Nothing to Declare Uk S03E02 | Caught Drug Smuggling Customs Border Patrol Airport

Nothing to Declare Uk S03E02 | Caught Drug Smuggling Customs Border Patrol Airport

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Nothing to Declare Uk S03E02| Caught Drug Smuggling Customs Border Patrol Airport

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Nothing to Declare Uk S02E02 | Caught Drug Smuggling Customs Border Patrol Airport

in our ports and in our airports the UK Border Agency is fighting a constant battle against smugglers coming up a grandmother loses her cool after a suspect package is found in a laptop officers in Birmingham stub out a couple's plan to make a quick buck you wear the cigarette restrictions from crank area I can tell by the face and high traces of cocaine of founding Gatwick the minute that you mention the drugs he was not happy at all a gap with airports a flight has just arrived maanteeeca suitcases from the flights are unloaded and checked by sniffer dogs before passengers collect them in the terminal one female passenger from the flight has raised suspicion after passing through immigration she was seen changing her clothes in the toilets so UK Border Agency officer George has stopped her for questioning she actually changed outfits from when I saw it down by immigration when she was getting her passport swiped when talking to her in the channels she actually said dates because she had a long journey and she had some sake closer to need to change out as a suspicious activity normally people would just wait George carries out a routine search of the woman's bags when she went upstairs I noticed that she had a carry-on hold which sometimes they can actually sneak trucks through the holes the hole doll and its contents are taken away to be x-rayed officers will be looking for any hidden concealment George continues his search of the woman's suitcase the whole doll gets the all clear but the woman's laptop looks decidedly suspicious with concerns there may be drugs hidden in the laptop it's taken away to a workshop to be properly assessed hey what happened yeah we've got clear image and it it may seem brutal but the only way to find out if it does contain anything illegal is to break it open it looks like their hunch was right officers discover a package they suspect to be drugs stuffed inside the laptop a simple test will be able to confirm their suspicions at Birmingham Airport it's the start of a busy evening shift a flight has just come in from Gran Canaria an officer Mike the scanning suitcases for excessive quantities of cigarettes offensive weapons passengers arriving back from Gran Canaria have a strict allowance of just 200 cigarettes I'm gonna look it up in the environment having found a large quantity of cigarettes on the x-ray Mike will be keen to ask the owner of the suitcases a few questions a man in shorts and a blue jumper collects one of the bags from the luggage carousel and as he proceeds through them nothing to declare Channel Mike steps in to intercept him for a second to come over to the bench for we covered a passport this shopping anything else not chopping them anywhere else no just for the family holidays it yeah yeah okay who does it books in who actually did the booking all right so you see that you were traveling with these people yeah well no now this say if you travel with anyone else you said no that's not a problem okay yeah you know what you can't bring in drugs guns knives weapons it's obscene – yeah you wear the cigarette restrictions from Gran Canaria I can tell by the face okay not sure okay you know how many you're like to have no 201 sleeve one packet gone bust the man confesses to being way over his allowance fair enough appreciate your honesty my first time you've done it first time or not but it's going to be an expensive lesson with three suitcases stuffed to the brim the man could feasibly be arrested back at Gatwick officers are about to run tests on a package they suspect to be cocaine found in a woman's laptop we've pulled a package out from behind the screen all he's doing now splitting it take a spoon Chronicle which we can test on this cocaine reagent here so which gives the indications what type of drug is the reagent will turn blue if the substance is cocaine it is there with a positive identification for cocaine the news is now broken to the woman we have found a substance so time is 21 penis do you not have to say we don't have to say anything but it may harm your defense do not mention when questioned something you later as she's led off a further questioning officers take this opportunity to use the cocaine as a training aid for sniffer dogs we try to educate the dogs in life we wore from live concealment because we can't replicate that they've spent a lot of effort to sulphide that concern it's not laptop we just can't do that with our training samples the other dogs they learn new coats just shot right up with the game now well and truly up the woman's attitude begins to change she may be laughing now but all that a waiter is an empty cell officers stay with a woman while her belongings had checked in and she's informed of her rights meanwhile George inspects the cocaine concealment further there's a lot of work which has gone into this this would be actually considered the deep concealment for a rudimentary way of trying to do supposed disguise at from an x-ray was by covering it in foil obviously it hasn't worked as the woman is checked into her cell she starts to vent her frustration you need anything else she's getting a bit upset now when she was stopped even when the whole first computer was being actuated of it she was quite calm but everyone's