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As the Conservative leadership contest gets underway, Iain Dale will be interviewing the hopefuls.

Tonight Sajid Javid MP will take your calls from 9pm.

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a pharaoh this is lvc from global leading Britain's conversation with the entail a very good evening it's three minutes past 9:00 here on LBC well it's time for the sixth of our leadership interviews if you've missed any of the others they're all on my website or the LBC website or the LBC YouTube channel if you want to go back and watch them all today we're in the company of Sajid Javid who's the Home Secretary and Conservative MP for Bromsgrove welcome good evening and I should I should explain you can of course watch us on YouTube on the LBC website Facebook page or Twitter feed um well we've got the first ballot result 23 votes was that disappointing for you look I'm pleased I'm through to the next stage and the history of these competitions are your things can be quite fluid they can be quite unpredictable I think it's great to be through and over the coming days and weeks yeah I've got to go ahead and make my case and I think I've got a very good case to make you've got to get at least 32 votes to get through to the next round what's going to be your pitch to the votes that were with Andrea let's sum Mark Harper an estimate vey well actually I won't just be pitching to those votes and those you clearly you've mentioned three of my colleagues who sadly here aren't going forward they're all good people and with lots of good supporters behind them so of course those votes in a sense we all know will be freed up and already I think I have a strong appeal you know across the board to colleagues and yeah across the spectrum in the party but of course you know that the way these things work it's not just about those votes they are your colleagues that would have voted for other candidates that would have done better perhaps even some of them had more votes than me but they will still be reassessing you know how they think this race is going to turn out and so I think I have to rightly sort of pitch across the board and get as many votes as I can what when you first came into Parliament and you in the first few years you were seen as quite an ultra Thatcherite politician um you famously have it I think you and I share something in this and that we have the same picture of Margaret Thatcher on an on a wall in our yes office and so I completely approve of that I don't see it it's not no no no we couldn't possibly do that however since then I think some people in the Conservative Party have seen you as a little bit of a flip flopper where you they saw you as a firm brexit here but you voted remain and now they see was somebody who's trying to pivot back to that position and there's a bit of distrust about why you actually come from in the party and do you think that's been a problem for you no actually you know I I don't I think in the time that I've been in Parliament so since 2010 also have held various roles and I think the reality is first of all in a lot of the decisions you make they're not always sort of entirely your own decisions I'm not talking about the referendum I'm happy to talk about that but just generally whether you're Home Secretary your business sector what it is there's collective responsibility these are government-wide decisions and you know I'm not giving anything away when sometimes you you have to make decisions we implement policies that you wouldn't quite necessary done it that way yourself if you had your choice and so that is part of the sort of compromise in in politic cuz on the on the brexit decision yeah I think I mean I was surprised when you came out four remain and I think a lot of people and they've said it to me they thought you did it because you were seen as very close to George Osborne particularly and they thought that what you were looking to the future it was a career decision rather than a sort of gut decision and that had you maybe got your time again you might not have made that decision no no it was my decision you mean I owned that decision I don't resolve from it I think at that time they were you know all of us not just politicians we all had to decide if we want to take part of that referendum which way we are going to vote and for me at the time I talked about it quite openly I wrote about it I had to think carefully about that and I made my decision but the other decision I've made alongside that was that whatever the result of the referendum it's right first that we asked the British people but we politicians have to accept their instructions and and make it happen and that's what's really frustrated me over the last three years I was very happy with the outcome I don't have a problem as it is a decision for the people in fact I said at the time that even if the whatever the decision is but even a leave decision I would embrace it and embrace the opportunities and that's what I've been trying to do for three years but it shouldn't have taken three years you should have delivered it really shouldn't but you were in the cabinet that hasn't delivered and therefore you have to take part of the responsibility for that do you know I take some of the responsibility of course because I absolutely I have been in the cabinet since that decision was made and that said I think that everyone knows that these aren't you know every cabinet minister isn't entirely your fully involved in all the decisions that went round nobody's that we do sit around the cabinet table every week and you hear Tereza may go around the cabinet table asking people for their views on things without actually as I understand it very often giving her own and then she goes away and does something that you'll a lot of you disagree with and then it happens time and time and time again and surely solve you and I know you have spoken think I'm connected enough to know that you have spoken out in cabinet against a lot of things but it's to note they've been to little effect hasn't it well well I wish it had more effect to be honest in that I've spoken out in cabinet many times and in you know meetings you're outside of cabinet more private meetings actually I say private you'd you'd hope cabinet wasn't I think private is work but sadly that isn't okay everyone's denying lots of meetings I've done that and and and I wish I had been listen to more but you know that's that's the way it is and but I think my my job if you are in the government whether you're in a cabinet or not is to sort of in private to speak freely about what you really think but ultimately if you are staying in the government you're bound by collective responsibility so give me something over the last three years or on the brexit side yeah give me something that you would have done differently and you think would have had a material effect on how things might have gone where you want me to start so you said give me something I'll give you one thing I think that three years ago when the decision was made there as a government we should have prepared properly for no deal and that's not because I want no deal I still don't want no deal but I responsible your government has to prepare for all outcomes but I think that had we done that more seriously you're starting three years ago right after the referendum result we would not be in this position today and that's down to the Chancellor as note no it's a it was a it was a government decision obviously led by the Prime Minister but it was a government decision here for a couple of years you talk to me about being Home Secretary and I've been more involved in in a way relatively as Home Secretary but before that I was 2 years as housing and community secretary I wasn't really involved specially in that department but I didn't have much do with EU and No Deal preparation but I I think that you know that probably is if you ask for one thing I think that is the one thing that would have made a lot of difference because by not properly preparing the situation you put yourself in is that you were sitting there in negotiations with your European partners with them really knowing that you had no option to walk away from the table and you know anyone knows when you're in a negotiation you've got to be able to walk away and I I've done many negotiations in my life here I've done lots of in my previous career and your multi multi-billion dollar deals around the world and I could never imagine myself closing any one of those deals satisfactorily if I didn't have the opportunity to walk away well I'm sure brakes is gonna come up a little bit later with some of the calls let's move on to what happened two years ago tomorrow at groennfell Tower because you were Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government at the time and just take us back to that night when you learnt what what had happened what what was your immediate reaction what did you do well in that I've got that is the that for me is the most difficult experience of had love most moving and most difficult and when I really felt the the responsibility of my office of government with so many people relying on you you asked me about the I guess the first moment I learnt which was the sort of the early morning hours and and just sort of hearing but more actually just seeing the pictures straightaway my smartphone it was it was heartbreaking it was I'd say you're terrifying did you comprehend the scale of it that that a moment I I think from when I saw the pictures when I when I first received a call and someone said that there's been this terrible fire it's awful it's in it's in central London you know you until I saw the pictures of the tower the whole tower virtually on fire I think that's the moment when you really comprehend this is the author the people's it happened yeah knew it had happened during the night – you're thinking people are sleeping and and the children I kept thinking about children in the in the tower you're people who couldn't come downstairs and things like that and and you're and then in that case I went straight to the to the office and but the immediate emergency there was obviously one to be rightly led by the firefighters the emergency services and I and I sort of felt yeah as a politicians I don't want to get in the way of the professionals doing their job right there and then in those in the in the first few hours but I I knew then sadly that it's it's gonna be heartbreaking and year for the loss of life we're about to see do you look back and think maybe you should have intervened as Secretary of State a little bit earlier than you did I remember way well I remember a couple of weeks after it I wrote an article which you took great exception to and I understand why I be and I I said that surely you should have been down there on day one and it's of high-vis jacket actually organizing things now I'm told subsequently and I think you useless to me at the time well actually the council were assuring you that everything they were they had everything covered and they were doing everything that they could and at that point I guess you had no reason to disbelieve that but they didn't have it covered did they do you wish in retrospect you had done something a little bit different no actually I think in retrospect I don't think there's more that we could have done at the time because in the in the in the first day so you said you should have been down then the first day the the you know the clear advice actually the request of the emergency services was dunked hmm you know we don't need politicians down here you've been bringing cameras and all sorts of things whatever we need to be getting on their job and I think you had I got ignored that advice and gone anyway it would have been really irresponsible to wonder at what point did you work out that actually the authorities were not coping and that you had to intervene I think by the within 48 hours yeah because I went down the the next day and and that's when I met local people the helpers wives council representatives and I think within 48 hours we'd worked out and actually within within 72 hours we had set up an emergency response center within the new chief executive what we called the Gold team the Gold command leader with I think 7080 other people coming in from local authorities from government within another the next day it was about 200 people so it all quickly came together we had called it out of Westminster councils office because they could support that so that all happened very quickly and and I look back and I think people moving as fast they can but you're right to pick up on the council as well and I think it's right so the the council was overwhelmed but yeah also what council wouldn't be overwhelmed with something a tragedy on that scale was I think the it's hard to think of council being set up to do that um so I think people came together quickly but the work continues to this day to help those a a reception just a couple of days ago in Parliament that I attended with survivors and and again for me meeting with some of the survivors that I hadn't seen some of them for a year you know since I've changed roles and it brought back all the memories of all that you're what happened and did you get emotional at that point a little when you're talking to people who survived the fire of lost loved ones in in how do you personally react to that yes I did I did and for meeting the survivors and their and but also their their family the family of survivors and there was a think during the exact date but it was about three or four weeks after the tragedy that the survivors the we'd set up a meeting with survivors family friends but mostly survivors in one of the hotels and I went along and the office said that they want to meet with you for a couple hours and quiz you so I went along and I ended up staying there for about four or five hours and there's no limit on my times happy to be there as long as I was needed and the mood really changed when there was obviously a lot of emotion around and I and I couldn't help and I make no excuses for it you know it's this is real life and when I reached out to people and hug them I met them I did it because that's what was necessary I come natural to you but yes some people think that you a little bit of a cold politician you're not a naturally touchy-feely huggy type politic I hope they don't think that you know that that that is but that's part that is part of the modern armory for a modern politician isn't it and that you are expected to emote in yellow yeah but it's not about to me it's not about whether it's an armory of the politician or not it's see it's what I would a sensitive human does and I'd like to think that you know that's what I am sort of thing was fantastic wasn't she and I'm not everybody could do what Tessa Jowell did I said I suppose I'm just one final thing on this and the your world Department admitted this week that in in in the past for 133 of the privately owned housing high-rises found to be wrapped in Granville stark cladding have been fixed a hundred and forty six are still vulnerable this is two years on something still going wrong isn't there well I know I think actually the the Jays broken shards the community secretary and his team they they have done a lot of good work in this area and I think it was just was it a few weeks ago that he announced government funding in the exact number but hundreds of millions for private sector accommodation as well and and that's the right thing to do and and I know that he in the Housing Minister because that's the point but they're part of it I think there's still some of these issues still coming up as fresh issues and I think as long as the government is reacting you in good time as soon as the issues are coming up they can I think that's the the right thing and there but they're still less as being learned I mean just a few weeks ago in Parliament the new sort of building regulations were announced which were all lessons learned from Grenaa and I think there will be more as well right we're gonna ask you a lot more questions in a moment particularly on the future what kind of vision does Sajid Javid have for this country with him as Prime Minister Oh three four five six oh six oh nine seven thirty we'll come to your calls as well it's 19 minutes past 9:00 the battle for p.m. follow it live on LBC MBC has been working with the get into teaching campaign to look at how a career in teaching can shape lives beyond the classroom there is this fantastic moment when they're struggling they're struggling they're struggling and then suddenly there's light goes on and you can see and they suddenly get it whatever it was and it's incredibly rewarding and it's incredibly fulfilling go to lv c dot k dot UK for more information on a career in teaching to hear the full discussion and for a chance to win an iPad air and Apple watch with LDC muscular pain ou can last all day and night ouch and newer 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party the nation and brexit the task of setting a new course for life outside Europe will be in different hands from late July turn to the Telegraph for clarity subscribe now a telegraph co UK forward slash subscriptions the endale on LBC text eight four eight five Oh well if you you're making your speech on the steps of Downing Street on your first day in office what's the one thing that you'd want the country to take away from it the one thing is that I would do everything as I can as Prime Minister to help heal some of the wounds in our country and bring people together and how would you do that I think number of things need to happen top of the list I do think we need to deliver on brexit and because that is such a fundamental test of the integrity of government and I think people are looking for that and then I think that you need a set out a vision what I would say like a positive vision for the future that has to touch so many things that for me would draw on my background my experience both in an outside government that will be you set out to try and bring people together in as many different areas so right from your how you approach public services through to how you care for the most vulnerable how you approach communities you have example community integration as well the housing crisis I think that's got a big role to play in people bringing people together and making sure that you are showing that you are thinking about every part of the country because I think sometimes there is a understandably a sort of perception that we're to focus on the southeast particularly London when you're the the many of the parts of the country to think about and and that also means things like transport connections rebalancing the economy infrastructure investment so there's a lot to it so I'd set out that kind of vision just on communities I don't know if you were listening at the end of the last hour where we had a caller he said that he didn't think that you could win because Britain wouldn't vote for a Muslim I heard that when I was outside your yeah what did you make of that do you hear that a lot not a lot but I have heard it before yes it's not yeah it's not too surprising how did well you see I think it is and maybe I maybe I'm misjudging people but I I would like to think we are in a country now that doesn't think in that way and there would be very much the exception that somebody thinks in that way I was actually quite surprised when the fingers closed called Louie came on so we would quite not take you that young man but I thought what I was quite slightly disappointed that he said it well first white say we are I mean I really think that we are the most successful multiracial democracy in the world and you know I've had the privilege to travel a lot and seen many other countries in many other democracies and there's nothing like it and you know I'll give you example when I go to EU meetings and EU council meetings you've got ministers from around the world it doesn't matter where I'm the home office this the Home Secretary the business secretary or whatever I've never ever seen from any other European country anyone that has a ethnic minority the minister from any other countries sit around the table and and and in Britain it's not just me there are many and I think that shows you how strong I am so why why are you not surprised by those comments then before I have heard them before I mean it's that we as a country I think as we've become your more modern country we have become you're much more accepting of people whatever their background it's not just based on their race it might be their gender their sexuality and I think it's great and and I think we have come a very very long way but there'll always be some people that don't take that journey and I talked yesterday when I did my my leadership launch speech and I talked you're quite openly about some of the prejudice I faced and from that your CIL's things I talked that I talked of how yeah when I wanted to marry my wife who's your white Christian and people said oh you don't want to do that because you have half-caste children that those were there words they'd even words like that and and I said as I said yes they my kids out half anything they're fully British and they're gonna play a full role in modern Britain but when you hear things like that and does it happen often now in your home secretary hole one of the great office ISM stay and that ought to send out a message to people like Louie that it is possible for somebody whatever that background whatever their skin color whatever their faith to come forward and take the opportunities that are given to them it must get slightly debilitating at times when you're constantly having to deal with this kind of thing which if it was I mean Boris Johnson doesn't have to deal with this sort of thing well it's it's not that constant I mean look I think part of it is social media in that you know if after this you have my evening with you tonight if I go and look at my social media there'll be a whole bunch of racist comments but that's that social media that's what that's what people do they can hide behind their sort of nicknames and things no one really knows were they on there they do that and I guess to some extent I have become a bit desensitized about it but I also know it doesn't represent what Britain is you know it's a tiny tiny tiny proportion of the population so we shouldn't get carried away with it um do you think the Conservative Party has a real problem with Islamophobia has become a bit of an issue has now yeah I don't think the party does I really don't in the yeah and that's not to say that there isn't a issue in your society which you can include members of political parties I don't deny that and we have seen a rise in certain reported hate crimes against the Muslim community and other communities but we talk about the Muslim community obviously you're completely unacceptable in every way we have seen that and we have seen incidents of that in the Caserta party in terms and members of the party every single time that's happened the party's taken your tough action immediately without waiting and that's what's necessary so I don't think it's a party problem but I do accept there is a a problem in society where it sadly it has grown and we need to do more to tackle it and watch our own religious status now you're brought up as a Muslim yeah I'm not I'm not I'm not practicing and but I consider myself a Muslim it's a but I'm not you know like in any religion where people are Muslims Christians you have different levels of how people might feel you bring your children up a well my wife's Christian and actually we with what we've tried is the is to teach our children about both faiths and that we decided long ago before we had children that when they grow all the it's a decision for them whether they want to have a faith at all in if so which one it is and what do they make of what you do well my my job yeah I mean because you didn't have a normal job I mean oh they're school friends probably have sort of that they have school friends whose parents would do what we would call well it depends which a child you're talking about if it's my ten-year-old she thinks it's really cool if it's my 20 year old she thinks it's hugely embarrassing in what way Wow just I think it's for anyone that for a child I think often thinks that if they're if their parents are sort of well known there and then use papers and things that then yeah I think I can sometimes understand the embarrassment and at your launch yesterday you described Boris Johnson is yesterday's man which given he is leading the contest was a either it was something that Sir Humphry might call a courageous thing to say in terms of career move I'm not the the when it comes to my career I'm just interested in doing the the right thing and then and what I think the right thing is is to go out there make my case and see if that resonates and allows me to become the leader of the Conservative Party and that's what I'm thinking of but when I when I made that comment yesterday what I'm actually trying to is contrast with the future in the next generation yeah why is he anymore yesterday's man than you well because I think that when you look at you Boris Johnson's been around in British politics for a long time a lot longer than I have and so I I think that when you're we're looking ahead only a couple years older than you though I'm not my age I'm talking about time in politics in 2001 wasn't he but that's almost white that's twice as long as I have so yeah like I said but it would I don't know whether you plan to say it or whether it just something was something that occurred to you but I I remember watching because I thought you it was actually a really impressive campaign launched and that and I remember that I was with someone I said wow that's that's pretty strong stuff I'm trying to I was just trying to a contrast with another statement I made but as a because of contrast about what I think we need is your tomorrow's leader but today I think we as a conservative party we need to look ahead we need to reconnect with so many voters and if we and if we step back a bit and think that in the last quarter of a century as the Conservative Party we've only won one majority we only won one election and that was in 2015 and that was only just and it only lasted two years and the lesson learned for the party I think is that you need to have broad appeal across the country war and the people's election winner do you think they see you in the same way yes yes I do I do I think if you'd yeah if you look at all the polls and they've been done that look at who can appeal broadly across the country yes and that's the that's what that proves but there was a poll from comrades the other day that showed that toys would win a hundred and forty seat landslide majority with Boris's leader there was a leader a minority government there there were polls that said that Theresa May would win 200 seat majority what happened next oh do you really want to revisit that question right we're gonna come to your calls now oh three four five six oh six oh nine seven three such a Javad the Home Secretary with me until 10 o'clock you're listening to LBC I'm Ian Doyle it's 9:30 to Sarina Pharoah has the news headlines Boris Johnson has a firm lead after the first ballot to decide who's the next Conservative Party leader he's won the supports of a hundred and fourteen MPs 71 more than the next rival Jeremy Hunt failing to make the threshold though so now out of the race Andrea led some estimate of a and Mark Harper keep listening to LBC as Ian is now talking to another candidate the Home Secretary Sajid Javid a man's been arrested after a woman with her toddler was stabbed in the leg in North London she was with a pushchair in his means at that 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Jerry anything from the Home Secretary I'm a police officer and I just like to know that obviously as you said you're going to recruit 20,000 more police officers once we confirm this how would you ensure that you will get the extra 30,000 police officers with the current car limit struggling to recruit more police officers if they obviously salary is not great for the new officers could have explanation for that that's great yeah thank you very much and thank you very much for your service in terms of recupera mean first of all the reason I've said that is and I'm speaking it as as a candidate for the leadership that I I have certainly come to the conclusion that police officers need numbers need to be restored and that's partly because I think when you've seen the rise in all types of crime but especially serious violence and the and more complex crimes like cyber crime and you're obviously familiar with just how much police sort of man-hours that takes that's why I've come the 20,000 number and I think it is affordable and your question was it comes it would cost just over 900 million pounds once you've got to the twenty thousand but also to get there the the advice I've received is that it will be roughly a third each year so at seven thousand dish each year and you and you're sure you could recruit them because Jack's saying that there's problems with recruiting yes yes because and and and Jack's right sort of depends in which part of the country actually you're thinking of but Jack's year the there there will be some parts of the country it's harder and that needs to be reflected in your calculation of the Saudis if you have another $20,000 you're basically back to where we were in 2010 basically so that's an omission that the last nine years has been a complete failure in terms of policing policy no it's not because what we've also seen in the last nine years is a dramatic increase in the most complex crimes an increase in demand and I think I can certainly see that how sort of it back in 2010 2011 some of the decisions could have been made in terms of fewer officers but I think what wasn't thought through or projected and it is hard to project sort of future crime patterns is the huge increase in in the more complex crime so if I give you another example that the government has rightly also cracked down on the modern slavery and that's a your big government initiative rightly actually by led by treasom a there's been a government encouragement of especially women to come forward and to report historic sexual offences and those are quite complex crimes so a lot of this is a crime that's rising because governor is actually encouraging birth to come from no I think we need to meet that demand I've got three graphs here with police numbers going down by 20,000 and then there's a rise in violent crime in 2010 six hundred and eleven thousand violent crimes 2018 1 million 100,000 total recorded crime 2010 4 million 4.3 million 2018 5.5 million so it clearly was a mistake to reduce numbers no what I'd say in is I think it would to sort of even you're taking one figure which is falling police numbers and looking at a rice somewhere else and and just because ones are fallen ones Rhys doesn't know they it's it's very logical to draw no I would say you've mentioned serious violence and your rights have raised that this is a a major concern of mine and where a lot of effort has gone into trying to address that yeah part of the answer that are the changes in drug markets and if you ask your most the experts in this field is say the the biggest driver of Syria is not just here in Britain but abroad has been the massive collapse in the farm in the price of Class A drugs lots of gangs are trying to fight to keep their market share and you can see how that spills over to violence in our streets and that's got nothing to do with police prize we've got lots of other subjects we want to cover we could probably spend the rest of the program talking about policing Jack thank you very much let's go Alex in Watford Alex what would you like to ask good evening gentlemen hi seven members of parliament have declared their use of drugs who are all were running for the top job a comedian who makes a statement which he believes to be funny he's been investigated by police and he explained to me why the seven members apollon weren't investigated by the police they joined the comparison with Joe brand their who made a joke about battery acid which we've talked a lot about on LBC over the last 24 hours it's a fair point isn't it that members of parliament seem to say oh yeah I've taken drugs and then there's no consequence well first of all I think that with with members of parliament if they're standing – you certainly look at this case not just be neither the party but to be Prime Minister I think it's right that open and transparent about the backgrounds are certainly when they're asked the questions the Alexes question understandably is about whether the the police why aren't they investigating this when they investigate other things and and the answer I mean partly is it is that whenever the police have an investigation they have to decide for themselves has to be independent I can't tell them and I should have a right to tell them as a minister that they have to believe it's in the public interest and I don't know the exact details all of the I mean I've heard about Joe grand and what was said but I don't know the exact details and circumstance and nor do I know the details of what the the exact details what the members of pardon have said but in each case it is a responsibility of the police and if they have to consult with others to determine whether it's another comparison I'm you were a Treasury Minister one yes you're familiar with the loan charge I imagine you probably got constituents we've written to you about it one of HMRC are going about 20 years trying to claim back tax for they say tax which which is mobile and yet you have a cabinet minister a contestant in this leadership election admitting to taking Class A drugs and as far as I know nobody in the police as thought all that well let's have a word with mr. go then well as you I think as far as you know as far as I know I mean but that doesn't you know I haven't been home secretary now for a year you do a lot of information isn't always in the public domain so yeah these are independent but the position is for the people think it's one rule for them and one rule for the rest of us that that's the problem isn't it I can I can understand that I can do from where Alexis said I I do understand that and I think the the the sort of the right way to deal with this is to make sure whether it's police or other law enforcement authorities that they are doing their job to determine whether a prosecution is in the public interest but they treat everyone doesn't matter if the Member of Parliament or men you know or anyone that they treat them in exactly the same way Alex quick retort clear as mud surely the members of parliament have broken the law well that's I it would be wrong for me to say whether they have or not because it's inappropriate control if you have drugs you've by definition broken the law you admitted your guilt pleasure should there not be consequences from that I'm it's it's not appropriate for me to come okay let's go to Spencer in Crawley hello Spencer good evening hi good evening sachet I have one question for you win or lose which of maze red lines will you look to drop to get a deal through Parliament well it depends on part if you're talking red lines in terms of your staying outside the customs union staying outside the single market no second referendums I mentioned I don't know whether there's the exact ones you got in mind but those are three that I think are sort of important principles and I would not look to drop any of them and that's partly because I don't think you have to you know I've set out what my plan would be I would start with the only thing that's got through Parliament and that is the wood raw agreement which changes to the backstop and if I can get that done then I don't have to drop any of the so-called red lines I think her biggest mistake was immigration being the hard red line and that has stopped us being able to meet human freedom of movement freedom of movement because that has stopped us being able to go for if the membership and being part of the EA via the f2 pillar which it protects our trade and you're attracted by any of these EA after Norway Norway Plus no not at all I think that's brexit in name only I'm afraid I think legally you can say we've left the EU but if you're tied up to all the same rules and that's what EA in the f2 pillar would be yeah if you you know I thought you might be attracted by one no I think I think if you're gonna leave you need to leave properly what's the point in fact you're worse off intimately only after pillar because you'll have no say in the rules you'll be a complete rule take a complete rule taker and I think that's a complete nonsense for the fifth look for that when you agreed the checkers agreement didn't you I mean I learned collective responsibility but you did sign up for that No I don't think I well I mean first of all I've got reservation about the checkers agreement but just to take you directly on that point the checkers agreement is not EA and F there is no freedom of movement but it does involve rule taking it involves a level of rule taking but you asked me about EA and after and that is a whole new thing that is every rule in every sphere including the variable you need to leave completely but you've actually admitted now that you would agree to some degree of rule taking yes no I don't think there is I think you you you leave you leave completely and you become a rule maker but just like other countries that are not in the EU such as you know take the United States and Canada you take Canada you know Canada's got a free trade agreement with the EU there are some areas where the EU and Canada have agreed to share rules and where they can do that Canada is a separate sovereign state can choose to do that but it doesn't make it a complete rule taker still has its sovereignty and independence we will have more questions to the Home Secretary in just a moment it's 9:47 coming up at 10:00 on LBC Tom Swarbrick Boris Johnson is streets ahead in the race to be Prime Minister no one can get near him it seems who is the best person to take him on or should you just be crowned now Tom Swarbrick on LBC is your money working as hard as you do think about while you're graphed in a way is your money working T no and it's time to wealth fi wealth of mine is the smart easy way to start investing just say how you want to invest cautious adventurous somewhere in between and let wealth of ID to rest then keep track of your money on the appetit 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to these things which turns out it seems not to be true you seem quite angry about this understandably say hi Abdul I yeah I've said happiness said again is that you know I wasn't invited and I don't know why I wasn't invited any and on what you said about is it the case I had what you said about Jackie Smith is the year she went to every state dinner I've been told that's not always the case and and that's the explanation I've been given so I don't think that got anything more to add to it but it's not right is it because it was either because they somebody whether it was on the British side or the American side thought it wasn't appropriate to invite you to that now you have B you have being critical of Donald Trump over the years it has to be said so maybe that was the reason but you'd presumably we like to know what the reason was I would like to know what the reason is I don't know what it is at this point in time I have asked and probably hopefully I'll get an answer but I would be interested to know yes um but I'm told you you think it is because Sajid is a Muslim boys skin color or what absolutely number one skin color number two because of the fact that he identifies as a Muslim for me there's no shadow but doubt it Cleveland do you think that's entirely possible mm-hmm actually Abdur I I don't think it's that I I don't and and also I I don't think the Prime Minister would have anything to do this decision I'm not even sure it would even got to her so I don't think she's probably should have thought I shouldn't well I don't think she's involved in any way I want to be clear about that and so I I don't think it's that I just have a feeling is not and if I did think it was I'd saves I've got no reason to to not say that but I I think there is some reason somewhere and I just don't know what it is so I'm told thank you Jeff is in Harrow Jeff what would you like to us Home Secretary good evening this is a question about trust one of the reasons people be supporting you is because of the contrast between your level-headedness responsibilities cuz there are some other candidates but how can we trust you how can we trust that you'll be a responsible statesman like premier who does things as you say the right thing when months ago you denied a British citizen their citizenship in flagrant disregard of international law if you're willing to break the law when it suits you and when there's no compelling reason why how can we trust you to govern and negotiate in good faith as though he's referring to this Shamima back on the case yeah so thank you and thanks for the question did I you'll understand you if I can't talk about a particular case especially where there there may not be legal action but I'm very happy to I think still properly answer your question you said how can people trust you and you suggested that somehow that I've broken the law I mean first thing to say is that your ministers cannot break the law you there you know it starts fire I mean no one is allowed to break the law and that includes ministers but with ministers you're specifically you're not a sort of someone that can just sit there and decide to do whatever you want without any consequences you know the Home Office has thousands of civil servants you know hundreds of lawyers and so does the government more broadly and ministers can not break the law now on that kind of particular decision just asked you to think about this you know my number one responsibility is to protect the public that's my number one responsibility and there are lots of bad people out there and in order to help me do my job I get advice from specialists and when you get advice from intelligence officers counterterrorism policing security officials in the Home Office and lawyers and legal advisors and they recommend a course of action that will help protect the British public I think everyone would expect a responsible Home Secretary to listen to them and what's that advice unanimous I mean was I could because often when you're in government you've got a series of lawyers and other people sometimes the advice is complete again I I don't want to read this about a particular case but when you when it's what I'd say is this is that when it's a decision on something that is you're so important I class a decision where you take away someone's British citizenship as as a very important decision that cannot and must not be taken lightly you would only act as Home Secretary if you have a very very clear advice not for quite response from you look I understand the Home Secretary has to take important and hard decisions but the idea that denying the citizenship of someone is what 18 19 or 20 there's somehow going to a compelling reason why it doesn't seem to rings particularly true it doesn't seem particularly compelling they're not Osama bin Laden or anyone like that well Jeff I mean Jeff imagine there's X and and you've given me a given advice to that you should keep them out of the country because they're a dangerous terrorists and let's say the Home Secretary says you know what I'm gonna ignore that advice and let them come and let's say they come to the UK and they blow up a sports stadium and kill 30 British citizens what would you be saying then Jeff well there are plenty more I'm sure the government has some kind of ability to put people and terrorism's and terrorists in prison or punish them well as Jeff you get to put someone in prison you need evidence where you going to get evidence from if that if this individual X is been practicing their terrorism abroad especially in a govern space with respect Home Secretary I think that's something that the government needs to answer in assess and not just simply leave the citizens yeah I think I understand what you're saying but I hope you can reflect the the the responsibility at a Home Secretary to protect the British public is a very serious one it's not always very easy but it does involve some difficult decisions and you don't want a home secretary that shai's away from making those decisions Jeff final words me like I said I understand that the homestead to make very difficult decisions I think it's more incumbent on the Home Secretary to justify these rather than the Home Secretary questioning a member of the public is trying to hold them to account okay Jeff thank thank you very much indeed well that brings us to the end of the hour if you've missed any of my interviews with the Tory leadership candidates you can catch up with them on the cross-question podcast or indeed on the LBC YouTube channel I'll be back when will I be back it's Thursday I'll be back on Monday from 7:00 Dominic Rob will be joining us on Monday at 9:00 and also we have Michael Gove and Jeremy hunt coming in on Wednesday as well it's Darren Adam at 1:00 but next Tom's walk in thank you very much indeed welcome to the show tonight at 10:00 the next prime minister will be a man but what kind of man Boris are you gonna lock the doors in Parliament and if so tell people because we want to know what kind of leader or premise were vetting for Boris Johnson is the runaway leader to be Prime Minister

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DUP agree deal to back Conservative government- BBC News

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Speaking in Downing Street, DUP leader Arlene Foster says her party has been in discussions over “how we can support a minority Conservative government in Parliament” and have reached an agreement.

