Watch the explosive interview with Labour Brexiteer Brendan Chilton | James Whale

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Former General Secretary of Labour Leave Brendan Chilton joined James Whale and Ash on their show to discuss the state of Brexit and the benefits of leaving …

'We are NOT Europeans!' Furious Brexiteer warns of 'REVOLUTION' if May fails to deliver

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SEETHING Brexiteers have taken to the streets of London on Friday to demand Theresa May ditch her proposed Brexit divorce deal, warning refusing to do so could result in Britons “revolting” to see their demands met.

A group of protesters sporting yellow vests swarmed major bridges across London to voice their discontent with the Brexit withdrawal deal the Prime Minister has negotiated with the European Union. One particularly frustrated protestor warned Theresa May to expect “a revolution” from the British people if the demands of the 2016 EU referendum are not delivered. He also claimed Brexiteers would prefer leaving the bloc without a deal rather than continue having Brussels “pillage” the UK.

The unnamed protester said: “We voted for Brexit because we wanted to retake control of our country. We don’t want to be governed by unelected bureaucrats who sit on the European Commission.

“We don’t want to be part of a federal European superstate that is going to erode away our rights and take away democracy. This is Britain, we are not Europeans.

“We have never been Europeans. This is our land and we are taking it back. If the political class doesn’t like it then they are going to see a revolution like they’ve never seen before.”

The London protesters were spotted wearing Yellow Vests to honour the Gilets Jaune campaign objecting to the presidency of French leader Emmanuel Macron since November.

The “yellow vest” protests erupted out of nowhere on Nov. 17, when nearly 300,000 demonstrators nationwide took to the streets to denounce high living costs and a fuel tax.

Roadblocks around the country and violent clashes in central Paris have already taken their toll on the economy.

The disgruntled Brexiteer continued: “Time to take up the spirit of Oliver Cromwell, it’s time to stand up, time to rise up, time to regain what’s rightfully ours. We ain’t going anywhere, the yellow vest is just the start. This is going to spread out to the whole country.

“We don’t want a deal, don’t want a deal. No deal Brexit, trade on World Trade Organisation terms, our fishing industry was decimated by the European Union, we’ve seen mass migration, we’ve seen the outsourcing of all of our factories going into the EU.

“We can’t have this anymore. This country has been raped and pillaged and it’s time we stood up for what we believed in.”

Theresa May travelled to the December European Council summit in Brussels in a bid to win cast-iron legal guarantees that Britain won’t be held hostage in the Irish backstop customs union.

The EU27 approved a number of promises that they would also work ensure a deal that supersedes the backstop would be concluded by December 30, 2020, and if it is triggered would only be temporary.

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker made clear that he doesn’t intend to stay in Brussels to oversee Brexit negotiations over Christmas.

He said: “It’s good to be informed that Donald Tusk will stay in Brussels over Christmas. I will not stay in Brussels over Christmas because I have had so many meetings with Prime Minister May, who is a good friend and I admire her because she is a woman of courage doing her job in the best way possible.”

The eurocrat insisted talks on the future relationships would begin “seconds after” the deal is signed off by the House of Commons, which is expected in January.

In her own post-summit press conference, Mrs May insisted that “as formal conclusions, these commitments have legal status and therefore should be welcomed”.

The Remainers' Dilemma Should They Back May's Brexit Deal – James O'Brien

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Brexit and other stuff 🙂

I was actually very much in tune with your last caller last week but then I had a friend that turned around to me and said and she's you know she's very much a remainer she said resist this if this goes to a No Deal by default I need my medicine and I could die so does this make me as reckless as the Harper Exeter's yeah cannot actually go I mean I'm torn I'm absolutely torn of course I wanted people vote and of course I want to remain well if it does float the boat it raises the possibility of night we did you actually last night with a tweet from i retweeted Ed Vaizey who said I know it harms the country but we voted for it you asked what what do I want my Empty to do I want my MP to be an MP and I want him or her you know to do what's best for this country well that's not voting for the withdrawal agreement is it or is it if the alternative is what's best for the country to remove the possibility of no deal or to hang in there for the arrangements we currently have which everybody agrees including both Johnson brothers are superior to the arrangements we'd have under the terms of this deal to talk about this being a compromise deal for remainer there is nothing in here for remainders nothing well yeah obviously that's a disaster but it's a lot for everyone but in terms of actually not cutting off both our legs it's good it's been on the table since the minute the result came in you saw these idiots start trying to covering their back before the ink was dry on the ballot papers claiming this and claiming that and disowning disowning that bus before midnight on their own the night of them but they're just charlatans are lies and the problem that people like you and me have is we sit there waiting for them to admit the scale of their con because we would but they never will mate never you

Andrew Neil goes at Ken Clarke on Brexit and Ken's 'Cambridge Union tactics' (04Apr19)

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Presenter Andrew Neil doesn’t let CONservative dinosaur Ken Clarke get away with bullshit, accusing Andrew Neil of sounding like a member of the ERG (European Research Group), defending his journalism, Andrew Neil tells Ken his “Cambridge Union [debating] tactics” won’t work.

Recorded from BBC2 HD, Politics Live, 04 April 2019.

How Will the UK Fare After Brexit?

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June 24, 2016, the results of the referendum are announced and the world is left stunned. 17.4 million Citizens of the United Kingdom made known that they wanted the U.K. out of the E.U. Most prognosticators had foretold a decisive victory for the “remain” side, the side which lost by nearly 1.3 million votes. No one knew what to expect next. Questions of customs, tariffs, treaties and more abound. Nearly 3 years later . . . those questions remain unanswered.

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June 24 2016 the results of the referendum are announced and the world is left stunned seventeen point four million citizens of the United Kingdom made known that they wanted out of the European Union most prognosticators had foretold a decisive victory for the remain side the side which lost by nearly 1.3 million votes no one knew what to expect next questions on customs tariffs treaties and more desperately needed answers nearly three years later and with deadlines looming those questions remain unanswered how will the United Kingdom fare host greggson this is the multi-billion dollar pound or euro question many of those who supported and campaign for brexit billed it as a cure-all which will leave the United Kingdom near problem-free in short order many of those staunchly opposed to brexit have been forecasting certain disaster much of the success or failure will depend on the single word which served as the strongest reason brexit ears voted to leave the EU sovereignty sovereignty is a nation's authority to govern itself according to a poll conducted by Lord Ashcroft polls published the same day as the referendum results were made public the three leading reasons for a voter to cast their ballot in favor of brexit were number one the principle that decisions about the UK should be taken in the UK number two voting to leave offered the best chance for the UK to regain control over immigration and its own borders and number three remaining meant little or no choice about how the EU expanded its membership or powers to understand brexit one must understand how the United Kingdom's sovereignty began to come into question in the first place for more than 60 years the European Economic Community later rebranded as the European Union has sought greater integration between the nations of Europe the primary initial goal was obvious to prevent another great European war by binding these countries together it began with just six nations and is now ballooned to 28 a trading bloc evolved into a customs union then a free trade zone and now a union with its own Parliament courts central bank currency and defense agency with each decision made every new committee appointed and every directive implemented more decisions were being made in Brussels on behalf of 500 million EU citizens and less in London on behalf of 65 million citizens of the United Kingdom no doubt there have been benefits to working within a larger block however the belief of those in favor of brexit is that by focusing on laws immigration policy and trade agreements with the specific needs of the United Kingdom at the forefront will result in more favorable results than those that have to take into account all 28 member states whether the United Kingdom stumbles or thrives will now depend on decisions made in London rather than in the EU Parliament without the cloud of a 500 million person strong economy will London be able to negotiate better trade deals with other nations including the EU than it previously held as a member of the Union will it be able to better regulate business or will it be strong-armed into accepting more stringent regulation in order to trade with larger entities such as the US or EU the ultimate question is can the British government make wise decisions and negotiate better deals for itself on the world scene as a nation they appear to be a little out of practice brexit itself is the largest international decision the United Kingdom has made since the end of the Second World War I say this because integration with Europe was many big decisions made over time while leaving was monumental decision made very quickly in the two years following the triggering of article 50 the declaration to Europe that the UK intended to be out in two years Prime Minister Theresa May has negotiated with Europe to decide just what brexit would look like does brexit mean leaving all the European agreements or just some of them the ones it does leave are they left immediately or with the transition period what happens with the Ireland Northern Ireland border the problem is she also had to get her plan through Parliament in the UK where was voted on and failed three times the third failure occurred despite Mays promise to step down from office if MPs agreed to her deal a No Deal brexit is becoming increasingly likely in this event the UK would leave the EU and begin immediately with a blank slate and no transition period almost all ties would instantly be severed that would mean reworking countless agreements and establishing a bevy of new laws what happens in the period while those arrangements are made is anyone's guess this uncertainty has already pushed the banking firms Barclays and Lloyds to investigate shifting portions of their operations onto the continent while some are pushing for a No Deal brexit believing it will ultimately provide the UK with the level of sovereignty it desires the short-term prospects for such an event will no doubt be messy an integrated economy cannot be d integrated overnight conversely there are some making a last-ditch effort to overturn the will of more than 17 million voters through a second referendum or a parliamentary decision to cancel brezza on March 26th 2019 The Guardian ran the results of a study in its headline just 7 percent of UK public thinks government has handled brexit well clearly the UK's first steps towards full sovereignty have not been without hiccups for better or for worse once brexit is fully enacted these decisions will be for the UK a la to make let's hope the learning curve is a quick one for tomorrow's world viewpoint I'm Michael Haegele subscribe and click the notification bell to receive updates about new content visit for more articles telecasts and booklets

Brexiteer abusing Remainers outside Parliament today. :)

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Why Are Hardline Brexiteers Acting in Desperation?

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I couldn’t help but notice the various ways in which hardline Brexiteers, the very people who say that we’re on course for the Brexit they want, are acting out of such desperation. So I decided to explore some of the issues here.

hi my name is Phil and I like talking about politics and today's topic is one that I've chosen most days we pick a topic based on a poll where you guys get to vote on that but today I mean Sunday's in general I'm sort of keeping this one for the ones I found really interesting so the poll that's up at the moment by the way that's the topic for tomorrow so I was going to do this on the effects of brexit particularly No Deal brexit on scientific research in this country not only marry a scientist I also know it's the one area where we could do really well even in a No Deal brexit scenario but I also know it's one we won't do really well in because our governments and this isn't just the current government this is the government going back years and years we formed scientific research even though we get amazing returns from it we're really good at it in this country we get less funding from our government than any other developed nation when you consider it as a proportion of GDP we simply do not put in to our scientific research centers our universities what we should give them what we're capable of getting out of it and that is something that we can get a lot out without even deals with other countries at the end of the day if we can what we really good stuff the world wants to take part in that regardless but that can keep that can hopefully come up again at some point someone posted something really really interested that got me thinking not just about this this stories it turns out quite quickly needs to go through but it's the general idea of the desperation of brexit ears because there's a few things of late say in the last week or so that's got me really thinking why are the brexit ears so desperate at the moment there was a news report today is really sad and I've seen a few like this but this one was particularly sad so we know of course that you know brexit ears are loudly and proudly on our Airways on our way of sorry and in the media in various respects and in adverts in papers are making the case for why we should believe in the EU and how we're going to benefit in all the rest of it yeah when someone happens to do this on the other side they get a quite extraordinary reaction so there's a restaurant owner in Westminister ironically enough who wants to have his say on brexit thought what can I do it says I know I'm gonna put a little message on my receipt so on his receipts at the bottom it on the bit of paper you screw up and throw away anyway it says brexit is bad immigrants are what makes Britain great they also prepared and made your food for you this has earned him a lot of threats death threats threats of all the forms of violence and I'm gonna make it clear here I am NOT charring everyone with the same brush but I also can't help but notice that the only sign that ever produced these reactions are the leave side ok again not saying that everyone the left side you know produces these threats and I'm sure that the vast majority also do not approve of them you see the same things in comments in this videos and and you only see the ones that the YouTube algorithm has actually allowed through its filters there are hundreds in the naughty tab that fell foul of the bots but as I knew would happen the restaurant owner has been absolutely inundated with support from around the country not only support against the bullies but for what they've done and you know for their right to put that on there as well and I only hope that Parliament stands up to its own bullies in just the same way but the increased desperation of the hard brexit ears suggests that they are but here's the thing and they keep telling us this as well our default position at the moment is a No Deal brexit which is what they want or which is what they say they want they keep telling us smugly that this is what's going to happen now with the deadlock so why the panic if you've about to get what you want we're out 60 days away now roughly two months why the panic I talks on Friday about tax avoidance you know the whole tax avoidance angle and how this will definitely be motivating for some I'd be willing to go go out on a limb here and say that any brexit ear who is properly panicking right now particularly in Parliament is one of these who has their eyes on the tax-free prize and not the good of the nation at all so how can their prize be removed what threats are they facing so Parliament could actually vote for Mays deal although this guarantees brexit absolutely guarantees will leave the EU which is what they say they want it's also guarantees that we'll never leave without a deal and everyone knows no matter what those brick cities may say publicly they know that that means ultimately we're gonna be stayin in the single market that is the only deal that is actually even possible no matter what they said before while they were reading from their big book of unicorns we will be in the single market that means that the anti-tax avoiding directive and various other regulatory devices for making sure people pay their dues will be in force in this country they don't want that the other thing that could happen is Parliament could cancel article 50 but that seems unlikely as there isn't anything like a majority who want to defy the referendum result they could run another referendum now with brexit ear saying that the majority of people wants us to leave they should have nothing to fear from this the result will just you know that will just demonstrate that yeah we told you look the majority still want to leave in which case at least that next referendum would say what manner of leaving and and if they have made the case as they say they have for leaving without a deal then again that's what will be produced so again why the panic but hey that's they know that's not gonna be the case we are now almost certain to get a majority of people who vote remain for all this talk about the majority people wants to leave they know it's a lie otherwise they wouldn't panic they'll be sad about going yet referendum sure no problem not only have people seen the economic damage it's done already just by getting ready to leave to say nothing of what will happen once we do people have also seen the brexit Ears promises turn to ash as their own incompetence and ignorance has been exposed over the last two years but the law of you losing tax D regulations can't be a motivator for many people after all those thugs I mentioned earlier are unlikely to have the sort of wealth that would benefit from the No Deal brexit so what are they so desperate about the only source of information they're ever going to read are those where they're told that no brexit is the default position now and that a majority of British citizens are in favor of it now if those two things are true then why the panic and why the threat acts of desperation and lashing out are the results have been cornered and wounded not triumphant so what about this MP who approached the Polish government now obviously if we don't get an extension then the three it possibilities I've just described are the only ones that exist either Parliament votes for Mays deal Parliament completely cancels brexit or we go out with no deal those are the only three possibilities but if we do get an extension there's under whatever circumstances now I've said I believe the only way we'd get one is if it was to run another referendum but for whatever reason if we do get an extension there is then almost no chance of a No Deal because what would definitely be the case we would definitely not be given an extension unless there was a realistic prospect of coming up with an arrangement somehow so it actually makes sense for them to try and block the extension you know if all the things that I am assuming which they say is wrong but if we assume for example that they are motivated not out of the what's it in the best interest of the country but in their own tax receipts if they don't believe a majority are in favor of brexit then of course if those two things are true and they both have to be true for this to make any sense then of course they would wish to block an extension they don't have the numbers in Parliament to block it to our end because you know Pilate if Parliament says no we're not having an extension and that's it they don't have the numbers to do that and although both Teresa Maine Jeremy Corbyn or at the moment playing into their hands that could change apart from anything else Parliament may just bypassed them both so if they can't block the extension on our end then they would want to block it on the other so this MP conservative MP called Daniel Kaczynski has formally asked Poland to veto an extension request he doesn't hold a ministerial position so I'm not quite sure it's been reported as a formal request I don't really understand how a non ministerial MP makes a formal request to an entire nation you know to the head of government of a nation I don't really get how that works you know surely only the Prime Minister can make a formal request to a particular nation or at least someone acting on her instructions which I'm sure he is not and and you'd look at that and you think oh because it only takes one one of those 27 member states to veto it and and it's not happening now there's two aspects to this when I first came across what the person said before I read into it I thought to myself well although there might be a country that would think yeah it might be an our interest to block an extension we don't want to be messing about nonetheless we know how these things work in theory each of those 27 member states gets a say in this and they all have to agree unanimously that's what article 50 says in practice we know how politics works more influential political players can extract cooperation from from others and basically you know if anyone was if the rest of the EU said look we're happy to grant this extension for this reason and someone was being a bit iffy about it the rest of them could easily say to them will you fall in line stop rocking the boat and and and that could have easily been the case of Poland but as it happens the Polish media took this up and they were starting to ask questions of their government and the answer that came back was basically the Polish government is dead set on avoiding no deal it doesn't want no deal any more than anyone else does and it would consider an extension if one were requested so that is their line so you know mr. Kaczynski has not got his way they are not going to veto on his behalf whether he's going to now send letters or whether other people are going to send letters to other nations EU nations and try and lean on them because they know they're losing influence on their own government I don't know I don't know so in terms of where what their options are now and again it is remarkable I don't understand how people are not seeing this contradiction between if you're saying that majority if a majority of people were in favor of was leaving with No Deal I am set or even just leaving I'm telling you what there's no way any MP in Parliament much less a majority would have the guts to derail it now and if they don't derail it now we are leaving with no deal because they don't you know leave a ton remainders don't like the current deal someone was asking me about why because they were saying relying on you you know this is a transitionary deal it can lead to something sensible at the end of it you know so just to explain that just finish off the reason is this the hardline brexit is don't want it because it takes us on a path to stayin in the single market there is no way of avoiding that because although it's a transitionary deal I need to say well at the end of that transitional period if we still have no deal then then then we crush that we no deal no the backstop with Ireland which no matter what anyone's saying has to stay I mean the Republic of Ireland said today that it has to of course it has to stay they said there's no magic solution to it and no there isn't the only way you preserve peace in Ireland and is by keeping that border open that is it that is it and that's what is of prime importance and people keep coming up with all these ridiculous suggestions which which don't solve anything oh well you know Alan be completely unified it could have become reunified ten years ago you know with the Good Friday Agreement negotiations it could we could you know if there was belief that a referendum would have just called for you reunification there that could have been done and that would have solve the whole problem so that's not a solution that although it may happen in the future it's not going to happen imminently it's not going to happen in the next few years so that's not going to solve the problem and and the idea that we can just put up the hard border it through the Irish Sea so that Northern Ireland exists and different conditions to the rest of the UK that's not a non-starter as well there is no solution the only way we can preserve peace in Northern Ireland or indeed I'll in general but Northern Isles specifically is by staying the single market that's it that is the only thing we can do and everyone knows that everyone knows it but people don't want to face up to it and that's the simple situation that's why I did a video ages ago on how the Northern Ireland situation makes bricks it all the sort of breaks it has been called for impossible it's it's actually impossible you know and but people are still not facing reality so that's why Mays deal is no good for the hardline Beretta tears so what about the remainders because it's very very clear that this deal which may only made this transition she easily could have arranged a deal like negotiate a deal where we'd you know what we just stay in the single market and customs union agree of fee we could have done that over this two years that could have been done no problem at all but you needed to get through Parliament so it's quite clear that her strategy on this or it seems to me was to get a transitionary deal which doesn't doesn't really dictate a certain outcome it's like well you know there's any number of deals we could end up with out of this she wanted to get through Parliament so that way we are now committed you know Parliament effectively is then committed but Parliament's see through it most MPs are not that stupid and they've seen that what this means is yes it inevitably is going to lead to us remaining in the single market in the customs union yes it will keep us with the security agreements with the EU that we rely on to keep our citizens safe so all those things are good but it removes our say what nobody is in favor of it's actually ironic the bricks of tears keep saying the what you know though they're not like the EU they're not like you know EU law has been forced on the British people and yet they can't name a single law that was forced on the British people not one law but here's the thing that would happen if we left under this situation because we would have to follow the EU laws but we wouldn't get a say in them whereas now we do and that's you know so that's why neither side wants this deal you know it really you know it looks like a compromise but you're talking about a situation where there is no compromise there isn't a compromise you know it's like an extreme outcome will will satisfy some people and not the others the other extreme outcome will satisfy some people and not others the middle outcome satisfies no one absolutely no one and and that's the problem with it but anyway it's just really weird I just find it extraordinary that the people panicking right now are the ones who if you look at it from a distance it actually looks like they're the ones get in their way because at the moment if Parliament doesn't vote for something in two months time would go out with no deal that is a simple Parliament at the moment has been voting against things but it hasn't actually voted for something yet okay unless you count the vote of no confidence in the government it voted for that government to remain okay but on on issues of brexit Parliament has not voted recently at any rate any time recently for something for something to move forward for any outcome at all and if that continues then the No Deal is inevitable why are they panicking someone explained but anyway there you go that's my little discussion first for Sunday tomorrow as I say check out the poll if you're interested in voting for that one of them is in the lead at the moment but you never know for tomorrow I hope you enjoyed the video if you did don't forget to give it a like subscribe for further content click the bell notification and not only to be notified of the further content but also to be notified of the polls when they go up as well and until next time I'll see you later

Brexit – James O'Brien Vs Irrational Brexiteer Caller

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James O’Brien tries to reason with an irrational Brexiteer.

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feeling a little bit uneasy today because I find myself agreeing with you a lot which doesn't normally happen when I listen to your show and are very pleased and I'm not a racist and I also firmly enough didn't want to abolish freedom the move which and I coming from someone who folks leave must be and quite a shot here as well you know I was going to ask how you could have ended up at a place in life where you disagree with a lot of what I say but I think you just explained it to his carry on yes listening to your mediator I was in some agreement with him and but I also feel that you were wrong when when you said that leave voters can't see the rational side because I do believe that we're at a stage now where and this hybrid agreement between later it's still theoretical of course but but if customs union is is tacked on to Teresa Mays deal what what I meant when I said that was how would you describe the prize that that delivers to you as a leave voter well it doesn't make me happy what is the good bit the good bit is there and I can't believe I'm saying this is that we get it through and we just get over and done with and then we start to rebuild everything that's been crushed by this process we don't have to cross anything we could just go back to how we were I don't think that's an option that well it is clearly an option it's not desirable but it's clearly an option so so we're left wondering what what so you you now or as someone who voted leave I think that customs union is is the way forward because you wouldn't have to admit you were wrong and so sorry that's what I'm hearing no I believe so what's the plus or we're going to have to it's going to have to have to and even if it's for icon number who it was last week so that even if it's for a period of time and so they're the loss the positive was the improvement that it delivers from what we currently have what as in the spaces quo right now today yeah it gives us something to look forward to in to actually build upon no no no it has to be better a lot better than what we have day what would that deliver that's better than membership it doesn't there is nothing but so there's nothing on the table that's better than membership but you remain passionately opposed to membership I oppose memberships reasons not to do betrayed and remember the Armed Forces know in Vermont he the prospect of an EU army was something that I'm speaking on behalf of myself but also on behalf of a lot of people that I served with yes was a very worrying prospect military cooperation yes there's a very worrying prospect no because we work with members of the military within EU states that's one thing they're all under the same umbrella and being Ramona suggests managed by the same chain of command no one's suggesting there'll be more like NATO you've got probably somewhat I'd say have you got for NATO and also just to those of us who aren't who haven't served I've always felt a little bit more threatened by armies that we're not in why because they're our enemies the ones that we're in they're our allies yeah just talk me through that it's you have lost me there a bit okay if there is an EU army and we are in it I would not feel threatened by it historically the armies that threatened us as a sovereign nation are armies that we are not part of so how have you as a soldier ended up being more frightened of an army that we would be in than you are of an army that we're not in if that was the case it would be no different to what we've already got with NATO however exactly what I've been led to believe which could be wrong we're gonna have a chain of command that is going to establish it but we're still being we'd still be did you just use the phrase European super-state yeah okay have a great day sober Exeter's have gone from describing the vote to leave racks it as something better than membership of the European Union so they've gone from that to describing brexit as something worse than membership of the European Union but it's necessary to follow through with the vote for two reasons basically one of them is its democratic it's the will of the people and even if people know that the effect of brexit is going to be worse on society on the economy than staying in it we have to go through with it anyway because it's the will of the people as James O'Brien had said in many other cases the it's the will of some people but not the will of all the people even all the people who voted to leave because many people voted for different reasons to leave the European Union so that's one branch of the idea that you have to continue with the vote the other is a threat the other is if we don't follow through with the vote a certain group of people will protest and they will become violent so that means that the British people are going to be held ransom their safety is going to be held ransom because of a small group of people who are led by a so called a man of the people like Niger Faraj for example so that the British people have to follow through with something that has been proven to be based on lies and conducted in an illegal way but they have to follow through with it because it's the will of the people or because a certain group of people are going to protest in a violent manner this is what brexit has become and people continue to defend it it's ridiculous

Iain Dale questions Polly Toynbee on 'extremist Brexiteers' (13March19)

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Iain Dale questions Polly Toynbee how she can accuse Conservatives of being “extreme Brexiteers”, while pretending Labour Party are the poster boys for sanity.

Recorded from BBC2 HD, Politics Live, Spring Budgets Statement Special, 13 March 2019.

A Handful Of Deluded Brexiteers Who Believe No-Deal Will Be A Minor Inconvenience – Welsh Assembly

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with a deadline of the 29th of March looming very large on the horizon there is an assumption West fest myths Westminster that we can get very close to the wire and then demand an extension to article 50 this is a dangerous assumption the longer we wait to ask for an extension the weaker the negotiating position of the government the closer we get to the 29th of March the greater the concessions other EU member states will seek from the UK in return for securing their agreement and the nearer we are to the European elections the more difficult it will be to reconcile anything more than a short extension with the arrangements to reshape that Parliament to reflect Beck's brexit so we need to ask for an extension to article 50 now something but look at last night the EU indicated it would consider positively the UK government need to face the fact that threats and ultimatums will not somehow lead the EU to compliance submission because while I'm sure that no one in the EU wants the UK to crash act with no deal can we blame our European partners if they're exasperated beyond measure by what they have seen in the last few weeks and whilst brexit is surely the dominant issue in British politics we delude ourselves if we think that brexit is the main focus in France in Germany in Spain in Portugal any of the mature democracy faced by a challenge of the sort posed by brexit would have seen a government seeking to build a broad-based consensus about how to move forward in admittedly difficult circumstances but the government of the United Kingdom manifestly failed to reach out rather it embarked on a narrow partisan strategy to unite the Conservative Party not the country a strategy based on red lines self-imposed deadlines and on an inability to listen to or respect the legitimate interests of the other party in the negotiation the eu-27 a strategy which has failed to do anything to bridge the deep in society even so the historic defeat of the withdrawal agreement and political declaration would have in any normal times resulted in the resignation of the Prime Minister and an immediate change in direction but following that defeat we heard encouraging words to the Prime Minister about cross party discussions reaching out to devolved administration's and looking to build consensus it sounded like the Prime Minister had finally learned from the UK government's mistakes when the first Minister met the Prime Minister last week he was clear the UK government was at a crossroads the Prime Minister could continue in the direction in which he has slowly moved since the Lancaster House red lines by now embracing a customs union and participation in a single market across the whole economy or she could stick to her deal and doggedly try to continue on a journey which had already taken her down a cul-de-sac so if despite those encouraging words following her defeat two weeks ago it's now quite clear that the Prime Minister is going round in circles in her cul-de-sac reiterating redline positions failing to see the urgent need to extend article 50 and failing to rule out No Deal in short a continuation on the road to nowhere can anything be more ludicrous than the Prime Minister imposing a three-line whip on her own MPs to get them to instruct her to go away and do something she only two weeks ago said was impossible rather than looking to unite Parliament on the way ahead consistent with a vision for a post brexit relationship with the EU that continues to be endorsed by the National Assembly the Prime Minister has chosen to double down on the backstop even though the EU has maintained and repeated again last night that the backstop is not open for renegotiation while her red lines remain in place and so it can I say that we support the legitimate concerns being expressed by our neighbors in the Republic of Ireland and the European Union on the risks that brexit poses to the peace and prosperity the Good Friday Agreement has brought to the island of Ireland the Prime Minister is about to demand that the Ireland and the other eu27 reopen a deal she has so recently was final than the only D on the table if they refuse to give up the cast-iron cast-iron guarantee can we blame them that they would refuse to do that in return for the UK's assertion that they could be trusted to one of their agreements so why with brexit it's always impossible to be certain to the future the Prime Minister's next – too Restless looks pretty much doomed and even if she does return with some token concessions our assurance reassurance says who can be sure that it Willis wage that handful of deluded brexit tears who genuinely believe that crashing out with no deal will just be a minor inconvenience let's be clear the Prime Minister is going to need to secure lasting support for her approach to brexit trying to build a strategy on side deals of the DUP and the concessions to the European reform group will only weaken the government's position domestically as they tried to pass the necessary legislation in the coming weeks so we can temp condemn the UK government for failing to see the need to establish common ground across political parties on brexit for the long term by contrast to the strategy divide and rule seen in Westminster right from the starts the Welsh government has looked to build consensus typify by our whitepaper securing Wales as future agreed jointly with plied company in that white paper we were clear about the trade-offs that would be needed if we were to honor the results of the referendum we recognised that people had not voted to make themselves poorer and that Wales could not default the massive economic costs of severing access to the servicing single markets and being outside a customs union and that this meant we would have to accept a future where like Norway we had less control over a regulatory environment than we do as a Member State our evidence-based approach continues to result in this National Assembly being able to agree majority positions to reject the UK government's deal and set the form of brexit with participation in the single market and a customs union that would command our support agreement on the need to extend the article 50 process and agreement to rule out the prospect of the UK leaving without our ability err to find common ground puts us in a position in this assembly of strength when we seek to influence the UK government by being clear what is and what is not acceptable for Wales last night the House of Commons failed to back any current way forward except a worrying attempt to kick the can down the road it seems increasingly clear that the choice the country main deed end up being faced with is no deal a bad deal which cannot command a stable majority in parliament or putting the decision back to the people and the public vote is not an easy poll there are many obstacles on the route both principled and practical but while the Weiser Welsh government will continue to urge Parliament to unite around a withdrawn agreement and a rewritten political declaration that reflects a more credible more stable Norway plus type-r exit which by the way renders the backstop redundant we also know that time is running out and so the work must now begin our preparing for a public vote

