Nigel Farage: An Uplifting Message – Brexit Party Rally for Democracy, Bolton, 20.05.2019

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The Nigel Farage Show: 9th June 2019 – LBC

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The Nigel Farage Show returns at 10am, and you can watch it here live. Make sure you never miss a single word of our world-leading discussion by subscribing …

'Boris will stand up to EU' Steven Edginton BBC Radio Kent

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Listen to me on BBC Radio Kent debating Brexit and who should be the next Prime Minister.

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but Stephen Stephen Edgington on the line now I'm Steve the director of politics UMobile Stephen time to change the Prime Minister it certainly is correct you know it's politician UK YouTube channel by the way yes I'm saying trying to finance the right now yep and who do you see is the best person to take everything well I think the only person that I've working at the moment it's obviously Boris Johnson I think he's got the support of a lot of sort of conservative base and I think that he's got support of a lot of the country the extent mile I think he talks you know proper sense common sense politics and it's what the people of this country need we need someone who's actually speaking up for them rather than sort of remain as we've run the country for the last sort of forty three years well maybe speaking of for you but I'm not sure that he speaks out for the entire country well I've gone around the country and I've spoken to people as part my job and 60-million paper ridiculous well I think go to evidence shows to me that a lot of people around the country really support that his sort of straight talking politics and I think that he's right to do that I'm glad that he speaks his mind and he doesn't really care about the consequences of people in Westminster and sort of BBC presenters who might get very very angry with them you know what he said it's all upset about what he said but he just go straight to public and says what they think so I think that's a brilliant thing and when asked one of the key words that people associate with Boris Johnson is the word buffoon I think it's got the country to be a buffoon is it well I think that's the precision of a large number of the public I'm sure it is and I'm sure a lot of the public think that jeremy corbyn's an anti-semite and a large number the public think that reason is absolutely useless I mean that that's just part of the course of being in politics I think when you have these images of you know Boris taunting it's obviously got this sort of feeling like image that's fine and he's also a very great politician I mean to see some of his statements in the columns it made some absolutely brilliant speech is very very statement statesman like man and I think he could be a great Prime Minister he didn't exactly cover himself in glory as foreign secretary did he I think he did I think you need qualified that one well okay he's certainly not popular with the EU I think that's a good thing personally on the European Union obviously very very happy with threesome a being Prime Minister a lot about the negotiations I think we should have someone standing up for Britain and not continually giving concessions for the European Union I think it's great they don't like him fine but have finally someone who would stand up for our country but the point there being them if they don't like him and they see Theresa May as their best option they're gonna make her we'll check his proposal certain aspects of it certainly they'll view it perhaps more palatable more generously than they might otherwise if they see her as their best option so getting that sort of breaks it that suits them I mean I think this is a good consequence of what's going on to be honest I'm glad that the EU are finally saying look we're happy to have a proper negotiation with the UK and if that means that because they're so terrified of forests on to becoming Prime Minister and they're happy finally talk to us about having a proper trade deal they're not fond of me Stephen let's talk briefly about the timing of this do you think that this is appropriate timing for people to be talking about a potential change of conservative leadership I think it should have happened months ago I think we've got a you know you've got to get on with it if we're going to have a change the leader we've got to do it now and we don't do it now and we've got a split with Teresa maybe because there really isn't enough time logistical e to change the brakes that deal what's going on obviously be got checkers it's going to take a while to replace three scenarios we do it for a leadership challenge you know that could take weeks months in terms of you know the actual process and then that leaves almost no time to negotiate a new breakfast deal so we would be crashing out then which I don't think would be a disaster however I think that we are running out time and I'm not happy with breakfast well we had to emps to a breakfast in the ERG for example they have done as disastrous job in terms of organization I think they've got a lot of egos and I'm really disappointed in that because they could have got with a threesome a a long time ago or at least you know all go to checkers a long time ago but they keep on waiting awaiting waiting and the longer they wait the more likely it is that we're going to get a worse deal with the European Union Stephen do you think that that handling breaks it is something of a poisoned chalice no I don't I think that the fact that we are being handled so the people handling breck say and the UK government are so anti-black said they despise it you know all the civil servant none of them voted brexit we've got to remain a cabinet we've got a remain of Prime Minister and when you have people who do not believe and the main policy in this country of course they're going to make a bad job of it of course they're not going to believe in it now that means they can't deliver it properly if it's British people with what people voted for so I think both sides had huge failures and a British politician you know at least I believe totally failed – you know install the proper Prime Minister and a proper plan for leaving the EU on a Canada style free trade deal and remain is on the other side had perfectly failed to institute something to respect the result the fact of course is that however brexit pans out whatever the result of it is it will never be universally popular will it do you accept that I mean the referendum itself okay yes the levers one but it was close and there's certainly a division in within the House of Commons within the country so whatever happens it will never be universally popular will it my point being is if you are looking to change the Prime Minister are you not better to leave Theresa May where she is and let her drink from that poisoned chalice and then replace it with somebody to deal with the consequences who can then be more of a hero I think it's I think it's time to replace her now though that's a problem because we have a checkers agreement which in my opinion does not respect the result it means that we have to carry on taking laws from the European Union we will be a rule taker rather than a rule maker and I think the checkers is it's basically a disaster this country leave us as a vassal state and essentially we would not be in the European you know or outside the European Union we'd be between so I think there's time to get rid through saying now you know all this stuff you're right you're right in the sense that all this bad stuff through your checkers is on her and as soon as we get rid of her and instigate someone who really believes in it then yes fine the country was doing a better and we'll have a lot better prospects of winning a next general election for the Conservatives but I think it's conjugate of her now while she's going through this checkers proposal I think is total disaster for the UK and if she doesn't replace the checkers proposals and yeah she has to go do you think Stephen that looking at it Michel Barnier said earlier this week that November as a possible date time for a deal was still doable as long as certain prerequisites were met do you think if we change the Prime Minister if we change the the current policy that's on the table we could possibly hold ourselves back in terms of getting a better deal for brexit come March next year I think that there is very possible to get a Canada style free trade deal with the European Union which is what they had on the table a few months ago with Donald Tusk this is what happened to the ERG meeting today look we could have a proper breakfast we could have a counter style free trade deal that would be comprehensive it wouldn't be crashing out the European Union on No Deal it wouldn't be staying in certain parts of the European Union like checkers and it will be the perfect option for the UK so I think there is time to do that still and Theresa may really needs for scrap checkers now and bringing the Canada style free trade deal like Greg Spears have been saying from all along we've talked about the possibility of Boris Johnson taking over the Conservative Party does have a history of maybe electing as its new leader not the most obvious or the the the most obvious candidate so do you really think if there were to be a challenge to Teresa Mays leadership it would be Boris Johnson who ultimately would replace it or there are other people you think might be in contention I remember for a very long time George Osborne was meant to be the next prime minister yeah and I think you're totally right I think that they probably won't be Boris Johnson if you look at the history of conservative party leadership elections there's very much a strong chance for a charismatic young probably Tory MP who was the breakfast here I'm really pleased in the cause you could come out of nowhere and he could storm the party and it you could become Prime Minister I simply have no idea but yeah you're right from history's perspective I don't think Boris Johnson is going to be Prime Minister if we look at previous conservative election right no I hear what you say Stephen thanks for joining us really do appreciate it as Steven Eddington director of politics

Watch the explosive interview with Labour Brexiteer Brendan Chilton | James Whale

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Europe's Reaction to the U.K.'s 'Brexit' Vote

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Trumps Endorsement Of Boris Johnson Is All About Israel – Third Ruling State Forming

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Donald Trump has backed Boris Johnson to be the next prime minister of the United Kingdom,
Trump spoke to British newspaper before he visits the UK on Monday, expressed support for the former foreign secretary Boris Johnson, in his bid to replace Theresa May, Trump said: “I think Boris would do a very good job. I think he would be excellent.”
Trump will meet his mother, the Queen of England on his visit, we all know the ruling families from the West are all related, but what’s shocking now is, they are showing their true face. And how keeping the power within the family, means everything.
Donald Trump is shamelessly trying to influence British politics, because the deep state is desperate to get the right people in. And Boris Johnson is certainly a part of the deep state and most probably a part of the ruling elite, that dangerous bloodline causing mayhem on the planet.
Trump’s endorsement has not been warmly welcomed. Mel Stride, the newly appointed Commons leader, said that while Trump was entitled to his opinion, he would not be picking the next prime minister of the UK, and put his own weight behind Michael Gove.
Back in January, I called for the resignation of Prime Minister Teresa May, of course, she probably doesn’t watch my videos, however, it’s becoming all too obvious and easy to predict what’s going to happen next, through political analysis of course!

The United Kingdom has allowed the European Union to have all the cards. This has been down on purpose. And its very hard to play well when one side has all the advantages

May’s resignation has come about because of her failure to produce any deal to bring Britain out of the EU that was acceptable to a parliamentary majority. Britain was meant to leave the EU on March 29th , it’s now been delayed to October 31 –

Brits are critically divided over Brexit. It is fair to say that most don’t fully grasp what Brexit is anymore. Brits were deliberately not informed of the political discussion over Brexit and what it would mean for the future. Brits feel betrayed by the political class and in truth, they have been subjected to gross and treacherous treatment by politicians and media. Brits are not aware of the centrality of Israel and its interests that is at the core of the Brexit debate. It’s not about making Britain great again, it’s about making ISRAEL greater.. and that’s what it seems to be about!

Once Britain is out of the EU, Britain will have to sign separate trade agreements with each state, however, instead of focusing on European States, Israeli trade was the focus? I wonder why? Britain under Theresa May has been reduced into a colony of Israel’s. Brits have become increasingly aware that 80% of their Tory MPs are members of the Conservative Friends of Israel, which is a foreign pressure group dedicated to the interests of another state. And this is exactly why Trump is endorsing Boris Johnson. Because he wants a strong Tory leadership in power as the future of Britain. Afterall, Trump has done everything that benefits Israel, from announcing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, to giving Golan Heights over formally from Syria to Israel! All this is not a coincidence.

Look at the far right in the country, who have hijacked the Brexit campaign, who is their inspiration right now? Is it not Netanyahu and Israel?

It’s time for British people to decide whether they want to remain being a colony of Israel, or bring change to the country, one that brings benefit to British people first.

Donald Trump has backed Boris Johnson to be the next prime minister of the United Kingdom Trump spoke to British newspapers before his visit to the UK on Monday he expressed support for the former foreign secretary Boris Johnson in his bid to replace Teresa May Trump said I think Boris Johnson would do a great job I think he would be excellent Trump would meet his mother the Queen of England on his visit we all know the ruling families from the West are all related but what's shocking right now is they are showing their true face and how keeping the power within the family means everything nigel Faraj is a friend of mine Boris is a friend of mine they're two very good guys very interesting people Donald Trump is shamelessly trying to influence British politics because the deep state is desperate to get the right people in and Boris is certainly a part of the deep state and most probably a part of the ruling elite that dangerous bloodline causing mayhem Trump's endorsement has not been warmly welcomed mel's tried the newly appointed Commons leader said the president the United States of course is entitled to his opinion but is not the case of him picking the next prime minister of our country that process as you know will be one involving the parliamentary party and then the membership itself back in January our call to the resignation of British prime minister Theresa May of course she probably doesn't watch my videos however it's becoming all too obvious and easy to predict what's going to happen next for a political analysis of course ever since I first stepped through the door behind me as Prime Minister I have striven to make the United Kingdom a country that works not just for a privileged few but for everyone and to honor the result of the EU referendum back in 2016 we gave the British people a choice against all predictions the British people voted to leave the European Union I feel a certain today as I did three years ago that in a democracy if you give people a choice you have a duty to implement what they decide I have done my best to do that I negotiated the terms of our exit and a new relationship with our closest neighbors that protects jobs our security and our union I have done everything I can to convince MPs to back that deal sadly I have not been able to do so I tried three times I believe it was right to persevere even when the odds against success seemed high but it is now clear to me that is it it is in the best interests of the country for a new prime minister to lead that effort the United Kingdom has allowed the European Union to have all the cards this has been done on purpose and it's very hard to play well when one side has all advantages May's resignation has come about because of her failure to produce any deal to bring Britain out of the European Union Britain was meant to leave EU on March 29th it's now delayed to October the 31st just saying what we're doing now is not right and we need to go back to the people is due again my beloved we've got even the ones who voted to leave this is this what we've got now is not what they voted for either it's the far right of those people who are getting what they want a few people Brits are critically divided over brexit it's fair to say that most don't really grasp what brexit is anymore Brits were deliberately not informed of political discussions of the brexit and what it would mean for the future Brits feel betrayed by the political class and in truth they have been subjected to gross and treacherous treatment by politicians and the media Brits are not aware of the centrality of Israel and its interest that is at the core of the brexit debate it's not about making Britain great again it's about making Israel greater and that's what it seems to be about once Britain is out of the European Union Britain will have to sign separate trade agreements with each state however instead of focusing on European states Israeli trade was the focus I wonder why Britain on to tourism a has been reduced into a colony of Israel Brits have become increasingly aware that 80% of our Tory MPs are members of the conservative Friends of Israel which is a foreign pressure group dedicated to the interest of another state and this is exactly why Trump is endorsing Boris Johnson because he wants a strong Tory leadership in power as the future of Britain after all Trump has done everything that benefits Israel from announcing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel to given Golan Heights over formally from Syria to Israel all this is not a coincidence look at the far-right in the country who have hijacked the brexit campaign who's their inspiration right now is it not Nessun yeah who in Israel it's time for British people to decide whether they want to remain a colony of Israel or bring change to the country one that brings benefit to Britain and British people

Boris Johnson Propaganda The Specials A Message To You Rudy parody

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The Specials A Message To You Rudy parody. Accompanied with his screw up quotes.