The parties “will deliver a stable government in the United Kingdom’s interest”, she says, “strengthening and enhancing our precious Union”.

She confirms there will be “no change to the pensions triple lock and the universal nature of the winter fuel payment” and the parties are also committed to spending 2% of GDP on defence.

There will be further financial support for Northern Ireland of £1bn over the next two years to “boost the economy and invest in new infrastructure”, Mrs Foster adds.

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Farage warns of the 'final betrayal' over Brexit

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Nigel Farage tells Sophy Ridge that a Conservative-Labour Brexit deal would be a betrayal of the Brexit vote.

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hello again now he said he'd gone into semi-retirement from politics but Nigel Raj is back leading a brand-new party and he joins us now thanks very much for being on the program and it feels like to start with those local election results of course a brexit party wasn't standing and but it seems like the conclusion drawn by both labour and the Conservatives is that the public want them to do a deal what do you think would be the consequence I don't agree about what the public want is to leave the European Union you know we were promised we'd leave on the 29th of March 500 MPs voted for it the Prime Minister told is over 100 times we were leaving on that date the public don't want a deal and certainly not the deal that mrs. Mays talking about this morning no permanent customs union alignment with single market rules the public want to leave and for us to get on with the rest of that watching our lives what do you think the consequences would be if Therese may enter Amy Corbin did push forward some kind of customs union oh I think if they push forward with this it will be seen as a coalition of politicians against the people and I think millions of people would give up on both labour and the Conservatives I really do so it could be almost like a realignment this would be the final betrayal of it frankly if Bayside's up to this I can't see the point of the Conservative Party even existing you know what's it for I mean you've got you're using some quite loaded language hit a final betrayal and your stools they're talking about what the public want me but the problem with this isn't it is that people want different things there are clearly some people who support your party well we'd like us to leave with no diff univers also a lot of people who would like to see a deal or perhaps even to remain in the EU in the last two months there's been a remarkable shift in polling in this country you know leaving on WTO terms with no deal is now the most popular option but it's not a majority is it oh if you offer people the choice it should we stay and have a second referendum or leave on WTO terms w here terms has a majority but they're not the only toy every single region of in London well they are either we stay and we leave and that's really what it's all about and I honestly think if Mae and Corbin put together a deal where we leave in name only but we're stuck inside all the European Union structures then I think the realignment the British politics will happen II more quickly I genuinely believe that sw1 the Westminster bubble not just the politicians of much the comment area to under estimating the desire for change out there in this country let's look at some of the polling shall we you of course didn't stand as we said in the local elections but have to say the bricks that party is looking as if it is going to do extremely well in the European election so this is the latest polling from you gov you're up there on 30% I mean how are you expecting to happen well I think that we've clearly done very very well as a very new party we've done well with the UK though that's almost disappeared we've done well with a conservative vote I think the significance of what you saw on Thursday will be good I want two people down let me just finish finish the significance of Thursday night as we saw the first cracks in the Labour vote you know the Labour parliamentary party are very very remain lots of them pushing for a second referendum and to remain but there are five million voters out there labour voters who voted leave particularly in the Midlands the North and South Wales and I'd love between now and polling there to have a debate with Jeremy Corbyn about this because people are very confused as to what Labour standing for that challenge what it is a Chafee what it is a challenge absolutely I think if we can dig in if we can dig in to the Labour vote that we can surprise even ourselves how well we do on May 23rd that polling was not looking very good for new cake was actually mentioned down on 4% yeah when you see that do you think of SAS or do you actually feel frequently 26 years of my life I was with Yuki if I was the leader the chairman the national organizer you know for me leaving you kit was a difficult thing to do but now frankly it's past his sell-by date it serves no purpose it's done it's gone I mean Tommy Robinson is an advisor to UK yeah one of its MEP candidates of you has used the N word other offensive language yeah I mean how would you define racism oh well in in in the case of that particular candidate it's just outright abuse you know offensive abuse and there's no doubt they've got a matter action frankly you know we won't even be discussing them after this is you could a racist party well risk I think that it's attracted certain individuals that I would never have allowed join UK okay well now let's talk about the brexit party shall we who's funding you amazing so he just yesterday we hit 85,000 yesterday registered supporters all paying twenty five pounds work it out we've raised getting on for two million pounds through individual people joining through our website um and I can't think that any other party in the UK's ever raise money like that even said an interview previously that you've received one big donation oh oh yes I'm really gonna tell you his name are not because of you because then you would all hound him this is the new transparent politics and yeah I will be declaring it at the end of July so just tell me that I don't see why I I don't see one individual well I said he what if everybody else will that's fine but you know what'll happen if I took at the name of this person you will hound him all of you you'll be outside his house for the next three weeks so no and anyway it's irrelevant it's a small donation it's a small donation of one hundred thousand pounds we've raised I repeat maybe two million pounds in twenty five pounds from individual assessment scrutiny and you'll get it and he'll get it all in good time who's funding change UK well well there you are there you go I also want to ask you about Claire Fox as well yeah one of your candidates at the top of your list in the northwest and now of course there has been some media attention on the fact that she hasn't disavowed and some of these comments that were made in nineteen ninety-three defending this is a classic stitch-up smear story number one she made no comments herself in 1933 but she was a member of a left-wing organization who were Irish Republicans nothing unusual in that and what they said the Revolutionary Communist Party of which she was a member they said we defend the right to the Irish people to take whatever measures are necessary in their struggle for freedom I mean that was made I think we may be looking at Warrington let's just be very clear she we Claire Fox says there were dreadful things that happened before the peace agreement which which which which she hates the fact that they occurred she supports the Good Friday Agreement and does not want politics to be perceived by violent means and the irony of being attacked of her being attacked when Jeremy Corbyn John McDonnell were personal friends of shin fain IRA personal friends / attended Palestinian master ceremonies you know commemorating people who tortured and murdered Israeli athletes you know frankly Claire fought frankly this is a relevant college Amy Corbin has said he has spoken to all sides in the debate I have also asked her in Corbin about his you know relationship with the IRA in previous interviews I think it's fair to say that he knew I was a beginners very very well absolutely and now I also want to ask you about some points that you have made and quite recently as well this was at the Lock Haven University in the United States and you were talking about immigration and integration and you said about this I could take you to a town called Oldham in the north of England where literally on one side of the streets where everybody is white and on the other side of the street everybody is black yeah there is no assimilation yeah well sadly true I was first put onto this by Charles wheeler the late respected journalist who Tony Blair commissioned him to do a report as to what had happened in Oldham why they've been riots and this is pretty much what he told me well and then and then in 2012 Oldham Council themselves having looked at the 2011 census so we have a massive problem here of division I can even go to the Guardians northern correspondent Helen pin and if you look at it you've got one Ward in Oldham that is 97 percent white and literally adjoining it the next Ward that is 66 percent black there is a massive yes because if you know however however some streets percent of population is back yes well I tell you what let's go this week should we and I will show you and I will show you there is complete segregation with all you're arguing for segregation that's fine I'm arguing for integration can't there's a real problem I'm actually not talking necessarily about integration because there is a complex debate on them what I'm talking about is the specifics of facts because 1.2 percent the population in all don't is black so I just watched should we just try this again should we just try this again in one of the wards and Oldham it is 97 percent white and the adjoining Ward is 66 percent black they you can believe me or disbelieve me but they are the facts and I'm making an argument here for integration what's wrong with that okay what's the brexit party's policy on immigration we want a sensible immigration of what we don't discriminate against people that come from India Australia and the rest of the world okay now just finally who do you think should be the next concept a party leader I'm not sure that debates really relevant uh I mean I know people to have Boris or Dominic Rob well both of them voted for Teresa mais treaty in the final analysis I'm not sure either of them really would deliver a proper brexit Steve I think it was a different conversation coming here I think maybe the Conservative Party as it is isn't really fit for purpose maybe we're thinking really here now about a complete realignment of British politics the two-party system does not work they serve no one but themselves and I believe if ever there was a moment when that two-party structure would break down and be replaced by something new it's now and that's what we're in the brexit party I'm gonna try and do okay ambitious I agree so far thank you for your program

Britain and the Netherlands Lead the Populist Charge in EU Elections!!!

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all right there everyone britain in the netherlands lead the populous charge in the european parliament elections that's we'll be talking about on today's video that's right we're here it's arrived tomorrow begins the european parliamentary elections that we've been looking so forward to now while 21 of the EU's 28 member nations go to the polls for the European Parliament elections on Sunday May 26 that's the big Super Sunday as it were actually the elections begin tomorrow Thursday the 23rd in Britain and the Netherlands and we could not have asked for two better nations to start us off here both Britain and the Netherlands are nationalist populist hot houses that are ready to storm Brussels and redefine the european political order so let's look at what we can expect for the kickoff of the european elections on thursday but first this video is kindly sponsored by virtual shields one of the easiest and fastest Virtual Private Networks or VPNs around a VPN protects your internet connection from hackers and identity theft by disguising your IP address you could see as I'm logging onto the VPN that my IP address is going to change which disguises my location and prevents prying eyes from getting access to my computer now virtual Shield is offering a Memorial Day special 30% off all VPN plans and all premium add-ons for as low as three dollars per month and you can even sign up for a free 30 day trial to try it out for yourself this is a limited time offer so click on the link in the description below and get your own VPN today alright let's start with Britain the newly formed brexit party headed by the one and only Nigel Farage is currently pulling at a high of 35 percent of the vote which is the highest it's gotten since its formation literally like four weeks ago their aggregate polling according to Politico Europe which averages out all the polling is around 33% so just to put that in perspective yeah on Thursday it's projected that more than one in three breaths will be voting for the brexit party and you need to let that hit you more than one in three Brits will be voting for a party that is barely four weeks old when you combine the brexit party vote with the projected you Kipp vote folks we're talking upwards of 40% of the vote potentially we're talking nearly one in two voters voting for nationalist populist in Britain this is nothing drugged total dominance of the vote Labour's dropped down to 17 percent of the vote just just ahead of the Liberal Democrats who run 16 percent turay Theresa May stories they've dropped to 9 percent I mean they're there of course the whole reason why Brits have to come out and vote on Thursday Britain should have been its own sovereign nation as of what was at the 29th of March but Mays incompetence and the overall incompetence of the Conservatives and bungling the brexit that the majority of Brits voted for back in June of Oh 16 have cost them big time they are now at least when it comes to the European Parliament the Tories are now a single-digit party the Tories are officially a fringe party okay they've tied with the Greens just to give you a sense of how politically dire it is for the Tories when it comes to Thursday's election okay all projections show that we are seeing nothing short of a massive realignment in British politics nearly 2/3 of those who voted for the Conservatives back in those seventeen are going to be voting for the brexit party on Thursday the Tories are seeing an astonishing two-thirds of their voters defecting to another party so it looks like we can expect to see the brexit vote hip upwards of thirty three percent which when combined with you Kemp and perhaps the last bastion of pro leave Tories they should hit well over the 40 percent mark very very strong indeed so Britain will be the first of the one-two punch that'll floor the bullies and Brussels okay now the second punch the right comes from the Netherlands and this is where we're seeing two rebeaud it's nationalist populist forum for democracy party surging the first place in the polls I love how the news site France 24 starts off their article on here's what they write a flamboyant Dutch populist could open the floodgates for a tidal wave of Euroskeptic and anti-immigration parties across the continent in this week's Europe European Parliament elections now if you don't know boats form for democracy it's just two years old they've never held a seat in the Dutch parliament before but just a couple of months back the Dutch took to the polls for the provincial elections throughout their nation to elect representatives for their Senate and to the astonishment of all BOE debts forum for democracy went from having zero seats in the Dutch Senate to becoming the single largest party in that very Senate it was an absolutely astonishing electoral victory a miracle election in many ways keep in mind the forum for democracy is a thoroughly nationalist populist and traditionalist party and that political vision for the Netherlands has earned them a very strong first place which is not subsided Beaudette is on course now to beat Prime Minister Mark Rutte as liberals when the Dutch go to vote on Thursday and again as France 24 puts it the combination of populist support in the Netherlands and in Britain is being seen really as a bellwether a populist earthquake ahead of Super Sunday when 21 of the 28 member nations go to vote what's happening electoral II in the Netherlands really is very similar to what's been going on in Britain they're both very interesting in terms of their similarities both Netherlands and Britain have had their nationalist populist parties over the years so Britain had you kept Netherlands had gear filters Dutch Freedom Party but both you kept in the Dutch freedom Party have fallen short in the most recent rounds of elections and so there have been two new nationalist populist parties rising brexit the brexit party and now the forum for democracy both led by very charismatic and powerful leaders that seems to be key they both breathe new life into the nationalist populist movements that have seen them both surged into first place and as a result those you kept in the Dutch party of lost supporters since the supporters now see they smell victory at least with this new breath of nationalist populism and and this is why I think what just happened in Austria with the collapse of the Austrian freedom party the resignations of Heinz Chris and Straka and others this is why well that's all sad and so it's certainly unfortunate it is not defeat right nationalist populism will emerge again on the political stage in Austria either by a renewed freedom party or it like in the case of Britain in the Netherlands a new nationalist populist party surging in the first place so now having said that when combined with Garrett Villiers Dutch freedom party we should be seeing the nationalist populist in the Netherlands hitting around 25% so the headlines if they're honest the headlines on Friday morning should be reporting on a very very impressive victory for the Nationals populace on Thursday and as such they may very well have opened the gates for a tidal wave of Euroskeptic and anti-immigration parties going on across the continent as always please like comment and subscribe make sure to support our sponsor virtual shield by visiting their website and taking advantage of their one-month free service check out some of our cool merchandise on the links below celebrating all things nationalist populist and traditionalist and please click on either our patron subscribe star or Pay Pal links below and consider becoming a monthly supporter of this channel and help us to continue to analyze current events in light of awesome conservative trends so that you can personally and professionally verb flourish god bless

Ben Shapiro DESTROYED By BBC's Andrew Neil (ALPHA BATTLE Analysis)

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Ben Shapiro is notorious for “DESTROYING” all those who dare to debate him or hold different views.

In this video, BBC’s veteran interviewer, Andrew Neil, gives Shapiro a hard time by continuously bringing up old tweets and things he said, then holding his feet to the fire.

Neil wins this battle of attrition in the end when Ben takes his microphone off and storms off ending the interview early.

It goes to show that the power of high emotion is strong enough to derail even the most composed of us!

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How do the EU elections work? The Sun Explains

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THE United Kingdom has agreed to take part in the European Elections as part of the deal Theresa May negotiated with Brussels to extend Brexit until October 31.

Unless a deal on leaving the European Union is agreed before polling day then Brits will cast their votes for the Member of the European Parliament of their choice on May 23.

Every five years, European Union countries go to the polls to elect members of the European Parliament.

Britain was meant to have left the EU on March 29 and few envisaged that we would be taking part in the European elections.

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David Cameron jostled on trip to Leeds BBC News

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Prime Minister David Cameron has been shoved by a member of the public on a visit to Leeds. after he attended a news conference about the proposed high speed rail link.
This video, which was filmed by a council worker, appears to show a man running into the prime minister before police step in.

Fox News’ Wallace Fact Checks Dem Rep Claiming Evidence Of Collusion: “That’s Absolutely Incorrect”

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Fox News’ Chris Wallace fact checked Democrat Rep. Jim Himes on “Fox News Sunday,” noting “that’s absolutely incorrect” after Rep. Himes claimed there is evidence of collusion. Be sure to like, subscribe, and comment below to share your thoughts on the video.

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Conservative Ben Shapiro Humiliated in BBC Interview | NowThis

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Right-wing pundit Ben Shapiro abruptly ended his interview with BBC host Andrew Neil — and then admitted to being wrong and unprepared.
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In current events news today, a BBC interview of Daily Wire editor in chief Ben Shapiro ends suddenly when Ben Shapiro walks out. BBC host Andrew Neil is well-known British right-wing journalist. This Andrew Neil Ben Shapiro BBC interview started out heated with Neil asking Shapiro about abortion and then on the BBC, Ben Shapiro accused Neil of being left-wing. This Andrew Neil vs Ben Shapiro moment clearly left Ben Shapiro humiliated and Shapiro admitted he was wrong and did not prepare for the interview. This NowThis News video shows the Ben Shapiro Andrew Neil viral clip.

#BenShapiro #AndrewNeil #BBC

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Jean Claude Juncker complimenting Sky News

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Jean Claude Juncker complimenting Sky News

Andrew Neil goes at Ken Clarke on Brexit and Ken's 'Cambridge Union tactics' (04Apr19)

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Presenter Andrew Neil doesn’t let CONservative dinosaur Ken Clarke get away with bullshit, accusing Andrew Neil of sounding like a member of the ERG (European Research Group), defending his journalism, Andrew Neil tells Ken his “Cambridge Union [debating] tactics” won’t work.

Recorded from BBC2 HD, Politics Live, 04 April 2019.

EP.742: Lord Morris- Is Brexit about to Disintegrate the UK, 20 Years After Devolution?

Views:8551|Rating:4.64|View Time:28:27Minutes|Likes:129|Dislikes:10
On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to former Secretary of State for Wales Lord Morris about whether the UK is on the verge of breaking up, 20 years after devolution with Scottish and even Welsh nationalism rising, and he prospect of a united Ireland due to Brexit. Next we speak to Professor Roberto Unger, the former Minister of Strategic Affairs for Brazil on his new book ‘The Knowledge Economy’. Finally we speak to Oobah Butler on his new book ‘How to Bull**** Your Way to No.1’, the book he says the 1% don’t want you to read!

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I'm after retention we're going underground ahead of tomorrow's UN torture committee review of conditions into resumes Britain coming up in the show 20 years to the day the first Welsh National Assembly elections the father of devolution former Welsh secretary Lord Morris calls for the abolition of the post he once held and the knowledge economy we speak to a former Brazilian Minister under the Lula and Dilma government's Harvard professor Roberto Unger about how neoliberal politicians like his former student Barack Obama incubate inequality by bailing out the rich classes Britain's poorest struggle to put food on the table while wealthy elites continue to dine out we asked author and filmmaker uber Butler about how he tricked those very same elites into eating microwave meals in a shed and coming back for more all this and more coming up in today's going underground but first British elites are still ruminating on to resume firing UK defence secretary Gavin Williamson for leaking state secrets for MSM the shadow hanging over Williamson is a Daily Telegraph's story about 5g not his part in killing quarter-of-a-million in Yemen or trying to start World War 3 by threatening Russia and China and as for new defense secretary penny mordant when it comes to Britain's most defenseless her voting record is for Tory cuts credited with killing 120,000 she voted against taxing bankers bonuses and for restricting trade unions and the army the so-called military covenant here's a British Colonel on what it is and what it means for serving soldiers families veterans and relatives of the fallen well the military covenant is the bond between the nation and the soldier what one owes to the other in terms of commitment penny Morton voted against that covenant but what about the Armed Forces governance here explained by that same Colonel who now takes orders from her and the essential thing about it is that it removes disadvantage than the disadvantages of service life and puts servicemen on an equal plane with their peasants within life well his new boss British defense secretary penny Morden voted against that covenant too and this all comes after her two predecessors went for allegedly breaking the law either leaking to journalists or sexually Iraq not the mordant is arguably – up on the law she has been slammed for appearing to lie about European Union accession law as for the EU brexit now threatens the breakup of the United Kingdom Scottish nationalists one another independence referendum in Ireland may be reunited but did roads to independence actually begin twenty years ago today when Scotland and Wales first held devolved elections joining me now is the father of devolution Britain's former attorney general and former shadow defence minister Lord Morris Lord Moritz welcome back to going underground before we get to Welsh devolution though I gotta talk about our defense secretary Gavin Williamson and to resume the minority government leader sacking him in the most extreme way possible accusing him of kind of being a traitor what was your take on it well I have read the letter and it seems that the Prime Minister Sochi had very very strong evidence she also adds in the next sentence there's no credible alternative which I thought weakens the sentence I find it astonishing that anybody has leaked from such a high-powered committee and the claims that he should be prosecuted which obviously there may well be an offence here the difficulties is in succeeding on a prosecution because no journalist worth his salt will reveal what he's been told or that he has been told my view is this the government should seek the advice of the Attorney General who is in charge responsible for the Crown Prosecution Service he is independent as a prosecutor although he's a collective cabinet responsibility in all other matters but as a prosecutor he's independent and they should consult with him and see whether it's a feasible puppet proposition to prosecute can you remember at any time in post-war British politics and learned this century that a cabinet minister could be sacked for such a thing well I'm horrified it's alleged to have happened and there have been instances of cabinet ministers being sacked Hugh Doulton as Chancellor of Exchequer murmured some expression to the journalists of the star and at least sacked him the following day I was a John Profumo over the Soviet yeah but not on those grounds I remember John because soldier junk of whom I was a shadow Defense Minister I was a defense minister a long long time ago I find the idea of anyone leaking from such a high-powered committee so appalling as to be almost unbelievable because Gavin Williamson denies absolutely all of this and well I think the feds Minister you might have met a journalist because Williamson does say he talked to you a lot about what was going on at the meeting between the heads of 805 and mi6 I suspect he may be one of the few people present who admitted to talking to the journalist whether there is any other offense other than the fact he is said to have talked to a journalist and may have admitted talking to a journalist whether there is any other evidence I do not know it's 20 years today that the first Welsh elections took place but you now want to abolish the Westminster job of the Secretary of State for Wales the job you used to hold and one that you write about of course in the in this book yes of course why do an abortion well there's no function now when I was Secretary of State and I was Minister for everything you can think of I accumulated responsibility for trade for industry for agriculture for civil service for roads and I was doing of Wales in Wales I was the Minister for all these things I had a staff of 3,000 between Cardiff and London the president's active state only has a staff of about 30 he has no responsibilities he's just the propagandist for the Conservative Party in Wales he has no function whatsoever so he would deny that what do you think Alan Kerry would deny what do you think Alan Cannes does all day well he attends cabinet you see he mentioned the bottom of the list of participants he goes around Wales flogging the Conservative Party which is not an easy task but he's got no executive functions yeah if you can ask him what exactly do you do in the morning on planning on health on transport we use we were promised the electrification of the railway to Swansea we never got it all you could have done was to canvass the government his colleagues please may we have he had no executive responsibilities and now when I traveled to West Wales because of the responsibility is with Westminster theoretically I have to wait an hour for a train from Swansea to go on to West Wales and that's the impotence of the office I'm sure though that though I'm not sure I'm a secretary State for Wales they might say look what happened in Northern Ireland look how quickly if something goes wrong in a devolved Parliament in one of the nations and make up the United Kingdom power suddenly has to return to the Secretary of State as it does him Elst Rennell well we've never reached that possibility and I think it's it's not a practical politically there is no argument now in Wales against evolution well let's go back to how you started the ball rolling as it were were and how you were first entrusted by Harold Wilson for the devolution process that has led to today from 1953 I worked on it a very lonely job and very lonely in cabinet when you had opposition from all sides and they varied we are three meetings and checkers and the opposition varied at each one and if it wasn't for the stamina of the prime minister then it would never have gone so and eventually when I became Attorney General I was back on the Cabinet Committee under Tony Blair Tony Blair many years later and I have the privilege of handing the dummy act to the Queen in Cardiff to sign in both languages setting up the assembly at the official state opening and ever since that time Her Majesty has attended the state openings in both Cardiff and Edinburgh because all the opponents attorney Ben Roy Jenkins Denis Healey Jim Callahan they're all gone by the time I should say though and you do recount all of that politicking in there in the Wilson government we now have recent papers that show that there was a fear that there was an attempt to kill Prince Charles at his investiture can Alvin Castle in 69 there's less of the context of that Welsh nationalist element while you were working on the process would turn you into the father of devolution I was at the investiture there was a very very tiny proportion the Wales free army I think it was called which were burning cottages at that time in Wales but it was a very very small minority and there was no serious attempt to do anything more significant than burning a few cottages and perhaps I don't know attempting to put a bomb under the train that I travelled on but there it was – poor chaps were killed in their enthusiasm against the investiture well now this whole idea of devolution is in in the news arguably because of course the intention of the Scottish nationalists to call a new referendum do you think you've paved the way because of something that you haven't foreseen a situation like brexit for the possibility of an independent wales i don't think there is any enthusiasm for that at all our economy's bound together but if the Scots really want another referendum well they should have it and to test the water I suspect that wise Scotsman will not go along but sticking to Wales I mean there's been quite a lot of criticism of the Labour leadership there for instance when article 50 was declared in the House of Commons Scotland immediately said we'll take over some of those EU rolls the Welsh Assembly went No London can take it all oh yes there is a repatriation of many whales doesn't seem to be taking many of it but certainly whereas say Jeremy Corbyn in London is talking about free tuition fees no rental fees free childcare policy the devolved labour administration is not for jeremy corbyn's policies at all in fact as far as they can tell they've taken millions from Aston Martin from Qatar from Amazon I mean is Wales turning into this neoliberal Center in terms of a nation whereas Britain is starting to move on from that well I think the Welsh government I hold or brief for the Welsh government but they're pursuing their own policies they've been in power for the whole of the period of devolution sometimes in coalition they're in coalition now because of the additional members it's very difficult hadn't anticipated this they're very difficult to get a single majority in Wales by any party so the chances are a very high chance that there is a coalition and I've just got to finally ask you because it's also the anniversary of mrs. Thatcher telling the House of Commons that there was no truth in ideas that Harold Wilson who you give it a lot of credit to for devolution no there was no evidence of mi5 and mi6 and dirty tricks against the Wilson government you tend to agree with mrs. Thatcher I would yeah I think I did have a I say this in my new book how did obsession with words under the beds and nationally we knew seamen undermining him and all sorts of people I think that was a weakness in Harold Wilson one of the few weaknesses of what I regard is a very great man and a very great Prime Minister and a very good friend of mine Robert thank you after the break why earning an Android or iPhone may not be the sign of progress you think it is we speak to philosopher and former advisor to both Luna and Dilma governments professor Gruber to Unger and is every system in life gamma ball we speak to a journalist and filmmaker who is contra Pat Weiser Paris Fashion Week and means yet all this more coming up in part 2 of going underground welcome back according to a new stage of the nation report social mobility under Teresa Mays crisis-hit minority government in Britain has more or less ceased but is there a way to change the distribution of economic advantage and redistribute the profits of multinational corporations joining me now from Cambridge Massachusetts in the u.s. is world renowned philosopher and former minister in the Brazilian Lula and Dilma governments professor Roberto Unger his new book the knowledge economy is out now Roberto welcome to going underground so what is your understanding of the knowledge economy and why has it gone hand in hand with inequality especially in say developing nations NATO nations in every historical circumstance there is a most advanced practice of production the most advanced practice of production we are now able to understand is the one that is closest to the imagination it used to be conventional industry what we call for this mass production and now it's something else that we call the knowledge economy or the experimental economy or the new economy and it is characterized by an intimate relation between science and production the activity of producing things comes to resemble more and more the activity of imagining things and the best firms come to be more like the best schools the knowledge economy has a series of potentially revolutionary characteristics but it doesn't reveal them fully in its present form because it remains confined to fringes too insular Vanguard's that exclude the vast majority of businesses and the workers and the consequence of this insularity is on the one hand slowdown in economic growth and growth of productivity and on the other hand the aggravation of inequality now you know it it's most simplistic people are gonna say to you you're using this phrase insula Vanguard far from insula people have got iPhones and Android phones this Vanguard has been democratized that's that's not true that's that's a common misunderstanding so one misunderstanding is to associate the knowledge economy only with advanced manufacturer high tech industry in fact it is present in every part of the economy including intellectually dense services and even precision or scientific agriculture but in every part that's a fringe and the other misunderstanding is to suppose that anyone who buys the products and services of the knowledge economy becomes part of it that also isn't true the knowledge economy is not just a collection of gadgets and the use of these gadgets it's a revolutionary way of organizing work and production so for example among among its deeper characteristics that it has not fully developed and revealed because of its confinement are these so first of all the most universal constraint in economic life historically has been what we call diminishing marginal returns you commit an input or an innovation to the process of production the return to it initially increases then plateaus and finally Falls why the deep reason for that is the episodic or discontinuous character of innovation the knowledge economy holds the promise of sustaining a form of perpetual innovation that loosens or reverses the constraint of diminishing marginal returns a second characteristic is to bring together imagination and production and to promise a radical change in the relation of the worker to the machine ever thing that we've learned how to repeat we embody in a formula and then we put the formula into the mechanical device the point of the machine is to do for us everything that we have learned how to repeat so that we can preserve our supreme resource our time for the not-yet repeatable and then this combination of the machine and the anti machine the human being becomes immensely more powerful than either of them separately a third deeper characteristic of the knowledge economy is a revolution in the moral culture of production the earlier advanced practices of production required a generalization of a low level of trust among the participants in work and there was a command and control scheme it's like a traditional infantry brigade the knowledge economy flourishes on the basis of a heightening of the level of discretion and reciprocal trust among all participants in production and one aspect of the knowledge economy of course is taxation and a lot of debate about why these big companies don't pay that much taxes perhaps it'll surprise some that you you say that v80 is is the future I don't know whether because of big accounting firms let me explain so one of the major consequences of the knowledge economy is the aggravation of inequality because a chasm opens up between the advanced and backward parts of production and the traditional device for moderating inequality is compensatory and retrospective redistribution my taxes and by social spending so progressive taxation on one side and redistributed social entitlements on the other side but if the inequality is overwhelming then this attempt to corrected after the fact is very in that quit so the first thing to understand about inequality is that the right way to attack inequality is to change the arrangements that shape the original the fundamental distribution of economic and educational advantage and not simply to try and correct the inequality after the fact through this retrospective redistribution that doesn't mean that progressive taxation and social entitlements have no legitimate role they do but it's a subsidiaries now on that role we come to the other point in the short-term what matters most for the impact on inequality of taxation and social spending is not how progressive the tax system is on the revenue raising side it's what the aggregate level of the tax take is and how that tax take is spent I've just got to ask one final question obviously with the Brazilian provenance you work with Dilma and with Lula do you think some of the inspiration for this book is a revolutionary book came from the favelas anyone who's been to a favela in a Brazilian city has seen innovation and ingenuity well our country has as its most important attribute a a tremendous vitality it's a seething cauldron of human energy as the United States also is and our historical tragedy has been to deny to the majority of our fellow citizens the instruments and the opportunities to turn this vitality into constructive action the great theme is a theme of empowerment and the messages let's become bigger together but we can only become bigger together by innovating in the structure of society it's not enough to humanize and that's what the progressives in the contemporary world have in general done they have presented themselves as the sugar coders as the humanizes of the inevitable humanization is not enough what we want is empowerment a shared empowerment of a larger life to which we can ascend together and the creation of a disseminated and deepened knowledge economy is a singular opportunity for the advancement of that liberating project professor Roberto Unger thank you well what happens when the knowledge economy eats itself journalist and filmmaker uber Butler who faked a top-rated restaurant from a shed in his back garden tricked Trip Advisor Paris Fashion Week and mainstream media and explains how in a new book he joins me now from New York uber butter welcome to going underground I have to ask the success of the shed of course in Dulwich the top restaurant in London I understand you're in New York now just remind us about the shed and how using reviews on TripAdvisor you became number one restaurant yeah so essentially I used to live in a garden shed in Dulwich like a South East London suburb and I decided to get it verified as a restaurant on TripAdvisor which I was able to do even though it never existed it was a false restaurant then over the base of six months from April 2017 to December 2017 I got it to number one in the whole of London despite having never served dish and yeah using false reviews growth hacking that kind of thing of course when you did your reveal and explained to mainstream media what the scam was I'm sure on looking back at the interviews you did you might have been thinking why did they seem so fearful and so keen to say you're a con artist did you detect some kind of fear in mainstream media here about what you'd done I think it's interesting I mean that hasn't stopped with the book I've had that – I mean I so I was going to release the book originally on the 26th of February then the 23rd of March and that's coming out on the 23rd of April and the book has actually been banned by the Singaporean government it they were not banned that they the the I had the legal teams from the government saying you should be difficult you should be kind of careful about publishing this here and the same in the Cayman Islands they said this is not kind of mean maybe you might get sued which I definitely don't want I wouldn't be surprised if it was banned in other places too soon maybe even Russia America I don't I don't know is supposed to be subverting the structures of what it's supposed to enable people to you know it's the book that the upper 1% don't want you to read essentially you can apply this to any this the tenants of the philosophy behind it to any walk of life yeah and banning it is obviously what you probably want because it'll make the book do better arguably and you see why people called you the Donald Trump of TripAdvisor in the sense of the insouciance it's a good point yeah I mean III think that yeah it's the first step I genuinely just a good way to live though you know not being completely defined by the outcome of what you do and just trying to make this enjoying your life actually enjoying it enjoying the day to day having fun I think that there's I think it's a good way to live men in terms of the Washington Post calling me the Tantra TripAdvisor people said a lot of things when the Shedd came out you know yet as I said Singaporean Parliament used it to inform new laws on fake news and then rainy Redzepi runs Noma which is the you know most famous restaurant on earth can be thought it was a critique of online reviewing culture and food reviewing culture so I mean people said a lot of things but you know this is kind of the philosophy behind the book behind the shared the book is as you say optimistic but do you think it has fertile ground as an audience because there is a feeling post 2008 crash that those who do win don't deserve it and those who lose end up at food banks let alone the restaurants that you show how to fake we're a difficult sort of juncture and I think that people could especially at this moment in time do with kind of us trying to escape the what they're bound to everyday in their lives and to try and do something take themselves out there and actually start enjoying themselves got to be a good thing of course the problem is that and it happened with the shed in Dulwich you did actually have to meet people and what about the what about the dimension of class here if you had been a someone say laid off from manufacturing in Britain from a working-class background white working-class in your 50s would it have been difficult to persuade the kind of hoi polloi and elites that you indeed were the guy who had the best restaurant in London I definitely have a sense of privilege anyway but I'm not you know I'm I'm the youngest of six I didn't go to university grew up in a tiny house we all shared bedrooms so I don't really think that I'm part of that I wouldn't call myself part of kind of as most a lot of journalists and people are around now unfortunately that's like in terms of class it's quite there's not how much representation in terms of working-class people but I don't know I yeah I mean I think that having the ability to just bullet is really invaluable and I don't I think that I hope that that wouldn't just be exclusive to people who have come from a privileged background but to anybody uberta thank you and how to boot your way to number one is out now available through where publications and that's it for the show we'll be back on Wednesday to speak to economic advisor the UK Shadow Chancellor John McDonald about creating a Britain where people no longer starve until then keep in touch by social media to your Winston

