NUFC News! UPDATE Newcastle United £350m Shock Takeover

NUFC News!  UPDATE Newcastle United £350m Shock Takeover

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Newcastle United’s £350m Takeover by the Bin Zayed Group took a dramatic twist today…

…A brand new company called ‘Monochrome Acquisitions’ a holding company appeared on Company House.

Mike Ashley who has owned the club for 12 years is looking to sell and Sheikh Bin Zayed, worth a reported $18bn personally and his family wealth could be $115bn, is the man believed to be ready to seize control of the ST James’ Park Club.

Could this be the news all NUFC fans have been waiting for?
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8 thoughts on “NUFC News! UPDATE Newcastle United £350m Shock Takeover”

  1. there is one person that can shed all the light on this deal that needs to be shed …RAFA and he has not opened his mouth once. If he loves the fans as he tells us why not put us out of our misery and give us some facts from the horses mouth….Its simple….what has he been told about the arabs and what detail(s) are stalling his resigning a new contract STUM is the reply and very little respect to the fans that put him on high with their chants and banners…I for one think he is taking the piss out of us who pay his wages.

  2. It's probably a Makum wind up, personally i would wait and stop jumping round like shool girls waiting to see a pop star and i love Newcastle by the way, so behave ourselves.

  3. A holding company by definition only exists the aquire other companies so that’s exciting, the fact that it’s those two guys is exciting, the fact it’s called monochrome is exciting, it’s all very exciting

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