Nigel Farage: Let's change politics for good this Thursday! Rally for Democracy, London, 21.05.2019

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• Brexit Party Rally, Kensington Olympia, London, 21.05.2019

• Speakers in order of appearance:
– Richard Tice, Brexit Party Chairman, MEP candidate (Eastern) @TiceRichard
– Ann Widdecombe, MEP candidate (South West) @WiddecombeAnn
– Václav Klaus, former President of the Czech Republic (Watch related video ‘Václav Klaus stands up for Freedom’:
– Nigel Farage MEP (South East), Brexit Party Leader, President of the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy Group (EFDD) in the European Parliament – @Nigel_Farage

• Video source:

• Full list of Brexit Party candidates for the European Elections:

you are here today and the birth catalogue of a new role in British politics and welcome to the rectum politics we tell them we're going and if they don't understand it we can talk to Yunker in a language which he does understand and and we can say news are long monsieur news are long I joined the Conservative Party in 1984 this is not a decision I have made lightly to leave a party for which I have fought at every election since 1987 from Maggie Thatcher through to raise a mane I know which one I'd rather have representing us now a letter addressed to me owned it up and it was in very spidery and writing and the author of the letter said dear mr. Parrish during the war I served in Bomber Command on many missions over occupied Europe he said I can tell you you only start getting flak when you're getting near and the target please welcome to the stage all the brexit party candidates [Applause] [Applause] you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the idea that you should have a second referendum would be incredibly damaging most of all to the trust in democracy from people up and down this country the mood of the country of growing fury and anger and frustration I don't think people in Westminster and central London have got any idea what's out there and what may happen the people are confident in how great we are as a nation what we're talking about is the opportunity to be free again free to be a self-determination and that's what the people want leave leave means leave doesn't mean leave with a deal will leave with a bad deal we must not and we will not allow this complete and utter shambles in Westminster to continue we all know that the UK can do so much better than this please welcome to the stage richard theis it's just like another two's delight in West London isn't it it's fantastic to see so many people here this evening I think I've come to the right party do we believe in bricks it when do we want it I have to say you're a lot more friendly than the Electoral Commission that I spend some hours with earlier goodness me anyway it's fantastic to have everybody here and first of all I'd like to give a huge thank you to our incredible candidates who worked so hard during the recent weeks they have they have been absolutely incredible most of them have never stood for public office before but they were brave enough to put their head above the parapet and to say enough is enough and some of the abuse the vitriol the appalling signs that have been painted on walls and posters and things is utterly disgraceful now it's hard to believe we've been going for just over five weeks I hope you'll agree with me we have been quite busy and hopefully on the screen we can see the video that we announced our launch video at that press conference in a factory in the Midlands in Coventry just over five weeks ago we have been betrayed that is why I set up the brexit party it's why we're gonna fight the European elections on May the 23rd and that is just the beginning of what is needed in this country democracy is under threat and when politicians failed to deliver there must be consequences I was too young to vote in 2016 but now I support the brexit party because I believe in delivering on democracy it's time to recognize that actually we are an incredible nation standing on our right to be heard successful hard-working so much to be confident enthusiastic and optimistic about that's why I'm supporting the present party we are a single nation we wish to remain a nation they must adhere to the promises made for people let's be optimistic for the benefit of our children and grandchildren you want a home and you're a brexit here you join the brexit party now we can move so much better than currently we're guessing from our members of parliament we want to be an independent self-governing nation making its own laws controlling its own board and be proud of who we are as a people join us hopeless supporters do what you can for us we need change in this country and we need it now Britain's needs the brexit party and the Flexi party needs you [Applause] more from nigel later I have to tell you he's on fantastic form he really is he's been brilliant I've had him in training anyway the truth is ladies and gentlemen that we all know that our country can do so much better but instead we've been utterly completely and totally humiliated humiliated by incompetent leadership incapable negotiators and MPs who want to do dirty dodgy nasty useless backroom deals and we here today the ultimate ultimate betrayal from someone that I suppose we still have to call our prime minister for a while so how long has she known how long has she known that she was gonna offer a second referendum as part of a way to try and bribe and blackmail MPs into signing this appalling deal [Applause] it's an absolute disgrace but now the truth is out indeed the truth is out we now know what this Prime Minister really stands for she doesn't believe in anything except remaining in number 10 for that little bit longer but we are the brexit party we're full of hope we're full of optimism full of ambition because we know that things need to change we stand for capable common-sense competent politics we've got to take on the establishment we've got to take on the vested interests of the big multinationals the CBI and a civil service that have simply proven themselves not up to their job we we simply need much better people to come into politics and that's why it's been so amazing to work with these candidates the quality of these candidates I have no doubt is the highest quality candidates that have ever stood for public office in this country in a generation and ladies and gentlemen when we say when we say that we're gonna change politics for good we mean it we've opened our website for applications for parliamentary candidates so we hope the lots more fantastic capable able people will put themselves forward because we all know that brexit is a huge huge opportunity it's not a problem to be mitigated it's an opportunity to be embraced with enthusiasm with ambition with confidence and with belief but there's not a lot of that in the two main parties and what we've seen in this process is the two-party system in the United Kingdom is broken [Applause] it's time for change and unlike others we haven't been changing our name every other week so what we need to do though it's absolutely vital ladies and gentlemen we're doing ok but my word we've got to get the vote out on Thursday we have got to win and we need to win big that means that all of you please don't forget don't go on a holiday spread the word get the vote out and your family your friends your dog's your friend ur friends anybody that you can talk to we've got to get the vote out we've got to send that very clear message now I just need to do a quick straw poll hands up all of you who are registered supporters it's a pretty good start but I reckon there's a few of you who are still holding back no excuses ladies and gentlemen it's a minimum of 25 quid and don't believe any nonsense you hear from the media we need your support and we need it now and so whilst they call me the chairman the realities are no worst and I'm actually just the warm-up act we have three incredible speakers this evening the first of whom needs little introduction but it's fair to say that she's had a number of phases to her career like me she was a member of a certain other political party but we saw the light she was an MP for that political party for 23 years that was really just her warm up things then she realized that actually we all needed educating about dancing so she went on Strictly Come Dancing this was phase 2 now not being enough a bit of Celebrity Big Brother before the big important challenge in her life to be part of the brexit party we're so thrilled that she has joined our campaign our party and has been such a fantastic speaker campaigner and advocate before we welcome and to the stage let's just see her on the video former conservative minister and Widdecombe has announced that she will stand for Nigel Farage's brexit party and lifelong Conservative Ann Widdecombe has today announced that she is coming out of retirement the whole nation is fed up to the back teeth and just wants a resolution is unjust the seventeen point four million who have been betrayed it is also generations to come now if they have their way will not grow up in an independent self-governing country the National good comes first and that's what everybody out there is saying I'm not fluffy as in Parliament just aren't hearing if we get worn down if we can't get it to you all then just call the whole thing off no there is against democracy believes in its will is more important than the will of the people I shall focus on one thing delivering what the people voted for please welcome to the stage and Widdecombe [Applause] right ladies right ladies and gentlemen I'm just going to ask you a few questions the first one is if we stay in the EU will we stay in control of our own laws and the second is is it possible both to be in the EU and to control our own borders and is it possible to be in the EU and to control our own trade and finally is it possible to be in the EU and to be governed by our own democratically elected government well those four knows ladies and gentlemen are the answer to people who say that we did not know what we were voting for we knew exactly what we were voting for and we also know what the remains were voting for they want us to have no control over our own laws our own borders our own trade or to be governed by our own democratically elected government that was what they were voting for how could anybody with an ounce of pride in Britain vote for that and we were promised faithfully promised in 2016 that whatever was decided in that referendum would be upheld and they didn't stop there in 2017 both major parties stood on manifestos which said that we would have a brexit and what is more Teresa mais manifesto went further it's said in black and white that no deal was better than a bad deal and they have spent the last two years Renne aging on those manifestos and then people say to us why haven't we got a manifesto what is the point of having manifestos when you abandon them at the first inconvenience well you know I think this is the message we send to Westminster they have a choice either they let Britain leave the EU or we will make sure they leave Westminster [Applause] Thursday Thursday is not the end it is the beginning it is the beginning of getting true democracy back into this country it is the beginning of making sure that we are governed with competence with openness and with fairness and above all it is the beginning of making sure that it is the people's will that is implemented not the will of those who go against us [Applause] you know the problem is really very simple we have a nation which wants to leave the EU and we have a parliament which wants to remain in the EU well we have to show them who's the boss and it is both parties Jeremy Corbyn produced a manifesto jeremy corbyn produced a manifesto that said very clearly that the results of the referendum would be implemented and although it's quite true that the government has made a complete and utter mess of brexit they couldn't have done it without the full cooperation of the Labour Party I mean there we were immediately after the local elections we weren't even standing and yet people were writing us in on their ballot papers and the thing I enjoyed most was the expression on jeremy corbyn's face they'd been boasting that they were going to make 400 gains and they made 82 losses and that was the Prime Minister's opportunity she should have said Jeremy look we're both in big trouble we have to deliver brexit instead of which she said to him Oh Jeremy what would you like would you like a customs union Oh certainly would you like to stay aligned to the single market Oh certainly to be governed by EU law Oh Jeremy just told me how much of the EU law you want us to be governed by you know I said at the beginning of this campaign that we had the worst prime minister since Anthony Eden well I apologized to Anthony Eden how often have you heard that if we leave the EU everything is going to be chaos do you remember that we were told if we even dared to vote to leave the EU everything was going to be chaos in fact if we leave the EU we have a really bright future ahead of us we can be part of the globe instead of part of some terrible strong protectionist bloc which actually thwarts economic development economic enterprise and our trade with the rest of the world oh we're told we can't possibly trade if we're not part of the EU how many countries aren't part of the EU and have they all stopped trading the fact is we do not need the EU the EU is a burden nobody can tell me as they sometimes try but that really we are free to make our own laws because I spent seven years as a government minister and I know how impossible it was for us to pass any law that the EU did not want and how impossible it was for us to resist any law from them that we did not want that is the reality a gentleman called giver hofstadt thinks we are a colony well I would say this to him colonies have a rather disconcerting habit of revolting and when they have revolted and when they have regained their independence they can also have a habit about stripping their former masters just ask America so our aim on Thursday is twofold the first is we have to send a message which will terrify us monster a message which they can only interpret one way which is that their future actually depends on Britain's future being outside the EU that is the first message and the second message we have to send them is we are not going to go away this is not just about Thursday this is making sure that Britain leaves the EU and has a proud free independent future and we will stay around as long as it takes to deliver that now I spend 55 years in a certain other party and during that time I did all the campaigning or the canvassing all the street markets all the public meetings and I never in those whole 55 years saw energy and commitment as I have seen during this campaign from our supporters so let's build on that energy build on that commitment after Thursday comes Peterborough and after Peterborough comes the next general election so thank you ladies and gentlemen for your commitment to a free independent Britain and let's remember that is what it is about it is not about a party it is about a country and a cause [Applause] Wow [Applause] Wow that isn't gentlemen if that's not the definition of an inspiration I don't know what is truly inspiring Thank You Anne [Applause] and an quite rightly referred to the opportunities that we can take on the global stage and let anybody be a no doubt a vote for the brexit party is a vote for a WTO brexit because we know we know the opportunities that that will present we know that that gives us the maximum negotiating leverage we know that No Deal is always better than a bad deal but let people be under no illusion either a vote for the brexit party is a vote that some of our elected MVPs should play a significant role in the future negotiating team because we have the skills in this team we have the skills the expertise and the wisdom unlike and of course we have the belief and the passion unlike civil servants who were sent in to do a job they didn't believe in and surprise surprise they did a useless woeful appalling job in terms of being on the global stage and move on to our next speaker our guest speaker this evening who is the former prime minister and president of the Czech Republic a staunch euro skeptic a passionate defender of democracy and the nation-state the author doesn't believe in political correctness that sounds that sounds popular before we welcome president Klaus to the stage is fantastically having with us let's just see him an action on the video he was born during the Nazi occupation he lived during the communist regime he fought against the EU in order to defend his people and democracy some people who take freedom and democracy for granted are not able to understand I don't need the European unification would you be ready to to get rid of your government and to create a and different government there was one wonderful bright uplifting moment during the Czech presidency and I have of course referring to the visit of václav Klaus what a wonderful speech that was coming into this chamber and telling a few home truths and pointing out that European parliamentarians and leaders are not listening to the peoples of Europe at which 200 of you got up and walked out of the room I definitely tried to keep the Czech Republic as a sovereign country as a free country Europe needs a radical political process the brakes it needs a brexit party it is great that Nigel Farah please welcome to the stage that of Klaus [Applause] ladies and gentlemen dear dear brexit friends I am extremely honored extremely pleased to be asked to come here this evening and to address political gathering I must tell you that that I am not used to speak abroad I brought I speak quite often but not on such political campaign you realize and so it's not that easy for me [Applause] you know in a foreign language and especially after such an incredible speaker you know I am afraid I can't I can't compete I would like to start the saying something what you should know and you probably don't know that you have many friends in the Czech Republic many friends generally and many friends connected this brexit that's very that's very important I have to tell you that in the moment when we first heard the results of the of the brexit referendum many checks opened champagne bottles it was it was a great event not just for you for us as well you know we considered considerated not only your victory it was a victory of all European Democrats it was an important message [Applause] it was the brexit referendum was not only about Great Britain I must tell you it was it was about Europe as a whole and in this respect it was about the Czech Republic as well so many things for that we read each video Czechs have are in many respects the same or similar critics of the EU arrangements of the EU post democracy of the UNAM sensitivity and arrogance of the EU non-democratic substance we similarly we similarly as you want to make decisions about ourselves about our country in Prague the same as you want to make decisions about your country here in one room not in Brussels it is it is it is that it is that simple all other interpretations wrong and purposefully misleading your brexit decision was a historic event it changed it changed Europe it was also a fatal blow to the pride of all European mandarins to the pride of the whole European Union nomenklatura many people however from green supposed that brexit has been achieved just by the referendum they were wrong the political elites didn't want to accept didn't want to accept the proxy decisions and they didn't want to find a positive solution they wanted to punish to denigrate to humiliate Great Britain as much as possible [Applause] they also wanted to demonstrate to all of us in the rest of Europe in all other EU member states that there is no friendly exit from the EU and that especially that especially the small countries don't have a chance to leave the EU that was their ambition to demonstrate [Applause] the EU behavior ask for a resolute clear and decisive British stance it to our great regret and I am sure to your great regret didn't come such as your country goes and stays divided was instead hesitant your politicians were not able to react they probably didn't expect such a merciless and ruthless EU behavior [Applause] not not to expect it was however a great mistake as I look at it from from from crack at the distance the British main political parties totally failed and they totally failed and betrayed and abandoned the British citizens their voters it had however one positive side effect by doing it by behaving in this way they probably underling Lee created the brexit party they they created you and they helped you very much in this respect I know that you didn't plan you didn't extend to participate in these European elections but I am sorry to say you have to without you without my good friend Nigel Faraj without without the whole brexit part in the British I'm afraid the British indecisiveness would continue you have to win the elections and to get and to get a strong commitment date to influence the political stance political stances of your country Bonham last remark I have a relatively recent 27 years ago experience visa special exit some of you may remember 27 years ago Czechoslovakia was divided into two parts now Czech Republic and Slovakia it was a sort of exit it was a Slovak exit from the Czechoslovak Federation and I was the main organizer of that split of that order decision [Applause] always I always suggested that I could voluntarily come to London to help you with Swiss brexit but you didn't you didn't ask me however so you didn't ask me however but what we learn what we learn we learned one important thing we both the Czech part and the Slovaks wanted to find a solution that was totally different situations because in your case just Great Britain wanted to find a solution whereas the EU nomenklatura didn't want it so that was a big difference dear dear Roxy friends you should in the first coming elections you should give to all of us that you should give the whole rest of Europe a good example many Europeans need it and many are waiting for it don't disappoint them [Applause] to be here the zoo tonight thank you very much for your attention [Applause] [Applause] thank you thank you so much president Klaus for your support for your encouragement for your advice and for your wisdom and their ladies and gentlemen is proof of the international recognition of the brexit party proof of the opportunities that awaits us if we do a proper WTO brexit and so and so to our final speaker well well he needs looking introduction it's fair to say that he's had a fairly significant impact on British politics indeed he is without question the most influential politician but has had an influence on British history British politics since I believe the Second World War and I talked earlier about the courage of our candidates but the bravery and the courage of Nigel Farage over the last 25 years who has the original the original brexit area see the original brexit ear he has battled through abuse through vitriol through threats his own personal safety and that of his family and we saw that again just yesterday in wait hood absolutely Newcastle absolutely appalling behavior by sore losers so it's fantastic before we welcome him to the stage let's just watch Nigel in action on the screen Cameron said that leaflet through every home in the country which said whatever the results we will implement the decision I was elected back in 1999 20 years I've served over there 20 years that I've stood up in that chamber we woke up on that beautiful morning of the 24th of June 2016 and despite everything despite what we've been told we voted to leave and what we've seen ever since then is the most willful persistent deliberate betrayal of the greatest democratic exercise ever made in the history of this country it is a disgrace whether you promise fight both of those parties when it went into British law yes mrs. May I admit I made a mistake I did not believe that a vicar's daughter could be so willfully duplicitous with the British nation as you've been if we win these elections and win them big that something starts to matter again a word that we actually made huge sacrifices twice in the twentieth century to defend the very notion of democracy it is democracy itself will has been betrayed we must fight for it when the two mainstream parties tell us trust us we will deliver never again will we trust them what we've got to do is take off a two-party system but it's letting down this country we've got to take along because I'm part of change politics for good you with us please welcome to the stage Nigel Farage hello Wow you know we only launched this party five and a half weeks ago and in that space of time we've managed to assemble this fantastic team of candidates to put before the British electorate we've managed we've managed in five and a half weeks to go to the head of the opinion polls that's not bad is it we've managed in five and a half weeks not just to frighten the establishment oh no they're not frightened they're absolutely terrified [Applause] but perhaps most important of all what we've managed to do in those five and a half weeks since we launched in that factory in Coventry is we've managed to give millions and millions of people in this country who were frustrated upset angry on the point of saying they may never engage with the democratic process again so sick to death were they of the shenanigans in Westminster and you know what we've given them in the brexit party we've given them hope optimism and belief in this country and even ever-growing process but it's worth it's worth reminding ourselves of why we're here I mean I can scarcely believe that I'm here 20 years I've been in that European part of it 20 years of getting up one or two of you may have seen my speeches I don't know 20 years of getting up giving my always helpful constructive speeches over there oh now I think mr. Van Rompuy rather enjoyed it really 20 years of taking on him and mr. Jung Curran Donald Erskine Michel barley and/or I've got better than that giver hofstadt 20 years of doing my bit but 20 years of trying to do myself out of a job 20 years of being mature key that always wanted to vote for Christmas so I never imagined I'd be standing in these elections and come to think of it if I've given them a tough time over there what do they get when it comes you to do when she gets there they won't know what hit him they won't know what hit him but look the reason we're here is very simple we had that realm doing the best for eat soup we're doing this is because after that astonishing referendum when remember project fear was in full mode wasn't it we had that Chancellor George Osborne telling us that half a million jobs would go immediately there'd be an emergency budget taxes would go up house prices would crash foreign direct investment would cease to come into our nation trade would collapse plagues of black locusts would descend upon our land we had that then they even shipped in that they thought this was their big card I won't say trump card but he did come from America and he was called President Obama remember that our best ally in the world and their leader came and told us we'd go to the back of the queue if we voted for brexit we had of course we were lucky though lucky in the referendum that we have a state broadcaster in this country well I'm sure you're all delighted paying your 150 pounds a year to the BBC aren't you I'm surprised I mean personally I'm a particular fan of the Andrew Marr show I can tell you but despite media bias despite project fear despite it all we voted for brexit and we did so by a large and clear majority of 1.3 million and remember remember that David Cameron do you remember David Cameron David Cameron told us in that leaflet that went through every door in the land that our will would be implemented and then we had a general election in which both the conservative and Labour Party's promised us that if we voted for them they would honour the result of the referendum and 498 members of parliament voted for article 50 and it went into British law and it said we would leave the European Union on march on March thank you we would leave the EU on March the 29th with or Oh deal with or without a deal and that became part of British law and I have to tell you that I made without doubt the biggest political mistake of my life because I believed it was going to happen I believe they would deliver I'm sure most of you believed they would deliver because after all we are supposed to be a democratic country and yet as the months went by from mrs. May coming back with her checkers deal all the way through her constant rejections by the House of Commons oh and by the way have you seen what she's done this afterno I mean just when you think she can't sink any lower she comes back and surprises as I mean now she surrendered eventually everything surrendered to the customs union surrendered the single market rolls oh and the icing on the cake if you vote for her deal there's a chance of having a second referendum if there are any conservatives out there who are you're a skeptic who believe in the democratic process they were half thinking about voting for Mays Conservatives on Thursday in the European elections you've just been told you are not wanted but I know where they can go the brakes their party no I I watched I watched this slow-motion betrayal and I realized as March the 29th approached that we simply weren't going to leave and I thought of myself I've spent I was unbelievable really but I've spent 25 years of my life campaigning for us to be a free and independent country [Applause] I thought through much of it that I might become the patron saint of lost causes but I kept on going and having seen having seen what Parliament was going to do and by the way both parties here are as guilty as each other make no doubt about that so I had a decision to make would I would I allow myself to simply be rolled over by the political process or would I stand up and fight and I decided I would stand up and fight and that is why I founded the brexit party it's why we're here today [Applause] yeah [Applause] well I'm pleased that you're pleased but clearly not everybody is pleased I said to you earlier that the establishment were terrified and of course what they cannot believe what they cannot comprehend is that we have managed in the space of five and a half weeks to get over a hundred thousand people to pay 25 pounds online and to give money to the brexit party wasn't achievement that is in this country but not content with that not content with that they've decided to go on an all-out attack and yesterday we saw Gordon Brown attack attack the potential financial probity of the brexit party units right Gordon Brown let's work this out for a moment Joey Gordon Brown attacked our financial probity this is the man who say he did well down your what really you should be up here ready sir Gordon Brown the man who sold who told the world the dates on which he would do it and sold 400 metric tons of gold at two hundred and seventy dollars an ounce Thank You Gordon Brown for that but we're still Gordon Brown who along with Tony Blair how does their chief fundraiser how does their chief fundraiser Lord levy when and I'll try my best not to be sued for libel here when shall we say an astonishing number of labour donors went to the House of Lords and he has the effrontery to attack us for our funding it's outrageous please you behave like that and of course surprise surprise an hour after Gordon Brown a taxes guess what happens the Electoral Commission announced that they're going to mount a dawn raid on the offices of the brexit party whatever just tell you this for a fact all right we have a team of four professionally trained accountants looking after the money we're not stupid we know what to do and last week last week we met the Electoral Commission and they said our processes were correct they had no concerns indeed we said to them would you come into our offices and look at our systems they said no we haven't got time before the election we asked them to put in writing we asked them to put in writing the fact that our process of book were good but they didn't decide to take us up on it and blow me down in turn up this morning Elcom at 10 o'clock this morning now it was decided that I might not be the best person to greet them that was a good call so Richard got the job and can I tell you after seven hours today in the office the Electoral Commission have not found a single misdeed by the brexit party [Applause] so let's let's make it clear shall we let's make it clear to the conspiracy theorists to those who think somehow the Russians are funding us let's make it clear the media where our money comes from would you please put up your hand if you've paid your 25 pounds to be there we are that or I better do it as well of no really that is where our money is coming from it's coming from this growing mass movement of people who are excited energetic optimistic and realize we will get brexit but we just have to stand up and fight for it again [Applause] Turo there are other aspects there are other aspects of the campaign that have been slightly unpleasant but I'm not even going to dignify the behavior of that your bow yesterday by talking about it we will simply move on but why vote for the brexit party on Thursday well I think this is now about far more than leaving the European Union this is now about a bigger more fundamental question of democracy are we are we a democratic country do we trust our political class and how do you think the rest of the world now sees us mrs. may by her constant abject surrenders to these unelected bully boys in Brussels has humiliated our nation and I've had enough of it let's stand up and be proud of who we are vote vote for the brexit party this Thursday and if the brexit party can win this Thursday and if the brexit body can win well this Thursday we put back on the table for that new deadline of the 31st of October Halloween trick or treaty but we if we win this election well we put back on the table for that date our exit on WT o terms [Applause] if we win if we win we win big on Thursday we will kill off any prospect of Parliament forcing a second referendum upon us because they know they won't lose if we vote for the brexit party and we win on Thursday we demand given that democratic mandates that people out of this team people who've got competence people who've been in business people who do deals for a living unlike the career politicians on our front benches and we demand that we are part of that negotiating team to make sure that we do leave the European Union on the 31st of October we must be part of that process and if we win if we win well we win big on Thursday there are a couple of really nice little bonuses that will be attached the first is we will quickly get rid of the worst most duplicity and I still disagree with that Widdecombe she's not the worst Prime Minister since Anthony Eden she's the worst Prime Minister in the history of our nation she'll be God and you never know you never know given the way we are smashing the Labour vote in Wales and in the Midlands and in the north of England you never though a bit brexit win may get rid of Jeremy Corbyn as well how about that [Applause] what a deal full a deal buy one get one free how about that but I will never I will never make the same mistake that I made again I keep being asked well what will happen when the Conservative Party have a new leader what will happen if somebody like Boris becomes leader Boris Johnson said that mrs. Mays new treaty would lead us to vassalage it would lead us to be a slave state in fact I thought steady on a beneath using language even stronger than I am what's going on here and then what happened what happened on the third time mrs. Mae brought it back to the House of Commons despite all he'd said and all he done he voted for it what I've learnt what I've learned is you cannot trust the political class in this country we must not trust the political class in this country [Applause] and that actually actually the two-party system doesn't work anymore politics is broken somebody us the brexit party has the challenge and break that two-party system that is what we have to do and we need major reform major reform we got to get rid of a House of Lords that is full of 700 of Mr Blair Mr Blair and Mr Cameron's cronies oh and the electoral commission filled up with political policemen and women all of whom are remainders all of whom are part of that Westminster establishment I think they should all be replaced and more representative of this country we need we need we need wholesale political change we're the only party fighting this European election with a clear distinctive message we are saying we must leave we must leave on the 31st of October this year we must leave with or without any form of Trade Agreement because we demand nothing less than this country being a self-governing independent proud nation who governs herself chooses her own alliances and friendships around the world and look at the advantages we have 2.4 billion people living in the Commonwealth let's reach out to them let's reach out to a bigger world and anyone who thinks anybody thinks the what I'm asking is for you to go out and protest on Thurs maybe think I'm asking you to go out and stick up two fingers to the establishment on Thursday well there's good reason of course to stick up two fingers to the establishment but actually I've not asked you to do that I'm asking you to vote for us on Thursday as the first step to fundamentally changing politics for good in this country we are attempting we are attempting and it is by far the most ambitious thing I've ever done we are attempting a peaceful political revolution in this country it is needed it is needed it is needed with us thank you thank you [Applause] I did I think we can safely say ladies and gentlemen the training has paid off without question he's back and he wit plans to win now we've just got time for a few questions we could still have a bit of fun in politics it's a serious business but Marlene from the edgeware word she's put 40 quid on Nigel being the next prime minister and she wants to collect her winnings now I'll let Nigel get his breath back question for Anne Stephen from Epsom says what happens if the Prime Minister currently what happens if she gets some form of dodgy deal through with today's additional amendments and changes and any thoughts microphone gesture well it really is terribly simple a dodgy deal is not a brexit and if what they give us is a dodgy deal then we will make sure that we play dodgems too and we get them out [Applause] now this is a really good question that actually there hasn't been enough focus on and so our last Nigel about this John from Hampstead who says there's been no mention that remainders don't realize that staying in the EU means a more federal Europe and I think it is an important point to address oh it's not a federal Europe it's not a federal Europe it's actually a unitary centralized Europe run by people who the who you cannot vote for and you cannot remove it is fundamentally not just undemocratic it is we're not we're not and the black state party of all the political parties in Europe the brexit party is the clearest we are not anti European in any way at all we love Europe we love his people we love his countries we love his culture [Applause] we we love his cheese's we love it's whines what I do in particular but we want a Europe of independence sovereign Democratic States provided states are democratic they will never ever fight each other let us lead the way as the United Kingdom for a Europe of friends a Europe of neighbors but not a Europe of Yonkers and Barney as these people right so ladies gentlemen that's all we've got time for this evening let's have you all on your feet if you're not already what are the ones Rexy once Rexy Roxy will do thank you very much for coming have a very safe trip home [Applause] vote for the brexit RC on May the 23rd and let's change politics for good [Applause]

