Watch the explosive interview with Labour Brexiteer Brendan Chilton | James Whale

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Former General Secretary of Labour Leave Brendan Chilton joined James Whale and Ash on their show to discuss the state of Brexit and the benefits of leaving …

David Lammy compares Brexit-supporting Tories to the Nazis | Reaction

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David Lammy spoke on BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show where he compared Brexit-support Conservatives to Nazis. We’ve been covering the story and have …

James Whale BBC Life Story Interview Fired Sacked LBC / Talk Radio Breakfast Show Es

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James Whale is a broadcasting icon. Always refreshing, always honest – always controversial. Like most shock jocks, he normally gets fired as was the case at …

'You're a snivelling COWARD!' Radio host's SCATHING attack on Sadiq Khan

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RADIO host James Whale branded London Mayor Sadiq Khan a “snivelling coward” for failing to explain why he allowed a Donald Trump baby balloon to take flight over London in protest against the US President’s visit to the UK.

The radio presenter said Mr Khan is “scared” to face critics after he allowed the so-called ‘Baby-Trump’ to take flight in London on Friday.

Mr Whale told his TalkRadio show: “I think that whole thing of the baby balloon being flown over Westminster for two hours.

“There was another tweet we put out on TalkRadio where Sadiq Khan banned the ‘beach body ready’ ad on the underground.

“May I say, Sadiq, if you want to come on the programme and have your say you can but you’re a snivelling coward. You’ve got no charisma whatsoever.

“You are the most bland banal politician.”

He added: “You used to love coming in. But you’re scared. You won’t come in.”

Mr Whale then called for a “really rude” blimp of Sadiq Khan to be put up in London, adding that the people who were flying the Baby-Trump blimp were “moronic” and “stupid”.

The Capital was swarmed with anti-Donald Trump protesters on Friday, with many fuming Britons bringing their young children along to the demonstrations that hit major landmarks while the controversial ‘Baby Trump’ blimp flew over the city.

As part of the protests, a blimp flew above Parliament Square as protesters took to the streets of London.

The balloon depicts the US president as an angry baby wearing a nappy and holding a mobile phone.

In response, Mr Khan told ITV’s Good Morning Britain he had a message for the US President. He said: “Well, my message to President Trump is we Londoners love your country.”

He added: “We love Americans. There are Americans here who contribute to our city economically, socially and culturally, and we thank them for what they do.

“But I hope you [Trump] realise that we as a city are really diverse. We have a variety of views that are held by many people.”

The Mayor of London has been contacted by for comment.

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I think that whole thing of the baby balloon being flown at Westminster for two hours I think Sadiq Khan and there was another tweet we put out as well on talk radio where Sadiq Khan banned the beach body ready ads on the underground which were very pleasant very pleasant indeed and may I say Sadiq if you want to come on the program and have your say you can but you're a sniveling coward you've got no no charisma whatsoever you are the most bland banal politician you used to love coming in but you're scared you are scared you won't come in because he wasn't mad then he wasn't mad no it's a site with Ken Livingstone he used to come on until he was mayor

Brexit: talkRADIO report from Westminster

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Our presenters interview prominent politicians outside the Houses of Parliament in a historic week for the country and for the future of the Brexit process