Eddie Mair destroys Brexiter MP over Leave Campaign crimes

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Eddie Mair 11 April 2019

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Oh Dan you are an incorrigible delinquents at times yourself an a live lied to college green at Westminster where David Jones is waiting thank you for your patience he was a brexit minister he is the Conservative MP for Claude West are you warm in our LBC tent it's very snug yes thank good good I'm glad we're looking after you who will you go as at Halloween Theresa May or Donald Tusk the question is whether we ever get to tell a Halloween Politico we'll get to Halloween well we guess but politically speaking what will happen before then and I think quite a few things are likely to happen I think one one thing that is more or less certain to happen is that the Prime Minister will have to step aside and be replaced by another leader and that of course will do a lot to change the game well if I may not that the post of Prime Minister isn't important but I think for most people listening interested though they are in that the future of brexit is is probably more important you you're not saying which party by the way you might vote for in the European elections actually I did okay I've made it clear to you referring to the BBC Wales report yes yeah I I went on BBC world this morning made a point I've never voted for any party other than the Conservatives and what would I ever do so will you definitely vote at the European elections if they happen yeah yes but on that point I think is extremely important to to point out that this is an exercise that's going to cost 108 million pounds and it's very lovely Chris Grayling could get dozens of fairies but it's it's also very likely that those who take up their seats if in fact we have that election we'll probably be sitting there for a maximum of four months and I think it's quite unreasonable to expect candidates to slug the streets for several weeks in order to be elected to a parliament in which they will probably not be participating evil will make that choice won't they why do you think brexit hasn't happened I mean there'll be many reasons for it but principally who's responsible for that do you think I think frankly it's a lack of will on the part of the British government the the the legal structure is in place the Commons passed all the necessary legislation including the withdrawal Act which prescribed you'll recall the 29th of March as the date and then it became very clear that the government was getting cold feet about leaving without a negotiated agreement even though that was what was provided for in the act and is now doing its level best to ensure that if we do leave it's going to be on the softest terms possible so you think it's the lack of will on the part of the British government do you think that levers who made during the referendum campaign have over promised and ultimately under delivered do you think they bear any responsibility for brexit not yet happening no I don't think so because once the referendum process was completed then became an issue for the government to deliver the government of course has been hampered by the fact that we had a fairly advised general election in 2017 which of course wiped out the overall majority well before we come to the election let's let's look at what was promised during the referendum Liam Fox coming to a free trade agreement with the EU should be one of the easiest in human history John redwood getting out of the EU can be quick and easy Boris Johnson there are plenty people who now think the cost of getting Ike would be virtually nil that was all nonsense wasn't it do any of those people and others who said similar things bear any responsibility for brexit not yet happening well well look you're obviously asking me to defend things that other people have said but what I would say is that if I'm asking you whether those people and others bear responsibility for brexit not happening no I don't I don't think at all because as I say once the referendum was out of the once the legislation was in place it was up to the government to deliver brexit and there was no reason why they should and in fact you probably recall that the Prime Minister made a speech in January of 2017 at Lancaster House which was probably the best speech that she's made on the issue of brexit in which he spelled out a vision of a free trade agreement or of a good relationship with the European Union that wouldn't impede our trade in good relations with the rest of the world and to get back to that election after the election of 2017 that stopped and I think that that was where the lack of will crept in well I want to press you further if I may on this question of responsibility because in my experience when you ask arch levers in the Conservative Party why brexit hasn't happened and what's gone wrong it always seems to be someone else it's never the BRICS is supporting brexit ministers who were in charge apparently they were all who'd linked hoodwinked by a a cabal of remain supporting civil servants it's not the brexit secretary dominic arab who confessed in November he hadn't quite understood hi reliant UK trade in goods is on davekeli it's always those pesky Europeans leave us told us EU countries would fall out during negotiations and succumb to leave demands or or even recently given at the eleventh hour they haven't have they and I just wonder whether they the promises of it's all going to be easy are part of why this hasn't worked Eddie I you you recall that I haven't blamed the Europeans at all during this conversation what I have blamed is frankly a lack of will on the part of of the British government never the levers well the government comprises levers and remain errs you know you can't actually fractionalize a government the government should have been proceeding with a very active process of preparation for leaving the European Union they should have been publicizing the fact that we're doing that they should not have agreed to the sequencing of the talks that the EU insisted upon in in other words they didn't stand up to the EU and I I'll be frank with you it has not been well handled I'm not complaining at all about the European Union but would you complain about some of those levers I've quoted I would I'm not personalizing people but the limb foxy is in government but you know John redwood is not in government he he is not responsible for the conduct or the negotiations he's responsible for what comes out of his mouth though yes but he has an opinion as we all do um leave Tory you broke electoral law and was fined 70,000 pounds leave dot EU and an insurance company owned by aran banks has been fined a hundred and twenty thousand pounds over data law breaches do you think the referendum was crooked no I don't I I was involved in the referendum campaign really from the beginning of 2016 I saw no evidence that it was crooked by the way about the evidence like well I own the alleged Commission's find well just a moment leave dot EU was not you'll recall the designated campaign Erin banks was not part of the designated campaign yeah I mean it was a complex campaign and the Electoral Commission has come to certain conclusions I agree with some I will accept the conclusions of the Electoral Commission but what I can say is that I saw no evidence at all of any wrongdoing and I was very closely involved with the campaign for many months so we have all of the promises made by some of those levers I quoted we have leave dot EU breaking electoral law who were not the designated campaigner well that that that difference may be lost on people who were reading the messages on Facebook you think that they're not lost on you Eddie and you know the difference and what's the difference to people reading the messages well if the designated campaign was vote leave as you know and vote leave it was nothing to do with Aaron banks he had no participation in their activities at all so we have the we have the promises made which have not been delivered the promises made by leave supporters we have what happened to during the campaign and now all we hear from some hard brexit conservative MPs either it's really time to get rid of Theresa May nevermind the millions of people and businesses who are whose lives are on hold let's change the leader do you think millions of people in this country those people who sincerely want out of the EU do you think they deserve to be led by something better than a bunch of cheatin chances right for their own political and financial ends again that's your characterization which I don't accept at all and in fact if you'd like to say which is the cheating chance of it you're referring to you know maybe I could comment did we just talk about what happened to leave dot EU well we did and I reminded you that leave dot EU were not the the designated campaign nor a leave dot EU anything to do with government I have made it clear that I think that the difficulty was a lack of the part of government a lack of preparation poor above the poor agreement of the sequencing of the talks that were demanded by the European Union and I'm not blaming the EU at all but what I am saying is that we could have been better led look it will be better led by the leave the leave side before during and after the referendum is really my question because the obsession with getting rid of tourism a continues and brexit still hasn't been delivered is it not time to chafe or thanks people to change the subject forgive me I'm not I'm not obsessed with lives at all if that's what you are actually suggesting what I'm saying to you is that I think that tourism a who has I think attempted to deliver what she thinks is in the national interest is not really going to be able to take this process very much further because she stymied and I think that now is the time for the reset button to be pressed and for a new leader to commence the negotiations in what way she stymied would you say because quite clearly she will not be able to get the withdrawal agreement through Parliament reversion well the issue is that Teresa Mays withdrawal agreement is not going to fly I'm not suggesting for a moment that that withdrawal agreement will get through the House of Commons at all because clearly it won't it's been defeated three times once by the biggest majority in British parliamentary history and I think that is time for a new negotiation with Europe Union that is going to result in something that is far more likely to fly than the withdrawal agreement which I don't think will who would do a better job well that's a matter for consideration and you know my and colleagues would no doubt be considering that Theresa maze made it clear that she wants to step down soon she says she'll step down when the withdrawal agreement has gone through well maybe you should have some idea of who should take over I just wonder for you I've got some private views but I think is frankly premature for me to to share theirs now you're urging the country to press the reset button on the Prime Minister but won't tell us who you think should take over what in due course I will but but the fact the fact is that at this particular stage I'm not prepared to share it well this comes down to my suggestion that there are some people and I'm not accusing you of this but there are some people I'm suggesting to you who are using this national crisis for their own political ends no I I firmly reject that I think that that is completely wrong I'm glad that you said that I'm not doing that because I certainly am NOT I actually would support the withdrawal agreement if the Irish backstop can be removed the Irish backstop is what destroys British sovereignty it what it's what potentially removes Northern Ireland from the Union and I'm not prepared to sell down the river you wonder why during the referendum campaign Boris Johnson dismissed questions about the Irish border well you know you're asking me questions for the people and really those questions would be far better directed of the people you your query thanks very much for taking the time well thank you for sitting in our warm tent and if you're a politician thinking about which program to appear on bear in mind I warm and cozy the global LBC ten days on College Green that was David Jones who was a brexit minister he is the Conservative MP for Claude West

Dumb Things Brexiteers Say – Part 1

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So, as promised, here’s the first of a series of videos tackling some of the more uninspired things Brexiteers say in defence of the impending exit from the EU. I’ve even thrown a bonus in so that you can actually have a positive thing to say about Brexit which isn’t a complete fantasy.

hi so we've reached 1,000 subscribers so I've got a nice little community here now thank you very much and I said when we hit a thousand subscribers I would go through a few videos to give something back to the brexit ears because there's an awful lot of statements they keep coming out with in terms of the advantages and bricks as they see it or at the very least the disadvantage been in the EU or the fact that we don't need the EU and so you know I'm going to address those now I'm going to do a few at a time because I don't want to do all of them in one lot because you know attention span so I'll do a few but then I'm going to pour bonus at the end this is something you brexit ears can use to actually use in arguments that would be great for you wouldn't it actually having something that would be true so the first one one of the most common questions is so if leaving the EU would be a disaster why were we doing so well before we joined this is a really easy question to answer we weren't we were doing really badly I think where this goes wrong is people are aware that was sort of been doing well recently and they remember that before we joined the EU or the easy as it was at the time we had the British Empire we owned like two-thirds of the world that was brilliant we were doing amazing then what they forget about was that there was a period of time between those two events and specifically in the period of time between the EEC forming and Oz joining we were doing disastrously badly for a couple of reasons a lot of our industry was very uncompetitive very lazy not very innovative but the other thing is that the fact that the EEC was working so well and we were on the outside of it you know one of the big reasons we were doing so badly is because we were not in the EEC so it's really as a comparative thing our economy was growing over this period of time but the problem was it was growing by about 50% of the growth of leading nations such as France West Germany as it was at the time and Italy and this was meaning that we're getting further and further behind in terms of the economy were getting we were known as the poor man of Europe we were the beggar nation of Europe we weren't doing well we were doing disastrously you know this this chart from financial time sort of shows this and what it what's really interesting on this it doesn't just show us lagging very badly behind what you can see here is our economy at the time as compared to the averages of the economies of West Germany France and Italy the leading economies at the time within that european community and what you can see very very clearly is when we joined we immediately started going up our GDP started increasing our growth started to rapidly very rapidly catch up with those European powerhouses and then we overtook it because yes as people will know there's a lots to be proud about with British industry yes certain industries have sort of fallen by them by the wayside and but other ones have taken off as well but we needed that community to be able to make it work and the proof of the pudding is in the eating it's right there our economy was woeful before we joined as soon as we joined this wasn't years later as soon as we joined it took off and overtook those and and another thing that was pointed out quite recently as well with regards brixey because another little side issue is people keep saying oh well what about all these predictions of doom and gloom our economy's been alright since the vote there's two aspects of that first of all we haven't left the EU yet so at the moment nothing has done you know tangibly changed however it's also not true we were as is pointed out very recently the fastest growing economy in the EU just before the referendum vote we are now pretty much bottom our economy has not been doing well and I think another thing that sometimes caused a bit of confusion here people sometimes think if they're okay then the country is okay you know maybe for example people think that the country was doing okay before we join the EEC because you know they were doing okay or their granddad was doing okay well I'm sorry but your granddad doing okay is not a measure for the country the Khan was not just as these now there's plenty people in this country that will tell you they are not doing okay compared to a couple years ago you know you the government can fiddle employment figures you know they can do things like for example to keep people off the unemployment make it look like it's going down they can say things like oh you people of being signed off as a doctor is saying you're not fit for work yet you've got sort of these two things make them go to a meeting where someone who has no medical qualifications and tells them to pick up a pound coin or you can pick up a pound coin you can work all of a sudden they don't get those benefits or sanctioning people when they've done nothing wrong again just to get them off the unemployment figures or getting people that aren't paid anything but they've got a zero hours contract even though they're getting zero hours oh well they're coming off the unemployment figures as well but what you can't hide is the country's GDP what you can't hide is how productive the country is being those are official statistics statistics you get from the government or that the government determine or define they can be fiddled statistics from say the office for national statistics No so that's an easy one second one is how did we trade successfully before so one of the things I've been talking about is the fact that we are really going to struggle to get trade deals we're certainly not going to get beneficial trade deals the best that the government can help whichever government is in power is that they get a crap trade deal but somehow convinces is a great trade deal but we have no chance of getting a great trade deal and so this question how do we trade successfully before well see what we used to do right this was our technique we used to get a load of battleships and blockade ports and then we'd send the army in and force them to open up those ports to trade with us in terms that benefited us and if they didn't like that very much we used to Nick their country yeah you're not allowed to do that anymore so what we're actually going to be in a situation of is the other thing as well actually to bear in mind is at the time the the EC was a it was a really powerful experiment since then a lot of other regions have developed there trading Blox very protectionist trading Blox after all why would you join a trading bloc with other countries if you weren't gonna get beneficial treatment so that's what it's all about so now we're gonna try and trade with countries that are in their own trading bloc include in the EU but also in the Americas in Asia elsewhere and we're gonna try and get beneficial treatment ourselves without being a part of that blood no cuz that's not how it works because the other countries that block you can exhale no you're not gonna trade with them on beneficial terms where your body's where your home is you're part of our block it's not gonna happen that's the reason we're out on our own who were going to trade with no one that's gonna give us a good deal it's simple really third one is a cracker I like this one says lots of comments like this or you're just project fear or you're just a Ramona that's really good I like the thing is though I keep seeing lots of people saying the same thing I'm thinking that's strange that lots of people all independently thinking always come up with the same two phrases hmm actually now that I think about it I've heard those phrases before yeah like Jacob Riis Morgan Boris Johnson they use those phrases but that's really confusing because then it's like you're not capable of expressing yourself in your own words you got to use someone else's words but that's odd because if you can't express yourself in your own words it's almost like you can't think for yourself so you're using someone else's thoughts mmm but anyway I'm sure that's all you can take in for now they'll be another one but there's a bonus I did promise a bonus now here's the thing when you come out with the usual project fear Ramon oh great thank you very much the problem is that you just come across as a bit dumb because when you're trying to have a debate if you don't actually tackle the points if you can't actually come up with a benefit for breakfast it there isn't fantasy that's actually real you just come across as a bit silly now I don't want you to come across as silly I really don't so what I'm going to do is I'm gonna give you a benefit of brexit cuz only a four would say there's no benefit to brexit there are benefits in any tragedy in fact the inspired people the people who are real winners in life are the ones who can identify opportunities in disaster here is one at the moment we have a massive skill shortage the Chamber of Commerce is crying out saying that our businesses are stymied because they cannot get the skills in this country that's not existing and now we're struggling to get those skills from abroad as well the NHS is a big one but there's lots of industries engineering firms for example that just cannot find the people with the skills they need to expand so they're stagnating now that doesn't sound like a great thing but it can be it can be because here's the thing we for too long have been a little bit like the Premier League like Premier League clubs a lot of Premier League club fans will note that quite a lot of their players are from overseas there's not many especially in the top teams not that many British born or British raised at the very least players and and the reason for this is because traditionalists might be improving now traditionally we haven't been that great at teaching in the skills but there's other countries that do so and because the Premier League so rich we just buy that talent in we've been doing the same thing in industry we haven't really been training people in fact the funding for training people in useful skills has been slashed and slashed over several years over the last nine years especially it's been like a forest fire if our industry needs certain skills and we don't have them and we can't get them in from abroad either because especially in the EU they don't feel safe here because we haven't got an official deal or worth still because people still get it into their heads that migration is a problem when we don't have actually we actually don't have enough immigration to cover these skills but if the government keeps carrying on with its threats of curbing immigration which is what they always say they never actually do it because they know better but they always say there will one day maybe they will and then we're really struggling so we need to get those skills in this country so how do we do that first of all we need to encourage people to go into careers that we need so we need more doctors and nurses we need more engineer these are the things we desperately need in this country so that be campaigns run to encourage more people to go into these careers not going off to university and studying something useless like Media Studies or sociology we don't need a lot of them few of them fine yeah but not a lot of them doctors nurses engineers okay then what we do is the government funds those courses of colleges so they've been slashing the funding for for these courses in actual fact in the last few years I know as a teacher in a college the the these the funding for all of these things training these sort of people has been slashed like you wouldn't believe so we're actually discouraging people in this country from entry in those careers and finally what you would do is you would keep training people you would fund training people throughout their lives that way if a particular town like the town I'm living in Scunthorpe is dependent on particular industry the steel industry in our case that puts you in a vulnerable position but keeping funding keeping people skills up teach them new skills as industry modernizes and modernizes funding that will mean that you don't necessarily depend upon one industry that you've got the skills to move into a different industry if necessary as well or a related industry that's actually blossoming there's your silver lining it could force the government to realize we've got a skills gap that we can't just buy in from outside forces to train our own people and actually British people can then start to climb the skills ladder something that even though our economy is forged ahead our skills progress has fallen sadly behind there you go free bonus fear that you can actually use in an argument about brexit hope you enjoyed that if you did don't forget to click the like button subscribe for further content thanks again for the thousand subs it's very nice share with other people who might also be interested now until next time I'll see you later but also I've got a few more of these to go through but if you can think of any put them in the comments below and I'll try and get around to them

Brexit: Jeremy Hunt Hopes Vote#3 Will Be Held & DUP And Others Can Be Convinced This Time

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Lizzy talk breakfast or it's a key week and sometimes feel like a deja boo' scenario but are you are you optimistic at all that's meaningful that three we go through but I think there are some cautious signs of encouragement you've got people like Matthew Elliott and led the vote leave campaign normal among estimate of a people are strong critics of the deal who now saying they will support it but there is a lot more work to do and I think the risk of no deal at least as far as the UK Parliament concerned has receded somewhat but the risk of brexit paralysis has not and that is not what people at home want they want this deal to be sorted they want us to get on and leave the EU in accordance with the referendum result and that's why we will be redoubling our efforts this week and will the meaningful vote happen tomorrow but we hope it will but we need to be comfortable can get the numbers and if that's by huge amount of workers going on with colleagues with DP with all the size of the Conservative Party and we're just going to be doing everything we possibly can because this is what people voted for and this is what we're committed to delivering you

Have Remainers lost their minds? Have Leavers lost their Brexit?

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In a very unscientific Twitter poll more people would choose to ‘Stop Brexit’ than ‘Reverse Climate Change’. This is madness but they may get their wish as it now seems certain that Article 50 will have to be extended . . . and after that . . . who knows?

hi folks welcome to mark my words now some people say that remainders are obsessed with stopping brexit above anything else now I'm sure this could it be further from the truth so to prove this I thought I'd do a little poll take a look at this okay mark I want you to imagine that you found a magic lamp you give it a rub a genie comes out and he offers you one wish Brad for those three wishes it was until 2010 when the Tories came into power and cut the wishes anyway the point is it gives you a choice you can either stop brexit adversely things reverse climate change or free Palestine which would you choose stop now countdown countdown that's just an eight-year-old child I'm sure if I put this poll out on Twitter to adults out there on Twitter very much politically engaged I'm sure we get a more sensible answer let's take a look at the resource on my Twitter poll now you have it folks absolute madness if you've given one wish and you can choose from those four options 40% of respondents of which simmer over six and a half thousand chose stock brexit and 32% reverse climate change the fate of the whole planet second favorite to keeping the UK in the European Union it's absolute madness don't forget that Twitter poll of course is not restricted to just remain as anybody for voting that is absolutely crazy that 40% of people chose stock brexit and 32% reverse climate change it shows you what is wrong with a political debate in this country people are too obsessed with brexit of both sides of the debate as somebody who voted remained but is in no sense a Ramona I want to solve the problems in this country around austerity universal credit public services knife crime all those issues that people care about but all you hear from these hardcore remainders is that you can't solve any of that unless you stop brexit now stopping brexit might make solving those easier in financial terms but the fact of the matter is it doesn't matter how big the financial cake is if the government won't share the cake out more fairly so let's stay in the EU but let's have a Labour government that is what if you share the proceeds of the financial benefits of staying in the EU if you're willing to stay in the EU and stick with the Tories or the Lib Dems if you think they'll keep you in the EU and quite frankly I'm not interested first priority as a Labour government to share the economic wealth of this country more fairly however big it is how a big nut cake is it needs to be shared more fairly the EU is a second-order issue after getting labour into power and solving austerity and the horrible state of the poor people in this country now of course on Tuesday we'd have the meaningful vote in the Commons and it looks likely that Tereza maize deal is good lose and lose heavily personally I think it might be a bit closer than most pundits imagine because obviously brexit seems increasingly under threat and if you look at this story here in the independent it says that even if Teresa main steel passes on Tuesday yes passes on Tuesday the UK were not believing the European Union on the 29th of March there's too much legislation to get through the British Parliament to actually have an orderly deal brexit on the 29th of March even if Teresa Mae's deal gets through so my message today for levers is this you did not vote to leave the EU on the 29th of March 2019 in fact most of you that voted leave in 2016 probably expected to leave a lot sooner than today the fact of the matter is if you want to leave it here you don't you must let the Parliament and the government get on with its work I don't want to see these people with a yellow vests protesting about not leaving the EU on the 29th of March 2016 you've got a perfect right to be unhappy if we don't need to hear you and you're perfectly okay to express her but the 29th of March was on the ballot paper so if article 50 is extended or there needs to be a general election or there needs to be a second referendum before you start kicking off wait until the process is finished before you make a judgement as to whether or not your vote in the referendum has been respected or not the 29th of March was on no ballot paper in the world ever it's as simple as that so to quote the great Martin Luther King jr. we've got some difficult days ahead but quite frankly although next week is going to be one of the most unpredictable and shocking weeks possibly in British politics for a long time I'm quite optimistic about the future of this country well we stay in the EU whether we leave half leave whatever I'm quite confident that at some point this Tory government is going to collapse and whenever the general election does take place I'm confident that labour will do very well I don't care what the polls say the polls are absolute nonsense do you know anybody who has been contacted by an opinion pollster and when I say contacted I don't mean they've responded to an email of their own choosing I mean they've actually been stopped and asked directly without them pre-selecting themselves how they would want to vote the answer is probably no and the sorts of people that Labour wants to motivate to get to the ballot boxes to stop austerity are the least likely people to have been contacted by pollsters at all not only that the margin of error means that most polls are absolutely meaningless the margin of error is 3% but that doesn't mean a 3% difference in the gap between the parties it means a 3% difference in the level of support for any party so in fact labour could be free percent higher or lower and so could the Conservatives so the gap between the parties could be 6% either way though the actual result of the opinion polls opinion polls are absolutely useless but not only that the Tories only one in 2015 because David Cameron offered a referendum to choose to leave the EU it's quite clear now that that is why he won that election and took so many seats of the Liberal Democrats especially in the southwest which is very much Pro lead so I'm perfectly up for a general election any day of your choosing to resume and labour will be the next government being a minority or majority government with Jeremy Corbyn in number 10 to end your austerity project where you try to strip all the wealth from the poor people and even started to hit the middle classes and funnel it up to the one percent or the naught point one percent and take all the wealth that people that work in this country for the decades and try and store it and your offshore tax havens it's absolutely disgusting and labor it's going to put that to an end whether we stay or whether we leave the EU banks watching folks want to see what videos know what to do click on the subscribe on float around there somewhere and I catch you all again soon bye bye

