Sky Agriculture Introduces New Easy Drill

Sky Agriculture Introduces New Easy Drill

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Christophe de Carville with Sky Agriculture introduces the Easy Drill at Agritechnica 2013 in Hannover, Germany.

At the show, Sky Agriculture was showing a model of the seeding line.

Sky is dedicated to developing min-till and direct drilling equipment. Sky also showed off a full-sized display of their Maxi Drill.

we are here now in front of a model of our easy drill sitting line this is the direct drill it has a possibility of offering up to 250 kilos per disk so this is really its destination is really direct rolling the concept is what we call a tandem the sitting line will be resting on two points this rubber wheel in the front you will find here the depth adjustment system with blocks you'll be able to choose exactly which depth you want to achieve and the other contact point will be those press wheels in the back or tandem element will follow the soil whatever shape it has just resting on those two points and giving you the depth you've chose to those two discs each disk is equipped with a culture that will deliver the seed put it straight in the trench and in the back here you can see the second tube that will achieve the fertilizer fertilizer deposit or the second seed deposit because as you've seen in the hopper you have a wall which you can move to change the partition of your hopper with seed and ferd can be sixty to forty percent or a different type of setting where you will want have more seed and less product but really if you want to summarize this machine the right tooling machines to products to different doses to different locations and to different depth you can open and close any row you want it allows you lots of combinations lots of possibilities

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