able to have an agreement which actually works that's a possibility as a very strong possibility right now but we've got to get on with it another possibility is staying in are you worried that we might actually end up never leave it I believe we have to leave I believe we will leave both parties were elected on manifestos that said they were leaving leaving the custom in single market the problem has been that inside Parliament it's stuffed full of people who have never accepted the result the problem is really being and in a sense mrs. Mae made this clear it's about those in Parliament who are doing their level best and some of them in my party to actually frustrate and stop brexit including some people who support breaks that who refuse to vote well the real problem has been that there is this concern that what we do is we allow a foreign power to interfere in the United Kingdom and carve one section of the United Kingdom out what they call UK ni which would be in a completely separate world from that of the UK with borders between the UK and Northern Ireland it's intolerable I mean you know nobody voted for that we voted to leave clean as a United Kingdom and I think we simply have to do that and I really urge the prime minister to be very clear with them we're not fighting the European election any idea of doing that is disaster if we make that clear today and say we are going to leave Deal or No Deal before the euro elections now I think the public will start to snap back and say okay these people mean business and when we do it that's the moment when we'll end all of the nonsense from these other peripheral parties like you kept in the brexit party and the Tiggers I don't I was super don't worry she's like the studio no and just when we've got you you've called on Tories are made to set a date for her departure when do you think that takes you've been well I know that the Prime Minister has already said she's going she said she would go as and when the agreement was ratified which was looking at around about May June I think those dates still stand I think that the Prime Minister has to do is aim everything now towards debauchery before the euros which would then allow her to step away having done what she said she would do get the UK out of the European Union one way or the other and then we can have another leadership election and pick a new leader which is the way that it has to be she's accepted and agreed that but I think that now needs to be set down as I say there are lots and lots of chairmen out there who do not want to fight the European elections and lots who are fighting the May elections right now who are really upset and concerned that they're going to have a backlash in what is important local it could be a grassroots revolts if you like well there already is to be quite frank people don't want to fight the euro elections they want to get on with the mayor elections and they want to do it in the sense that they can say to the public we promised you we would leave we are and have left so we will leave you know before the euro elections take place that is the key position to be and by the way I have real concern with some of my colleagues going out lording Jeremy Corbyn and saying somehow you know we agree with quite a lot or we you know it in all of this we used to say that he's not fit for government my view is he's not fit for government and nor his policies which would wreck the economy we need to be very clear that in the course of this we don't end up letting Jeremy Corbyn dictate to us that we stay on a customs union or we have some kind of second referendum or for that matter we are aligned with the European single market all of that given to us by Jeremy coordinate is a recipe for disaster okay sounds like you're ready to fight that election certainly indigent Smith thank you very much for coming on the program this movie

Brexit: Are Remainers Ageist?

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Brexit supporters are often slandered as “racists and idiots”. But the past week has shown a similar smear can also be used against Remainers. Is this fair?

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I somehow managed to stay away from discussing brexit on my channel despite it being a much more important issue than what I normally cover in all honesty a lot of it is just to do with how toxic I find the debate to be and before I go into the subjects of this video I want to get my own feelings on brexit off my chest so you have a bit of context as to where I'm coming from now I voted to remain in a referendum I was never one of those people who champion the EU is this arbiter of human rights and moral superiority in a way to remain camp now paints it I always had my criticisms but I felt at the time it was better the devil you know than to follow through with leaving as I had no idea what that would look like and being honest I still don't I found the campaign's on both ends to be terrible leave were full of promises in their substance but remain bangs on support oh so you're a racist idiot which let's be honest wasn't exactly the best tactic considering how that turned out now I'll admit I felt disappointed when the results came in but being honest it was more the feeling of backing the wrong course than anything else I spent all my time in a row not reading the likes of the Guardian and not paying attention so exactly why anyone really wanted to leave at this moment but then afterwards I started listening to Franz who voted to leave I read articles and watch videos online and also would not brand myself a brexit ear by any means I did come to accept that leave one I understood their arguments and I do think we should follow through with the results in a referendum and not just pass them off as being wrong now I am not expecting all remain as to be like me and to come and accept brexit far from it if you're passionate about remaining in the EU feel free to speak out all you want I've no issue with people who want to remain at all but rather than reflect on what happened remain seem to opt to double down on branding their opponents as racist I personally remember the day after the referendum when I was at work and a colleague sent out an email to the whole department telling people if they voted leave that they weren't welcome to come out on a night out at the time I took that as being nothing more than a sore loser but years have passed and a rhetoric seems to say the same we've all heard it breck sitters are idiots brexit errs are racists they are idiot bassists they're far-right they're fascists they're Nazis they didn't know what they were voting for they're not as intelligent as remain as all of us on repeat over the last two years and it's not going anywhere at all and when I say this I'm not referring to runs and comments that I've seen on Facebook and Twitter although that certainly shows up as well but these are actual conversations I've had with people that I'm close with some of our best trans people who I think incredibly highly of and yet when you mentioned brexit the same record starts all over again breakfast is are wrong who cares about democracy sovereign's he's just a joke our country's racist and I'm really ashamed for being British now I'm not saying the altitude from brexit sirs can't be any better I really hate the idea of calling remain as traitors and so we live in the 15th century and everyone must have the same damn opinion on breakfast but I've not heard brexit is claimed to have the moral high ground a common remain a response to don't smear all breakfast is racist and I'm honestly lost count of harmony told her claims have been told this in person seems to be not only voters a racist but all racists voted to leave and yet I here remain as constantly talk of a divided Britain and refused to take any responsibility for the situation themselves granted neither do the hardest of brexit ears but again moral high-ground I frankly expect more from the self-proclaimed more intelligence non racist morally correct camp than I do from the one who openly doesn't give a and breakfast is being considered racist has stuck just look at art and I Solebury for example it's fine for her to call brexit ears fascists and overwhelmingly racists who support the Tommy Robinson man but when she's labeled a Nazi essentially the same thing the police are called and it's contempt across a critical spectrum worth buying for bricks this is to be smeared apparently and have honestly taught some or remainders who feel this is acceptable than those who don't again never hear any condemnation of this from their camp and I wonder if there's a similar smear that could be used against them to I mean we've got to be consistent here maybe it's because I'm in a so-called privileged position where I voted one way then came to except the other side position but I feel I can do this but the past week really has brought out one shocking rhetoric out of the grounds against remainders and that's to do with age now one of the first complaints I heard from romaine is since the vote was that the old people stole the result from the young who remain as a convinced are universally on their side and all people's votes shouldn't count the same as the younger just because the elderly are not potentially able to be around this long so they're not gonna see the full results of what happened now like earlier I always took this as more spoilsport than any kind of real serious arguments after all I doubt any remainders would honestly insist their own remain a granny shouldn't vote because she's too old but the last week has seen this line of thought come to prominence again this shouldn't come as a surprise considering only Leever ever held to account for their rhetoric and it's hard to imagine one remain of calling out another seriously but some I felt emboldened enough to take to the national stage and spouter writing for The Guardian heart and remain a pollito in beeper claims that South Bay the 19th of January 2019 would be the moments the UK turns from leave to remain now the reason for this is a YouGov report which claims the leave votes leave has been declining by 1350 a day this is because the elderly dying so on the 19th and if all people will have died since the referendum Toynbee says that there will no longer be a majority for leaving the EU so all will therefore be the will of the people to remain and they should be cemented in a second referendum of course join be warns that leave may win a second time and also says that remain errs are right to fear how much further they may go in a second referendum always wrong quoting a painfully fact-based gentle a remain campaign I remember the Cora main argument last time to be brexit is for idiot racists Polly at least that's what the remain has constantly told me even close friends now Toynbee concludes leavers afraid of a so-called people's votes in case they lose ignoring the very real implication that their vote didn't matter in the first place and what that would entail going forward not strangely the only comments on people changing opinion there's that she believes his predominantly Pro remain I beg to differ there are many remain voters like myself that accept their results and will probably vote to leave in a potential second referendum to send the message to the elites of this country but they should not dictate our beliefs and let's face it coming out as breakfast hissed feels as toxic as saying Trump's not such a bad guy after all brands and everyone has something negative does not change their V's it just pushes them underground join beef comments came alongside a website which was launched earlier in the week called differente Moda UK which was set up to count down the number of elderly people dying until on moral arbiters can proclaim their well as now what the majority wants the site caused controversy though the implications that the remain is one thing the elderly to die was ignored by the likes of the Guardian with the site's owner eventually shutting it all down calling himself a victim of vicious attacks by brexit us so I guess it's fine to champion the deaf silly voters but not criticize the man doing it cool thanks for maintaining the moral high ground there the site itself now just links to a video on the independence but this isn't where the whole story ends we have the 90s pop singer Jamelia calling for over 75 to have their votes removed on the Jeremy Vine show and we also have several kind of worrying comments coming from hardline remainders yes again where's the condemnation from that side I always see this being called when you get mad leavers commenting in the likes of the Express so why is there no consistency I condemn this rhetoric on both sides and I expect that from other people as well now this whole idea of denying the elderly the votes because they might not be around certainly reeks of ageism I don't want using terms like this but I feel in this instance I have no choice and I wonder whether they'd want to deny their war votes to the terminally ill after all they won't be around see the implications at their vote and I just need to point out one of my best friends passed away last year was a leave boater so should her vote be revoked because she's no longer around she certainly intended to be around to see brexit happen and I think that it's important that that's recognized and if which have followed the same train of logic the elderly won't be impacted by their voting choices shouldn't this be applied to other political choices as well what about the issue of a high tax should that only be voted on by those earning a certain threshold let's say about 30 40 50 thousand pounds a year I mean after all low earth owners aren't gonna be paying that same level attacks so why should they get a say in a matter that is ultimately not going to impact them in the same way and why is there this assumption that all the elderly wanted to leave there's definitely elderly voters who wanted to remain as well and this goes for the young a lot of people seem to assume they all want her to remain but as channel for show recently showed it's not quite as popular as a lot of remain as would like you to believe so as I've explained we've seen that others quite a few remain as out there who have a generally negative view of the elderly you could almost say that they are ageist but that won't be fair at all because after all not all remain as her ageist so let me come up the popular brexit expression not all remain is there a gist what all ages voted to remain that's not very nice of me is it it's not nice that I can smear a whole group like that and you're completely right I don't think I'll remain as a rageous at all I don't think it's fair for either side in this debate to be slandered because of the actions of an extremist minority it's something I as an individualist like to be consistent about every one of us is accountable for our own actions and being a certain person is no indicator for your own thoughts and beliefs but I bring this up because as someone who voted to remain I'm tired of the debate being one-sided it's fine to slander breck sisters but not remain as how about we judge each person on their own actions why don't we listen to people on both sides like I have and understands where they're coming from and try a thing called empathy don't assume brexit is a racist idiots don't assume remainders are ages to traitors the debate is so toxic because both sides are acting as such and not holding themselves to account now at least we can all agree on one thing whether you're remain or leave teresa may is toxic and we had a great moment in the last week where we all bonded together to shoot down a frankly abhorrent deal for the UK so why don't we all get together and work on breakfast and make the UK great again [Applause] [Applause] give it up gonna be

Brexit – The EU will Throw May not Ireland Under a Bus

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The European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, has pledged support for the Irish border backstop regardless of what happens in the Brexit negotiations.

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so in a guardian article today it's been said that chief negotiator Michele Barney has met with the Irish Prime Minister and he said that the EU will pledge complete support for a backstop in the event of a No Deal brexit now what does that mean it basically means that the EU are not willing to throw the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland under a bus as as a means to serve as a as some type of help for Theresa May and brexit errs what that means is that until until now the EU has been quiet while brexit errs and Teresa may have been playing hardball with them have been presenting them as the enemy as someone who's intransigent intransigent is not willing to negotiate is not willing to respect rules or come to some type of compromise and what the EU is doing in now in return is saying okay if if you want to have a trade agreement after a No Deal then you're going to have to first have the backstop in place the funny thing is is that the UK had actually requested a backstop and the UK and the EU had signed up to it and the UK in return signed up as as part of the agreement so the backstop was agreed many months ago and now Tory brexit hers and people like Boris Johnson are saying that the the backstop is a problem and the backstop needs to be removed so what brexit errs had hoped and in a very naive sense they believed that back many months ago they believed that the European Union would pressure Ireland the Republic of Ireland to drop any requests for a backstop even though the UK and European Union has signed up to it but Tory Breck Cedars had believed that if they put if Teresa may could put pressure on the European Union they would drop the hope of having a backstop now they seem to be either ignorant or stupid or both because since 1998 the Good Friday Agreement an agreement signed a referendum the will of the people a referendum signed in 1998 on the United on the entire island of Ireland north and south to have an agreement of trade and cross-border cooperation one of the biggest supporters of this was both the United States but also the European Union the European Union said we will support you in any way we can and since 1998 the European Union has have pumped billions of euros into Northern Ireland for reconstruction projects for cross-border trade and education and cultural products a project sorry and also projects to support peace peace on on the island of Ireland so peace projects between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland between north and south and the European Union has invested a great deal of time and money in supporting the Good Friday Agreement and Tory brexit are seemed to believe that the European Union are going to throw all of that away in order to satisfy Theresa May and Tory brexit errs because they believe that whatever trade exists between the European Union and the UK will supersede any type of support they have for the Good Friday Agreement there they're thinking in a very local sense they believe well of course they'll they put trade over peace because that's what we would do Tory brexit er seem to think that the you that the EU and other countries within the EU think like they do first we think about money corruption and then we think about politics they don't seem to understand how the EU works and have clearly demonstrated that the EU is going to support now maybe they'll turn around and not do it but it'd be extremely I'd be extremely surprised if they did that but they're going to support to the Europe the European Union first and the Republic of Ireland because it's part of the European Union I don't know how I can I can't I have to stress this the European Union is not going to throw ireland under a bus north or south it has too much invested in it and finally the Republic of Ireland is a member state of the European Union the UK is deciding to leave so who would you support more someone who's staying within your club or someone who's leaving the club at the end of the day I think this is where the problem lies Tory brexit errs and to a lesser extent labourer Exeter's seem to think that the European Union thinks in the same way as they do in the corrupt local nationalistic point of view and they're going to find out in the in a hard way how wrong they are

Have Remainers lost their minds? Have Leavers lost their Brexit?

