34 thoughts on “Nigel Farage: The European Parliament is terrified of Trump”

  1. ADVERT: The LIE of anthropogenic climate change IS an emergency, Tom Steyer! High school science is enough to see through it! Scientists welcome critics, they do NOT threaten them with prison! IPCC is an attack on our freedoms.

  2. I love this guy! the Europeans have historically never got along with each other. from the hundred years war to world war 2, in which a unified Europe was offered under the Marshall plan and Europe rejected the idea. excellent job Nigel!

  3. We need a fact checker, Cavuto you are useless. The media give this mouthpiece way too much oxygen.

    If they were so terrified then why do they go after US companies for tax avoidance? Mr. Farage, Trump you are only distractions, the EU has it’s focus on making Italy viable and Iran at the moment.

    “Europe” did not say everyone can live there. I was there when it happened. Angela Merkel said refugees seeking asylum may settle in Germany, they were only admitting Syrian “asylum seekers”.

    As for the terroist attacks only one has been committed by a Syrian and no one died. The attacks have come from North Africans and were already existent in France. That was long before the migrant crisis of 2016.

    P.S I’d love to see him in a cage!

  4. Tell them Mr Farage….Yes, you are the MAN!
    In today's world, it takes guts and courage for any Politician to stand up for the truth and justice and you are doing just that Sir.

  5. On cue , they shout " RACIST " while at the same moment Islamic terrorists who Merkel allowed into Europe undocumented are blowing up and murdering European citizens !

  6. Farage's GERMAN Wife KIRSTEN she S(h)ITS on Farage's face to PUNISH Farage's Anti EU rants.

    Farage BoJo LIYING CUN*TS 16 Ref "350M nhs bus" BoJo in COURT charged with LIE & ABUSE

  7. Obama such a disgrace! So sick of globalism! I am proud of my country! Yes I am a nationalist and contrary to popular opinion this does not mean I don’t want other countries to do well! I just don’t want to be at the expense of my country!! Oh and I am not British! I am Canadian!

  8. Nigel Farage , I must say we'll spoken my friend , I truly believe no one else could have delivered a more powerful speech such as you have done. You a eloquent and well spoken man. Which you have relayed to the great and wonderful people who are caring for one and other in your Great Nation of Britain. I THANK GOD FOR YOU AND President Donald Trump it is men like yourself , that are changing the world for the better of all peoples who choose to be part of it. My prayers are with you. Keep up the good work my friend. I'm 63 years old and you speak more common sense than any or all of your adversaries put together.
    Your friend Garry Dupuis in Calgary AB Canada.

  9. Europe is astounding. It was clear to most everyone that Europe must not be ruled by a totalitarian empire with its capitol in Berlin. Much of the world joined together to beat down that monster and its Pacific friend, to restore peace and freedom. That didn't last long. The various governments of Europe marched after the goat, into a totalitarian empire based in Brussels. Ah, the EU. Over sized, over staffed, over paid and, thank God, over there. I suspect the people most in fear of EU collapse are those on the payroll.

  10. Farage is a maggot…. He did his work, and still it's not anough.
    He knows, he seriously damaged GB.
    That's why he has plans to move to America…… The Rats are leaving the sinking ship!

  11. The EU just had it's BEST year ever.
    GB leaving makes no difference to the rest of Europe.
    Knowing that Farage is one of Trump’s lapdogs, means America can keep him 😂
    (p.s I haven't seen a moslim in weeks. Were are they?)

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