different everyone reacts in different ways so there there is no way you can swallow drugs but who is it they come in all shapes and sizes one thing left to find out is the weight of the drugs 530 grams so depending on its purity it could actually be quite substantial with an estimated value of twenty five thousand pounds it's been a very successful day for the officers less so for the woman who will have plenty of time to contemplate her actions back at Birmingham officers are counting the massive haul of cigarettes a man has brought back from gran canaria he did realize there is a limit when you'd actually become an arrest on offense and you're good to be close it depends on the value the man's friend who booked the tickets is also carrying three suitcases full of cigarettes it's now a question of what penalty with the man's friend also carrying a further thirty six thousand and the total haul is just under the amount where they would have been arrested that one is a warning there no obviously you know you sell very close to the wind this time and there is no other sanctions you appends no fire there's no anything else Reserve – say it again because next time it might be more serious okay yeah it's a lucky escape for the two men who's audacious attempt at smuggling cheap cigarettes would have netted them a profit of over two thousand pounds each quite happy – system checks on the the people involved in both parties and myself and my colleague were happy that they were first-time offenders from a customer's point of view needs to say that that will be the records will be maintained on them and should they try and make another attempt more punitive action may well be taken coming up a woman in Gatwick struggles to explain a high drug hit coming from a suitcase coming up one man gets a bit economical with the truth in Birmingham you've never been arrested Yeah right well rapist – definitely so at Gatwick Airport a plane has just come in from Kingston Jamaica unknown source area for illegal drugs as the last of the passengers pass through the customs channels officers stop a woman who's just arrived home in the UK after a routine baggage search and an ion scan swap tests of her suitcase traces have been found for cocaine despite the woman's protest the suitcases taken away for further tests done a nice game of the bag she's adamant she hasn't come in to wear near drugs she's adamant there's nothing in there but sir I've got to find out why I've got a reading for 2.55 what do you do for a living what is your partner do well I'm getting on it still getting readings for cocaine so you said you're traveling with your partner I need to have a chat with him as well to see if we can see if we can find out why we are getting readings the woman starts to become agitated with the suggestion that she's been involved with cocaine I'm not saying you've got it all I'm saying is well I haven't found any so that's that's good but I still need to find out why I am getting these readings it might be that your boyfriend will be able to throw some light on it I don't know until I spoken to at the moment until I've spoken to him I can't say what's going to happen whilst waiting for the woman's boyfriend to arrive from immigration officers become intrigued by some prescription drugs in the woman's hand luggage with questions to be answered the woman's Rastafarians boyfriend is horid through immigration but he too is less than happy of the suggestion he's been involved with cocaine you don't know that you might you might you can pick up traces of drugs from anywhere you can pick them up from training you can pick them up from airline seats you can pick them up from being in night clubs pubs and any workshop no but this is what I'm saying this is you can pick traces of drugs oh okay and that can then contaminate the contents of your suitcase so what we need to do is we need to make sure with neither passenger offering an explanation further searches will be conducted to get to the bottom of the cocaine traces it's the middle of the day at Birmingham Airport a flight is due to depart to Dubai and officers are using sniffer dogs to detect passengers carrying any quantities of cash well under the proceeds of Crime Act 2002 anybody who is carrying more than a thousand pounds we're entitled to ask them about origins of the money and what they intend to do with it okay so you carry cash today yeah we're trying to intercept criminal money going out before it commits a crime before they go out to buy drugs before they go out to buy cigarettes so we didn't hit them in the pocket and where it is none of us like losing our money yeah if passengers can't provide evidence where the cash has come from or what it's going to be used for officers have the power to seize the money and investigate the individual further a man waiting to board the flight to Dubai has been pulled over for questioning he lives and works in the UK and claimed he was carrying just one thousand pounds on further questioning he revealed he's actually carrying four thousand pounds including the money belongs to you yes we'll give you by a quick check okay yeah if you have any more money with the flight about to board officers we'll have just minutes to decide what to do with the man and his cash short coat yes anyone in the coats it's very important you tell us about all I said to you can you tell me all the money then you the members with more money in this bag know you've remembered you have more money in the core do you have any more cash on you anywhere and your wallet you have your National Insurance card yes the man's dishonesty is ringing alarm bells have you picked your type suit on and last year yes did you