Beer and Brexit with Richard Tice, Co-chair, Leave means Leave

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I love that belt good evening ladies and gentlemen welcome to what I think is the fourth in this Brit beer and brexit series I'm absolutely delighted that we've got Richard theis here with us tonight Richard is a long-standing Euroskeptic I think you're a director of business were sailing back from the 90s 20 years ago he's also been successful in what as academics like to call the real world it says here that you are a property tycoon which sounds overstated that's very impressive to me anyway Richard co-founded levy you with Aaron banks and you were described by our own banks in his book on the bad boys as brexit as the acceptable face of levy you and the one they'd once speaking to the police if they were all in a car and got pulled over I think I think that's praise I'm not for the headstone is it and more to the point for our purposes tonight Richard is co-chair of leave means leave that was founded in his own words following the push back from the establishment and a refusal to accept the referendum result no one's clapped at introduction before this is you're miles ahead he also tells me that this is right that you spent some time in strange ways playing football yeah I mean how many people here have been to Strangeways prison I went twice actually I was a goalkeeper I played for soulfood University in surprise surprise we always always had to play away I pulled this guy down in the penalty area and a water came up to me and he said if you know what's good for you son you let it in brilliant right just to kick us off with some easy stuff well what made you a Euroskeptic when did it happen did you have a Damascene moment or yeah in the mid-90s and believed a lot I actually wrote to Gordon Brown a three-page letter saying we mustn't join the euro and shortly after business of Stirling was founded bluntly I hate fraud waste and corruption and in my view the EU is riddled with all three of those things just to clarify you were you were empty euro and to joining the euro yeah but were you empty being in the euro at that time it evolved pretty quickly afterwards I was very very skeptical of it all right cuz for a lot of a lot of skeptics date their objection to membership to macerate yeah I was still sort of I was still pretty young then that's a good answer I thought through evolving okay when all right so in the referendum itself is it was there a moment when you thought blimey would we're gonna win this yeah I knew about three or four weeks before when the Labour MPs started to come back to Westminster ashen-faced when they had heard from their constituents in the Labour harland's that actually they weren't gonna listen to their MPs they weren't could listen to project fear and they were gonna vote to leave and that was the moment where I thought it's definitely on but were you confident that all those people I mean for me was obvious if you went to the north during the referendum campaign that there was a groundswell of opinion and the only doubt that was in my mind was whether people who'd actually given up on the ballot box would bother to register and vote I mean the only doubt in my mind was whether when it came to actually standing in the booth would people panic and just say but they didn't and you know what I was pretty confident why do you choose to join leave Dottie you rather than campaigning with well essentially our and I we founded it I mean the the truth of it is I went to Matthew Elliot's in February 15 and I said Matthew but day of the general election in 2015 we need to come out with a strong statement saying we've raised extra in pounds we're headhunting for a chief executive and we're off and we're going to be ready and he said no no that's not the plan at all he said that we would have to wait until David Cameron came back from what would be a summit and then we would launch the the leave campaign and I said that's way too late way too late and if if that had happened then there's no question we would not have won so Aaron I we resolved to to set it up and get going so it was it was impatience with the absolutely it was a it was a businesslike approach to you know we've got a serious thing we need to raise a lot of money and we need to be ready and we need to give up the country because it could come soon but did you share our own banks's critique of vote leave as just being the sort of metropolitan early talking to each other and not vote leave vote leaved what didn't exist then and vote leave basically was bounced into setting up very very quickly because of what we were doing with leave door to you and suddenly parts of the Tory Party got very concerned that actually we would steal such a march we would get the designation okay but do you do you think that I mean we'll use it there was a policy divide of sorts wasn't there between the two leave camp is that you focused on different sorts of issues yeah there was absolutely I mean you know we felt that it was the immigration was a significant part of it not not only but it was a significant part of it and we were going to focus you know we were just going to focus on sort of the the simple issues and and you know being proud to be British being confident of our position leading the Commonwealth being confident of our position in the world and vote leave wanted to adopt a different approach was there anything about the tone or tenor of that campaign that made you uncomfortable when old it was boggling point the believe talk to you things move very quickly and you know when you get into a big campaign and this was the first big campaign I'd be in it so I mean you know and likewise Aaron I mean you know things move very quickly and yeah in the heat of the moment things get said and done that you think maybe you know maybe was a bit over-the-top okay what why do you what do you think was a major reason why people voted to leave what was the major reason I think I think truthfully the slogan was simple you know it was about controlling laws money and borders it was about you know we're the fifth biggest economy in the world we should be a we're big enough we're good enough we should be able to do this stuff and I think I think there's a real if you look back the previous 20 years we'll you know what every newspaper you read we've all read daft stories about some ridiculous law that's come out of the EU and you think oh that's bonkers you know even hardened people who like me you we have to admit that you know some strange daft stuff does come out but equally you have to admit that some of those stories just weren't true well we didn't really know I mean you know if it's in the Daily Mail it must be true isn't it I mean but would you accept that I mean as as the cabinet shows that actually one of the issues we're dealing with now is that people voted leave for a whole variety of often conflicting if not outright contradictory reasons I don't accept that actually I don't think contradictory since the short people voted for different reasons you know for some people sovereignty was more important than in there for example money or you know borders and vice versa I think yeah but the Slocum was pretty clear and simple though the slogan was very clear but it wasn't it wasn't precise and what I mean by this is you know you you would hear senior conservative politicians during the campaign saying look all I want is control over migration actually I'd be perfectly comfortable migration went up this is about control if you went to some of those northern heartlands that wasn't the message people were voting to cut immigration I mean there were there were there were parts of West London where Indians were voting because they thought they'd get more Indians in I mean I look I mean I'm different you know different things get said around the country for sure but I think the reality is if you look back to the 1990s for example on the issue of immigration you know we had average immigration of 62 and a half thousand people and guess what the economy was growing at a we wages were growing at a real growth rate of 2.8% per annum for decades give or take caller 30% in the last decade we've had immigration of over a quarter of a million a year and guess what real wages zero zero growth and for the least well-off in society they are 30% worse off than their peers 20 years previously and and so and and they work that out even though the politicians hadn't worked it out people people around the country knew something was wrong and they knew they were poor they couldn't understand why and then you know things like zero has contracts which I'm you know I'm not a fan of and my own son actually was was essentially subject of a really bad zero a contract that says those have developed as a result mainly of unlimited low-skilled immigration that has meant that you know employers of a certain type have been able to push down on on terms and conditions well I mean I think you've hinted a correlation there I'm not convinced about causation but the question was within the leaf campaign there were people who said you know let it mean we'll have more of them as long as we don't have freedom of movement there were others who wanted to cut it what I'm trying to get at is isn't one of the problems the vagueness of the leave campaign one of the problems that we're dealing with now that people had different expectations of it may give you one example is at the Tory Party conference and I went to a fringe aventure on agriculture and speaker after speaker stood up and said I'm a brexit I voted brexit but and the buts were but we want to keep subsidies but we want to keep tariffs but we want to keep access to seasonal workers but the joy of that the joy of all of that is that when you leave and that's a very simple word leave ya then got controlled to make those decisions to have that democratic debate internally as a nation and that's what democracy is all about okay that I buy but you don't then see you don't that you wouldn't then see it as somehow a contradiction of a key message of the campaign if we once we've left we make a decision to increase immigration that will be fine because actually it's that it's about having the sovereign decision rather exactly it's about it's about having the sovereign control and you know that's what democracy you know you have a debate you form a view and then if you don't like how it's panning out you can change it ok let's talk about No Deal yeah I mean you said I think the quote you came out with was that in business yeah No Deal is always better than a bad deal yeah surely that is a is a fundamentally misleading analogy because if you have no deal in business you remain where you are I used a with the status quo if you have no deal with the EU and by no deal let's be clear I mean no withdrawal agreement nothing so the talks break down now and we leave with nothing you don't revert to the status quo well let's be broken in business if you if you do No Deal forever you'll go bust yeah okay so you do keep doing deals but what you're not going to do is a bad day we've all done bad deals but we haven't deliberately done bad to us but when you got a deal when you go into negotiation you have to be prepared not to do that deal otherwise you are gonna get you're gonna get a bad deal you know a business you're just gonna get shafted right you have to signal to the other side that you're prepared to walk away granted but getting to the substance are you really convinced that a No Deal is something we should seriously be thinking of as an option of course absolutely you know I actually subscribe to the view that what should have happened we leave means leave we said 18 months ago we said that the deadline should be set March 18 if we haven't done a deal by then we should say to the EU we're going to WTO and we're gonna spend the last year getting ready for it and and because candidly because on the Andrew Marr show that day before David Davis started negotiating our own Chancellor went on TV and said a bad deal would be a very very bad hang outcome I mean that completely cut the legs off David Davis the following day when he started you know what sort of phases is that to go into a negotiation is just it's unbelievable is in business so I'm the managing director of a business and I walk in to start a negotiation and the CEO comes in five minutes beforehand and says we're gonna pay another 20 million for this deal it's just not how you do things I get I get the the signalling point absolutely which is you have to give the impression they don't preparing that you're prepared that actually in extremis you'll walk away because otherwise you don't you you've weakened your own position but just a No Deal isn't about WTO No Deal is about ah right so there's – yeah there's two types of no deal there's there's a you know that there's no deal where we don't do a some form of trade deal yeah okay but let's be very very clear about this there is a legal obligation on both sides under article 8 and under article 50 and under WTO rules to reach a deal on the administrative arrangements let's be very very clear about it and not enough people are saying this but that is the legal position by the administrative arrangements so things like organising the technicalities that people are getting very excited about about border checks about whether or not planes can fly about whether or not we're gonna have enough ham and cheese coming into our country to fill our sandwiches that sort of stuff well look there's no doubt that that both sides will want to make an arrangement on this at some point my issue is surely the problem with No Deal is not about our long-term trading future we'll come back to that it's about short-term chaos because in the period it takes the problem the problem with no deal and it's nothing to do with whether you like the EU or not whether you like the DTO or not it's just that a load of laws that govern our interaction that our nearest partner will cease to exist well and that's what I call the administrative arrangements but it will take weeks if not months to saw those out as I've said before and I hope as I said well thank you very much thinking I got the the the in business actually there's nothing like a short deadline to concentrate the minds and to focus the attention and you know yes the government has left it too late to be looking at you know they've really they they should have done what we said which was give ourselves a year so we've got less time but you've got to be you've got to be saying look that's what we're doing and the fact is philip hammond prevented the departments from having the money to spend on no dual planning so it's a bit late right we can still do it and there it lists not let's not forget this point there is a legal obligation to sort out these issues that well firstly yes i buy your point that actually if we invest in the ports and the infrastructure it would cushion the effect absolutely two things though if the french don't it's a waste of time because actually you end up with the same queues at the ports if then they're not the great thing about business people right you want to buy and sell stuff is if you've got a good product someone else will buy it and what will happen because business people are very good at finding ways to jump over hurdles and get round barriers that governments put in their way and what will actually happen very very quickly is people will start moving goods for example into rotterdam or into other ports around the EU we will use other ports we will you know do more through South Hampton or felixstowe and guess what we might buy a load of goods from elsewhere around the world and I love the Tim Martin story it's the Tim Martin who he's create an amazing business of a thousand pubs mm-hm Tim told his procure his buying team about six or nine months ago right guys and girls we're not going to buy any more booze from the European Union right now I didn't know for example that Australia produces fantastic brandy I didn't know for example that Lancashire produces a very good equivalent to Jagermeister but but actually that is whatever that is yeah okay it's a it's a it's a delicious generally cure I'm particularly late at night but um but what do you say boys there right let's let's let's make sure that we can keep our business and we'll buy other goods for elsewhere in the world and that's what businesses will do so that's why actually all of this scare mongering about are we gonna run out of this and that and t'other it's nonsense well two things one in the short term surely it is possible because even businesses with their great adaptability will have to adapt and that will take time and the second thing is just think about Ryanair okay I mean this is the where it gets tricky I agree with you on administrative arrangements what is the law that allows a carrier from one country to fly between two other countries which is a law that exists nowhere else in the world it's an EU law yeah and it's good point the two parts that um firstly well run businesses why are they booing Ryanair the thing about business a reason to be right now but yeah well run businesses should have been recognizing that the base case scenario was a WTO deal only thing you could guarantee okay so we're wrong businesses actually should be well on the way to getting ready for a World Trade Organization trading arrangement coming on to Ryanair my reading and I have read some pretty dull stuff every reason is I've even read the gdpr document that's even worse but I've read the Open Skies agreement okay now actually we are a contracting signatory to that agreement yes and the open skies thing that Ryanair get concerned about is because it might mean that it's hard for them to take off a Madrid and go direct to Frankfurt that's what they're worried about yeah okay okay we're still able to fly point-to-point from the UK to Paris or Frankfurt the what they're concerned about is it reduces their flexibility but guess what easyJet I've got it sorted they set up a base in I think it's Austria its classic example a business has identified the issue sorted it dealt with it next okay but I mean just as a slight and do we want to encourage businesses to go elsewhere well they've done some base case planning you know and I mean that's the reality businesses are responding to this situation and just just to find owned I get booked and we are a bit bogged down as well ask you one more question about this which is you know we combine Jagermeister from Australia fine we're not gonna create a complex supply chain and make cars with Australia are we no but guess what guys we could borrow load more jeeps from America by unilaterally catching the 10% tariff that we wrongly charge on them trumps right I mean it's not a fair deal on cars um so if there's a few more jeeps and a few less Mercedes around around the UK it's not the end of the world so would you would you agree with Patrick Minford then that the car industry might just be one of those things we have to secretary in the domestic car industry the reality is the reality about the car industry does anyone know here what all the car manufacturers call the UK they call it Treasure Island because they are making pots of cash because basically we're all being overcharged blankly so you know if we are confident about our own leverage our in negotiating position then the car manufacturers in Germany you know will make it very clear they need this sorted they've got a lot more to lose than we have why haven't they yet hmm what haven't yet um because frankly we've been negotiating this pretty badly I think even eat all of us already side can agree that I mean so so in a sense um they all think they're gonna get you know the best side of this deal that's all right that's why we need to stand back and we need to say we need to say that you know um we're going to WTO and you know that's that's the basis on which we're going to trade with you and but the way that means no money you can come back to that but BMW don't think this is going swimmingly well BMW no one but no one thinks it's going swimmingly well it's just and why aren't they why aren't they doing what we were told they would do aren't they rapping on Chancellor Merkel's door or saying this is outrageous sorted out for God's because because because the truth is at the moment they thing and not unreasonably that they're getting the better side of this deal so they're they're staying silent I mean this is gonna affect trade I mean yeah well they're all being told because they've been told by our own positions that you know we must do a deal almost at any cost so they think a deal will be done okay so you have a bus we have a bus of a bus OS buses are big these days automatics and it says stop the brexit betrayal yes yeah how has brexit been betrayed well we had great fun working out in team meetings what to write on the side of the bus I want to put yeah a big number on it I mean it was a big number on the previous bus I think you should have you should I want to put a safe fit and I'm billion on it but anyway so how's it being betrayed um because because the checkers proposal which is the government the government's current position in it it's it's not it's not leaving the European Union in the true sense of the word you know it's it's it's Brian oh it breaks it in name only so we're not in control of her in laws we wouldn't be able to deregulate we've got the common rule book why would we want 90% of our businesses in the UK that don't export to the European Union to suffer the burdens and the hindrances of EU regulations in order to look after the 10% that's daft so so that's the first part the second betrayal is they talk about you know the arrangements with the ECJ well and you know the likelihood is we'll end up under some form of jurisdiction by some part yes either we're on a joint tribunal or something with the ECJ but the real issue if you can't deregulate and look after your own rules and you become literally a complete sort of supplicant to someone else's rules you're significantly less attractive to countries like America and Australia in terms of doing a trade deal with us because they know that essentially are we haven't got the ability to adapt and respond as you know as the world moves on as business conditions move on and so on and then you come to immigration in jackers talks about a labor mobility framework well we can all guess what that is in civil service speak I'm sorry for any civil servants that are here but in civil service speak that is gonna mean basically more of the status quo I don't think that's true to be honest because I think basically the checkers deal talks about GATS provisions I mean the checkers deal is nothing to do with freedom of movement I mean that's just come on a semantic point which might be a little bit too dull you can say this isn't my vision of brexit mm-hmm but wise brexit being betrayed I mean surely these are all I mean always not to me you switch sons not in the EU these are all four because leaving the because we would we were told we're even told in the government nine million pound leaflets you know that we would be leaving the single market okay and it is quite clear you know if you can't if you're signing up to a common rule book I don't care how you dress it up in in legalese or words you're not leaving the single market but don't you need common rules to have a trade deal you need the Americans well heck no you need common rules if you're an exporter then yes you have to produce your products to the EU rules if you export to the domestic applicability of those you know ninety percent of our business of our businesses don't export to the European Union we need to be able to deregulate we need to be able to see ink with confidence we you know the post brexit vision is we want to be the Singapore of the West we want to go forth we want to have smart regulation not daft regulation we need to be we need to be Pro Enterprise Pro innovation way to encourage entrepreneurs and we actually need to work we positively need to say we're not going to prop up the vested interests that's the vision of the future that but in a sense BRICS it could be done properly I have to say I mean the Singapore economy functions on the back of a very large immigrant population that basically keeps it ticking over I mean if Singapore started in imposing strict limits on no one was suggesting we don't have immigration you know we had a very sensible immigration system right until we basically had the accession age as I said in the 1990s you know things work really well we had a sensible immigration policy we had 60 odd thousand coming year give or take and actually it worked really well and we had a thing called a seasonal agricultural worker scheme which meant that actually fruit was picked in the farms around the countryside so people came they worked and then they moved on to the next job how do you think your average leave voter in Stoke or Wigan or Doncaster many of whom as much as anything else were voting as a protest against years of austerity and the light will take to discovering that brexit was all about massive deregulation and a rolling back of the well first night rolling back of the welfare state I don't know where that's come so be by deregulation what do you mean health and safety regulations I mean getting rid of unnecessary laws for example in my industry in the construction world you have to go through a dreadful thing called the EU procurement process if in the public sector you want to you know you want to sort of let's say build a building and the nature that is it just adds massive time and cost to the the overall production cost of that building much of that is totally unnecessary so it's not about in a getting rid of health and safety legislation you know much of which is sensible but let's be honest let's be absolutely honest about is some health and safety legislation is daft right and we should have a confidence to do away with it much of it much of it is actually just about it part of my home I saw post breaks your vision is actually it'd be quite nice if we could goes back to you know just good old-fashioned common sense and and that be encouraged so I mean I was just struck by the language you used earlier about this is about deregulating becoming Singapore the image that conjures up to me is of a very market-based economy where workers rights aren't particularly well protected no you know that that's confusing two separate issues and actually let's be very very clear open borders has led to a reduction of workers rights for the reasons that I expressed earlier you know zero-hour contracts and zero real wage growth for a decade but that's what really hits people in the pocket and and nothing R is zero wage great thing to do with the financial grocers initially a bit but the reality is you know this has gone on so we've got the situation now where we've got about foreigner between four and four and a half percent unemployment which historically always meant you would have wage inflation between three and five percent compound right we've got we never the last few years we've had almost zero real wage inflation because right basically we've got lots of jobs and there's very little incentive to invest because basically businesses can bring in as much cheap labour as they want so they've had no incentive to invest he's normally see normally the labour market is restricted so therefore what happens if Labour gets too expensive businesses invest in capital equipment to replace the labor that's happened for last 150 years since the Industrial Revolution why did the migration Advisory Committee report show only a tiny if any correlation between low wages emotion I don't believe it I mean come on come on let's just just just look at the facts it started in 2004 right we've had it for 14 give or take 14 years since the accession countries and we've never ever had before zero real wage inflation and low unemployment it's not coincidence well no but actually there's a greater correlation between that the financial crisis surely because that state wage is really started a steak knife I don't accept that at all you know because because fundamentally we've got such low unemployment and yet we've had such a wage growth ER and historically that just nobody with me that there's a problem with the economy we're not but it has to be because you've got unlimited low skilled immigration well there are there are a whole range of factors where it could be I'm just saying that there has been a report recently which let's be clear about the financial crisis yeah that if that hit us for probably three or four years but the truth is actually the economy has been growing pretty successfully you know we're at the end potentially at the back end in normal economic cycles last somewhere between five and seven years with seven or eight years in here to a recovery post a recession so it's we're sort of do a recession or sunette now now if there is more of course it'll be brakes as well but you know are you preparing for another referendum yeah we're to be honest to be on we're preparing for it for everything because anything could use them absolutely anything could happen and well we just have to be honest anything could happen who knows what will what will go on in Parliament the games that will be played and the net results that I don't know but we have to be prepared we have to be ready and have you thought about the campaign you would run if there were another referendum well just find this interesting because even if I was lead if I was if I was leading the leave campaign I'm 2019 yeah I would make it a campaign about betrayal and nothing whatsoever to do with the European it would be frankly the main campaign would be about trust in democracy yeah and if there was a second referendum I'm absolutely convinced we would win it 6040 because I think I think a number of moderate remain voters have not been impressed the way the EU have bhaved in this negotiation process I think another element of of moderate remain voters would say we've had a vote and we need to respect democracy and the the real danger would be it would be the betrayal of millions of people who had never voted before and we hear wonderful stories of of people who got to the polling booth and you know this was the first time ever it was a massive moment and you know it's democracy is such a great thing to encourage those people to then turn around to them and say sorry folks you know you didn't do as you're told so we've got to rerun it you know I don't know where that would all end but we would look ridiculous and and then think about what just imagine a scenario so it's a button but just imagine a scenario where the Prime Minister comes back with a deal that looks like checkers okay it goes to Parliament Parliament can't pass it surely then you would be on the same side as many remain as in saying actually let's have a referendum and let's have three options remote um no I would say let's look quite brightly you frankly quite partly quite rightly Parliament should vote down Chequers because it's a really really bad deal and and then then B then the MPs I think should listen to the mood of the country which is let's just leave and by the way leaving means no money and and I think that is the mood of the country I don't think Westminster realizes that I don't think the media realized that but that in my view is the mood of the country just leave now you're right what what I think will happen is Parliament through some weird mechanism will say we've either got to we've got to extend article 50 and we protect and there might even be a motion to have a second referendum if there was to be a second referendum it's not three answers it's two answers do you accept checkers or do you accept the WTO deal and a WTO deal would win hands down I'm not gonna have an argument you about this but I feel I have to say the EU would say and I suspect that withdrawal agreement will say very very clearly that the 39 billion is a liability payment not a payments about the future who'll earth would sign to pay a million pounds or 39 billions of pounds without a sensible deal that is acceptable in return I mean you just you just couldn't sanction it you could not sanction it and let's remember the House of Lords no less you know our noble peers milord they said there is no legal liability to pay a beam right when you leave when you leave a golf club or gym you don't pay for the future pensions of all the staff in that club yeah well I was just saying there's good there will be an argument about this to be an argument but you know the money's in our pocket it's not in their pocket would you if we sign the withdrawal deal and let's say we sign and leave we do at that point use that 39 billion as a negotiating and just make renege on that sorry I mean there are some people say you know we'll use that as a bargaining chip once we've left and we signed an agreement we are foolish enough to sign up withdrawal agreement without some form of acceptable trade agreement you know being there simultaneously and we've signed that legally then of course legally we've got to pay how stupid would we be okay I mean you know we can't have a trade agreement simultaneously so why not because they won't negotiate with what we will not have a trade agreement before we leave the European Union but the EU have said to us they said the EU have said to us they've said to leave means leave when when John Longworth went over there a few months ago you can have a Canada Star deal any time you want after you left yeah but you agree that what happens is you agree the heads of terms yep okay it's like a it's like a lease in property you agree the heads of terms you say right the deals done and the minute after midnight on the 29th of March right we're gonna send you X billion pounds and the deal is in place the Canada Star deal can we just go back to the prime minister famine that's how it will work and and people say people talk about oh yeah but you've got all these problems with this sort of WTO schedules and things that we do you agree ahead of terms you deposit the schedules with the WTO and you've got 10 years basically as I understand with the WTO basically to then sort out dotting the is and crossing the t's all the boring stuff but it's not definite across identities it's dealing with I think at last count it was about 25 complaints as to what we've put in so far each of which will require a dispute resolution and and and and that that is standard normal practice under the way the WTO works mmm but guess what trade goes on in the interim mmm at what point did Teresa may lose your support if you have if she ever had it a minute after she finished the Florence speech okay we live we were the first people to criticize it when lots of Tory MPs were saying how wonderful it was we we smelt we smelt what it was and you know how it was a terrible speech she conceded lows and asked for nothing so you were you were on board with Lancaster House yes that was a great speech you know um and that's that that's breaks it hmm excellent and and if she if she if she wakes up tomorrow morning having seen this on live stream and say thanks goodness I must meet Richard for the first night you know he's right [Applause] actually let's do a Canada Star deal then you know away we go yeah I don't want to spend ages on this but I have to say do you accept the fact that that will cause enormous problems for Ireland look whole Irish thing has been inflated very cleverly by the other side with complicit help from our own officials and this is deeply shocking they have convicted this issue so let's be very clear we've said we don't want a hard border the Ireland has said we don't want a hard border the EU have said they don't want a hard border the –use own experts last council he wrote this great pamphlet smart borders to I think it's called it's really important to get into this because because there is all this stuff the technology is there right to deal with it away from the border so you don't need a hard border and we've just fallen almost deliberate almost deliberately for their negotiating tactic so I we now have in the last 10 days we have direct evidence how do you check a chicken with technology how do you check a chicken with technology yeah I mean the world the World Trade Organization will impose those checks on the boarder under WTO rules which we love so what happens to chickens that go through Rotterdam into the eu-27 to customers you know they work there if they've come from outside let me tell you what happens they checked 12 miles inland there also where there's will there's a way it well geography gets in the way in the case of Northern Ireland I mean if you if you go to Rotterdam there are lanes that things are streamed down which you can't do it once you've crossed the border in Ireland you've crossed and your loss so a practically lost practically that word matter secondly what happens to regulatory checks what happens what happens the checks about standards and things like that if they're not done on the border well the reality is um if you're exporting to a country you've got to produce those goods for that country but it's all done by firstly let's take all the liners I think there's only about 50 firms that really are large enough frankly to worry about a third of a third of what goes across that border as I understand is milk and livestock right and they're about 50 big firms most of them can have it they can either be authorized economic operators and or trusted trader status if the realities take Diageo that makes a delicious drink called Guinness and it sends loads of its Northern Ireland every year and it doesn't get checked on the border that it's taste right okay um Diageo send a cheque to HMRC for a quarter of a billion pounds a year but that's it and they don't get a single cheque from HMRC guess what HMRC trust them but this is where your vision of deregulation runs into it isn't it I mean let's just say we become this buccaneering free trading low tariffs economy right it's a good word it's a great one at that point surely surely at that point there is a massive incentive for people here to take advantage of our lower tariffs and go sell stuff through the border that doesn't exist inside the market I just don't buy it yeah but competition is a good thing and let's remember that and let's just think about so what'swhat's Ireland's corporation tax twelve and a half percent ours is currently 19 heading down to 17 what northern in my view Northern Ireland should be what we should have around some of our other ports around the country we should the whole of Northern Ireland should be basically a free port I just imagine you know the economy on steroids that'll be fantastic for Northern Ireland you know in the same way that Teesside that Felix Tate we should have free ports so that you create these tax-free zones so that Goods can come in you value-add and they go out no tariffs you know and that's fantastic and that creates manufacturing jobs in some of the poorest most vulnerable parts of our country that's part of what we should be able okay I mean I by that I mean I don't think it deals with Northern Ireland I don't attendance in a session on Northern Ireland so I'm gonna keep I'm gonna keep moving on sorry yeah I did get distracted it's so exciting um we we've heard it direct from EU officials that our own officials haven't put forward the sort of proposals that have been put forward by the European research group in terms of dealing with the Irish issue that's the basic starting point for a negotiation apparently you know unless we're being lied to by those officials apparently our side haven't even asked for that that's the directive if this technology exists why isn't it being used on the Norway Sweden border I mean why is why hasn't been deployed anywhere yet there is no border that does what the ERG it's absolutely true what the ERG says we should be doing the whole point of technology is progress I mean you know oh so if okay if you know if who's it if if Graham Bell hadn't invented the phone we wouldn't have the iPhone I mean come on you got to look forwards not say well because no one's ever done it doesn't mean it can't be done it's it's it's a unique opportunity that we should embrace to say to what actually this could set the gold standard for the whole world in terms of how you deal with this stuff and what the EU is saying is when you've invented it that's fine until then we need to have the backstop right no do need the backstop but haven't you just haven't you just said that actually this is technology we will need to develop well most of it exists right in my view a combination of cameras trust the trader status and authorised economical operators deals with it if the EU say you know what let's try that it's not perfect but it's okay let's try that for five years and then develop if it can get even better great let's let's embrace it and say let's develop the best system in the world let's also remember you know you talk about inflating an issue the truth is the quantity of money of trade that goes across the Irish border in the overall context of the EU it's literally a round of drinks what in your ideal world what would be the terms under which we left I mean if you could if you could design the brexit deal what would it be if it based on the Canada deal yeah with no pluses hmm one plus one a half plus is you don't your middle classes I mean it's it's like it needs a whole security stuff surely I mean we're not well in my view security is completely separate and yeah let's remember security security is covered you know the best bits of our security in our country is NATO and the five eyes relationship and the other four are is a lot part of the EU but there's nevertheless there's still quite a lot of rather effective internal security coordination and quite properly the Prime Minister offered that and she offered it unconditionally which you know you can have a debate about that but the Prime Minister's offered that let's also remember take Galileo for example you know the project and where we've invested nearly two billion pounds Galileo only works if they use three bits of sovereign British soil around the world right if they want to check us out of it fine we'll develop our own system let's make it better and faster but by the way guys you can't you three bits of turf around the world I reckon I know the answer to this what do you think would be the economic impact of that kind of brexit on Britain in the short medium and long term but if we make it very clear what the reason we've got uncertainty the moment is because no one knows how it's gonna look if we make it crystal clear the Prime Minister wakes up tomorrow morning accepts the Canada deal Tice was right let's go for it then actually the uncertainty is dealt with hmm let me tell you you know our stock market will go up people will start you know investing more and more money into the UK it's literally like a it's like a switch that's waiting to go off so the opportunity is there now if the government keeps progressing you know this this this deal that nobody likes except number 10 and a few people in the cabinet then that's the worst of all worlds economically politically why does the Japanese ambassador talk about brexit as a betrayal the views of Japanese investment then I don't know you'll have to explain himself I mean I can have my bets if I don't know I can explain what he says I'm not going to speak for him but basically what he says is our investments in this country are based on the fact of ease of access to the European market and a Canada style deal whatever its benefit yeah is going to create friction in our trade with your opinion which will make trade harder doesn't it doesn't need to create friction it will say people say great fiction and if it creates I mean you know at the end of the day tariffs is sort of 1 to 3% you know that's not that's not the difference between a good business and a good products and a bad business and a bad products um I don't think that betrays years investments or you know the Japanese have invested they've got some fantastic plants you know Nissan in Sunderland I think is is one of the top three or four car plants in the world I mean it's amazing it we should be incredibly proud of it I guess what we might bought buy more Nissan's hopefully electric ones you know produced in this country rather than buying Mercedes or BMW I don't know it's called it's called buying power but it's also but but also a modern economy depends fundamentally on trade yep economies depend more heavily on trade with their neighbors and they do on trade with other people I mean okay would you oh yeah which we have a word about geography yeah are you in the sort of Liam Fox school that geography is dead I wish it was dead when I was at school very bad the reality is we live in a global world and things move incredibly quickly all over the world and so I think the issue of physical proximity is much much less important than it was that's you know that that's the real truth there's even a geographic effect on eBay I mean trade patterns on eBay show a massive geographical balance for all sorts of reasons shipping speed language all sorts of reasons so even in this most modern of trading places let alone more old-fashioned manufacturing I mean in which case fine let's then everybody should accept let's do a quick Canada deal and move on it all points to a Canada deal which is why it's so inexplicable that this government refuses to embrace it but but coming back to my initial point to Canada deal will imply greater difficulty in trading with the universe but let's remember you know under the World Trade Organization some dreadful certainly they might sort of trade facilitations agreements or something um you know the whole point is that actually countries are being encouraged to reduce friction there's a legal obligation under WTO to reduce friction not increase it so again it's a great opportunity to say hey what guess what let's you know let's between us embrace that and let's make it you know frictionless on the basis of a kind of deal it's only the it's it's either people that don't want us to leave or is the EU because they're negotiating that say there's gonna be all sorts of friction put up well the EU will put up various we know that what they're saying they will and if we if we drop our terrace with European Union there's another WTO provision that says we have to do it with everyone are you seriously saying we scrap all our tariffs no I tell you what stuff that we don't produce there's no point having tariffs on coffee on oranges right and things like that that we don't produce of course we should scrap those immediately of course we should say to the United States we're going to reduce 10% on cars to zero and where are you on agriculture are you in favor of maintaining agricultural tariffs to protect for my sector here yeah I think I think on the farm sector yes you know farming has always been subsidy subsidized by the you know way before we join you most developed nations around the world subsidized their farmers you know food security is critically important so yes we should give that but what we do with it you know at the end of the day the great thing about having control is you can say well let's change the rules here there and let's try it for three or four years and you might make some mistakes guess what let's change them learn from them the big arable Barons they accept that they've had a pretty good deal compared to the small livestock farmers up in you know places like the Lake District so that's got a change that's about having our own control being able to make our own decisions and guess what try things and if we make a mistake adjust it you said of the No Deal notices that the government came out with I've got the quotes here that it was scare mongering made up by the same people who designed the referendums project fear this is Dominic Rob you're talking about no he read it out he didn't write the notes but he he he basically approved he read them out as I say they would have been produced they would be produced by officials in the departments for him as the winner yeah and you know but it's a but he's not a remain a scare monger is he um no he's not he's a break City but but but the reality is in my view in everything that has come out of of the government departments it has been a stream of negativity but let's just you know I've talked about some of the positives here this evening how much positivity have we heard come out of any single government department about break city I'm happy I might be wrong on some stuff but I'm not wrong on everything well I think you hear quite a lot of positivity out of Defra actually at the moment but but the fact the fact is isn't there just the hint of a possibility that some of these forecasts might be right based on the track record know what what track record apparently yeah I mean you know these are the same people that said we were going to lose half a million jobs the banks would flee the tech firms would leave property prices would crash and you know all of this stuff and actually exactly the opposite happened exactly the opposite and this let's let's remember you know two days ago the Chancellor had a windfall amount of cash to spend right because these officials in the Treasury got their forecasts a year ago badly wrong okay so and these so they've just got a track record of being too conservative to- getting it wrong and actually you know i live in a world where the glass is always half full it's never half I'm still the Treasury always is is understating how much money we're gonna have what do that wolf for the last for the last year you know consistently we it turned out that actually we've been we're gonna borrow less and less this year and next year so record is not good it's never been good okay I've done this very badly because the whole section of questions I'm not going to ask you because it's how I read it earlier but I want to talk to you about politics a little bit and the first thing is leave means leave simply a brexit lobbying organization or is it the infrastructure for a new political party it's the former definitely know and there are people within it who SIA is possibly the latter we're it we're a we're a group we're cross party no party we've had a range of speakers on our rallies which have been great fun for anybody's been to them and I don't know we are we are a lobbying organization getting the message out that you know we've got a chat checkers and what's amazing is you know the impact of social media to over a million people have watched on livestream our rallies I mean that's that's a huge number of people just like this event just like this event you know yeah but take for instance the hypothetical that we ended up signing up to a deal that is checkers that Parliament votes it through that becomes where we are there are those who say in those circumstances we need a new you kid and you're kind of creating the infrastructure I mean are you thinking on those terms all those lines I'm not currently because I'm just totally focused on persuading who needs persuading to chat checkers and then there won't be a scenario little no I've actually got a day job who who would you like to be the next leader of the Tory puzzle oh goodness a brexit ear that will help look there's well firstly how long do you think the current Prime Minister will survive do you think she'll be there until we left I don't think she'll be there in 12 months time okay and I think the next leader of the party will be a BRICS is here there would be three or four that I think would do an excellent job oh go on three or four names I mean we will know Boris wants to put his name forward you know there's other names like you know quite sure dominant would put his name forward you know who knows Jacob my penny any more denied my it's pretty right there's a whole load of you know great breaks the tears will all be you know ambitious about it do you think if the Conservative Party changed its leader now we would be able to do brexit better do you think that will be helpful if the Tory party was up suddenly unless the Prime Minister wakes up very soon and says you know I've misread this we need to go to a counter deal if she did that or if she woke up and said actually we're just going to WTO she would be the most popular Prime Minister for a very long time so she still has a huge opportunity and the question is whether she'll grasp it but otherwise then in order to get the sort of break so that I think leavers voted for then the sooner there's a change of prime minister the better what if a lot of things play out totally differently and the Prime Minister comes back with a deal that looks far more Yee a than WTO and Parliament passes that that's not is not breaks it you know I mean before I think before you know during the referendum lots of the year the remainders were saying you know any ei would be the worst of all worlds and now they're saying it's the but to be fair lots of leavers were saying we're not gonna believe in the single mark I mean things were said in the referendum by both sides that they'd like us to forget now I'm not sure I can't think of any you know people on our side that we're saying we're gonna stand the single market the government's own leaflet said we will you know our relationship with the single mother were on your side they weren't on our side um but know that the EI is not is not the solution there is a there is a there is a legitimate debate to be had about well if we're not able to get this sorted over the next few months because we haven't got the right people doing it then what's the holding pattern you can have a legitimate say well you could have EI with a sunset clause of let you know but it needs to be short I mean we've we've the camp you don't even need a transition period let alone extending it so you could live with an ETA you could look I think I think it's not a question living with it um it's a question of it wouldn't surprise me if as some form of leaving process if Parliament players all sorts of silly games we could end up there you know I think it would be a bad place to end up and the real danger is unless you put in a very strict sunset clause that it terminates that we end up staying there and that would be just a huge wasted opportunity but in the event through incompetence or EU stubbornness or whatever reason you might want to say is responsible for it we end up without a trade deal as we're coming towards exit day do you accept the need for something to tide us through in between leaving and signing up to that new deal just if nothing else just to prevent businesses remember to adapt twice yeah well then get it sorted now let's not you know we don't we get as I said just but just now we don't need a transition period you know we can just you know we can deal with stuff we can sit down and say right guys we've got to sort this by Christmas but in the event we don't you'd be you could say negative I'm an optimist you know I'd love to resume it further so Richard just come in and help us sort it out cuz you know this is a blessing and yeah there's civil servants who drive and for whatever reason they're just not succeeding who said she's only got 12 months left she's not going ringing you know III wrote in con home a year ago that you know we needed to replace the negotiating team you know they haven't and the situation's got worse just one final question about the great beyond I mean what beyond brexit do you think most needs to be fixed about this country I mean what is the public policy priority for this country wants we're out I think we need to as a conservative that believes in in free markets and enterprise innovation we need to the most important thing is actually we need to regain our mojo our confidence our belief in our country and say actually you know we're fantastic let's believe in ourselves and we could debate about the economic rights of that but in my view go for growth encourage entrepreneurs small businesses and all the economic policies should be driving that driving innovation it encourage disruptors and you know just but there's a really important thing to say actually because we're not far from the city here you know the biggest threat to the City of London is not brexit it's a hideous thing called method to right you know and this is really important stuff because no politicians are talking about this you know but that is what's happening people are leaving London not because it breaks is because under method two they can't talk to their own office and read their own research in New York this stops happening now that's why that's that's them that's about deregulating it's about smart regulation not daft regulation I've done I was wrong I said take care of the boring ways finished no no this this is an exciting way to finish because this is the highlight of the evening I'll give you a beer mug thank you very mu and brexit beer mug and say thank you Edison oh oh oh hang on I've got doing a quick fire round oh thank you Ben ready yep beer or burgundy burgundy Beatles or the stones Beatles cheddar or camembert cheddar this will matters to me Oasis or blur Oasis autumn beef bourguignon or steak and ale pie people Bergen you Deary me UK are changing Europe or any other thing tank you can think of so I have to think about that I want to tear that mug back Richard thank you ever so much it's been brilliant [Applause]

How Brexiteer MPs can fight back against Theresa May's betrayal

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How Brexiteer MPs can fight back against Theresa May’s betrayal

you you

Leaver Turned Remainer – Tells Nigel Why He Has Changed His Mind On Brexit

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A man who voted for Brexit told Nigel Farage why he has now changed his mind – and he wants a second referendum.