'Brexiteers are being VILIFIED' – Chloe Westley Brexit interview

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My interview with Chloe Westley, Campaign Manager for the Taxpayers Alliance and prominent young Brexit campaigner & former Vote Leave staffer.

You can follow Chloe on Twitter via @LoveWestley
You can follow me on Twitter via @JBickertonUK

Apologies once again for filming the interview out of focus. It was not, I think it’s fair to say, my proudest moment.

Brexit Destroys Theresa May!

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The only leaving that will be done this summer, is Theresa May leaving Number Ten.


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The Tories have all but given up on the EU elections and are now expecting to return the big fat number of zero MEPs to the European Parliament.

But after an announcement today those MEP elections will be just a side show for Tory Party MPs and members, because the leadership race is now on and the keys to Number Ten are up for grabs.

The Chairman of the Conservative Party 1922 Committee, Sir Graham Brady, has issued the following statement:

“The Prime Minister is determined to secure our departure from the European Union and is devoting her efforts to securing the 2nd Reading of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill in the week commencing 3rd June 2019 and the passage of that bill and the consequent departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union by the summer.

“We have agreed that she and I will meet following the 2nd Reading of the Bill to agree a timetable for the election of a new leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party.”

And Laura Kuenssberg, the BBC political editor, reports that senior Tory sources told her it would not be some sort of gentle chat but it means “…even though the letter doesn’t spell it out, that if her Brexit plan is defeated again, Mrs May will announce she is going.”

And with the expectation that her Withdrawal Agreement Bill will be voted out, so killing it off in the current parliamentary session, her premiership is now in the toaster ready to pop up well and truly charred on the given date.

And the BBC handily points out that at the moment Theresa May has the fifth shortest premiership since 1900, but could make it into the sixth shortest slot by overtaking Gordon Brown in days served on the 29th of March.

And as expected up steps Boris Johnson to announce he will throw his hat in the ring.

Talking to an insurance brokers conference in Manchester he said:

“I’m going to go for it. Of course I’m going to go for it.”

And he also said:

“…there has been a real lack of grip and dynamism in the way we’ve approached these talks.

“We’ve failed over the past three years to put forward a convincing narrative about how we exploit the opportunities of Brexit.

“All I can say, as tactfully and usefully as I can, is that I have a boundless appetite to try to get it right, and to help the country to get on the right path.”

While Andrea Jenkyns has come out in support of Dominic Raab when talking to LBC.

I expect some more will come forward over the next few days.

And as ever, the issue of the EU has put paid to another Tory Prime Minister.

But the big point here is that Theresa May is now PM in name only. There is absolutely no point in continuing the Tory / Labour Party talks and Brussels will just sigh, call us all more names again as per the BBC documentary, and sit back and wait to see who ends up replacing her.

Now, David Cameron announced his departure on the 24th of June 2016, the day after the referendum and Theresa May took up residence in Number Ten on the 13th July after all her opponents were defeated or stood aside.

So, a Tory leadership election might not take too much time, as long as its party’s MPs select a single candidate and don’t end up having to go to its membership for an election between two or more candidates.

But with the Remainers outnumbering Leavers in the Tory MP ranks, it might not be easy to get someone in Number Ten who truly wants Brexit – actually we may just end up with yet another Remainer!

Anyway, what do you think? – Please share and comment – and thank you for watching.





Thumbnail Image of Number 10 – Open Government Licence (OGL via Wikimedia).


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Presque trois ans après le vote de 2016, le Royaume-Uni n’est toujours pas sorti de l’UE. Le Brexit est-il encore possible ? La crise du bipartisme britannique traditionnel pourrait-elle faire les affaires d’un populisme transversal comme celui du Brexit Party, la nouvelle formation de Nigel Farage ?

Russeurope Express
Jacques Sapir avec Catherine Mathieu, économiste à l’OFCE, spécialiste du Royaume-Uni et des questions européennes, Agnès Alexandre-Collier, politologue, chercheuse en délégation CNRS à la Maison française d’Oxford, et Paul Thomson, vice-président des Conservateurs britanniques en France.
Une émission co-animée par Clément Ollivier et préparée avec Jean-Baptiste Mendès.

