MOURINHO's MANCHESTER UNITED Are Officially Title Contenders! MAN UTD News

MOURINHO's MANCHESTER UNITED Are Officially Title Contenders! MAN UTD News

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Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United are title contenders according to many top pundits. But what do Manchester United fans think? Join in & get Commenting. Play Our Premier League Predictor on SuperBru here

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hello and welcome to the United stand it's the Sunday night show and it is autumnal so a little bit of the old Scottish water in the glass tonight to enjoy the evening with you lots of topic points lots of topic points Pogba latest what's going on with her area her area Herrera what's going on with Anthony Marcial Manchester United but first of all let's just start off by saying that Manchester United are now officially title contenders we're not gonna run away with it I'm not jumping on the bandwagon although I did say you know I had a win the league this season I based it on earth I'm a very well-known stat but I think my concern was that the international break three games one were exactly the same as last season we came back from that international brave and albeit bad defending and a bad miss by the calculator we dropped two points at Stoke and you thought well you know same thing happened last year we came back from the international break and that run just whole turd Everton at home today we win the game and you know for Neil whatever we can go into the depth of that if you want to but the reality is I just wanted three points we got the three points and we've had a favourable start to the season that's not that there is no there's there's no way of moving away from that but there are massive massive areas of improvement for Manchester United it's not just picking up the wins it's the clean sheets it's the amount of goals were scoring it's the confidence and the reality is for all the goals that City is scoring we are the level with them on goal difference and we are level with them at the points as well and the reason so many pundits and it's not me so many pundits are saying that Manchester United are now officially title contenders is because a simple fact asked them a six points office they look nothing like it Liverpool I think are about five points offers I don't know double check on that I think Spurs are the same in Chelsea of three points offers and the reality is the more games you play and the more games you playing you're at the top of the league the more it becomes consistent and the more it becomes a reality that you are title contenders massive massive loss to lose Prague barren and for a lot of that game against Everton today maybe we were questionable but the reality is we won't we run out for nil they didn't score and we scored four goals they had some really good chances but we've got somebody between the sticks he's world-class and they did boss our midfield at times but we had Matich in there who's won two Premier League titles and looks like a midfielder reborn under Mourinho and then you've got the car coup who apparently had a bad game and missed the sitter but still managed to get an assist in a goal it's consistent and that is the thing that will cause our rivals problems tonight is that I'm sure Liverpool City Spurs Arsenal Chelsea fans were watching United today see now it's only a matter of time until Everton equalized and then what happens we end up winning the game for nil and and that is what will hurt people and that is why United at the moment I believe and I think a lot of pundits starting to say you know I took our title contenders I'm joined by Ross which I'm gonna bring into a minute but when next game South Hamilton and then we've got Crystal Palace away big big opportunities for us but Russell just say merit United really officially title contenders now after today's result what I mean this is pretty much from a lot of people speaking in the press X professional footballers you know we could name it was – but we know who it is and what she thoughts on that after today yeah definitely we finally got through sort of the last season worries that we were going to capitulate after three games free wins and then go down here after that but we've actually managed to get the 13 points at our five games which is a really good return the goal difference is phenomenal it's a shame that city had to play the ball and obviously you know they're always going to score shitloads against them but yeah fishel title contenders for me now and and it's right you know we've got the team we've got the squad and it's night when things really awesome it's not it's not an accident and there is no luck in why we're batter in teams in the last seven minutes it's because it's because of our tactics and it's because that's what we're aiming to do so yeah all in all it's a really good day and yeah definite our contenders let's bring the first talking point in it's probably the big talking point that we all want to talk about Anthony Marcial you mentioned there about the squad depth and I think the squad depth is really really good I was talking about it on the watch along in the first half and I said I think last season you used to look at the bench and you'd be concerned and the great thing about this season is we've still not got stats and we've now lost pogba Luke Shaw's not back and yet we still look at the bench and I see depth in there you know you see Herrera you see lingard you see the best of the law Anthony Marcial I had a couple of negatives from the game today and I think it's always good to have negatives when you when you get such good resource because that's how you breed brilliance and that's how you get back on the top and I think Mourinho will have negatives from the game today I thought Erik Bane was shocking I thought Rooney was tearing him apart at the start of the second half and that's the second week in a row I rode BAE's concentration levels have dropped I don't propose to spend any time talking about baby because I think he will be one of the best center-backs in Europe I just think he's going through a bit of a dodgy patch at the moment I saw bida – the same so I'm not worried about that but the one thing I disagreed with and not because lingard came on and played badly is that I don't understand today why we suddenly decided that rash Hood's replacement was lingard and not Marcy out I'd agree I think the obvious up was was just the straight swap for them both I just think Josie thought well actually no I'm not gonna think what Josie thought I thought actually in hindsight it was the right decisions I think mingled was fantastic when he come on and it changed the way we played as opposed to Rushford amartia a little bit alike for like sub and it may not have changed the way we played so much and at that time we needed to change the way we play not just the personnel I think Josie as well so Mass masses of bravery to actually make that sub because when you got 75,000 people singing to bring marcia on and everyone at home you got to be brave to make that sub because you know that if it goes the other way you're gonna get absolutely