Phil from Finchley said he now supports staying in the European Union and “reforming it from within”.

“I didn’t know what I know now,” he told Nigel on Thursday evening.

The pair went on to clash over the European Army, immigration and another vote on Brexit.

Meanwhile, a cross-party group of MPs have dropped an amendment calling for a so-called People’s Vote.

They admitted they didn’t yet have enough support from MPs to get a second referendum and criticised Jeremy Corbyn for not supporting it.

The group said they will instead concentrate on backing a number of amendments to stop a no-deal Brexit.

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la langue l'occitan encore des squares et non mais ce soir [Musique]

Billionaire Brexiteer Sir James Ratcliffe 'relocates to Monaco in a bid to save £4bn in tax'

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Billionaire Brexiteer Sir James Ratcliffe ‘relocates to Monaco in a bid to save £4bn in tax’

A prominent Brexiteer and Britain’s richest man, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, is set to quit the United Kingdom in a bid to save billions in tax, it has been reported.

The 66-year-old, who was knighted less than a year ago for his services to business and investment, is reportedly planning to save up to £4bn with a move to Monaco.

The country – famous for its yacht-lined harbour, upscale casinos and the prestigious Grand Prix motor race – is a well-known tax haven.

And Ratcliffe has been working with PwC on a tax avoidance plan, which could also benefit two senior executives at his chemicals company Ineos.

That’s according to The Sunday Times, which has claimed that Ratcliffe, Andy Currie and John Reece cold all legally share between £1bn and £10bn of tax-free cash.

Should the plan go ahead, it could deprive the Treasury of between £400m and £4bn – a move which a source at the newspaper labelled ‘egregious’, should the upper end be chosen.

The news comes soon after Ratcliffe slammed the EU over expensive regulations and ‘stupid’ green taxes he claims are choking Europe’s chemicals industry.

In an open letter to European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, Ratcliffe warned Europe is ‘no longer competitive’ as a result of its strict energy and labour laws, which he claims are the most expensive in the world.

Sir Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrat leader, and a staunch remainer, has slammed Ratcliffe’s alleged decision – labelling it ‘deeply cynical’.

He told The Sunday Times: ‘There are thousands of our constituents who are being bankrupted by HM Revenue & Customs action over small-scale tax avoidance while big fish like Ratcliffe are just treating taxation as purely voluntary.’

Another source did tell the newspaper, however, that the chemicals company giant may opt for the lower end of the tax avoidance range.

But this has done little to appease John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, who said: ‘The greed of these super-rich tax avoiders seems to have no bounds.

Don’t they realise that every penny they hide away in their tax havens is a penny not spent on our NHS treating the sick, or social care looking after our lonely, isolated elderly, or the education of our children?’

Ratcliffe’s chemical company Ineos, which has an annual turnover of around £45billion, employs more than 18,500 people.

Its products are used to clean water, make toothpaste, manufacture antibiotics, insulate homes and package food.

The company has previously benefited from government help, receiving a £230m loan in 2014 to build a new facility to import shale gas.

This latest news comes soon after Sir James Dyson, another vocal Brexiteer, announced he was planning to relocate the Dyson head office from the UK to Singapore.

The bombshell announcement will mean Dyson is no longer a British registered company and Singapore will become its main tax base.

It is the second blow Dyson has dealt to Brexit Britain after last year’s announcement that it will manufacturer its new electric cars in Singapore, rather than the UK.

Remain supporters lashed Sir James, 71, for ‘staggering hypocrisy’ and warned it was ‘damning for the Government’.

And it comes amid mounting concern that a no deal Brexit could be disastrous for British manufacturing – particularly in the motor industry.

Sir Jim, a joiner’s son who grew up in a council house, currently owns 60 per cent of Ineos – a spokesman for which told The Sunday Times it had 400 companies in 35 jurisdictions paying dividends on a regular basis.

His wealth increased from £15.3billion to in 2017, partly because of a revaluation of assets including property and two super-yachts.

His net worth is thought to be around £21.05 billion.

While PwC, addressing concerns over the tax avoidance plan, said it had found ‘no reason to terminate its relationship with Ineos’.

One of the most flamboyant ‘toys’ in Sir Jim’s personal empire is his superyacht which features its own wine cellar, tennis court, football pitch and helipad.

He spent his earliest years until the age of ten in a council house on Dunkerley Avenue in Failsworth, a small town between Manchester and Oldham.

His father was a joiner, his mother had an office job working in accounts.

At ten years old, Sir Jim moved with his family to Yorkshire, and he went to Beverley Grammar School and lived in Hull up to the age of 18.

The Brexiteer got a 2:1 in chemical engineering from the University of Birmingham in 1974 and, after for working for BP in the summer holidays, was offered a permanent job – only to be sacked within three days.

He eventually got a job with Courtaulds, the Covent

a prominent brexit er in Britain's richest man sir Jim Ratcliffe is set to quit the United Kingdom in a bid to save billions in tax it has been reported the 66 year old who was knighted less than a year ago for his services to business and investment is reportedly planning to save up to 4 billion pounds with a move to Monaco the country famous for its yacht lined harbour upscale casinos and the prestigious Grand Prix motor race is a well known tax haven and Ratcliffe has been working with PwC on attacks avoidance plan which could also benefit to senior executives at his chemicals company in years that's according to The Sunday Times which has claimed that Ratcliffe and he Korean genres called all legally share between 1 billion pounds and 10 billion pounds of tax-free cash should the plan go ahead it could deprive the Treasury of between 400 million pounds and 4 billion pounds a move would just source at the newspaper labelled egregious should the upper end be chosen the news comes soon after Ratcliffe slammed the EU over expensive regulations and stupid green taxes he claims are choking Europe's chemicals industry in an open letter to European Commission President jean-claude Juncker Ratcliffe warned Europe is no longer competitive as a result of its strict energy and labor laws which he claims are the most expensive in the world servants cable the Liberal Democrat leader and a staunch remainer has slammed radcliffe's alleged decision labelled in a deeply cynical he told the Sunday Times there are thousands of our constituents who are being bankrupted by HM Revenue & Customs action over small-scale tax avoidance while big fish like Ratcliffe are just treating taxation as purely voluntary another source did tell the newspaper however that the chemicals company giant may opt for the lower end of the tax avoidance range but this has done little to appease John MC Donnell The Shadow Chancellor who said the greed of these super-rich tax avoiders seems to have no bounds don't they realize that every penny they hide away in their tax havens is a penny not spent on our NHS treating the sick for Social Care looking after our lonely isolated elderly or the education of our children Ratliff's chemical company in newest which has an annual turnover of around forty five billion pounds employs more than eighteen thousand five hundred people its products are used to clean water make toothpaste manufacture antibiotics insulate homes and packaged food the company has previously benefited from government help receiving a 230 million pounds loan in 2014 to build a new facility to import shale gas this latest news come soon after Sir James Dyson another vocal breck Sudhir announced he was planning to relocate the Dyson head office from the UK to Singapore the bombshell announcement will mean Dyson is no longer a British registered company and Singapore will become its main tax base it is the second blow Dyson has Delta Brookes in Britain after last year's announcement that it will manufacture its new electric cars in Singapore rather than the UK remained supporters lashed Sir James 71 for staggering hypocrisy and warned it was damning for the government and it comes amid mounting concern that a No Deal bricks it could be disastrous for British manufacturing particularly in the motor industry sir Jim a joiners son who grew up in the council house currently owns 60% of in use a spokesman for which told The Sunday Times that had 400 companies in 35 jurisdictions paying dividends on a regular basis his wealth increased from fifteen point three billion pounds to in 2017 partly because of a revaluation of assets including property and two super yachts his net worth is thought to be around twenty one point zero five billion pounds while PwC addressing concerns over the tax avoidance plan said it had found no reason to terminate its relationship within those one of the most flamboyant toys in sir Jim's personal Empire is his super react which features its own wine cellar tennis court football pitch and helipad he spent his earliest years until the age of ten in a council house on Dunkerley Avenue in fields worth a small town between Manchester and Oldham his father was a joiner his mother had an office job working in accounts at ten years old sir Jim moved with his family to Yorkshire and he went to Beverly Grammar School and lived in hell up to the age of 18 the brexit er got a 2-1 inch chemical engineering from the University of Birmingham in 1974 and after for working for BP in the summer holidays was offered a permanent job only to be sacked within three days he eventually got a job with core tops the Coventry based fabric and chemical man sure where he stayed into his mid-thirties before moving into venture capital it was only in 1998 that he founded in yours which has an annual turnover of 45 billion pounds and employs more than eighteen thousand five hundred people at 181 sites across 22 countries its products are used to clean water make toothpaste manufacture antibiotics insulate homes and packaged food sir Jim has made expeditions to the North and South Poles as well as a three-month long motorbike Trek in South Africa the billionaire also founded a charity Go run for fun encouraging thousands of children aged between five and ten to get active by creating celebrity driven events he has two sons with his first wife and a daughter with his second reportedly having homes in Chelsea and Hampshire

Asking Brexiteers & Remainers: What Do You Think About May's Deal?

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so what do you think about the result amazed he'll smile it's a crushing blow form a sort of defeat was almost unimaginable and I am delighted what she had proposed was quite ridiculous it was the worst of everything everybody was unhappy with it and you know it is a complete mess and really we've got to find a way out of this mess she's completely failed to build a consensus either in the country or elsewhere in Parliament and so somehow we've got to get out of this mess and the people have shown through their MPs that her solution is not a solution we're happy with we want Britain to be rule makers not rule takers so what do you think the solution is now moving forward because this is catastrophic Aliyah failed my view is we should have the people's vote and that way we can now make an informed more informed choice about what's going to happen my view is there should be three options on the table there should be the choice of staying there should be the choice that may want and they should also be the hard leave people should get to vote initiative the first and second choice and that way people then can find out exactly what we're supposed to head towards a future with and I think that this government is not respected the will of the people what they voted for is absolutely appalling we are in a situation potentially where we are in minority rule and that is in breach of our most fundamental human rights shouldn't be allowed to happen because the only way that the people will be able to influence things on the world stage or the national stage is by way of demonstration and it's vitally important that the seat of democracy sets the example not only to this nation but to the rest of the world so do you think that the minute that brexit was voted for the government should have just cracks on with it out suppose that article 50 and left with no deal I think any negotiation you always put what your bottom line is so if we'd have said we're Lu leaving with a world trade deal that would be a bottom line and anything we're able to build on that by way of mutual consent would have been a benefit but the bottom line is most of the world trades under a World Trade Organization deal and they trade perfectly satisfactorily tonight about the result of Mays deal I think it's what most people wanted the deal has been voted down it didn't satisfy anybody and you know for me it paves the way to having another vote on brexit for the WTO crowd you were cheering over there Minh creases the chances of that happening as well so I think there's a jubilant atmosphere down here at the moment and we found some common ground between the no deal breaks toes and the remainders so moving forward I'm guessing you wanted people's well well you already said that she already told me this enough another interview that I did if you guys want to check that out on my channel and why do you think the people as well as the solution moving forward it's the only democratic way out of this mess because what we're asking for is more democracy they've clearly made a hash of this in that building over there the politicians have let us all down and now we have to take the question back to the British people it's time that we took back control from the politicians and we have the final say on the future of our country glad it went down very glad now a lot of people over that being suggesting that the solution to this is a people's vote what do you think about that you want a people's vote I mean a second referendum was the last vote monkeys know I think we had the vote don't need another one you don't need more in fighting between the country we had referendum disrespect to his aunt and that democracy take course so what would you say to the people over there who are saying that this is an undemocratic Sorna people's vote it's actually democratic so want even more democracy they think their people's vote is actually more democracy let's implement the last democracy and then they can have more democracy after that

Hartley-Brewer confronts Brexiteer on failure to THWART May – 'what are you going to do?'

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Hartley-Brewer confronts Brexiteer on failure to THWART May – ‘what are you going to do?’

‘Shambles!’ Warning for MPs from ‘original Brexiteer’ who hit Queen with STINK-BOMB

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‘Shambles!’ Warning for MPs from ‘original Brexiteer’ who hit Queen with STINK-BOMB.

Brexiteer campaigner criticised for joke about killing and eating Theresa May

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Brexiteer campaigner criticised for joke about killing and eating Theresa May


Gerard Batten Not Leadership Material Says Former Ukip Spokesperson

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Brexit and other stuff 🙂

but Tommy Robinson does have a huge constituency in the country and anyone who doesn't understand that is not understanding what's happening in the councilor states that I grew up in in the north of England there is mass change in the culture and there is the way that the Labour Party is simply not only ignored them would actually abused them and during the campaign of grexit and people were calling them thick stupid don't know what they're talking about indeed now saying they've got more facts and therefore they should change their vote he represents in my view up to several million people who will vote for you Kip just because they won't vote for those two parties and that is why I believe that Gerry baton ceases and as a message for the party right ok and and again there are a lot of people who who have the same views as Tommy Robinson so why not have someone who represents that viewpoint at the sharp end of our politics over breaks it well of course absolutely I agree with you we live in a democracy a political party should be out there to represent those views but the isn't the party that I joined it certainly isn't a party that we won the referendum under Nigel Raja isn't a party that you've seen recently with people who are Democrats and libertarians in billa's Ridge or or recent people have also left the party like Patrick O'Flynn Louise Boers 11 people who were MEP is now have less UK and most of them as I said after I left in the last couple of years and particularly since Jared Burton has come on board because if you're just going to campaign on one issue that isn't a political party that's a pressure group do you think that they will get rid of Jared batten or at least start of a motion of no-confidence vote in no confidence in the leader it's difficult to say my view is that Nigel again having listened to what he said he's quite right grexit was cross party I campaign he campaigned millions of people campaign from people who were conservatives labour you kid other political parties and non at all and this March on Sunday will be seen just simply either as you tip and as we know in our country there are those groups like Ann Tifa who try to call themselves as being fair back really the extremists of the left will be looking at this as an opportunity to cause fighting and trouble and that will put a bad picture on YouTube not only not annoying brexit now but historically seen and therefore they have to think incredibly carefully about what they're going to do today so again you don't want to influence the NEC but put us upon a personal note you'd like to see mr. batten removed oh and a personal no I never felt that he was leadership material I don't think he's he shares a vision so the people of the working class or the Britain as a whole we need to have somebody who stands there and says I understand the poverty that's in our country I understand the growth that's needed I understand the housing issues that we have I understand that brexit can be a massive opportunity to improve our lives and our culture and therefore we need someone who is bright who's got a vision of excitement and energy and he's not that person not somebody who's just a very own hobbyhorse on one particular issue that alienates the vast majority of the people and therefore in my view I don't think he should be leading you tip but hey at the end of the day it's going to be the NEC that makes that decision not me

Today News – Brexiteer Mark Francois tears up German Airbus CEO’s letter on live TV during bizarr…

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Today News – Brexiteer Mark Francois tears up German Airbus CEO’s letter on live TV during bizarre World War Two rant

Albert Evans 14 hours Friday January 25th 2019 Mark Francois accused the Airbus CEO of German bullying Tom Enders had warned against the madness of Brexiteers Tory MP Mark Francois let rip with a bizarre outburst at the head of Airbus invoking his father’s experiences during World War 2 to criticise the German CEO for his intervention on Brexit. The MP for Rayleigh and Wickford, took issue with comments made by Airbus CEO Tom Enders, who released a strong statement on Thursday warning against a …


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Albert Evans 14 hours Friday January 25th 2019 mark Francois accused the Airbus CEO of German bullying Tom menders had warned against the madness of brexit ears Tory MP mark Francois let rip with a bizarre outburst at the head of Airbus invoking his father's experiences during World War two to criticize the German CEO for his intervention on Berg vut the MP forelli and Wickford took issue with comments made by Airbus CEO Tom Enders who released a strong statement on Thursday warning against an Odile brexit mr. Francois was being interviewed on the BBC when he brought up the comments after an unrelated question a BBC journalist asked him for you and your colleagues who are very much in favor of breaks it is your position softening and are there any circumstances under which you could now back the Prime Minister's deal I'm a patriotic Englishman mark Francois tore up a letter from the Airbus CEO image BBC but mr. Francois replied well we've had another intervention in the debate yesterday Tom Enders the CEO of Airbus who was a German paratrooper in his youth issued a letter where he called the brexit ears med presumably because we are trying to implement the decision of seventeen point four million Brits in the referendum I'm a patriotic Englishman but I never dream of telling the German MP how to vote in the Bundestag and I think mr. Anders should pay us the same courtesy aside from that the journalist said as he tried to steer the conversation back to the political crisis and golfing Westminster teutonic arrogance but when he concluded his question mr. Francois said forgive me I haven't finished my point I'm sorry mr. Enders intervention is a classic example of the sort of Teutonic arrogance which is one of the reasons why many people voted to leave the European Union students were an ancient Germanic tribe with Teutonic being used in the present day to mean German speakers mr. Francois said if he thinks because he runs a big company he can bully British MPs how to vote he is going to be sorely mistaken my father Reginald Francois was a d-day veteran he never submitted to bullying by any German neither will his son so if mr. Enders is watching that's what he can do with his letter he said as he tore up a copy the reporter said well I'm sure he'd seen and heard your message loud and clear before returning to his original question breck Sudhir's madness the boss of Airbus has labeled the government's handling of brexit as a disgrace the chief executive of the aerospace giant had warned on Thursday that he could be forced to close factories in the UK and relocate out of the country if a No Deal Briggs it hinders the company the CEO said that if the UK left the EU without a deal that could mean the company has to make potentially very harmful decisions and urged the public to ignore the likes of hard brexit supporters who are calling for No Deal please don't listen to the brexit ears madness which asserts but because we have huge plants here we will not move and we will always be here they are wrong mr. Anders said Moron brexit brexit politics video Airbus BBC beer exit Deal

Brexiteer Bill Cash calls on Theresa May to resign over ‘abject surrender’ of six-month Brexit delay

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Brexiteer Bill Cash calls on Theresa May to resign over ‘abject surrender’ of six-month Brexit delay

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Brexiter DESTROYS Sky News & Remainer

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Brexiter Andrew DESTROYS Sky News & Remainer

Christian foundation a think tank not terribly well-known beyond a resolution foundation it says that they've got their crystal ball out and they say the damage to the economy caused by brexit will be offset will offset the modest wage gains for British workers in the lower end of the pay scale the resolution foundation part of its remit is to try and make lower paid people get more money so you think they'll be quite pleased about that apparently not because it's going to be offset by a cut that by the cut in immigration is going to be offset by the falling value of the pound and higher inflation and and they make the usual assumption that immigration was the major factor in the referendum campaign well actually it was factor of course it was actually but of another major but that suits the Guardian and the resolution foundation skewed view of people like me who voted to leave the European Union that we're swivel-eyed looms racists and all the rest of it yes we do want controlled immigration which you can't have in the European Union but actually a lot of us also wanted sovereignty and Britain to take its own decisions so they're now saying this is another reason why it's all going to be doom and gloom and despondency and what I says how does a resolution Foundation know now other countries left the European Union we're in uncharted waters why don't they say this why don't they say this is speculative I think this is the problem with so much as the kind of brexit propaganda that you hear from people like Andrew is that the Candida expert analysis is sick of experts these people said that the economy was going to fall off the edge of a cliff well the stock market now is close to an all-time high we're within about a hundred points being an all-time high that's something they didn't expect JP Morgan have to cut interest rates they chose to I think that it was a panic response but actually cutting interest rates will benefit people who got mortgages that would benefit people who make investment decisions of course it won't benefit if you've got savings but Santander horns can't we're benefiting but there's a lot of guesswork going here people said remember the chance in this jacket is gonna have to be a punishment budget of budget immediately they were gonna have to raise interest rate the reverse is happening because the Chancellor of Exchequer has changed I mean he isn't in his position anymore because the this dream uncertainty called by caused by brexit look of course it answers uncertainty and we are in uncharted territory but these think tanks are making massive assumptions based on all the projects their garbage we heard before the referendum which the British public have rejected your own paper carried a story last week that 30% of properties that are currently on the market have seen some sort of price reduction I think people desperate to get on the property ladder will be thrilled about that yeah but not people who are have put all their all their savings into buying your house in order to give themselves effectively as prices go up they go down and the property market will be just fine I'm quite sure you're saying that everything that has happened so far is well actually some things actually other things have happened so the stock market has done very well it's soared it's much higher than before Brinkley that helps people's pension funds that helps a lot I think we can both agree that I would I want you to be right I really do good but I have a serious concern that by choosing to leave the European Union we've BAE we've committed the biggest act of national insanity since the last bigger cycloning Dolly the sheep I don't know but I do think in every time I come on here and I talked about how passionate I was about remaining in the EU I get slaughtered online by lots of people who quite rightly have a complete right to their own opinion and who believe fervently that they should have left the EU I respect that opinion but I get accused of not caring about low paid workers and people who are affected in northern often working-class communities by an influx of immigrants and then it's simply not the case my issue is that by leaving the EU I don't think we're going to rectify those problems and let's not forget that by being a member of the EU we got maternity leave we got paid holiday we got them actually before did where you say Elizabeth wasn't around that you know people will be started defecating on the beaches really in the open you I didn't say that what I said was a hundred percent of our environmental legislation has been drawn up why why should it be why should it be on why should I just say you have to tell us how to look after environment they no good at it well I there any better why do they know better in Slovenia than we do here I I think you're missing the broad which is that we just think I have to get back to join borders such a seismic scale that I worry that will cause decades of uncertainty financial legislative governmental you've got Liam Fox scrambling around needing trade negotiators he's only got a hundred and he wants a thousand do you know what I worry about Moyes that we stayed in this basket case called the European Union which is what it is paying more than we're getting out of it the most of the eurozone is in recession and it's getting worse the Italian banks have run out of money Greece is teetering on the edge and they're still plowing on with ever more integration thinking they know best do we really want to be governed by five unelected president and be told no we don't and we're not going to play the resolution foundation they might as well just going to up to Mystic Meg for all they know about it this think tank is a man called Torsten belt you remember him he worked the Labour Party during that glorious election campaign run by Ed Miliband and he was the architect of the edge stone do you remember that eight promises or the turn promises carton stone where is the edge stone in tatters like the idiots who've written this report is actually technically anyway anyway let's move on I think you should be in a Danish crime Donna yeah

Brexiteer artists 'come out of the closet'

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Brexiteer artists ‘come out of the closet’ with John Cleese, Sir Michael Caine and Roger Daltrey among ‘creative 4 per cent’ who back Leave,
They are unlikely advocates for divorce from the European Union.

But a minority pro-Brexit group of artists have decided to come forward about their views on the referendum, after being shunned by friends.

Artists 4 Brexit began in a Wetherspoon’s in Camden, North London.

brexit ear artists come out of the closet with John Cleese Sir Michael Caine and Roger Daltrey among creative 4% who back leave they are unlikely advocates for divorce from the European Union but a minority pro brexit group of artists have decided to come forward about their views on the referendum after being shunned by friends artists for brexit began in a Wetherspoons in Camden North London founding member mana Cove in de 55 told The Times we are the 4% in the cultural sector maybe there is slightly more we don't know people are worried they may not get work their names may get dropped from Commission's or galleries we hope now that others may come out of the closet a survey conducted by the creative industries Federation discovered that 96 percent of members disagreed with the brexit referendum result many of the cultural world stars have even come forward to express their concerns about a post brexit Britain but actors including John Cleese 78 Sir Michael Caine that rocker Roger Daltrey 73 and novelist Drita say Mitchell 52 are the small minority that have openly decided to fight for the other corner John Cleese I don't think brexit was a mistake myself I am rather delighted that all these forecasts of doom and destruction have turned out at this point not to have been real I don't want to be ruled by Brussels bureaucrats who want to create a super state I was Pro brexit for that reason if I had three words to sum up why we had to get out of Europe they would be jean-claude Juncker he's a little jumped up pluck Samar who's never really had a proper job Sir Michael Caine I voted for brexit what it is with me I'd rather be a poor master than a rich servant it wasn't about the racism immigrants or anything it was about freedom politics is always chaotic in politics you're always going into areas you've never been before so you are going to get lost and then you're going to find your way and then it'll be all right roger daltrey we are getting out and when the dust settles I think that it'll be seen that it's the right thing for this country to have done that's for sure it's got nothing to do with any of the immigration issues or any of that for me it was to do with much more the majority of this country found that their voices weren't being heard it would have been nice to do a deal with Europe but they didn't want to do a deal and they sent Cameron back with a bag Susan Hill brexit has been as bad as any surgeon washing away hitherto strong foundations I am talking about friendships I have never known the like to be called a racist a little Englander and worse was bad enough but to have people one has long known and like to say they could no longer be friends with someone like you was very shocking author of the woman in black Susan Hill 76 has spoken in the past about how her friends called her racist a little Englander and distanced themselves from her for her decision to leave the EU the artists who formed the fledgling group Michael Lightfoot 41 told The Times that several members had faced similar experiences he said most of our friends are remained supporters and there is a substantial chunk that have turned into monsters they have become hysterical about it I have lost an awful lot of friends I have had hate mail there is this phenomenon of closeted racketeers it is one thing to have different views and another to feel that you can't express them I think there are an awful lot of people in the arts community that are institutionalized to this idea that you have to play along with certain ideologies to get funded meanwhile mr. Govinda an administrator and visual arts producer described the response on social media as toxic he also said that those in support of brexit were labeled as xenophobic adding this is a terrible stereotyping of the 17 point 5 million people who voted to leave when the referendum result came out a lot of fellow artists accused me of signing with the likes of ETL and you keep and that my vote was a vote for racism there was a lot of harshness group met in the Weatherspoon's last month and also include London's former deputy mayor for culture muni Mirza and the artist Miriam Malaya mr. Govinda added what other artists have written about brexit is very doom and gloom we wanted a counterpoint to that narrative there is a lot of scare mongering we are the lesser Bohemians he claimed that there was a risk of people turning against the arts due to differing brexit views it is dangerous he added the arts community can alienate the wider public

Brexiteer Bill Cash calls on Theresa May to resign over ‘abject surrender’ of six-month Brexit de…

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Brexiteer Bill Cash calls on Theresa May to resign over ‘abject surrender’ of six-month Brexit delay – Brexit News Channel
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brexit territory and people cash called on Prime Minister Teresa May to resign on Thursday saying her agreement to a brexit delay until 31 October amounted to abject surrender mrs. May had just addressed the Commons on the outcome of a European Council summit in Brussels on Wednesday night where EU leaders have rejected her plans for a shorter extension until June in favour of a delay to the UK's departure until the autumn abject surrender bill cash called on the prime minister to resign foto Parliament TV the MP for Stone who chairs the European scrutiny committee asked her if she could appreciate the anger that her abject surrender last night has generated across the country having broken her promise made over 100 times – not to extend the time he added does she also accepted that this withdrawal agreement undermines our democracy the constitutional status of Northern Ireland our right to govern ourselves control over our laws and undermines our national interest will she resign I think you know the answer to reason may hit back saying she had wanted to leave the EU on a 29th of March footer Parliament TV I think you know the answer she told the MPs before addressing mr. cash directly she told him can I say to my honourable friend first of all I do not recognize his description of the withdrawal agreement that he has put before this house discover the new collection a journey down the California coast soft textiles and moments of nostalgia are revealed in an inch shop now sponsored by Vince I believe we have negotiated a good deal for the United Kingdom he references the fact that I have on many many occasions in this house and he and others of my honorable friends have been keeping count I had said that I had wanted us to leave on the 29th of March and indeed I did read more here is what the brexit delay means and what happens next even pointed to all the time as she had voted to leave the EU with her deal which has been rejected three times by MPs since January she said I voted for the UK to leave the European Union on the 29th of March and I wanted us to set in train that guarantee of us leaving under the 22nd of May I voted to leave under the 22nd of May sadly not a sufficient number of members across this house voted to leave the European Union on those dates and hence the extension has been requested to enable us to come to a position where this house can agree on a deal that we can deliver on leaving the European Union Mrs May has already survived one conservative party vote of no-confidence meaning she cannot be challenged again by backbenchers until December please do not waste of this time European Council President Donald Tusk and Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May photo a living in hos lit slash AFP / Getty Images European Council President Donald Tusk said in the early hours of Thursday that the extra time was designed to enable the UK to find the best possible solution he urged to the UK please do not waste this time mrs. Mae told the Commons on Thursday the discussions of the council were difficult and unsurprisingly many of our European partners share the deep frustration that I know so many of us feel in this house over the current and past what Donald Tusk announces delay to brexit mrs. May said that if an agreement on a deal could not be reached the government will put alternatives to mp's in a series of votes and would abide by the result she said I hope that we can reach an agreement on a single unified approach that we can put to the house for approval but if we cannot do so soon then we will seek to agree a small number of options for the future relationship that we will put to the house in a series of votes to determine which course to pursue and as I have made clear before the government stands ready to abide by the decision of the house she added saying the deal would have to be approved by the Labour Party to work additional reporting by Press Association

Mogg leads a new Brexiteer climbdown – but is it too late to save May?