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London Mayor Boris Johnson – Interview in India

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London’s Mayor Boris Johnson, who is in India to promote business links, speaks exclusively to TIMES NOW’s Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami on whether he, often referred to as Britain’s most colourful politician, harbours Prime Ministerial dreams.

Nigel Farage: Winning big will put WTO Brexit back on the table – Surrey, 19.05.2019

Views:7416|Rating:4.92|View Time:1:27:50Minutes|Likes:592|Dislikes:10 | @BrexitParty_UK
• Brexit Party Rally, Frimley, Surrey, 19.05.2019

• Speakers in order of appearance:
– Tim Scott (@TimScottUK) presents MEP candidates for the South East region:
– Robert Rowland @RowlandBrexitSE
– Alexandra Phillips @BrexitAlex
– James Bartholomew @JGBartholomew
– Belinda De Lucy @BelindadeLucy ‏
– Chris Ellis @chrisellis2019
– John Kennedy
– Matt Taylor @MattTaylor2020 ‏
– Peter Wiltshire @PeterWilt101 ‏

• Nigel Farage MEP (South East), Brexit Party Leader, President of the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy Group (EFDD) in the European Parliament – @Nigel_Farage

• Video source:

• Full list of Brexit Party candidates for the European Elections:

Beer and Brexit with Stefaan De Rynck, adviser to Michel Barnier

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In the latest Beer and Brexit series, Professor Anand Menon speaks to Stefaan De Rynck, adviser to Michel Barnier on the Brexit negotiations. He tells us why the Withdrawal Agreement cannot be amended, the importance of the backstop and what the future holds for the European Union.

LBC: James O'Brien interviews Marcus J Ball over the Boris Johnson prosecution

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To find out more about this prosecution case for the alleged offence of misconduct in public office please visit the crowdfunding page here:

Boris Johnson caught out on poison source

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He tells German TV that Porton Down told him it came from Russia when Porton Down said no such thing.

I'm genuinely distressed by by what has happened but when I look at the the evidence mean the people from from Portland on the the the boroughs they have the samples they do and they and they they they were absolutely categorical and I asked the guy myself I said are you sure and he said that there's no doubt so as we have very little alternative but to take the action that we have taken Boris Johnson has serious questions to answer he claimed on German television that this was a Russian produced a nerve agent and porton down then examined it and said all they could identify it was as Nava John they couldn't say where it came from and the chemical weapons organization is meeting to continue that discussion about where it goes from here it the Foreign Office then issued a tweet in support of what the foreign secretary said and then removed that yesterday after Portland down and so they couldn't identify the source of it so Boris Johnson seems to have completely exceeded the information that he'd been given and told the world in categorical terms what he believed had happened and it's not backed up by the evidence he claimed to have got from Portland down in the first place Boris Johnson needs to answer some questions I want to make a bi SEOs decision to delete this tweet are they trying to iron out inconsistencies now well that clearly was a huge inconsistency in that the foreign secretary had made a statement the Foreign Office put out a tweet in support of what he had said Portland down and said they couldn't and wouldn't identify where it had come from so they then deleted the tweet where does that leave the Foreign Secretary egg on his face for the statement he made and German television

Ken Livingstone – Mayor of London – PART 1/2 | London Real

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My Top 6 Success Habits:

Ken Livingstone – Mayor of London – Part 1 of 2.
Ken Livingstone is an English politician who served as the Leader of the Greater London Council from 1981 until the council was abolished in 1986, and as Mayor of London from the creation of the office in 2000 until 2008.

00:00 Trailer.
01:58 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
05:17 Brian’s Introduction.
05:48 Ken’s journey into politics.
11:14 Notoriety after appointment as leader of the GLC in 1980s.
14:57 If Thatcher and Reagan had studied history, we would never have had the banking crisis.
16:38 Cyclical demonization of immigrants.
17:31 For what Ken respected Margaret Thatcher.
19:00 New Labour and Tony Blair.
20:59 A Mayor for London.
23:38 Reason he had to leave the Labour Party to be a mayoral candidate.
26:14 Accomplishments over two terms as Mayor of London.
27:58 The biggest single factor for a country’s success.
30:27 Good public transport and fibre optic system for all.
31:54 Olympics regeneration legacy even better than Ken hoped.
32:32 What haunts him from his time as Mayor.
33:54 What Boris Johnson wanted to know over dinner with Ken.
35:59 Boris Johnson & Michael Gove political agenda opposites.
38:28 “Politics is show business for ugly people”, does Ken agree?
40:05 Boris Johnson’s part in the Brexit campaign.
41:30 The growing power of the military industrial complex.
43:31 The UK will be sucked into the American orbit on a grand scale.
46:11 Brexit, Ken’s thoughts on why Britain voted out, the implications and his proposal.
48:14 Governments have got to start listening.
50:15 Where Britain will be in two years’ time.
53:38 “I’m always going to state what I believe to be true, otherwise why would I be in politics.”
59:36 Will the Labour Party split over Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership?
1:02:30 Most dramatic period in British politics in his lifetime.
1:03:23 David Cameron the most dishonest Prime Minister in his lifetime.
1:04:31 Politics like ‘House of Cards’.
1:06:20 The possibility of the UK becoming the 51st State.
1:07:20 Donald Trump an unknown quantity.
1:10:31 London as an independent city state.
1:12:41 Prospect for new London Mayor Sadiq Khaan.
1:13:40 Ken Livingstone, a polarising figure.
1:15:25 Rupert Murdoch is the most damaging immigrant that has ever come to this country.
1:19:51The influences on today’s economy.
1:22:10 Does Ken enjoy media attention?
1:23:59 Influence of the bankers and will they leave Britain?
1:25:13 Does he feel the media was so biased towards the Remain camp?
1:26:15 Because of Corbyn’s euro-sceptic views will he be the best person to negotiate on behalf of the ordinary people?
1:27:13 In another 5 years what will the Tory and Labour parties look like?
1:27:57 What will Ken Livingstone be like in 5 years.
1:28:28 Success Secrets.
1:29:11 Advice to the 20 year old Ken Livingstone.
1:29:30 His career regret.
1:29:47 Best advice ever received.
1:31:15 Advice to the 20 year old who contemplates going into politics.
1:31:59 Brian’s summing up.
1:33:24 Ken’s come close to being murdered once or twice.

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Could Turkey's dream of joining the EU become a reality? BBC News

Views:17070|Rating:2.99|View Time:2:23Minutes|Likes:128|Dislikes:86
Turkey has long term ambitions of joining the European Union.
But as Mark Lowen reports from Istanbul, the country is a long way from achieving that goal.

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Islamic State’s ‘Most Wanted’
World In Pictures
Big Hitters
Just Good News

L’histoire du Brexit, épisode 1/2 : « Le pari raté de David Cameron »

Views:202186|Rating:4.89|View Time:8:39Minutes|Likes:6043|Dislikes:139
Premier volet de notre histoire du Brexit en vidéo. Les images fortes et les grands moments, éclairés par des cartes et des entretiens inédits, pour mieux comprendre cette crise historique.

Tempête, désastre, chaos… les mots manquent pour décrire les conséquences du référendum de juin 2016 sur la sortie du Royaume-Uni de l’Union européenne. Bientôt trois ans après le vote, rares sont ceux qui s’y retrouvent, tant chaque camp paraît divisé, chaque citoyen partagé.

Pour y voir plus clair, l’équipe vidéo du Monde revient sur les grandes étapes de cette crise historique. Une histoire du Brexit en deux parties, avec les images fortes, des cartes pour comprendre et des entretiens inédits avec des acteurs de premier plan : Michel Barnier, négociateur européen, l’ancien président de la République, François Hollande, et Ivan Rogers, ancien représentant du Royaume-Uni à Bruxelles.

L’histoire du Brexit, épisode 2/2 : « Un accord impossible ? » :

Pour suivre l’actualité du Brexit, rendez-vous sur cette page

« Le Monde » raconte la saga du Brexit en trois actes :

Pour comprendre les arguments pour et contre la sortie du Royaume-Uni de l’UE au moment du référendum :

Pour en savoir plus sur la fausse information des « 350 millions de livres par semaine » versée à l’UE lors de la campagne du référendum du 23 juin 2016 :


Abonnez-vous à la chaîne YouTube du Monde dès maintenant :

27 mai 2015 c'est la cérémonie d'ouverture du parlement britannique à westminster la reine elizabeth ii annonce les projets du gouvernement dont celui ce magasin ne gagez le responsable de ces mesures le voici [Musique] david cameron vient d'être réélu premier ministre le leader des conservateurs est loin de se douter qu'un an plus tard cette promesse de campagne va lui coûter son poste déstabiliser son pays ébranlé le continent kaman et surtout qu'il croyait qu'il allait le gagner on n'a pas bien évaluer les conséquences du côté britannique à l'origine du bric site il ya donc un pari raté de david cameron remontons un peu le temps en 2008 éclater une crise financière et à partir de 2010 une crise de la dette secoue la zone euro les britanniques souffrent de ces crises économique et de la politique d'austérité budgétaire mis en oeuvre par david cameron et il trouve un coupable le rang la deuxième raison de la poussée europhobe c'est lui nigel farrage le leader du parti d'extrême droite utic il multiplie d'abord les provocations contre bruxelles comme ici à l'encontre du président du conseil européen herman van rompuy avant la grippe en quoi le youtube connecte ensuite la question européenne ingrédients explosifs l'immigration une stratégie qui lui permettra de remporter le scrutin européen de 2014 cette phobie latente que la crise est le you keep on relancer david cameron cherche à l'utiliser à son avantage dès 2013 pour comprendre sa stratégie nous sommes allés à londres rencontré à evan rogers qui conseillait david cameron sur les questions européennes il est 23 janvier 2013 alors qu'il fait campagne pour sa réélection cameron explique dans ce discours qu'il va renégocier le statut du royaume uni dans l'ue et pour calmer les europhobes les plus radicaux il prend le risque d'organiser ensuite un vote en plein mûri depuis plusieurs mois et cette année au clair le premier ministre pense qu'en posant un choix aussi radicale aux britanniques ils choisiront la sécurité se rallieront nouvel accord qu'il est sûr de négocier avec bruxelles [Musique] et au début ce plan marche réélu en 2015 celui qu'on surnomme encore lucky dave dave le chanceux s'assure une confortable majorité en promettant à référendum et en plus il fait coup double ce vote lui est très utile à bruxelles pense surtout qu'il croyait qu'il allait le gagner et qu'il espérait faire pression sur ses partenaires européens parce qu'il y avait un risque pour obtenir par une négociation préalable au référendum ce qu'il n'aurait jamais arraché sans cette hypothèse où cette virtualité donc il en faisait aussi un argument à l'intérieur du conseil européen donnez moi ce que je veux ou autrement vous allez créer un malheur va leballeur il est venu alimenter la peur d'un éclatement de lui et lui permet d'obtenir des concessions des 27 autres pays de l'union en février 2016 ils signent un accord qui lui permet entre autres de réguler temporairement certaines migration le royaume uni qui bénéficie déjà d'un régime d'exception dans lieu pourrait obtenir un statut encore plus avantageux mais la situation lui échappe durant les mois précédant le référendum en premier lieu parce qu'il a sous-estimé l'importance du sujet de l'immigration les chinois ne pouvaient pas obtenir à bruxelles la barrière migratoire que souhaitaient les partisans du président nous ne pouvions pas l'accepter être dans l'union douanière être dans le marché unique c'était accepter la règle de la libre circulation c'est sur ce point là qu'il n'y a pas eu de compromis susceptible de mettre david cameron dans la meilleure des positions pour gagner son référendum puisque ceux qui se posaient à la présence de la grande bretagne dans le ligne européenne s'était précisément parce qu'il ne voulait plus de la libre circulation de plus le premier ministre est un eurosceptique assumer il n'était donc pas le leader le plus crédible pour la campagne de maintien dans lieu à force de critiquer l'union européenne c'est très saine gars très difficile il faut vous avez dit tout le mal que vous pensiez l'union européenne de venir devant le peuple pour dire qu'il faut rester sans avoir véritablement modifier la relation entre le royaume uni et l'union européenne dans son propre parti la fracture entre les anti et les pro eux est de plus en plus marquée et à sa gauche la situation est aussi clivé les travaillistes ont beau milité pour le maintien leur leader jeremy corbyn hellal gauche du labor sont peu mobilisés face à cette désorganisation les leaders anti europe font preuve d'éthique est ils reprennent le terme bric site un mot valise composée de british exit tout de suite adopté par la population leur identité liszt ont beaucoup diffusé par les tabloïds et les réseaux sociaux et des campagnes de désinformation brouille les termes du scrutin comme le fameux bric bus et les 350 millions de livres que le royaume unis verseraient chaque semaine à l'europe un chiffre inexact tout de suite contesté mais tu y as marqué les esprits [Musique] le référendum se déroule le 23 juin 2007 l'europe et le royaume-uni basque [Musique] avec des tempos crois encore mais en quelques mois on va passer 200 tr/min merci à tous d'avoir suivi cette vidéo n'hésitez pas à nous poser des questions dans les commentaires alors pour le deuxième volet de cette exploitation du bric site direction bruxelles à la commission européenne notamment où se sont déroulées les négociations tortueuse entre le royaume uni et les 27 [Musique]

xX Boris Johnson Xx – MLG Montage

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1v1 me again once you are the Mayor of London you scrub.

What in the World? | The Daily Show

Views:1065374|Rating:4.87|View Time:20:37Minutes|Likes:19996|Dislikes:550
The Daily Show revisits outrageous news stories from around the world, including a pole-dancing controversy in China and professional lightsaber dueling in France.