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In a very unscientific Twitter poll more people would choose to ‘Stop Brexit’ than ‘Reverse Climate Change’. This is madness but they may get their wish as it now seems certain that Article 50 will have to be extended . . . and after that . . . who knows?

hi folks welcome to mark my words now some people say that remainders are obsessed with stopping brexit above anything else now I'm sure this could it be further from the truth so to prove this I thought I'd do a little poll take a look at this okay mark I want you to imagine that you found a magic lamp you give it a rub a genie comes out and he offers you one wish Brad for those three wishes it was until 2010 when the Tories came into power and cut the wishes anyway the point is it gives you a choice you can either stop brexit adversely things reverse climate change or free Palestine which would you choose stop now countdown countdown that's just an eight-year-old child I'm sure if I put this poll out on Twitter to adults out there on Twitter very much politically engaged I'm sure we get a more sensible answer let's take a look at the resource on my Twitter poll now you have it folks absolute madness if you've given one wish and you can choose from those four options 40% of respondents of which simmer over six and a half thousand chose stock brexit and 32% reverse climate change the fate of the whole planet second favorite to keeping the UK in the European Union it's absolute madness don't forget that Twitter poll of course is not restricted to just remain as anybody for voting that is absolutely crazy that 40% of people chose stock brexit and 32% reverse climate change it shows you what is wrong with a political debate in this country people are too obsessed with brexit of both sides of the debate as somebody who voted remained but is in no sense a Ramona I want to solve the problems in this country around austerity universal credit public services knife crime all those issues that people care about but all you hear from these hardcore remainders is that you can't solve any of that unless you stop brexit now stopping brexit might make solving those easier in financial terms but the fact of the matter is it doesn't matter how big the financial cake is if the government won't share the cake out more fairly so let's stay in the EU but let's have a Labour government that is what if you share the proceeds of the financial benefits of staying in the EU if you're willing to stay in the EU and stick with the Tories or the Lib Dems if you think they'll keep you in the EU and quite frankly I'm not interested first priority as a Labour government to share the economic wealth of this country more fairly however big it is how a big nut cake is it needs to be shared more fairly the EU is a second-order issue after getting labour into power and solving austerity and the horrible state of the poor people in this country now of course on Tuesday we'd have the meaningful vote in the Commons and it looks likely that Tereza maize deal is good lose and lose heavily personally I think it might be a bit closer than most pundits imagine because obviously brexit seems increasingly under threat and if you look at this story here in the independent it says that even if Teresa main steel passes on Tuesday yes passes on Tuesday the UK were not believing the European Union on the 29th of March there's too much legislation to get through the British Parliament to actually have an orderly deal brexit on the 29th of March even if Teresa Mae's deal gets through so my message today for levers is this you did not vote to leave the EU on the 29th of March 2019 in fact most of you that voted leave in 2016 probably expected to leave a lot sooner than today the fact of the matter is if you want to leave it here you don't you must let the Parliament and the government get on with its work I don't want to see these people with a yellow vests protesting about not leaving the EU on the 29th of March 2016 you've got a perfect right to be unhappy if we don't need to hear you and you're perfectly okay to express her but the 29th of March was on the ballot paper so if article 50 is extended or there needs to be a general election or there needs to be a second referendum before you start kicking off wait until the process is finished before you make a judgement as to whether or not your vote in the referendum has been respected or not the 29th of March was on no ballot paper in the world ever it's as simple as that so to quote the great Martin Luther King jr. we've got some difficult days ahead but quite frankly although next week is going to be one of the most unpredictable and shocking weeks possibly in British politics for a long time I'm quite optimistic about the future of this country well we stay in the EU whether we leave half leave whatever I'm quite confident that at some point this Tory government is going to collapse and whenever the general election does take place I'm confident that labour will do very well I don't care what the polls say the polls are absolute nonsense do you know anybody who has been contacted by an opinion pollster and when I say contacted I don't mean they've responded to an email of their own choosing I mean they've actually been stopped and asked directly without them pre-selecting themselves how they would want to vote the answer is probably no and the sorts of people that Labour wants to motivate to get to the ballot boxes to stop austerity are the least likely people to have been contacted by pollsters at all not only that the margin of error means that most polls are absolutely meaningless the margin of error is 3% but that doesn't mean a 3% difference in the gap between the parties it means a 3% difference in the level of support for any party so in fact labour could be free percent higher or lower and so could the Conservatives so the gap between the parties could be 6% either way though the actual result of the opinion polls opinion polls are absolutely useless but not only that the Tories only one in 2015 because David Cameron offered a referendum to choose to leave the EU it's quite clear now that that is why he won that election and took so many seats of the Liberal Democrats especially in the southwest which is very much Pro lead so I'm perfectly up for a general election any day of your choosing to resume and labour will be the next government being a minority or majority government with Jeremy Corbyn in number 10 to end your austerity project where you try to strip all the wealth from the poor people and even started to hit the middle classes and funnel it up to the one percent or the naught point one percent and take all the wealth that people that work in this country for the decades and try and store it and your offshore tax havens it's absolutely disgusting and labor it's going to put that to an end whether we stay or whether we leave the EU banks watching folks want to see what videos know what to do click on the subscribe on float around there somewhere and I catch you all again soon bye bye

Special report: Brexit uncertainty, from Aberdeen to Torquay

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Sky News finds people across the UK are just as confused as politicians about if or when the country will leave the European Union.

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Aberdeen is 500 miles from Westminster the oil and gas capital of Britain and in recent years it's seen boom bust and brexit you know it's a pretty gloomy day here in Aberdeen and in many ways that's a reflection on how the economy has been here in the last few years a slump in the global oil price saw investments pulled here and a lot of jobs were lost – and there are fears that brexit could make matters worse it's the start of a long journey for me to discover what people really think about brexit and it begins here a small shop owned by Zoe James in the heart of Aberdeen this is fantastic thank you very much so this is all this is how long have you had this place four and a half years we opened in November 2014 yeah I think that we've kind of lost our way a bit and I think we should be more self-sufficient and depend on ourselves how do you feel about the way that brexit has panned out I'm very frustrated I have a huge amount of sympathy for Theresa May I think I I wouldn't necessarily have voted for Whidden but it that doesn't change the fact that she's taken on an impossible task and she will never be thanked for it there are six million small businesses in the UK all pretty keen to find out how brexit might affect them so I've come to chat to Craig will ox who owns this bookshop how do you feel about the way that the brexit process has been dealt with by by politicians to be honest I think when the the Vorta came to me initially and reached sided on you know point to the plexus aid I think I think there was a lot of surprise throughout the world that we've done that you know I felt I sentiment embarrassment that we were doing this and the whole process since then if anything is this mid mid to me as a British person Scottish person a bit more than vilest I wish you know my heart of hearts that weren't doing it but I guess people have voted for its or not got much choice in the matter but no it's not affected me personally or my business massively no so fix it is there but life goes on not everyone is taking brexit so seriously we saw that photo opportunity she went on then last year comedians like vladimir McTavish are having a field day at bricks it's expense with no one in control brexit the unlikely ingredient to a Saturday night out at least the time we just need to accept there was a bad idea if you go back me beg them for forgiveness definitely go to a scientist get a time machine go back in time and tell everyone really what brexit is all about and then people would vote accordingly and we wouldn't be where we are right now I think we should just forget that it ever happened I'm leaving up a team to head south into the northeast of England on the train I meet Hillary race and manager in the NHS who voted remain have you think this story will end have you the brexit story will a you know like five ten years and we go God member brexit yeah personally I hope that I mean you know I still still would like to think that you don't if we don't not just have to go with that there's nothing you know the people voters don't be that bad though Michael it might be it might not be that bad 250 miles south of Aberdeen is Newcastle and here they're watching brexit really closely because a No Deal brexit according to business leaders could affect the northeast economy more than anywhere else in the UK and remember the story of brexit here in the Northeast was it the vast majority of people here voted to leave the EU how did you vote in the referendum May I wouldn't leave are you happy how it's going not depressing you having a good breakfast no what do you think should happen then just well the councillor demoralizing would you be happy to extend if it meant that we got a better deal I'd be happy to extend it infinitely to be honest not leave yes I'm heading along the Northumberland Coast to the port of life one of the biggest sticking points in brexit negotiations has been how Britain will trade after brexit and ports across the country are watching those negotiations very closely but one or two of the potential in with investors to the port of perhaps waiting to see what happens with practices so we need as British ports is for that uncertainty to to be concluded and we can go on to continue to do the vital role we do for the economy but also we add that extra layer of uncertainty don't with it not only do we need to solve the uncertainty surrounding brexit generally but when on earth we're gonna leave well that's right and it is not just about whether we have tariffs or not it's just knowing what that final conclusion is and is it gonna be delayed for one month two and three months to two years who knows the final stop on this brexit journey is Torquay the English Riviera town that turned its back on Europe and voted leaf I think it's disgraceful and I think what'll happen is is that come the next general election I think their votes are going to be majorly down Jackie hopper is getting tired of waiting for brexit how do you feel about it dragging on for another few months even at end of the year [Applause] and Dolby swapped her teaching job for a taxicab a few years ago how would you sum up brexit in a word just I mean hey only and add one yeah disappointing why because nothing's happened it's been three years and nothing's happened and I just feel like it's all internal politics got nothing to do what the British people want it's funny though isn't there and because Torquay in this area voted quite heavily to leave do you think that that was a mistake do you think we might see some negative effects yes I think I was I was for leave originally but if there was another vote now I think I would definitely vote stayed mainly because I realized that the trouble in the hassle is taking just today our journey from north to south has revealed a nation left looking on powerless to do anything about brexit those pulling the strings now the decision-makers the politicians still left clambering to find a way out yet haven't quite managed it Nick Martin Sky News

Brexit – James O'Brien Destroys Brexiteer Caller

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James O’Brean destroys a brexiteer caller by asking him about facts. Anti-Brexit T-Shirt Pro-Brexit T-Shirt …

Brexit – James O'Brien the Trouble Brexiteer David Davis

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James O’Brien spoke about one of the biggest idiots of brexit, David Davis and how he is still given a platform after he was exposed as completely inept on the subject.