slaughter and he was in the firing line to that but in hindsight I honestly think it was the right sub and because you know we were actually on was starting to get torn apart a little bit and he did need a bit of cover and Marshall would have been that man it just so happened I think I made more of a difference going forward but I didn't back it at the time mate in hindsight I'll back it now yeah oh yeah I just I want to talk about Marcion in a minute but soon this just occurred to me that this keeps happening with the United stand and I've said I'd sort this out for you so but a lot of people messaging is saying things like you're not getting notifications on your YouTube video or united stand video so spoken to YouTube over the week and they basically assured me that this is something they're aware of but there's a simple way around it so I'm going to show you and then we'll come back to the Marcille account so effectively I can't mirror on the united stand screen because I can't subscribe to the united stand as the united stand owner so what I've done is I've gone to that's football which we didn't watch along for Chelsea vs. arsenal this afternoon so as you see the screen in front of you there what you need to do is whether yes if you're not subscribed click subscribe if you are subscribed it doesn't really matter subscribe and then what you need to do is click the bowel next to it so I'll click the bowel and it says no tick of notifications from it should stay for you the united stand you need to tick send me all notifications for that channel and then click Save and then what will happen is you will get all notifications for the united stand so if you're not getting your notifications maybe unsubscribe subscribe again and like i say so i'll unsubscribe from there subscribe or even if you are subscribed click the bell and tick send me all notifications for this channel save it and then they have been sold by youtube you will get the notifications back because i know a lot of you have contacted us recently saying that you're not getting notifications but your nightstand anymore we'll make sure you subscribe make sure you click that bow and make sure you tick that box but that should let me know hopefully that should help out but you're not gonna know for a couple of days well we'll do another video tomorrow then you'll know but back into the Marcial debate which is one I mean I I was having a chat with my main after the match for me enough cuz we normally have a 10-minute conversation cuz he lives in Ireland and I live in England and we were basically saying there Eric when he comes to Marcial if he was a Liverpool Arsenal Spurs Chelsea player he'd play every week from the start what does he have to do to get into the United side because rash vid was rubbish today link guards okay but he's not Marcial and what marseilles doing off the bench I mean I remember our Laguna soldier but what marseilles doing off the bench this summer is nothing short of miraculous I mean he comes on he goes past two players he's going past the third and they off the Hanbali he then says I'll take the penalty and just you know there was never any doubt was that he was gonna score that penalty no I did like that well that was brilliant and I was the same he was always gonna bang that in in there yeah Chelsea team I'm not so sure I don't have Marshall getting in front of hazard in current form I think Marty I would become a better player than hazard I just think at the minute it's working well for Marty out coming on off the bench he has started a couple of games and you know he didn't play bad he just never had the same impact a rash words done the same thing a lot of the time when he started I think my shells is far better play the match would at the minute I just I be personally I don't really have any qualms of it I think Marsha is gonna get so many opportunities this season and I think he's being to being blooded in quite well and he's here the impact he's making off the bench is phenomenal Joe st. Joe's eighth not an idiot he knows what he's got he knows what Marcial can bring to the team I think he's just being clever with in my hope but just coming back to my point I think at the time given the way we were playing and how poor we were playing lingard may have been the right decision and then when we win the game was when we women Stu knew and we could play more attacking marshy out comes on and yet absolutely kills the gaming and that little run that he did beating it wasn't beating steidel in the codependent way it was beating the two men before that it was unbelievable he's fantastic I think he's one of my he's my favorite player in the United squad apart from Rochefort who wasn't good today I'm not worried about Rushford again I'm not gonna spend any time on rash bird like Bay because I like them both I think they're good players I think rash but just had enough day today but he's 19 years of age and that's the and I've got a great comment we'll get it we've got lots to talk about tonight but what I must also do as well is have a look at the super broom link in the video description I am looking at super brew basically because I was second out of nearly two thousand players at the in the United Stan League and I'm not second anymore two-nil I had it perfect but sir I'm still in the top ten I'm down to ninth with thirty seven point five points X Daniels top so well done 2x Daniel Peter Marshalls Grim Reaper no surprise Marseilles near the top Alex Colin why look you're all ahead of me at the moment but I'm ahead of the Godfather and big shot Bob and that's all that matters but you can sign up with super Bri the link is in the video description it's a predictor League that link will automatically put you into the United Stanley so you can join the banter with that and all you have to do every week is just pick your scores the great thing is it's free to enter is free to download and six correct schools will win you a team jersey of your choice so burn scores a thousand eight two scores two thousand five hundred nine schools five thousand ten scores 20 grand and the united stand league is very very very competitive but it doesn't matter if you join late because some people are rubbish and it's sort of average our aggregates you score anyway so it doesn't matter when you join and also on a weekly basis you can win those prizes so link in the video description for super brew it's the united stand predictor league that will automatically un tiss to ensure that having a good bit of fun with it to be honest and i'm in the top ten so I'm enjoying it much more win success 52% yeah I'm doing well I'm doing well on that and get involved I think it's gonna be a good bit of fun throughout the season and we'll update you each week with how everybody's doing but I'm not at the moment hopefully I'll I'll get back up there wasn't things have a great week in fact you know I thought was going to end to nil and lo and behold I was wrong so link in the video description for super brief spree to enter get involved now the next thing I want to talk about Ross Cobb Ross Aitken's has made a contribution and a very good contribution at that so thanks Cobb he says Mickey stats in the last 10 