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Trevor Noah and The World’s Fakest News Team tackle the biggest stories in news, politics and pop culture.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.

from Comedy Central's World News headquarters in New York Daily Show with Trevor Noah presents if you think Donald Trump has problems with Muslim women wait until you hear what British politician Boris Johnson said this week Boris Johnson set out to criticize Denmark for banning burkas in a recent column for The Telegraph but instead he became the subject of scrutiny himself after insulting the woman who wear them Johnson said among other things it's absolutely ridiculous that people should choose to go around looking like litter boxes what you know what's crazy about the story is that he said that while criticizing Denmark for banning the burqa he was like how dare you target these mail box looking people out you guys need to work on your tolerance you know what what now I'm in trouble oh I see I see what happen damn Boris like the guy probably had one bad experience putting a letter inside a woman with a burka and now he's sort of played off like we all get them confused and also just by the way maybe Boris Johnson isn't the best person to be criticizing the way other people look all right like maybe he should be wearing a burka like what's great fun over there look at this guy he looks like he just got out of the shower but somehow it made him dirtier that's what he looks like Boris Johnson looks like if Donald Trump drank that's what he looks like he looks like if Owen Wilson was addicted to meth and chocolate that's what he looks like nearly three years after voting to leave the European Union the UK still can't figure out how to actually do it right now Briggs it is the world's biggest escape the room that's all this is everyone's just confused like have you tried writing a new trainer Gaiman does it work it's not working what about the Irish Boulder is stuck a stop expelliarmus that's not a real thing well it was were for Troy all right we could just stay in the room I like the room I don't want to leave the room well bloody hell it wouldn't be an escape the room if we'd get in there scrape did it well I know this seems complicated but let me break it down for you you're here to save us no actually I live in America now so this is your problem but I do have a very funny way to explain how totally screwed you up so bloody scrote so that's basically Briggs it [Applause] the British Parliament this week has been working on votes for the upcoming brexit deal and it has been a complete shit show or as the British call it a parade of poo and yesterday one MP snapped a liberal member of the House of Commons did this he took matters into his own hands by attempting to remove the mace from the chamber now the mace is basically a gold crown on a five-foot gold stick it represents the authority of the Queen in Parliament and without the mace in the room they can't meet or pass laws [Applause] okay first of all they can still make the laws it's just a stick and secondly that was the most British heist I've ever seen in my life it was like pardon me I'll be stealing this now pardon me pardon me another guy is like actually sir please refrain from that you're right there you are good day good day and I also like that the Queen got so sick of showing up in Parliament meeting she was just like you know what from now on this stick is in charge now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna spend some tax money on my 14th car game just look at the British health care system yes you guys might have universal coverage for your citizens but for one patient ya dun duh the man has been mistakenly circumcised while under the care of Lester's hospitals according to a new report the patient was meant to be having a procedure to look inside his bladder using a thin camera the error was revealed by the Clinical Commissioning group in compiling so-called never event because they should never happen oh my word a patient was accidentally circumcised that is messed up have you ever gone to the barber and then they took a little too much of your hair remember how you freaked out yeah now imagine if that happened to your dick huh imagine because you can't wear a hat on your dick to cover it up you can't be like sorry it's just so bright out today the Sun gets in my dick sighs yeah [Applause] accidentally circumsized now I'm worried that they switched other charts like so someone else in the hospital went home with an extra foreskin the friend was like I thought you were just getting Botox it's like that's what I thought too and it's not just Britain's health service having issues it's also one of their airline companies because British Airways you guys can say it with me yeah John a British Airways flight headed for Germany mistakenly ended up in Scotland ba 3271 supposed to fly from London straight over the English Channel and on to Germany instead the plane took off to the north flew over most of England before crossing into Scotland and landing in Edinboro the problem a ground staffer typed the wrong Airport code into the flight plan and no one noticed the pilots assumed they were supposed to go to Edinboro no no no no no no British Airways was trying to fly to Germany and flew to Scotland instead Mann Briggs it is screwed I don't know how Britain is gonna leave Europe if they can't even find their way out of their own country Briggs it will probably end up like we did it we out of the EU we're independent wait wait we're still in the EU and now somehow we've also joined the wmba moving on to my favorite story of the year and possibly my favorite story in my entire life the concertina wire or the razor wire used to reinforce the us-mexico border is being stolen and sold by tijuana residents for protection due to the city's high crime rate according to officials some homes in the area we're also seeing with the same razor wire added for an extra layer of protection but residents refused to say where they got the material say you heard that right Mexico is stealing the wall [Applause] hold on I wish I could have been there when Donald Trump saw this story on the news knowing every priority if we like they did what Nancy I'm gonna need you to spot me another eight billion dollars we're gonna need another wall to protect the first one and I mean now if they're stealing razor wire for their houses they might as well just steal the whole wall next right because no one's ever thought of that America will build a wall no one ever thought Mexico will steal it like Mexicans will be showing off their new home security system like I built a wall around my house and Donald Trump paid for it like at this rate at this rate trumpet is gonna end up building all of Tijuana up you know they're gonna start putting in requests from Mexico they'll be like you know what's really good for keeping ourselves in your drum yeah garage doors man you should put those at the border the ones that fold yeah they scare us almost as much as patio furniture man we have to talk about the big news of the day and I mean big news a man in Australia believes he owns the largest steer in the country so this is the heard wait for it look at this thing we're gonna see it in just a second oh he is six feet four inches tall and weighs almost 3,000 pounds that's almost as tall as Michael Jordan and as heavy as a Mini Cooper sweet Jesus I know this tons of news happening in the world right now I know this Trump I know this thing's and Briggs it with Britain I know but look at that thing what is going on in Australia why is every animal down under so weird every animal they're ducks have fur the kangaroos have a built-in tummy purse like I feel like Australia is doping all their animals like their Russian athletes this is like some crazy guy on stage like oh yeah I'm finished with my step of spiders now I'm like a cow the source of Michael Jordan that's doing down there [Applause] I'd like that cow is so glorious right I bet it's so glorious that last night the Pope converted to Hinduism he was like you know what they're right cows man I've been rolling with Jesus for too long now when I saw this giant cow the first thing I thought was this is some dope weed but a lot of other people saw that cow and they took it to a really dark place his massive size is also what saved him nickers is too big for the meat processing facility so he will live out the rest of his life with his herd he's too heavy for the abattoir so he'll live out his days in the paddock unfortunately some bad news if you like an extra big t-bone steak why are you trying to eat the giant cow the world only has one giant cow and your only thought is supersize me just eat two normal cows it tastes the same why people try to kill the cow you know what luckily even if they want to they can't kill him he cannot fit inside the average bar which by the way is such a white people problem to have because it's Africa they'll be like no we can't we can kill that cow we can we can't kill that cow but luckily in Australia they can't kill him yeah so Nick as the cow can do whatever he wants like what are you gonna do about it he's unkillable yeah like I'm hoping that one day the farmers gonna come home she's gonna find the cows sitting on his couch watching his TV with his arm around his wife and the farmers gonna be like bloody hell cow what are you doing in my house and the cars gonna be like look at me look at me I am the farmer now it's back to school all over the world and in China one principal made sure that this year was extra memorable on your drop your kid off at kindergarten this morning you probably aren't expecting to be met with a pole-dancing display but that's exactly what happened in China and now a principal is well out of the job hundreds of children and parents watched as a pole dancer performed on a flagpole with the Chinese flag on top Wow the principal brought a pole dancer to a kindergarten that is hilarious it's also funny how they said hundreds of children and parents watch that pulled down side right cuz you realize the parents could have stopped it immediately but Kili they were like this is outrageous let's see where it goes let's see where it goes if you think you're addicted to post mates it's nothing compared to what's happening in Nigeria the government Nigeria is trying to cut down on the imported food saying that the imports are hurting the local economy and apparently British pizza is on the list while complaining about straight imports a politician in Nigeria claimed that his fellow citizens are importing pizza from the UK to pot pizza from London by London they bring it on British Airways in the morning to pick up at the airport it's a very annoying situation ok ok ok first of all first of all British Pizza you're telling me Nigerians are flying past Italy to get British pizza while you're at it why don't fly past Amsterdam to get wheat in Romania like what are you doing this is so extra so the story is rich Nigerians send people to Britain to buy them pizza yeah which is such a waste of money and time and also I can't imagine what the plots in Nigerian porn movies are like you know saying oh no it seems like I don't have any money for this pizza how will I pay is that you don't have money I just took a four thousand dollar flight to pick up this lady I'm going to need you to put on some clothes and get some Kasia oops don't pay for pepperoni okay as a weird story the lightsaber it's the second most stroke wand by Star Wars fans and you may mock them but soon you can mock them at the Olympics it's now easier for Star Wars fans to act out their fantasies if they're in France the French Fencing Federation originally and officially recognizing lightsaber dueling as a competitive sport that means LED lit polycarbonate Star Wars replicas have the same status as blades used by Olympic fencers oh yeah this is so dope are you kidding me this is fun lightsaber battles at the Olympics they're fighting competitively and to make it more exciting for these professional lightsaber fights is the winner of the tournament gets to see a boob for the first time whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa and now I know this is what I hate is out there that are like oh this isn't a real sport it's just some made-up nonsense yeah and you know what all sports are made-up nonsense all right I mean if you've seen the Olympics but it's all made-up nonsense a guy pushes a ball off of his shoulder and they give him a gold medal what is that huh that's not a sport then another guy is like what if we put a ball on the end of a chain and swing that around yeah you could have a gold medal too it's just as ridiculous as lightsabers I mean there's that ribbon sport what is that where someone just like was probably playing with a cat there was just like doing that thing and they're like gold medal it's all ridiculous you know sometimes we spend so much covering America's history of racial injustice we forget where it all began Europe the og of racism yeah if America is Jackie's Europe is the real king of R&B why people ask your black friend what that joke means right now in Europe when they're not flipping cars over and setting them on fire they're having a major debates about what to do with all the art but they borrowed permanently by force from Africa and according to the president of France it should all be returned president Emmanuel macron argues it's unacceptable that around 90 percent of Africa's artistic heritage is outside Africa and says French laws should be changed to make restitution possible Ricci in Burkina Faso he said it was wrong to only Europeans and Americans to have access to African art in five years he wanted to start the process of temporary or definitive restitution yeah that's pretty amazing I think that's pretty amazing and it's very nice of the French president although it is gonna be weird when Africa gets all the sculptures back and the Africans are like wait a second why did this cup just smell like cigarettes and threesome huh what's going on here although honestly I do think if after profiting off of all of this art fall these years they're just gonna give it back I don't think that's enough I think France should give the art back with interest yeah sure I think Africa should choose some European arts they should be like okay thank you for giving us our out back we will also take that creepy white lady and the guy with the tiny penis sir what is kudos to McCrone he's doing something and unfortunately not everyone in Europe is as remorseful as McCrone in fact some Europeans in the art world believe that they did Africa a favor by stealing our shit they became works of art in museums because Europeans said it's music it's out you know it's not it's not from Africa it was not art it was mean to disappear it was mean to disappear it was meant to disappear there is some next-level shade this asshole is saying that when Africans made stuff like this they didn't know that they were making art so if this was not what Africans think they were making the world's most uncomfortable but plug what were they making you have the Europeans who say they wish they could return the archer Africa they really do but they just don't think Africa is ready for that kind of responsibility wisdom museums have often resisted repatriating odd arguing that they can take better care of it it's one of these things that looks like morally on its face give it back to who it belongs well who does it belong to and hasn't been in that country for over a hundred years and you know look France built the whole music a Bali to respect these objects to preserve them to show them yeah yeah what how would that frigging you know this is some sneaky ass logic if you think about it because their argument is basically you Africans cannot protect your art we know that because we stole it from Europe USA Today reports the NBA and the International Basketball Federation plan to launch a 12 team league in Africa former President Barack Obama is expected to play a key role in that league scheduled for launch in January 2020 the basketball Africa league will be the NBA's first collaboration to run a pro sports league outside of North America that's right the NBA is launching a 12 team basketball league in Africa which is bound to be awkward when they're trying to recruit players I don't get there like hey Africa so America is searching for the biggest strongest people you have there's gonna be a draft the owners are gonna pick who they like best so what do you guys say everything should be like wait man we are not falling for that again [Applause] [Applause] slap me once shame on you and slap me thrice ammonia some news from South Africa about a guy who did the circle of life challenge and a disturbing story out of South Africa Park authorities from Kruger National Park say a skull and this pair of pants was all that was left behind of a suspected poacher who was killed by an elephant and then eaten by lions Wow killed by an elephant and then eaten by lions this story has all the jungle a listers it's a South African Tarantino film that's what this is and I know I know a lot of people are celebrating this story because it feels like karma or whatever but I'll be honest I feel sad for the elephants because Lions kill everyday but an elephant never forgets it's gonna wake up in the middle of the night like I can still see his face Margaret oh yeah here's a weird detail my favorite detail in the story is after the elephant killed the poacher and the Lions ate him all they found was a skull and pants which means somewhere out there is a lion with a new shirt

Melanie Phillips gets her Zionist arse kicked on Question Time.

Views:408523|Rating:4.04|View Time:4:12Minutes|Likes:2232|Dislikes:527
Right wing nutter and Daily Mail hag Melanie Phillips attempts, (once again) to stir up British hatred against Iran on behalf of Israel. She insults the Question Time audience by labelling them “ignorant” because they boo and jeer her obvious lies and Israeli propaganda. She is a Zionist shill and should be charged with attempting to incite racial hatred. Israel already accepts American soldiers dying for its “freedom”, Melanie Phillips wants British soldiers to die for Israel too.
Any comments that disable replies will be deleted.
Disclaimer: Inevitably, anti Semitic scum will use this video to make racist attacks against Jewish people. My intention when posting this video was to highlight the evil of Israeli Zionists and their supporters, not the Jewish people, many of whom also oppose the attempted genocide and theft of Palestinian land being carried out by the Israeli Zionist scum.

Patriotic Question Time Audience Member: 'We could do with a few less remoaners talking us down!!'

Views:3102|Rating:3.33|View Time:12Minutes|Likes:2|Dislikes:1
This audience member was not happy with the left’s remoaning and wants more Borises to deal with it!!

[Applause] do with a few more bonuses actually talking the country up then lastly Mona's talking the country down [Applause]

Brexit 101: The U.K.'s EU Referendum Explained

Views:84239|Rating:4.73|View Time:4:24Minutes|Likes:406|Dislikes:23
Should the U.K. remain in or leave the European Union? That’s the question the British public will decide in a referendum on June 23. WSJ’s Niki Blasina explains the debate and what’s at stake.

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L’histoire du Brexit, épisode 2/2 : « Un accord impossible ? »

Views:169591|Rating:4.90|View Time:9:10Minutes|Likes:5857|Dislikes:121
Deuxième et dernier volet de notre histoire du Brexit en vidéo. Les images fortes et les grands moments, éclairés par des cartes et des entretiens inédits, pour mieux comprendre cette crise historique.

Trois fois proposé, trois fois rejeté. Même en ayant mis sa démission dans la balance, la première ministre Theresa May a échoué, vendredi 29 mars, à faire voter par la Chambre des communes l’accord sur le Brexit qu’elle a conclu en novembre avec l’Union européenne (UE).

Bientôt trois ans après le vote du referendum, l’avenir du Brexit paraît plus confus que jamais, tant chaque camp paraît divisé, chaque citoyen britannique partagé.

Pour y voir plus clair, l’équipe vidéo du Monde revient sur les grandes étapes de cette crise historique, des origines à mars 2019. Une histoire du Brexit en deux parties, avec les images fortes, des cartes pour comprendre et des entretiens inédits avec des acteurs de premier plan : Michel Barnier, négociateur européen, l’ancien président de la République, François Hollande, et Ivan Rogers, ancien représentant du Royaume-Uni à Bruxelles.