British politicians urge new Brexit vote: 'Put it to the people'

Views:10584|Rating:4.13|View Time:3:1Minutes|Likes:118|Dislikes:25
Several members of Parliament asked British Prime Minister Theresa May Dec. 10 to let Britons vote on a second Brexit referendum or on her proposed deal with the European Union. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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-Prime Minister, members across
this House don't want your deal. The EU don't want
to renegotiate. Isn't the only way to break
this deadlock to put it to the people? -Yea. -Surely we should go back
to the public and ask them
if that is what they want. -Your Prime Minister has changed
her mind about the vote, and she's changed her mind
about whether or not the backstop can be amended. So if she can change her mind,
why wouldn't she just check whether the British people
have changed their mind? -Does she honestly think that is we were to have
a further referendum and it came out
with a different result, people wouldn't then say we
should have a third referendum to find out
exactly what the result was? -The thing that is changing is
the view of the British people. -No it's not. -Young people are entitled to
have a say about their future. We have found impasse
in this House. It's time now to take this back to the people
and have the people's vote. -She's conceded this afternoon
that she can't get this House to support her deal, so if she really believes
in the deal, why won't she have the courage
of her convictions and put that deal
to the four nations of the UK? -Put this deal to a vote
in this House. And if she's not prepared
to that, put it to a vote of the people. -Isn't it time, now that we know
what Brexit actually looks like, as opposed to some
fantasy version of Brexit, let those people get the chance to actually vote
on Brexit reality. -I have spoken to many
leave voters in my constituency. I deeply respect and understand the reasons
why they voted leave in 2016, but many of them
have changed their minds. And they're looking at this,
they're saying to me that they want to have a chance
to have a say on what is before them,
Brexit reality. -She talks of the will
of the people, but the will of the people
cannot be under minded
by a vote of the people. -The Prime Minister says a
people's vote would not reflect the will of the people
and it would be divisive. But we do not know what the will
of the people is in 2018. -If she's so sure that
the majority of our country wants this actual deal rather than the false promises
that they were mis-sold, why doesn't she do
the most democratic thing and take her deal
back to the country? -I should say that we should
not, once again, be boxed in
by our own red lines. We should,it's not Parliament
frustrating the will of the people, the general election produced
an outcome that cannot lead to a clear decision,
in which case we should not be afraid
to give it back to the people. -What will it do
to trust in politics, when they're feeling the pain and they're subjected
to what she's negotiated and they've been given no say
over it whatsoever? If she believes that this is
in the national interest, and it commands public support,
why won't she ask the people? -Prime Minister?
-People voted to end the jurisdiction
of the European Court, to end free movement,
to end sending vast annual sums to the European Union
every year, and that is what this deal

Minister hits out at Tory leadership manoeuvring

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Tobias Ellwood has vented his frustration with Conservative colleagues jockeying to replace Theresa May, urging them to focus on getting Brexit “across the line” first.

The Defence Minister told Sky News he thinks some colleagues are more focused on their leadership ambitions than doing their jobs.

Mr Ellwood told Sky’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday he would not be putting himself forward to succeed the prime minister.

when the EU granted a brexit extension in April Donald Tusk pleaded with MPs don't waste this time well since then cross party talks have collapsed there seems little realistic prospect of the brexit deal passing and the Conservative Party has now embarked on a potentially lengthy leadership contest well joining us now is the defense minister Tobias Elwood thank you very much for being on the program this morning now I'm keen to get to the the drama in the Conservative Party in a few moments but I'm also want to start on an issue that is very serious I know you've been looking at it closely and on mental health awareness week just how much of an issue is mental health for our armed forces this is such an important issue I'm really pleased that we're starting with this mental health awareness week has just taken place last week we don't really speak enough about it and yet a third of the nation will be affected by it in one way or another and in the armed forces where it's a very matter atmosphere there of course people are reluctant to speak about it and we've done our best to change the strategy so you speak about mental health on parity with physical health people in the armed forces are happy to say I've got a knee injury but Leslie less willing to say there's something wrong with my mind indeed when I served very much so you were laughed at or you certainly told to keep it to yourself which is the worst thing because then it incubate so now we're getting people to talk about it we're making them more resilient so they're aware of what happens when they move to theatres of operations we have compression periods afterwards as well but from a peer-to-peer perspective getting people to spot it letting them know that if they step forward and say can I saw myself out it won't affect their career has the government done enough previously to try and support people in the armed forces in this way well I think as I say there's been a huge change in it but it has been cultural there's been this stigma attached to talking about the issue so the concern I have is less with Iraq and Afghan veterans it's actually those perhaps to do the Falklands War who departed the Armed Forces unaware of what helped is available and that's so important to understand because we have excellent support now for those serving the armed forces but we've also improved the support that's available for our veterans as well they need to know where to go to receive that help I'm keen to talk to you about another military story in the newspapers this morning the Sunday Telegraph is claiming that the Prime Minister blocked legislation that could have protected veterans from prosecution I mean this is particularly relevant of course in relation to Northern Ireland Johnny master your colleague says this is a betrayal is it we need to place it in perspective first of all I served in Northern Ireland I'm very conscious that in as we move in through a reconciliation process that we're able to get to the bottom warts been perhaps not the best process in looking back at some of those outstanding issues that needed to be closed down that were part of that Stallman process unfortunately it's not been done in the best way the Northern Ireland sector is aware of that she's organised a consultation to see how it can be improved but if you want to as number 10 I think has responded to the story to say that you can't give an amnesty just Armed Forces personnel you'd have to share that with terrorists as well and she was unwilling to do that that's international law that's what we have to abide by so Johnny Mercer is wrong on this then you think well I don't know exactly what he said I'm not I spoke to him many times on that I know he's absolutely passionate as all of us are to say to look after our own forces and make it very very clear that anybody who is involved in any of these inquiries they will receive mmod support legal advice straight away could I just take the opportunity because we won't say – nothing this country to say thank you to anybody that has served or is serving maybe we're a bit reserved in this country we compared the madness state system like that but it's something that I think the country is very very proud of but perhaps you don't share enough to say thank you to those who put a uniform on okay now let's move on to brexit shall we have a little look at the latest poll for the European elections should be appearing just a few moments the Greens of leapfrog – in this poll for you got I mean why I think it's going so wrong well firstly it's a vote which we weren't expecting to have so many people won't even participate in that 2014 the vote took place for European I think the turnout was about 32% so this is not a second referendum it is a an opportunity to express your anger your frustration at this government we promised to deliver brexit and we're still found wanting and that's why you see these numbers here as well and that is actually understood what we also need to recognize the fact that we need to get a deal we need to actually move forward with this and that's why the Prime Minister will come back in June first week of June and present the withdrawal agreement bill itself which is phase 1 let's make it clear it's how you depart it's the agreement of the divorce if you like I'm the difficulty is I mean the easy bit for the government to rally around is that you want to see a deal the difficult but is what happens if that deal as expected doesn't pass Parliament when I spoke to the Bret's that secretary will have a look and the interview a little later on the program and he said that if the withdrawal agreement fails then preparations for No Deal need to be sped up a pace as he put it that's right he has to say that because that is the legal background in which we face we end up at the 31st of October if there's nothing on the table and we don't get a further extension or support from the EU then that's the legal default that we go to and it's obviously correct that we actually have contingency preparations for that but I make it very clear that no deal is not a destination no deal is not where you want to end up it's the way you accidentally go if we don't actually have that we deal it do you prefer to see no brexit rather than no deal I don't even want to entertain those questions I think there I'm helpful we need to focus these are the questions you obtain because you know this is gonna be the fourth time that the deal is put to Parliament that the talks of collapse between labor I mean these are the difficult questions we need to ask well let's see what happens next week because you're looking back we now know the Prime Minister will speak more of her the bold initiatives that she's putting forward and an opportunity in June but I stress again of what no deal actually means no deal is and firstly I understand the frustration of Britain saying you know why is it you've not landed it No Deal is clinical it's clean let's just do it let's get away I'm frustrated with the EU but look at the detail that's what I invite people to do a bit divorce you can run out the building if you like and say I want to you know leave my my other half but actually there's more to it than that you know where's the money gonna go who's going to get the house the cat if you've got children you've got a responsibility an ongoing relationship to discuss and that's exactly what we have with the European Union as well so defaulting to WTO terms as wife it make the case for that – that isn't Premier League if you want to do a football analogy that's liking us and your camera crew going outside into the grass and using our football bags you know as the gold pace it is the most basic of trade relationships and we are the fifth largest trading nation in the world we can do better than that that's not where we want to be it would be damaging to our economy because of what it would do to trade particularly agriculture aerospace and so forth it would damage our security because we would lose the threat picture across Europe and also reputationally I was in Italy a few days ago for the anniversary of the center fifth anniversary of the Battle of Monte Cassino and there of course people were asking about brexit saying why is the paralysis not where do you want to go but why is it actually taking so long internationally to go to No Deal would damage our reputation as a country that is involved that participates on the international stage it were you a retrograde step okay now the leadership contest is in full swing are you gonna run am I going to run straight question answer and I'll give you a straight answer I didn't have the rank and I don't have the experience I'm not going to run and this isn't a TV reality contest your introduction just prompted me to think how does it look to the nation when we've just spoken on the biggest issue brexit and take brexit if this was brexit or the the decision of brexit and you remove it from the table you actually have a nation where the economy is going well better than Japan better than Germany from climate change best in the g20 inflation targets under control employment doing really well all of that is brilliant put brexit back on the table and it all disappears what we are doing to Britain our reputation is actually being affected by brexit look at the polls not from here but the results are eventually the leadership absolutely matters when it comes to brexit because who is the next leader of the Conservative Party is going to take the UK potentially in very different directions I know it's a brexit so who would you like to see as the next leader let's do let's have some loyalty let's have some commitment let's have some discipline in focusing on the one thing putting in my class here the one thing that we need to get across line which is brexit the idea that we jump ahead and start toying around which we you know who should be the leader and then everybody know you talk about the grand national I mean I do urge my colleagues to think why are they putting their name forward is it to raise their own profile and some a there are some colleagues as well as changing their views in order to woo our membership to raise their profile as well this is getting things in the wrong order a focus must be to get brexit across the line get that out the way so we could then have a bigger wider debate as to how we should earn the respect of the nation to be a one nation Progressive Party center-right fiscally responsible able to take the nation forward and most importantly engage with a younger generation which were failing to do you sound quite frustrated I am too frustrated I really am because this entire process you know we are one of the oldest political party in the world our popularity herbs and flows it's important that we show that discipline focuses our mind on what needs to be done and then have that important debate with our party but the debate at moment is actually been focused the wrong way around we're trying to actually impress our membership and then ask our membership what they want and then repeat those rather than looking beyond a mere membership beyond our base so what excites the nation to say what is it that can allow the Conservative Party to continue to be in office okay thank you very much for being on the program today okay

UKIP Nigel Farage MEP – Daily Politics November 2009

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Nigel confirms I am here to stay !!!

now the current you kept leader nigel farage joins us now why have you left your party in the lurch you lil no I haven't done that you're the only famous face that they've got no one's ever leave them in the lurch we've just come second in a national election I've you stood behind the Conservative Party you incidentally campaign or giving the British people referendum now turned turtle on that we've never been we've never been we've never said 4-6 well I thought it was worth doing and we think labour and we beat labour the third place so there we are take you five seconds look the party is in good shape i'm running a group in the european parliament i'm going to have a go against the speaker john burke oh we're going to field 550 candidates in this election the whole thing has become way too much for one man to do but you're the older David Cameron's got to fight his constituency and Gordon Brown his and Scotland and still run a national I campaign I think it's a little different they're both incumbents in safe seats by other political leader leaders of parties that have a big infrastructure Yuki doesn't have that the leader of you Kip has to manage and organize national election against the only one we've ever heard of I'm not running away I'm not deserting I mean I shall go on you know doing media work and being out doing the public meetings and all the rest of it what I can't do and couldn't do is take on the responsibility of managing a national general election so someone just keeping your seat warm then until you either win or lose and bucks look we've got you fighting the speaker in back i right that's right that time so win or lose what you got to apply for that get down to that win or lose then you come back as leader of you kit listen the revived candidates standing foligno that's now I only thought is keeping you see where only one of them is a serious credible candidate and that's Lord Pearson who's had major achievements in his life in business and in politics too if lord pearson gets that job and I'm still around leading our party in the European Parliament I would argue you keep is stronger I would be for several years to come so if it's not Lord Pearson you'll end up with an incredible leader if it's not Lord Pearson you say this will be tricky yes but I think it will be Lord person I think he is so head and shoulders above all the other candidates he's a kind of OneNote song though isn't he every time I bump into him all he says is no one ever talks about leaving you why don't you I think that's wrong I mean that's all he's ever said to me hang on well hang on this is the math and wonder this is the man who recently caused a few Rory in westminster by inviting gut builders over to talk about fundamental Islam so it's certainly not a one-note is it or are one and a half notes well oh come on I mean he's a campaigner for freedom of speech he and of course he's a campaigner against britain's membership of the European I mean shrewdness say over seventy-five percent of our laws are not now even discussed in the House of Commons they're made somewhat go to you Michael hard was making that play by and it's about to get a lot worse too what will your I know you'll get a lot of coverage come the election because you're taking on the speaker and because it's you and it's you cape and some people may and what we as journalists wonder is how many conservatives who don't like the speaker may come and vote for you so that that's the the election there but what is what are your goals what is your strategy in the country come the election my suggestion to the party and this must be debated when we get the next leader in a couple of weeks time my suggestion is that we target the marginals and we make the point that there are three political parties labour lib dem and conservative who openly lied about giving the British people the opportunity to have a referendum on their future on where they're low and don't shake your head then it was in your manifesto in 2005 you are you are the worst offenders of the lot the worst offenders of the lot and if you're going to argue that Lisbon isn't constitutional well goodness me let's have another program Andrew please and thrash that out because it jolly well is I think we should fight those marginals we should pour our money into those marginals and raise this whole question of there being a rabbi bring in Michael you just tell me that what you mean by a marginal I mean a seat in which the Tories are say a thousand votes ahead of the Norman vomit is theoretically a marginal of the balls what was it yes it isn't are you going to target seats that the Tories think they could rise things stand at the moment it looks like there are going to be more conservative voters than any other party next year what is more difficult to say is will they have a clear majority and if you keep being there makes the likelihood of a hung parliament much greater that might just encourage some people in the conservative leadership to give the British people what they deserve we and we haven't had a chance since 1975 to express an opinion on whether we should our selves are pretty clear-cut Michael how are you going to do well Nigel knows perfectly well that if he if he and his candidates to intervene in marginal seats in that way the most likely outcome of their intervention if they if they succeed as they would like to is a continuation of a Labour government or a Labour lib dem government which would hand more powers over to know wouldn't go opinion is but it's we thought really has would be precisely the opposite of what Nigel says he wants the only way in which we can have a sensible renegotiation of the package is the way in which david cameron and william hague have set out where we will go to Europe with some specific requests and I think there's a very good choice and by some I think they realism I bring this age pre Lisbon that may have been between the Liberty we needed unanimity for Margaret Thatcher's budget was their treaty change it was it wasn't the treaty change it's a variant you're talking about changing treaties do you know it can't be done I am you're just deceiving the British comedy with the point of the need for even limited Margaret Thatcher needed unanimity that was a money argument it did need a constitutional change absolutely your aim is not to renegotiate the lisbon treaty as i understand it our aim is to deal with the specific things which david cameron william hague have identified to bring back power in relation to those things to this country for example the things which were originally in the social chapter which we won an opt-out from at the time in the maastricht treaty when i was in Primal sense if we say forget it well that's exactly the kind of argument that was used when margaret was trying to get the go-ahead we've people said that sort of thing then are you Oh Sees she was persistent she was patient and she got what she wanted I can I know you can do the same thing because I think it's probably to his benefit that these two just argue absolutely but it would be rather ironic if Labour held on to some seats where the Tories are challenging it number two them on breathing down your neck up because number of people voted you give well I'm another one in to intrude on their on their on their private grief I'm gonna have to say I would like to speak up for the speaker I do think it unfair that you kit but I think breaking a convention by stop by targeting again I didn t seven labors doing internal weather rolling croydon it's nicely descents come on artists reading mainstream if they claim to be a mainstream parties in solingen 1987 you stood eventually Weber alum john beaucoup Joker's right it's bad in his consumed he's not is not a laborer he's a conservative MP but I I don't even here with the neighborhood again I don't know whether I said we don't wanna listen to you that's why no no are you saying labor stood against Bernhard westernized 87 in croydon north so what are you talking about there is no convention is your remembers a modern consent doesn't know I feel base nothing else and cry you're indistinguishable from each other these days are you worried I'll examine you personally because I know your phlegmatic in never worried these days um other conservatives worried though about in these marginals where the Tories need a swing and just that extra three or four hundred votes would clinch the seat for them and actually they go to you kid look of course we're not completely you're not giving us a referendum we are not complacent we always said we would give a referendum as the tree she wasn't ratified and alas and I deeply regretted it has been ratified but we are not at all complacent we want every single vote we can get and the one thing that people will have to remember is that if they want a conservative government and if they don't want a continuation of gordon brown the only way they can secure that at the general election is by voting conservative now you're standing against the speaker because you said that MPs have broken the trust of the rich people in the speaker and stood up for them that's a kind of hard line to a hard road to plow when one of your own end piece has just been stuck in the slammer no it isn't because that MEP when he came to brussels in 2004 i put a code down but i asked them all to obey by he refused to do so he then when he was found out lied to me and for that reason i took the whip away from him you know in every party in every company in every family there are bad apples the question is how do you deal with them and in you kit we've been absolutely ruthless maybe a few MPs from westminster should be stuck in the slammer for fiddling their expenses all thats matter for the police but certainly some have already had the whitman move happen lee so you've all been tough you think well I can speak for our part he Gordon bands removed the writ from people is made it quite clear that some people can't stand again and that any criminal matters are rightly not matters for party leaders their matters for the judicial system okay he's a lot of piercing going to win yes he is so you'll be all right I should be very how to have to apologize very happy and you people be a lot stronger okay I have a feeling we'll be coming buckinghamshire way come the election thanks dan Porter you

Who Will Win the EU Parliamentary Elections? – Brexit Explained

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Polling is a notoriously difficult thing to get right. People regularly try and fail to predict how the electorate will vote and what it will mean for the elections. However in this video we give it out best shot, teaming up with Election Maps UK to complete a full analysis of the expected results.

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this video is made in collaboration with election maps UK you can find them and their amazing content over on Twitter at election maps UK while you're there you can give us a follow too but no pressure this election is something that wasn't supposed to happen at least from the UK's perspective the UK was originally supposed to be leaving the EU on the 29th of March way before the EU parliamentary elections that would have saved the UK from taking part and having spent millions on the elections unfortunately that's not how things played out and although the UK government is still hoping to leave soon they're still members of the EU which means that the UK is taking part if you do want to know more about how the UK actually elect its MEP s and how the system works we have a separate video on that so we won't repeat ourselves here you can find that video via a link in the description although they were never meant to happen the 2019 European elections are probably going to be incredibly important the result will shape the future of the Conservative Party Labour's brexit policy and potentially the outcome of brexit itself so how about we run through the different parties how they're expected to do and what it means for brexit the brexit party are certainly the new kids on the block they were only found in the last few months and this is the first selection they'll be taking part in however this doesn't mean you should underestimate them after all their leader alone gives them a good shot in these elections with Nigel Faraj at the helm the party had been able to attract a lot of attention and are hoping to pull a lot of the votes they're currently averaging 29 percent in European election polls putting them on around 26 seats out of the 70 available in Great Britain this surpasses UKIP's 24 seats they won with back in 2014 it's always certainly gonna come first in the EU elections with them likely to swallow up much of the you Kip and conservative party's vote share unsurprisingly data shows that their polling particularly strongly in Pro brexit areas especially among older voters and especially among older men not only this but polling data shows that they would do incredibly well if a general election was called right now a surprising poll from comrades showed that the brexit party would win 50 seats in the UK if a general election was called especially impressive when you consider that you kept have only ever got one MP elected most surprisingly is how the brexit party would surpass the Conservatives in the number of votes they received with 20% of people saying they vote for the brexit party – only 19% who say they vote conservative the Conservatives would however win more seats due to how the first-past-the-post system works with them being predicted 179 seats the winning party is predicted to be labor on 316 seats obviously conclusions drawn from this should be limited as it's only one poll it doesn't take into account changes in the length of the campaign nor between now and whenever a general election actually occurs so in both general election polling and European election polling the brexit party seems to be doing well labour however have had a tough time when it comes to brexit despite being the official opposition party they haven't taken the strong stance that many were expecting with the party still lacking a cohesive vision when it comes to brexit although they officially support a second referendum it's not exactly clear from their actions with Labour MPs opinions on brexit varying fairly substantially this is likely hurt the party and damaged their chance of becoming the official party for remain errs despite this they're averaging about 25 percent in the polls which we estimate will leave them on about 23 seats up three from their previous performance in 2014 Labour's voters are still overwhelmingly remain despite the party's ambiguous brexit stance that we mentioned earlier they'll be helped by the fact that in the regions which have less seats it's nearly impossible for the green Lib Dems or change UK to win a seat and as such lay will likely benefit from tactical remain of voting their vote seems to be holding up fairly well metropolitan areas but it still seems to be a worry that they'll leak more votes to the more unequivocally remain parties the Tories seem to be having a pretty miserable time to match how miserable things have been for the Conservatives more generally their failure to deliver brexit on time has lost them Suede's of core voters with brexit ears turning to more hardline brexit parties who voters believe will deliver a stronger back they're currently averaging only 13% in the polls leaving them just 10 seats down from the 19 they held in 2014 this would be the worst result for them in a national election ever they're already averaging in third place in opinion polls but at the current rate that they're hemorrhaging votes it looks like they could finish him fourth behind the Lib Dems or even fifth behind the Greens the Liberal Democrats have been positioning themselves as the party for remain errs and hoping to scoop up a whole load of remain votes the party are currently polling at 12 percent which means at the current time there were you think six seats up five from their performance in 2014 they seem to have benefited from strong local election results which had positioned them as the front-runner remain party and granted them some real legitimacy they could benefit further from labor voters being dissatisfied with their position on brexit and also change UK another major a main party is currently struggling so they don't have a ton of competition the greens are another Pro remain party who are we looking to benefit from labour voters frustrated with their current brexit stance they did strongly in 2014 finishing in fourth place meaning it'd be hard for them to maintain that benchmark they're currently averaging 7% in opinion polls which would leave them with one seat down three from 2014 though some polls have placed them doing better maintaining their seats and even finishing ahead of the Tories in some polls their biggest problem is that the Liberal Democrats have positioned themselves is the strongest remain voice and unless you live in the southwest or London there's either not enough seats or enough support to give the Green Party a strong chance of winning one of them change UK have had a torrid time recently polling at just 5% and projected to win 0 seats the party was supposed to be a new force in politics protesting the two-party system and representing a true collaboration in UK politics that was the dream at least but as know exactly how it's played out their logo and branding a complete mess and they've been completely out shown by the brexit party on the change politics front the brexit party have had several high-profile rallies accompanied by slick social media videos and high profile candidates in comparison change UK have been small and low-profile almost trees in May 2017 esque and it doesn't seem like they're offering much at the lib dems aren't they can't even say what they're called is it change UK the independent group or some kind of confusing portmanteau of the two they've also had an MEP candidate resign after he made comments about Romanian pickpocketers as such is not expected they'll perform particularly well in the upcoming elections that being said their plight is nothing compared to you Kipps the party were truly having a nightmare at the moment they've gone from winning the 2014 EU elections with 27% of votes and 24 seats to 2019 where they're getting 3% of votes in polling and a projected zero seats you Gibbs biggest issue is that the brexit party have stolen their identity and their leader making them the most high-profile Pro leaf party when the breaks apart you're doing so well in both the EU election and general election polling you could have become increasingly far-right in recent years and maybe that's the new niche they're trying to capture regardless it doesn't look like it's helping them this time around the Scottish National Party looked like they'll get three seats up from one in 2014 whereas plica Murray should stay on one but they could struggle to maintain their seat juditha only actually being four seats in Wales there's a real lack of individual Scotland and Wales polling which means it's hard for us to comment much further than that but both do seem to be holding steady at the moment so that's how things are looking at the moment the country split split between remain and leave and even split between the parties on both sides that means that this election is effectively going to be a second EU referendum and it looks like the brexit party will be the ones who are going to win it but reaching 32 percent of the vote when combined with you Kipp isn't exactly a clear majority for a hard World Trade Organization rules brexit the strongly remain parties look to get around 30% which is a very similar number of votes conservative and labour the parties would want to deal with the EU a polling at 38% again not close to a majority of voters the country remains too I did and it looks like this election might not be the final decision that some were hoping for the Electra is split just as the politicians who represent them are we're headed into uncharted territory I only make too many predictions about what happens after these elections because truly anything could happen if you wanted to dive deeper into EU elections and what the consequences could be for brexit then like this video and comment below we won't see exactly the video topics you're interested in and the topics you want us to cover make sure to comment them below and we'll do our best to get on them as soon as we can as I said at the top election maps UK lend us a hand with this video helping us break down how the UK is expected to vote in the upcoming elections they were the perfect people to work with on a project like this because they're always talking about elections the predictions and the ropes on their Twitter account they share all of the latest maps and polling showing exactly what's happening on all kinds of elections if that sounds like something you're interested in then check them out you can find them at election maps UK while you're over on Twitter you can follow us at TR news UK in fact you can find exclusive content and articles by following us across all of our social channels you can find us by searching for tea or tea our news also make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel that way you can keep updated with all of our latest videos and the developments surrounding the EU parliamentary elections you

Andrew Neil grills Jacob Rees Mogg, Chuka Umunna on Theresa May's second Brexit defeat (12March19)

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CONservative MP Jacob Rees Mogg and new Independent ex-Labour_ MP Chuka Umunna discuss PM Theresa May getting heavily defeated again on her bent Brexit deal.

Recorded from BBC News Channel HD, Brexit Deal Vote, 12 March 2019.

Ken Clarke talks politics, finance and Ukip – Full Length | Guardian Live

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Former chancellor Ken Clarke discusses the rise of Ukip; how he first got into politics; and why he still favours the euro.
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Clarke was talking to the Guardian’s Michael White at a Guardian Live event in King’s Place, central London in November 2014. Guardian Live is our series of events, debates, interviews and festivals exclusively for Guardian members.
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Fashion & Intellectual Property

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Fashion is a three trillion dollar a year industry with a 100% participation rate. So how do companies like Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, and Christian Louboutin promote their brands globally while still protecting their designs?

To what extent are creators, from individual fashion designers to million-dollar brands, protected under intellectual property law? How do you balance protecting IP with fostering innovation? Lawyers, law professors, and industry experts discuss the role of intellectual property in the fashion industry, explaining three recent cases that continue to spark debate on design protection in the United States.