pick your tux no no law says he's gonna fight have you ever been arrested by the police or customs after confessing to not having completed a tax return officers will conduct background checks on the passenger for further information can you take your money bill off to snow son and just show me all the money to send them money built you have yes with the threat of losing his money the passenger is starting to get upset with the interrogation reluctantly he shows the contents of his money belt the money here is not bankrupt suck so is this money you've taken from your shop yes yeah as the last passengers board the flight the suspected tax evader looks unlikely to be leaving the country with this cash in Gatwick the raster passenger is being decidedly candid so as a rest of NGO use cannabis yeah you miss we're gonna have no Nader but it is sort of find traces of cannabis car some more cannabis but you see where you do your where you say that you're a reggae are just okay so where you do that there could be people there who smoke yeah do you see what I'm saying yeah so you could have picked up traces of drugs from there you wouldn't know that you state officer hazel takes the man's suitcase to the x-ray but her colleague Sam think she might have worked out what's causing the high traces of cocaine we just have to check your partner but what I think is happening is because of the drugs you're taking it's reacting for the cocaine test that's probably all it is yeah but that's what it is I think that's what it is because you've got really strong medication and I think that's where it is because you're taking it when you sweat it goes into the into your pores and where then it goes onto your clothing then you're putting the clothing in your suitcase and that's what's contaminated hazal search of the man's suitcase comes back clear as well despite the questioning the couple are happy to accept that it's been a necessary interrogation by the officers sorry for delaying okay it was fine because I sprang him out the queue and he was absolutely fine he was charming chatty and the minute that you mention drugs cocaine specifically he was not happy at all he's a Rastafarian and to my understanding they use cannabis don't have much to do with cocaine but he got quite cross up here but then he called me princess so I figured it wasn't too bad nobody ever calls me princess they felt better when I stood up and keeps the medication in Birmingham officers have just minutes to decide what to do with the man carrying over 4,000 pounds in cash having lied about the amount of money he was carrying background checks have been conducted which if brought up more lies do you know what being arrested as not as well you've never been arrested well record should definitely suck no record talk sweetly good sister that's the airport Israel you said you'd never been a troubled customer the PNC he's got a Czech squid bank for been giving cigarettes into Birmingham Airport and 1,400 that was last year despite his previous offences today the main concern is the four thousand pounds in cash which may be illegal income having failed to pay any taxes for the previous two years officers decide to seize the money if they suspect him of tax evasion money you need to make a decision on whether you're going to travel or whether you're going to stay here to answer further questions in relation to the money and miss your flock that's your decision you're free to go but the money's not free to go you understand you can unless your flight and Steve to speak with us and you won't be flying today or you know flat or or you can go in the flight know what your money will be staying here and we'll go before the magistrate in 40 hours so you have to make the decisions up do you want to fly what you want to stay reluctantly he hands over all of his cash his case will go to court and he'll have the chance to appeal the seizure when he returns to the UK that's the reasons why the money's been taken from me okay thank you with just seconds to spare the man and his wife catch their flight – their cash if you own the last check about what my own taxes had paid what benefits has been claiming he would have been on the flight with that money because we did the check we found out he hadn't paid his taxes which therefore is a good approach to decline so therefore each money's gone the woman caught smuggling 25,000 pounds worth of cocaine in her laptop was found guilty and sentenced to five and a half years in prison

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  1. When entering the UK from a non-EU country, you must make a declaration to customs if:

    you exceed your allowances, which includes up to one litre of spirits, 200 cigarettes and a maximum of £390 worth of perfume and souvenirs
    the goods are for commercial use
    you have 10,000 euros or more (or equivalent) in cash

    you think you may have banned or restricted goods.

    … Everywhere I searched in google you are not obliged to declare at customs sums smaller than 10000 euros when entering or leaving UK from or to non EU countries. With EU countries there seems to be no limits at all. Have we just witnessed a crime committed by customs officials or my google skills are lacking?

  2. So people are supposed to travel without money?? The human race is so fucked up.. like cant people have freedom and do what they want?? Who gets hurt when someone travels with his or her money??

  3. All the way to G/C for nothing ? No rolling in my sweet baby's arms after that "bust" up.
    Pick up 2000 bucks in 1/2 hr. in London Casino. What's up with you , smuggling cigs for Costums Off. ?

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