minutes are ace but in the eighty minutes before that for three games he gives the ball away he runs into opposition's and he misses clear chances I think that is one of the best comments of the night but I'm gonna give it you to answer yeah I I get where he's coming from Vica Terrace to straight me for two years but not two years as a year in three months because last season he really went off the boards wards the end this season statistically he looks like he's flying but again it's the overall match contribution and that's why Fantasy Premier League and a lot of pundits and rating systems have rated Paul Pogba high the mycket are in this season because he has more an influence over 90 minutes the catarrian has these moments of absolute brilliance and the stats look phenomenal like they did at Dortmund but yeah I agree he needs to contribute more over 90 minutes and consistently throughout a game and he does fade in and out of games and it's when Mick Atari disappears is when we start playing crap and that's what happened when we come out of the second half a half an hour I don't think Nick is are in touch to the ball so he disappeared and that's when we fail because it's like playing with 10 men at the same time you can't knock a man that's got what five assists and five assists and now one goal it is ridiculous yeah it is and it's look I totally agree with the comment you know I think what matter was great today he's only finished he's only played 90 minutes in five games under Mourinho since you know a whole season he always gets substituted but I thought matter played well today I thought he's free kick which we will forget because at the end doesn't enter the game like we'll almost forget some of the saves behavior made and we'll almost forget the fact that Matich was man of the match because were those four Legos but that free kick for a matter was exactly where I needed to be hits the post doesn't go in I thought matter was superb today I thought my catarrian was white Ross said and like like cops said there I thought he was pretty average and actually I thought you we spoke about halftime in me Ross I thought he was a bit of a luxury I thought we should have gone with the midfield three of Herrera today and we didn't fair play to Mourinho at home against the contine lacking confidence I am gonna use the luxury magma catarrian but I thought he was a luxury in the first half that didn't do a lot but that last 10 minutes if you're in with if you're in with the chance that's when he's coming into his own but he needs to do more in the 80 minutes as far as I'm concerned and there's some reports of something going on between the rails associated ad around Madrid game which I know is kicking off around now I don't know what it is I think there's a few people then whether it's crowd trouble or or or hopefully not the normal sort of bad news that we get but I'll keep an eye on that but the next one I want to talk about is is ander Herrera now I thought you did well in the little few minutes he had to the night we spoke again we spoke about this before the game Ross I know you're probably gonna say the same about Marcial that you're quite happy with Herrera at the moment not being involved and that it's a long season and all that but let me just read this comment from Matthew back from a prodding because it's on the last comp the last comment he says following that point perhaps Mickey and Marcio could be a super sub duo bringing both on in the last 20 to 15 minutes to do damage and winners game look let me watch that time back Mick Atari might be on the bench and if he is our bench is it looking even stronger but on the Herrera thing I'm convinced that there's something going wrong there I'm convinced that and I think if I was a gambling man I think it's to do with the fact that he's not signed a new contract and he can go for free next summer and Barcelona's coach is his old coach I might be putting two together two and two together and getting by but I think there's a bit of politics going on here because I don't understand how Mourinho would suddenly and this is not like Mourinho if you look through his history he's you know he's lieutenants on the pitch Player of the Year last year and suddenly he can't get a snip yeah I'm gonna go against you a bit there may I I think if you watch the press conference with Jose Mourinho he it was really singing her arias praises and he basically finalized what he wants from Herrera this season which is he is the guy that was shore up our team in which I think is when we need it when we need to close out a victory and all so I think against a better opposition now I think when we're playing teams in the top four I think we're gonna start see Herrera a little bit more because he is that you know he is that just mr. consistent but like you said about me Katara in a luxury I think when we play in teams are Everton at home and and every team we've pretty much played up to this point you can afford these luxuries you can afford to you know drop a a midfielder and at the minute it's Herrera it's unfortunate but over Matich and Papa it was always gonna be Herrera and today I think Fellini had earned his place in the team and do you know what I'm gonna go as fast to say I think following he had one of his one of his best games as a Manchester United player that he didn't use his head for I think what he did with his interceptions and stuff was quite good obviously it's nowhere near the levels of some other players but normally flamey makes a difference with his head and today I think he actually did well with his feet see I'm gonna go against you there so I thought Delaney was back to his not worse but bang average midfielder best today I do I thought Matich had his work cut out were in that midfield I thought there was stages in that game where ever term were really getting hold of that midfield and I'm not gonna blame play me because I actually think the catarrian was the problem I think two against three or four like it was when zagat Dickinson was tucking in it was too much and I was actually quite surprised Mourinho I was on the watch long saying he needs to change this we've been doing this for 70 minutes now the same tactics and Everton again a foothold and they did have a good you know sigurðsson have a chance that Harris they've and really had a chance that desire saved and I thought that was because the midfield was getting overrun and it wasn't direct I'm not saying fine and he was rubbish far from it I think his effort levels are good but it just goes back to what we were speaking about a couple of weeks ago I don't think Fellaini said he's not a midfielder he's just not a sense midfielder and I'll say it till the cows come home if you pay him as a number 10 I'll put him in the opposition's box he is an asset and and there's no doubt about that but he's not a midfielder and I don't understand why we keep doing it having said that there was a bit of genius about Marino's tactics today in the first part it just fell apart in the second off because in the first half Everton were they set themselves up with rooney up front which meant we could play a Highline and they played very defensive and what Mourinho basically