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I suppose again I'm in that difficult position this morning of wanting to talk to you when you're probably not that likely to bring me um because if you just wanted to howl wrong David Davis would have to be about everything before you started listening to him stopped listening to him before you stopped thinking that he was a valid voice now in this debate I'm focusing on David Davis because he was Secretary of State for leaving the European Union he was photographed with nothing on the table in front of him as Michele Barney I sat there with pages of files and and facts in front of him and when asked about it they was tapped his temple you think I'm making this up he said who are you gonna trust more the guy with all the paperwork in front of him all the guy who's got it all out here and he tapped his temple I could not believe my ears this morning when Alex Campbell actually tweeted amusingly and I appreciate Alice there is a controversial and divisive character but he understands the workings of government and arguably the relationship between politics and media better than almost anybody else and he tweeted lightheartedly about who was gonna get the 10 past 8 slot on radio falls today program this morning where will it be in dr. Smith will David David something like that was a joke and there not be popped utterly utterly discredited in just in the context of observable evidence nothing about his personality or anything like that I'm not today although I reserve the right to return to such territory in the very very imminent future I just if you voted leave and David Davis is one of the people who persuaded you to do so actually no one even admits that in public anymore do they in public people voted leave precisely because they knew the remain campaign were right have you seen this yet you're probably not as exposed to it as I am this is the latest chapter in the in the madness so you you you you get a leave person on social media are responding to a suggestion that they didn't know what they were voting for although they were lied to and they respond by saying no we knew exactly what was going on here's David Cameron telling us and you sort of go I've seen some contour shion's in my time but really you've you've let them reduce you to this the people who you believed have betrayed you so completely that you're now claiming that the people you actually believed were the ones that you voted against I don't get that on any level except pride I suppose and self-preservation and of course there's always that difficulty of knowing who's real and who is a bad faith actor whether they're just in it for clicks and giggles or whether they're trolling for more sinister reasons or whether they're part of a sort of paid army of disruptors but the bottom line is that David Davis has been proven categorically wrong about everything since he started campaigning to leave the European Union and yet today still and there's there is criticism isn't quite the right word there's questioning here of course there is of people that I I love and respect and work alongside but I just want you to tell me how bad it would have to be before he got excluded from future contributions to these conversations because today he's still talking gibberish about the solution to the problem of the British border in Ireland that we've got we've called the alternative arrangements we just can't tell you what it is yet it gets incredible to me now that is these constant confirmations of reality continued master 29s not a chance what are you reduced to now No Deal you're shilling for no deal is Andrew Britain still talking about article 24 of of GATT and this stuff has been demonstrably demolished it's been completely dismantled Emmanuel macron last night was reportedly agitating to pushes over the cliff sooner rather than later and yet people like David Davis still claim they're going to reopen the withdrawal agreement weeks after we're supposed to have left right up until the date on which we were supposed to leave they explained and insisted ad infinitum we're not going to reopen it we got 27 governments to agree to it you can't get one oh well I'm David Davis I'm the only one who understands this stuff everybody else just wallowing around in my wake and still he gets a seat in the studio I don't get it anymore and now our heart is if you've got a program to fill and he's prominent he's a big nail cop we can't get for a françoise we could get David Davis today but in a way I understand why you'd book a bridging or a Francoise for comedy value the David Davis is treated like a serious player he's a joke he is a national actor Malloy he is an international joke he's an interplanetary joke and yet this weird brexit bubble that Britain continues to inhabit still treats him like a serious player and I don't know what I'm even asking you today I think I'm just asking gee why I remember reading a few months after the referendum result had come in about the European negotiator that the British government had been using for many years a person who had built up a lot of experience dealing with European matters dealing with the Europeans and understanding how they tick and how to negotiate with them and because this man unfortunately had presented himself as someone who supported remain he was completely he was removed from this position and I thought well this was a weird thing to do you know okay maybe you don't like his politics you don't like him supporting remaining in the European Union but he's probably the best person for the job and under pressure from brexit errs Teresa may put in place a brexit her so the idea being best person to negotiate brexit would be a brexit er but maybe a person who actually had some type of experience would have been better and instead they put in David Davis I remember just shortly after this happened a prominent youtuber sargon of akkad had commented on this and he had talked about how fantastic it was that David Davis arrived at the negotiations with Michel Barnier without any documentation without anything in his hand now for me this is pure hubris but the idea that you arrive to intimidate the chief negotiator of the European Union by arriving with with your hands empty was first of all life in my opinion idiotic but it demonstrated that he had no experience of negotiating and he also I think in the first two hours or something he had completely turned and agreed to whatever Bernier had suggested so that the idea of sending someone who had no experience simply because they were a brexit er demonstrated to me ok this this government is not serious you decided to remove someone who was competent and replaced them with someone who's incompetent simply because they take a box now the idea that someone would arrive at a negotiation with empty without a folder without a piece of paper in their hand let me give an analogy some years ago I worked with a guy who who had previously worked in security and one day he told me that they were having a they had a problem with someone stealing jewelry it was a jewelry shop and he was head of security and they had a problem with someone who was stealing jewelry who was also an employee and they didn't have any evidence they couldn't find how she was stealing they couldn't find any evidence of her stealing but they believed it was the case so in order to to deal with this he had a very novel approach what he did was he called her into his office and he piled up he had a pile of papers and a set of videotapes and he asked her ok did you have you stolen anything like this we we have evidence of you stealing we have a report here I've been following you for the last few months and at the end she having she having seen this pile of papers in front of her and this set of videotapes without any without actually seeing what was in the documents or without seeing what was on the videotapes the videotapes apparently were empty he had just piled them up to them to intimidate and in this case this she said yes okay I I was stealing and she was fired em and they agreed not to press charges but just to let her go now you can you can debate the ethics of that but this is a negotiating technique this is an intimidation technique and the idea that you go up against the chief negotiator of the European Union Michele Barney without a piece of paper in your hand and instead point to your head and say I have it all up here demonstrates that you have no experience and you have no ability to negotiate and but I think for David Davis he actually believed what he had been saying for the past the past months before the referendum you know there are two two groups of brexit errs those who lied and those who actually believed the crap that they were talking and I have a feeling that David Davis actually falls into the the latter group he actually believed what he was talking about and he believed that it would be the easiest deal in history it would be something you can a deal made over a cup of tea and without any without any problems and Britain would be better off outside Europe I think he had said I think David James O'Brien had said that they would exit the European Union and join the biggest a group in the world ten times bigger than the European Union so someone who would say something like that can you imagine going to do a negotiation on behalf of 60 million people it's from that moment I said to myself okay this is not going to go very well

Richard Ford UKIP BBC interview Westminster

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Richard Ford UKIP South West Chairman & PPC for Gloucester interviewed by Paul Barltop BBC News West Political Editor.

If you would like to help Neil Hamilton in Newport West or to donate to his campaign please email [email protected] for more information, Thank you

which are for chairman you could Southwest Wednesday things rough what's going on in there what I think they're coming into an empire so clearly we have been for many months the Tories of wasting so much time in the George population election of course what's going on you know they've been hired as a remainder of course we knew that it's not going to happen I don't think he's gonna happen okay some kind of delay the question is how are you what I don't think you've anything by being angry but it makes me more determined but it makes so many people more determined and I think you know there's an opportunity to vote back for 2017 they won't make that mistake again so I think rather Southwest in Boston for example but we never remain Conservative MP Richard Graham Lotz devoted 58.5% relief most people are not going to trust which a gram of the Conservative Party ever again since well I I'm not I'm not clever but I sort of predicted it because there's a remain house of commons remain house of lords and I think it's more fundamental had there been a more proportionate electoral system in this country not the outdated first-past-the-post system it would have been eight to five year for MPs in there in 2015 and wouldn't have had a 2017 election we would have left two years ago we'd be out trading with the rest of the world now because the elections main parties at the most agree and it dances on you know council comments does not reflect the populist House of Lords surely doesn't and this is a symptom of that so I think the roots are much deeper go back to electoral reform and they're back to the factor why would you put a remain person in treason a in charge of practice it's like putting a vegetarian international butcher shop what I of course it's frustrating but you know at the end of the day we know what this voted for we know the campaign the whole establishment was it was under image side David Cameron spent nine million pounds extra all the rest of it yeah people have not been listen to listen to but I you know I truly believe there will be a reckoning from this and what that's going to be I couldn't sell these war you know but there will clearly be a reckoning whether that's a split of the two main parties or whatever it is to be but people have voted in a certain way and you know people in Gloucester come up you can remain people would say they think it's disgusting next time so friendly I don't fear a second I don't know the noise with a costume a delay the uncertainty that's been created by a proprietary as a man the Conservatives but the fact is I truly believe that this is something referendum that hopefully will be even bigger than a possible 2016 so whatever shenanigans we will eventually leave WTO terms not no diem terms will leave in a positive manner would side with our European partners projects fear accrue to be the complete load of rubbish that was back in 2010 so it's just a question of time and as far as that's concerned we're now adopting handles for the elections in June so you may fight and I hope that all those people they were let down by labour and the Conservatives in the southwest will vote for candidates to become the MEP election just through this way this one Oh from a person a sexy accent absolutely absolutely it's very hard to put down isn't it and trouble is it's like a kind of unbelievable isn't it but but in a way I think what's going to happen like I say I wouldn't sound clever than the next person but you know it's obvious isn't it if you have a remain majority House of Commons which doesn't reflect populace at large or the popular votes at large and still less a remain House of Lords which is appointed or hereditary or whatever with the most ridiculous thing that we've got 870 people in the House of Lords you know the u.s. hundred people yeah I'm not surprised you know please help in a way every cloud has a silver lining is holding up these institutions for the night with century dysfunctional institutions and electrical systems they are something positive if you want to support a return to proper parliamentary democracy and for Britain to unite to make a successor brexit join you Kipp today go to on oh three three three eight hundred six 800

(WATCH) Man Goes Absolutely Crazy About Brexit Remainers Outside Parliament

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(WATCH) Man Goes Absolutely Crazy About Brexit Remainers Outside Parliament.

CREDIT: @Al wood

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hello everyone how you doing what's going from work I'm absolutely shattered hot drive 65 miles to go to work every day what 65 miles I've gotta be up at 4 o'clock in the morning every morning oh yeah I pay somebody to look after my dog all day because I don't like leaving him here alone I've just come at night you know I honestly were in the pissing rain have had a twisted ankle I've had an Achilles tendon that's been done in up in limping I've twisted my wrist on fucking broke it before and I've carried on just carried on Carolyn why because I have to I've just had my Poltava me income tax may council tax bill come in for 1,500 pounds for the year what which I've got a pie out of my own pocket well it's not it's added the money that I earn but I don't earn the money I used to earn because of the mass influx of people from Eastern Europe and the wages going down so I worked like a fucking bastard every fucking day you know the weekends I get the weekends to myself I wake up on a Saturday moaning I think I'll thank God for that is Saturday oh let me fucking Malak so you know Sunday Oh chill out I'll try and get me bits and pieces done not me washing and bits and bobs like that and then I have to go bed early Sunday night because I've got a crack on again and it all starts again every week everybody I don't get a holiday because if white I gotta let that thing get paid for it and I work hard and I'd really don't and I'm absolutely struggling just just trying to keep me add above all a lot everyone else in the country and yet I say these people protesting night you know every day every time there's an bulletins on and something's going on in the houses of parliament like you know no matter what time of day it is well what time the news report there's all seems to be this one particular guy with this big blue top hat on you know boasting not yeah yeah I'm protesting to stay in the European Union his buddies sat on looking with these yellow stars around it with these mates with all green and purple and pink hair with lot of pins coming out of their face you know looking something like like fucking pin it of how rays are pin it on a trip plot and and their Fraggle rottens like psychedelic Fraggle Rock friends and they're all DARAB really protesting and waving their flags about let's stay in the European Union jumping over the fences and good on you yeah – every day the military I'm here every day I'm protesting every day there's not been a day where lobelia jump in over the fences fit as fiddles and running up and down their stalls for whether it's rain sleet or snow and you're there every fucking day it's fucking dawned on me yeah why not fuck he now on you working you fucking lazy bastards whatever you got fucking job you're a side the asses of Parliament every fucking day why are you not working you social fucking pussies yeah you fucking pussies you ain't fucking working the only day you're not down there it's on the first day probably when you're cleansing your fucking don't check you poncing to Bob Hudson your big blue fucking ass once he said no wonder then the dole office they haven't seen you on the television there every day why ain't you out there looking for a fucking job saying how great it would be to stay in the European fucking Union you and the fucking dough you fucking been dippin fucking the exhibition Street cunts with your big fucking plan let's stay in the fucking a yo like a load of fucking top hats like a load of fucking rabbits in a field but what are you just disappearing your fucking ass like fucking poo McKenna's fucking rabbits you too Bob cunts like yeah absolutely fucking useless you lazy fucking good-for-nothing cunts fucking everyday everyday today what the fuck are these people doing they can't be working how do they get the money on the bus fence I suppose your mate the muggy said they come let's give you a free fucking bus and train pass to get you out there you useless Baker shirts when we buy a daddy European Union and we won the phone I bet you fucking shit yourself sing yo you piss your fucking pants I can smell a piece coming out your fucking lie cells from two hundred fucking miles away you useless baguette cunts fucking useless you like a load of fucking Smurfs fucking Smurfs your stupid fucking blue outfits and painting your face fucking blow the only difference between you and fucking Smurfs it's the Smurfs have got a little blue bubble sticking out and their fucking white socks it's their town they pump all that you got sticking out your fucking trousers he's a dollop of shit and I suppose you think it's blue because you've got royal blood well I Got News for you it stinks no every other cut you're no different to anyone else you fucking useless bosses many differences you are like a lazy good-for-nothing pump Singh cunts who have absolutely no right to say how great the country would be if we're saying to European Union cuz you're just good for nothing fucking cats potata Supercuts that ain't God's job and never will work til fuckin kingdom come but your fucking face videos and yeah okay waste a big loud voices nothing to do every day except for wipe them stupid blue flags you fucking tarts I thought was out there I'd get that blank and I'd shove it right up your fucking carry cleaners you useless dollar that cunts go and get a fucking job your fucking cunts and pay some taxes fucking useless if we don't come out of European Union but a 29th I'm not paying my income tax my fucking council tax I'm not fucking pioneer no fucking penny why should I have to go and slave my bollocks off and pay my council tax to support cunts like you and their Muppets in the asses of Parliament that are not doing what seventeen and a half million people proud and what to do David Cameron you're a fucking lawyer but you're gonna stand by what you straight mark my fucking words you useless bag of sheets the lawyer go fuck off if you like the European Union so much why don't you fuck off over there and claim some benefits I'm free hours in over there guess what they tell you to fuck off back to England you fucking hypocrites fucking hypocrites and that's what I gotta tell ya fucking lazy bastards you should be fucking investigate it you should all be investigated open your all sign-in on the fucking doubt but yet you as fails fiddles and you can go out there shine and every day what the fuck are you doing because two paints a fucking wood do you need a Beltran the fucking Swede with now gone fuck off that's my message to you at least when we go out and protest it's on the weekend we give up our fucking weekends of rest because we've been working our bollocks off all fucking in the middle of week we give up our weekend to go and protest but you can't seem to be there every fucking day fucking 700,000 of yacht on a Friday marching what the fuck none of you are working about half-court fucking on attack you it says you should be investigated why are you not out there working how come you've got all the time in the world to pay the expensive train fares every day to get outside there's a parliament what do you not eat yeah you can't fucking get around that benefit Charlie where are you getting your money from who is backing you who is financing these people to stand outside the ass is a parliament every fucking day working they were for fucking wank so I've got fuck inside and it will not we do not come out from the 29th and this month I've already fucking left a message of my local MP they are not getting a brass farthing at me no more council tax not a fucking penny nothing sweet Fanny Adams if seventeen and a half million people to vote it out all decided to say after the twenty nine for this month fuck it you're not getting no more council tax twenty six seventeen year old million that's fuckin dose three hundred and forty million pounds awake that the government would not be getting off of us that's a fucking that's a billion pounds her mum over yes 1 billion Parliament refused to fucking pay after the 29th for fucking this month if they don't take us out of the European Union that's what I'm doing I'll tell about you and I said him can't standing at a you blue fucking Smurf looking to Bob fucking useless bags of shit go ahead and get a fucking job pay some taxes and then and only but then when you've done some graph with you got a right to stand up and say how fucking great it is you fucking foul merchants toe pop cunts and that my friends is all I've got to say bye place Oh

