Post-match – Bath Rugby v Saracens – Josh Bayliss

Post-match - Bath Rugby v Saracens - Josh Bayliss

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Josh a really physical contest out there but not quite to be tonight yeah no exactly it was massively physical when we knew that was going to be the case the new saris are going to bring it and they certainly did I was really proud of the boys a lot of areas of that we did what we said we were going to do and we've got a little ball in that in there 22 and we just worked very hard for our points we let in a soft drive to them and I think that's ultimately what I suppose the consolations the way that the boards pass food basically through that first half and it was that never never say die attitude exactly though we we knew coming into tonight was going to be a massive massive task a massive scrap for us a real physical game we were prepared to put the hard yards in we've done what we've been training unfortunately just just come up short I suppose a man with the talent micro and Fowler you can quarter to give him those opportunities to keep those goals or exactly I mean wherever it is in inside our half we did wear penalty and he's probably going to swat it to that just sort of highlights our discipline and the need to sort of get better there and what we'll be looking to do for next week's better day I said next week back on the horse against Clermont Auvergne they also show them that in the first food stations Harlequins what a powerful side they are what do you think that the team needs to do between now and then I think first and foremost we need to recover well this weekend and then straight back in we're in for a review tomorrow so look at look at some of the stuff look at some of the areas tonight where we could have could have gone better and then come Monday will be switched on to Clermont building a game plan to go and take them on at the right here next Friday

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  1. Something has to be done about the pitch at the Rec, it’s doing the Bath boys no favors at all. There’s too much quality on that Bath squad and the Rec may be the reason why such an historic club could face the drop at the end of the season.

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