Scotland News Report Macbeth Layer B

Scotland News Report Macbeth Layer B

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Here is a news report for Scotland during the reign of Macbeth.

hello ladies and welcome to back bath news today we'll be reporting the news in Scotland at the moment King Duncan our former King has been killed as you well know from the previous reports so let's have a look at how our new king is doing King Macbeth there have been some interesting rumours regarding Macbeth including him killing multiple people such as our previous King King Duncan oh what a morally granted man he was and Banquo apparently he was a former comrade of Macbeth so I don't know why he would ever do something like that Lady Macbeth Macbeth wife seems to be part of this in some way as well even people calling her the source of the morally wrong acts and Macbeth in the first place on another note Macduff found Banquo's body which led us his people to suspect Macbeth in the first place as his murderer because who else would want to kill a man such as him other events taking place include Lady Macbeth slowly going insane and muttering phrases such as it won't wash off which might refer to her previous actions causing great consequences today which has in turn led to the thought of Lady Macbeth having to do with this murder ordeal in the first place Lady Macbeth seems to not be able to be treated by the doctor as well with him saying that a divine power must help her now is there's nothing he can do for her also Mac Duff's family seems to have been murdered by Macbeth which leads us to our next news the Norwegian army is seeing Macbeth as a threat now I'm calling him a tyrant based on this evidence of murder so they finally decided to launch an attack on Macbeth involving their army and of a plan as well our sources suggest they are going to hide their numbers with branches for Birnam forest what an interesting attack that will be we'll make sure to tune in to tomorrow's news and see what happens to our King Macbeth when he gets bombarded with this sneak attack also make sure to check back on how our Lady Macbeth is doing and which evidence suggests she might be so beyond insane that she could kill herself have a nice day all of you Watchers of our regular news out there

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