Boris Johnson – Future Prime Minster. Bumbling Idiot

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This could be the UK’s next Prime Minister.
Boris is a Johnson

#Brexit: Remoaners March For … Some Reason

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3 months after the referendum, legions of Remoaners are still determined to keep their dummies well and truly out of their prams.

well at 20 minutes to five we can now say the decision taken in 1975 by this country to join the Common Market has been reversed by this referendum to leave the EU we are absolutely clear now that there is no way that the remain side can win it looks as though the gaps going to be something like 52 to 48 so a four point lead for leaving the EU and that's the result of this referendum which has been preceded by weeks and months of argument and discussion all the rest of it the British people have spoken in the answers bossanova Chevy Nova the politician Cecil Rhodes once remarked that to be bored British was to win first prize in the lottery of life and whatever you think of that statement one thing is certain it had been getting less and less true for most of the last century we have seen an increasing reliance on state power and centralized economics in place of liberty and the free market are watering down of our national identity through the policies of multiculturalism and mass immigration and the development of a political class who seem utterly disinterested in even acknowledging let alone serving the common citizen all in all it's been pretty tough being a British patriot of late so how wonderful that the gods of cosmic hope and justice decided to throw us the brexit bone and make no mistake what we have achieved and will achieve through brexit is almost certainly our finest moment as a nation since the second world war it is something we can be legitimately proud of it's goodbye to self-appointed autocrats disastrous economics cultural suicide this fucking madness and that revolting flag and it's hello to national sovereignty democratic legitimacy individually tailored global partnerships border controls and free trade and think of how exciting this is especially for young people it's like starting again we're making our way as an independent country with the world as our oyster off the back of our own blood toil tears and sweat it's fantastic and that's all I wanted to say really so a big thank you to everyone who voted for this thanks to the youtubers who campaigned for this and now let's just move forward together and for want of a better phrase make Britain great again what the fuck is that guys guys oh no it's the room homeless what in God's name no no shame on you no what's the point what is the point it's over Lance it's fucking over the votes were cast the decision is made you just look bloody ridiculous you lost all right I'm really sorry about that but it's time to suck it up and move on after an election or a referendum even if you lose the vote you are entitled to go on making the argument when a government government in this country wins an election the opposition does not just say oh that's absolutely right I've got nothing to say for five years Oh God fine so basically a bunch of champagne socialists have a beef with brexit and last week managed to put down their copies of Das Kapital long enough to take to the streets and whine about it but okay I'm game let's hear them out I'm sure they're smart people and that since the vote they have developed a range of thoughtful reason based arguments that make the case for remain and advance the discussion in new and useful directions so in that spirit bring it on you know in 20 years time my general I'm 19 years old like we're going to be people one in the country and I'm quite sick of like the individual view of one of what's best for me or what's best for you and what's best for all of us for all of us oh you mean the greater good well first of all I'm sure you think you're entitled to run the country but that's not actually a given but more importantly why do you have the insolence to assume that your opinion is the one that benefits the majority I'm an individualist and a believer in freedom okay so I don't much care for your community based political utopia alright but if you seriously believe that the European Union is what's best for us all I just invite you to open any newspaper I mean which particular European policy do you think is best for us all the common currency policy is that best for us all or what about Merkel's migration madness everyone's loving that aren't they everyone feels really taken care of which is precisely why we see a deepening in the political divide the staunch polarization of communist kuck on the one hand and fascist fucktards on the other clearly the fruits of a system that is really working for the people yeah if this is your idea of life once we've all banded together and considered the collective I'll stick with classical liberalism Thanks you're knocking each other feel our generation and it just like represents house like damage right way media and metabolized to be and how that exploits if they are of like migration fair and just house look like misinformed so so many people are in their choice to vote yeah yeah yeah they disagree with you so they must be misinformed we know what I'd like to hear though is an actual argument because that was nothing me that was just a highly emotive waste of oxygen I'll prove it to you pretend for a second that the remain side won the vote okay no don't hang yourselves they haven't actually I'm just trying to demonstrate that in this alternative reality and as a brexit ear I can spew exactly the same crap at the camera and steal everybody's precious time watch I'm here because I'm devastated about the referendum result I think it's a travesty of our generation and just sort of like represents how damaging the left-wing media and tabloids can be and how exploitive they are of unemployment fear and just sort of like how misinformed so many people are in their choice to vote oh go back to school slogans are not arguments stronger together except for the Tories presumably if that post has anything to go by they're not included stronger together what the hell does that even mean anyway the philosophy of the ant people or the sheep people is probably more accurate and no borders brilliant just sorry miss but your application for chief of national security for the United Kingdom has been unsuccessful holy shit okay why am I even responding to this person she's a member of the British Socialist Party what are you even doing there move to Russia you'll love it or better still come to China it's great I mean sure this human rights abuses are plenty no political freedom and tanks drive over protesters holding signs like that but hey that's cool after all it's all for the greater good please consider like 14 16 years old and this is our future it's almost like the older generations have voted us out of the European Union completely against our well with all the people are deciding everyone who asked for it is kind of older generation so us Millennials are now stuck with this deal that we can't now control yeah everyone's yeah they're gonna died but they have to deal with it so we're stuck with it now so yeah not great charming yeah I wouldn't worry about a kid at the rate you're currently eating I'm sure you'll be dead long before your parents so relax let's just get this straight it is certainly true that older people voted for brexit in fact the older you are the more likely you were to vote for brexit well guess what that provides additional evidence as far as I'm concerned that the right decision was taken young people are fucking idiots and who doesn't know that Oh young people voted for remain what you mean the young inexperienced self-centered people who live off their parents that live what taxes were like five minutes ago those young people yeah let's just do what they want in fact each young person should really get two votes right I mean it's only fair given their superior quantities of wisdom and insight I just wish that our parents and our grandparents would have thought of their children and our generation because we're gonna be the ones burying the crux of this decision have you ever heard such gross levels of immaturity and self entitlement maybe they were thinking about you your little brat maybe they listened to your nonsense arguments in support of remain and said no they don't really make sense today we're not doing that maybe they're also thinking about you when they tell you to obey the speed limit brush your teeth and study for your exams you might not want to do any of those things either but you're a child you don't know nowt how about paying attention to the one group of people whose job it is to guide the young and protect them from themselves amongst other things how about paying attention to the one group of people who have experienced living with the European Union and without it maybe and it's a novel idea I know but bear with me you can actually learn something from them fucking unbelievable a lot of people it's like scare mongering and like I said a bit of racism plays into it you can see this I mean if this has shown us anything it's definitely there's still class war it's been really emotional and you can kind of tell there's a change in mood on the festival today everything's a bit more morose and a bit more sad fancy that folks a mind-reader and a fortune-teller all in one a vote against austerity what are you talking about the British people have the chance to vote against austerity last year at the general election and they didn't they voted to continue the economic policies of Cameron and Osborne look I can understand you wanting to bring everything back to the specific issues that you're interested in but we're talking about the European Union today I would like to stay in Europe and undresses King Canute it's an anagram of Knut who is a king of England that came over from Denmark and most are monarchs have actually being from Europe I don't think a single one what point are you making seriously answers below what does he think he's doing with those words our monarchies of mixed ancestry therefore let's remain in an anti-democratic political union that destroys our national sovereignty makes laws the bypass Parliament damages our economic prospects and that the people don't want to be a part of and Jesus Christ can't we find just one remainer from planet earth please we need to be positive we at negative world that's pulling apart cept we tried that in the 30s it doesn't work hatred separation oh lordy Lord and here he is Breck's it's undercover agent and I mean that sincerely I mean if anyone else has done more to push the fence sitters over to my side I haven't found them he has been such an insufferable bully on this issue over the past months that I think a lot of remain errs have noticed it it's been that bad and here we go again hatred and separation we tried that in the 30s well excuse me agree with him or euro Nazi is essentially what he's saying if you ever needed a taste of the kind of smug stupid dogma that has inspired so many people to vote leave on June 23rd look no further than Eddie is art just negativity towards people disliking people for skin color religion color of their eyes length of their hair sexual orientation it does not work it just tears us apart and young people see that young people say well this is a pose I've got my whole life in front of me young people of now registered and pissed off anything and they and so to work with we've got to go forward now now at the next Chapel I did philosophy and after a few weeks you had to choose your options for the three years and compulsory subjects were logic and Greek philosophy you had to choose about six others and I chose philosophy of science philosophy of mind morality and there was a Marxism option and I thought I'd be great I wasn't interested in that and active and it was only a small apartment 25 people and the tutors are all out and you have to queue up and tick the thing you wanted and I looked over at the queue for Marxism and there were 10 people in this queue three of them were wearing berets and I thought god I can't spend three years in a room with what I used to call at the time cunts now ins those submit strongly this rally by our opponents and they're worth just taking on Owen Jones how old are you 21 knows when your fights wide you can see the man and I use the noun loosely who could literally keep the alt-right in memes from now until the next ice age probably I can't wait to hear this attacking people who voted to leave millions of decent people in this country who did so that's just not true these impoverished to puppy Souls that's all you wanna go down in there you're the roni country go after Mugabe he'll be happy to have you why are you so Baylor you stabbed us in the back my friend so what and fuck off yeah it would appear that some of the lower orders didn't get that particular memo comrade Jones it's fucking embarrassing and as a side note this is just a general public service announcement if while in the UK you see a group of people holding up a British flag and your instinct is to shout fascist at them seriously get the fuck out get the fuck out of my country that's all are you saying all oh in Jones are you saying the entire campaign was based on lies and bigotry hashtag all it's truly amazing the more I listen to regressives the more I understand that so much of this obsession with calling out decent people as bigots or simple-minded ideologues is in fact Freudian projection of the most transparent kind now I don't know about lies told on behalf of a vote leave I'm perfectly prepared to accept that the odd misleading statement was put about here and there but to pretend for a second that this practice was exclusive to my side well you'd have to be as fucking thick as Owen Jones this is a dangerous fantasy the idea that is gonna be a European air force a European army it is simply not true the problem with people like Nigel Farage's they they they swing a windmill what they see conspiracies everyone think I wouldn't be surprised myself rajsa soon tells us that the moon landing was a fake that Barack Obama isn't American that Elvis isn't dead the European Union should have its own army to convey a clear message to Russia says Commission President jean-claude Juncker the EU chief made the remarks the German newspaper welt AM Sonntag in reference to Ukraine Janka added that with its own army Europe could react more credibly to the threat to peace in a Member State or in a neighboring state maybe some point down the line there might be a UK US trade agreement but it's not going to happen anytime soon because our focus is in negotiating with a big block of the European Union to get a trade agreement done and UK is going to be in the back of the queue mr. president you came to London earlier this year and urged the British people not to vote for exit and warned them that they'd be at the back of the queue for trade deal if they did you let's hope you got it wrong on the exit and you regret making that threat or or are you really going to punish us for taking a democratic decision what I've committed to Theresa is is that we will consult closely with her as she and her government move forward with the brexit negotiations to ensure that we don't see adverse effects in the trading and commercial relationships between the United States and the United Kingdom by 2030 households would be four thousand three hundred pounds worth of here's the poster you even stood in front of the poster there there's your figure but the Treasury report doesn't say families would be four thousand three hundred pounds worse off does it it's a bogus and misleading figure but that's not the case that is how much per household our GDP would shrink and if you look at no no it's not shrinking or on either scenario pain or out the Treasury report showed some stanshall growth in our economy to the question on the twenty what not shrinking I don't Andrew the question on the 23rd of June is what does the world look like if we're in the European Union or if we leave the european and quit it right and families would be four thousand three hundred pounds a year were solidly would as a support in their income as a share of the gdp well it doesn't mention the ring King comes would be hit well Ann's hot on the wealth of the nation that provides the public services they depend on you know leave that picture up because people need leave it up because people move it a real-deal robber because I'm going to put what the Treasury select committee said about your 4,300 pounds under that picture this is not what the main Treasury analysis found says in the Select Committee the average impact on household disposable incomes would be considerably smaller than this number neither government departments not the remain side should repeat this mistaken assertion to persist with this claim would be to misrepresent the Treasury's own work why are you misrepresenting your own department if not good not good the future of young people is tied up with the future of Europe today issues that affect young people transcend national borders we have to have greater international cooperation and the European Union is one forum by which we can do that but of course the European Union is not perfect in my view I want us to remain what I also want to see the European Union reformed to make it more democratic transparent and accountable to the people to make it more democratic and to decentralized the European Union to give more power and authority to the individual regions within countries right across Europe this is so depressing now I quite like Peter Tatchell all right but this is an argument from another century by this point we'd all like the European Union to be something it's not Peter I mean what are you saying let's stay in the EU it's great as long as we fundamentally change every single aspect of it come on be serious reform in the direction you were advocating was proposed decades ago it's perfectly clear they don't want to do that in fact they're going in the opposite direction despite what Nick Clegg might think you're selling magic beans sir and I suspect that you're aware of it Oh dizzy I think the whole country knows I did less than half denial oh Jesus did you hear that guy in the background David Cameron should be tried for treason presumably with the 17 million people who voted leave yeah do you want to try us all at once or hang on a minute I know the perfect judge we could use to look death David Cameron's committed treason as he why because he asked people a question this is why these individuals are known as the Romaniacs everybody what a fucking nutter yeah I think you're in the minority there darling to be honest but I wish you well with it look I don't want this to come across as if I think there are no decent arguments on the remain side nor though I have a contempt for every remainer in fact most I know have accepted the decision to leave and are now focusing their efforts on advocating for the best deal for Britain and for Europe and good for them but if this fraction of bed-wetters and loonies we've seen here today really want to turn back the clock and persuade Britons that they've made the wrong choice they're gonna have to do a hell of a lot better than this there a button what kind of a voice that can have is that it's a frisbee if the Williams did some blow either philosophy for a week or in sort of doing French could be nice becomes in to the soon union with a baryon to go in the first thing you do is take off and try out the window he's going that's really fun isn't it yeah so mature yeah there you go no it's not mature but he's funny we're just having alone anyone you see wearing a beret in the student in or in a pub food bit across sir I'll tell you you will be the most popular blog in use it like Easter pig in the middle you're destroying it you know different people it kind of bombs the pub they leave the quiz machine they come over I'm not joining any of you destroy me screaming please give me my berry back in fact I reckon if you sue it and it hit the hardest bloke in the pub my neighbor he's looked over and they go did that ago I did but he was wearing then I go throwing up my friend I mean there's the point that's the answer I don't wanna get your friends people know I know ball I would say to you is he's got no grip you see that can be healthy