Tereza no does not believe that we should be Linda penetrations as simple as that she wishes a different view of Independence and nationhood from you well it doesn't mean that she doesn't believe in the UK being an independently I think I would argue it's your subject for another treatise stopped oh sorry I haven't been Cantrell I said the the problem with the debate is it's become so debased and so austere I think here at immigration eyes their goal King the names are nastiness I think called all the names Under the Sun for about seven years I've been physically violently attacked but property powers but my children would all of that happen wasn't a single arrest that was fine because I was outside the mainstream I was considered the police included tiny moments I have always conducted this debate in modern terms I've always come on I've always got on your immigration poster and file yes look sometimes the truth is very different and that's what was dormant Oliveri that be wise in his hands and of course that's why the whole of European politics is now changing look at history sharing a briefing planet and well what's happening is people saying quote hang on a second we want to make our own decisions about our borders about what we do as nation-states and that's the great battle across the whole Western world do you want to be cars a big global disputes where decisions get made somewhere else or do you want to be in control of your own affairs and I would argue that actually long-term nation-states democracy across the whole of Europe is a better more stable multicooker I don't want us to be the bottom of you you're listening to the bell tolling yet and the atmosphere around here would you think is different yes I did boomer what is the bell tolling for I haven't worked that bit out yet but when someone does get me officer let me know now two weeks ago down here I did feel that the atmosphere was really nasty I think the presence of the police and an understanding that perhaps language went too far on both sides it's a better fear with the second referendum is we are bitterly divided it will exacerbate that many in leave community I spend a lot of time there you feel angry voting fully for then was a big stick you know what purrsula political establishment without the viciousness that bitterness will get much worse than a second referendum obviously I don't think anybody levers or remainders actually really took on board if the referendum when dear darling Dave gave us the referendum I don't think people actually took on what leaving the European Union actually lends to the running of the democracy in this country I just think if that arguments made I mean I spend a lot of time in leave communities like Mansfield flat fallin on the doorstep people say to me I don't agree with them but they say we direct elites in a half and we voted left and what a lot of them feel is the political elite establishment as they see it for very long Chiefs with stupidest juice and I'm a remainder I droped remain again and another referendum I campaign for me but I worry no Barry that's so strangely enough I agree with you although I might not agree with you politically wholeheartedly I believe we and that's the interesting thing you know somebody called me the other day slightly right over the Pattillo the hunt which I thought was very unfair I'm not but you know I don't think people grasp what actually we did gain from the European Union well I think my own view is that the official leave campaigns and we've got be disentangled from leave votes as millions of decent people they they run campaigns which I believe were based on lies offering promises which could not be kept but nonetheless you know I could go to a numerous election campaigns where I believe the Conservative Party run on campaigns of of Lies where'd you end in that sense and at the end of the day the people decided a verdict which I did not want and did not like and now as a country we have to find a way reconciling of us all people aren't needed like with the best each of the countries there is no easy solution then they won't be another referendum they way mail we may well be Norway plos we may end up with these this deal being passed eventually in some forms none of those situations all of those situations have downsides and we have to all of us be honest about that instead of offering simple solutions to a often very divided country just been speaking to a couple of government sources looking at the numbers and in number 10 right now they are looking still and this is a number 10 line so don't set too much door by it but at something like 115 Tory rebels which would suggest that the rebellion has really really held up at this stage and I think at that point you would really be pushing into the territory for the greatest kind of post-war defeat ready Minister and less tourism a decides not to go ahead with the vote now the Julian Smith the government Chief Whip is sitting down with Nick Brown now or Labour's Chief Whip now I don't you can read anything in particular into that whips talk all the time but it just shows you and I've just heard as well that Steve Baker is heading to number ten who is if you like the European research group very influential bat mentor Tory MP so Teresa may is throwing absolutely everything at this right now just don't rule anything out I'm not suggesting that at all at this stage but it really is looking serious in number 10 thank you very much for that Ross Alastair Campbell 200 plus TV biggest in parliamentary history that would be where does she go from there well it is incredible to think that she's she probably will stay on and whatsmore forever I don't know River and all those things will be that many Tory MPs who were going to push her out even though a lot of them want rid of her I think the Rhys Boggs will be wondering whether they didn't miscalculate the timing of their their vote of no-confidence a no because maybe the time to do that was after this looks like being a humiliating defeat now I think the do you think there was a possibility the vote might not even happen I think I think that would be no I think that I think she has to have the vote she can't pull the plug again if she does she's I mean look let's just wind back to the last time where this I said with a sense right she pulled the vote on the very clear basis that she was going to go to Brussels and get these legally legal guarantees that were going to make these braces roll over and say okay that's fine then she's got nothing she's got absolutely nothing you are not in favor it's all a brexit you want to stay in New York in you need your party wants to say in your opinion is there anything that would persuade you personally or the party to vote with the deal in order to avoid a No Deal no I think No Deal is a choice the government can come forward at any time till the end of March and pull it the biggest fear for me is how no brixon is achieved I mean it could be achieved by simply stopping it by pulling article 50 which I think wouldn't be seen as most people as democratic and that's why I think we do have to go back to the public and give them the final say from my point of view that is a risk I mean I I think that is the fair way of resolving yeah okay and and how close do you think you'll come to that depending on how bad the defeat is I mean are you closer to a second referendum the bigger the defeat I think that is the case yes the public opinion suggests that there is now a majority in favor of that we haven't yet got a majority of MP is it it certainly requires the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn in particular to change their position of no confidence in the Prime Minister should Jeremy Corbyn call for a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister will you say to the Prime Minister we will back you if you go for a second referendum I don't think it's as simple as that I doubt very much Russia will be in a position to offer that deal but your question is what you mean by backing her and know if either she or Jeremy Corbyn so let's have a people's world and I think it would be our duty to try and develop a more cooperative approach and get different parties working together not just during the referenda but after it being in the country together or a youth group who believe that brexit and especially we're exited threes mate has negotiated or No Deal is not good for young people it's gonna leave us poorer with less opportunities and that's why we don't think it's good enough for our future and we want a people's vote so the public and particularly young people can exercise a bit of right over whether or not they want this feature and whether parents or grandparents can say whether or not this deal is good enough for their grandchildren's future as well why did you change your mind and brexit having voted for it well I changed my mind I think I'm asked this question a lot if I might say and I sorry too sorry to be predictable III I think that nobody knew two years ago even the most intelligent remain orally voter nobody could predict the outcome of a set of negotiations but it simply never occurred in European history before a country democratically exiting the European Union so nobody knew