did is he said Matich sit Jones or Bey's step forward into the midfield to provide the second one and Fellaini just go into the box and in the first half it worked really really well but in the second half when he had to defend more that's when his lack of mobility became a problem but to be fair whoever came into that midfield today was gonna struggle to have a good game because it's something you know Fellini's not POG Berry's not even Pogba boots you know he's nowhere near in and I think that's the only thing we need to keep watching briefed on over the next few weeks it's how much we are gonna miss pogba which there is some good news on that Mourinho has said that whoever is said that he's out for 12 weeks of which I've seen numerous comments about this today on the watch arm and I've said look I don't know where this is coming from but no one knows anything about it Pogba is not out for 12 weeks Mourinho said it's a nonsense rumor no one knows if he's out for 12 weeks or 12 days he's going for another scam and that's why there is no definitive about how long he's out for so I think the 12 things 12 weeks thing is a bit of a nonsense hopefully he'll be back after the international break and when you look at united next few fixtures obviously we've got Burton on Wednesday where I'd hope to see people like Carrick play maybe even swansea be Southampton away next Saturday I think is the tough game then we've got Moscow in Moscow on the Wednesday Crystal Palace at home on the Saturday that's quite a turnaround but home to Palace had expect us to win that and then we come back after the international break with Liverpool at Anfield Huddersfield at Huddersfield home to Spurs and the next one before the international break again is Chelsea away so that is a top runner games after the next international break 3 away games Huddersfield Liverpool and Chelsea and Spurs we're in for a test so I think we've got to try level best to win these next two games because you know that's what that's what you've got to do and I agree with everyone saying it's too early to say we're title contenders but it's you know consistency is what matters and I felt Everton the only thing I would say about habitant today Ross is I think that they've probably been a bit hard done by that they got beautiful now yeah they probably would but that's what happens when you play against the best goalkeeper in the world and if I were to give a man than a match versus oh it would have been such a thing it's phenomenal but regardless of how Everton may feel aggrieved how many how many times will we agree flower seeds and how many won or draws are we on Iran and Arava go nuts about you know how consistent we were at drawing but that's changed this season and that is why we're title contenders because to be honest last season we pretty much flopped against the top four anyway I think we got the odd result against Chelsea but apart from that was it two draws against Liverpool we didn't do well against the top four and and we fell down against the smaller teams as well so we've got one part right we're winning the games that we were drawing and I think the team and Josie and all us fans are relishing now playing a top opposition because this team hasn't been tested at the highest level yet and I just hope that Papa well he won't be if even if he is back for the Liverpool game he's not going to be fit so there'll be a shame but I just can't wait to see us against these top teams and I am including Liverpool in there unfortunately Liverpool at Anfield it's always a tough game doesn't matter whether they're fine relegation is nothing you know or they're supposedly going to win the title there's a great question I've got asked in a minute but I just wanted to say that in relation to that Liverpool game and know it's a long way off but if we were to be Palace which I think we will and hopefully be Southampton next week then we will still be top of the league when we go to Anfield no matter what it would just be goal difference that determines who's talk so to go to Liverpool as the top of the league side with that consistency that we're talking about and I've got no problem with us doing what we did last year in a more Intel partner bus because clock won't know what to do but what I would do and a lot of people have mentioned this over the last week few weeks and we've not seen it happen yeah I played in the car co-op run rapid on the right Marcel on the left get everyone else to park the bus and hit him on the break yeah baby that is yet the words happening mouth and that again last season we parked the bus with no outlet and there's Lansing yeah and that's not his fault but this season parking the bus with what you said rats Radlett argue and marshall is gonna be deadly and liverpool won't they won't come onto us like they did last time so what an interesting game that'll be and that just goes to show you well yeah we're getting excited about it how much stronger we are this season with low cargo up top i love that's that house back he's gonna contribute but the car coup is just different gravy for me yeah definitely and i think as well um you know man city i'm not going to argue and say that cities front six is better than ours cuz it's you know sorry city you've got a better for the six than is i mean I'm not stupid agüero's better than the car ku it's obvious but even though the different type of players and you know they've got some fantastic talent but what I will argue is that you know if you can get your players to play like City played yesterday against Watford for 38 games there well done Peppa you're not a fraud but you won't be able to do that and we're united our streets ahead of City and we've spoken about it all the way through the US tour and all through this season is that there's the squad and the players are 100% behind this manager and the work ethic because that work ethic is totally and utterly evidenced by the fact that you know in the last 10 minutes of games are just pulling out another gear and other you know it's not a fluke now we've done it three or four times this season in the last you know few minutes of games just moved away from the opposition with you know ease real ease and that comes from the manager and it also comes from the players as well so you know we've got the talent may be City have got the better attacking talent but under no circumstances are they even close to us when it comes to team morale and you know they're a bunch of mercenaries let's be honest and where Manchester United so we'll see what happens I just think let's stay let's stay with them for as long as we can because I don't think they can play like that they started off last season like this and I think we should just stick with them and see what happens but the question the one who asked for us is it's a good one again there's some good questions tonight so keep firing them in and as I noticed them I will read them out Cathal Jorge I bet I've got that wrong says Marc well Marc and Russell do you think the car cube is Manchester United quality at the moment and just for those who people are going what a stupid question there's a depth to this Stoke last week to to last five minutes he