Beer and Brexit with Richard Tice, Co-chair, Leave means Leave

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I love that belt good evening ladies and gentlemen welcome to what I think is the fourth in this Brit beer and brexit series I'm absolutely delighted that we've got Richard theis here with us tonight Richard is a long-standing Euroskeptic I think you're a director of business were sailing back from the 90s 20 years ago he's also been successful in what as academics like to call the real world it says here that you are a property tycoon which sounds overstated that's very impressive to me anyway Richard co-founded levy you with Aaron banks and you were described by our own banks in his book on the bad boys as brexit as the acceptable face of levy you and the one they'd once speaking to the police if they were all in a car and got pulled over I think I think that's praise I'm not for the headstone is it and more to the point for our purposes tonight Richard is co-chair of leave means leave that was founded in his own words following the push back from the establishment and a refusal to accept the referendum result no one's clapped at introduction before this is you're miles ahead he also tells me that this is right that you spent some time in strange ways playing football yeah I mean how many people here have been to Strangeways prison I went twice actually I was a goalkeeper I played for soulfood University in surprise surprise we always always had to play away I pulled this guy down in the penalty area and a water came up to me and he said if you know what's good for you son you let it in brilliant right just to kick us off with some easy stuff well what made you a Euroskeptic when did it happen did you have a Damascene moment or yeah in the mid-90s and believed a lot I actually wrote to Gordon Brown a three-page letter saying we mustn't join the euro and shortly after business of Stirling was founded bluntly I hate fraud waste and corruption and in my view the EU is riddled with all three of those things just to clarify you were you were empty euro and to joining the euro yeah but were you empty being in the euro at that time it evolved pretty quickly afterwards I was very very skeptical of it all right cuz for a lot of a lot of skeptics date their objection to membership to macerate yeah I was still sort of I was still pretty young then that's a good answer I thought through evolving okay when all right so in the referendum itself is it was there a moment when you thought blimey would we're gonna win this yeah I knew about three or four weeks before when the Labour MPs started to come back to Westminster ashen-faced when they had heard from their constituents in the Labour harland's that actually they weren't gonna listen to their MPs they weren't could listen to project fear and they were gonna vote to leave and that was the moment where I thought it's definitely on but were you confident that all those people I mean for me was obvious if you went to the north during the referendum campaign that there was a groundswell of opinion and the only doubt that was in my mind was whether people who'd actually given up on the ballot box would bother to register and vote I mean the only doubt in my mind was whether when it came to actually standing in the booth would people panic and just say but they didn't and you know what I was pretty confident why do you choose to join leave Dottie you rather than campaigning with well essentially our and I we founded it I mean the the truth of it is I went to Matthew Elliot's in February 15 and I said Matthew but day of the general election in 2015 we need to come out with a strong statement saying we've raised extra in pounds we're headhunting for a chief executive and we're off and we're going to be ready and he said no no that's not the plan at all he said that we would have to wait until David Cameron came back from what would be a summit and then we would launch the the leave campaign and I said that's way too late way too late and if if that had happened then there's no question we would not have won so Aaron I we resolved to to set it up and get going so it was it was impatience with the absolutely it was a it was a businesslike approach to you know we've got a serious thing we need to raise a lot of money and we need to be ready and we need to give up the country because it could come soon but did you share our own banks's critique of vote leave as just being the sort of metropolitan early talking to each other and not vote leave vote leaved what didn't exist then and vote leave basically was bounced into setting up very very quickly because of what we were doing with leave door to you and suddenly parts of the Tory Party got very concerned that actually we would steal such a march we would get the designation okay but do you do you think that I mean we'll use it there was a policy divide of sorts wasn't there between the two leave camp is that you focused on different sorts of issues yeah there was absolutely I mean you know we felt that it was the immigration was a significant part of it not not only but it was a significant part of it and we were going to focus you know we were just going to focus on sort of the the simple issues and and you know being proud to be British being confident of our position leading the Commonwealth being confident of our position in the world and vote leave wanted to adopt a different approach was there anything about the tone or tenor of that campaign that made you uncomfortable when old it was boggling point the believe talk to you things move very quickly and you know when you get into a big campaign and this was the first big campaign I'd be in it so I mean you know and likewise Aaron I mean you know things move very quickly and yeah in the heat of the moment things get said and done that you think maybe you know maybe was a bit over-the-top okay what why do you what do you think was a major reason why people voted to leave what was the major reason I think I think truthfully the slogan was simple you know it was about controlling laws money and borders it was about you know we're the fifth biggest economy in the world we should be a we're big enough we're good enough we should be able to do this stuff and I think I think there's a real if you look back the previous 20 years we'll you know what every newspaper you read we've all read daft stories about some ridiculous law that's come out of the EU and you think oh that's bonkers you know even hardened people who like me you we have to admit that you know some strange daft stuff does come out but equally you have to admit that some of those stories just weren't true well we didn't really know I mean you know if it's in the Daily Mail it must be true isn't it I mean but would you accept that I mean as as the cabinet shows that actually one of the issues we're dealing with now is that people voted leave for a whole variety of often conflicting if not outright contradictory reasons I don't accept that actually I don't think contradictory since the short people voted for different reasons you know for some people sovereignty was more important than in there for example money or you know borders and vice versa I think yeah but the Slocum was pretty clear and simple though the slogan was very clear but it wasn't it wasn't precise and what I mean by this is you know you you would hear senior conservative politicians during the campaign saying look all I want is control over migration actually I'd be perfectly comfortable migration went up this is about control if you went to some of those northern heartlands that wasn't the message people were voting to cut immigration I mean there were there were there were parts of West London where Indians were voting because they thought they'd get more Indians in I mean I look I mean I'm different you know different things get said around the country for sure but I think the reality is if you look back to the 1990s for example on the issue of immigration you know we had average immigration of 62 and a half thousand people and guess what the economy was growing at a we wages were growing at a real growth rate of 2.8% per annum for decades give or take caller 30% in the last decade we've had immigration of over a quarter of a million a year and guess what real wages zero zero growth and for the least well-off in society they are 30% worse off than their peers 20 years previously and and so and and they work that out even though the politicians hadn't worked it out people people around the country knew something was wrong and they knew they were poor they couldn't understand why and then you know things like zero has contracts which I'm you know I'm not a fan of and my own son actually was was essentially subject of a really bad zero a contract that says those have developed as a result mainly of unlimited low-skilled immigration that has meant that you know employers of a certain type have been able to push down on on terms and conditions well I mean I think you've hinted a correlation there I'm not convinced about causation but the question was within the leaf campaign there were people who said you know let it mean we'll have more of them as long as we don't have freedom of movement there were others who wanted to cut it what I'm trying to get at is isn't one of the problems the vagueness of the leave campaign one of the problems that we're dealing with now that people had different expectations of it may give you one example is at the Tory Party conference and I went to a fringe aventure on agriculture and speaker after speaker stood up and said I'm a brexit I voted brexit but and the buts were but we want to keep subsidies but we want to keep tariffs but we want to keep access to seasonal workers but the joy of that the joy of all of that is that when you leave and that's a very simple word leave ya then got controlled to make those decisions to have that democratic debate internally as a nation and that's what democracy is all about okay that I buy but you don't then see you don't that you wouldn't then see it as somehow a contradiction of a key message of the campaign if we once we've left we make a decision to increase immigration that will be fine because actually it's that it's about having the sovereign decision rather exactly it's about it's about having the sovereign control and you know that's what democracy you know you have a debate you form a view and then if you don't like how it's panning out you can change it ok let's talk about No Deal yeah I mean you said I think the quote you came out with was that in business yeah No Deal is always better than a bad deal yeah surely that is a is a fundamentally misleading analogy because if you have no deal in business you remain where you are I used a with the status quo if you have no deal with the EU and by no deal let's be clear I mean no withdrawal agreement nothing so the talks break down now and we leave with nothing you don't revert to the status quo well let's be broken in business if you if you do No Deal forever you'll go bust yeah okay so you do keep doing deals but what you're not going to do is a bad day we've all done bad deals but we haven't deliberately done bad to us but when you got a deal when you go into negotiation you have to be prepared not to do that deal otherwise you are gonna get you're gonna get a bad deal you know a business you're just gonna get shafted right you have to signal to the other side that you're prepared to walk away granted but getting to the substance are you really convinced that a No Deal is something we should seriously be thinking of as an option of course absolutely you know I actually subscribe to the view that what should have happened we leave means leave we said 18 months ago we said that the deadline should be set March 18 if we haven't done a deal by then we should say to the EU we're going to WTO and we're gonna spend the last year getting ready for it and and because candidly because on the Andrew Marr show that day before David Davis started negotiating our own Chancellor went on TV and said a bad deal would be a very very bad hang outcome I mean that completely cut the legs off David Davis the following day when he started you know what sort of phases is that to go into a negotiation is just it's unbelievable is in business so I'm the managing director of a business and I walk in to start a negotiation and the CEO comes in five minutes beforehand and says we're gonna pay another 20 million for this deal it's just not how you do things I get I get the the signalling point absolutely which is you have to give the impression they don't preparing that you're prepared that actually in extremis you'll walk away because otherwise you don't you you've weakened your own position but just a No Deal isn't about WTO No Deal is about ah right so there's – yeah there's two types of no deal there's there's a you know that there's no deal where we don't do a some form of trade deal yeah okay but let's be very very clear about this there is a legal obligation on both sides under article 8 and under article 50 and under WTO rules to reach a deal on the administrative arrangements let's be very very clear about it and not enough people are saying this but that is the legal position by the administrative arrangements so things like organising the technicalities that people are getting very excited about about border checks about whether or not planes can fly about whether or not we're gonna have enough ham and cheese coming into our country to fill our sandwiches that sort of stuff well look there's no doubt that that both sides will want to make an arrangement on this at some point my issue is surely the problem with No Deal is not about our long-term trading future we'll come back to that it's about short-term chaos because in the period it takes the problem the problem with no deal and it's nothing to do with whether you like the EU or not whether you like the DTO or not it's just that a load of laws that govern our interaction that our nearest partner will cease to exist well and that's what I call the administrative arrangements but it will take weeks if not months to saw those out as I've said before and I hope as I said well thank you very much thinking I got the the the in business actually there's nothing like a short deadline to concentrate the minds and to focus the attention and you know yes the government has left it too late to be looking at you know they've really they they should have done what we said which was give ourselves a year so we've got less time but you've got to be you've got to be saying look that's what we're doing and the fact is philip hammond prevented the departments from having the money to spend on no dual planning so it's a bit late right we can still do it and there it lists not let's not forget this point there is a legal obligation to sort out these issues that well firstly yes i buy your point that actually if we invest in the ports and the infrastructure it would cushion the effect absolutely two things though if the french don't it's a waste of time because actually you end up with the same queues at the ports if then they're not the great thing about business people right you want to buy and sell stuff is if you've got a good product someone else will buy it and what will happen because business people are very good at finding ways to jump over hurdles and get round barriers that governments put in their way and what will actually happen very very quickly is people will start moving goods for example into rotterdam or into other ports around the EU we will use other ports we will you know do more through South Hampton or felixstowe and guess what we might buy a load of goods from elsewhere around the world and I love the Tim Martin story it's the Tim Martin who he's create an amazing business of a thousand pubs mm-hm Tim told his procure his buying team about six or nine months ago right guys and girls we're not going to buy any more booze from the European Union right now I didn't know for example that Australia produces fantastic brandy I didn't know for example that Lancashire produces a very good equivalent to Jagermeister but but actually that is whatever that is yeah okay it's a it's a it's a delicious generally cure I'm particularly late at night but um but what do you say boys there right let's let's let's make sure that we can keep our business and we'll buy other goods for elsewhere in the world and that's what businesses will do so that's why actually all of this scare mongering about are we gonna run out of this and that and t'other it's nonsense well two things one in the short term surely it is possible because even businesses with their great adaptability will have to adapt and that will take time and the second thing is just think about Ryanair okay I mean this is the where it gets tricky I agree with you on administrative arrangements what is the law that allows a carrier from one country to fly between two other countries which is a law that exists nowhere else in the world it's an EU law yeah and it's good point the two parts that um firstly well run businesses why are they booing Ryanair the thing about business a reason to be right now but yeah well run businesses should have been recognizing that the base case scenario was a WTO deal only thing you could guarantee okay so we're wrong businesses actually should be well on the way to getting ready for a World Trade Organization trading arrangement coming on to Ryanair my reading and I have read some pretty dull stuff every reason is I've even read the gdpr document that's even worse but I've read the Open Skies agreement okay now actually we are a contracting signatory to that agreement yes and the open skies thing that Ryanair get concerned about is because it might mean that it's hard for them to take off a Madrid and go direct to Frankfurt that's what they're worried about yeah okay okay we're still able to fly point-to-point from the UK to Paris or Frankfurt the what they're concerned about is it reduces their flexibility but guess what easyJet I've got it sorted they set up a base in I think it's Austria its classic example a business has identified the issue sorted it dealt with it next okay but I mean just as a slight and do we want to encourage businesses to go elsewhere well they've done some base case planning you know and I mean that's the reality businesses are responding to this situation and just just to find owned I get booked and we are a bit bogged down as well ask you one more question about this which is you know we combine Jagermeister from Australia fine we're not gonna create a complex supply chain and make cars with Australia are we no but guess what guys we could borrow load more jeeps from America by unilaterally catching the 10% tariff that we wrongly charge on them trumps right I mean it's not a fair deal on cars um so if there's a few more jeeps and a few less Mercedes around around the UK it's not the end of the world so would you would you agree with Patrick Minford then that the car industry might just be one of those things we have to secretary in the domestic car industry the reality is the reality about the car industry does anyone know here what all the car manufacturers call the UK