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Mogg leads a new Brexiteer climbdown – but is it too late to save May?:

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Jacob Rees-Mogg and two other leading Brexiteers today revealed they would back Theresa May’s Brexit deal amid signs of a climbdown after rebel MPs seized control of Britain’s levers of power in an attempt to force a softer exit from the EU. The Prime Minister has until Friday to pass her deal and secure an orderly exit from the EU – while ministers have threatened to call a general election if the chaos continues and they have a soft Brexit forced upon them in the coming weeks.But the U-turns from Tories Mr Rees-Mogg, Michael Fabricant and James Gray may prove too late, with some of their hardcore Brexiteer colleagues including Mark Francois and the DUP still refusing to vote for the deal before Friday.That could mean Brexit will slowly slip away, with MPs set to hold a series of indicative votes on Wednesday to choose their preferred option for Brexit and then try to force the result on May next week.The Prime Minister is now expected to address her MPs on Wednesday night, and speculation is high that she could offer to step down to get her deal over the line in a vote on Thursday. Boris Johnson has already indicated that he could back the deal if she agrees to go. As things stand, Britain will leave the EU on May 22 if the Prime Minister’s deal passes before Friday and April 12 if it does not.The alternatives for May look bleak as rebel MPs next week plan to force her to adopt a softer Brexit – such as the so-called Norway option – by taking control of the Commons in a historic power grab.As the Government’s Brexit strategy went into meltdown yesterday, senior ministers ‘war-gamed’ scenarios that could see a general election called three years ahead of schedule because a soft Brexit would shred the Tory manifesto.An election would cause fresh public uproar, with only 12 per cent of the public wanting one, according to the most recent polling.The campaign would also likely tear apart the already split Tory and Labour parties because their MPs are bitterly divided over whether to leave the EU, compromise on a soft Brexit or to try to reverse the 2016 referendum and remain.   WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO BREXIT IN THE NEXT WEEK?   TUESDAY MARCH 26: REBEL MPs FINALIZE PLAN FOR INDICATIVE VOTES – WHILE MAY CONTINUES FIGHT TO WIN SUPPORT FOR HER BREXIT DEAL:Remainer rebels are now trying work out how they will hold the indicative votes on Wednesday while Theresa May scrambles for support for her deal. It is most likely to involve two ’rounds’ of votes, with a favoured option eventually selected on Monday.WEDNESDAY MARCH 27: MPs HOLD INDICATIVE VOTES ROUND ONE:MPs are set to hold the ‘first round’ vote choosing their preferred Brexit from options including Norway, a Customs Union, May’s Deal and No Deal. They will most likely be able to choose more than one option at this stage, and will write their preferences on pink slips of paper rather than walking through lobbies in the traditional Commons voting method. The top options would then be put forward to ano
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#Mogg, #leads, #new, #Brexiteer, #climbdown, #late, #save, #Brexit

Jacob Rees-Mogg and two other leading Brexiteers today revealed they would back Theresa May's Brexit deal amid signs of a climbdown after rebel MPs seized control of Britain's levers of power in an attempt to force a softer exit from the EU  The Prime Minister has until Friday to pass her deal and secure an orderly exit from the EU – while ministers have threatened to call a general election if the chaos continues and they have a soft Brexit forced upon them in the coming weeks But the U-turns from Tories Mr Rees-Mogg, Michael Fabricant and James Gray may prove too late, with some of their hardcore Brexiteer colleagues including Mark Francois and the DUP still refusing to vote for the deal before Friday That could mean Brexit will slowly slip away, with MPs set to hold a series of indicative votes on Wednesday to choose their preferred option for Brexit and then try to force the result on May next week The Prime Minister is now expected to address her MPs on Wednesday night, and speculation is high that she could offer to step down to get her deal over the line in a vote on Thursday Boris Johnson has already indicated that he could back the deal if she agrees to go  As things stand, Britain will leave the EU on May 22 if the Prime Minister's deal passes before Friday and April 12 if it does not The alternatives for May look bleak as rebel MPs next week plan to force her to adopt a softer Brexit – such as the so-called Norway option – by taking control of the Commons in a historic power grab As the Government's Brexit strategy went into meltdown yesterday, senior ministers 'war-gamed' scenarios that could see a general election called three years ahead of schedule because a soft Brexit would shred the Tory manifesto An election would cause fresh public uproar, with only 12 per cent of the public wanting one, according to the most recent polling The campaign would also likely tear apart the already split Tory and Labour parties because their MPs are bitterly divided over whether to leave the EU, compromise on a soft Brexit or to try to reverse the 2016 referendum and remain    WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO BREXIT IN THE NEXT WEEK?   TUESDAY MARCH 26: REBEL MPs FINALIZE PLAN FOR INDICATIVE VOTES – WHILE MAY CONTINUES FIGHT TO WIN SUPPORT FOR HER BREXIT DEAL:Remainer rebels are now trying work out how they will hold the indicative votes on Wednesday while Theresa May scrambles for support for her deal It is most likely to involve two 'rounds' of votes, with a favoured option eventually selected on Monday WEDNESDAY MARCH 27: MPs HOLD INDICATIVE VOTES ROUND ONE:MPs are set to hold the 'first round' vote choosing their preferred Brexit from options including Norway, a Customs Union, May's Deal and No Deal They will most likely be able to choose more than one option at this stage, and will write their preferences on pink slips of paper rather than walking through lobbies in the traditional Commons voting method The top options would then be put forward to another 'round two' vote.COULD STILL HAPPEN THURSDAY MARCH 28: MAY HOLDS A THIRD MEANINGFUL VOTE ON HER BREXIT DEAL:May is likely to try and pass her Brexit deal a third time, after the EU offered a Brexit date of 22 May if she does so this week The Prime Minister will use threats that MPs will take control and force a softer Brexit in an attempt to force Brexiteer rebels and the DUP to finally back her She may also offer them a date when she will quit in return for their support. Thursday is the most likely day for her vote, but there is a chance she won't hold it if she still does not believe she'll win FRIDAY MARCH 29: MPs TAKE CONTROL?If the PM loses a third vote on her deal, or does not hold one, by Friday the Brexit date is reset until April MPs and Remainer Cabinet ministers will try and force her towards a softer Brexit Brexiteer MPs and Cabinet minister will conversely try and push her towards a No Deal exit from the EU Minister have also claimed that they could call an election if MPs try to force them into a soft Brexit MONDAY APRIL 1: INDICATIVE VOTES ROUND TWO:MPs are expected to rank their preferences for Brexit When one option is knocked out, MPs second preferences will be counted. For example if a second referendum is knocked out, its supporters can switch to backing a soft Brexit Parliament would agree to support the final option.WEDNESDAY APRIL 3: MPs COULD FORCE MAY'S HAND:If Theresa May refuses to accept MPs preferred Brexit option, they could try to pass new legislation compelling her to do so   more videos 1 2 3 Watch video Victim of 'breast ironing' bravely speaks out about practice Watch video May expresses frustration with government's 'collective failure' Watch video Nick Boles: 'Parliament deciding on Brexit is exciting and momentous' Watch video Driver totals a £250k Lamborghini after losing control at meet Watch video Robbers steal from woman who's having an epileptic seizure Watch video May admits there's no 'sufficient support' for her deal Watch video Luton teenagers heavily wounded after The Mall stabbing incident Watch video Moment hunter 'accidentally' shoots OAP jogger instead of deer Watch video CCTV shows moment Luton teenager is stabbed in The Mall Watch video Michael Gove escapes questions on whether he wants to be PM Watch video Luton CCTV shows moment Azaan Kaleem is attacked and stabbed Watch video Paul Merson says gambling addiction is worse than drinking or drugs RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Rebel MPs seize control of Brexit: Three ministers quit on MPs take back control: Now Rebels have seized control of the. We are nearly the masters now: John McDonnell to order Share this article Share Arch-Eurosceptic Jacob Rees-Mogg today revealed he is ready to swing behind the Prime Minister's EU divorce and said: 'The choice seems to be Mrs May's deal or no Brexit The Prime Minister will not deliver a No Deal Brexit. I have always thought that No Deal is better than Mrs May's deal, but Mrs May's deal is better than not leaving at all' Asked if that meant the options were now 'deal or potentially no Brexit', he told ConHome: 'That, I think, becomes the choice eventually Is this deal worse than not leaving? No, definitely not. If we take this deal we are legally out of the EU Being legally out is of great importance. It restores our independence'.The ERG chairman's U-turn will give the PM a glimmer of hope that she could get her EU divorce over the line but she also needs to announce her own exit date if Boris Johnson and other Brexiteers will be convinced Mr Rees-Mogg's change of heart has already convinced others to change their minds with Michael Fabricant saying today: 'This is the dreadful conclusion I came to too' while James Gray, who has twice voted against Mrs May's deal saying: 'It's a horrible deal but I'll hold my nose and support it' Rebel Ben Bradley, who only a week ago said he would never back the deal, said today: 'I'll back the deal because I honestly don't see another way forward now that's not a nightmare' There are now around 70 Tory MPs Mrs May still needs to convince before she can get her deal through – but yesterday she was forced to admit to the Commons she does not have 'the support' to try again and could even call a general election in a bid to break the deadlock Mrs May desperately needs the support of the DUP – but party sources have told Sky News they would prefer a long Article 50 extension to the PM's deal because they are 'sick and tired' of her handling of the crisis  With Theresa May desperately trying to gather support for her deal, it emerged today:Tomorrow night Theresa May will address the Tory party's 1922 committee of backbenchers – raising expectations she will announce her departure; Brexiteers are finally swinging behind the PM's EU divorce – but she still needs to convince at least 70 more Tories on both sides of the Brexit debate to change their minds;The DUP is refusing to budge and say the PM can have their support if the Irish backstop is 'changed or deleted'; MPs will vote on the other Brexit options tomorrow night and have pledged to change the law to force the Government's hand if she tries to ignore their conclusions; The PM also needs the DUP on side today but MP Jim Shannon said that while some ERG members are 'melting away' – 'nothing has changed' for his party He said: 'Some of them see Brexit as a greater priority than the union. We see the union as more important'  Mrs May will only hold another meaningful vote on her Brexit deal if she believes she can win it, and the decision by MPs to take control of Wednesday's Commons business meant it was 'extremely unlikely' the deal would return tomorrow  After a lengthy Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Theresa May's official spokesman added: 'They had a long discussion both in relation to the votes which took place last night and on the work which is ongoing to build support for the Government's deal to allow us to leave the EU in an orderly way as soon as possible 'The spokesman added: 'If we are able to hold and win a vote this week we would then be able to leave the EU in less than two months' time with a deal, which the Prime Minister firmly believes is what the public wants ' The decision by the leader of the hardline European Research Group (ERG) would be a huge boost for the Prime Minister if the DUP come onside But that remains highly uncertain after the party's leader Arlene Foster yesterday effectively vetoed plans for another meaningful vote on the deal and the DUP rounded on Mrs May in the Commons Mr Rees-Mogg last night confirmed he had made the conditional pledge on backing the PM's deal at an ERG meeting in Westminster Asked after the meeting whether he believed the DUP would come onboard, Mr Rees-Mogg said: 'The DUP want guarantees It doesn't look like they've got them at the moment.Asked again whether they might get them this week, he replied: 'Who knows 'Should Mr Rees-Mogg come onboard, he is likely to take a number of other MPs with him Brexiteer Bob Seely tweeted: 'Am hearing from colleagues that this is – potentially – significant, that's how it's being portrayed Maybe start of something – I hope so – but DUP still need to move.'If they do, the Deal is back in business Hope not a red herring.'  But the positive tone was not echoed by many of the others in the room, some of whom said the group was split 50-50 Speaking at the Bruges Group today – an organisation for the most hardline Brexiteers – ex-Brexit Minister Suella Braverman said she could never countenance voting for deal even if crushing it meant staying in the EU She said: 'Perhaps we may have failed to deliver Brexit this time. If we have to keep fighting, so we must do ' DUP Brexit spokesman Sammy Wilson also set out in 'clear terms' last night to the ERG why he would yet not support the PM's deal, according to one of those present It came as a row broke out after the group of Brexiteers who visited Chequers yesterday were said to have nicknamed themselves the 'Grand Wizards' The reference quickly turned into a row as it is the name of some of the high-ranking members of the racist group the Ku Klux Klan However the group quickly denied that they had given themselves the nickname. Mr Rees-Mogg said: 'We are not in the habit of giving ourselves names ' The ERG met last night to discuss what approach to take on the deal, but there was little consensus as they left One said: 'Some of us were trying to make the rest see sense that if they don't vote for [the deal] now we will lose Brexit 'But another said he was 'appalled and disgusted' by the process, adding: 'The British people won't forgive us [if they vote for the deal] 'If we give in we'll never know whether we could have achieved it. It's not worth capitulating nowI don't think the mood of country would be good 'Sammy Wilson just spoke. He explained in really clear terms why he won't support it He said it was unacceptable. How the election that no one wants COULD happen: Government's threat of new poll could lead to anarchy by tearing Tories and Labour apart in bitter campaign Cabinet ministers have warned there may have to another snap election to end the Brexit impasse – despite the Tories being split by Europe and Labour riven by internal division The warning from Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay came despite a poll in January which found just 12 per cent of voters want a general election to sort out the mess   Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are plumbing record-breaking new depths in their personal polling – while polls show the Brexit crisis is causing rising alarm among voters who think Britain's political 'system is broken' Both main parties have lost members to the biggest split in politics in more than 30 years as 11 MPs defected to the new Independent Group And the Prime Minister herself has admitted she will not lead her party into the next scheduled election – and yet is still facing demands to call an immediate poll Whatever happens, a fresh election is sure to unleash more anarchy after two years of Brexit chaos   Why is the government threatening to call an election?The question of whether to call an election finally reached the Cabinet this week Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay warned the rejection of Mrs May's deal would set in train a series of events that will lead to a softer Brexit – meaning an election because so many MPs will have to break manifesto promises Last night's Commons vote to seize control of Brexit from ministers will only fuel the demands Labour has been calling for a new vote for months, insisting the Government has failed to deliver Brexit Mr Corbyn called a vote of no confidence in the Government in January insisting the failure of the first meaningful vote showed Mrs May's administration was doomed He lost but the calls did not go away.Brexiteers have joined the demands in recent days as Parliament wrestles with Brexit and amid fears among hardliners promises made by both main parties at the last election will be broken – specifically on leaving the Customs Union and Single Market Tory MP Andrew Bridgen wants Mrs May replaced with a Brexiteer. He believes it would push Remain Tories out of the party and then allow a snap election with more Eurosceptic candidates wearing blue rosettes What might happen?Both main parties will have to write a manifesto – including a position on Brexit Both parties are deeply split – in many cases between individual MPs and their local activists Under Mrs May, the Tories presumably try to start with the deal. But it is loathed by dozens of current Tory MPs who want a harder Brexit and hated even more by grassroots Tory members Shifting Tory policy on Brexit to the right would alienate the majority of current MPs who voted to Remain Labour has similar splits. Many of Labour's MPs and activists want Mr Corbyn to commit to putting Brexit to a second referendum – most with a view to cancelling it Mr Corbyn is a veteran Eurosceptic and millions of people who voted Leave in 2016 backed Labour in 2017 The splits set the stage for a bitter and chaotic election. The outcome is highly unpredictable – the Tories start in front but are probably more divided on the main question facing the country Labour is behind but knows it made dramatic gains in the polls in the last election with its promises of vastly higher public spending Neither side can forecast what impact new political forces might wield over the election or how any public anger over the Brexit stalemate could play out It could swing the result in favour of one of the main parties or a new force.Or an election campaign that takes months, costs millions of pounds could still end up in a hung Parliament and continued stalemate How is an election called? When would it be?Because of the Fixed Term Parliaments Act passed by the coalition, the Prime Minister can no longer simply ask the Queen to dissolve the Commons and call an election There are two procedures instead.First – and this is what happened in 2017 – the Government can table a motion in the Commons calling for an early election Crucially, this can only pass with a two-thirds majority of MPs – meaning either of the main parties can block it Second an election is called if the Government loses a vote of no confidence and no new administration can be built within 14 days In practice, this is can only happen if Tory rebels vote with Mr Corbyn – a move that would end the career of any Conservative MP who took the step An election takes a bare minimum of five weeks from start to finish and it would take a week or two to get to the shut down of Parliament, known as dissolution – putting the earliest possible polling day around mid to late May If the Tories hold a leadership election first it probably pushes any election out to late June at the earliest  What about a Brexit Party?There is a new Brexit Party set up by former Ukip officials and endorsed by Nigel Farage It is administratively more advanced than TIG – it already registered with the Electoral Commission But its first leader has already resigned over racist tweets and it has no serving MPs to start with It faces all the same problems as TIG on top of having fewer experienced politicians in charge Could the Independent Group get involved?Not right now because they are not yet a political party – so it depends exactly when an election is called If they register with the Electoral Commission, the TIG could in theory stand candidates across the country and try to gain a foothold Polls in the aftermath of the group's sensational launch suggested support of around 14 per cent – more than the Liberal Democrats The challenge will come in how the vote is spread around the country. TIG can only win seats if it piles up votes in constituencies – meaning it could win millions of votes but few seats Frustrated Remain supporters could flock to a new party if there was a national offer – but cutting through TV broadcast rules past the main parties has historically been very difficult in British elections more videos 1 2 3 Watch video Victim of 'breast ironing' bravely speaks out about practice Watch video May expresses frustration with government's 'collective failure' Watch video Nick Boles: 'Parliament deciding on Brexit is exciting and momentous' Watch video Driver totals a £250k Lamborghini after losing control at meet Watch video Robbers steal from woman who's having an epileptic seizure Watch video May admits there's no 'sufficient support' for her deal Watch video Luton teenagers heavily wounded after The Mall stabbing incident Watch video Moment hunter 'accidentally' shoots OAP jogger instead of deer Watch video CCTV shows moment Luton teenager is stabbed in The Mall Watch video Michael Gove escapes questions on whether he wants to be PM Watch video Luton CCTV shows moment Azaan Kaleem is attacked and stabbed Watch video Paul Merson says gambling addiction is worse than drinking or drugs more videos 1 2 3 Watch video Victim of 'breast ironing' bravely speaks out about practice Watch video May expresses frustration with government's 'collective failure' Watch video Nick Boles: 'Parliament deciding on Brexit is exciting and momentous' Watch video Driver totals a £250k Lamborghini after losing control at meet Watch video Robbers steal from woman who's having an epileptic seizure Watch video May admits there's no 'sufficient support' for her deal Watch video Luton teenagers heavily wounded after The Mall stabbing incident Watch video Moment hunter 'accidentally' shoots OAP jogger instead of deer Watch video CCTV shows moment Luton teenager is stabbed in The Mall Watch video Michael Gove escapes questions on whether he wants to be PM Watch video Luton CCTV shows moment Azaan Kaleem is attacked and stabbed Watch video Paul Merson says gambling addiction is worse than drinking or drugs There had been hope yesterday that the Brexiteers would be won over to back Mrs May's deal following their visit to Chequers on Sunday 'I'm going to wake up tomorrow morning with a broad grin on my face': Gloating Remainer rebel MP Nick Boles celebrates taking control of Brexit Remainers are cock-a-hoop today after MPs wrestled control of Brexit from Theresa May last night with buoyant rebels hailing a 'momentous' victory and pledging to change the law if she tries to ignore them Theresa May warned the Commons yesterday they would be betraying those who voted to leave the EU before they voted to hold a series of votes that could determine how – if at all – the UK leaves the European Union Last night Tory Nick Boles called the result 'very exciting' and said: 'Do you know what? I'm going to wake up tomorrow morning with a broad grin on my face I'm going to think — I finally live in a parliamentary democracy, where parliament is sovereign 'Earlier in a statement to MPs, the Prime Minister warned she would not feel bound by the results of any indicative votes – which could include a softer, Norway-style deal, a second referendum or revoking the Article 50 withdrawal process altogether    But Mr Boles warned that MPs would force Mrs May's hand with new legislation if she refused to do their bidding    He told the BBC's Newsnight show: 'If the government refuses to listen to what Parliament has voted for we will bring forward a bill that will require it to reflect Parliament's wishes 'Pro-Europe Tory MP Mr Boles, who backed the indicative votes amendment, added: 'It is a much better victory than any of us had dared hope ' The Commons voted by 329 votes to 302 – a majority of 27 – to approve an amendment brought by Tory ex-minister Sir Oliver Letwin allowing it to take control of business tomorrow from the Government  This will allow MPs to select their favorite Brexit option in so-called 'indicative votes', which are likely to include soft Brexit options and the possibility of remaining in the European Union  Three ministers were among 30 Tory rebels who defied the Prime Minister and backed the amendment or abstained Iain Duncan Smith, Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Steve Baker, Dominic Raab and other key Brexiteers met yesterday morning to discuss their next moves, but did not reach a consensus Yesterday, Mrs May faced attacks from the DUP's deputy leader Nigel Dodds yesterday in the Commons after she said more time was needed to prepare Northern Ireland for the possibility of a no-deal Brexit Mr Dodds said the Government was 'entirely responsible' for what he described as a 'fundamental lack of preparation 'Rebel MPs voted to seize control of Brexit from the embattled Prime Minister last night, despite warnings from the Government that continued chaos will force it to call another general election  Three pro-EU ministers quit the Government to back a Commons amendment enabling MPs to take control of Commons business to stage a series of 'indicative votes' on alternatives to the Prime Minister's deal tomorrow  However, Mrs May has warned the government is not bound to honour the result of the indicative votes as they 'could lead to an outcome that is unnegotiable with the EU'  Asked if the indicative vote should be a free vote for MPs, Minister for Children Nadhim Zahawi told the BBC today: 'I suspect it must be because if the will of Parliament is to have free votes, indicative votes, then that will be it 'But, I wait to see what the details are and how we vote on the different options 'He added: 'I want to vote for the Prime Minister's deal because I think all other options are recipes for chaos 'As the Government's Brexit strategy went into meltdown, senior ministers 'war-gamed' scenarios that could see a national poll called three years ahead of schedule because a soft Brexit would shred the Tory manifesto But the most recent poll on the issue was carried out by Opinium two months ago found that only 12 per cent of Britons would welcome another general election The campaign would also likely tear apart the already split Tory and Labour parties because their MPs are already bitterly divided over whether to leave the EU or to reverse the 2016 referendum and remain Business minister Richard Harrington, who resigned along with Middle East minister Alistair Burt and health minister Steve Brine, said the Government was 'playing roulette' with peoples' lives and livelihoods in its handling of Brexit  Mr Brine told the BBC: 'I will still, as I said in my letter to the Prime Minister I will still support her deal. I still think it is the best of the options. Maybe what last night will do is focus some minds those on my side who don't like the deal, maybe they will realise that the House of Commons is prepared to act 'And, anything from here, as far as they are concerned, gets softer in terms of Brexit 'Mr Brine said: 'If the House of Commons just simply cannot come up with anything to move us out of this then everything is on the table 'You have to accept that a second referendum or revoking Article 50 are on the table because they will probably be some options 'Mr Brine told the BBC: 'You also have to remember that the manifesto of 2017 did not win a majority in the House of Commons 'And this is the crux of the whole matter, that the House of Commons and executive-led Government works when you have got a majority in the House of Commons 'We don't have a majority in the House. And, possibly, that would be one of my criticisms of my Government is that we haven't reached across the aisle enough ' EU hails Parliament's 'Brexit revolt' and says the PM is missing the 'basic human skills you need to be a political leader' The European Parliament's top Brexit official has said that 'we see for the moment a real Brexit revolt' in the United Kingdom, with over five million people signing an online petition to revoke Britain's decision to leave the EU and a million taking to the streets to stay in the EU Guy Verhofstadt said he felt especially encouraged by the vote in the House of Commons seizing more control over the stalled Brexit process That has set up a series of votes this week that could dramatically alter the course of the UK's departure Mr Verhofstadt said: 'It is possible now to work in Britain toward a cross-party alliance 'He added: 'I hope it will lead to a proposal that can be backed by a majority (in Westminster) ' Meanwhile Philippe Lamberts, a Belgian Green MEP in the European Parliament, has slammed Mrs May's performance at last week's summit He said that the PM lacks the 'basic human skills you need to be a political leader' and 'had upset even the mannered Prime Minister of Luxembourg' Richard Harrington, the former business minister who resigned last night after voting against the Government on a motion to hold indicative votes on Brexit in Parliament on Wednesday, said: 'All we can do is what's in our power, and what's in our power is to get a clear direction from Parliament as to what is acceptable rather than what's not acceptable 'I don't regard it as undemocratic for Parliament to decide in the absence of Government, be able to provide a clear direction from this policy of 'my deal or no deal' 'He said he expected the Prime Minister to follow the will of Parliament if a majority is formed for one pathway for Brexit on Wednesday, unless the choice of Parliament was 'so off the wall and so outrageous she couldn't do it' 'A responsible Prime Minister, which I believe she is, will say, 'I would rather have my deal, Parliament's wish is clearly Norway or customs union or whatever it is I therefore will go to Brussels with that, but I'm perfectly prepared to put my deal to Parliament against that' 'Asked why he had not resigned sooner, he said: 'I can't answer that question. I'd hoped with the undertakings that David Lidington and others had given, that we wouldn't have reached this position It was really a timing issue.'The result means MPs can potentially dictate business of the Commons – normally controlled by the Government – for days to come, potentially paving the way for a 'softer' deal that keeps Britain closer to the EU   more videos 1 2 3 Watch video Victim of 'breast ironing' bravely speaks out about practice Watch video May expresses frustration with government's 'collective failure' Watch video Nick Boles: 'Parliament deciding on Brexit is exciting and momentous' Watch video Driver totals a £250k Lamborghini after losing control at meet Watch video Robbers steal from woman who's having an epileptic seizure Watch video May admits there's no 'sufficient support' for her deal Watch video Luton teenagers heavily wounded after The Mall stabbing incident Watch video Moment hunter 'accidentally' shoots OAP jogger instead of deer Watch video CCTV shows moment Luton teenager is stabbed in The Mall Watch video Michael Gove escapes questions on whether he wants to be PM Watch video Luton CCTV shows moment Azaan Kaleem is attacked and stabbed Watch video Paul Merson says gambling addiction is worse than drinking or drugs Speaker Bercow sparks fury after 'insulting' Tory MP Divisive Speaker John Bercow sparked uproar in the Commons after clashing with a former Tory whip MPs demanded an apology after accusing Mr Bercow of 'insulting' Greg Hands after appearing to insult him over his skills in the disciplinary roll Tory Mr Hands, who was deputy chief whip under David Cameron between 2013 and 2015, had attempted to interrupt Mr Bercow, prompting the Speaker to react badly Mr Bercow said: 'I don't require any help from the right honourable gentleman for Chelsea and Fulham I wouldn't have the foggiest idea where to start. He was once a whip, he wasn't a very good whip 'There was uproar in the chamber as MPs clamoured for an apology, with former Tory chairman Sir Patrick McLoughlin making a point of order accusing the Speaker of a lack of respect Mr Bercow tried to make peace, saying: 'What I would say is if I have caused offence I very happily apologise ' Ministers will consider their response at the weekly meeting of the Cabinet in Downing Street today  Health Secretary Matt Hancock called on MPs to back Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal, telling BBC Radio 4's Today programme: 'If anything, yesterday in the House of Commons demonstrated that the option of no deal simply won't be allowed by the Commons 'And the best way through this impasse is the one deal that has been negotiated with the EU that can be delivered quickly now 'Mr Hancock said: 'Clearly, it's incumbent on the Government to listen to what the Commons says But we can't pre-commit to following whatever they vote for, because they might vote for something that is completely impractical 'Attorney General Geoffrey Cox told a meeting of the Cabinet that failure to pass Mrs May's plan in the coming weeks would almost inevitably lead to an election Writing in the Daily Mail, he today makes a last-ditch appeal to hardline Leavers to get behind Mrs May – or face losing Brexit altogether Two weeks ago his legal advice led many Tory MPs to reject the withdrawal agreement because of fears the UK could remain in the Irish border backstop But today he argues the plan's disadvantages have been 'exaggerated and demonised' by opponents of Brexit If MPs do not vote for the agreement in the coming days, he says the Commons will 'exert itself' and try to force either a second referendum, or a plan that keeps the UK inside the customs union and single market He warns 'powerful and unreconciled forces' who opposed Brexit were still trying to stop it and says his biggest fear is the UK will never regain its 'independence' He says: 'We must grasp our freedom now and heed the beckoning call of the future, for if we do not, history will marvel that we spurned this fleeting moment of opportunity '  more videos 1 2 3 Watch video Victim of 'breast ironing' bravely speaks out about practice Watch video May expresses frustration with government's 'collective failure' Watch video Nick Boles: 'Parliament deciding on Brexit is exciting and momentous' Watch video Driver totals a £250k Lamborghini after losing control at meet Watch video Robbers steal from woman who's having an epileptic seizure Watch video May admits there's no 'sufficient support' for her deal Watch video Luton teenagers heavily wounded after The Mall stabbing incident Watch video Moment hunter 'accidentally' shoots OAP jogger instead of deer Watch video CCTV shows moment Luton teenager is stabbed in The Mall Watch video Michael Gove escapes questions on whether he wants to be PM Watch video Luton CCTV shows moment Azaan Kaleem is attacked and stabbed Watch video Paul Merson says gambling addiction is worse than drinking or drugs more videos 1 2 3 Watch video Victim of 'breast ironing' bravely speaks out about practice Watch video May expresses frustration with government's 'collective failure' Watch video Nick Boles: 'Parliament deciding on Brexit is exciting and momentous' Watch video Driver totals a £250k Lamborghini after losing control at meet Watch video Robbers steal from woman who's having an epileptic seizure Watch video May admits there's no 'sufficient support' for her deal Watch video Luton teenagers heavily wounded after The Mall stabbing incident Watch video Moment hunter 'accidentally' shoots OAP jogger instead of deer Watch video CCTV shows moment Luton teenager is stabbed in The Mall Watch video Michael Gove escapes questions on whether he wants to be PM Watch video Luton CCTV shows moment Azaan Kaleem is attacked and stabbed Watch video Paul Merson says gambling addiction is worse than drinking or drugs At yesterday's Cabinet meeting, Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay repeated his weekend warning that an election would be the logical conclusion of the Government losing control over the Brexit process 80% of Britons say the PM bungled Brexit talks – but there is no appetite for a second referendum on EU membership, new poll says More than 80% of the country think the Government has handled the Brexit negotiations badly – but they do not want a second referendum that asks if the UK should remain in the EU, a new poll suggests A survey by NatCen Social Research found that just 7% of Britons thought ministers had done a good job in the talks, while 81% said they were handling them badly The researchers asked more than 2,600 adults last month about their views on Brexit – and compared them with data from 2017 It suggested that public faith in the negotiations has dramatically fallen.In 2017, 41% said the talks were being handled badly by the Government, and 29% thought ministers were doing well The research also found both Leavers and Remainers were as likely to think the Prime Minister's deal is bad – 66% and 64% respectively – up from 20% and 56% in 2017 And the figures suggested a rise in the number of people who think Brexit will negatively impact the economy – up from 46% in 2017 to 58% in 2019 John Curtice, senior research fellow at NatCen Social Research, said: 'Given the polarisation of attitudes, there was always a risk that the Brexit negotiations would result in an outcome that would fail to satisfy most voters 'But what perhaps is particularly remarkable is that Leave voters have become just as critical as Remain supporters of both the process and the outcome 'That is not an outcome that would necessarily have been anticipated, and certainly does not help the Prime Minister in her efforts to secure parliamentary approval of the deal ' Fellow ministers Liam Fox, Andrea Leadsom and Alan Cairns also warned that they believed an election was increasingly likely One source said: 'If we lose control of the process then we are heading for an election 'We'll either lose a confidence vote – in which case you could even get Corbyn without an election – or we will be forced to go for an election ourselves 'Another source said: 'It's not just scaremongering, it's the only way out of this 'A Downing Street spokesman said that Mrs May was opposed to a general election.But a senior Tory source acknowledged it was a growing possibility, adding: 'The reason the Cabinet is so determined to get this deal through is that there is a full understanding that the alternatives are pretty grim 'Mrs May told yesterday's emergency Cabinet meeting that she hoped to put her agreement to the vote for a third time today But the move was vetoed by the DUP, whose support is seen as critical in persuading Eurosceptic Tories to fall in line The Prime Minister told MPs: 'With great regret I have had to conclude that as things stand, there is still not sufficient support in the House to bring back a third meaningful vote 'Mrs May's deputy David Lidington last night said the Government still hoped to hold a vote this week But the DUP appeared to be digging in. Deputy leader Nigel Dodds rounded angrily on Mrs May in the Commons yesterday after she said more time was needed to prepare Northern Ireland for the possibility of No Deal Mr Dodds said the Government was 'entirely responsible' for what he described as a 'fundamental lack of preparation' Plans for the Government to put forward its own proposals for indicative votes were dropped ahead of yesterday's meeting Many ministers, including Dr Fox, Chris Grayling, Gavin Williamson and Mrs Leadsom, are opposed to the process But Mr Lidington tried to head off a defeat last night by pledging that the Government would provide Commons time for MPs to try to reach an agreement on an alternative Brexit Sir Oliver told MPs his plan, which has been rejected by MPs twice since the start of the year, would allow Parliament to vote tomorrow on a string of Brexit options These might include a customs union, a single market, a second referendum and even revocation of Article 50 Mrs May said she was sceptical that the process would find a solution, adding: 'No government could give a blank cheque to commit to an outcome without knowing what it is ' Asked whether she would be prepared for a customs union if Parliament backed it, she replied: 'No one would want to support an option which contradicted the manifesto on which they stood 'Labour backed Sir Oliver's plan. But its Brexit spokesman, Sir Keir Starmer, also refused to guarantee to back any resulting proposal more videos 1 2 3 Watch video Victim of 'breast ironing' bravely speaks out about practice Watch video May expresses frustration with government's 'collective failure' Watch video Nick Boles: 'Parliament deciding on Brexit is exciting and momentous' Watch video Driver totals a £250k Lamborghini after losing control at meet Watch video Robbers steal from woman who's having an epileptic seizure Watch video May admits there's no 'sufficient support' for her deal Watch video Luton teenagers heavily wounded after The Mall stabbing incident Watch video Moment hunter 'accidentally' shoots OAP jogger instead of deer Watch video CCTV shows moment Luton teenager is stabbed in The Mall Watch video Michael Gove escapes questions on whether he wants to be PM Watch video Luton CCTV shows moment Azaan Kaleem is attacked and stabbed Watch video Paul Merson says gambling addiction is worse than drinking or drugs   MPs take back control: Now Rebels have seized control of the Commons what happens now and will they be able to force through a soft Brexit?Rebel MPs seized control of the Commons from ministers last night, adding a new element of chaos to the Brexit endgame A cross party group coordinated by Tory Oliver Letwin and Labour's Yvette Cooper won a vote that will mean MPs dictate what the Commons debates and votes on tomorrow The exact rules of the process will be hammered out today but it appears there will be a first round tomorrow to set out the options and then actual votes on Monday night to find MPs' favourite MPs are set to use 'pink slips' to vote via ballot box on the various options. It will streamline the process – meaning MPs will not have to repeatedly march through the lobbies – and allow all options to be voted on at once It is a dramatic change for how MPs normally vote, which is to say yes or no to a question, not to compare options  The move is constitutionally unprecedented. MPs will set out their own options after resisting Government plans to set up its votes on seven options – the existing deal, cancelling Brexit altogether, a new referendum, a Norway-style soft Brexit, a Canada-style hard Brexit, a UK-EU customs union or No Deal  The moves leave wide open the kind of Brexit Britain might try to navigate.But Mrs May has already warned she may not be able to deliver on what MPs want She said the plan should be compatible with party manifestos at the last election and must be negotiable with the EU   It all comes against a backdrop of furious rumours Mrs May is on the brink of being ousted by her Cabinet The risks appear to have receded this morning after weekend claims ministers were poised – but despite there being no procedural way to remove her a public withdrawal of political support would finish her  This is your guide to what happens next:  What happened last night?  MPs have finally done what they have threatened to do for months: Seized control of the Commons agenda so they can stage their own debates and votes on Brexit It is constitutionally unprecedented.What does it mean? This will only become clear in the coming hours but in the first instance it means rebel-controlled debates on Wednesday about indicative votes on a possible Brexit solution It will mean the Commons directly voting on a range of options more expansive than Mrs May's deal or No Deal for the first time The conclusions will not be legally binding but be politically significant.The exact rules of the process will be hammered out today but it appears likely there will be a first round tomorrow to set out the options and then actual votes on Monday night to find MPs' favourite MPs are set to use 'pink slips' to vote via ballot box on the various options. It will streamline the process – meaning MPs will not have to repeatedly march through the lobbies – and allow all options to be voted on at once Has it ever been done before?No. A similar process was attempted in 2003 to assess options for Lords reform MPs used their normal voting procedure to say yes or no to seven options and rejected all seven   What kind of Brexit will MPs vote for? Nobody knows for sure. The assumption of most people in Westminster is Parliament would vote for a much softer Brexit than that on offer by Mrs May This would likely mean staying in the EU Customs Union and Single Market.Brussels has said it would accept this in the right circumstances but it would break most of Mrs May's red lines – the ability to strike trade deals, to escape the European Court and almost certainly free movement of people   Will May be forced out by her Cabinet? The immediate risk appears to have receded since rumours of a Cabinet coup spread like wildfire over the weekend There is no procedural way to remove her – but a public withdrawal of political support would finish the PM What was agreed at the EU summit last week?   EU leaders have approved a two-part delay to Brexit following late night talks Brexit is set to be delayed until April 12 whatever happens next week, giving the UK an extra two weeks If MPs pass the Brexit deal before then, the extension will run until May 22.What does it mean? The immediate risk of the UK leaving without a deal on Friday, March 29, is effectively over – subject to a change in UK law but this should be a formality Brexiteers will still believe they can secure a No Deal exit on April 12 while Remainers will see it as an opportunity to lock in a much longer delay    Will there be a third vote on the deal and when will it be? Mrs May says she will only have one if she can win this time – but is still working on it Most currently expect it to be held tomorrow night but this is not fixed. Thursday is also under consideration Can she win? It looks unlikely. The prospect of No Deal on April 12 will encourage Brexiteers they should vote down the deal a third time  There is currently little sign the DUP are being won over by a political offensive behind the scenes  Mrs May also alienated Labour MPs with her angry speech on Wednesday night.  It seems possible she could end up losing the third vote by a bigger margin than the 149 votes she lost the second one What if she does win? If the PM manages a great escape, then Britain will be on track to leave on May 22 The Government will move quickly to get the necessary laws in place.What if she loses?  The EU has made clear that if the deal goes down a third time, Britain must come back with a plan in time for the new deadline of April 12 Most urgently, a decision will have to be made on whether the UK takes part in European Parliament elections on May 23 If it does not, there will be No Deal – and Mrs May says electing MEPs would be the wrong thing to do However, there is still a majority of MPs in Parliament against No Deal so the choice could be taken away from the PM  If elections are agreed in the UK there will probably be a new EU summit around April 10 to approve a much longer extension – perhaps to the end of 2019 or even longer The UK will have to have a new plan for what to do with the time as Brussels has made clear it cannot keep going over the same deal Will MPs vote on other options? Probably. Tonight's vote could setup a full-blown 'indicative vote' that would set all the options against each other A defeated Government could stage the same procedure.There are claims the Government would put up seven options: Mrs May's Deal, No Deal, Revoking Article 50, a Second Referendum, a Customs Union soft Brexit deal, an even softer Customs Union and Single Market deal, and a Canada-style Free Trade Agreement deal  The idea would be to find what kind of Brexit might be supported by Parliament or if there is none, see if there is support for a new public vote  Will May resign? Nobody knows. No Prime Minister has ever soaked up so much humiliation and carried on and yet Mrs May is still in Downing Street She suggested last week she would not accept a long delay beyond June 30, seen by many as a hint she would resign if it had to happen A third defeat for the deal this week would also provoke huge calls for her to resign A move to No Deal could also see some Tory MPs join with Labour to force the Government out with a vote of no confidence   What happens to Brexit if May goes or the Government collapses? It is hard to know Even with a tweak to the law to change the date, Brexit will still happen with No Deal on April 12 if other choices keep being rejected  But we also know there is a majority of MPs against a No Deal Brexit. It is possible there are enough Tory MPs prepared to remove the Government to stop No Deal by installing a Corbyn government ahead of a snap election  Only the Government can bring forward the necessary change in the law to change the Brexit date  What is Labour's position? Labour says no deal must be stopped – but also says it will not vote for Mrs May's deal It wanted a three month delay to renegotiate the political declaration on the final UK-EU relationship but this would require it form a Government more or less immediately  Were it to do so, it would try pass the divorce deal attached to a new political declaration that said the final relationship would be based on a permanent customs union  It has passed no comment on the actual proposed delay. Will there have to be a new election or a referendum? This falls into the anything is possible category Parliament is deadlocked and has been for months – which suggests an election is necessary  And yet the governing Tory party clearly has little idea what it would put to the country or who would lead it into an election An election can be forced without the consent of the Tories but it is very difficult  Similarly, it is far from clear there are the votes for a referendum in the Commons The idea was crushed last week because Labour did not vote for it.Will Brexit ever happen? Almost three years after the referendum, this depends entirely on your view of events The law says it will but there are enough MPs to at least change the date if given the chance to do so It could now happen on April 12 or May 22. Or it could be delayed much further.  

