Mutya Keisha Siobhan – BBC London News 30.07.2013 (First TV interview)

Mutya Keisha Siobhan - BBC London News 30.07.2013 (First TV interview)

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MKS Mutya Keisha Siobhan BBC London News

one of the country's most successful girl groups but over the years the band has suffered a revolving door of members to confuse even the most die-hard fans now the original members all from London have decided to reform but under a new name the result while our entertainment correspondent Brenda a man is can tell you they were the original sugar babes Macchio suborn and Keyshia three teenagers who shot to fame with a Brit Award nominated first single and a subsequent string of hits but internal tension and management decisions have seen in love changes in the lineup two mirror cabinet reshuffle but none of the original babes are back together with a new name and a new single so what made you decide to do it all again I think we felt like there was unfinished business with kind of the way the other band ended up and it felt like you know what would the next time after one touch you have what was it sounded like and then we wanted to just give it a go give it a try the girls are now known by their first names shortened to MKS we could have had the name if we wanted to go and you know get it I guess but we don't we didn't feel that we needed it I feel like there was so much emphasis on the name and we sort of wanted it to be about us so what's your attitude to Romania musically relevant when there are so many girl groups littering the charts I think everyone's so different from what especially what we're doing we're just I personally think we're lot different but I'm which is oh yeah we've got love for everyone I think that the music's moved on and it's contemporary so it's not similar to one touch in that sense what is Tim there is that we've chosen like lots of different genres of music that we were able to put together on one album it's still talk a body of work with past conflicts resolved new material in the bag and a London gig that sold out in 14 minutes there's renewed optimism amongst the trio it would be amazing to sell as much if not more records and you know we have done previously and we just really want to have fun this time and take it on our straddle the single flat lines will be released in September prendre Manus BBC London News

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