they call it Treasure Island because they are making pots of cash because basically we're all being overcharged blankly so you know if we are confident about our own leverage our in negotiating position then the car manufacturers in Germany you know will make it very clear they need this sorted they've got a lot more to lose than we have why haven't they yet hmm what haven't yet um because frankly we've been negotiating this pretty badly I think even eat all of us already side can agree that I mean so so in a sense um they all think they're gonna get you know the best side of this deal that's all right that's why we need to stand back and we need to say we need to say that you know um we're going to WTO and you know that's that's the basis on which we're going to trade with you and but the way that means no money you can come back to that but BMW don't think this is going swimmingly well BMW no one but no one thinks it's going swimmingly well it's just and why aren't they why aren't they doing what we were told they would do aren't they rapping on Chancellor Merkel's door or saying this is outrageous sorted out for God's because because because the truth is at the moment they thing and not unreasonably that they're getting the better side of this deal so they're they're staying silent I mean this is gonna affect trade I mean yeah well they're all being told because they've been told by our own positions that you know we must do a deal almost at any cost so they think a deal will be done okay so you have a bus we have a bus of a bus OS buses are big these days automatics and it says stop the brexit betrayal yes yeah how has brexit been betrayed well we had great fun working out in team meetings what to write on the side of the bus I want to put yeah a big number on it I mean it was a big number on the previous bus I think you should have you should I want to put a safe fit and I'm billion on it but anyway so how's it being betrayed um because because the checkers proposal which is the government the government's current position in it it's it's not it's not leaving the European Union in the true sense of the word you know it's it's it's Brian oh it breaks it in name only so we're not in control of her in laws we wouldn't be able to deregulate we've got the common rule book why would we want 90% of our businesses in the UK that don't export to the European Union to suffer the burdens and the hindrances of EU regulations in order to look after the 10% that's daft so so that's the first part the second betrayal is they talk about you know the arrangements with the ECJ well and you know the likelihood is we'll end up under some form of jurisdiction by some part yes either we're on a joint tribunal or something with the ECJ but the real issue if you can't deregulate and look after your own rules and you become literally a complete sort of supplicant to someone else's rules you're significantly less attractive to countries like America and Australia in terms of doing a trade deal with us because they know that essentially are we haven't got the ability to adapt and respond as you know as the world moves on as business conditions move on and so on and then you come to immigration in jackers talks about a labor mobility framework well we can all guess what that is in civil service speak I'm sorry for any civil servants that are here but in civil service speak that is gonna mean basically more of the status quo I don't think that's true to be honest because I think basically the checkers deal talks about GATS provisions I mean the checkers deal is nothing to do with freedom of movement I mean that's just come on a semantic point which might be a little bit too dull you can say this isn't my vision of brexit mm-hmm but wise brexit being betrayed I mean surely these are all I mean always not to me you switch sons not in the EU these are all four because leaving the because we would we were told we're even told in the government nine million pound leaflets you know that we would be leaving the single market okay and it is quite clear you know if you can't if you're signing up to a common rule book I don't care how you dress it up in in legalese or words you're not leaving the single market but don't you need common rules to have a trade deal you need the Americans well heck no you need common rules if you're an exporter then yes you have to produce your products to the EU rules if you export to the domestic applicability of those you know ninety percent of our business of our businesses don't export to the European Union we need to be able to deregulate we need to be able to see ink with confidence we you know the post brexit vision is we want to be the Singapore of the West we want to go forth we want to have smart regulation not daft regulation we need to be we need to be Pro Enterprise Pro innovation way to encourage entrepreneurs and we actually need to work we positively need to say we're not going to prop up the vested interests that's the vision of the future that but in a sense BRICS it could be done properly I have to say I mean the Singapore economy functions on the back of a very large immigrant population that basically keeps it ticking over I mean if Singapore started in imposing strict limits on no one was suggesting we don't have immigration you know we had a very sensible immigration system right until we basically had the accession age as I said in the 1990s you know things work really well we had a sensible immigration policy we had 60 odd thousand coming year give or take and actually it worked really well and we had a thing called a seasonal agricultural worker scheme which meant that actually fruit was picked in the farms around the countryside so people came they worked and then they moved on to the next job how do you think your average leave voter in Stoke or Wigan or Doncaster many of whom as much as anything else were voting as a protest against years of austerity and the light will take to discovering that brexit was all about massive deregulation and a rolling back of the well first night rolling back of the welfare state I don't know where that's come so be by deregulation what do you mean health and safety regulations I mean getting rid of unnecessary laws for example in my industry in the construction world you have to go through a dreadful thing called the EU procurement process if in the public sector you want to you know you want to sort of let's say build a building and the nature that is it just adds massive time and cost to the the overall production cost of that building much of that is totally unnecessary so it's not about in a getting rid of health and safety legislation you know much of which is sensible but let's be honest let's be absolutely honest about is some health and safety legislation is daft right and we should have a confidence to do away with it much of it much of it is actually just about it part of my home I saw post breaks your vision is actually it'd be quite nice if we could goes back to you know just good old-fashioned common sense and and that be encouraged so I mean I was just struck by the language you used earlier about this is about deregulating becoming Singapore the image that conjures up to me is of a very market-based economy where workers rights aren't particularly well protected no you know that that's confusing two separate issues and actually let's be very very clear open borders has led to a reduction of workers rights for the reasons that I expressed earlier you know zero-hour contracts and zero real wage growth for a decade but that's what really hits people in the pocket and and nothing R is zero wage great thing to do with the financial grocers initially a bit but the reality is you know this has gone on so we've got the situation now where we've got about foreigner between four and four and a half percent unemployment which historically always meant you would have wage inflation between three and five percent compound right we've got we never the last few years we've had almost zero real wage inflation because right basically we've got lots of jobs and there's very little incentive to invest because basically businesses can bring in as much cheap labour as they want so they've had no incentive to invest he's normally see normally the labour market is restricted so therefore what happens if Labour gets too expensive businesses invest in capital equipment to replace the labor that's happened for last 150 years since the Industrial Revolution why did the migration Advisory Committee report show only a tiny if any correlation between low wages emotion I don't believe it I mean come on come on let's just just just look at the facts it started in 2004 right we've had it for 14 give or take 14 years since the accession countries and we've never ever had before zero real wage inflation and low unemployment it's not coincidence well no but actually there's a greater correlation between that the financial crisis surely because that state wage is really started a steak knife I don't accept that at all you know because because fundamentally we've got such low unemployment and yet we've had such a wage growth ER and historically that just nobody with me that there's a problem with the economy we're not but it has to be because you've got unlimited low skilled immigration well there are there are a whole range of factors where it could be I'm just saying that there has been a report recently which let's be clear about the financial crisis yeah that if that hit us for probably three or four years but the truth is actually the economy has been growing pretty successfully you know we're at the end potentially at the back end in normal economic cycles last somewhere between five and seven years with seven or eight years in here to a recovery post a recession so it's we're sort of do a recession or sunette now now if there is more of course it'll be brakes as well but you know are you preparing for another referendum yeah we're to be honest to be on we're preparing for it for everything because anything could use them absolutely anything could happen and well we just have to be honest anything could happen who knows what will what will go on in Parliament the games that will be played and the net results that I don't know but we have to be prepared we have to be ready and have you thought about the campaign you would run if there were another referendum well just find this interesting because even if I was lead if I was if I was leading the leave campaign I'm 2019 yeah I would make it a campaign about betrayal and nothing whatsoever to do with the European it would be frankly the main campaign would be about trust in democracy yeah and if there was a second referendum I'm absolutely convinced we would win it 6040 because I think I think a number of moderate remain voters have not been impressed the way the EU have bhaved in this negotiation process I think another element of of moderate remain voters would say we've had a vote and we need to respect democracy and the the real danger would be it would be the betrayal of millions of people who had never voted before and we hear wonderful stories of of people who got to the polling booth and you know this was the first time ever it was a massive moment and you know it's democracy is such a great thing to encourage those people to then turn around to them and say sorry folks you know you didn't do as you're told so we've got to rerun it you know I don't know where that would all end but we would look ridiculous and and then think about what just imagine a scenario so it's a button but just imagine a scenario where the Prime Minister comes back with a deal that looks like checkers okay it goes to Parliament Parliament can't pass it surely then you would be on the same side as many remain as in saying actually let's have a referendum and let's have three options remote um no I would say let's look quite brightly you frankly quite partly quite rightly Parliament should vote down Chequers because it's a really really bad deal and and then then B then the MPs I think should listen to the mood of the country which is let's just leave and by the way leaving means no money and and I think that is the mood of the country I don't think Westminster realizes that I don't think the media realized that but that in my view is the mood of the country just leave now you're right what what I think will happen is Parliament through some weird mechanism will say we've either got to we've got to extend article 50 and we protect and there might even be a motion to have a second referendum if there was to be a second referendum it's not three answers it's two answers do you accept checkers or do you accept the WTO deal and a WTO deal would win hands down I'm not gonna have an argument you about this but I feel I have to say the EU would say and I suspect that withdrawal agreement will say very very clearly that the 39 billion is a liability payment not a payments about the future who'll earth would sign to pay a million pounds or 39 billions of pounds without a sensible deal that is acceptable in return I mean you just you just couldn't sanction it you could not sanction it and let's remember the House of Lords no less you know our noble peers milord they said there is no legal liability to pay a beam right when you leave when you leave a golf club or gym you don't pay for the future pensions of all the staff in that club yeah well I was just saying there's good there will be an argument about this to be an argument but you know the money's in our pocket it's not in their pocket would you if we sign the withdrawal deal and let's say we sign and leave we do at that point use that 39 billion as a negotiating and just make renege on that sorry I mean there are some people say you know we'll use that as a bargaining chip once we've left and we signed an agreement we are foolish enough to sign up withdrawal agreement without some form of acceptable trade agreement you know being there simultaneously and we've signed that legally then of course legally we've got to pay how stupid would we be okay I mean you know we can't have a trade agreement simultaneously so why not because they won't negotiate with what we will not have a trade agreement before we leave the European Union but the EU have said to us they said the EU have said to us they've said to leave means leave when when John Longworth went over there a few months ago you can have a Canada Star deal any time you want after you left yeah but you agree that what happens is you agree the heads of terms yep okay it's like a it's like a lease in property you agree the heads of terms you say right the deals done and the minute after midnight on the 29th of March right we're gonna send you X billion pounds and the deal is in place the Canada Star deal can we just go back to the prime minister famine that's how it will work and and people say people talk about oh yeah but you've got all these problems with this sort of WTO schedules and things that we do you agree ahead of terms you deposit the schedules with the WTO and you've got 10 years basically as I understand with the WTO basically to then sort out dotting the is and crossing the t's all the boring stuff but it's not definite across identities it's dealing with I think at last count it was about 25 complaints as to what we've put in so far each of which will require a dispute resolution and and and and that that is standard normal practice under the way the WTO works mmm but guess what trade goes on in the interim mmm at what point did Teresa may lose your support if you have if she ever had it a minute after she finished the Florence speech okay we live we were the first people to criticize it when lots of Tory MPs were saying how wonderful it was we we smelt we smelt what it was and you know how it was a terrible speech she conceded lows and asked for nothing so you were you were on board with Lancaster House yes that was a great speech you know um and that's that that's breaks it hmm excellent and and if she if she if she wakes up tomorrow morning having seen this on live stream and say thanks goodness I must meet Richard for the first night you know he's right [Applause] actually let's do a Canada Star deal then you know away we go yeah I don't want to spend ages on this but I have to say do you accept the fact that that will cause enormous problems for Ireland look whole Irish thing has been inflated very cleverly by the other side with complicit help from our own officials and this is deeply shocking they have convicted this issue so let's be very clear we've said we don't want a hard border the Ireland has said we don't want a hard border the EU have said they don't want a hard border the –use own experts last council he wrote this great pamphlet smart borders to I think it's called it's really important to get into this because because there is all this stuff the technology is there right to deal with it away from the border so you don't need a hard border and we've just fallen almost deliberate almost deliberately for their negotiating tactic so I we now have in the last 10 days we have direct evidence how do you check a chicken with technology how do you check a chicken with technology yeah I mean the world the World Trade Organization will impose those checks on the boarder under WTO rules which we love so what happens to chickens that go through Rotterdam into the eu-27 to customers you know they work there if they've come from outside let me tell you what happens they checked 12 miles inland there also where there's will there's a way it well geography gets in the way in the case of Northern Ireland I mean if you if you go to Rotterdam there are lanes that things are streamed down which you can't do it once you've crossed the border in Ireland you've crossed and your loss so a practically lost practically that word matter secondly what happens to regulatory checks what happens what happens the checks about standards and things like that if they're not done on the border well the reality is um if you're exporting to a country you've got to produce those goods for that country but it's all done by firstly let's take all the liners I think there's only about 50 firms that really are large enough frankly to worry about a third of a third of what goes across that border as I understand is milk and livestock right and they're about 50 big firms most of them can have it they can either be authorized economic operators and or trusted trader status if the realities take Diageo that makes a delicious drink called Guinness and it sends loads of its Northern Ireland every year and it doesn't get checked on the border that it's taste right okay um Diageo send a cheque to HMRC for a quarter of a billion pounds a year but that's it and they don't get a single cheque from HMRC guess what HMRC trust them but this is where your vision of deregulation runs into it isn't it I mean let's just say we become this buccaneering free trading low tariffs economy right it's a good word it's a great one at that point surely surely at that point there is a massive incentive for people here to take advantage of our lower tariffs and go sell stuff through the border that doesn't exist inside the market I just don't buy it yeah but competition is a