misses a chance he should have scored first half today does all the hard work five yards out misses the whole goal obviously golden assist is in my fancy Premier League team he's getting me loads of points but I think where these questions come in from Ross is Liverpool next season sorry after the international break Liverpool get an early look ago last ten minutes we fight we stay at one nil last 10 minutes Lacock who gets a chance like that and misses we lose the game one new couple of weeks later the plane Chelsea no no last five minutes Lukaku gets a chance and misses that is what I think people are saying about the car coup it's you know at the moment against the lesser teams he's getting maybe four or five chances again he's scoring a couple of goals whatever what about in the big games when he's getting that one chance is that something you know it so because we've spoken about this so many times it's not what he is as a goalscorer it's what he's bringing to this team even though he's scoring a ridiculous amount of goals it's what he does to the players around him I mean wicked assist from a Qatari and today the way he gets United playing we needed a lock archetype of player it's Lukaku it's like a Diego Costa rest type of player and he's doing that for us I mean it's Latins probably a better player than the car coup technically and even finish him even though he had a few mayor's last season but would you play that and ahead of Lukaku absolutely not so I don't really get this United quality thing I think if you improve the first team then you the enough to play for United he's improving the first team and you're probably looking at three three maybe four strikers in the Premier League that are a cut above every other team and the car keys in that bracket hairy canes in it you mentioned agüero and and we've got one of them and that's what we've missed for for quite a long time is to have that top striker in the Premier League so for me yes he's deserving of his place even if he misses the odd chance yeah and I think a bit like I mean for me today the best the Lukaku goal was nice but the best bit was was the assists the mark for me Qatari because that's the part to his game that I was always worried about that first touch the hold up play the link-up play and is improving there was some real good hold up played today and obviously was driven by the fact that he was playing Everton I don't understand why he was getting so much grief from Everton fans but you know that's football um but also I think the is very similar to what you were saying about United really we're relishing playing a big team because everyone keeps saying well they've had a favorable start but you can only do what's in front of you and I'll tell you what I'll tell you what every big club whether it's Chelsea awesome or whatever they would love to have the start of the season we've had because the reality is you want to play the favourable fixtures in the first 67 games because the momentum you get in your first six or seven games and the Premier League tends to be the momentum that then consistently stays with you for the rest of the league so if you have a bad start it tends to happen so I've got a problem with that but I think like United I think Lukaku were all relishing seeing Lukaku play against these so-called big teams to see if we can keep that form up and I think he will and we have discussed it you're I'm glad that you answered that in the way you did because I like what the kaku brings to the team Michael Keane Jagielka and Ashley Williams are a very good three Premier League proven centre backs and he was dealing with three on his own today and you know I'm sure as Latin could do that as well but that time as I've got the pace all the power but he has got the power B hasn't got the pace to do it and Lukaku what he brings to the tee mycket our Ian wouldn't begin anyway near enough the room he gets if it wasn't for Kaku so yeah I think he's doing very very well I would I watched the Chelsea game today and I wouldn't swap the Kaku for Murata I think they're very different players very different players and yeah I'm I'm I'm enjoying what you know I had to do it at the moment and long may continue but already I'm nervous about Southampton next week and I think that's the great thing when you start to really get into a season and get excited is that you're already starting to look towards the next game and I can't understand that I'll be nervous after the Southampton game if we win about Palace at home but you know I don't think Hodgson and Crystal Palace really hold any concern for is at Old Trafford but next week's gonna be interesting and I'm excited about the birds and game is well Ross I mean we did get a bit excited about the League Cup last year because we thought we were gonna see the likes of foes we Menza and we never did and we ended up winning the League Cup cuz he took it seriously this season should we really be taking the makeup seriously or do you think that Mourinho will cause he thought T is another trophy it take it seriously Bowl accounts but you don't take it that seriously against Burton I mean yeah I want to see I dunno I I'm gonna say something now that's not gonna happen but I want to see angel Gomes against Burton because he played fantastic for the reserves with the under-18s the other day so but he won't happen unfortunately and I kind of get why Carrick and that need to play you know it'd be good to see Pereira play gets person but he's obviously he's obviously pissed off to Palencia which is annoying given the poker injury but yeah I you hate for me I wanna I wanna see some meat and I think it's selfish and I think all fans are selfish that I want it because it might became exciting for me if angel Gomez plays if Carrick and everyone play lingard will win and it would be great but it won't be that exciting even if we want for Neal because you know that they're sort of players that you know not that entertaining to watch we kind of love to watch this fresh young talent especially when that they're as talented as the likes of Gomez and and the others yeah it is a home game to everyone who is asking in there in the video description I mean my thoughts are I don't know my everyone at home Ross thinks is that I think we'll be lucky to see 20 B although I'd love to see him and that's about as good as it'll get in relation to youth because when you think about it Luke Shores gonna play which is exciting I mean obviously we'll be doing a watch along anyway but I would do one anyway because I think Luke Shaw coming back into the team I want to see what he's like so that would be a positive I think caracal player don't I mean he's just not played at all does he so character played be interesting to see what he can do I'd expect lingard to play I think Marcy Allen probably play as much as I don't think he's sure to think he's better than that I think Marcia will play we did the thing is we don't have a lot of options up front there is no youth player there is no youth player out there who can play off from so it's not like you know I don't know I think James Wilson still injured even though he got named in the Champions League squad but if he was fit I'd