Police Confirmed UFO Sighting | National Geographic

Police Confirmed UFO Sighting | National Geographic

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At first, police mocked the 911 call about the UFO sighting–but then they saw it too.
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Police Confirmed UFO Sighting | National Geographic

National Geographic

my name is Melbourne Knoll and I'm a part-time truck driver and and I own this miniature golf course and also the go kart track out here that certain morning I happen to look over into the sky to the northeast and I seen a very very bright light up there like a very bright store and then I said well that's moving and I just stood there and watch it as what I was doing it never just coming down out of the sky real slow and no noise just quiet and I couldn't see no wings or nothing just floating right through the mid air up there and I thought well if I don't tell nobody that I've seen something go over town then I know but I believe me tomorrow nul drove his truck to the Highland Illinois Police Department to report an unidentified flying object heading toward the neighboring town of Lebanon mother just received a call from Highland PD reference to a truck driver just stopped in and said there was a flying object in the area's webmin kill right no this is not a joke that's what up Eadie Barton was the first police officer to respond to the call her father's a very bright light light east of town and agitation color heading west on mount arab activists a philosophic of a theater now at 4:23 a.m. police officer David Martin saw the UFO over a field on the outskirts of Shiloh I happened to look over and saw this large floating object that was just moving very slowly it was probably about a football field in length they had three large bright lights lighting up the sky underneath it I honestly don't know what it was that I saw other than I know it wasn't a plane or a helicopter or a blimp police reported the object over Lebanon over Shiloh over Milstead overdue poe detective mark Lupino says he saw it as it approached a fallon illinois I was driving eastbound on highway 50 when I see the object the UFO if you will I first thought it was probably a bunch of helicopters flying in some type of formation as I drew closer to it I saw it start to cross over the roadway it was unlike anything I have ever seen before you could see the lights and you could see something that they were attached to and it was shaped like a triangle I'm freaking out I'm like what the heck is this so I continued and it's going over these trees by time I get here toward the left turn lane I duck into the last left turn lane here and I stop right about here I wanted to listen this if I get here any type of engine noise I could not hear anything I tried to look again at the UFO and it had already gone behind these trees I put it in reverse to back up a couple seconds to see if I could rewrite to see it it had moved at least a mile away if not further that quick I was just astonished I didn't know what to say I was speechless six people including five police officers saw an object over southern Illinois that night they all described what they saw as a massive triangular object flying in total silence

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  1. I have the same image stored in my phone from February 18 2017 Jackson county Ohio I have and showed several people trying to get an explanation I would love for a professional to look at these images I have and give me some kind of answer. Just like this guys no sound and where I was stopped on the back road between Coalton Wellston the cows on both sides of the road were laying down not making a sound no wipperwills crickets nothing and there is a creek that even runs alongside of the one side dead silence it was surly strange

  2. I seen it up close it was hovering about 30 ft above the railroad tracks hidden behind a stand of trees from on coming traffic . Triangle shape with four round slow blinking lights on the rear of it I pulled my car over stopped and got out it was around 10:00pm on a stretch of rural road route 104 s. I stood looking up at it I could hear a light humming sound. Watched as it slowly drifted off heading south towards Franklin, I'll. Along route 104

  3. I am sure everyone asks the same questions , in this Universe and all the other infinite Universes … " What began us and what began that which begot us ." Sounds a bit like something Cole Porter would have written .

  4. I saw sth in the sky when I was kid . I was really scared that after all those years I can remember how it moved and vanished . We lived in a place too far away from any city .

  5. kya alien sachhame hote hai
    Maine alien ko sapane me dekha hai vo dharti par tab ate hai jab barish hoti ahi Mai apane frands
    khelrhata tad darish me Maine une dekha par uname se ek ne muzhe dekha liya dab barish ka sapan ata hai tab dikhae deta hai

  6. The police should be held responsible for not arresting the occupants of that craft for a violation of municipal airspace, they had no permit or authorization for low flying.

  7. When I was a kid probably 8 or 9 my cousins and I ( similar age group) saw a large, I mean massive oval shaped glowing ship with designs on the side hovering over Chapman Ave. In Stanton /Garden Grove, California area. It was weird because all adults deny ever seeing it and their was at least 50 eye witnesses in that church parking lot after Sunday evening service. What is even stranger is that you get all of us in a separate room and we all describe the exact same thing. After I became a Christian I stopped having anxiety and night terrors concerning this phenomenon.

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