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say gymnast has been jailed for 175 years more than 150 of Larry NASA's victims including Olympic gold medalists gave evidence during his trial in court he apologized for pain trauma and emotional destruction he's caused an acceptable apology to all of you is impossible to write and can be I will carry your words with me for the rest of my days a new inquest has opened into the death of a young soldier as Deepcut army barracks in 1995 it's heard private Sean Benton told his sister he was shackled and humiliated at a base in Surrey a verdict of suicide was given after the first hearing the brexit Secretary has rejected suggestions the UK plans to remain a vassal state of the EU during any brexit transition David Davis says he's relaxed about the terms of the interim and expects a deal to be reached within weeks it has the former Prime Minister David Cameron says brexit has turned out less badly than feared he was recorded talking to a steel tycoon into the World Economic Forum in Davos saying brexit is a mistake not a disaster an HS systems in Wales have been restored after a technical problem left patients records inaccessible it's understood half of GP services were affected the cause is being investigated but no security issues have been reported and two monkeys have become the world's first primates to be cloned by scientists the long-tailed macaques were born at a laboratory in China using a technique which first cloned Dolly the sheep in 1996 the LBC markets reports the footsie 100 to close down 88 at 76 43 the pound buys $1 41 and one year out 14 lb see whether dry and cold in the South and East elsewhere some longer spells of rain with hill snow in parts of western Scotland a low of two degrees from Global's newsroom for LBC I'm Thomas Watts LBC travel looking first to what's happening on the m1 in hartfordshire there's a lane closed northbound between junctions 6a for the m25 in junction aid for hemel hempstead that's due to a police investigation which is causing delays on the m11 is still one lane northbound just after the m20 because of a for vehicle accident our equation 5 at Leighton and they're also long delays on the a13 heading east from cunning tines perfects and roundabouts it could be dance people avoiding earlier delays on the a2 at Stockwell in South London some better news the stockpile road is now open again north and by the tube station after an accident oversea travel on Ross pal bleating Britain's conversation Nigel Farage Thank You Donald and good evening everybody when it was all going so well i sat there this morning but telly was on the brexit Commons committee was in session and there was David Davis in the chair but I have to say he was looking a lot fitter than he had been before Christmas obviously had a good break and he was dealing with the questions mostly coming from remain as Margie most of parliament of course are remain as and I thought wow he's really on top of his brief he's having a really really good morning and then the Conservative MP for North East Somerset Jacob Riis Mach began have a listen before the 7th of March 2019 the UK is subject to the European Court of Justice takes new rules relating to the single market and is paying into the European budget are we not a vassal state but in your earlier answer you said we were going to accept jurisdiction of the European Court justice yes so what do you mean by accepted jurisdiction exactly that with automatic effect mmm like we thought about that say we are about to save the two year period I don't say that at all we are we are transitioning from one state to another all right it's not about suspect in what sense we left your opinion of them we have noticed and what we are leaving as in leaving as in transiting as Mr McKay said the transition is from being inside the European Union to leaving the European Union over to you up there that is no longer an implementation of the consequences of leaving oh it will be because in that in that period isn't that a really rather weak on so I can't we bit bit insincere no get on with it any sincerity is not come upon its going to who's going to punish us if we get on with it no oh we just still acting as if we are in the European Union we're bound by the upon your honor laughs you sir narrating it bolder Wow well I have to say I've always personally found Jacob Riis mug very charming but I thought in the last few seconds of that clip we saw a slightly different side to Jacob Riis mug we saw somebody polite but very much in control and I thought our Sallee determined and David Davis was it would you heard it laughing nervously I mean really having a tough time I wonder why I I suspect it's because David Davis is a lever I know that because we shared platforms together all over the country and I think he was embarrassed by what Jacob said because he was defending government policy and government policy has been to to concede concede concede and I think worst of all to put us through this transition phase so what MOG is saying effectively is the government say we're leaving at the end of March next year but actually we will go on having a foreign court ruling over our country will go on accepting not just the existing rules but all the new rules they make for the single market and will go on paying the money vassal state was the word that he used and elsewhere he talked about us being lackeys I mean I'm the one that's always a used of using this tough language in the Euroskeptic cause Jacob at was out there today doing it so I'm asking you is Jacob Riis mug the only Tory who is fighting to genuinely represent the will of the people and if you think no of course not David Davis is doing it right we need a transition period then of course you can call on a three four five six oh six oh nine seven three or maybe if you're a leaver moc is becoming a bit of a hero in which case you can text two eight four eight five oh and you can tweet using the hashtag Faraj in LBC @ LBC with what you think the government's progress really is and of course you can get a mo B C's Facebook page you can watch the show there and comment there to Philip it's calling from Livington in Hampshire good evening Philip good evening Nigel then Philip let's just start off by asking where you were lever or a remainer affirm lever and do you think because it seems to me Philip but apart from Jacob I can't see anybody else in Parliament who was actually making the arguments absolutely and as you rightly say Nigel I think Jacob is really hardening up his stance and god bless him you know I am a incandescent about what has happened today when I saw Davis if you notice Nigel he was laughing he was almost smirking yes and Jacob is absolutely right because what he's talking about is extending our membership and Theresa Mays phrase of implementation seems to have gone down the spout if this is not an implementation and indeed what is happening it's not even a negotiation now it's becoming a surrender I've used before on a previous Court you Nigel the parallel of Chamberlain and high facts I remember Davis and May and if anybody wants to see what leadership is they should go and see darkest I do his to resume would actually go to it she might you might as you learn I think that's a bit too optimistic for that but I mean does they come a point Philip we're conservative supporters levers begin to think that Jacob actually in many ways is the heir apparent well yes I think that does because I think there are many conservatives who are absolutely fed up of having rudderless leadership surrendering rather than negotiating now one of your heroes Nigel if I may say is Donald Trump and whilst I'm not a great hero Trump I will respect him and more on one or two aspects he knows that to negotiate correctly you need to get on the yes and Phillip you know I went to meet Barney or the other day as you know and and and I've been over there within those institutions for 18 and a half years and the one thing I've seen all the way through is that if you show the first sign of weakness to the Brussels bully boys they will steamroller right over you and that I think's what's going on Phillip I thank you for your call and Phillip incandescent about the way the government's handling brexit I don't think amongst Tory type levers he's on his own dear Nigel I'm sick to death of hearing David Davis laughing about brexit he did it during a Nick Ferrari interview Davis needs to take it seriously and do what he's appointed to do says Alan in Shooters Hill of our Facebook Alan I suspects as I said earlier but nervous laugh is because in his bones he knows that mock is right but in a sense Davis is a prisoner of a cabinet that is split 25 of them in the cabinet I think 18 of them voted remain and I think that was nervous laughter because he sensed that MOG was right but they were strong words weren't they get on with it now stop being weak let's be bold Wow Elizabeth is calling from clacton-on-sea good evening Elizabeth oh I would just like to say I completely agree with Phillip yeah I think the role should be reversed Jacob should have been sitting in the chair and mr. Davis was and he should have been on the panel I think we need to send mr. e smog over to Brussels what are they all afraid of is disgusting and perhaps you could answer me please Nigel we never voted for this transition no oh if you call it nope are we going to still pay millions of millions of pounds we will go on Elizabeth paying exactly the same amount of money during the transition period now the transition period the Prime Minister says will last for around about two years what around about two years would take us well into 2021 and given Elizabeth that the next general election is due in 2022 I have a feeling that if May is still in charge and she may well not be but if mayor stood in charge that transition will last up until the next general election and we reach a point Elizabeth where it's going to be five six years after people voted brexit before we even have the prospect of controlling our borders of stopping sending the money and being able to make our own deals elsewhere and factly Elizabeth I just don't think it's good enough no do I not I'm human the wet lettuce should resign they should all resign and get people with some backbone to leave this country I just wish you would that Nigel but I think mr. e smoke will be the future of the Conservatives he was brilliant today and he was wasn't he really he you know it is whether you agree with the leave argument or not the way that Rhys MOG handled that I thought was terrific I mean I do and I think mr. Davis laughing was disgraceful it's a not a laughing matter when seventeen odd million people voted to leave and they seem to be just ignoring what we wanted and we did not want a transition period to pay why what's the point well the argument is Elizabeth that it's all so complicated it'll all take a very long time and we need to transition but the truth about transition is if all of those conditions are still in place the court the money the rules we haven't really left her we Elizabeth I thank you for your call I go next to Middleton in Greater Manchester to speak to Adam so Adam is Rhys MOG now just about the sole flag carrier for the brexit vote yeah and I'm very pleased that he was appointed as the the leader of the erm group or some other research group yeah that's right yeah on the back benches of the Conservative Party yes I will also I've said I agree with Elizabeth completely just like previously you know when the reshuffle happened yeah we promised them well as I promised there was a lot of headlines then there might even be a minister for no deal being created not anything on that like the bar was kind of open during that one yeah that's right there was a promise made to us that there would be a minister for no deal appointed to show Barney air and Yunker and all that lot but actually we're quite serious about walking away without a deal you know Adam before I came to LBC tonight I've been to a wine tasting no seriously and we was trying champagnes and sparkling wines or whatever and really interesting a lot of people there who weren't there living importing wines from France and many of them really worried because if we didn't have a deal and if tariffs were to go on those Goods guess who gets hurt not the British we can buy Australian wines or Chilean wines or whatever we like the French would get hurt so the logical position that we should have a trade deal frankly is not the one that Barney & Co want to go with they want us to be punished they want leaving the EU to be seen to be very very hard and it's about time Adam we went and started playing hardball I said in the last two weeks of the referendum no deal is better than a bad deal the Prime Minister has said that in speeches but it's about time she showed some metal isn't it yeah well I agree with that as well but one thing also I'd like to say is that yep with you know apparently with this EU jurisdiction let's go back and over the next two years after we've left are we going to have any you know as an MEP yourself if we're going to have this sort of taxation and regulation from the European Union with representation will you be able to stand in the 2019 elections no absolutely not on current course there is talk adam of some mep staying on with observer status i don't think i'll be one of the ones they select and during that period goodness knows what they might do to us on fisheries quotas or rules and regs it's a worry adam i thank you you're listening to the nigel farage chair it's close to being OBC it's 7:15 Nick Ferrari at breakfast Scotland Yard investor has a new claim of war boy sexual assault lui in Nottingham Louisa they'll probably be category one which is registered sex offender he'd be having to sign on the dotted line every hour on the hour William innately they do some were like that in reality I was him there and preservation for many years Ferrari at breakfast every weekday morning from 7:00 only on LBC at the third stroke the time sponsored by q-not will be any time you'd like time to stop time to relax time to indulge time to love time for a voyage with Q naught you kme our chauffeur service is six star just like the package we offer our drivers to in the company that treats its drivers like VIPs apply today at UK amico UK hello it's him speaking have you been injured in an accident in the last five years hello Tim speaking are you eligible for a PPI claim right now over 6,400 people are waiting for a call that will change their lives 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what's shakin ice me just checking in before I hit the older Jimmy Rooney new PI I just I just love you ok don't say that message completed no no no no no – phone pay-as-you-go one you can stay in touch as much as you like and never pay more than 1 pound a day the rest is on us hi listen um about that message search Vodafone pay-as-you-go 1 the future is exciting ready Vodafone optimist pen one pana day for unlimited standard calls and texts plus pi by omega theta in the UK under eurozone terms exclusion to photophone code at UK forward slash pay-as-you-go 1 time for a voyage with Q naught but is it Nigel Farrar show on LBC call oh three four five six oh six oh nine seven three mark gives David Davis a real grilling at the Commons brakes the committee today and I'm asking the question whether he's the only Tory MP actually standing up and representing the views of the people in this country that voted brexit that's what I think but I mean tell me if you think I'm wrong if you think actually no the government and David Davis are doing this the right way then let me know on Oh three four five six oh six oh nine seven three and a Conservative member of parliament has responded on Twitter Nicolas Soames who loves Twitter and he said in response to the question no well Nick if you're listening please do ring in please tell me why mark is wrong and why the government are getting this right we'd love to hear from you we really really would Peter says Ramona's should not be near brexit well that would mean two-thirds the cabinet being sax Sam says David Davis was my MP until recently never saw him come here once well Sam you know the trouble is it's got a big rural constituency not always easy for MPs to meet everybody Rob says brexit is doomed to fail well maybe with this come hope we've got a bit of a problem and Greg says Greg says we do control our borders it's why people need passports to enter the UK from abroad rubbish argument Nigel yes Greg they have to show their passports but anybody from the European Union has the right to come and live and work and settle here and there's no cap on numbers whatsoever Mr Blair of course got badly called out on this one saying that it would increase when the Communists cut its former communist countries joined by thirteen thousand a year and it was many many times that number Greg we have no control over the numbers of people from the European Union who want to come and settle here and it's one of the big reasons I think why people voted brexit I believe that certainly Mogi was brilliant says Maggie Jones what a Steven Chelsea think good evening Nigel and I think monkey was wrong do you okay well I do yeah I think we're gonna have to have transition do is quite obvious we can't just leave current businesses in the lurch just to pull away and suddenly they're all sort of renegotiate like posthaste just just to get back into the EU so we're going need a transition Dumars we've got that transition till we'll still abide by the European laws rules and regulations so let's be Steve Steve yep article 50 was supposed to be the transition period so let's just get this right we voted no and the government then took nine months if you remember to trigger article 50 because they were getting prepared I mean I was told we had a two-year period in which to sort everything out and then we'd leave and that'd be that and they've now extended that to at least four years but even Jacob Riis Marx said back in 2011 that if the deal was weren't going according to plan we would have the right to ever have a second referendum on whether we wanted to continue or not so I think even he accepted at the time that things wouldn't go as smoothly as most big cities was in busied and we got understand he's article 50 was it was very much hastily drafted there's an article no one actually full anyone would want to leave oh I'd Steve I tell you what that's I don't agree with that article 50 was drafted and debated during the European constitutional convention just garda Stang headed it up they did spend a lot of time thinking about it I think in some ways Steve they made it so unattractive they never thought anyone would take the option well it was only about four or five lines was nay there yeah there's a bunch to it at all I mean it was hardly any thought put into it if you know they could just put it on the back of a postage stamp I mean the fact is we're gonna end up at some point still doing a deal with the EU and when we do end up doing a deal with the EU will end up complying with their rules and regulations and the deal we will be doing with you you won't be as good as we currently have because we're weakened negotiating there's a new member but Steve we don't want to comply with their rules and regulations we want to be able to be competitive and a serious global player yeah we can be competitive but we can only be competitive with countries outside you if we're dealing insight you you then obviously we're gonna have to apply by their rules regulations aren't we know if we want to into their market they own their mark you know I Steve I as I say I've just been drinking some French wine before coming err I saw lots of German cars as we drove up around Trafalgar Square you know we are a very big market for them and and and and and with or without trade deals we're gonna go on doing business Steve anyway aren't we we will go on doing business but as you pointed out many times it's foolish to think that the deal that we will have with them in the future will always be as good as the deal we have now bearing in mind if we deal with countries outside the EU and those countries deal with the EU then it's unlikely that we are going to get a better deal with those countries outside than they currently have well Steve you know the idea we have a good deal now I think is baloney because we pay a net 10 billion pounds every year the total tariffs on British products going to the European Union is less than 10 billion but Steve you know fine we disagree on this you think Jacobs I mean do you think the government are getting this right by using a transition period well I think we should do what Jacob Riis mother said back in 2011 I think we should rather be allowed to have enough referendum on the deal that then it is then well Steve it may come to that and I said this a couple of weeks ago much to the shock horror of many I fear that Barnea is going to make sure the deal looks unattractive and that there is a risk that our members of parliament vote against it and we could be staring down the barrels of a second referendum after all they force the Danes to do it and the Irish twice Steve I thank you very much indeed for your call Daniel is calling from Stoke Newington Daniel good evening Nigel good evening it's I'm very interested to talk to you how are you I'm fine thanks dear boy fine and I you know I take the view Daniel that Jacob would I take the view that Jacob is on the issues fighting for what the brexit campaign said it was all about okay can I ask you a few things about your opinion about Jacob Riis mark I'm quite curious to what you think no this is not I've asked I'm asking you whether I'm asking you whether you think resmoke is representing levers properly or whether perhaps he's harsh and the government are doing it the right way okay in in response I will say I don't think Jacob Riis mark with his with his inherited wealth with his inherited power and with his inherited positions represents anybody in the country so frankly I don't think his opinions matter a jot is it impossible only is it impossible is it impossible for someone who comes from great privilege is it impossible for them to be a good political leader in the 21st century yes I think it is really yes I do and given given her breakfast he's supposed to be the one of the people and so on yeah by the way I'm an I'm an arch arch remain incidentally I've never against any I think I've been wanting to talk to you for such a long time and I've called that very very many times because I believe the one you're on down you're I'm very happy I'm very happy to talk to you finally where would your cutoff be Daniel in terms of people's wealth and in inheritance where would the cutoff be at which point they would be an allowed to enter public life I'm saying particularly with Jacob Riis MOG I do not think he's remotely representative of anybody in Britain and I think for him to say along with various other members of the BRICS aside including people like Aaron banks that they are representative of the people and then people like what's known as the Australian gentleman that runs all the newspapers yeah mr. banner Mr Murdoch who who of course was an ardent labor supporter under Tony Blair's time wasn't he Tony Blair's Tony Blair's and our remainder and he's rich so should we not listen to Tony Blair either I don't think it's about a political divide in that way though this is about conservative or local and I think your son Daniel you said that Jacob Riis MOG because of all this wealth he's got is is incapable of actually expressing the view of people and I'm asking you is Tony Blair but the same token if he's worth 50 million now is he – now Stu out of touch to comment ok what's he born not into great wealth but he went to a very good or he went to a very good private school in Scotland he had a he had a relatively Daniel I tell you what Daniel you're an art let's just move this on to Europe itself because it as you're so keen on the project Angela Merkel today speaking at Davos said that now that Britain's gone Europe has the courage to move forwards and she talks about must your macro also giving a new impetus and drive to reform Europe now when they use the word reform they mean to centralize more deeply and they're gonna have the European army the European foreign policy without veto do you actually think Daniel that the British public would vote to rejoin something that is clearly now becoming a United States of Europe okay in in response I will I want to find out for you do you think the the way the British government is about things like the human rights the British the British government is going to stand up for its own citizens nuclear energy on on health care and various other issues in my opinion in my opinion the European Union is a far more democratic I'm sorry we ran out of time you've made your view very passionate and very strong I personally hate the idea that the people who can propose legislation in Europe are not directly elected and cannot be removed they are the Commission but Daniel you've got your point of view and hey if this is lbc you can come and say what you like long as it's claimed your nesting for the nigel farage show exclusively on LBC at 7:30 and time for the news with thomas watts the president's club says it will close distributing its remaining funds to children's charities it claimed female staff were groped at its event in the Dorchester in London last week former US Olympic dr. Larry Nassau has been sentenced to up to a hundred and 75 years in prison after admitting sexually abusing gymnast more than 150 of his victims gave statements to the court over several days the FAA says England women's head coach Phil Neville will not be charged over sexist remarks made on social media he's apologized for the posts from 2012 and 2011 LBC weather dry and cold in the South and East longer spells of rain elsewhere a low of two degrees lbc traveled in hartfordshire the northbound m1 has a lane closure in place between Junction 6 save the m25 and eights for hemel hempstead a police investigation ongoing there on the northbound m1 in Northamptonshire lanes blocked on the exit slip road at Junction 15 from Northampton a car has broken down causing delays it's very heavy on the a1 through Holloway ahead of the Arsenal vid Chelsea match that's at the Emirates Stadium and kicks off at 8:00 and the London Overground has no service between Wilson Junction and Richmond LBC travel 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talking about brexit and he's saying it's frustrating as I keep saying it's a mistake not a disaster it's turned out less badly than we first thought so there's no third world war there's no collapse in the property prices its timing goodness me you know can we have an apology please David Cameron can we have an apology for the nine million quid of taxpayers money that you spent sending that leaflet out to every home in the country and telling us for month after month after month what a catastrophe it would be rather than just saying it over a gin and tonic and a reception in Davos come and tell us it's gonna be okay we'd love to hear from you Colleen says if article 50 was drawn up not thinking anyone would leave then that just proves we were taken for granted there is some truth in that it was drawn up in a way Colleen it was worded in such a way that there was drawing member-state during that period cannot attend meetings debate or vote on issues that affect it and it sort of sounds terrifying it was almost designed to be it's there but if you use it we can do what we like to you mark says isn't Jacob Riis MOG the most shining example of the political elite you've been raiding against for so long Nigel no mark and I'll tell you why because after university do you know what Jacob Riis MOG did that that she none of them ever seemed to do he went and did a proper job and he finished up running his own investment company and you know something he's made a lot of money doing it and good luck to him so yes he may have gone to Eton yes he may be a member of the upper classes yes he may have had a very rarefied life in lots and lots of ways but the fact that he actually has been out I made a commercial success of his life before coming into politics sets him apart from nearly all of them and linked this idea that we got from Daniel before the break but because of Rhys mogs background he's really not entitled to speak on these issues frankly was nonsense I couldn't care less what class people are what background they've got you know if they're in politics and they're sincere that it seems to me is what matters Dale is a new caller from Chester good evening Dale hi Nigel you okay yeah I'm okay I just you know I mean I think you know we've got the remain side who want us to stay in all castes and have another vote and we've got Jacob on the leave side and I think he is genuinely representing those arguments that were made for brexit the Trop I mean to me though the problem is the government well I might allow what I'm going to say but I did vote for brexit yeah and thought I would like to put it to you and I listen to you on the show all the time yeah I think you need to take some responsibility for the situation that will be only on the basis that we voted for you millions of people voted for UK based on what you sold us and then we get the result we won and new leaves and government I wasn't in government that's the point and well I'm doing my best hello in the European Parliament I'm doing my best going and going off to meet Monsieur Barnea I'm doing my best to try and get a real feel for where these negotiations are going daylight listen listen if anybody at any point after brexit had come and said to me alright Nigel you got us into this we're gonna give you a position you are now part of the negotiating team you now have a big responsibility on your shoulders do you know what I said Dale I said absolutely yes of course I would love to do that it's not solid and it was travelling Baofeng I promise you I promise you Dale if I'd had a chance to be involved in this I would have done but the snobby tour is do you want to deal with me well I could do that I could do that and and and it may come to that again but Dale you know I I would love to help with the process I don't see at the moment what more I can do I do think though I do think you can give us the brexit we voted for how well we were led to believe that that was gonna save us money Dale brexit isn't the problem it's the government's implementation it's their cowardice and as Jacob Riis not said today get on with it you know I didn't do I've never ever ever wanted to have a transition period I didn't even want article 52 last the debate to last for two years well I think that's what Jacob I think that's what Jacob was coming to today Dale I'll do everything I can to help I'm sorry you're frustrated with me but you know if anyone asks me if the government want me to help and want me to bear responsibility if it goes wrong I'm happy to do so Taylor thank you for your passion Jeanette says oh for God's sake Daniel the caller before the break just because he's got money does not make him a bad person mrs. Mayes very wealthy her husband makes a lot of money I'm not sure Jeanette that argument is necessarily gonna carve Daniel down but hey let's go to Ryan another new caller from Walthamstow good evening Ron hello all right you know what what I was listening to that earlier on with the way that Jacob Riis MOG was talking to David Davis the extent to which he was in control of the conversation but also of the facts I have to say I was cheering him on run the while still Nigel Rees mark is representative of an identity which has been what promise I feel that very small future if this guy comes into power I mean I'm voting from guarantee he represents a golden age of this country I'm not some kind of crazy right-wing lunatic or anything but I believe in the British core values which they have been systematically removed and I think anyone who no denies that it's probably a remainer or a feminist or this or that or at the end of the day we're in a position Nigel where I feel we're a we could we could either carry on the point of no return but right now we do still what we are still in we still have a chance to save ourselves I think the establishment is betrayed us with brexit I hope they don't fully betray us yeah I mean I'm a young man you know I'm 26 years old I'm living in this environment where the demographics everything is just completely an utterly change it's mutated into something which I do not recognize I feel very disenfranchised and I have a lot of love I'm not a hateful person I look at the world every day and each and every day especially where I'm coming from my area and many similar areas it's it's a disaster it's a disaster and a call from stoke oh I know I know but but Ryan point is that we're having proper open democratic debate on this show and on LBC as a station is very important we get all points of it right right you had a big kick there at feminists are all feminists bad absolutely not you have two new ways and you have the classic their classical feminists I think anyone who isn't a classical feminist is not a good person because you have to believe in women's rights however I think people that think that all men are Nazis they need to be no I'm gonna I'm gonna quote you a headline from the independent the other day after George Jordan Peterson's epic interview was that Kathy Newman that was very good liner oh that was the best I mean I watched it five times and this independent article said this is what I mean I common bear it word for word but the the general takeaway was this is what happens when white men feel that they are losing their grasp on power and in my culture I mean we're not without some kind of angry angry white man that's got control women and got and these feminists need to get out of their heads because we are on their side we don't want to hurt them the problem is right I tell you what where we have a debate on this issue we better get you on the line your first time call to the show thank you very much for your passion and your opinions Annie says they would never ask for your help Nigel because they would lose face I suspect they are never and Gregg says brexit is the problem food has gone up since the vote the only people who will suffer of the ordinary people is that Gregg because the pounds down sterling against the dollar today is higher than it was at many points before the referendum higher yes stop whinging about the currency and as the boss of Weatherspoon's pubs Tim Martin says with brexit we can take off the tariffs on foods we buy from the third world and we can have much cheaper food in this country it's an option we could choose it and that's the point about brexit it gives us the freedom to do all sorts of things what it doesn't do is guarantee us good governments he honestly with Nigel Farage show exclusively on RBC it's now 7:45 on LBC flyball more than half of Britain's teachers have a diagnosed mental health problem so what is it about working in schools 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just one day why didn't want was to have taste – our and them – we're dangers around three months later we exchanged his fixed teeth for his final permanent Center to see life changing before and after pictures and independent patient reviews visits smile in a day code UK or call TDC Holly Street on o2 a3 at 7:00 four nine eight six typeset because it's life-changing Oh to our three seven double three two four nine eight six five weeks ago nineteen men attacked our country will be the first to fight back from the producer of Black Hawk Down reinforcements extraction for honor Oh a class of a true story of the horse soldiers yes we are not gonna go down this way horsemen against any traffic our crews have this board well strong in cinemas Friday Nigel Farrar show on LBC call oh three four five six oh six oh nine seven three a couple of Sunday's back on my Sunday show I had Alastair Campbell in the studio and of course we have very very different views on brexit and fact on almost every subject Under the Sun and he came and he stayed for an hour and he took your calls and he so enjoyed it that this Saturday at 10 a.m. Matt fries away and from 10:00 till 12:00 this Saturday Alastair Campbell will be in this chair taking your calls on LBC so nobody can say there's not diversity of opinion within this radio station because there most certainly is and we're talking and about the MOG and was he right to give David Davis that grilling easy the only one standing up for the true values of brexit or are the government perhaps guessing it right Sally is calling from March in Cambridgeshire good evening Sally hello to you again now Julie may recall I phoned you about a week ago we encourage you in every way you get about the smog yeah I don't think he will take us through backs because he's too involved with the Conservative Party and I don't believe that they're going to take us through breakfast well Sally is it possible that if the Conservative Party were to take us really in the wrong direction on brexit that Jacob might just completely rebel I don't think so no in my opinion I don't think so no because if he was a strong leaver he would have to have he would be what can I say immersed in leaders not in half of so many people that want to remain well you know you know he may be outnumbered in his own party and people like Kate Hoey are even more outnumbered in the labour party we'll see Sally we'll see what the future brings but did you think today he was making the right arguments he did he made them you know it was firm but I still stick to what I've just said yeah yeah my prediction yeah well and backing you up Sally and thank you yeah hi Nigel Reece Prague is a hero as for David Davis he's been caving in to remainders for some time hence the nervous laugh and it really was wasn't it a very very nervous laugh it was as if he'd been caught out Judy says yes no others beside MOG really want brexit Gordon hello Gordon all the way right to pass he asked people difficult questions and he was looking good no it's not a joke area it's not a joke and and you could make light of things whilst making a serious argument but it was the it was the nervous nature of the laughter I guess wasn't it really you need to show you to be strong to negotiate a good deal and they just see this man coming because he just thinks as a joke it's not a joke I would say good night I would say in his defense I feel the David Davis as effectively he's a negotiator for us but he's effectively a hostage of the cabinet and the cabinet space and the cabinet's very split and may is taking us towards the softest of all soft Breck sets and I think David Davis is trying to do his best under those circumstances Gordon to this I want us to leave have a good deal I'm not gonna go around the edges because I'm making yourself look a fool people would have more respect for him if he said no sorry this is not what I was looking for this is not what I want to do if you want to do this you get you get on with it I'm clearing off well their makeup who's to say Gordon who's to save there could come a point when David Davis says that what I do know about him you know having discussed this subject with him having been around the country and spoken with him is you know he genuinely believes in the case for brexit genuinely believes in democratic self-government for this country and he genuinely believes there are better business opportunities beyond the strictures of the European Union Gordon you know we'll have to watch this one with interest but who's to say at some point you may say he may say enough is enough Bridget is calling from Putney Bridget good evening good evening Nigel first of all I want to say Jacobs brief smoke does represent the working class you don't have to be you know high-class will come from you know well-heeled family I just believe he's he's fighting for the people that wanted to come out he's fighting fast and there's no-one really fighting for us because it's like trees are may and her kind of well tell you Bob team up call them they they giving they just literally say you know what do you want and we just give it over to them we don't seem to be negotiating Bridget you're not being fair Bridget you're not being fair to the government tennis why some concerns they say what you want buddy boys from Brussels yeah and and and we don't need to never folks Nigel so don't even think of that you just got to be strong and think right now because you're buckling and they it's like now we've got it it's like sending doubts we can want to send out Bridget Bridget I don't want a second referendum but I fear I fear we may be dragged towards one and I think that if we had more decisive leadership and government the country we would be more confident of doing the brexit thing and doing it properly I just Bridget I just think we've got the wrong Prime Minister well we like complete dimwits as far as I'm concerned no one's really standing for us and and after you know what you said last week we need to never vote I just thought I couldn't believe what I was hearing thank you know what I feel like if if we have this self a referendum and we just go back in bed well I don't know what would happen they put extra two more charges on icings Poland or Italy I think I don't think if they if they if they force us to vote again on rejoining this Union looking at everything that's been said by macro last week by Merkel today by Younker by the Verhofstadt by all of them about this this centralised state with its army its Air Force its Navy its foreign policy one in which a Yonker said everybody must join the Schengen area everyone was during the Euro if we have to fight them again Bridget will beat them again I promise you I thank you another new corner is Chris from Wimbledon good evening Chris I know Jordan honors to speak with you hope you will very well I just I just want to get on with it you know I do too and you know I just want to say first I voted break that you know I'm not keen on the European Court of Justice and I want to be able to do our own trade deals but I think we should avoid screaming blue murder just yet because you know this transition bill it's only for two years Oh Chris you say it's only for two years article 50 was for two years that was the transition period that was the objective of it and now we're saying another approximately two more years who's to say that extra two years Chris doesn't become two more years on top of that it could go on and on you know the point I'm making it I do accept that I mean to be honest you know Cameron and I support my mare and government they should have prepared for this whole thing they did and that you know I mean and of course you know made and really prepare for it and you know I do remember reading somewhere that maybe the civil service are just not fully prepared is like a bureaucratic nightmare and business is one certainty and if I could help them by all means just as long as we are allow yeah I mean Chris the apse yeah leaving the treaty is the absolute key however bad the deal is but it does look a little bit like Teresa may's government are lining us up on the 30th of march next year to have left the european union to have no say at all in it and yet to have exactly the same level of commitments that we've got today and Chris I just don't think that's good enough you know it's I guess it's like a very careful yes for me but you know as long as you know this is nothing permanent then of course I will stand with you and say treachery and betrayal thank you very much for your call and my last corner of the evening is Chris who's calling from Richmond good evening Chris aiming I do a couple of points regarding your previous caller talking about Jacob Riis Morgan the worst part is I mean this is manners stands to benefit enormous things like just like your power other banks from from the massive tax cuts when we leave the European Union the second point I want to make you made it's no guarantee about is there Chris but if I go on leaving the European Union gives the British government control over nearly all of our lives they might put taxes up who's to say so and we're running out of time Chris second point yeah regarding your coming about the European army you know I know everyone else knows that we had a veto and if we stayed in the European Union we had still have a veto there was no way that we could have had that taken away from we were told in 1975 we could veto anything and bit by bit that veto got watered down and Yonker has made it perfectly clear they want to complete they want to complete their foreign policy without veto and I can't see us rejoining that Chris I thank you I thank everybody you've been listening to the Nigel Farage show here on LBC I'll be back tomorrow at 7 at 10:00 tonight it's Ian Collins but up next it's Clyde Ville Nigel thank you so at 9:00 it's the legal our your questions to barrister Daniel Barnett from outer temple chambers we'll be looking at the legal aspects of that controversial president's club dinner and also a new ruling on sick pay later on as well scientists have managed to clone two monkeys using the technique that produced Dolly the sheep but we'll be talking about the implications of this breakthrough and first more than half of Britain's teachers have a diagnosed mental health problem but cording to a new study so what is it about working in school that's putting so much pressure on teachers oh three four five six oh six oh nine seven three is the number from lvc I'm Clive bull and it all starts next