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– Howard Deutchman, Meridian Textiles

– Susan Scafidi, Fordham University School of Law

– Barbara Kolsun, Cardozo School of Law

– Stephen Doniger, Doniger/Burroughs APC

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fashion is a form of art art is just a way of expressing yourself fashion is a trend it really defines a lot of people it touches everybody it's an industry that has a hundred percent participation it's not a frivolity it's something that is a reflection of people's hopes and their dreams I would say fashion is never going away will it be digital stores or Instagram there's always going to be fashion people are always gonna buy clothes fashion is important because it stands in for who we are as individuals as well as being an enormous industry from design to production to retail and everything in between intellectual property is the basis for protecting your concept in your idea regardless of whether you're in fashion or in any other industry intellectual property is the body of law that protects the creative process in which a property is simply intangible property and ideas are not protected but artistic expression of an idea is so a lot of what regulates a fashion industry from a legal standpoint is intellectual property law and intellectual property law basically is a mix of copyright trademark and patent trademark law probably has the biggest impact on fashion it's the brand or the logo it can be also more than just a name every great brand has a trademark Kate Spade Calvin Klein Ralph Lauren Chanel Gucci all of these brands are well-known and those names are trademark the real primary purpose of trademark law is to avoid confusion in the marketplace among consumers so the purpose of trademark law isn't really to protect companies although it does that it's really to protect consumers the trademark is anything anything that functions as a source indicator it tells the customer oh I know where this product came from really tells companies that if you invest heavily in developing your brand and developing quality of the brand and generating consumer goodwill that another company can't come along and trade off of that goodwill so it protects both the consumer and the company one of the cases that I think has made more members of the public aware of fashion law than anything else a trademark case involve a Christian Louboutin and his red soles Christian Louboutin is a French designer who has trademarked in the US and in a number of other countries around the world a red sole it came to be very widely recognized that when you saw that red you knew it was a Christian Louboutin shoe very expensive very high-end the very definition of a trademark people saw it and they knew where it came from I read tiffany blue I mean there are a number of companies that have established good trademark rights in a car and Louboutin sued Eve Salah Ron for creating a line of shoes where each shoe was a mono color red sole but also red all the way around the whole shoe was red in crystals case we get shoes like this a classic pump with some interesting detail and the red sole which every bit as much as the signature inside the insole shows you even when someone is wearing it exactly who created this shoe the judge judge Marrero wrote a very interesting opinion saying that color was not protectable and you could imagine how that affected the industry Tiffany wrote an amicus brief because of course the Tiffany robin's egg blue box you look at that box and back to source identification and you think Tiffany the designer had been enjoying brought a trademark protection for quite a few years ended up losing everything because he brought the wrong case against the wrong people now the Second Circuit Court of Appeals on appeal reinstated his trademark registration but rewrote it they said we're giving you your trademark registration back but it's only going to apply to a contrasting sole meaning that even law was permitted to continue to make monochromatic shoes or shoes that lacked any contrast and so could everyone else but a very dramatic very interesting case that pretty much left bloody footprints to go with those red soles all over the industry one of the most famous marks I think is Louis Vuitton and that little LV carries such a weight with it anything that has that label is going to sell for more than if it didn't have that label so they really need to protect that brand Lou Vuitton has brought another parody case involving a different company a company that has created a series of canvas tote bags the company is called my other bag and the idea is that my other bag have chosen a series of different companies to include in their product LVMH versus my other bag Louie Vuitton sued because someone had parody on their design and they put it in their tote bag this is a version of the classic Louie Vuitton 12 with the mo B's for my they're bad replacing the elves and Vees that we would see on a genuine you told and of course leave it all is not the only company that has been didn't if you will buy these bags and LVMH lost because the court says it's conspicuously different they just did a parody so all they did was use your design it's a brand and he put it on the tote bag and they did it as a picture not as covering the whole tote bag as if it was leave a time leave a time then pretty aggressive in their enforcement they tested it and it didn't go well the parody question is an interesting one for fashion companies because their trademarks are very well-known their trademarks are protected very carefully because they are the primary economic resources of the brands designers come and go boutiques open and close but trademarks are forever they don't want others copying that label because that will dilute their mark and will decrease the value part of the reason why trademarks are so important in fashion is because in many jurisdictions including the u.s. fashion has so little other protection a very little copyright only tiny access to patent but trademarks are Universal and so even if you can't protect the entire design you can at least protect the trademark a copyright is nothing more nothing less than the right to copy it's designed to encourage more artistic creation and expression by giving creators control over what they create in the moment that you put pen to paper to draw a drawing or create a sculpture or compose a musical piece you have a copyright in that work overall the cut and silhouette and shape of a dress is not protected by copyright law the rule has never been that utilitarian objects like a garment aren't protected it's only that they're not protected by copyright law you don't want copyright to protect for example the cut of a jacket because a jacket has two arms and buttons think of your standard blazer for example Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress the wrap dress itself is not protectable but the design is protectable the star athletics a case dealt with a very simple question which is if you have a series of shapes and stripes on an article of clothing is that protectable an employee of this company that made pretty much all the cheerleader uniforms in the country went to another company and copied some of the designs of his original employer his new company was sued for copyright infringement and what the court did is that they looked at two different aspects of the designs there is the more utilitarian design like the cut of the uniform versus the designs the images that were on the uniforms and the court stated that the copyright wouldn't protect the cut of the apparel but would protect the designs and the court basically said that if you can pluck those designs off of the cheerleader uniform and put them in another form so think about your basic Chevron's and you pull them off the uniform and you put them in a frame that's protectable ultimately the Supreme Court has decided that there is a separable 'ti formula or theory and what they determined was that if there's a two-dimensional or three-dimensional design and it's not part of the useful article meaning you can separate it out it can be subject to copyright protection what's that hugely important decision that changed the world in the u.s. for protection of fashion absolutely not it kind of left things where they are it doesn't seem to me at all to have changed what the law is but it should make litigating a case like that much more efficient because it takes away all of those extraneous tests and matters that needed to be proved that we now know don't need to be proved intellectual property impacts every aspect of what a fashion company does beginning with the way products and get designed because nothing gets designed in a vacuum it is extremely important to retain the tiny bit of protection that fashions do have under intellectual property law and hopefully to grow that a little bit with time so that we can compete more effectively having a dynamic robust public domain things that people can refer to is essential to everybody including high-end collection designers they're not designing in a vacuum either they're using references as well but if they didn't have those things to refer to they would have a real problem intellectual property protection in the United States is in some ways much better for the artists and in other ways it's not it's very time-consuming takes a lot of energy and mostly takes a lot of money for these emerging designers to protect their own creativity there will always be cases where someone is copying a good idea and that's good we want that to happen we want a good idea to be replicated with each company's own particular taken version of it and if we don't have copyright protections that are opens us up to complete theft of our gears of our creativity of our business model I think it's imperative and without it we wouldn't be in business your creativity your designs are coming from a venue and they deserve protection people a lot smarter than us have created this law that's designed to encourage more artistic expression and creation because overall it benefits society to have laws and trademark laws reasonably and fairly enforced and there are a lot of open-ended questions about what exactly is protected some kind of an uncharted area the level of protection we have today is the level of protection we should have because it is actually one of the drivers of innovation I really don't believe we're ever gonna have a lot in this country protecting fashion and I don't believe it's worth wasting a lot of time on now every major fashion capital in the world is in a jurisdiction that has at least some protection for fashion and it's just a huge disadvantage to the American design community that we do not I am confident at some point in my lifetime we will have some kind of u.s. protection for fashion but it hasn't happened yet I think that allowing artists and designers to reap the benefits over their work is something that's important and it's something that's really essential to intellectual property here in the United States and the reason behind that is we want to encourage people to get out there create things engage in public discourse and contribute in a valuable way

Jeremy Corbyn snubs Remainers saying Labour will respect Brexit referendum

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JEREMY Corbyn today snubbed his pro-EU cheerleaders as he insisted Labour DOES back leaving the EU.

The leftie leader admitted he “cannot ignore” the vote for Brexit and suggested it would be undemocratic to stay in.
Mr Corbyn’s intervention comes as a blow to Labour figures who are keen for the party to back a second referendum.
Hours before the leader’s speech, the man running Labour’s Euro elections campaign insisted a vote for the party was a vote to reverse Brexit.

But Mr Corbyn said: “Over 17million people voted to leave the European Union. As democratic socialists, we cannot ignore that.
“We voted to trigger Article 50 in 2017 and promised to respect the referendum in our general election manifesto and again at our party conference last year.”

He also admitted Brexit has seen Britain “stuck in this endless loop” with Remainers pitted against Leavers.

Speaking at the Labour manifesto launch in Kent, the party leader warned that cross-party talks to get a Brexit deal are on the brink of collapse.

He said: “So far in those talks, there has been no big offer, and the red lines remain.
“It’s difficult negotiating with a disintegrating government with Cabinet ministers jockeying for the succession, rather than working for an agreement.”
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Fresh Brexit vote could take place NEXT WEEK as PM tries to avoid EU election drubbing:

Brexit deal which keeps us in the customs union will cost every Brit £800, even Remainers admit:

Arsenal season ticket holder Jeremy Corbyn is mocked as he praises Spurs for shock victory:

Brexit could NEVER happen because pro-Leave MPs keep blocking deal and trying to boot out May, top Tory warns:

Top Brexiteer Esther McVey reveals she’s running to be the next PM:

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oh far in those talks there's been no big offer and the red lines remain in place it's actually quite difficult negotiating with a disintegrate in government with cabinet ministers jockeying for succession rather than working for an agreement as Democratic socialists we cannot ignore that we voted to trigger article 50 in 2017 it is in the country's interest to try to get this sorted one way or the other but we can never accept the government's bad deal or a disastrous No Deal so if we can't get a sensible deal along the lines of our alternative plan or a general election labor backs the option of a public vote on it the biggest the biggest issues facing us the talks that were having with the government have been difficult because as I said the government is in some degree of disarray itself they're still ongoing our point is that we want to protect jobs protect track and protect those rights that we have obtained and we will we met again yesterday and there will be further meeting coming up but quite honestly the government has to move its red lines we cannot go on having MV 1 MV 2 and V 3 and then coming on for possibly an MV 4 or a bill that we've yet to yet to actually see

Iain Dale questions Polly Toynbee on 'extremist Brexiteers' (13March19)

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Iain Dale questions Polly Toynbee how she can accuse Conservatives of being “extreme Brexiteers”, while pretending Labour Party are the poster boys for sanity.

Recorded from BBC2 HD, Politics Live, Spring Budgets Statement Special, 13 March 2019.

Parliament debates another round of Brexit indicative votes – watch live

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Lawmakers in parliament are expected to debate and vote on another round of indicative votes relating to the UK’s withdrawal from and future relationship with the European Union.
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Brexit breakthrough: Jean-Claude Juncker says talks ready for next phase

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The president of the European commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, speaks to the press on Friday morning alongside the British prime minister, Theresa May, and confirms ‘sufficient progress’ has been made in Brexit negotiations, allowing the talks to move on to the next stage
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on the basis of the mandate which was given to me by the European Council the Commission has just formally decided to recommend to the European Council that sufficient progress has now been made on the strict terms of the divorce the decision on sufficient progress will be in the hands of the 27 heads of state or government I'm hopeful through a confident true that they will share our appraisal and there are us to move on the next phase that the negotiations the deal we've struck will guarantee the rights of more than 3 million EU citizens living in the UK and of a million UK citizens living in the EU EU citizens living in the UK will have their rights enshrined in UK law and enforced by British courts they will be able to go on living their lives as before in Northern Ireland we will guarantee there will be no hard border and we will uphold the Belfast agreement and in doing so we will continue to preserve the constitutional and economic integrity of the United Kingdom

Theresa May confirms new minority government with DUP arrangement

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Theresa May confirms a new Conservative minority government with the help of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to provide “certainty” at a “critical time” for the UK.

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I have just been to see her Majesty the Queen and I will now call a government a government that can provide certainty and lead Britain forward at this critical time for our country this government will guide the country through the crucial breakfast talk but begin in just 10 days and deliver on the will of the British people by taking the United Kingdom out of the European Union it will work to keep our nation safe and secure by delivering the change that I set out following the appalling attacks in Manchester and London cracking down on the ideology of Islamist extremism and all those who support it and giving the police and the authorities the powers they need to keep our country safe the government I lead will put fairness and opportunity at the heart of everything we do so that we will fulfill the promise of breakfast together and over the next five years build a country in which no one and no community is left behind a country in which prosperity and opportunity are shared right across this United Kingdom what the country needs more than ever is certainty and having secured the largest number of votes and the greatest number of seats in the general election it is clear that only the conservative and unionist party has the legitimacy and ability to provide that certainty by commanding a majority in the House of Commons as we do we will continue to work with our friends and allies in the Democratic Unionist Party in particular our two parties have enjoyed a strong relationship over many years and this gives me the confidence to believe that we will be able to work together in the interests of the whole United Kingdom this will allow us to come together as a country and channel our energies towards a successful brexit deal that works for everyone in this country securing a new partnership with the EU which guarantees our long-term prosperity that's what people voted for last June that's what we will deliver now let's get to work

UKIP's John Rees Evans – BBC's The Big Questions – 19/03/2017

Views:6932|Rating:4.38|View Time:59:5Minutes|Likes:21|Dislikes:3
UKIP’s John Rees Evans – BBC’s The Big Questions – 19/03/2017

How Brexit is Toppling the Tory House of Cards

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Afshin Rattansi goes underground on the Tories post Brexit. Nigel Evans, former vice chairman of the Conservative party talks about what he expects from a post Brexit Britain. Plus who will be the next leader of the Conservatives?

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well the political reverberations from last week's European referendum continue to send seismic shock waves through the British political landscape there are earthquakes in the UK's two largest parties the Tories are tearing themselves apart and backstabbing Blairites are attempting a coup in the Labour Party the former vice chair of the ruling Conservative Party Nigel Evans said this week that the Westminster scene makes house of cards look like tele tubbies he joins me now thanks so much Nigel for coming back on the show we only deal with issues on going under your not personalities but just explain that comment you made about house of cards and Teletubbies well intrigue treachery you've got it all if Michael Dobson no wrote house of cards who sits in the House of Lords if he tried to have written what's gone on in the last week people would have said it's a bit far-fetched that Michael isn't it I mean we can barely believe it I've been a member of parliament for 24 years and I've never seen scenes like it at Westminster it's not only the leadership fest within my own party and at one stage we had more runners and riders than the Grand National but that's whittled down to five and of course the intrigue as to Boris I mean I just can't make sense of it it's moving so rapidly now of course as I said but sadly don't really matter it is the issues so whether it's Boris or it's Gove what what do you think of the outcome of the rector referendum as regards bricks it actually happening you please I absolutely delighted I was a shadow Secretary of State for Wales at a time when they had the referendum in Wales on devolution and it was forty nine point six percent against 50.3 in favor that was on a fifty two percent turn out what happened we gave devolution to Wales now this one is much much larger as you know fifty two percent in favor of Lee forty-eight percent against on a seventy two percent Turner 1.4 million more people voting to leave the European Union the deciding to stay and David Cameron at The Dispatch Box on Monday accepting the verdict of the British people President yanka accepting the verdict of the British people and indeed one of our leading tenders for the Tory leadership who was on the remain campaign just I'm talking about Theresa May she didn't fight a valiant campaign I mean she was a sub radar for most of it and I suspect it's because of the fact that many of us thought that she really was a break sit here but the fact is she is now accepted that we're going to leave the European Union it's now a matter of when not if well you mentioned Brussels Berlin corridors of Westminster is the delay in article 50 really more to do with Washington maybe even the Federal Reserve as regards the attack on the pound which has been rising when there was a lot of quantitative easing and put in and again is dropping yeah well we were through project favor we're told that everything would collapse and it would be Armageddon and there would be a recession and a plague of locusts I mean none of this is happening there was clearly jitters within the market and that's now corrected itself the shares all the way up but surely it corrected itself because quarter of a quarter of a trillion pounds that's double the NHS annual budget is being printed in money to do this this and can the Bank of England keeping this money not this confidence there is confidence out there I mean we we know that the market expected remain to win and that's how when the pound went up there on the night I mean I remember ten o'clock on thursday very well when I was told that the pound is up the shares are up you gave say seven percent lead for remain and Nigel Farage has conceded defeat and what happened you know the Newcastle result came in a couple of hours later and then everybody knew history was in the making now we knew the influence of the conservative press she was very important given the leak a letter from the leadership candidate Michael Gove how much pressure can Rupert Murdoch and maybe the Lord Dacre from the Daily Mail how much pressure can they put on this debate before article 50 as regards the type of negotiation we have I think that there will be a lot of scrutiny as to the processes that government follows post-september the night when we've got our new leader and I think just everybody will want to make absolutely certain that there is absolutely no backtracking we are going to leave the European Union in its entirety so there's none of this backtracking as to whether we are in the single market or outside the single market the fact is that if we try and do a deal with the European Union on free trade access to their markets and they say only if there is unrestrained numbers coming in here UK what we're here just ain't gonna happen immigration was an integral part a pivotal part of the campaign for the eight weeks people are very concerned about controlling immigration numbers from within the European Union to the United Kingdom and if we can't get a deal on that there's not an acceptance by the European Union that we are going to actually have proper border controls then as far as I'm concerned we will trade with the European Union but outside of the single market do you think the Home Secretary Theresa May who's the bookies favourite and we should say favorites for conservative leadership never win I think draya's well Boris was her favorite and look he pulled out so you're right it was forbidden may does she share those views as to the single market and vs. immigration wells in red lines that's one of the unknown questions that I people like myself will need to get answered before I decide now where my votes going to be was with Boris and now I will be looking at all the candidates that are there and I'll be seeking assurances from them that number one that we're going to leave the European Union and Teresa's you know ticks the box there and so do all the clearly the brexit ear candidates and number two about the controls on immigration that cannot be compromised as far as access to the single market and we can write off crab who on social media is known just for alleged homophobia and Liam Fox who's been on this show who is yeah Larry hawkish secretary-general oh I'm a gay man open a gay man and I've got no problems with Stephen Crabbie's really I've known him for many years I he's not homophobic and I've known liam fox fur for many years as well he's a great friend of mine and in fact if anything the the field of the candidates that we've got a very strong I like each of them in in in some ways and some have got weaknesses some have got different strengths and I think it's going to be up to the people like me to decide where we're going to go now with our Boris votes as to where it's going to finally end up there Joe levels thank you thank you

UKIP Policies Democracy 3

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Coming up to the UK General Election on May 7th, there is predicted to be somewhat of an electoral breakthrough and a shakeup of the political establishment by parties other than LibLabCon parties.

In this episode, I take a deeper look at the policies of the UK Independence Party and put them somewhat into practice in Democracy 3. Of course, it is very difficult to enact realistic policies in this game and a lot of policies and ideological decisions I made were based off of my knowledge of the party and where it stands.

To get the policies of UKIP, I found their ‘Policies for the people’ Doncaster Conference Mini-Manifesto.

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hey guys and welcome to a disabled ear plays democracy theory a couple of months ago or maybe even longer than that I made a video about you Kip in democracy theory and trying to get their policies together which is quite hard because they didn't have a manifesto at the time but now I thought coming up to the UK general election you know there's a it's either gonna be a Conservative government or a Labour government but you keep continued to say that they're gonna hold the balance of power and what I want to know is through this game as best as I can what a you keep government will look like for the United Kingdom now you know is this a game you can't get all the policies in there such as Britain's withdraw from the European Union but there are some other policies which I would like to look at in a bit more detail and put them into practice in this game and so you know I hope you enjoy it this would be probably a series where I'll do this that could serve its labor greens Scottish Nationals or things like that just you know get a bit of a feel before the general election so yeah I hope you enjoy okay just for a little bit of background information on the United Kingdom and what you keep want to do to it we need to take a quick look at the history and the current political standing of the United Kingdom it says you're not King of Great Britain and Ireland commonly referred to as the UK or Britain is one of the five permanent members of UN Security Council under the under UK government that won't change founding member of NATO in the Commonwealth there you Kipp want to put put it back into the leading status of the Commonwealth the UK is also an active member of the European Union the UK would draw us from the European Union although it chose to retain its sovereign currency rather than join the euro which of course you can see by UKIP's you could logo which is the pound sterling the UK is a constitutional monarchy where the monarch power is effectively ceremonial you cube is a right-wing party so that will remain the same there would still be a constitutional monarchy of the United Kingdom a parliamentary system is used to elect the House of Commons under constituency based first-past-the-post system that's also correct even though that's wrong it says first-past-the-post it should be first-past-the-post that is there right there okay religion Christianity of course tea consumption how funny they base it you rate they'll send a lot more fat people than 23 percent yeah that's about right play I did actually edge if you could bitten in there is you can independent spy and because there's this stupid actually you know what go gets the green pie because you know the two outlining parties one on the right one on the left both hate each other this let's do that let's put that in term length they're currently the UK legislation says a general election has to be held every five years on the first Thursday or second Thursday in May our kite remember term limit no limit there is no limit to how many terms you can hold an office in the UK monarchy of course God mostly voting no earthquakes we don't get them here hurricanes not really let's keep that the same congratulations on your election victory welcome to your new job as Prime Minister the lives of all 63 million forty six thousand citizens are now in your hands as you will imagine there are a number of situations and concerns that you will need to deal with as soon as possible while keeping your eye on the long term improvement of our citizens quality of life Plus do not forget that you face reelection in five years so you need to monitor the opinion polls and our party membership good luck that sort of looks like Britain although you know the GDP is a bit better than that okay I think that's good right let's have a look at some policies and Citizenship tests that's you know I just saw that that's the first one clearly it's gonna need to go up maximum remember this isn't my personal opinion this is the opinion that I'm getting off of I've actually got the u-clip well I think it's a party policy it's under the headline policies for the people on their website which has got all of their policies that are mentioned at the Doncaster UK Independence Party conference so let's disco off they're misinterpreting the Constitution Oh what I've been there you know what we'll deal with it we're British we can go ahead power on right next sorry I've got bit but I've got we have a cold as well what do they say about this childcare provision you keep will ya economy consumer rights maternity leave work safety laws it work safety law according to them will remain the same and I cancel the policy what the fuck go back fuck law and order there we go okay we can't do it yet racial profiling transport mm-hmm public services adult education subsidies free school meals you can't we'll say it would they say they're going to introduce free school meals put it on high next debt protection law there was something about this in the UK media a couple of months ago and UK you kept said that putting a cap on these companies would constrict competition in the market so from that I'm gonna I'm gonna go allow agencies to operate next buying votes inventing the Internet Margaret Thatcher the idol of the UK Independence Party toxic waste dump all right now let's do a couple more policies economy space program tax yet was technology grants you Kip said that they will make university places free for those who want to study sciences or medicine so you know let's go through that then I Maxim to do about hi we want to have money left next toxic waste dump other don't prevent construction allow the dump I don't know actually you keep see you keep it's really hard to do you keep because they don't have a solid manifesto that can figure to change the policies I think we'll go for that I mean they're some forgotten it's the green so we've got do everything the greens wouldn't do retired retired so she just youth conservatives okay yeah yeah prisons you keep want to increase prison places get more well not get more people into prison but I mean sure the more people go to prison through the court system because to be honest a UK court system at the moment it's fucking terrible you do something really stupid you you could rape someone and get four years in prison it's ridiculous leave it see I added that one in I see that I see that I added that in leaving the European Union there we go yeah sorry about that white screen by the way it doesn't make sense I don't know if I was going on were the unemployed even if there is an unemployed section self-employed ethnic minorities race Discrimination Act forward controls border control was there we go retina scans yes come on you Kip child labor law leave Laura unchanged I'm guessing yeah who else is there the wealthy hmm our decimal think the inheritance tax you keep said they would abolish inheritance X there we go people smuggling deport them of course of course has to be done farmers agricultural subsidies I think you could doesn't say much about this because you the UK is going south to the EU which has the Common Agricultural Policy but I'm guessing if you keep when I secure the votes of farmers they're gonna need to subsidize the UK's agricultural sector which is quite small and that farmers are quite powerful not as in like they'll come to Parliament and shoot everyone but they're quite powerful in pressure groups so I'm guessing that you keep will want to subsidize farmers somewhat the same standard in democracy everyone has the right to be represented even the jerks yep that's especially for you Chris Patten you piece of shit border controllers integration speed limits no change I don't know do you know I'm flying blind on some of these but in the last video I made I did quite extensively insult Nick Clegg and I'll continue to insult Nick Clegg and I want him to lose his seat in the general election I'm really hoping he doesn't lose his seat her banking bonuses do nothing oh that's another thing you keep don't like bankers bonuses they think it's stupid I think it's stupid to be honest you'd ask my personal opinion I think that George Osborne the Chancellor of the UK economy the charge of the Exchequer was right to go against basically every country in the European Union saying we do not want bankers bonuses because you know the UK private banking sector is one of the biggest the biggest sectors of our economy so you know putting curbs on the bonuses is you know quite a polished youthful thing to do of course people are gonna say in the comments or or whatever if they watch this video Ben don't be stupid you know it's all about this that and you know getting more money but then it keeps competition it keeps the banks in Britain it doesn't make them go somewhere else import tariffs national service I don't know about national service overall I would like to see national service brought back welfare food stamps rent controls disability welfare fraud economy tax carbon tax airline tax context graduate tax there we go let's bring it down a little bit because you know as I said before the free university place of those it's not going to really have much of an effect on on that but we'll bring it down a little bit when will people learn democracy doesn't work thank you for your beautiful philosophical in light their home is right with another one appoint you an ambassador of course Britain under your government will be strong and fierce and ferocious and on the world stage you're taking a shit from anyone so we're gonna put Regina Phillips in as I UN ambassador of course that will mean we're not very much liked on a world stage but you know as long as we're a free independent sovereign country doesn't have just a bit of my personal opinion I'm a euro skeptic I think the UK should leave the European Union I hate the European Union but you know I'm going to try not to get my own opinions into this I thought I quite liked you Kip and I quite like the Conservatives but you know what this this is a comp in you gotta get into this as you cannot you alright next yeah okay Bow Wow public services faith school subsidies down there not completely gone of course I mean you know Britain has the Royal Gurkha Rifles people who come from the power to fight in the British Army they can bring their families over and the you know they are Hindus Buddhists someone can correct me on that from wrong but you know they go to schools that's of course you know we'd still do what some faith school subsidies and of course Britain has a huge Sikh and Hindu community as well that might have something to do about time and Empire but you know what we won't get into that foreign policy that's what the military spending okay one thing we do know is that you keep say they will honor the military government and increase military spending in the UK to bring up to 40 percent grow spending so we're gonna you know trying to wipe this out if the UK economy is worth you know a couple of trillion forty percent you know we can't get 40 percent on here so we're going to put it put up a lot to the maximum band same-sex marriage now this is where this is where it gets hard because there's wings in you clip that say you know homosexuals are bad and there's wings in your clip which say you know we are homosexual this you know there is a LBGT section of you clip you keep itself says it doesn't have a problem of same-sex marriage but if it was in government at the time it wouldn't have brought the legislation forward so if you keep you end the government now they're not going to repeal the act so we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna click allow marriages because you know they're not going to repeal the act the act already been passed the only part of the United Kingdom that hasn't passed the same-sex marriage bill is Northern Ireland Scotland Wales in England well England Wales and Scotland will passed it because England and Wales go to hand-in-hand Tariq as where as Scotland has control over those issues ethnic minorities me to give a hit that one control was rate rotation foreign aid yes a big one you kept say they were bringing foreign aid down a lot I think they said something like 200 million you know can correct me if I'm wrong so we'll another weekend at the low okay well cancel the policy to the council that even though some using the Liberals now like me more food standards nothing need to do anything for that security cameras alcohol or narcotics prisons legal aid legal aid legal aid would go up yep land mines now obviously you keep listen saying about land mines but the the core ideas of you Kipp is that it wants the UK to be a sovereign free independent nation state outside of the European Union which makes our laws for us now of course the UK has signed up to over 13,000 international treaties including land mines but because you could doesn't say anything about it and their core belief is that UK the UK should be sovereign and not have anyone tell us what to do I'm going to say reject the law because that will restrict Britain's sovereign power as such I'm sorry about that white screen I don't know what none what's happening must be freaking the fuck out ten people who speak make more noise and ten thousands of are silent not true if those 10,000 buy a tank you know then you've got a problem creator of information you kept inside the European Union is part of a block called the European I think is the freedom and direct democracy group and your freedom information comes under freedom and direct democracy so yeah next and I'm gonna see if we're gonna win the election soon oh man I'm a little bit ill but politics must go on UK does not sleep the UK does not get ill unless you're Jimmy Callahan and Harold Macmillan how long left to the election two turns to turns in comment down below under this video in the comment section who you will be voting for or who you want to win in the upcoming UK jour election you know if you will post it or post who I'll be voting for because I'm on the Electoral Register and I will be voting I've tried not to make it as clear in this video but you know I'll set that down I'm quite popular you know I think this is what will happen if all this is made because I'm a lad band foxhunting okay here we go in 2004 the Labour comment under Tony Blair banned fox hunting in the United Kingdom the House of Lords rejected it so the House of Commons under Tony Blair used the Parliament act to get it to go to Royal Assent and the Queen signed it and banned fox hunting you could say they want to repeal the fox hunting ban and so do the conservative PI so yeah leave fox hunting alone next alright here we go here we go here we go miss election fuck you greens one thing I will allow you to know in this video is that I do not like the Green Party whatsoever right yep we want landslide victory nothing short of an electoral landslide middle-income income tax there we go bring income tax down down a little bit don't want to constrain the middle class property tax gonna bring it down a bit you know for you Kip is kind of I don't really know they they are on the right wing of the political spectrum but they appeal to left them right wing and liberals I mean I'm quite liberal myself and you know they a kind of appealed to me and some of their aspects and in other parts of you know their legislation and what they want to bring into the UK I think they're quite fucking stupid but you know let's keep you owned by an animal testing of course not of course not this is the UK who do you think we are older statesmen you have now been returned to power by the people so many times we are starting to wonder if it's worth putting anyone else's name on the ballot papers have won one election Margaret Thatcher won three Conservatives under Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair won not only John major one for what the fuck leaving European Union there we go again safeguard always supplies of course do you you kept IQ 10 the UK you keep our against foreign intervention they think that you know the Prime Minister shouldn't be able to use the Royal Prerogative which gives the Prime Minister the power of the monarch to declare war in the name of the sovereign they think that instead there should be a vote in the House of Commons and whether or not this should happen but when it comes to oil in the UK economy I think you Kip would send the troops I think they would you know deploy ground soldiers toll roads fuel efficiency standards down down there we go wealth is their state employees capitalist swindler capitalists we also need to look at the NHS that's a big one National Health Service there we go you could say they want to bring this all in you know the they're against privatization of the health service despite what the what the national media and other parties say you know I've I've done a lot of research before I went into this their Labour Party conservatives the Lib Dems national media so you keep wonder privatizes in the NHS and want to make you pay for your GP but that's not true at all I've read the manifestos I've read the policies for the people I've read what they've seen your figures in your clip of had to say and it's just it's just not true it's not true right let's go next the truth is that men are tired of Liberty certainly not in the UK of we're seeing the rise of the the UK independence by bailout company of course you keeps a right-wing business friendly company company yeah okay yeah you could put our company that's that's that's not true next oil drilling company allowed drilling you keep our for I should say something for that you keep want to bring fracking into the United Kingdom I'm I'm all for that actually I don't really mind but yeah they will obviously want fracking in the UK so we accepted that policy the elderly private pensions middle earnings yeah that's the thing we should look at look I mean we're losing money go away income tax see I think this is where we're government borrowing see we I think this is what would happen you keep say they would get rid of government bottom but I think we would have to borrow more they want to you know lower income tax but I think realistically they're gonna have to raise income tax if they want to get their policies in some of these things I'm doing you know there's no policies on like quite a lot of areas and quite a lot of areas in this game don't you know aren't covered by UK policy some some some of it I'm making it up as I go along through why I know about you Kippen and what I've heard and what I've researched reject law positive discrimination that's an obvious one factory farming law leave unchanged making impossible promises you know we know a lot of part as you do that Nick Clegg Nick Clegg tuition fees you also said the other day that by 2023 no one no child in the UK will be illiterate which is an impossible promise to make you can't promise that anyway let's stop ripping into Nick Clegg you know I'd like to very much Eric Davis has been a strong supporter human rights clean not him then Geraldine Martin is a household name pacts that many famous rulings concerning violent crimes often outspoken views and harsh sentences yep maybe that one even though judges are appointed independently from the government in the UK the government does not appoint judges it points the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Lord Chancellor but that's about it block the law you know you keep a full cup of corporation's business you don't want to restrain business that's one of the reasons I want to get us out the EU because the EU regulations put too much on business healthy minds bodies they say nothing really matters as long as you or in this case your entire country has the health I'm a medical report has never been sucked up and see there you go you could prove at least bring in a very very very good health service according to democracy theory ban livestock imports one of our neighboring countries has publicly announced kiss for America although the chance of the season being spit that's very low see I think they would have proved the been I think they would wouldn't take the chance you know they're not stupid as a lot of people would say and I I say quite a lot next extradite terror suspect of course we do not want terror suspects to remain in the United Kingdom which is kind of a you know quite an obvious thing to do really if you've got someone who's blowing stuff up in the UK get them out what don't keep him here next royal scandal this is what I was waiting for I you know I myself a Royalist and you keep as a right-wing royal royal a spy as pretty much every party in the UK is you keep his right wing you keep supporting the monarchy so what would they do with a support the monocle criticize monocle course I would support the monarch as with pretty much every party in the especially every major party in the in the UK I don't think the Greens but though I think the Greens Republican I think the BNP is Republican Shin Fane of course Republican I think plied Camry is Republican I'd actually no I don't think part Camry is Republican the SNP say they're not Republican but I think they are I think they just say they're not to get more more votes but yes port the Manik I think there was a poll issued a couple of weeks ago I think the the the monarch in the United Kingdom they supporting the royal family is 82 percent I think it's 80 percent in England 76 percent in in in Scotland I think it's 80 percent in Wales and 65 percent in Northern Ireland something like that the plan was criticized okay got bring this video to an end soon we need to look more at their deep policies small business grants there you go a bit good one you can't want to bring up the small businesses they want businesses though it Britain to be a very business friendly country for you to come and invest fishing quote is of course not we're a free sovereign independent country we don't agree to quotas that's one of the reasons why we're leaving the European Union here we go is the next election I 104 a win last time it was a 75% turnout and we got something like I don't know if we won that time well of course we won I mean if we get more than we did last time I cut remember liberal proton Taylor Department has uncovered cause for concern apparently a hardcore offshoot of the human rights society with the freedom League might be taking a liberal agenda a bit too far fucking liberals a bit as Nick Clegg bass fapping over this as a countryside excess law private land is private land you know that's a you Kip thing well I think this is about time to end there actually I mean the UK is you know we've still got a massive expenditure but we're in positive you kept say they wanna you know reduce the income tax but see from you know I think they wouldn't be able to they'd have to raise it to meet some of their some of their promises yeah you know I've done the best I could I've actually got the you Kip the policies for the people here while looking at this so you know it hasn't most of it has been you know real you keep policies so if there's any die-hard you kippers out there who watch it and say you know that's not what you keep stand for that's not what we do it is because I've got I've got your Doncaster conference policy list here but anyway thank you for watching next time I do this I will be doing it on the Green Party and that would be fun but yeah thanks for watching please leave a like subscribe and do what you will thanks again