Pour suivre l’actualité du Brexit, rendez-vous sur cette page

« Le Monde » raconte la saga du Brexit en trois actes :

Plus d’information sur l’accord de sortie négocié par Theresa May :

Ce qui va changer pour un citoyen européen s’il n’y a pas d’accord :



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23 juin 2016 les britanniques votent par référendum la sortie de l'union européenne un mot va ensuite faire le tour du monde ce site est un mot valise composée des termes british et exit on le retrouve écrit pour la première fois en 2012 sur le blog de ce monsieur et quatre ans plus tard près de sites entrent dans le dictionnaire avec cette définition un retrait du royaume uni de l'union européenne et le processus politique qui l'accompagnent rapidement le break seeds est plus qu'un mot c'est une question politique et juridique mais quand elle prononce cette phrase deux jours avant le début de son mandat theresa may loin de s'imaginer que le bric site va plonger son pays dans sa plus grande phase d'incertitude depuis la seconde guerre mondiale lombric site est un divorce une séparation ça ne peut être que négatif dance 2 hors sport [Musique] pour comprendre comment les européens ont pris la main sur les négociations du bric site il faut s'intéresser à ce qui s'est passé à bruxelles les 28 et 29 juin 2007 quelques jours après le référendum les 27 dirigeants font preuve d'une unité d'une fermeté insoupçonnées ce qui les soude c'est qu'en coulisse on redoute une implosion de l'europe c'est la première fois qu'un pays s'en va ça m'était chaque européenne devant sa responsabilité est ce qu'il n'y aurait pas d'autres pays qui allait partir les 27 indique qu'il n'y aura aucune négociation tant que la procédure de sortie de lieux n'est pas officialisée et pour cela il faut que l'article 50 du traité sur l'union européenne soit déclenchée ça va leur permettre deux choses d'abord de s'organiser nous notre côté nous nous sommes préparés très sérieusement puisque on a une du temps michel barnier prend le poste de négociateur en chef des européens le 1er octobre 2007 nous avons décidé de jouer la transparence de dire tout en temps réel pour 27 gouvernements de dire tout en temps réel au parlement et de publier à l'égard des journalistes citoyens les documents de négociation ce qui ne s'était jamais fait au contraire la situation est beaucoup moins ordonnée dans le camp du royaume uni wang l'article 50 a aussi permis aux européens de prendre la main sur le calendrier pressé par bruxelles les britanniques déclenché la procédure de divorce 29 mars 2010 est sans savoir clairement où ils veulent d'aboutir le piège se referme car la négociation est enserrée dans un délai de deux ans les vingt-sept maîtrise désormais l'horloge deux obstacles vont particulièrement ralentir theresa may le premier se trouve dans les urnes lors des législatives anticipées de juin 2010 est décidée par la première ministre pour augmenter sa majorité absolue au parlement le vote la lui fait perdre après cette débâcle elle doit s'allier avec un parti extrémiste irlandais le dmp qui pèse sur toutes ses décisions or trouver une majorité au parlement à la clé du succès en cas d'échec pour ratifier l'accord ce qu'on appelle le no deal le royaume uni s'orienterait vers un brick c'est dur le 30 mars 2019 il pourrait ainsi perdre l'accès au marché intérieur européen et les avantages de plus de 700 accords un coup perdant pour theresa may le deuxième obstacle c'est la quantité de dossiers à gérer avec mon équipe nous avons mis sur la table dès le début tous les points d'incertitude créé par le broc site et parmi les centaines de dossiers très concret à traiter prenons quelques exemples le coût du divorce environ 40 milliards d'euros car les britanniques s'étaient engagés dans le budget 2014 2020 la question des transports aériens routiers ou le statut des britanniques des lieux et des européens au royaume uni comme tout divorce sacré de la certitude beaucoup d'incertitudes beaucoup de conséquences humaines sociales juridiques économiques techniques financières qui ont été très largement sous-estimé le point le plus épineuses des négociations se trouvent à plus de 500 km de long c'est celui de la frontière irlandaise et ça mérite un petit détour le royaume uni est composé de quatre pays du nord partagent une frontière terrestre avec la république d'irlande membre de l'ue depuis l'accord de paix de 1998 cette frontière a en réalité disparu mais avec le bric site se pose la question de son rétablissement or si on l'a rétabli la paix est menacée et si on la laisse ouvertes l'irlande du nord deviendra un sas d'entrée pour les marchandises illégales vers lieu seule solution maintenir l'irlande du nord dans le marché unique au moins tant qu'une autre solution n'est pas trouvée c'est le bakst l'assurance contre le retour de la frontière imposées par l'ue au royaume uni mais c'est une situation intolérable pour le dlp qui voient une tentative de réunification de l'irlande même chose pour les arbres et sitter qui craignent que cette mesure temporaire devienne durable dès lors qu'on mattenet l'union douanière ou une fiction d'une loi douanière les briques sitter disait que finalement l'europe continuerait à imposer ses règles le problème c'est que personne n'a trouvé mieux que le texte [Musique] sur tous ces dossiers très techniques les européens se montrent performants durant les négociations qui dure un an et demi et qui aboutissent à ce document c'est un document juridique c'est un traité avec 600 pages qui apporte des réponses juridiques ou des garanties là où le président crée de l'incertitude nous avons signé avec theresa may pas contre elle avec elle et avec son gouvernement donc il ya pas de punition il n'y a pas de revanche jamais mais il ya le traitement objectifs pratiques concrets de toutes les questions créé par le briefing du côté britannique les négociations ont été moins bien vécu et en effet le parlement britannique rejette l'accord le 15 janvier 2019 puis à nouveau le 12 mai car certains députés estiment que theresa may a fait trop de concessions d'autres qu'il vaudrait mieux rester dans l'euro g [Applaudissements] l'entraîneur eddie barclay faute d'accord londres et bruxelles s'entendent pour un cours report de la date de sortie de lieux 29 mars 2019 elle tente un troisième voiture son accord mais la réponse est toujours la même le royaume uni est dans l'impasse comme pris au piège de l'unique stratégie de theresa may jouer la montre qui jusque là n'a jamais porté ses fruits theresa may m'a donné l'impression des femmes très prudente qui ne voulait pas se précipiter et délicat qui voulait donc que le temps fasse son oeuvre s'est pas toujours un bon principe un le temps qu'on donne autant notamment dans une négociation qu'elle croyait que progressivement toutes les réserves du côté européenne allait être gommées et que sur le plan politique intérieur elle finirait par trouver une majorité en tout cas quelle que soit l'issue du brics et de ses conséquences elles sont déjà là des britanniques profondément divisé une vie politique phagocyté par un accord qui paraît impossible is nothing royaume uni plus désunie que jamais avec les menaces sur la paix en irlande en écosse europhile qui se met à parler d'indépendance tandis que sur le continent le bric site a surtout permis de faire disparaître la plupart des velléités de sortie de l'ue merci d'avoir suivi cette vidéo n'hésitez pas à poser vos questions dans les commentaires et comme les briques si tu vas avoir d'énormes conséquences ça va continuer on vous a mis sous la vidéo un lien vers la rubrique spécialisée dans les pages jaunes [Musique]

Boris Johnson will wait until Brexit before pushing for Theresa May to resign as prime minister

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Boris Johnson will wait until Brexit before pushing for Theresa May to resign as prime minister

How Brexit is Toppling the Tory House of Cards

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Afshin Rattansi goes underground on the Tories post Brexit. Nigel Evans, former vice chairman of the Conservative party talks about what he expects from a post Brexit Britain. Plus who will be the next leader of the Conservatives?

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well the political reverberations from last week's European referendum continue to send seismic shock waves through the British political landscape there are earthquakes in the UK's two largest parties the Tories are tearing themselves apart and backstabbing Blairites are attempting a coup in the Labour Party the former vice chair of the ruling Conservative Party Nigel Evans said this week that the Westminster scene makes house of cards look like tele tubbies he joins me now thanks so much Nigel for coming back on the show we only deal with issues on going under your not personalities but just explain that comment you made about house of cards and Teletubbies well intrigue treachery you've got it all if Michael Dobson no wrote house of cards who sits in the House of Lords if he tried to have written what's gone on in the last week people would have said it's a bit far-fetched that Michael isn't it I mean we can barely believe it I've been a member of parliament for 24 years and I've never seen scenes like it at Westminster it's not only the leadership fest within my own party and at one stage we had more runners and riders than the Grand National but that's whittled down to five and of course the intrigue as to Boris I mean I just can't make sense of it it's moving so rapidly now of course as I said but sadly don't really matter it is the issues so whether it's Boris or it's Gove what what do you think of the outcome of the rector referendum as regards bricks it actually happening you please I absolutely delighted I was a shadow Secretary of State for Wales at a time when they had the referendum in Wales on devolution and it was forty nine point six percent against 50.3 in favor that was on a fifty two percent turn out what happened we gave devolution to Wales now this one is much much larger as you know fifty two percent in favor of Lee forty-eight percent against on a seventy two percent Turner 1.4 million more people voting to leave the European Union the deciding to stay and David Cameron at The Dispatch Box on Monday accepting the verdict of the British people President yanka accepting the verdict of the British people and indeed one of our leading tenders for the Tory leadership who was on the remain campaign just I'm talking about Theresa May she didn't fight a valiant campaign I mean she was a sub radar for most of it and I suspect it's because of the fact that many of us thought that she really was a break sit here but the fact is she is now accepted that we're going to leave the European Union it's now a matter of when not if well you mentioned Brussels Berlin corridors of Westminster is the delay in article 50 really more to do with Washington maybe even the Federal Reserve as regards the attack on the pound which has been rising when there was a lot of quantitative easing and put in and again is dropping yeah well we were through project favor we're told that everything would collapse and it would be Armageddon and there would be a recession and a plague of locusts I mean none of this is happening there was clearly jitters within the market and that's now corrected itself the shares all the way up but surely it corrected itself because quarter of a quarter of a trillion pounds that's double the NHS annual budget is being printed in money to do this this and can the Bank of England keeping this money not this confidence there is confidence out there I mean we we know that the market expected remain to win and that's how when the pound went up there on the night I mean I remember ten o'clock on thursday very well when I was told that the pound is up the shares are up you gave say seven percent lead for remain and Nigel Farage has conceded defeat and what happened you know the Newcastle result came in a couple of hours later and then everybody knew history was in the making now we knew the influence of the conservative press she was very important given the leak a letter from the leadership candidate Michael Gove how much pressure can Rupert Murdoch and maybe the Lord Dacre from the Daily Mail how much pressure can they put on this debate before article 50 as regards the type of negotiation we have I think that there will be a lot of scrutiny as to the processes that government follows post-september the night when we've got our new leader and I think just everybody will want to make absolutely certain that there is absolutely no backtracking we are going to leave the European Union in its entirety so there's none of this backtracking as to whether we are in the single market or outside the single market the fact is that if we try and do a deal with the European Union on free trade access to their markets and they say only if there is unrestrained numbers coming in here UK what we're here just ain't gonna happen immigration was an integral part a pivotal part of the campaign for the eight weeks people are very concerned about controlling immigration numbers from within the European Union to the United Kingdom and if we can't get a deal on that there's not an acceptance by the European Union that we are going to actually have proper border controls then as far as I'm concerned we will trade with the European Union but outside of the single market do you think the Home Secretary Theresa May who's the bookies favourite and we should say favorites for conservative leadership never win I think draya's well Boris was her favorite and look he pulled out so you're right it was forbidden may does she share those views as to the single market and vs. immigration wells in red lines that's one of the unknown questions that I people like myself will need to get answered before I decide now where my votes going to be was with Boris and now I will be looking at all the candidates that are there and I'll be seeking assurances from them that number one that we're going to leave the European Union and Teresa's you know ticks the box there and so do all the clearly the brexit ear candidates and number two about the controls on immigration that cannot be compromised as far as access to the single market and we can write off crab who on social media is known just for alleged homophobia and Liam Fox who's been on this show who is yeah Larry hawkish secretary-general oh I'm a gay man open a gay man and I've got no problems with Stephen Crabbie's really I've known him for many years I he's not homophobic and I've known liam fox fur for many years as well he's a great friend of mine and in fact if anything the the field of the candidates that we've got a very strong I like each of them in in in some ways and some have got weaknesses some have got different strengths and I think it's going to be up to the people like me to decide where we're going to go now with our Boris votes as to where it's going to finally end up there Joe levels thank you thank you

Boris Johnson just EMBARRASSED himself…again

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hello again this is Peter labelled with the durán I want to reflect on a few things that the foreign secretary Boris Johnson recently said I usually don't give him much thought because well he's basically a thoughtless person embarrassing his country on the world stage but we all knew that when he got the job and he was asked about Russian meddling in British politics and elections and he said that there was no evidence of it but the Russians have the capacity well this is very very interesting so what other countries in the world have the capacity to involve themselves in foreign elections democratic elections well the UK does the United States does and you know what a lot of other countries in the European Union do what about elections in Palestine what about the the election that saw the rise of Hamas if respectable you feel how you feel about Hamas it came to power Democratic leaders look at what they did in Ukraine look what the these same people went that with their European values turned over to overthrow the democratically elected and legitimate government in Syria so Boris Johnson really is full of himself I have to wonder if he has any reflection at all of his words and what they mean because he was a laughingstock when he came into that position and the laughingstock is worse and worse and worse of course please everyone subscribe to our YouTube channel and the Mudd Club the Mudd Club don't forget to join the Mudd Club I'm a member of the mug Club don't have the mug yet I'm really anxiously anticipating it and what else am I supposed to say oh when you join the mug club you can have a one-on-one conversation with me or any other director of the daram okay so please subscribe subscribe subscribe and then do a lot more sharing okay because it's going to be really beautiful we have the best shares okay we have the best videos we have the best articles okay we here at the Duran

David Lammy: Don't appease ERG nazis, Windrush and Labour antisemitism

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The Andrew Marr Show 14 April 2019

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Oh Dan you are an incorrigible delinquents at times babe yourself man we're still in the face we're backbench MPs have vastly more influence than usual one of the most prominent backbench voices and a man who's won two big awards for his Commons performance he's the Labour MP David Lammy he's campaigned on Windrush and endlessly for another referendum when I spoke to him earlier I asked him whether the Labour front bench and the government could come together around a customs union version of brexit I'm not sure we are easily going to get a breakthrough because it's important to understand that a customs union is still a hard brexit services are not covered and that's 80% of our economy I suspect that there will be conservatives deeply concerned that you're not able to then go off and do trade deals if you're within a customs union and I'm a little bit worried actually about the fact that the EU in future trade deals will be determining the rules and we won't really have a say but nevertheless there is a compromise there but the key point is because many people will feel that they didn't vote for that compromise it's clear that there has to be a confirmatory ratification in the form of a referendum at that point are you saying that if there is a deal between the Labour Party and the Tory but it doesn't have a referendum locked into it you won't accept that I won't accept that but I would have thought the majority of the parliamentary Labour Party won't accept that having been to the meeting last week it's clear that there is a mood in the party to accept the deal that emerges as long as it's put to referendum that is in a sense of the compromise now for a lot of people this is not very compromising let me put to you something that Emily Thornbury said very recently she said the country rightly is absolutely divided and real leadership is about bringing the country together and in these circumstances with half the country having voted to leave the EU completely that means our compromise where we stay close to EU institutions like the customs reunion but we leave and that is real leadership and lashes to compromise the country needs but let's be clear on this if we're staying in a customs union you can't go off and strike true free trade deals I'm not sure many levers voted for that if we went with Norway which has its attractions again we would be a rule taker I'm not sure many people voted for that so clearly the best thing to do when a deal emerges is to ask the country whether they like the deal and I might say and you also going forward this is not going to end we still don't know where the arrival point is we don't know where we're heading in terms of our future trade deal it's completely blind so the rattles will continue now for many many years to come the best way to to actually bring the country together is through a democratic process I'm now saying that the depth that the referendum won't be rough it will be a bit rather at the end of it we we can act on what the country has said you either act to implement the deal the following day or you move forward and you and you and you and you and you remain in the European Union listening to the language at the moment can I put it you it's going to be more than a little bit rough on one side we've got the language of treachery and betrayal and traitors and all of that but on your side of the argument the language has been quite tough too I'm going to show you a clip of us somebody you may recognize in full flow [Applause] [Applause] by implication you're comparing the ERG to the Nazi Party or at least to the South African racists now whatever you think about the ERG that was an unacceptable comparison wasn't it Andrew I would say that that wasn't strong enough in 1938 there were allies who hatched a plan for Hitler to annex part of Czechoslovakia and Churchill said no and he stood alone we must not apiece we're in a situation now and let me just be clear I'm an ethnic minority we have in the ERG in Jacobs resmoke someone who is happy to put onto his web pages the horrible racist AFD party a party that's Islamophobic and on the far right of the German citizen we have they're happy to use the phrase Grand Wizard KKK is what it evokes to me when I think of that phrase and the deep south I'm sorry but very very seriously of course we should not appease that of course we should not appease that for Jacob reform has been absolutely clear that he does not endorse the AFD and the Grand Wizard stuff we don't know where that came thronging it's a dangerous thing surely to accuse him we didn't close to we Nazi ideology do know that Boris Johnson is with Steve Banyan who is a white supremacist we do know that there are links between Viktor Orban salvini and others I'm not backing off on this never when I back on off on this on behalf of my constituents and the BBC should not allow this extreme hard right fascism to flourish and often them I don't care how elected they so was the far right in Germany they're often elected often giving a cover for the thugs on the ground and I'm afraid when people are experiencing rising hate and extremism in this country we must not concede ground we must fight it and call it out for what it is the problem is this is what a second referendum is going to be like day after day week after week what kind of country are we going to be like at the end of this process what kind of country I mean going to be like if these people are running it what kind of country are we going to be like when we head into a leadership race and some of them get their hands on the levers of the country where will this stop Andrew it may be well but you will be fine in that country but many of my constituents will not and that's why I stand firm you would say that Tory MPs like Boris Johnson and Jacob Riis morg are equivalent to Nazis ask Boris Johnson why he's hanging out with Steve Banyan we should ask him that question because he shouldn't be you're sticking by that proposition a lot of people watching us we're absolutely outraged by rage they are I think that'll be a minority if they've got any sense because British soldiers in this country died fighting this Ligurian extremism and here we are in 2019 and people are bringing it into the mainstream for their own political advantage absolutely not absolutely not we can't have it let me turn to something related to this that you've campaigned on a lot which is wind rush we have finally got a settlement by the British government agreed of 200 million pounds for the victims of wind rush now you said that's not enough what would be the figure that would be enough it's not about the overall figure it's about the system and what we found out last week is that the system is heavily capped when people make individual claims so for example if you've been deported you have a cap of ten thousand pounds that's what the Home Secretary makes in a month it's capped than the legal fees that you've had of 500 pounds if you've been denied that the prospect of going to university capped at five hundred pounds despite the fact that you've probably got phase if you were pulled out of universe look when in excess what we will see two years down the line unless the government removes the caps is that people remain in deep hardship as a result of this scheme and I'm telling you now the British West Indian Caribbean community and their descendants will never ever forgive this government for both Windrush but then the riser e scheme that they've now come up with yet again Sunday after Sunday after Sunday there's a story in the front page of the papers about the Labour Party and anti-semitism do you think it's possible under this leadership for the Labour Party to get away from this story before we have in a general election it's got to be there has been a failure of leadership it's a stain on Jeremy Korn and Corben's leadership of this party I represent in my constituency the Stamford Hill Orthodox Jewish community many people turning away from the party because of this it's shameful the way that these complaints have been managed and frankly when a senior backbencher like Margaret Hodge is crying effectively in the parliamentary Labour Party because of the horrific language that's been used against her and others I stand in complete solidarity with them and I say quite clearly that this pernicious nastiness is found on the extreme left as it is found on the extreme right and we resist it and fight it equally and it's their cause today for a completely independent system to deal with anti-semitism inside the Labour Party would you like to see that set up well I think that very few the parliamentary no party have confidence in the current system we're now being investigated by the HRC understandably and for all of those reasons we do need an independent system that has the confidence of party members and the parliamentary Labour Party David Lammy thanks very much for talking yesterday