good thing and let's remember that and let's just think about so what'swhat's Ireland's corporation tax twelve and a half percent ours is currently 19 heading down to 17 what northern in my view Northern Ireland should be what we should have around some of our other ports around the country we should the whole of Northern Ireland should be basically a free port I just imagine you know the economy on steroids that'll be fantastic for Northern Ireland you know in the same way that Teesside that Felix Tate we should have free ports so that you create these tax-free zones so that Goods can come in you value-add and they go out no tariffs you know and that's fantastic and that creates manufacturing jobs in some of the poorest most vulnerable parts of our country that's part of what we should be able okay I mean I by that I mean I don't think it deals with Northern Ireland I don't attendance in a session on Northern Ireland so I'm gonna keep I'm gonna keep moving on sorry yeah I did get distracted it's so exciting um we we've heard it direct from EU officials that our own officials haven't put forward the sort of proposals that have been put forward by the European research group in terms of dealing with the Irish issue that's the basic starting point for a negotiation apparently you know unless we're being lied to by those officials apparently our side haven't even asked for that that's the directive if this technology exists why isn't it being used on the Norway Sweden border I mean why is why hasn't been deployed anywhere yet there is no border that does what the ERG it's absolutely true what the ERG says we should be doing the whole point of technology is progress I mean you know oh so if okay if you know if who's it if if Graham Bell hadn't invented the phone we wouldn't have the iPhone I mean come on you got to look forwards not say well because no one's ever done it doesn't mean it can't be done it's it's it's a unique opportunity that we should embrace to say to what actually this could set the gold standard for the whole world in terms of how you deal with this stuff and what the EU is saying is when you've invented it that's fine until then we need to have the backstop right no do need the backstop but haven't you just haven't you just said that actually this is technology we will need to develop well most of it exists right in my view a combination of cameras trust the trader status and authorised economical operators deals with it if the EU say you know what let's try that it's not perfect but it's okay let's try that for five years and then develop if it can get even better great let's let's embrace it and say let's develop the best system in the world let's also remember you know you talk about inflating an issue the truth is the quantity of money of trade that goes across the Irish border in the overall context of the EU it's literally a round of drinks what in your ideal world what would be the terms under which we left I mean if you could if you could design the brexit deal what would it be if it based on the Canada deal yeah with no pluses hmm one plus one a half plus is you don't your middle classes I mean it's it's like it needs a whole security stuff surely I mean we're not well in my view security is completely separate and yeah let's remember security security is covered you know the best bits of our security in our country is NATO and the five eyes relationship and the other four are is a lot part of the EU but there's nevertheless there's still quite a lot of rather effective internal security coordination and quite properly the Prime Minister offered that and she offered it unconditionally which you know you can have a debate about that but the Prime Minister's offered that let's also remember take Galileo for example you know the project and where we've invested nearly two billion pounds Galileo only works if they use three bits of sovereign British soil around the world right if they want to check us out of it fine we'll develop our own system let's make it better and faster but by the way guys you can't you three bits of turf around the world I reckon I know the answer to this what do you think would be the economic impact of that kind of brexit on Britain in the short medium and long term but if we make it very clear what the reason we've got uncertainty the moment is because no one knows how it's gonna look if we make it crystal clear the Prime Minister wakes up tomorrow morning accepts the Canada deal Tice was right let's go for it then actually the uncertainty is dealt with hmm let me tell you you know our stock market will go up people will start you know investing more and more money into the UK it's literally like a it's like a switch that's waiting to go off so the opportunity is there now if the government keeps progressing you know this this this deal that nobody likes except number 10 and a few people in the cabinet then that's the worst of all worlds economically politically why does the Japanese ambassador talk about brexit as a betrayal the views of Japanese investment then I don't know you'll have to explain himself I mean I can have my bets if I don't know I can explain what he says I'm not going to speak for him but basically what he says is our investments in this country are based on the fact of ease of access to the European market and a Canada style deal whatever its benefit yeah is going to create friction in our trade with your opinion which will make trade harder doesn't it doesn't need to create friction it will say people say great fiction and if it creates I mean you know at the end of the day tariffs is sort of 1 to 3% you know that's not that's not the difference between a good business and a good products and a bad business and a bad products um I don't think that betrays years investments or you know the Japanese have invested they've got some fantastic plants you know Nissan in Sunderland I think is is one of the top three or four car plants in the world I mean it's amazing it we should be incredibly proud of it I guess what we might bought buy more Nissan's hopefully electric ones you know produced in this country rather than buying Mercedes or BMW I don't know it's called it's called buying power but it's also but but also a modern economy depends fundamentally on trade yep economies depend more heavily on trade with their neighbors and they do on trade with other people I mean okay would you oh yeah which we have a word about geography yeah are you in the sort of Liam Fox school that geography is dead I wish it was dead when I was at school very bad the reality is we live in a global world and things move incredibly quickly all over the world and so I think the issue of physical proximity is much much less important than it was that's you know that that's the real truth there's even a geographic effect on eBay I mean trade patterns on eBay show a massive geographical balance for all sorts of reasons shipping speed language all sorts of reasons so even in this most modern of trading places let alone more old-fashioned manufacturing I mean in which case fine let's then everybody should accept let's do a quick Canada deal and move on it all points to a Canada deal which is why it's so inexplicable that this government refuses to embrace it but but coming back to my initial point to Canada deal will imply greater difficulty in trading with the universe but let's remember you know under the World Trade Organization some dreadful certainly they might sort of trade facilitations agreements or something um you know the whole point is that actually countries are being encouraged to reduce friction there's a legal obligation under WTO to reduce friction not increase it so again it's a great opportunity to say hey what guess what let's you know let's between us embrace that and let's make it you know frictionless on the basis of a kind of deal it's only the it's it's either people that don't want us to leave or is the EU because they're negotiating that say there's gonna be all sorts of friction put up well the EU will put up various we know that what they're saying they will and if we if we drop our terrace with European Union there's another WTO provision that says we have to do it with everyone are you seriously saying we scrap all our tariffs no I tell you what stuff that we don't produce there's no point having tariffs on coffee on oranges right and things like that that we don't produce of course we should scrap those immediately of course we should say to the United States we're going to reduce 10% on cars to zero and where are you on agriculture are you in favor of maintaining agricultural tariffs to protect for my sector here yeah I think I think on the farm sector yes you know farming has always been subsidy subsidized by the you know way before we join you most developed nations around the world subsidized their farmers you know food security is critically important so yes we should give that but what we do with it you know at the end of the day the great thing about having control is you can say well let's change the rules here there and let's try it for three or four years and you might make some mistakes guess what let's change them learn from them the big arable Barons they accept that they've had a pretty good deal compared to the small livestock farmers up in you know places like the Lake District so that's got a change that's about having our own control being able to make our own decisions and guess what try things and if we make a mistake adjust it you said of the No Deal notices that the government came out with I've got the quotes here that it was scare mongering made up by the same people who designed the referendums project fear this is Dominic Rob you're talking about no he read it out he didn't write the notes but he he he basically approved he read them out as I say they would have been produced they would be produced by officials in the departments for him as the winner yeah and you know but it's a but he's not a remain a scare monger is he um no he's not he's a break City but but but the reality is in my view in everything that has come out of of the government departments it has been a stream of negativity but let's just you know I've talked about some of the positives here this evening how much positivity have we heard come out of any single government department about break city I'm happy I might be wrong on some stuff but I'm not wrong on everything well I think you hear quite a lot of positivity out of Defra actually at the moment but but the fact the fact is isn't there just the hint of a possibility that some of these forecasts might be right based on the track record know what what track record apparently yeah I mean you know these are the same people that said we were going to lose half a million jobs the banks would flee the tech firms would leave property prices would crash and you know all of this stuff and actually exactly the opposite happened exactly the opposite and this let's let's remember you know two days ago the Chancellor had a windfall amount of cash to spend right because these officials in the Treasury got their forecasts a year ago badly wrong okay so and these so they've just got a track record of being too conservative to- getting it wrong and actually you know i live in a world where the glass is always half full it's never half I'm still the Treasury always is is understating how much money we're gonna have what do that wolf for the last for the last year you know consistently we it turned out that actually we've been we're gonna borrow less and less this year and next year so record is not good it's never been good okay I've done this very badly because the whole section of questions I'm not going to ask you because it's how I read it earlier but I want to talk to you about politics a little bit and the first thing is leave means leave simply a brexit lobbying organization or is it the infrastructure for a new political party it's the former definitely know and there are people within it who SIA is possibly the latter we're it we're a we're a group we're cross party no party we've had a range of speakers on our rallies which have been great fun for anybody's been to them and I don't know we are we are a lobbying organization getting the message out that you know we've got a chat checkers and what's amazing is you know the impact of social media to over a million people have watched on livestream our rallies I mean that's that's a huge number of people just like this event just like this event you know yeah but take for instance the hypothetical that we ended up signing up to a deal that is checkers that Parliament votes it through that becomes where we are there are those who say in those circumstances we need a new you kid and you're kind of creating the infrastructure I mean are you thinking on those terms all those lines I'm not currently because I'm just totally focused on persuading who needs persuading to chat checkers and then there won't be a scenario little no I've actually got a day job who who would you like to be the next leader of the Tory puzzle oh goodness a brexit ear that will help look there's well firstly how long do you think the current Prime Minister will survive do you think she'll be there until we left I don't think she'll be there in 12 months time okay and I think the next leader of the party will be a BRICS is here there would be three or four that I think would do an excellent job oh go on three or four names I mean we will know Boris wants to put his name forward you know there's other names like you know quite sure dominant would put his name forward you know who knows Jacob my penny any more denied my it's pretty right there's a whole load of you know great breaks the tears will all be you know ambitious about it do you think if the Conservative Party changed its leader now we would be able to do brexit better do you think that will be helpful if the Tory party was up suddenly unless the Prime Minister wakes up very soon and says you know I've misread this we need to go to a counter deal if she did that or if she woke up and said actually we're just going to WTO she would be the most popular Prime Minister for a very long time so she still has a huge opportunity and the question is whether she'll grasp it but otherwise then in order to get the sort of break so that I think leavers voted for then the sooner there's a change of prime minister the better what if a lot of things play out totally differently and the Prime Minister comes back with a deal that looks far more Yee a than WTO and Parliament passes that that's not is not breaks it you know I mean before I think before you know during the referendum lots of the year the remainders were saying you know any ei would be the worst of all worlds and now they're saying it's the but to be fair lots of leavers were saying we're not gonna believe in the single mark I mean things were said in the referendum by both sides that they'd like us to forget now I'm not sure I can't think of any you know people on our side that we're saying we're gonna stand the single market the government's own leaflet said we will you know our relationship with the single mother were on your side they weren't on our side um but know that the EI is not is not the solution there is a there is a there is a legitimate debate to be had about well if we're not able to get this sorted over the next few months because we haven't got the right people doing it then what's the holding pattern you can have a legitimate say well you could have EI with a sunset clause of let you know but it needs to be short I mean we've we've the camp you don't even need a transition period let alone extending it so you could live with an ETA you could look I think I think it's not a question living with it um it's a question of it wouldn't surprise me if as some form of leaving process if Parliament players all sorts of silly games we could end up there you know I think it would be a bad place to end up and the real danger is unless you put in a very strict sunset clause that it terminates that we end up staying there and that would be just a huge wasted opportunity but in the event through incompetence or EU stubbornness or whatever reason you might want to say is responsible for it we end up without a trade deal as we're coming towards exit day do you accept the need for something to tide us through in between leaving and signing up to that new deal just if nothing else just to prevent businesses remember to adapt twice yeah well then get it sorted now let's not you know we don't we get as I said just but just now we don't need a transition period you know we can just you know we can deal with stuff we can sit down and say right guys we've got to sort this by Christmas but in the event we don't you'd be you could say negative I'm an optimist you know I'd love to resume it further so Richard just come in and help us sort it out cuz you know this is a blessing and yeah there's civil servants who drive and for whatever reason they're just not succeeding who said she's only got 12 months left she's not going ringing you know III wrote in con home a year ago that you know we needed to replace the negotiating team you know they haven't and the situation's got worse just one final question about the great beyond I mean what beyond brexit do you think most needs to be fixed about this country I mean what is the public policy priority for this country wants we're out I think we need to as a conservative that believes in in free markets and enterprise innovation we need to the most important thing is actually we need to regain our mojo our confidence our belief in our country and say actually you know we're fantastic let's believe in ourselves and we could debate about the economic rights of that but in my view go for growth encourage entrepreneurs small businesses and all the economic policies should be driving that driving innovation it encourage disruptors and you know just but there's a really important thing to say actually because we're not far from the city here you know the biggest threat to the City of London is not brexit it's a hideous thing called method to right you know and this is really important stuff because no politicians are talking about this you know but that is what's happening people are leaving London not because it breaks is because under method two they can't talk to their own office and read their own research in New York this stops happening now that's why that's that's them that's about deregulating it's about smart regulation not daft regulation I've done I was wrong I said take care of the boring ways finished no no this this is an exciting way to finish because this is the highlight of the evening I'll give you a beer mug thank you very mu and brexit beer mug and say thank you Edison oh oh oh hang on I've got doing a quick fire round oh thank you Ben ready yep beer or burgundy burgundy Beatles or the stones Beatles cheddar or camembert cheddar this will matters to me Oasis or blur Oasis autumn beef bourguignon or steak and ale pie people Bergen you Deary me UK are changing Europe or any other thing tank you can think of so I have to think about that I want to tear that mug back Richard thank you ever so much it's been brilliant [Applause]