'Wait and see' Seething Brexiteer hints at SECRET PLOT to oust May after Brexit betrayal

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‘Wait and see’ Seething Brexiteer hints at SECRET PLOT to oust May after Brexit betrayal

May resignation rumours: Brexiteer Tory rebels will now fall into line

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May resignation rumours: Brexiteer Tory rebels will now fall into line:

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John Bercow this afternoon threatened new Brexit chaos by throwing doubts over Theresa May’s efforts to get her deal through the Commons by Friday.The Prime Minister has been considering announcing her resignation date this afternoon to win the support of Brexiteer rebel MPs.But the Speaker warned the government today that her deal must have changed from the last time she brought it forward for a vote – and she cannot use a procedural device known as a ‘paving motion’ to get around him.Bercow has already been accused of having Remainer sympathies and trying to thwart Britain leaving the EU.May’s government insists that a new Brexit date agreed with the EU and clarifications to the backstop announced at a summit in Brussels amount to a ‘significant change’.The Speaker alone will decide if the change is sufficient and is expected to announce the night before if he will block a third vote.It comes after Mrs May faced down MPs in the Commons today and hinted she could hold a third vote on her deal as early as tomorrow.The Prime Minister has been told by top Brexiteers including Boris Johnson that for them to support her deal she will need to promise Tory MPs she will quit before the second stage of EU talks begin later this year.And at PMQs she gave a spirited performance but refused to rule out stepping down when challenged – ahead of a meeting with her MPs at 5pm this afternoon.   And at PMQs she gave a spirited performance but refused to rule out stepping down when challenged – ahead of a meeting with her MPs at 5pm. If her deal gets the support of a majority of MPs before the end of this week Britain will leave the EU on May 22, if it does not the country faces weeks of chaos as rebel Remainers try to force a soft Brexit in votes starting tonight.And in a sign the deal could be voted on again tomorrow or Friday, Mrs May told MPs during Prime Minister’s Questions today that they could deliver on Brexit ‘if this week this House supports the deal’. Today senior Brexiteer Cabinet minister Andrea Leadsom did little to quell the rumours of Mrs May’s demise after her Brexit deal passes and said: ‘I am fully supporting the Prime Minister to get us out of the EU. What happens after that is a matter for the Prime Minister. I’m not going to express a view.’ RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 2 Next EU plan to fit cars with speed limiters could be UNSAFE: AA… Matt Hancock is straining at his bridle to join the PM race:… Theresa May faces ‘up to 20’ ministerial resignations from… Brexit border chaos could break up the UK and lead to a… ‘I hope you drop dead in the next 100 yards’: That’s what a… Now the Brexit rebels vow to change law: MPs hope to force… The £12m Manhattan penthouse funded by the taxpayer: UK… Government ‘brushes off’ anti-Brexit petition: Ministers… Share this article Share 29 shares And as more rebel Brexiteer Tories indicated this morning that they will climb down and back May, Leave campaign architect Dominic
#May, #resignation, #rumoursBrexiteerTory, #rebels, #will, #fall, #into, #line
#May, #resignation, #rumours, #Brexiteer, #Tory, #rebels, #fall, #line, #PMs, #deal

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'NONSENSE!' Brexiteer SHUTS DOWN Remainer claiming US will determine UK TRADE after Brexit

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‘NONSENSE!’ Brexiteer SHUTS DOWN Remainer claiming US will determine UK TRADE after Brexit
The Brexiteer MP Graham Stringer clashed with Liberal Democrat Tom Brake on future trade deals with the US after Brexit. Mr Stringer was quick to call Mr Brakes claims “nonsense” after the Lib Dem MP suggested that the US would be able to take advantage of the UK after leaving the EU. During a Sky News interview, Mr Brake began: “I’m afraid when people were offered two and half years ago, they were offered things like the 350 million pound a week for the NHS, that is not going to happen. The fact is we will be able to negotiate our trade deals directly after BrexitGraham Stringer“They were offered a distinct drop in immigration, that hasn’t happened, in fact, immigration from outside the EU has gone up.“They were offered that we were going to be able to make our own laws.“What is going to happen in relation to trade deals is that the US will make our laws in relation to animal welfare. Mr Stringer then interrupted to call Mr Brakes claims “nonsense” and added that the UK hasn’t left th…


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Philip Hammond SMIRKS after Brexiteer Tories fail to vote down amendment on Brexit delay

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Philip Hammond SMIRKS after Brexiteer Tories fail to vote down amendment on Brexit delay
The Chancellor was caught by Sky News’ Adam Boulton as he returned to Downing Street after a series of parliamentary Brexit votes in the Commons. Mr Hammond came out of his car looking very happy and smiling at the cameras. As Mr Hammond emerged from the car, Mr Boulton asked: “Better night tonight, Chancellor? What’s going to happen? Are you going to get this deal through do you think?”The Chancellor replied: “I think that’s what we are focussing on, yes, every chance.”The Sky News host then questioned Mr Hammond on what he thought of the 20 Conservative MPs who voted against the Prime Minister’s plan on Wednesday evening. The Chancellor failed to give an answer but shrugged his shoulders and smiled, causing the Sky News host to admit Mr Hammond was “very happy”.Labour former minister Yvette Cooper’s bid to pin Theresa May to commitments made to the Commons on the Brexit process – including allowing MPs to delay Brexit if her deal is rejected again next month – was approved by 502 vot…


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you the Chancellor was caught by Sky News Adam boldness he returned to Downing Street after a series of parliamentary brexit votes in the Commons Mr Hammond came out of his car looking very happy and smiling of the cameras as mr. hamund emerged from the car mr. Bolten asked better night tonight Chancellor what's going to happen are you going to get this deal through do you think the Chancellor replied I think that's what we are focusing on yes every chance the Sky News host then questioned Mr Hammond on what he thought of the 20 Conservative MPs who voted against the Prime Minister's plan on Wednesday evening the Chancellor failed to give an answer but shrugged his shoulders and smiled pausing the sky News host to admit Mr Hammond was very happy labor former minister of vet Cooper's with Tippin Teresa made commitments made to the Commons on the brexit process including allowing MPs to delay brexit of her deal is rejected again next month was approved by 502 votes to 20 a majority of 482 brexit news Philip Hammond happy after May's huge victory in Parliament image sky her vote was forced by Tory brexit ears voicing their opposition to the proposal 20 Conservative MPs rebelled to vote against him as Coopers brexit amendment according to the division list they included arch brexit ears Sir William cash Raymond Trish T rich Drax estimate van desmond Swain among others MPs have also rejected an SNP amendment which required the government to rule out a No Deal brexit under any circumstances by 324 votes to 288 and Labour's amendment to send the Prime Minister back to Brussels to negotiate in favour of a customs union was also defeated v 83 vote defeat will place immense pressure on the Labour leader to throw his party's full weight behind demands for a second referendum on EU withdrawal mr corbyn told Labour MPs on Monday that he was ready to support moves to demand a public vote to prevent a damaging Tory Breck's at being forced on the country to resumes dramatic announcement on Tuesday that she would allow MPs to vote on delaying the UK's EU withdrawal beyond March 29th took the sting out if an evening of brexit de votes which had been expected to feature a number of ministerial resignations any conservative bust-ups have now been delayed for up to two weeks as mrs. may prepares to bring her withdrawal agreement back to the Commons for meaningful vote by March 12th

'Unfit for purpose!' Brexiteer Hannan RIPS into May who will NEVER secure fair deal for UK

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‘Unfit for purpose!’ Brexiteer Hannan RIPS into May who will NEVER secure fair deal for UK The MEP for South East England said the British Governmental …

"This time – no more Mr Nice Guy" | Nigel Farage talks to James Whale over Brexit chaos

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Following multiple Cabinet resignations, former UKIP leader Nigel Farage talks to James Whale & Ash Gould to vent his frustration over the Brexit deal.

UK Break-Up? – Irish Border Issue Drives Potential Unity Referendum – Brexit

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certo per i blazers time sky news

Today News – Brexiteer Esther McVey reveals who is REALLY influencing Theresa Mays Brexit decisions

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Today News – Brexiteer Esther McVey reveals who is REALLY influencing Theresa Mays Brexit decisions

The prominent Tory backbencher warned Prime Minister Theresa May’s chief Europe advisor Olly Robbins wants Britain to “stay in” the European Union and remains to be a key influence on Brexit. Ms McVey, as a former cabinet insider, was asked by LBC caller Ben who is influencing Theresa May to make key Brexit decisions. It has very much been about ‘how do we hold on to as much of the EU as possibleEsther McVeyIn response, the Tory Brexiteer said: “You have to look at the whole makeup of the Cabine…


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the prominent Tory backbencher warned Prime Minister Teresa mais chief Europe adviser Olli Robbins once Britain to stay in the European Union and remains to be a key influence on brexit MS McVeigh as a former cabinet insider was asked by LBC caller Ben who is influencing Theresa May to make key brexit decisions it has very much been about how do we hold on to as much of the EU as possible is there mcvane response the Tory brexit here said you have to look at the whole makeup of the cabinet in the key positions in the cabinet and you will see that they are people who all voted for remain and are still sort of ardent remain errs whether that is the Chancellor whether that is David Livington down as the Deputy Prime Minister or whether that is Greg Clark so those core cabinet ministers are and there is a big majority of remainders in the cabinet and at the same time Olly Robbins it would appear has been her key adviser and very much about staying and in fact if you looked at the negotiations it is not about what can we do when we leave and what is free trade and how do we become a global country Agha and brexit News s thermic they said she was ignored when in cabinet talking about brexit image LBC Getty it has very much been about how do we hold on to as much of the EU as possible so you can see just by the way they are tilting either way of how they look at the issue they are a mainers MS McVeigh also spoke about her time in cabinet and how difficult it was for her colleagues to understand the key issues with the proposed Bragg's a deal she said I remember the cabinet meeting where I said this deal will not be accepted particularly not by brexit ears but also it won't be accepted by remain errs as well they will not like it I was told I didn't know what I was talking about and that this is what they were going forward with I said the back stop is absolutely non-negotiable so too was 39 billion pounds being handed over without a free trade agreement but they continued forward I said on November 15th you should have your Salzburg moment now and say absolutely not acceptable this will not pass they didn't think I knew what I was talking about and then it went down to the biggest defeat in history it has also been revealed Chancellor Philip Hammond has been laying the groundwork for a second brexit referendum following a meeting with Tory aides to discuss how a fresh vote would work Chancellor of the Exchequer has been looking into how the government could call a fresh vote on brexit despite the Prime Minister clearly voicing her opposition to the idea in a comment piece issued today multiple sources claimed ten days ago Mr Hammond held a meeting with 15 vice chairman and parliamentary aides in his Commons office according to a colleague of one of the attendants during the gathering he sounded them out about how a second referendum on brexit could work and what the government would have to do to call a fresh vote on the issue the source told the Sunday Times he was laying the groundwork for a referendum

BREXIT: Farage LAUGHS at Verhofstadt after attack on Farage's lust for money

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Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage laughed in the face of Guy Verhofstadt after the European Parliament’s Brexit coordinator launched an attack on the former Ukip leader in Strasbourg.

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first of all I have to tell to mr. Hinkle that personally I have always said that the exit of Britain from the European Union is a failure of the European Union when a big country like the UK least European Union you can difficulty it's very difficult to say oh what a fantastic thing is the opposite I think that the place of the UK is inside European Union so pretty sure that there will be a generation in the coming years in the coming decades we will return to the European Union I'm sure of it that this young generation already exists in the UK and that they will take an other decision than the decision that has been taken by this government and this majority but Mr hanko may ask you to tell this to your own friends in your own group and ECR who are the main people for Abraxas for the moment it's a little bit easy to give lessons to us here and especially to me and saying yeah you don't like Britain the opposite is true but not to be capable to convince your own people in your own group and we're not there for the moment to applaud you I see nobody is there secondly the reality mr. Henkel is the following those who started this whole brexit which is in fact an attempt of the Conservative Party you're working with the Conservative Party you know them very well it was in fact an attempt to take back control and that was the big slogan of the black cities and it's still the big slogan of the VEX it is it seems to me that Britain seems to be spinning out of control instead of being back in control and I think that the only reasonable way mr. Han called to solve this problem and you didn't talk about that unfortunately is that the risk cross party cooperation in British politics the fastest as possible compromise a common view between labour and the Conservatives how you do to solve an existential problem like brexit if it is used by both parties to kill each other for them grexit is a bullet in a weapon and not an existence of problem of a country and of a whole continent and that's the same so our our and yours your appeal have to be in this so plenary not to attack one or other colleague but to say to the British political class start to make an agreement between the two big parties and start in fact to have an opinion that we can support here in this Parliament and that opinion will be a close relationship between the UK and the EU and that is the way forward and I think that what is needed is that in British politics Queen and country are put first instead of the party politics that are governing the UK politics and the House of Commons for the moment and that brings me to the next question extension I don't want a long extension I'd say you that very openly an extension why we go beyond European elections and European elections will be hijacked by the black city reason by the whole budget issue we will talk only about that and not about the real problems and the real reforms that we need in European Union and the only thing what we will do we will give a new mandate to Mr Farage the only thing what we're gonna do that's that's that's exactly what he wants why he wants that for two reasons first of all he can't continue to have a salary that he can transfer to his offshore company and the second and the second thing and the second thing and the second thing and the second thing is that he can continue to do his work dirty work in European Union that is to try to destroy European Union from within that is the real purpose well my man that is what you are and he confirms so what I think is that that's absolutely the what we don't need what we need is now certainty from the House of Commons from a majority in the House of Commons as mr. Hinkle has also asked for that is what we need and so I'm against every extension when an extension of one day one week even 24 hours if it is not based on a clear opinion of the House of Commons for something that we know what they want is it less ambitious than the deal okay the deal that's your opinion if it is a customs union it is a customs union if it is the deal it isn't to you if it is a no way plus it's a no way plus but please make up your mind in London because this uncertainty cannot continue not for us not for Britain and certainly not for our citizens thank you president thank you mr. president I'm very much hoping after nearly 20 years that this is my penultimate speech in this Parliament that I won't be coming back here again in July and I'm sure many of you here would share that sentiment mr. Barnea I told you that treaty wouldn't go through the House of Commons you didn't believe me it's been rejected I think you pushed you luck too far you asked for too much and this morning you find yourself short of 39 billion pounds so I'm sure you're feeling a bit sore about that but don't worry help is at hand because the House of Commons today will do I'm sure their utmost to betray the brexit vote they're even going to vote against all of what article 50 said which is of course that we leave on the 29th of March with or without a deal and I have to say I think the gap now between our political class in the UK and public opinion is a gaping chasm because be and no doubt public opinion is hardening there is a greater sense of unity in the country that I've seen for some years we simply want to leave and that applies to many who voted remain as well because they respect the very principle of democracy and we've had enough we've seen the snarling anger Ward's our country of mr. Furr hofstadt the bureaucratic intransigence of mr. Bonilla the constant stream of insults that come from mr. tusk and were of one mind we don't want to be governed by you we want to govern ourselves now I'm sure the next installment of this will be the British prime minister next Thursday going to the European summit in Brussels another humiliating display where she begs for an extension to article 50 well I've got a solution to all of this what I heard you mr. Barnea this morning say that if this treaty this withdrawal agreement gets past the next phase of negotiations could last for up to four years I thought enough we don't want to waste four more years of our life four more years of agony and you don't want to waste another four years you've got your plan you want a United States of Europe you want your army you want everyone to join the euro you want to get rid of the nation-states we are just a damned nuisance and add to that as mr. behalf stat said the European elections you don't want me coming back here or hordes of Euroskeptics coming back here so there is a simple solution and that is that the British request to extend is vetoed at that European summit we leave on March the 29th most of the preparations have been done even if there are a few short-term bumps in the road we leave and both you and we can get on with the rest of our lives that is the only neat solution ahead of us you

Brexiteer reveals KEY CLUE from Theresa May – the UK is STILL leaving the EU March 29

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Brexiteer reveals KEY CLUE from Theresa May – the UK is STILL leaving the EU March 29
The Leave supporter Lord Forsyth insisted Theresa May has been contradicting herself by telling the EU it needs to make changes regarding the withdrawal agreement but also telling the UK to vote for her deal. For this reason, when asked whether he believed Brexit would still happen the Conservative peer said he believed the UK would still be leaving the EU at the end of March as planned. The Prime Minister has continuously said that if MPs wish to have certainty they should vote for her deal as there is an increased chance of Brexit being foiled to happen if her deal fails. It is Theresa May’s duty as Prime Minister to deliver BrexitLord ForsythDuring BBC’s Any Questions show Lord Forsyth said: “I’m not quite sure what to make of Theresa May actually.“On the one hand, she is telling Europe they have got to change.“But on the other, she is telling her colleagues that they have got to vote for her deal.“These are two contradictory things at the same time. Lord Forsyth has claimed that it…


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you believe supporter Lord Forsyth insisted tourism a has been contradicting herself by telling the EU it needs to make changes regarding the withdrawal agreement but also telling the UK to vote for her deal for this reason when asked whether he believed Rex it would still happen the conservative peer said he believed the UK would still be leaving the EU at the end of March as planned the Prime Minister has continuously said that if MPs wish to have certainty they should vote for her deal as there is an increased chance of brexit being foiled to happen if her deal fails it is Teresa Mays duty as Prime Minister to deliver brexit Lord Forsyth during BBC's any questions sure Lord Forsyth said I'm not quite sure what to make of Teresa may actually on the one hand she is telling Europe they have got to change but on the other she is telling her colleagues that they have got to vote for her deal these are two contradictory things at the same time Lord Forsyth has claimed that it is Teresa Mays duty to secure a good brexit result image dirty BBC I think I'm inclined to rely on what she has said over 100 times in the House of Commons which we will be leaving the EU on the March 29th I think it is her duty and that of every Conservative MP who was elected on a manifesto which was that we are leaving the customs union and the single market and the European Union it is Teresa Mays duty as prime minister to deliver that Teresa may is set to hold their meaningful vote next week in the House of Commons allowing MPs to decide whether they would like to fulfil brexit with her a deal or no deal if both of these votes fail then the next vote will be on whether to ask the EU for an extension of article 50 despite Mays historic loss in her initial brexit withdrawal agreement she has maintained the UK as still leaving the EU on March 29th with or without a deal in the last few weeks Teresa may has weakened her stance surrounding a No Deal brexit following the clear disdain from MPs for No Deal

'This is NOT the House of Commons!' Brexiteer MEP told off – Brexit

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thank you very much president Westminster ISM is in meltdown the internal contradictions of brexit were laid bare last night brexit was never anything more than a bunch of slogans it could never be turned into a coherent negotiating position as we play out the end game and the brexit fraud is revealed its supporters dream up fantasy deals so that failure can be blamed on Brussels but we must hold our nerve through this westminster chaos a majority of UK citizens know that the best future for our country is inside the european union here we can continue to be part of the world's most successful peace project and together we can tackle the huge cross-border issues we face most notably climate change we are now the majority and as young people reaching voting age want to join us in improving our continent in mutual friendship so our numbers grow now the tempies have rejected no deal the clear choice is still between the deal negotiated between the UK and the EU and remaining in the EU this choice must be given back to the people the hostility of the supporters a brexit as we see here – such a democratic cheque proves that they are running scared because they know as I do that the will of the British people has changed and this turned against them and their brexit chaos [Applause] if colleagues if you were in my power but it's not the word rubbish would be banned from this chamber I wouldn't share it with you sir we will move to the next speaker on my list madam simmer please this is a very difficult issue for all of us and the least we could do is respect the person that has the microphone there are too many and I have to say on my right interfering with the debate please listen it is far too serious an issue for us to play out in Parliament this is not the House of Commons colleagues this is a European Parliament you

Brexiteer HANGS UP on shocked radio host after furious rampage – 'MPs have done NOTHING!'