like to see him play just to mix things up a bit and obviously our center backs will be Smalling and Lindelof because Lincoln wasn't even on the bench today daily blinked wasn't on the bench today so he would play so I don't think Tuan Seabees gonna even get a kick midfield will probably be Herrera and Carrick I'd like to see angel Gomez on the bench obviously but I think it would be quite a strong United side and then I think that will be reflected throughout the season and we'll probably end up winning the League Cup again and I mean it's not a trade film I'm massively bothered about I'd rather the FA Cup but I think the FA come cook and the FA Cup does come at the wrong sort of time and that Samuel r says maybe MIT Romney will play because he's part of the first team squad yeah I'm Peter Doyle says the same I'm not sure with poker is number 10 and the next thing I want to talk about Russ is Latin a very cryptic message that he put out the other day saying that he's gonna come back a different better player he is he has been allocated the number 10 shirt we're talking about mycket area and in Reno he's inconsistency do I'm just starting to think and I'm not necessarily happy about it that people are saying well where was that unfitting with Lukaku oh I've got a funny feeling that this formation were blown especially the position that the guitar means playing as God's Latin all over it Center attacking midfielder what do you think about that until you just said it then I hadn't thought about it whatsoever but as you were saying it I quite like it to be honest and the proof of being a pudding we have to wait and see how he does but he can't replace Lukaku we know that and he's he's gonna get games I don't think you should play every game but he's gonna get games and that high power may be good it's just his passing ability that worries me because he's a shocking pastor of the ball and I don't know if I've been too harsh on him but last season this even he'd lost the book so many times for us so it needs to improve on that by all means if he improves I think he can again add something like a game like today where Mick Atari goes completely missing I think they have that power and high and pace not pace but that's Latin it could help so again we'll have to wait and see but I think now you've said it it's you're right it kind of makes sense and because Josie's gonna want to play him he loves him it would be very interesting if we have the Kaku upfront I think he's six foot three slats and number ten six foot five Pogba I think is well over six foot two and Matich is as well all running into the box and then Valencia crossing it on the ground but you know we we can joke about it grabbing a good season at the top of the league and we also know that Mourinho wanted to get somebody who can cross the ball into the box but yeah I think Ashley um had a good game today I'd look to see it's so difficult because Valencia is very consistent at right-back but he can't cross the ball and then he scored a goal I get it today was just amazing but Ashley um can put a cross into the box but maybe Luke Shaw can solve that from the left we need somebody to put a cross into the box because Latin you know they won't have enough players to deal with our big players the opposition and they not flay any option as well so I don't know I mean like all I would say is that time will have a big part to play when he comes back there's no way he's gonna be on the bench for LA and it's where we fix it in and if I'd rather be played as an attempt than a number nine because if he goes to number nine you'll have teams coming to Old Trafford playing a Highline not fearful of the ball over the top and the Kaku just gives us more that sounds a better play than the car ku but the car ku Fitch United better and I keep saying this and it's become very very pertinent over the last couple of weeks that having the best players isn't necessarily the best for your team and United need balance and the car ku fits United better than that time as a number nine the number ten positions up for grabs I mean it's mad to say that because when you look at if nobody's watching I had this season and they're they just look at me catarrian stat they'd say oh I must be the best player in the league but you know what he's not in the last ten minutes against but he you know you know number Ten's definitely up for grabs and it'd be interesting to see what what was that son does but I'm definitely starting to get excited about that Ann's return now I know some people were a bit unsure but it's just what he brings the leadership the determination I do think he'll be back late October November and I know some people say you're mad but I've got a feeling Ross yeah I don't think he mad at oh I think you will I think his progress has been phenomenal and I I it wouldn't surprise me if he won if he wanted to come back kind of now ish but I'm sure that Josie and the medical staff will tell him not to rush and a lot of that will be due to the form we're in to be honest and I but if if and and I really pray that don't happen the car who got injured I can imagine slattern would return a lot quicker than even then but yeah the minute we don't have to rush him I will be excited to see him back it'd be good to see that number 10 throughout in the back of him as well just to change but yeah I can't wait for it and he will add something it will add something and any I can guarantee any team in this Premier League would would have wanted to have Latin returning to them at some point because it improve any any squad in the Premier League or even around Europe to be fair I agree and I'm looking forward to him coming back and I think if we're around the top of the lead when he comes back it could be you know very very very impacted at Titian Mal axis made a great comment I've not seen mad markers on the comments tonight but he says his mad Marcus a scouser I can't make out his accents he'd love that he'd love that but we spoke today obviously I think you know we are a respectful Club United and we've got the best fans in the world and we've got a great community on the United stand so I purposely kept this to talk about tonight obviously Everton came and got stuffed which was fantastic but I don't mind ever – now they're a bit like Spurs I find them an inoffensive Club and I wish them all the best but really came back today and I said didn't really give a damn what Rooney did even when were they applauded him off when we were one day look let's be honest I was getting really angry about that I know if you're in the ground you've got to do it but I was just like I thought about really at the moment well one new up this game could go either way I just want to get it one but now it's done you know it was nice and you know brilliant what the fans did for him there was three players that came back three tonight today and different stories are way around each Ross I just want your opinion on all three obviously Rooney leaves his all-time goalscorer towards the end of his career thoughts on him snide Lynn sold him in January over 20 million your thoughts on him and you know mid-20s sort of player and any regrets around that and then Michael