Rafa's press conference news | Reading v Newcastle preview

Rafa's press conference news | Reading v Newcastle preview

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News from Rafa’s press conference today and we look ahead to the Reading preview tomorrow night.

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hi everyone registered see into the park this actually right behind where my turn style is I'm we're going to be talking a little bit about rougher than he as what he said in his press comments along longbenton i'm also going to be doing the preview with reading today as well so anybody who was expecting a whiteboard video apologize i'm italy i might working late and by the time of processes are not be out till tomorrow morning so a quick preview today after 13 seasons clock let's begin look through what Russell said on his trust comments be a fair longbenton so it use it was asked a few questions in these mention that he's happy to see the class celebrate with the fans with a wind / brighten and hoods field he said that the pleasant is now seen a response from the plows with the celebration with the hard work going into the game rajas also reiterated that every single player staff and fan from meat and all that nothing is done yet we have to keep going to achieve what you want to roughhouse PCC and yes what all get excited that will list we got one foot no crema league i'm very excited but rough i still see and let's take a game by game i think it is important i think rougher studies work head-on i think it is important that once were there yell then we can celebrate as far as where we're all excited what we think were there already minus and maybe get enough maybe three or four wins i think we'll be there but ruffles to see and let's keep moving let's go game-by-game i think it's also remember you know from the professional point of view he's gotta say that a new years right there none we like to dream will want to be back in the Premier League you know I've also mentioned that resource against teams around us are more important than suffering a defeat and more less against teams or law rendered Laura end of the table saw he's also meant that he isn't thinking about going to read and again the draw he's out there to go and get a win against reading with us again the rough I mentalities well some team news on it on the red and game is said that just just Isaac in and Rolanda errands without injured will come on and obviously you have read and preview into the second interesting just away from roster prescott minh city right yeah prom instead of his conference so that reading are not in contention for the top two which was interesting considering these first time he's come out and said this now we've got to imagine that they've got to think that their points behind brighton at the moment and 13 behind us i think the dumbest disposition our kind of dropped off of here no they're so maybe yup sounds not admitted defeat that may be surplus that air for reading let's jump over to I thought a little bit more bearable kids get on a Reddington look at their form game elastic skins have 12 drawn two lost to us it became ill as I mentioned before they've gone off the Pierce a little bit beat was 21 but then I saw 20 feet against right in the host field against their nearest rival so that's put a little bit of dinner on them have beaten brentford 32 also drew of barnsley and Ruth if switch novato conceded mangles in the last six games scoring seven and the only picked up eight points and were possible 18 the fears in the table as I mentioned on 63 points clock appears the do share of shared the ghouls and monsters in Newcastle have to be too weary the likes of her Margaret I can't hear that now he's got a name cool girl from CLE we've got air feels more than likely take me penalties Swift from which feels about seven beers on the wings also got six so they do mix the brought would mix the goes up a little bit on it there's gonna be there's a few threats from the top concerns from reading to do CLE a lot of possession football sure person very much like they're just philosophy that yup farmers brought in a reading I'd use the flanks as well so newcastle discovery weary especially the full-backs as well you've got to remember that we read in there for one he enjoyed his pocket earlier on in august nice hot summers night you know it was pretty much fifty-fifty and so we got that second all and then we'll went on a cruise to victory for one yes tram come out and after said that red actually the best I he'd believe that not even though they're just got before one you know and it wouldn't go and get another three points what a week it will be I mean we've got six points from Huddersfield and Brighton before I'm if we can go a redden and get nine points I mean that would be absolutely what a week that'll be that'll put a stamp saying where Newcastle where comments / Emily I mean yes I know rough i said earlier on that men tonight let's take again by again but if we're get another win I mean we our the moon I mean myself I only want to five points from 3d from these three games it's just Newcastle's a waveform its outstanding this season why can't we go on we've got confidence a lot of fun with in rule gonna get it a feature and they have a lot of fans are now saying I wouldn't go on and get get these three points against reading why not why not ideal why not these obviously team news wasn't mentioned earlier on errands and here not the only throughout the only really questions that you've got to ask yourself whose rough I'd going to play a top elite a miracle he scored would he play right gear got the inkling that you probably go steal against reading just to get the goals will gue friend coming for after that's probably likely to happen i am expecting that happen will any Akram it will then it continued is position or will DeAndre Yedlin come in and the other question is did you drop the army bring IOC present so there's 44 possible changes that you might see Molesley rafa and you like to have us guessing but prediction wise I'm going to go for a new car stops nice necklace I'm going to war for one nil or where win for Newcastle there are three point three point nine out of nine another past week come on the tune obviously the review will be out there after the game tomorrow come on Newcastle thanks for watching Caesar

7 thoughts on “Rafa's press conference news | Reading v Newcastle preview”

  1. I'm feeling confident we'll get the win, three outta three and a 3 – 0 victory Matt Richie will score and Gayle scoring the others…open the gap between us and Brighton…Toon Army.

  2. The results against Brighton and Huddersfield have put a little less pressure on thus game i recon, i would take a point away at Reading, that would be 7 points from those 3 away games which is very good. We should have a lot of confidence and theres no reason why we shouldnt be targeting 3 points at Reading, it will be intreating to see who Rafa starts. If Gayle plays from here on out i recon he will end up with 30 goals ! Toon Army !

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