Who Are The DUP? | The Last Leg

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The guys try to explain the DUP (Democratic Unionist Party)!
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Kim well said is it okay that in our fight against extremists to resume has jumped into bed with a group of extremists now the only people willing to help out the Conservatives right now are a Northern Irish party called the Democratic Unionist Party also known as the do DUP yeah you know me can't say without saying that bit and ironically their slogan is standing strong the video feed were founded by the Reverend in Paisley in 1971 they have had links to terrorism in the past they are anti-abortion against same-sex marriage and a number of their senior members are creationists who believe God created the world and everything in it a few thousand years ago basically they're the only people in the world we think the movie Footloose had an unhappy ending it's weird is next they've got those views and that obviously um is it our Arlene Arlene Foster Arlene Foster leaders reason I obviously have partnered up which the DUP are very much against hmm yeah gay foxes are absolutely screwed and I it's kind of like to resume needed elliptic left and Brie but a car broke down so now you have to hitch a ride with a rolled homophobic uncle does it at the moment we don't know if they're going to form an official coalition with the Tories or do something that's called confidence and supply which is it's not a coalition it's a little bit more casual Conor part friends with benefits so the Tories Americans like phoning them up at midnight going are you still awake it basically means that they're not an official coalition but they will help out if need be to get Bill's path tonight's part by the way though what should the new coalition be called the DUP and the Conservatives together tweeters at the last leg use the hash tag coalition names more male s gay [Applause] [Applause] you are on your bunting efficient you

Britain's worst MPs: Anna Soubry

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A Tory in Name Only


and a Subaru could be heard loudly heckling from the front bench her vocal opposition to labor drew the ire of the speaker and I have to say to the Junior Health Minister she tends to behave as though every exchange is somehow a conversation with her if the government had wanted order if the government had wanted then shake her head if the government wanted to put the Honourable lady up to answer it could have done it didn't what I say in all courtesy to the Honourable lady is sit there be choir and if you can't do so leave the chamber we can manage without you it is a massive strategic mistake to take away from this country's premier naval city that has been building ships for nearly six centuries the ability to go on doing it and working it with our building ships in Korea for the Royal Navy what not earth are we thinking of all right Anna super secret that is that is absolutely simply not true that is absolutely simply not truly not closing down forgive me you said we were building ships for our Royal Navy in careers the replenishment ships by ships yeah the majority the big ships the ones that are costing billions of pounds we are building in this country we put as a quieting career I don't interrupt you when you work well we building supply ships in career or me I did not interrupt a question from the woman who are on it Arianna Sabri if you if you can ASSU great honest Newberry it just let's clear this up are we having supply ships built in South Korea for the Royal Navy I don't if we are having supply ships what I do know is great just me sorry extraordinary I think he looks like somebody's put their finger after Ottoman you really won't allowed to say that well it's too late it's too early sorry if can you can you both agree on a matter of fact what proportion of this market is in Europe and what proportion is outside what a beautiful 44 44 percent of our exports which is got you under your 95 million down goes into a 10 percent but later we'll go down to the last 8 kg it will go down to almost absolutely zero if we come out of the EO way you but are you saying in agreeing with that that that taking that decision to leave the EU would put Britain on the road to ruin couldn't Britain prosper and thrive outside no I don't think it could actually how are you going to handle this you're the businessman I think this is a dreadful day two fronts dreadful day for our economy I think it's also a dreadful day for our country for wise to say it's a dreadful day as a business minister yeah but to top it nerds but my mother is 84 and she wept on Friday just like my 24 and 25 year old daughters shed tears because we made a terrible mistake on Friday by voting to leave the European Union you sit there be quiet and if you can't do so leave the chamber we can manage without you

Prime Minister's Question Time – 4 July 2018

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The Prime Minister answers questions from Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn at Prime Minister’s Questions Time in the House of Commons on Wednesday, 4 July 2018

30th of June while on operations in Estonia as a result of an on battle injury private Miller served his country with great distinction and that service will not be forgotten Mr Speaker this week marks 70 years since the NHS was founded it's rightly one of the nation's most loved institutions and I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to and recognize the dedication and hard work of NHS staff across the country and finally mr. speaker the country witnessed a very rare and welcome event last night the England football team winning a penalty shootout can I say I think the explosion of relief and most of all joy could be felt up and down the country not just in the smoking-room of the House of Commons and I want to congratulate Gareth Southgate and his team on a great performance last week I promise to fly the flag of son George above number 10 for all of England's remaining matches in the World Cup and I know the whole house will want to join me in wishing the England team the best of luck in Saturday sporting let's keep that flag flying and mr. speaker this morning I had meetings with ministerial colleagues and others in a in addition to my duties in this house I should have further such meetings later today Tommy Shepherd Scotland I transferred responsibility for the trynna state and Scotland to the Scottish government but a large retail park in my constituency called fort Kinnaird was exempted from the transfer on the grounds that it was tied up with a private joint venture last month the government sold the crown estates interests in fort Kinnaird for the receipt of a hundred and sixty-seven million pound and last week the Treasury confirmed to me that none of that money would go to the Scottish government but it would be retained here in London can ask the prime minister to review that decision in order that the proceeds from the sale of a major public asset in Scotland's capital city are given to the people of Scotland can I say to you honorable gentleman that my understanding is that when he says the money has come to the government it is actually money has gone to the Crown Estate but I'm happy to look at that and to clarify that point in writing to him MacLean after last night I'm sure there's one question I don't need to ask the Prime Minister which is does she believe that football is coming home does she also agreed another great victory for our United Kingdom is the bae contract and what does she think that means for jobs up and down the country and the manufacturing supply chain after we leave the EU lady I sincerely hope actually that members across the whole of this house will be congratulating England success my older friend is absolutely right also to highlight this excellent news that Australia has selected the global combat ship Australia as the preferred tenderer for their future frigate program the scale and nature of this contract puts the UK at the forefront of maritime design and engineering demonstrates what can be achieved by UK industry and government working hand-in-hand and it's the start of a new era in strategic defence industrial collaboration between the UK and Australia which will be reinforced by the forthcoming defence industrial dialogue as we leave the UK that as we leave the EU we will be empty [Applause] as we as we leave the European Union we have an opportunity as a UK to build on that closer relationship with allies like Australia and that's exactly what we're doing Jeremy Corbyn Thank You mr. speaker I share the Prime Minister's tribute to private Reece Miller who died while serving in the 1st battalion the Yorkshire Regiment our thoughts are with his family his friends and of course the entire regiment I spent the weekend congrats on the NHS when its 70th birthday and I Bevins birthplace and the message from the crowd there was the NHS is great let's fund it properly and whilst was [Applause] and whilst we're speaking of emergency services Mr Speaker I do think we should send a message from this house of our thanks and support to all those firefighters tackling these huge fires on Saddleworth Moor and Winter Hill and of course I can graduate the England team on a fantastic performance last night wish them well on Saturday in the match against Sweden mr. speaker with with fairs with fares rising above inflation passenger numbers falling and services been cut does the Prime Minister accept her failure on yet another public services the buses can I first of all can I first of all say to the right honourable gentleman that I absolutely agree with him I'm sure all members of this house that our thanks should go to the firefighters and the troops who have been struggling to deal with these terrible fires that we have seen on the moorlands in the north of in the north of Britain on the point about the buses I would really point out to him that actually I think we should look at the responsibility that local authorities have up and down this country can I also just can I also just comment on a remark that the right honourable gentleman made about putting sufficient funding into the National Health Service at the last election the Labour Party said that giving the NHS an extra 2.2 percent a year which make it the envy of the world but we're not giving it an extra 2.2 percent or indeed 2.5 percent or 3 percent we're giving it an extra 3.4 percent now he tries to say that's not enough which we treat what should we believe what he said before the election on what he says after the election mr. speaker in case the Prime Minister forgotten my question was about buses since and since 2010 and since 2010 her government has cut 46% from bus budgets in England numbered pastured numbers of falling and amongst elderly disabled it's fallen by 10% per government belatedly committed to keeping the free bus pass but a bus pass isn't much use if there isn't a bus so does the Prime Minister think it's fair that bus fares have risen by 13 percent more than inflation since 2010 he says that he asked originally in his first question about buses he did indeed and I gave him an answer in reference to buses but what you cannot do is simply stand up and make assertions about what the government is doing without expecting those to be challenged which is exactly what I did on his funding for the National Health Service what we have seen across the country and it was right that we can they've made that commitment in relation to bus passes what we have seen about across the country is that we are seeing that as people's working habits are changing that we are seeing people are less usage of buses around the country but this is something this is something that we work with local authorities on there are many responsibilities that local authorities have in relation to buses and I suggest that he asked some of those local authorities what they're doing about the buses in their own area korban mr. speaker under this government fares have risen three times faster than people's pay bus users are often people on lower income whose wages are lower than they were ten years ago in real terms and have suffered a benefit freeze and this government under their stewardship has cut 500 bus routes every year leaving many people more isolated lonely and damaging our local communities does the Prime Minister believe that bus services are a public responsibility or just something you leave to the market and I made the point on two occasions about the responsibilities that other half others have in relation to buses so he might for example look at what the mayor of London who I last looked at was a Labour politician is doing in relation to buses in London but he talks also about the impact Affairs on low-income people it is important that we consider the situation of people who are on low incomes that's why it is this government that introduced the National living wage and has increased the national living wage that is why it is this government that has taken four million people out of paying income tax altogether helping people on low incomes in this country Jeremy Corbyn mr. speaker when Sadiq Khan ran for mayor of London he promised to freeze bus fares and you know least on frozen bus fares if she's concerned [Applause] if she's concerned about the travel card fares speak to the Secretary of State for Transport he's the one that sets that fair mr. speaker bus routes are being wiped out 26 million fewer journeys made across the north of England and the Midlands under her government so much for a northern powerhouse and a Midlands engine can we be clear does she think does the Prime Minister think that deregulation of the bus industry putting profit before passengers has been a success or a failure what are we seeing on the number of people using buses in London it's gone down under the under the car up there but if he wants to talk about what mares are doing I'm very happy to talk about what Andy Street [Applause] he's extended free bus fares to apprentices and students mr. speaker will be a Labour government that saves the bus industry in a Labour government that gives that gives free fares to under 26 year olds mr. speaker the truth is since deregulation fares have risen faster than inflation ridership has fallen and these private bus monopolies have made a profit since 2010 of 3.3 billion pounds that's what the Tories give you in public transport the government has given Metro mayor's the powers to franchise and regulate to secure better services why won't the government extend that power to all local authorities of course local authorities do have some responsibilities and capabilities in relation to subsidizing bus routes and fares and yes we have given those powers to the giving those powers to the Metro mayors but can I also say to the right honourable gentleman he taught a little earlier by reference what was happening in the northern powerhouse and the Midlands engine I'll tell you what's happening in the northern powerhouse in the Midlands engine more investment in our public transport more investment in our roads more investment in the infrastructure that brings jobs to people in the north and people across the Midlands it's a shame this government is so shy of giving powers to local authorities and instead more interested in cutting their resources but mr. speaker under this government bus services are in crisis fears are increasing routes being cut passenger numbers falling isolating elder and a disabled people damaging communities high streets and actually needing to more congestion in our towns and cities people spending more time traveling to work or school it's bad for our climate change commitments bad for our air quality so will the price at last recognize the crucial importance of often the only mode of transport available for many people and end the cuts to bus budgets and give councils the power to ensure everyone gets a regulated bus service wherever they live right honourable gentleman I will I'll take no lessons from the right honourable gentleman in devolution to local authorities which party is it that has established those Metro mayors and given them those powers it's the Conservative Party in government which party is it that is doing bro steals around the country giving new responsibilities and local authorities it is this what did we see in the Northeast when we were talking to labour councils in the Northeast about their having a devolution deal labor council leaders in the Northeast rejected that devolution he wants to know he wants to know what this government is delivering for the people of this country for the north the South the Midlands for every part of this country record high employment rising wages falling borrowing stronger environmental protection and a Britain bit for the future [Applause] mr. Scott man harass mr. speaker wait for a bus question and then seven come at once this manager walked with parents from teller bolt to Sir James Paul this is the Cornwall Council have deemed to be safe and within government's guidance and the parents have been refused free public transport for their kids it's seven miles at three miles there and three miles back the road has no pavements no street lighting lighting and in winter month the children will be asked to walk to and from school in the dark on a single track road with cars tractors and lorries there are similar stories all around formals will the Prime Minister look at these guidance and talk to formal council and see what can be done – my honourable friend obviously we are as I've indicated committed in recognising the responsibilities that local authorities have in these these matters and we've committed to providing them with the funding they need we've increased the funding for Cornwall for 2019-20 by over 12 million since 2015-16 as I say it's a matter for the local authority to decide how to spend their funding and to make decisions on local matters but I agree with Heyman would encourage local authorities to make sure that in doing that they are absolutely taking into account the wishing's and concerns of the communities that they serve including the community that my honorable friend has referred to the in Blackford [Applause] can I congratulate England and the very faint victory in Nevada order it's very unfair on the leader of the Scottish National Party order order and I had remind the house or indeed I inform the house with my certainty for the first time that we are today visited by an American state senator and his wife whom I had the great privilege of meeting earlier this morning I'm sure we will wish to impress the Turk Lomb with the quality of our behavior mr. Ian Blackford Independence Day we should welcome the congratulate and on the very fine victory in the world [Applause] no coming games mr. speaker this morning we have learned that vote leave is expected to be found guilty of breaking electoral law does the Prime Minister agree that we need absolute transparency in elections and that people must be held accountable the right honourable gentleman for the congratulations and best wishes that he's given to the to the England team on the issue on the issue that he refers to I'm not going to comment on I'm sure all of our members will understand I'm not going to comment on what appears to be an elite report which the government has not seen the Electoral Commission in relation to the vote leave matter has said that it will consider representations it's receive and will publish a thorough and detailed closing report in order to provide a balanced account and will of course consider that report when the government receives it and we'll also consider any recommendations arising from it when it's released in Blackbird beacon of course it's the principle which is important our democracy cannot and must not be bought mr. speaker the Conservatives are systematically shielding their donations from public scrutiny Jackson Carmo MSP for Eastwood the Honourable member from Banten bokken the Honourable member for Murray have all accepted donations from the Scottish unionist Association trust the trust has donated 300 to the Scottish Conservatives yet there is no information available about who the people are who currently managed the trust no public accounts to indicate who its donors are or what assets it holds the BBC has revealed that the former vice chairman of the Conservative Party in Scotland Richard cook four hundred and thirty five thousand pound donation during the EU referendum and has a trail of involvement an illegal activity and foreign money I'm now giving the Prime Minister [Applause] I think right old gentleman's finish this question finish can I just say the right honorable gentleman that I very much hope and trust that he has advised those members in advance as he's referred to them but I know he's approaching his parish and he'll be sensitive to the fact that the house wants that mr. Blackford have indeed there mr. speaker I'm not giving the Prime Minister the chance to tell us what checks the Scottish Tory Party had in place before accepting such large donations and whoa she investigate the links between the Conservative Party and a trust and Thomas to publish a list of all donations I can tell the right honourable gentleman that all donations to a Scottish Conservative Party are accepted and declared in accordance with the law and the Scottish Conservative Party works with the Electoral Commission to make sure that that is all done properly Gillian Keegan [Applause] domestic abuse is an act of brutality often hidden in plain sight and it affects one in four women and one in four men across this country last week saw the launch of the employers initiative on domestic abuse and 170 companies and some MPs have signed up to train their employees to spot the tell-tale signs and to help provide much-needed support could I ask the prime minister to support this initiative and also to encourage more employees and businesses across the country to sign up and she's raised a very important issue and of course as she has said in her question this is a this is something for which we see many women being victims but also men can be victims of domestic abuse too and I certainly welcome the efforts of the employers initiative in raising awareness of this issue but also in that vital work of providing advice and support to employers and employees on the steps they can take to address it I understand that my honourable friend the Minister for crime safeguarding and vulnerability and Minister for women attended the launch of a toolkit for employers on tackling domestic abuse recently which was developed in partnership with the employers initiative with public health England and business in the community and I would absolutely encourage members from all sides of this house as employers to sign up to the initiative but also to promote it in their constituencies so that we can take every step we can to root out domestic violence roberta Blackman woods has recently locked up children in cages instigated a ban on muslims stalled action on climate change started trade wars and has no threatening women's reproductive rights so should the Prime Minister be challenging his divisive damaging and damaging policies and instead of and do that instead of inviting him for tea and kicks at number 10 the Honorable lady that we have indeed and I have responded to the points that she has raised I'll be very clear and I've said that in this house for example on the action that was taken against child migrants that that was not acceptable it's not something we would do here in the UK we did not consider that that was acceptable but she wants me she wants me to challenge the President of the United States what better way to challenge the presidency United States than be able to sit down and talk to him about it [Applause] I really looked forward to welcoming Heather Stephen the practice manager at Loftus GP surgery to my right on were friends Downing Street reception for the NHS later can she assure the house that as part of this government's record investment in the NHS she will ensure that primary care services receive all the support that they need yes can I say to my honourable friend that the intention and what will happen with this increase in the NHS budget is that we see it directed to frontline and primary services we need to have this long-term plan the NHS is developing that long term plan itself the budget will have increased by twenty twenty three twenty four with an extra twenty billion pounds a year in real terms compared with today but it is that in that ten-year plan that will be led by doctors that we will make sure we're delivering world-class care for everyone and that plan must also make sure that every penny is well spent Marshall de Cordova Thank You mr. speaker this morning the head of the National Audit Office took the unprecedented step of writing an open letter to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions setting out how she has misled Parliament in free respective statements she made over universal credit the ministerial code is very clear that and I quote it is of paramount importance that ministers give accurate and truthful information to Parliament correcting any inadvertent error at the earliest opportunity ministers who knowingly mislead Parliament to the Prime Minister Hoshi as the Honorable lady said it's very clear that ministers should correct the record in Parliament and the welfare secretary will be correcting the record as I believe she is advised you mr. speaker after p.m. queues at the despatch box is rather good will on Saturday in Lund god no the Prime Minister received a warm welcome as the nation paid tribute to our brilliant Armed Forces it's great news that valiant Salzburg will host the event next year and we're absolutely delighted that Britain's premier result Scarborough will be the location of the National Armed Forces Day event in 2020 so could I ask the Prime Minister if she's looking forward to coming to Scarborough as much as we're looking forward to welcome him earth on the 27th of June 2020 and does she suspect like me and does she suspect like me that the leader of the Opposition will already put the date in his diary as no doubt she'll be planning to wash his hair that day again it was indeed great privilege to attend Armed Forces Day granted no on Saturday and to be it was a fantastic celebration obviously other events took place up and down the country but it was a great opportunity to recognize the bravery the professionalism our armed forces the wonderful job that they do day in and day out for us putting themselves on the line and making sacrifices for our safety I'm delighted that Salisbury and Scarborough will be hosting the day in 2019 and 2020 respectively as regards Scarborough Armed Forces Day will give people yet another reason for wanting to visit the great resort of Scarborough in 2020 and I certainly look forward to continuing to celebrate Armed Forces – in the future and to be able to join him in celebrating it in scar the nursery of baseball college is well used it's well rated and it helped parents access further education despite this Natyam college of planning to closer our campaign to stop this is back by 1800 local residents and by our local councilors does the prime minister agree with them that we must remove all barriers to accessing further education and will she support our call for the college to revisit this decision I [Applause] haven't seen the details of the particular case that issues around this college that he has raised on the general point I think it is important that we make sure that education further education higher education is available to people and is available to people whatever their background whatever their circumstances and whatever as I say whatever their particular circumstances because I do want to see a country where how far people go in life is about them it's about their talents and it's about their willingness to work hard and not where they've come from or not what their circumstances are [Applause] speaker would the prime-minister join me in welcoming the major investment in the exciting new campus for the University of Northampton in my constituency and does he share much does she share my view that this could play a key role in the revitalization of the town center I'm very happy to share the view that my humble friend is expressed in welcoming the investment that is taking place in the new campus for the University of Northampton it's good to see that investment that's being put in by the university into their staff into technology into facilities into infrastructure and put putting students firmly at the heart of the institution but as he says it's also a great opportunity for the local community I I am as my own girlfriend will know the campus as part of the Northampton waterside enterprise zone and I understand that's created over 2,800 jobs and attracted 320 million of private sector investment so I'm sure this new campus will also be a catalyst for investment and new jobs as well may take nursery skills employee qualified teachers are inspected as schools of all the costs associated with schools will still they are not funded as schools does the Prime Minister recognized that all the grammar schools in the world cannot raise standards if children aren't neglected in those early years if these nursery schools are not funded our schools they will close well the Prime Minister can meet today to make sure that doesn't happen and make a financial commitment to support them in the future yeah what can I say the Honourable lady that I fully recognize the importance of that early years education that is provided by nursery schools and indeed by maintained nursery schools and indeed by others that was why many years ago when I was the chairman of Education in the London borough of Merton I was happy to complete a program which ensured that we put early years education in for those parents who want it at a time when the Labour government and others were were not putting it into when they become previously and the government of we're not putting it in so we recognize the importance of master education let's just step away from Prime Minister's Questions for a few moments and bring you some more baby news about that major in

Royston Smith on Polish community numbers

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Councillor Royston Smith from Southampton City Council talking to Henley on BBC’s Sunday Politics South show about Polish community numbers in Southampton.

well when the last group of Eastern European countries joined the EU in 2004 many Polish people came to work in the south and many of them in Southampton at one point the estimate was that one in 10 of the city's population was polish joining me now a royston Smith who was the conservative leader of the city council for much of the time those people were moving here and dr. Paulina trevenna who's been working on a study of that communities experiences um royston there was a feeling that we just didn't expect what happened in South Hampton and there were specific pressures went there they were the numbers have been hugely exaggerated in reg duket during the HD by-election exaggerated and numbers but it was it was an impact and some will talk about one in ten of the population it was less than than I know it was less than that because what we were having to do was say that we have we think this many Eastern Europeans but the government are only funding us for about seven or eight thousand and as we were funded by head of population when you're under funded that puts pressure on your services so this isn't a racist or an immigration issue particularly it was a funding issue for Southampton I would come into inflation call didn't know exactly how many people had come here why they come in what they needed they were just turning up on the council's doorstep and saying lots housing we need housing here we need that they had jobs a lot of the time than they land and maybe they did that many of them did have jobs and they're only through agencies they were coming through agencies the only way we were counting them were National Insurance registrations that's the only way we could count how many numbers were coming in Southampton we didn't have that that that that we weren't sophisticated enough that we had to pretty much guess what it was but we knew from all sorts of services that people were applying for and because there was a Polish community in Southampton anyway yes so we knew that the numbers were significant down the road in Portsmouth there were almost none in comparison but Southampton had a big influx of Eastern Europeans virtually all at once and it it swamped us and

David Lammy compares Brexit-supporting Tories to the Nazis | Reaction

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David Lammy spoke on BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show where he compared Brexit-support Conservatives to Nazis. We’ve been covering the story and have …

Boris Johnson – The Master Mixer

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Boris Johnsons best bits and Borisisms cut and edited together for yours (and my) comedic enjoyment. The mans a legend!…I cant believe he’s Mayor of London!

Nick is fed up of Brexit

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Nick Ferrari is fed up of Brexit.

He says the historically low turnout at the Newport West by-election last week is a sign that people are becoming disconnected from politics.

He blames Brexit.

But what do the panel think?

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over the last few days people have been asking me what on earth's happening with brexit over the last few days people have been asking me how much longer this brick sit shower is going to go on and I can understand that because after all it's nearly three years since people voted in the referendum for the UK to leave the European Union and I understand that after all it's been nearly two and a half years of this well where we're at is that the government negotiated a deal with the EU and my preference was for that deal to be passed by Parliament and we could leave with the EU on that base the EU on that basis well where we're at is people simply no longer give a flying and right now I can't see that mood changing the good people of Newport West were asked to vote at a by-election last week and the turnout was at an historical low clearly they'd rather have root canal treatment without anesthetic than actually cast a bloody vote truthfully who can blame them this will mean compromise on both sides if we politicians stop about and actually get something done you lot will have to start voting again that's why for me brexit will always mean actually travel you've just answered him for me I wasn't say what we were clearly our system is broken and what we need is new people we need fresh blood it's funny I met this young guy recently called Jake Schenker who's got a book coming out in a few months that everybody needs to read and what he talks about is the fact that we've got to a place for the first time where our so-called experts the people that we rely on actually don't have answers and so what's happening is on the ground people are coming up with solutions themselves and so I think what's going to happen over the next five to ten years is a whole new wave of talent coming through getting involved in our political process that wouldn't have otherwise because our politicians haven't got a clue let's get you you were brave enough at the last election to actually put your put your head about the power this all focuses on the fact that at the election last week clearly the disconnect is massive have a 36 is appalling what do you say and would you ever do it again well I think it's very simple I think politics is broken in this country and people trot out that sentence but it really really is there's a huge disconnection between what people what is going on in Parliament and what is going on around people's kitchen tables at homes and in terms of people's views being represented properly and not we need to have significant reforms so I would start by immediately pushing a campaign for electoral reform so proportional representation I think is the first thing that we need to make sure we've got a parliament that reflects different views even if you don't like those views irrelevant I think then we need to encourage more new blood to go into Parliament new paper yeah I was I've been considering standing at the European elections as an MEP purely because not because my great ambition in life is to be in Brussels but I do think that you need new people straight up what would inform your decision as to whether or not you do run in next month's elections well I think there's a lot to consider and if you do get elected it's a huge responsibility and if you're going to do that job you need to be in a position where you can do it properly and make the required commitment and I need to run that will be telling Nick Ferrari that will be telling I've been approached by a few different people so I would say but one in particular is quite keen on me could we register that as a politician's answer yes which I respect you don't tell us who it is no just my words point to the consequences of a broken system I think that's really important because actually Europe the European countries look at us and they and they think why is it so hard to reach a compromise and actually it's because the nature of our system punishes compromise it punishes moving across the aisle away from your team because it's an adversarial system we have the whip and if you don't follow the line basically you're punished you lose the whip we've got this first-past-the-post system where winner-takes-all in the constituency so most constituencies end up with wasted votes so people vote tactically and not for who they want and that disenfranchised ISM from the system because I feel like they're they're being refused choice and that reduces participation these all consequences we have an unelected second chamber the consequence of which is it you feel divorced from it you feel powerless to influence it because they don't have to answer to the electorate and all of those consequences mean that when eventually governments are formed coalition's aren't necessary and so no one party has to reach a deal with the other party to govern actually it's better that they don't and so we're not used to governing with other parties and that leads to a hardening of attitudes and almost a tribalistic politics and all of that that I've just listed is incredibly unhealthy for our country all the time I've known you Trevor you've been a fierce defender of democracy how worried are you when you see the turnout the other week I'm massively worried about it and but I I tribute the problem to something a bit different I think that the fundamental feeling that most people have is that politics has given up on the important issues of our day and that we can say you know it's about the divisions of brexit and all the rest of it but I think the real problem here is it feels as though politicians have given up wrestling with the key issues and they use brexit as a kind of excuse of that but the big issues that are changing our society technology driverless cars digitization transforming immigration and aging earlier on the and China these are bigger problems which will dwarf whatever happens with brexit and you know there's a member of the Phillips family who is now emerging as a major political star my secret sister she actually I think has got this and that's why she's become so popular let's have a look at what Jess Phillips says everything that happens in my constituents lives has been entirely taken away and there are real stories real lives real problems in our country that should be front-page news in ordinary times and then they're just been completely forgotten we are at breaking point here and I don't feel like Teresa May understands that and she stands in front of me at the despatch-box and tells me I'm letting the people down she wants to come and sit here completely right good and the thing is that we we have seen what is happening on the continent people lost faith in conventional politics and as a consequence their anti-immigrant parties we've got the single answer single Club either in government in opposition in the following countries France Germany Italy Netherlands Sweden Denmark Hungary and that's a club that we're about to join not because we are taking one way or another on Brixton but because politics appears to have given up or is a club we're about to leave if we leave the European Union is another way of looking at it the only thing I would add the thing that definitely still heartened me and makes me excited about the processes yes we do have a depressed vote because our system is broken but what we do have as well is energized activists so we have people that are getting involved that would never have gotten involved before and I think a really good example of this is somebody like an AOC in America who two years ago was a barmaid she now she's a member of Congress and I think we're gonna start seeing more and more characters like that in Britain as well because we know we cannot rely on the old tried and tested type of person that we thought should be leading that speaks again that is true June but be careful because you could also say that about Tommy Robinson you could but which is why those of us that love democracy and believe in inclusion must make sure that we're in the debate so that this thing goes the right way very quickly on that one I do think that that's the view because European Parliament sarpy are pointing to you because you might run but because they are purported those individuals who are the radicals or that they it's easier for them to get through in those elections exactly they performed always better in the European elections and these upcoming interactions I predict Tommy may well run actually for them because it's proportionate but just probably win if he did you think just coming back to someone as you rightly say the last couple questions on this from me and I you know once in the Sun always in the Sun the person who might be talking to you about running does he have the same initials for the same radios to be a situation where there is a burn a fighter party that's just a decent party that is pro brexit that is not extreme in either way what I would look to see is a pro in surprise party that's pro caring for those that need it that's pro brexit and implementing breaks it properly that doesn't exist I would love that package DSD people I met with ASD decent because I probably won't do it it's a lot they do seem to fit the description you just mentioned I mean they're not associated with extremism whatsoever they're Pro brexit they are also when I just say one thing before you go into your topic the other place the the initials that are the same as his don't do it from politics to sex let's move on and after the break I'm calling for men's a stepper when it comes to contraception

Do the Tories have a hard right ideology problem?