what it would be feasible to be able to negotiate or not negotiate now I was a bit naive it was my first vote people said we could get the best deal in history we'd get to trade more than ever we would we would hold all the cards so I thought you know if we're gonna take that control of our money and our laws doesn't sound so bad so I thought let's go ahead with it but the reality was very underwhelming you know we haven't taken back control of our laws the deal Tereza main negotiates makes us a kind of indefinite vassal state we lose 50 billion pounds so I don't think it's good for our future no a lot of your guys a lot of young fortress a lot of young people who support you are Labour Party supporters and we've been joined by Peter Hain we'll ask him his view about this in just a wee moment but you must be getting increasingly worried about jeremy corbyn's position because you hoped that he would support you and your demand and your campaign for a second vote if Jeremy Corbyn lets down the hundreds of thousands of young people who voted for him who made him labour leader in 2016 who defended him as Labour leader after that and who did fantastic things to him frankly the 2017 general election he simply will lose them in the next general election and frankly I really don't see him winning the university towns where he did so well in the Nets general you know he told everybody a week ago this could be a massive loss that could be 200-plus we're now looking at them saying more like maybe a hundred we've already heard a couple of people saying champagne corks weekend off in dentistry if she loses by less than a hundred which tells you what a bad place she said I do think listen amid all of all the talk about Doug in MPs on both sides the brick cities who want a complete 100 percent brexit and the remainders who really want nothing but to reverse the result the referendum in the middle you've got lots of MPs who are really genuinely agonizing and doing a good a good job on this yeah I spoke to one this morning you saying I really don't know which way to vote I'm thinking of abstaining and asking for my advice and I said well you can't abstain on an issue like this one no you're right but he still has but you know that but they're right they're right dragon eyes yes because mrs. mayor's proposal is deeply unacceptable you know in the sense it locks us in forever and ever there from is ludicrous doesn't even give us the article for free escape you know so to that extent these MPs are right to agonize you couldn't vote and the difficulty for them whichever side of the debate they're on is if they if they don't vote for it they risk the side which they deeply deplore winning yes you're a remainer you you risk a a hard-r exit and if you're a brexit ear you risk the written reference tree I mean if indeed you could describe to what they've been doing for the last few months out strategy at all because to tell people who want a heart breaks it that basically if you don't vote for this there will be a no deal breaks it well surely that's the incentive is rather than I think they're given incentives to everybody this is why it's such a conundrum and nobody knows what's going to happen next what interests me I'm speaking to I know a little bit of a son on something what interests me is the the line the Daily Mail was taking this morning a full-page headline saying vote for missus hey this is really counterintuitive isn't it in reality if if parliamentarians are true by their word and remember there was a hundred odd Tory MPs who had a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister they there wasn't enough to topple her but there was a hundred and they said she's not good enough she's not doing a good enough job she's not good enough to run our party they really if they are true to their word be supportive of the Labour Party's position in the vote of no let's wait and see I mean I don't have a hope that they will stick by their contraction and and do what they should do and what makes sense but at the end of the day we will give them an opportunity to do that because this is what we are going to do this is our plan could a new leader bring back a better deal make something of this what it really depends on the weather the EU would accept anybody going to renegotiate the current withdrawal agreement and what they have said is it has to be something substantial so will a change of leader I think a change of leader in terms of a change of political party and therefore results in a change of leader and a change of prime minister would definitely be classified as a significant moving are you disappointed on that school that the opinion of course the opinion polls told us we were gonna vote to remain in the European Union so we're getting that up as a caveat straight away they still say Jeremy Corbyn languishing behind Theresa May in the polls well I think I mean I'm disappointed with lots of things to do [Laughter] but it is there is a problem in terms of how this has all been presented to the wider public you know because we've forgotten about the fact that article 50 was triggered we've forgotten about Henry the eight powers you know we had to wrestle you know the power of parliament back from the Prime Minister and all that's been forgotten and I think it was hard what are you gonna do tonight seven o'clock the bill goes which were you going well I probably vote against all the amendments because I think they're all meaningless in the sense that they wouldn't change the legal status of the agreement and then I'll vote against it because as far as I'm concerned it's it's disappointing I'm a strong leaver I wanted to leave I don't think this is really what people voted for and think it leaves us half in half eyed and I think this huge uncertainty over the next two or three years when we will be subject to really how the EU wants to play it rather than us having control yes certainly those who voted to leave are quite disappointed we've just been speaking to Sir Edward Lee Tory MP who says that it's not what he wants really either but it's a step in the right direction and because of that he's gonna vote with the deal but he also believes that if it's not too massive of a defeat it's a reason rate comes back on Monday has another vote and maybe he gets it through well I think that it won't be as big a majority as everyone's saying I really don't think I think it will be a lot of abstentions perhaps and people change their mind at the last minute and there is a lot of loyalty or always and within a party but if she goes back she would have to come back with I mean it just seems amazing that the EU couldn't have another little page of a bit of legal jargon that actually stopped the back stop gave an end date for a change that would that bring you on board would certainly help me to look at it again but I really don't think there's so much of the detail in the rest of it that is actually very much allowing the EU still to have a huge control and we're going to be tied in to an awful lot of the regulations that we may not want to have we won't know to get out of it and it's it's you know it's too late now but we shouldn't have started from here you know I think the Prime Minister genuinely has been not strong enough our negotiators have been too much cap in hand and almost pleading rather than going in and saying that we're a big country we want to work with you if you don't want work it's tough you know I do think really I think the country is watching or listening or whatever and horror-struck at what's going on here and we have got to step up debate referenda that the referendum would you I mean that many people have said it that it is put the people against parliamentary process and I'm not sure anybody has yet figured out how we get out of that situation so won't be saying for a couple of years I'm a lawyer by background and actually I think they're having a referendum what it does it cuts across all representative democracy so one of the things is that people in Loughborough can elect me they can you know well they fo kindly have three times now which is lovely and I love being their MP but the next time and next election they can say you did a rubbish job and I want you out and and at the moment because we've had this referendum people now say well I'm not interested in what you think and my representative I've told you what I want so you go and deliver that and that's not the way we have build a healthy democracy in this country one of the questions that won't go away for me personally is I look at you have a sue Bri and then I look at you Jacob Riis walks in the parliamentary columns there and you have so much in common in terms of party policy yeah and yet the European issue seems to be so much bigger than all of that can your party survive this conflict is there a way out we can if we want to and are those a bit trite but actually people deliberately decide they do want to stay in the same party and we have more that we agree on then we can get through this issue and was right talent you know that sort of leadership pulling people together and saying go to compromise we can but I can't say 30-second guaranteed and for me as a party member for 30 years that would be HUGE HUGE shame