How Jacob Rees-Mogg Outfoxed the Remainers and Saved Brexit

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A video to make sense of the latest goings on.


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okay the brexit situation got complex this week and only those following this closely will understand exactly what Jacob Riis mod did as with so many events in British history it comes down to the internal politics of the Tory Party let's take a look the parliamentary arithmetic looks something like this Jacob Riis MOG who heads up the hardline brexit ear European research group or the ERG he can count on at least 80 votes which depending on the actual specifics of the vote could incline up to about a hundred they could also lightly count on 10 votes from the DUP one additional strand of power behind Marc and the ERG not represented here are the Tory activists that is the grassroot support in the Conservative Party which as we've seen from many letters in the past week are firmly behind the hardest possible for exit this fact means that this group mocks group can only gain in numbers as local parties put pressure on their MPs on the hardcore remain side of the argument represented here by the likes of and a Subaru there are around 20 Tory MPs 20 is on the generous side but it is hard to see these gaining numbers since many of them are openly defying the will of their constituency voters which most MPs don't like to do in the middle are what I'm calling pragmatists or careerists a blue represented here by Michael Gove these are MPs who broadly supported Mays compromise checkers deal a cynical reading is that they did so for flavour into career ISM the most charitable reading is if you believe Michael Gove zone argument of getting us over the line of March the 29th 2019 after which we can push for the brexit that we want to harder brexit but anyway we can expect the bulk of the parliamentary Tory party to be here stocked with cowards and people without principle now after the checkers mixing and the resignations of David Davis and Boris Johnson it looked as though the only option left for the brexit ears was to bring me down the trouble is the maths just don't work you need a hundred and fifty votes of no confidence to bring down a PM after the 48 letters assent and as you can see mod and Coke cannot count on that but the headache for mrs. may is that mogs 80 to 100 MPs can effectively block anything she tries to put through Parliament it was a stalemate which looked like it had no solution brexit ears do not have the numbers to oust Mae Mae does not have the numbers to push through her fudged brexit but Jacob Riis MOG is a true student of the parliamentary game and this is where he's played an absolute blinder this week while everyone else was wondering what Boris Johnson might do next and looking at Donald Trump's blimp baby in London morg got to work on the actual white paper he drafted four key amendments to turn the fudge back into a proper hard brexit which made him and the ERG happy and if these amendments make mark happy you can trust it's a true and proper brexit and so look again at the parliamentary arithmetic more cannot bring me down but he can hold her to the sword and so naturally when he tabled these four amendments yesterday Mae buckled this is some real Tywin Lannister level stuff here and the morgue amended bill went through last night with 305 votes – 302 14 disgraceful Tory remains rebelled so where does that leave us well let's factor in the rest of the House of Commons so labour have 258 votes and the Lib Dems and the SNP have another 47 we can assume those 47 will be as hardcore and remaini as possible labour are divided on this issue with Corbett and McDonnell significantly more hardcore Brick City than most of the rest of the party now what happens from here what MOG has done is to flip the calculations all the talk last week was of the Breck city is toppling May and May counting on remain a support to get anything through now they have effectively taken Mae hostage and put pressure on the remainders to house mrs. May he's basically flipped the table now what happens when they have to vote again down the line in September the morgue amended deal will be sent to the EU who will naturally reject it and Parliament's have to vote again what happens well morgue of course can still vote down the Prime Minister if she tries to go back to the checkers version of the deal and in that scenario we would go to a No Deal which the brexit says can live with now let's pretend that somehow May tries to sneak through the checkers version anyway and to double-cross Jacob Riis MOG well then she's in the territory of Sir Robert Peel relying on Whig votes to push through the repeal of the Corn Laws in 1848 let's pretend that May does that and pushes through with the help of the SNP the Lib Dems and of Labour well and and that it actually gets through in that scenario Boris is ready and waiting to bring down the knife and she'd more than likely lose any vote of no-confidence in that scenario when she's been as treacherous to betray her own party but the Labour almost always have a strong incentive to oppose government vote so it's quite a big if this scenario I mean it has happened once before in history with the aforementioned Corn Laws now Marx play here is not totally risk-free but he's likely saved brexit he's likely saved the Tory party at least for the time being and he's pretty much made it a win-win-win scenario in any of these possible outcomes he's put the brexit ears in the strongest possible position and if nothing else you have to admire the the politicking of it all all right till next time very special thanks to cult of the Lich the Crimson satya Sir Percy Blakeney macadamia-nut Stephen Thomas Jonathan Eubanks Mike Jones the ambivalent on it's time stealer cuz go holy spatula tragic vision Michael Burt ginger bill Blake barrows and Edward adhara

Nigel Farage Talks About Boris Johnson's Criticism Of Denmark's Face Veil Ban

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Public facial coverage should be illegal for everyone including Muslims and ANTIFA. It makes detailed descriptions of people pretty much impossible..

Boris Johnson Holds 18-Minute Phone Call With Hoax Armenian Prime Minister

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Boris Johnson Gets Grilled by Panelists

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A selection of funny scenes from a Have I Got News For You episode where the panelists grill Boris Johnson continuously.

Have I Got News For You S32 E09

it's about that it's about the cash for purity stand shocking it is shocking it is certainly not something you lot would do I'm not I'm not aware of the David Cameron do you're not aware of anything I've been only for you to start it on here on this show me I think steady on yeah see Emily wasn't in the room with him lots of people and wasn't there no Bella member was Sally Gunnell kingdom right so action nonetheless in the Goldsmith wasn't there no no AB stats it the answer is there was no lawyer in the room which dining street is saying is very good news as they say disappear okay maximum pressure baton second silence the engines can take a captain Boris Johnson was never meant to be let loose on the human game yes sorry what does Prince Harry like Deutschland uber alles he's got a selection of marching songs I don't think there's enough respect for the royal family on the site how can you expect the band of murderers will's and how you have absolutely no interest in marching songs they're like soul songsters Joss Stone and a chap called Farrell he's a hip-hop master mixer times shoulders move when he said hip hop that's what I'm into dudes yeah yeah according to The Times according to Time Spiral who's been collaborating with Britney Spears Justin Timberlake and Snoop Dogg you know they get you the readers out just to make me sound silly it's a it's a beta package do try to think of a way of don't bring in my book well since you mention it look at it you even even have a copy I didn't want a copy I swear it I mean look at princess dying index very things or isn't it yes it's true I sing genuinely I turn to page I said as soon as I see Bertha's rear end back down to water never mind you must listen I don't want you to spoil it don't want to despise you be my first time in system I don't want people in a usual local alcohol audience will want to find out about Bertha in their own good time I wanted upon me on a towering basically the biggest one I've ever seen in a days I mount the stool okay I'm not sure who's making this out so much thank you looks a bit classy on the outside you see that rancorous pulling inside six world potato Awards took place this year in Idaho everyone who attends gets a potato clock and by nine o'clock they're out of the house and on their way to the awards what what everybody who tend gets a potato clock gets a potato clock it's a potato clock itself it's a German potato clock see we try that one again try try it again try it again everyone who attends gets our potato clock and when they've got their potato when they've got up a detail it takes a clock when they've grown up a dado clock they have breakfast right okay got it okay Tom

Brexit: Anna Soubry warns the Tory party is shifting to the extreme right

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Former Tory MP Anna Soubry talks to Sky’s Sophy Ridge.

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and welcome to sofa Ridge on Sunday now when it comes to brexit there's a lot that divides but the one thing that seems to unite is that everyone would rather delay than make a decision whether it's the government MPs and now the European Union who this week agreed to delay brexit until the end of October with the pressure easing off MPs have headed home for Easter and we can turn our attention to other things such as what to do with the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange we will be talking about that a little later in the program with his lawyer Jennifer Robinson but don't worry we'll still get our regular bricks that fix with guests including in Duncan Smith and Anna Sabri coming up now the break that delay means that the UK will probably take part in European elections elections that could see a breakthrough for some of Britain's at Newark political parties one of those is change UK or the independent group and their brexit spokesperson and a Subaru will be on the program very shortly to speak with her now what we can do is show you a little bit of the challenge that the new parties face when it comes to those European elections we can have a quick look at some of the latest polling when it comes to how people are intending to vote when it comes to the EU Parliament elections you can see there at labour topping the polls they're on 24% this is according to you Goff polling done on the 10th and 11th of April and second place it is the Conservatives on 16% and then the brexit party that's Nigel Frazier's new party on 15 percent followed by you kept on 14% the Lib Dems on 8 the Greens on 8 and change UK on 7% let's talk about some of those findings with Anna suberin who joins us now in the studio thank you very much for being with us this morning pleasure but it's not you've been up even longer anyway God well anyway what is this slightly less good news is the polling for change UK when it comes to the European election and 7% are you bit disappointed well just two things first of all of course we're not even a political path so for change UK already to resonate with people especially as I think a lot of people know us as take and so I think that was my second point was that I think we're known more as the Tiggers then change UK so I'd like to see some polling with tick because when when we sort of launched or whether we came together I cell polling was amazing when you're up to something like 11 12 percent it's a bit hard to keep the momentum going no not really I mean look the whole of brexit the brexit thing of course dominates everything and of course certain parts of brexit are going to be absolutely the headline story in' understandably but i think there's a solid consistency there for us and as i said we're not even a party and I think that as hopefully we form a political party which is obviously our intention and we will field candidates across the whole of Break Britain I think be including at the local elections as well know far too late for local elections far far far too late the nominations closed about two three weeks two weeks ago but in any event we're not in a position to be able to do that but the European Parliament elections are you bet and I think that it'll be a real opportunity for be able to get to know more about it then a lot of people already know a lot about us they know that we believe in that second referendum at people's vote so we want that revote I think people know that we want to us to remain in the European Union the best deal that our country has and of course we're a party of change of reform not just in the UK but across the way that we do politics in the European Union as well and we've got to be part if we're successful of that reform that needs to take place in the European Union when you look at the polling and you see kind of still kind of muddling along with you know the Lib Dems the Green Party do you think that actually strategically in the long term you're gonna have to start to doing a few more alliances working together with other parties like the Lib Dems but we do anyway I mean this although the beginning you were very clear and saying that you're not going to be associated with them no no we we are a political we will be hopefully a political party in our own right and we very much want people to come and join us to give their support to us and be part of change UK be part of the independent group and in terms of working together in Parliament that's been one of the features of brexit he's that and that's actually what brought people like me in sugar and moon and Chris Leslie and others together was our work on brexit I'll work for a people's vote our concerns about the future of our country and we already work with the Lib Dems with pride coming with green with Caroline Lucas with the SNP in any event or brexit but very much hope people will come and join us because we need that change in British politics and I think that includes all the political parties not just the main two political party Nigel francese brexit party unveiled quite a high profile supporter this week in the sister of Jacob Riis market ELC Brock Stowe but I just don't think you know most people have give if you've got anyone up your sleeve that it's going to be joined joining you what you hope will be a political party anyway all I can say is genuinely I well we are overwhelmed by the number of people who've applied to stand as a member of change UK anyone we might have heard of I can't I mean I'd love to but I can't because actually would be breaching their confidence because we're going through what he's going to is a huge selection procedure but I mean we are talking about people of from all backgrounds right across the country from people who've never been involved in politics before but have joined us because of their concerns about brexit and their support for a people's vote and they know that the best deal we have is the current deal with the EU right the way through to some names that I went my goodness me he or she wants to stand for you come on such a tackle and actually genuinely would be a breach of their confidence but if they if some of those people are successful then they can be sure you'll know who they are but a genuinely it's amazing okay well we'll have to wait we'll have to wait to see to see if we will think it's a nominations closed tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock but you can only this is really important I mean obviously people do have a passion for remaining in the European Union a lot of people and a lot of donation for leaving as well yeah but it's changing Sophie I mean I was out in Nottingham you today as I often do with the people's vote and what's really striking is that people are beginning to change their mind do you think that's right because yeah methinks actually people becoming more entrenched in their positions whether it's on the remain side you know wanting to revoke wanting to stay in all the leaves though people saying actually no I want to live with leave with no dear I don't disagree with you you're right that there's an entrenchment at those edges but what's really striking are those people either remain as who said no except the referendum isn't we don't want another revote on it they're changing their minds but destroy King Lee older people and I I'm at a number yesterday and not him he said you know what I voted leave and they told me why and then they said I've changed my mind wonder people's vote because I've listened to my children and my grandchildren and it's about their future and whichever way you cut breaks it we're going to be damaging their future so there is a movement and actually that's why I hope we do get that people's about confirming revote call it what you will call it second referendum call it what you want we all know what it means and it's that chance for people to change their minds now they know what backs it looks like and also for young people who bear the brunt of wrecks it to have their say in their voice but people want BME peace but they've got to realize it's a proper full-time commitment if you get elected because they could be there for five years they could be there for five weeks five months who knows what I've got it's a couple of months now since you left the Conservative Party are you feeling any kind of pangs of regret or missing it a bit I have to say and I have never felt so sure about anything and almost every day especially when I sit in Parliament and I look at the benches opposite of course it's an entirely different view and you know frankly I listen to people like Marc Francois who is now seen as being the voice of conservatism Jacob Riis mob Boris Johnson and the rest of them afraid the Tory party is the brexit party and One Nation Tories like me they can't stay and it's moving to the right and if someone like Boris Johnson or Dominic Raab becomes the next leader the next Prime Minister will it will absolutely be that real understanding that it's gone to the towards the more extremes of the right because spoken to you know a lot of concepts for the last couple of months about the tickets if you like and a lot of them say look Sarah Williston Heidi Allen they were never real conservatives but Anna sue she was a proper Tory don't you feel that I'm I'm me and my values I mean this might be sad but my values and my principles are pretty much not changed over 40 years oh yes hugely absolutely huge yeah I mean look at it now and look at it how it was in 2010 15 so in that government I served in 2010 to 2015 we were in we were in a coalition with the Lib Dems now the Conservative Party is in hock to the DUP I think that says everything about the shift but can I just say about Heidi and Sarah it's actually quite a times not for me to speak and a half but actually Heidi and Sarah who were people who've done other things before what like me before they came into Parliament but you know Sarah in particular we know was selected in that open primary Heidi who read astrophysics whose run a family business with bucket loads to offer and was embraced by the Conservative Party if if the Tories can't win and keep hold of people like that then they've absolutely lost that centre ground and that's our point they've gone they've this is a party that's changed not us as individuals and as people like me have worked with people like Chuck oh and Chris Leslie and Luciana burger over brexit in particular that's I find my values my principles I feel much more at home with people like Chaka and Chris and Luciana and the others then I have felt in the Tory party especially since 2016 when Theresa May got elected as prime minister and she made that terrible speech in my opinion talking about citizens of the world as citizens of nowhere the u.s. is missing the remain as as liberal metropolitan elite which was a nonsense and then calling EU citizens queue jumpers okay this is the party that's changed not me