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Sunday Politics London 27 January 209

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Oh Dan you are an incorrigible delinquents at times yourself now this week a London Conservative Party candidate announced he was leaving the party claiming the toys have moved so far to the right that they are now at odds with moderate socially liberal voters in the capital our reporter Jessica you're caught up with the academic Nigel Fletcher who's also the deputy leader of the conservative opposition group in Greenwich and began by asking him if the toys have a problem in London I think the Conservative Party does have a problem in London precisely because the type of people that it has traditionally struggled to appeal to younger voters those of more liberal attitudes ethnic minority voters are precisely the type of people who are most prevalent in London and in areas where the Conservatives have been strong in the outer London suburbs those type of voters are increasing as well so there's an increasingly narrow band of support of the Conservatives can rely on in London and the problem seems to be getting worse for them voters in London voted overwhelmingly for remain and so of course the Conservative Party being seen as the party of BRICS it is something which is harming its support and I think what's notable is that those voters who were attracted by a sort of more liberal and moderate tone from David Cameron are those who are being turned off by the increasing talk about brexit and the sort of constant focus on it the problem now is that the Conservative Party is appealing more and more to its traditional support and less and less to socially liberal moderate voters the fact that London is so much younger and more liberal the argument is that that's how the country is going to develop in in the future so it's important for the party to be able to appeal to those voters not just because of its appeal in London but because that's really what's happening across the rest of the country and if they don't manage to get London right there cause possibly could be greater problems for them in attracting voters into the future so joining me now is Nick Massi a former London Tory Party candidate who has left the party or if he might say the party is left him is that how you feel knit that's exactly how I feel actually since I started campaigning very heavily for the in 2014-15 for the general election the party fell very much one about social mobility enabling people to bring about change that's why David Cameron has such a great result in the election things are very much changed post brexit the referendum and the party now has become much more ideological and the the roots of pro-business pro technology pro opportunity seems to have gone and we now have people like mark Francois saying things like calling the chief exec of Airbus a Teutonic bully to the end of his intervention is a classic example of the sort of Teutonic arrogance which is one of the reasons why many people voted to leave the European Union if he thinks he because he runs a big company he can bully British MPs how to vote he's going to be sorely mistaken my father Reginald Francois was a d-day veteran here he never submitted to bullying by any German neither will his son sighs mr. Enders is waters that's what he can do with his letter that's ideological language and probably gonna cause people to lose their jobs that's not what I would campaign for I mean it's at the centre of this then really is is breakfast a big issue because of course that is something that's perhaps sets London apart from the rest of the country isn't it Rex is absolutely a big issue and if anything it was the catalyst for change it's one of those things that allows people to actually come out a bit more about their honest politics well I think perhaps sometimes what they really felt and they were enabled by some quite ugly campaigns that we saw some ugly posters as a lot of mistruths and things that I call lies and fraud and I think there is a huge amount of evidence for lies and fraud by the leave campaign and it enabled people to say and do things that they wouldn't otherwise normally do and those people that were before in the franchise's of you Kippur the BNP have now come as Matthew Parris oh yes because I have nowhere else I mean okay where do you go now as a conservative with a small fee but sort of soap self-confessed social liberal where do you go now at the moment my intent is to run as an independent and I hope there will be an army of Independence that will join me across the nation and to stand up for the principles which they believe in because at the moment there isn't really a party there what I've discovered is also there's a huge number of labour voters who feel the same and the message coming through very strongly from people is that they've stayed in the Conservatives because they think corbin is the worst of you know possible option and their people have stayed in labour because they think the Conservatives the worst possible option but neither particularly keen about the leadership of the membership than which they are now with so Stephen worried to you that you're using losing young activists like Nick progressives appealing to the electorate in London you're you're losing these people they just don't feel at home any Conservative Party anymore it isn't worry of course it's war I would hope that it will be able to say next year that he'll be wanting to stand as a conservative in 20 21 or 22 whenever the general election is my party needs to remember that you win elections from the centre in the common ground being in touch with people's aspirations being in touch with their concerns but coming to ideological particularly about one thing that actually divides us would you say your leadership if your party is to ideological at the moment on race I would say it's the leadership at all I would say there are elements in my party which knickers had identified which are causing us to have an image which I think we need to consider very carefully as I say we know that we've won elections because we we came and go on the common ground with other people with the people's and the voters aspirations not only in London but across the country and Russian alright I mean why why aren't you capitalizing on this and absolutely smashing the concern oh I tried I tried recruiting Nick to this because right – the Labour Party earlier on before we draw the studio but I think I think that both parties do Nick's right that both parties have their challenges in trying to reach out to those who feel that we we're not speaking for them and we have our own issues so this is this is a bigger political problem for the country and for political parties about how how we provide a prospectus that speaks speak to people who feel alienated from politics for quite different reasons than than in the past the Conservatives have a toxicity issue about in fact race and immigration as well as being inward-looking tourism a started the part the mantra many years ago by calling her party the nasty party it's beginning to resurface again because of brexit debates we have our own issues which i recognize that we are working to to address okay russian era thank you very much Nick we wish you well and we hope you can find a home thank you thanks very much for joining us

Brexit: Iain Duncan Smith calls on Theresa May to quit ASAP

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Iain Duncan Smith wants the prime minister stand down as early as next month – while Britain should not take part in the EU elections.

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welcome back well brexit has that this week being delayed by another six months and our next guest is today urging the prime minister that she should now be prepared to leave the EU without a deal we're joined now by the former Conservative Party leader in Duncan Smith thank you very much for being on the show so what's your reaction n-2 this delay well I think it was very interesting I haven't seen a lot of stuff from constituents coming in from the beginning but it was on the 29th when we didn't leave that's when this has all gone wrong up until then people were prepared to give tourism a the benefit of the doubt but they knew that she had said she would leave on the 29th of March and the big problem was as soon as we didn't leave you can see all the poll ratings start to crash and it's wholly linked to the fact that leave all remained they were expecting us to go when we didn't go it look like a complete breach with the pledge that we had made and that's a disaster for a political party and there's no question that polling at the moment I think it's very voluble very flexible but it's um it's where it is now and I suspect it's about right and the Sunday Telegraph leading on poll of polls that they've done so the Labour Party would be the largest party if there was a general election and Jeremy called win in number 10 I mean do you think that is the case well you know this is three or four years out from the next election and there's a lot to go so I don't I just cannot conceive the British public with jeremy corbyn's background and a party that was marred in some charges of anti-semitism and really ghastly misogyny and various other problems that they've got going on a man who backs the venezuela dictator who's been murdering his own people all of these things will come home to roost but he stands charged with supporting Maduro when the rest of the world says madeira must go in Venezuela but you know it's kind of Marxism and and my point about this is whether that people like it or they don't like it none of that will be on display because it's all about brexit at the moment it's all about whether the Conservatives have delivered on their ability to leave the European Union and we really have to get out and we simply cannot fight the euro elections I gather dozens conservative Association members are now written a letter to the Prime Minister saying they are not prepared to fight euro elections it would be an utter disaster for us and a disaster for the country I mean what what are you going to say on the doorstep vote for me and I'll be gone in three months it doesn't make any sense well you know I always campaigned for conservative candidates but I absolutely do not want to campaign on the euro election ticket which would be almost impossible to justify and I think the public will ask why are we going to spend 109 million-plus and add another billion a month to that by being full members of the EU when we could have left and we should leave so I think the date isn't October at all the date is the key moment in May when we have to put up electoral officers if we don't put those up then we're leaving before the end of June according to polling today your seat is one of the ones that's high risk well I you know I have a seat that is marginal like a lot of colleagues do and we're fighting very hard we haven't seen a massive change in that I have to tell you but notwithstanding their and I think it's important for us to recognize across the board the idea of a government run by Jeremy Corbyn with all those Marxist policies it's just going to be disaster for the United Kingdom but you think yes it would be no I think I'll hold my seat because I believe I've been clear and straight with my electorate since the day I was elected and they know my views on this and they know my views on a whole range of other issues which I've been very clear about social justice set up the ket the centre for social justice and very keen to see the worst off improve their lives in the best way possible and that's lots of changes needed to our policy process at the moment but the reality is you know here we have this irony that the the economy has a has a current account surplus we have the lowest unemployment the highest employment the lowest youth unemployment literally for decades the economy is now seen as a very very good investment by external people who are holding back because of brexit with all of those and with the deficit down to 1% we should be romping home in the polls why are we not because the one thing the public at the moment fears is that we haven't delivered on our word which was to leave on March the 29th now we keep extending with extension I've always said it's political death we have to make a decision either there to modify their agreement which is a biggest problem as the backstop you know this I went the other day I think there is some scope for some further discussions about alternative arrangements why because the EU themselves have now said that no matter what there will not be a hard border on the border nor none and they'll have alternative arrangements well if they're going to do that for No Deal their threat that there would be borders hard borders and or denial is gone that means now there is scope to say well if you are going to do that and we put four proposals months ago to them about how they would do it using existing customs techniques then you can do it when you have the deal that would end the whole problem about the max so you went to meet with Michele Barney this week did you he was completing the brakes at negotiations for the EU are you seriously saying that he told you the withdrawal agreement would be up for renegotiation no no I'm not I'm not going to get into this no what we actually discussed because there are still some scope I think but the key bit that I think about both sides now grudgingly accept is that the backstop does not work it doesn't deliver what you want it's impossible to run practically it doesn't work and it literally would cut Northern Ireland away from the United Kingdon twork it simply physically practically does not work I know because you can't apply it you know under the existing backstop proposals the whole of the UK would have to be doing some 250 million wet stamp pieces of paper at the borders these are plucked from the Turkish agreement and dumped into this agreement at the last moment it doesn't work and they know it so they're working on this as much as we are so my point is let's be honest with each other that's not wait to get this done let's do this now and we can actually produce alternative arrangements that mean that Northern Ireland is no longer under threat to be left out of the UK and we would then be able to have an agreement which actually works that's a possibility as a very strong possibility right now but we've got to get on with it another possibility is staying in are you worried that we might actually end up never leave it I believe we have to leave I believe we will leave both parties were elected on manifestos that said they were leaving leaving the custom in single market the problem has been that inside Parliament it's stuffed full of people who have never accepted the result the problem is really being and in a sense mrs. Mae made this clear it's about those in Parliament who are doing their level best and some of them in my party to actually frustrate and stop brexit including some people who support breaks that who refuse to vote well the real problem has been that there is this concern that what we do is we allow a foreign power to interfere in the United Kingdom and carve one section of the United Kingdom out what they call UK ni which would be in a completely separate world from that of the UK with borders between the UK and Northern Ireland it's intolerable I mean you know nobody voted for that we voted to leave clean as a United Kingdom and I think we simply have to do that and I really urge the prime minister to be very clear with them we're not fighting the European election any idea of doing that is disaster if we make that clear today and say we are going to leave Deal or No Deal before the euro elections now I think the public will start to snap back and say okay these people mean business and when we do it that's the moment when we'll end all of the nonsense from these other peripheral parties like you kept in the brexit party and the Tiggers I don't I was super don't worry she's like the studio no and just when we've got you you've called on Tories are made to set a date for her departure when do you think that takes you've been well I know that the Prime Minister has already said she's going she said she would go as and when the agreement was ratified which was looking at around about May June I think those dates still stand I think that the Prime Minister has to do is aim everything now towards debauchery before the euros which would then allow her to step away having done what she said she would do get the UK out of the European Union one way or the other and then we can have another leadership election and pick a new leader which is the way that it has to be she's accepted and agreed that but I think that now needs to be set down as I say there are lots and lots of chairmen out there who do not want to fight the European elections and lots who are fighting the May elections right now who are really upset and concerned that they're going to have a backlash in what is important local it could be a grassroots revolts if you like well there already is to be quite frank people don't want to fight the euro elections they want to get on with the mayor elections and they want to do it in the sense that they can say to the public we promised you we would leave we are and have left so we will leave you know before the euro elections take place that is the key position to be and by the way I have real concern with some of my colleagues going out lording Jeremy Corbyn and saying somehow you know we agree with quite a lot or we you know it in all of this we used to say that he's not fit for government my view is he's not fit for government and nor his policies which would wreck the economy we need to be very clear that in the course of this we don't end up letting Jeremy Corbyn dictate to us that we stay on a customs union or we have some kind of second referendum or for that matter we are aligned with the European single market all of that given to us by Jeremy coordinate is a recipe for disaster okay sounds like you're ready to fight that election certainly indigent Smith thank you very much for coming on the program this movie

Boris Johnson funny mash up – YTP

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Boris Johnson, mayor of London drops the C bomb in this funny speech. He totally loses it in the Conservative Party Conference. Hear him talk about Liverpool, being naked, his tackle, swear and in general be a bit naughty in this rude spoof.

I want to speak naked and it cannot be right I want to stop people getting to work and to jeopardize our economic recovery people should be able to hold the city to ransom and and my particular friends in Liverpool who do get caught up in crime or I'd be taking the biggest and brightest city in Europe Stanfill at an all right that is exactly this kind of response I aim to provoke we are helping to produce semen as I never tired I want to cum all over the whole UK stop piled in Wellingborough so I must produce semen every day I will do it I will do it even when I will there even when even when I'm the last politician in the UK willing to do so to show you evidence physical evidence of my dear old naked body making London and ever more attractive place and if that body is not popular anywhere else in the world it is popular in worthy and I therefore hope their every MP I hope that every MP and citizen of those towns and cities around Britain will join me in supporting lip-smacking let's continue in our work of staggering lack of originality we are responsible for 20 billion pounds in tax and investing the money in pointless schemes let us defeat the Union cunts you pick your bogies in Birmingham and and that's why I'd have no offices in Birmingham does it tell you that we are we are the people of London are more honest I will stick up for lackeys who seek to foment unrest for their own dismal political ends and I want to drive the London buses I'm sure that you all do but I cannot I will not recommend this country I don't wish to sound chauvinistic but I want to hop on hop off Mary's naked body and I'm proud I'm proud thank you I will I will never mind what unpopularity or what calendars may be directed against me I will I wonder 25 million smackaroonies right right and and we want to see more of that tackling in that YouTube video you've just seen let me say by the way just popped into my head has anybody seen the the bicycles that we had in London I'm very very proud of these bicycles I wonder where they from where anybody would care to identify what is the best thing from my point of view about these bicycles do you suppose what do you what do you think I really like about these bicycles is it is it because they are what I like about these bicycles do you know how many bicycles we have had stolen in London in the course of two months not five not five because two of them were actually went AWOL but the circuit left them unattended at night and I don't count them not for twenty billion they lost 3,000 nicked during the first three months of the scheme you do the maths and that is that is sensible pragmatic conservative government inaction and I think that's a fantastic tribute that's a fantastic what did you tell you what does it tell you about our city it is it is not rocket science he will recall that the incoming Commissioner of the police decided to roughly to double the murder rate since 1978 it is still a fact that you are four times more likely to be murdered I'm afraid by a conservative administration the UK will not succeed and it must not succeed tell the union leaders we are taking away their right to free travel and obliging them if they so choose to earn it back with volunteering but the time has now come to ignore ignore those who are poorest so there you go baby I mean that is that is conservative that is conservative government in action thank you very much

Protesters chant 'Soubry is a Nazi' during live BBC News interview

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Anna Soubry, the pro-remain Conservative MP, faced chants of ‘Soubry is a Nazi’ by a small group of pro-Brexit protesters wearing yellow vests. Soubry broke off from answering questions from the BBC’s Simon McCoy, saying: ‘I’m sorry but I just think this is astonishing.’ 

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is we have to be absolutely I do object to being called a Nazi actually this is this is what has happened to our country actually this is what's happened to our country but anyway let's try and move on and be positive about things

You Just Can't Barrage The Farage UKIP Wins

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You Just Can’t Barrage The Farage!

Nigel Farage owning the British media and the PC class Politicians.

Vote UKIP!

you can't describe what a racist means to you somebody that someone that discriminates on those grounds that's not us I've given you the definition of racist you tell me what you thought about the fact that British workers should have a superior chance of getting a job above European workers whether they're from Eastern Europe or whatever and that is quite simply a racist comment no it isn't it is the job of a British government firstly to defend the realm and secondly to put the interests of the people that live in this country first she is a member of our party and has been for some years and she works for us in our head office in London do you think you should have makeup problem with her I have no problem with a retire just wondered whether you should have made that clearer on your manifesto so I can't really win with you can i on the one hand you're saying that we are talking about a white working class in Britain and secondly when I tell you that working directly for me is a girl who's half Indian you've got a problem with that I don't know let me Danny I know what the criticism is you try to turn everything into a joke you have a campaign that says that Europeans are taking British job yet you employ a German woman to work in your office what she happens to be your wife she was licensed to spend many hundreds of thousands of British taxpayers money how do you justify that she doesn't she has a very modest salary for working extremely unsociable hours being available at seven days away that's great in that situation to a massive hundreds of thousands of people coming in and flooding the lower ends of the labor market so that's it it is clear you can do not believe that any British person is capable of being the secretary of their league as long you know why would you repeat those sort of inflammatory comments below 30 people have been killed because their rights a danger for you I guess it's twofold one is that it might bring it might draw the suggestion that it's out there might draw the wrong kind of people to you Kip well in real danger the real danger is that today's our national conference you're the BBC your job is to be a public service broadcaster and to ask us what our policies are what our aims are and what the electric difficulties are but you don't appear to be very interested you happy to pick a candidate who says of immigrants I just want to send the lock back he doesn't say that and it's a complete mess okay prefer yes I've seen the tape and it's a complete miss quote and she says if you've missed she says it in the context of illegal immigrants and she says that's what I'd like to say what it now I can't say it but I've seen the full court surrounded and that's not the context of it is not illegal she talks about the Lord all immigrants sessions is it your view that a British government should stop the takeover of Astra Zeneca it can't no but you could change the little bit of it I'm sorry it can't who would you rather have as Prime Minister David Cameron or Ed Miliband what we've got John Claude Younker at the moment our national second example another no no I'm not going till I tell you why our national debt has doubled in the last five years six hundred and twenty-four thousand migrants settled in Britain last year all you and anybody else wants to talk about is some tiddlypeeps well Obama I'm sorry yes I'm sorry some tiddlypeeps of our manifesto tomorrow you're going to be speaking and that's when they're really slashed the ticket price is twenty and ten quid for children they've charged that suggest that you removing a little bit toxic we've slashed it from 25 quid 20 quid but what is your point it seems to me that there is a kind of Faraj positions like ours well positions in Nuttall position and they're different they're not a cohesive position people tell decide be Stalinism wouldn't it Private Eye has reported that some of your medical bills are paid by one of the only hang on I'm not having this why not I'm not even liable thread let me on here live on the radio people aren't worried that we Labour Party on the Conservative Party is spreading racist propaganda the Conservative Party got a former BMP activist standing for them in Lincolnshire will you ask the consent course I will absolutely you won't you see because they may require me a lot and what about the line about we're not wanting to live next door to Romania is perfectly acceptable pilot I was asked if a group of Romanian men moved in next door to you would you become so bad if a group of German children did what's the difference the difference and you know what the different ion ously don't question was a G haven't would you be considered a German family moved in or a group of Romanian men of a group of any men moved in next door to you you'd be concerned but what would wouldn't wouldn't you so 10 blokes move in next door you there's never you normal with you well 29 million Romanian Bulgarians will be will be coming in but is they will be got a good cup not agile that's what you should come no no but that was in your poster talk about ifs no doubt nitrogen I'm sorry I wasn't let's get this right so what a benefits of the EU you've all said the wrong things a lot of benefits tell us live what happen if you're if you're a benefits no enough for people here as well were the benefits there aren't any we're gonna get to a point in this country a claim or chemo facing racism fella no no wait facing racism facing discrimination we've gotta get on we've got against max we've got against the macula sees what your part is leading point we probably are to respond we need to get some accuracy here now you've obviously be wound up and put into battle here under you know quite a few quite serious that misapprehensions I've never worked on Wall Street okay never been stockbroker I'm sorry to disappoint you all right yup I wants to increase spending for private schools and take it away from state schools I don't do weld you up at the back and send you in here I do not know but that is simply an early allow me I'll listen you went to a private school you worked as a stockbroker no didn't but go on what what did you do then I worked in the metals business buying and selling lemon zinc and things like that but gone syrup you know Holocaust deniers that you apparently sign deals with and all that they never that's not true can you up don't you want to abolish inheritance tax which is which only applies at 5% of the Ritz to the richest 5% in the UK which means you go clearly in favor of people who have the money to go to university who can inherit receive London house prices in her tax is not paid by the rich the rich of the rich have never paid inheritance tax the written and of the riches was easily the rich could avoid inheritance tax with long term tax planning do you not think that the introduction of a none of the above option would damage the you Kipp vote because you Kipp vote is to some extent at least a protest vote no and none of these ladies ask why that is completely wrong and the suggestions that in exchange for putting in for for a peerage you would do that if those papers support you Kip in a ransie election I never just I never discussed any meetings I have with anybody which is why when douglas Carswell and then mark wreckless defected to you Kipp they came as bolts or the bolts from the blue and table surprises I never discussed private meetings so you won't confirm or tonight never do I never I never discussed private meetings but you confident you'll have support from certain newspapers I never discussed right look at some of your other candidates Alex wood for example he apparently made a Nazi salute a councillor Rob Fraser who reportedly used a well known racist phrase anna-marie Crampton who you saw in so we're not there wait wait a minute little bit clay what about it let me finish the question they weren't suspended from the party well any of those back in the party I don't think so I don't play whatever on party this is goodnight nation no I leave the party I don't micromanage every aspect of it but I wonder when Nick Clegg comes on do you say well what about your counselor Nick who will April who's going to you sent to prison for planting bombs Tories are arguing that line or will burning that line in front o a lot and I look at Scott even if we leave the EU it will not deliver in its entirety in any way a prevention of migrants coming into this country if we wish to engage in international trade and commerce and be part of a free trade area Nigel respond sad I'm sorry for that I'm so that's completely utter rubbish nowhere else in the world does the fact you buy and sell goods from each other free of tariffs means you have the absolute free movement of people absolutely nowhere else in the world or indeed in the history of free trade deal given that fifty percent of our exports go don't see you country as it's a fictitious there that's the euro area countries fifty percent to the EU and you want to come out of the EU as you low by tip I don't want to come out of the EU because I want to trade with people in the Egypt sort of this November of the year you Norway is not a member of you they have exactly the same terms of trade that weed I believe if we joined the euro ten years ago actually things might have turned out differently yes because I think we're nigel farage and his United Kingdom Independence Party I'm deeply unpatriotic is that our soldiers fought and died in two world wars for in the morning in Europe for Feliz and democracy in Europe and what the European Union has done has consolidated peace and democracy on our continent and it continues to do certainly has very fact that you as an advocate of us becoming part of a single state didn't even know what that stood for says to me so it already yet maybe not about the idea they want to return to lots of nation-states with capital controls and their own currencies of their own national economic policies well when they've not Niger believes that let me just natural you know you're you're stuck with a big idea you believe in it for decades you cannot recognize that it's gone wrong was like dude I made one job today can we make a decision here don't we you know women are paid 30 percent less than men in the city why is that and I'm suggesting it's because they make different lifestyle choices you're saying women who have families are discrimination against women who decide to have children more discriminated against they're not discriminated against they in one in a bottom-line business they make it harder for themselves it's simply a statement of fact well except I have an alternative view of the reason why women are paid 30% less in the city is because you play deliberately to all the sexist bosses out there and allow and of course this very problems you have made the situation worse apps all the working mothers not just in the city you have made the situation worse when I talk to our women work that takes pulling out of the European Convention to see what out of human rights laws then actually Amadou but that's fine but we can't do that and stay a member of the European Union the two are completely linked you know that and yet we never have that conversation are you saying we can leave that and stay part of the European Union what I'm saying Nigel is that we need to take a sensible approach in looking at how we sort out our relationship with European core and with European well they become one outside you also see want to keep the flame of Thatcherism alive I don't think that's going to serve working people in West come again you see that was what a headline was written in a newspaper I never said back so you don't you don't think that somehow you're the heir to mrs. Thatcher on policy on either it's i charging for the NH I think all the violently won the thing that happened during the 1980s that needs to happen again is the size of the state was produced when there was a very urgent need given given having debted Labor Party left this country and the fact the coalition have added hugely to the national debt we've got to reduce the size I think people can't actually deliver the welfare reform the immigration reform or indeed the referendum in Europe the only thing you can do is make it slightly easier for labor and Ed Miliband to walk into Downing Street and do exactly the opposite if you don't things look dope I bet you're saying people should be able to come you know I mean look the numbers suggest that is simply not true or you can't deliver those things hard-working families wrong immigration controls you can't deliver those in a hate said because lie that we needs to be cautious that there was somehow referendum promised in a previous manifesto that is not the case no okay but hold on hold on a minute we're talking about the manifesto upon which this conservative-led government got elected and there was no referendum in their 2009 European election now said vote for us if we will guarantee you a referendum if we get a tonight before you get very nice I'm sorry people want to pay for key NHS services like going to see your GP as Nigel would have you do that I don't think people want to get home for the top one with one visit a massive touch no less your manifesto yes your service as is somehow the voice just people you would have your so many things which we do believe you were my chromium helped ease with a manifesto that speak I taught you he's getting weasel lies is you it hurts your these three parties on this Ronald and class and this is a limb and you just they say the law needs to be changed so you're a tries activist you are either you are either willfully lying to these people online ticket or your people like Nigel's say things like when I'm on a bus or train I feel uncomfortable where was it awkward if I hear people speaking another language other English I think that's kind of ugly so let's have a calm and rational I do actually do you think I did yes I do so do not think that people coming to this country in reasonable controlled numbers learning English and integrating and becoming part of us is not important I think it's very very important dick he's the man who said that he feels uncomfortable hearing foreign accents on the train he's a masters master but he's a master at pressing the butter of the world and leave the same aside usable uncontrolled immigration are you happy if large sections of our towns and cities are non-english speaking so you feel totally comfortable with that deal yeah well if you do you want what will I be happy with that but I don't feel uncomfortable although commuter lines are you described hearing foreign accents being spoken so you're happy with uncontrolled immigration that open door to half a billion people they're bringing their skills their talents their work ethic and that's a boost for our economy what we need to address which is exactly why we've got have gone down this road of the renegotiation is to reduce this artificial drawer factor that's created by having a benefit system which draws extra people to the country because they can claim benefits from day one we want people to come and work is that a boost for British workers is getting rid of British workers and replacing them with foreign workers or driving down the wages of existing workers it may be good for the big multinationals it may be good the type of people that fund the Conservative Party but is it good for British workers and families how do we do it this is not a political project not a party I don't want to United at states of Europe everybody in Europe that wants it on the size of Europe the Nigel to say we need to be internationalist and think beyond Europe yet the way you get into China and India and America is through euro it is it is a big tray and to turn the baton that Iceland is the little England retina which will bring us towards we poverty in the long run so Europe is our way winter and throughout the world we need a reform I'm sorry I'm sorry we cannot have this now when this referendum comes we can have us when this referendum comes the entire political class will tell you that we're better off inside the EU because it gives us more clout on the world stage actually nothing could be further from the truth as a so-called career politician I think nigel fits that bill much better than I do please you get to that well I mean you've been a member of the European Parliament you change parties I mean you can argue expect 20 years in business did Ed Miliband spent 20 years of mr. pop think it's been six weeks in business did it I mean come on that's the sort of petty political point-scoring but I know that's fundamental he's a pawn shop Enoch Powell and we got to watch him absolutely learn that's all well and good and you've got your point of view the question was is Britain overcrowded and and do you think I'm wrong I mean you yes Nigel Colbie do not either a ling got room are you are the kind of money this is called question time this program right I want tonight you could have a lot happens is members of the audience ask questions where it's better than answer them you haven't answered this lady's question Oh pain you've got some bankers here you walk the stand I mean there are easy or voters let the Europeans get on with saving their single currency with doing what they have to do but this does not mean that Britain has to leave the European Union but they can't save their single currency it's a doomed project the north and south of Europe cannot fit together and survive together inside the same economic and monetary union had it been Germany and a few of the northern countries it might have worked but this is doomed I've always been a politician and the appointments as a commissioner as a political appointment and not a bureaucratic run thank you we weren't elected oh I'm discriminatory sexist racist I was a banker was i well no you're a stockbroker no I was a stop blood yeah I even got you that's right raisin item rattles I see we haven't even go yeah we're all right you know I got Johnny Rock card reader today i watch so what he done wrong what's he done wrong yes he's a disgusting person that shouldn't buy shouldn't be fielding for a political ad why is that yeah tell me because he's a disgusting kind of a man with no moral it's not no moral holding it's all right are you all right my porn star you were prone well you and Bureau so do you think it's no I'm not doing it's all right for a porn star to Stanford what took the stand for election he's done nothing in me and we're party party Belize is to live and let live we have we everybody's gonna say Kyle shake your head yet bands identical makeup not our own to penetrate Jules that's not true our own trade deals what we're in a political union that's why it has a flag and Lanford you know just to be a member of the single mark but you don't know so you want us to be your little Norway status I know do you want to be a closure independently yes well oh yeah in all the way alone would my offer independence the word what do these guys offer to the voters at home well if we vote to leave thank you that's what people got one people they gave five we stay 24 if we stay in will they leave we stay and we stay in a club that is centralizing at a rapid pace we stay in a club which turkeys joining with five years if the German Chancellor gets her way if we leave do the one thing I can absolutely guarantee you if we leave is that that building behind us and this nation will be self-governing I think what's realistic it looks like what he's the engineer I think what's really interesting is actually there are probably more divisions and ñ letís within the remain campaign anyway I know this I know this problem cities with VOC article 50 all the trade deals and everything you have today stay in place no they do and so Spencer it sounds like it knows only not if you're right if we're going to have this argument you mustn't lie so you rather like Meredith no I don't I can't stand him Varian minded but I don't go to war with him I do I don't want to go mind I wouldn't want to live in Russia my head to the pygmies who wanted to take us to war in Syria I thought he was a head job with my back there we see our farmers who rely on subsidies from the European Union and access to the European market to make a living there would be no living for farmers in Wales without that carbons idea that without EU money all farming in Wales would cease is ludicrous I mean farming was invented here in 1975 if a few hundred million pounds a year comes into Wales as part of objective objective one funding contrast that Fillion contrasts oh please don't over other two thousand six six Iceland I should look back let's keep it same you want to draw the security cooperation that we have that enables us to arrest people who flee to other countries and so you want to withdraw from that cooperation how will you know the criminal I want to stop foreign terrorist coming in to Britain in unlimited numbers you're absolutely right are you seeing the CBI are on the CBI is a very interesting case they'd be wrong about everything since the gold standard in 1929 the only reason why we haven't got a trade agreement with between the EU and India's is because Britain keeps blocking it and they're blocking it because it would mean more migration from India Alan I can imagine you clearly you clearly know next to nothing about how trade deals work nowhere else anywhere in the world to trade deals involving free movement of people only inside the European Union I do you seriously think we can strike a better train ale in a solid shiner to represent a case two million as opposed to five hundred million it's amazing no service all that boy is we're going to bring in George oh I'm sorry we are going to bring in Georgia from the audience I'm sorry Jody well gee I can't let that go I know it's aren't you kind of I please playing on what oh no you don't Nick you talked about doing a trade bill which I know Iceland has a population of a third of a million they've got a three deal with China and the European Union hasn't managed to do it my husband's big enough we're bigger Norway often held up as the great paragon of greater independence of taking control of their own affairs have catastrophic ly lost and real sovereignty over their own affairs because they're not at the table where those rules are being dropped okay once again nikki is telling you a complete pack of lies about norway on their deal but he's good at that he's done it for a living for years the what I would say I mean we're being told wouldn't it be dreadful to be like Norway how ghastly can you imagine being rich and independent and happy why isn't the Norwegian government upset Britain you shouldn't follow her example why did he never tell you why that is no such and I tell you why that is because just like you and just like oh they're lying I love in this country Norwegians who voted no to the European year rank were betrayed by their own political crown and signed by every single man on the trail and it shows the danger of trusting people right you almost as many Brits living studying working in Europe as there are Europeans coming here wait why I've only met what is the problem of that free vigil Nigel wanting they can we please stop lying why do you do this why do you do this what our movie the Brits in Spain I told you know there are four million there are 4 million EU citizens living in this conclusion my wife living in this country and living full-time in the rest of Europe excluding Ireland with fewer than three-quarters of a million can we please at least argue on the basis again I think that NATO relationship with America is threatened by EU right nigga baby and Putin the bigger dangerous Putin the big much bigger danger youngest fantasy fear the Yerba says it everybody in there Putin God am I here what – stop lying to people about this you lied in 14 and you're lying again they want the European army and that's a fact it says here that 29 million remains of Bulgaria's may come to this country there aren't even twenty nine million Romanians of Bulgaria Bulgarian living in Romania and Bulgaria you try to do trickery with 29 million saying there aren't prettier you know why cuz two million have left already and they've gone and they whittany and the Spain I'm not claiming 29 million people have the right to come to Britain I'm claiming 485 million people have the total unconditional right to come to this country if they want to the House of Commons has shown that roughly 77% of all new laws are related to the European you out here give you some seconds up i7 moment what are you all about 7% of our primary law is a European unity the reality is the bureau's noticed people employed by Derbyshire council counts I'm sorry I said yes to these debates I thought you would honestly make the pro-eu case by saying 7 percent of our laws are made in Brussels you are willfully lying to the British people about the extent to which we have given away control of our country and our democracy and I'm really shocked and surprised that you looked round you I don't think debate like this you should start making things up to make what you've done rather well it's so far Nick owes you well I wouldn't be surprised Nigel frosh soon tells us that the moon landing was a fake that Barack Obama isn't American that Elvis isn't dead you know was not gonna happen sly these the nice way last week he claimed like we are you ask me the four hundred and eighty five million people were gonna vacate the whole of the rest of the European continent and turn up in Britain you're saying that I said four eighty five million people would come to Britain I didn't I said they were able to you came up with the most twisted trade big sofa ever heard and last week you even said you tried to tell the British people but only seven percent of our national laws Emily in the European Union is truth guarantee now in law that when the rules change when new powers have given up to the European there will there must and there will be a referendum but the trouble is Nick the trouble is Nick nobody believes you make sure the people who do come here for instance speak the language I agree we must make sure how you gonna sleep that would be against European Union rules you can't do that you haven't got this power you haven't got this constructive I would be all for next an immigration policy based on people speaking English having skills and being law-abiding citizens we do not have that as members of the European Union at the truth of it Nigel Faraj says he admires he admires the way that Vladimir Putin has played as if it's a game I don't have mark you-ting what I said was he doubt witted and outclassed you all over Syria the journals question is how do you control immigration as an EU member be honest with people what we are is what you said I true I will tell exactly the cella which is the freedom to move around the Europeans should not be the same as the freedom to claim that's right yes we if he's not irrelevant it's not about benefits it's about movement the plug your problem is you seem to apply anyone who's foreigner comes to this country is a menace why is it up we've got a leaker we must saying that inner spirit it we've said – you won't admit the truth will you the truth is there's nothing we can do you can come into Britain from anywhere in the world and get diagnosed with HIV and get the retroviral drugs that cost up to 25,000 pounds per year per patient I know there are some horrible things happening in many parts of the world what we need to do is to put the National Health Service there for British people and families who in many cases are paid into this system for decades Thank You Leon would this kind of scam enduring hunger in practice is dangerous but it's dangerous it divides communities and it creates stigma to people who are ill and I think you ought to be ashamed of yourself well I'm sorry we've got to put our own people first I've sat around that table in Europe and negotiated for Britain you can get things done and I've set out what I want to get done so that we can sort out this immigration issue once and for all but this is Merkel who is the real boss in Europe as we all know has made it perfectly clear we can do you can negotiate lots of things over the next couple of years but you cannot renegotiate the free movement of people's will in the European Union and that is backed up with a commission president and the President of the European Council and the overwhelming majority of the European Parliament do you accept or not but in your renegotiation free movement is not up for discussion I don't accept that knowledge it is basic really give up before you've begun if you look at my track record on Europe I said my heart just seems to be a total lack of comprehension on this panel and indeed amongst this audience which is a remarkable audience even even by even by the left-wing standards of the BBC I mean this that's pretty left hang on a second hang on a second well no let me just say one thing yeah this is an audience yeah being carefully chosen not a rated NBC is something don't add up well our sons do add up and it very interesting Lee ed we're the first political party in the history of this country to have had our manifesto promises independently verified by an economic think tank you obviously haven't read the manifesto you should you don't want the National Health Service you want a private insurance system of health care stop lying you can't believes in the National Health Service free at the point a delivery can I get any recognition for any of you that the demand side of this equation is that a rapidly rising population queue opened or immigration started by Ed Miliband's Labor Party in the late nineteen nineties has directly contributed towards the housing crisis is there any flicker of recognition from any of you please yeah one of you have a go please we have a housing shortage across this country you know what Nigel Farage it's not caused by immigrants and you're one would every problem is just astonishing I mean if you cannot know yes if you cannot except if you if you are not worldly enough to accept there is a demand supply side of this equation that is all I want to compare any very sorry I'm handing supply I simply don't attack that all of the demand bit of it is down to immigrants man when the population goes up by two and the population goes up there is more demand for housing it's not difficult really cause you're living your whole life in Korea has been about banking has about been cutting working-class rights in living standards and you put yourself up up as some kind of populist to it come on Nigel you know I'm sorry Joe but I've never worked in a bank I'm sorry you know you've got your little image and remind me how many elected representatives you have in Scotland absolutely none but rather more than the BBC do I am and you know we could have had this interview in England a couple of year although I wouldn't have met with such hatred cuz I'm getting real questions and frankly I've another listen to you goodbye