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Brexiteer HANGS UP on shocked radio host after furious rampage – ‘MPs have done NOTHING!’
A Brexiteer unleashed a furious rant on MPs during a live radio show and slammed down the phone on presenter Shelagh Fogarty. The caller, James, blasted he has “had enough” of MPs being “spineless amoebas”. Speaking on LBC, James raged: “MPs have done nothing since June 2016 but to try and stop what we’ve asked for. We have had enough of it!”Ms Fogarty replied: “It isn’t true James”.James hit back: “It is true Shelagh, people like you and London and the rest of the bubble don’t understand this.”“We have had enough Shelagh!”Ms Fogarty replied: “Can I try and explain to you why I think large chunks of what you’ve said are not true?”Brexit news: a Brexiteer hung up on the radio host after a fiery rant (Image: LBC)James angrily shouted before slamming down the phone: “No Shelagh. I’m not listening to this anymore. We’ve had enough.“They’re nothing but spineless amoebas.“Spineless amoebas! All of them! Traitors.”The comments follow Theresa May directly appealing to voters on Wednesday night…


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you a brexit heir unleashed to furious rant an MP's during a live radio show and slammed down the phone on presenter Sheila foggerty the call up James blasted he has had enough of MPs being spineless amoebas speaking on LBC James raged MPs have done nothing since June 2016 but to try and stop what we've asked for we have had enough if it must forget he replied it isn't true James James hit back it is true Sheila people like you and London and the rest of the bubble don't understand this we have had enough Sheila Mills foggerty replied can I try and explain to why I think large chunks of what you've said are not true brexit news a brexit era hung up on the radio host after a fiery rant image LBC James angrily shouted before slamming down the phone no Sheila I'm not listening to this anymore we've had enough than nothing but spineless amoebas spineless amoebas all of them traitors the comments follow Theresa May directly appealing to voters on Wednesday night and blaming Parliament for the brexit deadlock she confirmed brexit will not go ahead on schedule next week admitting the delay was a matter of great personal regret for me she also accused hardline remainders including many of her own cabinet ministers of threatening irreparable damage to public trust by blocking the delivery of the 2016 EU referendum vote of this I am absolutely sure you the public have had enough she said he you 27 leaders are embroiled in a frantic argument over the end date of mrs. Mays potential brexit delay which the Prime Minister requested earlier in the date the Prime Minister had hoped to suspend Britain's EU divorce until June 30th but so-called draft European Council conclusions revealed Brussels was preparing to crack down and cut off the country's membership sooner according to the document brussels wanted Britain to leave the EU by May 22nd in order to avoid disrupting the European Parliament elections days later

The Laughing Brexiteer – Having a laugh at Brexit 4 Helium Charly

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A Brexit Song that is nothing to laugh about at all.

The Brexiteer laughs, but who will have the last laugh? (‘You are not laughing now, are you?)

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you

Brexiteer demands the UK leaves EU by March 29 – ‘It’s what the COUNTRY wants’

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Brexiteer demands the UK leaves EU by March 29 – ‘It’s what the COUNTRY wants’
Appearing on BBC Newsnight, the Conservative MP said he would refuse to vote for Theresa May’s deal in a vote, claiming it to be “bad”. Speaking to host Kirsty Wark he also said the UK could leave the EU by the initial Brexit date with a “managed no deal”. His comments came after Mrs May secured a conditional extension to Article 50.He said when asked if he would considering vote for Mrs May’s deal: “If a deal is a bad deal, it’s a bad deal and I’m not going to vote for it.“I’m not going to vote on something that might happen.“I am going to vote on what is before me and it’s a bad deal.“And I’m not going to vote on a bad deal.”READ MORE: BBC Newsnight: Emily Maitlis appointed new lead presenterPeter Bone was appearing on BBC Newsnight last night (Image: BBC Newsnight)He was being grilled by Kirsty Wark (Image: BBC Newsnight)He added: “I hope what happens is we honour the 17 million people who voted and leave on March 29.“What I think might happen is Theresa May put out the vote, loses …


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'Why I changed my mind on leaving EU’ – Peter Oborne debates Melissa Kite on Brexit

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The urge to leave and the desire to remain, to paraphrase one of our guests, they are both elements of the same country… sometimes even at war within ourselves.


Peter Oborne and Melissa Kite join the programme. Peter Oborne today published an article that reads like a roadmap to Damascus:

“Brexit has paralysed the system. It has turned Britain into a laughing stock. And it is certain to make us poorer and to lead to lower incomes and lost jobs. We Brexiteers would be wise to acknowledge all this.”

We asked him why he’d changed his mind about Brexit?


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urge to leave and the desire to remain to paraphrase one of our guests they are both elements of the same country sometimes even at war within ourselves Pissarro Bourne and Melissa kite both writers of the right join me now a piece of a born the the article that you have published today reads like a sort of a road map to a source of Damascus brakes as has paralyzed the system his turn Britain into a laughingstock and it's a certain to make us poorer and to lead to lower incomes and lost jobs we beretta tears would be wise to acknowledge all this when did you discover this be followed events for the last few months there has been some very grim moments for the brexit tears the wave of disinvestment the city people being told to sign contracts which assure their employers are happy to go and live in or work and work in Europe you've got the dissin Honda and Swindon the disinvestment in the Northeast almost every day you've got another body blow which shows that the economic story told by the brexit ears ahead of June 2016 was just false in the end I said sorry but I wasn't one of the economists and the economic model which depended on the World Trade Organization has collapsed for reasons was hard to tell in 2016 namely the rise of protectionism in trumps United States and she's China big protectionist blocks with very little room for manoeuvre for little countries like Britain well it's a kite what do you make of it well I mean I totally accept that we're in a mess but I would say the problem is not brexit the problems the lack of brexit Peter and I totally understand that you're in your piece you say that you feel very torn inside and I totally understand that there's a huge problem here at Westminster and everyone's ripping each other to shreds over it but that's not how seventeen point four million people are feeling and I have not heard one of them say that changing their mind so yes there's a huge layer going on here and everybody seems to be having a collective nervous before exit but they're not gonna menteng brexit and that's the problem and that's why we're in the mess you know he laid out a series of economic disasters as he's seen it is he wrong about that well we're going to have a series of economic disasters if we carry on like this we're in a mess of the MPs own making and the fact that they've decided to have this extra vote in this extra process and not implement the vote that that we've already had in a referendum and they're ignoring the votes of seventeen point four million people including you okay if indeed you did bro vote I'm accepting the UW seemed to have a really well you suggest that he was a blonde I'm suggesting anything's possible at the moment it's important to say that there's been two and a half years and more since the vote and a lot of things have happened we've learnt in a huge amount about what what brexit will be like in the in the interim in the interim I just give a mention they're changing to the WTO and the fact that industries are now leaving Britain we didn't know that was happened before and you said not enough Breck's if we leave BRICS if we leave we're just with no deal it's now quite plain that we are going to wipe out hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions of jobs we have a year's uncertainty and what business leaders are begging for is certainty what they're begging believe any of this that you're talking about it's not what you knew before and I'm not hearing this from anyone else I'm not hearing it on the if you look online at the normal people tours brexit and every brexit voter is saying No Deal second thing which is really scared me knocks me in the boat of solar plexus I'm perfectly happy to acknowledge I was wrong is the the fact that the Union is clearly going to come under enormous threat northern ireland's we didn't understand the importance of the Northern Irish agreement we didn't understand how much Ireland which has haunted Bridget the Great Britain for 500 years maybe you didn't understand it but you're part of the political gracious to you and said always is very brave some of them have said well you know all he said is everything we said three years ago I fully feel foolish what do you think you know you were right then and right now or you know what is it I'm very very happy to accept and I think we all should this is a national a very varied our nation or moment I can be as humble as you like I was wrong I got things wrong I misread things but also for example on the scene support because that's what a lot of bread tears or break leave voters will say we didn't care about all of that we cared about the print when I would say solvency Eve the brexit campaign had fought a general election they'd have been out of office by now they they've done consistently told untruths about what brexit would be like they said though a deal would be easy to get Liam Fox we had there before tea deals of two or three with very small countries the BRIC the assertions by the main brexit campaigns is very important point it's hang on a second the assertions when the main brexit campaigners have turned out to be false we had to know what's gonna happen we have not had it we were told they said the deal would be very easy to negotiate seventeen point four million people are standing firm and they still want every poll is a brexit now if you don't obviously don't read the newspaper stand up for your readers the people who are reading your articles I don't think you have to either you have to be honest it's fascinating really think we've got to leave a rating matters like this you need to be honest thank you very much indeed both of your mother's a kind piece Roebourne thanks for for joining us

BREXIT: The big issues answered 😂 – BBC

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Cult favourite Matt Berry offers his unique take on Brexit in this one-off comedy special to mark the passing of the Article 50 deadline. Reuniting with collaborator Arthur Mathews for the first time since Toast of London, Berry plays rogue historian Michael Squeamish, who is on a mission to discover the origins of Brexit, and offer some interesting opinions on Britain’s current plight along the way. Through creative use of archive footage and filmed interviews, Road to Brexit unashamedly plays fast and loose with the facts to create a joyously surreal whistle-stop tour of Britain’s relationship with Europe, from the 1950s right up to Brexit.

The Road To Brexit | BBC


Nigel Farage: 'We'll never be the same again if we don't carry out people's will' | Brexit

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George discusses Brexit machinations with Former UKIP Leader Nigel Farage and callers John and Lisa.

Nigel Farage talks to George Galloway on The Mother Of All Talk Shows: “A significant number of Remainers are saying ‘we have to leave with no deal’. If we don’t carry out the will of the people we’ll never be the same place again.”

Lisa from Borehamwood on voting in a potential second referendum: “The amount of people on social media talking about not voting – I think this is a trap. You don’t hear Remainers saying they’re going to spoil their vote.”

now I told you earlier I'll be standing for the European Parliament he announced today that he will lead his new party the brexit party into those elections Nigel I'm not sure how they'll cope in the European Parliament of both of us get back but let's start let's start with how we got here the only reason that we can stand in the European Parliament elections is because the mother of all rearguard actions has been fought by those who didn't accept the results of the referendum no I mean it's a complete failure of leadership in our country and that goes for Teresa May and her government who never had the courage doing the job properly and when she said no deal is better than a bad deal which if you think about it is one of the most obvious statements in human history she never actually meant it and a parliament staffed in both parties full of establishment corporatist remain as who as you say never accepted the result it is a willful betrayal of the greatest democratic exercise in the history of this country and I have to say I've never known in my life certainly the gap between the political class and ordinary people to be deeper wider and more fundamental than it is right today well I made these points earlier and I think they're still underestimated so speak to them please there's a rapid transformation going on if you look at the polls as I do assiduously even in just the last week there has been a dramatic shift the most popular choice now in Britain is to leave right now without a deal yes I mean you're quite right I mean over the last few weeks we've seen a massive shift and now every single region in Wales and England with the exception of London leaving with no deal immediately commands a huge lead over remaining what if they're usually I'm not talking four or five percent like the referendum I'm talking 15 16 percent of the Midlands and areas like that and yes people not just leavers interestingly a significant number of remainders are saying we have to leave with no deal we have to honor the referendum result we are supposed to be a democratic country and if we don't carry out the will of the people we'll never be the same place again so yeah it is a very dramatic shift and you know I've spoken over the last week to several members of parliament on both sides of the over the divide and neither of them were actually aware of what was really going on in the country I find that astonishing yes there in the Westminster bubble they really meet anyone other than those in a deferential relationship to themselves people at their surgeries and so on they actually don't feel the pulse of public opinion in the country I'm now utterly convinced of that it's been happening for a while but we now have a political class a parliament which smells of the kind of sewage that was leaking in the public gallery this week I don't I haven't known a time when when the British political class was held in and in law order no quite right in that contempt I think total and utter contempt is what has been fell out there in the country and I there's one good thing that happened today and that is this an extension is far better than accepting mrs. Mays new European treaty it gives us a chance as a country to press the reset button but it also gives the chance to the one group of people who've been totally ignored for the last two or three years to say something and you've all got a chance listeners to go out and vote in those European elections and I I genuinely believe there is an opportunity here to deliver the body politic a shock like they've never had before no the lash-up that is under way that you might say the the carbon trees are may lash up we never thought we'd be seeing those words is that going to come to anything will they reach agreement do you think no I don't it's pretty clear that Kier stahma on behalf of the Labour Party now wants what they call a confirmatory referendum and that referendum would be a choice between mrs. Mae's appalling treaty or staying in the current European treaties it wouldn't even give leave voters the chance to express an opinion and whatever damage mrs. May has done to the Conservative Party and their vote in the country believe me she could never ever agree to that and I think it's actually to be honest with you in Labour's interests now for there not to be any form of deal treaty going through Parliament and to see the Conservatives suffer at the ballot box having said that I think labour perhaps underestimate what could happen to their vote because you know the five million people who voted brexit out there who then voted for Jeremy Corbyn in that 2017 election and there is this this mythology that goes on through the media but somehow brexit is a right-wing ideology you know far from it actually the people like Tony Benn were the great leaders of the Euroskeptic movement for decades in this country so labour may be complacent but I think they could get hurt badly to know the European Parliament elections 23rd of me I think you think like me that an 80% chance of them going ahead there are local elections at the beginning there was a by-election in Newport West just yesterday there's the potential for a parliamentary by-election in in a very strong remain seat in Peterborough because there's a recall petition going on there there's lots of opportunities for the public to pass judgment on these politicians yes there is but the difference being that you've got a series of local results where many many other issues will come into play and when it comes to the European election there's no doubt about one thing it'll be about the European question and it will be a national contest in England Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland so as far as the brexit part is concerned which I've just taken leadership of we are gonna hold our fire fight those European elections and try and deliver a shock John is in Thirsk in North Yorkshire John welcome hi George High House you will help me I'm absolutely confused around the whole EU question normally I'm not a confused person normally I have very strong political commitments but on the EU I up stand initially you know I didn't like the binary rose a lot at the same time my whole political background pushed me you know then I left this position so I should have voted out this and I knew exactly what people were voting for because we've got a bloody leaflet didn't we yes cost you nine million quid yeah everyone got a leaflet so everyone knew exactly what they were voting for and I'm assuming that everybody could read they knew what was going down and so people voted to leave but at the same time it was a close vote not that close a million and a quarter 1.4 million was the majority you know 1.4 millions a lot of people yeah yeah I accept that I mean I just put it this way John if I had gone the other way there would be nobody on the winning side then saying that was a bit too narrow no they wouldn't it wouldn't be saying how can we negotiate they won during the week with one vote of a majority and that one vote was a convicted prisoner yeah I mean my big problem the whole EU question it's not that I'm not in favor of what you're saying in that sense because I think the things I want could only come from from from a breakfast and agree a hard breakfast but you know a lot of you guys who want to leave you think to think we're going to go back to some 19th century trading agreements here there everywhere and those people who want the remain think that they can kind of have the snuggly crudely Europe as if nothing's going to impact on Europe and my big point is the environmental impacts and we know this is kind of gonna come and in the u.s. did a report on this I think about six months ago maybe nine months ago where huge amounts of the US I'm not going to be a produce food they're poor could possibly be damaged by climate change the whole of the of a southern European that role which is a Mediterranean except there's going to be massively hit by climate change it's just like as if both sides don't take into account what's going to be coming down the pipe there's no reason at all for that if we elected a government that I said in my very first broadcast after the referendum in 2016 we should send an email to the European Union we should tell them that we would at least match every one of their standards environmental standards food standards Labor Standards women's rights standards every standard we would at least match if not better these standards that would be followed in the European Union now of course there are only a certain kind of government that would make that commitment but if the people in Britain voted for that government making those commitments as I believe that they would then we would be a beacon to the world on these matters not some kind of 90th century throwback let's face it we brought some of these things in far earlier than you did I've got a press on John thanks as always because I've got the visiting professor from Boreham wood the legend Lisa welcome I've never been introduced to that before George thank you very very much I've I've given you an honorary professorship in the Open University of the airwaves you're so eloquent and because I'm feeling so happy because Messala just scored a goal for Liverpool putting them to one-up anyway go ahead Lisa Oh excellent that's a brilliant result sort of absorb in Georgia that professorship actually would come far more to me than from anywhere else because I really don't rate those other places yeah well I don't think well they cracked up to be okay so I'll just crack on with my points professor worrying me is the amount of people you see on social media and on the news talking about not voting or squealing their votes I think this is a trap you don't here remain as calling up saying that they going to be spoiling their vote no no I did deal with that last week but it's good that you have returned to it yes the power in the country will be perfectly delighted that people never bother to vote again I know you don't see after an election there a politician who won't come out and lamenting the fact that are so many people so many millions world they vote people aren't thinking it through so I know your audience is extremely intelligent and well-informed but I think it's up to us all to emphasize to people that if we do vote in the EU elections they are proportional representation therefore every vote counts therefore it's a wonderful opportunity for us to make a difference I just think it's faulty reasoning and people actually need to go and think it through before they do such a ridiculous yes no you're absolutely correct and the it may be the shortest parliamentary term in history and personally if I'm elected I hope it is I hope to be in the European Parliament for the shortest term possible because my entire program consists of a demand that the decision of the British people in 2016 be fully or not yes and nothing George it only comes up or your show and there are a couple of calls that have mentioned it and please clarify this for me because I'm stunned that it's never mentioned elsewhere I believed because of the various EU laws and I believe that this would continue under her deal or if we were in the single market the things like the state aid law the 3% spending limit and competition laws would prevent Jeremy Corbyn from enacting many of the promises within his manifesto particularly the promises that were attractive large amount of people why is this never mentioned in the main well yes partly because it is untruthfully denied by supporters of the EU I have close relations with the RMT the railway workers union and their forever actually publishing in black and white on social media the very rules and laws of the EU which would make it impossible for Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonald to run the kind of economy that they are pledged to run for example on public ownership of Railways it is now extremely difficult and will shortly under the Lisbon Treaty be illegal to bring your railways into public ownership because all goods and services must be offered across the European Union in a competitive tendering process it's there in black and white but people don't want to read details and facts Lisa well I think it's more than a detail it's fundamental and I see a lot of the Blair rights they come on paper reviews and on one hand they telling you you know how supportive they are Corbin's policies and how wonderful they are and they telling you how much we should be in the EU and I think how can you maintain such contradictory opinions at the same time but I did the same on the second referendum yes it would be devastating to have to choose between Theresa Mayes deal and remain but the debates I think in a second referendum if we had a different choice – that would be extremely interesting because all the developments that have taken place for example the pesco and the fast-moving development of the EU army or Francisca mogherini acting like an EU foreign minister everything that's coming up we would have so much more ammunition and I think they would be diminished but could be really seen but their fear campaign was based on on smoking lurid yes I do think professor the the the reason why the there's been this rapid change in the last week two weeks is that people have looked more closely into the face of the European Union as we have been involved in this wrangle with them absolutely I think it's being the most valuable debate that's gone on in our society and across Europe I think I'm Nigel broad said on the morning of the 24th we kicked the first brick at the at the wall that indeed we did we've set something in motion and we've certainly inspired a lot of the European euro skeptics and and also he does inspire debate across Europe I just wish that a few remain as word stopped being glued to the BBC and following and believing everything they see on they open their minds and look across the board across the channel at what's happening with a with a more open mind

Brexiteer jailed for hitting UK opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn with an egg

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Man who cracked egg on UK opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is sentenced to 28 days in jail. Watch this video to know more.

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now a man who hit British opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn with an egg over brakes it has now been sentenced to 28 days in jail the accused identified as 31 year old John Murphy approached Corbin who was visiting a Muslim community centre in London with his wife he was unhappy with Corbin stance on brexit he shouted respect the vote and cracked an egg on the side in a 69 year old Commons face watch how he defend eyewitnesses have revealed that the accused had come with a number of things that he could have used but it was he was detained quickly and John Murphy has pleaded guilty and has been jailed for 28 days and will now pay a hundred and fifty two dollar victim surcharge remember the attack comes days after Corbin has declared that he would support a second referendum if it could not get the backing for its alternative dregs it plans Jeremy Corbyn too has issued a statement saying and I quote while I am in a very public role it is often very painful to see my wife my sons and my wider family suffer deep stress because of my role and because of this attack upon me

Brexiteer Bone outlines why May will NOT seek 'FARCICAL' long extension – 'WON'T happen!'

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Brexiteer Bone outlines why May will NOT seek ‘FARCICAL’ long extension – ‘WON’T happen!’
Prime Minister Theresa May is writing to the President of the European Council Donald Tusk ahead of Thursday’s EU summit in Brussels in relation to a Brexit extension. But, Conservative MP for Wellingborough, Peter Bone, has demanded the Prime Minister seek a nine-month transition period before Britain leaves the EU on “managed no deal” terms. Mr Bone also insisted the Prime Minister would not seek a lengthy extension with the European Union. Speaking on Sky News, he said: “I am just saying Theresa May had has a message, two-thirds of the MPs don’t want to get past the 29 March.“She has said 108 times in the House of Commons, she has said we are not going past the 29 March.“The British people expect us to come out of the 29 March, it would be a brave or foolhardy Prime Minister to try to change that.”He added: “I think she should try to go back and get a managed deal as I suggested. She can do this on Thursday.“I did say it had already been agreed privately and that’s a fact. They have…


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you Prime Minister Theresa May is writing to the President of the European Council Donald Tusk ahead of Thursday's EU summit Brussels in relation to a brexit extension but Conservative MP for Welling brat Peter Byrne has demanded the Prime Minister seek a nine-month transition period before Britain leaves the EU aren't managed No Deal terms mr. Bern also insisted the Prime Minister would not seek a lengthy extension with the European Union speaking on Sky News he said I am just saying Teresa may have has a message two-thirds of the MPs don't want to get past the 29th of March she has said 108 times in the House of Commons she has said we are not going past the 29th of March thie British people expect us to come out of the 29th of March it would be a brave or foolhardy Prime Minister to try to change that he added I think she should try to go back and get a managed deal as I suggested she can do this on Thursday I did say it had already been agreed privately in that a fact they have already offered us this privately this nine-month standstill if we come out on what you would call her No Deal basis brexit news/peter bone called for the UK to seek a nine-month standstill to brexit image Sky News Getti that would command widespread support amongst conservatives Peter Bonham Bern claimed a nine-month standstill would allow the UK and EU to sort the details out he said we know the Prime Minister is going to go back to the Council of Europe on Thursday and what I hope she will do is go back and say we want a transition of nine months effectively a stance will we come out of the European Union on the 29th of March have a nine-month standstill it is something I think they have already offered informally and that is why I would like to see the Prime Minister do two thirds if the MPs of her own party voted last week that we would not seek an extension past the 29th of March that would command widespread support amongst conservatives mr. bone claimed it was farcical to think Mrs May would seek a long extension with the EU he said I just do not see any Prime Minister let alone mrs. Matt who said so often we would be coming out on March 29th saying we are not coming out until March 29th 2021 that is farcical I know people are talking about all sorts of things that seems very strange but that is not going to happen on Monday speaker John Bercow sparked fury after he claimed the Prime Minister could not bring back her brexit deal in front of MPs unless substantial changes had been made to the withdrawal agreement however in the course of a 90 minute discussion at the weekly meeting of the cabinet in Downing Street mrs. May made clear she wanted MPs to have another vote as soon as possible the Prime Minister's official spokesman said what you can see from the prime minister and her colleagues is an absolute determination to find a way in which Parliament could vote for the UK to leave the European Union with a deal the Prime Minister has been very clear throughout that she wants that happen as soon as possible EU chief negotiator Michele banya has said EU leaders will have to assess the reasonand the usefulness of any requests by mrs. mayor extent the article 50 withdrawal process he said the EU leaders need a concrete plan for the UK in order for them to be able to make an informed decision

Lord Heseltine Clings On To Hope Of Second Referendum – Brexit

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The former Deputy Leader of the Conservative party revealed his concerns that the Conservative party would be “hammered” at the next elections if they take the Brexit route.

After Jacob Rees-Mogg revealed on his LBC show that he would support an extension of the deadline and compromise on Brexit, Tom Swarbrick led a discussion on the topic.

During the discussion, Lord Heseltine expressed disagreement with Sir Michael Fallon that the chances of a second referendum had diminished.

“My own reading of the House of Commons is that, left to their own best judgement, there is no majority for Brexit in the House of Commons”, the former Deputy Leader of the Conservative party said.

Lord Heseltine expressed his hope that the House of Commons wouldn’t allow either a bad deal nor a no deal, in which case he hypothesised that a vacuum would be left.

When asked by Tom if he had any concerns that the Conservative party would be “hammered” come the next election if they either failed to deliver Brexit or allowed a second referendum, Lord Heseltine said:

“I think they’ll be hammered if we take the Brexit route…this present Conservative administration is spitting in the wind of what every Conservative Prime Minister and government that I’ve supported and worked for since the 1940s told us was in the British national interest, and the Conservative party will carry the can at the next election”.

When pressed by Tom on why Lord Heseltine continued to “ignore” the majority of voters who voted for Brexit in the referendum, Lord Heseltine simply responded “because they were lied to, they were told a whole lot of things which simply aren’t true”.

The former Deputy Conservative Leader confirmed that he was still clinging on to hope of a second referendum, which he referred to as “the most likely way out”.

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we heard from sir Michael Fallon earlier saying in his view he thought the chances of a second referendum on this were were diminished to the point of being basically zero you I said I suspect would would disagree yeah how do you see it happening in the time that's remaining well what time is remaining is this is your requested the answer because no one knows that my own reading of the House of Commons is left to their own best judgment there's no majority for brexit in the House of Commons now there are all sorts of pressures which we all know about but the issue is whether in the last resort the House of Commons will allow a bad deal or no deal to go forward and my my hope is that they won't if they don't then of course there's a vacuum with the government saying that's all we can do there's nothing no alternative but my hope again is that the body of the House of Commons the sort of center from either extreme will then take control in a way that amendments that have been tried would reignite in a couple of weeks time so basically you'd like another go with what was called the Cooper amendment to try rest wrestle control back to the back to Parliament from a government back to the House of Commons I think that is possible and I think we will see that rerun in a couple of weeks time do you have any concern that if the Conservative Party does not deliver brexit or if it allows another referendum to happen which is a which votes for remain that they will be absolutely hammered come the next election I think they will be hammered if we take the brexit grouped at the next election they will be blamed this is this present Conservative administration is spitting in the wind of what every conservative Prime Minister and government that I've supported and worked for since the 1940s told us was in the British national interest and the Conservative Party will carry the can at the next election and and to those people who listening to you now who say well why haven't you woken up yet why do you continue to ignore the majority of people who voted to leave in a referendum that was promised to them and delivered to them by a conservative prime minister because they were lied to they were told a whole lot of things which simply aren't true I think more and more people now know they aren't true and they but a huge proportion of the promise that was made is as yet unquantified uncertain but the difference is going to be that if we leave on anything like March the 29th the real negotiations then begin but of course we're outside we have no leverage and we will do what the Europeans tell us we've got to do because there's no choice and that is the most incredible abdication of British power and influence and the lesson of it will be read across the world they will watch the British government humiliated time and time and time again and they will draw a lesson from that and so you are clinging on to the hope which is probably diminishing that a referendum will get us out of this that is the most likely way out not the only way out but is the most likely way out if there were to be a general election would you vote for a Conservative Party that promised brexit well as you know this is my cop-out reply I don't have a vote but I know conservatives who simply won't vote for a conservative party that took us out of Europe and would some of them be conservative peers the ones I'm thinking of or not is because they are friends of mine who have told me this very clearly whether there are peers I have no idea but they don't have votes either but if you were to have a vote well unfortunately I don't have to answer them no but that's a very serious answer because you know this is the future of this country is influence in the world of our sense of importance of our place of the top tables and what appalls me is what we're saying to the younger generation look we've kicked the ground from underneath you we've taken you away from the corridors of power we have we voted to make you poorer than you would otherwise be and how did you say that – what 70/30 I need the vote is amongst the younger people how can you say that and do it