Notre Dame: Blaze engulfs medieval icon – BBC News

Notre Dame: Blaze engulfs medieval icon - BBC News

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It is one of the most famous buildings in the world. It has stood on the banks of the river Seine for more than 800 years. Tonight Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is completely engulfed by fire.

Huge crowds gathered in the streets around it – many were in tears. Notre Dame took 200 years to build – it’s one of the greatest treasures of medieval architecture. Tonight it lies in ruins.

BBC News at Ten’s breaking coverage of the decimation of one of the world’s most iconic buildings, with Sophie Raworth, Lucy Williamson and Fergal Keane.

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37 thoughts on “Notre Dame: Blaze engulfs medieval icon – BBC News”

  1. It's a great fire!!!!!Western countries should be punished!100 years ago, you invaded China and burned the Chinese park "Yuanmingyuan" . Now it's retribution!!!! F*ck Christian

  2. The collapsing spire symbolizes the collapse of the Catholic Church as it implodes from the shock and disgrace of the revelation that most Catholic priests have always been child abusers — for TWO THOUSAND YEARS!! This Church is DONE — shut it down, and sell Notre Dame for conversion into a shopping mall.

  3. It's a real tragedy that the building that more or less watched over a country for decades has suffered such damage. On the bright side, the structure itself
    was mostly intact, thanks to the collective efforts of all those who put out the fires. I hope the reconstruction goes well, and that I may someday
    visit Paris to see Notre Dame in it's restored glory.

  4. They could of put the fire out in about 5 mins…no matter how big the flames…with SOUND..!!
    Think it's a lot of hot air I tell you…some might say B/S… go check it out…2 young uni guys have found the frequency at which fire burns…go watch it…I kid you not…!…this was the work of the Illuminate..April is their month of "sacrifice by fire"…look it up…DO your research…you owe it to yourselves…
    May God be with us all…

  5. Another church, destroyed by Islam invasion and government and media cannot speak publicly about this. Because that, will be assault on Islam and Muslims. With your humanitarian help, Europe gonna to be destroyed. Now you can see, for what is this EU and how its work.

  6. I ve heard a wise man said that this is all Macron plan and hes a mason, to ruin the Christianity.. hows that such iconic building have no cameras or midnight active firemans, and was forbiden to spill water from the air ( "could damage the wood and make more damage") even Trump said not to do it like that. Who the fuck you kidding??

  7. Strange never I read information s manifest yellow west
    The France is dictature the manisfestation are prohibited
    The people are arrested for nothing
    The French ask ric frexit but Macron doesn t like
    Few people haven t hand or eyes for the policies violence
    À day the French people ask thrue at all journaliste than said nothing
    Free for the France
    Yellow west here for ever for have a life with dignités
    The people are arrested before the manifestation
    Don t forget a day the thrue arrive

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