Boris Johnson on University Challenge

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Boris Johnson’s appearance on University Challenge didn’t go very well. Please subscribe to our channel for more

University track let's not waste valuable time with the recitation of the rules let's just crack on with it fingers on the buzzers here's your first starter for ten he is a cretin whom we will leave that's Kristi Johnson is David Cameron may lose five points the world's largest arboreal and slowest breeding mammals they are considered social recluses yet have a very peculiar sex life these words refer to which Corpus Christi Johnson Kardashian's music starter you'll hear a piece of popular music for 10 points I want you to identify the band it's Kristi Johnson one direction now you lose five point yes you no need to buzz yet have lost the question painting for ten points I'd like you to give me the name of the artist Corpus Christi Johnson William Hague no you lose five points that's Kristi Johnson a great driving funk a bulletin melting pot I'm afraid that wasn't the question that's Kristi Johnson sorry you must answer I'm gonna have to find you five points the cast of The Archers no Fukuyama no subatomic particles colliding no pirates nope French nikka Sellars a lump of something grisly and foul-tasting refers to what part of the body that's Kristi Johnson balls yes [Applause] you

Anti-Brexit protest ahead of EU emergency summit

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(10 Apr 2019) Anti-Brexit demonstrators gathered near the EU commission in Brussels on Wednesday ahead of a crucial special leaders’ summit.
British Prime Minister Theresa May is asking for another extension to Britain’s departure from the EU.
The protesters waved flags and sang songs, and one demonstrator impersonated former British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson – who is pro-Brexit.
“This is not a future that we want and we want Brexit to stop because it’s a joke and it’s an embarrassment to our country,” said one protester Madeleina Kay.
The UK was originally due to leave the EU on March 29, it has already been delayed to April 12 because the British Parliament resoundingly voted against the withdrawal agreement that May negotiated with the EU.
May wants an extension until June 30, but others in the EU appear to favour a much longer delay, possibly going into next year.
Aside from the Brexit protests, two other demonstrations took place in front of the EU institutions in Brussels on Wednesday.
Greenpeace organisers unveiled a giant banner to draw attention to climate change while European and West African milk farmers rallied together to protest the practice of milk dumping.

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they she still thinks that braixen is going to work it doesn't work it needs to stop it's bad for our country it's it's not a good future for the United Kingdom and I'm here representing young people the youth of Britain we voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union this is not the future that we won and we want brexit to stop because it's a joke and it's an embarrassment to our country good gravy boss goes up on brexit is certainly a crisis but it's there's a much bigger emergency out there and it's an existential threat for all life on the planet and the use not doing enough I mean scientists are telling us that the window for us to act to avoid climate chaos is closing fast and the U is not acting on climate change is not taking it as as the crisis that it really is Oh up to a sissy damn kavagi dumping the delay en route would be on a thick enough you de l'Ouest boo a year on a thick Moscow dr. Cassie for example or delay the dumping delayed a visit for example love wha the policy is on Stevens your name son fleshly flee and local are nothing the lowest busy developing

Boris Johnson: The best gaffes, falls and fails of the outgoing London mayor

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On 5 May, one of the most popular politicians in the country will step down from his position as the Mayor of London.

Over the past eight years, Boris Johnson has used the office to raise his personal profile, growing from goofy outsider of the Conservative party to many people’s pick for its next leader.

In honour of the end of his eyecatching eight-year term, IBTimes UK has picked out BoJo’s best bits.

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Tessa Jowell's sweeping generalisation rebuffed by Melanie Phillips [Question Time 20/6/13]

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Tessa Jowell makes a ridiculous and divisive sweeping generalisation of men while also implicitly reinforcing female gender stereotypes.
What kind of reaction would this receive had it not come from a woman?

It’s a sad sign of the times that a Daily Mail columnist of all people should show a greater proclivity toward egalitarian virtues than a Labour MP.

Excuse the quality.

think about how women perform in banks and boardrooms before she was the interrupted okay before you were rudely interrupted Tessa absolutely probably by me that's alright that's part of the part of to get that the game but no the Christine Lagarde head of the IMF famously said you know if it had been lumens sisters and said of Lehman Brothers you know perhaps we wouldn't have seen the crisis start with that and you know I can see women in the audience nodding you know that if women are present women act differently more consensually more risk-averse you know more soon see this maybe that too maybe maybe that too Russell but you know part of the problem has been the macho male go for it very aggressive I'm in it I'm here for my bonus at the end of the year you know that is the culture that's got to change and you're absolutely right there are thousands and thousands of people decent people working hard in banking in this city it is important we remain the banking capital the financial capital of the world with a decent banking system i I can't say I entirely share Tessa's optimism about women being the icons and Paragons of integrity and competence I'm just thinking of we may come to it later on in the show the Care Quality Commission headed by women I mean it's not exactly a great advertisement I don't think it's the case that either men or women are more susceptible to corruption or fraud or incompetence or melt malice or recklessness I think we're all frail we all need to have systems of regulation put in place and we all need to be in a society which has a shared culture of integrity and trust and honesty and that's what we all lost okay

Boris Johnson calls Sadiq Khan "some puffed up pompous popinjay" over cancelled Trump visit to UK

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i24news UK and Europe correspondent Jonathan Sacerdoti reports as Boris Johnson calls Sadiq Khan “some puffed up pompous popinjay” over cancelled Trump visit to UK.

concent today the Prime Minister made a big mistake by even extending an invitation for a state visit well joining us now is our UK correspondent Jonathan Sacks regarding Jonathan developing story were hearing reaction from London's mayor now first paint us a picture really how unpopular how divisive is President Trump in London well I think you've hit on the two words they're unpopular and divisive of course there are people with whom Donald Trump is unpopular in the UK just as there are in the US and elsewhere in the world but he is also divisive which means that there are people with whom he's actually very popular and some of those seemed to be within the UK government so foreign secretary Boris Johnson has now spoken out and said that the u.s. is the biggest single investor in the UK yet Khan and Corbin referring to a Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and London Mayor Sadiq Khan seemed determined to put this crucial relationship at risk we will not allow US UK relations to be endangered by some puffed up popinjay in City Hall calling him pompous so quite stern words from Boris Johnson there you can see Trump breathing divisive in the UK as everywhere else in the world surely there if this trip went through there were plans for massive large-scale demonstrations Sadiq Khan says the invitation itself was a mistake but apparently the invitation still stands he's still invited will President Trump come at a later time do you think or that's not gonna happen well indeed that invitation still stands Theresa May was the first world leader to go and visit Donald Trump after his election and she extended on that visits an invitation to him for a state visit to the UK which is one which has been afforded to other US presidents and to plenty of other world leaders who are far more controversial than the leader of the United States of America even this current one now that said he is a controversial figure and there could have been some protests this was a concern both for the UK government and also for Donald Trump himself and it's believed that's why the date for that visit has just not been set it keeps being kicked into the long grass this upcoming visit was planned to be a working visit not even the build state visit that one was expecting the government maintained though that the invitation was made it was accepted and that the visit will than the date though is unset alright developing story rapidly changing Jonathan's house Rigali thanks for the update

Remainers mock Brexiteers calling them 'incompetents' on Breaking Point poster

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“The UK is being swamped by a tide of incompetents”

Remainers mocked Brexiteers by replacing migrants in Nigel Farage’s ‘Breaking Point’ poster with photos of people such as Arron Banks and Boris Johnson.

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leave a billboard originally showed a swarm of migrants crossing into the European Union but campaigners have replaced the migrants with over 70 break cities including Theresa May Rupert Murdoch and Jacob Riis MOG they're titled as a tide of incompetence

Boris Johnson lies to smear UK Uncut

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but for them to do what they did and if they weren't kind of sitting quietly and peacefully in important man mason on the floor being polite they stormed that building they terrified the staff they upset the customers they did they weren't kind of sitting quietly and peacefully in important man mason on the floor being polite set the customers they did tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage

UK's Johnson woos remainers in Valentine's Day Brexit address

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(14 Feb 2018) Britain should make a clean break with European Union laws and regulations after it leaves the bloc, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Wednesday, arguing that the UK will prosper after Brexit by “going global.”
Johnson, who was a leader of the “leave” campaign during Britain’s 2016 EU membership referendum, used a speech in London to argue for “an outward-facing, liberal and global Britain” after the UK leaves the bloc.
“We would be mad to go through this process of extrication from the EU and not to take advantage of the economic freedoms it will bring,” he said.
It was the first in a series of speeches by senior ministers that the British government hopes will show unity and energy around Brexit after months of prevarication and mixed messages.
But Johnson’s speech highlighted divisions within the Conservative government over what kind of relationship Britain wants with the EU after it leaves the bloc in March 2019.
Some ministers, including Treasury chief Philip Hammond, want to stay as close as possible to the bloc’s borderless single market and tariff-free customs union. Others, including Johnson, want a definitive break so Britain can pursue a distinct economic policy and new trade deals.
With just over a year until Britain leaves the EU, the two factions are still fighting for supremacy in the UK government.
Johnson said Britain should not agree to accept EU rules in return for access to its markets, saying it would be “absurd if we had to obey laws over which we had no say and no vote.”
He said “it’s only by taking back control of our regulatory framework and our tariff schedules” that Britain can strike new trade deals with the United States and other countries.
Johnson is among the favourites to replace Prime Minister Theresa May as Conservative leader. But his prominent role in the anti-EU campaign – and an earlier role as a Brussels-based journalist writing sometimes fanciful stories about the bloc’s bureaucracy – has made him unpopular with pro-EU politicians and voters.
In his speech, Johnson sought to reassure voters who wanted to remain in the EU that Brexit can be grounds for much more hope than fear.
Opponents of Brexit were unimpressed, and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said Johnson’s claim that the EU aimed to build a European super-state was “total nonsense.”

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if we're going to accept laws then we need to know who is making them and with what motives and we need to be able to interrogate them in our own language and we must know how they came in authority over us and how we can remove them and the trouble with the EU is that for all its idealism which I acknowledge and for all the good intentions of those who run the EU institutions there is no demos or at least we in the UK I don't think have ever really felt part of such a demos however others in the EU may feel the British have plenty of common sympathies with the people of France of course we do but it is hard to deny that we also share common sympathies with plenty of known EU people American Swiss Canadians Pakistanis Thais and that is one of the reasons why we in the UK have had such difficulty in adapting to the whole concept of EU integration to understand why EU regulation is not always suited to the economic needs of the UK it's vital to understand the EU law is a special type of law unlike anything else on earth it's not just about business convenience it's expressly teleological it's there to achieve a political goal the aim is to create an overarching European state as the basis for a new sense of European political identity British politicians labour and Tory have always found that ambition very difficult it's hard to make it cohere with our particular traditions of independent parliamentary and legal systems that go back centuries and in spite of many sheep-like coughs of protest from the UK the process of integration has deepened and the corpus of EU law has grown ever vaster and intricate and evermore powers and competences have been handed to EU institutions culminating in the Treaty of Lisbon we would be mad to go through this process of extrication from the you and not to take advantage of the economic freedoms it will bring we will stop paying ever more Klassen sums to the EU every year and as the Prime Minister herself a set that will leave us with more to spend on our domestic priorities including yes the NHS we will be able to take back control of our borders not because I am hostile to immigrants or immigration far from it we need talented people to come and make their lives in this country doctors scientists the coders and programmers who are so crucial to Britain's booming tech economy it was my proudest boast as mayor of London that we had 400,000 French men and women living in the British capital high earning high spending types while only about 20,000 UK nationals went the other way to live deal in Paris and we've got to stay that way we must remain a magnet for ambition and drive but we also need to ask ourselves some hard questions about the impact of 20 years of uncontrolled immigration by low-skilled low-wage workers and what many see as the consequence suppression of wages and failure to invest properly in the skills of indigenous young people we don't want a whole hall up the drawbridge and certainly not to minimize the wonderful contribution they may win and certainly we don't want to deter the international students who make such a vital contribution to our higher education economy 155 thousand Chinese students are learning but we want to exercise control and if we're going to move from a low wage low productivity economy to a high wage high productivity economy as we must then bricks it gives us back at least one of the levers that we need if we were it will be absurd if we were obliged to obey laws over which we have no say and no vote as the prime minister said at Lancaster House remaining with within the single market would to all intents and purposes mean not leaving the EU at all the British people should not have new laws affecting their everyday lives imposed from abroad when they have no power to elect or remove those who make those laws we will decide on laws not according to whether they help to fill the united states of europe noble goal though that may be but because we want to create the best platform the best platform for the economy to grow and to help people to live their lives and the crucial thing is that when we're running ourselves and when all these freedoms are open before us will no longer be able to blame brussels for our woes because our problems will be our responsibility and no one else's indeed no one should think that brexit is some economic panacea any more than it is right to treat it as an economic pandemic on the country the success of brexit will depend on what we make of it it's only by taking back control of our laws that UK firms and entrepreneurs will have the freedom to innovate without the risk of having to comply with some directive devised by Brussels at the urgings of some lobby group with the specific aim of holding back a UPA UK competitor that will be intolerable would be undemocratic and it makes it over impossible for us to do serious free trade deals it's only by taking back control of our regulatory framework and our tariff schedules that we can do these deals and exploit the changes in the world economy it's a

Boris Johnson – Future Prime Minster. Bumbling Idiot

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This could be the UK’s next Prime Minister.
Boris is a Johnson