One Woman, 17 British Accents – Anglophenia Ep 5

One Woman, 17 British Accents - Anglophenia Ep 5

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Siobhan Thompson performs a tour of the accents of the British Isles – and the celebrities who speak with them!

Five lessons to help you do a better British accent here:

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the UK is incredibly diverse in terms of accents and it just so happens that I can do many of these accents as my party trick so come with me as I take you on a guided tour through all of the accents and archetypes of Great Britain's hi I'm Siobhan Thompson and this is Anglo tinea and what I'm speaking right now is Rp receive pronunciation or you know your standard BBC English it's spoken across the country generally by middle upper middle and upper class people think of Martin Freeman Benedict Cumberbatch or you know most of the presenters of BBC news so good evening it's night o'clock and this is the news I'm very important heightened RP is generally only spoken on film and television now so you're gonna think of no card or the Dodger countess in Downton Abbey Oh Gerald I do love you but you're so terribly terribly poor now London is the action the most people outside of Britain can recognise you know that classic look Stock and Two Smoking Barrels give out of my pub go on get out of it shut it you taught East Anglia is a flat boggy kind of place with a flat boggy kind of accent I love to give you an example of somebody that comes from there the speaks like this but they all lose this accent as soon as I can Stephen Fry's from Norfolk but he doesn't speak like this because he's posh here's a kind of classic kind of East Anglia phrase I done drop my computer in the fan and it's broken now let's go across the island to the West Country which is a much rounder sound its farmland full of sheep and cows and apples think of like Sam Gangi from the Lord of the Rings or Hagrid from the Harry Potter movies or you bloody kids go off my land or Oh mr. Frodo don't let me turn me into anything unnatural and then you go down to Cornwall it gets a little bit more priority so moist the mizzenmast Squire Trelawney no southern West is this great singing song he kind of an accent think of Tom Jones or Richard Burton you know rage rage against the dying of the light bloody hell I love Dylan Thomas Northland which is where the singer Duffy is from it's a breathy a thicker kind of an accent and most people from there speak Welsh at home and English as a second language so you know dear who've our now cross the country to the West Midlands and Birmingham it's a very nice or kind of an accent mostly on account of all being just through the went on in that area cap Daly who presents So You Think You Can Dance is from there and so is Ozzy Osbourne you know Sharon where's the bloody remote yeah that police that he does isn't because of drugs is just where he's from Scouse is your classic Liverpool accent the Beatles are from there and so spall McGann they're also made European Capital of Culture a couple years ago by the EU so don't tell me that I cultured all right up until Lancashire and you're not think of Christopher Eccleston or most of the cast of the downstairs and Downton Abbey Daisy get those buns out the oven before the burn ah mr. big saw across the pen irons to Yorkshire it's a much kind of flatter accent from Lancashire and they cut off a lot of the words so I'm going to pop up he'll think of Sean Bean from Lord of the Rings our Game of Thrones one does not simply walk into Mordor so in Northumberland and Newcastle is to be in a Geordie accent so you don't think of the Geordie Shore or Carol call remember she got fired from the ex fight at cos nobody could understand a word she was seeing or Billy Elliot oily what I do is dance Bally but my dad makes me box Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland it's a very soft maybe a little snooty a kind of an accent think of you and MacGregor or Dame Maggie Smith as Professor McGonagall that's ten points taken from Gryffindor mr. Porter glass keys a much thicker kind of an accent Billy Connolly and Peter Capaldi a booth from there they cut off follow of the word so have me any butter so I got to go to this shop you know and so up to the very north to the highlands of skull and think of Amy Pond from Doctor Who or maybe Sir Robert Burns best laid plans of mice and men gang after Glee now let's go to north and Ireland and it's all about the virus with the north and Irish accent like so like high nigh Bronco Liam Neeson is from there got a very particular set of skills I know he doesn't say it in that accent in the movie but it sounds well cool so like and finally southern ireland is obviously not too far to the United Kingdom but I can do a double in accent so let's just do it it's pretty classic Irish accent with a lot of assonance to it so Sinead O'Connor's from there nothing compares nothing compares to you it's all for me tell me if there's any British accents that I miss because I'm long a challenge don't forget to subscribe and thanks for watching you

37 thoughts on “One Woman, 17 British Accents – Anglophenia Ep 5”

  1. Errrr… Scot here.. Robert Burns is NOT from the Highlands! He’s from Ayrshire, which is more than 100 miles south of Inverness – even South of Glasgow in fact. His poetry is written in Ayrshire Scots dialect.

  2. Yorkshire has loads of different accents. It depends where you’re from. To be honest, i’ve never heard someone speak like that, and I was born in South Yorkshire, but moved to West.

  3. As someone originally from Ireland I can tell you that your Irish accents need improving, Dublin has two very different accents, often referred to ‘north’ and ‘south’, however your Dublin accent was neither of those. I now live in the south west of England, your accent for there was okay, it’s a good trick just needs a little more practice and some constructive criticism 👍

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