Keane slightly younger apparently he snubbed us to go to Everton thoughts on him this snubbing man you know I think has got to stop in the media it's an absolute joke and if he did snappers we dodged a massive bullet Michael Caine was really poor today and playing against like a fossil that his will playing with the fossil that his Jagielka and an aging Williams he was the worst centre back where they had so dodged a massive bullet they're so pleased with that you can snub us all day long snidely looked like a really good player for Everton and that's that's the end of that to be honest he's a good player for Everton and that's where it ends and that's why we got rid of him and there was a lot of UNITA fans that were confused as to why Joe Marini got rid of him but again it's Josie's business he knows what he's doing and it was it was a fantastic sale to recoup quite a lot of the fee and Bruni looked like you he looks like a player actually that's trying really really hard to get something at the end of his career but it's just not there and like we saw it United it was really depressing to watch and ten out of ten per effort today for Rooney he tried to put on a bit of a show against us which I have no problems with but you just can't do it anymore and it's it's year depressing and to be honest mate if that was me I'll probably turn to the drink as well and I think you're right I think Michael King didn't snow be knighted if you're not I'd were interested in in the story as they told him he'd be back up and he wanted first-team football so he went to Everton so that's not a snub that it's not a snub when a club says you'll be a backup if you come to ISM you go to Everton the first-team football that's basically a snub from United snidely agree he's a decent player at that level but he's not a top four player and Rooney a lot of people in the life comments saying they felt sorry for him in fact on tape Cummings is just come on the comments it said hi mark mark I thought we were going to be we weren't going to beat Everton when did I say that two-nil I said preview it's out there I never said we were gonna lose I said it was a tough game and the head said it might be a draw but however the united win and it was right so were ya pick the Pips out of that but Rooney and yeah he's not he's not really anymore is he it is sad I felt I was glad for him that he got off at one nil and he didn't have to be on the pitch to see the capitulation at the end I think every sinner in problems I think they've bought some decent players but they've got nothing up front and they're very toothless and you know Bay had a bad game he got dispossessed by Rooney and Rooney was doing well against him but daheia saved this but it was it really was getting by on efforts not ability and you know that's because the ability is waning I'm sorry sorry about the pun but it is so no it was nice to have really back and I'll be surprised if he does more than one season at Everton though I just don't see and what he will offer in the long term but probably still one of their best players today but they've done Rama Levinson there was some great I remember after ever in his first game everything maybe first or second I just started Rooney on Twitter just to see what habitant fans are saying about him and there was a fantastic treat that went along the lines was what the hell's going on this is not the way Rooney that we give to man United what the hell have you done through him which is literally what we've given back to Everton it's it's a washed-up we've had we've had the best years out of him and we've just given them yeah just the wrapper at the end really okay we blip links through everything I'll just don't a quick look if there was anything else I wanted to talk about there oh no there is something I want to talk about actually Jason's just messaged me he writes web site articles on the nightstand comm and there is something that he mentioned that I think is really really worth talking about and it goes along the lines of this where five matches into the season and if we're serious about closing the gap from last season we need to get started so how have we done and the first table shows the changes to the goals okay so basically there's an article on the website that is basically sort of a representation of how we did so far compared to this season and last season and it really is a massive indication around goals scored goals conceded and obviously points and we spoke about this Ross didn't me about how even after the first three games when we'd won the first three games well we won the first three games last year is there any difference and I remember you specifically say there's massive differences because of the way we're playing and what we're doing in games and I think that was the nice thing about the resort today is that again another clean sheet another load of goals and I don't know if you could put it down to one thing for me he just comes down to morale team morale and belief yeah definitely a little bit of luck as well and a little bit of luck from the well we haven't had luck from the referees we're just not getting the same bad luck because last season would have probably conceded a penalty now the player sent off for nothing so things are going our way and and yeah you're right it's that momentum thing when things are going your way you tend to get more decisions over and over again you tend to win when you're playing bad which I kind of a good account today as one of them victories I know we won for Neal's people to forget it but if we won one nil today I think we would have would have called that a victory when we we didn't really play that well and Faunia will take us away and that that's the difference with last season we were killing teams and drawing this season because of the height because of the corners because we can score set pieces now I feel like we we will tend to win more when we're not playing so well because when you've got a fallback to scoring corners it's a massive help and you can beat a team three nil playing absolutely terribly and just going free corners and that's United teams of old under Sir Alex used to do that a heck of a lot and yeah if Adams latter maybe I think that we'll have more opportunity so morale and momentum yeah easily easily like if last season was a 5 out of 10 start this season tonight at 10 for me yeah anything is you're not some of your past I mean today I agree with you I don't think we played well today even though we wouldn't fall nail it's ridiculous to say that and if you didn't watch the game and you watch match of the day you'll go what would people moaning about but your assume of your past and daheia made some fantastic saves today and people would like to call that look I don't call it look I call it having a goalkeeper who's world-class that's not look back we've got a goalkeeper that's world-class other people would have let them goals in because their goalkeepers not as good as ours and it's not look that Marcial came off the bench and got a penalty made it for noon we've got marcia on the bench you know it's not looked that nicka tarean scored a chance one on one give him a chance one on one he's very very good