James Whale Radio Show 13/09/2018

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James Whale on Talk Radio UK talks to Music Promoter and Film Maker Kevin Crace about his upcoming documentary film on The Highgate Vampire Legend of the late 1960s and early 1970s. He also touches on the Skripal Novichok events of March 2018, the Manson Murders and The Great Train Robbery of 1963.

soryo the 21st century dream team of dialogue debate and discourse radio to give it some live [Applause] this is the sound of the walkers wedding in Oxford only a bouquets throw away from a Holiday Inn hotel what are you doing this weekend it all begins at holiday in calm give your nephew a buzz cut pretty good at haircuts proper salon how much is too much shampoo chop-chop oh no more chopping for him need more hands need a finger salad right next door Oh axe until the morning direct line keeps up with your world when you make changes to your staff stock or location change to us and we won't be beaten on price can your business insurance do that search direct line for business new customers only excluding van cover on equivalent basis to ours qualify car t reapply and the river you can't surance limited when a stroke strikes the damage spreads like a fire in the brain when you spot any single one of the signs think and act fast F face has it fallen on one side a arms can they raise them s speech is it slurred t time to dial 999 the faster you act the better their chances so even if you're not sure act fast make the call dial 999 the Maserati story began over 100 years ago and the philosophy of elegance luxury and performance continues today explore the latest range including the stylish Levante SUV that the Maserati experienced weekend 13th to 15th of September with finance available across the range and after three years free servicing on the 2013 Levante and Ghibli models start your story find your local dealer at Maserati comm participating dealers conditions apply ah you're dreaming about your next holiday not buying your new boiler we're with you that's why all our new boilers come with two years interest free credit expert installation and a five-year British Gas warranty so now you can have a new boiler and a trip to your dream destination search British gas new boiler credit subject to status conditions apply sort radio traffic and travel Yorkshire v19 both directions between Selby and Doncaster that means close to to turn an accident and four eastbound junctions 27 a high cost 226 mark bus route through the roadworks traffic looking slow and in Oxfordshire they 34,000 bypassed order so phone for the periods change towards the botwins change events have been caused by accent invade for chile mon-sol phone do questions 12th 11 events have been caused by a breakdown and they 12 and essex if we can end heavy falling like some air it on I'm still water Frankie's late night breakfast I've been going out the Sun for a while man we met last year we went out dancing came home late I don't know why we had it off but I'll tell you what I knew he had the first time we shared a bowl of baked eggs tangy tomato sauce with spinach and chili you wait till it's simmering than bacon the eggs delicious we tucked in at 3 a.m. and he said this is the best breakfast I've ever had make your own late-night breakfast with our sweet Italian vine-ripened tomatoes food love stories brought to you by Tesco captain controversy is here the James Whale show on talk radio will get you talking back to some calls are promised in a little while but I want to introduce you to our next guest now a fascinating guy his name is Kevin Gracey sitting here in front it looks a bit low Ronnie Wood – doesn't it yeah yeah I was thinking that like Ronnie Wood Mick Jagger yeah y'all might as well together and it could be low we're out with meat Jagger and Ronny well actually yeah yes in the long blonde wig oh shut up right let's go on with this now Kevin's interesting and before listen before we do anything else I'm told that you're a leading authority on conspiracies and we're going to talk about the Highgate Cemetery won't do with that because you're but you've also got a theory haven't you on the scrip all poisonings well it's an interesting situation because obviously it's so fluid at the moment every moment we're changing the situation but I think what we can definitively say at the moment is that if you look at the the Russian explanation it makes no sense British explanation I think that to actually find the truth amongst these verison the British one make sense well it doesn't make sense I mean let's have a look at this this would be another chalk is allegedly the most poisonous substance there is okay and we've got two people who've got better from it yeah but they were eight minutes from Port and down where they have we it was eight minutes from Portland down where they have explode well that stranger may actually have and I was looking at this last night how incident yeah why are they living near there I wonder cuz I could have lived anywhere he was help I know it might have been helping out with maybe like 120 foot spire oh yeah that's the other thing they were saying he was doing talks at mi6 and for other people and if the Russian sword actually was part of a Scott a spy swap they might go well they shouldn't be doing that's not part of the deal let's bump him on but as we've spoken on this program before if you want to bump somebody off there are much easier cleaner salutely yeah but it sends a message isn't it they normally bump people off when the you know falling are down a whole away over that's up but this one was a door just talking before with Chris about the Enco and that was some people so that was a very messy way of doing it as well well it's terribly messy way because it leads right back it becomes so obvious he becomes unobvious you started I thought he might die quicker he just went on too long and then he was talking you know Lukashenko was saying it was need the interest let's just listen to these two who were talking on Russia today a little earlier there is the famous Salisbury Cathedral famous not only in Europe but in the whole world it's famous for its 123 meter spire is famous for its clock the one of the first ever created in the world that's still working I didn't even know that that will make sense it's so crisis now it's so crassly after they start questioning from the river why you prevent present presenting such a crass defense yeah in the minutes because at the end of the day you could actually present and get together a really good defense but they know each other they already tightening McDonnell II when they drove that warship through the channel that was sick in their fingers open this is the same thing on one level but you have to start to look at things from Russia's perspective is which isn't really done in the West Russia is very frightened of the West at the moment we've we've moved up to their borders NATO has moved actually to the very borders of Russia we've got sanctions going on that are really hurting the Russian people really hurting the Russian government there's so much they view us as very aggressive and this isn't really portrayed in the UK media how the Russians view us there is certainly a Russia phobia going on at the moment but he also doesn't need to make sure his people the rest of the world are against ya and they vote for him as a strong man on one level but then it's quite easy to look at how the rest of the world suddenly does target so do you think we're being manipulated then by our own politicians to hate Russia a little more as they would you family that shadow a doubt without a shadow of a doubt there is encourage Russia phobia so that we can start to look at future engagements well we couldn't engage in war with them I mean they've got so much more in the way of military hardware than we have I mean it would be futile wouldn't it well it depends on how Wars of the future go as well because a solo you know we're well upon them that's not look not they're up on us you know I mean everyone's got nukes anyway so yeah but you don't have a war you have to look cyber war look at how effective a cyber war could be could be equally as catastrophic as a nuclear war in terms of casualties and certainly certainly because that capability you know we have the capability this is not you don't think this is clean cut a path to these two just happened to be in that what were they doing in Salisbury they weren't there just as tourists there okay III think you can start to look at an argument but there is this is still a when I say this with a caveat this is a very fluid situation that's evolving all the time but you could start to look at an argument to say that the let the scribbles were passing the poison across to these guys just on the timings just on the timings of the events of that bar would they be doing that well you've got to look that I mean again I'm pretty presenting a left-field argument here but scrip always no friend of Putin no he's a friend of the the oligarchs are based in the UK where we we're where we are awash with dirty me or not suggested they were gonna try and take that I mean they could get another check another check back in Russia anyway car if you picked it up from boatman down and it's got the same thing to print us a Russian version of it and then you used in Russia you look like a domestic attack rather than rather than a foreign agency foreign government being involved lots of questions to be