Republic International Convention – BBC Sunday Politics

Republic International Convention - BBC Sunday Politics

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welcome back now it's been wall-to-wall coverage across the media for the past week hundreds of millions of people across the world are thought to have tuned in to watch live coverage of Harry and Megan's big day but as our Greg Dawson has been finding out not everyone was joining in the party it's something I stood with all the things that going on in the world it would be a dull place without them they are just fantastic twenty-four hours until Harry and Megan tie the knot here in Windsor the Sun is out there are smiles on people's faces there is an undeniable feelgood factor here so what must it be like to be the person here selling the message that it's time to abolish the monarchy for the last 15 years Graeme Smith this fought an arduous battle for Britain to become a republic it's a goal he believes can be achieved in his lifetime what does it feel like to be a Republican in Windsor on a day like today well pretty good ratio it's a beautiful day and I don't forget people enjoying the wedding and there's a chance for me to speak to the media and get our message out so this is actually good for you because it's attention yeah absolutely we are a country with a monarchy that is steeped in our tradition and the idea your goal of abolishing just seemed very far away when you look at all this isn't it I mean all these big changes that happen over history usually happen pretty quickly once they once they're going to happen and you know you go back for 30 years and you think about you know are we gonna have gay marriage for example you can go back 10 years and you know are we gonna be leaving the EU these things are always they always feel very unlikely or very impossible until all the sudden things start moving in that direction frames obviously not a fan of royal occasions but he admits they do come in handy to drive up membership and donations for his cause so you've got your Republican convention tomorrow at the exact same time as a wedding that's right by the way through the afternoon in central London Republicans from around Europe coming together and that was deliberately timed complete coincidence but yeah good timing look at this it's a pretty wonderful view good morning everyone so while Megan and Harry are enjoying their first few hours as bride and groom in Windsor here in central London on would you believe bride Lane it's a big day for Graham the starts of republic's annual conference let's head inside now we're not here just to talk about what we think we're here to get the job done and to actually succeed around a hundred people are here to see Graham issue his rallying cry but one neutral observer isn't buying it when we think about the royal family overall three-quarters of people think they're crucial to the future of this country that's the highest score that they have ever ever got and even if you reduce it down you say to people other royal family a good thing or a bad thing only 14% say that they're a bad thing you will always have a small hardcore minority of people who are opposed to the royal family I think in this room now but for some in the room the reason a future Republic isn't taken seriously is because the debate isn't allowed to happen people are afraid to speak out partly because of the trolls so you're getting the most appalling trolling and that is a stifles debate Jeremy Corbyn is known and thought to be a Republican should he be saying more maybe he could I mean as a leader of the Labour Party then he could if he wanted for him it's a personal thing you know I'm not trying to start a revolution as I keep saying I want to start a debate and so you know that's his personal view Emma's not the only politician here feeling a bit isolated it's almost impossible to get a discussion going in the House of Commons I would love to form a an all party group on the monarchy for example but I doubt very much if I would find a single Conservative member who would be interested even in having a discussion so Graham the end of a busy couple of days for you how do you think it's all gone yeah it's gone really well we've got our message out to loads and the audiences and some fantastic speeches in the hall now we were both in Windsor yesterday did you manage to come away with any souvenirs no I pretty much went straight back home well lucky you should say that because look what we have here special little gift for you should you choose to accept a royal wedding mug those beautiful that would look great on someone else's desk

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  1. Well done, Graham. It really is time for the four nations (England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland) to grow the fuck up on this issue and abolish this parasitical institution once and for all. As David Icke pointed out, they're pissing all over us. The taxpayer money that was spent on the security for the wedding would have been so much better spent housing the homeless people who were removed from the streets of Windsor!

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