so I don't rivals were say we're looking I will accept we didn't play well but for Neil wasn't lucky they were all because situations arose where certain players including the higher saves to keep the clean sheet because the clean sheets are factor is not look it's not look we can definitely play back but it's certainly not look and I think hopefully we can just keep it keep it going but I'll tell you what the biggest point today was and you'll watch it back on match of the day the Valencia goal made such a difference because I don't think we looked like we were going to score and in the first half and nil nil at halftime Everton might have grown into the game but when they're one-nil down very early on they can grow into the game all they like but the goal they get only puts them level and and that God was very welcome and again I wouldn't call it look but last season we weren't getting those goals in the first five ten minutes that totally change the dictating of the game you know Everton stucked in the last two games come to Old Trafford you know you could see Cummings tactics it was totally first Balfour now we don't concede we keep it really tight before a straight home crowd and we four straight United good tactics but then when somebody scores a goal like that you can't do anything about it it wasn't bad defending it was a great goal and it totally changed the game and Everton are totally screwed then but those sort of things are what you need and other people chipping in good with goals as well so yeah bring on Burton on Wednesday and then Southampton next Saturday afternoon is a massive game and hopefully we can we can go and beat them because they're not playing particularly well either thanks for coming on Ross has a 90 on Twitter cheers mark is a good day all round and yet two appearances in one day mate from me yeah and keep on the Guinness Ross has got a Guinness thing going this season for football matches he has a Guinness and it's a superstitious and we've said that if we win if we win the Premier League we're definitely gonna do a united spanned meet up in a pub in Dublin next summer so the Guinness will float the Guinness will be on on the United stand if we win it so hopefully that will will will keep going but thanks for coming on pal cheers bye catch you later and thanks everyone for watching and you know expand as I said I'm just gonna just do this again just so that people are aware of what to digs and I've got a lot of people watching at the moment and so many people have said to us that then they're not getting notifications on there for the United stands well first of all just make sure that you actually are subscribed to the channel because that's obviously very important and then what you need to do is I can't do it on the United Stan because I'm I can't subscribe to main channel but underneath especially when you're on decks desktop you can see where it says subscribed click the bell and then click send me all notifications for this channel and save that is what I've been told by YouTube and that will mean that you will get every notification when we go live on the channel or there's a video uploaded and obviously it helps if you subscribe so make sure you are subscribed because if you're not subscribed it will be red you need to click subscribe click the bow send me all notifications save and then that will be the way to do it so I've told you again so thanks everyone for watching tonight we're back tomorrow night at 8 o'clock with what about tomorrow night with Skype gold bridge tomorrow night so join us for that looking forward to that has Valencia doing anything similar before awesome says Andy Pandy and he screwed some goals before we're not quite like that thanks for contribution Andy um back to my night 8 o'clock with Scott gold bridge if you subscribe to that football I'm doing a walk to work video tomorrow about half seven talking about managers in the Premier League that's going to sort of be a regular thing on there but back on the united stand next at 8 o'clock tomorrow night with the skype show unscripted your you'll be calling in tell them is what you want to talk about looking forward to it but thanks everyone enjoy the rest of your weekend and fantastic resort today what will we worried about see you tomorrow

30 thoughts on “MOURINHO's MANCHESTER UNITED Are Officially Title Contenders! MAN UTD News”

  1. Were in October in second place take that all day long it's about progression and doing better than last season which we have can't just the season on one game , don't look at any other teams but ourselves Man City will slip up at some stage of the season

  2. This win against Everton reminds me of a United win under Sir Alex. We would be in a battle and not having it all our own way and the game would be quite tight up until near the end of the game, then scoring a hatful to finish teams off. This game was our most impressive so far this season, because it shows what this United side can do when we are not having it all our own way and still having the power to blow the opponents away.

  3. I don't like how every time Lukaku misses a chance it's a big deal. No striker is going to score 100% of the time. He's doing well for the team like Ross said and he's scoring goals

  4. To add to that.. Both shots De Gea saved weren't spectatular.. Rooney kicked the ball right at De Gea and so did Sigurdson.. If that went through him, we would be criticising him.. It was a chance wasted rather than a spectacular save..

  5. Lingard came on to give Young protection.. Something Young didn't doo.. Also you did say Everton will draw this game.. You werent confident at all about this game.. I said we would win this comfortably. If we took our chances in the first half, we would of had the game done and dusted by half time.. They had two chances that they should of scored through errors from Bailly and Jones.. But other than that they had half chances… We finished them off for wasting chances

  6. I feel Rashford is suffering from a positional identity crisis, he doesn't understand he's a left winger. He gets into fantastic positions and then decides to shoot instead of passing when there are three free players. Let's not even talk about his crossing either lol

  7. this isn't me saying Rooney has got it. I've wanted him out for the past 3 seasons. but if he showed the same effort, desire and will he showed today, for united. he'd have had a little more to offer us than the pure tosh we've received. today saw a Rooney trying to force things to happen and take the game by the scruff of the neck as best he can. rather than leaving it to everyone else on the pitch and going on like he has nothing to prove.

  8. Rashford was really poor today…. held the ball too long & swamped by the blues and still wanted to dribble out of it but Lingard was a disaster…. launched more missiles than kim jong un

  9. 4-0 Massively flattered us today Everton could & should of equalised & outplayed us for the majority of the second half, Against the better sides we'll be found out our midfield is slow our passing is pedestrian & we lack any strength in depth in the Midfield or wings.

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