UKIP Rob McCormick interview March 2019

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Rob McCormick interviewed by Richard Ford March 2019.
Rob expresses his concerns for the people of Coney Hill Gloucester.

good morning my name is Richard Ford on the UK parliamentary candidate for lost oh and I've got Robert McCormick with me Ron McCormick who is the candidate for the cony Hill ward in the Gloucester City Council xions in 2020 hi Rob hi so here we are in Coney Hill as you can see we've got the brexit truck here we can see that Theresa may tumble down Theresa and the Conservatives are totally brewed trying brexit we knew that would happen Richard Graham the remainder MP for Gloucester Conservative MP food lost her voted to remain in the European Union by extending article 50 he voted to get rid of the No Deal brexit this the WTO brexit which means that we have to pay Gloucester and the rest of the UK have to pay thirty nine billion pounds and he voted for Theresa Mae's shabby deal now here in Coney Hill was one of the highest results in Gloucester in the referendum nearly three years ago and seventy one percent seventy one percent of people here in Coney Hill voted to leave the European Union nearly three years later due to the incompetence and of the Tories kicking the can down the road by Richard Graham MP food lost and Theresa May nothing is pretty much pretty much nothing's happen Rob what do you think your friends and neighbors and family will think about everybody in corner here Oh sweetie seemed she said disgrace we voted in 2016 to levy EU we promised that they'd respect a referendum on on British people yet we're still in here and the way it's going moment will always be a new year well I think you probably right suddenly sir Rob we've got elections in Gloucester next year just over 12 months away you're standing here in Coney Hill Ward 4 Gloucester City Council you're a Coney Hill lad born and bred what do you think really needs to be done here on a more local level in Coney Hill and what what things do it participates in locally what community activities what I'd like to see is a lot people have saying to me they'd like a pharmacy in cone here and there's one is up at Morrison's they near youth club in coal Hill at moment Quarry Hill residents can only use it one night a week and or we have a notes are taken up by outside people different residents different areas now I think that's wrong Koli Hills declined a lot the curse of neighborhood project has disappeared I first helped set up a neighborhood project in colony Hill many years ago very successful until the Tories withdrew your funding thank you that's really comprehensive and I know you do a lot of youth work don't you Antonio as well you have done yes I used to run the Gloucester wheels project very successful at a 500 children on two of them re– committed crime yet Vittorio's just on take off funding away from us again City Council I also used to run a junior stunt team and a senior teen no-limit stunt team no sex I saw we used to raise money for charities and instead given the money we'd say what what would you like they tell us what they wanted and we gon buy it and sends it to them thank you very much indeed Rob well I think you'll agree with me that Rob will make an excellent ambassador for Coney Hill he's already doing community work he's from here he knows people here he knows everybody here in fact just walking around he's saying hello to everyone so next year elections Gloucester City Council please vote Rob McCormack for Coney Hill Rob mechanic for Coney McCormick for Coney Hill Gloucester okay please help to get Rob elected to the City Council to break up the duopoly of labour and conservative at the City Council that have run this town run Coney Hill for years it's a lovely sunny morning in Coney Hill yes we know breaks it's delayed but you've got an opportunity to say and to make your mark here in Coney Hill and in the rest of Gloucester next year May sorry about that May 2020 Gloucester City Council elections vote for Rob McCormack for Coney Hill and other you keep candidates in Matson and elsewhere in Gloucester thank you very much indeed thank you if you want to support a return to proper parliamentary democracy and for Britain to unite to make a successor brexit join you Kip today go to WWE talked or phonus on oh three three three eight hundred see 800 you

Did Remainers REALLY Know What THEY Voted For?

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You hear the media go on about Leavers not knowing what they were voting for and how stupid they were… But did Remainers really know what they were voyting for? It wasn’t cheap flights and low roaming costs was it?

I've been saying for ages that staying in the EU is not staying in the current relationship we now have with the EU the EU project is fluid it's moving towards ever closer Union look at the push recently for the dangerous fantasy of an EU army this is a dangerous fantasy the idea that is gonna be a European air force a European army it is simply not true it's been pushed almost every day look at how macron the other day was calling for an EU empire the EU project is not stationary you will lose your country if you stay in the EU as anyone who studied the EU will know their objective is control the ultimate goal is to control as many countries as possible by a fewer number of unelected people as possible and getting rid of nationalism and to remove the very idea of individual countries and you have to admit they're doing a pretty good job not for the people living under their grass mind I voted to leave because of the power the EU have over us they want to make countries states like the United States of America they openly want a United States of Europe I didn't vote to have my country swallowed up by a Hitler inspired Union controlled by a few people that you can never hold to accounts did you I knew exactly what I was voting for I knew exactly what it meant to vote leave I don't consider myself a sad old bitter thick idiot lever that the remain loving media would have me perceived as when real idiots like Eddie Izzard were touring the country before the referendum you know he was getting down with the kids and all that was he talking to them about the power the EU wields over us all about the control they have over lives was he talking about loss of sovereignty all the power the unelected bureaucrats have and that we can never hold them to account was he talking about how the EU dictate laws to their member states no this fucking idiot was talking to them about low flight costs and free roaming charges hmm did the people who voted remain really know what they were voting for I'd say they had no fucking idea what voting for remain actually meant or will mean in the future anyway have you seen this recently the EU are gonna ban means then why do you think the more aberrant means they're fun they're creative and we'll put together EULA for the EU would love such a thing ah no you see the thing we means is they take the piss and they do damage to the person the mean is about take this one a Tereza made I mean geez look at her oppan kangnam stars [Applause] this makes her look so stupid and even more the laughingstock to people the EU on them banned if you can't beat them ban them that should be the Eve's motto they could just have the Commission create a new law to ban means even if the EU Parliament voted it down no matter the Commission can still force Member States to implement the law or face massive fines because that's how the EU works the EU is nothing less than an open dictatorship one that's run by Germany makes you wonder if he ever won the walls didn't it I also stumbled across this video recently this is from another useless organization that should be disbanded as all it ever seems to do is sex traffic children and that's the United Nations have a listen and I'd like to say some words on the Global Compact on migration on the 10th and 11th of December there will be an International Congress in Marrakech Morocco with regard to this Global Compact on migration and participating countries are said to sign this agreement and although this joint agreement isn't binding it still meant to be the legal framework on which the participating countries commit themselves to build new legislation and one basic element of this new agreement is the extension of the definition of hate speech the agreement want to criminalize migration speech criticism of migration will become a criminal offense and media outlets and that also concerns you that give room to criticism of migration can be shut down the compact for migration is legalization of mass migration it declaring migration as a human right so in fact it will become impossible to criticize miss Merkel's welcome migrants politics without being at risk to be jailed for hate speech they want to jail you for criticizing anything to do in migration what they want to shut down any media organization that criticized immigration or allow a platform for people to criticize immigration what this is incredible this is so totalitarian this would mean that if you criticize to anything about immigration you could go to jail just think about I'm gone for a minute so you couldn't criticize the fact that most convicted attackers in Sweden or foreign-born immigrants in other words so you couldn't criticize the migrant gang sexual assaults on women in Cologne a few years back so you couldn't criticize people being thrown out of their homes to make way for refugees you couldn't even criticize the migrants that friend to kill the people who bloody rescued them all the lonely girls you couldn't criticize anything to do with migration unless you wanted to dump TJ on it will become impossible to criticize miss Merkel's welcome migrants politics without being at risk to be jailed for hate speech to be jailed for hate speech stop and think about that for a minute so again the UN another example of the dictatorship we live under if you can't beat them Bannerman jail them is a hidden home yet is he hitting home just how authoritarian these organizations have become how is it even possible people are we gonna stand for this they want a law where they can arrest you for criticizing immigration because they're losing the will of the people and the news in the debate so they want to close it down the greatest way to make a dictator look like a dictator is to make him act like a dictator you and the UN are exactly that dictators they need to be dissolved Jesus will in so much trouble what comes next I think it a brand breeding and the sad part is I know no media organization that will voice an opinion about this because they'll be too bloody scared unless we collectively grow a pair of forex people we are seriously doomed

Copyright Directive is about shutting down dissenting voices – UKIP Leader Gerad Batten

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• European Parliament, Strasbourg, 26 March 2019

• Gerard Batten MEP (London), Leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), Europe of Nations and Freedom Group (ENF) – @GerardBattenMEP

• Debate: Copyright in the Digital Single Market
– Report: Axel Voss (A8-0245/2018)
Report on the proposal for a directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on copyright in the Digital Single Market
[COM(2016)0593 – C8-0383/2016 – 2016/0280(COD)]
Committee on Legal Affairs

• Video: EbS (European Parliament)

• EU Member States:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, United Kingdom


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See the first part of Tommy’s speech here

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Brexit breakdown: affluence, decay and fury in the Tory heartlands | Anywhere but Westminster

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There’s a row going on, down near Slough – between a remainer Tory MP and the hardcore local leavers who claim he’s a “traitor”. John Harris and John …

Three Reasons Why Remainers Do Not Understand Democracy

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I’m here to educate Remainers on their favourite buzzword, democracy.


#Brexit #Remain #Democracy
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