Stop Wildlife Crime: The Series – Elephants (Video 2) | WWF

Stop Wildlife Crime: The Series - Elephants (Video 2) | WWF

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[WARNING: CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES] The second episode of WWF’s Stop Wildlife Crime series highlights the impact on elephants. Tens of thousands of elephants are being killed each year for the illegal ivory trade. Follow our video series on World Wildlife Fund’s YouTube channel by subscribing now and using the hashtag #StopWildlifeCrime while you watch.

Asian and African elephants are being slaughtered to meet consumer demand. In almost all cases of elephant poaching, the elephant is shot and has its ivory tusks hacked out with machetes or a chain saw. Ivory comes from a living animal that suffered enormously before dying—all for the sake of an elephant figurine, an ivory trinket, or a souvenir.

Wildlife crime is dead serious. This low-risk, high-profit crime threatens some of the world’s best-loved species and the rangers that protect them.

WWF needs your help to make a difference. Please view and share to spread awareness. And, don’t miss this five-part series featuring wildlife trade facts and interviews with experts in government, security and conservation every Sunday at 7 pm EDT in September 2013. Learn more:

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so when you look at elephants that the Continental level the big picture we see alarming trends in Africa chloro that evidence is showing that in fact tens of thousands of elephants are being killed in an annual basis just for their ivory that's that's unbelievable there's a situation in Cameroon that developed earlier this year in boob and Jeter National Park that had about four to five hundred elephants in it and the Janjaweed militia came in about a hundred and fifty of them and proceeded to wipe out about three hundred elephants at least just this week in Kenya they reported a seizure of two tons of elephant ivory now that would equate to something like maybe two hundred and fifty elephants that were killed for their ivory for that one shipment um we see these shipments being seized it seems to me almost every other week in 2011 more large shipments of ivory left Africa than we've ever seen in history huge shipments several tons each showing up in the ports of Southeast Asia I the scale the size of those shipments indicates that this is a highly organized illegal trade it's the same people doing this sort of crime as it as a smuggling human smuggling drug smuggling guns we have to look at it for what it is it's it's organized crime on a very massive scale killing very large numbers of animals and a number of forest rangers who are killed also so it's another part of the crime problem the types of products that are made out of ivory tend to be works of art or or carvings that are gifted or used for ornamental displays in hunt they do make fantastically beautiful pieces but what you have to see is open your eyes and see that this piece of art comes from a dead elephant that ivory comes from a living animal that has suffered enormous Lee to get that piece of artwork some people it has been clear they don't even realize that elephants are killed for their ivory that they think somehow these tusks drop off like antlers of a deer there is no way to obtain the ivory without killing the orphan the ivory is a growing piece of the elephant's body so in in almost all cases the orphaned is shot by the poacher and then as soon as they can reach the elephant they hack out the tusks usually using machetes sometimes a chainsaw if they're more sophisticated the hack out as much of the ivory as they possibly can because it's also extremely valuable in a few cases the elephant is doesn't die immediately but it's badly injured and then the elephant is just left to die from its wounds these are beautiful animals wildlife created by Nature they've been there for hundreds and hundreds of thousands of years and now they're being slaughtered for money for ornaments I would say that is a moral outrage if ever there were one so one of the key things that people can do if they want to protect elephants is don't contribute to the problem if you're ever presented with it with an object that you think may be made of ivory by all means don't buy that object be aware of the products that are available in the marketplace that are illegal even in this country but also when you travel abroad to parts of Asia where you see illegal ivory for example on sale be sure that you are aware that you don't buy these products and make sure your friends are aware we know people coming together can make a difference you know people talking to each other people standing out shouting about something that's important can make a difference so it can help us by joining our campaign you can help us push through a number of initiatives that's going to make a difference for those animals on the come to our website be informed about the issues take action where we ask you to take action we're trying to get leaders to elevate this issue politically to be able to mobilize the resources the attention we need on this I get asked fairly frequently why should I care this isn't impacting us doesn't really matter if elephants go extinct and it occurred to me that to some level of the creatures define us how we take care of them that defines us as humans to every other species doesn't stand a chance against us and because we're sadly greedy as well the other species are very likely to go into extinction if we don't care we need to care we need to have these creatures amongst us we need to get better as a species

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  1. The current world systems are very destructive to natural life, racist, ethnocentric, capitalistic, and many other negative things. It is a very insane world system that has been set in place that allows people to destroy natural life as they do. Hopefully, the positive changes the Earth and its natural life need will occur for their life to remain strong and positively grow. Most, if not all European, Euro-American, many other leaders, and the people who follow those leaders are supporting destructively capitalistic or other similarly destructive societal systems of the world. Those leaders and the people who follow them are attempting to take more resources from the Earth and other less destructive groups of people. Also, those negative people are attempting to remain in positions of power based on a racial hierarchy throughout the world made possible through killing and enslaving primarily the darker skin racial groups of people and destroying the natural life of the Earth. The negative in the world is terrible. Hopefully, all needed positive changes will occur in the world and the world will become a much better Earth. Hopefully, the positive changes will occur before the world becomes much worse.

  2. I can't believe this! Why are humans like this! Can we not make our own tiger rugs? Can we find an eco friendly formula of medicine instead of rhino horns? Can we not make other material to make art work instead of elephants trunks? If these animals are gone, what is earth? Without these animals what is beauty? I cant bare to see another endangered animal go for something useless. When they are murdered I feel like someone impaled me.


  3. Also, may be wildlife elephants should be introduced in countries like US, Australia where they will help reducing bushfire and will get better protection (hopefully..)

  4. Wealth creates environment problem everywhere… USA destroyed native wildlife, Japanese kills dolphin and whales, chinese killing elephant and rhinos, mankind is going against humanity….

  5. I'm SO GLAD that i volunteered with IFAW to carry out Public awareness campaigns to make people understand the consequences of our actions on Elephants and other majestic wildlife… THANK YOU WWF for everything you do… this is just beyond sad…

  6. Seeing WWF take poaching so seriously makes me very grateful! I am outraged by the murder of our elephants and other animals for profit! I agree with what was said, " we must become a caring and compassionate species that nurtures other species for our own survival as well!" How people can live with he selves by turning a blind eye is not something I can comprehend! It is among one of the most horrible evils a human s capable of! Please donate or help spread the word. Thank you WWF!

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