asked let's be honest so you thought they might be trying all the conspiracy theory goes these guys might have been trying to get this take it back to Russia and do Putin in people around Putin or create a scenario in Russia you have to also look as well that well why then in that case why hasn't Putin because he my TV like that those two would be in a very dangerous position I would have thought possibly but then you put them into a danger where they've already admitted they're in a dangerous position today both of them said that so they're opening lines but if you start talking about you know putting them into prison or whatever then you immediately start to look like they are G you are Oh GRU Russian security services so if you don't do that you defend your own position a lot better we talked to a Russian friend the other day sounded nekross off who said that the GRU have disbanded 15 years ago they no longer exist well let's use the generic thin Russian security services okay there's a government announces the GRU you know to raise our main Parliament said oh gee certainly the phrases still being used regularly yeah apparently as far as the Russians are concerned they designed it in 15 years ago but these conspiracy I mean anybody can come up with conspiracy theories the the thing is we're never really gonna know the truth are we no on this situation you're really going to struggle because you've got a situation where Russia has no no relationship with UK on an official level there's no extradition there's no sharing of information we wouldn't allow Russia to become involved in this situation so you're absolutely right but what I would say James and is really important is that when you use the phrase conspiracy theory and I like that phrase it's a useful generic face but often undermines the argument because once you start digging so many cases there are questions to be asked you know and once you start labeling things with the conspiracy theory then you can say conspiracy theory matter or do you think Minko was killed by the russian state because that's pretty open no probability yes i said why wouldn't this have been i think you're looking at different scenarios and as i said this is so organic at the moment and fluid it's evolving all the time that it's so early to actually start named I mean if you remain waited six months but they said they knew within a few days well you say they waited within six months but then but I remember within 48 hours the British government saying this is not a joke only Russia can produce well apparently they knew the guys as well but they didn't announce it to you go back to the original thing within 48 hours we were told it was Russia sure it was another joke only Russian could make it now we understand that pretty much anybody can make it who's a chemical that was well that there are seventeen countries in the world that's haven't stopped all of it including the British ship we we have a stockpile of it we have samples of it we have son was it almond down yeah we donated the government yes because we'll run out at a more to talk to you about a few other things your recent opus documentary on the Highgate vampire shed jeweled for completion the end of this year yep that's correct and a book as well you you you what is the height vampire well I say James will has had a nice bit of experience with this himself in the past but a very interesting story and it's the story of an entity at Highgate Cemetery that was spotted from the 1970s to the present day and that has a record of having attacked people in one way or another now would I say attacked I'm not talking about physical there are strange people live rare I think the term vampires a little bit unfair I think it's an entity would be a fairer so could it be an alien no I don't follow the thought an alien I've followed the thought on entity you you're looking at an area that that has a lot of ley lines running through it you yeah it does indeed yeah right from Swain's line right through there are noted and recorded ley lines now one of the problems is both these ley lines are either end of being cut and so I don't if you watch your banker or they both have building work done on them which is actually in fact Lila it does indeed and it can create big problems along ley lines what it can actually do is create energy that can only bow backwards and forwards along the same layline rather there has to explain for me because I'm a bit stupid what exactly a ley line is ley lines are proven ancient lines of energy that run across the country they were mapped by people from our from from the past they run around the whole world and in England we tend the people in the past tended to map them by placing stones on them you know such as Stonehenge runs in the lay low how'd you know where they they've been mapped they were mapped about allows you to map them oh they were not seen that would they can be picked up by dowsing which I know opens up a whole new topic there but they can be picked up by dowsing but they you can actually follow them through ancient sites so it's a link like the Murano glass debris ivory etc so so you can actually link ancient sites and follow a trackway a non-visible tract way along them which flows energy and these the where does this energy come from them it just floats around the planet is yesterday it's just because if it floats around the universe Brazil oh that's difficult because I don't think anyone's ever gone into leylines outside of the the earth itself but certainly within the earth there is energy so that they created by the movement internally of this planet oh oh that's a really interesting question I don't think I've ever read a good enough theory on exactly the cause of ley lines outside of the fact that they are routes of energy and if you are susceptible to this sort of energy when you are on a ley line can you tell well certainly if you look at magical ritual sites from prehistoric man in ancient ancient man they are on ley line so it tends to view that those ley lines are part of the energy within rituals are being used and so what has you've you've made this documentary what sort of conclusions does it come to and did you actually feel or see any entity while you were making no it didn't no I didn't although it's still recorded to this day okay I think that we've you've got a number of particular arguments and the documentary really leaves you with a number of arguments and and allows the viewer to make his own position and and it leaves it from everything from being complete and utter it could be a ghost is a cemetery a gross wouldn't it he would say to go something yeah I mean it could be you you you you you can look at that I mean you're looking at an entity you're not looking at vampire with two fangs he drinks blood I mean that's the misnomer of the name all right listen we're gonna have to take a break when we come back I want to talk to you about your involvement friend of the Manson Family and the fact you brought Ronnie Biggs back to this country to face justice I did indeed okay right after this and more calls across the UK online and on DAV access all radios get some with the big story of the day on talk radio with the tours every weekday from 6:30 joined Julia Hartley Brewer for in-depth analysis of the morning headlines don't just be fooled be well informed with fearless debates and in-depth opinion from launch across the political spectrum join me junior Harley Brewer for the biggest breaking current affairs stories top guests and razor-sharp reaction get a better quality conversation than breakfast the big story of the day with Julia Hartley Brewer on talk radio with 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thousand we are talking about all sorts of strange stuff at the moment we have got some calls we should go back to one or two between now and the end of the show mal in Belfast as Maggie said I find it amazing that we found a way to communicate with each other through satellites and digital technology and I can watch and listen to the world through an unquantifiable ether says mal in Belfast it's too much for me my point Rob or Bob from Battersea said James we have tried 45 times to improve EU legislation over the past 40 years and every time it was vetoed how many more times will you want to stay in the EU in the hope of succeeding cry cry cry again Morris says guys when the pros want someone bumped off in a clean efficient way they call him mr. bum Thank You Maurice very funny most amusing and entertaining right okay Kevin graces with me Kevin is a leading authority on conspiracy theories apart from anything else and a documentary maker why did you bring Ronnie Biggs back Oh how did you get to bring him back oh that's an interesting question that actually happened purely through coincidence really my background is the music industry and that's that's sort of my bread and butter and where I came from and going back into the hazy sort of late 90s early 2000s I met Bruce Reynolds the mastermind of the Great Train Robbery via Alan G Park of the filmmaker and Alan's reduced me to to Bruce he was making a documentary and I'm at the time at that time I lived in Bromley Bruce would live down in Croydon and we got on so well that pretty much most evenings if Bruce would come over to my place would sit down bottle of wine talk about the old days and then he got to a stage where Bruce came around and said Ron wants to come back I trust you implicitly to do it could you organize it so I