What's at stake for Theresa May after the E.U. Brexit summit

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The Washington Post’s Michael Birnbaum explains where Prime Minister Theresa May stands now that European leaders have agreed not to oust Britain without a deal on April 12. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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-Britain got spared
from crashing out of the European Union hours
before it would have happened. European leaders got together with British Prime
Minister Theresa May and then kicked her
out of their meeting room to talk among themselves
for hours and hours. No one really wanted a no deal,
but no one really wants Britain to linger inside the
club for much longer either. Leaders ultimately decided
they would extend Britain's club membership
until October 31st, Halloween. It's a suitably scary date
for a breakup. Theresa May either needs
to strike some sort of bargain
with the Labour Party. If that doesn't work out, and a lot of people
don't think it will, then Theresa May says
she's gonna hold a series of votes in Parliament about what lawmakers
would like to see. Lawmakers have already done
that for themselves against Theresa May's wishes,
and they voted everything down. -The ayes were 160. The no's were 400,
so the no's have it. So, the no's have it.
The no's have it. The no's have it. The no's have it. So, the no's have it. The no's have it. The no's have it. Order!
Order! Order!
Order! -On May 23rd, they're gonna
have to hold elections for European Parliament if they're still a member
of the European Union by then. That is gonna be pretty weird
because it's an embarrassment that they have to be held
at all after Theresa May has promised
again and again that Britain would be outside
of the European Union by May. So there are questions
about whether she can stick around afterward or if she will be
simply forced to resign, hold general elections, or allow a different
conservative leader to come to office. There were very few people
inside the European Union as they were making
these decisions that expected Theresa May
to be around by Halloween if they haven't managed
to approve some sort of exit deal

Why Mark Reckless MP defected from the Tories to Ukip | Channel 4 News

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Mark Reckless the MP for Rochester has defected from the Tories and joined Ukip on the eve of the Conservative Party conference.Sign up for Snowmail, your …

Nigel Farage savaging snowflake remainers

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Nigel Farage savaging snowflake remainers

brendham result and and I mean I presume Nick I mean if I'm wrong you tell me I mean would you like us to rethink our decision well yes I think Parliament should rethink associated and I think know if you want if we've had a referendum and it's failed instead of big classes of Ramone and I'm not a Ramona my view was the only reason why I voted remained was to counter your bogus brexit arguments that make me an avid European or an EU fan you know the European but some of your nonsensical sound bites like getting our country I know absolutely we want our country back that's what I said thick all over the country I shouted it from the top of a Titan double-decker on a microphone I hope I don't have to do the same thing again but you can't be a country you can't be a proper nation if you can't make your own laws surely well unfortunately capitalism doesn't quite work like that capitalism is cross borders and that's what we are a capitalist country and the EU is a capitalist no it's not it's corporatist it's a big corporatist political club run by giant multinationals to the detriment of small and medium-size competitors Nick we mustn't debate this because it's not the subject to no but it's fun Nick I would just say this to you but for anybody out there who feels like you they didn't like the referendum result didn't like the campaign and fine it's a democracy we're allowed to disagree and dislike what other people say but I would make this point you Nick those people out there who want us to rethink it won Parliament to have another vote perhaps some even want another referendum all I would say Nick to you and to all of them is the way the European Commission have behaved today damages their prospects of Parliament or this country rethinking that decision well I'll say to you is you're talking absolute twaddle alright fair enough number one mr. fries I think you let everybody down by the fact that you've got what you wanted so what 20 odd years and then you jump ship here's the price of land but my friend the pie which is my jumpsuit Lauren you know I said you jump ship I don't know where you jump to but you ran away they come they don't even pay the leader of the of the the brexit pine now if they've got to do it voluntarily at Lawrence I didn't where you've been and or whether you saw what I was trying to do last week about George Soros in the European Parliament in Strasbourg but I'm leading a growing I'm pleased to say group of Euroskeptics from right across Europe in Brussels and Strasbourg I'm still fully engaged as an elected MEP Gavin jumps anywhere really really really yes

Where Are London's BME Election Candidates? – BBC News (Ben Hunte)

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Aired on BBC One on 22nd May 2017 as the top story for BBC London News throughout the day.

BBC London has learned that in nearly half of the capital’s constituencies – there isn’t a single Ethnic Minority candidate standing for the main political parties. That’s despite some of those areas having the most diverse populations. Ben Hunte has been talking to Londoners concerned they’re not being represented in this election.

a very good evening to you and welcome to the program with me realities first tonight do Londoners need to see people in power who reflect themselves so that they can relate to them if the answer is yes then London has a challenge on its hands because this programme has found that in nearly half of London's constituencies there isn't a single candidate from an ethnic minority background standing for the main political parties at what's more some of those areas have the most diverse populations been hunters been hearing from some of those concerned a car related to Aldi suit-wearing politician you're they been private school but ain't got the wisdom they've never stepped foot on my estate if they did then I would stop to listen governor bee is one of the UK's leading names in rap music his rapping sums up how he feels underrepresented growing up on an estate in West Ham he says not having people like himself in positions of power made things even harder I remember watching football a lot when I was growing up in basketball and it was easy to relate to because I enjoyed this stuff and I could see people that look like me and I could relate to them but when I was in Prime Minister's Questions this fact I don't see anyone that looks like me or looks like they remotely relate to my struggle so you automatically think there's nothing here for me he claims which is that lack of interest and government cuts that push young people here onto the streets literally just the other day someone got stabbed to death just outside off-licence over there and you kind of look over this side and you've got Excel and I really river the Docklands and it's just such a contrast there are no ethnic minority candidates running here for the main parties even though ethnic minorities known as vme make up most of the population we see London has learned that nearly half of London's constituencies do not have a black or minority ethnic candidates standing in the upcoming election but does that matter to Londoners everybody should be represented be part of the community it doesn't matter who represent me as long as we represent the top where the type of politics that I want to see if there were more be Emmys then they'll feel there's more young people saw that there's more chance that they would be helped to listen to you I feel like you know white people are dominating the world suppose political world especially at the moment so you know I think everyone deserves a fair chance to see what they believe if we want our own to represent ourselves then we need to do the encouragement for white from the get-go when they're young some experts say the situation is very worrying everybody plays a part great things happen but when they don't bad things happen people feel isolated people fit a lien ated people feel that they're not part of the mainstream and if you're not part of the mainstream there's other streams which are not very pleasant let's bring everybody into play and that's exactly what politicians need to do over the next two and a half weeks before the election if they don't large parts of the capital could be left feeling excluded then hunt BBC London News

The Nigel Farage Show – Nigel Schools Remoaner Of The Year On 350m NHS Figure – 22/06/2017

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The Nigel Farage Show – Nigel Schools Remoaner Of The Year On 350m NHS Figure – 22/06/2017

Ben from Chingford should do some research.. It’s pretty clear that the Tory led ‘Vote Leave’ campaign had nothing to do with Leave.EU and Grassroots Out campaigns during the EU referendum in 2016. But yet, Nigel Farage always seems to get the blame from the MSM and lefty remoaners for the £350 Million NHS figure. It just goes to show how public opinion is being manipulated and the non-informed lap it up as some sort of truth. Wake up Britain.


I mean cool been inching but how did you vote this time last year hi hi Nigel yes so I did vote remain but that was my decision I was actually concentrating on on voting out and I'll tell you the reason why it was actually mainly the 350 million pound a week that was going to go back into the NHS which you so brilliantly decided to plaster over the side of a double bonus and I'll tell you what that guys I tell you what I tell you what I tell you what I've been what them I don't want them I tell you what them then I tell you well let's start again shall we our survey said yeah it's not again let's start again xu8 know it would have been Ben Ben Ben you've got to listen for a second I've done you're obviously not a regular listener to the show because we've done this time and time and time again I never once mentioned the figure of 350 million a week for the NHS and I did say publicly on question time during the campaign but I thought the figure was a mistake a much lower figure should have been used and I urge like begged Michael gave it up and others in private to drop the figure because it was too high all right so don't don't put that on me all right so just answer the question is Nigel so how many millions of votes do you think you'd lose now that people know that that pig is incorrect well how we give them the figure bem let's say the figure of 220 million a week had been used right that figure would have stunned everybody anyway so actually 350 million a week wouldn't get one vote more than 220 million a week and I just wish they'd used a net figure and not a gross figure but I mean if it's if it's a competition about lies and we do bear in mind that you know 40 years ago the establishment told people in the referendum they were voting the state part of a common market that was about trade and would not affect their political sovereignty so you could argue because you're not that the other side have been conning us for half a century no I think the argument is neither is that your side Kondos when it was most important your side put across the fact that they were going to deliver 350 million pounds a week to the NHS which they have failed to do you've got absolutely no intention of doing so whatsoever and it's absolutely despicable I watched your interview you on good morning good morning TV then it the next day with Susanna Reid and it was embarrassing it was utterly embarrassing you're a it was a disgrace you lied to the British public you've laid back what about what about about the figure they specifically sat down and said you are you good at this are you going to send this money to the NHS there's 350 50 million pounds a week and you stuttered and you mumbled and you cut her off and as you always do the 350 million pounds a week we sent to the EU which we will no longer send to the EU can you guarantee that's going to go to the NHS no I can't and I would never have made that claim that was one of the mistakes I think with lead campaign mate when a moment that was one of your advert was one of my adverts I'm sure that was one of the leave campaign quality we're going to go to the NH I think they were silent many people have voted they made a mistake in doing that what I can tell you is we have a nice alternative after 17 million people have voted for leave yeah based I don't know how many people voted on the basis that bad fur but that was a huge part of the propaganda you're nothing that's a mistake we have a 10 billion pound a year 34 million pounds of a featherbed that is going to be free money that we can spend on the NHS on schools or whatever it is but you're not guaranteeing that that money as promised okay do you watch f you must understand I was ostracized by the official leave campaign I did mine as I've always done how do you think you think there are other things that people will wake up this morning and find out aren't going to happen as a result of voting this way well I think what they will find out that we're back to being an all country in charge of our own laws and able to start making our own relationships with the rest of the world maybe even re-engaging by the Commonwealth then then then then you've got a real problem here mate you know you may well have this conversation with Boris if you want to I never once put the Tigger 350 in in the way never once defended it I thought it was a mistake we should have used they should have used the net figure of 220 and I promise you had it been to 20 minute a week on those posters or 350 it wouldn't have made any difference at all do you get that point or not now yes certainly yeah of course at these so the figure was in it the figure was incorrect granted you know you've admitted that so it makes me now but 220 million pounds a week will be delivered to the NHS now that we've decided to leave the European Union when I tell you mean otherwise you better ask Boris who is now the Foreign Secretary and you better ask Michael Gove who is now in charge of environment and Defra because they are the cabinet ministers who made those promises about big NHS spending increases they can answer that I'm afraid I can't possibly answer that because I'm not in a position to deliver it all I can say is that we are in a far better position to spend our own money in our own country you're listening to Nigel Farage it's time for these it's 7:30 combustible

When Louis Theroux met Anne Widdecombe – part one – BBC

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Anne Widdecombe gives Louis a tour of her house – the bottom floor only. Free video clip from BBC Worldwide

Theresa May takes questions in parliament ahead of EU leaders summit on Brexit – watch live

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Theresa May takes weekly questions in parliament