thought well this will be fun let's give this a go so Fred's first time I've ever dealt with the national newspaper and sort of really the story from my side is is is really winging it the Sun what it was but yet so so I winged it and I winged it rather well and managed to negotiate well it's become the most expensive operation that any newspaper has ever done it's so expensive that at the Sun it's called the great claims robbery they've been paying for it for many years they find out secrets about the train robbery on these nights yeah I think there's most of the stuff on the train robbers been said and the areas of man may hit the drive that's something I really don't think that I'd be really overly comfortable in discussing but what I would say is that what I would say that's really important is when Bruce planned this robbery nobody was planned to be injured Bruce deeply and the other train robbers Imran and everybody deeply regretted but they were violent people probably involved they were they were by nature by nature very safe you know you're more likely to be violent Ronnie Biggs wasn't a violent man was no and he really wasn't a thief in many ways he was sort of more of a petty criminal and he was brought along because he he knew an engine driver and they he was the only person they knew who knew somebody he knew man who could drive a train and he lived after this he lived his entire life as their own tree didn't he went to Brazil he went viral Straley or ended up in Brazil there was an attempt by the SA yeah I succeeded with the SAS failed there was an attempt by the SAS to bring him back they found I said Michael and that meant in Brazilian law he could be absolutely yeah he was the father of Brazilian child Michael he's very very good lovely when he was very ill wasn't he saying get him out of prison he's game on to talk about yeah it's I think he is an apse michael is an absolute critical know when you I mean obviously breaths if the SAS had had the money you managed together they might have more like who knows what's interesting very interesting SAS story which has never come out which is really interesting which is on the day we were at North felt when Ron landed and I think The Times described it as looking like Hannibal Lecter had come back there was a hundred and sixty place and one-armed division of the military for Ron who who frankly struggled walk more than twenty feet and at the the briefing before he landed as a set around the table and the commander Coles who was in charge of it was introducing all the different parties and if we remember the table there was these two guys sitting there in sort of your black classic gear and even this is blah blah blah this is but and he got to them anyway and this is the Special Forces if we have to storm the plane and we were just like what on earth you talking you're talking about a nineteen eighty year old man with multiple strokes already coming back if somebody wants to us I know we sort of you know we haven't come all the way back to not get off the plane and in the end I actually have to talk them down I said well contact the plane tell them to turn around unless these people leave the airfield because if you look if you have them here somebody will die if if they get deployed somebody will die because of the shock because this isn't necessary you know we haven't come all this way back to refused to get off the plane yeah did he realize do you think that coming back he would spend so much time absolutely but I have to say that as I visited him in Belmarsh and the whole operation was really much more like a carry on movie Meets The Italian Job I think there there is some discussion on a movie because we thought we talked about it quite a lot yes it was a terrible thing they didn't somebody did die from in everything no no James I'm gonna put it there no one died from it okay Jack Mills died ten years later from leukemia and the coroner or about you do you do make thank you but the idea that you had to handcuff this man to his hospital bed that they needed everything that you've spoken about seems to me to be the most ridiculous and rather embarrassing way for the author or they were making a show because you've escaped for he actually escaped his sentence got him back and Belle mal she's a wicked Kevin abort on that yes bill ma she's a wicked prison to put an elderly gentleman and he another stroke and he got so he had to be fed I couldn't talk at all weeks you're speaking spell and food this is we could talk to you for a long time we're gonna run out of time and I apologize to callers that we didn't get back to and hopefully we can talk to you next week but tell me about this whole business you used to manage a guy called Bobby yeah for those not initiated Bobby Beausoleil he was hang on let me just share this do you know who Bobby bass it wasn't from the Ransom I see you lookin at Bobby basically was one of the Manson Family and he was also the first person convicted in the Manson killings so he sentenced to death he was sentenced to death originally commuted to life after they repealed the death sentence in America and now he's a long-term inmate at the Oregon State Penitentiary and was he an actual did he commit yes it was like Manson didn't know it's very interesting yet you're absolutely correct and there is actually an argument the Manson didn't order anybody it's really by association by the fault the beach boy guy we'd fallen out with it was living there and in fact he'd rented it out to Polanski and tight okay III in the briefest possible terms because I know you're desperately short time on this I would tell you that he'd been snubbed by the beach ball no I will tell you that that is completely wrong and the truth of it is a lot simpler and the Manson Family murders are much more to do with drugs robberies and it's a reverse conspiracy theory instead of the bay who is a bit liar you know tell me why when you spoke to this guy and you went and you he was I believe the only person ever allowed to walk freely in the maxims yeah that was that's terrifying really yeah absolutely terrifying so what happened is I'd gone to see Bobby and we were going to work on some recordings with rap artists which were going to be for Antigua so it was gonna be basically a lot of the rappers who were in penitentiary sort of basically doing rap material saying no it's not big and clever I mean penitentiary don't make my errors so that was the aim of it and I'd look to go over there I'd got permission from the penitentiary governor and the the initial date I'd got I had to be canceled because there was a murder within the penitentiary quite gruesome one so we need to lock down so the date was and then ultimately and you sign five pages of it so they're gonna shoot charming and then the governor very kindly told me we haven't got enough staff today so what we're gonna do is we're gonna allow you to wander freely stick to the room through the cameras and if you're taken hostage or anything goes wrong we'll try and send a squad in to get you out no guarantee no guarantee stick with Bobby and you should be alright but and so I was given a level of access that was quite phenomenal did you feel that I was actually terrified on one level okay it varies when when I first arrived you you go through a number of doors where there is it literally a shotgun goes into your face you have to show a special pass that we draw the shotgun you're allowed to proceed constantly and then there was an as you go past some of the cells there's a lot of cat calling and sexually just chilling to you which is a little bit more lecture feel very much like that but a little bit more extreme than that yeah and then once I've got to Bobby and the people I was with they were terribly sweet they got tea bags for me they knew us British I would like a cup of tea they did so and what did he say when it because I've literally down to my last two minutes What did he say about the whole suit he was he deeply regretted the murder and he admitted to me straight away that he'd done it and if he hadn't which murderer zero listen he murdered Gary Hinman it's the very first of the Manson murders so it starts the whole train and he will never come out of prison highly unlikely and particularly in the way that the Americans view the Manson's it's much more like we would view the Moors Murders in this year never coming out I mean I visited Reggie Kray in prison yeah and he knew he was never coming out he was totally institutionalized and I visited him say Lam out for the last week I visited it probably three or four years before the end yeah what was it how do these he come to terms with that it's a really strange situation with these people it's a really difficult one Bobby you've got married in prison I mean that's one of the things you do find like in many of these cases there are people attracted to prisoners within say so Bobby had got married he built was big very good he'd actually built recording studios there you got to invite you back no I gotta invite you back sometime to talk about this and lots of other conspiracy theories and people you've met we haven't even touched on Kylie Minogue where there we are we did that like a vampire didn't like we did the high go vampire yeah listen we're back Monday hopefully at 7 o'clock on might not be why we're it's Yom Kippur isn't it no you can come in anyway in the meantime Ian Lee is next and you have a great weekend good evening oh there you are there you are mom hey you look

Brexit: the best this week from talkRADIO

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MPs will be given another chance to vote on the Government’s negotiating strategy for Brexit.

The Commons will vote on a series of amendments to the Government motion ahead of another “meaningful vote” on Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement next month.

Here are a selection of the best debates on talkRADIO this week.

you very much been someone who didn't want us to leave the EU say believe me you're very happy today that leader the Labour Party is talking about a second referendum well I think I think it was called always going to happen there's no way because even though deal and I think all of a sudden everybody's starting to see a bit of sense you know we've been led over the cliff edge here and all of a sudden there people can see it can't be like that mode more seized on the user and on it obviously you know a lot of this with the situation we are in there is because of the way through somebody's gone around it and now it gives us some hope it will get delayed I mean everybody's pushy fooling around there's no way that we're going to accept our belief labour gotta come up with their new Parliament not gonna accept they're not gonna accept please amaze bill she can't change it he you have said it's non-negotiable so the writing's on the wall it will be delayed and that's the best thing I think happen at this stage even though that's not what the British people voted for welcome Julia you know that we could argue about that all the time well it's kind of it is kind of the crucial fact isn't it charlie well yeah but at the end of the day it's not mothball which trees a most force of governments for which Parliament's fault is them that have done the mess up it's not the public's as family we was given a vote where whether it was to leave or remain and there everything's come out in the open there and all the misleading that was gone on there now at least we're back to a level playing field we can renegotiate and maybe take this uncertainty away in business because at the moment is absolutely destroying everything out there as far as business goes seventeen point four million people were very sensible people who fully understood what they were though no demonstrable not the case of course it's not the case no mr. Edward quite clearly I'm not going to insult the seventeen point four million stop fetishizing them right this is it's such a ludicrous thing to say lots and lots of people voted and every single one of us went into the polling booth with a view about the most complicated question we had been asked in the 45 years I've been alive and a binary question put to us which was moronic and dangerous no people did not know what they were gonna get and every time you people start representing this falsehood that 17.4 million went in with a full understanding of trade deals and what the future would look like you tell a massive lie we're losing a lot of money under this deal that we haven't done terribly well out of a single market in customs unions they say that mr. Edward main told them we would be leaving the single market and customs union and they voted to get their country back and to appoint people to Parliament who can make the decisions for them and the advantage they have with that is if we make a mess they can throw us out and choose a better law and that is a democratic process and they could do the same with any piece but they don't control everybody is in control nobody is in control of the EU when you look at the Commission the Council of Ministers for the European Corps much the same as the civil service that we have for many institutions many of them not directly accountable to the British directors Jeremy Corbyn is making a terrible terrible mistake working-class labour voters in Kesey's voted to leave every Labour MP like by the way every Tory MP stood at the last election in 2017 on a manifesto promise to respect the result of the 2016 referendum if you're not planning to respect the result of your manifesto pledges then perhaps you shouldn't stand for election or perhaps you should stand for election again so my message to Jeremy Corbyn and indeed anyone in the Tory Party trying to get a second referendum is well the 2016 referendum didn't come about out of thin air it came about after years but decades of campaigning by Euroskeptics he came about after to manifest a pledges from David Cameron the 2010 of the 2015 elections and he only got a majority in 2015 because he promised to deliver a referendum on the European Union we had that referendum and we had the result and we've yet to enact it so if you want another referendum I suggest two things either you wait until after the result of the last referendum is enacted and campaigned to return to the EU in which case good luck with that or we hold a general election and you stand on a manifesto clearly stating that you don't believe that voters got it right last time round you don't believe that voters decisions to be should be respected and that there's time for the people to have a second say and if you want to stand on that manifesto and you get elected then by all means hold your second referendum otherwise you should respect the result of the one we've already had at a time like this at a time when yes no credit at all with uncertainty and with difficulties are changing our place not just within the EU but in the world we need political leadership we have none we have right now two party leaders in tourism and Jeremy Corbyn who are unprincipled dishonest cynical devious inadequate incompetent political pygmies British voters deserve better I think breakfast has been damaging to our democratic institutions and our processes in part because of some of the things which happened during the referendum campaign itself some of the lies were perpetrated projects the manipulation so I'm afraid I don't think it's been it's been a very good exercise in democracy why would a second referendum be any better probably but I think they're probably in agreement at once that this process and the desirability of trying to bring it to an end is that we ought to try and do that and a lot of democracy will suffer if this is continuing uncertainty but if I may say so as an advocate of a second referendum that is exactly what I'm trying to do because if people wish to leave the EU on the terms negotiated by the Prime Minister and they are at the moment the only terms available for departure they're not No Deal is the terms of departure Oh No Deal is not a term I know it is not because it is unlawful I keep on making this point no respectable modern government which is adherent to the international rules based system can offer No Deal departure as a viable option because it violates other international obligations of the United Kingdom and this is so fundamental a point but no respectable government can do it you didn't raise this issue with your constituent the same well actually this this promise in my party completely dude I have never adhered to No Deal being better than a bad deal no deal breaches are other international legal obligations in specifically that Ireland under the Good Friday Agreement they are incompatible so if people want to have a no deal breakfast let us have a general election let us elect members to Parliament who wish to violate our international obligations and if you want to do that that is a new world for the United Kingdom to move into I might have a further step in our general disintegration as a nation so we will probably won't survive it as a United Kingdom at all I am not prepared to allow it to happen and if people wish to vote me out of office general election that's the matter for them but I will not do it so she set out pretty much the next I suppose two to three weeks that we're going to be looking at Ross as far as you know if this happens then we'll do this if this doesn't happen then we'll do that I mean it's all a little bit wet it's a wave isn't it it's not really very concrete it's it's definitely a huge change for tourism a position this because she has insisted all the way through since the European Union referendum in 2016 all the way through her time as Prime Minister that she would stick to the possibility of no deal she said so many times that no deal is better than a bad deal she's used the threat