and together as I set out previously the statutory instrument that I laid before Parliament on the 26th marks March extends the period for executive formation until 25th of August and I intend to have a proposer short focus set of five-party talks aimed at restoring devolution at the earliest opportunity Thompson q mr. speaker given the Secretary of State's as previously stated that she wishes to ensure the best chance of restoring devolution is she concerned that no opportunity to successfully bring the parties together has yet presented itself well mr. speaker and we have tried on a number of occasions bring the parties together and he will know that we did have a short an intensive period of talks last year which were very very close to a successful outcome but it's just not been possible to do that and I wouldn't wish to say to the people of Northern Ireland that we were we were able to do something if I didn't believe we could genuinely do it and I dare fall need to make sure the conditions are right to have the best chance of success because that's what people Northern Ireland deserve speaker can I congratulate my honourable friend in securing 350 million pounds for the Belfast City deal but does she agree with me is vital we do similar for Londonderry Mr Speaker I thank my noble friend for his question and I was delighted to co-sign the heads of terms for the Belfast city regions deal with partners last month this was a significant milestone that will ultimately deliver the first city deal in Northern Ireland but let me be clear there is no room for complacency I have committed to delivering a comprehensive and back ambitious set of City deals right across Northern Ireland I am working hard with local partners and colleagues across government to make progress now on the darién Strabane City deal and I can advise that negotiations are progressing well and following the conclusion of local council elections this May I'm hopeful that current cabinet colleagues will be in a position to agree a deal Kirstin her Thank You mr. speaker a safe new statement – the instrument which exchange reputed for and they say – a formation Northern Ireland 25th of August can she outlaying what steps that she will take if we are seeking to get closer to that deadline and we don't see any developed government being restored well Mr Speaker we are looking at all options but clearly the only sustainable way forward for Northern Ireland lays in getting the institution's back up and running restoration of devolved governments in Northern Ireland is my absolute priority and the willingness to restore the executive is there among the political parties and I will do everything in my power to get the executive back up and running as soon as possible Caulfield Thank You mr. speaker given that Northern Ireland has now reached the world record for the area without the longest period without government ever would the Minister consider forming an assembly of the willing to return a devolved government to Northern Ireland well mr. speaker we remain steadfast in our commitment to the Belfast agreement and its successors including those provisions setting out an inclusive power-sharing government and approach that excludes representatives of either part of the community is not a sustainable way forward for Northern Ireland Thank You mr. speaker in the absence of ministers at Stormont how is my rifle wolf and engage with public authorities and local authorities New Orleans will ensure our political stability and the governance so mr. speaker as I've said I've already laid the SI to extend the the period during which an executive can be formed we need to make sure that we're doing everything we can to get the politicians back into storm and running devolved government installment for the people of Northern Ireland but I of course work closely with local councils and others and including as I set out earlier working on City deals variant cake Thank You mr. speaker Konoe sector estate outline for the house what fresh thinking or fresh ideas she's got in order to try and break the impasse we've had for well over two years now I've said earlier I real nothing else and I'm looking at all the options that are available in terms of getting the conditions right and getting those talks successful talks and if he has any suggestions I would be very grateful to receive them but I rule nothing out and I will of course let this house know at the earliest opportunity when I do have developments in that area oh it's a deal he contests between seniority and youths on this occasion mr. David Simpson with all the discussions of the secondary spin has added and with the various parties and sure she has come to the conclusion that the only party thus holding progress back is shin peon we in this side of the house would form a government in the morning you probably are not aware that I managed to offend the Honorable gentleman in the tea room earlier so I will point out that you allowed youth to win on that occasion and of course I met all the party leaders and all of the main parties in Northern Ireland I do believe there's a willingness to see devolution restored and I want to see that at the earliest opportunity it's the gap in Robin service I would always refer to my junior colleagues the Secretariat knows that four to five parties in North Mountain would restore the executive tomorrow without preconditions champion are the only party that'll either political prejudice to get in the way of progress in Northern Ireland will she commit it at the end of a time bind period of time of discussions to call the assembly and put the parties to the test well as I say mr. speaker I want to see devolution restored at the earliest opportunity I'm grateful for the honorable gentleman's comments in terms of willingness of his party I am convinced that the other four parties are determined to see devolution restored we need to get the conditions right to allow that to happen Thank You mr. speaker what recent assessment has the Secretary of State made of the extra budgetary payment to Northern Ireland agreed between her government and the DUP on the devolution settlement and does she realize that Scotland and its people have been denied a total of 3.4 billion times as a direct result of this dodgy deal which may have broken the Barnett formula I don't think it's right for the Honourable lady to to assert in that way the there are unique circumstances in Northern Ireland unique pressures in Northern Ireland and the the government respects that Sandra wants to make sure that is reflected in the financial settlement grazie Thank You mr. speaker I'm going to go through this the dye rates decisions being made by Westminster for Northern Ireland are increasing every day whether it's the offensive weapons bill the health care international arrangements bill the two-child policy or even what would happen with the Open golf tournament the Secretary of State tells us that she respects devolution but these decisions are being made behind closed doors with civil servants and without the involvement of the people or representatives of Northern Ireland if she thinks that's acceptable will she publish in full a list of all the policy decisions she has made onto this new legislation including alleged consent motions and who has signed them off so we know who's really running North Island mr. speaker the Honorable lady did very well to get through the question and still have some voice left and the decisions that are taken by the civil servants in Northern Ireland the permanent sections are published that is part of the executive formation and exercise of function act conditions but we've got to be clear that act does not allow a new major policy decisions to be made it's allows for decisions that were taken policy decisions taken when the executive was still in place to be continued and it allows as I say no new policy decisions are being taken under that act Thank You mr. speaker devolution and peace in Northern Ireland is precious Emma's hard-won it's brilliantly captured with great shimmer and points in the latest series of daily goals which I know the secretary is a fan of but also join me congratulating Lisa McGee and the entire production for another brilliant series delighted to congratulate everybody involved in Derry girls I haven't yet seen the final episode so I don't want any smaller alerts dr. Roopa ha please mrs. young Penrose mr. speaker both the secular state and I were delighted by the recent announcements by Li the secretary the parents who had their third child before the two child's limit was introduced in April 2017 would not face the cat this will help thousands of families across the UK including Northern Ireland I should also add mr. speaker that administration implementation of universal credit is a devolved matter but that the Northern Ireland Department of Communities there are no complaints issues or problems experienced by claimants in the operation of the two to child policy policy as confirmed by the UN reporter its most acute in Northern Ireland where families are bigger and abortion is illegal as condemned by the Supreme Court's surely in the case of non-consensual conception women seeking to exercise the humiliating as it is rape Claus won't risk the prosecution of professionals to assist under Section 5 of the 1967 Act can we have some clarity on this the Human Rights double whammy well mr. speaker the Honorable ad is quite right to raise this concern it's been raised on previous occasions too because of the depth of worry about it I would just reassure her that in the 52 years since section 5 was passed there had been no prosecutions for failure to report a rape in Orland at all and I should also add mr. speaker that a outgoing director of public prosecutions in Norland said it is very unlikely in future than anyone would face prosecution either mr. Powe much indeed Mr Speaker I have to say I think the Minister appears to be introducing some new legislation just we're not familiar with that information that he's just given us and I hope we can have a bit more detail but Mr Speaker I rise actually in sorrow and in anger to say that the rollout of Universal Credit has had an unmitigated devastating impact on the poorest people in Northern Ireland if universal credit is not good enough for his constituents or my constituents why is it good enough for Northern Ireland where they have long term unemployment at twice the national average does he believe that making the worst off worse off is acceptable Mr Speaker I would politely disagree with the aura gentleman not least because unemployment in Northern Ireland has been falling very steadily and is one of the huge success stories of Northern Ireland's response since the economic progress since the trolls I will also say miss speaker that the previous assembly introduced some rather important legislation which is still in operation which mitigates some of the local concerns that they had about the operation of Universal Credit in Northern our key board number six please mr. speaker with permission I will answer questions 6 and 13 together the threat from dissident republican terrorism continues to be severe in northern ireland our top priority is to keep people safe and secure vigilance against this continuing threat is essential and we remain determined to ensure that terrorism never succeeds for mr. speaker today is 21 years to the day since the signing of the Belfast Good Friday Agreement and I will always remember the devastating bomb that ripped through OMA the town of my birth just yet just months before does my honourable friend agree that that agreement has been vital to delivering the relative peace in Northern Ireland and it must not be jeopardized Mr Speaker I do as the Secretary of State rightly mentioned earlier the Belfast agreement was a landmark moment for Northern Ireland and all its neighbours the peace it's helped deliver is the foundation of so much of the economic and social progress that's been made since and of course the terrorists know this which is why it is essential that we never never let them win Victoria Prentiss Thank You mr. speaker there's my honourable friend agree that the Police Service of Northern Ireland too fantastic job and will he confirm that this government will continue to do this tur speaking yes I do the Police Service of Northern do a terrific job in keeping everyone safe in northern and across the community and I'm sure I speak for everybody here in expressing our admiration and our thanks for the work that they do thank you very much indeed mr. speaker it's all for you Silvia I'm very glad actually that the Prime Minister's intercedes because the question relates to dissident republicans how's the Minister being made aware by the Police Service of Northern Ireland that dissident republicans are responsible for the recent spate of thefts of ATMs across Northland and our intent upon using that stolen money to purchase weaponry to attack police officers and others along the border in the event of a new day of practices well mr. speaker there's been a great deal of speculation about this matter I think all I can say and I hope she will understand in my response here is it that policing obviously as an operational matter there are ongoing and live police investigations into this as we speak and are therefore I can't really go any further into it but I'm sure everybody here will have heard her concerns and will have register them clearly bearing in mind that the Secretary had a statement saying at the threat level for Johnny was at severe level can the minister acclaim what efforts have been made to increase police presence within local community policing to build relationships within communities and how much extra funding has he secured for the police mr. speaker I'm happy to report that there has indeed been a great deal of extra funding for the police service in Northern Ireland there was 230 million pounds of extra security funding over the course of the 2010 Parliament 131 million over the current spending review period plus 25 million to tackle paramilitary activity and in December we announced another 16 and a half million to help the Police Service of Northern Ireland prepare for EU exit mysteries Emilio's what action is the government taking to tackle in the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland because that's an essential way to ensure we do more to bring to justice people responsible to terrorism as a as a former secretary state herself I'm sure that the I write on will friend will appreciate that this is a nominally a devolved matter and that there are many many things which would be on the plate of a restored nor Stormont assembly and executive I'm sure this would be one of them and but obviously it is essential first to get that executive and assembly back to work Thank You mr. speaker in in these heightened times of threats against politicians anybody standing for a council election in England in this may does not have to have their home details published in Northern Ireland that's not the case which has led to the SDLP Council America Hill having to withdraw from the fighting this eat no candy Minister tell the house why it says in England legislation was changed and normally we didn't do that and when will that change now be made mr. speaker this has been a point which has come up in the press very very recently and I know it's causing concern I'm sure to all sides of this house and in all communities in Northern Ireland as well I will say we are tremendously sympathetic the difficulty at the moment mr. speaker is that changing the rules in Northern Ireland changing the laws in Orland in tiring for the local elections looks like it's going to be probably impossible and I think that we will all want to try and make sure this is dealt with so it is in line as soon as we can only Tom purse glove number eight mr. speaker mr. speaker as a former tourism minister myself I'm delighted that in July the Open Championship is making a historic returns in Northern Ireland after 68 years tourism Nolan Island expect up to 190,000 spectators will attend the event at the royal Portrush golf club and estimate that the benefit to the Norlin economy will be 18 million pounds tourism in Orland is going from strength to strength I'm during the first quarter of 2018 businessman an unprecedented million pounds on this top international sporting event to promote Northern Irish tourism and showcase business opportunities mr. speaker my honourable friend will know that tourism is a devolved matter which is yet another reason for the Stormont executive to reform quickly but I would also urge businesses to use the event as a huge marketing opportunity Portrush will be a target-rich environment for man full of potential customers suppliers and contacts for all sectors of the norman arms economy not just tourism I'm sure they will grab it with both hands if the Honourable gentleman intends favorably to reference Rory McIlroy I will call him and if he isn't I won't very good one of the best golfers in the world will they meet with invest Northern Ireland as I have done to ensure that we maximize every potential investment opportunity on the back of the open returning to royal Portrush after almost 70 years of an absence Mr Speaker I will meet with them and anybody else who wants to bring more investment into Northern Ireland very happy – thank you or colleagues I'm pleased to announce that after a fair and open recruitment process Her Majesty the Queen has approved the appointment of Sarah Davis as Clark assistant Clark assistant and managing director of the chamber and committees team with effect from the 29th of April 2019 Sarah Davis is principal clerk of select committees and the first woman to hold permanently the position she is a superb servant of the House of Commons reuniting congratulating her and we wish her well for the period that lies ahead order questions for the Prime Minister Craig Tracy Prime Minister Thank You mr. speaker may I add my congratulations to Sarah Davis on achieving this position and saying how good it always is to see women in high office [Applause] mr. speaker mr. speaker the tragedy of Jallianwala Bagh in 1919 is a shameful scar on british indian history as Her Majesty the Queen said before visiting Jolyon wallow burg in 1997 it is a distressing example of our past history with India we deeply regret what happened and the suffering caused I'm pleased that today the UK India relationship is one of collaboration partnership prosperity and security Indian diaspora make an enormous contribution to British society and I'm sure the whole house wishes to see the UK's relationship with India continue to flourish mr. speaker this morning I have meetings with ministerial colleagues and others in addition to my duties in this house I shall have further such meetings later today Craig Tracey Thank You mr. speaker and I fully agree with the Prime Minister when she's repeatedly said that we need to both honor the result of the referendum and our manifesto commitments which mean leaving the customs union and single market so does my writeable friend agree with me that if the best way to do that rather didn't deliver it diluted deal which is unrecognizable to many of the Vosges who voted to leave is to go into WTO rules we should grab that opportunity the ability of the British people and a Conservative government to make a success of it well can I agree with my honorable friends that I believe that a Conservative government will make a success of whatever the situation is in relation to brexit but I still believe that actually a the best brexit for the UK is to be able to leave in an orderly way to be able to leave with a deal and I do want to ensure that that brexit does indeed honor the result of the referendum the remembers of this house who don't want to one of the result of the referendum I do mean Thank You mr. speaker I'm very pleased that the Prime Minister mentioned what happened in Johannesburg and the issues of the massacre at Amritsar a hundred years ago I think the people in memory of those that lost their lives and the brutality of what happened deserve a full clear and unequivocal apology for what took place on that occasion and I joined the prime minister and yourself mr. speaker in welcoming Sarah Davis to her appointment I'm sure she's going to be absolutely brilliant I remember the day she started working the house and she's done incredibly well and also Mr Speaker I welcome my honourable friends a new member for Newport West who's here today a very worthy successor to the late Paul fraim Flynn today Mr Speaker marks the 21st anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement a defining moment in Irish history which allowed peace to prevail it was a great achievement and I pay tribute to the work done by the Labour government at that time as well as those on all sides of Ireland north and south and of this house in achieving the crucial breakthrough in the peace process which we have to ensure maintains and as we continue to find discussions to on a compromise over the brexit deal that could shape our future economic relationship with Europe protecting jobs rights in our economy we shouldn't forget communities across this country that have been abandoned by this government in the here-and-now official figures show that nine of the 10 most deprived council areas in this country have seen cuts that are almost three times the average of any other council why has the Prime Minister sided to cut the worst off areas in our country more than the most well-off can I first of all say to the right honourable gentleman that he's right to reference the 21st anniversary of Belfast Good Friday Agreement which was indeed an important moment in Northern Irish history and which has led to the peace that we have seen subsequently and can I say can I welcome the actions that were taken by politicians of all parties in this house and elsewhere to ensure that that peace was possible and that that agreement was was possible as well can I say to the honourable gentleman in relation to the issue of council funding actually councils do have more money available this year a real yes a real terms increase the right honourable gentleman voted against that but what we've also done what we've also done is listen to councils given them extra flexibility for example they've called for a long time to have the borrowing cap lifted so they could build more homes and we've done exactly that listen to councils and given them what they wanted the problem is that child poverty is rising encounters with the highest levels of child poverty over 1,000 pounds per household has been taken in funding cuts in the last decade in some of the wealthiest areas of our country they've only lost five parents take Swindon for example where Honda recently announced three and a half thousand job cuts child poverty is over one third higher than it is in Surrey yet in Swindon they will have lost two hundred and thirty five pounds per household in government funding cuts whereas a household in Surrey will see more money from central government can the primaries to explain why Swindon faces cuts while Surrey gets more money can I say to the right honourable gentleman actually what we see in terms of spending power of our home is that the average spending power per home for the most deprived local authorities is over 20 percent higher than for the least deprived local authorities that's conservatives delivering for local councils enemy who is to speak of homelessness is three times higher in Swindon than in Surrey and today we learned that two-thirds of councils do not have the funding and necessary to comply with the homeless reduction act in stoke-on-trent the councillors lost six hundred and forty pounds per household yet child poverty is more than double the rate in Surrey which has seen an increase in funding does the Prime Minister think that areas with the highest levels of child poverty do deserve to be facing the largest cuts in their budgets what I think is that members across this house who are concerned about child poverty should take action to ensure that we're helping families to get more money into their pockets it is this government it is this government that's frozen fuel duty it's this government that's introduced the National living wage it's this government that's given lower paid workers the highest increase and it's this government that on Saturday saw 32 million households see a tax cut if the right honourable gentleman really wants to help people out there with money in their pockets he shall be backing these measures by the government instead of voting against me [Applause] is that under this government 500000 more children have gone into relative poverty and in stoke-on-trent alone 4000 food bank parcels were handed out to children last year and if it wasn't bad enough it's about to get rather worse Tory proposals on the new funding formula for councils will make poorer areas even poorer they're removing the word deprivation from the funding criteria in a phrase that George Orwell would have been very proud of they've called this the fairer funding formula areas like Stoke will lose out even more can the Prime Minister explain why she wants to give less funding to the most deprived parts of our country that's not what we're doing what we are doing is ensuring that we are ensuring that we have a fair a funding formula across local authorities but we're also ensuring that we're putting more money and making more money available for local authorities for those local authorities to spend but let's just see what we see from council after council up and down the country if people want to ensure they have good local services and are paying less in council tax that's what they see under conservative councils message if you want to pay less council tax and have good local services vote conservative unfortunately the Prime Minister the truth is when labour controls local account the council's households pay on average 350 pounds less than those living in Tory ere is the average council tax per dwelling in labour council areas is 1169 compared to 1520 in tory council areas the Society of local authority chief executives called the fair funding formula decision perverse and even before this new formula kicks in councils are losing out now a conservative council leader said earlier this year we are really really really short of money I mean there is no money for him to run his services what does the Prime Minister say to local authorities struggling to make ends meet while her government continues to underfund the vital services that they deliver we have over the years our local councils to take some difficult decisions in relation to living within our means why did we have to do that we had to do that because we were left the biggest deficit in our peacetime take your choice made to impose austerity on local government as poorest and worst off the worst in every one of our communities across the country since 2010 50 pence of every pound has been stripped from local authorities by her government that is the reality of what life is like for those trying to deliver services mr. speaker the evidence is clear the Tories have abandoned communities across the country they've left towns and cities to fend for themselves after nine years of vindictive damaging austerity 1000 fewer sure start centers one of the greatest achievements of the last government 760 fewer youth centres and a social care system in absolute crisis child poverty is up violent crime is up and homelessness and rough sleeping is also in this government mr. speaker stands for tax cuts for the richest and swinging cuts for the rest will the Prime Minister will the Prime Minister now admit that far from tackling the burning in justices she talked about the her government's cruel and unfair policies have pushed councils to the brink and left those just about managing not being able to manage at all that is her legacy I'm proud to lead a government that seen more children in good schools more doctors more jobs but lower taxes that's conservatives delivering across the country for everyone and what would we see with the Labour government on to the right honourable gentleman destroying our defenses abandoning our allies billions more in borrowing fewer opportunities and higher taxes for everyone that's a Labour future and we will never let it happen Toinette Sandbach speaker some argue for completely free markets and self regulation by big business but this can lead to harmful content and extreme views being promoted the tech giant's who act as publishers has shown that they won't act without regulation will the Prime Minister join me in welcoming the publication of the online harm's white paper and support the leveling of the playing field between print and broadcast media and the tech giant's can I can I say to my own humble friend she's raised a very important point that I think matters to people up and down this country the Internet can be absolutely brilliant at connecting people and providing people with information and connecting people not just nationally but across the world but for too long the companies haven't done enough to protect users especially children and young people from harmful content and that's not good enough and that's why we've listened to campaigners and parents we're putting a legal duty of care on internet companies to keep people safe and I would like to congratulate my right honourable friends the culture secretary and the Home Secretary for the work that they have done on this on this issue online companies must start taking responsibility for their platforms and help restore public trust in their technology yield Blackford Thank You mr. speaker today as we know is the anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement a peace accord that not only ended violence in Northern Ireland but brought stability for all of us living throughout the United Kingdom mr. speaker brexit threatens to undermine man to drag us out of the most successful peace project in history the European Union what a tragedy mr. speaker it is now one week since talks began between the Tory government and the Labour Party I went to ask the Prime Minister at any point during these talks has a second referendum been offered on the government side of the negotiating table yes or no Prime Minister my my position on the second referendum the government's position has not changed the House has rejected a second referendum two times now when we come to a deal we will have to ensure that legislation goes through this house of course it may be that there are those in this house that wishes wish to press that issue as that as the legislation goes through when my position on this has not changed it was a very simple question mr. speaker has a referendum in offered yes or no mr. speaker people can't have fees any backroom deal cooked up by two leaders who don't possess the ingredients to hold their parties together never mind hold these islands together Scotland won't be force except what these two brexit parties are preparing to serve oh there is no such good thing as a good brake system there's no such thing as a good Tory labour brexit Deal the Prime Minister must recognize the difference between what she believes is duty but what the rest of us see as delusion and her final days as prime minister Moshe accept the EU offer of a long extension accept that she has run out of Road and accepted the only choice now as to put this back to the people I as I said I made my position clear on that can I just say to the right honorable gentleman that I think it is a little difficult for many of us in this house to hear him week after week stand up and say that the UK should stay within the in the European Union when Scottish independence would have meant taking Scotland out of the European [Applause] a lot of noise is here the right honourable gentleman dr. Andrea Mira sin' surplus waste incinerator capacity is taking pressure off efforts to reuse recycle and reduce waste will the government strengthen its bid to host the 2020 UN climate change conference by putting a moratorium on new incinerator gasification and pyrolysis applications including the one in Westbury in my constituency here what can I thank our friend for acing this issue and for highlighting the fact that we are bidding to host cop 26 the issue of incineration I understand is a crucial one particularly for certain local areas we do want to maximize the amount of waste that is sent to recycling rather than to incineration and landfill and waste but waste plants play and continue to play an important role in reducing the rubbish sent to landfill but we do welcome work to drive down waste to landfill further but if wider policies don't deliver our waste ambitions in the future including those higher recycling rates then we will consider the introduction of attacks on the incineration of waste and this would operate in conjunction with the landfill tax and take into account the possible impact on local authorities Ronny Campbell Charlie foster one of my young constituency age 7 has got cystic fibrosis what he has attack it's like drinking oh sorry throat it's breathing from his strong I've never tried to test but I'm going to try it when I get back and we constancy these new young people are suffering very badly because of a drug called or combined which is not be licensed by nice it has a 42% increase in lung capacity for these kids and it stops them being sent to at the hospital which they have to when they have the attack so come the Prime Minister try and get this drug across the lane and give these kids like Charlie Foster quality of life I first will say to the Honourable gentleman that I'm sure the thoughts of the whole house are with Charlie and his family and we recognize the significant concerns there are in relation to this access to this drug on the 11th of March my right honourable friend the secretary State for Health held a meeting with the company vertex with NHS England and nice and they discussed how best to reach a deal so that people with cystic fibrosis and their families can benefit as soon as possible they met again later on in March and they're continuing those discussions but I will ensure that the case that the honourable gentleman has raised and the importance of this issue is once again brought to the attention of Department of Health Blackburn mr. speaker the housing communities and local government Select Committee produced an excellent report on leasehold reform and with the doubling of ground rents outrageous charges for permissions for minor improvements and the absolute scandal of developers selling the freeholds without even contacting lease holders this market is broken does my right on a friend agree with me that we cannot rely on voluntary codes to set this right and we need legislation in this house to restore fairness to the housing market well first of all thank the Select Committee for their report I also thank my honorable friend for the way in which he has championed issues around around housing and his his act is already having an effect on homelessness reduction we've already committed to legislate to reduce ground rent on future leases to a peppercorn for currently sold as we have been working with the industry to get existing leases with onerous ground rent terms change to a better deal lease holders of flats do have a right right of first refusal when their freehold was planning to sell the property we're considering introducing a right of first refusal for house lessees as well and last year we made our commitment to consider a range of changes facing the range of charges facing lease holders and freeholds including permission fees and in what circumstances they're justified and whether they should be capped or banned and I've asked Lord best to share a working group to look at regulating and professionalizing property agents we're carefully considering the Select Committee's report but my own will friend is absolutely right if we believe that a market is not working properly then we should act to deal with that no furnace Thank You mr. speaker the Prime Minister will be aware of the channel 4 dispatches investigation aired last week into the extents of the involvements of both BAE and the British military personnel in the tragic war in Yemen in the program it was claimed that they BAE carry out 95% of the preparations for typhoon bombing raids including the one that killed 40 schoolchildren in August of last year will the government act now to review arms export licenses to Saudi Arabia and the British complicity in these bombings can I say to the honorable lady that we have one of the toughest regimes in relation to the export of arms across the world she references the situation in Yemen that we're very clear that that cannot go on it's four years since the beginning of this devastating conflict and the needs to be a political settlement and we are working with and backing work that is being done by the UN Special Envoy Martin Griffiths the parties have made significant progress towards an agreement to implement phase one of the the redeployment of forces from her data and we're urging all parties to honor the agreements that were made in Stockholm that our total bi-lateral commitment to Yemen since the start of the conflict now stands at 770 million pounds we're backing the UN peace process the coalition the Coalition is there and it's been acknowledged by the United Nations is there at the request of the government of of the Yemen we've been backing the United Nations peace process and will continue to do so and we will continue to provide humanitarian support to the people of Yemen Daniel Kaczynski Thank You mr. speaker children in shrewsbury receive on average four thousand three hundred and fifty pounds per annum for their education their counterparts in Hackney receive over 50% more at six thousand five hundred and ninety these huge regional differences in funding for our schools are leading to real problems in Shropshire to supporting children with special educational needs and in the fabric of our school buildings when will this conservative government finally tackle the huge differences in regional funding for our schools and can I say to my honourable friend that we're obviously working to improve education for every child regardless of what part of the country they live in or what their background is as I made clear earlier we are putting more funding into our schools through 2020 and we've recently announced an extra 250 million for over two years for the high needs budget together with extra money that is being put in for children with special educational needs but my only friend references the funding formula and the distribution of funds the new national funding formula is about distributing funds more fairly and historically underfunded schools will be receiving the biggest increases of up to 6% per pupil this year through the schools formula and we'll also be allocating additional funding to small remote schools that play an essential part in rural communities we've recognized the need to introduce a fairer funding formula and that is what we're doing so Mark Hendrick mr. speaker in 2010 when the party opposite took office child poverty had been falling continuously impressive for 16 years today according to government figures 38 percent of children impressed oh that is nearly 8,000 kids are living in poverty food banks are being overrun and what is accelerating this demand the rollout of universal credit from July of last year mr. speaker can ask the Prime Minister when is she going to scrap universal credit the Honorable gentlemen the way to ensure that we develop a sustainable solution to poverty is a strong economy and earth welfare system that helps people into work that is what Universal Credit does 200,000 more people in work as a result of introducing universal credit because work is the best route out of poverty in the evidence is just the evidence is that a child growing up in a home where all the adults work is around five times less likely to be in poverty than a home where nobody works what we're doing is making sure we encourage people into the workplace there are more jobs out there more people in work a record level of people in employment work is the best route out of poverty Rize villiers Monday a constituent contact me to tell me that three men armed with a knife had tried to rob his 15 year old son as he walked from a friend's home in a neighbouring borough my constituent expressed his frustration that police stations are closing and he never seems to see police on the beat any longer to keep our young people safe it's an it time the Mayor of London reversed his decision to close Barnet police station and others in the London suburbs I say to my right honorable friend she's absolutely right that decisions on the closure of police stations across London are a matter for the Mayor of London we have been protecting police funding with this year there'll be almost 1 billion pounds extra available for the police and the Metropolitan Police are receiving up to 2.7 billion pounds in funding in 2019 20 which is an increase on last year we will always ensure the police have the powers and resources they need but it's important that people recognize the responsibilities of police and crime commissioners and the decisions they take and in London that's the Labour Mayor of London Jamie Stone Mr Speaker I really think it would be unwise of me to mention any hotels in the highlands this week at doon ray in my constituency in kate s we have a skills pool which is second to none and as dune ray continues to decommission it is vital that we redeploy these skills to the maximum benefit of the local economy and indeed the UK economy can the Prime Minister give me an undertaking that the government will work very closely with the management Doon ray the relevant local trade units and indeed the nuclear decommissioning Authority to make sure that this redeployment of skills actually happens to the benefit of the UK I recognise first of all this must be a time of concern for staff at doom ray it is important that we recognize the skills that have been developed there and make sure that we're taking every opportunity to put these to the benefit not just of local people but as he says of the United Kingdom we welcome the dune race I trust racing's statement of support for its staff its intention to support them through a transition into other employment and I understand though develop training and support programs to put individuals in the strongest possible position to move into another local job as one of the growing industries such as space which the Honourable gentleman Sall already referenced in previous Prime Minister's Questions or renewable energy we do remain here throughout the government's commitment we remain absolutely committed to supporting the region and the staff affected will continue to work with the nuclear decommissioning Authority with the Doon race I Crestor ation limited Cavendish nuclear Jacobs and AEC om during this time me and more zest for all program championed by this conservative government is helping more disabled people more elderly people said more people with grams and pushchairs access our stations with greater ease after my campaign in Southport hillside station was a successful recipient of some of this funding will my right and will friend the Prime Minister do more in this area some more of our stations right across the country why trying to give access for all can I say to my honorable friend can I congratulate him on a successful campaign which we're on to get that access at Hillside station we do need to ensure that we continue this program of ensuring that we are able to open up routes for disabled people by ensuring they have that access to stations we are moving closer to a transport sector that is truly accessible the changes that will take place at Hillside as an example of that and the if the program continues to be delivered successfully the Department of Transport will make submissions for further funding in due course but it is absolutely clear that we are providing those extra opportunities for disabled people I'm pleased to say that I think it's 900,000 more disabled people now in the workplace access is important for them and the campaign that my honourable friend and others of my honourable and right honourable friends have run to get access to their stations has been an important part of that in wishing the Honorable James Bond a happy birthday I call Luke Thank You mr. speaker as you may know there are 53 Mondays this year where rent is due for people who pay their rent on a weekly basis but there are only 52 universal credit papers this year the DWP have acknowledged that this is a problem they are awaiting government action on could the Prime Minister confirm that she recognizes this problem and will act to ensure that people don't need to find an extra week's residue or go into debt because of this entirely predictable universal credit he's raised this point of course it's worth pointing out no year actually contains 53 weeks so if somebody does pay a 53rd rent payment in a given year that does this payment will cover some days in the subsequent year and will mean that the following month only has four payment dates and as such the claimant will be overpaid for their housing and a shortfall is immediately recovered but it is about the way in which the days fall and making sure the system does work for everybody INRI Smith mr. speaker if the Prime Minister is seeking a year-long extension to brexit does she not recognize that that of course would cost over a billion pounds a month to the British taxpayer in subscriptions to the EU and does she not agree that that funding would be better spent on tackling crime funding schools and even tax cuts for my constituents and constituents up and down the country here afraid tomorrow friend I'm I'm pressing the case for the extension that I wrote to Donald Tusk about last week that in fact was endorsed by the by Parliament last night but can I also say to my honourable friend that I think it is important we could actually have been outside the European Union by now if we've managed to get the deal through and I'm continuing to work continuing to work to ensure that we can deliver brexit and can do that in a way that works for people across this country what would the Prime Minister boast is her government's greater achievements the Bridget tumbles rise in knife cream record numbers using food banks pee pockets worst less than a decade ago or the smallest army since Waterloo hotel the Honourable gentleman I'll turn you honourable gentlemen what I'm proud of this government achieving we see more people in work [Applause] 32 million people we're seeing wages rising we're seeing the deficit falling debt coming down we're restoring this country's finances that builds a brighter future for all our constituents [Applause] I would like to see more women on the boards a big business so will the Prime Minister join me in congratulating Ruth Kearney who's recently been appointed the chair of Babcock international first female chair they've ever had and hopefully she will improve the company's fortunes can I thank my friend for raising this issue I'm very happy to congratulate Ruth Kearney for achieving that role as chairman of Babcock the government has been working and has done a lot since 2010 to see more ruin on the boards of companies I think this is very important the greater diversity we have on those boards the better those companies will do Wayne David for the Prime Minister's visit to Brussels I have a little light reading for her it's a graph of police funding from the government in went it shows very clearly what police funding is going down not up so what she studied is Kathy and come back to his house I gave an update statement about what is really happening to the police for me I say to the Honourable gentleman that we have been protecting police funding since 2015 we have made this year this financial year this financial year nearly 1 billion pounds extra is available to to please and we have indeed put extra money into police at my rotten friend home secretary announced the hundred million extras is going into key areas in relation to dealing with with knife crime we've been protecting police funding since 2015 Thank You mr. speaker the Prime Minister earlier made reference to the British Indian diaspora would she agree with me that the diaspora should be commended for the fact that despite comprising four percent of the UK population they actually contribute some 10 percent of taxes to the Treasury – I'm very happy to welcome their contribution that the Indian diaspora are making to our country he's referenced the economic contribution they're making through their taxes of course many of them are running businesses that are employing people up and down the country and successfully doing that many of them are successfully exporting from this country and supporting our economy but they also play a very important role in our society and I'm very happy to welcome that and to congratulate them on it Caroline Lucas thank you very much mr. speaker this Friday young people across the UK will again be calling for more urgent action on the climate emergency so far every party leader except the Prime Minister has agreed to meet members of this extraordinary uprising following a speech at Davos and a meeting with Pope Francis 16 year old Greta thumbr from Sweden who sparked this global uprising will visit Parliament on the 23rd of April so my question is very simple will the Prime Minister agreed to meet Greta and hear direct from the young people when she's here can I say to the honourable lady she says well I meet here direct from young people about the issues that they're concerned about in relation to the environment and climate change I do do that and I'm very this gives me an opportunity to congratulate a school in my own constituency some fairies Catholic Primary School but has won five Green Flag Awards in the last 10 years last year that last year won the first-ever national green heart hero award and I can assure the honorable lady that I hear young people often tell about the importance of climate change this government has a fine record on climate change one day one day the Honorable lady will actually stand up in this house and welcome the efforts this covered thank you very much what my available friend confirm again that is still this government's firm commitment to leave the Common Fisheries Policy and to be negotiating is an independent coastal state no later than December 2020 friend he has he has been consistent in his campaigning on this issue and I know it's of great importance to his constituents and we remain committed to establishing fairer fishing policies that truly work for coastal communities the deal we've agreed with the European Union would see the UK leave the Common Fisheries Policy providing the UK with full control of its waters as an independent coastal state we remain committed to coming out of the Common Fisheries Policy mr. speaker the Department of Work and Pensions replies ministerial responses to written questions of state and I quote universal credit should not leave councils out of pocket yet despite Halon council providing evidence to show costs of two and a half million pounds including six hundred and forty thousand pounds of additional administration costs they still have no offer from her government mr. speaker they're doing a runner and every household in the highlands is bearing the costs of universal credit isn't it time her government paid their bill in relation to universal credit and the importance of this system which is actually encouraging people into work 200,000 more people in work under universal credit 700,000 people getting money that they were entitled to that they weren't receiving before universal credit is helping people into work and making sure work pays my constituents mark and pana Wilson have a little son Rd who has the terrible condition spinal muscular atrophy he desperately needs the life changing drugs spin Raza which is available in many other countries I know the health secretary is working on this urgently and the Prime Minister intervenes our create a new routes to market for this important drug so my constituents can get the life-saving treatment that they need well my own boyfriend has raised an important issue and offices he will appreciate I think it is important that we we first will want to make sure that patients are getting access to cost-effective innovative medicines but at a price that's fair and makes best use of NHS resources and that's the Independent System that we have through nice which reviews the the evidence I understand that Biogen has submitted a revised submission to nice in relation to spin rasa and a meeting of gneisses independent appraisal committee took place in mark early in March to consider those recommendations I think it is clear that everybody at the DHS C and in Nice recognizes the significance of this drug but we do need to ensure that the decision is which is taken is taken on the basis of clinical aspects together with cost-effectiveness and that's what nice we'll be doing in looking at this new offer Richard burden the GKN last year they promised ministers that they would back British manufacturing and they would not reduce the company's defence capacity without the permission of the government last week GKN announced that they intend to close the Kings Norton plant which makes windscreens for both military and civilian aircraft so will the Prime Minister tell GKN that it expects the company to abide by both the spirit and the letter of the undertakings that Melrose gave last year say to the honourable gentleman I haven't wasn't aware of the particular issue that he had raised if I may I will look into that and I was born to him in writing thank-you order order urgent question Aleister Carmichael Thank You mr. speaker to ask the state to state perform in Commonwealth for Fears if you'll make a statement on the conviction of pro-democracy you

Newsnight: What Brought About Margaret Thatcher's Downfall

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Newsnight: What Brought About Margaret Thatcher’s Downfall

you the party faithful couldn't have been more effusive Margaret Thatcher celebrated 10 years as Prime Minister not just 13 months later the woman had won three elections for the Conservatives was deposed why did so many senior Tory's turn against him I think thought at the time that Margaret Thatcher stayed on too long I supported her right to the end and I thought she would prevail right at the end but I wished in myself and I think many other people did too many of her friends did too that she'd actually gone a little bit earlier say a year or so earlier she tried to dominate people she came to dominate the party immense price we paid for it and she couldn't dominate me she was seen as increasingly out of touch even her grammar became an article we have the charm of their mother of a grandson called Michael towards the end of her time her courage didn't desert her but a political instincts did in what way she became reckless tensions between a prime minister and Chancellor and now almost part of the British constitution but the arguments between Margaret Thatcher and Nigel Lawson over Europe were the beginning of her downfall i undiscovered how bitter the rouse were with Nigel when he resigned I hadn't realized to come to that they always had rouse they enjoyed combative exchanges where they used to do it privately there were no teams of people briefing the press to press a clue how about it was neither had other members of the cabinet suddenly it erupted and he resigned Nigel Lawson and Geoffrey Howe had been pressing reluctant Margaret Thatcher to join the erm Exchange Rate Mechanism which was the precursor of the single currency she then appointed her own economic advisor in number 10 Allan Walters who told her that Lawson had been making secret preparations to join the erm mrs. Thatcher backed Walters against Lawson and so he resigned he considering another rising interest rates was Lawson to lose a Chancellor maybe misfortune to lose a Deputy Prime Minister as well looks like calluses I only began to realize how bad things have become with Geoffrey when Margaret's behavior began to deteriorate so that she would treat him really very badly in cabinets and sometimes be slightly contentious in her treatment of him in front of colleagues which was merely hastened the day when the break was going to come because Geoffrey may have been discreet and loyal but he was a big political figure it was most unwise to treat him in that undiplomatic and contemptuous fashion my relationship with Robert Thatcher lasted 15 years starting in 1975 in Indiana in 90 that's longer than most marriages last and probably it was at its best at the beginning my manner of argument is one of tenacious repetition if you like I didn't like shouting at people whereas I was charted at design extent I think that can be quite irritating if you're a quiet consistent badger that doesn't always please the person for his batter baiting demoted as foreign secretary how was increasingly sidelined not even told about the decision finally to join the ERM in October 1990 I wasn't consulted about it and all those Deputy Prime Minister I heard about it from the Queen rather embarrassingly so I was kept at arm's length and that was an uncomfortable position when five people the Badger was then baited beyond endurance by this rejection of proposals from Brussels chairman or the president of the Commission mr. Dalal said at first conference the other day that he wanted the European Parliament to with a democratic body of the community he wanted the Commission to be the executive and he wanted the Council of Ministers to be the Senate no no Prime Minister was already expecting a conservative leadership contest and at her most regal indicated she was ready for a tough match I'm still at the crease though the bowling has been pretty hostile of late and in case anyone doubted it can I assure you there will be no ducking the bouncers no stonewalling no playing for time but she wasn't prepared for this googly from her once loyal deputy it's rather like sending your opening batsman to the crease only for them to find the moment the first balls are billed that their bats have been broken before the game by the team captain the resignation speech has run the most dramatic events I've attended in the Commons as well three seats away from her and I assume that I assume she assumed that Geoffrey would follow his normal past practice and get up and the standard resignation speech said of wheels Geoffrey gave one of the most devastating attacks on the style of government that any senior figure can have given to a government the Prime Minister's perceived attitude towards Europe is running increasingly serious risks for the future of our nation one Minister said it was like a battered wife finally turning on a violent husband the time has come for others to consider their own response to the tragic conflict of loyalties with which I have myself wrestled for perhaps too long you she was shaken but she couldn't believe that Jeffrey would make that speech if you ever see the film of that her face during that speech she sat there expecting to hear the normal speech of a sort of minister who's resigned making a personal statement and during the course of it you can see she was deeply wounded and it was the beginning of the end quite frankly and I have to see Marc Michael Heseltine that night and he said to me she's finished after Jeffrey's speech today she's finished and there's no doubt at all that that convinced Michael that he should challenge someone else would have stood if I hadn't but well I thought that we better bounce the ball I am persuaded that I now have a better prospect than this is that her of leading the conservative to a full electorate picture the purpose of politics is to achieve power in order to have the chance to pursue the things you believe to be important for the country internally externally if you've got a leader and he's not capable of doing that then you have to get rid of the leader that is politics and if leaders haven't got the sense to see when the time has come to go I'm afraid there's a very brutal alternative and it'll never change never change instead of staying home to canvass support mrs. Thatcher went to a summit of world leaders in Paris she was at the British Embassy when the result of the first ballot came through we went to Paris and the news came and on the second evening I think of the first ballot where she beaten Michael has done but not by margin which prevented a cigarette and it was actually bad news mrs. Thatcher could I ask you to comment good evening good evening it's here dynamite now two very pleased that I got more than half three parliamentary party and disappointed that it's not quite enough to win on the first ballot so I confirm it is my intention to let my name go forward for the second ballot we would do at a huge banquet at Versailles and we sent a message to President mr. on saying the Prime Minister's we've got things he's got to do should be played please start when we eventually got there which was I think well after ten o'clock they had not started to courtesy mission all that held everything she looked superb and they all were amazed she was the sort of buzzer the evening and I actually felt very proud for her and all that that night it was a sort of melancholy climax really I still thought you'd win in fact she'd been fatally wounded by not winning outright it was when I was actually with some of the fresh Maine politicians that I learned that I had lost by one vote and this was after nearly eleven years when I had taken Britain from the slough of despond to the heights it was a bit of most difficult evening of my life if you're in politics you expect to be knifed in the back in public she put on a brave face in private she decided to consult the cabinet one by one you I've already told her team that in my opinion she shouldn't stand she was trying to get me to snap out of it and stop being so defeatist and I was telling her I was only defeatist that she'd been defeated and that if she didn't stand down she'd be defeated on a grand scale if she went on to the second ballot which I still think was perfectly sound advice if she'd assembled the cabinet and said look you're all here because I asked you to join now I'm asking you to do something for me she would not have got that reaction from the cabinet I would make bet with you now with the possible exception of Ken Clark I was talking about everything she would have people would have toed the line I'm sure of that I left her in the Cabinet Room at about quarter to nine that the night before the resignations announced she was in tears saying that support draining away at 7:30 the following morning I met her and she said that she decided to resign didn't come as a surprise when it came in a bit of a shock the final cabinet meeting was very emotional occasion we're more went into the room unusually she was already there normally she came down the door was open we followed him but she was there and box of Kleenex is on left and she quite clearly been crying she wasn't crying then and but it the atmosphere was very tense and she announced that she was going to resign and her she read her Rezac state resignation statement out and she's she sort of half broke down a couple of times and one or two people were in chairs a number of people very moved and she just cut it off and said look I much prefer business to sympathy let's get on with the cabinet agenda and so we got on somebody said oh we're going to pin regicide on Hesseltine and she looked a bit puzzled what do you mean well Michael has a time and she said now no now she said it wasn't Michael as sometimes said was the cabinet there was one other politician in Westminster who was sorry to see Margaret Thatcher go but for rather different reasons there were violent scenes in my office and I said let's have a drink tonight but don't forget we've just lost our biggest single electoral asset so we're going to have to think it up and think it over and that's why proved to be the case with evening Downing Street for the last time after eleven and a half wonderful years and we're very happy that we leave the United Kingdom in a very very much better state than when we came here eleven and a half years ago thank you very much goodbye Margaret such had never recovered from the betrayal don't think she ever had a happy moment after she sees being Prime Minister she not lost an election she been thrown out by a small majority of members of parliament I shall never forget and I shall never forgive because it showed you so there are some people in politics who are only out for self all right well I lost and I just walked away and so one of the Conservative Party's most successful leaders one of the 20th century's most remarkable prime ministers entered the twilight of her political career making only occasional public performances on my way here I passed a local cinema and it turns out that you weren't expecting me after all for the billboards read The Mummy Returns her retirement was overshadowed by bitterness and frustration about her downfall the Tory Party will launch soon because we all die with the party doesn't ready but after a series of strokes she withdrew from public life in 2002 milks gone up yeah 49p a pint the controversial biopic The Iron Lady depicted her battle with dementia towards the end of Aging paying guests teachers cannot teach when there is no he but the film's international success showed the power of Margaret Thatcher's story and the influence of her time in number ten after eleven turbulent years of power radical reforms economic change and a unique place on the world stage the legacy of Margaret Thatcher indoors