of no deal to force MPs to behave in so many different ways again she hasn't changed the language on that today she continued to stick to that but there is a big political shift here big political shift which is saying that if there is no made deal passed on the 12th of March latest so that's the date for the next meaningful vote yeah there will be a no deal vote on the 13th of March so that will give the House of Commons the chance to actually reject no deal completely the following day just so called take it off the table so that is a big change if that were to happen and that is almost certain that it will happen the House of Commons will not vote for there to be a no deal unless there's a dramatic change between now and then if that No Deal vote is rejected which it will be but the House of Commons most likely you then go to the next day on the 14th of March a vote for a short limited extension to article 50 again a huge moment this is a big shift from where Theresa May as being consistently all the way through she has said so many times in the House of Commons and in media interviews and in speeches that we are leaving on the 29th of March 2019 how many times have you heard her say that how many times have you heard her stick to that stick to that phrase that we're leaving on that leave date that it's enshrined in law that it won't be changed that you'd have to have an act of Parliament all of those arguments today reversed potentially where we are now looking at the possibility of what the government calls a short limited extension zaask or 50 what does that mean it probably means a an extension of a number of weeks rather than months our overall our food or the cost of our food shop at the end of the city the week at the supermarket will go down unbelievable WTO works why would we put tariffs up because well first of all by Michael ago we just promised the nfe you that he would because they're not got Terrace no you can you can keep tariffs on goods that we produce in this country to protect our producers but you don't put tariffs on goods like I don't know bananas and pineapples that we do we don't produce do you champagne won't be going up but a large amount of meat for example a large amount of vegetables growing overseas do you think we can double capacity given that we import nearly 50% of the food that we eat in this country you think we could double capacity within five years never mind five minutes after No Deal then you really are living in fantasy land we are we we import good so the EU because we don't have tires on them and we are required by the EU customs union to put huge tariffs on goods coming from outside the EU to protect agricultural producers in the EU when we're not required to do that anymore we don't have to do it anymore Julia the colossal majority of food that we important this country to this country is from the European Union and the reality is that a amia majority seasons forty-five cents through that Eaton's country is imported . in other words a colossal majority of the food that people be buying will be affected by massive import tariffs and that is what we're facing in what 30 odd days so that is why No Deal is always a what it's a single reason why No Deal is catastrophic and I mean catastrophic I mean lider caused enormous poverty and hardship for millions of people when that doesn't happen would you come back on my show and apologize for that fear-mongering yeah yesterday she basically caved in to the remainders in her cabinet brought in she gave him she caving him because she's terrified remainders will resign from her cabinet resigned from her government and then she'll be left out of power or was she actually using rather cynically remain a threats to blackmail the European the European research group the ER you're a skeptics to vote for her withdrawal agreement well the question is we're going to possibly have now a delay we're gonna have a block to No Deal but what does that do taking no deal off the table just when the EU was being pushed to concede to get a deal at the eleventh hour what does a delay do how does it resolve anything are we suddenly gonna have agreement in a couple of months time in a couple of years time I doubt it the reality is is that the only people who want to delay brexit whether by two weeks or two months or two years are the people who voted remain who lost the referendum the only people who want to block a new deal brexit other people who voted remain who lost the referendum and the only people who want to hold a second referendum are people who voted remained who lost the first referendum these remainders in Parliament by the way are the same MPs who voted for the EU referendum to happen in the first place they voted to trigger article 50 which set the date of the 29th of March 2019 in the legislation they also stood in 2017 in a general election on a manifesto that said these exact words in black and white New Deal is better than a bad deal they've also voted against Theresa Mayes deal because it is a bad deal and those are the same people who are now trying to thwart democracy they think the brexit is going to be bad for actually bringing to an end our democracy and telling people their votes don't really matter we'll do far more damage than anything that you think will come about as a result of brexit be careful if you're a Ramona today be careful what you wish for because actually the reality is that we need to deliver brexit because it was a democratically mandated vote by the British people and as the Prime Minister might say quoting a rather famous TV meerkat it's simple if Teresa may asked you for more support for her future would you give it to her you know with respect I don't think Teresa may has done a very good job in these negotiations and I think you know we need to get through the next few weeks and a couple of months we need to get to the other side of brexit and then actually I think it's time for I think it's time for new leadership well you know I think we've got and we should have an optimistic future and the idea that staying in a protectionist racket which I think the e is is being good for our future I think is an incorrect assessment and I think that's what the majority of people voted for in the referendum and it's actually the the obligation I think of members of parliament to make sure that that verdict is honored why have they even bothered to say that they now want to do what you want everyone to do which is to have another referendum even though they know they can't get it through far it's a waste of time it's blowing smoke up everybody's backside it means nothing we're in total flux in a moment we're coming up to master 29 if you look when we started people's vote campaign a year or so ago when everyone but it got to be quite lately that isn't it well we're talking about it now because he's banging slap in the middle of the agenda yeah but everyone said it's not gonna happen no you're saying he's not no I'm not the only one so wait a minute and I would agree with you I mean for example the reason why it wasn't put to vote a couple of weeks ago was because it was obvious it was not going to I have always felt that once people face up to all of the choices whatever breaks is going to mean being either so far removed from what was promised that it's undemocratic not to put it to a further test or undeliverable then I think there is a very fair chance that Parliament decides you know what we we've not been able to resolve this we're going to put it back to people and yes I think if that was to be voted on today I suspect it wouldn't win but just look at how fast things are changing on this changing there's not a wheel spinning but we're not actually going anywhere that's my problem and the reason for that is that Donald Tusk and his mates in Brussels know very well because they can keep coming out and saying it oh there is no agreement in parliament over this so they're just going to keep kicking it around and they're just going to keep you know vacillating and not doing any kind of deals whatsoever because they know they don't need to listen honestly I know you've got a pretty negative view of people in politics and public life I haven't actually that's not true well the European last chap of ours I think it's fair to say let me just make the point about you I just wanted to do their jobs Alistair that's all